Is oxycodone the same as OxyContin?

Yes. And no. The brand name drug OxyContin contains oxycodone. But the action times of the two analgesic medications in IR and ER forms are different. And so are the prices. We explore more on similarities and differences between oxycodone and OxyContin here.

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Yes.  And no.

Oxycodone is a generic chemical opioid and is the active ingredient in OxyContin.  And OxyContin is a brand name drug that contains oxycodone.  The addictiveness of OxyContin and oxycodone are generally the same.  So how is oxycodone different than OxyContin?

Here we explore the principle of time release in pain medications, generic versus brand name considerations , pain relief efficiency and give you practical information about similarities and differences between oxycodone and OxyContin below.

Oxycodone and OxyContin actions – what do they do?

Oxycodone is the main ingredient in OxyContin.  Oxycodone is a very powerful opioid drug which is used as a pain reliever. Oxycodone acts by attaching to a specific “receptor” in the brain, spinal cord, and gastrointestinal tract. After taking oxycodone, your perception of pain is different, and you may possibly feel euphoric, or an extreme sense of well-being.  Oxycodone creates the OxyContin euphoric feeling that usually gets people addicted to oxycodone and OxyContin.

Immediate vs. extended release formulas

1. OxyContin is a extended, controlled release drug.

2. Straight, generic oxycodone is available in either immediate release or extended release formulations.

Immediate release oxycodone – Short acting or immediate release (IR) opioids have a rapid onset but short lived therapeutic effect. Opioids in IR form typically start working 15–30 minutes after administration, with peak analgesic effect within 1–2 hours and active pain relief for about 4 hours. Immediate release medications can treat acute pain that is anticipated to last only a few days and are taken every few hours, or during a trial period to test response and tolerance to opioid therapy in people who are considering extended release opioids for chronic pain.

Extended release oxycodone – Extended release (ER) opioids medications are usually prescribed for people who want to treat moderate to severe chronic pain. ER opioids have a more lasting therapeutic effect and can be taken less frequently than IR opioids. These medications are also called sustained release (SR), controlled release (CR) or long acting opioids.

Pain relief efficiency

In terms of analgesic efficacy, extended release versions oxycodone such as OxyContin offer no advantages over immediate release (IR) formulas. In fact, extended release oxycodone formulas like OxyContin have been found to be inferior to a combination of IR oxycodone plus acetaminophen for certain types of pain. The main clinical advantage of the ER over the IR oxycodone versions is less frequent dosing.

Brand vs. generic

Many people aren’t aware that opioid drugs like OxyContin are available in generic form as extended release oxycodone. Confusion is typical, since the brand and generic names are hard to keep straight and doctors can tend to “upsell” you on a brand name opioid pain reliever. But oxycodone is available as a generic extended release medicine and is less expensive and just as effective as brand name OxyContin.

In fact, there is no reason to take the brand-name version of extended release oxycodone, or any opioid at all. But name recognition of opioids like OxyContin is well known and causes some people to request brand name drugs when looking for a strong pain reliever.

Addiction liability

Oxycodone in either immediate release or extended release form is extremely habit forming. In fact, tolerance and physical dependence are expected outcomes of regular treatment with oxycodone. While prescription pain pills may be helpful when used properly, taking oxycodone without a doctor’s approval can be highly addictive and dangerous.

OxyContin has been reformulated to be 100% extended release to help discourage misuse and abuse of the medication. The idea was to prevent OxyContin from being cut, broken, chewed, crushed or dissolved to release more medication. This new formulation may prevent tampering, and can likely result in less abuse by snorting or injection. But OxyContin can still be abused or misused by simply taking larger doses than recommended.

How to treat OxyContin addiction?  Either with long term residential treatment or with medications.

Questions about oxycodone or OxyContin use

Do you have any other questions about using oxycodone or OxyContin? Do you think that you may have a problem with either of these pain medications? We invite your questions, comments and feedback below. We answer all legitimate concerns personally and promptly.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Hi my name is Wayne and I was on 160 mg. A day. It took 16 months to stop taking oxycontin reduced 10mg. A month. Never again……..

