Nicotine withdrawal symptoms

What are the main nicotine withdrawal symptoms? Is nicotine withdrawal safe? When will cravings end? We answer these questions and more in a thorough introduction to symptoms of nicotine withdrawal here.

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Smokers can and do quit smoking. So do people who chew tobacco.  So when you want to quit using products with nicotine…what can you expect?  Are there any side effects of nicotine withdrawal?

We review the most common symptoms of nicotine withdrawal here, and refer you to a nicotine withdrawal timeline, side effects of nicotine withdrawal and nicotine withdrawal remedies. We invite your questions, comments and feedback at the end.

What is nicotine withdrawal?

Nicotine is the main psychoactive, addictive substance in cigarettes and other forms of tobacco. Nicotine is a drug that affects many parts of your body, including your brain.  How is nicotine an addictive drug?  By delivering consistent doses of the chemical nicotine to your bloodstream and brain.  Over time, your body and brain get used to having nicotine in it. And when you stop smoking or chewing tobacco, your body has to adjust to the absence of nicotine. So, nicotine withdrawal is a state characterized by symptoms that appear as your body gets back into homeostasis and adjusts to not having nicotine anymore.

The more nicotine, the harder the withdrawal

In general, symptoms of nicotine withdrawal are related to frequency and intensity of use. In other words, you are more likely to experience more nicotine withdrawal symptoms more intensely the more exposed to nicotine you are.  And, yes.  Nicotine added to tobacco will increase your exposure and addiction liability.

However, not everyone experiences feelings of symptoms related to nicotine withdrawal. You may have one or many symptoms of withdrawal present. And they may last different amounts of time. Every person is different and your case may not conform to typical withdrawal.

Is nicotine withdrawal safe?

Yes. Sometimes nicotine withdrawal can be extremely uncomfortable. But rest assured that there is no health danger from nicotine withdrawal. In fact, quitting nicotine products is one of the best things you can do for your health. Even the most extreme withdrawal symptoms generally fade after a week.

Common nicotine withdrawal symptoms

Common withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting products that contain nicotine include:

  • anger
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • difficulty concentrating
  • difficulty sleeping
  • dizziness
  • feeling jumpy
  • feeling more hungry more often (increased appetite)
  • feeling sad, blue or depressed
  • frustration
  • headache
  • increased dreaming
  • irritability
  • nicotine cravings (strong need or urge to smoke/chew)
  • restlessness
  • slower heart rate
  • weight gain

Some people do experience increased sadness after quitting smoking. This is especially important to watch for if you have ever had depression. If you do become depressed and are having extreme sadness, you should get help

How long does nicotine withdrawal last?

Nicotine withdrawal symptoms are usually most intense and uncomfortable during the first week after quitting. After that, the intensity of the symptoms drops slowly over the first month and symptoms are usually non-existent within a few months after nicotine cessation.

Why do I still crave nicotine?

Frequently, craving nicotine lasts longer than the other symptoms of withdrawal. This is because our brains associate nicotine consumption with pleasant feelings, or “euphoric recall”. Therefore, many places and things can trigger a craving because it reminds you of the nicotine high. The persistence of mental nicotine cravings makes it crucial that you have a relapse prevention plan to that you know how to handle cravings. Over time, as nicotine is no longer a part of your life, triggers will no longer remind you of smoking and the mental obsession for nicotine will subside.

Questions about nicotine withdrawal symptoms

Are you going through nicotine withdrawal right now? Want to share about what’s going on? Please leave your questions and comments below. We respond to all legitimate queries with a personal and prompt reply.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I have left chewing of tabacco my head pains and feeling dizzy while sleeping some time or some times feel that will fall bcoz of dizziness

  2. Today is my 29th day quitting cold turkey. I initially experienced intense bouts of dizziness. Now I am feeling lightheaded at times and perfectly fine most of the time. Isvthis normal? Is the lightheadedness due to congestion?

