How to withdraw from Spice

Spice is a synthetic cannabinoid that produces symptoms that are similar to cannabis, but can cause dependence and withdrawal. Learn more about withdrawing from Spice here.

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When do you withdraw from Spice?

“Spice” (a combination of synthetic cannabinoids sprayed onto dried plant products) is made in a laboratory. The cannabinoids found in and on Spice produce effects that resemble those of cannabis, but can be many times more potent. However, heightened mood, relaxation and altered perception can also be accompanied by heart problems and hallucinations.  And how Spice affects the brain isn’t fully understood yet.  But unlike cannabis, Spice contains chemicals that have no medical benefit but DO HAVE a high potential for abuse.

If you have used Spice and developed a physical or psychological dependence on Spice, withdrawing from Spice may be a good option. And if you need to increase the amount of Spice you smoke in order to achieve the desired effect,  this increased tolerance may be a sign that you should begin to withdraw from Spice. read on for more on getting off Spice and how to help Spice addiction. Then, leave us your questions at the end.  We do our best to respond to questions personally and promptly.

Withdraw from Spice symptoms

Withdrawing from Spice can cause physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. These include:

  • cravings
  • headaches
  • internal unrest
  • nausea
  • nightmares
  • profuse sweating
  • tremors

Spice withdrawal may also cause hypertension and agitation or irritability.

How long to withdraw from Spice?

Symptoms of Spice withdrawal can begin to be felt about 2-3 days after use is discontinued. Early symptoms are usually mild, and mostly you will just feel a level of internal unrest. However, Spice withdrawal symptoms can peak in severity after 4-7 days of abstinence. In most cases, symptoms dissipate 2-3 weeks after use has ended. However, psychological and emotional symptoms can last much longer if they go untreated.

How to ease withdrawal symptoms from Spice

Currently there are no medications that can help ease withdrawal symptoms from Spice. Doctors may recommend medication to safely lower blood pressure when hypertension becomes a problem; however there is no evidence this relieves any other symptoms. The best way to ease symptoms of Spice withdrawal is to seek support groups to help with psychological withdrawal symptoms. When cravings and nightmares occur, talk to a sober friend or someone that has a similar experience.

You may also seek to ease symptoms of Spice withdrawal with home remedies, like Tylenol and ibuprofen for headaches. It is important not to seek other self-medication methods for withdrawal symptoms, like alcohol or sedatives because of their addictive nature.

How to withdraw from Spice safely

Seek advice from doctors for information on safe withdrawal from Spice. Hypertension can be a serious symptom that your doctor may want to control with medication. It is safest to withdraw under the supervision of a drug counselor or doctor in order to keep complications from withdrawal symptoms at a minimum. Additionally, complications from smoking such as coughing and respiratory problems may require medical treatment. And always monitor your mental state, as hallucinogenic effects has been associated with even one-time Spice use.

Can I withdraw from Spice at home?

There is no evidence that withdrawing from Spice at home is not possible, however you should be prepared to deal with the symptoms of Spice withdrawal. The physical symptoms of withdrawal can be treated with home remedies, over-the-counter NSAIDs, or simple rest. But in order to deal with psychological symptoms when treating Spice withdrawal symptoms from home, speak with sober friends or family members, or seek drug support groups. It is important to talk with people who understand what you are feeling when you are facing cravings and other withdrawal symptoms.

The best way to withdraw from Spice

There are several ways to withdraw from Spice, including inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities. The best way to withdraw will vary according to your individual needs. But is recommended that you withdraw from Spice under the supervision of a drug counselor or a doctor. Both outpatient and inpatient facilities provide this option, which allows you to make the best decision for you. If you choose an outpatient facility, it is important to consider the environment in which you live and work. If your environment is safe, and you can surround yourself with supportive people, an outpatient facility is a good choice. However, if you aren’t sure you will be in a safe environment, an inpatient facility may be the best option for you. For continued support for Spice withdrawal symptoms, seek a 12-step or other support group in your community.

How to deal with withdrawal from Spice questions

Are you seeking help for Spice withdrawal and have more questions regarding treatment or symptoms? Have you been dependent on Spice and gone through withdrawal symptoms and want to share your experience? Comment below with your questions or concerns and we will respond quickly and personally.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I was looking for help for my son he ia addict to that fake weed and i ts getting bad how can i get him help cuz he is 18 and considered and adult he also has bipolar and ODD ADHD I REALLY NEED HELP

  2. I would say this is messed up but the people selling it know what they are doing to people. The only way to stop is to make it unattainable and have the people selling it busted by the cops or dea. Only option.

  3. Have been on spice since i got on probation when i was 17. Im now 24. This has literally taken 7 years of my life away from me. Tomorrow is day 1 for me. Wish me luck.

    And i have no problem consuming 2 grams per hour.
    Up to 24 grams per day. Please for the love of god dont touch this stuff. Ive seen a friend almost die and it still didnt make me want to quit. Im afraid my mind is altered for the rest of my life.

  4. I need help! Hate this crap, I only smoke since I get sick, I have to work everyday! I want to QUIT! Can’t afford no doctor! Got bills to pay…

    1. Hi Brandy. I suggest you call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find a program that fits your needs.

  5. It’s been a couple weeks and I’ve been able to back down off this crap a good bit. Was roughly using 40 to 60 grams a day. Now down to a fraction of that. Have experienced all the withdrawal symptoms as well as what I would understand as psychotic episodes and non-stop sweating. Sweating is actually getting worse and I’m so sick of freezing. Thank God the chest pains have stopped. Can’t wait until I’m completely done with this stuff. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I have spent a lot of long nights staring at my phone for answers and there they were.

  6. I have been using spice for about 6 years and have tried to quit many times without success. I normally start symptoms 4 to 5 hours after last use which include sweating,tremors,extreme hot and cold flashes,intense pain throughout my body,headaches,and violent dry heaving of stomach acid which results in throat,mouth,and lips bleeding.I’ve tried to cut back with very little success. The longest I’ve made it was 8 days before giving up. I can’t eat or drink anything and have to get 3 to 4 I.V.bags put in me after about 4 days. The chest pain is getting worse. The only detox center dealing with spice told me normal use is 4 to 6 grams a day. I smoke roughly 60 grams a day. I can’t back down. I can’t afford to leave my family for a couple months which they think it will take. They haven’t encountered anyone who uses as much as I. I’m scared and I need help. I can’t do this anymore

  7. I’m ducking desperate. I don’t how l9ng I can keep living with this… I want to die I feel like I’m dying and I just want it to be quick.. I’ve got it bar and can’t handle it… I have a min 300 quid a week habit… please help me

  8. I hate spice. Don’t do it please. It will take all your cash. I’m going through withdrawal. Hot flashes, diharea, anxious to the max I feel like something bad is going to happen out of nowhere. It first started when I took my first hit and I fell asleep really good woke up had the mucnhies and craved more spice. Once I stopped for an hour or two I felt like a pheen and just wanted more. I ended up getting three bags that day then smoked for three years and I’ve lost weight like body parts was falling off me. It’s a nightmare. Day 3 I wanna die I feel like dyng I think I’m gonna die I feel like shit I can’t stop throwing up everything I drink i throw up. Water makes it worse. I’m throwing up bio yellow. I think my guts are gonna come out my mouth. I been laying in the shower. Gatorade makes it worse. Powerade horrible. Any fluids I can’t keep. I’m dyng. Worst feeling ever. I beg you as a father not to do this shit please I beg of you no no no no no no don’t do it. You’re going to fuck your self.

  9. Can anyone help or advise, I’ve been unwittingly smoking spice! Must have been smoking this stuff for about 4-5 months now with a little of the real herb thrown in at times. Couldn’t understand why I felt so terrible most of the time. Thought I had a virus that depleted my whole system. Haven’t had any for about 6 days now.still feel terrible, sweating, no appetite at all, can’t do anything but lay down, no energy or enthusiasm for anything. If it hadn’t been for a friend telling me this is spice, I’d still be smoking it! I’m over 60 and have never felt so near to death. I’ve lost over 30lbs, still sweating but heart rate a little more steady.. what can I do. This has made me stope smoking anything at all. I didn’t realise I’d been given low grade cannabis that had been sprayed and apart from one lot that tasted nasty I wouldn’t have known!

  10. This is a great article but I just want to add that going to rehab for spice isn’t always the best idea. Traditional rehabs don’t specialize in the drug, so they won’t be as well versed in the withdrawal symptoms. It can also backfire on you, if you get forced into actual rehab, you could lose your job, involve family heavily and it can be quite costly. I’ve withdrew from spice a few times now, and while it’s insanely miserable and often scary, you WILL get through it. Just stay strong, stay positive and understand that the symptoms will not last forever.

  11. Wow, I had no idea it would be this hard and time consuming. 1st thing in the morning I need it before I go to sleep I need it, thru out the day I need it. If I don’t have it, my time is consumed trying to obtain it. I’m currently a full time student and I find it hard to be productive. this is a serious matter this spice. let me go on to say I have also had addictions to cocaine and pcp. Spice is by far the most painful to get off of.

    1. Hi Al. Call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find a program that fits your needs.

  12. K2 for the last 3 months non-stop I have recently stopped and I’ve been having Tremors Cravings thinking about suicide really don’t know what to do my girlfriend’s me to go to the hospital but I think I can handle my own so if I need you can email me or hit me on Facebook and tell me your experiences as we appreciate thank you have a good

  13. I’m 5 days coming off and it’s hell on top of hell. Been on it about 8 yrs and this is my 3rd or 4th time kicking. But far the worse one too. I need help figuring out how long this is going to last and curious if I’ll ever get it off my no d and move on and be able to be my old self again since before spice.

  14. My 17 yr grand daughter is living on the streets she met up with a boy who introduced her to spice she is under CPS care until she is 18 but I’m worried I want to put her in a inpatient program but we have none like that In Bakersfield. She refuses to go back under CPS care and will be 18 in five months. She wants to come home but she knows she can’t because of CPS so she says she will stay a run a way until she is 18 and the boy she is with is 17 who turns 18 in three months. I have had her picked up by the police and they take her to Jamison center a group home where she just runs away from that place.and back on the streets isn’t there anything I can do.

  15. I don’t have bad physical withdrawal symptoms but really bad phsycalogical symptoms ended up in the hospital twice sucide attempt I am 16 please help me its ruining my life

  16. in my thinking of way, it may be little hard, for those who lives up north, in winter times & summer times. me I just quit in 2-3 weeks ago from long term of used, weeds. there is a inuits saying, go to the land or hunting, cause the land out in the tundra is healings in body & minds. if your alone out in the land, yes in crowded place it can be harder, mostly in living in the city, I used to go traing heavy equipments , to Ontario, & to Saskatoon, sask. theres too much to do something to kill home sick, so I party a little bit who I know with, & to start smoking weed, drinking beer. & synthetic weed is kind of new, up north, that is very scary to used it, if I don’t know about it, & so addictives, more than, indica & siltiva, synthetic is not 1 of them, in reading in & getting to know it. it can cause, blindness, bad life, needs it every day, so many young ppls are using it, cause no hardly jobs up north, & bad leaders or nurses are secretly controlling , jobs, be a mayor or something that is big money. so our inuits ways are gone fading away, even making dried meat, or caribou skin for clothing, or land names, we inuits haved be brain wales by whites too much, even head nurse in arviat is likely to be criminal minded, to send only to mental hospitals, that are normal young inuits, from getting needles from hard medications, & there lifes change in there life times, me I will not be controlled by whites ppls after I had, long time sickness thru-my stumack from gall stones, even they tried to get away my gun licence & get mental medications, nope I am not that person, nurses used to live in arviat for two yrs, then get new head nurse, that nurse is staying like over 35 yrs, & her boy friend become a mayor, then I never,never get a jobs like 10 yrs now, even if I haved good certificates, health centre in arviat is should be looked at, from real governments, not from rankin inlet whites cometees. inuits are coverd from whites way & criminals minded whites that is secretly doing to us. something should be taking over. I even will not trust whites when they going by radio show, & there is so much suiside going on from those used of drugs. hope this is understood, in arviat Nunavut, there is no hardly escorts anymore from there elders. we inuits are so silent to whites who controls us secretly. thanks for reading my comments, I have more to say, but it may not work to inuits saying.

  17. I thought I been sold proper weed but t unfortunately got sold spice, am really upset about it as unbelievably I also got sold ketamine as speed so am doing really badly with come downs plus am an alcoholic I thought using what I thought was speed to get off drink but obviously it wasn’t speed and am scared cos quite shaw I got pschois, I suffer with severe depression as it is my cpn is worried sick about me

  18. Sheena I’m worried about my kidneys too I still have been peeing but since withdraws I haven’t been drinking enough my be is golden and not alot.

