Snorting morphine

Is snorting morphine effective vs taking morphine orally? Can snorting morphine get you high? What dangers are present and can they be avoided? More on snorting morphine effects here.

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If you’re thinking about snorting morphine, you should know what happens to the brain and the central nervous system as a result.  In fact, morphine is highly addictive when snorted.

Abusing opium (morphine) recreationally can take its toll on your health and quickly lead to addiction. Do you suspect that you or a loved one may have developed a problem with opium use? Take your life back by taking matters into your own hands. Get prepared for what to expect when you seek help from Opium addiction treatment programs.

Here, we review what happens in the body while snorting morphine, as well as the dangers and safety concerns of snorting morphine. We welcome questions about snorting morphine or treating morphine addiction at the end of this article, and will try to answer all legitimate questions with a personal reply.

Morphine: What are you really snorting?

Morphine is actually one of the many alkaloids produced from the poppy plant. It is a schedule II substance and is available in many prescription forms, including injections, oral solutions and tablets. Once in the body, morphine is first metabolized in the liver (partially in the brain and the kidneys) and then affects the central nervous system. Morphine is converted into active metabolites, such as M3G and M6G, or other opiates such as codeine and normorphine.

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On the market, morphine is found under many product labels, such as Astramorph®, Duramorph®, Infumorph®, Kadian®, Morphine Sulfate®, MSIR®, MS-Contin®, Oramorph SR®, Roxanol®. The active ingredient in these products is morphine sulfate and the inactive ingredients are (depending on the product) croscarmellose sodium, lactose anhydrous, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose and others.

How does snorting morphine affect the body?

Morphine is one the most powerful drugs for the relief of severe pain. Up until today, morphine has been considered the standard against which new analgesics are measured. As with other narcotic analgesics, taken in moderate doses, morphine dulls the senses and can induce deep sleep. But when taken through the nasal passage, what happens?

Snorting is a process of inhaling morphine powder through the nose, where is absorbed into the bloodstream through the nasal tissues. The official medical term for it as intranasal administration. The bio availability is usually longer with this method of taking morphine, because of the quick absorption of the molecules into the bloodstream through the nasal tissue and circulation bypass. In fact, morphine must be water soluble so it can be absorbed in the membrane. However, one part of the dose (not absorbed) goes to the throat and into the stomach, and is often unpleasant to taste.

Snorting morphine to get high

Snorting morphine is the third fastest way to reach the brain, after injecting and smoking. Fast delivery affects brain regions that facilitate addiction, while slow delivery is often used for addiction therapy.

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Even though snorting is preferred due to the intensified effects ,it also increases the risk of infections in the nasal area, including instant and chronic bleeding, and serious injuries of the septum. One reason for that is the constriction of the blood vessels and the caustic nature of the drug.

Snorting morphine vs oral

When taken orally, half of the dose of morphine affects the central nervous system, while the other half goes through the liver and then enters the system. This is they way morphine was designed to be taken.

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One of the most common way of morphine pills abuse is crashing the pills, turning them into powder and snorting them with a small tube. Bear in mind that you can find many additives in the pills, which are strongly not recommended. Further, the absence of enzymes, which have the role to protect the human body, make snorting a much more dangerous method for taking morphine. In fact, damage may appear to the nasal tissues and the membrane between the nose and the brain. Do not forget that snorting morphine may pose a significant risk to the user that could result in overdose and death.

Snorting morphine side effects

Snorting morphine can result in multiple side effects. If these symptoms are severe and don’t go away, please ask for professional help.

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  • diarrhea
  • difficulty urinating or pain when urinating
  • dizziness
  • dry mouth
  • mood changes
  • small pupils
  • sweating
  • vomiting

Snorting morphine dangers

If you decided to snort morphine you need be aware of the risk level. Snorting any drug affects specific areas of the brain, which can develop addiction. Often, users in the urge for an instant way to get high overslook some important facts about snorting, such as the dosage. The regular dose, prescribed for oral use or injection, in this case is missing the natural “filters” of the human body and goes straight to the bloodstream. That may result in possible overdoes and eventual death.

