Smoking herbal incense effects

Herbal incense can mimic the effects of cannabis. But users report more adverse than positive effects when smoking herbal incense. More here.

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When attempting to discuss the effects of herbal ‘incense’ (synthetic cannabinoids) it is first important to keep three points in mind:

1. Herbal incense is a generic name for products containing synthetic cannabinoids (more commonly JWH but now including second generation compounds such as AM 1220, AM 2223, AM 2201, AM 1248 etc.). It is called herbal incense to bypass laws prohibiting the advertising of smoking herbal incense ingredients and mixtures that have not been approved by the relevant authorities. Nobody uses it as incense.

2. Although synthetic cannabinoids were created back in the 1970s it is only since 2002 that they have been widely available to consumers. This means that, compared to other drugs such as marijuana, we do not have that much data on the effects of synthetic weed.

3. The effects of synthetic cannabinoids seem to vary greatly from individual to individual. e.g. some users say that effects last for no longer than 30 minutes, while others say that they can last for up to 5 hours.

How similar is herbal incense to marijuana?

Synthetic cannabinoids are so-called because their effects do, to a certain degree, mimic those of marijuana. This is because both marijuana and synthetic weed bind to the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors in the brain, which control such functions as short term memory and appetite. However, synthetic cannabinoids seem to have a much greater affinity for the CB1 receptors which accounts for its strong psychotropic properties. Some research has also shown that JWH-018, the most commonly used of these synthetic cannabinoids due to its apparent similarities to cannabis, is also far more potent than cannabis.

Aside from its effects, the reasons herbal incense is closely associated with cannabis because it is herbal in nature (although the herbs themselves have no psychoactive effects) and it is smoked in joints.

Side effects of herbal incense

Herbal incense is different from cannabis in that it does not increase libido or add to music appreciation. It seems to be more of a ‘dirty high’ (i.e. a feeling that you’re just using it to get off your face) without the spiritual aspect of cannabis smoking. Even among users, opinion is divided as to the validity of comparing herbal incense with cannabis with some claiming it is identical to cannabis and others claiming it is a different beast altogether. Some of the similar side effects of smoking herbal incense and smoking marijuana which are documented include:

  • feelings of euphoria
  • increased appetite
  • lethargy
  • red eye
  • heavy limbs
  • paranoia

Where synthetic cannabinoids really differ from cannabis is in how often users experience negative effects. Many record how, after smoking herbal incense they have experienced:

  • heart palpitations
  • vomiting
  • dizziness
  • fainting
  • intense fear of death
  • irrational behavior
  • panic attacks
  • psychosis

Can I get addicted to herbal incense?

Yes, herbal incense is both physically and psychologically addictive. Where herbal incense most definitely does not differ from cannabis is in its potential for abuse and addiction. On the internet (and this blog) there are countless stories of how individuals have become dependent on synthetic cannabinoids. The withdrawal symptoms are very similar to marijuana withdrawal symptoms, and usually require no medical intervention, although it’s always wise to have medical supervision during a drug detox.

Herbal incense questions

Are you smoking too much herbal incense? Do you wonder what herbal incense can do in the long term? Are you frightened that you might be addicted to legal weed? Please leave your questions below. We will do our best to answer you promptly and personally.

About the author
Charles Somerville is the writer of The Alcoholism Guide, a website that looks at alcoholism in all its forms and the effects of alcohol abuse on mental and physical health.


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  1. Hi
    My son are 18 years old. He drop out off grade 12 I am worried he is smoking WIZ herbal blend telling us that it do no harm he can’t see what’s wrong to smoke that stuff he was in rehab for 1 month 3 days after he came out he is back to smoking WIZ I don’t know what to do and can see I’m losing my kid please give me some advise
    South Africa

  2. Hi just wanna find out if puff herbal blend is detectable in your urine for testing if so how long does it stay in your system

  3. I smoked this product called smoke made by herbology i buy it by a adult shop its feels like weed but my heart pumps fast , but that is not the problem my throat feels funny like its swollen or raw or someting is wrong.can u please advise me maybe what is in the product that can cause this plz

  4. can i just say that cbd just like fucked me up. so a few hours ago this guy pulls up at my friends house becuause we were giving him pods, so me and my friend go outside to give them to him. we walk up to the car to deliver them and he says thanks and all and then he pulls out his cbd pen and offers us a hit. he says its black magic, and knowing thay ive used black magic before i knew it probably wouldnt totaly fuck me up, so i take it. i knew that tonight was gonna be kind of boring so instead of takinf 2-3 hits, i take 9. within the first 30 seconds of my first 3 hits im already feeling it. i finish hitting, hand him the pen back and start walking down the driveway back to the house. the shit hasnt even fully kicked in yet and im already walking in curvy lines. everything around me was echoey and distant, and i immediately knew that this was something i was going to regret for the next 2-3 hours. i walk into my friends room, she’s completely sober, and im twitching and jittering. it starts to really kick in and i can literally feel my heart like jumping out of my chest. im not exadderating when i say that it felt like my heart was going 100x faster than usual, and i was having a panic attack. i felt like i was going to die. i couldnt cry becuase all i was doing was laughing and trying to focus really hard and form my words to say that i really really needed help and i needed water becuase my mouth was so dry. my friends finally catch on to what im trying to say, one was sober and the other had only taken 1 hit. they literally told me that they could hear my heart beating. i was hallucinating, it felt like my throat was twisting aroun my neck and my lungs were expanding. i needed to pee so bad but i physically wasnt able to get up and do it, and i couldnt get the message out that i needed to pee becuase i was laughing so hard that i peed my fucking pants. i tried to focus and like tell myself “stop peeing now cmon” but it just wasnt working haha. anyways— point of story— black magic is dangerous. take it resposibly and in moderation if your going to do it and dont do it by yourself becuase your going to need someone to like help you function

  5. I’ve smoked “cloud 9” on and off for the last 5 years and am currently smoking it. I can say one thing about this: do NOT smoke it like it’s weed and smoke a whole J, you’re gonna have a bad time. Once or twice does the trick.

  6. Has anyone been getting any false drug test positives for Kush, namely showing up as PCP? A friend has been on and off, and as Dana said..can only function when on it, is like a caged animal without, intense eating when high, then none at all when sober. Extremely addicting, but apparently after 2 days all the major addiction signs are gone.

  7. I really thoughtthat this story was a very good one, from Ajs on 5:30 am November 23rd, 2014

    I started smoking this synthetic stuff called kush, yes kush lol for about a month. I’m pretty sure I almost overdosed twice off it. I’ve never experienced anything like this, I couldn’t even move while I was “high” it felt as if I was in two worlds at the same time and once I came back to my senses, I threw up. The second time this happened, I realized it wasn’t good for my body. I guess I was in denial and bought another bag. I was smoking a bowl about every hour. I drive around all day for my job so it was easy for me to keep doing it so often. I’ll admit it probably wasn’t safe to be on this “high” while driving, but I guess it was that addicting. During my addiction, I wanted to be alone all day, every day. I didn’t find things as exciting or fun anymore. I felt as if some kind of darkness was coming over me. I got depressed for a while. It was just an awful feeling. I finally realized this stuff isn’t good for me so I quit about a week ago. I immediately started feeling some of the side effects everyone else has described (cold sweats, no sleep, emotionless, no appetite, etc). I got worried and scared so I got on the Internet to do some research and ended up here. All the comments in this post really opened my eyes to how dangerous this stuff can be. The side effects for me lasted for about 3 days. I drank a lot of water, I mean a lot of water and it really seemed to help and now I’m feeling extremely better. From now on, I’ll only smoke weed because it’s actually natural and it won’t cause any of these horrible feelings and side effects. So yeah, this is my story and I hope it helps whoever is having trouble with their addiction. Yes you are addicted, and yes you need to quit asap. The detox will really suck but it’ll be worth it in the end. I promise you that.

    Very good story i thought.
    I personally have tried this for a few days now, but didn’t knew anything about no side effects. Good to read some of the comments posted here, helped me a lot to understand what it is, and what it does to me or someone else. I really pushiate it, hope u’ll be safe, and wish u all a good health, and also a great state of mind. I should really think twice before using this legal drug again.

  8. I’ve been on and off this stuff for a few years this has been my longest stint “on”. I’ve found a local head shop that sells “king kush” and it’s seriously eating away at my life. My bank account, my health, my relationships are all taking a beating. I find myself sitting here sober and all I can think about is how I can just run to the store and grab some more. When I wake up in the morning I’m sick to my stomach, coughing like crazy and then I get my first toke and all is well.
    I’m not saying that it’s terrible but it’s very addictive and has some serious side affects. Crazy vomiting, headache, loss of appetite when not high and sever eating when high.
    My advice is to not try it but if you do just use it in moderation

  9. Hi All, I just want to ask if anyone ever tried using medical cannabis as an alternative meds? I have read many articles about medical marijuana and how it can help you in terms of chronic pain, glaucoma, eating disorder/anorexia, anxiety disorders and panic attacks, inflammation, even cancer and a lot more. Cbd and thc are also new to me and I don’t even smoke. If this is true I cant find any solid conclusive evidence that speaks to its efficacy. Any personal experience or testimonial would be highly appreciated. Thanks

  10. My friend took black mamba(synthetic marijuana) few weeks back and has been hallucinating serious … today she told me shes been hearing voices in her head that people are watching and saying nasty things about her and she can hear them clearly pleasssssseeeee what can i do to stop the hallucinations????!!! Helplppp

  11. I Dont care what anyone says, i am sure i came close to death. If not death than definetly the feeling of what it would feel like to die. If you have any questions please comment here. i can tell u a few to avoid and ones that are quiet types/ and how much is too much.

  12. My boyfriend who I love with all my heart is addicted to “kush”‘ I pray for him every day that he can let this go, because it is ruining our relationship. He cant even function without it, and when he doesn’t have it, he is like a caged animal, trying to brake free, if you or someone you know smoke this, please stop and get help.

  13. I Dont care what anyone says, i am sure i came close to death. If not death than definetly the feeling of what it would feel like to die. If you have any questions please comment here. i can tell u a few to avoid and ones that are quiet types/ and how much is too much.

  14. I tired spice a few days ago and had the worst panic attack of mylife. I thought I was going to die. The guy I smoked this with did it many times before and I saw true evil inside him. I wound up in the hospital all because I took a few hits.

  15. Well man I been going thru some tough shit I just wanted you guys to help me out and wanna no if your going thru this too well ma mom is a huge pot head she smoke like a motha fucka nd she says she going thru black magic some demand shit fuck man it scares me sometimes like she says people are trtns kill her and that there’s cameras in the house and that they raped her in sleep man tbh I just want ma momma back she ain’t the same no more like she used to be all in the lord and work now she got no job it’s been 3 years, well I smoke to but not ass much as her I smoke like twice a day she also thinks they are doin shit too me and I been good the only shit I been try was when I smoke at her crib I go thru some weird trips like a start shaking and don’t breath normally so I stopped smoking there I just smoke St ma gramas but I haven’t lately cuz I got chronic sinus and she thinks it’s that black magic but I don’t really believe her but that shit does s make me think bout it sometimes well please help I want my mom back..

  16. Hello Charles! I am very glad to read your great blog about smoking. You are doing great job. I really appreciate your work. There are thousands of people in the world, like me, who are trying to research these products and see what other people are saying. I am grateful to found this blog. I would like to preface saying I smoked from age 16 to age 23. Then I quit the smoking

  17. My nephew smoke too much per day from krauter means herbal incense , I feel I can’t stop and don’t like talk to any what can I do

  18. Hello Charles! I am very glad to read your great blog about smoking. You are doing great job. I really appreciate your work. I am positive there are thousands of people out there, like me, who have tried to research these products and see what other people are saying. I am grateful to have found this blog.

  19. oMG !! it was xtreme swear upon god!! i hav taken only 2 times in life..n um sure will not agree 2 take any more .. 😉

  20. A friend of mine who has smoked cannabis for years started substituting with this stuff when his supply ran out. he is now addicted, irrational and attempted to take his life. if weed were legal we wouldnt be having this.

  21. Hello my roommates smoke a lot of this stuff and after hours of not having they get sick until they smoke again. The withdrawal from it causes vomiting, dizziness, hot flashes. Also upset stomach and they don’t eat much at all. My question is how bad is this for you and how long does it take to withdraw from it. Also is the side effects dangerous? Please let me know soon because If they have to go to hospital I would like to know

  22. Well this stuff is nasty. I have amazed myself by the strength of this, and how easily to have become dependent on this.

    I have been a long time weed smoker, but only if I could afford it. If I had saved enough in a little slush fund I would treat myself to some. I tried this as a cheap alternative once…..

    I am now in debt, I have developed such a dependency that. I shred dog ends just to get a buzz.

    This is not like weed at all, it is nasty. It has put me in the back of an ambulance for projectile vomiting…. Still, I will try to get some.

    It has been called here a dirty high. And this is true. There is no pleasure to it at all, still I buy it. I have developed a cough and chest pains….. Still I buy it.

    I have had an xray and my lungs are clear fortunately. Maybe I can walk away and retain some level of health. But still buy it.

    Today I have taken a stand. I have contacted a friend who is a drug counsellor. I see him on Monday. I guess it will hurt giving up, but I know that if I can get £20 between now and Monday, I will still go and buy. It.

  23. Recently I’ve been buying these things called incense matches. I’ve come to needing one lit at all times, and when I don’t I just think about the next time I can. I can’t just light it and be in the room anymore, I have to have it burning right under my nose so I inhale all the smoke. I’ve been extremely paranoid and have had major depressive moods that are threateningly similar to ones I’ve had 5 years ago. I can’t sleep and have been getting nosebleeds at least once or twice a day. I’m still living with my parents and if possible I’d like to take care of this without having to worry them again. Should I gradually decrease my use until I don’t need it, or throw them away right now before it gets worse?

  24. Been smoking a product called Devils grin for years but so anxious when I try to stop,.. I’m hoping that this will cause me no harm if I manage to stay off it .. I think it’s making me really ill . Do you know anything about this product

  25. I can’t get off legal highs it’s ruining my girlfriend’s life and my families life…I can’t sleep even though I’m tired and when I do get to sleep I wake up every hour shivering cos I need some.. what can I do I’m desperate please help.

  26. I was a synthetic user for about a year and a half. I would forego my lunch hours at work just so I had enough time to go to the head shop and pick up a couple grams. I never had any negative health issues that required doctor visits, but the effects made me think, “This must be what meth feels like.” Wide eyed, heart beating way too fast, twitchy…by the time I finally laid them down for good, I was a downright fiend. These drugs may not be as dangerous as some others in regards to health, but they can and will take over your life of you let them. And, eventually, the likely will kill you. Your best bet is to stay away.

  27. my father smoked this with out knowing what it was i would like to know how long does the affect last and if theres anything i can do to help the effects to go away and can you die from this

  28. I smoke one for the whole day .. Do you think that is to much I am trying to replace smoking an I don’t smoke everyday but at least three times four a week ..

  29. I have a client who has been using herbal haze for about 6 months on a daily basis. He has become increasingly unwell, with a grinding empty feeling in his stomach, excessive phlegm production, coughing associated with this, regular vommiting and diarrhoea. He is being investigated by hits doctor. However, I was interested to know if there was a possibility that this illness could be linked to Herbal Haze. Thanks. M

  30. For the first time today I caught my partner Nick smoke a product called blueberry incense within minutes I had to call 999 he had been sick and was only just conscious the police also paid us a visit and told us this shit is actually legal until the government ban this substance which could be months I was told people are crazy to put this poison in there bodies ! Thankfully the doctors managed to get it out of his system this is dangerous David Cameron should get this loop hole in the british legal system shut !

  31. My husband just bought some of this days ago. He was silly for 1st hour. Then smoked more the next day.. hasn’t had any since the night before last but now looks like he’s had a stroke!!! I’m really worried about him but he’s saying he’s fine and doesn’t want to go to hospital!

    He’s slurring and wobbling and talking really slow with clenched jaw and droopy lip!!

    Is this a typical symptom and how long does it last? He has schizophrenia so on medication for that! See why I’m worried? Any answers are appreciated… thank you

  32. My son seems not to be able to go one day without it he is every ill and rude and gets very angry if he doesn’t have it after he gets it and smokes he is fine. Really don’t know what to do.

  33. My partners friend is smoking erotica. 70 a bag. Is smoking a bag every couple days. Is completely fucked whilst under the influence. Cant move or talk properly. Each toke lasts only maybe 5 mins, hence the addiction I think. He has spewed and where he has sat and not remembered it. He thinks hes fine. Im so worried about his health. Could this stuff kill him? Can you please send me as much info about this, as I think an intervention may be warranted. Any help would be good thank you.

  34. Hi I was smoking legal highs for over a year have been stopped for over 3 weeks now I have panic attacks and I wake up every morning and I am soaking wet with sweat is this normal and how long will it last

  35. I still look at the pipe that i smoked this k3 shit in that sent me to the poison control , and all i can say is wow i must of been stupid as hell. Good luck guys on rehabing, i went threw some really weird days from what i went threw, like laying on the ground and still having muscle reactions to being so bipolar i couldn’t think worth a damn.

    The medication got me threw it as i was on 4 diifferent times, heck it was a waste of year alone, as i couldnt even function in society, well i did manage to get a job stocking kiosk in the grocery stores, even that was messed up. I hope some of you never touch this, it has killing effect, and if you get into real bad you will mess your whole life up, i know being young is hard, and smoking to get that europhoria is neat, but its stuff like this that ruins or even kills people lives. Some people dont understand the effects of this cause they just go back to getting high or drink. Try rehabbing threw this like i did straigh sober for a year, you wont like it a bit. I was lucky i didnt die like the rest of the people did.

    Good luck with your life thou.

  36. Last thing if you will smoke it just more learn to control and use it to your advantage, so when I hear you peps saying its bad or I’m in a bad place cause of it. ITS BECAUSE YOU PUT YOUR SELF THERE CHILDREN. this is a innocent herb. I don’t see you going out to a jap. Place eating live squid and talking shit about it for 4 months or so. Ok you didn’t like shut the bitch up and move on other pep SUCH AS I!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy this great stuff.

  37. Ok listen folks you all had bad trips and that’s it you cry and bitch and everything you want to call it this stuff is great just cause you don’t like THAN YOU QUIT DONT TELL OTHERS TO QUIT. I do have ADD and when I hit 15g bag I take just 1-3 hits of a j and I get shit done. I get clear minded

  38. Just an update I’ve been off this stuff for about 2 and half months now and do not miss it at all! My appetite is back, I sleep great, I’m not coughing all the time, I’m not blowing all my money any more and feel 100% better. Best of all, for me, I can smoke real weed now and get its effect which is totally different than that sickening feeling I would get from the fake stuff. I’ve cut down on it a lot recently and not smoking anything at all. It feels great to be free again I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking about walking away. It is possible and you will recover.

  39. Good day
    I have a concern for my bother’s son he is smoking herbal blend. I am scared he is starting to get addicted to it. we have a open relationship but he had a heart operation at birth and just feel it’s gonna cause more harm. He is give ted and play good rugby. No need to waist it on stuff that will cause harm. i use to smoke marijuana in the 80’s but then it was still the proper stuff not like today. I just want to know is it time to make my worry a nightmare and take it as a drug abuse or is it a faze he just go through.

    Thank you

  40. What can herbal incense do to the mind and body, in the long term? My son is in the psych. ward and I want to know if using these all natural herbs could cause this and if so why are they able to buy it?

  41. I worked out that morning and returned home around 9 a.m. My daughter hears something from my son’s bedroom next to hers and later tells me it sounded like breaking bones. She opens his door (which we rarely go in to his room) to find he sitting in a papasan chair, he is a darker color blue and contorted in a way the human skeleton form should not be shaped. He loses consciousness and continues a seizure that last about 2 minutes. Mother translation: an eternity! I saw his feet dangling above the floor kick once then another then freeze still. K2 packages found in dresser. If you continue using this drug you will die and if you lucking enough to be revived by paramedics who arrive 4 minutes later to resuscitate you to be brain dead and on life support or maybe a lucky one and be severally brain damaged and your fortunate mother can once again be spoon feeding you and wiping your butt. I am his mother and I will not be reading any posted replies. It’s your grave you are digging! It’s your mother’s heart that’s breaking.

  42. I need any and all info on the synthetic pot called “Trainwreck”. What are the side effects days later? I guess the way after effects? Sweating, passing out and low blood pressure???

  43. I’d just like to know how you define addiction. Way I see it, psychological addiction is missing the effects that caused the person to use the substance. Physical addiction is the body wanting the “good” feelings back. Physical addiction is opiates. Tho I have been told by people who were “junkies” withdrawal was like a bad cold. I have used herbal incense for years and find no ill effects. Your website confused me. Answer me back w/more details of your position. Al

  44. I’ve smoked numerous brands of smokes black mamba Pandora’s box clockwork orange spunout sensate Sirius my favourites being clockwork orange reloaded and insane joker way more potent than cannabis and even more potent than heroin I’ve tried chasing brown of,foil before didn’t touch a mamba whitey when you have mamba attacks you feel like your teeth are falling out I’ve smoked crack before that’s moreish as anything but not as bad as legals I know someone who used to have a heroin addiction for 18 years then they started smoking 6/7 grams of mamba a day through bongs you have fears of death fears of not being able to breath fears that your going insane the brand insane jokers called that for a reason I heard voices and had conversations to myself for hours on it don’t smoke poppers/shottys of it bongs hit you too quick and a whitey on legal is a weed whitey X20 it knocks out seasoned potheads who been blazing for decades and reduces them to smacked up nervous wrecks in prisons people smoke this cause you can smoke it anywhere it’s cheap can buy it anywhere you can order it in card through Royal Mail what organs are affected by these substances I’m concerned about my two mates ones smoking 4g a day he gets sharp pains down his legs and spine when he stops smoking it and my other mate is in denial but everyone knows he’s suffering severe psychosis what do the put in this stuff it’s amazing a tenner for two smokes of weed isn’t much these days a tenners worth of this stuff is easily a week or twos supply for me

  45. My spouse is currently struggling with this addiction. The only thing I can compare this to would be like a heroine addiction. Stay away from it…

  46. Lately, I’ve quit spice, it has been about a week & a half but I am experiencing some kind of effects, idk if they are withdrawal symptoms but I sometimes get depressed, I can hardly sleep & I feel an intense pressure in my chest every now & then, I’m not gonna lie, I fear that I may die at some moment , that I may go to sleep & just not wake up again, If anyone knows of any treatment or anything I could do to make these symptoms go away I would greatly I appreciate it, I am scared, seriously, I am.

  47. Kush moe joe all dat is NO GOOD…..I KNOW I SMOKE IT…..IT isn’t anything but a killer….Killing us inside out…..Don’t try…..Don’t even think about it….you are betta off smoking real weed…..Real weed won’t do you like this man made….NOT MADE 2 be SMOKED

  48. I am done! I just cleaned out every pipe and everything else I have related to it and threw it all out in the trash with 3 unused bags of the crap. My freedom has begun again right now. Wish I done this months ago..

  49. I haven’t posted in quite a while. I first posted on here in 2013 when I quit for the first time. I was doing really good had quit for months and moved to a new place. One night I’m out running at the park and notice across the street is head shop with “herbal incense” being advertised in the window. I ignored it for a few months but one night got this urge to get some real weed. After several unsuccessful hookups and once getting ripped off I finally got hard up enough to go buy some more of the fake stuff.

    That was all it took, even though the “buzz” did not really feel that great I somehow got myself hooked on it again and was back to buying it everyday. After I finally was able to get some real weed I stashed the fake stuff and went back to real but was not feeling anything from it! This was really good bud too, like medical grade girl scout cookies and “green crack” but I was not feeling a thing from it and I could barely smoke it without coughing up a lung. After a few weeks I reluctantly gave up and went back to the fake stuff.

    What makes it even worse it that my neighbor saw one of my fake weed packets one day and admitted she smoked it too. We were instant smoking buddies. Now we are roommates and were both hooked on it. For months now our entire lives revolve around this crap, we count down the time every day until 11:00 when the head shop opens so we can start our day. We both don’t eat and can’t sleep longer than an hour or so without a hit. I’ve lost a lot of weight and people ask me if I’m sick or something.

    We both want to quit. We’ve even discussed that we may have separate from each other so that we both can get off it. That is what we are doing right now. She has been gone for about 2 weeks now and I’m presuming she has not smoked anything. I have not been as strong but want to be. That is why I’m posting on here, it seemed to really help me last time. Its like I’m making a public commitment that I’m more likely to follow thru with that if I just do it on my own.

    Currently I’m not smoking the real fake stuff but I still keep buying the other brands that do not have the chems spayed on them. They do absolutely nothing for me but somehow take away the urge for some reason. I’m done with that too, its just a waste. Today I will smoke nothing.

  50. After reading a bunch more posts, I am realizing that a lot of people don’t know how to quit, including me especially because I didn’t want to break up with my boyfriend, who smoked it with me. Firstly, know that IT FUCKS WITH YOUR HEAD AND YOUR EMOTIONS. It will be very difficult. I got very lucky and had people that loved me and knew there was something more going on even though I would never bring myself to tell anyone. For years I wouldn’t tell anyone for the fear of what they would think of me and what I have been doing to my body and mind for so many years, and I knew they would tell me to break up with my boyfriend who I was in love with. If I can give anyone advice though it would be to TALK ABOUT IT TO SOMEONE, including on these blogs, because when I admitted I was smoking that stuff I got better. I seriously felt like fainting when I told the first person, and trust me, IF THEY CARE ABOUT YOU THEY WON’T MAKE A BIG DEAL ABOUT IT, THEY WILL JUST HELP YOU AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE TO STOP. I got it taken care of within a week by just making sure I wasn’t alone with it around. Before when I would smoke when my boyfriend wasn’t around (the addiction got that bad) I would make sure I was alone because I lived in California where people just looked down on the fake shit really badly. I didn’t want to be excluded because I really am a social person, but I was so addicted to that empty nothing high and I didn’t think I could stop. I was so wrong, and I met people that had experimented with it too once, and so they didn’t look down on me the way I thought everyone would. SO TALK ABOUT IT TO SOMEONE and don’t surround yourself with people who still do it, even if they want off too. It won’t make it easier at all. So the best advice I can give is to tell people about it and do just throw yourself into doing other things no matter how much your mind and body will want it. I hated myself the whole time for having met someone who wanted to help me and yet I was sitting there thinking about it the whole time he was being light hearted and happy. I wanted to kill myself a few times and that’s when I knew it wasn’t me at all but the drugs as I have never been someone to think those kinds of things. Yet I was with someone who had conquered an addiction himself. So surround yourself with people who aren’t doing it also, and be outside a lot, try to just keep your body busy with tasks like even reading these posts and writing back helps. I used to love making art and playing music and that stopped instantly when I started smoking every day, but for the first time in 5 years I am doing the things i love again that make me feel like myself. So find a hobby that someone else shares, or a group and throw yourself into it. I got lucky and had someone walk into my life while I was still on it so I know taking that step to do it yourself can feel impossible, but it isn’t. The addictive withdrawl symptoms for me cleared up in a few days and within a week I was able to eat and sleep again, two things that i couldnt do without smoking before. I was literally waking up in the middle of the night and smoking to fall back asleep. It is highly addictive, so really the best thing to do is get addicted to something that is healthier lol if you have an addictive personality like me, such as art, or reading, or even exercising as those are things you can learn to balance out easier once youre off the stuff.

  51. I was addicted to this for a very long time. It has ruined my life. I have started coughing up black stuff in my mucus and I am worried (and realizing that) there will be long term consequences from this that doctors might not be able to diagnose because of the little knowledge about what actually goes in to this stuff. As Americans, we like to think if something is on the market then it must have had someone approving it, especially if gas stations and smoke shops can sell it, but the truth is that this stuff can come from anywhere. For all we know, the people making it are putting other chemicals and posionous solvents in it to make more of a profit by getting people addicted and having fillers. Don’t smoke it. I have smoked it off and on for 5 years now as I fell in love with a guy who liked it. It was some of the best times of my life with my boyfriend, or so I thought, but I battle with the guilt every day of what I have done to myself, my body, my personality. I am a walking hyporcrite. Don’t smoke this fake shit. Stick to what you know, if anything. We know nothing about this stuff.

  52. I smoked klimax on occasion at least once/twice a day and then before i went to sleep, so i never thought it could happen the way it did. It was an average day my boyfriend just got out of work it was around 3-4 we went outside to smoke then go take a nap.(i had already smoke some earlier too((he didn’t know)).) klimax always hit me fast so i didnt think anything when it did. We were walking in my room door and I turned to ask if he locked the front door I suddenly felt light headed and dizzy. I told him “Oh Shit, i gotta lay down” right when i said that i face planted to the floor. I went through 3 stages basically 1. Scared and frantic(my heart was beating fast and i needed water alot of water) 2. Confusion /calmness (the easiest way to describe is just imagine your soul completely detached from your body you’re still thinking but physically you’re paralyzed can’t move) 3. Absolutely nothing i blacked out (i felt nothing at all. i was basically dead all i could really “see” was a black circle with a white background. Then woke in the ER covered in sweat and vomit. I don’t remember anything the doctor just said that they revived me after a seizure due to smoking synthetic marijuana. I still have side effects for what happened that day. All i can say is PLEASE DONT DO IT. I never thought it could happen till it happened to me. And im paying for my decisions everyday.

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  54. hello my name is jamie i have been smoking all diffrent spices for about 2 years now and have just knocked it on the head, and stopoped but ever since i have stopped i have not been right, i go noumb all over my body, get a hard feeling on top of my head and have trouble breathing, the thing that really worries me is i live in a town called great yarmouth in england and ive been to the hospaital and to the docs but they dont know what to do or what they are looking for, i have not felt right since i stopped smoking it.

  55. Im smoking incense everyday off my life and it does not seem to afect me as im only a 16 year old i love incense and im going tp continue smoking it haha fuck ye all haha incense for life haha up the cork boys

  56. I smoked incense 4 years ago roughly 10 times over a 3 month span at the age of 18. Although I had dealt with anxiety issues before the use of incense, when I left for college, I developed panic attacks, anxiety, and depersonalization that were more severe than when I was sober. These symptoms lasted for 2 years during which I had multiple testing including ekgs, an echo of my heart, an eeg and mri of my brain, blood work, all of which came back normal. At the age of 22 and half, my anxiety has significantly subsided however, I am wondering if anyone thinks any of this had to do with my use of incense? I stopped using incense at the age of 18 and have not used marijuana in 3 years.

  57. Hey guys ive been smoking potpouri for about two years now and was finnaľy able to quite and it was very hard i got pannic attacks i had to goto the hospital cuz i got severe anxiety they had the to perscribe me zynax it was one of the hardest things kick butt now my life is so better without it they changed the chemicals in it and some kids that i know that still dmoke spice and they said its like meth now becausw they cant sleep at night this shit might kill u in the long run my life has been 100 times better now but its a really bad addictin

  58. hiya im wanting some advice i took some x15 from a shop had mad trip not been able to talk shit like that.. but then i decided to have a decent pipe of clockwork orange and my trip was something that a could never imagine i honestly need to know what the fuck is in clockwork orange for it to well lets say control my body it felt like someone was moving my arms my head few time my legs can you tell me the reason thanks in advance stephen

  59. I have been smoking weed for around 7 years never had a bad reaction i smoked space cadet for 2 weeks i was hooked line and sinker!! 3 days ago i decided to give up! I felt as tho i was gunna die! The withdrawl effect are by far the most scaryist thing iv eer experienced!! I would never recomend this! Im still withdrawing now! Not a nice drug you do not feel urself u have a weird out of body feeling! Please stay away from this! Im a young mum with 2 children this drug can take your life’

  60. i have been smoking this KUSH fr several years….i loose my business fr this sh*t….i m suffering a lot frm this
    …feel like if i keep smoking this b*llsh*t m gonna die pretty soon…i really want to live….

  61. Okay guys ive been smoking weed since i was 11; i’m 19 now. when i was 16 i got a new boyfriend who introduced me to k2. We started smoking it socially with friends once and a while and it was good. After a while my boyfriend and i started using heavy. after about 9 months of smoking heavy we ended up going back to marijuanna. Well Recently about 4 months ago someone had introduced my boyfriend and I to “spice” (BUDDHABUD, POTPOURRI) we had started smoking and loved it, it got us so stoned, the thing was it only last for 15-20 min. We went from smoking it once a day to all day every day.. If we do not smoke it then we both get EXTREMELY nauseous, cold sweats, REALLLLLLLLY bad heat flashes one after another all day long, (about 5min or so apart) our stomachs hurt really bad and it not like a cramp or an ach its undescribable.. If you ask me herbal insence are extremely bad for you… And if you are using, i recommend cutting down A LOT … i went from smoking 5g a day to a blunt throughout the day. It doesnt take much to get high, one or two hits and you can put out the dutch for later. If your smoking how i was, your slowly killing yourselves. Think about it, is a 20 min high worth your life? No.