  19. My dealer just called to inform me of a new potent strain of k2 the all salt. I was super tempted this morning but told him about what I’ve gone through on the last 48 hours plus. He started to think about regular weed head again

  20. Why do we Americans love to get high so much we are making it easy for China (where most of this shut is made) is is must be laughing at us we have folks taking elephant tranquilizers. They have draconian laws from the ice ages and we let or little girls look up to Nikki menage. God should have never said shut to Noah he should have gone n flooded the whole thing n let the animals have earth. Best country in the world and we are falling victim to this simple shit. I love u people thanks for sharing the help is priceless. Oh yeah and fuck clinics that charge people to get off drugs.

  21. I’m going on 48 hours day 1 was hell but today has been not so bad I have lost 30 pounds in like 4 days seating like crzy dry heave can’t keep anything down. Just took a dram mine and feel like I could jog a lap or two., all in all I don’t think my own wd was so bad I don’t feel near death just sick. I’ve heard people getting really sick after a week of withdrawl. Have I seen the worst or is the worst yet to cum
    Electro drinks Gatorade powered
    Nyquil z
    Epson eucalyptus baths

  22. I smoked spice till i couldn’t pee. It ruined my kidneys and i still wanted to smoke. Very very addictive. Please do not ever smoke spice. Its got to be the worst drug ever created.

  23. I have been smoking spice for 2 years now and I stop smoking spice today make 7 day and I feel so bad today my stomach and head hurt and I feel nervous help me please

  24. ive been off spice for a week i stoped cold because im having a baby does anybody know how long it takes to stop the withdrawls

  25. For some reason i woke up just morning thinking about quitting mojo but i thought it was donna be hard but thats in my mind i quit today nd i will keep up on this web site letting u guys no my process i been reading your post all day thanks for the encouragement

  26. My ex boyfriend has an addiction to Spice. When he smokes it he goes completely unsociable and falls into a state of unconsciousness for about ten minutes. Because of this I have banned mamba/spice from my home and will not allow him to smoke it around me. He has no money to buy any more (gladly) and he is agitated and cannot sleep. He is also shaking and scratching. Is there anything that will help him come off of spice safely and effectively? Thank you

  27. I started smoking spice because Im on probation I had no idea that this stuff has these types of side effect or withdrawal symptoms I had high fever, incontrolable diarrea, nausea, for the first two days without use and I had only used this stuff for 3 months on the 3rd day I started getting muscle cramps and extreme abdominal pain, on the 4th day I decided it was time for me to get some medical attention because I could not move or stand on my own with out feeling like I was gonna die I get to the hospital and I tell the doctor that I’ve been using spice and they literally had no treatment for me all they could do was put me on IV and flush my system the doctor said I had kidney damage and if I would have waited another day I may have died in bed from kidney failure I spent 7 days in the hospital being supervised by a team of doctors who looked at me like I was some type of special science project the CK leve’s in my blood rose to 4500 way over the normal limits causing kidney failure I don’t recomendamos this drug to anyone I would have been better off staying sober or in jail because this stuff almost killed me. please!! spread the word I’m going to meetings I’m writing on every blog I can possibly write on I have videos on YouTube talking about my ordeal I just feel like people don’t know that this shit can kill you if you read this stop now and prepare to withdraw lots of water and pedealyte as that stuff has all the nutrients your body needs to function. Since you will not be able to keep any food down and the fever is gonna have you sweating alot! You’re gonna be dehydrated your urine is gonna get golden and that’s the sign that your body is dehydrated once that happens the muscle spasms will come get medical attention before you get to that point trust me if I knew better I would have been way better off good luck and stick to normal pot!

  28. My boyfriend and I want to quit. Be are both experiencing the withdrawals after hours of not smoking so I don’t think its completely safe to stop cold turkey. Is it possible to wean off? Start Monday-tues 1 bag. Wed-thurs half bag. Fri-sat 1 blunt. Sunday no more. Do u think this will work.

  29. I’ve been smoking fake for three years seven grams a day everyday all day and I finally had enough I’m going through a detox right now I’m on day one I’m in a bed with a heating pad or blanket and getting ready to go to a shower to shower and lay in hot water and do the detox

  30. How toxic is 2nd hand smoke from spice.. also I know it sounds gross but can it be transferred to your partner during sexual activities?

  31. Ive been smoking spice for over a year and now its to the point that if i dont smoke every hour i sweat all over my body,headaches,diarrhea,nausea and vomiting why do i go through withdrawals so soon

  32. Hello every one I just wanted to share my experience with you all about my WD from spice my first time ever tying it the only reason why I did because the spice contains no THC in it and I was trying to get cleaned up off mariuanja so that I could get a better job not knowing what I was getting my self into I started to roll blunt smoke and eat a lot sleep a lot also I found my self smoking it more in more everyday I start noticing my eyes where feeling kinda funny my lips where numb also my feet I couldn’t feel my self urinate at times so I got really scared n said OK I’m not gonna do this no more I’m going to stop one morning I woke I have not had any that morning I prayed and asked god to remove the taste from mouth I started getting really hard n painful WD so bad that I would cry no sleep I feel irritated by any and every Lil thing I started getting these real sweaty cold n hot flashes Omg they lasted almost a month before I was back to normal any ??please feel free to ask I do know one thing all u can do when u have these bad WD is pray I got on my knees every night and cried out to god and guess what he is a great god he pulled me through so its possible no its easy and u may feel like u need more spice to stop the WD its a mind thing u don’t try and think about something that matters the most to u in life like your kids mom family husband and you will finally realize that its people that need you family friend I thought about my kids and thats what made me stop they seen me so sick and crying every night to my husband my five year old daughter also made me feel so much better she ran me bath water she said mom u need to stop crying its gone be OK and she rubbed my head while I was laying there clueless she comforted me in a way that it help me get through those sleepless nights and pain

  33. The withdrawals from spice are two steps away from being unbearable.. Heartburn, throwing up every 10 minutes, I’ve slept 5 hours one day out of 4 days… I’m shaky, can’t eat ANYTHING, so instead of throwing up coming out , its either acid or nothing so you’re dry heaving for DAYS you don’t wanna drink either but I force myself to drink water, prpreferrebly vitamin water, so you’re getting your nutrients , But I’m telling you IT IS MISERABLE.. It’s 2am right now.. Lol go figure..

  34. I been snoking k2 for about three years im trying to quit i havent smoked in a week i been swaeting at night an having bad nightmare i been thinking stupid stuff not hurting myself or anyone but doing something dumb to go to jail im scared that im going to relaps..

    1. Hi Jerardo. I suggest you see a doctor or go to the hospital. K2 withdrawals can be very dangerous. It’s best to put yourself in the hands of medical professionals than suffer great brain and body organs damage.

  35. My son is currently using spice he quit before but is using again he lost his job today because he went in high. I’ve been begging and pleading with him to stop but he’s so high all the time that he’s not taking me serious. I told him that he has two choices either quit or I was going to have him put in detox I’m feeling helpless any suggestions I’m worried about his well being!!!!

  36. I am trying to quit. On day 3 now and am losing time and cant stop the clamy hands and light sweats although the sweats do get heavy at times. This stuff is ruining my life and the worst part is no one knows of my addiction. I have hid it for so long (at least I think it is hidden). I am alone in this so far and need HELP. I am afraid to talk to my wife because I feel like I have let her down. I started using spice (Kush King) as a cheap alternative and easy access to regular weed. WORST MISTAKE EVER. the nausea has started as well as frequent and potent bowel movements. Every time I try and quit something happens and triggers me to get more. I just want to quit and be back to my old self or as close to that as I can be.

  37. This is the 3rd time quitting. I’m 53, love the buzz, but this stuff is HARD to put down.
    I did cold turkey twice, the 2nd time I had to go to work through the withdrawal. The severe entire body pain and misery is amazing. Worst I’ve felt.
    This time, I’m 3 days into “slow withdrawal”. I do a small toke after I get up to eat, stop shaking and deal with the day. Another before lunch. I I need to puke – hit it.
    The misery is 1/4 what it was the first times. I’ll probably do that until the weekend; then get it all over with. I hope.
    I don’t recommend cold turkey. I can see how it could kill folks.

  38. Somebody please help me. It’s day 3 an I feel like I’m about too die. When will these fucking withdraws go away I’m so scared. I can’t sleep can’t eat an loosing over 20lbs already. So much sweating an nauseous feelings. I wanna be back normal so bad. I’ve been smoking spice for the last six months straight and just now stopped . Will somebody please with the withdrawals experience tell me how long the shit less please

  39. I experienced the worst spice withdrawals severely. Two days and I’m done with it. I am on day 1 laying inbed puking running back and forth to the bathroom. Hopefully in the morning i will be ok. Ensure drinks really help when tou cant eat. Swimming to ease stomach tension. A heat pad. Hope it helps

  40. My husband quite about 3 weeks ago, and is having bad withdrawals, he will not admit it, and will not get help he says he mood swings has nothing to do with it, but everything I have read about it, is exactly what he is going through! How long will this last and how do I handle these outbursts? He will not get help, and I don’t know how much longer I can take it! He was a very hard and long time user of k2, will he ever get better without help? Thank you, jsckir

  41. Oh my god they just banned spice in the UK I have smoked 3grams a day for 5years I have just smoked my last one

    I am going to have a nightmere getting off this crap any advice?

  42. I started smoking spice 6 yrs ago. Ive stopped and came back few times. This stuff they sell on the streets in florida is dif than any other. The withdrawl is coughing puking and sweats passing out and severe cramps… Any one else have any ideas on remedys to help take edge off….?? Please..

  43. Dont ever touch this shit!!!! It will change you, and the way people see you. Spice is like fucking with the devil!!! I lost everything just for a 5 minute high NOT WORTH IT! I stopped smoking for a month and everything was going good i got over my withdrawal within 3 days after a month here I am withdrawaling again!!! Wtf is wrong with me I AM SO DISAPPOINTED IN MYSELF i thought i was better then this shit!!!

  44. Ive been smoking spice for about 6 years on and off, now i stop smoking it 4 days ago due to moving to another country and not being able to get any. My withdrawal isnt too bad, i guess its due to being close to my family and friends, instead of smoking that horrible stuff all day on my own in my house. Sometimes i get irritated by some things, but im trying to controll my anger and not thinking about spice no more and trying to occupy myself with better things than that horrible chemical. It damaged my health allot, it made my teeth horrible, it gave me lung and kidney and liver pains, i hope i will recover and become better person without it. If you ever thinking of starting smoking this stuff, please dont, it will ruin your health, relationships, and will make u broke

  45. Whew! Okay, Jennifer! Everything is going to be alright. Don’t freak yourself out, okay? I have been on Spice on 2 occasions – last use was a week ago. What you want to do is just keep calm, and stay hydrated. You will want to use, but say Fkit. Seriously. I am just starting to get my appetite back, and gain back the 15 lbs that I lost. My heart rate is the scariest of all things. Fast heart rate is going to be common, stay still, drink water, don’t move and pray. You will get through this. It’s only a moment in time. What you are going through is only a fraction on the many joys to come in your life. You are stronger than this man made shyt, and your life is more important. They put this out there to kill the people, and wonder why it doesn’t show up on drug tests???? This was what really woke me up. The reason why I made the mistake was because my bf was in prison, and my weed man was out of town and I was alone, depressed and lonely. lol. I should have picked up a coloring book instead! But, I was smoking about 3-4 little baggies a day, waking up in the middle of the night, every 30 mins, etc. I have passed out, which was very scary, I never would have known I did if my mom wasn’t there to pick me up and tell me. I would have my friends smoke it with me, and it sent them into the hospital. I started to influence those around me, and I felt guilty. Thank Goodness they have a brain lol. Tell yourself that the high is getting annoying! JUST PSYCH YOURSELF OUT!!! IT WORKS. Do you think they care if you die or not? Money is money. But your life is more important than this drug, and the withdrawal compared to your life – is CHUMP CHANGE. I was on it for a few months and it has me Pawning my things. And I don’t have much lol. I started feeling ashamed and embarrassed walking into the smoke shop and buying it. You are too beautiful of a person to do this – especially by yourself! But I have been there once, at it again, and not going back. It’s not worth it. Especially coughing up some black shit. Not okay. I’m still scared. But, I’m writing this for you, since you have just posted this today and I’m here today after reading 3 years of symptoms etc. I’ll stay up here so you can reach out to me if you need to, okay? Be strong and Carry on!

  46. This stuff hit my country hard, my generation very hard.. they used to sell them as incense, and the powder(stimulants) as something you put in the tub while taking a bath to feel better, but we were snorting it.. and the incense was smoked.
    It will make you impulsive, it will take everything you once stood for and replace it for a shell of apathy and ignorance and will downgrade you to an animal that only seeks to keep a state of IMMENSE sedation,confusion and general chaos.. but it beats the chaos of not being on it. Or so you think.

    It will make you slower, it will fuck up your short term memory, it will destroy anyone that loves who you are .. transforming into a white walker wasn’t what I envisioned.

