Snorting heroin

What can snorting heroin ho and what dangers are present? Can risks of snorting heroin be avoided? More on snorting heroin effects here.

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If you’re thinking about snorting heroin, you should know what happens.

In the interest of opiate harm reduction, we review what happens in the body while snorting heroin, as well as the dangers and safety concerns of snorting heroin.  You can always call a heroin hotline with questions, but we welcome questions about snorting heroin at the end of this article.  We try to answer all legitimate questions with a personal reply ASAP.

Heroin: What are you really snorting?

Heroin is a Schedule I controlled substance in the US, meaning it is illegal to possess or take this drug for any reason. In some parts of the world, though, heroin is available as a powerful prescription painkiller, but local laws vary. Heroin is a very dangerous and addictive drug, and because it’s normally only available as a street drug there’s no good way of knowing exactly what’s in the batch of heroin you’re using. Heroin can be laced with toxic substances or other drugs so you cannot ever really know what exactly you are snorting.

How does snorting Heroin affect the body?

Heroin affects the central nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord. Heroin binds to opioid receptors in the brain, altering the body’s perception of pain and causing feelings of euphoria. Heroin can alter your mood as a result, but as an opiate, heroin can also trigger abnormal heart rate, loss of consciousness and hallucinations. For example, snorting heroin can cause you to abruptly stop breathing, which can kill you. and all of these effects are made more intense and are felt nearly immediately after snorting heroin.

Snorting Heroin to get high

Snorting heroin causes large amounts of the drug to instantly enter the bloodstream through the nose and the nasal tissues in the nose. This is dangerous, because it causes the drug to be absorbed in higher amounts than if it’s taken orally. High doses of heroin might be tolerated by someone who’s taken opioids in large doses before, but they do raise the risk of adverse effects significantly.

Snorting Heroin vs oral

Narcotics like heroin can be taken orally, nasally, and intravenously. Oral preparations are safer, because the dose is more controlled. Snorting heroin causes a quicker onset of effects, causing an almost immediate high. But this quick rush of heroin into the body is also extremely dangerous.

Snorting Heroin side effects

Taking heroin in small amounts can cause drowsiness, dizziness, and even nausea and vomiting. Severe side effects of taking heroin occur more frequently when the medication is not taken as prescribed, such as when you snort heroin. Possible adverse side effects of snorting heroin include:

  • abnormal heart rate
  • confusion
  • diarrhea
  • difficulty breathing
  • fainting/loss of consciousness
  • fever
  • hallucinations
  • seizures

Snorting Heroin dangers

Snorting heroin has some serious side effects. You run the risk of a serious addiction when you snort heroin. The most serious risk, of course, is that of potential overdose and death – and because it’s impossible to know the purity of the heroin you’re taking, even experienced heroin users can easily overdose. But you might not know that you also risk infectious disease such as hepatitis or bacterial infections when you share snorting instruments. Although less severe, these dangers can persist unless you are aware of hygiene and do not share snorting tools.

Snorting Heroin safely

Heroin is not safe to take by snorting. In fact, it’s not safe to take at all, due to the highly addictive nature of the drug and its strong effects. Since heroin is illegal to take in most parts of the world, you might face harsh legal consequences for snorting it.

Snorting Heroin questions

Do you still have questions about snorting Heroin? If so, please let us know. We respond to all Heroin questions with a personal and prompt reply.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I snorted fentanyl heroin yesterday and my eyes rolled in the back of my head. It took 2 people to get me awake and i didn’t remember any of it. Can you tell me if that was the cause of it?

    1. Hi Ashley. That was probably an overdose. In “street mixes” of heroin and Fentanyl, oftentimes the ratio of Fentanyl to heroin is totally unknown, which could lead to overdose. This is very dangerous and can be fatal. I suggest you visit a doctor and run some test. Also, you can consider treatment options. You can call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab for you.

  2. Hi I’ve been snorting opiates and heroin for about a year and I’ve been recently having bad chest pains. Could this be from snorting? I though it was from getting kicked in judo but it’s not going away. Thank you

    1. Hi Joe. The chest pain may be from the snorting. If you’re worried about it, you should contact your doctor for advice.

  3. I used to do weed like everyday for like 6 and a haff months, but becuse its the strongest gaytway drug, I obveeously quit the weed and of coarse I eventually started snortting heroine and interjecting dope laced water (poppy-butt-water-cocktales) in my butt (A.k.a BOOFED IT hahahaha lol 😀 ) with a medicine dropper or sometime in my nose for 4 and a haff hole days now (almose 5!!!). My queshton is will it make me half to get withdralles or possibley die from it if I run out all-of-a-sudden (cold chicken)? I’m worried becuse I read on google that a guy took a speshial heroine powder or maybe it was black tar speedballs or something that was spiked (by the major mexican gang called “The Cartelle” with an ellafante tranqulizer, (something called carfentantinille (spelling?)) and the withdralle maked him haff a ceizure becuse he ran out cold chicken (all-of-a-sudden) becuse it were sooo stronge!!! I’m also worried that my job will notice that I’m dooing drugs if I were to haff a ceizure right in the middle of the floor of the resterant or something while I’m waiting tables, so (maybe) is it a good idea to just keep doing it as long as I kan afforde it so i dont ever haff to get the withdralles? I’m also curious how do I interject it in my vanes (maneline), or is it the arteries (?), i can never reemember lol :D… I heard it was a lot cheeper to do it that way because of something called “ROA percentages”. dose anybodie know where to buy a kleen needle and do I have to haff a perscripshin from a family doctor becuse I dont haff inshurance but I herd that there was places callde needle x-changes that give a junkiee free needles if you don’t haff inshurance, or maybe it was that they trade you a kleen one for a dirty one or something, i dont know lol. (I could bee thinking of Sweeden though) this website is really informitive, there seems to be a lot of really smart peeps on here! thanks in advance for your help guys.

    1. Hi Dirk. Heroin is a one of the most addictive drugs. You may need a medical detox as well as a complete rehab stay to get clean from this drug. Call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find a program just for you.

  4. If somebody snorts heroin and they smoke cigarettes later on could that heroin be passed through their cigarette smoke 2 people around them just a general question go to like a third hand smoke

  5. Hi everybody interesting forums here just a general question if somebody snorts heroin and then a half hour later they come into my car and smoke a cigarette could any residue or powders be passed on through their cigarette smoke in the car I don’t think so but I’m just curious if anybody heard about this like a fourth hand smoke thank you

  6. I am so worried i found my son taken herion smoking it found out hes been doing it for sometime. 3 to 4 times a day i am so worried. Hes my only boy hes in deep depression getting agressive what he never was talking if sucide think he took it cos he was atacked 2 years age beating inch of hes life left with plqtes in hes head face. So was told this numbs pain like morphine. But last night i was broken hearted he took bad pain in hes chest and in hes arm pins needels down hes hand fingers. I could bearly feel heart beat. I am so scared i find my boy dead he dont eat sleep nothing can he die from this smoking it or snorting it.

  7. The last time I snorted heroin was last Wednesday. I have to take a urine test this Wednesday. Will the heroin be out of my system. I was a heavy user.