  2. I have found that the short acting oxycodone is better for pain relief

    the long-acting does not relieve pain very well even at a higher dosage

    If you take 10 mg every 4 hours of immediate release then you should take 15 mg of the long-acting every 12 hours but it only lasts about nine hours

    So you’re going to be in pain before it it’s time to take the next pill if you take extended release

    Doctors are told to prescribe the long-acting for chronic pain patients but it does not work well with pain

    I keep watching people go from having doctors prescribing medicine to having to go to street drugs because the doctors can’t prescribe anymore

    I keep watching doctors being arrested and I wonder what sense it makes to do that

    And the doctors are dealing with people with end-stage diseases

    I often think the government is filled with cruel sadistic people who want to torture and watch people suffer and die

  3. I’ve had to take Oxycodone for so long for chronic pain that my body has gotten used to it. I’m taking 50 mg’s of Wellbutrin to help it work. Couldn’t tolerate the side effects of 100 mg’s. Not getting affordable care from a pain specialist. I’m dealing with Tri Genial Myalgia. Thankfully all the medicine does for me is to stop the pain. When the pain has stopped, I’ve just stopped the Oxycodone. What is an affordable alternative for this kind of pain?

  4. Mark…I experienced the same terrible sickness like you did when I was given generic brand of oxicontin. I was so sick I thought o had cancer or something! Sick as ever. And realized it must be my change to generic oxycontin. Made by Purdue.I was told by friends that I was wrong that it couldn’t be that’s why I was so so sick. I’m gonna talk to my pharmasist tomorrow about it!

  5. I take (3) 10/325. Percocet a day. Never made me high and barely helps with the pain. Should I just be content and not seek higher dosage? I don’t want want to risk becoming dependent on them. Sometimes I take a med holiday because I don’t want to become dependent to them. Thanks

  6. What is the percentage of the drug being released in time release. How does it work?
    Ex: If taking a 15mg time release does it give you 15mg at start once taking, and than there after?

    Also is there a advantage of taking stright oxycodone over taking with Tylenol etc…

  7. I was taking oxycodone 30mg for 3yrs. I have a new Dr and he prescribed 60mg of oxycontin for me to take. I’m suffering from severe nerve damage due to a gun shot wound to my left shoulder over 24yrs ago, but within those years the bullet broke into fragments and touch my spinal cord which cause painful touch, numbness and severe neck and back pain. I haven’t tried the oxycontin as yet because I’m still waiting for clearance from my insurance company so my question is oxycontin more stronger than oxycodone?

  8. Am taking Norco 10 mg aid for chronic arthritic pain. Dr plans on changing to extended release. What medication and dose would be comparable? I am 62 years old and also have stage 4 Breast cancer with bones mets. This is via my oncologist

  9. I take 6..30 mg of roxicodone daily. If I take 1 20 mg oxycontin a day sometimes with what I take, will it hurt me? Now not 1, 20mg oxycontin everyday. Just when pain levels are high?

  10. I have taken Oxycotin for over 10 years. When a generic (oxycodone) became available I was given the generic version by the pharmacist. After taking it I became deathly sick. We could not understand why but found out generic drugs are not the same as brand name. There are rules the drug manufacturer must follow but the delivery system can be different. After 4 days of vomiting and being miserable I was able to exchange the medication for the brand name. Everything was fine with the brand name.
    Recently I went to the pharmacy to get my oxycotin. They were out so the gave me oxycodone with Lbir with the name Ranbaxy/Sun Pha. My oxycotin is from Purdue. My phamacist insist that they are the same. They even have the same letters (OP) on the pills. After starting to take the oxycodone I haveeen feeling slightly ill with a headache and stomach ache. Not near my previous experience but doesn’t feel right. Can there be a different delivery system that is making me feel this way. Is the molecule breakdown of the drug the same? Thanks for your help

    1. Hi Mark. I suggest that you compare medical information and ingredients for both drugs. Then, consult with different pharmacist about your concerns.

  11. Hi,
    Will Oxycodone HCL 30 mg IR show up the same or differently in a urine test than Oxycodone HCL 80mg ER?

  12. My Dr has recently prescribed long acting oxycontin for my RSD. I have been taking oxycodone 10/325 for over 14 years. Just from the things I have heard about oxycotin scares me. Because now I will be taking oxycodone 10/325 3 times a day for breakthrough pain and oxycotin 15mg er twice a day. I am having to change my pain med regime because my Dr states the FDA is watching her closely and has new rules. They have threatened her with loss of her dea number. I don’t understand how they can force a Dr to change her treatment methods, when they have no clue what my health issues are. One person is not the same as everyone else. Why are they allowed to force a Dr to perform assembly line pain relief?