  3. I quit chewing tobacco about a week ago. I haven’t been eating very well. I have no appetite. My hands and feet and face ger tingling and my blood pressure and heart rate wax and wane. Please help.

  4. Hi, I have been chewing tobacco for almost 20 years. Earlier 2- 3 times i made attempt to quit it, but i was not serious about it. I was unable to stop the habit not even 12 hours. But this time i made my mind more stronger and decided to stop chewing tobacco forever. It’s been 35+ hours, i have not touched tobacco. I have been chewing Cloves, Fennel seeds,Ajwain, Chewing gums, as a replacement during this time. Lots of changes have started in me physically and mentally also. Hope will come across all these and successfully quit.

  5. I have stopped dipping a month ago. When I first quit, I was feeling very agitated. Which I know is normal. The last few days I have been feeling depressed and anxious. I was wondering if this was tobacco withdrawals or I have some underlying depression? I have never delt with depression before.

  6. I quit chewing tobacco 77 days ago cold turkey. My question is my face gets really hot and red and lasts almost all day long. And I’m still having episodes of brain fog. Like I’ve had a few to drink. Just wondering if I should be still getting withdrawal symptoms this far into the quit. My red hot face is making me insane. Just haven’t seen anything about a hot red face from quitting. Never had any problems prior to quitting

    1. Hi Ryan. The severity and length of nicotine withdrawal symptoms vary from person to person. It is possible that you are still experiencing withdrawal symptoms, even after 77 days. If you are worried about your symptoms I suggest you consult a doctor.

  7. Thanks for the information! I am on day 40 of no dipping. I have felt horrible (light headed, nausea, loss of appetite, headaches, anxious) Just now are the symptoms starting to relax. I never want to feel this way again!

    My biggest struggle has been worrying about my health due to how long this has lasted. I have had multiple doctors appointments for my heart, blood pressure, blood work and even a CT scan that was negative for anything bad.

    How much longer will this last I wonder. I just want to feel normal again and not feel worried.

  8. So I quit chewing tobacco 2 months ago cold turkey. I’m still having this feeling of having a couple beers and it is like that every day. Also now get a red hot face that stays with me. Just wondering if these are just nicotine withdrawals or should I be concerned. Never had these symptoms before quitting

  9. Jayne, Day 6 for me… I to have this throbbing pulsating feeling in my head almost as tho I am going insane. Ive gone to the doctors and my orthodontist due to my teeth chattering and they both looked at me as if im crazy and didn’t see any signs of symptoms but at the same time my doctor was quick to prescribe me anti depressants which i refused.. After reading many blogs my anxiety level has gone down and noticed a lot of new non smokers are going thru similar effect. I still feel the dizziness and fatigue. My eyes are not as blurry. Im hoping the 2 week mark gets me feeling even better then how I feel today as I have read. Be strong

  10. @Gwen me too! Everyone keeps saying they gained hunger . I’m the opposite! I don’t want to eat . I have cotton mouth . I cnt swallow solids. Is this normal guys?

  11. I’ve done hookah for 3 years. Back then it was only weekends but I smoked like 16 bowls a weekend. My bf moved in and we started to do it almost every day . Atleast 3 bowls a day . Back then I could go 3 days with out it n I wouldn’t get withdrawals. I didn’t get no anxiety. We got in a huge fight. N we broke up for a day n went back together. That day we had 4 or 5 bowls. The next day. I woke up with mad anxiety! I couldn’t do nothing. Hard to breath. Jumpy. Over thinking. No sleep. Confuse. Heavy dreaming . Panic attacks. It’s been my 3rd day . I bought sleeping pills n I finally slept 6 hrs . I’m still with anxiety! Alot !! I have 5 kids under 11…. guys help me …give me hope plssss