    I quit by reading a lot of comments from people, that’s what I do since a child(an eternal lurker,information spoonge).. the internet has been a gift that I’m so happy I recieved..

    For anyone reading this, I’m writting just as a feeling of greatfulness towards the rest of people which do it and it did help me :

    Please, you are much more beautiful than this shit… just look in the mirror and smile or something whatever works for you. You are loved, even if you can’t see or sense it, words cannot describe how crushed my soul feels when writing this losing so many friends to it. You are the image of God, such an ancient entity trying to get back togheter – spice is just another of the demons that try to separate us. Do not succumb to the feelings of apathy and disgust, fight your way out.. we are always waiting on the other side with our arms open.

    Much love and I hope from all my heart and soul that YOU will surprass this vile substance(s) and go on your way .. just don’t go back again , the demon will always feel lonely in his hole but is something YOU need to BURY. Go over it and NEVER look back , EVER AGAIN.

  47. Welp here goes day number 2 of quitting spice, this is my second time quitting this crap, its not easy but it is very possible I pushed everyone out of my life family Friends pregnant girlfriend etc the first time I quit I had my family here for me 100% but this time around the pretty much disowned me only because they wanted what was best for me, my girl told me she was Prego 3 weeks ago and after her seeing and making her false promises saying I’m gonna stop and never actually quitting she left me, I pray I can make things right with her and my family but I’m afraid its to late, I was a total different person on it not social no priorities alls I cared about was my next bag I would literally smoke blunts back to back waking up in parking lots with my truck running and music on, and not even knowing anything it would keep me up and down all night leaving me with little sleep for months on in, spice is the devil and I prey to god I make it through this and get back to being 100% normal I like having money a family a girlfriend, on spice I don’t even like my own reflection quit now not after this gram or after this bag quit now every hit u take is another step back your taking from actually living life im still in the process of withdrawing only on day 2

  48. I have been clean now for 2 months and my desire to smoke have been lifted. This spice( K2) is something totally different from every other drug I ever experienced. The withdrawal are far worse than heroin. If you are really serious about quitting feel free to contact me.

  49. I quit a month ago and still feel effects from withdrawal…i actually od on spice they brought me back to life at hospital and now i find myself goun to na meetins regularly and i am gettin bettet

  50. I quit 2 days ago. What is helping me is real marijuana, and a tea mix of sleepytime extra tea, rooibos tea and tulsi (holy basil) … You should be able to find this stuff at the health food store. Those teas I mentioned help ease anxiety and sleeplessness. Drink lots of water. Like pee very often. One cup of tea, one cup of water, switch off. Take a hot bath, soak for 20 minutes, then shower in cold water right after. That will help all the toxins to get out of your system faster. Also the teas help detox the blood, kidneys and liver. Good luck. Im starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  51. Well I had a bad experience with spice but since the time I stop smoking it. But yesterday I was coming back from school Nd I saw my boyfriend since he started to smoke spice he had change a lot I saw him really bad today he couldn’t even walk right even talk . I want to help him but I don’t know how .can someone give me like an advice it will be helpful.

  52. I started smoking spice when I was 13 years old and I went on and off for a few years but when I hit 19 I started smoking heavily and spending more and more money. I’m trying to withdraw right now I have not smoked in three days and the sickness is killing me I’ve hardly slept the past few days I want to go to AA meeting because overcoming this is becoming impossible I’m starting to hallucinate and I’m scared to tell anyone.

  53. hey if anyone reads this my girlfriend is an addict with spice and she really wants to get clean but the detox causes tremors and she literally has seizures she does about 1.5 bags a day and i cant stand to see her go through this someone please help me and there is no way shes gonna go to a rehab facility what helps… open top anything

  54. My boyfriend smokes spice and me and his family are straying to get him to quit, and he says he wants to but don’t really isn’t making and effort to do so. I really want to help him with out putting him in a clinic , because he don’t want to lose his job. Please help me .

  55. Dear all,
    I wrote 3 months ago about my husband being addicted to spice. Well this was not easy at all. We went to a specialized addiction doctor. He gave him the right medicines that really helped him ease the horrible withdrawal symptoms. It has been 4 months that my husband completly recovered.
    This is to encourage you seek help. A doctor would really help. Say no to spice, have the will and faith in god and it will all be history. Take care!

  56. I’ve been on spice for about a year and 1mouth and it has proper got a grip ov me get thoughts killing meself and when don’t have it I can’t eat sleep or drink get nightmares and etc I’ve stopped for 4days this is my 5thday and wow never felt like this but I’m gonna do it I withdraw like a herion user does don’t touch this shit it’s not safe should be banned u don’t want to end up like this it’s bad stuff I know people who shit and piss in a bag now coz of spoce Don’t Touch Any SPice quit before die

    Don’t touch spice it killing me I withdraw like a herion user and don’t eat sleep or drink any coz will puke it up anything and I’ve stoped for 5days and in a lot of pain in my ribs Cba saying more stay away from it

  57. Spice isn’t cool at all…I had tripped before with different physcodelics drugs but The spice ” K2″ really kicked me like a horse. I have experienced death and seen things I had never seen before. I got so scared of my last trip that I cried for help. I have been clean since OCTOBER 15th 2015…doing great. Well in my home town…Allentown, PA. A few guys haven’t been so lucky. Some are dead…some lost the ability to walk or see. My best friend just got off from a long comma to find out he won’t be able to walk again. He fell off while smoking…passed out for 3 days were dying in his bathroom until by the grace of God he was found. I wish you all luck and please… No need to die like this.

  58. Exactly one week ago today I woke up to hearing my fiancé drop to the floor in a grand maul seizure. I called the ambulance immediately and followed them to the hospital. When they finally let me in the room they had him sedated and intubated (tubes down his throat) after two days of testing and questioning I finally found a bag of spice in his gym bag. Long story short he has suffered heart failure and kidney failure. He literally almost died. To any one who smokes this, please stop please seek help before you lose your life. His heart was functioning at 15% where it should be at like 80… he’s only 25 and needed two rounds of dialysis and 8 days in the icu. We are finally home and he is still withdrawing. Vomiting, sweats, diarrhea, nightmares the while 9. He told me he’s never going to touch the stuff again and I believe him, but the sad part is the friends of his who still use are saying he just got a “bad batch” and feel like nothing bad will happen to them… this is real you guys, please get help. They didn’t know if he would make it through, his cognitive functions were all messed up he couldn’t even put together a sentence. I know the withdrawals suck, and no one wants to go through them so it’s easier to keep smoking than to detox, but your life is worth so much more. We need to stand up to these synthetic drugs!! They are literally poison.

  59. My grandson is going through spice withdrawls. He is on day 6 but still having the restlessness and shakes, mumbling in his sleep. he is starting to eat a little and drinking a little. The shakes is what is really bothering him is there anything we can do?

  60. I quit smoking “spice” 5 days ago. I was on it heavy for a good 4 months. Smoking about 5 grams atleast a day. I noticed id feel crappy while smoking so i decided to quit. I never thought coming off a drug could.make me feel so horrible. Its day 5 and finally getting a bit better. I never met someone who would come down off drugs as hard as me. Another reason drugs arent for me. As soon as my body realized it didnt have that chemical, it went into shock. Throwing up non stop for 3 days. Blood clots coming up everytime you puke. Skin feeling like rubber. Bruises randomly appearing. Unable to eat. Sweating. Feeling like death. 3 Days later i was still horrible. Only living off of popsickles and drinks. My boyfriend made me go to the hospital after day 3. Doctors made me pee in a cup and nothin but blood came in my urine. Over 1000 white blood count short. Potassium levels so low that i could barely walk. They kept me over night and pumped me with abunch of fluids. They were so nice and helpful. The next morning (day4), they discharged me and i came home feeling a tad better. Still hot weird and nauscious. I took soke nausea medicine and it helped. I took a shower in cold water and still wasnt cold. That night sleep was rough. I wake up on day 5 feeling a bit better but so weak. Still unable to eat so i bought a smoothie. Took a bath as it helped some. Now im laying down with two fans on me on high, lip is throbbing in pain (forgot to add that when i wouldnt stop puking the chemicals that were coming up ate the lubricant off my lips and cut them all up so they are by far chapped and bloody). This is the worst thing ive been through like this. Drugs arent no fun. And when they are fun they arent worth it. Stay off the spice. Smoke marijuana. Synthetics are horrible. Your body starts getting immune to chemicals as if you drank bleach everyday. Thats not healthy. I cant wait to stop feeling weird and be sober ! goodluck to all spice users and abusers. Praying

  61. You didnt ruin your body although it will seem like it for sometime. It took me about a month to start feeling normal again. It is a brutal detox and it takes a lot of recovery time, dont give up and dont freak out. If you can get some regular to help you down it does work. Take it from someone who was hospitalized twice before making it through and keep your hopes up. Get some excercise.

  62. I have quit 2 times now its not easy I see my friends quitting and the sickness is horrible can’t eat can’t sleep but most of all the long side effects I’m still going through after 2 weeks question is did I permitly ruin my body from the spice I have lost a lot of weight continue to lose will it stop????

  63. Day two and my arms cannot stop 545 am and I’m running to the toilet and shower.I’m going to a pcp today.I’m scared to admit my spice problem due to my profession.I have a hx of depression and anxiety and currently left my meds and bam…hooked on spice..ahh please god make this misery go away..I have to be strong for my boyfriend and I we are both going through it but determined to overcome this shit…words of encouragement anyone…I will be seeking counseling as well..I cannot deal with how miserable I felt even after or before spice it made it worse …

  64. Today is day one and I am feeling all the boyfriend and I are currently withdrawing and trying to support each other..we are so over the use and want any additional tips to make this time as painless as possiable.we are looking at counseling.I have suffered from anxiety my whole life and was introduced to this..I am very ashamed and my family is not aware what is really going on..

  65. I recently started smoking spice about 3 months ago got put.on.papers and just.llove smoking weed . But im going let u guys know.this is probably the worst drug I ever done the withdrawal are your dying.. plz listen to me im just a normal guy who like there weed . I started t get really angry I would sleep allday wake.up smoke again . But I woke couple days ago just said im.done with this spice flush down . Im on my 3 day without smoking its hard and pain full but.I.promise your.body going fill so much better plz.guyz.dont smoke that shit I promise its.not.worth it im young kid 21 years old and telling spice worst thingever

  66. i smoked jwh-018 and mam-2201 daily, constantly, morning, lunch, all evening for about 2 years. i loved it at first and thought most of you/us who write this kind of stuff were just pussies. i found that after about a month of heavy use, like all day use, i could no longer stand up, my lower back basically didn’t work, i would get lower back spasms that would cause me to fall down to my knees, i was in denial about it for the longest time, thought i did something else to fuck up my back, went to the hospital, had x rays, everything looks fine, about 4-5 hours after smoking i could not stand up. this shit is not sustainable and i fear the potential of unknown damage i’ve done to myself. if you’re smoking this shit, just know that it will not end well, im pretty sure i almost died on this stuff twice. i know what the cannabinoid itch feels like, and this shit will calm that itch temporarily, the disgusting thing is, in the midst of my heavy use i tried risking blown piss tests and going back to weed and it did not calm the new itch for this synthetic shit, it really feels like a heroin addiction. i have tried to stop several times, and had some success for a couple months at a time, i have NEVER not smoked this shit when i had access to it, i’ve tried to hide it, stash it away, i fucking buried it under my above ground swimming pool before filling it, later that night the pool was drained. if you’re gonna stop this shit you need to grab that bag and dump it in the toilet and cut all ties to this shit. i have done several drugs and this shit is by far the worst. get out while you can. also, vacuum your carpets.

  67. My husband started smoking spice a year ago. Now that he’s phisically dependent, he can’t stop smoking for four hours in a row withdraw symptoms are really bad vomitting nausea intense sweating, spends his the bathroom.he can’t sleep all night and wakes up every two hours to get his fix. This is affecting our relationship sexual and social life.We’ve decided to go to a doctor tomorrow to help him quit but since i know there’s no cure for spice i’m so scared of the withdraw symptoms he’s gonna face. And i dono how can i help him facing them please help me. Spice is the devil.

  68. Drink lots of water, eat bland foods, you are probably having hot and cold flashes because you have no food inside your body. This makes your body more susceptible to the outside environment.

  69. My boyfriend has had a spice attack, his not smoked for 3 days now but still hallucinating, any idea when the side affects will go?

  70. I’ve been off for 3 days and I want to curl up and die. I’m hot then cold. Sick then fine. Tired then wide awake. Someone tell me what to do please!!!