Snorting morphine safely

Is it possible to snort morphine safely? No, it is not possible to snort morphine safely. Of course, the standard procedures for responsible behavior, such as the hygiene level do matter, yet again the risk is always there.

There are no recommended daily limits for snorting morphine because the dosage is patient-dependent. The drug history and the medical condition, are among the many factors which affect the dose range. Some users, after snorting 30mg of morphine sulfate experience the “rush”, while others are only “sociable” after the same dose.

Snorting morphine questions

Do you still have questions about snorting morphine? If so, please let us know. We respond to all morphine questions with a personal and prompt reply.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Can you get high when snorting 60mg morphine sulfate extended release tablets? Does snorting the extended release tablets after removing the coating, help the pain quicker rather than taking it orally?

  2. I have just heard my brother smokes morphine. I’m worried for him in so many ways. How does this affect him body wise n health wise. Will it cause him brain damage..

  3. NEVER, ever again will I snort crushed up morphine. NEVER! I snorted 30mg at 5:30 am this morning, 2 hours later I was shaking uncontrollably. I shook so badly that the muscles in my neck were strained, my abdominal muscles were so tight I thought I was going to rupture my abdominal wall. I shook for 4 hours until i passed out. I feel lucky to have woken up nearly 9 hours later. I was foggy, disoriented and agitated. I’ve been through 2 liters of gatorade and managed to eat some soup. Back to bed to sleep another 5 hours. I’m exhausted from shaking for so long this morning. I feel lucky to be alive. I have not taken my nightly dose of morphine and I won’t ever touch the stuff again. I sought out a quick high to put me back to sleep and I was met by a near death experience. Folks, take my word for it. Snorting morphine can and will kill you. I am starting my own detox tomorrow, cutting back for two weeks and then going off of it for good. I’ve been indulging in morphine to deal with emotional pain, not physical pain. My access to the drug is unfettered through a source that has hundreds of morphine sulphate tabs at my disposal. Too much of a bad thing is a bad thing, Period.

  4. We are scheduled to start detoxing from all of our pain meds starting tomorrow. We are taking Morphine ER 60mg 2X day and Oxycodone HCL 10mg 3X day. We also have Dissociative Identity Disorder, so this means that we are dealing with several of us not wanting to do this. We just had our second si joint fusion surgery March 13th and, because we’ve been on these for over 4 years, our main presenting part feels the need to just get it over with in 3 weeks. Our surgeon gave his ok, though he said it will be very hard. Our pain dr hasn’t wanted to discuss it with us so he doesn’t know and we don’t care. One of our more addicted parts and one who doesn’t want to do this just snorted one of our Morphine ER 60mg to get a greater high, that was 25min ago. We don’t really feel much except really relaxed and not high. Is it because we have been on them for over 4 years? Some of us were worried it might be too much since it goes directly to the blood stream but we have not felt a “high”.

    Also, any suggestions on detoxing over the next 21 days would be great. We do not have more time, so don’t suggest it. We are using Calm Support, Xanax, and just trying to eat right. We are staying with our adopted mom/counselor to do it because our husband said he didn’t have the strength to help us and didn’t want our teen age sons to see us. I’ve heard many people say that they tried and then ended up in rehab anyway. We have been on these for pain and it’s nothing illegal. The pain should be gone soon and we shouldn’t need them anymore in about another 3-4 weeks. Just haven’t done this before.


  5. Hi, just a quick question. Yesterday I snorted 10 mgs of morphine (which was the dumbest thing I’ve ever done). Today I get a call for a urine drug test tomorrow afternoon. Will the morphine show up? I don’t do it on a regular basis, so there wouldn’t be a buildup.

  6. Hi iv been on 45 mg sr morphine & 10 mls of orimorph as well as tramadol & diazapam for last 11 yrs. Used to be far more recently im finding it hard to breath at night. Long breath in then my body holds on to it for ages & I struggle to breath out. My body makes groaning noise then takes in large breath.
    Do I need to talk to my Dr about this or is it just a side affect. Iv never used this site b4 so no idea what to expect but some advice would be great please.