  12. I hope that every single one of you hang in there, for your own sake. You ARE WORTH IT. I am only 2 weeks quit from smoking after a pack a day for 29 years. And, yes, I am using nicotine replacements (mostly gum) and my lungs and throat already feel better. Yes, I cry. Yes, I get sad. Yes, I get irate. Yes, I get constipated. Yes, I want to eat all the time. Yes, I miss sucking in that smoke. But, what keeps me from it, is the fact that I can already breathe better. And I don’t want to die sucking for the air that cigarettes took away from me. Fighting my own mind is the hardest…”Just take a couple puffs to take the edge off…to make your nerves calm…to make you not hungry…to make your headache go away…and blah blah blah.” Bullshit. Think of those rich tobacco tycoons rolling in YOUR hard-earned money!! They won’t get another penny from me!! Remember, your mind and your body WILL try to trick you into smoking. Don’t be fooled by it. You are much smarter than that. You will have headaches. You will be extremely tired and probably very sad. It’s okay to mourn the loss of your addiction. But don’t turn back. You haven’t gone through this much hell for nothing. You WILL feel good again. Stay busy…stay strong…read alot…rest alot. You can do this. I have so much faith in you.

  13. Hi, I quit cigarette s 45 years ago, then smoked cigars. I have about 15 cigars stored. I started chewing plug tobacco 55 years ago, quit for a while, then picked it up again. I decided to stop the cigars about 5 years ago, except for a social smoke maybe on holidays. But I began chewing pouch tobacco, like Redman, daily. I was chewing 5 pouches a week. I became a diabetic, type 2, about two years ago. So I have talked to myself about quiting, listing all of my reasons. I began cutting back about two months ago. I cut back to one pouch a week, then I quit four days ago. I’ve always quit vices cold turkey and just go on with my life. I am not sure what is going on with me, but this time something strange is going on. I’m not sure if it is caused by withdrawals or what. I’m hoping you can help me. It began two days after I quit. I began feeling sleepy. As the day went I began nodding, even when driving. I normally sleep about 4 to 6 hours nightly. That night I slept 6 hours. I got up, ate breakfast, then could not hold my head up. I lay down and slept most of the day except for waking to use the rest room or to eat or drink. I ate dinner, then I could not hold my head up again. I went to bed and slept 6 hours. I ate breakfast and again I could not hold my head up. Again, I slept on and off all day. I went to bed at 7pm, got up at 4am, ate breakfast, and now I am standing here typing this while nodding. If I sit down I will fall over asleep. This is crazy. Could all this sleeping be due to nicotine withdrawals, specifically depression? Thanks.

  14. Hi I’ve been trying to quit smoking for a couple months now. I’ve trying nicotine gum currently. This is what I’m happening, now matter how much gum I chew I’m still withdrawing. There must be something else in a cigarette that I’m addiction too. How do I treat or deal with the second addictive problem?

  15. I have been addicted to nicorett gum for over 10 years . I gave them up 6 days ago and feel lousy headache, cough , l recently have tightness in chest. Don’t know if it’s a illness I picked up or if it’s withdrawal symtoms

  16. I get daily migranes now at around 5am (I’ve never had them before. It feels like I have a tumor. I gave in and had a cigarette and it went away. I want to quit so bad

  17. I have stopped smoking since 12-27-16. I had anxiety and depression problems before I quit. now I am so tired all the time and sad and depressed too. I do take meds for the depression. I am wondering how long it will possibly take for this to go away. I know every one Is different. I also have copd. my body is so tired all the time now.. I don’t have energy. I wonder if vitamin B12 will help with my energy problem?

  18. Dear Sir,
    I was frequently consumed by chewing tobacco since last 17years.Now i decided to quite since 15days.But I am facing many serious symptoms in my body ang mind
    2.Stretching in mouth
    3.Feeling thirsty
    4.Feeling hungry but take less diat when seat to eat.
    5.the teeth are more sensitive to eat sour food
    5.The stool is not clear from stomach
    7.Less concentration in work and study
    8.Feeling of boredness
    9.Feeling pain in muscles
    10.feeling of uneasiness
    11.feeling sleepy
    12.careless on anythings
    Thank you very much that your topic help me in quitting tobacco
    I convinced many friend to quit tobacco
    yes it is possible to free from tobacco