  62. I’ve been reading all the comments on the various spice articles, and like a lot of other people I feel compelled to share my story now. I was 19 when all this happened, and had just moved into a new apartment with a friend. The first day I decided to take a walk and see what was around. I loved taking walks, before I moved I’d taken at least one a day, and I was usually out walking for over and hour. Out and about I stumbled on a head shop just a few blocks, away, popped my head in, and saw they were selling spice. The next day I decided I’d stop by and get some. I’ve done a lot of drugs in my time, but for the last couple years I’d stuck mainly to weed and maybe some acid if I was feeling adventurous. However, getting weed was always a harrowing experience for me, because I was so afraid of cops. So, this spice seemed like a good alternative. Cut to, 4 months later I’m smoking it all day every day. I’d spent probably 600 hundred dollars on the stuff, and was high most of the time I was awake. I hardly spoke to my roommate, who was my best friend, and I couldn’t even smoke weed. Any time I’d smoke it, I’d feel sober after 30 minutes. I also spent a solid month with a horrible cough, which took forever to get better since I’d continue to smoke constantly despite it. In all those months I hadn’t gone on a single walk since that first one, besides walking to buy the spice. I was hooked, and knew I was hooked, but I didn’t really care. Honestly, all I cared about was laying around watching tv on my computer. I wasn’t the only one either. You used to have to get their early, because they’d be sold out a few hours before the shop even closed. One day I went right after they opened, and there was a line 10 or 12 people long, all there just for the spice, and by the time one or two people had left, another couple would have come in.

    Anyways, I went one day and bought a small bag. I remember the guy in line in front of me was trying to buy like 40 dollars worth, but they wouldn’t sell him that much because they said it was a new formula. I got it, brought it home, and could tell it was different. When I would smoke it I would get the feeling the earth was shifting under me and like I was about to fall over, while sitting perfectly still, and I had trouble feeling my left arm. I also had pain or pressure in my chest, but I’d always felt that way smoking spice. Even given how much I’d smoke normally, I nursed this one small bag for 6 days it was so unpleasant to smoke. I even thought about throwing most of it away at one point, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it, I was so damn addicted. The day before I was gonna run out, I saw a friend post a story on facebook about how there was a poisonous mix of spice in my town, which was making people sick, and I knew that I was one of the people who’d gotten it. I spent that whole day scared, still feeling dizzy and with an odd detached feeling in one of my arms, and resolved to go to the hospital the next day if I didn’t feel any better by then. Sure enough, the next day I had to go in. 2 horrible scary hours of sitting, and 15 thousand dollars later, I was released from the hospital.

    It’s been 10 months since then and I still don’t feel like my old self. For months after quitting I had
    * Vertigo
    * Tingling in my lips, forehead, and face.
    * Blurred vision, like I couldn’t focus my eyes
    * A feeling of pressure in my head when upright
    * Sensitivity to heat, which would make my symptoms feel worse
    * Frequent (as in several times a day) headaches and migraines
    * This one is hard to describe, but if I was hot and standing up, I’d get a sort of overwhelming feeling. I would feel like I’d need to lie down, and couldn’t keep up with everything happening around me. This would also happen after eating sometimes
    * After eating a large meal I would also get drifty, floating feeling.
    * I would get a dropping sensations sometimes, like I was in an elevator that dropped a few feet, out of the blue.
    * I’d have vision problems, like a lot of visual noise, or a bunch of other things, like what looked like black dust if my eyes were strained.
    * When out I’d sometimes get a drifty, surreal feeling like I was in a waking dream.
    * I would cough up black gunk.
    And probably others that I’m forgetting. Yes, this is quite a laundry list. I was lucky though, with the bad spice going around around 30 people ended up going to the hospital that same weekend, and a lot of people were taken after having seizures with 3 people ending up in medically induced comas for a few days. In my case one of the doctors I was seeing told me that after they shut the head shop down and took the spice in for studying, they determined that whatever was in the spice was irritating nerves in my brain and giving me cranial neuritis. If you’re having constant dizziness, and tingling sensations on your skin, you could be in the same boat as me.

    I do have some good news though. Almost all of my symptoms are gone. As I said, I’m still not out of the woods, but the dizziness is gone, and most of the other symptoms. I used to feel constantly constrained by my health issues, but now I don’t have to gauge whether I’m gonna be able to go out to the movies with my family, or if I’m gonna feel too sick. You likely will get better. It may not be as fast as you’d like, but you’ll get there. I’ve even been taking long walks again this past couple months. The coughin up black stuff is caused by smoking usually all day every day, and that too will get better. Shortly after quitting, drink plenty of fluids, sweat all you can, shower a lot if you can, pee and poop all you can, do everything in your power to get those toxins out of your body. And, here’s the hard news; its’ really in your best interest to stay sober until better. Alcohol is toxic to various bodily systems, and best avoided for a while, weed is often sprayed with pesticides, especially when grown outside. If it’s available in your state, hydroponically grown, organic weed would maybe be alright. Cigarettes should also be avoided. It’s not fun, but clean living is usually a good idea when your body’s trying to mend itself, and I’d recommend it if you’re having a hard time getting better.

    Now I’m going to end on a down note, because I’m only human. For about the last 4 months I’ve been getting flashes of light in my vision. I ignored it, because I figured like all my other symptoms it’d pass eventually. It hasn’t gotten any better, and may have in fact gotten worse, though it’s tough to tell. I’m very worried about this, though I’m unsure if it’s related to my spice poisoning. I’m going to try and go to an eye doctor soon. I’m very scared about this, and scared I’m going to go blind, or that I’ve given myself a brain tumor, or that in general I’ve fucked up my life in some other way by smoking this spice, and given a chance I’d go back and undo it all in a heart beat. If by any chance you’re reading this and you’re considering smoking spice or giving up spice, please learn from me. Spice is horrible and toxic and it will at the very least mess you up. Just don’t do it. It’s not equatable to cigarettes or alcohol, it’s closer to like meth. It’s horrible and addictive and you don’t know where it was made or what’s in it and it can and very likely will make you very sick.

    Well, that’s my story, I hope it could help anyone out there going through the same thing

  63. Attention long term addicts.

    I’m glad I am now free of this EVIL substance. If you can’t yet see the dangers of this, you soon will, it has the potential to destroy your life.
    I was using heavy for 7 months and it put me in a seriously bad mental state. I have been off it for 2 weeks and would never go anywhere near any type of herbal incense so called legal high ever again.

    I will not attempt to brainwash anybody, each human being is capable of making their own decisions. If you are using herbal incense, the best decision you will ever make would be to come off this stuff, before it takes it’s toll, and your life.

    I am willing to support anybody who feels the need to break away from this stuff if anybody would like to talk about a HI addiction. I know from experience, the best way off this is to talk, you will not do it alone, If you do i admire the will power you have.

    As with any addiction, you seriously need to want to quit and be free to lead a clean life. If you are in love with the high, you will fail the detox instantly. Addiction is a POWERFUL thing.

    Also to add about withdrawal from HI, in my experience, 5 days of sweating, freezing cold & boiling hot flashes, insomnia, angry feelings. No vomiting, shaking, violence or hallucinations, but WDS differ in every person. During my week of detox, I felt a strange feeling of relief, the last 3 weeks where I was using, were 10x worse than the WD week due to the mental affect it had on me over time, this is what lead to me stepping up and saying, I WANT OFF THIS CRAP ASAP. this was my turning point, if you are using, you will get this turning point, then u will be ready to quit and believe me, quitting HI is the best thing I have ever done, would never look back.

    I hope I can make an impact, as each person who quits this stuff, is a life saved. I do not want to see anybody deteriorate into a junkie, HI has the potential to do this.

    Good luck all, whatever path you decide to take. Good luck to you with this dangerous stuff.

  64. If anyone reads this please do not touch this literally will eat your brain and make you retarded.these chemicals are so bad!!!!!!my brother had a total freakout and thinks a bug was trying to get inside was the most intense situation ive ever been in.if you have any self respect for your body and will get if this shit immediately.get help b4 it literally makes you into a vegetable.

  65. Just a note to those of you with the horror stories. There are some BAD synthetics out there. Moderation. It is addictive. After 6 months of smoking, I stopped. ruh–roh.
    DON’T smoke it all the time. [most things are addictive if done all the time]
    DON’T assume you know what you bought. [try one small hit and WAIT]
    Use some common sense, folks.

  66. This stuff is horrible for you if consumed. Spice is potpourri, therefore it’s made to be burned as incense and contains an extensive amount of harmful chemicals, unlike weed. People can have serious health problems if this stuff is ingested, especially if consumed with other narcotics. I had a friend from college damn near die one night experimenting with this stuff, he’s lucky to be alive, but not so lucky to find out the morning after that he did some pretty significant damage to his heart, enough to complicate his heart for the rest of his life, and that he had a heart anomaly previous to this experience that definitely did help the outcome of his spice experience. He now has to watch what kind of drugs he’s taking, how much, and with what he’s mixing it with (because he’s not going to give up his party lifestyle). I’m not going to lie, spice is gnarly, but scary. The feeling you get is unlike any other and all spice affects you differently. I recommend that if you really want to try it- be smart.
    1.) Know what kind of health issues you have, especially of the heart and respiratory system, and TAKE ONLY ONE HIT- I can’t stress that enough. Spice can vary in potency and the stuff I’ve experimented with was very potent, enough to make you lose all sense of reality and take your breath away at some points. 2.) Be in a safe environment. Because spice can make you lose sense of reality you may experience very intense delusions, enough to make you hurt yourself or others. 3.) Most Importantly, just like lifting- HAVE A SPOTTER WHO’S SOBER and reliable. In other words, have somebody watching you who will comfort you if needed and won’t fuck with you when you’re freaking out. Spice also not only varies in potency but also the way it affects you mentally (the high it gives), so it’s uncertain what to expect.
    In conclusion, If you can avoid using this stuff for a high- do! We all want to try different things, we’re human. Just be safe about it. Also a little side note; YES, SPICE CAN BE ADDICTIVE. Anything can be addictive if you love it enough, but I would confidently assume that the majority of people don’t crave another spice high. Hope I enlightened those of you who read this.

  67. Dear Moises ,
    You have to take care of yourself and get stronger. Share your feelings with your Dad and see what he say’s, let him know his use has changed your life. Get back to us and share your experience and pain your not the only young man out there hurtin like this. When I see your response I’ll get back.

  68. can anyone speak of their experience with Joker?

    I’ve been smoking it for a few months now. Not too often. Probably 4gs every two weeks. I’ve only experienced occasional night sweats but nothing more. I haven’t tried any other herbal mixes, strictly Joker.


  69. Hey folks just wanted to leave a reminder on here as to how potent these strains can be. I am a chemist, and a horticulturalist. From experience testing this stuff on myself at first. I ordered JWH-200. I made this stuff myself and would put it on anything smokable. I’ve made thousands even put local bodegas out of business.
    Anyways……long story short, I experienced NO ill side effects as mentioned with this new crap they have out now!! Fake spice with nothing sprayed on really. So I actually got into dope so after a year of doing dope for pain management I decided to take a experiment on myself. I got some stuff called kiesha Coles, black/red giant, trainwreck, xtreme, geeked out……..this stuff exhibited the same side effects as heroin coming off this. ….the kicker was I wanted to use it to GET off heroin. Since I cannot smoke weed cuz probation. Well now that I have found out what these chemicals sprayed on these products will do. I want off this spice. Damage done. Ohh Well.

  70. The thing is my dad i found out he’s smoking herbal stuff and he’s doing it for 2years and I’m depressed and I’m crying every day I can’t eat I’m 16 a old and I’m trying to get my dad out of that thing he’s doing can you guys help me please and the name of god please

  71. I dont think it is the legal highs (spice) that make you paranoid about death i have smokes it for 3 yrs nd i havent threated about my life once but have been around people who have sp i thi l it is all about the mind state cause if you do start to get to that point just keep telling yourself that you are ok and that it will only last 20 mins and i dont think it os addictive i can go months without even Thinking about it. I dont suggest smoking it but if you do just follow my advise and you will be ok

  72. I’ve seen more than 300 types in the shop near me there nothing like weed it makes your heart start racing and when I watch a film or play a game feels like I’m inside the film or game it put my best mate in a coma luckily he’s fine now I still smoke it but no were near as much my mate smoked 2 grams of herbal incense a day I smoke about 1 a day and nothing being done about them it’s like the police are on there payroll tbh this shops been going 9 years Ino atleast 100 others who have taken it near me everyone’s doing it no one actually knows the scale of it the government are so dumb

  73. Eddie,
    Your efforts respected, I suggest that you seek out some medical support. Sometimes willpower although a key ingredient can’t do it all, getting through the withdrawal is physical and mental, your facing the Beast. It took some time for these chemicals to alter your own normal and it could be a little complex to get them out of your system. Once you get clean of this crap you may need to address why you started. Becoming active here is a great opportunity to hear it all.

  74. I’ve been smoking spice for about 2 years and recently have tried to come off it…. Man the withdrawals from it are bad really bad … I was smoking one called pure fire … Well I couldn’t handle the withdrawals so I had to start up again… But I’m trying to slowly come off it by lowering my intake of it …

  75. That is exactly what I meant when I said I knew I was dying. I felt all of those things, even had black stained teeth that took over a year to clean off. This crap is no joke people. DO NOT do this stuff and if you are get off or get help to get off because you are writing a suicide note on the long term if you keep smoking this stuff. I feel ya CJ, this stuff was harsh, and in the end it almost killed me. Good luck folks, you have the strength to stop, keep that in mind.

  76. Well I noticed the post got further and further apart… I just wanted to say I read about 400-500 of these couldn’t read em all sorry guy. I was once addicted to spice, I started smoking week at 13 and found spice when I was 19 years old, it was incredible at first… we would get super high and everything would seem awesome, then we started smoking more and it wouldn’t make us feel nearly as good as it used to. I have had serious long term effects from this stuff. You guys are speaking of chest pains, heart palpataions, chipped teeth, I have had all those when I was using and when I quit. I still to this day 2 years after quitting get chest pain and heart palps. My mood was never fully restored afterward
    NEVER do this stuff, you might think oh ill quit and then be fine in a few day, you are wrong some of the effects last for life, and remember if you are having heart palps and to many beats get skipped you can die so basically if that is a permanent effect you got from spice you are a ticking time bomb waiting to die. Go to your doc explain everything and get the help you need to get your body or heart back to the condition it once was.
    Good luck with quitting everyone don’t give up

  77. You are going to have to plainly go cold turkey. Just stop. Best time to do it is in the morning when you wake up. Smoke it for the last time at night, then WILL yourself to not touch it. It would help even more to make sure that the last bit you smoke that night will be the end of the package. If you have more in the morning you are more tempted to go for it. I have been clean for 2 years now. I was so bad, I was smoking a 10g bag a DAY! I felt myself dying and knew I had to stop if I wanted to live. That crap is filled with SO much poison it makes a cig look like a piece of candy… You can do it, just trust in yourself and having family around helps out a lot too. Hope this helps.

  78. The other day I tried 3xxx sprayed Klimax potpourri. Ive never been so sick. I was throwing up when i smoked it and started blacking out. Days later, im still sick..

  79. At first it was cool 3 months later I’m suffering from night sweats loss of sleep and appetite throwing up every day its horrible what can I do to get off this stuff

  80. I’ve been smoking the synthetic Mary J for over a year. If you are considering trying it, PREPARE. The 1st time I tried any of it, it blew my mind, scared the living crap out of me, but I hadn’t smoked pot in 20 years and don’t drink, so I wasn’t prepared for the mental and physical ambush.
    MODERATION: Everyone is different. Try a hit, then WAIT at least 15 minutes to watch for YOUR reaction, NOT SOMEONE ELSE’S posted reactions.
    If you move slowly, it can be enjoyable.
    If you smoke all the time, you will become addicted [that was a hard lesson]
    I haven’t smoked for 2 days now. I’ve smoked long enough to learn how much I can smoke w/out the severe withdrawals, nausea, vomiting, etc, so I have no more symptoms when I don’t smoke, but I do have cravings that pass relatively quickly.
    IF IT’S YOUR FIRST TIME, have a sober sitter. [best advice you’ll ever get] Have everything you’ll need for an hour or two, water, snacks, tv, etc and do not leave that room until your first high has passed. All of these products are trial and error since the gov won’t allow instructions on packaging, so take it slow. Protect yourself with a new product when first trying it.
    Happy trails.

  81. I don’t smoke any legal highs but my friend smokes clockwork orange and I manged to get a small emount of it in my mouth, are there any side effects? As I feel a bit weak and my eyes feel blurred.

  82. Hi David. Taking him to the ER is the best option. You never know if what you might do to try and help him, can in fact, hurt him. If you cannot drive him there, call 911. What you describe sounds like an adverse reaction.

  83. I see a friend when he smokes synthetic marijuana and he starts to loose his breath and throws up from time to time. what can I do to help him?

  84. I am a seasoned drug user (not proud of it) but the spice ,well the stuff they first put out( bizzaro) defiantly made me trip out every time i smoked it. I can only explain the experiences as life changing. My friend watched me seize up and pretty much had a stroke, the left side of my body went numb and limp, the world was spinning so fast ,then it all stopped and I went back to addition I have always been bi polar and believe it or not after that experience I quit taking my bi polar meds because I didn’t need them. The spice changed me in one sitting in a way that modern medicine would take a lifetime of daily meds to treat.

  85. I started smoking this synthetic stuff called kush, yes kush lol for about a month. I’m pretty sure I almost overdosed twice off it. I’ve never experienced anything like this, I couldn’t even move while I was “high” it felt as if I was in two worlds at the same time and once I came back to my senses, I threw up. The second time this happened, I realized it wasn’t good for my body. I guess I was in denial and bought another bag. I was smoking a bowl about every hour. I drive around all day for my job so it was easy for me to keep doing it so often. I’ll admit it probably wasn’t safe to be on this “high” while driving, but I guess it was that addicting. During my addiction, I wanted to be alone all day, every day. I didn’t find things as exciting or fun anymore. I felt as if some kind of darkness was coming over me. I got depressed for a while. It was just an awful feeling. I finally realized this stuff isn’t good for me so I quit about a week ago. I immediately started feeling some of the side effects everyone else has described (cold sweats, no sleep, emotionless, no appetite, etc). I got worried and scared so I got on the Internet to do some research and ended up here. All the comments in this post really opened my eyes to how dangerous this stuff can be. The side effects for me lasted for about 3 days. I drank a lot of water, I mean a lot of water and it really seemed to help and now I’m feeling extremely better. From now on, I’ll only smoke weed because it’s actually natural and it won’t cause any of these horrible feelings and side effects. So yeah, this is my story and I hope it helps whoever is having trouble with their addiction. Yes you are addicted, and yes you need to quit asap. The detox will really suck but it’ll be worth it in the end. I promise you that.

  86. can ye describe these panic attacks coz i think im getn them but im not sure, i thought i was having a heart attact it felt as if my heart was being squeezed or shutting down , before hand i could tell sometin was goin to happen coz my chest felt uncomfortable and felkt as if it was slightly shaking, some advice would be appreiciated and sorry for the spelling im quite blazed 😀

  87. Hi there I’m 19, and I think I have a massive addiction of smoking herbal. I had family problems and became homless at 18, I went to live in hostel where obviously drug abusers stayed. I got speaking to few of the residents and they told me they had legal(herbal). I have tries it before and the effect that gave me was unreal, it looked like I was paralyzed, I use to hear things, my head was completely gone and that was just after a few puffs. So he said he’s gonna roll one and smoke it. We smoked it and I felt the same way again, but wasn’t that bad. Mostly just laughed so hysterically. I liked it and asked where they sell it. I went and bought 3 gram aa u got 3packets for £20. I liked it as it made me sleep very well. So I kept buying and buying, then one day I never got it, I felt bad. Horrible sweats that made my clothes basically wet, I’d be anxious all day, and at night I wouldn’t get to sleep, I then knew I was kinda use to this. So couple months I smoked it non stop. But the difference I see in myself is unbeileveable. I just didn’t go out, Stayes home all day and sleep and smoke, I’d not want to move and do anything, was getting loads of spots, eyes looked yellow and droopy. My pours started to smell too. I became so self conscious about myself I’d stay home, I use to ask everyone for shot of money and use to be in debt, my hair is all falling out, I’d feel sick when I use to wake up. I smoke, but I didn’t have a fag, was always a joint, even the first thing in the morning. It made me very down and low all the time, there was no motivation whatsoever. It cHi there I’m 19, and I think I have a massive addiction of smoking herbal. I had family problems and became homless at 18, I went to live in hostel where obviously drug abusers stayed. I got speaking to few of the residents and they told me they had legal(herbal). I have tries it before and the effect that gave me was unreal, it looked like I was paralyzed, I use to hear things, my head was completely gone and that was just after a few puffs. So he said he’s gonna roll one and smoke it. We smoked it and I felt the same way again, but wasn’t that bad. Mostly just laughed so hysterically. I liked it and asked where they sell it. I went and bought 3 gram aa u got 3packets for £20. I liked it as it made me sleep very well. So I kept buying and buying, then one day I never got it, I felt bad. Horrible sweats that made my clothes basically wet, I’d be anxious all day, and at night I wouldn’t get to sleep, I then knew I was kinda use to this. So couple months I smoked it non stop. But the difference I see in myself is unbeileveable. I just didn’t go out, Stayes home all day and sleep and smoke, I’d not want to move and do anything, was getting loads of spots, eyes looked yellow and droopy. My pours started to smell too. I became so self conscious about myself I’d stay home, I use to ask everyone for shot of money and use to be in debt, my hair is all falling out, I’d feel sick when I use to wake up. I smoke, but I didn’t have a fag, was always a joint, even the first thing in the morning. It made me very down and low all the time, there was no motivation whatsoever. It caused problems in my relationship, caused us to break, everyone I seen thought I was ill. I have had a few attempts at stopping but I just can’t, it makes me very ill worse than I already am, I went to docs today aa I made final decison that I’m gonna stop as I am wanting a change, so Iaused problems in my relationship, caused us to break, everyone I seen thought I was ill. I have had a few attempts at stopping but I just can’t, it makes me very ill worse than I already am, I went to docs today aa I made final decison that I’m gonna stop as I am wanting a change and want something to help me sleep at nights so I can get back into normal routine, but he said he can’t give me sleeping tablets as he doesn’t know the effect of coming off legal and into sleeping tabs, so here I am again tonight up all night as its 07.37am. He gave me anxiety tabs but they don’t seem like they are working whatsoever. I thought doctors would have helped me abit more, I really need of this smoking legal as its effecting everyone, please help me aa much as u can, I just want to feel reality and normal again. Sorry about long comment, but had to describe everything! Thankyou very much taking time out to read this. Hope I hear from you.

  88. Im just 19. I started just smoking weed, like once a week I’d go and get a gram, but then that became 2 grams a week and more abs more, then before I knew it I actually ended up craving for a joint everyday and if I didn’t get one id not sleep. I smoked weed for a few years, I then had family issues and became homeless, I went to stay in hostel where all

  89. oh and try to eat, that was the hardest part. I buy ovaltene malted milk and drink it or eat chicken noodle soup, oatmeal and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches until you get your appetite back, but it will come back.

  90. Rosie, you can kick it, just keep posting on here when you do I found it really helped me to be able to talk about it with others going thru the same thing. Try drinking a lot of water and check out this natural detox I have listed above, good stuff helps get all the toxins out of your system that are causing you to feel like crap. The good news is once you do kick it you won’t miss it and will forget all about it. good luck and keep posting! we are all here to help, I’ve quit and restarted many times but it is possible to quit and stay off if you want to.

  91. My boyfriend smokes a drug called blub.. every morning wen he wakes up he feels sick and most often this caused by this legal drug?? Its really.quite scary.. i need to find a answer?

  92. I’m only 15 an I’ve been smoking this for about two months I’ve already spent like 400 quid on it self admitted addict for herbal incense and the withdrawals are awful I can’t sleep unless I know I’ve got some to wake up to the shakes an sweats are really not nice I enjoy myself wen I’m f*cked oh yeah I had perfect teeth aswell now there gone I’m extremely underweight and I need advice

  93. Legal highs break up family’s. My husband is addicted and rather than leave the high behind he left his wife & children.. Doesn’t want help, so children without a dad

  94. Pertussis—commonly called whooping cough is a highly contagious bacterial disease caused by Bordetella pertussis. wiki.

    I’m no doctor but I think whopping cough has to be caught from another person so maybe if they share a pipe or something but I doubt it. more likely same symptoms but is copd from block air ways, is my guess but see a doctor now! and keep them away from anyone and warn the doctor over the phone first if it were me. good luck.

  95. Opter, yes be careful. Web sites that sell it won’t list the ingredient that actually causes the high feeling. I’m no expert but I think its almost always some sort of synthetic molecule that resembles cannabis and/or some sort of meth like substance which are dissolved in water and sprayed on the natural ingredients that are actually listed. These synthetic molecules are much more potent than real cannabis molecules. Real natural cannabis contains both psychoactive molecules like THC and other molecules like CBD that helps regulate the effects of THC so you cannot overdose on real weed.

    Synthetic weed does not have this and can be overdosed on. I have personally seen a good friend of mine people have seizures from smoking one particular brand and you can read on this page three years of horrible experiences from from all different brands. Each synthetic molecule has different effects on different people and the makers are constantly changing the molecule slightly to stay ahead of the law. Each new analog has unknown effects on anyone smoking it.

    My personal experiences from overdosing on fake weed or fweed as my friend calls it include from a sick feeling of like I’m on a carnival ride or something and just want to get off. Its like I can feel the earth moving and its making me dizzy. that is the mild od. I’ve also had ringing ears and nearly passed out a few times and have a couple of times thought I was going to die.

    Even after quitting I had all kinds of side effect, sick feeling, cold sweats, unable to warm up no matter how warm it is, no appetite at all, etc. no fun at all. Best you can do is quit, you might go thru a day or two of feeling like crap but in a week you’ll forget all about the crap. trust me, i did and I was smoking it day and night years.

    Also detox yourself. The fweed molecules break down into toxic chemicals after digestion so you literally are poisoning yourself and sometime it REALLY feels like you have too. I’ve read that its all water soluble, tho, unlike real cannabis so you can actually wash it out by drinking tons of water. You can also make a natural detox by slicing up two lemons, half a cucumber and about 10 sprigs of real spearmint leaf. Mix all this a pitcher of about a gallon of water and let soak overnight. delicious. It takes time to completely get it out of your system, I’ve read the fweed molecules get stuck in between the neurons and can take months to get out.

    Also, this stuff can deplete the body of needed neurochemicals like Serotonin, L-tryptophan, etc. which can lead to severe anxiety and depression even in people that have never experienced it. You can buy supplements like 5-HPT that create L-tryptophan. Serotonin can also be increased with supplements or with certain foods. Do a web search, tons of info. It seemed to help me. Also, a tip I learned on hear, take fish oil supplements to fight the racing heart and the anxiety it causes. that seemed to help me. good luck. if it gets real bad see a doctor and get prescription anti depressant and/or anti anxiety meds if you need them. no need to suffer if you can get professional help.

    Also, my solution, and I don’t recommend this for everyone but I went back to real weed. You won’t get high on real weed for months after quitting fweed but it does give a nice relaxing feeling and its nice to know you cannot smoke too much and get sick.

    I won’t lie I have quit and started up many more times that I want to count but keep quitting and eventually it will be just a memory.

  96. It seems to affect the lungs, the kidneys, the digestive system, the nervous system and the brain. I know this sounds like a lot, I quite a month ago and am suffering all these systems, it is poison!

  97. I would like to know what does it affect in the body ? I know alot of people that do it and seen slurring, vomiting, frozen they can’t move, hallucination, paranoya it’s crazy.

  98. So you mean to tell me OpterOnyx that you disregarded every single story that detailed the negatives of this substance, with accounts dating back almost four years now? Come on. All it does is destroy your entire mental and physical well-being. This is easily one of the vilest concoctions since meth imo. There’s a reason why the reports have slowed up…people have begun to see more clearly as it pertains to usage. Stay far away.

  99. I know they made it illegal to sell herbal incense laced or containing THC or any such illegal ingredients. Now I wanted to try some, the legal version (smoking some) and so II ordered some Mad Hatter herbal incense online, it said on the website I used that no illegal or harmful ingedients are in any of their products. So now I’ve smoked it, about 4 hits through a tinfoil pipe, and I feel… way high. Like marijuana but trippier, but still just high. So I was wondering, I know the affects of the illegal spice and the compounds in that, but what are the affects of the legal version, the kind I have. Because from all I know, it should’t be the same with the illegal compounds not in it. Am I ok to smoke the rest of the bag I got, or could my health be at risk?

    Update : So Update – A couple hours later last night after first trying some, I was still a little high, I decided that since I was going to bed soon, I would smoke some more to get even more high, I would’ve thought it would just make me mellowy high, but I took 4 more hits, and about 2 minutes later I couldn’t even control my thoughts and had to go straight to my bed where I began tripping incredibly hard, I mean like shrooms and acid hard, I felt like I was inside my mind seeing the nerves shoot back and forth in my head and I could not snap out of it no matter how hard I tried. I literally was still awake, I believe, but was inside my dream while still awake. Anyway, intense stuff.

  100. I have been using these substitutes now for nearly 4 years. I am completely addicted.I have the same experiences as others when trying to withdrawal, mostly my mind driving me crazy, negative thoughts, voices, suicidal thoughts.i have been open and sought help through doctors, but they are at a loss as to what they are dealing with, and how to has to come from within, I’m still trying every day to change or I fear a very sad future, if one at has changed me, I don’t like or recognise myself anymore.

  101. Hello everyone,
    Have been through every single symptoms described here, and would like to share,
    hope, you all, understand when read this:
    1. if you never tried it yet, but interesting in this, figure your mind first, what next?
    since if you like it, be ready to lose everything, including your own mind (bf, gf, relationships with your family, friends, work, DL, meaning of life etc.)
    2. if you think you strong enough, your choice, but effect of this, “unplug your mind from body, consciousness from your sub consciousness (point where you lose your chance to calm for sleep), you heart from your stomach, your blood from your bones, so basically every single process in your body goes apart “(those who tried to stop, they know how it is feel like)…
    3. if you smoking and THINKING I’m stronger and it will not happen to ME, you are wrong, I used to smoke real nature stuff not in states, where its grow on its own, under the sun, 100% natural, it is really far away from Mary J in the states, when you eat normal apple and tried hydroponic apple you feel it right the way, there is no real thing in states for sure, but it is not a point, it’s less harmful anyway then synthetic… due to well known reason I tried the synthetic once, (I understood right the way, I’ve lost any chance to get pleasure from real one, every step higher, leave you no choice to enjoy a normal any more) … however, I smoked MJ from 16 to 30… there some effects, but it’s like kinder-garden’s tears. since 2010 till 2013 I smoked tones of every single described above stuff (Diablo, totally backed, OMG, Mr. Happy and so on) you probably won’t believe but it’s true, I SMOKED 10g every single day, I stayed home and didn’t want to go anywhere, thanks to my gf, she knows me very well, she is strong person, she never said a word to me, she saw how I tortured myself, and just waited when I’m finish to prove that I am stronger, and yes, thanks to my body also, I’m physically not big, but strong… I had about 6-8 months smoking 10g every day, it was about 70-80gr left, when I stop, it was a bright day for her, she won’t believe in this, that I finished with some left in the bath … she thought I will finish it all, honestly, I still want to smoke, but hope I will not, it takes hard effort to build your life from scratch again, when you lose everything, you have to go back by the same way you come, but it opposite, if you felt pleased, it will be the worst feelings ever, just like movie watch it backward and add effect of negative, everything white become black… However, I knew I had to stop, it took me 3 months thinking of it every day, to prepare for this… Holly guys, you really won’t believe in this… There was many times when I got so high, I came to bad to sleep, and my breath stopped for 5-9 hours, I was so disconnected from my body, I was seating and staring at my body from aside, I didn’t know how to get back into it… don’t worry probably you won’t die, but you can be really scared from this… If you think I’m crazy and all this just bs, trust me, those who smoked and got really high they know for sure what am I talking about…
    So my Girlfriend was looking and scarred, she didn’t call to the er or 911, I asked not to do so, it’s just because I know, after you walkout from your body, you will get back, need to understand how it works on your own, about my breathing, I believe it’s just unique thing or might be there some people who had same experience…
    We’ve talk next morning after I wake up, she asked me what happened, I can’t sleep when you are not breathing))) thanks to my point of view on this life, I understand the energy flow through out in these world, (watch avatar, john carter, heroes.. all these movies are not just bs, there are some key points hidden, for sure)…
    After a week or so… HERE WE GO, sweat, it’s too hot, all liquid from my body goes out, without any control, I drink and I see how drops coming on my skin from head to stomach, how is that??))) next 5 minutes its f….g coooooold, I’m going to take a warm shower, in the shower 10-20-30 minutes, my body was drinking water through the skin, ok, it is hot again… I’m sweating again… all liquid comes out from body… f…k, YEAH guys, it’s true, some people who saw me, they couldn’t believe their own eyes, how did I survived after a week of this regime , no sleeping a week at all, every 20-30 minutes COLD – > HOT -> COLD -> HOT… a week guys, its 7 days = 168 hours = 10080 minutes = 604800 seconds… and every single second like century, you die you born, you die you born… and none stop you simply cannot control your body.. eat??????? Common … what are you talking about EAT, you can’t really drink hot tea or juice … I dropped from 90kg (200lbs) to 55kg (120lbs) in 1 month, so what I think, my body said that is enough, stop it, ………… but my mind))) NO WAY, want to smoke none stop…)))
    I have a smile now, on my face, when people saying it’s ok to smoke, for sure it’s ok, if you know yourself your body, your energy… if you just want to play, I would suggest to drink a glass of good red wine, have some real good s…x and might be, a couple of hits mother nature with music, (in my country we call it “Highness of Kings”, now I know why it has such name)))
    it’s been almost a year, I don’t smoke, but I do remember “that guy”, and I know I will never forget, every single time I think about it I want to smoke…

    SO, ITS STRONG, ITS ADDICTIVE, ITS HARMFUL… everybody is unique, but the nerves system and blood vessels are pretty common, that is why almost 99% people have same high effect, it’s not kills your nerves, (like alcohol) but kick the nerve’s ass pretty strongly…

    BTW, I don’t eat meat (search online how harmful is that for your body, everything that ever lived and died have to putrefy no matter where it will in your body or somewhere else, EVERYTHING YOU EAT BECOMES YOU), I don’t drink alcohol (really rare), I don’t smoke, I have wonderful life in the mountains, drink goat and horses milk natural, and healthy right from the animals not from the store, I don’t make a garbage can from my body anymore… planning kids and live in harmony with nature (I don’t smoke MJ I can’t feel it anymore)
    P.S. if you love someone who smoke, don’t make any pressure on that person, just talk and wait, otherwise you will lose the trust, and will screw the connection, try to understand why he or she smokes, it is really important. Don’t say that its bad, otherwise he or she will hide and smoke, just if you love that person, try to WROK, watch that person 24/7, tell him/her its ok, to smoke in front of me, so the person will feel comfortable with you, and it might be you lucky if that person will talk to you, usually its the only way to support them/us)) and help mentally, but when you say stop smoking, you lose the trust right the way… but its always unique, it might not work for everyone.
    Good luck.