  71. Green hell first started smoking in prison iv done most drugss and had some badish habits iv just spit up with my girl fd smoked near on 2oz in 2/3weeks now im fucked already had buy some not gd people plz dont start im a past heroin users wicth im not far off beatin im on1ml ov subutex iv beaten it quite afew time but some how end bk their i didnt mind how b made me feel tho spice is another thing all 2gether i hate the shit dont even like the way it makes me feel but cant stop!!! Iv always had mental heath problemz but now im some1diffrent fked shock ov ever thing really fk .myself this time plz stay away

  72. My grandson is a addict to spice and wont to be free he cannot eat he is vomiting when he does try to eat his bowels wont move because there’s nothing in him what can he do to make it easier for him to go through withdrawal

  73. I can’t seem to find any concrete advice or a phone number for more information on my friend trying to detox from synthetic cannibinoids. He seems to be at the end of his rope and hoping to talk to someone that can help me help him detox at home. Any advice would be appreciated thanks

  74. ok this is what I did today I did some research on this JOHN W Hoffman the inventor of spice hence JWH hidden it weird how his initials are the main compound anyways he goes on to say in his blog that everybody that smokes his products are idiots. the withdrawals I have gone through are everything that is up on that list this John W Hoffman that’s really messed up a lot of people’s life

  75. F*ck this stuff! It ruins your life! I have family struggling to quit as well as my self. I set my mind to it. I know some people don’t believe in God but I pray everyday that I don’t run back to that sh*t. I still have trouble sleeping without NyQuil or zzzquil. I strongly believe that if I can find away to sleep and eat. I won’t run back to it. Help me sleep

  76. My story. I was living with some family and there are on probation. So instead of smoking weed they where smoking spice. in my area it’s called (CB1) Well anyways. I started smoking it with them. And I full on regreat it. I have deadly mussle cramps that make me fell like my entire body is breaking in halvs. Im currenty on day 4 withdrawling. I felling like my heart is going to beat out of my chest. I have psychotic episodes to where I have a mentle break down. Im only 18 years old. and my original whight is around 140/150. I currently whigh 127 pounds. I shouldnt be heart problems this young I havent slept in 4 days. HAving explosive shits. Cold and Hot sweats that wont go away. This is the wrost time of my life. Cant stand for more then minutes without colasping. Spice is the scareyist thing thats ever happend to me. My hand are even crmaping while typing this

  77. Me and my boyfriend have been smoking spice for over a year we have never looked at the long term effects of it. But lately we relies our life was nothing but about it anytime I got paid It would be the first thing we buy I started loosing weight I was always a chubby girl size 14 but now I’m size 8 we finally realise this is no way to live and is on the 3rd day of our spice withdrawal I just want to no if there is any help out there to help with our irritability our sweats or sleepless nights thanks for your time

  78. I have been smoking spice for 5 years and I hate what started as an alternative for Marijuana but ended very addicted and now everytime I try to quit I don’t sleep my stomach feels like a dryer my head hurts and it feels like I have vomit in my throat any advice on how to quit plz reply

  79. I’m 52. Addictive personality. I used to do the original legal spice. High as hell. Then they made it illegal and changed the recipe and it didn’t work anymore so I quit. Fast forward several years to two months ago. A new “friend” asks if I wanna get loaded. He pulls out one of these e-cigarette things. Not these little mods that you see but a huge one capable of heating this shit high enough to burn. Yeah. You have to buy a special pipe to smoke the liquid. Turns out spice is sold in liquid form now. I am instantly re-addicted. Wow! No yellow fingers, no smoke smell on my clothes, no burn holes in my clothing and I can smoke it in the house because the vapor leaves no smell for the wife to catch me.

    WRONG. I have already in 2 months been through 10 bottles of this shit.

    I am on day 3 of detox. Suffering horribly. No sleep. Nausea. Dizzy. Feel like I’m hung over or drunk. My vision, hearing and smell are all extremely affected. Loss of appetite isn’t even a CLOSE description. I have lost 24 lbs in 3 days. Pissing constantly. Now for the worst part:

    Approximately 75% of my body is numb. Feels like when the shot from the dentist is wearing off. You can feel your face but also feel the numbness. So both checks, my forehead, back of my neck, shoulder blades, legs, etc has no feeling.

    My penis has felt “asleep” this whole time. I can’t even get it hard. This stuff is WAY WORSE than the stuff sprayed on plants. When you aren’t coughing all the time, you smoke more. I went through the last bottle in less than 24 hours.

    How my employer or fellow workers didn’t spot my altered psyche I’ll never know. I am NEVER going back to the stuff. It’s way too potent and dangerous from the original stuff and frankly this new liquid shit scared me. Literally scared me. Never hallucinations or breathing problems. Lungs almost stopped working. Hoping everyone here gets through this. I’ve done a car trunk full of drugs in my day but this is the worst one I have ever encountered.

  80. the only way to smoke this is if you can buy it only at specific points in time(once or twice a year) and only at rations…
    that way even if you do get addicted you cant keep buying it constantly…

  81. a dog was forced to quit after 2 years of smoking straight when the first ban happened.

    couldnt find it, couldnt buy it so he quit cold turkey. that dog went through HELL!
    you all know the symptoms….
    after the cravings eased down 3 or 4 days in
    the insomnia, anxiety, and irritability were the main symptoms.
    they lasted another extra week or two.
    eventually coming back to normal….ish…
    i say normalish because the mental sluggishness and tremors in the hands never really went away even after 3 years clean.

    that dog has been through the withdrawal process 3 times. and is very aware what the feeling of disphoria is.
    here is the only tips that the dog can share to deal with it
    (and lets be real, no one wants to talk to our loved ones about it or go to a facility so here it is)

    1.find the positive
    dog was fat, … so when the withdrawal happened, he started losing alot of weight as a consecuence.. so much that when the ordeal was all over, the dog was actually looking quite good!
    2. Buy ALOT OF GATORADE! it really helps!
    3. about the insomnia: the dog can’t help you there… it sucks… you will be able to sleep in about 5 or 6 days in… just gotta do the time. the dog tried 5mg melatonin and was getting maybe like 2hour naps at best…
    4. even if you are atheist, PRETEND someone is looking out for you… it gives your brain a way to cope with the emotional distress.
    5. the dog talked to his family and friends for support but made it seem like he was quitting cigarrettes… the fact that people are aware is a boost of morale.
    5a. or you can start smoking cigarrettes… the dog did :s
    (replaced one addiction with another, but in the dog’s honest opinion, nicotine is a total BITCH when you compare it to spice… if you canuse cigs to quit spice you can quit cigs later by using something else,)
    6. drink hot green tea… as hot as you can get it….
    7.masturbate… you might not feel like it helps, but it does keep you occupied and relieves a tiny biy of anxiety movies, tv, youtube… anything to keep the mind busy
    9. excercise… you want to sweat all that shit out as fast as possible…
    10. the one thing the dog hated the most was the feeling of numbness in the body… and to this day he has no clue wtf is up with that… and that: food was tasteless… but thats more of an annoyance than a problem… it goes away … eat spicy shit if you want to be able to taste anything at all.

  82. My son is on spice and I don’t know what to do ?? He’s been on it for 3 years and will not stop I’m scared he will dye please help me

  83. I’ve taken this a level further. I found a connect to order the pure research chemicals online and am now up to a gram a day of pure synthetic cannabis. My symptoms are terrible I smoke ALL DAY. I even do little bat hits in the bathroom at work and now I’m in there like 12 times a day and it looks weird I’m sure. This needs to stop. I feel like I can’t do anything without it. it’s been almost 5 years now as a daily habit. I have the option to change back to real pot for a short period of time to detox. This is my best option? Or should I just cold turkey it? I need to be able to function at work I can take a 3 day weekend to get through the worst of it I guess. At this point I have full motivational syndrome, absolutely nothing in life makes me happy anymore and I don’t want to do anything but smoke yet my mind keeps telling me to get off this garbage. It the solution and cause of all my problems right now let alone its gotten crazy expensive. I’m spending about 200 a week. What do i do!? HELP!?

  84. I wanna know how I can help my brother out. He’s been off spice for a week but talks in his “sleep”…what can this be linked to?

  85. The best way I’ve been doing it is smoking for a week or 2 then stopping for a week or more if I have bad withdrawal, if I really feel like I can’t handle it I will take the smallest pinch and eat it…. Yes straight eat it, it really seems to help because it doesn’t make me want to smoke it and it eliminates all the withdrawal for a day or 2 then the symptoms seem to go away, then Iam completely fine 🙂 but! I only smoke really mellow spice since I’ve been on and off, wen I do it like this it really destroys the craving because it’s so fucking nasty to eat and it doesn’t really get you high but it makes the symptoms go away and then over a few days the rest seem to go and stay away

  86. Iv been off spice for about 2 weeks now i was smoking it for about 5 years im 42 years old and asthmatic.I have not done any drugs since i quit but i feel weak iv lost about 40lbs im eating but nothing like before and still cant gain my full appetite back i notice im still having trouble breathing even though iv been doing asthma treatments as needed and feel a bit anxious and my blood pressure is elevated quite often im wondering if this is normal?

  87. My fiance and I recently about a little over a year ago, started smoking k2 (spice). It seems like he would get real sick only a couple hours of not smoking,(out of k2 lol) . I also no that he has smoked it now for a couple years and never got sick, well it’s because he didn’t smoke nearly as much then as he does now. When we have it we smoke it all day, it’s a lot and I also now get sick if I’m not smoking. Tonight we decided to ask questions to Google and read up on k2. I found the answer I was looking for. How long is the withdraw from spice??? 3 to 4 days!!!!! Omg this is the worse sickness ever!!! Worse then any other drug, even horion withdraw was nothing compared to this, but we both need a want to do it!! We will stop smoking k2, this drug litterly scares me. Anyone out there going through the same thing as my fiance and I and can maybe help with more information, please do leave message…. the happy Kane couple….

  88. Thank you all so much for sharing your stories… i have been clean for 8 days.. i have been reading your testimonials for the past two nights… it has helped ALOT.. i have lost 10 pounds in a week but i figure ill get my apetite back here in a few days… leave the MOJO alone… it is poison… VETERAN SPICE SMOKER EVERDAY FOR OVER SIX YEARS.. im thankfull to still be in my right mind

  89. My friend is 8 days sober from spice and has smoked it for many many years. It seems his stomach is not ok. He has episodes of vomitting and pain . I thought after a week this would have stopped by now???

  90. I have commented on this prior but want to let you guys know that it DOES IT BETTER!!! I was a spice addict for two years and am one year sober. I smoked about every hour on the hour 24/7. I would flake on work, friends and even family just to sit at home and smoke what I thought was the best thing ever. I experienced the worst withdrawls…anxiety, vomiting, sweating, shaking, cold chills, and the list goes on and on. I was so ashamed and embarrassed to tell anyone and didn’t know where to turn. I finally opened up to my best friend and he helped me through the withdrawl part, would jist stay with me and try to keep my mind busy. Nothing will get rid of the withdrawls bUT some things that ease them are anything with electrolytes such as coconut water, pedilyte…etc also benedryl was my life saver for getting at least four hours of sleep. Just keep yourself busy, cravings only last about 30 minutes and physical withdrawls only last about a week. Take a week off to yourself, have a friend or family member stay with you. Stock up on what you need so you don’t have to go out in public withdrawing. Try to eat, even if it’s a few bites of food a day. Natural cannabis helped alot as well with the physical effects, but just make sure you don’t replace your addiction. The one thing I learned through all this is that you always have someone who cares and wants to see you healthy. I finally opened up to my family when I was a month sober about my addiction and they kept asking why I didn’t communicate with them…everything would have been so much easier with them there. So don’t underestimate loved ones, they just want you to be happy and healthy and will help. If you don’t reach out for a support system, you will never get through this addiction alone. Please stop smoking spice, reach out to loved ones, and just go through the withdrawls. I never thought I’d make it out alive and here I am. I got anxiety disorder because of spice but other then that, I have never felt better. If anyone wants to email me, I would be more then happy to give advice or even just listen. God bless and stay strong.

  91. I once grew pot
    A meth head told on me
    I pee in many cups
    They rarely see your pee, liar-pot
    You act and talk like my old friend
    Maybe even crazy as me
    Of course I call you friend to few
    Enemy to many
    But we both know who you are, liar-pot
    You are my enemies enemy
    Therefore my ally
    Even though you don’t care about me
    Like your big sister did
    Let’s fool them all, get them mad, make a scene
    Then when they sweep up our ashes
    She can back in center ring

  92. Hey i just finish smoking my hopefully my last jpin i feel this shit is killing me ….. Im currently in a 3 quarter housing and so far on the year two people have died of this ….. I knoe is gonna be hard but i have to do or else i feel like ima die

  93. MAN FUCCCCCCC SPICCCCCE. I used to smoke bacc wen it waz legal n shiit, texas by the way, then i dont know wtf they did to that shit , there tryna kill us all w that bullshit. Ive never tried more addicting drufg in my life . i watch all my homies go thru the withdrawls before i went thru mine , but day one was the worst , sweating ,no apetite nausea vomiting,no sleep n anxiety. Im on day five now n im sleepin better now but still cant sleep still anxious still vomiting sweating is alil more under control but it s a fuccin struggle yoo, i wouldnt even wish this upon my worst enemy. I m goin crazy but im takin it day by day slowly feeling better, quit if yuu havent already. If not learn the hard way, the longer yuu take the harder it will be too keep yur food dwn, keep from actin like a psycho maniac ,sweating like a fat lady, n not sleeping like yuu just smoked cracc. Good lucc.

