Methamphetamine overdose: How much meth does it take to OD?

Meth overdose can occur from 100 mg – 5g of methamphetamine. Weight, general health, and tolerance all factor into the meth overdose equation. More on methamphetamine overdose here.

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Is it possible to use meth and not overdose?   It’s critical you know the risks, symptoms and signs of meth overdose, especially if you or someone you know is using too much meth.  First, learn how meth works in the body.  Then, understand how meth overdose occurs.

Here, we review meth OD and the severe side effects due to meth use.  We outline the signs and complications of meth abuse, followed by prognosis and methods of treatment. Then, you can ask questions about methamphetamine abuse, how long meth stays in your system, and overdose at the end. We try to answer all legitimate meth questions personally and promptly.

How does unintentional meth overdose happen?

Methamphetamine, like all drugs, has an accepted, medicinal applications. However, meth is generally thought of as the illegal street drug version which is taken as a white crystal-like powder that can be snorted, swallowed, smoked ,or dissolved and injected directly into the body.  Unintentional meth overdose generally happens in two different ways:

1. Acute methamphetamine overdose occurs while taking high doses of meth and can result in harsh side effects, which can be extremely painful and possibly result in death.

2. Chronic methamphetamine overdose occurs when a user continues to abuse meth over a period of time resulting in many harmful physical side-effects, both temporary and permanent.

Meth overdose – How much is too much?

The amount of meth a person must take to overdose will vary depending on several factors. The weight of the user, their general health, natural immunities, and built-up resistance or tolerance to meth all factor in. What’s more, the purity of the meth itself will determine how much meth is too much.

Currently the purity of meth is considered to be quite high, between 60-90%. This means that the potency of the effect on the central nervous system (CNS) is greater than previous mixtures. Common abuse doses are between 100-1000 mg a day. Chronic binge use can be as high as 5000 mg a day.

Meth overdose complications

People who take meth generally experience a sense of euphoria. This is accompanied by increased heart rate and blood pressure, as well as the widening of the pupils. The complications, however, that can occur when taking large amounts of meth, can be extremely serious and result in permanent damage or death.  Methamphetamine overdose can result in:

  • cardiovascular problems
  • convulsions which can result in death if not treated immediately
  • high blood pressure
  • hyperthermia (a rise in body temperature)
  • irregular heartbeat
  • permanent, stroke-producing damage to small blood vessels in the brain
  • rapid heartbeat

Chronic methamphetamine abuse results in inflammation of the heart lining. Those who inject meth damage their blood vessels and cause skin abscesses. In addition, they increase their chances of protracting HIV and hepatitis B and C. This is particularly prevalent among those who re-use needles. Continued use of meth also results in progressive social and occupational deterioration.

The following represent a list of side-effects and complications methamphetamine use can result in:

  • agitation
  • chest pain
  • coma
  • complete stopping of the heart
  • difficulty breathing
  • heart attack
  • kidney damage and possibly kidney failure
  • missing and rotted teeth (called “meth mouth”)
  • paranoia
  • repeated infections
  • seizures
  • severe stomach pain
  • severe weight loss
  • skin sores (boils)
  • stroke

Psychological complications resulting from long-term meth use include:

  • severe inability to sleep (insomnia)
  • major mood swings
  • delusional behavior
  • extreme paranoia

Meth overdose prognosis

When it comes to treating a meth overdose, chances for recovery depend on several factors. First, the amount of meth ingested can affect recovery results. Second, how quickly medical treatment is administered plays a significant role in whether the user will recover.

Methamphetamine overdose death rate

It is difficult determine the number of deaths due to methamphetamine. To begin with, it would be necessary to decide if the death is directly due to an overdose of the drug itself, or due to complications. Indirectly or directly, deaths due to suicide or traffic accidents may also be considered consequences of meth abuse. However, you can learn more about statistics related to meth abuse from the Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN), a public health surveillance system that monitors drug-related deaths investigated by medical examiners and coroners.

Meth overdose amount questions

If you are tired of being sick and tired due to methamphetamine abuse and addiction…take hope! Learn more about improrant treatment considerations, and available rehab options in our Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment Help and Programs GUIDE and get ready to make the first steps towards ending your suffering. Help is available TODAY.

For questions regarding methamphetamine overdose, or insights into this subject, please feel free to leave your comments below. We try to respond to all queries personally and promptly.

Reference Sources: NHTSA: Methamphetamine
Vermont State Department of Health: Meth Facts
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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Could someone reach out with any information or anything. I almost lost my son yesterday. From a desperate and terrified mom.

  2. Can meth be used as a actual medicine I novits sounds crazy but I use ever dayvibly a little to calm my self diwncand focus I gave low nliidcpresure and it help raise it anofe I don’t fwelvtired all day and I have add hyper so it real dies help me focuae and stay on task I eat and sleep like my husband whivgas never used a day in his life

  3. What the hell happened to the good shit when I first started using? It used to be very rare to have all these awful side- affects, and now it seems it’s become the norm. I am currently getting frustrated with the shakiness, the massive headaches that won’t go away, the constant heart rate disturbances, the paranoia that used to come on after the 3rd day awake. If the first few hours weren’t so glorious, this would be easier to quit. I keep using every month hoping I can circumvent the horrible experience after. I feel totally insane, doing it over and over expecting different results.

  4. Is it normal to have chest pain 20 hours after smoking meth? I have smoked meth before and haven’t felt like this this long after. My heart is racing and I and short of breath when I move. I only smoked a little bit one time this time. Can I be having an acute meth overdose?

  5. I function in a very low pain threshhold environment.
    I have 8 specific types of chronic pain that are no longer addressed by my medical care system.
    Since I would be required to circumvent the system to access the meds I need I found a cheaper solution. It doesn’t address the pain, simply, it diverts my attention so I don’t care.
    That may be a bad choice on my part. So what? I live alone, autonimously, with nearly no input from others. This pharmaceutical replaces all of that. Since it was long absent in my life I reitterate, so what.
    For years I felt I was marking time. Then my life metamorphasized. I now have a social life, those around me seek my attention, and it is sexually gratifying for the first time in 50 years.
    I have no illusions about my future.
    I have been assaulted by police on a “wellness check”, mistreated by hospital staff that didn’t want to treat me, and daily required to cut offii9 parts if my body to feed government’s craving for anything it wants. The future is only illuminated by the link I have to those that accept me on face value. It’s good but not enough. I don’t want to expire from a MRSA infection in a dirty hispital.
    I hope that when my time comes I depart with little fanfare oin accordance with what little the rest of my life has meant.
    In the meantime, please allow me the truly American right, self determination. To the end that others aren’t impacted, please quit torturing me with social “help”, let me chart my course, and forget I existed as reddily as I have been ignored in life.

  6. I been using meth casually for 3 years now. I was wondering why is it when I use sometimes I would just go to sleep and wake up feeling fine. I sometimes feel cold in my feet and hands. If I smoke enough meth is there a possibility of od? Now when I don’t use for sometime and it’s out if my system I don’t have an apitite so i would eat once a day and get exhausted quicker.

    1. No, when smoking meth, it is pretty much impossible to od on such. Injection, plugging and snorting are the routes you have to be careful with. Except for the oral effects of long term use and psychosis from sleep deprivation, smoking it is one of the safest routes of administering meth.

      1. I’ve read that you can overdose more easily by smoking it cause it goes directly into your brain lungs and blood stream, when you swallow it most of it metabolizes before it enters the blood stream so it takes a lot more to overdose that way.

  7. A friend of mine has been smoking Methamphetamines for about 2 mnths ,has not smoked since probably 2000ish and has been up for probably 3to 4 days smoking she is medium body weight not small not big she does have chronic high blood pressure which she says she took her meds but she came and showed me her legs and feet and her feet are dble the size swollen and legs and feet are fire engine red and bottom of feet are a purple color,she says her legs are hot like a burning sensation and to the touch they are feverish ANYONE reading this might know what’s going on with her? Have you ever heard of such? I’m lost to what cld be going wrong and she refuses to go to Dr ANY AMSWERS PLEASE AMD THANK YOU

  8. I infected meth for the first time in about a month and I’ve never had the problem that I’m having now I’ve had an intense sharp pain in my head almost like it is a surge type pain. It started towards the back of my head above my neck and around my ears now it’s more towards the front by my temples it will ease up for a few minutes the come back. Now a little over an hour later I started to vomit if puked 2 or 3 and it’s really sour tasting I’ve never had this problem before but also when I injected it I missed some I did the same amount I always usually do except this time I used more water in my mix I usually have a draw back of about 10 or 15 but for some reason I did a draw back of 50

  9. 1) Most of the questions asked here are not due to overdosing but rather panic attacks. People think they are dying from consumption of whatever and start panicking. This is also known as a ‘bad trip’. Calm down, chill out, relax, watch tv or whatever to divert your attention. Being melodramatic and ruining everyone else’s high is eye roll inducing.

    2) If you knowingly have bipolar disorder, history of depression, take psychotropic drugs, have addicts in your family or know you have a predeliction to addiction, quit doing it! People with mental issues do something like meth, freak out, do dumb shit, and the general public will then blame the drug. I use meth recreationally and know several other successful people who do as well. Never seen someone freak out and just run off, lol. Or any of the other stories I just read on here. Here is a thought: Maybe it isn’t an overdose but most likely, you cannot handle the drug. Not judging there. I avoid alcohol for the same reason. Quit blaming the drug and look inward and ask some questions.

    3) Quit asking a drug counselor medical questions people! I read at least ten different questions about “If so and so had this many ng’s on a toxicology report, what would the dosage equivalent be…?”. The counselor on here gives the same answer everytime “Yoy should speak to a coroner or doctor..” A drug counselor deals with the mental aspects of drugs, not chemical breakdowns and dosage rates, sheesh. Quit asking questions to someone who cannot answer such. That would be like asking a lab technician questions about drug dependence in relation to psychological issues. Totally different fields, folks…. Common sense goes a long way. Actually read the commentary section perhaps and you will see that hey, the question you posted has already been asked repeatedly. No wonder this drug counselor rarely answers now. Same questions over and over. Yet I am labeled the idiot for using meth recreationally….

    4) If someone is not responding, having adverse reactions, increased heart palpitations, signs of stroke, etc., instead of jumping on some drug addiction blog, call the ER, jesus. Your friend is lying on the couch flatlining so hey, let’s get on Google and start researching for a bit… Maybe call 911 and do the research that should have already been done at a later time, genius. This is a heavy drug. You have to be careful or it can destroy a person. That is why you research before even measing with it. If you have time for selfies and memes, you have time to get on google ask questions instead of wasting our time and that of the drug counselor on here. By the way, your friend is still stll having that stroke on the couch.

    5) It is difficult, very difficult, to overdose on just meth unless one of two things: You are one of the people who shoot up. In which case, you get what you deserve. Sympathy is for those who deserve it. Or secondly, you thought it would be cool to die like John Belushi, Chris Farley and so many others and mix speed with heroin or god knows what. Maybe smoke a bowl of meth while chewing on a fentanyl patch for a better high. What? Your arms are tingly and you do not feel so good? Uh oh….

    6) I worked in different emergency rooms while in the medical field before I switched careers. Meth itself was not the problem. It was either the mentality of the patient, mixing of the dope or sticking needles in every possible pore for years. All this disinformation is not doing society any good. Addiction rates are still climbing. Heroin is making a comeback. Meth purity is up, prices are down. Anytime I am honest about using meth once or twice a month, I get dirty looks and incredulous stares “YOU use meth?!!”. Yet the legal stuff that is actually doing the damage like pain pills and alcohol, well, those are okay. How exactly does this make sense?

    7) If you are going to post on an addiction blog, forum, commentary, whatever, learn basic grammar. Paragraphs, periods, what most of us were taught by middle school. Half of these posts are just incoherent ramblings, a multitude of run on sentences that go nowhere. Do not tweak out for three straight days and get on here, telling us some long and drawn out story that is essentially pointless. That is what therapy is for. This is an addiction forum. For people inquiring about how to deal with addictions, possible signs, etc. Not your journal.

    8) Before asking a question to the counselor (which most likely has already been asked nine times by others), actually read article first. It will have answered many of the questions asked. People in general do not feel like putting in the two minute effort to read an important article before asking asinine questions. Like those who come into the ER for a head cold. Seriously?…..

    9) I do not intentionally aim for callousness or to be cold hearted.I have lost a lot of good friends to drugs and alcoholism and gambling nearly destroyed me. I sympathise but the time for hand holding and being nice is over. Addiction is not a disease. You cannot quit Parkinsons, alzheimers, Lou Gehrig disease, etc. You are not a victim or a unique snowflake. Do you control the drug or does the drug control you? If you are in a relationship with an addict, junkie, or so called victim, end it! I tell my wife anytime I use meth. If I have to hide it, I do not need to dabble in it. She is a forensic accountant, very successful, does not use, hates the stuff. If your boyfriend or girlfriend, spouse, etc, is hiding it from you, lying, being secretive… Guess what? It is not gonna get better until they admit addiction and take the right steps. If they deny and lie, leave if you can as you are wasting your time and will be sorely disappointed. Oh, but you love him! Meanwhile, you could have sworn there was $80 in your purse earlier but he insists that no, only $20. Until addicts admit who they are and seek help, they are users. Your love for them does not begin to equal their love for a substance or in my case, a behavior. Quit sugarcoating life, face facts, grow up and for the love of god, man, never EVER use needles, oy….

  10. I have been using meth nearly every day for the past 2 years. I need help to stop, but i am afraid for everyone to know my secret…

  11. I used meth just for fun Friday night and was up all night then on Saturday morning I started having some pain in my chest and arms like the usual heart attack warnings but I did not have a heart attack and I am still having trouble 2 days later with feelings in my chest and I am starting to suspect heart failure I am only 18 and I play sports so I would like to believe my heart is pretty healthy but these warnings keep on bothering me what do you reccomend I do

  12. I have been a meth user for about 20 years, lately i find when i do meth I have an obsessive urge to go to the wallmart and masturbate in the rubber boot isle. I cant seem to stop myself. I get high and all i want to do is be near the rubber boots. to be honest i dont even like rubber boots. I am curious if i am the only person who meth has had this effect on? is there a support group or a recommended treatment for this disorder? after 20 years on the gak i gotta be honest an admit that I am probably not going to look at quitting as an option. I have tried just buying a pair of rubber boots to fullfill my desires at home, sadly that does not satisfy the urge. It has to be at wallmart in the rubber boot isle! please give me some direction on how to handle this situation.

  13. My son was killed by my daughter October 9th 2018. To make a long story short when I spoke to the to the detective to try to find out and make some sense out of the situation he says that James was so high on meth that he didn’t even know that he was stabbed and that he was dead pretty much he was in such a euphoric state. The detective said this was the second case he’s ever seen like this. The other one being farther down south we’re here and in northwest Florida. Still waiting on autopsy results. I just feel like I lost both children that day. How do you deal with this?

  14. What does it mean to pass out after doing a shot of meth. I have seen this happen several times. Sometimes from a large shot and sometimes from a small one. A few times I saw the person go completely limp and start vomiting. They had mo recollection of any of this. They regained consciousness after a minute or two. This was scary as hell to witness. Is that in my future. I want to quit. I talk about it all the time. But don’t wanna go through the tired phase and lack of motivation. I have a good job, and can’t go let my getting clean affect that.

  15. Meth is like most anything else. Life gets boring and can sometimes be pretty depresaing, stressful, whatever. Some folks are addicted to work. Others snort social media or ESPN is their equivalent of doing a hot rail. Whatever happened to moderation? I have a job in the aerofield industry after a lot of hard course work. Also had a full time job while attending school, raising a daughter with ADHD, ADD, autism (a handful) and juggling a marriage and life. Meth helped me out immensely as did the adderall I am prescribed. I made it a point to be careful with everything and still do. I work out, love doing outside work, have a job that mentally challenging and i wind down most nights with a few hits from the weed pipe.

    If you use meth, be an adult and know your limits. I started getting hooked two years ago when my marriage was really on the rocks, had to refocus and realize where things were headed, was not pretty. Gambling addiction has always been a problem for me and has been proven to be so devastating. I cannot just go in, spend $40 and leave. Most people can. Same with meth. If you know that the usage will spiral out of control or is currently doing so, develop a backbone, summon up some willpower and refuse to be a victim.

    You can easily find conversion charts for micrograms to grams. Take a few extra minutes and look at some different websites, research toxicity levels instead of getting on here and asking the same f’ing question that almost everyone asks. At least three fourths of this discussion is ‘Joe Blow shot up such and such milligrams, is that toxic?!’ Again, educate yourselves so these discussions can have more relevant posts instead of the therapist giving an automated response to literally the same question over and over. If she has told the last 30 people that this site will not divulge such information, why waste her time by asking yet again an asinine question?…

    When not at work or around kids, drugs, just like a few glasses of wine, are fun. Don’t stick needles in your arms, folks. There is a reason that the medical field has phlebotomists. If you have to risk infections to chase your high, you are a junkie. Get off of here, get help. If you did not bother to weigh your dose on a digital scale that can be bought fairly cheap, yeah, you might do to much and end up with a pinky toe that kinda hurts, headaches or any of the other ailments seen on here. If you are vomiting, have vertigo, chest tightness… This drug is not for you. I have never had any of these problems nor the other people I know who use meth as a hobby. Either you are doing to much or you are just one of those people whose body has a bad reaction to it. I am the same way with downers so I will not touch them. If it made you feel absolutely horrible last time, maybe that is a sign.

  16. I want you all to see from a grandmothers experience. My grandson 25 yrs is in ICU as I write. His use of meth caused him to be paranoid and so to hide it from all the ghost lawmen, he swallowed the entire baggie. Once we found him he was tripping but the full affects didn’t hit him till almost 8 hours later from the time he consumed the bag. His body temp was 106 and his heart rate was over 200. He was sick but couldn’t throw up, shaking uncontrollably. He was immediately rushed to the ER and iced down and put on life support. The danger is not over. He can still have organ failure or a heart attack once the ventilator and support system is removed and he wakes. Tomorrow is going to be rough to say the least. Please, please do not do yourselves like this and run the risk of permanent organ damage. Don’t put your loved one through what we are going though now. Your life matters. Ask for help. Seek help and don’t wait.

  17. I was just curious, does age,bodyheight&bodyweight make a difference for people in overdosing? Say a 21yr. old female with the height of, 5’4″ and weighting 145lb. compared to a diffrent female at the age 19 or 20yrs., with the height of 5’8″ & at 180lb. Does any of that make a difference? Will the smaller female have more of a chance at overdosing than the other female, or is the chances going to be the same for both females?

  18. I shot up ice a couple days ago with a friend and right after that I got really sleepy is that supposed to happen

  19. My brother autopsy read 900 ng/ml meth in his system and was cause of death. I’m trying to determine how much that might be and if it’s enough to stop his heart. Thank you

  20. Am a opiod addict that happens to do meth ice regularly. Tolerance is high but last night me and my fiance did some meth. Immediately with him.and then symptoms increasing and maybe 15 mins, I began we have vomit for over 24 hours the body aches are like trashbfrver but different never felt this kind of body ache. Pain in my head when move, muscle pain and stiffness is thisbfrom cut or has anyone had this happen and is it possible to intentionally put something in ice cause I’m also I’m place where ppl are vicious and I have heard ppl wanting to rob us , I hustle hard and the pay off is good and this place i have to come time to time doesn’t like see people do well could it be intentional we are still sick going on 38 hours i need some answers suggestions anything we both have infected injection marks could that infection contribute to this as well

  21. I’m scared of the episode I had this morning and don’t know what happened to my body? I’ve used meth every day since February, I shoot up. This morning when I done my shot I felt fine for a few minutes then all at once my ears had a roaring sound, then my body felt as if it was on fire from the inside out, hands face and arms turned fire engine red, felt like I could vomit but just dri heaved, I felt like I had to lay down and when I did my body went numb couldn’t hold my eyes open and my vision was blurry, my tongue was thick. This lasted about 8 minuets and I slowly felt better but not normal. I have been exhausted all day, can’t stay awake and on the right side of my face my lip is drawn my head is pounding and my body aches.

  22. The black shit that people on here are talking about coughing up is blood. Whether you smoke it, shoot it, or eat it, meth affects your lungs either way. The very first time I shot it, I did enough to drop anyone, I was high for 37 hours, and decided to be seen in the e.r. after I came down. I now live with major scarring in my lungs which makes it very hard to breathe, take it from me, this drug will forever change your life in a bad way. I shot it up about 30 more times over a two year period due to the positive effect it had on my mood, it actually took my severe anxiety disorder away while high the first 4-5 hours, then the high seems to take a reverse affect on me to where I get agitated, heart palpitations to the point of knocking my breath away. Listen people, if you want to forever damage your body and soul, then meth will do that for you. Artificial energy and happiness is short lived and completely not worth the damage you do to yourselves or the people that may care about you. To read these od posts on here is so sad, and I consider myself lucky as hell due to the amount I used in each shot from day 1. Many people will agree that the high after the 5-8 hour mark comes a feeling that you just want to go away. I do miss the positive feeling of booting up, but it’s artificial joy, which always ends in misery.

  23. So I read another comment, I read “Graham’s” comment, and he is asking about a “nasty taste” you get when you smoke meth and another person in here was talking about coughing up black stuff or something. Simple: I experience those things as well. Not sure about the nasty taste. Honestly I think its cut… but its most likely harmless. Most likey… lol if you dont like it, dont smoke it, that simple. Or if you dont want to risk inhaling something “bad” for you(even though you’re literally smoking meth) then you can actually just burn that nasty stuff off. Usually when I add shard pieces to my pipe, I just put a tiny amount, this helps with heat efficiency… And I’ll just melt it down and burn off a bit more than normal. So yeah you might lose of your sac, but its minute and you won’t get that nasty taste anymore. I’m like 99% certain its some type of cut that are adding, because this is a street drug and we are dealing with organized crime with that, and they are in it for 1 reason: To make money. Ok and lastly, about the black stuff you cough up. Thats your mucus… With chemicals from the meth you just smoked a little while ago in it… discoloring your mucus…. The taste of vapor has to do with the chemical synthesis. Can’t prove it because I dont cook the meth we are buying off the streets, but like I said in my previous comment, Im like 99% sure its because they are adding something to give the final product more weight… Its all about money… Now they wouldn’t add something that would hurt us, but isn’t that irrelevant considering you’re smoking meth in the first place? hehehe

  24. Im 200 lbs, 6 feet 2 inches in height, and I am not a frequent user… I basically only smoke street meth when I get a few days off. When I do decide to be dumb and do drugs for fun, like today, I am very aware of the facts associated with this drug. Honestly, I picked up 1 gram. 1 gram = 1000 mg. So basically I would have to smoke THE ENTIRE gram by myself in like 1 day to actually overdose(never going to happen in a small time frame because meth is nasty to smoke for one. Secondly, once you take a couple hits, you’re so fuckin’ high anyways you don’t feel the need to keep smoking). Dont get me wrong, my central nervous system is fucked up even with the small amount I have been smoking. I am experiencing some of the signs and symptoms, like agitation(when Im coming down off the high of the drug) or any of the psychological side effects, like paranoia, BUT GUESS WHAT? EVERYONE THAT SMOKES CRYSTAL METH EXPERIENCES problems with their central nervous system and how the brain gets used to the constant release of dopamine…. etc… THATS THE POINT OF THE DRUG. Thats how you get high. So, I estimate I have smoked a total of MAYBE 300 mg in the last 12 hours, maybe less. Yet it feels like Ive smoked maybe 1/2 a gram… Like the article says above these comments, street meth is SO Much more potent these days than it was… I might have some shit that is 90% pure, IDK. All I know is I saw Judi talkin about a dead friend(Listen guy your friend(s) had to have been snorting/slamming it in large amounts in a very short time frame, straight up, OR they mixed it with other drugs/alcohol, OR they never put down that damn fuckin’ pipe and took a break, which lead to their deaths. All I know is Im a pretty big guy, not fat, I got 14% body fat… but what I mean is I weigh a lot compared to the average person. So its basically just muscle mass in my weight and Im am high, but definitely nothing life threatening is happening or has happened to me personally in my experience. So long story short, I have never heard of anyone dying from strictly just crystal meth alone, its definitely possible, but honestly, I have heard a shit ton of people overdosing and meth is usually a drug that is associated with the mixture that caused it. MIXTURE is the key word… People who typically overdose on drugs mix too many different types of drugs together. Usually, its not just the cause of 1 single drug, but there is exceptions to that too of course. Of course everything is situational, etc, but Im just generalizing. I digress…(Ive been digressing, ya im really high right now) So when it comes to the potency and weight and all that…. I can only use myself as an example, so I would take a safe educated guess that I’d have to probably either slam or snort like 5 grams of meth at once to OD, maybe less. Again, I go to school, I have a job, Im not a drug addict, I just do drugs for fun occasionally. So my tolerance is zero too, and even though this shit I got from my dude here in my city is some really strong ass stuff, I dont feel like my life is in danger at all based on the signs and symptoms I have, as an uncommon user. Have you ever smoked crystal meth before? The burn method is through a glass pipe we call “globes” out here in cali… Because it has a round front end which houses the shards of crystal meth for you to burn. Then you burn it down and it changes to a liquid, but it solidifies pretty quickly again once you take the heat source away, your lighter for example.(Just a FYI, save some google search time) I DIGRESS AGAIN. Ok look. So all I wanted to say was a few things and this turned into a fuckin’ short novel for middle school. 1: Crystal Meth is a dangerous drug. It is very destructive to your body. Science tells us this. I am not refuting those facts. 2: What I am trying to say is, the people who actually use crystal meth for recreational purposes, like me, and in general, are mostly not the types of people you would assume are using it. As I mentioned earlier, I have a clean criminal record, I am in school, I do have a job. Im a functioning person in society, yet here I am, smoking meth on my days off for fun, LOL. Point is, I dont judge a book by its cover and I don’t rely on the statistics specifically for the amount of people using a particular drug. They get their numbers from factual data. AKA: Prisons and people who have been incarcerated/arrested for possession, intent to sell, etc… But they don’t know I do meth for fun sometimes, right? And when I say that, I mean I use maybe 1 weekend out of the month. How would the people who keep track of these numbers know about me though? In fact no one would know, except that I’m writing it down here on this website because no one knows who I am here, but my point is, I’m not being counted as a statistic for the number of people who use meth. And I am pretty confident when I say that there is more people like me out there who keep it real low key to everyone we know in real life and have to be around on a daily basis, than there are people who are actually being counted. And that can be proven by the amount of the drugs/money being tracked on the street in accordance with several different law enforcing agencies, including local, plus simple supply and demand principles. No one wants to sit there and fuckin’ find out, or maybe a statistician would, right? Probably not, Im sure they got more important things to do. So what Im trying to convey here in my comment is basically 2 things. 1: An educated response to the first comment posted by “Judi” and 2: You guys should really consider how many people use drugs these days. If we were all exposed tomorrow, the actual numbers of how many people use drugs for fun would shock the entire world… lol.