  102. Hello everyone,
    Have been through every single symptoms described here, and would like to share,
    hope, you all, understand when read this:
    1. if you never tried it yet, but interesting in this, figure your mind first, what next?
    since if you like it, be ready to lose everything, including your own mind (bf, gf, relationships with your family, friends, work, DL, meaning of life etc.)
    2. if you think you strong enough, your choice, but effect of this, “unplug your mind from body, consciousness from your subconsciousness (point where you lose your chance to calm for sleep), you heart from your stomach, your blood from your bones, so basically every single process in your body goes apart “(those who tried to stop, they know how it is feel like)…
    3. if you smoking and THINKING I’m stronger and it will not happen to ME, you are wrong, i used to smoke real nature stuff not in states, where its grow on its own, under the sun, 100% natural, it is really far away from mary J in the states, when you eat normal apple and tried hydroponic apple you feel it right the way, there is no real thing in states for sure, but it is not a point, its less harmful anyway then synthetic… due to well known reason i tried the synthetic once, (I understood right the way, i’ve lost any chance to get pleasure from real one, every step higher, leave you no choice to enjoy a normal any more) … however, i smoked MJ from 16 to 30… there some effects, but its like kinder-garden’s tears. since 2010 till 2013 i smoked tones of every single described above stuff (Diablo, totally backed, OMG, mr Happy and so on) you probably won’t believe but its true, I SMOKED 10G every single day, i stayed home and didn’t want to go anywhere, thanks to my gf, she knows me very well, she is strong person, she never said a word to me, she saw how I tortured myself, and just waited when i’m finish to prove that i am stronger, and yes, thanks to my body also, i’m physically not big, but strong… i had about 6-8 months smoking 10g every day, it was about 70-80gr left, when i stop, it was a bright day for her, she won’t believe in this, that i finished with some left in the bathroom … she thought i will finish it all, honestly, i still want to smoke, but hope i will not, it takes hard effort to build your life from scratch, when you lose everything, you have to go back by the same way you come, but it opposite, if you felt pleased, it will be the worst feelings ever, just like movie watch it backward and add effect of negative, everything white become black… However, i knew i had to stop, it took me 3 months smoking everyday to prepare for this… Holly guys, you really won’t believe in this… There was many times when i got so high, i came to bad to sleep, and my breath stoped for 5-9 hours, i was so disconnected from my body, i was seating and staring at my body from aside, i didn’t know how to get back into it… don’t worry probably you won’t die, but you can be really scared from this… If you think i’m crazy and all this just bs, trust me, those who smoked and got really high they know for what am i talking about…
    So my Girlfriend was looking and scarred, she didn’t call to the er or 911, i asked not to do so, its just because i know, after you walkout from your body, you will get back, about my breathing, i believe its just unique thing or might be there some people who had same experience…
    We’ve talk next morning after i wake up, she asked me what happened, i can’t sleep when you are not breathing))) thanks to my point of view on this life, i understand the energy flow through out in these world, (watch avatar, john carter, heroes.. all these movies are ot just bs, there are some key points hidden, for sure)…
    After a week or so… HERE WE GO, sweat, its too hot, all liquid from my body goes out, without any control, i drink and i see how drops coming on my skin from head to stomach, ow is that??))) next 5 minutes its f….g coooooold, i’m going to take a warm shower, in the shower 10-20-30 minutes, my body was drinking water through the skin, ok, it is hot again… i’m sweating again… all liquid comes out from body… f…k, YEAH guys, its true, some people who saw me, they couldn’t believe there own eyes, how did i survived after a week of this regime , no sleeping a week at all, every 20-30 minutes COLD – > HOT -> COLD -> HOT… a week guys, its 7 days = 168 hours = 10080 minutes = 604800 seconds… and every single second like century, you die you born, you die you born… and none stop you simply can not control your body.. eat??????? Common … what are you talking about EAT, you can’t really drink hot tea or juice … i dropped from 90kg (200lbs) to 55kg (120lbs) in 1 month, so what i think, my body said thats enough, stop it, my mind))) NO WAY, wanna smoke non stop…)))
    I have a smile now, on my face, when people saying its ok to smoke, for sure its ok, if you know yourself your body, your energy… if you just want to play, i would suggest to drink a glass of good red wine, have some real good s…x and might be, a couple of hits mother nature with music, (in my country we call it “Highness of Kings”, now i know why it has such name)))
    its been almost a year, i don’t smoke, but i do remember “that guy”, and i know i will never forget, every single time i think about it i want to smoke…

    SO, ITS STRONG, ITS ADDICTIVE, ITS HARMFUL… everybody is unique, but the nerves system and blood vessels are pretty common, that is why almost 99% people have same high effect, its not kills your nerves, (like alcohol) but kick the nerve’s ass pretty strongly…

    BTW, i don’t eat meat (search online how harmful is that for your body, everything that ever lived and died have to putrefy no matter where it will in your body or somewhere else, EVERYTHING YOU EAT BECOMES YOU), i don’t drink alcohol (really rare), i don’t smoke, i have wonderful life in the mountains, drink goat and horses milk natural, and healthy right from the animals not from the store, i don’t make a garbage can from my body anymore… planning kids and live in harmony with nature (i don’t smoke MJ i can’t feel it anymore)

  103. I am very very worried about my wifes addiction to herbal incense, she is showing signs of excessive tiredness, mood swings and increased usage…she knows its bad, but everytime she thinks about giving up she changes her mind…that I understand, but the future looks bleak as she will change her movements, even cancel a plan if she thinks it will effect her smoking. She has even lost her will to work.
    Not being a person that likes to be told what to do(my wife) I am becoming desperate as to how to brake this cycle, and get her life back on track, always hard when you love someone and don’t know how to help……many thanks Dave

  104. My husband has been smoking Serenity, herbal, ren, whatever for 5 years. He spends about 25 to 60 dollars on “bags”. The bags range from 1 grams to 1 ounce and so forth. He’s had a hard time keeping a job, and I strongly believe it’s because of this. For a month now, he’s been trying to stop smoking it. And every single night he throws up, just by someone poking his stomach, or smoking a cigarette. He shakes all the time, even in servers heat, and drips cold sweat that drenches his clothes. He can’t sleep without it. He barely eats anything, anymore. But I have noticed the worst part about withdraws from it is the mood swings. He hates himself when he doesn’t have any serenity, he hates me, and all his friends, he cries out of nowhere. Whenever he gets it he loves himself, me and his friends, he’s happy and everything above. This shit makes you crazy. Makes you feel like you have the flu. Do not even so much as try this s**t. I’ve smoked it a couple times with him, and it’s not worth the risk. The high only lasts for a good 15 minutes to an hour. And it’s kind of like huffing spray chemicals. It’s destroying my husband, and so I strongly advice everyone to stay away from this.

  105. Drug tests can be passed easily with flushing. Drink a ton of water starting 3 hours before the test. Vitamin B pills will help with the color which will be clear from flushing. Drink water. I can’t recommend smoking the synthetic shit. Good luck getting clean enough for the done. I doubt the synthetic will show up on a drug test but it’s really dangerous I wouldn’t smoke regularly or it’ll mess you up bad.

  106. I was injured during Enduring Freedom. I deal with severe pain that travels to different parts of my body throughout the day. The VA placed me on methadone and methacarbonal. Because it looked like an unending hill of more pain killers, I tried medical marijuana. It worked GREAT mixing the three. It gave me back my personality. Then when my source dried up, I tried both Cherry Cheech and Juicy Chong. They each gave me a ‘first-time weed high.’ Then I popped a drug test. What does the VA do? They immediately terminated my methadone and methacarbonol. So I tried weed alone…it was NOT powerful enough for my pain. It would slightly help with the dull pain, but not the sharp pains I always have. The VA will not prescribe the methadone or methacarbonol until I pass a urinalysis showing all the THC is out of my system. That could be six weeks of agonizing pain which means I’ll be stuck in bed for the remaining summer. Will I pop a positive on a drug test if smoking only the Juicy Chong (Cherry Cheech gave me a nasty cherry reflux so this might be the same as you)? Or is there a type that doesn’t? How do I pass a urinalysis? I tried Q Tabs and they did nothing at masking/hiding the THC. When I’m on nothing, it’s the worst bodily pain ever. The herbs gave me a good high. What can someone tell me about these products and passing a urinalysis? Thx.

  107. I just got outta prison and due to U.A.s I started smoking herbal. No good, now im getting sick from coming down.
    Side effects: Hot Flashes, cold sweats, shakes, NO SLEEP, not hungry, life sucks(I need weed)

  108. been smoking this stuff for a couple of months now, first time was an experience I will never forget because it was magic, that time I smoked exodus damnation, but I cannot even get close to that feeling now, get a lot of negative vibes have even been as close as you can get to death without actually dying. the worst smoke for me is voodoo plus.

  109. My fiance and I smoke that shit for damn near 6 years! We quit once like 3 weeks ago. Because we were constantly sick with what seemed the flu. 2 weeks later we felt great! Well.. after all the hell. The withdrawals.. I used to be a meth head. And I tell you what. Id rather risk my old addiction with meth again than go through this shit again. Buut like any weak addict, I thought ” oh I will be fine. Just this once…” even though in the back of my mind I knew if touched it. I’d be back a square one…. sure enough. I got high while fishing… I fucked up. Now I’ve got to restart all over again with the pains… but you know what? I’ve have been a single mother of 3 little boys. I’m 23 years old and I’m not on welfare…. so.. you know what? Bring on the pains! Starting today. No more. But seriously guys once you stop. Don’t pick it up again. I thought I could. And once you do quit. The world takes on a whole new color. Even prettier than before you started! Let’s try to make the world better for our babies.

  110. Proud of you!! Keep it up 3 days is a lot when that stuff has you. Fight through the nausea and you’ll make it. Get yourself some sleep anyway you can. Have faith it’s the only way. There are forces stronger than us just ask for help they are waiting for us to ask. We think we change but it’s them who allows us to. Family, god, something. Just believe and you’ll make it. Sobriety is the best drug of them all I tell you sitting here an addict I wish I was sober!!!! Good luck!

  111. I been trowing up ever since I stoped smoking and I cant sleep right at night till like 2 or 3 in the morning I havent ate much bcuz I dnt have much of an appetite I feel weak my muscles need air I’m jumpy shaky I feel shitty . . Neways this is the way to stop get down on ur knees and pray and talk to him tell him to give u that extra help u need tell him u rather dying trying to quit then dying an addict with his help Im doing it now as I write this comment I feel shitty but nothing is impossible with almighy by ur side. .man just hink about ur fam how sad they’re going to be with out u ur wife girl sister mother fathers . . .put ur foot down do it for ur love ones that are going to suffer from u taking the easy way out . . Fyi I’m on papers

  112. So my brother has relapsed, he was really heavy on ‘Weed’ allegedly despite us being told he was ‘tanning’ legal highs he denied all that. He was stealing from his family, trading possessions he valued, lying, denying, making excuses & getting in heartbreaking States. Anyway he eventually asked to come back home as he chose to leave instead of getting off the drugs, got clean and after 2months had a psych assessment so I didn’t go with him for it so I don’t know what was said but he was waiting to hear about therapy sessions. In the meantime he assured us he could stay off it and go out again. Well, that didn’t go so well. Two weeks on & he’s been off his face everyday, he’s a compulsive & selfish liar & the last straw was him stealing money and being caught taking blurays. He’s already traded his iPhone. It wasn’t till my dad just found a packet ‘happy joker’ that we now realise the extent of his lies. Do I take him to the drug place? Contact the psychiatric hospital? Keep him under house arrest?! I’m at a bit of a loss and talking to/at him doesn’t get me anywhere 🙁

  113. Took one huge hit at a concert from some guy next to me — now I think it was synthetic pot. I fainted a few minutes later and had to be carried out. Two months later, I still have blurred vision, dizziness, hot flashes, sleep problems, and now I am starting to get headaches. Stress and anxiety make the symptoms worse. If anybody else had these long-term effects and recovered, let me know how long it took and what you did to recover. Know what your are smoking!!!!!!!!!!

  114. 8 days Sober, best 8 days of my life! As my last binge consisted of the worst days of my life. 4 days in my grimly little apartment here in Osaka and I hardly bathed for want of smoking more. I was addicted to “Heisenberg” (#BreakingBad), that’s not it’s real name but I call it that because the year and a half in which I was addicted it changed names a number of times. It was made illegal on two occasions here in Japan, but the Yakuza; they control it here in Japan, I can assure you, changed the compound ever so slightly to make it legal again. Yet, I know it is the same….the Heisenberg….there are well over 40 varieties here in Osaka, but I know Heisenberg after one hit. The Trance state….that’s what I call it, it’d put me into a Trance, after which I spend countless hours watching porn and listening to music, 3 grams a day mostly; I’d not jerk-off mind you as this DevilWeed would make me limp as a goat, yet horny as all hell. The only thing that saved me was my body….I believe I developed Leaky Gut Syndrome, a reaction to the toxins in this foul concoction. I have stretch marks all over my midsection and thighs as a result of the bloating it caused, although I lost weight on account of not eating. My toes plumped up like grapes ready to burst, and my belly bottom started to Pop Out, I’m almost an outty now. The last time I smoked I thought I was going to die….I literally posted a FaceBook status with hearts and a message of blessing in case I didn’t make it. Even still, tonight I had an urge to smoke…in spite of leaky gut or death, but I found this forum and read these tales, I know I’m not alone, that’s important. My message to those who are still actively addicted is this: there is a hole in your life…and you think you can fill it with this stuff, Spice, Heisenberg, Diablo it’s a Shovel and you will only dig yourself deeper. Talk to someone, family, friends, random dude on the internet, but you gotta talk, if you relapse don’t give up. I like this saying, “When life knocks you down, try to land on your Back, because if you can look up, you can get up. Look Up!!

  115. 3 year quitter. guys, reading all this has seriously been of help. I’m quitting this spice nonsense after 3 years of avid smoking. Avid. been down the 7g a day road, but mostly a 2 g a day (mostly mr bad ass, tried the crazy ass Rain, and tried the voodoo and platinum, plus everything in between. just always had to change it up once my body got used to it. never really thought i would find any helpful insight to my coming up attempt, but i actually think i gots this, and it’s you peeps that are giving me the motivation. been tapering off of it for about 2 days, but done gettin in trouble with the gf and brother. I cough so much i puke in the mornings, i cough up brown/black shit more frequently than i will ever admit, i don’t have an appetite except for when I’m high. i have huge black spots under my eyes, and it’s a miracle if i sleep through the night without having to wake up to smoke, just to pass out again. done son, gotta get back to the green and stop messin with this stuff, which can give you a f’n stroke! lol be strong and live past the spice head addiction friends. looked up some info on spice a good while back, but it’s awesome to see such recent posts here. i shall return with encouraging news. btw, using the weed, plus cigs with a splash of some IPA’s technique. i know there are healthier ways, but I’m going with what i know works. for me. and i wish i could cold turkey it, but I’m trying to avoid the psyche ward haha WE gots this

  116. @bleh

    Could you explain more about the government in regards to spice distribution?

    It’s still being sold in a small town where I’m located.

    4/20 just passed and dudes are still messing with this.

  117. my brother used to be a big pot head, smokin weed all the time, he then had a phase with pills/oxy’s/h all that stuff, but it was never that bad. however, it seems like he took this spice stuff (diablo) to the head. i would come into the house and it would smell like chemical, not weed, just strange smell. things were getting pretty bad at the house, always smelling like smoke, things were going missing in the house, always leaving the house five minutes at a time, mood swings, etc. One day he had an episode (my dad somewhat enables him in the sense of giving him money, letting him take the care, etc.) because my dad didn’t let him borrow the car. he says he drank liquor (he does not drink because he has a fatty liver). during that time i guess he started cutting himself in front of my dad and while he was gone, my mom and i went into his room and found a SHIT TON (literally a little stack), of pawn slips. barbie dolls, my dads tools/equipment from the garage, even a home surveillance camera. he came back home, he was confronted and he went CRAZY. he took a knife out of his pocket, started trying to break the sliding door to get inside, and attack my mom. He went inside locked my dad and I out of the house with my mom in there, he put his hands on her, he didn’t hurt her, but he did corner her. he then ran out and I was on the phone w/ 911 by that time. He started running and cutting himself, saying he isn’t going to jail. He basically ended up 5150’d for a week. Of course now that he’s returned I often smell burnt stuff, I tell him not to smoke in the house, he just denies denies, my mom hears him throwing up, there we spot the Diablo wrappers. His girlfriend mentioned the name Diablo and states it was synthetic weed, but now that I saw the label I know what it is and this stuff is no good. He told my mom it was some bullshit “aroma therapy”, his room was filled with toilet paper rolls covered with dryer sheets, the works. Diablo Botanical Incense, disgusting that these companies snake their way and to those smoke shops too.

  118. I used el diablo last week and I took one small hit and didn’t come to for 30 min. I could remember bits and pieces of what was going on but I felt like my body pixelated into sand and was convinced I was not going to live much longer. I think the government knows so much more than they want you to think they know. I have used every type of drug known to man and not real proud to say that. I for one think the government is experimenting with the addicts. I would NOT suggest using anything other than Kratum for opiate addicts and good ole mary jane for your average stoner. Technology is beyond what any of us will comprehend and I can’t even tell you everything that has happened to me on the El Diablo journey but it scares me to think the government has this much power. Call me crazy but I felt prompted to say STAY AWAY FROM THIS CRAP!

  119. Hi guys. I posted a few weeks back, and this is the result, I went to hospital with servere dehydration, my skin went yellow, I was staring at one spot on a hospital curtain and the curtain was moving, I was shocked when the doctors brought a phsyc team in to assess me, I even had the hospital come in with yellow body suits treating me as a high risk patient due to my skin colour, (royal Darwin hospital) I broke down, after a week in and out I have been prescribed Zoloft, it’s takes 4-6 weeks to work but it helps, im currently back at work and feeling great! This is after a few weeks I stopped smoking, it’s possible to stop I know that now, yes I still get the odd panic attack but Zoloft stops them dead cold, I was honestly ready to commit myself, of you go to the doctors do tell them everything leaving details out is when they want help you, so my last post is not entirely correct, that I apologies for, I hope everyone sees these stories, because in my opinion, the withdrawals and symptoms sound similar to ice

  120. I can do you one better. Do not play into too much of what Demty said. Yes it is possible for what happened to him, but this poison is diff for everyone. I myself have abused this crap before. I was at a point of 10G’s a day. That is a LOT btw. As far as the withdraws, this crap WILL make your anxiety skyrocket when you decide to stop smoking it. You are going to have to go at least a full 2 days of withdraws before its out of your system. I have done this 2 times now in life like a moron wanting that WONDERFUL high it gives you, but at what cost? This stuff will make you not want to eat or drink, so be careful on this part. Best way to get over this hump is on your last bowl/blunt or w/e you do, go to sleep for the night sleep is a good starter you will however wake up within 2 -3 hours unless you have taken something to force you to stay asleep, which i suggest you do. You need a good 6-8 hours of sleep to start off. After that when you awaken the withdraws will not be NEARLY as bad as they would have had you stayed awake all night. Not sleeping will NOT help you get over this. This is all in your head people, nothing is MAKING you smoke this poison. Trust me I know you want that high, but is it worth your health and family? I almost lost it all because of this shit. This was no better than crack or any other horrible man made substance. You can do this, use your will power.

  121. @concerned friend
    Time. I spent 17 days in the psych ward. It made me totally crazy. The best advise I can give is make sure he’s hydrated. If you can’t you’ll need to seek medical help. The money you/he will spend for a hospital visit it well worth a life. The withdrawal was so bad for me that’s where I ended up. I got no sleep for weeks and became extremely delusional. If your taking care of this person yourself he will need a 24/7 watch. This really is better for a rehab or hospital to deal with. If not- lots of ensure or nutrition drinks, water and rest. Get your hands on some xanax or Ativan to keep him calm during the storms.

  122. Can you give advice about how to help a friend deal with withdrawals? It has been 1 1/2 days since he last used, but he is still craving it so bad that I’ve had to babysit for past few days!
    He is also having really bad cramps and has not eaten in days. Mental break downs of screaming, yelling, and crying! Even violent!!! Please help!!

  123. It balanced out my mood, and I still take it every now and then. Vitamin C as well,the most potent. Take a lot of vitamin C if you can stomach it. Oh, and for some reason I would eat better when I took 5 htp. Some said they don’t eat as much.

  124. 5-htp helped me stop eating so much. So it made me not hungry. It also gave me strange dreams. I stopped taking it. But some people swear by it.

  125. @keepingmyoromise

    I would try 5 htp…it really brought me out of my funk, and helped out tremendously with my appetite.

    That’s really the only supplement that worked for me. I wish you the best.

  126. Hi guys,
    Probably should have read this before I even started, I’m 23 years old, I had been smoking about 3grams in the first week or 2 a day, then sky rocketed to a massive 7grams a day! Like many others I started waking up smoking then back to sleep then repeated all over again, I’ve stopped for about a week now, I was In hospital for 4-5 days, severe dehydration, vomiting, fevers, uncontrolled movement, of legs when walking, burning feelings across my head (headaches) I then went numb down one side, like I was having a stroke, I’ve lost 11kg in a space of a week, I then started having panic attacks and still am, i tried to drive myself to the nearest hospital with little luck, 10kmh driving was like I was doing 200kmh and motion sickness, confusion then went to turn a round about then ploughed straight through it, now, I’m having trouble sleeping, panic all day, sick, numb skin, numb teeth, numb lips, very scared, and this was only 4 weeks smoking.. I used to regularly smoke weed with nothing like this ever happening, if anything I’m frightened, now being a week, I’m finding myself having to try and cope with what I hope is withdrawals, the smoke is called INTENSE INCENSE JUNGLE FEVER, please, don’t touch it, I don’t know if this is permanent, temporary, I’m scared, I’ve asked doctors for help with coping during the day but mentioning you even smoke is like saying you take ice, it’s the grave marker doctors WONT help you, hospitals note it and won’t help you, you will be alone, I’m quitting for not myself but my partner and my mum who is worried beyond belief, and I hate hearing her cry, wondering when her only son is going to pass away while away for work, if you don’t quit for you quit for them, we might not feel the effects because we pass on but they have to pick up the pieces when your gone and that is what breaks my heart the most, if anyone out there smoking JUNGLE FEVER INTENSE INCENSE having these withdrawals PLEASE PLEASE let me know if you have stopped and feel normal, somedays is worse then when I started, and it’s worrying me, I need advice, I’ve stopped cold turkey with valerian, kava capsules, melatonin capsules, doxylmine succinate, and even valium is not proving to work after a whole if it does not very long, any advice any at all would be very appreciated, I just can’t bare the thought of my mum being left alone without me around to look after her,

  127. @twomuch

    10 grams a day is definitely a problem. Wow that was a serious addiction right there. I’m glad he’s receiving help for the addiction.

  128. Well this post is in all seriousness, and the last post was in the same vein but ended up deleted probably because I came off a little too immature. However, that was not my intention at all. It’s just if you’re willing to risk mental health, then it shouldn’t be difficult in making the switch to green and red wine to combat the illness felt from synthetic noids. Now I’m no doctor, but the spice always left my brain destroyed for a few months after use, and since people like to get high, for the most part just keep it natural.

    I stated my love for the green, and a box of Merlot over the course of a weekend if ever faced with the need to indulge, and when I’m looking to get high, or feel euphoric this combination has never failed me; the after effects are nothing but drowsiness and maybe a little dehydration the next day. But definitely no psychosis or appetite problems over the course of a week or so.

    I use to be a heavy spice smoker from 2010 – early 2012. Just encouraging people who like to feel buzzed to leave the synthetic crap alone, and I honestly can’t believe it’s being consumed like this in 2014.

  129. Well I’m back. I had to stop my post because the respitory tech came in to check his O2 levels. So yes he decided to stop and the withdrawal syndrome came within 4 hours… All of his muscles constricted, he couldn’t keep anything down and he was freezing, he would then become extremely hot! He was in such pain… I offered to buy a bad just to stop this…. He said HE’LL NO! He started telling me that clearly he has a physical addiction!! He or I didn’t see this coming and has no idea it was so harmful! Long story short… I had to take him to the ER Thursday as things just kept getting worse! He is now diagnosed with rabdomyalosis with acute kidney failure! Due to botanical incense use!!! My husband almost died!…. Please I beg you stop! Get you, your loved ones help now!! This is truly the DEVIL!! For you strong heads 10 grams a day no problemers…. I DARE YOU TO STOP….. You will see your symptoms immediately! Through sickness and health is what I will remain committed to… I’m just thankful God had us to the hospital in time! He is real sick… All due to diablo! Let me say my hubs is 6’6… 230lbs, in shape and healthy! He had a 10+ gram habit a day for about 8 mos…. There are so many negetives associated with this mess… Just stop!

  130. STOP NOW! April 4, 2014… It’s my 11 year anniversary and I’m sitting in the ER next to my husband trying to provide as much comfort as possible as he recovers from SPICE ADDICTION!… Yes, he decided Tuesday he no longer wanted to smoke it he said “I’m not thinking I’m addicted, but my habit is def increasing, so Ima quit.. You know see what my cravings are”… Well within 4 hours he had severe hot flashes, vomiting, and extreme muscle tension.

  131. It’s now illegal at all the shops here. The DEA cracked down on it because of so many hospitalizations. No one sells it now but I remember all the fiends buying it like crazy. It’s not like the real thing.. Very very dangerous more so than coke or heroin.

  132. At first, when I started reading your comments, I felt like I was eavesdropping. My friend’s boyfriend is addicted to this synthetic weed. She calls often to vent but lastnight she called crying hysterically. She wants me to talk to him. I’ve never smoked the fake stuff so I am looking for some insight. ‘Til a few hours ago, I thought it was harmless fake shit that gave you a fake little buzz. They sell it at convenience stores, how bad could it really be? I was oblivious to this legal nightmare. I thank you all for opening my eyes and wish you all the best. Stay strong.

  133. can side effects do to smoking spice lake of sleep my husband stop smoking 4 me and my kids now has not slept in 8 days ??????????????????????? can u help was smoking no mames.

  134. Hello everyone. I have been reading up on this subject and I keep hearing the same things. I use these products and have also myself experienced the same things. Although there is one thing that I have not heard and that isn’t even on this site, which seems to offer a scientific explanation, which I find odd because it must be known that marijuana is a mild hallucinogen. That being said, this is what I believe in regard to the bad feels and “psychosis” people experience. Im sure most people have heard of acid which is a real hallucinogen, and as well most have heard that this can offer a bad trip when the mind wonders to a bad thought, it can then be difficult to recover from this ‘bad trip.’ So my thought is that synthetic marijuana being much more potent then normal marijuana would likely have a much greater hallucinogenic effect, thus the ‘bad feelings.’ So, I propose that these bad feelings are nothing more then a bad trip in effect. I have experienced these bad trips and the first few times I felt the same, like I might die or my heart was going to explode or I would forever be mentally changed, however, since the realization of it only being a hallucinogen, I have been able to work myself out of these bad trips, which are a rare occurrence to begin with. I simply do this by reminding myself that this is all it is, a bad trip and its all in my head, it really helps to calm me and get out of the bad trip cycle.. I hope this is eye-opening to other users who may have not considered this and I would also like to see a response from a professional on this theory. Although like I said I have experienced this first hand so I know what I will believe regardless, and I would also like to point out that any professional who has never done this substance and has only read from a book is lacking ALOT of knowledge on the subject. Thank you everyone, and be safe.

  135. So I smoked for about 2 years. It got so bad I was smoking 7g of funky monkey $exY monkey a day. When I could no longer buy that brand I was forced to quit cuz that day I spent $100 on various blends that didn’t work at all compared to the $exY monkey. I ended up puking and shitting everywhere for days. Didn’t sleep more than an hour in 3 weeks ended up committing myself to the mental hospital after my parents begged me. Getting clean off this shit was as bad if not worse than withdrawal from opiates. I spent 17 days in the hospital the dr Almost committed me for a 2 month eval. He diagnosed me with Bipolar which I still deal with (probably dealt with my whole life). Long story short this stuff is really terrible. I have visible red veins in my eyes now that don’t go away. It’s been 2 years since I’ve been clean. Please stop bc when it becomes unavailable you’ll stop for the wrong reason and relapse easily. Stop now!

  136. im an 18 yr old senior in high school and i am currently addicted to what is known in the houston area as kush. i try to get the more powerful bags and just recently (wednsday of last week) had a trip where i siezed twice and cant quite remember anything… this may be due to the fact that i had smoked the leftover crystals in the bottom of the bag when the leaves were all gone. all i know is that i have been addicted to the drug for a year now, ruined my memory and look forward to my paycheck from work so i can go and buy more. i am smoking just about a bag a day if i dont go to school. and if i do go to school i bring the bags with me and smoke in the bathroom. the addiction is getting worse and anytime i am without kush, i get very angry.. often snapping at people who dont really deserve it and it is eating away my ability to interact with people properly. though the high is very great and i love to smoke and get high all day an a daily, i would like to quit.. because if i dont…. this shit will kill me.

  137. Ive been clean and sober now off this vile drug now for 3 months. I was smoking close to 10g a day of the most powerful blends out there. One night i passed/blacked out while standing and talking to my girlfriend and i fell face forward in to a nightstand and busted my head wide open. i was unconscious for hours and woke up later in the ER.y girlfriend and i through away all out smoking materials, lighters, etc that following day and have been off it since. Withdrawal honestly isn’t bad at all. Don’t let these people fool you. Find something productive to do with your time and exercise and sweat as much as possible since this stuff is water soluble unlike marijuana being only fat/lipid soluble. what this means is the more fluids you push out of your body the faster you clean up, unlike real weed. About a month after quitting we both tried smoking some real marijuana, really high grade stuff from a local dispensary. We were shocked when we didn’t feel the marijuana at all! We smoked a whole 1/8 of this potent marijuana and the only effect we got at all was just a feeling of being tired. This is BC synth cannabinoids are so much stronger than even the best of the best weed. The synthetic weed had greatly messed up our cannabinoid receptors! We tried another month later and still not much to note. However yesterday after being off this fake garbage for 3 straight months we smoked real marijuana of the same high grade strain as our past two tries and we were very surprised it hit us hard like it used to before we started smoking the fake crap. My point being is time heals all wounds and don’t be discouraged if you try smoking marijuana and yet zero effects from it after you’ve been on this fake stuff so long. Give it time and exercise and your receptors will eventually snap back to where marijuana actually gets you high again. The marijuana high is so much more enjoyable as well! Don’t give up, get off this vile drug… It’ll be the best thing you ever did for yourself and your loved ones around you!

