Overcome addiction – 3 things you MUST have

What 3 things to you need to have to overcome any addiction? Willingness. Honesty. Courage. Get prepared here.

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Addiction affects 1 in ten people

In the best estimates of the experts (and from the information we’ve read), addiction affects between 8-14% of any population. So roughly one in 10 of us is addicted to SOMETHING.

Addiction Brain Science 101

In very simple scientific terms, the brains of addicts work differently. The pleasure center of the brain, the mesolimbic pathway, creates a self-perpetuating cycle which reinforces and rewards chemical patterns that produce euphoria. And if we can’t break out of this cycle, and give the brain a rest…we are on an infinite loop of pain —> consumption or behavior  —-> euphoria —-> pain.

We must stop an addictive circle and deal with the underlying reasons we use a substance or behavior before we can hope to get better. And recovery from a behavioral or chemical addiction can lead to a wonderful, joyous life. But there are three (3) things that MUST be in place before we begin this exploration.

1. You need to be ready for addiction recovery

Whatever it is you are facing, you need to be ready to leave it behind. You will know that you are ready when you are at the end of your rope and the chemical or behavior that you are into isn’t working anymore. When you just want out of the pain and hurt and consequences of the addiction. When you have hit bottom. If you have not finished, and obsess about the next time you will ______ , you are not ready.

2. You need to be honest

When you start on the path of recovery, you need to be ready to expose your deepest mistakes, miseries and embarrassments. If you hide or lie about either addictive behaviors, or the thoughts and feelings that motivate them…you only hurt yourself. 100% honesty is necessary in recovery from addiction.

3. You need to be courageous to stop addiction

Recovery is a self-study and as such, you will need to have the courage to look at your best and worst moments in life. Although you are not alone in your struggle (there are people who have been there, and who want to help you), you need to go through the valley of your own anger and fear. And this is no easy task. You will need courage and strength and perseverance. But most of all courage. And you will succeed.

Overcoming addiction is possible

You can overcome an addiction – any addiction – if you are ready, honest, and courageous. And you are never alone. Please feel free to leave your feedback, story, questions or comments here. We respond to all needs with timeliness and empathy. You can do it!

About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.
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