  13. I have a question,My pain management has had me on oxycotin xr 15mg for long term pain and roxicodone IM 10mg for break through pain.Ive been on these for 2 1/2 years,but my pain clinic closed a few months ago and the doctor pre wrote me 3 months of scripts till I found a new clinic,which I did with no issue due to my physical health issues.How ever my last script for my oxycontin the doctor wrote the fill date for 2 days after I am to run out of these.My question is,how can I substitute my oxycodone 10mg IM to keep me from getting sick for two days till my oxycontins 15mg xr are filled?I have no choice but to figure this out,I cant take the sickness or the physical pain.

  14. I have migraines, with aura, that I started when I was 13. I am now 47. 3 years ago my doctor started me on oxycodone 10mg, to take when the aura first starts. It works. The migraine goes away, and when the aura or pain comes back after 4 hours, I take a second 10mg, and that is all I need.

    I get these migraines once a week, so 2 pills a week was working fine.

    I moved from one state to another, and now the doctor here, pain mgmt, has given me oxycontin to take. It does not seem to work as well, I need to take 2 tablets to get the migraine to stop.

    Is this normal ? Is there a reason for this ?

    The doctor insists on using the ER version, and it seems that for migraines you would not use an ER tablet, but I am not the doctor.

    Any idea what he is thinking ? There must be a reason.


  15. I take 30 mg twice daily for very severe back pain. I broke my back many years ago at the base of my spine and at the top of my spine as well. I’m wondering if Percocet would cover my pain better as the Oxyiconten is not working very well for me anymore. And getting a good nights sleep is getting harder every night. I average 2 hours before pain wakes me up and I can’t get comfortable. But I don’t take more than the doctor has advised. But I feel I need something that is going to cover my pain much better than what I already take. I would appreciate any advice you can give me please?

  16. My son recently broke his hip. He is in a rehab facility currently and is taking oxycodone every four hours. I always thought it was supposed to be every four hours or as needed. He has trouble with drug addiction before, both street drugs and prescription. I once became addicted to prescription drugs and though I didn’t swear them off completely, said I would always use them as little as possible. I fear when my son gets out of the hospital and they cut him off from this drug, he isn’t going to be able to handle it. He’s already bi-polar and suicidal. This frankly scares me. Any one have any suggestions as to how to wean someone off this stuff? I know it won’t be easy.

  17. Why would insurance company refused to pay for the Generic brand but will pay for the brand-name OxyCotton At the higher price

  18. My Dr took me off oxycodone 10/325 and put me on oxycontin 10 mg and I am wondering how many mg of the oxycontin does it take to equal my oxycondone? I was taking a oxycOdon every 4 hrs. So far he has uped my oxycontin to 2 10 mg every 12 hrs and they are not helping my pain. Thanks

  19. I am trying to help a friend of mine get free from Oxycontin. I have investigated this stuff called Iboga, or Ibogaine. It is an African herb that has been used at least in central america for more than 25 years.The doctor that I spoke with here in Antigua has personally supervised Iboga for 20 years. From all the YouTube videos and research articles on it, Iboga removes all trace of the craving and shortens and reduces the severity of withdrawal. The last patient the Dr had at Natures Treatment Center said that after 5 days after Iboga, he felt like he had never taken the drug at all, ever. Its not an easy process, according to the doctor here, the patient needs to be totally supervised every minute for the first week.
    However, this is a new concept to me. To be freed from the cravings and the nightmare withdrawal. I am so surprised to hear about this new, yet very very old herb. Just one dose of Iboga, one week of intense supervision, another of moderate supervision.

    Please let me know if you have heard of this and if so, what do you think of this? I feel so strange asking this of complete strangers, yet since it is not a patented drug YET, its success is kept well hidden.