  94. I been smoking spice for a month i have cold sweats. Cant sleep maybe like less than two hours? I just wanna know how long this Withdrawal is going last. Im completely done with this crap! Just makes you look dumb and lazy

  95. I know what it’s all about. I’ve been through it all and I can promise it does go away. Just don’t stop pushing. you all can do this. i have faith in everybody with any type of addiction. I wish you all the best. and no matter what you say and think, there is somebody out there that loves and cares about you. Have a awesome day and kick the habits <3

  96. I have a loved one who has been smoking this stuff for a couple years. It got so bad they were smoking every 30 minutes. They weren’t ever in thier right mind and it was awful to watch. Anyways, they stopped doing it and now they have major medical issues going on. They’re on thier 3rd week of being sober. The doctor has no idea what’s going on so they just keep ordering more tests and bloodwork. They have lost 50 plus pounds in the last 2 months, they’re having severe night sweats (even if it’s just a nap), they have mouth sores, they are experiencing legs giving out on them, fatigue, and the list goes on, they are miserable. I would like to think it’s just withdrawals but it’s past the point of that. I’m scared for thier life. No one knows what chemicals are in this crap so I’m afraid that it’s given them some type of disease along with a chemical imbalance. If anyone else is experiencing any symptoms like this please let me know.

  97. Hello ppl in the states I live in the UK and got sent this link from a fb friend I struggling to give up spice over here been smoking it seven yrs now it ruining me help me please begging ppl for help

  98. I heard marijuana helps me deal with withdrawal of spice, but it causes me to feel even weirder, and have incredible shortness of breath

  99. So what helps showers milk hot water what? Plz someone help me trying to get ma hubby and his brother out of it hurts me seeing them like this up and down with there anxiety help me plz.

  100. I have a friend who is going thru withdrawal from spice. She is scared cause it has been 2 days sihce she stopped but she is still having feelings of hallucinations and feelings almost high or anxious she said. She is scared they will call cops if she goes to hospital. Should she be seen? does this sounf right for withdrawal symptoms?

  101. I have to start out with I’m speaking on behalf of me and my wife who is currently addicted to spice and has been using for a year now pretty heavily. I have to say we had been addicted to spice once before and we had moved about four hours out of town and we were making the drive every other day to get spice finally we just decided to stop bad health well we had withdrawaled at home cold turkey and with a child and some help from my mother with our child well we did good sober and clean for a over a year and then my job calls me back home.I get back for about two days and we relapsed and had been using it every since and it was over a year ago.

  102. I have never seen a drug like this one. It is so addictive and so hard to kick. I couldn’t stop.smoking for half hour. The vomits, diharrea and anxiety are nuts…can only compare with heroin withdrawals. I have been clean for a month and not still feeling well.


  104. Hi ive smoked spice for 3years started in prison but got sick of it cos all my freinds were smoking skunk so i gave up its been 2half weeks now i just got some sweating i was taking 2grams aday now i have 1splif of ganja before bed u can do it iys easy.

  105. This country is backwards as hell. God put the seed here, mankind only wanted to make a profit off the justice system so they threw laws and regulations on weed. now we gotta come up with a way to be free in the land of the free and it’s killing people.They need to legalize weed nationwide and stop with the drug tests. Weed stays in your system up to 30 days and still stands at 0 deaths til this day. We can’t smoke weed (legally) The hard stuff they shud be looking for is gone in 2-3 days how fair is that? k2 Spice aka mojo as we call it on the streets in normal form isn’t the culprit. It’s the chemicals they spray them with, from pesticides, wd40, rat poison and more. This is what gives it the extra kick. when it gets sprayed it loses the dry crinkly feel and becomes almost like real weed it gets softer and fluffy like sum loud. Spraying also gives it a sweet aroma like coffee and vanilla or bubblegum. I started smoking mojo so I wouldn’t lose my job if I hit anything and got popped with a random drug test. All my friends smoke it because they are on papers (parole) . I hate i ever started im not addicted but Mary Jane really can’t compete with the high you get from mojo, especially if you smoke like I do. Mary Jane quit getting me the high i desired because I smoked so much. I’ve been off mojo a week now and the withdrawals aren’t bad to me ( as long as I’m not vomiting) no crazy thoughts jus a lot of sweating. I pray daily for people battling addiction and depression it’s no joke.if somebody u know is on mojo sooner or later they will end up having a bad trip end up n a coma, having seizures, or kidney failure. If you can’t reach dem then only God can. Stay up my friends and remember only smoke brown or green leave this other shit alone. Sources: Bob Marley, cheech and Chong, and wiz khalifa all rolled up in one person.

  106. OK, I have been a user of this junk for about 5 years. But I never ever experienced the withdrawals until this past year, Dont let me forget to include my husband as well. And when I say use… We would buyit by 10 gram pouches… A piece… And by that night.. We was out. Fighting each other over the last roach lmao. Pitiful! Bless our hearts huh? Well my question is this… Well I have many .. But 1. How come his withdrawals start like 30 min after we are out .. And he is seriously rapid puking for hours on end… But right now were coming off of it for like the 6th time this year. . dumb. U know… But with me… And I am a more frequent user for sure… But I Dont get sick like that until WEEK 2. Like his sickness will go away… And here comes mine. And marijuana… No help! Finergrin helped last time. BARELY! But I’m just wanting to know what chemical has changed that they are using now… Beccuase we have had the same shit… Same dealer… all that for ever. And our dealer says its just the chemical compounds… They are all the you best believe…as soon as we started getting sick we went and spoke to him… But I’m just trying to figure out what’s the deal? What’s the new crap they are putting in it? And how come our withdrawals are so different? I’ve read the blog… And his sickness fits everybody else’s description… Mine does not.. Any ideas on what that’s all about?!?!?!?!?! And.. VERY IMPORTANT! My hunny has been literally dying. For the past 32 hours .. I’ve timed it OK… And he seriously Dont go for 30 mins without puking. And this has been non stop. He can’t drink he throws it up. Can’t eat. Can’t move unless its to goto the bathroom . he’s really going through it… But my concern is this. Were laying in bed. Wide awake. Super lame BTW. But he just like screams out loud .. “Ahhhhh” . and I’m like wtf? I turned on the light.. And he is almost in tears (def not like him) and I’m freaking out. He said it felt like something popped in his brain? And the pain lasted for a while.. Then he passed out for like 45 min. Now he is up puking. I’m just concerned because we really don’t know the severity that comes with the coming off of this drug. And I know a lot of people have died from this shit for brain issues and all that mess! I need advice…. Bad! Do u think maybe this is literally messing him up.. Like literally in the brain? Totally freaking out over here… Help!!!

  107. “It’s day 4 and I’ve finally stopped throwing up and the diarrhea has gone away. I still have a cough and no appetite and am still sweating but bearable. Time seems to crawl when you’re in this state and my mind is very cloudy. I’m gonna get through this and this is it, never touching this stuff again. I have never been more excited to feel normal and have a new-found burning desire to live life to the fullest!”

    Although I smoked Scooby snax for a much shorter period my symptoms were basically the same. I smoked it for about week an ran out, I thought my withdrawals were a sickness I guess lying to myself so I could keep smoking it, I ended up ordering some more. A month to 3 weeks later I realized these symptoms were for sure from the spice, so I decided then I’d rather live then die… I quit cold turkey, as well as those I was getting supplied (selling to) or they found som1 else to buy from. This stuff is evil, I can tell it’s even changed the bio-rythyms in my brain to the point my personality was different, it’s now 2 months later… I can tell it’s done permanent damage to my body from the short stint I smoked it… real weed can help with the with drawals, but u wont get high off mid anymore, it’ll take loud or the really dank weed, an if you’re like me, you won’t even enjoy the high anymore, as it’s now a different feeling from b4 you smoked it, altho u can eat an such. Just goes to show God knew how bad we’d mess up while on this earth, an sent the remedies ahead of time…. you couldn’t pay me to smoke this stuff anymore, u might as well put a 9mm to you’re an pull the trigger, it’s almost the same thing you’re doing with spice. That stuff’s evil in smoke-able form. Idk if any1 else experience it, but I had internal bleeding and hemorrhaging from all the vomiting an dry-heaving, at least I think that’s what caused it, but i’m not sure. I am however sure that this stuff will eventually kill any1 who keeps smoking it. It also caused chemical burns on the back of my throat an inside my lungs…. My will to live has never been stronger since I came off this stuff. I see the world in a new way now, an im glad I had the experience altho I wish I woulda never put this nasty stuff in my body… My advice, don’t even smoke weed. A sober mind is the best gift you can give yourself. I know weed is all-natural, an only causes tar when incinerated, but unfortunately we have people in the U.S. who would like to control what someone else does with their life. I’m not saying let toddlers buy crack at convenience stores, but there’s injustice in this world as long as something like cannabis is illegal, which is also the only reason this evil drug exist, it’s the only reason I ever tried it, and it’s the only reason people will continue to try it. This new generation of spice isn’t like the old stuff that sold when it was legal like skyscraper, which had no negative withdrawals, an the high was little more then seeing dots for a little while an thinking stuff’s funny. I urge you, spend your money on something useful like an asset or long-term investment, don’t waste your time, money, or possibly your life on this putrid new evil that’s been brought into this world on account of moronic hypocrites with common sense outlawing cannabis, an scientists lookin to make a quick buck with fake weed that’s similar to harder drugs like crack. And norm, your son needs tough love right now, if he can’t make the decision himself, then tell his ass to hit the road or kick the spice, I promise he will thank you later. You don’t wanna watch him kill himself, cuz that’s exactly what you do when u smoke spice, killin’ em softly… I still experience mild confusion over a month later, altho rarely like less then once a week over the last month, it still affects me, the longer you do it, the longer it takes to push out of your system… after 3 days tho, it’s not hard to decide you don’t wanna go back to it. Although this will be the hardest period to go thru, as it’s when the vomiting occurs, as well as severe hunger coupled with no appetite… somewhere between day 3 an 5 you should begin to gain appetite an be able to hold down water, My tremors always occurred after I vomited, and the sweating always occurred before I had to vomit. these symptoms are the most severe an are what cause most to stay using this horribly toxic substance. Go buy him some really good weed tell him it’s home with mom smoking good weed to detox or on the street detoxing with no weed when he can’t get spice, his choice should be clear. I’m sorry for your situation and God bless. This is exactly why marijuana should be decriminalized and taxed rather then outlawed off a law close to 100 yrs old… and yes, you can OD on spice 🙁

  108. I am 20yrs old and my husband is 22 we have a 4 month old son who is the Best thing that has happened to me. I am currently working on my bachelor’s degree while I work a part time job and take care of our son. My husband is the major source of income. He used to smoke marijuana and I didn’t have a problem with that. Due to some regrettable actions he ended up with a year of supervised probation and was no longer able to smoke. At first he picked up the habit of drinking but I didn’t mind it since it was only once a week and he wouldnt get super drunk. But about a month or so ago he had the bright idea of smoking spice. I was never okay with that but he didn’t listen to me. He had been smoking that stuff for a few weeks now and two mornings ago I saw him go through the worst high ever. He was in the balcony and I had just finished giving my son a bath I asked him if he was okay and he said no. He came in the house and began freaking out yelling asking for help and yelling out that he loved me. He threw himself on the floor and looked like a toddler throwing a tantrum. He kept yelling unrecognizable words. I had never been so scared in my life. I put my baby In his crib and locked the door. I didn’t know what he was going to do next. I started crying telling him he was going to be okay. When it was finally over he seemed like he never went through that. He was his old self again. I told him I didn’t want him smoking that anymore and I said I would leave him if I ever found out he did it again. Well last night he did it again and this time I was sleeping while he was taking care of our son. I woke up to him screaming while holding our son. He kinda tried to calm Down but I could tell just by the look on his face that he wasn’t himself. The trip was not as bad as the previous one but I can’t trust him at all anymore he said he would quit and I believe him. I can’t even trust him to take care of our son. I love this guy and he was perfect before all this happened. we had accepted each other with our flaws and virtues but he seems like a different man now. I feel like I’m slowly losing him to spice and I want to help him but I can’t risk the life of my son. I am in so much pain right now and I feel my life is falling apart. Spice is destroying my life and my family. Please someone help me. He seems like he wants to quit but I feel like he is already addicted and he hasnt even been smoking for that long. I don’t know what to do. I want my son to grow up with a mother and a father. I feel like I don’t deserve this. Please help me.

