Medical marijuana cards: Top 10 medical conditions people can fake

Even medical marijuana advocates agree that many people are not using pot for pain related to medical conditions, but to get high. So how are people getting doctor notes for medical marijuana cards? We list the 10 most likely medical conditions that people can fake in order to obtain a prescription for medical marijuana here.

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How medical marijuana distribution works

Most states that have legalized medical marijuana require that patients register, apply or otherwise obtain permission to receive marijuana as treatment or alternative therapy for certain medical conditions.  The extent to which states define medical conditions varies.  However, all states require a doctor’s diagnosis authorizing the treatment.  These doctor notes should be procured with a doctor’s office visit and after a full medical history, including medical records.  However, some people bypass this requirement as doctors can use medical discretion (and authority) to decide to prescribe marijuana without reviewing previous medical history.  As a side note, the FDA, DEA and the Office of National Drug Control Policy do not support the use of smoked marijuana for medical purposes.

How people abuse the medical marijuana system

Logically, medical conditions must be sufficiently debilitating before a doctor will sign off permission for someone to receive (or grow) marijuana to treat illness.  But some conditions are subject to interpretation or can even be faked.  Although medical conditions must be of a certain degree of seriousness and/or limit the ability of a patient to perform daily activities, doctors CAN make a subjective decision that favors the patient.  But which medical conditions may be subject to interpretation?

Medical conditions that people may claim to get medical marijuana

1. Hair loss
2. Dry skin
3. Ligament or tendon pain
4. Anxiety
5. Muscle spasms
6. Loss of appetite
7. Severe pain
8. Severe nausea
9. Arthritis
10. Migraine headache

Top 10 legitimate reasons doctors prescribe medical marijuana

Medical marijuana debate

Should marijuana remain highly regulated and only be distributed to the seriously ill?  Or should marijuana be available to anyone in pain (including mental and/or emotional pain)?  Should we endorse marijuana for any illness for which it provides relief? Your opinions, comments and feedback are welcomed here.

Reference sources: NIDA report: Medical marijuana as medicine
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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I have congenital hip dysplasia and my hips have a tendency to pull farther our of socket than they are supposed to.
    Recently, they got hit very hard playing a sport and the only thing that would calm the pain in my hip that I had immediate access to was weed.

    I felt relieved, and was able to walk with only minor discomfort. My use of this was for pain relief and I believe that others should be allowed to use this for the same reasons

  2. I had polio when I was born my left leg is deformed I am in pain all the time. I am trying to get a cannabis club card for this and my sleep apnea can this help me sleep and the pain from deformed left leg and polio.

  3. Marijuana helps in a lot of ways, from pain to mental or physical state. I’m not prescribed it but I do my job ten times bet than when I’m sober. For some people it’s not the same. If you prescribed and managed who makes better progress and who just uses it to use it for fun.. You could begin limiting what goes on out there.. Whether you give it or not they are going to find it. Like I’ve said it helps when you have a migraine, when you have no appetite, when your going thru menstral cramps, when you really need to focus on a task, or when you just need a moment to sit back and think about your life in a deep way. It can help a person go from mad to happy in 2 seconds. I say stop judging and really fun a test on the affect of a constant smokers life while smoking then to them sober.. You’ll be surprised what you find out

  4. So I’m just wondering … Should I go to my doctor and ask for prescribed ? Because I have extremely bad anxiety and chest pains due to stress and when I smoke it all that goes away and I can’t eat or drink anything without it… My body is not used to it and I will get the shakes feeling cold and sweaty and I will keep throwing up this foamy stuff or yellow bile stuff if I don’t smoke it…. My body physically can’t function without it now… So since I do it a lot to get rid of these problems I have … Why wouldn’t they just prescribe me for it so I don’t have to get looked at as smoking an illegal substance that helps me cope with my anxiety and gets my body to work properly by eating and drinking liquids… Rather than having an empty stomach all the time. Without it I have no appetite what so ever . so I was just wondering …. Also it helps me be more alert than lazy… I get things done around the house that needs to be done and when I was in college I smoked it all the way through and ended up getting all 90’s for my marks…. What do you guys think?

  5. I belive faking an illness is bad but i belive there arepeole who do need this treatment so itswhat is so stupid is making weed illegal when basicaly the whole planet smokes it so weed should just be made legal

  6. Hi Jamie. Getting a medical marijuana ID card is quite the process. First you need to check if you qualify by finding your state’s list of conditions that medical marijuana treatment is approved for. You will need your ID or other government-issued piece of identification, a proof of your country residency, a written documentation from your doctor to back up your condition, and an application form. Then you will have to pay some fees to the state and country AND finally, submit it all. When your card arrives, be well informed about the registry system and the specifications about “caregivers”, how much marijuana you will be allowed to grow and possess.