  25. Wow. Guys j can’t believe some of the questions on here. If you slam and you feel like you are going to die you either 1. Go tk the er. 2. Call 911 or 3. Call 911 and ask if the EMTs can come evaluate you and make sure you are okay. Chances are if you’re heart rate is under 130 resting and you can breathe you are okay and either got crappy shit or you’re tolerance is out of whack and doing more isn’t going to help. I deal w these side effects all the time. It’s miserable and I can’t understand why I can’t stop using but it’s bc I’m an addict and have kept a constant supply of crystal around considering you need so little of it and it lasts so long. Now what I’m experiencing is a little different. A strange unpleasant taste when smoking meth, all of the meth has the same extremely unpleasant taste to me and it’s definitely coming from me it isn’t the real taste. Other things like my Shea butter, aczone cream, have the same unpleasant smell. I’m wondering if I’m experiencing some sort of chronic overdose symptom or something like meth toxicity.

  26. I loss my son August 6, 2016. I receive his medical report and he died of meth overdose according to the autopsy. I have so many questions because I disagree with this diagnost! He had applied for a different job because he didn’t want to go back to work at the bank, he didn’t get the job even through he had five interviews and I know he was so disappointed and probably started drinking. Then did meth, he smacked his windows, mirror and a hole in the wall, I believe trying to get to the drug guy who lived in the apartment next to him. The drug dealer had taken his cash card and had withdrawn almost $5,000.00 of his hard earned money. My son went out of his apartment to the other side where a friend lived and that is where he died. Living in a US veterans housing, the police and paramedics don’t respond as quick for ours veterans as they do other places!!! I just wonder if he died because of what the drug dealer gave him and if he was so mad about his money, the drug dealer was never questioned by the police because he left his apartment for two weeks???
    Please give me your thoughts on what you think, my son had just turned 35! Still hurting and needing answers. Thank you

  27. Use everyday 4 3 weeks. Extreme weight loss jaundiced grey skin peeling red toes red fingertips blue nails blue lips blue tip of nose muscle aches and cramps all over joint pain cold skin and cold sensation. Iron deficient anemia yellow grey skin goes pale yellow white when I am active

  28. My son was murdered forced to eat 4 big chunks of meth. The coroner said the highest level hes ever seen in an overdose can you tell me what my son went through step by step and about how long he suffered his last call was 130 am to 142 he got away from people who made him eat it but then they found him still alive then found deceased at 6am i believe they made him eat it around 1am he got away about 120 am and ryan the guy who held gun to his head had him on the phone and already he said my son was saying he couldnt see or breathe then two guys found him behind dumpster it and caught him again because girl called my son after ryan hung upand he told her help me im at mcdonalds and she was part of it they never determined time of death the whole case was tampered with by the detective im now fighting the police dept to get justice for my son and i will get it thank you

    1. Hi Yolanda. I’m really sorry for your loss… I hope you’ll get your justice. I suggest that you consult with a coroner about your issues.

  29. My husband had never did meth he been on it for 7 days with out stopping 3 hours ago. Was that last of it now he is laying down but his body is jumping around he said he feels really bad I have never even seen this shit and I don’t know what to do do you think he will be ok or should I try to get him to go to the hospital

  30. My husband june 2017 ate over 5grams of meth. He left home one night thinking cops were there so he ran. 3 hours later came home from a field and an hour later sweating beads of ice cold sweat and he was frozen. He was in no way himself nor did i know he had it on him. He died in my arms while waiting on emt and i was told at hospital he was brain dead and only 2.5 registered in his system. Machine breathing for him and hep c now. He was in hospital 9 days and now alive walking talking and almost as normal as he was before. Its dangerious and scary people and i almost lost the love of my life. He did live but others may not. Id tell you not to use but i know its a struggle with any addiction, i am overcoming one myself and he still has a want for it every now and then. But having a strong support system helps and im willing to help anyone who truely wants it. Email me any time. Be careful and separate yourself from those who use and call themselves ur friends they will only bring u down.


  32. I started using meth pretty much on a daily when I was 17 I’m almost 33 now . I hate this drug it’s been the only drug I’ve ever had a real problem with as far as getting stuck on it . every single day I tell myself I won’t use I’ll just drink beer but it never works …I wander if I were to move somewhere else if me not knowing anyone would help me to stay clean .I’m an adult so I don’t just walk up to folks I don’t know and ask them questions like ” hey do you know where to get any shit” I just don’t do that .so I’m wandering if I’m somewhere else somewhere that I don’t know anyone would it help my chances staying on the straight and narrow ¿

  33. I started using meth pretty much on a daily when I was 17 I’m almost 33 now . I hate this drug it’s been the only drug I’ve ever had a real problem with as far as getting stuck on it . ever single day I tell myself I won’t use I’ll just drink beer but it never works …I wander if I were to move somewhere else if me not knowing anyone would help me to stay clean .I’m an adult so I don’t just walk up to folks I don’t know and ask them questions like ” hey do you know where to get any shit” I just don’t do that .so I’m wandering if I’m somewhere else somewhere that I don’t know anyone would it help my chances staying on the straight and narrow ¿

  34. I injected for the 2nd time in one night which has been my first time injecting meth
    I’m a 200 pound girl so how much is too much. I feel really weird compared to the first shot

  35. jesus people, the things happening to you guys are serious and definitely life threatening… and NOT NORMAL at all. its a shame to think some of yall might have died because u were afraid to ask for help.. or simply because you decided to post serious questions on a forum for someone not even qualified to answer your questions to reply… literally every post she responded to with either “call poison control, go to the ER, or contact the coroner…”

    I’m 32 and have doen heroin and coke and basically everything else for basically my whole life, overdosed multiple times, been to jails, prison, rehabs, lived on the streets… done seen coke turn into bath salts, now flakka,,, heroin turn into fentanyl.. well, up until about a month ago, I had never touched meth. and I wish I could go back to the time before meth… well , actually, maybe I don’t. ive let one too many drugs at one point or another, sometimes taken in combination with another.. ruin my life. I took Meth 101 this past month and I must say I respect the fuck out of meth for the damage it has caused others, and the possible damage it could cause me… but this drug scares the livin fuck out of me, and I hope to god I am able to use this fear to my advantage. lord knows I don’t have the will power to be able to beat meth in a fair fight..

    I could go on forever but fact is its time to take the gloves off 🙂 LETS GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEE

  36. Hello,

    My name is Celeste. I have been doing meth for about two years already. However, I don’t really use it like I used to before. I used to smoke it twice or three times each week. Now I do it two days every three weeks or more. Yesterday, i bought some and still had some to be smoking it today until who knows when i get it again. But for the first time today while smoking, my toes on my right side foot weren’t able to move like they normally do. Only my toe did. Then my left foot did the same. It took a while for them to get feeling again. They didn’t have any feeling at all when I touched or moved them.
    Is that a symptom of maybe getting to an OD?? Is that really bad for someone doing crystal meth?
    I hope to hear from someone soon. I really want to know. Please. Thank you.

  37. my heart breaks for all of you addicted to meth. I just lost my brother to an
    overdose. The pain of losing a loved one to a drug addiction has been so
    hard on me. Ive been reading some of these posts, please people get yourself
    some help. It can take your life away and hurt those you leave behind.

  38. Call 911 if you ever get so bad that you almost pass out or your sick.dont wait it out,please,it’s better safe than sorry,if you are home alone,you have to look out for yourself and dont hesitate even if it’s not life threatening,it’s still possible it could be.

  39. I’ve felt quiet a few times that I have overdosed an I’ve had chest pains,dizziness,vomiting and an overall feeling of death. I’ve been using for 1 year probably 4-5 days each week,I stopped smoking it an used other ways because after 5 months of smoking methamphetamine and me being a daily cigarette smoker,I’ve developed copd, my main concern is sometimes when I use it’s like I’m having an allergic reAction I start breaking out in hives is this because of consuming too much or possibly a cutting agent,I’ve tried injecting about 10 times but I take it orally as of now but this has happened since I started using,when I was smoking an a couple times when I injected it too. My heart goes out to those who have lost loved ones an maybe even lost themselves by using. I know the pain. 1000 mg last me about 2 days but these last few days I’ve cut back because of my health issues,I’m scared an I want to get out this lifestyle.

  40. My 26 yr old daughter died of a Meth overdose this is what the toxicology report said
    Methamphetamine,Quant positive/Concentration (612 ) Units ng/ml

    Amphetamine , positive
    Amphetamine,Quant/ Concentration Units (100)ng/ml / therapeutic range(10- 100 )
    Can someone explain this to me does that mean that she had methamphetamine and amphetamines in her system nobody ever explain it to me and what’s the concentration mean I don’t get any of it can you please break it down for me thank you I appreciate it

    1. Hi Diana. I’m really sorry for your loss… I suggest that you consult with a coroner or another professional about your concerns.

  41. I slam meth every day like 4 to 5 times a day i want to stop i get stomache pain really bad bad constipation, dizziness, vomiting, it feels as if my blood pressure goes up ???? idk wat. is going on i really want to stop help

  42. So I was up all night doing meth which I only do occasionally, I started yesterday at 2pm and took my last hit and like 3am this morning. I spaced them out but I would snort a line, then smoke some and so on. My fingernails are purple and my lips are getting kind of blue? Am I overdosing or is this somewhat normal?

  43. I snorted methamphetamine for the second time ever starting around 3pm yesterday (Friday), my first time was a week ago and I only did a small .03mg line. From 3pm to midnight I snorted 3 lines, 2 of them were .05mg and the last one was .02mg which was done at midnight. I drank a couple of glasses of water throughout the experience to help get rid of the drip. It is now 11pm Saturday and I have a slight pain on my left temple but quite the case of nausea. I’ve tried eating but as I chew the nausea gets worse, I can sip on a glass of water but nothing more than a sip is bareable. I don’t have anything around the house for nausea or pain, the headache I can deal with but I’m wondering if it would be okay to make myself vomit. Will it make the situation worse?

  44. How do I get help for someone who I think is having a psychotic episode from over use of meth? I have tried talking to the police & the hospital to no avail.They all say the same thing. He has to be a harm to himself or to others, or he has to sign himself in. Isn’t the fact that he is in the midst of an OD that he is harming himself? What do I do to get him treatment before he wrecks his car or kills himself by taking this crap?

  45. So I just started smoking meth recently. I haven’t been doing a lot at a time or frequently but I think I’m having an anxiety attack this time around? I feel like maybe take one more small hit might help me but I’m not sure.

  46. My son ‘a toes are turning black. He is a meth addict and now I think herion. What could turn his toes black and painful?

  47. My husbands death was recorded as “acute methamphetamine overdose ” toxicology report said methamphetamine 0.385mg/l
    Amphetamine 0.074mg/l
    Is this a large dose? He used periodically..

    Is this enough to kill someone? What does this mean?

    1. Hi Lisa. I’m really sorry for your loss… I suggest that you speak with a toxicologist or a coroner to help you find answers to your questions.

  48. If someone has 0.36 mg/1 of Methamphetamine in their system what are the ways this could have happened? For instance the person went in a house where meth has been made before and the house is dirty could they get this in there system another way besides taking the drug theirself? My husband was killed in an automobile accident and they found this dosage in his system and my husband was not a drug user but he has been to a house where this had been made on several occasions

    1. Hi Lynn. I’m really sorry for your loss… I suggest that you speak with a coroner or another professional.

  49. Dude, I have worked 50-60 hours a week on swing shift 6 days a week for 6 years straight. From 2009 to 2014 I used adderal regularly to improve my concentration and accelerate my learning accretion. When using adderal, or other attention defficent disorder stimulants, the urge to sleep was minor, and in some cases, nonexistent. With this in mind, I used the side effects that I would receive when using adderall yo excel in the work place and establish a reputation that consisted of hard work, concentration,accuracy, knowledge, and urgency from a timely prospective. I started to skip weeks at a time when it came to using the medication. My performance suffered dramatically and it was noticed by my peers as well as superiors almost instantly. When attempting to obtain the ADHD medication following my stint of sobriety I was unsuccessful. This resulted in me being introduced to an alternative that will deliver the same effects with the intensedy levels being multiplied in mass proportions. Lacking knowledge of the substance, I was being taken advantage of from a currency aspect, however, I was more than pleased with what I received in return. Meer crumbs would influence my productivity enough to complete tasks in the manner I would before but with a tad bit more precision . the minor use continued for a year to 18 months. During this time I was promoted to the supervisor position. This position requires constant communication. Without being “high” I was literally unable to hold an informational conversatiom let alone somewhat ofnan intellectual conversation with my superiors. This caused the use patterns to increase in dosage as well as become more often. I felt great, stayed hydrated, nutritious diet, active, motivated… But when I was out, the world was entering the apocalypse from a metaphorical mental state. The come down was at times unnoticed, and other occasions the death of my social abilities all together. Keep in mind this is a secret with myself, so attempting to act unphased to avoid any suspicion from my family was an absolute obligation to avoid damaging relationships and altering how I am viewed as a member of society following the attachment of the stigma surrounding the substance. It is nearly mid 2017 and my usage has increased slightly but the ability to determine when it’s time to take a break has improved greatly. I feel as if I would be able to quit completely if I were to have an opportunity to work a regulated shift. Three years in I do notice a change in myself. I stopped drinking alcohol because I was starting to becomes angry, impulsive, uncensored, and violent with ones I love. I was always a “happy drunk” in the past until recently. From a physical standpoint, I have never developed sores, I am a well kept 24 year old man with white teeth and a polished physique to say the least. I occasionally have sting like pains in my chest area but I feel as if I think too deeply about what I’m feeling at the time. I have never stayed up for more than 2 days and instill possess the ability to sleep within hours of the previous dose I consumed. Unfortunately, I am having signs of damage to the nasal region. I am constantly having mucus drain straight to my throat, and I am capable of gathering it at any time with the slightest effort. I have lost the ability to use my creativity skills as an artist when I am sobor unless I have a strong influence. My sex drive is low and at times completely diminished. I, for some reason enjoy time alone the most now as well. The end of the battle is near. I just wanted to share my story. Maybe receive some advice but with my outlook on reality I accept what I have brought upon myself and I am to the point of the journey that the end of the usage is in sight, just waiting for the stars to align. I hope the damage I have inflicted upon myself is somewhat reversible and that I haven’t already cause everlasting damage to the neurological portion of my physical being. Feel free to throw me some knowledge yo.

  50. Here’s a message to all you people on here complaining of chest pains , and worried that you’re going to overdose….etc,….etc. stop doing drugs!!!!!!!! This is the risks you take and the prices you pay when you choose that lifestyle. It’s not a big secret that meth is bad for you and can have serious repercussions, but here yall are on this site crying about it now. You made your bed , now lie in it.

  51. I have been smoking it for nearly two months now and want to stop because it has been a drug of choice. I’m a reviving alcoholic for almost ten years. So in ten years this is my second time I’ve used – first time lasted four months. My question is doing this drug makes me relaxed and not wanting to do anything really except things I have to do/ laundry and cooking. Anyway/ what is the best and safetest way to stop because I am beyond disappointed in myself and it gives me major headaches. I don’t have much will power and I’m taking OxyContin, cymbalta, Ativan, and accutane which are all prescribed- And I know the damage I am causing. Plus I’m in graduate school and can’t do my work until I’m off this stuff. I had to take a month off and I go back March 13, 2017.

    I should of proof read my post before submitting it!
    Okay, I am a recovering alcoholic for almost ten years and meth has never been my drug of choice. I love sleeping and have been only sleeping between 3-maybe 6 hours a night.
    Okay thank you and and any comments or/and suggestions are welcome

  52. Why do people become addicted to drugs, alcohol or anything?
    Emotional pain, emotional trauma, unhappiness, dissatisfaction/inability to cope with reality.
    This is not good or bad. It just is.
    Nobody wants to be an addict. Happy, well adjusted people do not become addicts. Period. Addictive substances or behaviors are used to alter whatever the user’s painful reality is.
    This is completely subjective. What one person can handle emotionally can put another person over the edge. There is no way anyone but the individual can assess the reasons why addiction is preferable to not using, and there is no one else who can or should judge this but the individual.
    Sometimes the reasons why a person decides to use can be overcome. Sometimes they can’t.
    Understanding and compassion for the addict are crucial, but what do we do as a society?
    We take the most traumatized people who are feeling really down and beat them down further for the way they choose to deal with their pain or how they choose to cope with their reality. Addicts are the most vilified group of people in our culture and the ones needing further derision and disdain and punishment from others the least.
    Most everything about “recovery” is designed to make the addict fall back into addiction. The proof is in the pathetically low rates of “recovery’ that are reported.
    As as society, the ways we look at addiction and recovery are all wrong and need to be changed by taking a different approach. Since there is so much money to be made off of addicts with the current system that demonizes the addict, throws them into for profit rehabs and for profit prisons and for profit counseling programs, not to mention the huge profits made from the illegal drug trade and legal pharmaceutical companies, plus the massive smear campaigns against addiction and addicts we are all brainwashed with from every angle, change anytime soon is unlikely.
    In the meantime, EDUCATE YOURSELF about the FACTS about using meth or anything else you choose to use as an addict so that you stay healthy and don’t overdose or do major damage to yourself.
    Finding reliable information isn’t as easy as it seems. There are all kinds of different people with their own agendas putting out their own take on the ‘facts’. Don’t just believe anyone. Do your own research. Seek out reliable, credible sources. This includes other addicts anctidotal accounts which can be more accurate and informative than many ‘studies’ that suffer form funding bias.
    Some people can handle meth for decades and lead relatively normal, respectable, responsible lives. Some people can’t handle it at all. Some people can give it up and some can’t or find a substitute. Wherever you are in all of this is up to you to determine for yourself. Be responsible for yourself. Try not to hurt others or yourself as best as you can and learn as much as you can while you go through your own journey and struggles of life on this planet. Stay safe.

  53. I’m very worried and need an answer I dont know if I did meth or cocain I did two lines they were both about one inch I did one before I went to lunch that was about 11 am and after lunch was over o did it again hand it was about let’s say 12:24 but I did and my effects was getting angry cuz of what someone did that day, heart rate faster then usual, feeling dizzy, wanting to puke but its not really coming out, I don’t want to eat, I’ll drink some water but after I’ll get a dry mouth, I had a little pain in my head but it went away, kinda short on breaths I try to take a deep breath and I can’t, had a heart burn or chest burn here and there, and just to say this would be the first time I’ve done a lot whatever I snorted and when I hold my breath for just a little I feel my whole body thump, so what does this mean can you help me find out what I took and for another thing its embarrassing but my penis shrunk really bad and it got skinny will I be all normal in a couple days please I need a answer fast

  54. If iv Meth use and the left side of it head ear up and around left eye have numbing what could it be also chest pains and burping

  55. I tried a cpl hits of meth last night for the first time but also drank alot of beer which gives me gas. Im having mild chest ache and diareah and flatulance but still havent slept. Could it be gas from all the beer or a bad reaction to the drug

  56. Ive been using meth since I was 15. I am 21 now it did not become my everyday until I was probably 17 turning 18. I use up to an average of over a gram a day most likely more. Just starting to be a little concerned for my health. What kind of risks am I facing here because I do have chest pains, faster breathing and extreme aggravation. Im starting to notice I have dizzy spells and at times I will get very nauseous

  57. I’ve been slamming for a while now I don’t consume it 24-7 either, maybe 4-5 times a month. I take the same amount each and every time, which is 10 units of meth and water so 20 units all together but I’ve literally just experienced 3 new symptoms. Vomiting right after slamming, blurry vision and painful aches starting at my lower back and straight down to both legs. Could someone maybe explain to me why I’m just now receiving different symptoms, please?

  58. Hi last Friday we found my mother in her apartment after an overdose on meth, we called 911 and they were going to send her to the hospital but became violent so took her to jail. She sat in the jail cell for 5 days before they finally released her to the hospital and now my mother has permanent brain damage. I am curious to know if my mother’s rights were violated and if she had received medical care sooner if her recovery would have had a higher success rate.

  59. I od’d off injecting a half gram, then eating a half gram. I’m 34, overweight, hep c pos, and don’t know why I’m still alive. The myth that you Can’t od from meth is just that. Myth

  60. My dad was found dead last week. My mom came home and found him dead on the floor. A needle was found near his body, and bags of white powder were found nearby. Until this, we would have never imagined him to be a user. He never exhibited ANY of the signs or symptoms listed above and he was around family (my mom, sister, brother in law, and myself) daily and we never suspected anything. Never once did he ever act any way other than normal.

    After doing some investigating of my own, I believe that the drug found, was meth. I understand that whatever specific dose that he took or whatever is impossible to tell or how much was too much or why/how he died. My question is, from the look of how his body was and the location of where the needle was found, it appears that he died almost instantly. Is this a possibility? Can you injet meth and just die? Or does it take time?

    1. Hi Kloye. I’m really sorry for your loss… I suggest that you speak with a coroner or another professional about your concerns.

  61. I first tried meth 13 or 14 years ago. at the time I would smoke it with my friends mostly, maybe snort it , but rarely. back then a little amount would go a long way. smoking a gram would keep me up not able to sleep for 2-3 days, even 4 days sometimes. Also every time I took a hit, it was very euphoric.
    I used then for about 2 years till the availability dried up(this was around the time most us production was shut down) then it reappeared about a year later in mass from mexico. I didn’t start using again about 3 years ago. initially smoking it again, but when I started smoking it again, I noticed it was a very different product… though the purity was still high, the production method had switched from using ephedra based chemicals to produce it which made a d-methamphetamine product to a p2p method which made a racemic product leaning toward l-meth. the result was a much less euphoric, weaker feeling product. This new product was strange, it would work to keep me up like if I had some sort of activity I was doing which was of interest or I had some chore like cleaning that needed to get done, but it only felt like my focus was increased it didn’t cause the jitteriness of the old stuff but also lacked its euphoric aspect(for the most part, it still had slight euphoric components).. During this entire time period I was an opiate addict and by the time I started using meth again I was a heroin addict, smoking it at the time(though I had used IV a few times). Over the next few years I increased my use to daily use.. Then about 2.5 years ago, I started using heroin IV on a daily basis, still smoking the meth… never had anything resembling a overdose on meth p to then. About 2 years ago I tried meth IV for the first time, I liked it but still only did it a couple times a week. Then about 16 months ago, my meth usage increased to daily use. Pretty much every shot of heroin I did I needed to put meth in it. if I didn’t, then the shot would feel weak almost not felt even. it was strange, but meth increased the effects of the heroin, but the main thing that drew me to using it every time was the rush I got from the mixed shot. it was super euphoric and even sexually stimulating sometimes… I kept trying larger doses in my shot, at one point I hit a level where right after the shot the rush was so intense it would cause a cough, but still felt good. Sometimes when the dose is extra large it gives the cough but then after that i don’t feel good at first, rather I feel like I’m going to puke and my vision goes blurry for about 15-20 seconds. within 2 or 3 minutes I’m fine, just really spun, to the point that my hands are a bit shakey. is this an overdose? alson can meth mouth happen from injecting meth?