  8. So I have a question if I think I might of snorted to much would might it help to take an Adderall ? I’m just thinking this because h or fent lowers your heart rate and such and adderall if I don’t have add or adhd is an upper

  9. OMG I’m an x addict I’m so upset from these comments I’m so sry you guys as parents have to go threw this but plz understand as an addict we don’t think about nothing but how not to be sick and how we will get something I’m only clean 5-6 months still in early stages but I did it with nothing and alone cause I wanted it in my head we have to wanna get clean plz don’t give up on your loved ones there judgement is so clouded that we can’t see our hand right infront of our face I pray for all of you and wish and hope you find your loved one there are plenty of sites that will help for free Columbia university is one in NYC and there are plenty all over the us again I’m so sry we hurt you like this

  10. Hi I just wanted to say that I’ve been clean from heroin for 2 years now and I’m so happy thanks to Suboxone and Subutex I’ve been able to to be free from heroin to anybody that wants to quit this horrible deadly drug plz get on Suboxone or subutex it will save ur life even if u have to buy them off the street do it plz so many people are dying every hour of every day plz I beg anyone that wants to try and if u need to talk to someone that knows exactly what you’re going through plz u can call me and I will try to help u any way I can but I will not help u get or do this drug my phone num is 9856140957 call or text or email God bless u all and I hope u survive

  11. I have scoliosis helps pain but what I purchased was 3 rocks grounded it up became very gluey like substance can’t snort to sticky what do I do to get into powder form?

    1. Hi Audrey. Heroin is highly additive and illegal drug. I suggest that you consult with a pain specialist about pain management. Heroin is not an option.

  12. I snorted herion on Aug 31st was my last use
    By snorting I got drug tested Sept 7 will that show up in my urine on the test I’m so worried

    1. Hi Joe. Call a toll-free Heroin Helpline on 1-888-988-7934 to get in touch with trusted and confidential helpline professionals available 24/7. You will speak to a sympathetic, well-trained individual who can help you find a reliable recovery program that will meet your treatment needs.

  13. I live in a nice condo community (mostly a senior complex) and we have a clubhouse for residents to use. The clubhouse has an outdoor covered trash can that is accessible to anyone. A neighbor and I cleaned out the trash can yesterday because some food had been left, un-bagged, and the can had a terrible smell. In the trash can, there were many pieces of balloons and the pieces were only of the part of the balloon into which a person would blow. I have read about a connection with drugs and balloons and I just looked online and didn’t find any info about just the mouthpiece parts of balloons. Do you think our findings are a sign of drug use? If so, I want to report this to the police department. Thank you. Amy

    1. Hi Amy. The trash evidence may not be a proof enough for the police if they cannot run tests. If you did not throw away the balloon pieces, they may be able to do surface drug tests and determine whether they were used for storing drugs or not. Still, it cannot prove anything about whether a resident or someone passing by disposed of the evidence.

  14. Can someone under the influence of snoring heroin be verbally aggressive or is that when the drug is wearing off that they usually get verbally aggressive

  15. Sir

    My wife is white by now it is in redesh colour is there any treatment is there for full body pls contact me

    1. Hi Vinoth. Call a toll-free Heroin Helpline on 1-888-988-7934 to get in touch with trusted and confidential helpline professionals available 24/7.

  16. Why does someone hold their breath for 30 seconds immediately following snorting a line of H? I have noticed it is not only myself but almost every person I have seen do it near me. Each Time the user bends down straw in hand sniffs that beige lightning and then doesn’t immediately exhale its a good 30 seconds they hold the breath in and then exhale with almost a sexual moan or an extra sigh of relief. Why is that? Is there an explanation? Or am I the only person who notices this pheno!m????

  17. Is heavy nostril breathing something herion snorters do? This person I know when they are using are and have used ….. breathes extremely heavy through their nostrils. I’m trying to figure out if they have switched drugs or are still using what they have admitted to. Which is snorting herion. Also when ever they are high and passing in and out. They recover very quickly when approached by law enforcement or paramedics. Almost like the adrenaline their body produces quickly reverses the affect of drugs. Police and paramedics have said this is a new reaction and could mean the drug is being cut with something new.

  18. Hi my brother is a heroin addict…..he is hospitalised but doctors are not able to diagnose ….he was not able to speak properly and his neck and lower part of the face was stiff(lips).. …can u pls help and what should be done……doctors gave him injections bt after few hours he is experiencing same thing

    1. Hi Nami. Call a toll-free Heroin Helpline on 1-888-988-7934 to get in touch with trusted and confidential helpline professionals available 24/7. You will speak to a sympathetic, well-trained individual who can help you find a reliable recovery program that will meet your treatment needs.

  19. I’m concerned over someone I know age 46 who has been taking perc 20 mg for a very long time. She is now starting to snort them in combo with low dose xanax. At what point will she find a problem as she is a functioning addict. But doctors give her them for serious pain she really has. I see a potential train wreck coming but don’t know if it’s sooner than later. Her 19 year old daughter is also addicted with her own pain issues. My heart bleeds and my prayers are with them.

  20. My husband has been snorting heroin for past month, daily. I just found out today that he has started injecting it. Obviously I’m heartbroken, but my question is : when we make love, and he ejaculates inside of me, can that cause me to have odd symptoms such as constipation, gas build up, upset stomach, tiredness, body aches? I’ve had this going on, with no explanation as to why I’m having these symptoms daily.

  21. When i snort H right away for about a min or 2 my head starts pounding. Why would this happen? Should i be worried? I mean i shouldnt be doing it at all but things happen.

  22. Is it possible to be a functioning heroin user(snorting only), limiting yourself to a specific amount per day and never exceeding it regardless?

  23. I am a heroin addict and have been for almost 6yrs. I recently got a batch that burned my nose and throat and I’ve never felt that before. What could have caused that pain? If someone could please

  24. Minor chest cramp like pains that come and go only occurs when snorting heroin. is this in a sense normal or something serious ?

  25. I believe my boyfriend is snorting heroin., but what confused me is that he has a job and works daily. I find his pupils are tiny a lot and his teeth are very bad and always complains of pain in his mouth but won’t have it taken care of. I saw some white stuff coming out his nose after he just blew it. I confronted him and he denies it. He also can lay down and and be out in a second!!! I’m confused and not 100% sure?? CONFUSED CAUSE I LOVE HIM SO! Any help I’m lost??