  7. i was wondering i have lupus, fibro, neuropathy, ttp, chronic fatigue,diabetes, hair loss due to my illnesses….how/who would i talk to to try and get an medical marijuana card…im in constant pain i also have ra…if someone can give me and answer i would greatly appriciate it…thanks

  8. Yes it should be available to anyone who needs it. It is a plant that was put on the earth for a reason, and not be controlled. That’s all I’m sure millions of people have made my statement. We should all be for drug reform.

  9. Yes my name is Bonnie and since the year 2000 I have been on the 150mg of transdermal patch and 4-6 percocets daily. Was in bad motor vehicle accident and have had 4 back surgerys and have osteoporosis and have pain in lower back with pain and numbness down left leg. I use to live in Miami but now in Georgia. Georgia has not yet passed the medicinal medical marijuana. I know people who have received a medical marijuana card even if did not live in a state that legalizes it
    can I apply for a card even though It’s not legal in Georgia?

  10. Some critically ill patients like Cancer, terminally ill, Aids, etc. should be able to use marijuana if this is the only way they can obtain an appetite. But the rest of the people who get medical marijuana cards just to be drug addicts are sickening. It defeats the purpose for the Medical cards in the first place. If you want to be a drug addict for life, do it on your own DIME. Leave the State & other resources meant for the real people that need it alone. GO seek drugs on your own time!

  11. i just want to say that marijuana is not addictive… its just pleasurable. people can quit it easily. it just depends on whether they want to or not there are many benefits of marijuana such as treatment for any disease, both physical and psychological

  12. I belief there are many people who can benefit from medical marijuana. Chronic sufferers of pain and chronic muscle fatigue as well as those who suffer from anxiety. The calming effect relaxes the body and muscles and helps the mind relax.

  13. in my opinion, the usage of medicinal marijuana may be allowed to other patients, and not for those who seriously experience pain, it is as long as it is indeed intend to serve as plain medicine and purpose is to treat the pain.marijuana would be categorized as herbal medicine, isnt it?

  14. Fantastic points, everyone. It’s baffling to think how much money is spent trying to stop the spread of a harmless “drug” like marijuana. From a legal standpoint, Police officers that I have spoken to have always said to me that they have never arrested a “violent” person under the influence of marijuana. Alcohol, on the other hand, brings the worst out in people yet is perfectly legal and in many cases abused by underage users. Furthermore, the effects alcohol has on the body are obvious stemming from thousands of lives being lost as a result of overconsumption of alcohol. From a physical standpoint, there has never been a death as a result of using too much Marijuana. From a financial standpoint, naturally what the government should care most about, it makes sense to give our farmers the ability to grow a crop that is incredibly valuable in small quantities (e.g. an acre of marijuana could give a farmer enough money to retire; whereas, an acre of corn won’t even pay for one month of the mortgage); also, taxing the sale and purchase of this crop can also be incredibly beneficial for the government. This country is shipping out the farming jobs that can be lucrative for honest hardworking farmers. Clearly, there is a large demand out there for the marijuana crop yet all we do is import it from Mexico and Central America mostly, and waste countless tax dollars to combat the entry of these “drugs” yet they always manage to get across our borders. On top of that, the violence proliferated by the cartels that handle the distribution of the crop are catastrophic for the growth of our neighboring countries. In the end, this country needs to get past the stigma that exists regarding this crop. Marijuana is an all natural plant, it is not produced using poisonous chemicals like cocaine, heroin, Meth and other harmful drugs that clearly have a negative effect on the human body. I truly hope this country gets its act together. If our farmers have the ability to grow this crop for recreational purposes and for countless other uses of the hemp plant (i.e. industrial hemp) this “drug” can easily help our economy drastically. When will our government leaders, and our fellow citizens, realize just how futile we are being making this plant illegal and imprisoning people for using and distributing it?

  15. If it’s alright for medical conditions then it doesn’t make sense that it is illegal otherwise.What’s the difference,other than an ailment.Many abused pharmacuticals are very dangerous.This is a harmless panacea that should have a warning label equivalent to aspirin,to accomadate the one in a million who may have an “adverse” or unexpected reaction.It’s not killing people like alcohol.My gosh why is THAT legal!Alcohol=drunk driving,madness liver damage,violence…ultimately death.I believe a hundred years from now pot will replace alcohol as the norm

  16. People are going to find out a way to do what it is they wish to do. It is time we stop trying to judge othes based on what they do or how they wish spend their spare time because NO one is perfect by ANY stretch of the imagination. Freedom is just another word that people will interpret how they wish to. In other words you cant stop it from happening. How you feel about pot medically one way or the other or its affects does not matter. From a purely financial stand point it does not make sense to have laws that turns people into criminals for posessing/smoking it. I do not wish to see my tax dollars go to break down little timmys parents door by an army of 20 or more because he was smoking a join watching robot chicken. Give me a break. We are choking financialy but the madness continues. We are scared to death to actually think people can do things responsibly without some sort of government oversight. Make it legal people and stop judging each other people my god are we not all Americans?

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