  138. Im 15 years old and nerly two years ago i lost my father in a motorcylce accident.
    Since then i stopped caring about everything and felt so lost and empty. not long after dad passed away i tried a legal high called tai high blue magic , i thought i was in a story book, like a teddy bear swinging on a swing , anything i ate burnt my mouth and i could see half horse/men people running around me , i went to run back across the farm to my house but as i took a step i fell over , i couldnt walk. i loved these effects it was having on me so i continued to buy it . it made me feel so happy and good about myself , until about 6 months of heavy everyday use i started to notice me having anger issues and mood swings and my emotions were all up and down .it got to the point where i couldnt come to school unless i was stoned because id just get so angry and fly off the handle, break shit , yell at people . and i couldnt even control anything i would say or do . it started taking over my learning , i was wagging school to go get it and smoke it. i used it to sleep aswel , i would get so zombied id comer as soon as i hit my pillow, i got so used to that now that when i dont have any for bed i cant sleep , i lay there wide awake all night. after about 11 months on legals i went to rehab and was off it for 3 months but when i got back to reality (school , home ) i couldnt handle being off it . i then overdoesed and huffed ffor a buzz. i then went to rehab again but lasted a week . my mum thinks ive been off it now for over 4 months but ive just confessed and asked for help to get off it because i want to pass school and not be a bum , im now on medacation to keep me calm and help with coming off synthetic . this shit fucks with peoples familys, relationships , schooling . everything ! legals is good shit , the buzz and all , but i can finally see my future is more important , wish me luck , my give up date is 1st of march 2014.
    Just abit of my story .

  139. To those of you that genuinely want to quit I have the following encouragement. I am now 1 week free of this scourge and you can do it with minimal withdraws. If you like the taste of milk, I found that whole milk solved all my problems minus the heat flashes. I used baths to counter those and the natural cold weather we are having to counter that. I was able to keep down WHOLE milk and keep on weight due to the high calorie count. After your first 2 days on milk you can start adding in toast and by the end of the week you will be eating full on sandwiches. I was smoking this crap for over 2 years straight and I just did it cold turkey. I had tried many times to quit before with failure due to the intense vomiting and malnutrition it was causing me. YOU HAVE HOPE!!!!! Don’t just chug milk but sip it throughout the day and it will naturally settle your stomach and give you all the essential nutrients you need to survive this week of hell. I tried every other method with no success until I tried this remedy after an old doctor advised it was a good stomach settler when taken over a period of time. I finished a large sandwich with meat cheese and veggies and feel fantastic now. The cravings to smoke are gone and now I know I WILL beat this bullshit that I should have never started. It will also make your stool solid and help you fight dehydration. Hope this information helps at least one other person battle this and win!!!!

  140. Last night I tried Bizarro a synthetic weed, I do not smoke usually and was drunk at the time and I HIGHLY recommend that no one does any synthetic type of drug— and I’m completely turned away from drugs forever (such a good thing). I did one hit, just to make myself feel better since I’ve been sad about a pet passing and some other shitty things this week. At first, it was fine. I kept laughing, my lip felt like it was going up so I held it with my hand, couldn’t eat and feel anything. But then I tripped so bad and thought I was dying. I felt like I was someone else and I held my friend’s hand trying to calm down and I closed my eyes, but forgot I could open them. And when I did my vision was like a picture show, I could only see tiny flickers of my friend’s face and her voice was echoing. And in the back of my head was just high pitched screaming and the entire world was vibrating. My friend forgot to tell me it was packed with 3 different batches of Bizarro, and honestly. I am glad to be alive, grateful even. Please if you know anyone on this drug, try to stop them, get them away from it

  141. Dear confused wife,
    He is going to have to see himself for what he is now…. thats what i did. So unattractive, think about situations he could be put in to see that its actually a problem and no longer recreation. Oh my god its terrible kicking it and you gotta cold turkey there is no other way

  142. @mayra

    It seems like you’re the one actually smoking it, and you know how I can tell? Your writing is so full of grammatical errors that I’m reminded of how difficult it was to compose a well put together thought while on incense.

    Writing become a chore. Also, I didn’t care to go to the barbershop on schedule, and I begin to let myself go.

    I couldn’t even enjoy watching porn. Now you know it’s bad when a guy can’t even enjoy watching porn; for one I could not get an erection, and intercourse was of no concern.

    No man in his late 20s – 40s should feel like that.

  143. My wife of 11 years smokes. (death) this woman is so obsessed with smoking she got stealing from her kids puggy bank. Just to get some herbal air freshners. I tried her to go back ti reg. Weed. But she refuses to leave her new found drug choice. Iwhat can i give to make her stops. She bathes once a week. Cleans dishes NEVER. i have a hill of clothes and well my home smells all the time….

  144. Never again. If you still smoke any sort of herbal incense STOP RIGHT NOW. Don’t wean off it don’t put it off. NEVER USE THIS PRODUCT OR ANYTHING SIMILAR AGAIN. I had an intense panic attack smoking incense after heavy use, and lost all vision and feeling. I felt like I died. This is similar to what I have heard about ODing on meth or heroine, so no matter what anybody tells you, this drug can kill.

  145. I need help my husband and father to our babies hasbeen smoking 7h for about a year it’s completely changed him to a man I don’t recognize when he started this shit he started abusing me regularly we’re actuality separated at the moment but this week we had a family week together and every hour he is smoking this every hour it’s ruined his ability to be a father A’s husband And we are continually fighting about it. I’m wondering if his change is the drug and if I should just let him smoke himself into stupidity or continue begging him to quit please helpme

  146. Im quitting….yesterday i smoked my last blunt about 3 at 6 I was violently throwing up, hot and cold flashes, 0 appetite and restlessness with anxiety. Im on day two still sucks no puking though just anxiety out of this world… i figure this is the best way . If u want to stop n get weak n wanna cave take a hot ass bath it will release natural endorphines youll get a suttle high with relief from craving try to take a nap afterwards….. but im still toughing it out.. AAAHHHH but it will get better…any suggestions?

  147. Yeah I did this stuff on and off for a few months. Then when I was on probation I smoked heavy like .3-.5 grams per day every day for about a month or 2 and it gave me post-nasal drip. Basically snot runs down the back of my throat instead of out of my nose. And I constantly have snot in my throat 24/7. It sucks. Also I occaisonally get lung pains now. Don’t do that stuff

  148. I was smoking this stuff heavy for about two years. Like 5-6 jars of dzl a day. I stopped about three to four months ago and my chest still feels damaged. My heart races and my lungs aren’t the same. If you smoke this stuff stop it because it does leave a permanent scar

  149. I have been free from this scourge for about two years now. I read these stories of what others are going through and it brings it all back to me. Everything that I read I have gone through and am so glad that I can look back on it and feel proud that I quit cold turkey. It was very hard to get through but probably saved my life. I read about some gaining weight but I lost a lot of weight quickly while I smoked this crap. I was not overweight to begin with so became very thin. I pray for all still in the grip of this monster to be strong and get your life and your self back. Life is so much better without it.

  150. Here is natural detox you can make that could help eliminate some of the withdrawal effects. Take 2 lemons, 1/2 a cucumber, 10-12 mint leaves. Slice up the lemons and cucumber and add with the mint to 3 quarts of water. Let it set overnight and drink to flush impurities out of your system.

    Also, something I learned on here (thank you FreeHouseWife) take Krill Oil or some other source of omega 3 to help calm the racing heart, and here is a link showing natural supplements you can take to replenish low levels of neurotransmitters and give relief from the depression and anxiety you may feel.

  151. I’m looking into this because my ex (I’m still very close to him) has substituted marijuana for spice and he’s also doing coke. I’m worried because my best friend recently told me spice is bad. I need more info. though…

  152. I was first introduce to legal weed my senior year in high school. I was only trying to fit-in a certain crowed. Probably my biggest mistake. My friends first school me on serenity (incense) and told me it was a legal high. I didn’t think much of it. From buying Killa skunk, Kush and Mosvox I loved the high intense highs I was getting from it. At points, after hitting a good hit my mind started to wander, I didn’t feel like myself. I felt lost and confused. I had no control of my thoughts, I was convincing myself that I was dead! I became so addictive that it’s not even funny. I suffer from anxiety now and its very hard for me to be assertive with other people. One time I had gotten a hit of insence and got up to get a drink, all of the sudden my legs felt wobbly and I felt back.. surprisingly I was still awake and showed no sign of being unconscious. I was to get rid of my anxiety and I’m guessing the only way to get rid of it is to stop. I been smoking it for about 2 years.

  153. Anyone considering smoking this just do heroin I’m 18 years old my dad got of federal prison 5 years ago Introduced me to incense cause he was on DOC when I was like 13 been smoking it almost non stop since and honestly way my heart feels I think it’s too late already I think my life is close to over and it’s so sad because I have the perfect life other then my addiction I have hid it from everyone that is closest to me and I’m gonna get payed for smoking that dumb probably with death stay away stay away stay away as soon as your high goes away you’ll feel like ripping instantly that’s when you gotta quit but I’ve been trying to stop since just the 1st already got 2 bags spent 40 bucks since then out now again gotta just make it 2 weeks and your fine I watched my dad detox off it he literally was punching himself in the face he was going so Insane it garbage also biggest reason I don’t wanna quit is I fall asleep at 10 at night wake up at 11,12,1,2,3,4,5,6 and smoke every single hour

  154. My boyfriend started smoking mad monkey and sexy monkey a couple months ago. He got to the point where he was buying a 5th bag every other day. He got to that point very fast. I begged for him to stop or just slow down and he wouldnt..He couldnt. Then it got to a bag a day and I took all his money, debit cards and car keys and made him stop cold turkey. He destroyed our front room because I wouldn’t let him have any. He wasn’t sleeping at night, he was throwing up all the time and felt horrible the entire time he smoked it. The very first night he didn’t have any he slept through the night. It took him about a week to get back to normal. He still gets the urge to smoke but he had told me he is fighting the urge. He just found a partial bag of it when we were cleaning. He didn’t smoke any of it, not that he didn’t want to. Instead he told me he found it and showed me the bag. We argued for about 10 mins before he just handed me the bag and decided not to smoke it. This stuff will mess you up bad! I think way worst than weed! I told my boyfriend I would gladly buy him weed instead, even though I am not a fan of either but I’ve seen him quit weed cold turkey and be just fine. If you or someone you know is smoking this stuff…STOP! Immediately! It’s not worth the money struggle or the deteriorating health!

  155. It really helps to hear from others who went or is going through this. I’m currently attending group therapy and on the only one there for spice soit’s a but unnerving not having anyone else there in my shoes. It also doesnt help that there isn’t a whole lot of info on the stuff. I prolly would be worse off if it weren’t for.getting caught by police. I was so addicted that I drive my car W/I a license just to get the stuff. I have relapsed twice now but this next time through on quitting for good. Thanx for reading and sharing. It helped out a lot. God bless.

  156. but everyone’s experience is different I’ve heard some say they had no problems at all quitting so maybe you’ll get lucky and avoid all the detox fun. good luck.

  157. good luck Jason, glad to hear another person ready to quit. Good question about going cold turkey or not. I’ve heard some say its best to ease off it trying to get down to 1 gram a day or less and then quitting to avoid some of the detox symptoms. Personally, I tried that but didn’t really have the will power to keep slowing myself down, if I had some I would just smoke out. So for me, I’m had to go cold turkey and tuff it out.

    The first 24 hours or so after I quit I didn’t feel any different at all. Somewhere about the second day off I started feeling sick as a dog, gagging and puking, no appetite at all did not feel like eating anything and would get chills and then hot feelings and my heart would start racing like crazy. I just slugged thru it, living on 7 up, breakfast drinks and chicken noodle soup until it finally passed after about 3 or 4 days.

    I read the developer of the original fake pot molecule warned that there was no way to predict how these molecules will break down after ingestion and that they could very well break down into toxins. This tells me that they most definitely do break down into toxic chemicals and the developers know this as fact. This would explain the detox, it literally feels like you’ve been poisoned and your body has to slowly get all the poison out as painful as it is.

    but, the good news is in a few months you’ll be back to normal and won’t even miss that crap, in fact the thought of it will make you gag. good luck, keep posting your experience here, this is what really helped me get over the hump.

  158. I am a heavy user of marly extra strength , I am ready to quit , should I go cold turkey , if so how long will the withdraw last . 18 months 3 grams a day

  159. @lillyflower

    You and your husband have to quit ASAP, seriously. It takes months for you to get back to normal, and honestly after I stopped in 2011, it took up until the summer of 2012 to really feel the natural high of marijuana. It took at least a month until I could sleep right again.

    This stuff is straight up poison, and the timing to stop is right now.

  160. I think that the messed up side effect of this herbal thing is that when you are high of it, you just want to quit all the bad habits and not to smoke ever again. But soonest it puts you back to zero you want it all over again. So the best way to stop all that is to stopping smoking it and to find something else to consume. Per example, buy fruits, vegetables for 10$ and every time you want to get relaxed you take one fruit or vegetable, and get busy by working around house, get your self clean 2!

  161. So my husband and i have been smoking this stuff for two years now, but until this most recent chem change we didnt notice what i now see after reading this we arent getting the flu…i dont know what to do. We have been smoking a min. Of 2 a day, with most days being at 20+,without running out. We took a road trip and now e have run u t. Im almost too afraidto go through what you guys are describing…we are on the road, and dont have the $ to hole up in a hotel for 5_10days while we go through what sounds like methadone withdrawal. Ive got the hackig and gagging too….all of it. We both do. Isthere Any sort of otc medicine, or a REAL herbal remedy- that can help or are we going to have to turnaround and he ad back home for the storm? We arent far yet.

  162. People are still smoking this? Wow.

    I posted on here around 2 years ago exactly to this month I believe, or maybe it was December of 2011, but now I am a happy and proud marijuana smoker. In fact, I’ve been happily smoking marijuana since stopping spice in 2011 and I have no idea why people are still experimenting with these chemicals.

    It’s just flat out crazy to me at this point, because the trail and error period ended I would say at the tail end of 2011. Many of us who were smoking it then had blends that were very addictive, but now I’m reading reports of new blends being much more addictive than the blends from 2010-2011. We were smoking it because we thought it wasn’t harmful, but eventually we found how wrong we actually were.

    It’s still mind boggling that it is still being consumed on the regular by many who can probably smoke natural green. But as a result of the addiction and minus the chemical like buzz, the green just won’t cut it anymore. That’s what is really sad, a person’s neurons have been destroyed to the point where you can’t even smoke regular green anymore.

    Remember Mary Joy? After almost dying one night after smoking almost a 3g to myself I knew it was time to stop.

    Now, it’s all good people, but I just decided to stop in here after almost two years, and the page is now 10x’s longer with stories that mirror mine, but in some cases the stories are much worse.

    Peace. Stay with the green.

  163. My girlfriend is addicted to the stuff. She can smoke a 3 gram bag, and half of another one in a day. Shes hacking up black stuff and throwing up, most every night and morning. She has put on about 30lbs., in 6 months, and literaly has destroyed her teeth. Ive wanted her to go back to the green, and she wont do it. She spends all her money on the stuff. This week, was her sons birthday, and she had no money. I had to buy his gift, cake, etc. I mean, her whole check is spent on 47 degrees, or assassin, or whatever she can afford. She has gotten to the point, where she doesnt even care about her personal appearance. Im sick of it. Manda, i feel your pain. When my girlfriend doesnt have it, she is very aggressive, and agitated. If I knew she would quit, for real, i would deal with that, no problem. But she has lied to me about where her money has went, as well as buying it, so many times, I dont believe anything she says anymore.

  164. My husband is addictited to this stuff called kush and it is causing many problems in our relationship. He won’t admit to me that he is addicted, but I know he is. He smokes it every day and has to have it every hour or two. He even wakes up in the middle of the night because he has to have it. I know it is effecting his health. He wheezes and coughs all the time and wakes up throwing up many mornings. I have begged him to stop. When he did stop for two days he was very aggravated, aggressive and depressed. I’m worried for him. How can you help someone you love get off this stuff?

  165. My 21 yr old had been high on King Kong incense for the past 3 going on 4 days, he says he isnt smoking it but I am sure he is but I cant find it. He has a 2 year old daughter that i am careing for because he isnt even able to care for himself. I am thinking I need to take him to the hospital to try and get him off the stuff and do a through search of his room to try and find it if there is any left. If he had stopped smoking he wouldnt be having these effects, right??….Please help!!!

  166. A friend of mine smokes the potpourri and he says it doesn’t mess with him mentally, but I watched him have what he thought to be a heart attack once.
    He was perfectly fine, he just started to freak out for no reason.
    He’s also had a lot of blackouts and boarder line psychotic meltdowns.
    Again, he says it has nothing to do with the fake weed, but I’ve never seen him act this way before.
    Could this make him permanently unstable, or can he stop soon and be okay? If these are side effects from this fake weed can he get better?

  167. Hi FreeHouseWife,
    Thanks for asking. My October 5th post is still pretty current except they had one more 2 week excursion. Al-anon has definitely helped me relate to them better, with respect, it’s their life and they know where I’m at and what I think. Sounds somewhat cold but it’s true, and it works for them and me and my wife. I’m no longer over involved with them. I focus on my inventory instead. Somewhat hard to explain but Let Go and Let God just works. I think they hit bottom but we’ll see if they are ready to move on from herbal incense. Hope so.

    I’m sorry to hear about the bills. That’s no fun but it’s always nice to see them shrink… kind of like melting ice in the Spring time!

  168. I have to dis-agree with the comment on herbal incense being addictive, YES they are addictive. YES both psycological and physical addiction are possible, I have went through both multiple times in the past 5 years or so. Where I want to differ is where this post said marijuana is addictive. NO it is not addictive in my opinion and the opinion of hundreds of people I have encountered in my time. People steal for crack, meth, pills, coke, etc… for weed, not unless they’re jonesing for those other hard drugs have I ever seen or heard of someone stealing for weed!!! Never have I ever crashed off of weed, never have I ever NEEDED weed to function. Wanting it is no question though as it is just that good!!! Like a Coke or Pepsi, a cup of coffee, or a piece of chocolate, weed is GOOD!

  169. I wanted to add, that while smoking zombie matter, I had lots of eye twitches. Months after I stopped, I still experienced them every so often, and I wasn’t sure if they would ever go away. I’m happy to say that now that it’s been over a year, they have stopped.

  170. are your sons at this point? I’m praying they are still sober. I’ve been sober 14 months now…woohoo!! I’ve smoked weed about 4-5 times, but that is it. Every now and then I think how nice it would be to smoke some zombie matter, but I don’t know where to buy it, and I know in my heart I will never go back to smoking it. It just shows that the craving never fully goes away. Sad part is even after 14 months, I’m still dealing with the debt associated with my habit. I’m slowly climbing out, but it’s a long road. Every month paying the bills, I am reminded of how my addiction affected me and my family long after I was sober.

    Peace and sobriety to everyone!!

  171. crap. tried quite a few of them. u lot r playing up any slight hint of an inkling of a negative side effect, its a nice ‘stoned’ feeling.admit it.

  172. Hi I’m Jordan and I’m 18 I been smoking different blend of herbal incence (mainly Pandora’s box) for 5-7 months now I been smoking a minimum of 3GS up to. 9gs a day through a bong me and my mates now realise we have a problem, I quit smoking the stuff for 4 days and they were the illist and horriblist days of my life so far I need some sort guidance to quit to sort my life out befor it’s to late

  173. Wat will the herbal incense do to the body in a long term setting. And should u smoke the fake weed if u are on probation and

  174. I was addicted to legal highs exodus in particular worst thing ever. It took over my life I became a different person nearly ruined my relationship with my partner. I stole to fund my 2 gram a day habit 🙁 all I cared was about my “stuff” I was moody and aggressive. I used to wake up during the night drenched In sweat because I couldn’t go a few hours without a joint. I urge anyone on this to please
    Quit I didn’t think I could but I have and I feel like a brand new person I’m happy, my relationship is back on track and I’m finally being the mum I should be to my beautiful daughters. If u can do it anyone can believe me

  175. hi I have been addicted to legal weed for the last two years and have the same experience with it as I did with the illegal kind only I can smoke for a longer period than marajuana before I build a tolerance to it and when that happens I still continue to smoke it how do I get off it life seems so dull without it please help me S.O.S

  176. Best of luck to you Pops, it sounds like you are a very caring dad, they will hopefully thank you for all your help getting them off this horrible crap. Peace be with you, too.

  177. This is for all the spouses, friends, lovers, and relatives of herbal incensers.

    Relapse. Happened again. For my sons. Three car wrecks in two weeks later I know God is merciful. I have been there pretty close myself. Eight years without pulling a drunk. Wrecked a great car myself when I was hung over a long time ago so yes, we’re the same. Except now I’m sober 8 years and their about 2 weeks sober. And I have a new but ineffective routine that goes like this: Worry, bad relating, ranting, guilt, try again, and fail again as a “concerned parent”. When I worry-rant I can’t really tell if I reach so probably am not. Yes it’s insane but I’ve been repeating this cycle most days and it’s tiring.

    What now? I will still go to church and to CR (AA) meetings and work the program just for me to continue in sobriety. They work for me so yep, continue this.

    New one: AL-ANON. Knew about this but didn’t make the time to attend. So tired of this cycle… cranked out unhelpful words earlier today after my son was an hour and a half late, so I decided to go tonight for the first time. Not sure how he spent the time visiting his friends but one thing I can say: The 90-minute AL-ANON meeting helped me close my not-so-helpful worry-mouth with my sons. Tomorrow will be more peaceful. Not sure if I trust them (and in fact I don’t though I wish I could and want to) but the AL-ANON encouragement, if I keep it in mind (and their message is reasonable) then tomorrow will be more peaceful. I think I can get on track with life again instead of worrying. Who knows how much this will help but it will.

    Peace to you —

  178. I’ve been smoking “fake weed” for 3 years now… What are the long term effects? I’ve tried to quit but can’t get past withdrawls.

  179. Jane Dope you are not alone if you read my very recent post and i mean this was only yesterday 19/09/13 i thought i was a gonner, I felt like I knew i was going to die and was kind of feeling or seeing it like it had already happened and there was nothing i could do to prevent my death at this time, it passes but i still feel a bit weird today and last night I had the most vivid dream ever and could remember every detail of it, this shit can make you feel good but it very quickly turns bad, mixing it with anti depresents is a very bad idea but then smoking this shit at all is a very bad idea. I quit pot and i loved pot i thought this would be a legal substitute, i was wrong and stupid and nieve

  180. I agree if you are only on here to glorify its affects and try and defend this horrible drug please piss off somewhere else, I smoked the new stuff 4 times and the first 3 times i felt great (bare in mind i had really really tiny cones and only 1 each time) the 4th time i sat to watch the music video i created as i am a musician and sitting there watching my song “our last day” i really thought it was my last day, I though i was going to die right there and thn infront of my kids (I would never smoke infront of my kids but i quit weed and tried this as a substitute, I could not breathe and nothing i could do would change this feeling i was going to die. I dont use anything now but Damania and that just gives a nice mellow feeling of well being (not so much stoned but happy) Damania is all natural and actually says on pack it can be smoked or drank as tea (it feels nice and warm and happy) I meant it before i handed most o the 3 gram bag to my wife (minus the small 4 cones i had smoked) and said flush it and she did infront of me (no regrets) I saw the signs and new this would kill me if i kept up. A qauter the size of a normal cone nearly killed me

  181. I tried a brand called climax i tried it on 4 occasions and only the smallest cone each time, today i thought i was going to die I could not breathe and I thouht I was going to have a heart attack, it lasted about an hour and I was hitting mysel in the chest in hopes to kickstart my heart again. I got my wie to flush $70 worth down the toilet and have no regrets about it, I honestly believe and know I nearly died today and for what? All brands I have tried have made me feel sick but that was when it first came out, I recently quite weed and went to this as a substitute, worst mistake I ever made I found myself saying to myself if i survive this then it has to go and so it has been flushed. There is no good brand and it has the potential to kill you unexpectadly you hear on the news all the time people are dying from it. Weed is much better but now people are extracting the thc from the weed and spraying the spray form of heral incense all over it to still give a high feeling. I regret wasting $70 though i am happy i did not die today and have promised myself never again. I will just go cold turkey. My advise is dont try it and if you already do then quit.

  182. Antidepressants such as Zoloft (Sertraline), Elavil (Amitriptyline), as well as Paxil (Paroxetine) tend to be provided to individuals with continual major depression. Although it helps using feeling, one of these drugs’ unwanted effects is usually to trigger some bedroom issues. Physicians may swap the crooks to other sorts of mao inhibitors which can decrease this type of unwanted effect as well as start any weekend substance trip for the people getting Zoloft along with Paxil. Sufferers with this saturday and sunday drug trip do not take the particular substance upon Feb 5th and Saturday. A significant advancement inside continues to be documented by simply these individuals.

  183. Don’t use it.It is addictive much more than weed I quit 5 days ago I am finnally feeling better but it is just not worth it I don’t know exactly what effect it has but it is addictive if you use it often and you quit you will become sick….

  184. I am a marijuana advocate I believe that it truly helps people (I have PTSD) but a few years ago I had a bag of scooby snax I was smoking to help me with pain management and sleeping I quit when I found out it was not like marijuana and can actually hurt u. Well yesterday I found what I thought was some hidden weed I forgot abt and smoked it soon as I tasted it and felt the high I knew it wasn’t weed but I am breast feeding and I am scared to feed my baby now … how long does the chemicals stay in your blood system? Pls don’t judge I made the best choice of medication for me and my baby by choosing to use marijuana to help with my PTSD symptoms and I feel horrible now cause I donno if I can feed my baby!!

  185. I’ve been off it for a little over 6 weeks now and I’m not sure about the blood pressure (I never measured mine) but I can tell you the rapid heart beat I used to get is finally gone. The anxiety I was feeling is gone too.

    And my appetite came back with a vengeance, I’ve been eating non stop lately and have put back on all the weight that I had lost while I was smoking that stuff. My plan is to go grocery shopping instead of eating fast food all the time. I eat much better when I shop. And I’m working out and riding my bike about every night so I’m hoping to get back in shape.

    I’m pretty much convinced that they put some kind of meth like substance in it that is producing the effect.

  186. i wouldn’t advise smoking any of this. last night i smoked a decent sized bong of some stuff called ‘psy-clone’ which had an aroma of bubblebum. i never expected it to do anything as i have had herbal highs before which were nonsense but this one hit the equivalent of a few acid tabs and only took a few seconds to start kicking in, therefore i ended up in a very bad trip. what felt like 12 hours of hell, seeing/experiencing some horrific, terrifying stuuf apparently was only about 10 mins. never again

  187. I was just talking with a good buddy of mine who was hooked really bad on this stuff but has not smoked it for over a year now. He say’s now he can’t get high from real weed. I’ve only tried a couple of times myself and couldn’t really get high either, although it was crappy weed and my lungs were so shot from the fake stuff that I couldn’t really hit it without coughing and gagging.

    Is anyone else experiencing that? My buddy is convinced its some kind of gov’t conspiracy or something to get people off weed. I don’t know about all that but I think that the fake stuff is just so much more intense that your tolerance builds up really high to the point that the real stuff just doesn’t cut it anymore. I’ve also heard that the fake cannabis molecules stay stuck in your neural synapses for a long time probably blocking the effect of real cannabis molecules.

    I’ve quit real weed, too, so I’m not going to find out any time soon but I’m just curious if others have noticed that too.

  188. and also, get them to post on here after they quit, it REALLY helped me a lot. there is no need to go thru it alone when we can all thru it together and share tips, like the coconut water, that is a really interesting idea, I think I will try that too just for the hydration, and drink lots of water everyday!

  189. thank you Pops and Gordon! I appreciate that. still off it and still no desire at all to go back, just the thought of it kinda makes want to gag now (again). thankful for that! I hardly ever even think about now, but I do love to check in here and listen to everyone else’s experiences.

    For anyone trying to quit or anyone trying to help a friend or family member quit, all I can say is it is possible, you might get sick for a day or two but its worth it when you can get to the point of not even thinking about it any more, much less have any desire to smoke it. it really is a liberating experience kind of like kicking a monkey off your back. and I’ve got extra cash now, its great!

  190. Dear Sissy,
    Let us know how your son is doing. You have to be strong thru this and keep on him. Read how others have stopped and how they felt getting this out of their system. There are good folks here that are willing to share. Pray for help!
    Best Wishes,

  191. dear uncle ted,
    I agree with you 100%, this stuff is bad news, even worse. Inhaling these chemicals takes a direct hit to the brain. I pray for anyone who tries this even once. God Bless this young man and all others to put this junk in the trash.

  192. dear ????? ,
    Have him try drinking coconut water it’s the best for hydration. Look it up online for more info.. I was dehydrated and it worked extremely well. I hope he stops smoking this crap and realizes how bad this really is. There are a lot of good folks on this page and you may get some info. and help from people that have made it. I just congratulated chris7 who has been successful.

  193. Dear Chris7,
    We are all very proud of you beating this awful destructive junk. Please let us know how your doing. We that’s including you know how bad this phony crap can do to our lives. Congratulations you have a lot to be Happy about. Give Thanks thru Prayer you’ve been blessed with the strength and courage to do this.

  194. Thanks Everyone, and I mean Everyone, for inspiring me today. That’s chris7, ?????, uncle ted, sissy and Clockwork Orange Herbal Incense, FreeHouseWife, the Blog Administers and everyone.

    Let’s have a good day together here on the earth. Let’s be strong.

  195. I have a friend that smokes 7h from the time he gets up til the time he goes to bed and when he is smoking it he tends to drop things ot of his hands and he doses of for about 5min. without his daily fix he gets violent and he tends to throw up .everything ticks him off to the point of him wanting to hurt someone .why is that.and wut can we do to get him off of it

  196. two weeks now and I hardly even think about it anymore. its about to become a distant memory I hope. if anyone is thinking of quitting, just do it you will be very glad you did.

  197. day 10 off it and so far so good. didn’t get sick, just a few cold sweats the first day or two but almost back to normal now. glad I quit.

  198. sissy, your sons organs may be shuting down. he needs to drink nothing but water. and if thats not stayin down, go to the hospital and get an i.v.. do not allow him to continue smoking, it will kill he’s body sooner than you think.

  199. Sissy have him read this blog from top to bottom. Alot of these people are experienced with drugs and this isn’t a drug it’s a curse. I would hope it opens his eyes. It might help if you force him to go through a treatment program maybe you could attend with him to learn how things change the chemical makeup of your brain. This stuff is gonna be a epidemic if we don’t nix it now….

  200. day 4 and so far so good. I didn’t really get sick or anything, had a few cold sweats now and then but not too bad. Racing heart seems to be getting better, I’m using some relaxation techniques when it does like taking deep breaths and feeling the relaxation on the exhale, that seems to help. Now I can almost stop them before they start. Stick with it everyone its beatable.

  201. Sissy,
    There is probably lots going on. No doubt peer pressure is right in there. While peers are a factor of course it’s not about them, but your son. Maybe this personal story will help.

    My sons smoked for over 5 years. They lost scholarships, friends, the ability to care for themselves eventually. The slide was gradual until it reached the stage your son is at. Finally, the answer God had for my sons was “desire.” They had to want to stop. When their lives started to really fall apart that when hope was closest, just waiting around the corner. We attended church. Then we tried Celebrate Recovery for a few months. My sons have since become involved in a new church, a place that emphasizes clean living, something they found. The CR meetings did have an effect for the time they attended, then they needed to branch out and be their own person. A 12-step program helps a person look at their life and resolve addictions in a surprising number of ways. 12-step meetings can be nice, unless one is required to attend as a part of as DWI sentence, etc. Anyway, since they quit CR they approach is to try resolve their addictive tendencies through their church. In fact, they still have barbs but have been off HI (herbal incense) for over a year. One son chooses to drink (he’s 27) and I hope it’s moderate but that’s his decision.

