Comprehensive guide to illicit drug use, abuse, and addiction. Scientific guides to the most used and dangerous drug people use today.

Is it Hard to Quit Heroin?

Yes. Heroin is hard to quit. However, with proper medical treatment and support you can succeed! Read more about what

Ecstasy Abuse

Discover how and why people abuse ecstasy. Then, get familiar with the red flags that signal ecstasy abuse, and ways

Rehab for Methadone

Are you considering rehab? Find out if you’re ready and learn what to expect when you enter a rehab facility he

Nicotine Addiction Treatment

Nicotine is addictive! Read more here about the nature of nicotine addiction, its signs and symptoms, as well as ways

Crack Dependence

Learn more about the nature of crack dependence and how it is different from addiction. Then, explore how crack cocai

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