  7. I’ve been taking prescribed morphine sulfate and oxycodone for about a month for my condition. I’m scared to death of addiction on top my condition. I’ve heard all the stories and know about all the celebrities. So, I’ve have been taking them LESS often than prescribed and ONLY orally.

    However, it’s been so long (just over a month now). I may have yet another two more months to go.

    Should I be worried about becoming physically dependent on these drugs?

  8. Iv been on this s+@% for 10 yrs… Id do anything to go back and never have the scares and track marks om my arms…. NO.. DONT START,…….PLEASE…. I promise when you get addicted..and YOU WILL…. Its the beginiing to the end of youre life. I love the shit , but im also dying from it… only in my early 30’z…
    BeWARE… Just know.. its not a matter of if , but WHEN….


  9. How does Morphine affect the kidneys. ? Will it mess with the function of the kidneys. And if it does how so ?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Jennylee. Morphine may affect the kidneys. I suggest that you consult your doctor about your concern, and run some test to see what’s happening.

  10. What the fuck? Pills are meant to be eaten for pain. If you are snorting it or smoking it (didn’t realize you smoke a pill). You are obviously breaking the law if you smoke it or snort it. Please Lord look over these children that are growing up in this society because they grow up seeing this and believing its the norm.

  11. hermam it’s dangerous, it’s how chis farley and james belushi died. albeit with stronger stuff. it’s true that opiates help with blow comedown, but it’s unlikely he was in danger of OD’ing. that was just an excuse. i’d watch your pills very carefully

  12. I just snorted and 50 mg morphine sulfate extended release and did not feel anything but I’m used to snorting I Oxymophone 20 mg and oxycodone 10 mg is that why ii didn’t feel anything is that not strong enough and can I snort Oxymorphone and morphine together

  13. I suffered from chronic pain for 25 years. I now have a stash of 15000 10MG Methadone’s, 7000 Morphine (MSIR 30 MG), 800 8MG Dilaudid, 55 Duragesic 100 patches, and 2500 2MG Xanax. The reason for the stockpile is that I was afraid to take anything narcotic in nature. But now I am in so much agony I just do not know where to start. Any suggestions, I am 6’3″ and weigh 240. Maybe 10 morphine (300 MG) every 8 hours, or 16 mg Dilaudid every 12 hours or 1220 MG Methadone every 6 hours………………………………………………HELP
    I just want to add my pain is related to Cancer of my Liver, now stage 3

  14. hello. hi i just went into my sons room and found him doing coke and what i could tell to be my morphine pills that i get for my cancer. i asked him about it and all his does is jus deny its anything when i saw it he just brushed it off with his hand. anyways i just wanted to know he told me he was having a really bad coke comedown and felt like he was going to od and that morphine helps calm the person down. IS this true and if so how bad is it to mix the two drugs.

  15. I was wondering about the Elson 60 mgs and when you crush the beads… is it supposed to kinda give little burn when you snort it

  16. Hi Everyone Great site!
    I just wanted to ask what is the safest way to snort morphine and in how many milligrams
    and i wanted to ask what is the safest painkiller to snort but still bieng able to get a high
    im doing some work for my medical project so i need to know
    thanks in advance

  17. Hi Everyone
    Thank you for a good article but i just wanted to ask what is the safest way to snort morphine
    And can it be fatal as well
    And what is the safest painkiller to snort and just as well can it be fatal
    And is snorting Vitamin C safe

    Sorry for the weird questions i just want to find out a few things for my Medical project at school
    Thank you in advance

    1. Hi Carter. There is no safer way to snort morphine. Please consider that it is illegal to consume medications other than prescribed, and you put yourself at risk.