    Also my girlfriend uses meth as well and she used to smoke but now injects with me just much less often, maybe once a week and the rest of the week she doesn’t use, but sh has had 2 teeth fall out without any pain or real reason the last 6 months even though the last year or so she only uses it 1 time a week. meanwhile ive been using as long as her and much more often the last year especially and I never had any dental issues WHATS THE DEAL?

    Last question – is meth physically addictive like heroin? I’m not realy sure, because when I don’t use it for an extended period of time, I don’t encounter any withdrawl symptoms as I do with heroin… my main symptom is a huge lack of energy. If I decide to not use it for a few days, about 24 hours after my last dose, I no longer have any energy, I just sleep the entire day, maybe staying up for 3-4 hours per day sleeping the other 20.. this can go on for a week or two before I start getting energy again. those 3-4 hours I’m awake I usually dose heroin 1 time and then go back to sleep, so in a way when I stop using meth and sleep the entire day it drastically reduces my use/need for heroin… there have even been times where I slept almost an entire 2 days and didn’t use heroin for about 60 hours and I did not feel sick like I normally would from not using(usually happens if no dose for 24-36 hours.

    If/When I decide to quit, I have a few questions – would it be better to go cold turkey or taper my dose down as I am currently injecting .3g to a half gram of high purity crystal methi(I have done an acetone wash in the past to filter out impurities and very little weight was lost on the product I used). should I first switch to smoking it to taper down(smoking it right now has no effect that I can feel).. my main concern is the inability to stay awake when I’m not using it as this lasts as much as 2 weeks possibly more, as energy recovers very slowly. Is there any other way I can get energy to counteract the lack of it? I have access to desoxyn pills which from my understanding are pure D-meth, but in small doses(under 100mg), would taking a few of these orally every day and using them to taper down be a good idea? If your reply is to go see doctor or rehab, I can let you know that they wont be effective for me, from my experience with doctors, the general practictioner I will most likely see has less understanding of the drug I am using than I do . They tend to spew inaccurate information that was used in antidrug campaigns 20 years ago as scare tactics. they have no understanding of the chemical makeup of the drug and how it affects brain chemistry… really the only type of doctor to speak with which I believe would bring benefit would be a specialitst on the specific drug in question, someone who has spent at least a year researching the drug.It is hard to find a doctor like that in my health insurance plan and if there Is one I would have to be refered by one of the GPs who would not do it because of their egos and their feeling their treatment is sufficient… as for rehabs, the problem with them is their mentality that a person must be 100% sober when in reality, I may not be trying to quit, I may just be trying to mitigate the dangerous aspects of the drug or just may be trying to best understand the effects on the body so I can make my own decisions. furthermore, their strategy of getting you clean by having discussion on the drug and what damage it has casused in your life are highly ineffective, discussing my past drug use, especially when I am sober only has the effect of making me want to use so badly that I almost go into withdrawls (an anxiety attack most likely). After having been a poly-drug user for the last 19 years I have learned a highly effective way of quitting the use of mind altering substances and its not going to group meetings or rehab. The only method that worked for me and I am confident would work for most people is the following:
    1)drop all your friends who use the substances your trying to stop and even the ones who have used before, they are relapse risks
    2)If possible relocate to a new city where you don’t know how to get those drugs. if full relocation isn’t possible go to a new place for 1 month… 2 weeks at a minimum. This helps because you wont be driving past some spot where you had used drugs in the past and get a craving from the memory and you wont run into anyone you knew who can get you drugs.
    3) when in the new city stay away from the slummy areas and the downtown area where is the most likely place you can purchase any drug
    4) get a hobby or a job, anything that will take up your free time that isn’t associated with drugs. I’m not religious, but the phrase idle hands are the devils plaything couldn’t be more true. if you end up with free time where you don’t have anything to do, you as an addict will likely go to thinking about drugs and how good they were and then thinking about how you could get some now and then proceed to go get some.
    5) if possible have a person you could confide in when you want to use, so at least they can do something like take your car keys away so you don’t fall back into using

    6) this is the most important one and the reason why I have never gotten clean longer than 6 or 7 months at a time in the last 20 years – you need to be sure that you want to quit these drugs, that you really want to quit, not because you were told you should or your trying to make someone else happy by quitting. you, deep inside must fully be committed to the idea that you want to quit using and never want to use again. If this isn’t the case, you will use again, 100% sure you will use again. it might be 1 year, even 20 years, but you will – look at Philip Seymour Hoffman… he relapsed after 23 years. Personally, every time I quit in the past it was usually at the behest of my partner. She did not want me using dope and I wanted to stay with her, so I tried, but eventually I would relapse because internally I wasn’t really wanting to quit. I would then proceed to lie to her for months on end about being clean until she caught me again and the cycle would repeat. this went on for 7 or 8 years till we finally split up. drugs will make you do things you never thought you would. I was a very honest person yet I lied about this aspect of my life for years on end… now I have a new partner who also uses and though this isn’t the best situation, it is a load off my heart that I no longer have to operate in secrecy knowing that I’m constantly lieing to the person I love. In fact since this situation started where I don’t have to hide it, at first my use spiked and used a lot more, but eventually once I got used to the freedom, my use declined greatly to levels much lower than ever before. when I broke up with my ex, I was using heroin IV 3-4 times per day and meth 1-2 times daily. Then after the use spike with my new partner I now use 1 time per day usually heroin and meth, some days I use twice a day, the same dosage as before, so ive cut my use about 75%. This is due to the freedom I have in addition to my finding new activities to keep me busy the entire day, making it so I don’t use until I start feeling crummy from not using for 24 hours or so.

    one other question maybe another user has the answer to this, but when doing injections of meth if I am trying to hit a vein which is close to the surface and turn out to miss it a little, the skin around that area gets a little dark and blisters up when I pop the blister the skin comes off and scabs up and that scab takes for ever to heal and leaves pretty big keloid scar where it was. these scabs are not large, about the size of a dime, but still what is causing my skin there to necrotize like that. is the meth really just killing the skin that quickly? if that’s the case, how come the damage is so much less injecting it into the blood stream

  62. Hi Kriste

    First of all, as a parent I am very sorry to hear of what you are going through. I honestly couldn’t imagine what its like and hope I am never in that position.

    No drugs NEED to be cut, the drug dealer / manufacturer / or someone down the line wants to make more money so they water it down a bit usually but not always with an inactive substance. Meth has a well known crystalline appearance so its advantageous to the dealer to use a cut that will preserve the appearance of the meth.

    So that has me questioning the ‘cut with morphine part’ as morphine is expensive (more than meth) and wouldn’t crystallize properly so the product would look substandard and cost more than pure meth.

    Do you know if the ME is going by samples of the drug acquired somehow or strictly from the postmortem examination?

    If they don’t have a sample of the actual drug that he took, I’d be betting that the meth was not cut with morphine. Either he did both, or whoever prepares his injection (assuming he didn’t do it himself) mixed both drugs into the syringe, or maybe it was an honest mistake, like a mate mixing two bags together thinking they were both meth – although it would look odd.. So my guess is that he used both.

    Drugs, especially IV, double especially meth (and cocaine) are NEVER safe. Not even once. You gamble every time you load that syringe. And mixing opiates with uppers is a bad idea. Lots of people die doing that.

    For the record I am a drug user, including meth and prefer the IV route myself.

    I know a fair bit about this stuff and just found this board so I am happy to help how ever I can. I know it won’t help you but I need to say something to anyone who is either considering injecting drugs or already is and having someone else hit them:

    Learn to prepare your own injections and hit yourself. If you are not prepared to do that , stay away from the needle. When I was indoctrinated into the IV world my first session i let my friend hit me. The next time we got together I had already practiced hitting myself with water, and I hit myself. These are heavy choices we are making we need to take responsibility for ourselves. As an adult I don’t associate with other drug users but if I did I would not prepare the syringe or inject anyone. I would have a hard time living with the fact that I contributed to a death or serious injury along with possible manslaughter charges.

  63. I just received word from the medical examiner that our 26 year old son died from a lethal combination of meth cut with morphine. He was injected by someone else and didn’t know what the meth was cut with. Is this a normal combination? I was under the impression that meth didn’t need to be cut. Thank you. We are desperate for answers.

  64. bf and I use meth occasionally maybe once every six months or longer but we are iv users. The last few times we have used, he immediately gets severely sick to his stomach and he can’t seem to shake it at all. He does have a couple health issues, but nothing I can think of that would make him so sick immediately following a very small dose. Im just wondering what would cause this because its not making me feel sick at all so its not the meth itself. Would liver damage account for this reaction? He also has high blood pressure but he is not having any headaches or chest pains or trouble breathing, literally just the severe nausea and vomiting immediately following a very very small dose. It would really help me out to find the answer because it concerns me deeply and to be honest I’m also very curious. I also have liver damage and it doesn’t seem to have the same effect on me so that makes me wonder if that’s the culprit at all.

  65. hey my name is randy and i have been using meth on and off for about 2 years now.. i was clean for 2 months and started useing again about a month ago.. now i sleep every night about 10 hours i eat and drink everyday.. but i also smoke one or 2 puddles a day and i let my self come down before i sleep.. i think i went 2 days with out smoking it.. what i want to know from someone who also uses is that how long can i go before overdosings smoking it this way. i also understand that every person is different and how much there body can handle. am 25 years old am a smoker but am healthy and i dont take any medication.. i have no sysmtums and i feel fine.. other then my depression when am sober in the day time…. but i used to be really bad the longest iv stayed up was 7 days with no food but only water.. and i was ok after i slept.. so i have a high tolerance and my body can remove the toxins pretty fast.. i want to know what sysmtums i should look for and when to stop taking it.. p.s sorry for the bad spelling lol

  66. For the guy/girl on the last post on the thread I believe 10/22/ it be your friend or yourself you are refering too it is really hard to understand your message because of misspelling and punctuation,and I’m definitely not trying to poke fun or tease you,because as you can tell my spelling/punctuation isn’t but I do feel you would get better response on this thread of u repost and try a spell check app maybe.I truly hope you got help for your friend.and goodluck too everyone from one too another no one is a monster or a junkie or alone in this so many people feel like they are always gonna be one of those ^ words I just talked about..but we are all human and with that comes mistakes and bad decision and it can be for days,month,years,decades,lifetimes but if we don’t see people as people with problems and instead categorize in to groups of good bad and evil then we ourselfs are falling by becoming more of a burden then a help too unfortunate folks who alot of times have no hope in anyone telling them they are human and seen as that and only that,no matter what problem that are dealing with.Sorry for and thanks too admins for helping on this thread you are one of a kind and we need more like you.

  67. Someone I know did bit more than planned a d though he felt good for a couple minutes he I stantlygot a pou ding headache and started tthrown g for a half hour straight till he was just heaving phone. It this a d of…should he be worried? Never had this happen before… he does tame sub one during the day also…idm if this is a factor…fast reply .right save a life if he sbojkd hit a hospital

  68. Done meth one time smoked probably 20 doll rats worth and feel really bad I mean like I could die throwing up clear stuff rapid heart tat friezing one min burning up next sweating headache feel like I could die please tell me what I can do to feel better at home any go to er

  69. I did it for the first time and snorted a very small line and 4 hours later snorted an even smaller line
    But every time I get up I get so dizzy like I’m going to pass out and I was walking and lost control of my extremities and lost my hearing both of those symptoms lasted for around 30 seconds
    Am I ODing??? I barely did any

  70. I have been using meth for 20 some years still have my the full brain function.haven’t forgotten anything.just thought icommet

  71. hey i just did meth for my first time and got very sick and then the next day did it again and got sicker whats wrong with me?

  72. I use meth and wanted to know something I. Was fixing my car yesterday and I kinda hit my throat hard and and out of no where last night it started to hurt and started to get Lil sharp. Pain. On my chest like it was my heart can and its hard to breath

  73. If I hadn’t used any street drugs in over 8 years, If I have adrenal issues Addison’s disease, and I made a big mistake due to long term depression and anxiety which I’m under the care of a doctor for, got desperate to feel better even though I know it’s temporary if at all. I got crystal meth which I never cared for much in the first place, Ifeel horrible about it, but I didn’t throw the rest of it away, I told myself if I already made the mistake, then what’s a few days. I’ve been snorting it, my mind is racy, which is expected because this was so out of character for me to do, my messed up house that I’ve been to depressed to clean hasn’t been touched so there was no benefit there. Bottom line is I know everyone is different, but should I be ok as long as I don’t touch any more. In the last 3 nights I’ve had less them 8 hours of sleep, not eating, I’ve been checking my usually low blood pressure, of course it’s high. 150’s or 160’s over 90’s . I’m usually 120/68. I guess my question is do you know anything about how this drug can affect cortisol issues (adrenal insufficiency) of course I’m taking my daily meds for it ( cortef). And the lack of sleep is probably making me even more worried and mad at myself. Should I be ok? I’m not alone, my spouse never has used but I’ve been completely honest about what I’ve done. What things can I do to hell myself as far as counteract the stupid, ugly poison I put in my body. Suggestions please?

  74. People can overdose with methamphetamine from every possible method of intake orally,smoked,snorted and injected even from small amount of the drug, organ failure or death can happen from short term and long term use especially to a person with physical precondition to head strokes,heart failure,cardiovascular issues etc also there is higher possibility of health problems when using meth for days on without sleeping and eating
    addiction and tolerance develops very fast.
    i started using meth by snorting it few times it every 1-3 months but later on i was using it more and more frequently, i was realizing that i had high pressure in my head, some times difficulty breathing fast heart beating,high temperature etc.
    Once i decided this was not worth the risk and was determined to stop using the drug recovery started immediately full recovery takes more or less time depending on how long someone used the drug and to the brains ability to heal it self, the good thing is that once you stop you feel better and better week after week giving you motivation to continue until fully recovered.
    Foods rich in vitamins especially B complex are very important, minerals like magnesium lots of vegetables,nuts,fish,olive oil,omega 3 oils, boiled eggs,spirullina,green tea and chamomile tea for the night and other food option are essential and have speed up my recovery from meth.
    i feel sorry for the lost ones and there relatives.
    it is never to late to stop using meth and recover
    i hope people find the determination to stop using this drug it is not wort it.

  75. Ny sister is going down hill everyday. She has lost 40 pounds since April this year. She looks tired and has aged a lot. She is having blood sugar problems and blood pressure problems. Her tips of her fingers tingle at times and her arms feel cold and numb she says. She always feels nauseated. Depression has set in and she often thinks if hurting herself or others. What is happening here? She’s been on it on and off for years. This time its been about 6 months everyday. Is she going to die?

  76. I was on crank about a week ago now and when i was on it i stood up and collapsed i come round about less than a min later in a friends arms. Could this be due to sudden blood pressure change or overdose but not at a fatal level ?

  77. I had been clean for about a year long story short some thing happened and I found an excuse to use again. I got a gram of ice and did a couple of shots to test it. Then I got brave(or stupid) and did about a quarter gram like I used to. I had the feeling I was going to pass out I had black squiggly lines in my sight and everything sounded really distorted. I’ve had a pain in the right side if my head for the past two days. I threw what was left away and haven’t touched it again

  78. HI my mom overdosed on meth did she suffer ?What did she feel ? Was it painful for her ? I don’t think she had very much meth can a small amount kill you ? What other factors could have cause her to die of a meth overdose if the amount small ? Thank you

    1. Hi Alexis. I’m really sorry for your loss… I suggest that you speak with a coroner or another professional about your concern.

  79. Hello,
    My man of 10 year, 10 months and 18 days ….pass away in the bathroom at a home we were renting. in late 2014. I found him in the morning when I woke up…he was on the floor. He was 56 years old. He was an every day user. He would go be alone so I did not have to see him do that. He smoked Meth. No needles.
    The night before he passed…we watch a movie together…I fell asleep during the movie. He woke me up when it was over. Was around 11:00pm. We both went to bed. He had not had any that I am aware of. Then the morning brought with it ….the shock of my life.,..he had passed. Of course I called 911 for help….but he was already gone. This is where my confusion or lack of understanding of what transpired between the hours of say….11:30pm and 6:30am….??? I was informed by the paramedics that he had been gone awhile ….his body was stiff. I was told that takes a specific window of time to take place. I was told 5-6 hours after death. If that is true…the time I was sleeping …and time he possible passed is reduced further. In doing my own guess work from the information I was told ….he might have passed as early as 1 hour after we went to bed. What could he do in 1 hour time that would make the long awaited toxicology report to indicate the Meth in his blood was 2.10 ml. ??The coroner ruled that the cause of death was Meth and the manor of death was accidental. My lack of understanding and confusion comes with the guess work of mine…the window of time being about 1 hour after we said good night until he passed. whern I use the information the paramedics game me. I know that even if I could manage to put these pieces together so they made some sort of since to me….it will not bring him back. I am heart broken over the loss if this man. I loved him and still love him dearly. When I woke up…I have had it explained to me medically….with his body being stiff…I could not of saved him. That he had been gone for hours. I just wish I could create a mental picture of how all this took place in such a small window of time….If I could turn back time…to make him aware ….but I cant. So I am seeking how he could have gotten so much in him that it cost him his life, I appreciate any information you could give me to help me in putting this puzzle together. I dont expect you to be a grievance counselor ….I am seeking one out…but I feel ill equipted …I just dont have the answers that I feel is nessesary to understanding things that happened in his last hour or so here on earth. I am sorry for rambling on…I hope you might have some answers you could share with me. Thank you for your time….and your effort.

  80. Hi i have struggled with meth addiction for 13 years, i recently had a couple relapses after some time clean, i went on a binge this weekend, but i am not high right now *Tuesday *.. i have had some difficulty breathing all evening,should i be worried?.. what should i do?

  81. If a person had Meth and weed in their system,they passed out now in the hospital the doctors say he might not wake up fully what does this mean I don’t understand

  82. Im 16 i only just stared smoking meth my heart seems to ne gooing a lil fast and i have really bad pins and needs though my body help?

  83. My son who had schizophrenia was using meth all the time . well on Feb 11th he purchased $40 of it. I assume in powder to snort. Well he went out that night and never came back.. He’s been gone just over 6 months. Would this be enough for him to take his life? The schizophrenia was the paranoid kind and when he did meth, he kept saying how he needed to be punished for all the bad doings he did to me. I’m thinking he finally jumped into Niagara Falls seeing as that’s where we live. So what I am asking is that with the mental health and the meth, would that of been enuf to make him take his life? Ambiguous Loss is so hard to live 🙁

  84. hello i go by lala.I am a crystal meth addict,ive been using on and off, for the past three years…. started with needles. Then recently just put down the needle a little over a month ago. I,ve been doing lines now, (harm reduction).how much is to much when it comes to lines?

  85. Hi, I lost my brother about 6years ago from drugs him n a friend had a bad wreak n he died instantly. They said that the driver was on Xnax and drinking alcohol anyways other day my cousin died. She has been on meth for a long time but this time something different just happened. She went off with her drug buddies and they dropped her off home when she walked in she couldn’t Hardly walk so her sister took her to her bedroom and shut the door n left her in there.. Her sister is on meth also so it was really no big deal to her. Then that night my aunt heard her fall in her room but couldn’t get to the back room to ck on her because she is bad copd n other things. The next morning the neighbors came over n went back there to ck on her she was dead. Black n blue cold n not responding. Does this sound like meth.. The day of her funeral her sister did not come to the funeral she was walking on the streets telling some people that it was her and her boyfriends fought because they had given her harion sorry if that’s a miss spell.. Anyways that next day the sister boyfriend was found dead he has hung his self.. My other cousin that is left is gonna die as well if she don’t get help but what can u do with an adult.. I wished I just had someway to help her before she is next I love both of my cousins we grew up together n I hate having to see all this idk what’s going to be next. Thanks so much!

  86. I just lost my brother-in-law to a method over dose in May just two weeks shy of his 56th birthday. His autopsy and toxicology report both state that his cause of death was from a methamphetamine over dose. My heart is broken. You can die from this. Please get help if you are a method user. My son was a user too for years. Now he has lost his beautiful smile and his teeth have rotted out. He is in horrible pain and has no dental insurance and, he had a 4th degree felony charge for possession on his record. He cannot find a job because no one will hire him. He is no longer using but has ruined his life.

  87. Ive smoked meth just a couple times before an felt fine but this time i only took two medium size hits an maybe 1 or 2 minutes later, felt as if it came on very fast i got really light headed an alittle bit of blurry vision almost as if i was going to black out.. There was no cheat pain maybe small shortness of breath but more of a feeling like u stood on your head then stood up right really quick. I could still hear but it almost felt like it was getting quite. I can tell you it has scared me so bad i wont touch it again but im still scared as to what just happend.

  88. ok so I don’t do meth quite often but I did smoke a little bit on Tuesday third and then has no other option then to ingest 0.06 no bowel movement in three days im breaking out everywhere and I am on xanax colodipin subutex zoloft and Depakote my body temperature is risen paranoia hallucinations little bit what should I do

  89. Can somebody please tell me what this could mean! I’ve been smoking Meth lately because I want to wing myself off the needle but ever since I’ve been smoking it, my body has been feeling weird! Every time I smoke it I’ll get this pain just on the left side of my head and sometimes it feels like my head is growing but I’m not sure if that’s just me tripping out! Also my heart will start to speed up super fast and every time I move I feel like I’m about to faint or my body will start to feel like it’s kind of wobbly. And sometimes my vision gets blurred or super clear like almost vivid like. And when I take a shower I feel like my body is about to give out on me even when I get out and dry off I still feel that way. Ive never had this happen to me before, it’s so weird! Like is this even normal?? I didn’t even know you could feel like this on ish! It scares me sometimes!

  90. It’s my 3rd day off meth , I had been using 1oz a month for the last three years, I feel like shit I don’t know if this is a good idea getting clean n what not, all I do is sleep n eat what can I do to help oh yeah I’m on parole and wear a ankle monitor and I want a sponcer to take me to n-a meetings but don’t know how to go about it please help

  91. my boyfriend got some glass and he is out of his mind he hasnt been able to sleep for three days hes halusinating and super horny but nothing makes him go. he hears people talking to him he thinks he sees guys hurting his car and i watched the videos and nothing happened and the people he said were teying to get him to have sex with him werent wben there and the car he was talking about is an old ladys car. he keeps freaking out waking me up i havent been able to sleep. i have tried everything i can to help but this is the third time i know about that hes done it and it scares me. he doest hear the kids or watch them then he tells me i can go to work he will keep the kids i said oh hell no ur not im moving out. i jyst need to know how to get him off everytime this happens i leave him and he shows me for about 6 months he dossnt do it and now we are over an hr away from the guy he gets it from and yet he still sneaks off and geta it. he said he only paid $50 to get aome and im not sure if its .5 or more because at first he said 1 gram then he said only half a bag. before they were in pill form but he does this stuff up the butt so it worries me.and i dont even know if he took it all cus whay he showed me was one little piece and i doubt that’s all that was left since he said he only did it twice. he doesn’t k ow where the bag is so i can make sure its all gone. and im just scared my kids are gonna loose their dad because of his addiction. he freaks out says people r trying to break in he keeps waking me up all yhe time he doesnt sleep and he doesnt help wih the house kids or anything he just is so hornt and locks himself in his room for hours and nothing then he starts seeing people outside on our security camera and nothing is there he trued showing me what people did to his car which he said the rim is dented and that they tore apart the side of his seat in his car and tore something in the trunk and i watched the video and nothing just him outside for hours while i was gone thinking he was sleeping but as u can see he wasnt. then he dresses up in my clothes amd hides it he watches poros all the tome and showing in my swim suits. like thats not excepted he just needs this to pass because he cant talk walk or do anything besides freakinh out. i cant take it no more i just need to know how much is ok to do and how often, doing the butt plus way, and whats the side effects , how much u do at a time for a 5’7 170 lbs guy. ughhh going ctazy getting no sleep and having to deal with this . i need help

  92. I started snorting meth when i started hanging out with a couple guys from work because i wanted be part of the circle. Well the 3rd day of it they combined it with powder and we all did it. But suddenly my nose started pouring blood immediately. I thought i had overdosed and was dying but after the bleeding quit i was somewhat relieved to find it was a cut from a shard. So i decided to stick with only very well crushed meth. But one night after being up 3 or 4 days straight we went out by a creek right at dark and for hours until sun-up i was freaking out truly believing there were thousands of snakes watching us. I stopped seeing things but was still paranoid till i went home. Once i got home i saw my neighbors and their family on the porch loading up a truck waving me over. I thought they wanted help but i stepped up the porch step and looked up and nobody was there. But they kept reappearing when i walked away. It freaked me out so i ran home trying to figure out if they were real or not. If they had been real I’d have felt incredibly bad. I fell asleep for a few hours before work but was still paranoid and sometimes seeing things for a couple of days. Now I’m clean and hoping there’s no permanent damage.

