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Spice Detox

Start Recovery From The Beginning

Dependence and addiction are a consequence of repeated, long term drug use. Researchers have found that Spice does not produce physical Spice dependence, but it does however produce psychological, dependence after repetitive and prolonged use. Whenever the use of this synthetic form of cannabis is stopped, withdrawal symptoms occur. All drug dependencies are rooted in the mind. A person can never be recovered if all the aspects of his/her addiction are not sorted out. But the road to sobriety has a structure and in that structure, becoming physically clean from spice is the first step. Without the act of stopping Spice use, a person can’t proceed to further addiction treatment.

In this article, we review the detoxification process. We give you a detailed insight in the medically assisted detox protocol and the stages you’ll go through. Then we invite your questions and comments at the end of the page.

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Spice Detox: What Should You Know?

It’s difficult for people addicted to Spice to accept their addiction. This is mainly because many of them were influenced by the way Spice was marketed. Seen as natural and until recently-legal, users don’t consider Spice to be a hard drug. So, the first step into detoxing is recognizing there is a problem and wanting to solve it.

Quitting Spice cold turkey is one way to do it. Cold turkey means quitting spice abruptly and all at once. Once users stop smoking it, withdrawals being within the next few hours. These withdrawals peak during the following 2-3 days, but may persist for a week or two.

The potential risks that Spice causes as it leaves the body and as levels of its chemicals are depleted may be dangerous, and sometimes even life-threatening. That’s why people who are trying to quit Spice or have already started detoxing, are advised to get medical help. Detox clinics and treatment centers offer 24 hours medical assistance and care, for those who experience harsh symptoms.

Spice Detox Basic Principles

A medically guided detox is performed at a licensed detox clinic in a safe and drug-free surrounding. Professionals at the detox center follow these steps while they guide a person on the road to sobriety.

#1: Evaluation is a process which includes testing for the presence of spice in the system. At this initial stage a person’s drug concentration is measured. Before you go through the actual process of detoxification, expect to be screened for the presence of co-occurring disorders. During evaluation doctors want to make sure they have all the necessary information to conduct a detox and treatment plan. This preparation includes a comprehensive assessment of a person’s medical, psychological conditions.

#2: Stabilization includes medical and psychological assistamce through the whole detox process. The primary goal of this stage is for people to remain safe during and after the toxins have been removed from their body. This is usually achieved by the administration of medications. Stabilization includes introducing people with the events and procedures that follow in treatment and recovery.

#3: Treatment. Detoxification is only one part of the recovery path. Being physically free from Spice will give you a huge lift and raise your motivation to move on. After your body is drug-free, you’ll have to proceed working on the psychological reasons behind your addiction. Treatment focuses on teaching people how to change their thinking and behavior patterns, and what’s most importantly there is no actually recovery without having a whole other view of yourself and the world around you. Basically by entering treatment you’ll bring things to full circle in your recovery journey. The body usually heals faster than the mind and the heart and therefore you should bear in mind the importance on working on all the parts of your addiction issue.

Spice Detox: What Treatment Options Are Available?

First, you have to make sure the program you choose suits your needs and offers the appropriate type of rehab for you. So, do your own research in order to learn more about the options you have, and you can also contact a rehab placement specialist. The options for getting spice out of your system and living drug free are the following:

1. A Spice Detox Center
Entering a Spice detox allows your body to be cleaned from the drug, while a team of medical staff closely monitors your health state. Detox clinics are a good place to come off a drug in a safe and secure environment. Doctors can treat withdrawal symptoms as they occur, and make this process easier and less uncomfortable. The stay in a Spice Detox Center is usually 5-10 days depending on every individual’s needs.

2. Dual Diagnosis Treatment
This type of treatment helps your recovery process, but focuses on uncovering and handling the reasons behind your addictive behavior. A psychologist or a psychiatrists works with you on getting to the root cause and helps you overcome your addiction. They also teach behavioral skills, so that once you return to the old environment, you don’t go down the same path again.

3. Spice Rehab for Teens
Sadly, the numbers indicate that mostly teens are the ones who start experimenting with synthetic marijuana. So, it might be more suitable for teenagers to check in a facility that specializes in dealing with teen addiction. These facilities have special programs that are fit for their needs and age.

4. Spice Support Groups
You can look for a Marijuana Anonymous group near you. These support groups are also open to people with Spice addiction problems. There is a specific kind of comfort in meeting people who are dealing with the same issues. Support sessions can help during the withdrawal process and are a great starting point.

Spice Detox Symptoms

When people abuse Spice for a longer period they can easily become addicted to the drug’s effects. Then, when an addicted person quits using Spice or drastically reduces the daily dose, he/she will go through a series of uncomfortable symptoms which are a part of the Spice withdrawal syndrome. Since synthetic drugs such as Spice are a mixture of multiple different chemicals, withdrawal symptoms may manifest differently. However, there are some common symptoms that most people experience such as:

  • Anorexia
  • Anxiety
  • Chills
  • Depression
  • Hallucinations
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Nausea
  • Nightmares
  • Seizures

How Long Does Detox From Spice Last?

Spice detox symptoms usually begin within 24-72 hours, peak within a week, and subside after 2 weeks.

Spice withdrawal symptoms and timeline can vary depending on many circumstances such as:

  • The overall health condition of the person undergoing detox.
  • The length of time a person has abused Spice.
  • The presence of co-occurring disorders.

NOTE HERE: Insomnia may last longer than a month and withdrawal symptoms are stronger among adults.

Spice Detox Considerations

To conclude, quitting Spice is possible and only takes some will and effort. It’s good to self-help, but support from family and friends, support groups and medical professionals is very beneficial. Detox is the fastest and safest if done in a clinic, under doctor’s supervision.

Spice Detoxification Questions

So, if you are ready to start your journey towards recovery, or want to help someone close to enter Spice addiction treatment…WHY WAIT? Feel free to share your experiences and ask additional questions regarding Spice Detox. We try to answer all legitimate inquiries personally and promptly.

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