  20. I have been on oxycodone 10mgs 2every 4 hours for over a year and I am getting tolerant to it what strenght is the next I was told to ask for 30mg Percocet as I am highly against OxyContin any mgs I don’t know why but it affects me different I don’t like it at all…. Yes I understand they have the same active ingredient but the OxyContin well it is not something I want now here is my question is 30mg Percocet what I should be asking to be raised to.. I have chronic pain due to many spinal issues n back problems.. And am waiting to get onto a medicating pain management ?!

  21. Hello,
    I have had a total of 7 back surgeries in the last 4 1/2 years. @ Fusions and multiple others. After my 1st fusion my left leg is numb from my knee to my ankle and i have severe chronic pain in both legs from my hips to my feet. We moved from WY. where my surgeries were performed to AZ where i now see a pain specialist. Currently i am taking 20mg Oxycodone 3 times a day and 40mg Oxycontin at bedtime and in the mornings. I have asked my pain specialist if Oxycodone comes in any larger dose than the 20mg and she has said no that’s the largest. My problem is that right now my pain seems to be increasing and sometimes i need to take 2 20mg oxycodones to cover the pain during the day. She has had me try Opana which did basically nothing for me so i went back to oxy which has more or less always worked for me. I guess what i am getting at is if i increase my doses during the day is that going to get me close to taking “too much” Oxycodone? Occasionally the oxycontin at night does not work through the night and i cannot sleep if it stops so i have to take 1 oxycodone to get through the rest of the night. My original injury was in June of 2011 and my 1st fusion was in October of 2011 which was the surgery when the chronic pain started. My pain level is 7/10 24 hours a day 7 days a week, sometimes it gets towards the 10/10. I get around ok, i can walk, drive etc. But if i walk too far i can be down for days at a time. I am rambling at this point, so my question is can i take more than 20mg Oxycodone during the days when my pain is more severe? Thanks

  22. Ive been on Panadiene forte tablets now for quite some years, ive also been on morphine, oxycontin, tramadol sr, immediatel release, & targing and now recently endone, taking away the tramadol all together as I felt it wasn’t working for me,
    morphine worked well but unfortunately its hard to get scripts for now,
    I asked my doctor to prescribe me something stronger, and wanted my Panadiene forte as my breakthrough pain reilver, he however decided to stick with Panadiene forte as my main painkiller and endone as my breakthrough pain relief, he first prescribed 2.5mg 4 times a day, but my pain has been worserning due to unknown reasons that are slowly being investigated, I suffer chronic pain from back damage, sciatica and a fall 3 years ago on my bottom that tore my saddle bone muscle and its never healed, I havelumps in my hamstring and a cyst in my groin, 2 hernias etc, swollen lymph nodes now coming up everywhere,
    I wasn’t coping on that prescribed amount so was taking double the amount that helped, for a short time, I told the doctor who has now prescribed me 5mg endone 4times a day, but im still in severe pain , so ive been talking 2 extra of those a day plus my 8 Panadiene forte, and still suffering severe pain, and unable to clean my own unit due to my back and leg etc, its only been a week trying the 5mg, do you think that he would keep upping the dose until im at least comfortable and not in constant pain?
    I will tell him what ive been doing but im worried I’ll get into trouble, but why do I have to suffer sooo much if he can give me enough to take the edge off, I know it wont solve all my pain, but im finding it difficult to have any good days, or achieve anything except the basics, and its severely depressing me, im waiting on appointment for pain management clinic and specialist to see about my leg, (perhaps operation) also gynecologist and ear, nose throat specialist, and hernias, if I could just have any operations to releave some of my pain , id be ecstatic, buts its all a waiting game, while I suffer more everyday, 🙁
    Thanks for your time, any suggestions appreciated,

  23. I have a severe upper back (C level) pain. It is Chronic and has been for a number of years. I have been to see a neurosurgeon in a private clinic in New Westminster B.C. for a consultation and a review of my MRI indicated my condition was operable . The cost at a private clinic is not managlble do I a m on Opiod to manage the intolerable pain( at times) I cannot leane back oom a chair or lie on my back at all. I was prescribed Oxycodon 10mg four times a day. I have been taking this for 16 months and feel aspirin would be every bit as effective. When I am in an upright position , walking etc , the pain is quit tolerable. There is NO euphoria affect whatsoever with this medicine . But there is a stigma attached to it which I find embarrassing. Someone told me to mix a Tylenol 3 with one 10 mg of Oxycodon and this will enhance the effect of the dosage. The question is would this be very harmful to my health

    1. Hello Gerry. Take your medications only as prescribed by a doctor. If the doctor says you mix Tylnol with OxyContin, then you mix it. Remember that every drug affects each person differently, so do as your doctor says. S/he after all knows your medical history very well, and knows what’s best for you.