    If your son won’t a attend then you might try attending Al-Anon, something just for you. Personally I find a lot of benefit from working on me to become a stronger person. I’m pretty sure that what I did around the home felt fairly crazy (displaying inconsistent, non-affirming parental behaviors). I continue to study addictions and try to apply the 12-steps to my life. When interacting with my sons today, I respond better and feel this reduces past reminders for my sons. At least we communicate clearer and I say no to potential BS situations better. Clear talk and a less angry home life help us all.

    Like I said, there’s probably lot’s going on and I worked on part. For us connecting with a 12-step group made a difference. In a 12-step meeting (whichever one) the members are familiar with addictive behavior and for lack of better words, when the world isn’t right, there it feels homey or comfortable. No one looks at me cross eyed or ask me to stop talking about addiction and all the problems that come with it.

    You son has to want to stop. 12-step groups and books help.

  202. I originally posted here on Nov. 8th under the name ‘Chris’ but since there are a few other Chris’ I will post as chris7 from now on.

    I haven’t posted since Dec because I failed and was too embarrassed to admit it. I made it about 3 weeks, was feeling really good was running the track every night and getting my lungs back in shape and was really proud of how little I missed that crap.

    My mistake was drinking. I must have an addictive personality as others have described because after about 7 beers I had this uncontrollable urge to smoke some of this crap again. I thought maybe if I had a beer or two that it would help with my racing heart and at first it was just the ticket, I was feeling really good but somewhere about the 7th beer the urge hit me hard and I had to smoke some of this and fell immediately back into my routine of smoking it all day long every day.

    I tried to rationalize by telling myself that this new stuff was not as powerful and the old stuff I was using (the old brands were banned here). But, still I was hooked, no doubt about it.

    I quit again a few weeks ago and fell into deep depression and anxiety where my heart would just start beating wildly out of the blue and I started having suicidal thoughts all the time. I even got on the internet to research ways to commit suicide. At that time I decided that these feelings sucked worse than being addicted so I broke down and got some more. It is gone now and I really want to quit it for good.

    This is why I’m posting on here, it seemed to help me a lot last time to be able to post my experiences on here and get all the support from everyone else. It really made the difference for me I think. I am taking anti-depressants now so I am hopeful that I will not fall back into the funk I was in a few weeks ago. I know it will be tough but I think posting on here will help me stick to it.

  203. out of everybodys story, has anybody felt ”tapped” into a different look of live? actually seeing things for what it really is? feeling life being exposed of all truths or lies, and your able to catch every second or moment like its floating infront of your face. feeling more ‘alive’ then everyone in grocery store, and knowing it. the only other way then the technical way to explain ‘this’ is…. godlike. i feel incredible when im superhigh. not high, like it seems from everybody else. like a millennium high. time feels slow as im in fastforward. critical thinking and critical judgeing also came too. this may sound stupid and farfetched a little, imagine that every time you smoked, you felt a possessed power that sharpens your natural senses every single time, and then as the superhigh wears off, your mind/body/spirit sorta absorbs the energy. now heres why i quit, all and i mean all side effects i have experienced. throwing up to coughing up the spotted black stuff. from the psychological experiences i felt everything physically that happened. i was so addicted that the panic attacks were something i got used to. when i started expecting the unexpected, is when the effects actually became just effects to me. basically like a phase, all i had to do is spin a wheel and see what happens, and then wait to see what category it would be under and how to deal with it. never went to the hospital on any occasion when smoking spice, but should of for alot of times. i physically and mentally thought ived died or was gonna die and counting my years down. looking at 23 being old and it feels like you may have a chance for 40, just enough time to raise your two sons. depression was very hard problem to deal with. well after two in a half years of that, the incredible happened. i smoked one day and felt something new. i felt more of everything then i ever felt in seconds at a time. to me honestly, i felt reborn. mystical stuff. like the closet ive came to actually believe that there is a high power. not religious but theres a feeling thats deep down inside your soul that you dont know about. anyways dec. 31st i mixed what i had left into the resin out of my bowl and smoked it. and then a unexpected turn took on me. i got to high. the ‘posessing powers’ felt 10 times stronger then ever before. i could have probably any mindset that i wanted. i felt to smart, to strong for my own good literally. my body felt like it was gonna explode with this mysterious energy. i stopped that day and went to mary j. i dont get high, i just get mellow now. i feel like im still in fastforward but time is moving at the same pace. i tweeked a little when the withdraws set in like the first day but i gradually kept smoking weed and the withdraws were gone before i realise it. if anyone can comment, that would be awesome.

  204. I tried Clockwork orange, and it literally took me away.
    I crawled to the floor where i proceed to close my eyes and give no reaction to anyone when they were shouting my name, i could hear everything going on but I couldn’t bring myself to reply or move, my body was locked untill I finally threw up but even after throwing up, I couldn’t concentrate,
    That was the physical, the mental?
    There was a dark blue room with a white staircase, I walked up the staircase and looked up there was a skeletal figure with black wings in the sky with a golden scarf and holding a large brown book. I looked to the floor to find it was dried soil everywhere for miles, and right in front of me there was a broken pair of sunglasses, aviator sunglasses I think they were, (I dont know sunglasses name/brand) After I saw this I breathed heavily and felt my heart getting slower and it felt like i was stuck in this place with the skeletal figure watching me and writing in his book. When I started to come back to reality, i kept seeing things, paranoid and then the flashbacks.

    2 day after and I can still say I feel like crap. That entire scene lasted an hour and I can honestly say I was calm the entire time which I’m glad I was because if i let myself think i was scared I don’t know how i would’ve reacted.
    (Baring in mind I had smoked about 6 joints within 12 hours and this was the only time I had this effect. the previous times i just got a slow state of mind and te first time in the morning my entire body locked and the world spinned a bit.)

    I’m not sure why i reacted this way, but i know i’m not the only one. my other friend did too on another packet of the same stuff, clockwork orange. So I know it’s not just me.

    Just thought I’d share my story anyway..

  205. @ JRW…I was the same way as your bf. Once I was hooked, I couldn’t go more than 30 minutes without doing more. I woke up every 1.5 -2 hours at night to do more. And yes, I coughed and coughed and coughed. Have you talked to him…does he realize he has a problem? He has got to want to stop, as with any addiction. Be prepared, the withdrawals can be nasty. I was never so sick…I literally sweated through shirts every hour, while shivering at the same time. I took showers once an hour to help maintain body temp. I was terrible sick to my stomach. It’s been 9 months now, and I haven;t been tempted at all to go back. I never want to cough, and wheeze like that again. I had severe swelling in my feet, and my kidneys sortof ached. I think I was affected them. I had eye twitches. They actually happened on and off for a few months after i quit. I was worried they would continue the rest of my life. I NEVER want to experience the terrible effects of smoking, and the horrible withdrawals again. They have prevented me from even being tempted to go back.

    I suggest you talk to your bf, and express your concerns then show him this site and have him start reading all the testimonials. Best of luck, and please keep us posted..many of us here are recovered and want to help!

  206. Ive been smoking buddha express, vesuvius, and all sorts of incense for a little less than 2 years and had a few bad trips but thats all no after effects except craving more. Anyway i quit for a while then smoked it again 3 days ago and now i feel medium numbness all over my body i dont know what to do please help. Im 22 and im never smoking this stuff ever again its a life ruiner. It feels almost like my soul doesnt fit in my body and i can still feel things but everything has a slight numb feeling to it. Including when i eat or drink or bite my lip. Please i would really like some help this has really changed me around.

  207. I’ve had regular weed plenty of times, with natural weed you feel great, happy and relaxed. I tried Northern Lights and Zeus (two synthetic brands) and its so much different, its unbelievable. You only need two or three hits. Everyone has different trips, mine I keep falling into my body. Everytime I try the synthetic stuff its not an enjoyable feeling like regular weed, its a feeling you want to stop.

  208. Hello everyone. Anybody trying to get off this drug or wondering if they or their kid will ever be their self again PLEASE READ THIS! Ive been off this stuff for a little over 6 months now and i had a horrible horrible experience with it. I tried this stuff for the first time about 2 years ago and as soon as i did i got heavily addicted. Im talkin 20+ grams a day sometimes no less than 10 grams a day or i would be terribly aggervated and depressed. I was at the point where i drove my truck from the backwoods sticks to the only city i knew that sold the stuff with no money and i would camp out in my truck for over a day at a time and ask people to buy me bags of the stuff or for money so i could. Let me add this is out of a $50,000 ford truck. I was selling almost everything i owned to keep my addiction going and quit my job to just smoke. I lost years of friends in 2-3 weeks time the first time i tried to quit, and people were terrified of me. I made one of my female friends cry and call “back up” because she thought i was going to hurt her. To this day i still dont talk to some people i lost from spice. I picked fights with any and everybody for something as small as just looking at me funny. I made holes in my wall and fridge dents, even punched windows. I was extremely depressed and suicidal. I lost all memory of my childhood and my memory was so bad to the point i had to be reminded to eat, drink, be reminded 10 times where i was driving to and why (this is all while 3 or so weeks clean!). Cops were called on me everywhere i went for making a scene. I threated to blow people’s heads off in public facebook statuses. Before spice i was the most laid back person you ever met i got along with everybody. So anyway bout 2 months later i got hooked on the stuff hard again. Lost 25 pounds at least. At one point i went 7 full days with only a bisquit and maybe 2 glasses of grapejuice… yeah. I hope yall are starting to get an idea of how bad this stuff is.. i’d really hope. This is all out of a 6 foot bong up to 20 grams a day.(if i turned my life around, you can too!) So.. my second time starting the stuff again my lungs were in such bad shape that i physically couldn’t hold conversations anymore. My lungs(and heart) severely ached. If i tried to talk i would start coughing and gagging and throw up black tar like stuff for the next 10 minutes. I would cough for hours at a time days at a time barly being able to breath. And my mental health..oh man! I couldnt focus on a thought for more than 2 seconds before i would lose attention.. i couldnt hold conversations because of this too. People who didn’t know me would think i was being rude to them but i really would just not be focused which just caused me to go into more rages. So then i managed to get off the stuff and then relapse AGAIN after weeks of being off. This stuff IS ADDICTING! So the third time on this stuff was just as bad. All day long just thinking suicidal thoughts. I had handed my life over to spice entirely and had no desire to get it back or think it was possible. One night after taking a big hit my hearing in my i forget which hear cut in half. I ignored it.. next hit i lost hearing entirely. This didn’t get even a little better till a few weeks. Then it happened again a week or 2 after that, but of course that didn’t even phase my want to quit. The many friends i had before spice had nothing to do with me anymore the few people that still cared about me were worried i was mentally lost forever and thought i was going to commit suicide from severe lack of hope and lack of brain function in every possible way. Then one day i decided to step up to the biggest fight of my life.. to recover.. for good! I was determained to get my memory, focus, motivation, and life back for good. A couple days after quitting i started running as far as i could down the country backroad where i live. The first day i made it to the end of my driveway before stopping and puking my brains out. Next day twice as far. The day after 3 times as far. Then i started working out with weights too 5 times a week. My lungs started to heal QUICKLY and after a month i stopped spitting up black crap, my lungs were in as good of shape as anybody’s, and i was starting to remember things from my childhood from years ago just out of no where, thing’s i had forgotten about even before spice. I was able to actually hold conversations with people without losing focus or going off to the point they think im gonna kill them. I went from not being able to do 1st grade math problems to getting my GED (i dropped out of school twice on spice) to being as smart or smarter than i’ve ever been. My brain and body healed entirely. The color came back to my skin and my eyes opened up to where i looked like i was sober again.. People started to talk to me again. So.. here it is a little over 6 months now being clean my brain functions returned entirely im still working out 5 days a week i’ve gone from 140 pounds of bone to 168 pounds of nothing but solid muscle. Ive gotten motivation and a desire to live again. Im starting to farm now to make a living and im gonna try and compete pretty soon for my state’s beach bodybuilding contest that my dad won back in the day. Still to this day i have very hard to control anger, i always kinda have, but for the most part im a happy person again and i would never consider touching the stuff again and i tell everybody my story when i hear they smoke it but it doesnt even phase them or make them want to quit. Sorry this is so long i don’t ever do this kinda thing but i saw these stories and horrible scary experiences peope and their kids are having and i felt like i didnt have a choice but to write all this. So conclusion to this story is this stuff can and will violently rip your life apart BUUUT there is hope! It takes time and yes you will go through horrible just horrible withdraw and it could just be the hardest thing you ever do but do it! And absoloutly exercise your brain out (but start to eat too!) it will help you so much to get through the withdraw and after a while to make you happy too. You might be misrable and even suicidal right now but you WILL be ok with time in every way shape and form if you really really want to get your life back but you have to want it and remember it wont be easy at all at first but after awhile you’ll find enjoyment in things and friends and family again. I went from nothing and a completely destroyed life to a life of goals and enjoyment. From a drug addicted boney skeleton to a soon to be competing bodybuilder. I had lost all my friends then quit and made closer friends who are now family to me. I went from no memory, mental or physical speach ability just a zombie to where i am today in just 6 months time. Do not give up you will eventually get better and i hope this story will give you the proof you need to realize that and make it happen. If this story helped at least one person it was worth writing. Write me back! I’m here for you or your kid through this awful time, I’ve been there and beyond and made it back. Best of luck, stay strong!

    Some other things to note: I know there are plenty of horror stories on spice/k2/ect. already but in my own experiences (all different people). One person has passed out and came crashing down on a glass table..i thought he was going to die. A female i knew started thinking the people around her were demon’s trying to get her including her husband and brother. Another friend had 2 seizures 10 minutes apart, another about killed us driving multiple times in the same drive. Someone else i didn’t really know but just knew of started suffering from SEVERE schizophrenia, started thinking everyone including his old friends were cops I don’t know if he has recovered. And then another friend left my house on the stuff and on his way out hit another friend’s car then panic’d and didnt let her know until the next day. The only “trips” i’ve personally ever had were TWICE i thought i had left and was at a wild party then came back to it and asked “we’re we just at a party??” to find out i never moved and was carrying on a conversation i wasn’t even aware of having. One last story im surprised i didn’t think of first. A friend told me one night he was smoking the stuff alone and out of no where he was carried out his body and “turned into a badass and started fighting demons”. Me and him don’t talk anymore because he started breaking, entering, and stealing from MANY people’s houses including mine and stealing hundreds of dollars and litterly anything.(never until on spice) But last i heard even months later he would wake up at night and go outside and just stare into the stars for hours for a reason he couldn’t figure out why. He said it had to do with the night he “fought demons”. The stories go on for days. This stuff is BBAADD! Even though some (few) people do not experience these bad trips, i didn’t, but spice was still the worst overall experience of mine and their lives. Take warning, get help, professional help(suggested) or even just family and friends you will need the support and motivation to quit and stay clean. Like i said, I’m here for help i’ve been through a heavier addiction on spice, three times, than i’ve seen anyone on here go through(next closest addiction i’ve seen is 10grams a day, still BAD!)

    I feel like getting people off of this drug and helping the cause of getting it permanently illegal could be one of the most important things i could do with my life at this point. If anyone knows how to go about speeding up the process please let me know. I’ve heard a good bit of people say this is the government’s way of “genocide” and “population control” if this is the case, or even not, could just be money i don’t care, but the makers, continuers, and helpers in any way of this product should be charged as mass murderers and locked up for good or a long long long time..and then some! Whoever is in charge better hope to god i don’t get my hands on him….or her!! that’s a promise! Electric chair, gun shot, or dam even getting mauled by a bear would be a more humane way of going about “population control”. Again sorry for this being so long.. i could have made it longer and published it as a book :).. but anyway once again write me back looking forward to hearing from yall either current users trying to quit, ex users, someone who knows someone whos addicted, or anyone in between

    Ex Spice/K2 addict never goin back but spreading the word, Wes

  209. I am very worried about my son and daughter inlaw, daughter seems to be much worse if she runs out she will do almost anything to get more, my son will finely give in and go get more just to keep her happy. they live with me and so do my 8 month old twin grandson, my husband and I are moving into our new home at the end of next week i’m so scared to leave my boys with them plz any advice to help me help them would be grateful,
    thx michelle

  210. I sorry I have to say that if you get physically or mentally addicted to synthetic or marijuana then you is one dummie. The mental aspects sure I can see it. People enjoy the high hell I used synthetic for three years before Mary Jane became legal in CO and I never had a bad side effect nor did I ever go through any kind of withdraw (w/o this its not an addiction it’s fun). So the next time one of you pansy ass mo fo’s decides to say Mary J or the synthetic is synthetic kick yourself in the balls because you as so far behind.

  211. Help me don”t hate me…I have been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years…he smoked pott but I didn’t know about it for the 1st year then little by little I saw him doing it..then he switched to the synthetic stuff…i call them kool-aide envelopes ( yeah I have a kid 7yrs old) he would buy 1 and it would last all he buys 3-4 at a time. A typical Saturday is 1st thing in morning he coughs like an old man then spends about 10 to 15 mins in the bathroom smoking…comes back to bed then he’s back in the bathroom 15 to 20 mins later….he does this all day…we use to go places now we stay real close to the bathroom. He even gets up 4-5 times during the night to smoke. He has gotten mean and irritable. Has anybody else seen this in their partner who goes synthetic pot or is it just my boyfriend. Yeah and for those of you who want to say something bad to me…keep it to yourself I am hurt enough and to the others thanks for your time…i feel so alone

  212. me and my best friend used to smoke 11g bags of kush brand incense in one day… but it was still cheaper and got us higher then real marijuana

  213. hello, well ive been smoking herbal for the last 2 months
    and find it really enjoyable.. but then sometimes i wonder how bad is this synthetic high for me.. soo my question is.. is it leathal or how harmful is it ?

  214. im 21 years old and iv been smoking 10g s every other day or so. i think im addicted . i have no appetite on the daily and i have cold sweats at night and irregular dumps.. and weight loss … do u think this is from the incense ?

  215. How long does it take for the mental foggyness to go away does anyone know? Or is it permanent? I never smoked a lot of this stuff and it was over a year ago but I still don’t feel the same. I just want my old mind back

  216. i have been smoking herbals for awhile now and just recently feel like im starting to get weird health problems one time i coughed after hitting a bowl and felt myself shake a little and found myself on the floor( had to be a seizure it was weird)have had a problem with peeing feels like i got to go all the time dont eat like i used to so ppl stay off the fake its no joke

  217. while i was smoking atomic bomb with some friends i started feeling real dizzy and lightheaded five minutes later i threw up and i heard a voice in my head telling me i was going to die i couldnt get over it for a few days and now i dont even get close to that stuff its better just to stick to regular herb.

  218. Was searching yahoo for coughing up brown phlegm after smoking and stumbled across this forum. Man, I’m glad I’m not alone in this. There are so many people on here experiencing the things I’m witnessing first hand now. I had been smoking spice for about 6 months straight so I had built up quit the tolerance. I stopped smoking my brand of choice (No More Mr. Nice Guy and Joker) about a couple weeks ago. My could sweats are starting to clear up and my appetite is coming back. Its not the end of the world people just stick with it and be strong. We can do it. I can feel my withdrawal symptoms slowly subsiding each day now. That day I stopped smoking was outta this world. I don’t know if it was a bad trip or what because I was up to smoking 3 grams a day of this. So my body was pretty used to the affects. Maybe the spice was really concentrated in that last puff of the blunt when I went off the edge and feel to my knees. My brother came in the kitchen and said I was on the floor trying to sweep the demons outta the house. It felt as if I was gliding along the floors of every room in the house ridding demons with a fucking trapper keeper. While psychosis was in full effect, I felt like my heart was beating in my brain, clammy hands the whole nine yards. Sometimes I would get a minor manic episode after smoking this and a little meditation would take me back down to earth but this time it was serious. My woosah techniques weren’t bringing me back down to earth this time. Completely feeling out of my body, I collapsed in my bedroom. Thank goodness my little bro was able to wake me up. This stuff is dangerous because you can get a bad trip outta nowhere. Its like you never know with this.

  219. My son is smoking herbal incense. He says its not spice. Is all of that the same thing and the effects the same. I’ve caught him and his friends sitting down with their heads dropped in a sleep state. Do they smoke and pass out? He gets up during the night and smokes too. He’s under 18 can I legally admit him into a rehab center before this gets more out of control.

  220. I have been smoking all kinds of synthetic cannabis everyday, nonstop for about 3 years. I cough all the time and most of time that cough is accompanied by black flem. When I run out I will scrape my pipe until its absolutely clean then drive anywhere at anytime to get more. Withdrawal symptoms include nausea and irritability. I am willing to join an line to group to help me quit.

  221. ok i know bou the jwh chemicals and the am chemicals but them are a thing of the past liek three years ago and no one gotten hurt or anything since that ive heafrd so what bout the new chemicals they use whats up with them

  222. So me and my sister had just half a joint and my sister froze literally her body shut down she was paralyzed all over could not speak and could only communicate through blinking she could of died and if this ever happens to anyone you know they need lots of food and liquid and a ambulance this is stupid and can kill you don’t be that person <3 please

  223. Im on trip right now how long does it last i’ve been on my trip since friday and its already sunday wat do i do now ??

  224. i have been smoking incense now for about four years, maybe a little less. It became very compulsive in the sense i was smoking it non-stop literally 3 grams a day. I have cut back significantly due to pains all throughout my body, kidneys, heart, lungs, etc. I just took three hits and my chest has pressure and pain right where the heart is. It is freaking me out to no end, b/c quitting is seeming to be very difficult to do. I strongly advise anyone who is considering using this stuff, or who has been and is still “enjoying” the effects, i promise you, you will develop problems that very well could end your life if not careful. I plan to try the french green clay thing and rehab again, last time i came off this stuff it was terrifying, and i was completely disassociated and went bat crazy. It is bad man, i plan to flush it tonight
    good luck-BOB

  225. I have to say im somewhat split on spice myself i mean i take one hit and im burnt out and laying there laughing. Or tripping out… Thats the problem when its good its great but when its not its trippy i mean its 1000000x times worse when your alone being in a drug class for then next four moths i cant just burn a blunt witch id rather do anyways. But sadly thats not an option for me i can tell my lungs have been hurting extra bad lately so no bueno. But that could be from smoking ciggerets too. I have notices visual haulisinations. Like ill be laying down and see squar patterns on my sealing sometimes like the brightness of a screen is just to bright never something major but enough to freak someone out and send them into a panic attack lol. One thing i have to say is. Take a hit or two, Sit back because it will kickj in it WILL. lol

  226. Roll that and take two pulls then put that out. It can take you to hell if you have a long history of drug and alcohol abuse. Saved my life at one point but now I just don’t feel the need for pot or synthetic buds mayn. Drugs are bad kids………

  227. Are you saying withdrawl from herbal incense is “similar” to that of marijuana? Please allow me… A seasoned marijuana smoker who has smoked off and on since I was a young teen, I have NEVER had a single symptom of withdrawl any of the numerous times I have put it down over the years. The extent of marijuana “withdrawl” is something like, “Man, wish I had a joint.” Withdrawing from herbal incense is quite another story. It’s like having a stomach virus and a severe cold at the same time. Oh, and there’s cold-sweating, trembling and not being able to sleep or eat, depression and irritability. You feel like you’re going to die if you don’t smoke a little. Then of course a little leads to more. Please stop misleading people about marijuana “addiction”. There is NO physical addiction to marijuana, maybe a little psychological dependence, but you could say that about food, prescription drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, any number of things. The reason these terrible drugs have gotten so popular is because of the big deal that has been made out of marijuana, drug-testing, etc. Oh, and I’ve never heard of anyone overdosing on marijuana.

  228. People don’t smoke this poison, I smoked it many times with my friends and two of them got in a hospital in extreme condition.

  229. I have come back here over the years now from time to time to see all the new postings and what not. See how everyone is doing. Hope everyone realizes that it is not worth it. Stay clean people. Klimax and others are killing you if you are still consuming it. You might think you are ok but you are not. You will not believe the chemicals that are in that bullshit. On top of that, its man made from all kinds of diff people. Anyone can MAKE IT! Do you really want to trust something like that? Think about it. 🙂

  230. I smoked something in my country we call bonsai, it’s a synthetic weed, comes from incense . I’ve been smoking regular clean weed for about 4 years , and have done various other drugs. But bonsai, is the worst I have ever done. The only time I have ever been so frightened and dissasosiated is on an intense acid trip. I was wondering If anyone could tell me the long term effects? If there are any?

  231. I am really glad I found this site. After reading everyones personal stories I am really shocked that this synthetic crap is legal over a much safer (in my opinion), herbal form. I want to see how the different blends of “fake weed” are made, I want to know what exactly goes into the batch. I dont understand how it can be sold as a product if it’s not safe to consume. Even if it’s labled not for consumption, hazards should still be listed, true to there actual nature. Isnt that required on all products sold in the U.S. A bottle of bleach tells warns me of possible threats and who to call.

  232. Xanax + Adderall +new antidepressant + Synthetic Weed= Disaster?

    Total OUT OF MY MIND FOR HOURS! Anyone Else?

    I am a mom, I have children and I stopped smoking pot a very long time ago. I used to really enjoy the relaxing high but I cant take the risk even to step outside out night, it’s now worth the risk. BUT today my husband was gone with my boys for the day, my friend came over with her husband and had some Fake Pot, not sure what type. They smoke a lot, I always turn it down but not today, I took the first hit, and then a second and it hit me quick! I dont understand what happened. I am just curious to know if anyone else has had this type of reaction. I dont know if it was a delusion, or hallucination, or psychosis, I couldn’t speak, I felt like I was reliving my life or watching it. Every sentence my friend said to me, “get up, get up”you have to get up.” I heard but didnt move, It was replaying in time. So hard to describe but it was so intense, like I felt different layers of reality peel away, deeper and deeper while the same words replayed. I couldn’t feel anything or move but I could hear. I didnt feel alive but dead reliving some distant time. Never in my life have I had such an odd experience. i’ve taken X, when I was a young several times and that’s an out of body high but not like this, I have smoked pot and felt odd, but not like this. I do have a prescription for adderall and have been taking it for 3 years, I also take Xanax for anxiety, and I just started a new antidepressant. I dont know if those drugs caused a reaction????? Anyone know? I just want to know what the hell happened. This fake pot is legal! How can it be legal, if this type of reaction occurs?

  233. been smoking the fake stuff for a while and seen many people tripp out and have seziures last night my gf fell over due to this and its no longer allowed around us. dnt smoke this its bad for u its wore my teeth down became addicted caused rapid heart beat twitching seziures and headaches. trust me stick to real weed.

  234. Going to keep it short and sweet. Worth while post from AUSTRALIA.

    I am 20 years old male. Have smoked green since I was 16 but had to stop 6 months ago because of mandatory drug screening being rolled out at work.

    Take my advice. After having spending roughly $2000 AU and trying brands such as Bombay Blue, Oz Haze, Dr. Green Thumb, Kilimanjaro Sky, Black Widow, K2, Kronic, Marley, Malibu, Spice etc the list goes on.

    The shit does play on your mind but nothing to put you in the loony bin and a few health affects here and there but what do you expect when you start consuming volumes of the stuff. (Mainly dry cough and bad fitness)

    For me it is far to expensive for the amount I churn through in my smoking sessions. Don’t get me wrong I don’t carry around a pipe with me and a lot of my hours in the week are filled with work…

    If you read this post, smoke incense and are waking up intermittently in your sleep for ‘wake n bake’ you may want to look at cutting back.

  235. I only smoke herbal haze 2 or 3 times. I have not been the same since, it was almost a year ago. I struggle to concentrate and get nervous very easily. I was intelligent before but now I’m a bit slow. All I think about is how this drug has fucked my mind up, its what I think about for most of the day. Does anyone know how long these effects will last bearing in mind I only smoked a few joints of it.

  236. PLEASE READ! i am currently 18 going on 19, i can say that I HAD been smoking 2 grams a day “one in the morning, one at night” for about a year now. With devastating effects in the long run, “effects for the long run include”: shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain when just breathing and my vision would diminish every now and then. SO PLEASE! PLEASE! AVOID THIS CRAP BY ANY CHANCE! AND PLEASE CONSIDER THAT I KNOW MY SHIT! before i became addicted to the potpourri, i was a regular user of high grade hydroponic herb “cannabis” with no major negative side effects, until i was arrested for having accidentally forgotten a stem in a baggie in my cargo shorts pocket during a surprise drug search at school and of course the dog smelt what i didn’t even know i had “big bummer huh”….. so yeah being put on probation i decided to give that crap potpourri a try, these include: diablo, king kong southern star, atomic bomb, scooby snax, kush, klimaxx by kush, original klimax, 7H ALL OF E’M!!! dont buy INTO THE ADDICTION!. if your on probation, JUST QUIT COLD TURKEY! its hard but you will feel better, i promise you that you will be more energetic, feel love for your temple, “your body, mind, soul, and home” and just straight up be more compassionate with your loved ones. my full support goes out to the nonprofit organization called Synthetic Awareness For Emily. The goal with SAFE is to educate families, as well as teachers and doctors, about the dangers and warning signs of synthetic marijuana use.

  237. @jeff : listen man, im not for sure on long term, but truthfully, if your body doesn’t shut down, your mind will. these chemicals ‘attack’ your central nervous system and destroys whatever. your organs will shutdown and you’ll began to die slow. as far as the brain, and long term , i know for sure you’ll get short term memory loss, and/or long term. so thats pretty close to alzheimer’s. in which death will happen within 20 years. myself, my brain has been speeding for alil over 4 months since i quit. the only thing or method i trust to help me is smoking marijuana. it pretty much stablizes me since my neuro transmitters feel like there off the charts. i have a sleeping problem in which i wont fall asleep till im actually tired. i stay awake all thru the week maybe averaging 5 to 6 hours of sleep a day or mostly every 36 hours. once you realize that you cant remember two day ago or even yesterday, what you did, or even happened yesterday it’ll be scary. so long story short if your body doesn’t give away, you’ll eventually start losing your mind, in some kind of way. im not saying you’ll go nuts and turn into nutcase, but something has to give sooner or later. jeff if you read this comment back. i had so many crazy, wild, and magical experiences off this from depression to being disconnected from reality to being divided in between my mind/body/ and soul to feeling everything in the world. heres something unbelievable, many times i thought i was going into trances, or some kind of mediation when i was only in a relaxed, dark place. kinda like a acid trip but zoning through everything. crazy stuff to the normal eye.

  238. Incense can absolutely do something to a child if your pregnant and still smoking it. thats a second nature question. have you ever heard of premo babies? your definitely headed down that path if not killing your unborn.

  239. I have been smoking about 20 cones of incense a day for a week and I am in a shocking trip. As soon as I smoke the incense I forget everything that has happened up until this point of intoxication and my room turns into a dungeon almost, some sort of square in which I live in. This reminds me of johnny depp in fear and loathing. If I leave my room at all its like I am walking through a maze and the house appears like a video game. I keep telling myself to stop smoking but I just watch as my body keeps itself high. This is getting to a scary point.. the walls are closing in.

  240. @john7…how are you doing? Your experience sounds almost identical to mine. I couldn’t sleep more than 2 hours at a time without waking up to do more. I was once at a friends house and volunteered to run to Walmart for something, just to sneak a few hits. When I came back, he said I smelled like pot. It was at that point I knew I needed to stop before everything in my life unraveled. It took me a few months to get up the courage, but I haven’t looked back. I too used up our savings, and added substantial debt. I always paid cash for the zombie matter I smoked, because I didn’t want it traced, but ended up putting groceries, and utilities bills on credit to compensate.

    I’m 7 months clean now, and feel great. All of my symptoms are gone. My eye twitched on and off for several months, but that has stopped now, thank goodness. I will never forget the horrible withdrawals I went through. That alone prevents me from ever doing it again

    John, stay strong…you can stay clean!

  241. I smoke this on the daily. Still do. I consider myself highly addicted. I crave a hit, all the time. I’ll scrape my bowls until the metal scrapes off, then I’ll smoke the metal just for one single hit. That one single hit, is the best to me. It’s like heaven. Everything in my life revolves around bizzarro incense. It’s instantaneous relief. Right now, I’ve been 2 days dry. Waking up this morning, knowing that I wouldn’t have anything, the day just dragged on so slow. I came home, expecting my one single hit. When I realized I couldn’t even scrape my bowl anymore I started to really think about it, and that’s why I’m here… Everything is so boring without incense. I’m disconnected. I’m unmotivated to do anything.. I just want to sit around and watch TV and smoke. All the time. Life isn’t the same without incense.. while high, life is as it’s supposed to be. I’m interested in things. I want to do things. I nod out sometimes but that’s just do to the stress in my life that makes me tired. Without incense though, it’s a completely different story. I feel like I’m never completely 100% sober. I’ll space out all the time. I’ll be in the middle of a conversation and forget what I was even talking about. If I stare at a fixed point for too long, I start tripping hardcore. The walls begin to melt, and everything is slowed. I’m in my private. I feel sectioned off from reality. The only thing that brings me out of it, is someone actually touching me, or me forcing to move myself. I’ll just zone. I hate this, and I feel like I’m doing serious damage to my body.. but I don’t want to stop. I just want to burn my self into the ground. I don’t want to get a job, I don’t want to go to school, I’m finding myself hard pressed to just type this right now. As you can probably tell, I jump from one point in a convo to another, like a crackhead. I’ve been a single day without, after six months of hardcore burning down. I would buy a ten gram, nod out all day, and be scraping my bowl that night. And if you don’t know, ten grams of legal is a lot. It looks identical to like maybe a half oz of pot. I don’t even know, I’m rambling like a dumbass.. look all I’m trying to do is give you my first hand experiences. As an addict to this day, all I am saying is don’t ever even try it. Don’t start, cause once you do you can’t stop.