  109. Thank you so much for this info, I gor hooked on it bad wasted four years of my life.. I’m now 2 days sober and I’m loving life.. Can you go more into detail about the withdrawal periods, I’m having stomach problems , massive sweating but its worth it to be free from hell

  110. Shay sooner or later you are just going to have to go through it if you live in the phoenix area there is a place called connection bridges that is a free detox center that will help you out

  111. So I’ve been smoking for about 3 months and I’m going through hell! Vommiting, diarrhea, not so much sweating(anymore) anxiety prescriptions does help with mental and physical.. Just dont abuse pills very addictive as well

  112. I’ve been smoking spice for years faithfully is to the point where the only reason I still smoke is so I don’t get sick, I can’t afford to go to a clinic, I’m really tired of this shit! Any advice?

  113. its been about two weeks since i posted on this and i am clean i no longer have any urges to smoke this crap. I even told a friend of mine my story and i think he has kicked it as well. It really helped that I had a girlfriend who was by my side as well dumping my puke buckets, going to the store for me and getting me powerades and anything else that would help me hydrate myself. it was 2 weeks of pure hell but i beat this crap. it was one of the hardest things i have ever done but i did do it.

  114. oh wow where to start on this its day 8 for me after kicking the head rush 50 x i still cant keep anything down with the help of some marijuana. Right now i think my kidneys are shutting down as well since it has been hard to urinate since i kick this crap. The tremors are bad still yes . I constantly need to take hot showers or baths to make my stomach not feel like it wants to hurl every 30 minutes or so. I was wondering if I should seek medical help instead of winging this at home?

  115. I’m currently watching my 18 yr old son go through withdrawal and I’m scared to death. My heart aches. He told me that and his friends started smoking it last year, because it was supposedly undetectable in drug tests. This morning, while he was throwing up, I was rubbing his head and he said it made his head feel better. So, I just massaged and scratched his head for almost 2 hours, so he could sleep and hold down some advil. He’s been throwing up for two nights and going on two days now. He’s irritable and snaps at me, but I know it’s because he’s suffering. How long does this last? What can I do to help? Please, any of you who are smoking it or trying to quit, tell your parents. Let them help you. Even if they don’t handle it well at first and act like jerks, it’s because they are upset, scared and care what happens to you. If you don’t have parents or can’t tell them, tell someone. I’m watching my son now, twitching in his sleep, making noises. He must be having a nightmare or something. My heart is breaking. All I want is to take his pain for him. I want to see him healthy and smiling again. What can I do?

  116. After a going through hell for a week I decided to smoke “just one time” next thing i know…I’m back on the “k”. Two nights ago i decided to stop again, after noticing that in just a few days i was hooked again on this stuff, and need to smoke more than before to feel the effects. Now I’m on day two, and first night was hell, sweats, runs to the bathroom… and all the rest of the symptoms. I went through it smoking real weed and it seems to be the only thing that takes most of the symptoms away. The vomiting is the worst-Weed takes that away too. I am not advocating the use of weed, but the truth is that it works. Love you guys… my ppl in Allentown, you know who you are and i know you read this blog…make up your mind!

  117. I slept on a towel to help with sweating and binge drank for a week.was too drunk to notice withdrawal symptoms.NY quilt helped me rest

  118. I am on day 5 clean. It has not been easy. You have to decide that you’re done with it. Drink plenty of fluids, electrolytes and potassium. Every night when you get in the bathtub add some baking soda, and some lavender oil. It will speed up detox! Stay there until you feel like you can actually fall asleep. Sleeping pills will be your friend the first few days, but don’t expect to sleep too much. Last night I slept maybe 2 hours, & I am very grateful.

  119. I am currently about 8 months sober from spice but keep finding myself staying updated on this blog and reading about you all going what I went through 8 months ago. I suggest taking a week or at least a few days off work if possible. I withdrawled while still working and it was hell. Some tips on going through withdraws are to stay hydrated, drinks lots of coconut water, powerade, or any drink with lots of electrolytes. I tried any and everything to help me just try to sleep it off and the only thing that worked for me is benadryl. It will knock you out like any sleeping aid and will help sleep some of the withdraws off. There isn’t much you can do about not eating, just keep trying every day. I ate a lot of soup and yogurt throughout the withdrawls, only about a bite a day for a few days but my appetite grew day by day. I would say about 2 weeks until you can be somewhat back to normal eating pattern. Motion sickness medication seemed to help with the vomiting the first 2 days. The most annoying is the constant sweating, it lasts the longest and you will feel like the most disgusting person on the planet. I tried about everything to help, deodorant is necessary to always have on you. Honestly I just wore underwear throughout my withdrawls because you are going to go through hot and cold chillbs so you can quickly just use a blanket when needed. Also if you feel comfortable, REAL weed gets rid of all the physical symptoms. Make sure that you have a trustworthy friend of family member that can maybe stay with you throughout the process. Not to help you physically but to take your mind off of everything for a little bit. It sounds bad but it is only a week or less of your life rather then living for spice. I thought I miserable without spice and now I couldn’t be happier without it. Please just don’t smoke this shit and get the withdrawls over with, it’s so worth it at the end, trust me. God bless and stay strong everyone.

  120. I tried using Kratom to help with the symptoms, and seems to help with the restlessness and nausea. I have stopped for 4 days now of using liquid incense in my Vape, and have not slept, or been able to keep anything down. Kratom is an all-natural remedy that is like an opiate available at local headshops and health food stores. I did not notice many withdrawal symptoms from the typical hebal incense, but has been many years since used, but the liquid is more convenient and seems to be b a much cheaper alternative. have taken 2 grams of the the green Malaysian strand due to its energy characteristics, but also do not have the heavy opiate feeling (pain relieving) like the red or extracts have. So far at least I have been able to slow down a little from the anxiety.

  121. I am currently on my 2nd day of withdrawals of k2. I have been in the hospital 3 to 4 times, just in 2 days. I havent been able to sleep. This is only compared with opiates symptoms from withdrawals( i went through it more than i remember) But now after been clean 4 4 years and working a program i went back out to smoke k2. This is hell!

  122. I’m reading everything I possibly can about withdrawals from spice… k2. I have a boyfriend who is currently severely addicted. I myself am a recovering opiate addict, and I can’t believe the physical withdrawals he goes through from synthetic marijuana. He gets sick after only a couple of hours, violently throwing up, freezing when it’s not cold, being agitated to the point of being cruel, and he takes it out on me. Every time he runs out we go through this. He is not receptive to suggestions of quitting. I just feel stuck!

  123. Hello Tristan. Good hydration is critical, due to the nausea and diarrhea that often accompany withdrawal. Immodium may relief some of the symptoms; and other users have reported finding Clonidine very helpful, and also Valerian root extract. Good luck to you!

  124. Im in day 2 of with draw nd i just want to get nd stay clean for my daughter… Does n e one kno n e home remedies for my tremors nd head ache,,ive lost 8 pounds of body weight nd im done with this stuff,,plz can n e one help….

  125. I’m trying to figure out what happened to me. I was smoking this stuff all day when I wasn’t on a job site.. At first. Then it started going with me, I do pretty well as a contractor so I didn’t lose my job over this but it was messed up. I’m not sure if it was the spice or the kratom I was taking daily as well. After deciding to quit the spice, I experienced this feeling like I had overdid my adderall when I was in high school, like spun out. For 5 days I didn’t eat or sleep, then I started having hallucinations so real I remember like they happened. During the second one I got really lucky I was at my dad’s, he took me to the ER. They were so realistic, it took my dad saying dude, it’s just us here to bring me back… But shortly after I was out again. Thinking I was at work, thinking someone was stealing all my stuff. After all this now I am on like 5 different psychoactive drugs that I may not even need. Am I actually crazy or is it the spice?

  126. My daughter has been using spice for some time. i’m not sure how long or how much. This weekend she ended up in the emergency room. She said she felt like she was having a heart attack–sweating, freezing, couldn’t breathe and vomiting. They sent her home with some anti anxiety medicine. She is still feeling horrible today and was throwing up again. She is having major anxiety/panic attacks. Is this typical withdrawal and how long should this last?

  127. My son is 23 and I just found out he has been smoking spice everyday for months,he is a new father and I fear for my grandson and daughter in law,I no longer recognize my son,he seems to have very little grip with reality,I don’t know how to wake up from this nightmare,spice is going to kill my son.someone please help me tell me how to help him before its to late, thank you to anyone that can help me find my way.Mom in Fullerton calif

  128. I’ve only been smoking about 3 months and after 6 hours of not smoking withdraws start. I’m in3 days sober and all I can think about is how to make it stop. I havent eaten in 4 days and I live in the shower. I piss yellow and shit water. I would.nt wish this oppon noone. I want to hunt down the inventor of spice. And slowly torture em. Now only me is to blame for my addition. And the worst part was. I started smoking spice so I could pass drug test for the navy. Then I got so bad off I couldn’t even sober up to meet with my recruiter for.10 min

  129. I have been smoking spice for 2 years and just this weekend I realized that i was having withdraws im really scared of these feelings im having what should i do i really want to stop smoking spice.

  130. Bennie …. Soup . You have to make yourself eat and stay hydrated . I have been clean since October . it took a 2 weeks for all my symptoms to go away . Last week I was moving out of my house and found a full unopened pouch hidden under my mattress . For a split second I wanted to smoke it . Instead I went to the bathroom and flushed it . The WD is hard but totally worth it if you can hang in there . Chicken Rice Soup was my crutch for days . Just make yourself eat .

  131. Hi everybody this is me going on my second day without and spice and its getting better my symptoms were no sleep no hunger I feel cold yet sweat haven’t thrown up but I think its coming im a teen barly in my 16 have a whole life ahead I can let this horrible drugg screw me we can do it we just have to be strong and fight it

  132. WD is no fun! hot and cold sweats, puke and reah at the same time. take a bucket to the toilet with you. You will be filling both pots at the same time. The way I came off of spice was slowly. I used to smoke every hour, but then started only smoking a half bowl every hour, then every two hours. I did this for about 3 days. on the 4th day I somoked nothing diarrhea and vomit all day. 5th day had night sweats and stomach cramping. 6th day was the start of repairing the body of 5days of WD. It took about another 5 days to be able to eat a full meal and about 10 days to feel symptom free

  133. This stuff is pure evil !!! I turned to it cause marijuana is still illegal here and if I got poped with a drug screen I wouldn’t have THC in my system . Its been banned here a few times and I am relieved . but always comes back with a different compound added or subtracted . This is my 4th day without any . I’m trying to blow off my constant sweating as ” early menopause ” so no one questions why my scrubbs are staying soaked at work . I’m 37 !! If the government would just open their eyes they would know instead of letting individual retailers make millions off this shit and just leagaliz pot THEY would be making that millions instead . if seen the owner of Ziggy’s Smoke Shop in Oklahoma build and remodel ALL 7 of their locations from the profits they are making off this . Iv even wrote called and emailed local news stations to get ppl aware of it to no avail . This is the last time for me . I just got $1,000 pay check and I’m 50 yards from the smoke shop . please God give me the strength to NOT go over there . I’m not ready to die . And this stuff is killing me …. Hurry up day 5 !

  134. I had spice for the first time in my life and I regretted it I’m not a casual smoker I don’t smoke at all I just tried this for my first time and I felt like dying literally dying I felt that I’m separating from my body at a point my friends would wake me up and treat me with ice cold water and ice tea but I couldn’t shake it off , fighting it was the worst part I couldn’t fight it , I maybe freaked out but it was so scary.
    So please if you could answer my questions:
    1. I woke up the next day and I’m slightly dizzy how can i shake the dizziness off and remove it from mybody (spice)
    2. Will I be addicted to it from the first time in my life please let me know what I should expect because I haven’t ever smoked in my life

  135. I only used spice for three and half months if that and have recently stopped, I don’t think about it at all but my body must be because I have no appetite but every so often, I feel better when I take Ibuprofen. I have had several panic attacks and just really want to know if anyone can give me any ideas on help, I am on day three of my withdrawls if that is what I am having, anyone have any advice?

  136. step 1: is to admit problem and want better for you. step 2……….? iv done step 1 and would like for step 2 to kick in an stop this nightmare but cant. iv been on day 3 for little over a month now and im not winning this fight as so many people keep talking about. im hurting, im sick, tired…. Point Blank Im WEAK ! i have a bag coming right now because i cant break the chains of this poison. i get to the point where im on the floor in the house and in the cars picking up what i can find on the floor just to make the pain go away. Im on step 1 and yet im not sure i can pull my self up to the next step with out falling back 100 steps. all it takes is that one hit and its like everthing is back in place. all the pain is gone ~ just chillen~ But then there it is again…. At my front door banging to come in. Demanding for me to open up and take a hit Step 1: is to admit a problem and want better for yourself. Step 2: get away from contact with it, and ways to smoke it. If u really want to quit, then if u have it flush it…….. Easy right?

