Medical marijuana cards: Top 10 medical conditions people can fake

Even medical marijuana advocates agree that many people are not using pot for pain related to medical conditions, but to get high. So how are people getting doctor notes for medical marijuana cards? We list the 10 most likely medical conditions that people can fake in order to obtain a prescription for medical marijuana here.

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How medical marijuana distribution works

Most states that have legalized medical marijuana require that patients register, apply or otherwise obtain permission to receive marijuana as treatment or alternative therapy for certain medical conditions.  The extent to which states define medical conditions varies.  However, all states require a doctor’s diagnosis authorizing the treatment.  These doctor notes should be procured with a doctor’s office visit and after a full medical history, including medical records.  However, some people bypass this requirement as doctors can use medical discretion (and authority) to decide to prescribe marijuana without reviewing previous medical history.  As a side note, the FDA, DEA and the Office of National Drug Control Policy do not support the use of smoked marijuana for medical purposes.

How people abuse the medical marijuana system

Logically, medical conditions must be sufficiently debilitating before a doctor will sign off permission for someone to receive (or grow) marijuana to treat illness.  But some conditions are subject to interpretation or can even be faked.  Although medical conditions must be of a certain degree of seriousness and/or limit the ability of a patient to perform daily activities, doctors CAN make a subjective decision that favors the patient.  But which medical conditions may be subject to interpretation?

Medical conditions that people may claim to get medical marijuana

1. Hair loss
2. Dry skin
3. Ligament or tendon pain
4. Anxiety
5. Muscle spasms
6. Loss of appetite
7. Severe pain
8. Severe nausea
9. Arthritis
10. Migraine headache

Top 10 legitimate reasons doctors prescribe medical marijuana

Medical marijuana debate

Should marijuana remain highly regulated and only be distributed to the seriously ill?  Or should marijuana be available to anyone in pain (including mental and/or emotional pain)?  Should we endorse marijuana for any illness for which it provides relief? Your opinions, comments and feedback are welcomed here.

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Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.
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