  26. its hard to give up on somone you love. ive been addicted to Opiates since 2006 heavy user since 2011 switch to heroin bout 3 years now lost two brand new cars and now prob my job my ex gf stood by me all those years untill i told her i was no good for her and son ..what i messed up on is still usin and braught a new girl in my life and now jus same just diffrent girl both girls love me so much its not easy quitting this addiction esp. when you have so much goin on in your head and other stuff just makes it worst for me its not to get high wich is prob best high but jus the feeling you get goin into withdrawls is the worst and knowing that a lil or cpl sniffs of it makes you feel better not every addict is a bad person but is still a junkie and other problem is dr.s think the worst when all you want is help and think that if you do this or that you should be good if i can do this or that i would jus go cold turkey and be better ..those big rehabs are really expensive wasnt untill jus last September or October that the president addressed the problem of this Epidemic when the people asked the goverment for help on this back in like isnt untill these quiet neighborhoods or suburbs are flooded with heroin that they do something because now its jus goin to get worst ..and if you give up on your love ones there jus guna give up on them selves and be worst …

  27. I recently stopped snorting heroin after about 5 yrs, and i always snorted it, and now i have a constant runny nose all day, every day. I was wondering if it will ever stop running. I hate everyone i run into asking me if i have a cold or something and also i work as a waiter in a restaurant and it is very embarrassing to go to a table with snot running down my nose and even my customers will ask if i have a cold. And i always make something up like i have allergies or a cold. Will my runny nose ever stop?!

  28. Hello I been sniffing it on and off for a year lately like 20 bags a day 10 at a time then I get anxiety and can’t breathe am I dying physically or is it just anxiety ? I want to quit I did a methadone program for 6 months but quit almost a month ago cold turkey I stopped needles and alcohol MONTHS AGO now I gotta stop altogether it’s just that when I’m sick and don’t have any I feel dead and need it to actually live

  29. I found out recently my husband (34) of 5 years has been using heroin this past year. I think he is snorting it. A few months ago he was arrested for multiple felonies (first time arrested)! I knew he was addicted to meth in his early 20’s but that’s it he said. We met about 7 years ago and had a broken back from an injury while being a wild land firefighter and was taking Norco. After a few years he was prescribed oxycodone and has been taking this drug for 5 years now, well i started noticing items missing from our house as well as stuff from my deceased mother that was missing and I would find pawn shop receipts. He told me it was to help pay a few bills here and there. Money started missing from my wallet and he was borrowing large amounts money from his family that I did not know about, he was telling them it was for our rent. I have found a meth pipe and meth twice and heroin twice. He’s telling me he only did it a few times and does not have a problem. We have 4 kids and he’s lost 3 jobs in one year. He’s gone all day and is out half the night and says he has anxiety at night and has to go for a drive. Everywhere we go he has to make bathroom breaks and comes out with sunglasses on every time. We are now living with his mom in a two bedroom house because we lost everything. He crashed my car 2 weeks ago at 4am and said it was a “hit and run” the next morning I found heroin and meth in his backpack. He said it was old and he found it in the car when he crashed and hasn’t touched it. I’m thinking “yeah right” ! He’s VERY believable and has answers for everything. He says I’m delusional if I think he uses on a regular basis? Am I? I now feel stuck here and I think it’s time for me to go with my kids but I don’t know where to start? I have no family (mom and dad are deceased) I was a stay at home mom. I know I can make it in life on my own and raise my kids I just don’t know how to get to that point. Do I try to help my husband more? It’s hard to help someone when they’re very addament that they are not addicted. He lies about everything and I don’t feel like I know him at all! Scary!! Oxycodone, heroin and now I believe meth runs his life. Has Anybody been in this situation? What do I do? Looking from the outside reading that question probably seems like I’m an idiot for asking that but I’m not.

  30. Katherine, Do you mean ASTHMA?? like the condition people have when they’re Bronchial tubes spasm and/or get blocked with mucus and cannot breathe. No you should not use these if you do not have asthma. One reason is often the medicine is a steroid. If you do not have asthma you are forcing steroids into your lungs for no reason. I would recommend you speak to your doctor about going on methadone to get off heroin instead of using the inhaler when obviously your body is trying to reject your snorting it.

    Jalissa, often if we suspect someone is using, they are. We so often have intuition about these sort of things. If you feel he is maybe request he do random drug tests for you. Twitching in our sleep is normal when you are sober or using. If he twitches while awake sometimes that can be a sign, but not always. If he hid it from you before, then he could be hiding it again, or he may not be using. You should speak with him and if he won’t do a drug test for you, you can ask him why, and you can decide if you believe him and if you really want to stay together.


  31. I am 22 years old and I have been with my 27 year old boyfriend for 7 years. He had a heroin addiction for about two years. I didn’t find out about it until just about getting to the second year. It was a nightmare! I dont know how, when, or why it happened. He went to Texas to get clean. He was gone all of three months before coming back fat again (he has always been big up until the heroin use). Everything was going perfectly fine. He was back to normal again and we were so happy. However, one day out the blue he was acting weird again. And I found heroin in a balloon in his pocket and a straw. He said it was an old batch and he was scared someone would find it. This passed as well and a month or so later there are some days that I feel he is on it, but other days no. I am VERY scared that he has learned to control it a little more which means that he is taking higher dosages? He sleeps with his mouth open sometimes and his eyes seem to be going in opposite directions. Not only that, but his neck, face, or feet jerk a little when he sleeps (only on the days he sleeps with his mouth open). Lastly, his sleeps on these occasions are DEAD sleep. I can run through his pockets and he won’t feel A THING. He is not a heavy sleeper. What is your opinion? I am a full-time college student and the first addiction put a financial and emotional strain on me. I failed ALL my classes. I can’t do it again.

  32. Im addicted to herion with in the last 4 months when I snort herion I lose my breath, ( can’t breath) my chest hurts, my chest is tight, feel light headed. I don’t have assume but every time I snort herion I have to use a (Blue Assume Pump to catch my breath, so I can breathe normally) & ONLY The BLUE Assume Pump Works For Me. Should I not be using the assume pump if I’m having them effect’s since I don’t have assume? Is it damaging my body more when I use the assume pump right after I snort herion & dont have assume? but because of the effect’s I use it. Would it be OK for me to use it as long as I use & need it for that it purpose? I don’t ever use it to get high or even try it’s only for me only & I only use it when needed & that’s every time I snort herion. What drugs are in the herion by your opinion that effect’s my breathing & my chest (E.C.T.) Thank You Sincerely, Katherine

  33. Joan, Heroin and other opiates will show in urine tests for a few days, sometimes nearly a week if done in large amounts/often.
    Nicole & Angie, most drugs these days, heroin, cocaine, oxy all contain Fentanyl which is an extremely strong pain med. There have been numerous deaths lately due to overdose because the user was unaware with how strong it was, how much they were taking, and especially if they injected it… but if you insufflate (snort) Fentanyl or heroin, you can still OD because there is no way to know how strong or pure your dose is. Recently there have been “fake oxy” going around which are basically either 10s or 80s, but do not contain any ox in them at all, they are either pure fentanyl or may contain trace amounts of caffeine… From what i have read in the news, Fentanyl is 14x more strong than morphine. That is why people are OD’n and dying.

    Lizard, I would highly recommend against using Heroin or any other drug especially you not knowing what you are taking. You very easily could have another heart attack, and this time you may not be so lucky.

    Jamie, Not really sure what you are asking? The fact you sniffed any drug for that long easily could have caused you to end up with a deviated septum, and sometimes those just don’t heel. Congrats on staying clean. Good luck with staying sober!