  18. I’ve been taking opiates for 13yrs and smokin weed for 34yrs. Started with Norco 10/325’s, next snorting H, after that I got injured at work in ’07 and put on different opiates with casual (3 X wk) H. I have been on (swapping back and forth) opana 2 X 2/day of 40mg to equal 80mg X 2/day to 6 60mg to equal 360mg X 2/day. Then I used dilaudid 8mg 1-2 X 5+/day and switched to oxy 30mg 1-2 X 5+/day. I currently take and proudly lowered to taking 2 X 2/60mg/2/day er and oxy 30mg 1-2 x5+/day and about 5-8 dubs of H/day snorting. I’ve had friends ask me how I got such a tolerance? I said bullshitting the doctor. They also ask to buy some. Which brings me to my questions (and I’m not a dealer and I take M orally whole but, snort the oxy) they say they prefer the oxy over M. Why is that? I take M orally and feel good but, if I snort oxy I don’t notice much but, depending on if I took 4-6 M’s at a time on occasion. I want to come off all the garbage and I actually take less than prescribed but, I can’t deal with the withdrawals at all!!! I’d rather put a bullet in my head because I’ve gone through them about b12 times for 4-5 days and couldn’t deal with them and won’t! What’s the best and safest way to get an antidote of some kind(s) to take to get off them? I’m also going to get back to working out daily like I used to for competition and will be injecting & wearing patches of Testosterone and Growth Horomone mixed with Equipoise for 6 weeks in a pyramid form. Then a month after that will still be Testosterone and Growth Horomone and Anadrol for 30days in pyramid form. I take the Test & Growth Horomone regularly and have had decent muscle mass and a nice lean cut to my body. I’m 44yrs old, 5’10” and 180lbs. I want to hit 200lbs by October 1st the latest. I’m only going to take a couple morphs and Oxys the night before and morning of my appointment to continue getting my scripts because I can make a lot of money by selling them. I researched and asked a few professionals prices and they will make me more money than anything else I supply at an equal deal. Thanks! Mark…

  19. Hi everyone. I have been on morphine for over 15 years due to a car accident. My intake to others seems to be high but as the years go by your body adjust to the amount. I take over 400 mg. a day now for pain and it does not affect my thinking or judgement at all.

  20. Was fine to sleep on morphine sulfate IR, doc changed me to 15mgs XR, can’t sleep to save my life, ideas please. Thanks.

  21. My brother passed away on 1/27, and there was no autopsy done so I do not know how he died. When I did my own investigation, I learned from the people he hung around with, that he was snorting morphine to replace the high he experienced with his oxycontins. He was not able to get the supply that he was receiving anymore due to his doctor loosing his license. He also had sleep apnea, and decided to not use the machine anymore. He also drank heavily and smoke cocaine. Would the addition of the morphine be the cause of his death?

    1. Hi Richard. I’m really sorry for your loss. Mixing morphine with alcohol may lead to overdose and death. I’d suggest that you speak with a toxicologist or a coroner about your concerns.

  22. Also wanted info about smoking morphine sulfate and the “safest” way to do it.
    Are there any legit resources on the subject available?

  23. I take morphine for pain orally and have only tried it intranasaly a few times. It did nothing, and it plugged my nose up so bad it was not worth it. I have a new brand now, Statex. I hope that it has less additives than the other brand Roxan.
    It is crazy how oral usage of meds, including amphetamines and other controlled ones, controls the addictive properties, while snorting makes the cravings much worse. Overall I do not abuse snorting, doing it only once in a while.

    Thanks for the info.

  24. to all people, if you want to be serious and control your pain, i really mean contro, take it as prescribed, then if it does not work, at least you can talk to the doctor with a clear mind without guilt, now, if you want to experiment, go ahead, yes all those meds you mentioned are snortable except the ones that contain tylenol, they are snortable too, but NOT remocmended. dont worry about my typing mistakes, read my message many times until it get to your brain. if you relly want cheap snortanble opiate is Heroin and please never inject it or become an addict. Opana is very close to it, specially the new generics or the imidiate release. but please, if the doctor says swallow, just do it.

  25. I take morphine sulfate 15mg ER for chronic pain. My daughter’s friend asked if I’d ever tried snorting them. No. Not Me. I thought that the ER tablets aren’t supposed to be crushed, and there are problems because of the ER kinds.