    A good friend of mine had a really good analogy we talked about one day. We both burn and share the same experiences.. he said, that when you start smoking incense, a monkey starts crawling up your back. If you keep smoking, the higher and higher he gets. Until he finally rests on your shoulder. He picks at your brain. Which is why we trip out when we go without. Nothing you do will ever get him off… he’s there forever.. but he has one single weakness…The only thing you can do to get him off is to just take another toke. once you do, it’s like he can’t stand it, it’s his kryptonite like superman. He jumps off for a minute… but once you have to go without, he starts crawling up again.

  242. hi my names priscilla ive been smoking for a min ive never smoked head trip or spice but i do smoke klimax i recently found out i was pregnant can it effect my baby??

  243. i have been smoking this herbal crap for some time now since it first came out. i have smoked all the different forms of it since it got banned for the first time with that said for anyone who has the question can you get addicted the answer is most deffanitly i have told my self time after time to just quit buying and still i go get it i have used the last dollar to my name on this shit. after saying all of this all i want to know is what are the long term effects is there anyone out there that has been smoking it for the past few years that might have an idea of the health risks obviously its not good for u your putting smoke that no one really kmows anything about into ur lungs i just really need to hear from a respected source that it is gonna kill me one day or something very serious could happen i think that would help me as far as to quit with all the different pages on the internet it is so hard to find and honest answer saying yes its bad or no its not cause every other page says something different. please i need to talk with someone about this that know for sure if its really that bad or not. if you are just some jack ass that thinks they know what there talking aout then dont bother answering or responding i dont care what u havve to say i want some one who can give me facts or other real life situations i only smoke kush herbal incense from houston tx thank you for reading you have no idea how bad i need this help

  244. Incense seemed like legal weed at first…

    Smoked weed ~ 20 years, but stopped about 20 years ago. I was turned on to the legal piss test proof incense, and I became hooked. I smoked it for the last past year.

    I Worked up to 10 gms/day of “bizzaro”, spent all my savings and credit on it. Even pawned/sold my valued belongings for the 30 minute escape.

    After a while, I had to smoke it just to feel normal, although I wasnt even getting very high off it anymore. I Woke up at night every 2 hours, and I had to smoke one just to get back to sleep for two more hours, only to have nightmares most of the time.

    When I didnt have it, I felt I was going crazy, and I would swing between crying or rage, depression and anger. My relationships suffered and crashed. I couldnt seem to “deal” with life anymore.

    I was mentally in a fog at all times, burnt out. I had zero motivation for anything else except getting more. I was making mistakes at work and had lost all my short term memory, ability to concentrate, and understand things. I had a constant horrible cough, spitting up A LOT of black, tarlike specks every morning, stomach feeling like shit until I could get that first hit.

    I had to take some pain meds for something unrelated and the black specs stopped appearing while I was taking them. After I stopped, I started coughing up dark grey clumps every morning. I dont smoke and this stuff has royally screwed my lungs.

    DONE WITH IT! Two weeks now. First 2-3 days off were hardest, thoughts of suicide and feeling of death haunted me. I am still coughing up a lot of grey clumps all day. Drinking lots of water has helped me cough this stuff up. I am much more mentally clear, but not 100%, and I feel changed somehow, not for the better.

    It would be easy to go get some right now. I want to. I have to be careful and strong. I fully see what it has done to me mentally and physicaly, and also what it has done to my relationships.

    I only hope I have no permanent damage. It almost killed me.


  245. ..I have been thru addiction.. Still am going through ti with opiates because of arthritis and other bone issues… I found That it helps pain of withdrawals of methadone, and other opiates BUT.. the withdrawals from this seem to be as bad or maybe even worse, cuz I am used to opiate withdrawals… Only been trying it for a couple of weeks, but to tell u the truth IT has become more necessary than OPIATES… WHAT?.. REALLY?. that’s scary. Ive been a heroi addict (and honestly probably still would be if I was where I could get it still… The funny thing is, I was a “Maintainance” user.. didn’t “nod-out” or any of that crap… Just because Dr.s have it messed up right now, because pain meds are such a big deal.. its bulshit, because now, not being able to get help with work-preventing physical pain medically, without actually going to a methadone clinic to get some pain relief, ive tried this stuff. I CAN tell you that when I don’t have it, I definitely don’t feel well.
    But I don’t use much. I roll maybe 2-3 joints a day, but haven’t gone much more than 24 hrs without some, so we’ll see. Im not going thru his shit again. back to my opiates if I have to do that to get over the detox, by god I will, at least its fkn natural. (by natural I mean not synthetic, from a flower, not generated by some asshole in a white jacket.) Use caution.

  246. Another thought lol….if you are really feeling physically terrible like half-dead…make yourself vomit and wonder….yes wonder why all of the stomach acid/food is almost energized or polarized I guess is the word. Worked every time for me…also made me eat. Something in the spice lines your stomach/intestines to destroy digestion. I could always feel it my first high in a while like my stomach would expand…then Id hear gas. But the weird thing is it also felt like it was condensing….

  247. A little advice I have quit and started again….DONT do it! your tolerance will resume position almost immediately and the bad long term effects come much faster and harder the second coming!! Also then you create even more of a crackhead mentality because you know how bad it is and that you have quit before. Not to mention all the money saved during sobriety is gone. Basically like cigarettes if you have ever smoked to addiction….you may always feel a little bit like smoking but as soon as you do its like you never quit 1-3 cigarettes later it makes you hooked officially. Failed attempts to quit hurt your psych cause all you wanna do is level out after a while and the only way is by spice. BE STRONG the more you offer temptation the more likely you are to use. I dont recommend using anything else to wing it if you are truly an addict. Many years of rehab NA AA and alot of druggy friends if you wing it off with something even you dont get addicted to…you lose the effect of damnation it had over you…..REMEMBER Tired of being sick and tired…never forget and never go wrong.

  248. hot sweats, cold sweats, dehydration, heart palpitations, heart arythmia, extreme paranoia, bad halucinations like hearing voices that are assaulting you, muscle spasms , projectile vomiting, excessive gas and bloating, vision impairment, starvation , Diharia , aggressive mood swings, chills and hot spots, extreme migraine, Expanding of the brain…and not intellectually, discomfort, sounds like a presrip now eh? The worst part of all is you increase your tolerance like you are smoking crack….no lie it is fact. God only knows how dumb I feel for using this stuff….but maybe I can help just one person. Depression and anxiety of course are extreme on withdrawal cause it has such a huge high you feel like you just wanna do anything for more….made me into a fiend and I have never been a fiend for anything but cigarettes.

  249. Wanted to clear a few things I smoke Marijuana….GOOD herb for about 12 years of my life…spice for about 1 year and I have never been more addicted to anything in my life. It makes me feel like I am smoking crack or something. Next bad advice you had…the withdrawal is simply amazing and my heroine addict friend said it seems like a mix between heroine withdrawal and crack withdrawal. This stuff has made me steal and do all kinds of stuff I would never have done on Marijuana like pawn most my music gear. THIS STUFF IS PURE EVIL….if you really wanna get high smoke what god intended to at least exist on this planet.

  250. i smoked herbal incense 6 times in the last week, two hits per.. the last time i hit it was two days ago. since that night i’ve felt like i’m in a dream, like nothing is real and i’m going to wake up any second but then i realize that this is real.. time goes by so slow but once the moment is passed, i think it didn’t happen but i know it did. i feel like i’m floating and my head is dizzy… Will this feeling go away??? i’m so scared and anxious it won’t..
    p.s. don’t smoke this. BAD idea!!!

  251. I have been off of spice for about a year and a half now. I feel better and have more energy than I have in years. I never went back to smoking mj either. I have a very strenous job, and I can out perform guys half my age. I have never felt as focused at any job in my life. I am proud to say I am a preferred employee, as they have told me so. I have the confidence to talk to fellow employees as well as supervisors with complete assurance. I think that I never realized that mj made me more introverted. I smoked it for so many years, that I thought that was just how I was. Good luck to all who are trying to free themselves from this drug. The struggle will be worth it, and you will feel like you have started life anew.

  252. Douggie, whatever trips your experiencing, let me read up on it. kinda sounds like my modes or ‘trances’ i was endeavouring.

  253. I smoke weed on a daily basis. My friends and I just smoked some buddah ghetto grape… Well my mate just got back from hospital after throwing up, convolting then going unconssus and almost dying because of a “bad reaction” and my other mate is still terrified from the trip because he witnessed his own death in his trip… and me… well i was just walking around trying to fix things i know i could’nt it was like all dream form and my body felt like it was slowly shutting down, we actually all felt ourselves feel like it was shutting down us 🙁 it was horrible, and to think we just walked in and asked for it under bloody incense! (the trip itself lasted about 40 mins for us all)

  254. Day 6: The mental ‘fog’ is almost gone, my mood is slowly but steadily stabilizing. As a cigarette smoker, I’m always coughing up phlegm, but it has turned from dark grey to clear/yellowish. My energy level is slowly rising. I am motivated to actually go outside and fish/run/just enjoy a bright, sunny day.

    I hate to say it, but it took over a year of abusing this shit and an overdose to open my eyes. At this point in time, I have absolutely NO desire to consume ANY mind-altering substances whatsoever. I kept convincing myself with biased justifications that this stuff is the answer to my ‘imagined’ problems, but now I know the truth.

    American ‘culture’ would have you believe that addiction is a mundane decision, tantamount to “Paper or plastic?”. ADDICTION IS A DISEASE THAN CAN AND WILL CONTROL YOUR LIFE.

    To the proponents of this substance: What do you do for a living? As a Project Manager, I handle multi-million dollar projects varying from small commercial to governmental facility overhauls. It seems that the only people who support this substance are children who haven’t started living life yet.


    I’m sure that most of you are just as stubborn as I am, if not more. All I can say is that if you are lucky, one day you too will ‘see the forest through the trees’ before this shit destroys your spirit.

    To those fighting the good fight: Stay vigilant.

  255. I GOT SOME OF THIS LAST NIGHT and like reading up on it now i was rolling 2 and 3 gram cannons of it and smoking to my dome i was getting completely messed up reading stuff says need couple hits thats it should read up on it

  256. I smoke A LOT of “Spice” aka K2. I probably go through 40 to 70 grams of it a week. i like the high, however, I’ve been going on some really weird trips. For instance, I see the world darkening around me when it’s in the mid-afternoon, or my mental status changes from happy and “haha” around friends to suicidal and extreme loneliness while alone, or I wonder around thinking about life and how it came to be and how sound became sound and so on. Are these “highs” normal? One other thing … friends tell me that K2 kills brain cells; is this true? I know weed doesn’t “kill” brain cells it just squishes them down flat and depending how long you stop the weed your cells unflatten and go back to normal (i could be wrong bout this as well). Aside from not being able to control your high which results–as i’ve read–in death (pretty much stupid suicides that could have been avoided even on spice) how dangerous is it? im not going to quit either way, im just curious and i really like K2 and want to know how it’s made, where it came from, who smoked the shit first, why is it becoming illegal, can I order, through credit card, spice/K2 online? I want to know ALL there is about this AMAZING drug!!!

  257. Jade…how are you doing?? I was probably up to smoking 3-4g a day when I stopped. I’m convinced the only way to stop is cold turkey. I won;t lie, the withdrawals were a b*tch. I never thought a person could sweat as much as I did while withdrawing. I had hot/cold flashes and basically stood in the shower to regulate my temperature. I was literally sweating so much I soaked shirts every 30-60 minutes. I had made vomiting too. That said. stopping was THE BEST THING I have ever done for myself. I kept reminding myself it was only going to last a few days, and that I would have a lifetime of good health as a reward. Once I started detoxing, I wanted to get it out of me, so no matter how bad I felt, I was glad the toxins were exiting my body.

    Go cold turkey, and get it over with. I tried weaning myself several times, and had no success. Drink lots of water and gatorade. I also took Fish Oil and vitamin D3 tablets. You CAN do this, and you are a better person than what this addiction is making you!!

  258. Hey everyone! I stopped by to say I’ve been clean for 6 months now! My severe withdrawals in early Sept are still fresh enough in my mind to know not to ever touch it again. I am healthier in sooo many ways…I sleep great, no waking up every 2-3 hours to do some more hits. I was experiencing severe swelling in my ankles. I tend to think it was affecting my kidneys, which in turn caused the swelling due to fluid retention. I barely coughed at all this winter. i was so healthy, no colds, no flu. That God awful phlegm cough was gone in a few days. I do think its still slowly clearing out of my lungs though. I sneezed really hard one day and I had some dirty phlegm. No more strange headaches, or anxiety and nervousness that i got while using this.

    Our finances took a real hit while I was using..between the cost of it, extra gas driving for it. I still haven;t made up for the damage I did, but we are making forward progress, and that’s all that I can ask for at this point.

    I haven’t even done 1 hit of weed since stopping. I haven’t felt this good in years. For the first time in many years, I know I would pass a drug test, and feel stable enough to find a job and focus on it. Those struggling..please know you can overcome this and not look back! Peace to all of you!!

  259. Ok idk what types of herbal incence everyone has been smoking varying state to state, but my experience with the blend i had consumed was nothing more than a mild-less potent weed high. I had smoked weed from age 16 to 20, and had been addicted to that and only able to quit 2 times between only a month at most. i had quit smoking mary jane for 10 weeks because i am going to be joining the army soon. i had been hanging around friends who still smoked weed, even though i did not have a crave for it anymore, i figured why not try some synthetic weed for a weekend. the blend i have around where i live is called kryptonite. i researched the product before going out and buying it, and the ingredients are listed here-
    Kryptonite ingredients

    Ingredients for “StrawVery” herbal incense:
    • Damiana — shrub used for incense and tea, known as an aphrodisiac, outlawed in Louisiana due to a recent increase in the number of calls made to U.S. Poison Control Centers regarding highs.
    • Mugwort/wormwood — herb traditionally used to treat cardiac complaints and general feelings of unwellness.
    • Marshmallow leaf — herb traditionally used to increase the flow of breast milk, to sooth bronchial tubes and to treat ulcers.
    • Pukatea — evergreen tree extract traditionally used to treat tuberculosis.
    • Vanilla
    • Honey
    • Artificial flavors

    I went out and got some friday and from then until sunday i smoked 6 grams between some friends and myself. the first bowl i smoked it hit me right away, but like i said even after not smoking weed or anything for 10 weeks it still felt weaker then real weed, but definetely got me high. the feeling also last much shorter than actual weed, and does not make you tired or get the munchies. i did some more research on the ingredients used, and they all seem to actually be natural legal herbal ingredients, and from what there effects were combined definetely seemed like the high i had. I know that shit like k2-and spice had the JWH- chemical based shit in it, which i had had years earlier before it was banned here and never liked it compared to real weed. So i think there still may be alot of chemical based synthetics going around, especially on the internet im sure, because it can come from other countries and what not. I am not going to buy more of this stuff, mostly because i dont think its worth it, even though it costs less than weed. It also gives me a mild weed-like hangover which i didnt miss from smoking dope at all. Not saying at all people should smoke the herbal incence, but from what i hear some stories people are making it sound like crack or meth. i have done every drug except crystal meth, and let me tell you this shit does not even come close. the ingredients for kryptonite can also be purcahsed legally from stores around the country, so if you want to be extra safe you could buy the ingredients seperate and make your own blend, which i have heard people do and get the same effects. So if you feel you absolutely need to get a legal high and cant smoke the real herb, make sure you atleast know what the hell is in the product you are buying, and just dont let it take control of you, almost ANYTHING can be addictive to the human mind, its all about your own willpower to not use. as far as physical and mental feeling after smoking it, it effected my lungs less than a weekend of smoking cigarretes which i have done the past few weekends and could feel it when i excercised, the kryptonite had hardly any effect just caughed some weed like phlegm up. its been 2 days since i smoked some and have no desire to smoke any or have any withdrawal effects, just still feel a little of the fog, which is going away each day. Good luck to everyone, and i hope anyone addicted to these substances can find a way to kick the habbit, trust me doing legal pills or some hard illegal drugs have much more addictive properties, trust me ive had to deal with them in my past.

  260. Day 1 of being clean. Smoked Cool Beans/Cool Buzz/Horizons for a little over a year. Had a really bad trip last night. Well, no, I wouldn’t call it a bad trip, I would call it a near-death experience. I was so high I felt like my brain was melting(probably was). Fell asleep, woke up 3 hours later to a spice “hangover”. Threw all my stuff/paraphernalia away. 15 hours later, eyes are still red, still feel disconnected.

    After 4 hours of reading all of your stories, I’ve established in my mind, without any hesitation, that this is the most wicked and evil substance ever introduced to humanity. I, as most all of you, thought this would be a legal substitute for weed that wouldn’t show up on a U.A., but I couldn’t have been more wrong.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that a positive mindset, support from loved ones and something to keep me occupied(exercise, mainly running) will bring back my clear, sober mind.

    I will be report back in a few days with my progress. To those with the strength and grace to kick this shit, I will pray for your continued vigilance. I ask that you pray for me as well.

  261. I started smoking herbal incense May/June 2012. Thought it was a decent ‘buzz’, never smoked as much as a lot of people – 1g would last 3-4 days. I did smoke daily, but I had also smoked pot daily.

    Apart from a chesty cough now and again – no symptoms.

    No bad trips at all, some slightly weird ones, but as an experienced user of other drugs, was more than equipped to deal with those without any unwanted residual side effects.

    After Xmas holidays though I have had a few illnesses (maybe related to the herbal incense, maybe not). However, the herbal incense was helping with pain that I was in (or so I thought) and I ended up smoking more every day.

    I am now waiting for a referral to a gastro-intestinal specialist due to bad pains in the right hand side of my body.

    I have always been healthy and never been ill before (bar the normal colds, flus, etc).

    I am in my mid-30s and have used drugs since 14 years old. Two of my friends (also mid-30s) also tried – one loved it, but once her heart rate sped up for almost an hour and her BF was close to calling for an ambulance, so she wasn’t touching it again. My other friend hated it – took a couple of tokes and was sick and said “I’m not taking that shite again lol”. Always knew she was a wise woman.

    Can’t believe that just because this drug is legal that I didn’t show it the same respect as I do to other drugs. I have never been addicted to anything (bar MJ and cigarettes – psychologically addicted) and I have dabbled in hardcore drugs too – crack, meth and heroin. But I always showed these drugs respect and never used more than 3 x a year.

    I am 7 days clean of it and today is first day off MJ. MJ defo helps with withdrawals and I have managed to eat 3 light meals a day the past 5 days which is helping a lot.

    Before I thought it was just the younger ones getting into trouble with this. But no, there is a lot of experienced drug users too. I would suggest if the experienced drug users are having problems, no newbies to drugs should even consider trying this. You need to have a strong-will and experience to convince yourself that things are going to be ok during a bad trip and that you are not going to be permanently affected.

    Thank you everyone who have posted their stories. Even though it’s only been 7 days, I know for a fact that I will never touch herbal again. Depending on how the next month goes (if it goes to plan), I will be free from cigarettes also from the 13th March (now that is a killer psychological addiction).

    Good luck everyone who wants to quit and keep the faith!

  262. I never experienced withdrawl spice K2 whatever you have no idea what your getting purple magic which is what I had a problem with was being faked so to speak by people not even affiliated with the company just using their name JUST DONT USE ANY SYNTHETIC DRUGS ITS ALL RESEARCH CHEMICALS

  263. Do not use Please listen I used different kinds of Spice for over 2 years after the ban purple magic seemed to be the only brand that worked and I used that brand for a long time and in large amounts well one day before work I went to feed the cat and his body expanded Like I was tripping never had that happen before and I am well experienced with drugs that are meant to have this effect also in large amounts after this happened my heart started to race not uncommon with spice and it never bothered me but this time it was really bad I thought my heart was going to explode and I got the worst pain I have ever experienced in my head and my heart hurt at this point I could not think I could not beg for god to save me for the first time in my Life I thought I was for sure I was going to die and I couldnt help myself now 2 ears later Im having heart problems wierd feelings and headaches I dont know if these things are connected but I was otherwise extremely healthy and before someone thinks oh I just had a freak out I didnt Iv taken acid before and mushrooms Ive even had a bad trip before none of that even compares the pain and fear this caused I do not want anyone else to make this mistake I was very upset with myself for believing that just because I could buy spice at a gas station that it was somewhat safe Please people just smoke pot and if your using spice because you get U.A’s just stop I was using spice for that very reason If I had known I may have damaged my brain I would have just went sober Love your body people

  264. Thanks Pops!
    I didn’t know what to do with myself when I quit drinking along with other things, I was alone and once I committed to stop seeing people and going places where it was all about drinking there I stood alone. It was scary because I didn’t have a single sober friend, I thougth I had lots of friends but soon discovered they were people who only needed someone to drink with and when I stopped someone else took my place and I didn’t even get any calls to see if I was O.K. or even alive. These were tough lessons and the toughest time in my life. At AA I met a guy to sponser me and never dreamed that a fellow user could care so much. He was my sponser for 18 yrs. until he passed away. I am so grateful for the day I walked into a meeting and met the best folks I ever knew. There is a saying”Keep Coming” and isdoes work if you let it.
    Best Regards POPS!
    38 yrs without a drink sounds impossible but it is. I humbley say “One day at a Time”

  265. I was like many others. been smoking weed for 6 years. and I mean heavy smoking 3 grams a day if not more. I ended up losing out on many job opportunities because i couldnt pass the drug tests, ran into issues with my dealers, with the law etc. etc. i knew i was atleast psychologically addicted to weed as I couldnt stop. ended up moving to a new area and needed some cigs one day. went down to my local head shop and they were offering free samples of «legal incense» being one to not pass of just about anything free i took them up on it, went home and tried it. I absolutly loved the high was euphoric, more potent, just didnt last as long as weed, but at 10 dollars for 5 grams this seemed like the way to go i just needed to smoke more often, which wasnt a problem for me. flash forward 2 years and i didnt even want to touch weed but was up to 10 plus grams of the legal a day. I was flat out addicted and couldnt see it for myself, i could work on it, passed many drug tests on it, i felt calmer and i felt like i dealt with stressful situations much better. i didnt see the problem. My only concern was that i was starting to cough on a regular basis, but that was pretty common from my weed smoking days. anyway one day working on my car i ended up breaking one of my ribs and continued to work like that for a week before i seeked medical attention. I began to notice that the incense was actually intensifying the pain, not just from the coughing but from the high effects. after much debate i had finally decided that i just couldnt deal with the pain any longer and the high wasnt worth physical torture, and it was torture. but i had plans of picking it back up after my rib had healed. about 2 months later i tried it again only to have those bad memories come back and a form of ghost pain in the rib. I realized then and there i couldnt smoke thisand i do really mean this, any longer. went back to weed only to have similar effects just not as strong. after almost 7 years of heavy smoking i can say, proudly that i am clean and have no intentions of ever returning to either weed or incense. my mental state has returned to normal, i dont feel like my emotions are dulled or disconnected, honestly being sober after all that time is my new drug. i still smoke cigerettes and drink occasionally but i can get over how much slower mentally physically and emotionally i was. i now almost have a photographic memory again and am grateful that it didnt leave me «stuck». so please take it from someone who has been there, stop for 2 weeks you wont ever want to try it again.

  266. Driven. I’ve been driven for 40 plus years by events that I never wanted between the ages of 9 and 12. I stopped all substances in 2005 but I couldn’t stop being pretty much the same old guy. It was like I never quit smoking weed for the 6 years that I did or drinking for the 30 years or so years that I did. Those events seemed to have been resolved to me but they weren’t. I go to a 12-step program. NO shrinks just fellow users and abusers of all walks and desriptions. Their acceptance is cool and encouragement helpful. The 12-step stuff has helped to to ID the crap that I let hold me hostage for more than 80% of my life and drive me to in alphabetical order, alcohol and alibis, and anger and more and more. I still have to let go of those scars but the program is set up to do it. This is my year to be free with I might add, I’ll do it with 3 dozen other yahoos that snorted, smoked, drank, screwed up, and ran their way to nowhere until they decided to give themselves a chance. Sometimes people in the group mess up. We not perfect nor never were claiming to be but we are better. I hope this helps give you hope to reach out and makes some friends at an NA, AA or CR meeting. It’s real and no one ever laughs or cuts me down. And I think it just might work for you.

  267. Dear White Knuckle,
    Thank You for sharing your expeirience. What you have to say will help others without question. I will pray for you and your husband. Eat well and try going for walks where it is peaceful and where you can think of when you are resting it will replace the unpleasent memories. Please write and tell us how your doing and what suggestions you and your husband can share. By sharing with others you are also helping yourself. Pray and ask for strength and guidence.
    With Hope,

  268. These posts started in 2011. Two years later, its the same message. I was stubborn and didn’t want to accept that synthetic was harmful. BUT IT IS! Here is my story…. I smoked weed for years, decided to try the synthetic because it didn’t show on a test. After smoking synthetic, weed didn’t work on me anymore, the high wasn’t the same. It’s a different more intense, but a short lived high that made me just want to smoke more. My husband and I both were heavy smokers. This week, we decided to quit, for several reasons. He is as stubborn as I am though and did not think there would be side effects. Last night, I had to call an ambulance to my home because his blood pressure bottomed out, he fell and hit his head pretty good. He was white, unresponsive, pupils dilated. I thought he was dead. After MANY tests and an overnight stay at the hospital, they found nothing which told me what I feared….it is withdrawal. So far, he is home tonight, but feeling horrible still. We are on day number 3, I’m praying that its over soon, but uncertain. I found this site looking for answers. So, to anyone that is looking to know if there is withdrawal, my answer is YES, but its different for different people. So far, I’m dealing with irritability, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, headaches. If you have a choice at this point, DO NOT SMOKE synthetic. It is NOT THE SAME as weed. It is a completely different type of drug. I haven’t used anything besides weed and alcohol, so I can’t compare it to anything else. I do know that it is BAD SHIT. If you are looking to stop, do it, cold turkey but please let someone know what you are doing so they can help you in case you have a rough withdrawal, someone will be there.
    —White knuckling the withdrawals in Alabama.

  269. the stupidest thing ive ever done was smoke weed when i was 13. not saying i didnt like it hell im 24 now and still battle with my demons. marijuana surely is a gateway drug that leads to stronger longer lasting highs. now i never tried the heavy hitters like crack, lsd, or heroin but tried pills, booze, and a line or two but always went back to weed. that was not until i graduated school and got a job. i had to stop smoking weed because of drug tests but having an addictive personality had me looking elsewhere to get my fix. thats when i came across this “fake” weed. took one hit and knew i found my replacement. but how WRONG i am. i know people say it only affects you badly if you let it and ive had about one or two bad trips myself but overall the trips are relaxing. but whats not so relaxing is the mental and physical toll it takes on your body and your wallet. this aint cheap. and if you have a girlfriend and family thats not the best investment. i truly regret smoking this “fake” crap because it is addicting despite what people say. trying to stop aint easy either. im struggling now with it. i could go for a week and not smoke (mainly because im broke from it) and i think clearly and seem to put my priorities first. then i might come across some money and lie to myself by saying im ok i can go get a 1.5 gram and that will last me weeks. Wrong. i find myself getting my high passing out waking up just to hit it a few more times before i pass out again repeat the process till that 1.5 is gone then i find myself driving back to the 24 hour headshop in the middle of the night like a crack head scoring another deal. maybe this time 3.5g that way i wont have to come back the next day. all the while im blowing off my girlfriend who loves the hell out of me (vice versa) and making my mom cry and worry about my well being and whereabouts. i got busted once for weed when i was 18 and no other affiliated run in with the law but since ive started smoking this “fake” ive ran into them in wrong place wrong time scenarios more than i would like and i know if i let this demon have a stranglehold on me it will either kill me or ruin my life and all who care about me. anyone know of timetravel so i can go back to when i was 13 and whoop it out of myself :p

  270. Hello. My name is Dalton. I am 22 years old and i live in San Antonio, TX. I have been smoking weed since i was 13. While growing up i was a great kid, played lots of sports, played guitar and drums at our local church, did great in school.. I actually skipped second grade. But then i started hanging out with the wrong crowd, made some stupid decisions, etc. etc. got into some legal trouble which resulted in my incarceration in prison for 2 years when i was 18. I was released and sent to a drug treatment program because of my “dependancy on cannabis” for 7 months and then a halfway house for 4 months which was required after i was released by parole. While at the halfway house we would get drug tested weekly and sometimes randomly at their discretion. So obviously smoking weed was out of the picture. ~ENTER FAKE WEED~. I had to ride a city bus everyday to go on job search, which i had never done, and while on this Kush i felt like i was on a freakin roller coaster. I loved it. Especially after being sober for so long in prison. I felt as if i had missed out on so much and i needed to make up for lost times in the “getting throwed” department. well i went through the halfway house fine. that is, until 3 days before. Me, being the who I am, got drunk on memorial day on the beach (the halfway house was in Corpus Christi,the coast of Texas) and went back to the halfway house. Well one of the dudes that worked there was a little pussy bitch and me and him didnt really like eachother, so he jumped on the chance to bust me. He was on one of those superiority trips and didnt miss a chance to let a man that would regularly beat him to death, know that he was in charge. One of those dudes that were made fun of their whole life and is now in a position of authority as an adult and is basically getting back at all his lifes bullies through us detainees. Well since i was caught i knew i was going back to the prior facility for a minimum of 4 months, so i left the house. I am still on the run over a year later. A friend i was staying with not too long after that was smoking some fake weed. It was called zombie killer max. Strong stuff! I would smoke that and real weed. pretty much whatever was around. Well a corner store next to our apartment was selling the fake stuff so it was alot easier to get then real bud. So i started smoking it more and more. I tried all differant kinds. Even thought about making it myself like some of you other people had said you tried before. It turned more into just a habitual thing rather then i felt addicted. I had to smoke before EVERYTHING, Not like I jusst HAD to, but i really really wanted to because i felt like everything was better high. Eating is better blown, intimacy is better, tv is better, video games, parties, even going to visit my family was a more enjoyable experience to me if i was stoned at the time. Well ive been smoking it for about a year and 8 months now. well actually today is my second day not smoking it because im trying to quit which is why im at this site in the first place. But this is the devil. Its all i ever think about. For the first time in my life i feel like a crack addict/junkie. And it kills me becuase I KNOW IM BETTER THEN THIS. Its just complete insanity that i keep going back to this. i mean ive quit a few times, once even for a few weeks, but everytime without fail something bad happens in my life and i go running back to the fake smoke to numb it all away. Ill isolate myself and think “all i want is to go to sleep for a year and let the world pass me by..” But then i get these moments of clarity, where i think to myself “you know what, youre a better person than this, youre worth more than this and you will do so much for the world if you will get your head out your ass and just be a real man and quit this .” This stuff is horrible. like exploding out my ass with slime and…oh god its just i just think about what my inside look like if thats whats coming out..i throw up randomly, i have the worst heartburn which feels as if someone just poured a boiling pot of water down into my chest. random body pains, splitting headaches..but it all goes away when i start smokking again. And i smoke it out of a gravity bong so im taking huge amounts in. ill smoke a 10g bag of klimax easy in a day..BUT that all has to stop, and it all will. i cannot continue this way..but i just feel like a broken record. Its a perpetual hell. If you have read this far into what i have written, HEED MY ADVICE, do not try fake weed, and if you are already on it..well you know what its doing to you..i would compare this as being as bad as huffing paint or air literally feel your brain like melting..I thank God i havent done any irrepairable damage, or so i hope so. Thank you for letting me share..i needed to vent lol.