  19. I stopped on the 4th January this year and 4 months later still suffering from fatigue, sleepless nights, woozy head, feeling hot and cold, bad tempered, even been to the doctor and got checked out but all my bloods came back normal, I am so hungry all the time and have already gained nearly a stone in weight even though I am not eating much. Really at the end of my tether can anyone suggest anything that will help apart from smoking again

  20. Its 90 days now since I quit chewing tobacco.i started to chew 5years back in the plan of quit smoking.i was smoking for last 16 years.The results was I started doing both.5 cigarette a day soon as I done with smok.i chew for about a 2hours then again a AVG of 10hours chew and 5-6 cigarette a last after a big fight I quit smoking last year fed 27th 2016.but continued to Feb 03 2017 I quit chew also.its 90 days now I was taking help of nicotine gums about 4gms a day. first 2 weeks​ was a nightmare.I start reading reviews of withdrawal website.every thing was happening to me as mentioned by some brother and sisters in there reviews.The effect of withdrawal was on and off for every 48 hours from the time it starts it will be for next 3 days.I was not able to leave my home.dipression/anxiety/fear etc was there even with nicotine gum substitute.week 3-8.was same case.from week 9 nine the same was there but in 10 days gap I suffer for 2 it’s going to be 90 days by may suffering from withdrawal from day before feets are tingling I feel like heavy heat is passing up and down from head to craving of nicotine gum also subside from last week am with 2gms a day.
    May I know why these symptoms are there still after 90 day?is it normally take this time? Still how long?


  21. Nothing I have read describes my symptoms. I get a throbbing in my temples, sinuses and nose that feels like a pulse in face and then an ache in my chest and this can go on for an hour or so – this has started 17 days after stopping smoking. Has anyone else reported this?

  22. 23Days and still going through withdrawal symptoms from quitting cold turkey off cigarette . 1st week was all about flu and cold..then came congestion and follow with feverish feeling. body feel heated and slighly Shortness Of Breath..please tell me this is normal.. i felt slight nausea too

  23. I had my last cigarette monday Jan 23 this past week I have been having can’t keep food or coffee down when will this stop?

  24. Hi.Have quit smoking cold turkey a week ago. last three days my headaches ( spasms) are continuous and extremely painful.Ibuprofen tablets do not seem to workl Feeling psychologically and physically drained from the pain. Any suggested alternative remedies please?

  25. My father drinks 3 drinks from the last 30 yrs everyday and also used to smoke throughout until he stoped 7 yrs back then he got addicted to tabbbaco chewing n he’s ben on it.. now he’s 62 n landed in hospital we did all tests m realised it’s nuthing but sleep apnea.. the doc advised him to get off alcohol n tabbaco which has ben difficult for him ..finally he lands in hospital cause his sodium fell he became weak n could not even stand .. now he’s being treated n his sodium is cming up slowly last 3 days he’s off alco n tabbaco but he’s ben halusinating n talkin random things doesn’t sleep easily keeps his eye open mostly even while trying the sleep it’s scary.. I don’t knw whts happening to my father plz help

  26. Hello,
    I quit smoking 9 days ago and went trough almost all withdraw symtoms there are. The thing I find most irritating is that my mind is foggy all the time, I have trouble focussing on things with my eyes and sometimes it feels like its not the world i’m used to arround me. Currently I do not have any people arround me to talk about this for I went away from home at the time I quit. My question is weather its normal to have this feeling? becouse the fisrt week of quiting gave me the feeling that I was going insane (that’s becoming less now).

    I hope that you can help me with this, because having only your own mind to talk to in times like these does not do any good.