  26. It’s crazy that people would do this, I was watching Drugs Inc. And they were showing something about this and that’s what made me inquire about this……..

  27. If i snorted a half of a crushed up 15 or 30 lortab to kill a headache, while smoking ice . could that ha e caused me to continue to be nauseous? If not what is it how can i cure it if Pepto bismol don’t work

    1. Hello Celine. Yes. Nausea could be another side effect of snorting lortab… You should consume medications only as prescribed by the doctor: it’s actually against the law to take them other than they are prescribed.

  28. Is it possible to snort time release morphine? The N 60s to be exact. Or do they gel up? Just wondering. Thanks in advance

  29. nevermind..was in a bad place when i wrote that seeking treatment and gave all my medication to a trusted friend to dispose of for me.the bad karma isnt worth it by starting snorting morphine.i have way to much to live for..thank you anyway..chris

  30. i have dealt with chronic pain for many years..3 level neck surgery,2 level back surgery.done the whole addiction rehab addiction rehab..etc..many times..currently ive been on suboxone 8mg a day for the last 2 years..and yes ive been wanting to get high again since all suboxone does is make you feel NORMAL..i know its virtually impossible to get high while on sub asking anyway..i have a stash of like 4000 30mg ms contin tablets…and about 30 5mg oxygodone tabs..can i get it even worth it if i snort or orally take the ms contins or the oxys..?..i dont really want to waste the morphine..i know i can just stop the suboxone for a while and then start up on the morphine..but id prefer to not deal with any of the withdrawl issues..i have a big line on the table right now ready to snort..but if im not gonna feel nada then i wont waste my time..thanks for your time and suggestions you might have for me..peace..chris

  31. All yall should try that instead of snorting pills and tell yo siblings to be drug free slap um in the face wit some bands tell um get off da drugz and get yo ? and get off the ?

  32. I’m on 4 10mg Opana & 40mg er Opana… I know not 2 crush the er pills, but how abt the 10mg bars? How much would 1 have 2 crush, bcse my nephew crushes abt 4 at a time, and snorts away. I’m scared 4 him & he gets his off the street, mine are professionally prescribed! HELP!!!

  33. Have been taking suboxone for four years but recently went off and, after six days of physical pain from withdrawal, took some percs. Usually need 30mgs to feel relief. Was given 30mg er Morphine a few minutes ago and wondering if it is safe to break it in half. I’m not trying to get super buzzed….just want to minimize withdrawal effects with least amount of morphine as possible. Will breaking in half be dangerous as its a time release tablet?

  34. Hello Joe. Seek the help of a doctor or medical detox. You’ll need expert advice in order to reduce risk and increase his chances for success.

  35. Help…my friend has been snorting morphine for about 40 days bow and has gone to two pills a day of e655 60 mg.he is very scared and wants to stop but really addicted. I read this article to him and identified with it strongly and wants to stop … he has a construction job is 57 years old with a history of addiction. Literally tonight scared to sleep now and wants to know how to get off them. one seems to know. but he ia really frightened human being and going nuts …will not sleep but 2 or 3 hours a night at best and tonight is struggling with shortage of breath, irritation of nasal cavity, severe mood changes and overall a nervous wreck. will suboxone help? Can he wane down to 1 then 1/2 etc? Please help he is truly scared and detiorating daily.

  36. I recently found this site and it’s great,the only thing is how and where do I ask questions and make comments?
    Please help Thank you

  37. I’m taking now 60mg tablets of morphine just to relive the pain. I crushed one up just to see if it helps more. I began vomiting about an hour after it. Is that considered an overdose at the time?

  38. @christine thats also what I thought that the rls was from the withdrawal but i talked to a few other people who said they experienced the same thing when they took benadryl to sleep and then I did some research and found that benadryl can actually cause rls in people who have never used opiates and if you already have rls benadryl can actually make it 10 times worse. Google “benadryl for rls” and you will see what I’m talking about.