  24. Hi Brent. I have chronic insomnia, and take a cocktail of meds to help me sleep, in addition to taking 3.5/162.5 percocet once a day for a fractured vertebra (1/2 of 7.5/325 tab of percocet). I try not to take more percocet than the above dosage, and just live with the pain until it gets too bad. Anyway, all the above meds are constipating, and I deal with it by taking one capful of generic Miralax every morning. It has worked very well for me with no noticeable side effects. I am able to go once and sometimes twice a day, with a substantial amount of stool each time (I know, it sounds indelicate but descriptive nonetheless). I would suggest asking your doctor if this could be a solution to your problem. Good luck!

  25. I take oxycontin and oxycodone gor break through pain. Im waiting on pre aith for oxycontin will I be ok with the oxycodone til the auth is approved

  26. I had a failed spinal fusion in March 2010. The fusion was unsuccessful at the L5-S1 discs. (Where the spine attaches to the pelvis). During the surgery, the neurosurgeon accidentally slipped and cut open my right L5 nerve root. Two out of the four internal screws are now broken off. I require 30mg of Supedol and a 5/325 Percocet every 4 hours a day or it feels like someone took a baseball bat and swung it at my lower back abs would be in the hospital suffering severely. Every night I require 15mg of zopiclone (2 blue oval) sleeping pills just to be able to sleep through the pain. I have now laid in bed for one year waiting for the surgery and 5.6 years permanently disabled spending 90% of my day laying on my left side in bed. i am unclear if the neurosurgeon caused my bowel movements to suffer or it is my opiod pain medication but sometimes it takes over a week to go #2. When I go it hurts as I calm the initial ones “Stoppers or Blockers” and sometimes with the help of special Asian Pooh Tea or stool softness I can go. Is there a better way to be more frequent with bowel movements as I can see it causing huge problems when I am older. I turn 50 in 2 years.

    1. Hi Brent. I believe that it is good to considering taking medication to treat opioid-induced constipation. You should inform your doctor about this effect and I am sure you will receive the proper help. Here is s list of common medications used to treat or reduce the symptoms of opioid-induced constipation: Amitiza oral, Relistor subcutaneous, lubiprostone oral, Movantik oral, methylnaltrexone subcutaneous, and naloxegol oral. But first, see what your doctor suggests.

  27. My name is kelly. I have been perscribed fentenyl 100mch patch for 5yrs and 10mg roxicodone up to four a day. Someone broke into my house stealing all my meds, jewlry, all my copper pipes and more. I was afraid to tell this new dr. She is rude, brass n already starting to talk about taking me off meds that have been working great for me. So I am very worried this will be her excuse. Can she cut me off cold turkey? Will the 40mg op show as oxicodine? Any chance fentenyl could still be there a whole wk later? If anyone can please shed some light on the difference between 40mg op and immediate release roxicodone when looked at in a urine test. And I’ve been told fentenyl can be detected as long as nine days later. Is this true? How do I get through this mess? I live in NY, what are the lawsfor doctors for first time offense?

    Sincerly scared

  28. What annoys me is that like a lot of things people are stereotyped without selectively checking the severity of a persons injuries people with 2 herniated dicks vs some one with 5 and a displaced thecal sac with 8 touching the spinal chord and severe stenosis in 3 places plus 2 hernias 1 with a screen

  29. Hi
    Since Oxycodone resembles Heroin high…how safe is to dissolve and then inject oxycontin tablets thoroughly using filters….?
    Thank you

  30. go to wikapedia and look up the ingredients of purdus new OP,s you will be shoocked of just the Bitrate alone not to mention this Matrix gel when it hits water and using that much bitrate is only legal here in the us cuz other countrys may have war and poverty but there not stupid,,ther the biggest reasons we have decent genric pain meds,mainly india another country?..lool canada president or what ever ther highest ups are called flat out said if politics were aloud to pick and chose what genric medications you can take is insane and ludacrest and she ingnord all other politicians pleas and phony cries cuz purde got in there pokets too and said flat out if the old formula by her scienetest say its safe to take as directect ITS ON! AND ITS ON!!! SHE DONT CARE WHAT THE US THINKS OR UIF THEY MAKE THERE WAY HERE,,CUZ OF THE UNDERHANDED POLITICS HERE IN THE US AND YOU CAND FIND OUT WHAT SHE SAID ANYWHERE BY NOW ON THE NET?..

