Comprehensive guide to illicit drug use, abuse, and addiction. Scientific guides to the most used and dangerous drug people use today.

Ecstasy Use

Ecstasy is a stimulant drug, which speeds up the messages traveling between the brain and body. But what is the cost

Ecstasy Addiction Treatment

Addiction to ecstasy, although not as likely as addiction to other psychoactive drugs, is a possibility for frequent

Spice Detox

Detox is a set of interventions designed to manage withdrawal and intoxication. Is there any special detox from Spice

Crystal Meth Use

Can crystal meth be used safely? Learn how crystal meth can be used and what side effects it provokes in the human bo

Nicotine Detox

Nicotine detox is a crucial step in treating addiction. Evaluation, stabilization, and fostering patients into full r

Spice Use

Synthetic weed – Spice – produces dangerous effects, including seizures, psychosis and even death. More

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