  93. Yes I swollewed 3 grams of Meth a few days ago and my eyes were going from side to side fast I was very sycotic (sorry cant spell) I sweated very hard and would not take a drink of water I was in the heat of about 90 degrees in Texas I finally called and ambulance when I felt like I was out of control with anxiety and needed water about 24 Hours from inducing this evil drug , should I be alive taking that much , sweating that much and what was making my eyes feel like they were moving side to side ? Thank you and I thank God because I believe I should of died taking that much and going without fliuds that long in the hot sun with no water

  94. Ok so i tried meth for the first time a few days ago…i hate it n wont do it again..but i think i may be overdosing…my face arm and leg is numb my heart rate keeps increasing from time to time n i get bad hot flashes n its hard to breath n i cant walk too fast or stand too long or ill get nauseated n feel like im gunna pass out..its been about 20 hours since i hit the bowl last. What do i do i have to work in the morning

  95. Has anyone ever heard or have knowledge about this scenario? The walls in my room are covered from top to bottom with cobwebs and pictures on the wall are moving. This is typical tweaked stuff I know, what’s freaking me out about it is I’m tweaking like I’ve been on a run with no sleep for a week when I did one shot (a mighty one yes) maybe 16 hours Ago. Is it possibly I’ll never quite be the same after this? I’ve heard stories of people taking way too much dope even just once and a couple marbles get lost and never come back. Why did I pass out? Could I possibly have had a stroke or something of that nature? I don’t seem to have any signs or symptoms of a stroke. But what was with the triple vision, the flashes of white light and the uncontrollable eye movement? I’ve heard of over amping but I have never known or met a person, until now, who claims to have passed out from slamming too much meth.

  96. When I was 20 I had a friend that slammed meth. I’m that dummy that will try just about anything so we did it several times. I’m not a huge fan of meth so I didn’t struggle with it like he did. I did love the initial rush from injecting so I soon found myself slamming coke to see what that was like. 2 years of my life was pure shit just slamming coke and sometimes meth because I do enjoy that rush from injecting. Fortunately I was able to pull my head out and got sober for nearly 10 years, graduated college and got a good job. Which brings me to now. I moved into a new apartment and several of the tenants around me do meth on weekends. I didn’t know this at first so I began hanging out with them sometimes just drinking beer and chilling. When I did realize they used meth it didn’t really bug me because they are all decent people that have jobs and fly straight during the week. They party Friday and Saturday, come off it Sunday and go back to work Monday like normal people. In some way I had a respect or admiration for that. After several months and a night of too much to drink I did the meth too. They mostly smoke it so that’s what I did. Didn’t really care for it. However, it sparked my interest on how it would feel to slam. It wasn’t long before I went to the pharmacy and got box full of syringes. I started small and usually slam little less than a 20 after work on Friday and I was good for the weekend. I was able to do that for about six months. Eventually it wasn’t good enough and the dose began to increase. I started taking blasts on Saturday as well. Here recently I’ve noticed I’ve felt depressed during the week. I know its because of the drug and how it affects brain chemistry, depleting dopamine namely but also serotonin and basically everything good that your body needs. So I made the decision to stop. It wasn’t hard for me because I don’t even really like meth too much. What I like is the rush from slamming it and then like the next 3 or 4 hours. The next 12 to 20 hours is a nightmare. Okay. I felt like I needed to give all that background before I get to the point of why I’m posting this here today. I didn’t do any meth the past two weekends and have been feeling so much better and I know that I’m done with this terrible

  97. I od`d while n jail from dope. I had 24.5 grams on me got.pulled over wasn’t going to throw it had nothing to put it n so I stuffed it inside me. Had 3 bags of dope so long story short I get arrested for pipe scales n baggies and while n jail the bags busted I’m pretty sure I probably may have ripped them cause I was n hurry to put them n me … I was n coma for 4 days on life support and then they took me off all that n I left hospital …. went to prison …. just got out …
    The docter said my insides are that of an 80 year old from all the dope …. dunno how true that is but least I’m alive

  98. I just started useing meth about a week ago, I used last weekend and this weekend. I got a half gram on Friday my first time, mind u I did it all alone. I shot a Lil bit to get the feel for it but was quickly shooting bigger and bigger every time I shot. I was up for 4 days str8 no sleep nothing to eat nor anything to drink. I ended up going to the hospital on a Monday when I couldn’t breath right at work and my whole body got tingley like when your leg falls asleep,but it was mostly in my arms and the rest of my body had it also. I got cleared and they told me I had bronchitist that’s why it was hard for me to breath. I didn’t tell them about the meth and no sleep or eating or drinking anything for 4 days. I actually rember I had two cups of soda and just a couple baby sips of water nothing that would keep me hydrated. So I rest all Monday night and Tuesday, I think I might be addicted to the meth I’m not sure. I rember all day it just being hard to breath like I felt like I needed to take a shot and my breathing would automatically feel better. I had the butterflys in my stomach/chest and I just kept thinking of the high and how my body will feel. So the next day comes around and I’m fine back at work everything smooth not really even thinking about the meth like I was. So its Friday again and I cash my check and buy a gram of crystal and a new rig, cause I tore my other one up on that half gram last week. I believe I didn’t use enough water so it clogged it up and messed the plunger up and, its just a mess. So i get home and i got my gram but no rig taht works properly. So i boil water and try sucking that up and squirting it out a couple times, hopeing to heat up what evers in there and get it out. I ran the needle over my lighter flame a couple time and sucked water up whail still hot, witch helped it a lil bit. Now the problum i had was the lil black rubber peace on the plunger would just fall right off when trying to back pull. So i decited to take vegetable oil and pore alil in the rig to oil it up and have it slide better. So I took the tip off that part the sometime fly’s off when its to clogged and u push to damn hard it pops off and goes flying lol. So I took it off so I could stick something in the time and push the rubber peace out so I got it out and the needle back on and everything, now its time to clean it and get all that oil out. So I sat there for about 15 min sucking water through it and running soap and weather into it the whole 9. Then I took a peace of toilet paper and twisted it up to stick down the barrol to dry and get what ever left over vegetable oil out of the tubeing. So I loaded it up satisfied that its going to at least hold up to give me a shot. So I drop the Lil shards in the tube stick the plunger back in and suck up water and shake and flick away to get it all melted. Once all set I took a Lil blast, gave me the light headed feeling ears kinda crackled vision got a Lil different and I felt the rush and the taste in my mouth. The rig was all done after that, so I had to go on the hunt for one long story short I got one pluse a mother half gram. So now I got 2 different kinds I’m guessing cause there from 2 different people. So I lead up out of the half g that I just bought, put just a Lil bit in it to give it a test to see how were going to take off. I shot it untied and it gave me a Lil rush not what I was looking for but it was alright. So instantly I load up the rig again, this time with the stuff I got first when I got off work I wanted to see who’s was better. So I throw the shards in the rig, down the tube and I load it up with shard a Lil double then the shot I just did of the other stuff. So I stick the plunger in and go get my water in there to start the process. I get it all set and I stick it in and blast away. The min I untired I felt like my head was going to explode, my vision got blury that taste shot right into my mouth like crazy, my chest felt a Lil tight and uncomfortable but not that bad to where I’d worry. I got the rush like crazy and my ears were crackling and popping like crazy. I kinda didn’t feel to good tho I felt like I did a Lil to Mich but I’m not sure how much ur soppose to do,and if the high is soppuse to make u feel that way or not. So I sat down and just read up on meth and I got into it and it felt good. After about 20 min I think I’m not sure if it was longer or not I started to get a headache and my jaw started to hurt even tho I wasn’t tightening my jaw. So I hung out for a few hours and I just did another blast. This time I missed just a Lil bit not to much to worry or have caserne towards I don’t think I should, should I? But once I untied it took about 3 seconds until I got the taste in my mouth, once that came one my head felt a Lil weird and my body got cold. Like my inside felt like they were cool like a mint feeling and I got a headache really fast and just tightening in the stomach and chest and jaw and my vision was fine tho it wasn’t impaired and dizzy looking like my first shot way. I’m just conserned about the coolness my body’s feeling and the headache. Also I’m wondering about the miss it wasn’t a lot cause I stay on it when I’m shooting the min I see my skin rise or I feel the miss I stop and go in somewhere elts. But is it bad for u to miss a Lil bit on a shot or no? Also what can I do, I got a headache and my stomach feels a Lil sick but I think gaht just cause iv ate one thing today a hot dog and a soda. But like I’m feeling tired I’m my eyes and head and my body feels sore mostly from sitting and hunched over texting for the last 8 or so hours with no break. But I’m just wondering what I should do cause I really want to do more, but I don’t want to over do it and overdose or go into a seizure or stroke or even a heart attack. Cause I live alone so there no one here that can help me or even find me in time, I won’t have anyone here until 10 or so probably even later I’ll get a k ock on my door. Any advise on what I should do cause I’m the type to push it to the limit but I’m not familiar with this drug, like I said this is my second time buying a bag. I’m use to coke. I use to bang coke back to back all day and big blast to where I shake and throw up and feel like I’m on the edge of dyeing but I never OD befor. Thank god for that one I’m blesses to not have by the way that I use to go with crack and coke and heroin. But again I need sum advice on what this feeling may be and what I should do thank u so much. Also roughly how much it to much? I’m 5’11 and weight like 150. I have a strong tolerance to coke so idk if that matters for this or not. Also when I pit the shards in the rig I put them in up to about the 15 marker then I slide the plunger in and suck the water up to about 40 units and im useing 1/2 ml rig. Just to help u estimate around how much I’m banging at a time. When I loard the shards is its not like a bunch of Lil peaces, its more decent size one that just fix down the tube and sum shake mixed in as well… Thanks for your time reading this and thinking it over, Its highly appreciated. I just want to make sure I’m not doing it wrong or gonna kill myself with the next blast or not. Cause the body feeling cold I believe can be high or low blood pressure? And if I keep adding onto that I’m almost sertant something can go wrong with me. Thanks again for taking ur time reading this.

  99. Hi, my oldest brother had a meth overdose 4 months ago he’s been clean ever since but is having problems. He gets crampings all through he’s body like if he has some type of seizure and we need to take him to emergency. Is this something he will have all his life as a consequence of the overdose? Please help answer my question. Thank you!

  100. I’m addicted to meth and cocaine and alcohol. When I get high I have to have a bottle of liquor. Sad part is that. I do get paranoid. But I. Know its all in my head. But at times I think my mate of nine years try to make me think I’m going crazy. But I be damned. We have our problems. And I think thus be her way of trying to get back at me. It has been times when I have been so paranoid. To the point I would lock myself in the bathroom or i would be scared to go outside. I honestly feel in my heart that she does things to try and make me go crazy. But now I have gotten wiser. I swear on my life I don’t care how bad someone has hurt someone else or broken there spouses heart. To try and make someone lose there mind is lower then anything in this world. Especially if they have kids. That’s just pure hate and nothing but the devil in that person heart. Well thank you for your time.

  101. About 10 mins ago I took a pretty big size shot of Meth. It was most likely half a gram. If not more. Ive been shooting herion for the past 6-7 months. I’ve shot meth plenty of times but it was never my “go-to) I stopped shooting meth for 4-5 months and stopped shooting herion about 1-2 months ago until just recently in the past two weeks ive been shooting both almost everyday. I haven’t shot any herion today only smoked some, but I took a straight shot of meth which is my second time doing so since I stopped. And now my body us over heating and sweaty, my body is shaking so bad I can barley type this message. Right after I took the shot u instantly got very dizzy and started to shake uncontrollably and I still am. About 2-5 mins after I took it I got sick as f*#k to my stomach and threw up my breakfast from this morning. Am I overdosing? Will I end up having stroke or heart attack? Will the shaking stop? What if it doesnt? When should I go to the hospital? I don’t want to go to the hospital if I don’t absolutely need to. I’ve been trying really hard to quit and really dont to go and have them label me as a drug user for the rest of my life. But I also don’t want t to die. What are the next signs of over dosing I should look for? Should I be worried? Or do you think they’ll go away since shaking and vommiting are the only two symptoms I have? Also my eyes are shaking and mouth is almost locking and my teeth are biting down and clenching really hard. I’m over heating and I’m thinking about going to sit in a cold bath. I’m really worried about having a stroke or heart attack although my chest doesnt hurt. When should I be worried? What symptom show I should go to the doctor immediately? I’m only 19, and I’ve been addicted to heroin for the past year and a half. I’m trying so damm hard to be clean and quit but I feel like I have 0% desire since my boyfriend is also a hard addict and my parents are addicts too. My mother and I use drugs together (smoke heroin and meth together almost every time we see each other.) How should I try and get clean without having to go to rehab or seeing the doctor? Heroin is a scary drug cause of the withdrawals the last time I went through them I hadn’t used for 6-7 hours and I had a seizer in my bath tub. Im a very small girl (95 pounds and I’m 4’9-5’0) and My addiction is very bad. I used to use about 3 grams a day (30 points) now I use about 5 points a day to a gram. Which is still a large addiction for someone my size. My boyfriend went to jail and was seizing and hallunacting and almost died. I’m scared to stop cold turkey for those reasons. But the logical part of me says I can’t do this the rest of my life I need to stop. What should I do? How should I try and stop? I really need help and advice. Please reply soon

  102. Judi your sister did not overdose on meth that night. That story does not add up one bit. Im sorry to say but her boyfriend killed her

  103. My son was 17 and was missing for 3 months.
    He was found in a lake after missing for three months.
    Cause of death was ruled accidental drowning with methamphetamine intoxication being a contributing factor.
    1.3 mg/kg was found in muscle tissue.
    Assuming he passed away the night that he went missing.
    Is this a large quantity in his system ?
    Please help me understand what this amount means in relation to death.
    Thank you so very much.

    1. Hi Joan. I am truly sorry for your loss. Words fall short of expressing my sorrow. I’d suggest you speak with a coroner or another medical professional about your concerns. We’re not able to provide you with a qualified response. I wish you peace in this time of loss.

  104. I once ended up in intensive care from an overdose due to taking sudafed during the day for allegies then smoking good or decent quality meth that night. It was my first overdose. It was very scary and I remember it very well. I was in and out of conciousness all night. It started with rapid heartbeat which i could hear followed by tunnel vision and dizziness. I

  105. I did a very big shit of meth last weekend for my first time and ever since I am scared, when I did the shot I was scared, I was seeing thing, hallucinating, it was the most intense feelings ever but alot of these symptoms are still accuring a week later I am experiencing numbness and pain HP my arm, the same side my arm is painting the lower part of my head is also in pain, I’m very irritated, I get dizzy and weak very quick I feel like maybe this all has to do with that shot please help

  106. Today I snorted a small amount of meth and I have a big head ache my bones are hurting feel like someone is pressing on my chest breathing so hard my heart beating so fast what does that mean ?

    1. Hi Tiffany. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

  107. Just recieved the Coroners report on my 22 yr. old son. Is 2.0 mcg/ml. Is that enough to stop your heart? And less than 0.26 of Amphetamine? Please reply. We had been talking rehab. My son passed away Feb. 26 2016. What is Atropine?

    1. Hi Lisa. I’m really sorry for your loss. I’d suggest that you speak with a toxicologist or a coroner or another medical professional about your concerns. We’re not able to provide you with a qualified response. I wish you peace in this time of loss.

  108. I snorted some ice within the last 32 hours not close yo a grham and last night done a very very tiny portion of suboxyne with the rest what I had only got three hrs asleep and ate enigh to the me over once it wore off I took a 37.5mg diet pill hour later and bout anithet hour later outnof ji where kinda felt numb tingly or pin feeling in face and arms got little cloudy but I snappednoutnof it then it would try to come and go but I was also panicing too so that had some to do with it and past couple nights and now I can go to sleep I’m sure but when u drft off to sleep feels like I’m scared awake feels like imy lungs stop breathing on their own or just breathing really slowly not sure and i feel hiw i descrived but not near as intense asbiy felt the first time and since I keep thinking I may not be breathing it keeping me awake andbu git work tonight

  109. I smoked and ate some meth that made me feel stuck on zombie mode all day and again her e I am at 5 o’clock in the morning awake still I can’t sleep my toenails are breaking off my hair is fucked up but keeps itching and I’m coughing up blood my eyes burn but my brain is tired but I can’t sleep my body hurts it’s not that I feel like it is another drug I know it must taste like in this had a different kind of plastic burning smell

  110. I recently found out that My 15 year old sister has been using Crystal Meth on and off for almost a year , My question is how much damage has she done to herself ? She says she can stop for a few months do it once and Can stay sober . But is it possible that when she decides to try it again ,she’ll take a large amount and O.D ? She told me she doesnt do much , she either does 2 rocks that are as big as a dime or 1 big rock in the shape of a 50¢ coin. Im really concerned , she fooled my parents saying she can stop whenever she wants to but I dont believe that . I really hope you can give me answers , thankyou .

  111. I am a 16 year old girl who has been using meth off and on again since I was the age of 12 I currently see my drug and alcohol consular weekly and I have normally been pretty good at staying clean I will go anywhere from 4-7 months without using but then I would have binges oh any where between 2-4 days long. And I mean no sleep what’s so ever. I have a major reputation where I live and I don’t want people knowing that I secretly crack and use to escape this horrible reality. Anyways I have been using quite large amounts I am normally a lightweight and an easy bake if I was to smoke weed I get very bad anxiety wen j smoke weed but now I am on day number five with no sleep and all I have had to eat was a cheese burger on day one and a granola bar on day three. My brother inlaw normally forces me to eat becuase he knows I need to be safe as do I.
    I feel like my entire body is covered in meth. I felt it from the tips of my fingers to the lids of my eyes. I have never felt this with my experiences with meth. I went into the shower and sat down becuase the heat was creating dog and my brother told me he would come to check me and I was getting really anxious hallucinating the fog it would turn Ito people I scrubbed my body until I bled in some areas Hidinf my face in the bottom of the tub becuase I new I was just high. I started hallucinating on my counters and my mirrors I don’t feel like talking I feel incredibly weak my breathing has been off and on good and bad I have chest pains when k focus on breathing I want to go to sleep and get this over with but I fear I may need to go to the hospital

    The think is. You know your body and right now my body is hot and cold sore but tickling and my vision is going. Never thought I could of on meth becuSe I simply just smoke it and I have always taken large amounts my mouth and throat is extremely dry and my nose is continuously leaking even though I have not snorted it.
    Am ODing?

  112. Hello,Lets just call me sam alright? I am a educated user with the drug methamphetamine. I would say Im a psychologist with meth. I do have a question which I do understand the scientific part why it happened. My question? Why am I hearing repeated sounds? like the sound can be a whistle or a persons voice? Like its a SOUND I legit hear. So why is this happening? User I am, Abuser I am not.

  113. What can be done to help someone who shallows an eight ball of methods at home. Anything?? What amount of time does someone have before complications set in??

  114. I have been feeling really shacky and really dizzy for the last 6 to 7 days and I haven’t done meth since then my head is constantly hurting I feel weak my heart is constantly having slight pains I don’t use meth like that but I want to know what to do should I let my body get back to normal or should I go to the hospital immediately?

  115. I have been feeling really light headed and having really bad head pains for the last 5 to 6 days and been really shacky and heart has been hurting. Do I just need to stop for good and let my body get back to normal or go to the hospital.

  116. I have suspected meth abuse recently with my live in (11 yrs) ,I have a ton of questions , this may not be the right forum but just need some answers .In the past 2-3 months d’s breathing at night have changed drastically , instead of the once rumbling of thunder breathing it is what I would call something like a dying persons last breathing sounds, there is chortling,crackling, sounds I cannot explain. Certainly not the norm and not healthy , 2 nights ago I thought he was dead due to them stopping for all of 5 minutes . is this due to snorting or smoking meth? He says He can’t help it and it is from smoking Cigs. I know better. I took to sleeping in the guest room, may I add he is no longer a guest here , any kind of feed back would be appreciated, (also I am not so sure Heroin may not be involved )

  117. I just want people to know that have drug problems that there is a new law to help people that have overdosed to be able to call the police or 9-1-1 for help bill 839 . It allows people to call for help and not be arrested on a warrant not to be afraid they’re going to be arrested so they can get the help they need just remember till 839….. I want people to remember this because my son that was 28 years old died he called 9-1-1 for help because he said he put too much meth in his system the ambulance came and the police and because he had not been checking in with his Po he had a warrant the police decided to take him to the jail rather than the hospital and he was booked at 9 a.m. and died at 10:49 .I’m so glad there’s a bill 839 to help people that think they have overdosed and will not get arrested please spread the word I cannot bring back my son but hopefully I can help other people with drug problems remember Bill 839

  118. I just had a friend share “a bubble” a pipe used to smoke meth well I guess I took a really big hit and now I’m suffering a really bad head ache it feels like extreme pressure behind my ear going to the to then across my back of my head right above my spine I’m scared what’s happening

  119. A friend of mine swallowed 1.7 grams of ice is this fatal he doesn’t want to go to hospital tho he is experiencing symptoms of overdose tho

  120. Hi guys, im a user that only uses every once in a while, maybe like once every couple of months, this time however is different, i have smoked .001 which i believe is 100mg and currently have another 100mg in my pipe, while still suffering all the side affects, i do not feel high? Is this normal, or is this how overdose starts causing you to fall into a false sense of security, i know my bodys limits as i have been a marijuana smoker most of my life, i am constantly on top of my body and my health, but this is very weird, instead of feeling alert and awake, i feel lethargic and tired. Is it possible to smoke yourself sober lol.

  121. Ok hi new here I snorted some ice but I thought it was coke so I starting to throw up and I got so hot I went outside naked to get a relief new this I know I’m in the hospital trying to fight every body but im out now but I keep falling still how long will this last please help

  122. My 5’2, 115 pound friend smoked Meth for her 3rd time last night; she took about 6 hits and began to puke and have hot flashes about an hour in. She has been randomly puking almost every twenty minutes for the past almost 9 hours. Is she overdosing?

  123. Every batch is different. people add all kinds of poison to expand the weight of its original substance. For all you know half of what you invested is under your sink, a quarter in your med cabinet and the last quarter could be plain caffeine. Why do you ask these questions when you already know the answer. You feel like shit, your emotionless and addicted to something you spend 100s of 1000s of dollars on a year, the real you is imprisoned and tortured, all the while watching your life fall apart. physical/mental trauma, detachment from god himself, loss of children, homes, vehicles (real friends) even if you are your only friend. And our government could remove it in a day. Each chemical banded, or even take one that is commonly found in meth, like bug spray:/ change it up to where it causes an unfavored side effect such as vomiting or lose bowels (Anything). Instead of using the power they retain for good, we receive betrayal and punishment. We are I’ll. We are like bee’s addicted to nicotine. Without us they wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.
    Pre judgement and plain neglect? Or staged manipulation? You decide. They want your money, and to rank up. They don’t care about your kids being safe or nurtured, otherwise they’d put you in a a place with no drugs, booze or influences. Lock me up n a cell, put a TV few beds three meals a day a piece shower bible structure and my kids for five to ten, and you’ll save a thousand lives. Put me in jail with murderers rapists and evil people, how am I to achieve? Put a man in law school for 5 years you got a lawyer. Put a a man in prison for five years for substance abuse and release him, you get a warning label and slim to no chance of being sober and successful. I am fed up with this bs. . its all a set up

  124. I know someone who has used meth for 25 years relatively every day in some amount. Lately though my friend has been having different things or symptoms such as shaky hands they cannot control and don’t stop, and headaches that don’t ever go away. Can you tell me what might be happening and also what changed within their brain and body that has caused these things to start taking place now after 25yrs?