  31. to begin with legitiment patients moved away from the new formula cuz when ya take a stool and find one that still has the origfanal coler(barley) but none the less they did not get there dose and 25 % of the time its pot luck if yer going to get the relieve they took it for to begin with so they either triple tha dose or move to another drug street or legal and the other thing is the with draws after taking for a while with the new formula has not changed a bit but worse because the Bitrtate the bind them together and the other that turens it nto to gell has only ben testted by the FDA in a year in a half wich of ya all dont know Bitrtate is used to bind industrial product like Diesle fuel, motercycle oil and a whole mess of othe things you wouldnt take and most of all place and the highest use of the B binder believe it or not is in chewing gum!! no wonder you can chew for a million hours and it holds together and dont know bout all but we were told not to swollow yer gum gus it wound pass is a flat lie,we were told it give ya a stomack ache instead and it more than just youre stomach these new purdu ne OP,s have such strong binders that its documented it Hurts any organ in the human body,,and I was was on the 40mg 3 times a day and had more inner organ aches than what i took it for? to belive its working cuz rehabs dont have oxy patients there plain nt doing them and there at the same if not higher price with out insurance,,if you want to get high youll find sum,n it just wont be that unless its a hand full at a time on the OP,s,,took 4 at one time just to check out of its saftey for ones life is what there claiming not a thing was diffrent than just taking one and there getting by with selling junk meds along with the help of the FDA or greased them?…

  32. I’m currently taking Oxycodone 10/325 pills five times a day, How many mg of Oxycotin ER would I need to take in order to get the same relief as taking the Oxycodone 10/325 five times a day, I would much rather take two pill in a 24hr time period then five, Thank you in advance. Ed

  33. I’m wondering if it is okay to take an Oxycodone IR dose at the exact same time as Oxycontin CR? I.e. If I needed pain medication for immediate effect and my controlled release 12hr medication was due to be taken at the same time. Would there be too much opioid in my system all a once…leading to a toxic effect?

  34. Hello Charles. Yes. OxyContin and oxycodone are both made of the same substance – oxycodone – and metabolize into the same metabolites. They will appear the same in a urine screen for extended opioids.

  35. Kathy,

    You may need to detox from the meds because you have built up a tolerance and it will only get harder and you will just need more and more. I suggest you check into a rehab for detox and then get a better assessment of the chronic pain.

  36. Kathy, Oxycontin presently has no generic alternative, at least not in the United States. The “OP” is a form developed by the manufacturer to negate crushing and abuse of the substance. Oxycontin is “sustained release,” or released over time, whereas Oxycodone is immediate release and is generally used for breakthough pain. The difference in price is quite substantial. Oxycontin is normally prescribed one tab every 12 hours in contrast with Oxycodone that can be taken 1-2 tabs every 4-6 hours, depending on the severity of the chronic pain condition. I am hoping your physician is involved with a licensed, clinical, pain management facility that closely monitors your condition, accepts your insurance and operates above board. Several unscrupulous, so called, “pain clinic specialists” today are nothing more that educated pill-mill operators who charge cash, keep no patient records, and have put profits before people. These physicians are being scrutinized by the DEA. It’s only a matter of time before the law catches up with them. Please make sure your physician is in good standing with your state’s board of physician quality assurance and the local federal DEA agency. Being caught without meds when a physician is shut down due to unscrupulous, unethical, and unlawful behavior can be exceptionally deleterious to your health. Take care, dear.

  37. Hi Kathy. Generic OxyContin is oxycodone. I’d suggest that you ask your doctor about combining a 30mg + 10 mg dose of oxycodone to compensate for breakthrough pain. But seek a medical opinion first!