  271. finally somebody is experiencing out of body, trances,, psycedelia. once you start feeling anything and everything into ‘one’, you’ve reached mind level 5. “EVERYTHING” will become more ‘real’, even thinking wise. it’ll feel like a fake reality. one important thing ive learned off this stuff is.. your mind can do more than what you think it can do. your mind can stretch however far ‘you’ can believe, and then with a little help from acid or insense in general, your mind, will expand to ‘new’ different levels. you’ll think completely different from the normal people. for instance, i can spot fakeness, weirdness, or bullshit much easily. between tv media, movies, and to the point were im just hanging out with friends. im nearly three months sober and i ‘still’ feel like im speedin’. i can never find myself in a bored moment or second. kinda like…… every second since the last time i tripped, i live life by the second. everything is still feeling incredible. not like im feeling godly or invincible, but ive looked at life as extravagant. i wish everybody had just a piece of what im feeling or can do. the mind power to control ones’ self at all times. self-actualization. to have the power to buy a 1g bag, smoke a bowl, and then flush the rest. and then never have to worry about it. when i was in my magnificent last trip, and in that ‘right’ mindset. i made the decision right then. and i kept just a small piece of goodness with me, like carrying it on. if you wanna quit, quit when you have peace at the mind. go to a lonely place, private, remember what you thought about it before you smoke,not high, and then smoke. once high your ‘thinking’ should alter, depending on the person and there mind power. since your in the state that your looking for, use the incense as a therapeutic. if this is the only strength you have, use it for goodness. it’s all in the mind, i promise and guarantee it. use the incense to get off the incense. if you decide to do this always, and i mean always do it at night time. once your finished with it for good, go straight to sleep. this will help you, your body and brain, get a head start on recovery. if try to stop during the daytime, you’ll definitely be fiendin for it by evening time. its a small technique, but it helps. just keep this in mind if your an addict on this stuff and you decide to quit and go to something else, you will probably have to go to coke, meth or acid to get the high your looking for. a regular weed high wont be nothing but a low buzz. if weed is the option medical or high grade kush , dro in that nature, would be the best high, but….. weed high can also trigger side affects, from experience and heard and read from others.

  272. @ashley,

    No this is not at all something you should substitute cigarettes with, it is by far much worse for you. As everyone has said before the high is very very addicting because you can only achieve that kind of high doing this stuff and it really messed with your head after doing it for a while. The worst part is trying to quit, your body will go through withdrawals like you cannot believe and you will feel like you will do anything just to get them to stop. All in all, save yourself the trouble and don’t consider giving this stuff even the slightest chance, it could ruin your life.

  273. Dear Jade,

    I have a son your age and he doesn’t want to hear it, I worry everytime he goes out. he’s a pot head and drinks very little. He is very handsome and seeing him with a buzz makes me hurt way down inside. I know the deal and that he doesn’t think it’s going to happen to him the trouble is what i’m talkin about. There is trouble you don’t see, the police know whats going on in a small town the other kids aren’t going to take the heat for anyone, this isn’t the old days. You want to get a good job, not with the smell or urin tests, your thinking isn’t crisp because the weed is much more powerful today. You get stopped and it’s not hard to see your not right. Companies look at what you’ve been up to since graduating or your last job that you blew off. As a father i’m always on the edge, he knows I would do anything to keep him out of trouble, the girls come around to party thats o.k. until I see them an hour later and I’m not looking at the same girl. I can’t get it thru his head that this is all fo real and nothing knew and that he doesn’t have all the answers. Of course I don’t know anything and I’ve never seen or been involved or lost everything because of my attitude, the wrong one. I hear dad I wish you were more understanding and get with it. These words hurt, the worrying hurts, watching your life go by without any goals just a false picture of what he thinks is real. I pray daily for him and that this bogus view of whats rigth and whats wrong will go away and leave him (my whole life) in one peice unharmed and with the reespect he should have hold him above the rank life style and bad opinion of others. I would give my life for him and anyone that has gotten to know me beleives it when I say so. Lord guide my son to the rigth side of the road and have him set the example his boys need to see. They are all good kids at heart and by the grace of god they’ll be able to pull themselves out of this bottomless pitt.
    lord thank you for being with me and us thru all this .
    uncle gordon, i have 38 years under my belt without ddrinking and bullshittin anybody about what coming their way. anyone who doesn’t beleive it hold on it is and will!!! the day will come when you wish you could say i am so so sorry, and i do love you for everything and i apologize for the things i cannot change. you will beg for a second chance and i pray they will. they may not and you’ll have the life you thougth was so cool. it isn’t and girls don’t ever think your safe , you will look like a peice of meat to some of these animals trust me.
    with all my love,
    the guy who tried to reach out because your worth it. pray and give thanks, open your eyes, your just little kids and many others will think nothing of using you in any way they can, while making you see where your really at. this aint no joke and you are just a free good time before they’ve taken the most prescious parts of your life.
    get ready because they are and want to leave nothing. god be with you!! gordon

  274. Hi Floss,
    I agree with Gordon because MRI’s are showing that the mind can recover. I know I’m feeling better after having spent a lot of time researching vitamins for my personal benefit, and for the recovery of my niece (heroin-meth addict). Basically to heal some of the things your brain needs are rest, a helpful-encouraging daily routine, faith and fuel just like a car. So almost every morning I have about 20 vitamins and one egg — what you eat really makes a difference. Read “Optimum Nutrition for the Mind” by Patrick Holford. Here’s a jump start summary: Omega 3 makes up 1/3 of your brain’s fat storage so take a couple fish oil capsules every day (or eat some salmon or eat some ground flax seed). Take a little ginseng. Add Niacin B-3… I take a 1,000 mg every day. Add some Folic Acid, I take 800 mg. And I avoid excess copper from multi-vitamins. What Gordon listed are real helpful too.

  275. If you have not started smoking this, please do not. It can make you act like your on crack. Can make you extremely irritable and mean when you do not have it. Can make you do things you would not normally do to get it, such as steal. Long term use can cause a persistant cough and heart palpitations.

  276. Dear Floss,
    I think you’ll feel better in a little while. Do you take vitamin supplements I read that it is really important. I take vitamin D and E as well as good multi-vitamins. I also have others I take for cleansing my system and digestion. I started a few months or so ago leaving out red meat, I like the options out there I could call it similiar to mediteranean style diet. I believe these changes have helped me in several ways and I feel good about simply doing something for muyself. These are suggestions I received I can’t say it the only way to go just that it can’t hurt!! Keep intouch with these good folks here they want to be there for you. Think positive, Pray for strength and health this is very important at least to me. Look for Jaseeka1986 she’s a winner with good direction.
    Best Wishes,

  277. Anyone else here have a worrying Mum like I do? I’m 20, but my mum makes me feel so guilty that I feel sad, to the point where I want to smoke. Any tips to make your Mum feel more at ease, she is a bit knowing the fact I’ve told my doctor, I’m just wondering if anyone out their is in the same boat? Its just extremely important to me as I’ve only got my mum left 🙁

  278. @Warning
    It’s weird because at times I can feel extremely happy from smoking this, and turn everything negative I’m thinking, into something positive. But obviously the bad days outweigh the good. The main things I get are extremely hot flashes, especially when I’ve just woken up, I could feel like I just hopped into bed without drying myself after a shower, that’s how sweaty I can be in the mornings (I also sleep with the fan on). Very nauseous and sore tummy. But just reading comments on here make me feel much better that I’m not alone, cause sometimes I do feel like I’m the only person smoking this poison, which makes me feel guilty getting it most of the time. I also have 2 friends very supportive of me, they haven’t done this, but they aren’t the type to judge, so I think its important for everyone out theere addicted, to find someone to talk to who you’re very comfortable with. I know its helped me a bit, as I don’t think I can just go cold turkey, I have an addicting personality so its tricky for me to just quit like that, eg; I have been biting my nails since I was 5 yrs old, been smoking cigarettes for about 3-4 years ongoing (have cut down though since smoking spice), although I did use to drink a lot too, but now, I can’t stand alcohol really, I think its cause it takes me a lot of alcohol to make me actually feel anything from it, so now I’m only a social drinker.

    and to everyone out there whos addicted, please know: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I will be happy to chat with anyone in the same boat as me or better yet, I would love to read more quitting stories, they’re more helpful than you think! 🙂

  279. This article can’t be taken seriously for one reason, It HAS been PROVEN that you can not become physically addicted to marijuana. Psychologically, yes, physically, no.

  280. So it’s been since the 3rd I’ve posted on here, and tbh I’m still hooked. BUT i’ve been talking to my doctor, (she’s a good family friend aswell) and telling her about my addiction, and tbh it helped in a way; She made me write down all my likes, dislikes, triggers and alternatives. I tend to notice I smoke when I’m bored, or when I have nothing better to do with my time, which is most of the time, I even smoke at work most times, as I work alone and don’t have any supervisors of any sort, kinda wish I did. Once you figure out your triggers to WHY you smoke, then figure out some better alternatives (or just safer alternatives, such as real bud with no chemicals).
    @Floss, Thats really great that you quit! At least be proud to say you’re a quitter 🙂 But sometimes it can be all in your head, this is where its best to talk with your doctor if your kinda close with them and ask for their advice. Schizophrenia can be caused by real bud, so you don’t know what this spice has in it as well and what it can cause tbh. I’ve only been hooked on spice for about a month now, and I hope its not much more. Any tips on how you quit?

  281. I feel as if i needed to write a sentence or two. i was a chronic incense smoker for about 2 and a half years spending at a minimum $10 a day all the way up to 20-40. i never went more then a day with it. the seperation you feel from your natural body is very distinct i find myself at time my vision will vivid up and i will get this “lost” sensation. ive whited out hit the floor injured rib’s. It all effect’s people differently there is one wholesome outcome though. your lungs mind. physical health, motivation drive to succeed will deplenish. Several time(30+) i have been to a near death state my vision had whited out i heard whispers felt my body slowly dying and then almost having the feeling of something trying to lift you out of your body. this stuff destroys your teeth if you get heavy on it because throwing up becomes second nature. i have been off spice for 6 months now. after moving to an area that does not have it. though i feel some of my thought process coming back the majority of it is still off in another dimension. forget things very quickly. stumbling over words.having a slow reaction to what is happening. also makes you very self conscious about you. the paranoia is hard to beat. i hope with years to come maybe i can be fully healed. i am now 21 and hoping that the end of this filthy journey is near. YOU DO NOT WANT TO GO WHAT I WENT THROUGH. i hope out of all the posts on here that maybe this one might reach out and grab someones attention. sorry for the no punc in a hurry.

  282. Me and my partner were addicted to herbal incense for a little under a year and we have been off for 2 months. The withdrawal symptoms are gone but my head still doesn’t feel right. I’m really worried I’ve done permanent damage to my brain or whatever but my partner can’t relate. Anyone know if my mind will clear up or if its unrelated? I constantly feel like I’ve just woken up, no energy and really just blah!

  283. Hi Jack-a-Lackin,
    Cold turkey. My sons quit cold turkey after really smoking it up for a long time. Cold turkey is how I stopped drinking too. I’m not sure how anyone stops otherwise. With cold turkey my sons had a rough time the first few days after stopping and withdrawl was real for them. They joined me a CR ( where I go because I’m an alcoholic that struggles with other hang-ups. At CR we’ve never been judged and are acccepted. One more small plus, the walls are not getting busted up and my hands are gtg too :p

  284. Dear Jack-a-Lackin,
    I suggest reading these posts and making up your own mind. I think cold turkey because of what it is. Read from Jessica1986 she has had good success. Stick with the winners!! Please keep in touch and never be afraid to ask questions, they’re is a lot of love on hear.

  285. My husband and I have been smoking Klimax by Kush for a lil bit over a year now and we really want to quit bc we have 2 daughters and its bad for us and expensive… what is the best way to go about quiting? weaning yourself or cold turkey? and how bad are thie withdrawls and how long do they last?

  286. TO ALL PREGNANT WOMEN: women should not smoke incense if pregnant. you can easily be held for murder, if the child dies and they find the same chemical in the childs blood that flows thru your bloodstream, questions will swirl and then your left in tight spot. dont give any reason to destroy your life over this stuff. if you dont know what your smoking or the chemicals that are sprayed on there, and have no clue what the damage could do to ‘EVERYTHING’ in your entire body, dont smoke it. hell, coke and crack is cleaner then this stuff, if that tells ya anything.

  287. DJ- listen i had a two year old in the three year time frame and i thought it would do something to him developing in the womb.he came out healthy. now if a woman is with child and smoking this stuff, she could have a real hard time of staying healthy. supporting herself and the child at the same time is very hard alone. my opinion with these mystery chemicals and what i experienced, if she doesnt stop, the baby wont make it, premature birth, or on dute date mothers dies while giving birth, and the baby turns out to be a crack baby. if all fails you have a happy family. its all about the mother on how your child will develop. weed would be better alternative, or nothing at all so you know your child will be healthy.

  288. annonymous- keep a pen and pad with you. if your hearin’ voices, first thing to remember, dont be frightened. write the stuff down that comes to the ‘mind’, it helps get rid stress and the anxiety. short memory, dont worry about that. smoking this stuff may have something to do with it, but commonly, everybody has short term memory. like the saying ‘ if you dont use it you lose it’. you ‘ll recieve ‘new’ brain structures while adapting to your ‘new’ life. thats if you noticed the ‘change’ yet.

  289. id just like to say those who are wanting to give up or keep having unsuccessful attempts like i did, the best advice i could give is to get on a liver detox, it makes the withdrawals no where near as bad as i have experienced before and im feeling mentally strong about giving up.. it may only be day 3 but still,, Does this herbal do damage you ask.. well im 19 and have been smoking it for 25months, prior to this i knew i was 100% sane but now im not so sure.. lately ive had voices in my head and so depressed, not to mention bad paranoia, i have messed up my social life up and pretty much have no one to support me as i have been sitting around chasing the high the last two years, here i sit in my unit after arriving home 6hrs ago and ive been sitting in the dark whilst my mind has its own convos going on, I’ve eaten one chicken wing and thats it. it so bad i just wanna scream and cry but i can’t. writting this is the first constructive thing ive done all afternoon, although time is flying today for some reason(feels like the time i tried ice) theres a big emptiness left behind and feels like apart of me is missing.. im lacking the concentration and ive deadset spent at least an hour on this paragraph, probably doing the herbs at a young age made it a whole lot worse.. i come up with these fantastic things to write but i keep forgetting and get bad with myself.. yes my short term memory is fried.. i dont care what yous do im just letting you know its in your best interest to stop

  290. Hi Jim ,
    I think if you tried smoking nothing for a while maybe a month or so you will begin the really enjoy the freedom and strength from being straight. Your energy will come back, life will look so much better to you. Opportunity will come your way from all directions, all of a sudden the interests you just thought about will start to grow and develope into the things the other guys seem to have. Live Life!!!
    It’s great and rewarding, and a real Blast.
    You don’t have to be concerned about tests execpt they show how good you really are!!

  291. I have been smoking weed every day now for the past couple years and now I have to start passing drug tests. I want to start smoking mad hatter about once a week but I’m not sure how safe it is just doing it that much. If anyone can think of a safer brand or if they have any coments for me please let me know.

  292. Finally. Universal Drug Tests have been implemented for all forms of incense. The same company who developed the new blends created the test. It works too.

  293. @Bewajka is this a paranoid dramatic urgan threatening message on spice quoted by an OR treatment center educated psychiatrist???. “Dangerous trips from deadly designer drugs” by Mail Tribune by Dr. Hammel= google it sounds like you smoke marijuana and are experimenting with spice so you support urban communities to smoke chemicals to alter their brains?

  294. It has been almost one year since I quit smoking this poison. Once I got throught the withdrawals, I have never wanted to pick it back up. I smoked real marijuana for over ten years, but like everyone else, this was easy & cheap. My point in posting today after posting a year earlier is to say that YOU CAN QUIT. My first withdrawals were insomnia, upset stomach & just plain delusional. I found this website since I could barely shut my eyes & vowed to quit. I found a close friend who didn’t judge me (yes, it was hard) and camped out at her house while I smoked marijuana. It wasn’t the same high anymore but helped with the withdrawals. The first three days were the worst. My stomach issues continued for two months. Moral of the story…I quit. It was hard & didn’t feel good but if I can quit, anyone can. You spend every moment thinking about this crap, spending every dime on it, your personality changes and for what? Who knows how we damaged our bodies and brains. I can now get a normal, natural high off marijuana. I am looking for a job & haven’t smoke the real stuff in almost four months. The only side effect I had was only a slight trouble falling asleep at night. Marijuana = natural. Spice = chemicals.

  295. I used to smoke pot every day and now I am switching to mad hatter does anyone know how this will effect me and is it dangerous if you only use it once a week?

  296. @TheWarning: I do smoke cigarettes, but I find that I smoke less cigarettes now? Its quite weird. I know its in my head and its driving me insaneeeeeeee! Bud as in actual marijuana right? I do have that, but my dealers over here are so useless its quite hard to get some. I HAVE HAD ONE, well I don’t know if my mind was altered but it was definitely fucked: I went out one night to the clubs and whatever, I was a bit drunk, but I don’t drink that much any more either. Then I bought some Northern Lights herbal incense which I smoked when I got back home that night, went to bed, whatever. Then in the morning, I had a little smoke with a friend, and I looked in the mirror at myself, that’s when it fucked me, I looked closer at my reflection and what I was seeing, was not my usual self, in my reflection my neck was literally sticking out and I was all squared and circular shaped, I was literally looking at myself for 20 minutes I think and my neck started extending more and more outwards, then I started to look around and all the furniture in my room started to turn circular. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry because I had a thought in my mind that this is what you see just before you are about to die, I had tears in my eyes, but I was laughing I didn’t know what to do. I went into the kitchen and was still seeing the same shapes, and I had a massive glass of water then it all started to turn back to normal again. I’ve had that a few times, but yet I still do it, but I know, I can do it! And even if it doesn’t happen tomorrow, it will happen!! Same goes to all of you trying to quit, WE CAN DO IT 😀

  297. JADE, pick up another addiction like bud. It helps to come off the addiction. CIGS are bad but it does the trick to smooth the edge off. Try not to smoke for two days, replace the addiction with something else. You need to get the chemicals out of your system, then you won’t fiend for it. Its all in your head literally. I have faith for you. Has anybody notice meth sores appearing when you get cut? Has anybody had mind-altering experiences? I would love to hear some, so i know im not(from what it seems) the only one that has tripped hard on this stuff.

  298. I would love to hear from Emily. Your story in particular is so crazy similar to mine, (although I haven’t gotten to your level yet) BUT I KNOW I WILL AND THAT HURTS. To all the people saying just quit, easier said than done, I’ve turned into the biggest procrastinator now, as now I’m like “Today is the day I’m quitting and turning my life around….” nek minnit I’ve just bought another bag. I know I can’t go on like this, but I’m too weak to quit on my own, as I know I can, but I need love and support, which some of my “friends” don’t give me as they yell “you’re ruining your life!!” like it hurts me to hear that even though I know they’re only telling me for their own good, but that’s not the way to speak to me, I’m different as to I like speaking to someone who would give me suggestions as to quitting instead of looking down on me like I’m a piece of dirt, which most of my friends do. My mum knows I smoke a lot and is exactly the same to where she’s looking down on me like I’m a disappointment to her, it hurts and I’d love anyone, anyone at all in the same boat as me, to respond. And to those who have quit, I really and truly admire you, you’re amazing.

  299. I am 20 years old. I currently suffer from depression and anxiety ever since my Dad passed away in 2010. Since then I started to take a turn for the worst, in ’11 I’d get high almost every weekend, maybe a bit less. But soon it escalated in ’12 where I’d be getting high on my own AND getting high with friends. Then in ’13 my friend introduced me to synthetic weed and I instantly became hooked, just because it was so much easier to get (you can buy them from tobacconists here). There has been MANY times where I have felt like complete shit and would get anxious and over-think things, such as people watching me, where I’d become too paranoid to even go to the store and buy a drink. But even though I knew these negative effects, I still smoke it. It just has this weird sensation it gives you and to anyone out there addicted, I feel your pain. I’ve been smoking for 2 weeks straight I’d say, you might not feel like that is a lot, but for me I feel like I’m doing a terrible thing, but I can’t help it, I feel like I NEED synthetic weed to get me through the day. To anyone out there who has quit smoking synthetic weed, can you please respond to this? I NEED YOUR HELP. My Dad also use to smoke weed everyday, but I don’t think he ever knew of synthetic weed. I really appreciate anyone who took the time to read this, and if you reply I would be over the moon. I’ve come to the realisation that I need to change, but I’m not strong enough to do it on my own 🙁

  300. Not sure if its just me or what, but so far I have smoked about 6 grams over a 2 month period, I never take more than 2 hits, usually only one and I have yet to have any bad trips or adverse side effects. I have tried stronger drugs in the past so kinda knew what to expect when I felt it coming on so I didn’t freak out. Is this normal? I hear about people smoking blunts of this stuff or multiple bong rips and I could not imagine. One toke is fine with me. I think its safe to say people who are u using are either rookie smokers, or think its mj and try to be a hero and take too much. In moderation this is good stuff. One toke is fine 2 sometimes take you to the limit

  301. Cody the Clown,
    If I were you I would read my own words. Techniques on how avoid strokes or heart attacks while using this product KUSH is clear evidence of the danger your supporting. Younger addicts defend their right to take these chances but few have the constitution to handle this toxic and multi threat expierience. While your Clownin around with your brain, heart, and memmory others are fighting to save their lives. These folks have wives, children, parents, brothers and sisters who need and care about them. Other users only think of themselves not about who’ll take care of them when the good news spread about these products turn out to be the most dangerous nightmare of their lives.
    Everyone has the right to their own oppinion as well as the responsability to do the right thing. I hope you get thru and still have enough capabilities to make good for those who only needed to hear it’s o.k.
    Brothers and sisters share your fun stories about how your life changed, what this has done to their families, children or anyone else in thier world.
    I hope the day you are clowning around and lying down trying to keep it together you’ll remember these suggestions and if today wasn’t an early warning.

  302. alot of people think their gonna die off of kush, i believe its from the paranoia, with the increased rate of your heart’s beat. just like a smoker of marijuana, you have those paranoid ones always thinking cops are around the corner, or somethings going on that isn’t really happening.
    i’ve smoked over 25 bags of kush, i gathered all my bags for count. i have never felt any sense of death, but i have felt a numbing vibration down my body. i believe the only way to avoid having a stroke or heart attack on kush is to stay relaxed, think positive. kinda like your tripping on acid, DO NOT THINK BADLY!

  303. Ya’ll just need to UNDERSTAND that all these synthetic products that have been introduced into our society are UN-NATURAL. If you want to be a healthy, decent, human being in good standing, you need to filter out all of this garbage from your life! So many of you are KNOWINGLY consuming these man made chemicals, and wondering why everything in your life is in turmoil. Your own ignorance is your downfall. Cut out the garbage people. Walk the natural path that the earth intended. Anything else is a blasphemy against the earth, and YOURSELF. I cant save ya, God WONT save ya, you have to save yourself.

  304. Dear Dazed and Confused,
    This may sound hard but you have to get yourself sober before you can carry another addict. I suggest praying for help and direction, it will come.
    You could both go to N/A meetings together and try to get seperate sponsors. This is a tough one as you know, remember you still have each other you may just need a little outside support. Pleas keep in touch with us their are a lot of good sucssesful folks here that do care.
    All our best

  305. brandon what symptoms have you had and do you have a normal basis? and try to be detailed. dont say my head hurts sometimes and/or my chest feels werid or anything in that nature.

  306. Im nearly a month sober off this stuff. Im “still” waiting for my brain to slow down. The only thing that stablizes my brain is smoking mary j. ive smoked two days ago and about the same time the week before, and im pretty sure im gonna have to raise the dosage to about two to three times a week to satisfy my head troubles. the only times my head disturbs me is when im doing nothing or get bored. it seems i need to be doing something all the time so im not distracted by what im “thinkin”. my body feels great tho ,now that im eating atleast three times a day. i “never” loved food as much i do now. other then my brain “speeding” almost all the time, im healthy. For those wanting to quit and are going thru withdraws, DONT ALLOW YOUR BODY TO DO IT ALONE.your immunity is going to be extremely bad. start off with taking lots of vitamins and drinking “nothing” but water. next , soft liquid diet. build your appetite back up. i suggest yogurt, because at the time i was averaging about 250 calories a day and that was the most feeling for my stomach and plus its very good for system, especially when your down to eating nothing or being satisfied off of 1 or 2 bites of something. mourning shakes, im not surprise if you throw it up, its to heavy for a light stomach. you have to “rebuild” your system. you cant expect it back to normal when coming off something this strong. rebuilding is the key, vitamins , water, and yogurt. i suggest it, strongly. when you know you can eat a small deal of yogurt , without throwing it up, add something small to that. like an orange or half a banana. another thing, while rebuilding, it wouldn’t hurt eating healthy. stay away from soda, candy, and anything that is fastfood. it’ll tear your stomach up, if not having it. the vitamins , well that speaks for itself. but there my new life savers. if all this fails and your still throwing up off the texture of food hitting your mouth, go to the hospital and tell them you need an I.V. and quick, and then prepared to be stuck many times, taking a bunch of pills, and starving the whole time there till they “think” you can handle real food. i don’t suggest the hospital. it’ll be torture for yourself. vitamins, water, and anything soft to rebuild.

  307. tonight i saw my husband all space cadet and in lala land..He started using kush 4 mo ago cuz he had to quit smoking real weed cuz of work and I see how addicted he’s become to kush..He hits that pipe too often..even in the middle of the night..he gets up to go to the john and he’s hitting that thing! so tonight i thought i need to read the effects of this stuff and to my disbelief i can’t believe i find myself in this situation..I know its going to take an intervention to get him to quit but i don’t even know where or how to start! bummer thing is that i am going thru my own withdrawals..after 5 years of taking vicotin for a back problem i am too trying to quit this at this back problem has been solved so when i tried quitting the vico my body is saying “yea right” to my dismay now theres not one person with a problem here but two! what to do? what to do?

  308. I have smoked for two years and most of the syntoms are true. my advice is that if you try herbal incense, only take small quantites at a time. and dont think you could handle another product just because you had that much of anotheer. these are sprayed chemicals and are overdoseable. each product has a different intensity, so start out low, and work your way up. its not like bud so dont take a yellow milked bong tokee right away or you might regret it

  309. Lacy,

    I know this is a bit late but day two was DEFINITELY the worst day for me after I quit. Day 1, no problems. I was laughing about easy it was. By day 2 who could not eat and would break out in extreme cold sweats where the sweat would just pour off my face. pretty scary. i thought i would pass out. I’m a six foot 180 lb. adult male and that stuff really kicked my … too. You don’t really feel the toxicity of it until your off it for a couple of days.

    I tried to drink some breakfast shakes but couldn’t keep them down but I finally drank enuff sprite that I could eat some chicken noodle soup and I felt MUCH better. after that it got much easier altho that crap stays in your system for months I think.

    Stay strong, you will thank yourself. and don’t forgot to check in and let us know how your doing. Free House Wife is always a good inspiration here. 😀

  310. My wife cant breath and refuses to stop smoking incense,She is grouchy has mood swings.Vomits.She uses a nebulizer to no avail..She blames her breathing on the place we live.She demands we move.She gets dizzy and has migraines.She used to drink all the time and now its this.What should i do

  311. if you’ve never tried the incense before, please, don’t. it’s extremely addictive. I’ve been smoking it daily since i graduated high school in may ’11, up to six grams a day sometimes, and i’ve wanted to quit for a couple months now. So i decided to give it a shot.

    i’m on day two. i can’t eat. i haven’t eaten since the last time i smoked. anytime i do try to eat, i throw it up instantly. i can’t sleep, even though my body is exhausted. i started crying and couldn’t stop for ten minutes because there aren’t any paper towels left. i know that sounds silly, and i’m fine with it now but when i first noticed, i was genuinely grief-stricken that i couldn’t dry my hands off.

    this isn’t who i am. i’m usually a fun, happy, energetic twenty year old girl. i know i can get through it, use mind over matter or meditation or whatever but it’s so hard. i just want to feel good again, to feel “normal”, to feel like i’m.. me.

  312. I think its great and makes everything alot better, i work a full time job go to school take care of my family and exorcise all on poofy, it helps me stay awake and helps me sleep, whatever im doing its 1000% better with this stuff. and mixed with Hennessy its untouchable 😉

  313. i been smokin klimaxx for over a year. i been reading some of the posts on the site and all i can say is i’ve seen both sides of the coin.. personally i’ve never had a bad trip or felt like death was around the corner. i use to think it was pretty funny until i was smokin with my cuzzin and his homeboy. now, me and my cousin smoke like trains EVERYDAY. im talkin like at least 2 or 3 10 gramm packs daily.. this night he had his boy with him and it was just like any other night until he said he was bout to leave and go home. i watched him walk out the yard RIGHT PAST his lexus toward the street. all of a sudden he ran off screamin like somebody was chasin him. WE didnt know which way he went until i heard him screamin on the next block: OBAMA!! OBAMA !! HELP! HELP! when i got there i saw the look on his face was like he didnt know who he was or who we were. there was a guy outside i had to talk to. he said my boy tried to come in his house!! we finally calmed him down and he chilled for about 30 minutes before he got in his car and left, but that was the wildest klimaxx trip i ever saw. i’ve seen several other trips since then…even my own older brother tripped out on me one night. i just refuse to smoke with them ever again once i see someone lose it. ibelieve its whats on your mind and alot ot do with the strength of the mind…i dont know.. everything not for everybody.thanx for listening.

  314. tried it last night after 20 years of smoking the real stuff. got to say i was high…. i had one joint of a normal strength and knew i was in trouble within 30 secs. THE WORST WHITEY I HAVE EVER HAD!! CANT BELIEVE THIS IS LEGAL AND THE REAL AINT. IN MY OPINION IT DONT TASTE THE SAME BUT AT LEAST 20X STRONGER… i aint no lightweight either amsterdam 2x a year and nothing has ever hit me as hard as this stuff. (abyss) wish i read mikes description 1st. would of saved me 3 hours of throwing up. “oh, did i forget that bit”

  315. bulmer! you dont want to get addicted to this stuff. its far more powerful than what you think. read all the the comments on this blog. and pick out the the “mind” feelings out of the “body” feelings. it affects everybody different. read my story “the r3al side of me”. i encountered delirium and blindness off this stuff. after being 12 days clean from incense, i feel have i hyperawareness. sounds stupid, and wish i was making it up, but my brain feels like its running 200mph, and the only thing that slows me down is Mary J. basically my brain feels like its on speed. and i never took speed before ever. my dreams are f**ked BADLY!!!!!! either my dreams are becoming more real or im being captured by my dreams. basically i could dream all day and live in my dreams. the only times i realized i needed to be off this stuff, is when i started to feel GODLY. not god that everybody believes in, but magical. before this started happening, i already had the “Feelings of Everything” locked up inside of me. when i started to become more powerful, not just physically, but GODLY, it was time to get off. very much unhuman. i could easily used incense as a tool to life and accomplish anything i put my mind to. but with the consequences and all the side effects, most definitly wasnt worth it. and the whole time i was smoking it, i didnt know what “exactly” it was doin to my body. parts of my body that is. this stuff attacks what ever it wants to in your body. different parts of your brain, i know for sure. your organs i heard and seen on TV. dont risk your “LIFE” on this stuff. trust me when you read this. You dont want the feelings of separation and pain thru-in-out your mind/body/soul. i can “garantee” your soul will suffer more than your mind and body put together while on, going thru, trying to get off or even coming off this stuff. . i know what this stuff does. keep this in mind when you buy that next bag, even if its the same kind it dont matter. all bags are different . YOUR PLAYING RUSSIAN ROULETTE, WITH YOUR “SENSES'”. you dont want to lose your brain. and as far as the organs, heart faliure, liver damage or disease, kidney faliure, all applies here. you “might” be thinking: “awwww, that’ll never happen to me.” but like i said RUSSIAN ROULETTE. you’ll never know till it happens. nothing good can come from this. except “Learning the Hard Way.”

    take this as a “””””””””WARNING”””””””””

  316. Hi. Im from the UK and going to discuss the trip on smoking incense named ‘evolution’ when smoked in a joint, pipe and bong.

    During all experiences feels like im trapped in a bubble but a good one. but if i smoke to much mainly from a bong hit, it can go wrong and feel to intense, were your head feels like its going to explode.
    Great munchies though. (Both joint and bong last up to 30 mins)

    When taking a pipe hit i was told by friends i was tripping out for 30 minuets, arms locked and couldn’t swallow water. felt like i was trapped in gravity. couldn’t move my body and vision was blurry. For me it felt like i was tripping for 6 to 7 hours and just wanted to left to die.


  317. Four months ago today I was going through severe and cold sweats, severe vomiting. I have been sober since then, and haven;t felt better. I no longer cough constantly, wheeze, spit up musuc, have swollen feet, twitchy eyes, pains in my head. I sleep through the night! I feel like a different person, and i AM. I have a hard time believing I allowed myself to be that person, but that;s what smoking this stuff does…turns you into a different person.

    For those stuggling to quit…you CAN do it, and you will thank yourself every day once you stop!!!

    Peace and Hugs to all!!