  27. I was a 24/7 dipper.every moment without with out food or sleep I had a chew in my mouth I recently quit about 4 days ago today I woke up craved my nicotine but when I refused my brain what it wanted I went in to withdrawal hard, cold shakes, puking and very very constricted has anyone else gone through this and if so how long does it last

  28. Hi all. I am on day 3 of nicotine free cold turkey. I started smoking menthol cigarettes at 18 was up to a pack and a half a day when I had my daughter at 22. I then switched to a electronic cigarette to stop smoking tobacco. The nicotine addiction just got worse on the ecig. I was using 24mg nicotine drops and going through 12oz a week which is equal to 10 cartons of cigarettes. The withdrawal is so hard. My appetite has increased dramatically and my mood swings from pissed to sad constantly. The craving for nicotine is very strong but I have been eating hard candy when it gets too strong. I just want to know how long these mood swings and irritably is going to last?

  29. I have dipped about a can a day since I was 16 and am now 30 years old. I also have regularly smoked cannabis in the evenings nearly daily since about age 18. I haven’t dipped in 4 months and and slowly stopped smoking. Went through an 8th a week regularly and now I have been having about a hit a week. Still have not quit cannabis use entirely. The withdraw symptoms are insane. No appetite, no sleep, constant thought, can’t think, restlessness, irritable from morning to night, depression, hopelessness, almost disconnecting from the world. Just got a new job and it’s still bearing over me. Can’t concentrate long enough to accomplish anything. I’ve been down this road before and it led me into outpatient therapy. ‘Medicines didn’t work and after 9 months ended up picking up where I left off. 6 years went by and here I am again, same situation. Anxiety and irratability have become every day to me, nothing sounds fun again. I try to go to sleep positive at night and morning comes, I don’t want to start my day. It’s a 180. I swore to myself I’d never be in this position again, yet I find myself here. I realize I may have more issues than some here but definitely quit nicotine while you can, it’s worth it!

  30. I am 24 hours tobacco free. I have dipped for 6 years, can a day. I feel so nauseated and my head is killing me. I also feel like I am a time bomb ready to explode on somebody, that is just not me! There are also times where it feels like I’m just set on auto pilot, hazy, almost zombie like. I know this will pass and only get better, but I am struggling here.

    1. Hi Hunter. You may speak with a pharmacologist to recommend some plant-based aid or teas for you nausea and headache. Stay strong!

  31. I continued for 21 days but on 22nd day I was so much tresses that t had to take one cigarett but later I didn’t continue. Will it be harmful? Do you think, I have to start whole process from begaining?

  32. Trying to wing off of cigarettes five a day then tapering off . I already stuffer from anexity panic attacks and OCD . I feel like im having shortness of breath but not 100 percent sure because i think of all the horrible things that can happen with smoking and i might be hyperventilating myself . When i breath out i hear like maybe a wheezed sound possibly. I quit before with life savior which wasnt hard and i think i possibly hyperventilated myself then . I only started back because i had the worse panic attack i couldnt hack it i truly believe it was from withdrawal. Right now im on wellbutrin which might be helping out. Ive been smoking since i was 17 im 35 now and im ready to live and really save myself before its to late. Last time i quit i had hives so bad . Im winging off one day at a time its getting easier five a day . Then ill go to four and so on . Has anyone else had the shortness of breath or hyperventilating which ever it is .

  33. BRENDA DON’T GIVE IN!!!! If you do I’ll feel hopeless? this is my first weekend without a crutch. No nicotine gum or patch so I’m just educating myself on withdrawal expectations and I see ur post. It’s a week later and I hope ur still smoke free?

  34. I have been a smoker for about 30 yrs, This is my 4 day of not smoking I decided just to go cold turkey in the past I have tried a cocktails of drugs prescribed by my dr well that didn’t work so I have just decided I have had enough.I am having a rough time I feel very nauseous is that normal? I have seen the symptoms and have been experiencing them as well but didn’t see being nauseous as one of withdrawal symptons.

  35. I quit smoking 3 months ago I have been feeling very tired and shortness of breath. I have no cough or wheezing anymore but but just feel so crappy I gave in tonight had two smokes I feel so bad now after being smoke free for 3 months, I was a very heavy smoker over a pack a day for 25 years feeling really bad really need to stop this I hate this

  36. I’m on my 6th day of being dip free and have had the urge to put another one in but the biggest problem is that I’ve been getting really down and have had the feeling of wanting to cry but it’s only at certain times though and where I put the dip is sore.

