Rehab for weed: Should you go or not?

Yes! Addiction is more than the substances someone uses. It’s a disease centered in our thinking and our actions. More on why pot smokers can benefit from rehab here.

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Is rehab really necessary for pot smokers?

Is rehab necessary for someone who smokes a lot of weed? That, my friends, is the million-dollar question. Deciding whether to seek treatment for weed actually goes deeper than that simple question. It touches upon the age-old social and political debate about whether marijuana is a drug. We explore more on the issue here, and invite your questions or comments about what to bring to rehab or rehab, in general, at the end.

Is marijuana a drug?

On one side, you have fervent anti-drug campaigners who argue that weed is absolutely a drug and a dangerous one at that. On the other side, you have marijuana activists who argue that weed is natural and, if used responsibly, harmless.

Those are the extremes. The rest of us (a.k.a. almost everyone!) fall somewhere in the middle when it comes to our opinions about marijuana.

My personal opinion, as a woman in recovery, is that weed isn’t different from any other drug. If you suffer from the disease of addiction, it doesn’t matter if a substance is legal, illegal, natural, synthetic, harmless, or dangerous. If you suffer from the disease of addiction, all mind and mood altering chemicals are dangerous. This idea, that addicts and alcoholics can’t safely use drugs or alcohol in any form, brings us nicely to the question of whether someone abusing weed should seek help.

Going to rehab for weed: Misconceptions

I’ve been to my fair share of rehabs, both inpatient and outpatient. During my time in treatment, I’ve met people who are there for just about everything you can imagine. I’ve met women who can’t stop drinking and men who can’t stop huffing. I’ve met online gaming addicts and individuals who sought help for mental health issues exclusively. I’ve met junkies and crackheads. I’ve also met more than a few marijuana addicts and people diagnosed with marijuana addiction.

Our culture demonizes those who’re addicted to “hard” drugs like heroin, meth, and crack. This happens even within the drug culture itself. When I was in early-recovery, I called myself a pill addict. There was no way I was going to cop to being a full-fledged heroin addict! The drug culture also seems to demonize those who seek treatment for weed. They’re snickered at and told to “get a real addiction.” Don’t believe me? Just look at the movie Half Baked. In it, Dave Chappelle goes to an NA meeting and shares about being addicted to weed. He’s booed and laughed out of the meeting. It’s funny in the movie, but in real life something like that is tragic.

This cultural misunderstanding doesn’t change the fact that marijuana addiction is a very real thing. I know people who’ve never touch a so-called “hard” drug, but have no problem smoking an ounce of weed each day. They can’t function without it. They can’t face life sober. That’s the very definition of addiction. It’s also important to remember that addiction is more than the substances someone uses. It’s a disease centered in our thinking and our actions. It’s a disease of compulsion and dishonesty.

But before you even consider seeking treatment for marijuana addiction, you may need to get rid of preconceptions. Someone can suffer from the disease of addiction without fitting the stereotype of an addict. They may hold down a job, but pop pills all day. They may have a successful marriage, but drink themselves to sleep every night. They may be normal in all other areas, but be unable to face the world without smoking weed. These are all things for those thinking about going to rehab for weed to consider.

Being in recovery and using marijuana

Let’s say you recognize you have a problem with marijuana and seek treatment. What then? What happens once you graduate and reenter the world? Can you still smoke? After all, it’s only weed, right?

I’ve seen this happen before. I’ve even been guilty of thinking it myself! For all the reasons mentioned above, many addicts and alcoholics seem to think marijuana is different than other drugs. This can lead to some dangerous behavior.

After going through my first rehab, I decided it would be a good idea to smoke weed. I thought if I could just smoke and drink like normal people, I’d be okay. The funny thing is that I was able to smoke weed and drink like a normal twenty-something…until I wasn’t. Weed and alcohol led me right back to my drug of choice. Even if they hadn’t, they still gave my life an aura of un-manageability. After all, I was living in a halfway house and sneaking out to go to the club! That isn’t very manageable!

Some conclusions

  1. So, is marijuana a drug?
    It absolutely is.
  2. Is marijuana addiction a real phenomenon?
    It absolutely is. (signs of marijuana addiction are clinical)
  3. Should those suffering from it seek treatment?
    They absolutely should.

End of story.

About the author
Fiona Stockard is a writer and media specialist for Lighthouse Recovery Institute. She’s been in recovery since 2008 and finds no greater joy than helping other young women achieve and maintain long-term recovery.


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  1. Hi Craig. I can speak from personal experience that rehab was absolutely helpful in helping me quit smoking weed. I was a chronic, daily smoker (and weekend drinker). I went to an out-of-state rehab to get out of my environment and it was the best thing I did i my 20’s to create a new start. Are you REALLY ready to quit?

  2. Im thinking about getting help to stop smoking cannabis i think i need help ive been trying to do it by myself but im finding it hard to do so im thinking about it all the time im getting constent headaches so i was just wondering what is the best thing to do

  3. I love how you worded this, you touched on everything that needs to be said. Weed is 100% a drug, I think people just like to say it isn’t becusse it’s not as harmful as “hardcore” drugs are, but in fact you can get addicted very easily. In my opinion, I will happily smoke it, but I know it can cause a whole lot of damage. Weed isn’t good for depression, I myself, know how addictive it is, I’ve woken up early mornings debating whether to roll a joint because that’s all I want to get through the day, I’ve had £10 left to my name and still spent it on a 10s bag, I’ve had my friends go out of their way to help me smoke. It’s a real life problem that people need to pay more attention too

  4. It’s really disturbing how many people in our society think smoking weed is absolutely harmless. Worse, it appears the media is completely onboard with spreading this myth. Weed today has 3-5 times the amount of THC as it did a decade or two ago. It is much more powerful

    It’s mind altering, it’s mood altering and like you said, many people can’t go without it as they use it to cope with life. That is addiction

    I have talked to so many people who absolutely have to smoke a joint before they can start their day or they admit they are useless. That is no different from those who have to take 5-6 hydros or oxy’s to get their day started

    Yes, there are absolutely many people who can smoke weed casually and never get addicted. Just like there are those who can drink at the same pace and not become an alcoholic. But if u think it’s not possible to become addicted to week, walk in to any rehab center around the world

    I just hate that so many very young tweens and teens have bought into that it’s completely harmless and will argue this point until they turn blue…because we know it adversely affects the young brain that is still developing. Plenty of science backs that up

    Great article

  5. Hi I’m 34 and would love to seek medical help for marijuana Iv been an addict for several years now and I just want to stop and I can’t

    1. Hi Samantha. Call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

  6. It’s kinda funny tho that substance abuse and addictions are bad because it stops you from “having a family and getting a career” or as it’s says here “facing life”, what if the person plain simply doesn’t wanna have a family, or make more money.
    Weed is kinda like people that work to buy expensive clothes, buying the newest phone that came out, it doesn’t actually improve anything in life except saying you got it or the “consumer culture” if you wanna call it

  7. Yep, marijuana is a drug. It can destroy you if you are not using it responsibly. I love it how you shared your experiences here in seeking treatment. I hope that everyone should take this drug responsibly. Medical marijuana has several benefits, if only used appropriately.

  8. This was a very well versed blog post. I love how you touched on the preconceptions of those addiction to weed. Because it is not seen as a hard drug some people think you can’t get addicted to it. However, I believe you did an excellent job on backing up what an addiction actually is and the idea of it altering your mood and mind. It seems as if people will only believe personal experiences and hopefully will stumble across yours to finally get that “wake up” call so to speak before realizing treatment is necessary. Thanks for sharing.

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