  125. I did crystals for four months then quit my heart will race fast every once in a while only once did it scare me but it slowed down and my blood pressure will spike and scare me I woke up one night after an hr of sleep and my head felt weird like my blood was to high it didn’t last to long it just scares me and my nerves r bad do u no how long this will last I’ve been off for two months

  126. I have smoked Ice in the past a handful of times. It’s been years since I used. I took the smallest hit 3 days ago. I still haven’t slept. I feel electric shocks on the back of my head, tingling. I am also now slightly panicking and believe the feeling I’m getting as I’m about to fall asleep where I gasp for air is anxiety related. Anxiety brought on by the use. Though I didn’t use much I realised that even though I haven’t smoked much at all it was enough for my body to experience all that horrible stuff. I’m just amazed at how I have reacted to this and won’t be going near anything drug related again. Ever. Ever.

    Just to add. I am shocked at how sudden the onset of acute symptoms of anxiety and methamphetamine use was considering the amount taken. Because purity is a factor here it’s like I took one drag from a cigarette.

  127. Hey if you are a 18 year old girl and are about 105lbs and injected 2 shots of 15cc in your vine and smoked 4 bowls and swill owes some what are the risks of over dose or heart problems ?

  128. I smoked meth for the first time .. I only did it once but I kept getting high from 3am till 2pm the next day I hit the meth at least 10 times and got high asf I haven’t ate in 22 hours or slept I keep getting body chills but I’m not freaking out I’m calm my pupils are big and I lost 4 pounds in 22 hours but I’m drinking a lot of water I don’t want to ever do it again I liked it but it wasn’t for me am I going to be ok am I going to keep loosening weight

  129. My son is a meth addict. He is currently in prison and, unfortunately, meth and other drugs are widely available in the prison. He mentioned to me that if he even SEES meth he gets all shaky, perspires, heart beats rapidly, and his abdomen hurts and he sometimes vomits. He does not have to use meth, as the symptoms come on by just seeing the substance. He mentioned today that if he doesn’t see the meth, yet only thinks about it, that the symptoms do not occur. It is only when he physically sees the drug that he gets ill. Any insight as to what causes this, and is there anything he can do to combat his addiction problem in prison? There are no drug addiction services in the prison system. Any help is greatly appreciated. Frankly, I think prison saved his life with his being in solitary confinement for many months, cutting off access to the never-ending consumption of this evil substance.

  130. This is my second time doing meth and I think I did too much. I smoked less than a gram but more then a half. Ive been throwing up a lot. My heart is racing but I expect that so it doesnt bother me too much. I cant relax. Im really hot and I wanted to know if there is anything I can do for my stomach? Im 5ft1in and 134lbs. This is my second time so I dont know mesurments

  131. I been using meth for 20 years and about 9 months I been having migrants and throwing up 3 or 4 times a month every month like this month I had 3 migrants and I throw up 2 times it’s hard to quit using because I been doing it for a long time what should I do I can’t just quit I use every day

  132. So I’ve stop using meth about 8 years ago and I started having issues. Constant feeling of being scared for no reason and can’t really sleep. Can I be cured completely? I have bad anxiety attacks as well and I haven’t been treated either.

  133. I did Meth just once in my life. When I did I smoked a lot at once after my last hit I felt really light headed and dizzy when I bent down my whole chest hurt really bad then I fell asleep woke up and went for a walk the next day and my head whent num my baby truned blue and then my whole brain and my face was wired and now I have ashma did I over dose?

  134. I litterallly just started experimenting w meth. I’m a iv drug user. Two weeks ago I did .5g within 12 hours. I went to the ER because I had mild chest pain and the left side of my face felt tingly like numb. I was diagnosed with ti a aka mini stroke all my results came back negative cats cans EKG. Is there a possibility that I had overdose from meth. Concerned

  135. I was given some “crystal” two days ago and I was advised it was very good quality. I was a sever drug user for 15 years, I quit and have had no drugs for the last 5 years so I figured I should have a very small amount. As soon as I injected the stuff I had the most horrific experience – it felt like the back of my neck had been put in a vice and I had a pain in my chest that felt like I’d been slammed in the chest with a cricket bat – the chest pains lasted for for two days and I was generally very ill (spewing, drooling etc)
    I assume I overdosed or something along those lines – I have taken just about every drug out and I generally tend to take more of the substance than less but I’Ve never had such an horrific and unpleasant effect from taking a drug.
    I have read the comments below but no-one else has mentioned experiencing the same reaction.
    Could you please confirm if it sounds like I od’d

  136. I don’t know you will still respond to this really old post, but im 17 and i started smoking ice months ago.I never really did get sick off this stuff, but last night,i only took two hits of ice while stoned and i came back home after that. I woke up in the middle of the night with chills and puked. I didn’t puke much since i had an empty stomach, all that came out was the water i drank just five minutes before.
    I’m scared this is over dose because crashing was never this bad before. My friend considered me going to the hospital, but i refused. please respond asap

    1. Hi, Destyni. I suggest you listen your friend, and check into the hospital to make yourself sure that you are okay. Also, call 911 ASAP if you still don’t feel well.

  137. Ok so i dont reguarly smoke , and i did a couple night ago it was my first few hits and i got a bad pain like a headache in the back of my head and it went away fast then i felt like i was gonna black out , my friend kept talking to me to keep me Awake and we played guitar hero so i could focus slurring my speech , and as soon as i didnt focur on the game or him talking to me i starting to blackout in my head. Eventually i became fine again regular high feeling , kept talking and playing games , took a break and smoked again and its like my brain started shaking i couldnt focus my vision , and my body kept shaking , eventually went back to normal . I get ready to leave in the morning and take a few hits before i drive home, and i get about halfway there and my vision goes again , brain is shaking, cant focus , body is shaking , so i pull into a gas station and wait for about a hour , picked up my kids and took them to their dads moms house to visit , ( shes been using meth since she was 15 shes now 39) they were playing with the kids outside while i stayed inside because i didnt feel good . She told me she came in and i was shaking badly and just staring into space. My question is am i having seziures ? Never been dianosed with them … when i first started doing meth 2 years ago , my ex was having me take a hit while kinda squatting down on the floor then i stood up and let it out…. the next thing i remember is waking up to him holding and shaking me crying , he told me i was out for about 15mins. I had hit my head on the dresser , my hair was caught on it.. i felt okay after idk if that was a seizure though

  138. Hey everyone, just found this blog, I’m not a doctor or genius by any means, but I do have alot of knowledge and past experience with meth, be willing to help out in any way I can…….fellow addict

  139. Ive been smoking meth to much & snorting a little
    But my head hurts like a migraineand I feel a little nauseou . Ive stop using can you recommend anything else

    Yur rite meth sucks my head hurts I feel nauseousI’m going to stopam I going to die

  140. Its all great like a normal life. Well all have our problems of course but when I don’t have dope which isnt so often luckily … My body hurts! I feel throbbing throughout my whole body and I just want to cry and eat and sleep. Well I can’t do that cause I have my family to attend. I want to quit but it hurts waaaay too much. When I use I don’t get all crazy I use it to get through the day and be able to get what I have to do done. Does anyone know what I mean?? I’m not a bad person or a scandalous tweaker …

  141. I have been smoking meth for 12 yrs. I’ve stopped for maybe 4-5 yrs here and there not all at once. I never made it to a yr. I recently started to slam again, I know this might seem weird but I’m not a sucked up tweaker, I eat, sleep 7-8 every night . I cook for my family, do everything a housewife does. I have 8 yr old daughter and 5 month old son. I love them to death. My husband recently found out of my using, he knew I used before but thought I had quit for good. I didn’t tell him I had relapsed. Little by little he just found dope then pipes and recently the syringes. He’s from mexico and I’m from here California. I love this guy very very much. He’s became a little distant from me since I admit using. I don’t do anything that I’m not supposed to but use meth. Thats my only problem! IIIII bought everything my son has proudly when I was pregnant still working … He still has diapers and wipes from then. I stocked up on EVERYTHING at home. I knew I wasn’t going to be working for a while. My point is I honestly don’t think I’m doing anything wrong. Ok yeah its illegal but I’m a great person, neighbor, friend, mom, wife lover….

  142. I’m not a daily meth user and don’t intend to be. I injected meth with a friend about two weeks, and did another hit within a week. I’m struggling whether or not to inject him tonight, which is a week later. Is injecting meth once a week considered too much? Struggling to decide. Thanks!

  143. I think your body can process foreign things, bacteria, drugs (illegal/legal), alcohol, etc. THere’s only a few rules that one must abide by to be able to do whatever they feel like at a recreational level.

  144. I started using again (3months), this time is different from when I was younger (20), now 34, Not living the dark criminal tweaker world like I once did, stealing, lying, dealing, doing what ever I could to get that high. Now I do not have to turn to criminal actions to get high . Money and supply is constant, I only endure the drug alone or a few select people, closet tweaker these days. When we do party we party long and hard, in my final hours before crashing down I always have thoughts of suicide or death, never act on these impulses, and just really strange and morbid thoughts…I never act on them cause I know it’s the drug, but kinda of worried at same time, am I really suicidal and crazy deep down and only recognize it while my mind working overtime to produce all the dopamine I so crave….?

  145. My son died Dec. 8,2015 from a meth. Overdose. The report said he had 951ng/ml. I just wonder how high that i . I’d like an example. He died in Tarrant county. His name David he was 35. He left an 11 year old son. We had no idea he did these kind of drugs.

    1. Hi, Dawn. I’m really sorry for your loss… My condolences to you and your family. I’d suggest that you speak with a toxicologist or a coroner or another medical professional about your concerns. We’re not able to provide you with a qualified response. I wish you peace…

  146. So I’ve been smoking meth for about 4 or 5years so in a way I experienced a lot of side effects &have multiple long term effects from using so long so basically I just wanna know if have the right side of my head hurting constantly, having my veins become berly visible but I can feel them tighting, & also that feeling of my body giving out that it just wants to shut down I know that this is probably the stupidest question cause I know the answer but should I go to the doctor &see if any of these things have caused something serious that I probably don’t know about? I went before because I almost passed out on the street but after I told them that I do meth they treated me differently &not as concerned once I told them so when the ambulance dropped me off I got up &left cause I could over here them talking about me so that’s why I usually just deal with everything that happenes to me when I’m on meth so I just wanted an opinion on what to do?

  147. My husband has smoked meth for a couple months straight and now has nosebleeds, chills, pressure on back of head, knots around belly button, shakes, fever, and alot more. He also has started acting like he is a 5 year old watching cartoons and playing with toys and he goes from hisself to the kid and back. Could this be overdose? Please help

  148. My daughter is in ICU with a meth overdose.we have been trying to help her overcome her problem but she keeps lying to us when I know she’s still using. Now she’s fighting for her life at 26 years old. Please meth users if you don’t care about yourself please remember there is someone who loves you and it tears. There heart out when this happens. PLEASE STOP.

  149. @lishuzz I have had the same thing happened to me befor about 6 months ago. I still haven’t figure out what happened. if it was bad or if it was just too much. It hadabout 5 months clean at the time. it was the worst headache I’ve ever had and I got the sweats and was throwing up and really dizzy

  150. I was given a half a gram of crystal meth powder and was told it was cocaine so I did it as I would cocaine I finished it in about 4-5 hours and but blood pressure shot up super high and I felt like my brain was hot so I realized I wasn’t under the influence of cocaine and found out it was crystal meth now the tip of my right index finger and right thumb are numb how do I fix this and did I do to much to fast I fear I may have a blood clot or had a peripheral stroke. I would like to know if I cause myself permanent harm by doing to much to quickly and how do I make the feeling come back in my fingers

  151. So 2 days ago I ask a homeboy for a point (shot) I didn’t know how much he threw down, but after he gave me my point, my body got super hot but the weirdest thing happened to me, which has never happened before. My head was throbbing SO hard, my head hurt. I literally had to put my hands on the back of my head & push down. It hurt so bad that I lost my high. & now today, my neck feels like I’ve slept the wrong way & mind you, I haven’t slept yet…what does this pain mean?? It has me freaking out

    1. Hi, Peggy. If you don’t fell well Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk, or call 991 ASAP.

  152. How do you convince or help someone you love that they need to get off this drug? It’s hard to just sit back and watch them destroying themselves

  153. I’m experiencing numbness of my body, loss of hearing, pain in my lower abdomen, loss of senses in my hands and fingers, trouble breathing, sunken eyes, loss of coloration, weakness of body, and light headyness….I’ve looked up symptoms of everything possible due to meth, the most accurate is either a mini stroke, or kidney/liver failure…and now this? Idk which would be more accurate or if it’s even possible.. Will sleep help?

  154. I missed my vein twice injecting meth into my arm, abscess developing, very painful.what can I do. Doctor is out of the question

  155. I ate meth. Rolled it up in piece of toilet paper and swallowed. Been clean over a month. However I’ve experienced the most intense stomach pain and blockage in small intestine. Been to er but didn’t mention I used. Did I poison myself? Can this stomach pain go away the longer I’m clean and take proper care of my health? I’m trying. Been s few weeks and not as much pain depending what and how I eat. Did I damage my stomach? What can I do? Be honest with my doctor?

  156. Hi,
    I know of friends who take meth on a daily basis and in a month, they probably use about 5g of it. Does that make one an abuser? However, a few of them mentioned that they do not feel or see any of the effects of meth on them at all. Why is that so?

  157. @ shai i swallowed the same amount u swallowed.but i don’t feel the same way u own challenge is that my vision is not balance sometimes. I have palpitation every time and feel highly depresssed.pls i will like to know how u feel now.

  158. Hi I’m Megan I’ve done Meth a few times before but not much at all just only when it’s given to me and I hardley see the person. Anyways I took some I snorted some and swallowed the rest I have no idea how much it was but it was alot and I have no tolerance for this stuff since I don’t do it. Well I Googled and looked everywhere but I can’t find the answer and this article didn’t have it either. So anyways after I did the Meth I was feeling great I started cleaning and stuff but then all a sudden I feel sick to my stomach it felt so bad then I started puking I didn’t think I could stop and every time I tried drinking or eating anything to help I would puke it up again and it was so horrible! Then my head started killing me it wasn’t just any headache it was the worst pain I felt in my life! I reacted by grabbing it and applying pressure and the messed up thing was when I went to sit down it made my head hurt 50x worse and made me immediately throw up. My question is why did that happen did I do too much Meth? That was the worst experience ever! Please answer my question though I can’t get no answer no where! Thank you,Meg

  159. If you begin to experience headache after consuming methamphetamine in ANY way but especially after injecting or smoking the drug you very well might be at risk of damaging the blood vessels of the brain or the arteries of the heart and circulatory system. Stroke, and aneurysm, aortic aneurysm and heart attack can be induced by methamphetamine consumption. Of course you know what a heart attack is right? Seizure? Well all of these things can be induced by the consumption of methamphetamine. The faster and more powerful the onset of the methamphetamine coupled with any pre-existing conditions one might have effect the likelihood of any of these occurrences. One might also suffer brain damage or liver damage as a result of hyperthermia. Furthermore, people who inject methamphetamine are almost always as in 98% of the time also along with methamphetamine and water also injecting numerous impurities such as the active ingredient in drain cleaner or brick acid which is hydrochloric acid. Sometimes they are injecting trace amounts of other caustic substances such as lye and also toxic chemicals such as red phosphorus. The hazardous chemicals often lead to inflammation of the heart, it’s arteries and can lead to the degradation of any other software tissues which come into contact with the substance. The larger the dose and the faster the onset coupled with any pre-existing health conditions play the largest role in determining ones risk for overdose. Given that methamphetamine can cause hardening of the artery walls many long time users are already suffering from some stage of atherosclerosis. If you suffer from high blood pressure or any type of heart rhythm disorder you are also are at a significantly higher risk for suffering a methamphetamine overdose. These are just a few conditions which play a role. Also it has been my experience that many overdoses lead to death when drugs are mixed. Some people are constantly consuming whichever substance happens to be around at the time and end up with a dangerous drug cocktail in their blood streams. If any of you are suffering from some of the symptoms people have posted such as long prolonged headaches ( possible aneurysm) , painful what feels like indigestion ( possible heart attack ) Uncontrollable spasm ( indication of possibly imminent seizure) It is very important not to put off medical treatment. That is, emergency medical treatment. I’m sure that many of the people’s who loved ones have died here do to methamphetamine could have prevented it if they had only sought out emergency medical attention at the onset of symptoms instead of postponing them for fear or inconvenience or any other reason. In the mean time if you have aspirin available to you, you can take couple full strength aspirin to thin the blood which will ease headache and possibly combat the occurrence of heart attack or stroke. Do not allow your self to become dehydrated as your blood will thicken and your blood pressure will become further raised. If you have a drink with electrolyte such as gatorade drinking those beverages would be preferential as a healthy heart rhythm depends on balanced sufficient electrolyte levels. If you have a benzodiazapine available such as Alprazolam ( Xanax ) Lorazepam (Ativan ) Clonazepam ( Klonolin ) an appropriate oral dose in case of pre-emergency treatment if you aren’t tolerant of benzodiazapine would be approximately 1 – 2 mg of Xanax. 7 – 10 mg of Ativan and 4 – 6 mg of Klonopin. Do not exceed these types of doses because it could cause a catastrophic rapid rise and fall of blood pressure. The most important part is to seek E.R. treatment ASAP. Of course you avoid all this by choosing to abstain from the dangerous drug methamphetamine in the first place.

  160. I love how within the article and the comments wiht hundreds of people asking there is not ONE pice of hard information that might be useful. Not even specific signs or symptoms of an overdose, much less how much ballpark mg/kg ld50 is. Totally useless clickbait article, there is not ONE solid fact in this entire article relating to specifics of overdose on meth.

    1. Hi Niyana. You can read about the specific signs and symptoms of overdose in the “meth overdose complications” section of the article. Plus, we believe that there is a risk with publishing exact doses for overdosing. We wouldn’t want people to abuse such information.

  161. What does it mean if you suddenly right after doing a nice size line nothing rediculus just a nice good like I felt amazing buy the intensity because extreme and I feel with in a minute I quickly rapidly got the worse pressure and brain squeezing tenting headache but then my eyes sight became blurry my vision is totally blurry and it then became so horrific I could grade it up to a migraine as the stiffness eye water uncontrollably but they are all swollen and all my senses are super intense i was also having to deal with intense plug up nose also am having so sort of skin reaction to explain. In more detail I have red bluchy skin all over the place I havre poor blue fow tp my limps i also quickly on purposely opened my door and windows to get cold in her and now have the fan on me cause my head was so red and my face was burning my ears felt like it was on fire. Everything happened so quickly i could not believe how quick i was going thru inplesent painful and terrifying so i nade sure to put a cold towel around my ne k tgat goears felt like they were burning off like on fire so I’m in the dark complete silent and am really trying hard to take nice deep slow deep breath and then slowly release it back out I am hoping dropping my tempature and I toke an advil extra strength followed with anti nausea 2 pills also took one pill that comes my nerves or stops a panic attack plus two antihistamines I figure if I can keep the inflammation under control and get down this migraine type head ache I’m hoping will subside. I also took 2 perks for my usual cronic pain I also skipped 2 doses of my normal prescribed pain medication did want to harm or accidently screw myself over. So why did I ho thru this reaction so quickly and such an intense symptoms it’s never happen before what was it please and I do appraise the time dedicated in answering question and being honest cause I would trust your option and could never trust some website page that could not credible and just fucking with people hope to hear back and see a response soon

  162. Is 1800 ng a lethal dose for someone who has been taking some kind of amphedimne since 5? He is now 30. I have no idea how he ingests it.

  163. So I have done meth before, about a year ago, but I haven’t done it in a long time, got my hands on it again, and I snorted approximately less than .2 throughout the course of the day, I had started at 11 am, I didn’t eat anything all day, except a meal supplement shake, which I had before I started doing the shit that day, later that night, I was coming down and my buddy wanted to drink, he got redds wicked apple ales, we both drank 5 in about 2 hours, we were gunna go get chicken wings but once we got in the car, and got around the corner, I told him I didn’t feel so well and to just take me back to my place and I’m gunna go to bed, and he said okay good call, I waliked into my house and I started to feel really nauseous, I went to go eat some food and drink some milk thinking that it would relive my stomach, but all of a sudden, I started to feel like I was gunna vomit, this is where I started to black out, I remember walking up to my room, hitting my bong believing that would give me a sense of relief, but all of a suddeny heart started racing and I laid on my floor in the hallway and the last thing I remember thinking was that I was gunna die right here just like this, and then I was floating in and out of consciousness, I recall my mom and sister standing over me, and then I started throwing up, but when I woke up the next morning, my kidneys are sore, especially my left one, mostly on my lower back, like right about my ass, but next to my hip, my question is, do you think I could have seriously damaged my kidney? Like should I go to the doctor’s and get myself checked out? I’m not peeing blood or anything, but it is noticeably sore, and I’m obviously really worried, I’m only 18, let me know what you think asap, thank you!

  164. I stupidly decided to try meth. Mainly to take a short while and lose some weight. I snorted it 10 hours ago and and so sick! Nausea and vomiting and the worst headache I’ve ever had! Its excruciating! Sweetie and anxious as well. This is a nightmare I will never ever touch again! My friend who had it took the same amount and is fine. Why am I so sick and why is my head hurting so badly? When will it stop?

  165. My brother died in late July of this year. Death certificate said it was from accidentally in jested leathal amounts of meth . but I know he only had 1.5 gram . is that enough to kill him . he used for years pretty heavy.

  166. Ive been going to Cambodia and Thailand for 8 years to binge out on meth, Heroin and Ketamine. Each trip has caused severe overdoses, permanent injuries to nerves, extremely close to going to jail, suicide attempts, extortion on two occasions, kidnapping on two occasions, sent home with nothing nut the cloths i was wearing after one kidnapping and severeoverdose left on the street to die. Lost job, friends, famiy. Have brought home 4 years supply of lorazap am, valium ant Tramadol. Also take 600 to 800mg a day of Lyrica, progabalin.

    Each trip, understand reality may never come home.

    Problem I dont want to stop and prepared to die. But ca n not bear the thought of last major overdose,. My body heated up so badly, veins popping out everywhere, pain so bad wanted to die. It was a nightmare. Took 2000mg of Lyrica to gain control. 8 hours tater had another attack, tried killing myself to stop the pain so intense. Why did this happen. ?…….The meth was extremely strong and because lost everything stopped Lyrica medication to complicate things and no money to buy water for three days. You can imagine my emotional state.

    I do all the above due to placebo drug trial that gives me daily pain I only exist.

    A week or two every six months to be happy with no pain just keeps me alive. Medical fraternity refuse to help anymore as say I new the isks of going on a Telepafar Trial for hep c which fried my body really bad burning my internal membranes.

    Feeling end I s near, panning next trip at xmas……..

    Could a Drug R e hab Help

    Lots more but thats a glimps of my world which at 53 starting drug at 16 and making it to director in government for 10 years achieving so much everyone threatened and resented me for my intelkectual capacity and ability to achieve imp I ssible.

    But never celebrated any of it. J u st my goal to rove my abusive mother wrong tht i was not useless.

    Even your site doesnt beleve me so taken out half of content so isnt deemed spammy

  167. Hello, my father has been taking meth consistently for about 5 years now and has been shooting it everyday for the past 3 years. He uses a lot, possibly up to 1.5 or even 2 grams daily. He has severe psychological disorders due to his habit now and ruined all relationships with everyone in his family including me. All we tried to do was help him. I was wondering how long a person, 50 years old, could survive while using like this? He has done severe damage to himself and honestly he is not sane anymore.

  168. Idk if this is the right place to ask, but, I’ve been using this monster for some time now and what im wondering is how do you know what’s cut and what’s not? I mean b besides the obvious. I know the feeling when its good but sometimes 8 get a shaky feeling and a feeling as if there’s a fire inside my chest. Someone told me once you can get more sick from cut than too much meth… Any input would be great, thanks. Oh, also, is it overdosing if someone injected me and my hearing, vision and ability to stand diminished and I fell asleep for 26 hours??