    Kimberly, those videos you see of the vibrating babies are when they are born addicted to drugs. They are going through serious withdrawal and are in extreme amount of pain and discomfort. Congratulations on your sobriety and good luck staying clean. Just because you used before does not mean your child will end up like the videos you’ve seen (I wonder if you saw the baby on Dr Phil once?). Yes, it is true that your child could be affected by your past drug use, the reason being all of your eggs have always been inside of you, therefore any drugs you used, were also absorbed into your under-developed eggs. There is some chance of learning deficit but it’s nothing like if you continued to use while pregnant. Are you already taking prenatal vitamins? It is recommended you begin taking them a minmum of 3 months prior to conception, so you should take those, as they are known to prevent some birth defects.

    I hope what I have said will help some of you. Definitely consult with your physician if you have additional questions… also, search Fentanyl, it’s a big thing these days

  34. After snorting heroin for two years and quiting I am clean for a year but I have very bad muscle spasms. I wanted to get pregnant this year and have seen a lot of news about the shaking disorder in children. Do I have anything to worry about passing to my child as long as I am clean?

  35. I’ve been snorting heroin for over 5 yrs or so on and off and I’ve not taken ANYTHING, in the last 3 wks, but tonight when I was having a can of Stella, the gas in my stomach came up with a burp, but also for the first time. Some of the gasy liquid, came down one of my nostrils. I do get Noseptum cream for my nose, but I keep forgetting to use it, so could there be a problem the facial and ? surgen, never picked up 7 months ago. Kindest regards, Jamie

  36. Why does Heroin make you sneeze and I’m talking about when you first do it after not doing it for awhile. I know you sneeze like cra when in withdrawl but what the heck is the reason for multiple sneezes the rest of the time

  37. Last month my fiance of 8 years (together 10) ended things with me. He said he hasn’t been happy even though he tried which is news to me because I sincerely thought he was because I thought we had a great relationship. He told me that he’s been depressed for a long time and thinks about suicide. He told me he’s self destructing with alcohol drugs etc. but when I asked him what kind of drugs he wouldn’t say. He works up north and is home 2 weeks out of the month so when he was home last time things were not good (because we broke up) but before that there was a night were he came home late. He thought I was still sleeping when he crawled into bed with me but he then got up, grabbed his wallet and went to our bathroom, closed the door and came back to bed less than a minute later. I thought it was very odd of him. I also noticed all the garbage cans in the house filled to the top full of kleenex, some bloody. He seems to have a runny nose all the time too, which I just chalked up to him having a cold but now I’m not so sure. The reason I think it’s heroin is because about 5 years ago at our old house I found a tan coloured powder hidden in his dresser. The stupid thing is I never asked him about it, I just put it back. We’ve been in our new house a few years now (he’ll most likely be moving out) but the powder is still where he left it. It’s just residue now as there was more before. I want to confirm that he is indeed using heroin or some other type of drug. The weird thing is I never really noticed anything out of the norm with him until he told me he’s using drugs. We have a daughter together and I need to protect her and not sure what to do. If I confront him he’ll just deny it as I’m sure since we’re not together anymore he’ll think I’ll use it against him. I’d like to get the powder analyzed but not sure where I can do that. Anyone have experience with snorting heroin or know someone and have been through this?

  38. I hear you Jason. Addicts need love and people to support them to survive withdrawal and freedom from the addiction. That Jennifer person is cold and heartless. Addicts are still people. They still love others and need to be loved. If you throw them out and change the locks, are you prepared to deal with being responsible for their death?

  39. Herion addicts such as myself needs ppl who love them to talk to them don’t ever turn ur back on them cause you never know if that time will be the last time you talk to them yes we are selfish we rather get high then care if we hurt our loved ones but it cause the drug is physical not mental we need it try to help them don’t ever give up on them

  40. I snorted heroin with water Sunday around midnight after my eyes swelled up and is Tuesday night I’ve taken benedrill nothing working

  41. I snorted heroin..only once by hour my eye lids swelled up and hive onface .been half day took benadrill 2 x today still swollen

  42. my husband snorted pain meds not often he was given heroin for first time snorted it and died can it b explained how not doing heroin but once not intravenously it killed him please

  43. Could you ecplain to me what could be sold as heroin or mixed with heroin that wouls cause a veteran user to die instantly from one small line. It caused immediate confusion …a need to get air…panic..collapse….foam from mouth and blood pouring from nose??

  44. Hi SLIM had been snorting China white which is made of herein for the past two months first it started here and there but with such a busy schedule and tons of work hours started doing it more and more often, and then SLIM noticed he’s been having trouble breathing because of having mucus through nose and throat. It started first as a clogged up nose and spitting mucus all the time to clear throat but SLIM noticed a wheezy sound in his breathing and cough, and it’s getting worse nights and mornings SLIM is starting to get scared and a little anxiety when this happens, does anyone know what’s happening and how to fix this? He’d really appreciate your help. SLIM is also noticing that he’s running out of breath if he moves around or talks a lot he has to stop and catch his breath. Is this just cause of a lot of mucus that’s inside him or could it be something else? And the coughing all started when SLIMs roommates were sick with the flu and while snorting China it was easy to catch their sickness. Please help

  45. Help me please… my son is 18 and i have been fighting this with him for four years. Tell me about oxy and opiates on urine tests…do they conflict

  46. Hi There

    I’ve been using heroin and Oxycontin(codin) for about half a year, but more recently I have begun to experiencing to feel physical withdrawal symptoms if I don’t use. I snort them both neve, the Oxy’s are 10mg, which I crush up and mix with the heroin then take a few lines. I sometimes feel a little high, but not usually. I have been trying stop using, but if I don’t take it before bed and then when I wake up, my back aches, I feel nauseous, my skin tingles, terrible night sweats. Now I have a new symptom of numb and tingly hands (First started with just my left but now it’s also on my right hand) and I don’t know if it’s from either of the recreational drug use or the prescriptions?

  47. I have a friend who died a week ago he just calapsed he was bleeding from the ears, nose, n mouth. Is it common to bleed from the eyes, ears, n mouth from snorting heroin

  48. I have severe pain and take opiates anyway. I was doing about 2 bundles a day and just stopped my meds. .. I got clean and had nothing for pain so about 7 days into being clean I bugged over my back and leg and stayed a bag a day for management tool I can pick up my pain meds. I need help I don’t know what I’m doing anymore.