  37. I smoke a pipe occasionally and when I feel adventurous, a cigar or two.
    I have gone months without smoking my pipe or a cigar before and had no adverse reactions whatsoever.
    My wife has even noticed how real tobacco is a lot less addictive than whatever it is they put in cigarettes.
    I don’t care what people say, cigarettes are NOT tobacco.
    Cigarettes are chemical sticks that are supposed to taste like tobacco. :/
    Am I just a lucky s.o.b who can’t get addicted to nicotine (it is possible to have an immunity. Consulted my Dr. about that one) or is real tobacco not as addictive as cigarettes?

  38. Started smoking when I was about 10 got to about a pack a day when I was 16 which then grew to a pack and a half if not 2 by the time I was of age to buy them for myself. When I was 22 I quit for about a year and a half and my withdrawal sucked yes I suffered irritability, frustration, headaches, anxiety, and restlessness but when I started my path to actually breathing air for the first time in ages I started running and working out and from what I remember it wasn’t all to over baring. As stated I quit for a year and a half started back up (age 24ish) and at 2 months shy of being 28 (the year leading to this point i cut down from a pack a day to 1 to 3 cigs a day rarely going over that limit or no cig at all for the spanned of a day) have taken up fresh air and nice long deep breaths it’s been 16 days as of now and my anxiety has been hay wire the last 3 days coupled with this feeling of being on a boat when on my feet and at its worst when walking. Just as last time after a week of smoke-free-ness I started working out and once i hit the 1 week mark with it is when these feelings started hitting me today isn’t as bad but yesterday and the first day were by far terrible. Is this something I should be worried about especially if this doesn’t go away? Anyone else feel is way and if so could you please share your experience so I can try to gain some peace of mind and hope of stable footing soon to be ahead of me.

  39. i’am on a week 3, still having some dizziness, foggy and floated headed feeling as well as muscle tightness on my neck and shoulder. Depression also occurs. Up to when can i feel those nicotine addiction cravings… my doctor gave me iterax so i can keep calm. But i refuse to take it. what shall i do? Any body can help me? Please…

    1. Hi, Ali. Have you considered going on counseling sessions, or taking stop smoking classes? Nicotine addiction can be really frustrating, and hard-kicking habit. Also, telephone helplines are usually available throughout the day even on nights and weekends when you don’t feel strong to continue. Good luck!

  40. Hello I stopped Smoking on a 26 October I had my last smoke now it’s been just over a Month I am feeling all that it says about smoking . I was a long time smoker . I really want to gain weight when I go out people laugh at me behind my back. I want to be how I was when I didn’t smoke and be healthy. About 35 years of smoking didn’t do nothing just smell like a ashtray . I’m 44 now I really want to do is my dad died of this smoking and now mum has Cancer I don’t want to end my life this smoking 🙁

    1. Hello Mushood. You did great choice by quitting smoking! Have you tried some of the home recipes for increasing appetite? Changing your eating habits is one way to start gaining weight. Good luck in your process to healthy life!

  41. Hi everyone, I have quit cold turkey about 1 month and 3 weeks ago.I am 21 years old smoked about 0-4 cigarettes per day for a year and a half. I am suffering from GERD and bloating, decreased appetite and depression is this withdrawal symptoms? or its something serious?
    By this time everybody says i should feel good but still going on with body ailments and sickness.
    Anyone can suggest what should i do in this case?

  42. I am on my 4th week, and although the habit part is getting easier the nicotine habit still creeps up on me and that 3-5 mins feels like an eternity! I am sure I will get through it but don’t let ANYONE tell you it isn’t hard. It is extremely hard and be prepared to deal with it. I am glad to be quitting after 40 years at a pack a day but it is something to get used to!

