Top 10 street slang terms for money (buying or selling drugs)

If your child or loved one uses any of these words, you’ll know that they’re buying or selling drugs.

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Street slang for the drug market

1. G    $1000 or 1 gram of drugs

2. Five C note    $500 bill

3. Dollar   $100 worth of drugs

4. Half-a-C   $50 bill

5. Five dollar bag   $50 worth of drugs

6. Quarter bag   $25 worth of drugs

7. Fifteen cents   $15 worth of drugs

8. Dews   $10 worth of drugs

9. Dime bag   $10 worth of drugs

10. Abe   $5 worth of drugs

Five cent bag    $5 worth of drugs

Nickel bag   $5 worth of drugs

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