  49. I snort have for couple yes and recently have had infection in my nose my skin is pealling off around nostral. Its cracked and bleeds sometimes but I’m scared to go to hospital I don’t want to tell them I snort I’m trying to quit I’ve got few sub’s will it go away when I stop

  50. I really hope someone will answer my comment I put on here. Can anyone please tell me what is going on with my brother. I have a 50 yr old brother that is living with my mom. After my father passed away we thought it would be a good solution to have him live with her. He would have a place to live for cheap rent and my mom would not have to be alone. My brother has always been a drinker (alcoholic ) rehab never helped him I know in the past has done cocaine and weed. He does not work never has he gets a ssi check of $ 800 a in the past 6 months what we thought was his alcohol addiction getting worse, but we r not so sure now!..he has been found 7 miles from home walking on the outside of town and does not remember how he got there. He was picked up by police across town walking in a neighbor he has never been in and does not remember how he got there. My niece has seen him waking in the middle of a busy street flipping people driving down the street off. He has had many unexplainable trips to the hospital by rescue squad because he is having chest pain cannot breathe but cannot Remember where he was at or who called the ambulance for him. He has made many comments about people will kill him if he stops going around he has had black eyes and bruise on his face where he tells us he fell..My mom’s house was recently broke in to while we were out shopping for less than 3 hours. Someone came into her house ransacked every room busted her brand new tv, took everything out of her closets and dressers but all they took was her money. .Things just don’t add up with my brother I don’t know what he has gotten himself in to but it’s bad..he leaves the house every morning 730 or 8 am and he will be gone for hours til 5 or 6 at nite but when he comes home he is wasted. My mom thinks he is just drunk but I think it’s more. He is on a fixed income he can’t be drunk everyday even at end of month when his check is gone he comes home wasted..I don’t know what to do any more .. My mom doesn’t want to kick him out because he has no where to Go.we confronted him about being on drugs but he denise it and tells us he just drinks. I don’t believe it. What drugs is he doing? What can we do to get my mom away from his problems without her feeling she is deserting her son?? Any Commets are welcome please help..!!

  51. Before knowing my boyfriend was snortting heroin I got pregnant and my son devloped anesphly (a birth defect). He was also still born at 35-36 weeks. In the hospital a social worker said it was possible for drug use to be the cause but in my emotional state I wasn’t really paying attention. Is it possible my boyfriend’s drug abuse was the cause of the birth defect and future birth defects?

  52. CollegeStudent — You know the answers to your questions. Just quit. You will never have a happy marriage, a good job or well balanced kids if you don’t. Your future is rotten teeth and a family that doesn’t want to be around you because they won’t trust you not to steal from them. Also, many dealers now days are making synthetic heroin because it’s cheaper. They use paint thinner, gasoline, hydrochloric acid, iodine and red phosphorous (taken from the striking surface of matchboxes). Look up Krokodil. It’s the new heroin, designer drug. No one would ever admit selling you this, but you would know after doing it. It started out in Russia, but has made it to the states now.

    Here’s a good link…She used crocodile for 1.5 years and never knew it. Her dealer didn’t tell her:

    Please quit now and never look back. There are many heroin addicts that started out just like you.


  53. Hi! I really need help…. I started using heroin end of October and would smoke it, I started snorting in November/ December and would smoke sometimes till I realised snorting was the best way since injecting would mean addiction and throwing my life away. I only started because I hated the environment around me and wanted to just ignore it. I really want to know how long will heroin stay in my system ? All the blogs say 2-4 days and 7 for heavy users. I have to get clean and get a drug test… How long before this can not be detected in urine? So I can know im not junkie.

  54. I $ bag of heroin snorted o new years eve @ 10pm will you be able to pass a urine test by friday morning by 6 30-7am if you drink bottled water alternated with tea all day thursday til friday?

  55. I’m a new user of this drug and though I know I need to nock it off I’m having a hard time doing so. I’m not highly addicted I can stop for 2-3 days at a time and I ussually only do a or part of a stamp in a days time. So you know where I’m comming from. My question is what physical side effect does snorting Heroin cause? I see some videos most are people who inject it and there missing teeth is that a side effect or is it just poor health? When snorting this drug will it eventually make my teeth fall out? If so how long and heavy would I have to use it before that happens? I’m not trying don’t get me wrong I really just want to keep myself safe while I figure out what to do.

  56. If she’s using, she’s addicted, and she won’t stop using until she wants to. They usually don’t want to until they lose everything, and then once they’ve felt that they’ve “earned” it back with brief sobriety, remission is extremely likely. It sounds like she doesn’t want help, hasn’t spent enough time with her sickness to realize there’s an enemy inside of her. You don’t want advice on your relationship but on the drug, well it’s basically the most addictive substance known to man kind, and she’s using it, so there you go. And she’s using it around your children. You say they’re being cared for, but their junkie, unstable mother is around. Doesn’t sound like a great influence, but I’ll stop there, you know how hard it is to live with someone dedicated to their usage more than their friends and family, and chances are you already know what you need to do. A treatment center would probably cost less than you’re spending right now, and if she doesn’t want the treatment, you need to get her away from your family because she WILL ruin it and there’s a good chance your kids will resent you badly for letting that woman stay around. Realize that isn’t your wife anymore, that’s the drug, and if the drug doesn’t want to let go, then you need to be the one to.

  57. Get her out of your house “for the sake of the kids”.. It’s that simple. However, it sounds like she has custody, is that right? So you have her living with you. I understand, but you need to make some decisions…

    #1 — It all about the kids right now. Quit trying to help her until you have the kids situation straightened out. They do not need to see this going on. They need to be more important than her and than you. And believe me, they know more than you think they do. They are and need to be the first priority and not the heroin addicted ex wife.

    #2 You need to get an attorney. Thank God you have the funds. Tell your attorney about the heroin and the entire situation.. Be very honest. I guarantee you that she will lose custody of the children and you will be awarded full custody. He can advise you on how to get her out of the house while you retain emergency custody of the children. This will go before a judge and can be made final. They will drug test her. Make sure her visits are supervised and that she is not allowed to take the kids off anywhere. It will make her mad and the kids won’t understand, but when they are adults or young teens, they will understand that you love them and you did this for THEM — to protect them and give them a chance to NOT follow in their mothers footsteps, but in yours. The alternative is that you allow them to grow up with a heroin addict and have all sort of emotional and drug issues themselves. When they one day ask you “why dad?”, what will you say?


    #4 — Never give her cash again. You cannot help a heroin addict. They have to make their own choice and determine their own fate. You cannot make her quit. You cannot force her to quit. She will never quit for her children, or for you. She will only quit for herself and she has to hit rock bottom to do it. Quit enabling her. It is harming your children to do so.

    #5 — You have a hard road ahead of you, but your main purpose is to get custody of your children and get her out of your house. You might even consider moving to protect your family. You can always meet at the courthouse for her supervised visits. OR you could put an alarm system on your house to avoid her breaking in and if she does, call the police and press charges.

    I wish you the best of luck!!! I will be praying for you. You keep your chin up and move your family forward into their bright future!! Do not let yourself or your children get dredged down by a heroin addict.

    One more thing: You asked if it was worth your time to help her — not right now. Get the kids out of the situation first. Then your question about her might change. Just protect the kids. AND You will also need to notify the schools that they attend and give them a copy of your court papers and make sure they understand that she is never allowed to pick them up. Make sure every teacher, the principle, the counselors are aware of this..