  38. What is the name of the OxyContin generic brand? The one’s that have OP on the back of them cuz they are still $680.00 for 90 of them! Take one every 8 hrs for servear chronic back & neck pain pain so bad from my back I’m up all night from the pain! I’m sure I’m addicted to the medicine but I control my self & I’ve been on them for years! U would think I’d b out of control like many ppl I know. Even after they get a month supply it’s gone in 2 weeks & they r out hunting them down spending $500.00 more a sorry I can’t do that! I always have xtra at the end of the mo. But I stock up & hoard them! What’s the name of the generic OxyContin so I can tell my Dr. Even tho I’m sure he knows but I’m gonna make sure! I’ve been on them for almost 2yrs now &cuz my cobra insurance ran out &i got medical ast.they needed him to fill out paper work & he flat out don’t want to deal w them that I had to pay cash for my script an it was $680,00 for 90 @ they took off $80.00 an made it $600.00 from a discount card I have! Now the oxycodone is cheap u can get 30mg 240 pills for 107.00 but I was on 40 mg an oxycodone only goes up to 30mg! Anything would help! My Dr told me I’ll prolly be on them the rest of my life!

  39. I have had 4 back surgeries in 3 years. 2 laminectomy, 1 double lumbar fusion and an exploratory surgery to find out why my pain was so horrific in that surgery they found Scar tissue and an exposed nerve that was 4x’s the normal size. the last surgery was the exploratory and he said stay in bed for at least 3 weeks. I must say that the last surgery was the most painful. using a scale 1-10 i was a 1,000.

  40. Hello Jane. Thanks for your question. We’ve addressed your question in another topic called, “How to stop taking OxyContin”. You can find more information here:

    But in general, opioid based medications like OxyContin are tapered 10% weekly or slower depending on your development of tolerance. Then reduce the dose by 20% every 3-5 days. Then again 25% every week. If you want to quit completely, taper until there are minuscule traces of OxyContin in the body and then stop dosing.

    Does that help?

  41. I currently take approx 200 mg of oxycodone. I also take opana er 30 mg three times a day. When I have opana er , I take a little less oxy. MAybe only 60 mg day. I am willing to cut back and need to. I am functional at all times. I work full time. Any reasonable suggestions on how to back off?

  42. Excuse me, I hit send.
    …. The treatment will consist of 28 days, for 14 hours each day! I’ve been told that Subutex is part of my treatment there, which sounds reasonable, but what the #-&! am I going to with the next 13 hours 59 minutes, and 57 seconds of that day?

  43. You know, I have asked almost all of my healthcare providers this question, about the apples and oranges of the two medications and how their effective levels in the bloodstream compare, and turns out to be a surprisingly difficult question for them to tackle. Two of my Doctors didn’t seem to be able to grasp the subject, much less answer the question. Ironically, they were surgeons and were responsible for procedures that resulted in the type of pain that requires meds which had helped created my addiction in the first place. I’m sure that it’s in my the bailiwick of pain specialists, whom I should have been seeing from the beginning.
    I have been given the option of entering a chemical dependency program that will treat my “addiction” and they tell me that it will consist of 28 days of 14

  44. Hi Erich. As you cut down on doses of OxyContin, you can expect withdrawal symptoms as your body adjusts to the lack of oxycodone in your body. Withdrawal tends to last for 7-10 days but should be medically managed. Some people ask for medications during detox, others go cold turkey. Check with your doctor before you lower doses, and get suggestions and possible inpatient detox information before you start.

    In terms of Oxy levels, it’s probably best to ask a pharmacist. You should be able to call your pharmacy and get this info on the phone.

    Please let us know if this helps.

  45. I knew right away that an Rx for the “oxys” would lead to dependency. I was, and still am in a lot of pain from a couple accute (hopefully) conditions, and I suffer from a few chronic conditions that can’t be cured and have gotten much worse over the last few years. I currently take both quick and extended and am confused about my actual plasma levels from each med. What is the fast release equivalent of a 40mg extended release during a 6 hour period? It seems that I’m taking a lot of this stuff : 4x40mg Oxycontin daily and 2-4 15mg oxycodone daily.
    I’m losing my benefits soon and pain or not pain, I must cease taking them. What now? Especially since the pain will still be here…

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