Comprehensive guide to illicit drug use, abuse, and addiction. Scientific guides to the most used and dangerous drug people use today.

Spice Addiction Treatment

Addiction to Spice is a possibility for frequent and chronic users of synthetic weed. Learn more about what Spice add

Crystal Meth Dependence

Crystal meth dependence is a serious condition with many unwanted consequences in life. Learn more about the nature o

Spice Withdrawal

Withdrawal symptoms appear when Spice leaves the bloodstream. Flu-like symptoms, hot flashes, and intense drug cravin

Spice Dependence

When using Spice, dependence is not only highly possible, but it’s an expected outcome. More on the causes, sig

Meth Abuse

Looking for detailed info on methamphetamine abuse? Check out our A-Z outline on the risks and signs of abuse, as wel

Nicotine Dependence

Nicotine dependence means that you find it difficult to stop use even though you want to and are trying to quit. Lear

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