  58. My wife started having an affair we have been together 17 years and never had a problem before we have a great sex life as well as life together. I work in the oilfield offshore and she met some friends and I think started using Heroin she is snorting it or smoking it because she has no tracts and she has only done weed and coca when we were in our teens. so I don’t think its that serious yet. But she had a affair divorced me and has been on the heroin for a year and for some reason cant leave the guy alone I am assuming its because of the heroin. What would be her success rate to let the heroin go and get help if I approach her with it I am her ex husband now but we still have 3 kids and I need to help her out because she is losing a good life with her kids and me if she can get it together. I really just noticed her acting crazy and shit when I am home throwing tantrums and lying I am the one where she get the money from for her and her boyfriends habit. I believe they had sex 3 times in 1 year because they get so zootted on the shit they just fall asleep and slobber and pass out when talking my uncle whom lives with me said. Yes we still live together because i don’t trust her with the bill and to take care of my kids I have made a really good career for us and she is pretty much ruining that too because im always getting shit stole I give her 3700 a week to pay the bill and im broke by Sunday .Monday im calling the bank to see what’s up. I cancel her card and then she runs back to him to get money or the drug.. Basically im having a hard time and need some advice on the drug not my relationship. I feel bad for her and I know I need to stop this guy has got my wife my beautiful wife so messed up I don’t eve know who she is. I wish I could give her an intervention but im the brokest 200,000 a year man you ever want to meet because of her. My kids still get taken care of but I need to get her some help and just wondering if its worth my time?

  59. Well, not really, HOWEVER, there is a new form of heroin out there that dealers are selling cheaper because they make it in a home make lab. It is called Krokodil and it has migrated from Russia to the US. It makes you skin fall off AFTER it turns green and scaly. Do a search on youtube for info. It a synthetic heroin and a dealer is not going to tell you that’s what you are taking. He just wants your money .

    It’s horrible. Made from codeine and stuff like gasoline and paint thinner. And they sell this krokodil for heroin. You won’t know the difference until it’s too late. This could cause nerve damage. Because your skin is rotting off. Here’s a link about a girl describing how her friend died from this “heroin”.. he was in Oklahoma. Two people died there from it:

  60. You will never be free until you say NO.. And then change your friends and change the places you go and change everything single thing in your life that had to do with drugs. it is hard but one day you wake up and realize you are free.. the most important thing is to say NO the first time and then never never never associate with your drug friends again. They are not your friends. They are only drug buddies. If you are married to an addict, leave for the sake of your children. they will respect you one day for it. don’t put them through it. They deserve a happy carefree childhood. It’s hard but work it. No NO NO is the only answer.

  61. I just recently started snorting heroin within the next few days I got a blister or like a painful irritation on my testes. Is this from using? I’m not sexually active so I know it’s not an STD.

  62. Hi Charm. I’d suggest you see a doctor about your sore throat problem. It could be a withdrawal symptom, but it doesn’t have to be. You can search online for support groups in your area. They are helpful in deling with cravings and staying commited to your goal.

  63. I’m trying to get off heroin. My main concern is the withdrawals and all of the commitments I have to uphold and cannot suffer severe withdrawal. My main thing is my throat aching, burning, and hurting so so badly. What can help this?

  64. Hi Nelissa. When withdrawing from heroin there have been some individuals who’ve reported numbness and tingling, as well as chest pains. Usually by people with high blood pressure, depression, pain, multiple sclerosis, and high blood cholesterol. If pain and tingling sensations worsen, go to the ER. Chest pains should never be overlooked.

  65. When you self detox with soboxone from snorting heroin can tingling in the chest be a withdrawal symptom..? I know when using I used to get a similar feeling when I was starting to be dope sick but never this intense

  66. Think about this… To be a good mother you will need to be around long enough to “be a good mother”. As I’m sure you are experiencing, you will start chasing the high as your tolerance builds up. It will require more and more to get that same feeling. It will ultimately destroy you and the family. This is something that you said you can’t believe you decided to do this. This will end up being one of many decisions that you make that you can’t believe you made. Morals and judgement will decline. Without help, it will only go down hill.

    This is the classic way that people start. Everyone thinks they are different and can control it. It will begin to control you. The most important people that will pay is your children. I imagine that you will find that you are becoming irritable with them when your off of it or coming down. Probably even allowing them to do things that you wouldn’t in the past, so they are out of your hair so you can get your fix or isolate yourself.

    It also blocks your bodies ability to produce the chemical that makes you feel happy, that’s why you feel you need it to be a good mom. Probably somewhat depressed when you are off of it. It may take a little while for your body to start producing it again once you stop.

    I am not an expert, nor am I in the field, I have just seen enough of it, and seen it with a family member and watched what they went through. Fortunately they did get help and is now married and owns his own business. The other one, like you had a great job. He ended up losing everything, job, family, and lived on street, girlfriend died from the drug which turned him around. He went on to get masters degree and ran a rehab center.

    Regardless of how strong you think you are, YOU CAN’T do this alone and will need medical help.

    You may want to look into Saboxone.

    The fact your posting this is a good sign. I don’t know you, but reading your story touched me so thought I would share. If nothing else, maybe it will be the email that is that last thing that helps you over the hump and onto recovery.

    Keep the faith!!!

  67. I recently find out that my bf does snort heroin. I was wondering when it is snort it does make your mouth smell? Kinda like the inside of green peppers.

  68. I’m addicted to snorting heroin….. Iv only been on it couple months, iv never liked doing drugs before now I feel like I can’t fuction with out being high.. And things just started looking up me and my husband just got promotions and a new house so we are making good money now and we have 3 children and now we are both addicted to it.we know we need to stop but we don’t want to… We can’t… Every time we try we always end up getting more every payday I don’t know what to do I want to be a goo mother and I feel I can only be a good mother if I’m high on heroin because it gives me so much extra energy and makes me in such a happy mood… And I can’t afford to go through with draw I work to much and when I’m not working I’m taking care of my children so there’s no time for me to withdraw… I feel so guilty for being like this but I don’t want to stop I just want to give up everything I have for the drug. It’s crazy how 6 months ago I was competely sober and never would of imagined me being addicted to anything I don’t know who I am anymore

  69. I appreciate the reply whoever you are because I cannot the thought he tried to call out for me and I was busy cooking! I even took a Narcan class a few months before and when I found him I screamed then ran for the Narcan and dropped it! My friend then got it and administered it while I called 911! He was also Epileptic and must of went into a seizure! My God I cannot seem to do anything 3 months later still paralyzed…. I loved him so much. If love could have saved him he never would have died…:(

  70. I love my girlfriend too death & I’ll do anything too keep her happy. I’m just so worried about her because what she does. I wish I can help her, but I.know there is nothing I can do. I feel so bad that I can’t do nothing for her. I just want her old self back & stay clean. No matter what happens I’m always gonna love her & be there for her. I just need help on what I should do. I also get super worried that something bad could happen. PLEASE HELP ME.

  71. Your son most likely did NOT suffer. When someone overdose’s on opiates, it puts them to sleep, and then shuts down auto-respiratory functions – basically forgetting to breathe. Very similar to euthanasia, he most likely just fell asleep, and didn’t wake up. He wouldn’t have tried to call for your name, and I’m almost certain he passed with happy thoughts on his mind. Cardiac arrest is far more common amongst people who intravenously administer the drug. I draw this conclusion from facts and studies, and honestly hope this helps you.