  43. Day 5 and I’m hanging in there. I’m real curious if a study has ever been done that gauges the severity of withdrawal symptoms to the name brand of cigarettes that each person smoked? I’ve smoked Pall Mall Blue for the last 10 years or so, and the brain fog I’ve been experiencing has been severe. I am also having strange dreams at night and moments of extreme fatigue. My mantra: Stay calm and breathe.

  44. Day 6 cigarette free, I am not sad necessarily but I start crying out of no where. Is that from nicotine withdrawal? If so how long does that usually last? I have been smoking for about 20 years.

  45. I have smoked tobacco with cannabis everyday since I was 15 years old. I always hated cigarettes but nicotine addiction became an unfortunate by-product of getting stoned everyday. I recently came down with tonsillitis which rendered me unable to smoke ciggarettes

  46. I have quit smoking after 30 years. During the first half of those years I smoked between 4 to 20 cigarettes per week as I didn’t have money of my own. During the later half, I got a job and smoked up to 50 cigarettes a day. Today is my fourth day without smoking and I haven’t experienced strong cravings (the thought of smoking actually makes me sick now), but have been having other symptoms: occasional dizziness; burning, tingling and numbing sensations or hot and cold flashes (didn’t have them before quitting); anxiety, feelings of dread, restlessness (on the second day of quitting I had my first ever panic attack); a lump in the throat feeling; some shortness of breath; sore throat; nasal congestion; bitter taste in the mouth (lessened after two days); slight nausea; loss of appetite; and mild insomnia. I’m feeling extremely sad, just as I used to feel when I was younger and didn’t smoke or smoked very little. Only now I realize how utterly miserable I felt then, and although I don’t want to feel like that again, I also don’t want to smoke again. It seems smoking masks depression. I’ve been drinking more water and freshly squeezed orange juice, and eating fresh fruits and vegetables (I don’t feel like eating anything else). Plus, I’ve cut down my caffeine intake from 10 cups a day to just one. When the feelings of dread and sadness become too overwhelming, I go out for a walk or numb myself with TV. I’m thinking of starting an exercise routine.

  47. Hi my name is andrea and ill just get straight to it my whole quit smoking journey has been HORRIABLE. 1st i started these patches which i believe i would have been bett off going could turkey because now i feel like if i don’t have a patch im going to die, i developed anxiety and ocd thanking my anxiety is so damn bad im frightened half of the day i take hydroxozine for my anxiety but who the heck want to take pills in order to get threw the day , im not sure if its because or the path or just over all quitting period i constantly feel like ill either have a heart a tack or my breathing isnt normal and ill die i have very bad muscle spams at night and anxiety that make me afraid to sleep,,,,, this stuff has really messed me up i have moved to the lowest patch 7mg with hope that doing this for a week then getting completely off will help my symptoms im seriously going crazy im n and out the doctor EVERYDAY I HAVE BEENGoing threw pure hell someone please help me WITH CALMING MYSELF AND LETTING ME KNO IF THESE SYMPTOMS ARE NORMAL OR WHAT N HOW LONG WILL THEY LAST

  48. Hi Vicki. What your brother is experiencing isn’t on the list of usual withdrawal symptoms from quitting dipping. He should see a doctor for assessment of his medical state or help on what to do next.

  49. This is my 3rd day of quitting, cold turkey. I had headache all of the first two days, and today the “itch” started ~ a kind of buzzing, itching, uncomfortable feeling, like a mild muscle cramp all over my body that I just want to get rid of. Got through it though, and I think this quit is going to stick. To be honest, once I made up my mind that I was getting NOTHING from smoking, it’s been really easy. Not difficult at all ~ I don’t know why I kept putting off my quit date for almost the last year! It’s all in the head, REALLY. What helped me a lot was watching the documentary of Allen Carr’s book, The Easyway to Quit Smoking. It’s really good, I recommend it to those thinking to quit or those struggling to stay quit. And DON’T USE NICOTINE REPLACEMENT — it just prolongs the nicotine withdrawal. Good luck everyone!

  50. This is my 31st day of being nicotine free. I smoked for 52 years. I get very dizzy at times and wondered if that’s normal after this amount of time. Thanks.