  169. Hi I’m hoolio i used meth 2 nights ago and it must have been is a extremely potant batch because i havnt slept yet and I’m starting to really think I’m overdosing i only did a$20 bag but I’ve never felt so paranoid and my mouth wont stop drooling I’m dehidrated but yet can’t seem to drink anything am i experience a od?

  170. Can meth suffocate you to death just by smoking it??? Cause my airways close up sometimes when I’m smoking and I fear I’ll stop breathing altogether. Will this happen, do you think?? Thanks, Denis

  171. Veen useing for about a year im am so ready to quit now picking up 1.5 evey few days my tolerance just seemed to happen recently out of nowhere and once im done smoking i can eat sleep no weight loss family dossent notice but anywY when i stand up i have to sit back down i have had a constant head ache for weeks now p pressure on my face and eyes

  172. Ok im scared. I havnt done meth on years. I did it Sunday morning. Didn’t eat anything. Did it again today. But after a hour. I started feeling a rush. Then my fingers started toget numb. Nd my feet too. So Iim walking up amd down. Scared. my breathe gets heavy then goes back to total I think I did 40 worth in these two days. Em I overdosing?

  173. I injected quite a bit of meth passed out rite away woke up a day and a half later did i overdose? And cood i hav died and came back to life?

  174. I have shot up. I havent used for over a year amd i just started recently. My pupils have dialated. I fewl a tingling all over. But my heart ismt racing, i dont feel any pain, amd im breathing normal and can focus.
    Its been about 20 mins. You think i can still overdose or would i have already?

  175. Hi .. two years ago my almost ex husband died of a meth overdose. I have always wondered how much is 2.0 micrograms / liter of meth in the blood? That’s all that was in his system. We Were Together Almost 20 Years And EVER Though His Drug Use Destroyed Our Marriage it still as me wondering how much it us? Please email me. Thank you.

  176. I need help on how to help Tia she has been taking pills for years n today cause she had 1pill left n then she in up doing the pill n a line of meth in her nose n now she feels really sick what can I give her n how do I get her to stay sobor please help me

  177. In the past I’ve done meth and more as well I haven’t in a long time I was offered it I said no he said you sure then I said I’m ill have a little I wish I said no… anyways I smoked 7 hits n 6 or 7 hours then I messed up and did about 5 to 7 tips in 3 hours i didn’t hydrAte correct but had large meal be for I’ve only been up a day n half its was 20$dollies worth I did 13 to 15$ threw rest away I woke was stiff and as soon as I noticed I have drAnk 200 liters water Pedialyte a lot of b12 a iron and other good vitamins also had so e Gatorade I have panic disorder so it’s hard to no where I’m at tremors long gone not sweating feeling better and for this soon I feel pretty normal just I actually went to doctor with to ex users n they talked me outta it… Took magnesium for kidneys I no and seatonin magnesium for kidneys I no it’s not doctor but I did a lot over not much just feel soar I need sleep but I read wait 24 hrs so ‘ve last dose my hand are clammy but they have always been so just not this much plz any advice

  178. I’m pretty sure I had a od last night. A friend an me snorted at least 3.5-4 grams of crystal in about 24hrs. When I came home at 7pm felt good, hadn’t done any since 9am, two of my friends wanted some so I put a gram down with 75cc’s of water for IV use. Each got 25cc’s pulled up. But anyways, as soon as I hit my self I thought that I had over dosed. I had ringing in my ears, immediate dry mouth, started shaking, spots in my vision, confused paranoid. So around 10pm I was laying down with my girl friend, an I’m positive my body started seizing up on me. It is now 2:30pm the following day an I’m still shaking, my muscles in my arms an legs are sore from all the shaking an tightening up last night, still a little bit short of breath,as in not normal breathing. Should I go to the hospital or what? I looked up everything last night, an I have almost every sign of an overdose.

    1. Hi Will. Yes, the best and smartest thing to do is seek medical help. Have someone you trust drive you to the hospital.

    1. Hi Melissa. If you have someone next to you who is sober, have them drive you to the ER. If not, Call 911.

  179. My boyfriend overdosed and didn’t get medical attention til hours after he ingested the crystal. He smoked it, snorted and possibly ate some of it. He’s in ICU l right now and he’s been there for 3 days now, he didn’t remember who i was and that scares me. The nurses said he should get his memory back eventually but i’m not sure if he will remember how close we were so i just wanted to know what you think about his chances of becoming 100% him again and the chance of him remembering us. I’ve only known him for a couple months.

  180. My daughter died May 6th. She was found unresponsive and then declared dead by EMPs. She did use meth. Her heart was enlarged and had dilated values. She had edema on and off. She was warned not to do it again as it could cause immediate death But she did. After doing it so long I guess it was hard to stop. Our hearts are broken. We received the autopsy results today. I have a question on amount of drug taken. Tox screen says: amphetamine 0.40
    meth 1.9 ug/ml what do these numbers mean? Is that an overdose? report says died from congestive heart failure by cardiomegaly = four chamber dilatation= pulmonary congestion and edema. Please everyone, try and save the ones you love from having to bury you and read a cononers report about you

  181. I snort meth im 5″4 after being up for 3 or 4 days I have a 2 or 4 week wait on the drug it’s not a daily thing I control the drug not let it control me but while I’m on i randomly get an intense stomach heat and yes I do eat it dosent affect my eating so I was wondering what it might be and I also eventually get an akward chest feeling from a randome heart beat that I get it I just can’t really discribe it there’s no pain tho can I get help on why those things happen please an thank you ohhh yea 1 time I randomly passed out I was walking normal and next thing I knew I was on the ground but the akward thing about it is I heard everything happen but didn’t expect to find my self randomly on the floor if you needa ask any specific details feel free to ask and again thank you

  182. If u would take about 3 or 4 grams which is equal to an 8ball could it kill you if you have a high tolerance to drugs

  183. Ive been abusing/over doseing hard core on meth for a year non stop way over 3000 grams and internal bleeding,vomiting/neasua,stomach pains ,extreamly dry itchy skin and more for my symptoms. How high/likely are people like me to die from this? And is there any records of anyone surviving an extream meth over dose like mine?

  184. My friend died not to long ago, she overdosed on meth but no one was aware she did drugs. I’m just wondering how much crystal meth do you have to snort to overdose?

    1. Hello Amanda. I’m very sorry for the loss of your friend. The amount of meth a person must take to overdose will vary depending on several factors. The weight of your friend, her general health, natural immunities, and built-up resistance or tolerance to meth, as well as the purity of the meth itself.

  185. My :'( boyfriend has been drugging me with large amounts of meth so if I die shortly here now I know why he would make me take so much.

    1. Hello Carly. You can report this to the police. If you are not willingly taking meth it’s a crime to force you.

  186. I had recently did ice and was doing ice and I had do been for a long time and was Able to hang with it but then did it one night and the next morning when I went to work In the heat I felt as if I couldn’t breathe and my heart was racing and beating uncontrollably , and it went in for hours so I went home and felt Better with the ac , but then. Felt it again 2 hours later the same thing and then again and it went away but then came back so I slept it off and it went away but then not even a month or 3weeks later I Fr it again out of no where laying down I don’t know what to do can somebody give me answers I’m dying here

  187. I was just hopin someone could tell me how did my body or mentality was not affected at all except the slight memory loss of four days when i ingested three grams of meth it wasn’t tied right i has got pulled over at seven am didnt make it to the hospital till ten am i have a heart murmur to begin with and kidney probkrnd. That end me I’m the hospital at least three timesbs year i shouldn’t have made itbright?

  188. hello, I was at a friend’s 3 nights ago, they are everyday users and have been for years now, I have never used, they injected me quite a few times that night, and I had as much as them. I felt fine all day and night, but its now 3 days later and the comedown is starting to freak me out. For the past 3 days I havent been able to stop shaking, all of my nerves in my body, my jaw is still chewing, I am really short breathed, my throat feels like there is a lump in it, so I am having trouble swallowing water, I have no appetite, and I am finding it impossible to sleep even with the help of sleeping pills and when I do get an hour or two sleep, I wake up to a saturated wet bed in a pool of sweat. I am going to the toilet excessively with diarrhea and today there is a horrible pain in my lower back, around my bowel area. My thoughts are somewhat paranoid, stumbling and stuttering when I need to talk to people.. I thought it might just be like this for the first night after but it is still happening, and I just want to feel back to normal, I will never in my life touch this again, but Im just wondering if there is anything to help with this?
    How long will it last in my system?
    and also could i possibly o.d a few days after first use? or would it happen on the night of use, because this doesnt feel good at all!! 🙁

  189. 2 days ago, me and my gf tried meth for the first time which is also the last time, together with 2 others that took it before. We had about 0.4g on hand, we finished it in about 9 hours. My gf (weigh about 50kg), took the most out of all but I can’t say for sure how many grams she had taken and I heard that it is better to take breaks in between but she didn’t really take much break. It has been one day since the last intake and she keeps complaining that her arms and legs tend to go numb occasionally and she can’t speak properly neither can she breathe properly from time to time and also her eyesight is sometimes blurred. But she also said that she did feel better but not a lot better compared to yesterday. Am I just being paranoid or did she already overdose? Because she has been telling me that she felt as if her body is giving way. And also, how long does it take for a person to recover totally after the last intake?

  190. Question:
    I sometimes get really tired while using. I snort, swallow, & smoke. Tonight I feel clamy, shaky, cold, out of energy, weak, tired. If I stand I have to hold wall, dizzy & very weak.
    This has happened awhile ago & I would like to know what it is.

  191. Hello my father passed away and they are saying Accident od.. he was a chronic user. ND WAS FOUND DEAD THE WHEN he was about to sleep found on the floor. Coronor said he made it in his room and fell.. what’s the effect with this and medical condition with heart??? So he had a heart attack cause of it?

  192. My 8 month old Grandson was shaking but not from being cold so we took him to the hospital. The Triage nurse listed everything as normal. You see there are two lists, the review of systems, which lists ; EYES: All Negative, RESPIRATORY : All Negative, EARS/NOSE: All Negative. The second list is, Physical Examination which lists; Eyes: Pupils equal, round: Ears, Nose, Mouth and Throat : moist mucous membranes, Respiratory /Chest: no increased work of breathing, breath sounds equal, Heart: Regular rate and rhythm. There are other items on the list but these are the ones that mean something when Meth is in question. With that info throughout the two days spent in the hospital, how can they say the baby suffers from tachycardia, hypertension from Meth exposure. They said he had so much it could have killed him. Then they were so worried he could have a stroke or heart failure they turned around and held him down for 45 minutes to do a full body xray. This baby screamed his head off, this is what stressed him out and when they got there highest heart rate count at 200. Something is not right here.
    Pupils should have been dilated, mucous membrane should have been dry and his breathing and heart should have been listed rapid. This is crazy. So we ask for test results and it says 292.86 which we are now being told that is a reference to a chapter in a mental health book.

    1. Hi Sherry. Oh my God, that is a unique case. How is your grandson doing now? I hope he recovers fast and well.

  193. So i slammed around 8pm on wednesday night. It was probably like .4 and slammed 3 more times, all around .4, before 11am on thursday. I also swallowed two 2ml doses of gbl in that time frame. I felt really good just the highest ive ever been. I then slammed .5 around 3pm thursday and i didnt get any rush. just a really bad headace. My skin on my face feels hot and a little swollen and my palms are sweating but im freazing. My jaws been chattering and eyes shaking. Ive thrown up. My necks real stiff, my shoulder muscles really hurt and i feel like pricks on my skin. Mostly on my face. Im startng to get really scared because its 9am on friday and i still have all these syptoms from yesterdays slam. Ive been awake for over 36 hours. Is this an overdose?

    1. Hi Robby. You can Call the Poison Control Center on the number 1-800-222-1222, to talk to a poison expert and get advise on what you should do next.

  194. they started doin meth in 2012
    smoking it then later interestingenough injectingdid about a gram a day for about 6 months now at for of thoseI’m runn from p o
    everybody on my facebook says go to rehab I lost everything in my life rock bottom we passed iti have 4 in a point I have numbers for ontrack in the numbers for the month program my mind is constantly giving me excuses why not to call

  195. My adopted son was born addicted to heroin. Recently, he started taking METH. His probation officer said his level was over 84,000. The highest she’s seen was 1700. Can you tell me what this measurement equates to?

  196. Ok so I smoke weed, then some old chump started smoking me out for free out of no were after trying methaphatimine atheist 5 times before at expanded periods of time. .. One day he took me for a drive and we hotbox a car taking hit after hit i took at least 8 or 7 hits as far as I can remember so before he dropped me off I took the last hit and he did also and he left atleast 15 dollars worth inside the peice so I dont know if he expected me to smoke the rest that night with out reminding me of the harmful affects which I kept in memo because I never wanted something bad to happend to me over the drug.. So I got home and I was lit except I was tryna take a few more hit I had no lighter so I used matches desperate to take a hit I lit it about 10 times and got about 2 or three hits because of the frequency of the matches, so then once again I felt my high, next thing you know about the next morning after a long night of browsing music I then started to feel tightness in my chest and respiratory problems it went on and off through out the day till later on that day around 7pm I tried sitting down in a chair and it seemed as if my body was tryna send signals and I knew something was wrong, from what I research i think I o.d. I had many symptoms dehydration wich I refused to stay hydrated during most the sessions I had with this person I then felt convulsions and constriction of the arteries which felt like blood was squeezing thru feeling like my heart was gonna have a stroke or something I then ran to my mother and told her the truth of what had happend. .. She gave me a blood thinner or high blood pressure pill or both and me myself actually take those daily except that night she layed me down and told me to lay on my side or something because it helps the heart or something like that. I played there thinking everything was gonna be alright I was scared for my life because I was feeling this way and I wasnt an addict at all I’ve just tried it at different time periods and so on till I smoked with this person I confronted him bout the whole ordeal and told him what had happend i did the right thing and all the dope left over ima say atleast a grams worth i think i gave up the pookey and the dope inside and told him he can have it because i didnt wanna involve myself with those things, after the incedent i kept have convolsions and constriction of the arteries and had to maintain myself for atleast a week before it calmed down but from what ive researched it say after an o.d. if you survive or something i guess some affects last for two weeks or so & me its been a little more then two weeks and im still sometimes having trouble laying down on my front side or reaching over because i feel a tightness in my chest as if my heart isnt properly function but its in the process of recovery, same feeling i had when i was having convulsions and tightness of the chest. .. 🙁 i feel like i screwed up my body over a stupid decision i made, and now my body is in a weird state now but still functioning at all i wanna exercise and do things i use to but some activities like those im afraid it will put serious pressure on my heart to the point were something bad might happend is what im afraid of 🙁 if anyone is here i have no one to talk to about this and i need serious help on what safety precautions i can take to recover from this incedent that has happend to me i feel as if i took years off my life and now i feel the possibilty for heart failure or cardivascular disease or something please if anybody be a good person and help someone in need 🙁 i am trying step by step to recover from this, i gurantee you i will never touch crystal meth after thee incident exept i hope im not stuck with serious problems 🙁 i tried drinking water but slowly my body was slowly recovering and i take medications for high blood pressure called lupin 20 last time something happend to me like this another person who smoked free with me i guess needing someone to talk to i took a certain amount of hits and i felt a vein in my left or right forhead im tryna remember i felt horrible like it was serious but again i stop hitting it let it go then this happend to me exept it had to do with my heart this time 🙁 please if anyones can give me some advice you be helping me taking the right steps, me myself honestly thot i was gonna lose my life i guess you can say im a survivor of an’ overdose exept i didnt go to the hospital i guess i tried handling it on my own with certain prescriptions im glad i didnt finish the rest of what was left after the night or i wouldnt be here submitting this comment at all 🙁 please if someone is there help me in my time of need 🙁

    1. Hello Soncha. If you are the U.S. I would suggest that you call the Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 to speak with a poison expert that will provide guidance on what you should do next. If he is not feeling well, take him to the Emergency Room near you.

  197. Hi Keyanne. It sounds like you probably know the answer to your question. The symptoms that you describe can all be connected to long term abuse of meth.

    Listen, if you want to get better you need to seek emotional and psychological support. You will probably need a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma counseling, and/or family counseling. Addiction is not a stand alone disease. These conditions that you describe may be affecting your body. But in order to get better, you need to address your thinking, thought process, and mental health.

    Reach out for help and seek intensive care ASAP before it is too late.

  198. @Kendra idk that’s a lot. The 2 grams I swallowed almost killed me. I hope all went well. Keep me posted…

    And from my experience meth can not be removed out of your system the only thing really can be done is an iv to but water in his body and hope that his body can fight the effects. Most deff will have brain damaged. Might even have heart damage. If he does make it. Heart attacks or heart failer also strokes are most common

  199. I’m not sure what it is I took someone put something in my drink but I’m having extreme stomach pain, shakiness, both arms keep going numb, and it feels like some one tied something to my eyes and is trying to drag me by them… Is this meth or something else either way what should I do???

  200. Hi my boyfriend swallowed about 5-7 oz of meth when being pulled over today. He started throwing up and convulsioning! He is now in icu on a ventilator and heavily sedated! Im so terrified do u think he will make it?

    1. Hi Kendra. Any answer that I give would be a complete guess, since I’m not aware of his general health state, or how quickly was the drug removed from his system, etc. I do hope for the best and I wish your boyfriend a fast recovery.

  201. In reply to Maximiiano!!!
    Do not touch ghb! Also known as gbh (grevious bodily harm)
    It is now often used as a date rape drug! I had it used on me (unwillingly) last year I was out for hours and woke up not knowing where I was ect! Please be careful!!!

  202. I’ve been a long term user, I’m 19, about 50kg (injecting for about a year now) hardly touch it any other way.
    My veins are so badly damaged and scarred it is difficult to put a needle in it at all, let alone in a vein! I can’t see my veins because of the scarring I hardly and rarely feel them I just put the needle where i feel it should go. I do any where between .05 to .2 at a time. I use 40 units of water max usually 20 to a p (.01) I’ve had tachycardia for a few months now, clots in my veins ect. Bed bound 24/7 but still using 24/7, very weak, feeling sick, hot flushes, feels like something thick goes through my veins, often leaves a red line as well! I get a rash, my temples collapse, swollen throat for the past week, hands turn blue, head spins to the point of going blind every time I stand up! I am at 136bpm at the moment. Ecg came back bad and have finally been referred to a specialist!!! These symptoms have all gotten noticeably worse and I mean a million times worse in the past 2 weeks… Visiting the doc a few times a week, skin goes blotchy, have borderline personality disorder.

    Please email me and let me know what you think it could be? Yes I’ve reused needles a million times accidentally used someone else’s twice as well, I do take precaution with cleanliness. Clean needles out each time, alcohol swab, sterile ect…Was given Valium for my heart rate but doesn’t help in the slightest bit. I feel my heart pulsating through my chest and stomach it’s uncomfortable and heavy feeling on my chest…I’m often home alone but I feel I’m worse when I don’t have someone with me. I’m scared to sleep ect…

    It’s 11pm. Haven’t had a shot for 24 hours because of the pain and swelling in my arms but have been smoking a bit. I use between a half weight and a half ball a day.
    I put ice packs on my head and chest finding it helpful but right now I feel as if my heart is beating out of my chest! I’ve been to ed, they were horrible to me because I’m a “junkie” so have just been seeing doc and psych… But please get back to me asap because it’s horribly scary :'(
    Thank you x

  203. Hello guys, I need your advice, I met this guy in the club I was on vacation, I don’t usually drink beer or mix drinks, I drink wine rarely and smoke cigarets only when I drink, after that night we exchange numbers and we keep in touch nothing happen until the next 6 times we see each other, we had a date and I brought a red wine which never got open, talking he offer me to smoke “TINA” didn’t know what was that he lie to me saying it’s like a hookah but get you high like weed, and I try it and first taste nasty then that night I smoke like 4-6 times a few of them didn’t come out smoke, I guess because I didn’t do it, my point is that after that I been craving and smoke 1-3 times every day not like a big hit, I got so high that I get very quiet and I start cleaning and organizing my staff, never had vomiting, headache or diarrea, only thing I’m very worry is that my stomach feels blow and fell like so much gasses inside, my FEET, HANDS, and FACE (by the mouth and cheeks) feels NUMB, PAIN, SWEAT, and BURN, don’t know what do, I really need help because I don’t like the way I’m looking and also I think he put something in my water, because it tasted nasty, I ask my friend who is doing this and he say that he might put some “G” or “GHB” something like that… Is anything I can take at home, been drinking water and being able to snack and eat it just the feeling of the burning cold hands, feet and face… Is anyone can help me give me an advice…
    Thank You So Much!

  204. Hey. I have a question. After i snorted meth is normal to bleed from my nose ? If yes how many days . It passed 3 days since i did the last time and im bleeding everyday . I forgot to say that I did it 2 days on and on lol :/ . Thank you and sorry for my bad english. 🙂 btw i know this question is not about overdose ..

  205. Hello blog how long does it take for the body to heal and recover complete from meth I abused it for 2years now I’ve been sober since July15-2006 -2015thank God I have not relapsed but I do have nightmares that I’m doing it and smoking it?so blog please answer any of my questions.

  206. Hi.. So in 2013 I had swallowed about 2 grams of ice. I was stopped by the police and I had it in my mouth. It was either go to jail or chew it all into my gum that I had in my mouth too.. Well they let me leave about 10 to 20 minutes later I couldn’t sit down and felt I needed some fresh air. So I went outside and shortly after began feeling my heart race and felt the sweat. I then called 911. As I got into the ambulance my body was moving and I couldn’t control it. They gave me an iv with water I’m thinking. Then I looked out the door after a little while and seen a hand sanitizer box on the wall it seemed too move a little. But never really paid no mind too it. I fell asleep. As I woke up the doctor said that I could leave and go home, and asked if I need a ride home. I told him no I don’t live that far from the hospital. Then I’m sure I blacked out. And when I came out of the black out stage I was back at the hospital trying too check my self in again because the receptionist stated that I just left there. Then I blacked out again I think because I woke up in a different hospital a few miles away. But when I woke up I was in the hospital bed but seemed like I was sleeping while standing and looking down at the t.v. like the building was turned on its side. So I grabbed the side bars on the bed and picked my head up and looked at the door then as I did I was laying down normal. It had done the same about 3 different times. As I left the hospital I went hone but the first night was bad like I seen people running after me plants turning into little people poles moving and yelling. I’m a man but that was some crazy stuff. Now even tho its been a year and a half too 2 years ago I always check my palse thinking I’m having a heart attack I just want too be myself again. Did it give me brain damage and could I still have heart problems over this. I need to know exactly what it did too me and why did I see things and have this feeling everyday like I’m thinking I’m going to die?

  207. after smoking heavy amounts of meth my body goes really weak and when i stand up i have to hold onto something or sit back down because i will pass out. I get very nauseous after smoking alot and i don’t know if its an overdose? a couple times i have had mini body spasms almost like a seizure but shorter and not as extreme. for each session it can range from 2-4 grams and i will/can stay up for days without sleep and food. The last few times i have felt so sick i couldn’t even move and couldn’t stand up without fainting. is this an overdose or just an effect of using too much too often?? i’m 5’1 and about 115 pounds.

  208. My Son 47 had bleeding disease since age 9. Last 10 years numerous transfusions. Dec 17 2014 Hospitalized 6 days with 3.2 hemoglobin. (not unusual) He left after 6 days AMA because he wanted to go home for Christmas and they couldn’t find enough blood. His hemo was most likely around 6 or 7 but I haven’t found out. It may have been lower. He rarely left his house and I know he had been home sleeping 80% of the time for the past week and a half. He had an apt with his Hematologist on Feb 10th or llth but when time to go he said no, too tired and went back to sleep. later he called to make another appt.which would have been Wed Feb 19th. On the 10th,11th 12th he was gray with bluish lips and slept most of time. Something happened at home and I woke him up around noon or 12:30 e to tell him. He got up and came out to LR where we talked a bit and I went out the back but there were two other people there. He went into kitchen and made sandwich. His brothers gf was there. Ten min later she called and said he was unresponsive. He was sitting back on his bed leaning back against the wall, his sandwich laying on his chest with one bite out of it. I knew he was “gone” Tried to revive him and brothers gf called fire dept. They worked on him for a long time and transported to Hosp where they kept working. never go a heartbeat.. They gave me the choice to quit working on him. I said good bye. knowing he wasn’t coming back. Coroners office came over to my home . Toxicology was Alcohol 0% Amphetamines (detected) Methamphetamines LC,MS,MS 0.328 mg/L Amphetamine ,LC,MS,MS 0.094 Cannabinoids detected (he had RX for this) From his illness over 37 years and Colon Can and several other surgeries he had enlarged heart (moderately) I think his heart just stopped because his hemoglobin was so low.and had dropped in last 7 weeks more. He had NO ENERGY for weeks, wasn’t perspiring, no discomfort, yet Coroners office said he died of a massive OD of Meth because it was so High in tests. blood was drawn following morning. Lab told me it wasn’t absolutely so high that was the primary cause of death. Please give me your opinion on amount in system.They didn’t even find lesions in body during atopsy and I showed them doctors statements that he had a disease and had numerous lesions through his body. His disease Osler Weber Rendu. Lesions can be anywhere in body including brain or kidneys. (I don’t think he had them there. He had been so sick the past few years I think they just went by what he looked like.