  72. I’m scared to death every single day that i will one day walk in our restroom and find my husband laid out on the floor of our bathroom. It seems to be his favorite place in our whole apartment, there is where he spends most of his time throughout his day. And i know exactly what he’s doing in there, for the fact that i can see him clearly through the cracks of the door and underneath also.. he still wont admit what hes doing. I’m so very tired, feeling hopeless with no reality connection with him. He will get very aggressive, angry, very hostile and offensive, start denying everything I’m confronting him about and continue to repeat every single word I ask or say to him.. very frustrating and exhausting.. please help ME TO SAVE MY RELATIONSHIP WITHOUT ALL THE ARGUING, FIGHTING, AND CHAOS.. BEFORE IT’S TO LATE AND I LOOSE THE MAN THAT I LOVE SO MUCH TO HEROIN OR DEATH!!!???

  73. My son 25 years old died in May from snorting heroin. It was in a forty minute time frame he came home and was called down to dinner. I went to get him but he was blue. I cannot cope every day and my pain gets worse not better. My son was a good person, never in trouble and never wanted to see me hurt. We were very close. My question is if I saw him come home and found him 40 minutes later, I can’t bear the thought that he suffered, that he may have tried to call my name but couldn’t. I just need to know if he had suffered. Please help me God.

  74. I’ve been with my husband for 11yrs at the beginning of our relationship we both had issues with cocaine, I quit cold turkey and he continued to spiral down, he started smoking crack because he couldn’t snort the cocaine anymore. we fought this battle for 2yrs and finally beat it. I was the happiest person and so was our children. He has messed up a few times in the last couple yrs. About 4yrs ago he was diagnosed with some disc messed up in his back, ended up needed surgery. I noticed after his surgery that he was taking to much medicine. We talked and he started cutting back. A few months ago his mood started changing and he started staying gone again so I thought that he was back smoking crack so confronted him and I wasn’t prepared for the answer I got. He told me that he has been snorting heroin. He is bipolar which adds a little extra to the problem. He says he quit but I found rolled up dollar and the little bag it came in yesterday and he thinks it’s ok to do it when he wants. What should I do? Do I leave him? don’t want my kids to have to go through this we have already been through enough.

  75. Hello Larry. Apart from physical and psychological symptoms of use…you could ask her to submit urine for a drug test. This is the only quantifiable way that you can know whether your girlfriend is snorting heroin, or not. If she is, you might want to consider what’s best for you. Family counseling and addiction treatment are available nationwide. Best to you both.

  76. I think my girlfriend might be snorting heroin,but I’m not sure.she denies it of course. But her nose is always cold-very cold. Even on a hot summer day. She says it’s just from allergies but I don’t believe her. Could always having a very cold nose be a sign of snorting heroin?

  77. Hi. I have recently broke up with my boyfriend of 2 years. He was honest with me from the beginning that he was in turd used to pills and has been clean and sober from them. I move on with caution…we have had great times together…I recently since February had a feeling he was telling little lies.His dad has been fighting a bad cancer and runs between work home and helping his mom with his dad. But Inoticed little things. He got the flu…asked for cough syrup with codine…had the bottle gone in 3 days I asked him and he threatened to leave cause he didn’t wan th to not be trusted. We worked thru that..than I found a empty robotusion bottle on top of the med cabinet along with 6-7 dollars missing out of a piggy bank…again I confronted him and he looked like a deer in head lights really didn’t say much on the matter. Last I found a cut straw in his pocket while doing laundry at that time I confronted him again and he had no idea where it came from. I had to get him to leave as I know there’s no help unless he wants it…All I wanted was the truth. My emotions are every where I’m angry hurt. I text him and he never replies until one day he asked me to stop texting him that he don’t read it. Asked him if there was anybody else he shares no…He hasn’t touched me in weeks. He said that tthere was nobody else and no drugs…that I think there is and it’s blinding me. I blocked his number. Than he called me very upset cause his dad passed. I wish he wouldn’t have called after his mean message 4 days prior.. feel like I should have been there for him for that day. I don’t know how he can ignore me after I have held him up and have been his only support. I just don’t get it. Than it males me feel crazy cause he says there’s no drugs that I am blind but I found the straw…and numbers in his phone. No names just numbers that sounded like drug codes such as “there’s a shark in the fish tank” talking about smoking utensils and meeting up. And something with the word bomb in it. Just reaching out to some professionals also I smelt like french fry grease on him a couple times before he left. Thank you for any input.

  78. Hi Judi. That’s so tough. I’m sorry to hear about your grand baby’s habit. May she come into recovery soon!

    So, heavy crack addicts stimulate the central nervous system to the point of paranoia, aggression, and hallucination. This is caused by the repeated administration of cocaine and the physical effects of the drug. Heroin is a central nervous system depressant. It can be used like a chemical cocktail to counter the effects of cocaine…but is habit forming itself.

    Does this make sense?

  79. My granddaughter is a crack addict for about the last years, her drug of choice she has quoted. Recently I found out she is snorting heroin to bring her down from the crack high. before this she occasionally would use an anti psychotic pill. can you explain

  80. Hi, i’ve never had post anything on ablog before, it sucks it has to be this one but my 27 year old brother is in critical condition In a hospital because he has been snorting heroin for several months now, and has caused sever infection in his lungs, tuberculosis and neumonia, he is been with oxygen support for several days now and doc can’t really figure out what is really wrong with his lungs. I’m so angry because he is in addict, I’m desperate, sad, pissed off. Every moment I’m thinking how can I fix it, is part of it my fault? All I do is pray and worry. I hate heroin!!!!!

  81. Hello Bobby. You are not alone. You can get help through an outpatient clinic or inpatient rehab for physical and psychological addiction to heroin. Know that addiction is a disease, a medical condition. Treat it, and you can get better. Start by calling the national drug abuse hotline at 1-800-662-HELP. I’m rooting for you!

  82. Hello. Im 26 and i have been doing heroin for 16 months now and before that perc 30s for a year before I found dope was cheaper and a better high. Just recently I have been having a bad problem breathing getting upper repertory infections when I have sorted it. I am now on a inhaler just to be able to catch my breath. I haven’t done anything for a week now but the fight is so hard. I have lost my family my wife and my kids.. I have been a functional dope head. I am not at my end loosing my job along with everyone and everything else. I feel like it’s the end. I don’t know what to do.

  83. Hello diddelyo. I am so sorry for your loss. I’d suggest that you seek help and guidance through this period of mourning with a trusted spiritual leader, a psychotherapist, or family counselor. You do not need to suffer through loss alone.

  84. i did heroin by injecting and smoking and earlier in the day snorting it, for the last few days i have been smoking it i have been experiencing convulsions, (almost like a seizure) dizziness, partially fainting, typically when i am convolution i fall to the ground on my hands and knees and shake almost like twitching but today i had a convolution by standing up and my knees gave out and i sorta was stuck in going up with down with my knees rapidly bending and convulsing then my feet went dumb after and i have been having multiple headaches throughout the day should i be extremely concerned about this??? i have extremely low blood pressure and before i did drugs i would practically faint just by standing up too quick and is there anything i can do to stop those symptoms??? i am working on quitting heroin

  85. Hello Althea. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. Extreme fatigue is possible during opiate withdrawal. However, you may also need to prepare yourself for different news that you hope. Do you have a support network. Have you ever tried Al-Anon, Narc-Anon, or SMART Recovery as a way to connect with others who deal with loved ones addicted to drugs? My heart goes out to you.