    I hope you are doing we’ll in your recovery

  39. Lynne, the RLS is from narcotic withdrawal, NOT the Benedryl. I have found taking a hot bath & put a topical pain relieving cream (I like the ones for arthritis, not the ones that start hot & turn cold, like Icy Hot) and then wrapping hot towels around your legs to be effective for relieving RLS, while going through withdrawal. I don’t know what dosage you were on or how long you were taking them, but it can take a few days to a few weeks to go through complete withdrawal, depending on several factors. Day 4 was just the beginning for me. It took me about 3 weeks to feel “normal” again. I was on 3 8mg Hydromorphons (Dilaudids) a day. While going through the WD process, my Dr prescribed me Xanax, Etodolac & Hydroxyzine (anti-anxiety meds) which helped me sleep mostly throughout the entire process. I hope you are doing well, Best wishes

  40. I recently saw a TV show called, “Mr. Robot” where the main character snorts Morphine. I take Morphine often, but still feel pain. I thought maybe shorting would offer me something additional. After reading this page, I think I’ll pass. Thanks for the advice!

  41. I am on day 4 of withdrawal from morphine and it hasn’t been to bad other than the runny nose and constant yawning. But here’s a little advice don’t take diphenhydramine (benedryl) to help you sleep at night it causes a severe case of RLS and makes it about 10 times worse, at least it did to me anyway if it works for you then great but I wouldn’t recommend it.

  42. Thank you so much! I am dedicated to getting these out of my life. I will do this taper correctly. I was just worried about not sleeping for two months. It seemed a bit excessive. Since I’d come off of these before with minimal withdrawal symptoms, it scared me. Of course, I was taking a much higher amount this last time. Also, I wish my family doctor knew something, anything about this. This site could be a life saver to those that can’t get answers from their doctor. I am taking all the information I’ve come across and meeting with the doctors at the office to discuss their request! So, thank you again.

  43. Hello, I’m having a terrible time withdrawing from tramadol. I stopped taking them the first time June 8th cold turkey. I had severe sleep disruption for 7 weeks. I’d sleep 4 hours then be up 2 days straight. The anxiety was awful but lessened. The sleep never returned though. So, I started them again…just to sleep. I admit, I was abusing them before. Almost 900 mg a day or more for the past yr. I’d come off them before without a problem(about 2 yrs off and on) I started back at 2-2-2 and started sleeping immediately. Started to taper but I think I did it too abruptly. (1-1-1) Sleep started to suffer right away. Have I damaged something permanently? Do you have any suggestions on a taper schedule? My dr has no idea about this. And said he’s never heard of it lasting so long. I’m so scared. I need help here. Thank you.

    1. Hello Dwyatt. Long term use of tramadol in large doses changes the way your brain works and releases the natural chemicals that put your brain to sleep. Now, it has gotten used to be receiving chemicals from tramadol and is no longer producing them on its own. But, this is not permanent and is reversible only if you persist through and not use again. Your brain needs to learn that it is no longer stimulated by an outside sources and then you will be able to sleep normally on your own. The recommended tapering is 10%-20% off your current dose every week or every other week for a slower taper.

  44. Now they are saying she has a mild case of COPD. Could the morphine trigger this. She is only 27 years old. I have seen her go through this 2 dozen times in the last 2 years. The hospital has been told she was snorting morphine Before that she was injecting into her veins. I have worked with DCF on this matter but they say they can not do nothing about it unless they see her do it. I will not have my grandchildren brought up in this situation.

    1. Hello Debbie. Maybe a drug test can determine what she is taking and to what extent. That’s the most certain source of valid information since she won’t tell anyone. Is your son willing to support her through addiction treatment? She needs therapy to be able to kick the habit and raise the children.

  45. Hi Debbie. Breathing slows down because of the central nervous system depressant effects of morphine. It is NOT a good sign and could signal possible overdose. Can you reach out to a social services agent, case manager, or parole officer to talk about your concerns?

  46. My sons girlfriend has been snorting morphine and something else. She gets to the point where she cannot breath and ends up in the hospital.the last time she was shooting into her viens and ended up septic. It always affects her she Taking too much. I have custody of her children right now and she has swore to me she hasn’t done anything.Why does it affect her breathing.?