  137. My son is addicted to spice. I’m trying to get him to get help but he says no he says he can wean himself off and begs everyone for money to go buy more. When no one gives him mine he gets so angry it’s hard to be around him. I know he needs help but every place I have called says he has to contact them before they can help. He has no job and no insurance. Is there any way I can get him the help he needs without his consent . I’m desperate .i want to help him before he hurts hisself or someone else.he has already started stealing to get this mess.please help us.

  138. Hi Nisha. Well, i have smoked spice for almost a year i finally decided to stop 2 weeks ago. I went through the consent, throwing up and sh*t. It’s September 1 and i am now able to eat and have normal bowl movement. I am never going to that sh*t again its not worth it!

    If there anyone smoking spice please stop!!!

  139. This is my 2nd and by far most painful/difficult detox from synthetic weed ever. I had gotten to the point of smoking about 5grams of the potent blend daily. Had got to the point where I had to smoke every 3 hours or I was sick, weak, numb feeling. I got to the point where I was taking this shit to work with me to smoke so I could make it to end of day. Well I decided enough was enough and even got a little reg weed to help with the detox. I took my last hit of synthetic about midnight saturday night. Sweats and naseau kicked in about an hour after my last hit, spent the entire night curled up in a ball sweating and freezing, not sleeping, pure agony. I tried to get into a bath with kicked off my vomitting so I returned back to my sweating naseau ball. I got some pedalite and started drinking as much as I could on day 1. I was able to force feed a piece of an apple and 2 crackers that day. I felt so weak, limbs numb, dizzy, cloudy, anxious, sick. I was just hoping id be able to make it to work on monday! No chance in hell did that happen. I made it through day one feeling like I was going to die at any second. Day 2 I call into work because Im still having diahrea and feel extremely light headed, confused, dizzy, sick, does not feel like any relief will be coming any time soon. I started drinking chicken broth and eating a noodle or two of chicken noodle soup, had to force feed myself and it would take about an hour to finish the broth. Let me tell you that minutes feel like hours right now and hours feel like days. I sat around sick and shaking and sweating and weak all of day 2 and into day 3, Day 3 I am still unable to walk or function properly, not vomitting today but still diaherria and no appetite, very weak, nautious. At noon on day 3 I decided to have a friend take me to the ER. I was admitted and treated for severe dehydration and virus gastroenteritis. I was in the hospital until that night and released, I ate a can of chicken soup and layed down and actually slept a few hours. Day 4 is here now and I was really hoping that I would wake up with some energy, or an appetite, no dice. Im still nautious, weak, not able to do any kind of manual labor, I cannot work again today. I stay home drink lots of water manage to eat a sandwich and some crackers too, praying the next day will be better, I take a sleeping aid this night, still nautious, still extremely weak. Morning of day 5, I still feel very bad, im forcing myself to go into work today. I work for 6 hours and have to go home because im having trouble standing and walking around, just not enough energy to make it happen. I eat two sandwiches today and some soup, and with the help of a little reggie I sleep the night through. Day 6 here we go, I wake up still feeling very weak but maybe a little better than yesterday. Make myself get up and goto work. I get to work feeling incredible weak and a new symptom, my muscles are all stiff today, its very difficult typing this right now. I work for 2 hours on day 6 (today) and go home to take a very long lunch break. Here I am right now on day 6 and as I type this right now, I dont have naseau pain, im still very weak but stronger than ive been since the start, i think im dehydrated again and thats why im still feeling so weak and my muscles are so still. I also have a lot of numbness, pins and needles feelings in all my limbs. I am grateful for the 3 day weekend ahead and pray that by next monday, I can function at some level. This is the hardest most painful uncomfortable experience ive had to go through. If you are considering stopping the use of synthetic, do it right this second.

  140. Katey this is for you. this is jeff. throw it away get rid of everything that is k2. the real weed is the only thing that helped the nausea. k2 is some evil shit
    please throw it away and leave it alone.. for you and your famillys sake. the evils of weed are much less. (God made weed man made k2). Who are you going to trust.

  141. Why did anyone ever make this stuff anyway? Its evil shit. k2 ought to stand for kill u too. why dint they make weed legal and keep this k2 off the streets and away from everyone else. (This shit almost destroyed my familly). but i had the willpower ti see the evil effects of this shit.

  142. This is for Gary …. please whatever you do try not to give in and feed it because you will be awakening the beast again. Everyone is different but some things to expect is not sleeping normally loss of appetite mood swings ….also how long were you smoking?

  143. I. Hate. This. Sh*t. So.. Here’s my story- my husband and I started smoking this sh*t a couple years ago. This past December we decided to stop. We had to- I couldn’t go upstairs without weezing, I had nasty black mucus, plus I felt crazy!! So we were super broke from this junk, good time to stop! We didn’t really know what we were getting into when we stopped. My husband ended up in the ER. I didn’t want to go.. But i sure felt awful! So every time I felt nauseas I’d scrape some resin and that helped! I was off that sh*t within a few days. Then this past May my husband gave a friend a ride who left a small bag of weed in the car. So of course we smoked it.. Kept buying it here n there. But then the dude went on vacation so we couldn’t purchase. So my dear husband bought a bag of spice. At first I KNEW it was a bad idea but we both agreed that we wouldn’t get any more after that.. Ha! Ya right! Well now I’m on day 2 of detoxing. My husband detoxed 2 weeks ago. Ended up in the hospital overnight. I couldn’t stop cuz I have a 3 year old and there’s NO WAY I could take care of him and kick this thing.. So I told my husband if ween myself off.. I’m not sure if it helped.. Maybe slightly cuz after reading how bad everyone’s withdrawals were I thought I was “lucky” (kinda.. I mean it was still shitty!) so my husband bought me a bag n said “make it last cuz I can’t get anymore” which I understood.. So my last bad was Green Giant. It’s worked for me many times but apparently this bag was CR*P. If smoke and then 20 min later I’d have to do it again cuz if feel sick. So finally I ran out and here I am, day 2 like I mentioned. Yesterday I was nauseas ALL DAY, couldn’t eat, sleep, and had the hot/cold flashes. I got to the point where I had to figure SOMETHING out. I took a long shower and just sat on the floor of the tub and that made me feel PERFECT (until I got out..) I then tried to think of what I did the first time I detoxed so i did the resin thing again and I really think that works! Today I still feel a little cr*ppy but I’ve gotten sleep, eaten a little bit.. And the nausea is on and off (thank god!) I only threw up one time this morning. I hope tomorrow I’ll feel even better! Maybe even no more withdrawals… That would be Great! Oh and I haven’t smoked any resin since last night before bed (I strangely feel proud of myself). I hope I never ever ever ever touch this sh*t again! I can’t say I won’t… I mean relapses happen but you gotta take one day at a time and build up that willpower! Remember the HELL u when through to kick this trash and hopefully never have it again. Smoking it once is already too much! People need to be more educated about this stuff and it really really needs to be illegal! My husband told me that several people have died recently in NH cuz of a bad batch. That’s some scary sh*t!!! Pleaseeee stop smoking this!! It WILL ruin your life. Thanks for reading my story 🙂 stay safe!

  144. Everybody. The symptoms will stop. I’ve kicked spice a few times in the last 5 years. The last time I only smoked it for about 2 months but all day all night. When I quit it layer 9 days of no sleep freaking out losing it. Sweats, cold sweats shaking. After I started getting sleep little by little it took another like 4 wells to feel mentally better. Still wasn’t back to normal yet. Here we are about 3 1/2 months later and I’m ok. Weird tho because there’s a look tweek in my personality and mood now that I can’t get rid of. Like SNAP. But everybody I suggest making your loved ones or you go to a Dr and tell them the truth and don’t worry about your pride or wtfever . just go! Get water pumped into your body. Get sleeping pills maybe. Smoke marijuana! I didn’t because I couldn’t, I mean don’t that why were smoking fake crap anyway… Do it. It’s better than that bunk ish that’s meeting your health up. Just blaze. I am now. F a job. Stay happy. Good luck everybody. Hmu if u would like my help.

  145. Hey guys,
    I am on my 5th day of not smoking and just can honestly say that the withdrawals this time around have been very mild. I got the chest pains and not eating/sleeping but I thank God that’s it this time so far. Some things that help are to have a support system. My boyfriend has been the biggest help through all this and if it weren’t for him, I would probably be dead from this devils weed. My anti anxiety/depressants have been helping a lot as well, they don’t take away the anxiety 100% since it is stronger now but it does help a lot. I hate to say it but w**d helps as well. I would pack a bowl and take a hit even I started to feel the withdrawals coming and I instantly feel better. Doesn’t help with the loss of appetite, I still can’t eat normally but am forcing myself to eat at least soup or a small sandwich. It is doable and I pray that all of you have successfully stories as well. If you are smoking spice, please stop now!!! I cannot stress how much these chemical sprayed leaves f*** your life up. Spice took me to hell and back and I survived to tell my story so hopefully it helps someone. When I get cravings, I come on here and read or reread some of your stories and they instantly go away. Thanks to you all, stay strong and God bless.

  146. Hi I need some help my bf has been smoking spice and other legal highs he’s trying to give up he hasn’t smoked since last friday now but he’s unsure of the side affects … He’s got chest pains like he’s having a heart attack , pains in his arms , difficulties breathing when laying down , coughing up vile smelly mucus and back pains and also sicking blood he’s scared he’s going to die or get some sort of organ failure he feels like he’s dieing are these normal withdrawal symptoms ?? Some one pls help me understand so I can help him .

  147. My little brother has been smoking spice. From what I see all over the internet there are several different forms. He has been sober and living with our mother for about a year now but recently she noticed changes and searched his room and found empty containers of spice. He completely changed in a day according to my mom. Tonight he snuck out and within minutes of returning she found him in the bathroom throwing up complaining of stomach pain also sweating. She rushed him to the ER, which is a no good one in our town, they found marijuana in his system and sent him home. The symptoms came so quickly and we can’t help to think they are drug related or spice related. Would an ER or doctor be able to detect spice in ones blood or urine being it is not a narcotic. If he has been smoking marijuana instead of spice would he still have withdrawals from spice?

  148. I have been smoking spice for two years now, every day. The past six months, I have been going through 4 grams a day. I am so scared to go thru the withdrawals again. I did it once before bit can’t seem to shake it. Anybody have tips/advice?

  149. I have been smoking spice for 7 years upwards to 5-10 grams a day. I just recently quit 2 days ago. I have all the symptoms of a spice withdraw, and there actually is a substance you can take to pretty much negate the detox…BENZOS (Xanax, Valium, Clonopin). Anxiety medications helps treat the both mental and physical withdrawal symptoms almost 100%. You’re welcome!

  150. I’m 18 years old smoking this k2 for about a year now. I have not took a hit since 3:00 this morning, not wanting it cause my chest feels like its going to cave in, the smell of it makes me wanna throw up. I have extreme tempeture changes from hot to cold in a matter of seconds. I have not been able to sleep..
    Any advice?
    Please help!

  151. Hey, got a question for addiction blog here, I quit smoking spice about 3 weeks ago, And Here is how it went, The first week I had horrible symptoms. Second week, I experienced NO symptoms. Now, it’s week three and I have racing heart, things generally feel weird, not sleeping at all, tiny tingling sensations all over my body, I feel really hot, yawning constantly, craving water, diarrhea….IS that kind of a pattern normal? I smoked the stuff like, once a month for a month or two, then before I went Abstinent I had smoked once a night for four days. I was smoking this stuff called “Ripped”, witch I did twice, “Mad hatter” I had done the months before, but I smoked this stuff in an orange package called “Scooby Snax”. That’s what I smoked the four days actually. Also about a week ago I had a friend come over and she used one of the pipes I had used to smoke spice out of to smoke Standered weed from. She offered some to me, I just tried to pretend to smoke it and inhaled a little bit….Am I ok? When will this end? Is the still withdraws or something else? Did I get that stuff in my system again…Also just recently started shaking badly. please respond

  152. Gone through my withdrawals ‘n been fine for a good month ‘n a half+. It is hell going through it, but its doable. Before, i kept thinking it would never end but it has and I’m no longer a slave. I”m willing to help and trust me, talking helps.

  153. I have went three days now without smoking I experienced severe vomiting of bile each of those days and now day four I am not vomiting but I still can’t stop going to the bathroom. I really want to quit I just don’t know where to begin last time I quit for two months cold turkey no withdrawl nothing now I have only been smoking it again for a month and can’t seem to shake the habit. I smoke because I am bored and my options are limited for occupying time as I am ” not allowed ” out of the house my husband said. He doesn’t want me out of the house because he doesn’t want me to smoke but staying in the house is making me more crazy. When I first started reading I was still set on going to buy some this morning but as I kept reading I thought mayb if I talk to somebody daily for a little while who understands exactly how I feel it might help please I am desperate I can’t seek any other treatment I have no other support.