  318. If your stumbling on to this site, seeking information about incense, then look up LSD: 50’s and 60’s. And dont over-look Dr. Frank Ogden and Dr. Timothy Leary on their first expierences on LSD. The only way, I found to more educate people, about expierences to this stuff.
    I dont want to lure people on to this stuff after they reading my story or anybody elses’, and not wanting to believe “us”. also look up Truth seryum. it should fall in or somewhere around the LSD catiergory.
    i believe this is the the “21st centuery acid.” with a kicker at the end.

  319. I started smoking incense in 2008 after coming off cannabis. At first I thought it was fairly safe, but then I started experiencing lower back and leg ache. I didn’t realise it was the incense and just started using more. I was smoking about 2-3 bags a day (yes 9 grams) my tollerance was through the roof and it was costing me up to £420 a week !!!
    I quit on 31/12/12 and have been clean for 7 days.
    The withdrawal was a bastard, much worse than cannabis but I feel better every day. The back ache has gone but I still have bad pains in my legs which I have heard will go in about 3 weeks.
    I will never touch that again and if I can come off it so can you, just be strong…

  320. So I just wanted to tell people my personal experience with spice. I am a 22 year old male and when I was about 19 years old I tried spice for my first time. I liked it, gave me effects similar to weed, but never purchased the stuff myself. A friend of mine smoked it daily and would smoke a bowl with me 3 times a week or so. After a while I decided to start buying the stuff and started smoking large amounts daily. At my worst point I was smoking 10 grams a day, it costs me quite a bit of money and was not worth it AT ALL.

    I continued this habit for over a year before my local county banned spice from being sold and I knew my spice days were over. But it wasn’t easy quitting the crap. I went back to smoking the natural stuff (as I have been since I was 16) and the high I got from it was so minimal I could hardly notice it. I think spice can be stronger than the real stuff, and when used to synthetics, going back is not the same.

    Well I’ve been clean for 7 months or so now, and I still have symptoms from spice. Hot flashes are the worst thing. One minute I will be fine then next thing you know I was even sweating at times, when I’m not in a hot environment at all. Right after quitting I had trouble sleeping which went away, But the hot flashes still remain and happen on a daily basis.

    Spice is no joke, it’s not something to get involved with. When I was smoking it, if you told me what I was doing was bad for me, I would have laughed at you. Just because I never felt the bad side of spice until the day I quit.

    Now I still smoke the real stuff every day, and it helps a lot. Without spice my head feels “airy” at times. It’s a weird feeling and hard to explain but it feels bad. Luckily the real stuff keeps my head where it needs to be so I can get by,

    Just do yourself a favor and stop smoking this, or don’t begin at all. It’s not clean, it’s very dirty and you have NO CLUE what is in it.

  321. I have been clean from incense for just about 2 months. It was by far the worst thing ive ever dealt with. I experienced most of the symptoms listed above including nausea, appetite loss, sweats, extreme paranoia to the point i felt demonically possessed. I still feel dumb and like i have lost alot of my intelligence but the thing that nobody has really mentioned is cysts. my boyfriend just found out he may have a cyst in his leg and I developed ovarian cysts immediately after quitting, this caused extreme pain and nausea as well. my cysts developed at a very rapid rate and i had to have them surgically removed within 3 weeks of quitting.. I had my surgery over a month ago and felt great (besides brain damage) since then until now.. i am now in fear that i developed another cyst under my arm that is causing pain and triggered a gag reflex. I am set off by the slightest smell or thought of something gross… I really do not want to have another surgery and was wondering if any of you developed cysts or have any info on how incense may have caused the cysts?

  322. I personaly have not somked any form of incense, but my uncleaho is also my roomate has been smoking DIABLO. I’m extreemly concernd for his health and well being. He has this god awful cough, sleepless, stays locked up in his bedroom, sweats alot, seems like a zombie when he does emerge, he forgets just about everything and eays like crazy for a few days then stops eatingw he gets paranoid so confused and stupid. I would perfer that it was legal to just smoke real pot. he wouldnt be the way he is now. He already has HIV and somking this BS is going to end up killing him. Can anyone tell me if it can make him so ill that he may pass due to this crap? And what yhe awful smell it has? Thanks for all the help. thanks

  323. hi everyone…i posted on here october 21st 2012….i am here too say that im now 55 days sober as of jan 2 2013 and im feeling a lot better…for those who didnt read the comment, drug tests for bathsalts/spike came out in syracuse and i had too quit…im glad they came out with it or id still be high..too anyone who is just quitting, STAY STRONG its NOT easy but you CAN do it!!

  324. Hello folks! I am a regular MJ user and have been smoking incense for 2 years now. I’ve smoked probably over 30 different brands/types of incense…I usually find one I really like then just smoke that for months at a time until it is no longer attainable…Then the search for a good product begins again.

    I am also a quiet guy and enjoy just soaking in peoples words vs. doing alot of talking myself. I also try to fulfill all my responsibilities…Even though I am high while doing them.

    Long story short, even if you think you are in control while using this product, YOU ARE NOT.

    I work 10 hours almost everyday, and I also maintain a relationship with my wife and family. I meet all social obligations and walk the dog nightly. I pay my bills on time and own a nice house…BUT while I fell like I am getting it done, I am cutting corners.

    At night I would frequently be praying for my wife to go to bed so I could get high. I would smoke all night and sleep maybe 4 hours and start the day. I would walk the dog for an hour, but I had to be high to do it. When my wife was working, I was high. I would leave the house for errands only to get high.

    Basically while I was meeting the basic needs of my family/wife/dog. I was high and I was shorting them the full experience. When I should of been cuddling, I was rushing her to bed. When I should of been having intimate conversations, I was cutting her off to go out to get high. I was a great person on paper…..But in reality even though the house was spotless ( cause I liked getting high and cleaning up)
    My relationships ultimately suffered. The worst thing that has come of this is my poor health. Coughing all the time and lacking in sleep…Also eating like a horse and crapping the whole next day. I feel saddest about ruining my health and possibly leaving this life early and completely ruining my wife’s life. She is innocent and sticks to the straight and narrow, while I hide in the shadows and kill myself slowly.

    Best advice is to never touch this stuff. I kept it real and haven’t ruined any relationships or gone bankrupt, but my health has suffered and my relationships and friendships are not as strong as they could of been had I been legit.

    Good luck all

  325. Today, i am a new man. 1/2

    (“thinking” at this point) “i scored some dro,” , ” ” chopped up a bowl” with “scissors”,”, ” “loaded” a “fat bowl”,” with a” fresh screen” , ” ” My
    fingertips” ” “smelt” “great”,” as “i was hittin’ the bowl”, like ” “I never” ” “smelled” “weed” before, in “my life”.”

    ((( :::::: TRY TO UNDERSTAND! :::::: ))))
    ( the whole time, while “all of this”, has and is , happening)
    ( :This is happening: )

    (” ” I’m “thinking”,”) THAT “one hit” isn’t gonna do sh*t to “M3″,”
    ” “two hits” isn’t gonna do sh*t to “M3”.”( since I’m so used to a “superhigh”) and then finally, the third hit. Automatically, I knew something was very different. No side effects. I’ve calmed down. Coughing never felt anybetter. Virgin lungs: H*ll i almost cough up a lung. I felt happiness. I love the feeling of weed. And i missed it. back to normal thinking again. it’s been awhile. The high feeling i have now? I feel like i can do, achieve, accomplish, everything and anything, but not actually feel like , I have ” The Feelings of Everything”. Theres no separation or pain between mind , body and/or soul. I’m very happy, not just in general, but proud of my body, in a way.
    It’s absolutely in your mind. “Toxins” do infect your central nervous system, and “it” will. Theres NO control over this. I know “its” there but i don’t feel “it” anymore. I’m glad. I’m happy, like i said before. Most deffintenlty in a different(than usual) state of mind.

    My R3al outtake on how it made me feel…. from what i remember( cause its difficult to describe a feeling) other than what i wrote down in december, is “it” was like a third eye. not only did i look at everything in life, but something else did too.I’m not saying somebody was inside me and was calling my every move,but i deffintley had a different perpective on the outlook of everything and anything, in life. sorta like: there was my opinion, the right opinion, then “its” opinion. I would be noticing weridness of/and ‘in’ people. It also reminded me of a parasite needing a host to survive. I’m done with that stuff for good. I don’t miss anything about “it”. I NOW can’t believe ive been putting my mind, body , and soul through “all of “it”,”
    just to feel werid in my head(high). Superhigh.

    I would love to change my from “THEr3alsideOFM3” to a story called the “The Warning”. I am the warning. I just wish i would of read all blogs, instead skippin and skimmimg. I’m only human tho, and im glad and happy to be back.

    This story is about a man, who tried a “it” drug and “it” changed his only “life” “forever”.

    P.S. Love your love ones harder than you ever have. You will only see them in this lifetime. theres NO PROOF you’ll ever see them(other than dreams) and “feel” them at the same time again, before they go,or you do. Everyday go be our last. Believe “M3” you dont wana regret “love”. i’ve already gone through this and, nobody has died. I’ve gone through alot, and thats not mentioning my dreams.
    that drug is powerful. more powerful than your brain. and your brain is supposed to the most powerful thing in this world. other than i higher power. once again, i advise everybody to grab a love one and live everyday like its your last. if you “feel” or have felt your last day of your soul, on earth, than you must’ve smoked “it”. I can’t press the problem anymore . hopefully, theres more people like me, and then we can actually red-flag “it”. The end of “it’ all. That was one my R3al dreams i had, and it will be my dream forever.

    “Love conquers all, Greed will imprison us all.” a lessoned learned in my life due to that stuff. When off of “it”, your body will appreciate your mind, and your mind will appreciate your soul. then, your soul will appreciate both, and everything else that comes with. I promise.
    I promise your better person off if “it”. unless your already gone in the head.( No senses)

    “””””””””The Warning””””””””””

  326. During the past 4 months, I smoked multiple blends of “herbal incense” daily. Gorilla Dro and Gorilla Dro Xtra were my brands of choice and made up roughly 80% of the herbal blends I smoked. Interestingly, these varieties were sold bulk from the local retailer, not packaged in attractive, sealed pouches. They indicated this was to give the consumer more product for less money. At a different shop, a salesman sold me Gorilla Dro from a labelled package and stated that the dealers of unlabeled packages were selling a counterfeit product.

    Yes, Gorilla Dro in a labeled pack was more expensive the bulk pack, but the bulk was also more potent. I also used, to a much more limited degree, brands sold as 7H Hydro, 7H Kush, Black Rooster Purple Haze and a few other varieties that gave the same general feel as Gorilla Dro but had different flavors (some were disgusting) and typically required the user to smoke more of the herb, faster.

    At first, 2 moderate inhalations from a pipe would put me into a state very similar to that induced by high-grade marijuana. With Gorilla Dro, the latest round of presumed-synthetic-cannabinoid-laden herbs, the psychoactive effect was finally of a primarily pleasant experience (none of the anxiety or panic attack that previous formulations delivered–such as with JWH-018).

    The tolerance to Gorilla Dro is just as significant as previous herbal blends. Day 1 of smoking, a single bowl is more than enough (likely too much). Day 2 requires a little more to attain the same high. Fast forward to Day 21, I was comfortably smoking 2 bowls (6 inhalations) during each session, 2-3 sessions per day.

    More than 1 month in, I took a break for 5 days–I was going out of town for business and thought it’d give me a good opportunity to reduce my tolerance so I could enjoy the herbal mix more upon my returned home.

    Nausea and diarrhea hit me that first day without smoking. I chalked this up to a nervous tummy due to traveling. Later that day, the corners of my mouth and upper lip started to feel irritated. The next morning, a small strip of skin at the corners of my mouth extending to the skin on my upper lip felt burned and was a fresh, irritated red. This symptom was ameliorated with medicated Blistex (it felt so good to put the Blistex on! immediate relief!). However, I suspect the reason for this severe chapping was due to dehydration: I wasn’t drinking much fluid (my upset stomach was revolted at the idea of food or drink of any sort, more on that later) and I had significant diarrhea. I was drying out.

    During the first 2 days of this break from smoking, the thought of eating (much less the action of doing so) would drive me to nausea. When I logically knew I needed to eat and forced myself to take a bite, my mouth would immediately dry up–it would take forever to chew a single bite because of this–and my stomach would begin turning. If I took 3 bites of food during the course of a meal, I was doing good. Mentally, I was empty-headed. I couldn’t maintain even the simplest thought for very long. It felt almost like being light-headed when sick with severe head congestion. Memory, in general, had become worthless.

    Day 3 was a little better: the chapped lips were no longer a bother (crusted over and almost healed), I could stomach to drink a normal amount of water and I could comfortably nibble on food (still didn’t have an appetite).

    On Day 4, I was invited to smoke some marijuana. I jumped at the opportunity finally got an appetite and my mind cleared up significantly! I felt much better, overall, on Day 5, but the empty headedness continued…bettered a bit after I smoked some more marijuana.

    Day 6, I return home and immediately purchase more Gorilla Dro and smoked it. I immediately felt 100%. The mental fogginess vacated, my mood perked up, I felt back to baseline (what I knew of baseline at the time). The thought that the Gorilla Dro was physically addictive did pop into my mind briefly, but how could that be if the primary active is a cannabinoid? So, I started smoking it daily again.

    Interestingly, the longer I smoked, the greater the thought and feel of some grand understanding of the universe became. During this whole time of smoking, I was becoming almost listless, too. Early on, I could be found smiling much more than usual (that would stop after 2 months). I was talking less and *feeling* as though my mind was becoming more contemplative, like it was figuring out some important cosmic stuff, but it never went beyond that–just a feeling, never any “knowing.” I enjoyed this feel, but it was disturbing in that I logically realized I wasn’t consciously gaining any great insight, but I *felt* I was.

    Fast forward 2 more months of daily use: smoking up to 3 grams of Gorilla Dro per day, every 2-3 hours. Wake up at night, suddenly struck with insomnia, smoke a bowl of Gorilla Dro in order to be able to go back to sleep. That’s the only thing that would let me get back to sleep. This resulted in at most 5 hours of sleep each night, interrupted to smoke. All the while, my appetite vanished. Even when not sick from withdrawal, I could eat very little. But what I did eat felt perfectly sufficient. I lost at least 10 pounds in the previous 2 weeks–that seemed nice at least.

    It was a few more days before I’d realize this was all due to withdrawal from Gorilla Dro. Those next few days started with dry heaving. And the withdrawal came fast. One day, I’d wake up and dry heave a bit–maybe throw up some bile or mucus. Once the wave of nausea seemed to pass, I drove to the shop and bought some Gorilla Dro. Smoked that and felt perfectly better! It reminded me of how marijuana eases/eliminates nausea in many patients. So, I’d smoke that Gorilla Dro for that day, wake up the next morning ill. “Since I can’t legally have marijuana, the solution is Gorilla Dro!” And the illness would go away…until I ran out again the next morning. And that last morning, I was severely ill.

    After a few hours of vomiting and diarrhea, the body ache began to get worse–previously I chalked the body ache up to a side effect from the dry heaving. Mucus also seemed to be produced at a greater rate–constantly dripping down my throat and from my nostrils. The body is completely unable to hold down food or liquid at this time. I tried taking meclizine to help with the nausea but I quickly vomited the pill up with the swallow of water I used to take it. Chills, stomach cramps, anxiety. Yes, the anxiety…this went hand-in-hand with the mental emptiness: “Why can’t I keep a thought in my head for more than a second!?” Dry heave for an hour until finally puking up a little bile, feel better for a few minutes before spiraling down again. Repeat.

    Once the shop opened, my wife drove me the 10 minutes to get some Gorilla Dro to ease the nausea. Arriving at the shop, I was sweating, nauseous (but holding it together), just a mess. I must have looked like I’d been vomiting, popped capillaries on my face, bloodshot, tearing eyes, walking half dead, sore, weak. On the short drive back home, we had to stop the car so I could vomit for a few minutes.

    As soon as I got home and smoked a bowl of Gorilla Dro (yes, a bowl, not just a puff), all of those nasty withdrawal symptoms went away.

    I realized at this point that I absolutely had to get off of this stuff. But I had to board a plane in 24 hours for another business trip. For the coming hours, I smoked much smaller amounts of Gorilla Dro (2 small one-hitter puffs) just to potentially ease the final withdrawal I knew I’d be hit with when I set the pipe down for good. I don’t know if this tapering helped because it was still so quick.

    This withdrawal was the worst I’d apparently faced with Gorilla Dro as I’d built my tolerance up fairly high. This time around, I felt like total shit for 1 full day (and yes, the super-chapped lips/corners of mouth returned with a vengeance). Weak, couldn’t function properly and miserably sick (vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, flu-like symptoms) for the next day. Benadryl helped ameliorate some of the symptoms and let me get some relaxation (if not actual sleep). Valerian root-based herbal pills also helped with some of the anxiety and insomnia. For the first couple of days, I took Valerian day and night–I’m certain it was the only thing allowing me to get any sleep at all for the first week off of Gorilla Dro. Valium or other benzodiazepines would have been extremely welcomed for calming down and getting past the worst of the withdrawal.

    Having experienced several addictions before (GHB, tobacco, opium), Gorilla Dro was the worst. The other withdrawals seemed primarily emotional in nature; Gorilla Dro hits you physically, quickly, like being punched in the gut repeatedly.

    A week without smoking and my appetite climbed up to, perhaps, 50% of what it was before I ever smoked Gorilla Dro. It took more than 14 days without smoking Gorilla Dro for me to really start to feel as though I was back in the land of the real and living.

    In the last month, incorporating the final 2 weeks of smoking Gorilla Dro and the first 2 weeks without it, I lost 20 lbs. Eight weeks after quitting, my appetite is still weak, however, my mind is thriving–thoughts are clear, mood is better than before I ever touched Gorilla Dro.

    I sent a sample of Gorilla Dro I’d been using to EcstasyData (ID 2433) and they found it to contain JWH-210 and an unidentified substance (perhaps another cannabinoid?)

  327. I stumbled across this site whilst looking for a place to buy this crap online. Have just spent the last hour reading a fair chunk of the stories on this blog – and I think it’s inspired me to give up.

    I was a heavy pot smoker for many years – one day, i just decided to give it up. Was very successful, went cold turkey (had the normal withdrawls) and after about 2 weeks everything was good..

    .. until about a year later, I came across the “legal” alternative. Started out smoking 2 or 3 joints a day, maybe a little more on the weekends. Being professionally employed, I thought that this was a great alternative to ensure no positive tests.. it was “helping” me to relax after the stresses of a hectic work schedule.

    That was about 2 years ago.. my usage has spiralled out of control to the point that I have been spending $150 – $200 a week on the stuff. I recently had to travel interstate and had to go 2 nights without – I didn’t know I could sweat that much. Withdrawls were far harsher than when I’d quit pot (which is the only thing I can use as a comparison). I came back and started using straight away – in hindsight, probably not a good idea.

    I’ve got the cough, regularly get my heart racing.. aside from the financial burden it’s become, my health is suffering. Being a single bloke, I don’t have anyone to slap me around.. if the dogs could, I’m sure they probably would lol.

    Thanks for all the inspiring stories here – I will use them as a springboard to begin the process of getting this stuff out of my life once and for all.

    I’m not looking forward to the coming days.. time to man up! 🙂


  328. TO EVERYBODY THIS MAY CONCERNS: i just smoked the rest of the mad hatter mixed with a lil’ resin from my pipe, “before” i read bandmans’ warning right above mine(cause ive been checking everyday and the messages seem slow with the moderation and all) anyways i felt “it” again. then i reread my story. it didn’t dawn on me to read my story first, then turn around and read up until “now”.the werid thing is i read there story just like i would read mine, like how i told my wife the story.i read it outloud, fast, and accurate. word from word, after reading bandmans’ i felt a “connection.” than i read chris’s story, believed him. JaSeeka1986, believed her. DaniGurl, her too and i stopped myself at Katy and THE J. ANYBODY, and I mean ANYBODY and everybody, after you read this, SHOULD NOT SMOKE INCENSE. If any of these people felt the same or even close to me or how i feel “RIGHT NOW” should defintley comment. I defintely believe these people. cause if there as serious as i am right now, then there telling the truth. We all have the same similarities. i think very differently while on this stuff. for example: i envisioned, we all are gonna start dropping like flys. that was on nowadays incense, right before SYN shutdown. i never felt supernatural in my life, other than past experiences. if you never tried the incense,or never had a really really bad trip off incense like mine or anybody elses’, then YOU have NO CLUE! absolutley no clue of whats goin’ on. i feel like if i go to a Psycatrist or a psycologist, ill be a lab rat or locked up in a padded room .the heart racing(the body feelings),smoking again and not feeling “it” after the first time and eating habits and feeling good after you eat, is pretty much “givens”(day 1 stuff) to me. If you dont considered this WARNING, then be PREPARED! go home, lock the doors, and have somebody not “smoking it” watch you and make sure “they”ll” take care of you. NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS! you dont want to be by yourself. Incense is not a joke. or a game. my wife has helped me through all this, not mentioning she has had to live through and is goin through every trip with me. its defintley the hardest for our loved ones. THEY GO THROUGH IT WORSE, THAN YOU DO SMOKING IT… THINK VERY CAREFULLY. I DEFINETLY DO.

    @ bandman “see yourself from across room.” One time, i smoked and i had the werid urge to go look in the mirror in the bathroom. it was like i never seen myself in my “life”. automatically woke up my wife, and told her.

  329. Dear Nursewife,
    Try not to judge your husband it will only make you sick in another way. Pray and ask the Lord for the strength you both will need. Stopping stuff like this is very frightning, hold him in your arms and tell him you love him and you will be there for the fight!

  330. Have a New Year, live sober, root in a friend, be there for anyone who reaches out and don’t have regrets about the people who you just couldn’t bring around. GOD BLESS US ALL

    Feel Grateful, Give Thanks!


  331. Hi, stumbled upon this blog, when I googled side effects to smoking incense. Wanted to find out some or any information about what others who have smoked it were experiencing or experienced. My husband has been hooked on this stuff really heavy over the past 3 months, getting more and more each day. He was to the point he couldn’t go a twenty minute car ride without trying to sneak by the window and get a hit. He has coughed like a 3 pack a day smoker or worse for a long time now. When he is sleeping his lungs sound like we nurses call “the death rattle”, just a very wet rattly sounding breathing from his lungs. He of course would not acknowledge he was addicted, or had a problem with it. I knew he did and tried to convince him often. He walked around in a high stupor most of the time and it was embarrasing to go places with him. The kids, (we have 6, one is grown and married with a baby, but 5 still live at home). just didn’t know what to think about him and his behavior. He was starting to get very agitated and hateful over the past couple of weeks and he and I had been arguing a lot. He talked with his psychiatrist about going into the hospital and getting help after the holidays and the doctor thought it would be a good idea. So, two days after Christmas he went to the hospital and they admitted him to a detox/mental health center of the hospital. He started out with nausea and vomiting, sleepless restlessness, sweating cold spells, etc. They were trying many things for anxiety and nausea and nothing was working. They ran blood tests and admitted him back to the main hospital. I found out he had been doing a lot more than I thought he had when I received an email from our bank saying we had a negative balance and when I further investigated, found that he had spent almost $800 in about five weeks!! Besides ordering some anxiety med from some wellness center online for another $270. I am sick to my stomach now myself with finding this! The scariest part to me, is that he is denying he is “withdrawing” from anything to this point!!!! His short term memory has been like that of an alzheimers patient and his temper has been short. Along with his motivation being zero. This stuff is unregulated and manufactured in CHINA! Nothing about it can be good for anyone! Who knows what long term affects it can and will cause. I pray he does not do it anymore, and I”m sending a warning out to any and all who care to listen…..this stuff is dangerous! The staff at the rehab center said his withdrawals have been worse than some of their heroine patients theyve seen!

  332. I’m 23 yrs. old. ive been smoking insense for three yrs. Never bad trips til few months ago. Only 3 trips so far. Lastnight was the best/worst ive had. i have read mutiple blogs from this site for about on and off for a year now, so far nobody (that i have read and i could of looked over) has had the same side effects that i have. ive only smoked weed , popped a few pills, and drank alil bit before this. never had anything hardcore other than this.: coke, herion, meth etc.
    growing up, ive always been a listener way much more than a talker.i rathered listen and read things, people, and/or anything then become distracted by anything and/or everything in life.never was a overspoken person. short example instead using 20 words to answer a question, i would do my best to use 5 words. ive taught myself to not reach for help when or/if i ever needed it. always thought and knew that the person that can help me is M3. nobody can change me except M3. i ALWAYS knew right from wrong always. my mentality was i felt smarter than your average person. nowadays everybody is f**king dumb so its easy to figure people out. anyways alil off topic there, the first trip was the scariest. i smoked SYN ripped. i believe it had a girl on it. i tried it because it was a new product of the SYN brand. Who wouldn’t? loaded up a fat bowl( like always) went outside( cause i dont want the aroma around my kid) like always, basically i didnt do anything different or unnormal than what i would do usually, other then the new smoke. i hit the bowl three maybe four times, got high as usual. And then it happened. it was like a switch. a light switch in my head. but it went off. EVERYTHING in my life that i could see, just in my room, in my room, was unreconizable. BLANK. No thinking process was going on when i was looking at EVERYTHING. i didnt even know i had a wife, a son in the living room. it took 15-20 seconds for the switch to turn on. i couldnt figure out to figure, how to figure out, (that makes sense) the first step to rebuilding everything in my head again. as i was looking around the room,(keep in mind im still in the 15-20 second time frame) something triggered for me to go press my PS3 button to see the time it was. 5:18 it was and BAM! EVERYTHING hit me at once. Life as i knew it was back, but with a lil twist now. i went to my closet, rested my hands on my top shelf and started crying. cause i knew what happened to me now. my wife found at the closet crying and she asked what was the matter. the first thing i did, i hugged her and i told her i that loved her very much. then i told her the same story.the twist that night, after the trip, was i felt i could do anything mentaliy.Example: you know when people tell you when you put your mind to something you can achieve ANYTHING? or do ANYTHING? just like that but it was easier for me. i felt GODLY. Magical. after the story, i told her how i felt. EVERYTHING registers clearly. EVERYTHING i looked at, my brain seemed like it looked at it, scanned it, asked a 100 different questions and had 100 different answers for each individual item, subject, you name it, it seemed unreal that it was very real, EVERYTHING IS VERY CLEAR. like artifically intelligence. A robot or computer in that nature. UNHUMAN is what i felt. My mind power was and is UNBELIEVEABLE. i was talking quicker than i was thinking and not repeating word over and over. she said i was a cross between a preist and posessed spirit. i talked like i would never ever talk ever in my life.i was hopping around, slapping my hands on the ground, around at that moment, she grabbed our son and almost ran at the door before i dropped to my knees and told and begged her not to live me. finally i sat down and i looked at the time, it was 5:38. 20 minutes felt like three minutes. i never made 20 minutes feel like 3 minutes in my life. it almost felt like i fast foward time. did not seem like 20 minutes at all.
    not even close. second trip: was very short, thankfully or it would of been the worst. dont remember much. just remember that i smoked as usual, got high as usual, it might of happen maybe month/month in half later, but anyways i remember getting really hot, the heater was on so that didnt help, and i started getting light headed and started seeing blackness. i went to the bathroom and splashed water on my face and then stripped down to my underwear cause i was burning up then i sat down on the toliet seat. i woke up picking myself up off the ground and seeing my wife running into the bathroom with the phone. i hopped to my feet quickly and started asking her all the right questions that happen to me. did i blackout? did i hit my head on the wall? she got me water to drink, i took a drink and then i poured it without thinking down the back of neck and my back and sat down on the floor. she stood on her knees next to me rubbing my shoulders and then i started telling her that im started to grayness. immediatley, when i seen that i started seeing black again, i then rubbed my eyes, than life as i knew dissapeared right infront of my eyes. not in my head, just my eyes. i was blind for prolly thirty seconds. my wife used both of her hands and grabbed both sides of my cheeks and i could sense her lookng at me, and i could sense me looking her but nothing but black. it seemed like life ‘could’ be an illusion but i know its not. im very thankful the windows of my soul finally came back to me. maybe not a trip, maybe just a small concussion with a side effect. ill stick with both answers for the reason i went blind. third trip: lastnight i smoked for the first time since saturday night .the reason why i havent smoked is because ive been in jail thru the weekend and christmas, anyways i went baught some cloud nine MAD HATTER. ive smoked it once before like week ago and knew it was good. i loaded up a FAT bowl, any user/users know the feeling when you havent smoked along time you just cant wait to hit the blunt, pipe whatever. back to the fat bowl i went outside and i hit three times.( when i smoke i always french inhale, every hit i take is a french inhale,i never hit just inhale then exhale, always goes thru my nose out my mouth. kinda like rotation or cycle) always when i get high i play my video games, perferabley call of duty just to do be doin something to enjoy the high and experimenting my state of mind and everybody elses while im playing. it seems stupid but i like reading people. i came in from outside and i could feel my brain working (GODLY) like information was being transferred thru my receptors quickly.i hopped on my game as usual this time it was NEW. i was playing my game to distract me off my mind. like i was staring at the TV screen but not looking or paying attention to what was goin on in my game. everytime i tried to concentrate on the game i could feel whatever(receptors) in my head calming down, after my third death i couldnt play kept coming back. sorta like my first trip without the dementia except. my mentality felt ten times better/stronger than ever before .but this time i felt like i had the ANSWER to life. the KEY to everything. what people are searching for. i never believed in god, but i always believed in a high power. Mind power. once again everything registers clearly. looking at everything in life, thinking about it, asking million questions, answering with million answers with million different opinions within a split second ,then dishing it out my head in a split second, then doing it again the very next second. sometimes it helps to close my eyes so i dont see anything so i wont think about what im looking at., but it wont stop my memory. my memory will kick in, then my thinking process will go on that. kinda like my brain is overworking or overthinking. i know theres a chemical thats making my brain work fast but like i said i feel incredible(GODLY,MAGICAL,UNHUMAN)just mentalily. not physical, ive always been talented in sports or anything phsically. If you believe my story please comment and if you believe im a good story teller hell comment on story telling, but like i said i havent read anybody or seen anything even close to what i have expierenced off this stuff. or even met anybody. and i know alot of people that smoke this and im only different one that I KNOW OF in my town. PLEASE COMMENT!!! I would LOVE to hear EVERYBODYS opinion, no matter if its postive or negative. im a realist. ill accept anybodys opinion.

  333. I recently smoked some of this just to get a high because my dealer was out of weed. I was told it was exactly like weed but to not take much. I was puffing away, thinkin to myself I smoke weed every day, I’ll be fine. By my 6th/7th drag I was freaking out. My heart rate shot up and my arms became numb and sore to move or even keep still. Everything around me seemed to to get bigger and at one point I’m pretty sure I could see myself from the other side of the room while all this happened. It was the most terrifying experience of my life and I was certain I was never gonna come out of it alive. I would urge anyone who reads this who is thinkin about takin it really to really think twice, because I can 100% guarantee that within 10 minutes you will regret taking it. Its a totally bad buzz.

  334. Hello, my name is michael, known as Arsenic to some people,I am 19 years old. anyways i have been addicted to herbal incense for almost 4 years now…I have tried $1000’s of spice and i currently have over $8000 worth of spice money BURNED AWAY. Not only will you have NO money or anything good in this life, but think about your long term effects this stuff has on your body.
    I have also had ALOT of unusual highs from this stuff.
    It Reacts VERY VERY differently from Marijuana. (I have smoked marijuana for 8 years)

    1. Blurred, Blacked, Fuzzy vision
    2. NOSE BLEEDS (Brain swelling) (After 6 grams in an hour to myself)
    3. Lost control of my legs (lower half of my body) for almost 2 and a half hours.
    4. Loss of appetite. I use to weigh around 220 when i started spice, i am currently 148 now.
    5. Constant headaches (withdrawal symptom if i go 2 days without smoking)
    6. Total Blackouts. I have fallen asleep driving (Almost rolled my truck 4 times from falling asleep on this junk.)( I have also fallen asleep standing, talking to my family, and anywhere else possible, even in a pool)
    7. I cannot concentrate on anything when i DONT have it.
    8. Extreme paranoia.
    9. Heart problems, such as Increased heart rate, weak pulse, heart flutters
    10. Memory loss.
    11. narcolepsy
    12. This has made me very curious about trying other HARD/BAD drugs. (though i havent yet, i cant get addicted to 2 things.)

    These are just 12 things i can think of with writing this report in about 5 minutes.

    Yes. it was my choice and i TOTALLY REGRET IT ALL!

    Are there any links leading up to long term effects of Herbal incense? I need to do my research and QUIT before its too late, which i may have caused enough long term smoking and it may already be too late for me. (i think i can feel my kidneys shutting down)