  209. RAUL im going thru the same thing the head pressure, tingling wont go away & its been 2 days!! I went to the ER cause i was sure I was having a heart attack, they gave me iv fluids & medicine but sent me home, apparently I had a major panic attack. Now that was yesterday, tonight the same Things are happening. Bad head pressure, ears ringing, feet & leg tingling & i Cant Sleep!! I did sleep a few hours when I came home. My Jaw feels Like its trying to lock & hallucinating a little But not bad just out of the corner of my eyes kinda thing. Probably due to only A few hours sleep in 5 days. I binged for 3, injected Way Too Much in the last shot. (Reason why I stopped) never had these affects before & am worried about it being long term damage so Im Definitely Never doing meth Again. But my Question would be Is This just Irreversible damage from using Meth??

  210. Hi, I’ve git a few questions. To start with I did meth fire a few months at a time and would quit about 9 years ago. But recently I’ve smoked it 3 separate days and just the one day. But everytime I do smoke k it I will get sudden nauseated feelings then puke and would almost feel better right after. I also take methadone daily due to addiction to 30mg Percoce. My daily dose of the methadone is 90 mgs once in the morning. My husband had only dune meth one before in his life 12 to 14 years ago and he also did meth with me these last 3 times hes also on the methadone but only takes 30 mgs once daily. He alsogets the same nauseated feeling and puking. Nobody else around its feels that way from it at all. So is our nauseah due to methadone with meth? What can happen from taking the two drugs h together? Can it make you overdose easier? I also took only 20 to 30 mgs of the methadone the first two times. We both also have trouble breathing a little bit we both break out in blotchy like rashes on our face, our jointz start to hurt and hands and feet get really really cold. My eyez get really ted and dry and hurt real bad but nobody else tends to have any of these symptoms except the joints hurting and cold hands and feet. Why are we having every single one of the same symptoms as one ? It’s if we fu decide to ever use again how do we know when we have had enough so we can’t do to much again we smoke it or rarely snort it

  211. It’s been 4 days since my last use. It was probably my 10th time smoking meth. I just started in December. Anyways, I smoked pretty heavy with people who been using way longer than me. I remember taking the 1st hit I started feeling weird head pressure but kept on smoking.This was around from 10pm to 12 am when we started. And later on my jaw was clenching and I kept on grinding my teeth. I think we stopped at 7 or 8 am. We alson smoked alot of bud and drank a few beers. So once I get home I go to my room thinking its going to be a regular come down where I just lock myself in the room for the rest of the day. My heart is racing and the pressure in my head is even worst. I try to calm myself down but I can’t. I go to the bathroom and my pupils are dilated. I tried taking a shower. Still nothing works and I feel like my head is going to explode. I tell my mom and she starts yelling at me. I tell her to call the ambulance and they calm and the checked me heart rate and all that. They didn’t do much but say if we take you in there not gonna do anything. They said I just have to wait it out. So I say ok and stayed outsude once they left but the problem persisted. It felt like it was getting worst. So I decided I wanted to go the emergency. My mom gets the neighbor to take me. I start bugging out in the car saying fuck I don’t want to die like this, please lord. I can fight this. So we get there I make a big scene and they immediately take me in. I told them what I did. They were rude yelling at me to calm down it’s cause I did meth. I felt my head get tight and my eyes went blur when they helped me up and said they was going to transfer me to a hospital cause apparently my neighbor took me to some clinic. So Now I’m in the back of the ambulance freaking out talking to the guy with me. Asking him if I’m going to die and every time I feel myself about to fade out I would yell and move around saying no not like this, not like this. Please god not like this. He kept telling me I wasn’t going to die. But I seen that unsure look in face and it didn’t help. I finally make it to the hospital. They get me in the bed and they are all calm and seem not to care. I started to feel my jaw lock and my whole face go numb. It was hard for me to talk. I had to really calm myself down but the feeling in my head wouldn’t go away and that made me worry more and more that my heart wouldn’t stop beating fast. They gave me some ativan through iv and something else through iv and some pills. I even got a cat scan and they said my head was fine. They discharged me later on at night. I was still feeling the pressure in my head and short of breath. I got some sleep but the head pressure woke me up at 4 am and I couldn’t go back to sleep. I went back to the emergency 2 days later because I was feeling the same way. I had to calm myself down in the taxi. The taxi driver was getting freaked out saying I can stop and call the ambulance. I said no cause that’s just going to waste time. I took deep breathes and it worked. My heart wasn’t beating as fast but the head pressure was still there it would come bad like It felt like my head was going to give or explode. It didn’t really hurt like that. It would just freak me out cause it made me think I could have a stroke and collapse any moment. My vein my left wrist felt like popping too every here and there. My leg would get tingling and kind of numb. So would my arm. I made it to the hospital tho. They did absolutely nothing but check my heart rate and pulse and told me theres no need to check you again. That I have to wait it out. Would guy even told me to ask about a drug facility to send me too. In fact he was about the nicest one. He actually help me out the taxi in a wheel chair cause I was still kind of shaky and felt like I couldn’t walk. He asked me how old I was and I told him. He said I was still young. My brain will heal quicker than his if he was in my situation. So I called the taxi again to go back home. My mom continue to give me lectures. I was still kind of freaking out in the kitchen and she tried helping me look up rehab drug facilities. I found a few they were all closed by that time. I kept getting transferred to different people. I got transferred to this one guy who was cool and nice. I told him about my head and if it’s normal. He said it can affect everybody different . That it could be from congestion. To make sure I eat, drink lots of water and get some rest. He even gave me his personal phone number if I ever needed to talk because he use to be a meth addict. It felt good talking about it with somebody. I wish I had somebody here to talk to about this. My mom and everybody is just into there own thing and I’m here worried. I guess it’s how it’s got to be. I put myself in this position. It’s been 4 days that I’ve been feeling this head pressure and it’s keeping me from doing things. I missed work 2 days already. Last night I couldn’t sleeping cause I could feel my brain pumping like a heart if that makes any sense. I really don’t know how to describe it. I’m never doing meth again. I just want to feel like myself again. Is there anybody who is feeling the same way cause I can’t find anybody with the same symptoms as me.

  212. Sorry! I accidentally dropped my phone and hit enter. The first thing I like to do on this stuff is get naked. That is actually the only time I feel comfortable to walk around the house naked. It just makes you feel like you don’t have a care in the world. It’s fantastic, isn’t I?

    I get my boyfriend out of bed and we start messing around. I am feeling much more loaded than normal, but I was just enjoying the moment and playing around. Suddenly, I started feeling very sick to my stomach. I told him we had to take a break and we would pick it back up later.

    I started violently vomiting and I am starting to think I overdosed. I am sweating like crazy and I was having to go outside in the 20 degree weather just to cool down. I normally only take 4 to 6 hits off the pipe at a time. That is usually how much it takes to give me a head rush, my favorite part. And usually it would take us both a couple of hours to smoke a whole gram out of the pipe. As you can probably tell the biggest problem is that I am a light weight. I downed my hot tea pretty quick with the one gram in it, because it tasted so bad. I wanted to get it over with. I think I drank the meth about 3 pm in the afternoon. I was feeling nauseous but that was pretty normal to me, but I haven’t ever gotten violently ill ike that. I had just lost my job, hence the reason for the binge. I told my boyfriend that I felt like I was dying. I am not a type of person to go to the ER, unless I really feel like I need it. Everyone that knows me, knows that I am in really bad shape if I want to go to the ER. I talked myself out of going because I was ashamed of my drug use. The worst part (and the scariest) was that the more time that passed, the sicker I continued to get. I felt like death. I wanted to die. I remember telling my boyfriend that it had been 12 or 13 hours since I drank that stuff. I hadn’t done anymore meth. I was still very high, but I couldn’t leave the toilet. I wanted to be ready whenever it was ready to come back up. Today, more than 24 hours later, I am still pretty nauseous, but I no longer feel like I am dying.

    Can someone who is moreexperienced with this stuff than me please tell me what was happening? Does it sound like I overdosed? I just like to educate myself so that I learn from my experiences. Is consuming one gram all at one time even enough to be considered an overdose? Does it sound like I was ever in any real danger?

    I am only asking because I like to know what I did wrong so that I don’t intentionally do it again. My other symptoms besides the severe nausea and the vomiting was stabbing pains in my actual stomach area. They weren’t like gas pains. It really hurt. Like the stuff was eating me up from the inside out. I was sweating profusely and the normal feeling of it feeling like my heart is going to pump out of my chest.

    Even now, 24 hours later, I stI’ll am feeling some of the effects in my head. Does that make sense? That feeling you get inside your head that let’s you know you are high. I normally wouldn’t have taken 3 hours to post all of these details, but for some reason I always think I have to make sure you have the full story so that you can picture it in your mind. You guys do that too, right? When you are high it takes forever to tell a story because you can’t leave out any details. Or you are in the middle of telling a story and you suddenly forget what you were saying? Seriously, isn’t it a little concerning that I am still feeling the effects of my high from yesterday, more than 24 hours later? That is starting to worry me. Plus, I can’t get rid of the nausea. Any tips to help me feel better would be great.



  213. Hi Sherry. If you suspect your baby was exposed to meth, please take him/her to the hospital. Or if things get worse Call 911.

  214. I would like to know if an eight month old baby boy intake of enough Meth to make him tachycardia, hypertension, could this happen without him having diolation of the eye’s?
    Would baby have no increased work of breathing, regular rate and rhythm at the stage of his blood pressure being 121/80 with heart rate at 192?

  215. I was a meth addict I stooed 4 years ago. I Ben smoking again for 4 days in a row. I will have surgery with general anesthesia in 3 weeks if I stop smoking meth now will is still affect the anesthesia in my surgery in 3 weeks

  216. I keep oding by smoking meth and i cant understand why. Before i would do 120 half a b in 3 days and i would be fine now if i do 100 bucks in three days im oding, i dont wanna die, how do i prevent myself from oding cuz its scary and really hurts. My symptoms will be chest back neck n stomach pain difficutly breathing heart racing body buring up from waist to top of head pressure in my head n face cold hands numbness down left side could hardly move my handwithwith thethese symptoms r they od symptons?

  217. Smoking meth has been a rollercoaster
    Never know when you’re done and when you realize that you lost it all, and your family, pulls away, cause they don’t understand you, nor do they know how too fix it, stressed out, lost in confused, body aches, and when your out and broke your sleeping all day, or trying too find a way to get high, it’s not all cracked out t o what people o please say. It’s not attractive, causes reality, important distractions, feelings of no go p e,love,support, and can’t trust anyone who is always playing games with your head, telling YOU your tripping, etc I. Regret ever trying it.

  218. I have read all of the content listed here. I’ve been using meth on and off for around 18 years. The old stuff, crank never had any serious side affect to other than losing weight and not eating. The meth came out and it wasn’t that bad. It didn’t last as long and you knew what it was being made with. But ever since the crack down on Sudafed has made it almost impossible for local manufacturers to produce the good clean meth. Now it’s being g made in Mexico. And it’s dirty and it being made from ingredients that are cause me to feel sick. And other users ha e said the same thing. Plus the stage thing is that I have gone from 15 lb when I was clean to 197 lbs while using. So I would like to k ow what chemicals those Mexicans are using to manufacture 5 his new product.

    Also does anyone know if the rumor about heroine being added to the meth In order to get people addicted quicker

  219. Hi Destiny. You can Call the free number of the Poison Control Center:1-800-222-1222, to talk to a poison expert and get advise on what you should do next. If anyone can drive you to the hospital, that would be great because you need medical help.

  220. Hi im Destiny , i smoked more Meth before this day , but this day i took about 5 hits big ones . And then my throat started to hurt alot like as if i was being choked for about 5 minutes then my head had really bad pain and i started to puke , and i was getting really really sweaty when i puked my nose would be runny , at first my vomit was food and liquid but then it started to become like foam and other yellow looking . Id close my eyes and start thinking but my head was still hurting and id vomit alot of foam every few days , i felt kind of worried an anxious now my head just hurts alot and i try to drink water i end up vomiting it back out . could this possibly be an overdose?

  221. Ok so I have plenty (years) of experience with meth, glass, ice. Been off of it for a few years and recently started dabbling. Got a half g a little while ago and shot about a quarter of it, all is going well until five minutes in I get the worst pounding headache I’ve ever had, no exaggeration. Take my blood pressure and it’s 230/127, pulse 60.waited 10 minutes, now it’s 210/123, pulse 58. The headache is finally starting to subside. What the hell made me react so strongly? Other than that, it just felt like a run of the mill medium size shot. Anyone got any feedback?

    P.S. Forgot to mention, took 2mg xanax right before doing it and a few hits of dro. Also am on methadone maintenance, 100mg/day, but haven’t taken any today.

  222. Hi i was just wondering if you knew why i faint everytime i take no more then 5 steps. I had some ice last night, first time in a few years and i injected for the first ever time. It was fine till half way through the night after me and my bf had sex i got up to go to the bathroom and fainted in the hallway i now cant get up without fainting even just to go from the bed to my ensuite bathroom its been going on for around 7 hours now. Laying down im ok, i feel vomity sick but im fine just standing up i faint. Also ive never fainted before now nor am i on any other medications

  223. Hello my ñame is Óscar its been actually about Almost going to a 4 years That i been using meth constantly and well there was a time about 4 months where I started using more quantities of meth wich had bought around 1 oz of course didn’t smoke it all probably like about 15 grams in less then 1 month I also been getting symptoms just like te ones that are listed below – body feels really hot .pain in my chest an stomach aches also been feeling getting poked with like a needle in my brain well after all this info that i just foun out today wich by the way it’s really got me thinking about smoking it again..would like to ask for advice of what I should do to stop or quit smoking meth before my health gets affected permanently ..please

  224. People even use baby laxative to cut it with also and vitablend. VitaBlend makes me break out in a rash that goes away shortly and is really not a big deal. It’s no worse then the drug your doing anyways. And doing too much resulting with you over amping your heart when your eyes roll around and shake your whole body shakes and gets hot. Etc. Yes get thrown in a cold shower clothes on whatever it might save your life. If their flopping on the ground due to over amping, if you have what it takes or if u really want to help them not die you should try everything and I saved my best friends life this way is to stick an ice cube up their just like a rectal thermometer. They will snap right out of it. Only in extreme cases where they wouldnt be able to stop you should you attempt it. Getting too hot of temperature is deadly.

  225. I’ve been injecting meth for a long time now and I can say that the hot feeling you get after smoking or injection is usually whatever they used to cut the meth with before you got it. Who knows who actually cut it.
    Anyways usually Niacin, Epson Salt, MSN(Pills for the joints in farm animals) it all cracks back and breaksdown.
    Always taste your meth before you use it if it has a cold feel fo your tounge then its cut which is cut. Keep in mind meth does taste horrible. And if someone has lost their life due to Meth shot it was probably a hot shot which could be anything never let anyone make your shot up for you. If you can’t do it yourself then you don’t need to be doing it. When it comes to drugs remember that you can’t trust your best friends not even yourself sometimes.

  226. Why when I snorted meth did I had trouble breathing about an hour later? I don’t do it anymore, but ive always wondered. Also, I had a really bad cold one time and my mom suggested this medicine with physodopherene….(?spelling). Could doing both at the same time cause an overdose???

  227. I am not a drug user but the other night for some stupid reason allowed myself to get shot up with meth. It was way too much and I thought I was going to die. it took 16hrs for those negative symptoms to go away. since then I keep getting hot and cold , nausea, diarrhea and just really feel sick. Can I be dope sick? and what do I do about it? not experienced with this kind of stuff.

  228. I’ve been smoking meth off and on for about 8 years I’ve noticed in the past 4 weeks that I get extreme chest and back pains mostly in my upper left back side I’m very concerned about this because it started from my back and now I get these weird left leg and left arm cramps sometimes a numbness feeling or sometimes sharp pains in my back and chest sometimes I feel dizziness and almost a faint like feeling its got me so concerned that I’ve looked up different types of symptoms that can cause these pains they basically resulted in heart failure heart disease heart attack so I’m very scared I was also told about a year and a half ago that I was a pre diabetic and I didn’t do anything to really treat this condition but after hearing that those symptoms could also do with the heart I been wishing that it’s only diabetic symptoms which is also scary I need help I also been a long-term cigarette smoker weed smoker and I occasionally drink but I’ve been doing that for a long time and just yesterday I decided to flush the stash I’ve quit meth before numerous times but the thing that’s hard for me is staying off it for a. Of time I always tend to go back to the abuse after a few weeks or a couple days and the cigarette smoking I would say is my hardest habit to kick I’ve been smoking cigarettes for around 14 to 15 years and round a pack a day I notice now when I do physical work I start feeling these weird pains in my chest and have trouble breathing it usually starts as a heavy feeling in my chest due to sharp pains my left hand starts cramping up in my bones start feeling numb and stiff I want to get treated for these weird symptoms but I have no insurance I’m wondering if I should just walk into the hospital and discuss my problem but I really need your advice on what it is I should do please help me

  229. my friend had 3 months coma after overdose meth.after that, he become amnesia,paralyzed and mute.basicly he looks just normal person..does any possibility to recover in the next future?

  230. let me tell you guys about my near death experience as it felt, but I need some advice from one of you guys , So I drank 2 40oz’s of Mickeys around 5pm then I took a hit of meth at 6pm then I smoked a gram of weed 8pm , decided to buy another 40 oz of high life 9pm during all this I smoked about 10-12 cigarettes , got home at about 1 am laid down on my bed then all of a sudden I couldn’t move my hands I was going numb I couldn’t feel my face I stopped breathing I ran to the toilet to throw up then I couldn’t , I wasn’t functioning , my girlfriend was startled I passed out for about 10 sec still hearing everything she was telling me , I couldn’t speak either but somehow I managed to tell her throw that glass of water on my head . I began breathing as if I had an asthma attack then I stumbled to the fan still trying to breathe I felt as if I couldn’t hold on , every cold glass of water was as if it would revive me it went on for about 8 minutes of complicated breathing , please someone tell me what happened ???

  231. Jason my best advise to you is since you believe that you can step away now …. why don’t you go ahead and do it …step away … meth ruins so many peoples lifes… and it will seriously go from you having everything and just starting the drug then next thing you know outta no where TINA will grab you by the ankles and before you know it you will loose everything by the time shes through with you …. so seriously while you think you can walk away go ahead and do it before you cant walk away anymore ….

  232. to the people complaining of having a headache and vomiting ….. im not a doctor or anything but more than likely (my personal opinion) of having a headache after any type of meth use esp after smoking is because someone has put some type of cut/ flex on it and that will normally tend to make your head hurt and also it will make you fill real irritable (1.having or showing a tendency to be easily annoyed or made angry: “she was tired and irritable”)
    NOT POSTIVE if that’s your case but normally a headache is the cause of cut being put on the meth I not to sure about the whole vomiting situation tho …. and again this isn’t a proven fact just what I believe

  233. Is it bad to smoke it a few times times a month? Im not addicted at all to meth but the past 2 months Ive had it 1 night each week (on the weekend as a binge) and have a .4/5g rock. Ive stopped now because I hate the side effects of over-production of oil on my face, not so much boils but i get indeed pimply which I find so f**king disgusting and not to mention how screwed up my tongue gets haha. I find it such a dirty drug, but I can understand how people get hooked on the stuff. Am i doing fatal long term damage to my brain, or will my brain recover.

  234. My husband passed away on March 30th in our home while it was just he and I there. I did CPR for 36 minutes before the ambulance arrived breaking 8 of his ribs in the process. His death certificate stayed cause of death as acute methamphetamine toxicity with altherior schlorosis as secondary contributor. Said he had 0.19 methamphetamine and 0.06 amphetamine. First off what is the difference in methamphetamine and amphetamine? And the 0.19 % what is the limit?

  235. Hello Bianca. I understand from what I’m reading in your post, it’s a tough situation. Methamphertamine is not easily put under controll and it’s not easy to quit. She can recover from her meth addiction using both, inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. She might be needing to go to a safe retreat, far away from everything. There is also the option to do daily check-ins or follow through a day treatment program.

  236. My girl has done meth in the pass only snorting, & smoking. .
    She decided to try a butt buster.. she loved it, next day she slammed dope for the first time. Her tolerance is super high. She started w 30..3 times yesterday. Today she did 40. Then 30, in now 60c.. she was freaking out!! Shes only 100lbs and never eats.. I gave her adivan, made her eat dinner/force her to. She looks a lot better but I’m wondering if I should let her sleep??? She n bed falling asleep.

  237. What could be the cause of a severe headache and vomiting? This is my first use in about a month and I ived a very small amount. The symptoms started about 30 mins after injecting. If anyone has any insight please let me know

  238. We found my dad dead on Monday night from meth overdose (injection). He died Friday night/saturday morning and wasnt found for 3 days. We know it was unintentional because he had 3 syringes already filled with meth (one was already taken and the other 2 were for later). Unfortunately the first one killed him. Im trying to come to terms with his VERY preventable death but its really hard. I just want to know if he suffered while he was dying and what he was going through in those moments of overdose. Thanks.

  239. I’ve been slamming meth for a couple months now, but the last couple days right after I slam I get very dizzy an light headed. Just wondering what would be the reason all of a sudden I’m getting dizzy from slamming, could it be lack of sleep or something else?

  240. Hello Leah. There are no drug interactions known with meth and Tylenol (acetaminophen), or Midol, taken together.

  241. I am 17. And i have been snorting meth for the past month. My 29 year old boyfriend shoots it. I feel like a hyprocrite. Cause my 19 yr old sister is a meth head hardcore. I dont know if im going tobstop. I wantto. But its all i think about. I am currently high right now. I have afast heart beat and shortness of breath and im very slow. Like ifeel like im movig in slow motion. Im scared im going to.die. i only do a 4th or5th of a tenth evryvlike 6 hours. I need help. Ijust dropped.out of my senior year and.i was. In the process of getig my state tested nursing assitance licence. HELP

  242. hello so I have been on a little binger with meth lately to keep me goin while I work these doubles at work and so I started my period and with that came cramps bad ones this time and I decided to take midol. they were so bad I took 4 midol in the am then around 4 later that day 8.5 hrs later I took 2 more midol pills all while getting high on meth. I seemed to OD on midol I had a extreme reaction at work and had to leave. I don’t know if it was the combination of the two or if it was just the midol intake in such short time. its the next day now and im wanting to get high but not die. so I guess I want to know if mixing the two would be fatal?

  243. My boyfriend was clean for 8 years. He lapsed last saturday night. Smoked 8 ball of meth between him and another person. Today is thursday. He has felt disconnected and frazzled. Has anxiety , slight paranoia and depression also. Cant go back to work. Is this normal comedown? He is sleeping around4-6 hours a nite. He is eating some not alot but enough. How long will this last? Could he have permanent issues? Or may he need medications to help with the anxiety? Thank you

  244. I have currently been using Crystal Meth for about the past 20HOURS…. I think I have been dehydrated through most of this experience, an I am starting to get all shaky an my eyesight hasn’t just changed slightly, it’s becoming to where I can’t ignore it because the only thing my eyes can really been able to look at more often but not anywhere close to what I’m supposed to see. I am starting to become a little worried now that I am extremely shaky an experiencing myself losing my ability to control my vision even though I know it’s not supposed to be all smeared N starting to have colors mesh together in a way that it looks like everything is starting to become just one big blur of colors that are all mixed together could I be feeling signs of a overdose right now, how badly will this, or how possible is it that this is possibly affecting and/or eating away and deteriorating “Central Nervous System”?? Having such a bad reaction an unique experience feeling that makes me think “Common Sense”, if you have done this numerous times & is new to You this far down, that’s MOST LIKELY A BIG RED FLAG that this is probably made with worse shit & if You keep rolling the dice on whether you get the stuff properly made, (An just having no care if it’s you that gets turned into News Coverage, or ANOTHER MOVIE ABOUT DRUG ADDICTION, An having to make your family go through that, an make themselves believe you had been shown Mercy by GOD, & don’t have to wake up every morning feeling like nothing is real, or have nightmares, You escape what every addict most likely dreads of ever being “The one that thinks it couldn’t EVER be a road her life would have greater than or equal to any other addicts chance, an in a split second Your life could be irreparable and be experiencing what anyone could cause ANYBODY to have Nightmare about irreversible affects that changed your life forever an will never experience life at its peak….