  47. I snorted morphine 2 days ago and iam so sick my stomach is so nauseous I feel like I wanna puke when I eat its the first time doing it I want this stomach ache/puking feeling to go away how long do this last for I feel like I’m dying 🙁

    1. Hi Vanessa. Snorting morphine can result in multiple side effects, including vomitting. If these symptoms are severe and don’t go away, please ask for professional help. You are now at a risk of getting dehydrated since you cannot hold any fluids down.

  48. What happens then if I have grown a tolerance to it now. I’ve been off & on morphine for about 2 years, nothing is helping my pain at all. I’m at my wits end.

  49. I have depression an i snort oxys an opanah but ive never snorted morphine before an i want to know the effects it a 15 mg morphine ir whay will it do??

  50. My question is the dosage. I’m prescribed 30 mg daily. For some reason I don’t feel the effects that I believe that I should. I was recently told that morphine can be snorted. I have overdosed before with the oral pills for this reason, not feeling any effect. I don’t want to put it in a needle & do it by injection. I was also told that weight is a issue with the dosage. Larger patient, larger dose is that true?

    1. Hi Shilo. Your prescribing doctor should have taken your weight into consideration when deciding on a dose. Did it work in the beginning? If it used to provide the wanted effects and does not any more, it is possible that you are growing tolerance to the medication. Discuss this with your doctor as you may need a dose adjustment.

  51. Question.. How much of the morphine actually gets absorbed when snorted vs taken orally? Like if you take a normal dose of 15mg IR orally, would it be the same to snort it. Other than quicker affect?

    1. Hi Mel. When snorted, morphine will start to take an effect on the brain in three to five minutes. After snorting, the morphine particles are in the mucus membranes of the nose, where they are absorbed by the blood vessels. With oral ingestion, levels peak after about 30 minutes.

  52. I been using Morphine for 3 months already. But my Doctor started me with 15 mg twice a day but in a month I went from twice a day to 3 times a day . But in the 3rd month he higher my dose to 30 mg 3 times a day . But before that I was using oxy’s 10-325 one or two pills every 4 to 6 hours as needed for pain . But my pain was getting really bad to the point I couldn’t walk cause of my back pain it was too much . But with the morphine sulfate 30 mg is working better.

  53. @ Kristy I’ve been snorting and abusing drugs for 30+years. I’m a functioning addict although I’m in a detox mode as I write. I’ve snorted every sort of opiate for 15 yrs and please tell your brother not to do it with lortab or perc. They contain Tylenol and are not good for this purpose. Of course I hope you could convince him to stop altogether but that’s up to him. He must have the resolve to do it. It is sheer hell to detox after abuse for so long so all I can say is the sooner he stops the easier it’s going to be for him to quit. And believe me he will one day have to quit.

  54. Hi Kristy. Well, its definitely risky and dangerous, doing what he does. You can support him if he wants to make an honest effort to quit. This is a tough situation to be in, so you may also seek professional help in counseling to get on top of handling the situation. But, this will only work if he, himself decides to stop snorting.

  55. I have never snorted a pill of any kind but , I recently found out that my brother has been snorting.morphine lortab and Percocet can anyone tell me what mixing these drugs could do to him? Or anything I can do to help him please . Thank you

  56. I have never snorted a pill of any kind but , I recently found out that my brother has been snorting.morphine lortab and Percocet can anyone tell me what mixing these drugs could do to him? Or anything I can do to help him please . Thank you

  57. Hi.
    I’ve just barely started abusing morphine intranasal I usually do abut 7.5 MG twice a day. First, does it build up as I do it and cause more MG to be in my system? Second, I have a heavy history of kidney stones, I went septic the last time, will morphine causemail something like this to happen again? And last, I usually feel a heightened heartbeat (I went tachycardic when I went septic) is that a typical side effect also? I know these are dumb questions but the answers could be what makes me stop.
    Thank you.

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