  51. Jumpy uncontrolable, anxiety, depression very very bad feeling in my head, can work with this symptons, dizziness I guess the works. Doctor give me some pills for deppression and anxiety. Been to hospital twice bevause I cant control and feel my heart pounding. This is the worst feeling ever no energy to do anything at all. I ask God to help me soon and stop thos horrible feeling.

  52. Hello Ari. I’d suggest that you speak with a psychologist about this issue. It seems that there are social and cultural expectations that compel alcohol and cigarette use, but that you could benefit from exploring more about what’s right for you. Sometimes it just helps to talk it out in therapy with a guide.

  53. I smoke from my 13 th im now 25. First in occasion and sometimes more and sometimes less. The last year I only smoke in the weekends and strangely enough the symptoms dissappear, but always return on the end of monday or begin of Tuesday. My problem with this is that I am not sure if it is because smoking or alcohol?? If i look to friends they drink and smoke more but they dont have the brainfog and low energy, ever… Drinking alcohol I do only in the weekends and sometimes one or two during the week. Is it possible that my kind of smoking or drinking already activates paws??? I will try to quit smoking totally, but drinking is kind of normal in this society. I want to get rid of this feeling!

  54. Don’t weaken Kel. I’m at just over 4 months after a can+ of Copenhagen a day. I quit December 4th of 2012 and had some horrible headaches too. You are about a week away from no more headaches and the fog will lift in time. Best of luck!

  55. I am 11 days into my quit after 35 years chewing a can of skoal per day. I went 7 days with nicotine logenzes then the last 4 with nothing. Can’t shake the headache, cravings and fog…but will keep on keeping on.

  56. Hello Vienna. We wish you good health in treating COPD. Thanks for sharing more about stopping smoking. Hopefully, your experience can help others!

  57. I’m on hour 12 of no cigarettes.I’ve smoked 35 years. Just found out I have Copd. I put them down this morning after not being able to breathe all night.

    People need to stop saying how hard it is. Thats a lie. It’s only hard because you really don’t want to stop.

    Take a big fluffy pillow. hold it tightly to your face, as long as you dare, as hard as u can. KNOW THIS UNRELENTING SUFFOCATION IS WHAT CIGARETTES WILL GET YOU. THATS HARD! Quiting is so much easier than I thought, too bad i will suffocate to death over a period of years.

  58. I am on day 9 of no Copenhagen after dipping for 35 years. I’m assuming that because I chewed about a can a day (or more) that my withdrawal symptoms are going to last longer. I’ve got the eat everything blues, don’t sleep real well, and have my heart beating in my head and face. I have yet to read about anyone else having this malady but assume it has something to do with blood pressure. This is probably my 100th attempt at quitting, but for some reason this time it just seems right. I think posting stuff about it helps, but what the hell do I know. Anyway, for those considering it, do it before it does you in.

  59. Hi Jenn. Congratulations on being smoke free. What a wonderful change for you, your body, and the people around you!

    It can be difficult to differentiate between withdrawal symptoms and other medical conditions. In your case, they seem to be really related. When my husband stopped smoking, he developed bronchitis-like symptoms, which were helped by a nutritional supplement called Gaia Herbs Bronchial Wellness Herbal Syrup and Tea. However, you may need to check in with a doctor. Also, for the headache…headaches can occur during many different medical conditions. Often, I find personally, my headaches are related to stress. But check into possible medical reasons, as well.

  60. I am 1 wk and 12 hrs smoke free. This has been an extremely difficult week for me. I quit smoking because I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Turns out I was on my way to bronchitis and wound up in the ER. so good news, I quit, bad news I have had to deal with both withdrawal AND sickness. Right now i have sinus infection I have dizziness, irritability, extreme headaches! What im dealing with right now is the inability to decider whether or not this is withdrawal or sickness. Its driving me crazy. Everything I read says the dizziness and headaches should all be done by now. It’s been a week. I’m just pushing through because I just really don’t want to smoke any more 🙂

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