  245. So does that mean that you think he’s probably always going to be like this and that there isn’t anything we can do to help him?

  246. Hi Nicole. Scientists and researchers have linked chronic and long term methamphetamine abuse to significant brain changes and tissue damage. MRI scans of individuals who are methamphetamine addicts show distinct cell loss in particular regions, including the limbic and hippocampus.

    Long term, chronic users of methamphetamine are known to have difficulty in memory retention but also exhibit symptoms similar to bipolar, schizophrenia and movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease.

  247. Ok well here goes my story…… My brother came home from doing over five years in the Feds well when he came home he started using meth again. One of the first times I saw him act super crazy was around last summer he came home from the Feds in February so he had been home a good six months anyways he was living with his girl friend and I went over there to visit him. He called me to the bedroom and was like Nikky did you see that … I was like see what … Then he was like that and hoped down looking under the bed then he jumped up real quick looking in the closet and was like that you see it don’t you…. I was puzzled cause I didn’t see anything and was like uhhh no I don’t know what your talking about then he looked under the bed and jumped up to the closet again and was like like that you see it don’t you I still didn’t see anything and was like naw your tripping dawg there’s nothing there and walked out the room….. Anthor occasion I can remember is that he was talking his girl friend to work and dropped her off me and my friend went with him so I could drive since he didn’t have incense well on the way back to the house he made me turn around and go back to her job made us sit outside in the heat for like fifteen minutes claiming some dude was coming up there to pick his girl friend up and that she does it everyday but today he was going to catch him well finally I got fed up with it and was like I gotta take my friend back to his truck he ended up making my drive back and forth about ten times I would only get about a mile down the street each time making me go back to her job site. Claiming I was in on it too. Cause I won’t turn around and everything. The poor girl didn’t have no dude meeting her and leaving with him at her job or anything she was working. That’s all. He was just tripping. He threatened to tie me up with rope and duck tape if I didn’t go with him but I just walked up to the house where his homeboy who is a pretty big dude was at and told him I wasn’t going with him and I was staying there. Ok anthor time my brother showed out I was hanging out at a normal spot my homegirls works at kicking it with her while she worked and outta no where he came walking through the door well he doesn’t do very well in public esp on meth because everyone is always looking at him cause he had tats everywhere even on his face so when he’s on meth and everyone staring at him it makes him really pynorid well this time the thought all his friends where plotting to Robb him so he walked a good ten miles back to where I was and he ended up staying with me so I could get him a ride back to his girlfriend house well he stopped by the store and bought two glass bottles I guess I hit someone with that messed with him. On the ride home he freaked me out I wasn’t sure if he was wanting to hit me in the face or my homeboy in the passenger sit in the head with the glass but he def wanted to hit one of us I never been so glad to get him out the car as I was that day. Hummm not towards the end of the summer it started getting horrible well remember I said he had been in jail for a good five years and you know tha around the time google tarted being popular so he had no idea. So when he found out about google it really fucked him up. Then he started claiming that when he was in prison they inserted a chip in his chest that had the answeres to the whole world and he was the only one with this chop and not they wanted it back. Every time a airplane or helocopter flew over him her would scream in pain grabbing his chest. He thought they had a magnet and was trying to suck the chip outa him he once even wrapped himself in tin foil so they couldn’t get the chip. After the plane would fly by he would always grab my finger put it in his ear and ask me if I felt that sometimes I would have to agree although I didn’t feel anything because I started noticing that when I didn’t agree with him he would start to shut me out only if I agreed with him would he allow me to know a little more about wha was going on with him and what he was going through. Onetime he walked out my fathers house with his arms up serenading to a pretend army then asked me to take him to a friends house and I was like yeah cause I was leaving anyways. Pulling out the drive way he wanted me to go the long way to his friends house cause the army was the other way I refused tho and ended up putting him out by this church half way there cause he told me too and the whole time when he got out the car he had his arms up walking to the church running like he was going to se render himself. Anyways he once got into this fight with the police man at the store and was whooping him when two other men jumped in on him one hitting him with a wrench and he went to the hostipal to get evaluated I went to the hospital to visit him and he was locked in a room by this self they had to knock on the door first letting him know I was there and asked if it was ok for me to come see him. He was like yeah when I walked in the room it took everything I had to hold back the tears and I don’t cry often anyways he looked like one of those crazy people in the crazy hospital on them lifetimes movies. All he kept doing was showing me his elbows tht where scratch up telling me thy they put notches in him that they put notches in him and for me to look and did I see….. Oh yeah I almost forgot one day we where at my fathers house and I seriously thought he was just fucking with me but he told me to go get him a needle my child is a diabetic so we have needles well I thought there is noway he could be shooting up as a child he was so scared of needles it was crazy I remember my mom having to hold him down in a figurative eight just to prick his finger well I told him that if he wanted one he better go get it his self well he did then he told me to hold the door cause the lock was broken well I was like no if you want the door locked you hold it your self and walked out the room to outside to smoke a cigarette well I figured he was just throbbing for attention and he wasn’t seriously shooting up. Until he ran out side with the needle and empty sack and throw them at me telling me to do something with them that’s when I checked the needle and yep there was blood inside the needle so he had been shooting up that’s why he had been acting so crazy. Well this is what I believe had happened to him I think that say sometimes he maybe would eat a gram of dope and it would fuck him up well I believe he thought that since he could eat that much that he could shoot that much also and has done shoot up way to much which fucked with his chemical balance and now he has meth phoytosis. Even if he’s off meth he’s still not normal anymore he’s still not my brother. So my question for you is is it possible that if you shoot up to much meth that you could possibly go insane and never be normal again because he been in jail for the whole getting in a fight with the police man incident for about four months now he still isn’t normal.

  248. Would short 2 long term use of Meth begin 2 make someone get dizzy, light headed, sometimes have hot sweats with dizziness & light headedness and then falling asleep after having some rough, passionate intercourse with their other half?

  249. Hello, my daughters father is/was on meth. I started noticing he would be up all night all week long, then come the weekend he would just sleep all day and all night…I started noticing weird things he was doing and thought maybe he was affected by the meth from his teenage yrs. (Note:I knew NOTHING about drugs period) So, I started researching the after affects of meth but everything that I found showed to be effects while on it! Then I found evidence of meth and confronted him with it.. telling him I would help him thru this, but he had to move out until he was clean… now it has been 2 years later, I’ve given him 4 drug test…3 of them showed positive for meth. Now it has been about 6-7 months, he continues to tell me he’s clean, hasn’t done any but has refused a drug test for the past 6 to 7 months… his face still looks sunk in which is not his look at all, other than that I’m not around him enough to tell. He hasn’t went anywhere for help, he said he is strong enough to stop his self. I need to know how do I tell he is off drugs.. he wants to have his daughter for the weekend and he also wants us to have a relationship together. I’m so afraid he isn’t off of meth or will go back.

  250. Hi Bill. Obsessing over a drug and craving it are signs of addiction. It’s a good thing you are aware of your behavior. Hold on to the light spot in your life, your family, and make every effort, with every single thought and refrain from using EVER again! Do you need help finding a support group or treatment near you?

  251. I have recently befriended a guy who smokes meth regularly and is also a very heavy user. On 5 occasions; usually at the end of the week(on a friday) we have smoked Crystal meth together. It is the first time I have ever tried it, however, its been every friday for the last 4 or 5 weeks (I only smoke less than a point at a time, maybe a little above a point on two different fridays). I am finding myself craving it during the week and also very depressed whilst no on it, although at the end of the week I know that I possibly might meet up with this guy and theres a good chance we will smoke it. I am 32 years old, a husband and a father to a 18 month old. I feel ashamed that I am doing this as well feeling like a failure for even letting this carry on, and I hope that I can just stop and return to normal life. Every week I say I will cut all ties with this guy and not take his calls but every week I give in to temptation and meet up with him ( I have no clue on how to buy the meth, this guy usually gets it for me). I ask myself am I an addict already? is there a way out of this? Once I do cut this guy out of my life, what if I start scoring meth on my own? I love my family very much and my son is my entire world, I just feel like such a weak failure for doing this. Can somebody please give me some advice?

  252. I don’t know if I’m paranoid or if I’m overdosing! I’ve been smoking meth for about 10 months. After 2 months of sobriety I relapsed last Friday the day I got out of rehab. I’ve been smoking everyday since, not eating, but I have tried to drink. I think I dehydrated myself quickly. Yesterday morning I swallowed a large piece along with smoking but I took 2 10 milligram loritab right before, about 30 minutes after swallowing I started getting stomach pains and felt extremely hot, then for the next few hours I would sweat profusely. I placed a cold towel around my neck and head and stood under the air and started feeling better after a while. I felt fine smoked some more then took a hot shower and during my shower yesterday I started sweating profusely. I could feel the sweat dropping off my face, I cooled myself down then got over heated with more activities and sweat more and couldn’t urinate a lot but when I did it was dark! Well I ate last night and slept from 10 pm til about 5 am woke up and smoked and felt fine on other than a nasty taste in my mouth. I met with a friend at a hotel, he didn’t measure it he just started filling two capsules up with meth we swallowed those, then smoked a couple of bowls. Within 2 hours I was hearing stuff outside of the hotel door I thought the police were raiding it. My stomach hurt again, I got dizzy, extremely shaky, started seeing spots, everything sounded like mumbling to me. The guy I was with went into a daze as soon as I was coming out of mine a little, he was staring off and if I asked him if he was OK he would only mumble about a shirt and stare blankly beside me and his hands and arms were jerking. It scared the crap out of me. He snapped out of it after about 10 minutes. I somehow drove myself back home shaking very badly the whole time with a cold towel around my neck and my air on high and I was still burning up. My husband found me in my car shaking barely able to walk, any movement would instantly heat my insides up. I was having numbness in my arms and legs, I drank more and ate more thru out the day had Luke warm shower that seemed to help some. Then I started having chest pain, but it felt like indigestion almost. I have felt a lot better for several hours now and haven’t smoked or ingested meth in any way in almost 17 hours and all of a sudden I keep feeling these small bugs fly or crawl on me, I haven’t seen one yet but I can only feel them, my husband says I’m still high and paranoid. But wouldn’t I have been paranoid long ago, not now almost 17 hours later my temperature is low, I’ve urinated at least 3 good times that I can remember, now I’m hearing keys jingle outside of my bedroom door and thought something just flew past me into the corner on my bed. I keep biting on the sides of my tongue it’s almost like it’s swollen. I keep telling myself I’m seeing and hearing stuff. But see I just heard a tapon my bedroom window and my bathroom fan cane on someone us messing with me. Someone I gotta go now when I find out who it was I’ll sey them on fi

  253. I have been on a month long relapse of meth. I occasionally snort and smoke daily. Today I felt no affect of the meth but actually extreme exhaustion and a sick to my stomach feeling. I went and forced myself to vomit. And my vomit came out black and tasted aweful. Please tell me what’s wrong with me I’m terrified and don’t know what to do..?? I haven’t ate but I been feeling full for the whole day. I already threw away the meth. Help please

  254. Hello & thank u 4 any information. I had a near overdose & survived. My question is can I use again? If i do will I immediately go back to where I left off?

  255. How long does it take from the time of your last hit to suffer lethal symptoms of overdose and how long after symptoms appear are you in danger of dying?

  256. i read dont let them fall asleep, cool them down, cold shower? water. stay hydrated. hospital if you can-they have shors they can slow you down with. i believe ativan

  257. Hi Michelle. Get to an emergency room. Or call the National Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an over the phone assessment.

  258. my friend just did 100 cc of meth and is having trouble breathing and his heart is rapidly beating what does he do

  259. my friend gave me a thick 50 unit shot at 12am friday night…the typical great rush..then 630am mixed me another shot and i did it, went cross eyed and could tell my eyes were going crazy. i started burning up couldn’t focus my eyes on anything, and my eyelids were just closing and it was really hard to stay awake. i felt like if i stood up id fall, i remember thinking i needed fresh air and to not fall asleep. i started heating up and turned all red and shaking really bad uncontrollably, after a bit i started sweating really bad. i told my friend i felt like i was dying. i tried taking a hit of weed, but could barely take one. i got really scared/paranoid i wanted to go to park, but got scared of my friend i was with. i managed to get in my car and get home…now its sunday 10am my chest is still burning and my body is still hot. my tummy in gurgling/little foamy..not sure what to do been drinking water. does this sound normal for meth overdose? im afraid it was a dirty shot and its eating my insides-its so hot inside me….

  260. Son used 20 years (iv). Clean 61/2. had ulna nerve transposition surgery , six months after operations on both arms pain got worse than before the operation. Have been to three specialists, next to orthopedic surgeon . None of them can seem to find cause. BUT son found that his old “friend” meth takes the pain completely away. His PCP Doctor called him a liar, said there is no way meth takes pain away. I see that it does with my own two eyes,. Why does meth take the pain away, he can work like he did before the arm surgery’s. Now he wants to stop,but is so afraid of the arm pain.. Why does it take the pain away ???

  261. Thank you for your quick reply. I have consulted both coroner and toxicologist and medical person, but didn’t really get the any of those answers. I just researching as much as I can so as to get some sort of sense out of this whole situation. It was certainly not in Josh’s nature at all. But think maybe he got wrapped up with the wrong people and just need to know if those levels are small amounts or large. I just trying to find some sort of closure but not sure if i really ever will :'(.

  262. Hello Shiree. I am so very sorry for your loss. I’d suggest that you consult with a coroner, toxicologist, or Medical Review Officer at a diagnostic drug testing lab to get the answers to the questions you have. I wish you much love and healing to you and your family.

  263. My son was missing for 16 days in Bunbury WA last June and was found 16 days later on 12 July 2013. (Suicide :'( ). His measurements of Meth 0.04mg/1 and amphetamines 0.02mg/1 also alcohol 0.078% and bile alcohol of 0.112% were found in his body. I have no idea of levels that would have been taken. Could you please tell me if this is a high intake or low reading after such a length of time before he was found. Does it remain the same when a person passes or would those levels change? Any answers right now would be of great help as I as his mother believe he did not take his life. We smell a dirty rat and am not sure if he was drugged or in wrong place at wrong time. I look forward to your reply.


  264. Hello David. I would suggest that you call a Poison Control Center or Emergency Room near you to consult on what to do. If you are the U.S., the Poison Control Hotline is 1-800-222-1222.

  265. Hi I m 31 years old male I smoked crystal methamphetamine for the first time in my life and I smoked it continue 16 hrs. Jus taking 4,5 times per hour and before taking this I was drunked by beer, after 18 hrs. Taking this drug I got overdose side effects my stomach is totally empty , my heart is bit abnormally and I think I will die but I control my hearth through breath n goes to silent place even I walk little my heart will repeat it again ,Really I can’t think about to call ES after few minutes I eat noodles forcefully I recover 50% but still I not go to hospital ,until 20 hrs I m same during that period I eat milk fruits water foods n I recovered almost 90% but still I m afraid that still I need to go hospital becouse my heart bit is normal now jus only have little sweating during sleep that’s all.

  266. Hi. I smoke meth once in a while. Like every 2 to 3 months. I also suffer from anxiety and have high blood pressure. This week I started on Thursday night and was up for 2 days with 1 hour of sleep I usually smoke and take 3 hits and won’t hit it until 6+ hours later. So come Saturday I still continue using that night I get about 3 hours of sleep keep in mind I only take no more than 3 hits and wait 6+ maybe even up to 9 hours to hit if again. On sunday I continue I feel drained my body does feel tired the last time I took a hit was at 6:30 pm. After an hour or so I start feeling weird my body is twitching my heart starts beating fast than slows Down I got bad anxiety and felt like I was having an overdose my body felt cold. And I read all about oding and felt I had the symptoms. I take alprazolam (xanax for an an anxiety I usually wait more than 6 hours to take one after I smoked and wait another while before I do it again. So after I started having those symptoms I waited 3 hours and then took xanax which kind of calmed me down. I finally got some sleep about 8 hours My question is can you overdose even though I don’t smoke every little while like other people. Was it a sign of a heart attack or stroke. Today which is Monday I woke up and had bad chest pain that felt like heart burn. It was bad and I felt a little scared and had anxiety which made me think I was having a heart attack. How long does it take for you to overdose after use? Can you overdose hours later or even have a heart attack hours later after last use?

  267. Hi. Ive been slamming crystal meth the last two weeks. Last night i did a good amount but then passed right out. Im starting to get a tolerance. When I woke up this mornin my pupils were still dilated but I wasnt where I wanted to be so I fixed up another shot. I got no rush at all but almost immediatly my chest started hurting. Almost like I swallowed sumthin n it got stuck.also my whole chest turned brught red. I grabbed an ice pack and put it over my heart and cooled my body with a cold rag. I tried to stand but chest wld hurt little more and my ears started to ring. I started guzzling water and peeing as much as possible trying to flush my systwm. I feel a lil better. My chest isnt hurting so bad but my body is si cokd. Its been two hours since shot. Am I ib the clear

  268. Hello Dani. Relapse is common when you’re coming off meth because the cravings are so extreme. Tell on yourself! This is the only way that you can get medical attention and the psychological help that you need to get past the cravings. My best goes out to you!

  269. Im danii im 16 and I’ve been sober for two months before last night and the night before that I an expirencing muscle spasms in having very light but hallucinations difficulty breathing and cant sleep but im too scared to tell anyone because everyone here thinks I’m still sober.

  270. Hello Timmy. I’d suggest that you definitely seek medical help. A family doctor is a good place to start, as you can get a full medical assessment and then referral to specialists, if needed. Call the ER if you need to, for sure.

  271. i have been in and out of the hospital for about 4 month. the first time i went i was diagnosed with viral gastroenteritis. but i would still vomit after it was supposed to go away in 3 days to a week max. this was before i started to smoke meth again. second time i went (due to all the vomiting/nausea still) they said i had irritable bowel syndrome but wasn’t sure since they said there are no real tests to find out for sure. at this time was when i started to use meth again, but when i barely started again i wouldn’t have stomach pains. i then went to the hospital another time and they said my appendix was bigger then normal size, so i got it removed. recently ill have a lot of dry heaves and stomach pain. today the stomach pain was SOOOOO BAD…. i would sleep for about 30 minutes to an hour, wake up and smoke again. then my stomach pains would come back. but when i was 14-17 i would never get these stomach pains from doing meth. so im wondering do i need to go to the hospital once again or what am i supposed to do? please reply to me asap. thank you!!

  272. Hello Joel. Is he still using? Meth can cause long term effects to the brain and body; but the shorter the period of use, the less impact it has on the system.

  273. My boyfriend at age 27 used meth about 2-3 times a week on binges for a year. He iv’d it and usually did 1.5mg/night. Can you explain what this means for his health and ability to recover any damage ( he says he feels fine )? Also, how does his prognosis for survival look and over what period of time on average?

  274. Hi,I believe I had a close call a few days ago I drank “warb” water , water that has been in a water bong used to smoke meth for extended periods of time..leading to a highly concentrated aamount of meth. II drank no more than 2 oz and about 39 minutes after I could not eyes were shaking as was my entire body..I could not walk and started vomiting stomach acids for a about 10 hours with headache that was 3 days ago and I’m just behin Ong to feel better should j go to dr

  275. Hi basem. It’s possible that you’re experiencing hallucinations caused by long term use of meth. I would suggest that you check in with a detox clinic (by phone or by visiting) to learn more about getting off meth and avoiding long term brain damage that is caused by chronic meth use.

  276. How do I know I’m having an overdose? I feel tired which is weird and my heart rate is pounding…I feel as though my veins in my hands are going to pop out and be exposed..I’ve smoked meth everyday for the last 3 months but I do sleep 3-4 hours a night

  277. Hi Michelle. You’ll need a professional opinion from a toxicologist or another coroner. I know that you’re looking for answers, so I’d suggest that you seek the best possible specialist and keep asking questions until you are satisfied. My heart goes out to you.

  278. I am coming to grips with the death of my husband. He was a tall man 6′ 2 large in body weight. He had High Blood pressure, took Ritalin and many other over the counter medications for reflux, Herpes ( which I gave him from my previous husband) erectile dysfunction injections….The coroner says that he had nothing wrong with his heart. The report says some congestion and oedema of the lungs, no actual amount or number. The reports also says toxicology blood methylamphetamine level of 1mg/litre with amphetamine level of 0.05mg litre. They are putting this down as cause of death..Drug overdose, accidental. I don’t believe this for one moment. There is no way. can you pleas advise if someone can overdose on such a level?… thank you

  279. Hello Katherine. I am so sorry to hear about your brother! What do the doctors say? I’d suggest that you speak with them directly about the prognosis for your brother.

  280. My brother is in ICU for overdose of 10 grams of meth. Had seizures,non redponsive,fluid in lungs. His hands and feet look like big swollen punching bag gloves. Will he make it through this or is this the end?????

  281. Hi Monica. Thanks for sharing about your experience with meth. Are you considering using it again and trying to hedge your risks?

  282. I had just started using meth 3 months ago and on some occasions my friend and I would go 3 days without sleep. We did this once or sometimes twice a week until the very last time, I had a frightening and severe attack.
    I had been up smoking meth with only 4 hours of sleep in the last 3 days and also had consumed alcohol that evening. Normally when I smoke meth, it makes me sober and more aware of my surroundings, but this time I had a completely different feeling.
    I started to feel dizzy and nauseous, I vomited and felt a lot better. It was 11pm and time for my friend to leave. As she was leaving I felt a strong feeling of paranoia come over me. I felt very light headed and short of breath but was afraid to tell her although I normally share everything with her. After she left, I felt as if I was going to faint or black out. My body felt weak and I was shaking uncontrollably. My breathing started to get faster as my heart was racing and I felt nauseous again. I started to feel as though I couldn’t breathe, then I knew I had to call my friend to come back. She sped back to my place which was 10 minutes away and found me shaking and breathing very hard. I needed to vomit again and I felt a lot better after that. During the next two hours, the feeling came back every 10-15 minutes but not as severe as the first attack. I’d make sure my friend could pull my arms and stretch them out, or do strong cupping movements on my body which I don’t know why but somehow relieved my condition a little.
    When the tragic 2 hours was up I could finally rest, although I couldn’t sleep, I was able to just sit back n relax. It was very traumatizing for me and at that moment I thought that this was it, death, this is what it feels like to die struggling. After that I have vowed to never take meth again, even if it were a small amount for recreational use, I still refused to use it.
    It is not worth losing your life over a drug like this!
    There are some questions I would like to ask you to help me understand what I went through.
    Does this sound like I had an overdose or was it due to anxiety/sleep deprivation? I was told from my friend that I was having anxiety attacks because I worried too much and had been paranoid and lack of sleep.
    Why did the massage and cupping movements on my back and chest seem to help me in my situation?
    Does it become more dangerous to use meth while drinking alcohol?
    Am I more likely to overdose when I have been using this drug to stay awake on a longer period of time rather than the first day of using after a good sleep or whatnot?
    I hope to hear from you soon!

  283. Hi Judi. I am so sorry for the loss of your sister to meth. I know that you are looking for answers to understand more about her death. These very specific questions would be best addressed by a toxologist or even the coroner directly. Even if your sister’s boyfriend was present during her death, there may have been nothing he could have done to help her, especially if he was also intoxicated by meth. I hope that you can find some resolution and the peace that you are looking for around her passing. Keep in mind that after using meth over time, loss of life is always a possibility.

  284. My sister was found dead in her bed with her boyfriend. Coroner said it was due to an overdose of meth. She and her boyfriend had issues. He says that she had been out the night before and returned home at approx 230am and went directly to sleep next to him in a small bed. He said he awoke at 7 am the next morning and left to get her coffee (first time ever) and when he returned at 730 to wake her he found she was dead.
    This seems really suspicious.
    How long does after a person does meth, if its a pm overdose, does it actually affect them?
    Being that meth is an upper, would it make sane that she would come home and go directly to bed if she in fact had just taken a lethal amount?
    Any help you can give is deeply appreciated.
    Thank you.

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