  86. My husband will not admit to me that he is snorting heroin…. He knows that I know though I don’t want to divorce him but I might have to because I don’t want to ruin my future.. He is a good man.. He is a functioning addict but until he can admit what he is doing there will be nothing I can do.. I never been through anything like this before… My mom passed away and I’m basically alone.. can’t really talk to anyone about this but people who have experienced this type of problem … I am open to all advice… Thanx

  87. My daughter is a heroin addict, she overdosed about a year ago and almost died. she is missing right now and I am wondering if the drug can make you sleep for days when coming down from it. just trying to find reasons she may not have contacted me. The doctor told me that she was so bad when that happened, that if she did it would kill her. I don’t know anything about this drug except that it is evil.

  88. I have a friend who snorts regularly, has for a long time, holds down a job, rents a house on her own, and is a generally productive member of society and alt-medicinal community, so it’s hard to approach this topic. I’m still waiting for the morning I have to call the paramedics though. I don’t know what I would do if I woke up to my friend dead.

  89. Odd that someone here mentioned a documentary about heroin in Vancouver…A star from Glee died the other day of a heroin OD in Vancouver..must be a problem there..

  90. Regarding all the previous comments…..NEVER think you can help someone stop using. They either will or they won’t and it’s up to them. Don’t stay with someone who is using, you don’t need the headache.

    I did heroin/oxys for 12 years, never stopping. By the time I was 16 I was full blown addicted, and I’ve only ever snorted either drug. My mom was killed in a car accident and within 3 months of that I had stopped smoking cigs, weed, and using heroin….and I started going to the gym. I’m 2 years clean now and some old friends of mine have been dropping like flies. Some were clean a while, some weren’t. Most died of OD or heart failure….so I worry about what damage I’ve done to myself. My blood work is always ok, and any other tests. But I worry. I’m just trying to find any other info on snorting the drugs and their long term side effects on internal organs. Everything I read is about shooting up.

    Jim-Bo I’ve never heard of those exact issues…..I’d go to a doctor. And tell them honestly what you’ve been up to. It’s the only way they’d be able to help.

  91. If SWIM does 5 to 7 bags of heroin every day for the last 3 months will SWIM suffer full withdrawal symptoms or will they be less severe

  92. I’am a 26yr. old male from Delaware and have been an opite user for almost 3yrs. I recently started snorting perks & then found out that they were getting to be to expensive. So I was then turned on to Herion by a friend of mine. And the 1st time I snorted my 1st bag I was hell yea what a RUSHHH and amazing FALSE ENERGY level I started to get yes everyone I said FASLE ENERGY beacuse it was. Well it has been almost A month since I have used any And beacuse I started to notice that I was getting some serious nasel infections & it wasen’t pretty. I started to aquire serious pain puss & scabs in my nasel cavity . I still have these sores & I’am in search of a Ears,Nose & Throat Specialist that I can refer too. So I can see on how I can correct this problem that I am having with my nasel cavity. Well the reason I have posted this blog is to see if anyone else in any state I don’t care where your from but just need to know if anyone else has had these same similatires that I have been having after excessive drug use from snorting. And if so what have U done to correct the problem. I DON’T WANT TO HEAR FROM SOMEONE THAT IS STILL A USER BEACUSE I’AM NOW ALMOST 1 MONTH CLEAN. SOBER PERSON. AND I SAY THAT WITH STORNG FEELINGS So if there is anyone out there that has had or is having these same problems that I’am having please contact me; let me what U have done to fix your issue & what can I do to fix & help myself with this problem beacuse IT IS NOT getting any better just more and more painful everday in my nasel cavity.

  93. Just had a heart attack October 2010. It brought out some issues like anxety and severe asthma sortly there after, started using Vicodan for Crohns Disease. Then started using Percoset for Fibromyalgia onset. Its been ok, until recently. Someone came by and introduced me to Herion. I love it! Problem is now – I hate it. Wanna get off it! It is because. I need meds to help me get off the heroin. He

  94. I pray this drug is extinct from this world. People please get the help, any 1 can change if u give the all mighty God your habit, and have the strength to do it. He will do it with u may God bless all that r suffering with this demon. Be stronger then this monster. God speed to all that r going thru this if any 1 can do it is all of u.

  95. My friend has a problem with heroin and has to get a drug test which is a mouth swab how long will it take to be clean for the test

  96. Crystal run for your life!!!!!

    Please girl!!!! RUN!

    There is nothing you can do to help him; he has to do it all for himself.

    I spent 9 years with my husband, trying to help him.

    Until this day he is not truly clean.

    I finally had the strength to divorce him and try to repair my life.

    The financial strain and years wasted are my biggest regret.

    Please do not repeat the same mistakes I made thinking I could help him; you can’t help him, but you can save yourself.


  97. Hello Crystal. Al-Anon can help you understand what you CAN and CANNOT do to help your husband. It’s not just for people who are connected to alcoholics. Do you know how to find a meeting?

    Otherwise, I’d suggest that you seek help through a licensed clinical social worker or a psychologist who specializes in family addiction issues. You need help, and fast!


  99. Hi Jaime. Yes, it’s possible to get addicted to heroin after one time use, especially if you enjoyed the euphoric effect. If you know yourself and you love the high…stay away! And look into programs like 12 step programs, SMART Recovery or Rational Recovery to help you understand WHY you like drugs, and what the solution is to stay away from them.

    Does that make sense?

  100. Me again I am consernd that I have very low will power and drugs are my weeknes is there chance I could become addicted after one use PS it was ( snorted )

  101. I was out last night when I was offered some gear fort to be cocaine after use the person I got it off told me it was heroion what will happen to me

  102. Hi, I am sharing a music video made by the students of a music production class I teach at the Media Arts Collaborative Charter School in Albuquerque, NM. It is dedicated to Haley Paternoster, a fellow student we lost to heroin addiction in 2010. I am trying to spread the word about the project in the hopes that it can help in the prevention of future tragedies like her death. If you can, please share!

    Thank you,
    Blake Minnerly

  103. Hi Donna. Sometimes it is really difficult finding the energy to overcome inertia to help ourselves. I would encourage you to make a commitment to a regular Al-Anon meeting and seek help from a psychologist or counselor. Your son’s actions do affect you, and you may benefit from the help processing your thoughts and emotions.

  104. My place is hell. My son brought me here. Thank you so much for your kind words. I do belong in al-anon. I have to find more strength to go.

  105. Hi Donna. I cannot imagine what it is like to be in your place. Are you able to get to an Al-Anon support group in your area? Being with like minded and compassionate people can really help you in times of trouble.

  106. My son is out there somewhere, a fugitive, felon addict. I’m so scared and there’s nothing I can do to help him.

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