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spice addiction

Help for Spice Withdrawal

Help for Spice Withdrawal

November 26th, 2018

Spice withdrawal can trigger heart palpitations, trouble sleeping, anxiety, and even hallucinations. Learn about the medical protocols used in a detox clinic here.

2 Detox From Spice

Detox From Spice

October 15th, 2018

Detox from Spice requires medical supervision, as effects can be unpredictable. More on the detox protocols here, with a section at the end for your questions.

How to Help a Spice Addict

How to Help a Spice Addict

August 31st, 2018

Do you have a loved one who is struggling with Spice addiction? How can you help them? See here.

Spice rehab cost

Spice rehab cost

December 7th, 2017

Spice is now believed to be just as addictive as illicit drugs. Spice rehab can cost from $100 per day up to $1000 per day. Learn more about what affects these costs and ideas for financing them here.

Spice rehab treatment: What to expect?

Spice rehab treatment: What to expect?

September 4th, 2017

An overview of what awaits you in rehab for spice addiction.

2 Spice & K2 Addiction Treatment

Spice & K2 Addiction Treatment

April 14th, 2017

What is Spice addiction and how can it be treated? Read this COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE on addiction, rehabilitation treatment, and aftercare services for long-term recovery.

When does Spice peak?

When does Spice peak?

April 12th, 2017

When you use Spice you can expect effects to peak anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes after consumption. More on the onset, peak, duration, and side effects of Spice here.

Long term consequences of Spice addiction (INFOGRAPHIC)

Long term consequences of Spice addiction (INFOGRAPHIC)

September 30th, 2016

Unlike natural marijuana, synthetic cannabinoids can be highly addictive. Explore this infographic to learn how Spice use can alter the normal functioning of the brain and cause addiction.

19 How much Spice is too much?

How much Spice is too much?

February 16th, 2015

A description of how Spice is packaged, and difficulties in estimating overdose amounts. Plus, more on the signs of Spice overdose and their treatment here.

11 How is Spice abused?

How is Spice abused?

January 14th, 2015

Spice is abused mainly through smoking, but can also be used in baked goods or taken as a tea. More on Spice, its abuse potential and its effects here.

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