  154. Hey kaycee I read your blog. Please go back down and look for my name and story. The vomiting should go away in about a week or so.

  155. hello…..i need someones help my husband started smoking that spice for about one month and a half ago about everyday non stop every 20 min he would smoke it and he decided to get off it….cold turkey here in our house. Now its been a week since he stopped smoking and we have both been going through HELL!!!!…and honestly i even get scared because i dont know how to help him…..and he doesnt want to go to any hospital or doctor… it started with day 2 when he started vomiting and sweating like crazy we thought it was probably a stomach virus cause we really didnt think this so called k2 had withdrawls we were new to this……Day 3 the sweating keeps on but the vomiting stops and now loss of appetite, getting mad and angry withso much rage with any lil thing that bothers him, sleepless and anxious…..Day 4 eating and sleeping a lil bit still irritated by everything but now he starts with depression often crying depressed and he begins to sweat from his hands and feet first then his whole body and then the panic attacks crawl in and i cant control him for about 5 min then the hallucinations come in and verylil sleep and just crying… 5th the same except less hallucinations eating more sleeping like 3 hrs but still panic attacks get to him and im scared… how long will this all last? will it go away? or will he stay like that? i need some answers because its driving me crazy that he asks me if he will stay like that forever and i cant respond to him because i dont know plz help…..anyone????

  156. UPDATE: Thought I whas coming down off that stuff, Turns out I wasn’t, Ended up in the hospitol THAT day, and stayed for about 3 days because I had a Small(ish) stroke, Doctors said It whas Definatly Caused by the spice/withdrawl , Thank god there whas no Serious long term Damage, I have Glasses With Bi-Focals now because my Vision Whas Seriously Hindered by it. Other then that Im alright, But that whas the scariest thing I have ever went through. During my Stay at the hospitol and coming home I started Experince Symptoms of the withdrawl Again, Completely HORRID this time, Woke up yestererday though (The 18th) with No symptoms what-so-ever, Hungry as Hell and Felt Like I saw the World completely Different then before, This Expereince Definatly gave me a new-found respect for life in general. Stay Strong and Get support, And be careful EVEN when withdrawling Because it’s Dangerious somtimes, But it can be done, This stuff is literally “The Devils Weed” and it WILL kill you Eventually. If you need support, Somone to talk to, or Want to ask any questions about your withdrawl symptoms or anything go ahead and ping me.

  157. UPDATE: I made it! After a month and a half, I am clean. Almost relapsed twice, so close that I had it in my hand. I am eating a LOT, sleeping from 9pm all the way to 11am if I’m able to sleep in without waking up once. When I would wake up I would be able to fall back to sleep no problem! Cravings lasted the longest, but now I no longer even think of it, not even once. I spend my extra money on gas, food :D. The path was not easy and I did it without being admitted into anything or taking any pills. It is possible but it wont be easy by any means. If you need help n someone to talk too feel free. Ive been through it multiple times n finally got there. Dont give up

  158. This is my first day off spice n need someone to talk to thats been n my shoes cause the sweats n the withdrawls r killin me…..what can I do to help ease these systems cause im goig to quit but withdrawls r killin me

  159. I want to add to my story that I smoked about 20 blunts of spice everyday all day for two years didnt miss a day. This is my 5 month now and still spiceless 🙂 again I stopped with no meds …I can eat on my own again and sleep on my own again . The problem is it hasnt really gone away for me I still get BODY urges to get that spice high but mentally I dnt want it. They are really dull and strike alot I barely notice them because I know how to deal and I have certain methods to staying busy …weed helps me too but doesnt get me high as spice but I use it sometimes help ….I called a center and because I smoked for 2 years it could take just that.long for them dull urhes nd mood swings to go away completely but since I havnt smoked in so long nd have no desire too they gave me natural ways to deal with it nd said 5 months is very good for you keep it up ….so I know were you are and believe me its gonna get better anyone need to talk or just need tips ask me

  160. Hey I just read your blog you can do this and it is not going to stop over night. It has been 5 months since I smoked that stuff and I still get withdrawls symptons like being aggressive mood swings etc …but they are NOOOOO were near as bad. You will be eating normal in about 2more weeks maybe less. Do you wana email me so we can talk and I can give you tips ? Or call? TROUBLED TEEN

  161. Hey guys, Im Newly 18 years old , Engaged and have a Beautiful 2 year old son, Im definatly Not long time Addict like it seems alot of you were, But Im still having same symptoms, Vomitting, Cold sweats, Essentially living in the bathroom. I only Did spice in total, Probably about 4 times, It whas all good until I decided to use it to help me sleep, And thats when things went wrong, I did it twice, Two nights in a row, This stuff called scooby Snax and holy mother of god, I flew through the Trippiest high of my life, Im not gonna lie, I whas so Scared I actually slept with my mother that night, Hallucinating and the whole works. I Figured I would just go to sleep and Wake up, Fine and dandy like every other time. Well, That wasn’t the case, Woke up Still really high, Cold sweats Ect. Sh** is horrible. I walked into the bathroom with my pipe and spice, And Just looked in the mirror for a little bit, I was getting ready to actually Smoke a bowl, But I stood there and thought about my Fiance and my son for a little bit, and Had the Revelation that this stuff is essentially poisen and the Stay the heck away from it, Broke my pipe and flushed my spice right there and jumped online The whole Time just thinking “Holy crum, Am I passing out? Am I dying? Is this it? Did I f*** up this bad?” And I ended up here, And I have been lurking since then. Not a Single Relapse yet, And it is now day three, Went into the E.R. Last night just cause I wanted to get an actual Docters opinion on everything, Didn’t do anything much just “Lots of fluids and rest”, To be honest thats what I have been doing to get through this, is reading all of your guy’s stories and Reassuring myself that “I can do this, I can beat this” And Sleeping, ALOT. I am Actually Eating an Apple right now While Im typing this out in fact, First TRUE “solid” In three days, I had like, Two bits of Vegatable beef soup yesterday and it just Wasnt doing it for me… the thought of eating whas just, Unnattracting for some reason, Witch really freaked me out because i LOVE food normally, I eat constantly. No meds yet, Just treating it kind of like I have a super bad case of the flu. Im still a little bit in the fog, Im more Tiered than anything (I think?) Had some mild/moderate Tremors early this morning, But I just pretended I whas cold , Wrapped up in a blanket and they went away. Definatly Getting the Night sweats and Nightmares and what not though, And I REALLY hate that Worse than the Vommiting (Havent been in the bathroom since yesterday morning woohoo!), I just really want to thank Addiction Blog for having this Forum. And All of you for posting in it, I couldn’t have done this without reading your stories, And using them as support I really just, Finnaly coming down off of this

  162. I am having a really hard time getting off of it. But i need to i feel like it’s killing me from the inside out. I was 145 now i am 120 i need help but don’t have money to pay for treatment. I have been addicted to every drug I’ve ever tryed and that just about all of them. So when i try to quit its very hard and i go through alot of me plz

  163. Thank you all for your stories. Mine is similar coming off spice as a frequent user ( meaning when It wore off, smoke more) I have a history of drug abuse but have never experienced anything as intense as spice withdrawals. Sleeping isn’t the problem, you SWEAT all night. And with the AC set on 60F your sweat gets cold causing the most horrific cold sweats ever. This lasted the first 5 days. Then came the vomiting. No nause.. Just bile that felt like it came from out of nowhere. This is week 2 and I’m starting to feel a lot better. Please please please DONT START this stuff it is ADDICTIVE and I am blessed today that I can write to anyone that will listen.

  164. This is my 5 year smoking habit withdrawal story. I started smoking because of a bad break up and I needed a way to forget the pain and spice did just that. I’m on my 5th day of not smoking and its been tough. I’m able to sleep through the night now but not without an hr or two of laying in the dark. A few things that have helped me out are eating chicken noodle soup every day to keep my immune system up, stay very busy during the day at work teaching myself new things every day(weld, cnc program, lathe operate, fabricate). I find that doing new and interesting(dangerous things) keep my focused on what I’m doing and not the drug. During the daytime I don’t have a problem as long as I’m at work, but my biggest adversary is the night time and my house. This is the time when I struggle because it’s when I usually would smoke. What helps me get through the night is as follows… change my room up so I do not subconsciously get reminded by my environment of my habit, sleeping in a different room, read(takes your mind off of the drug). Stay out till it’s time for bed, (did karaoke the other night) got a new hobby(drums), find a sexy female friend, when going to sleep turn everything off because your brain needs to start realizing when its time to shut down and relearn how to sleep. While trying to fall asleep i have the temp in the room at 64° and have a decent blanket. Seems to help with the sweats. Sleep in a different position(on an angle, slope, upside down, on a different side). While trying to fall asleep i use the usual sleep techiques(with your eyes closed picture your body as it is laying down, start at your feet and picture them sinking into the bed, then your shins, knees, waste, stomach, arms, chest, shoulders, then head.) What this does is relaxes your body inch by inch. With all of this I find myself sleeping through the night, dreaming about what I read before I knock out, relaxing, and not even waking up once. The first time I slept I woke a few times, and now I’m sleeping through the night. I also make sure to be physically active during the day wearing myself out during the day to help with sleep. If you relapse, try to limit and space out when you smoke to reduce how much you smoke. I use to smoke throughout the day and night and I eventually cut it out of the day, then smoke to sleep throughout the night. I would ware myself out during the day so that when I would smoke at night to fall asleep, I would wake up but be extremely tired and knock back out(intentionally not smoking. I could have but didn’t need too to get back to sleep), then I would be getting tired at work towards the end of the day and start what I said earlier with my activities. Not an easy prosses but I’m getting there. I thank god for my mom because she’s helped me a lot even after ive lashed out verbally towards her because of this damn drug, sold my belongings, pawned valuable items for the price of a pack. If you haven’t done this drug, DON’T. Stay with weed. I wish I did. I take 500mg of Advil at night to help with my headache I get at night when the symptoms kick in because I’m not at work. Nyquil helps to start your sleeping. I hope this helps, please keep me in your prayers and I you. God is with you all. (I would have NEVER of touched this drug if big bad marijuana was legal. The goverment is ass backwards with its laws.)

  165. I am in the process of quitting spice right now. I have realized that I have had a problem and quit before but started back up. It’s been two days and I feel like I am in hell. I am constantly sick, crazy anxious, and just can’t even enjoy anything, even watching a show is hard for me. How long does this last? Will it ever get better?

  166. Hello Gloria. At the moment, there are no prescription medications used in the treatment of synthetic cannabinoid withdrawal. I’d suggest that you look for a detox clinic near you which can offer consultation or even short-term inpatient treatment. You son may need to take a week (or more) to get Spice out of his system…and medical supervision can reduce risk of intense symptoms or psychological reactions. More here:

  167. My son is 24 on this spice for about 3 mos has tried to quit stomach ache, nausea,sweats,diarrhea. He has to work because he has finanacial obligations and can not miss the days it takes to withdraw. are there drugs he can use to withdraw and still work. He has insurance. He has come halfway admitted he has a problem. Please help don’t want him to die fro this garbage.

  168. Hi David. Thanks for your question. So little is known about Spice withdrawal…it can help to seek a consult with a psychiatrist, doctor, or pharmacist because anti-depressants might be prescribed over the short term. Additionally, therapy or support can help during this time, as mood disorders such as anxiety or depression can manifest. In terms of physiological symptoms…I’ll leave it to some other readers to contribute here. Or check out the article here on synthetic cannabinoids side effects…

  169. Can’t afford treatment centers and no insurance to see a Dr. Are there any home remedies that I can use to ease my withdraw symptoms from spice?

  170. I am an ex spice addict I havnt smoked it in 3 months. I smoked that stuff everday all day FAITHFULLY. It took over my mind and body. I seen myself changing. Looking for roaches on The floor stealing lieing just doing what I had to. If I didnt smoke I was mean , irritable, throwing up , sick and nausea. Couldnt sleep constant urges night sweats loss of appetite . I lived slept and dreamed about that. I smoked everywhere I went every minute of the day I also got paranoid off spice. I decided for 2014 to quit and get my health back. I quit alone with no meds . I just dealt with it and thought about new year new me its been 3 months almost 4 and I have not smoked . I do smoke eeed which is way better and helps with my urge to smoke spice . I do not have to have weed or smoke everyday . Im not addicted anymore but I still have body withdrawls of spice im having them now but there dull nd ignorabke now I di noteven think of smoking or buying spice be ause I know it is evil . Let me know if u need help quitting.

  171. OK well here is my story of my battle with the devils weed also known as spice. I hope it helps because this shut is lethal and people in my area have died from it. I’ve been addicted to spice for 3 years, starting with a very cheap low grade with a mild high and it escalated from there moving to more expensive and potent brands. If you are addicted to it then as you already know it completely controls your life from eating habits, mood, sleeping habits, and not to mention how hard it hits your finances. I’ve lost a car, an apartment, everything material thing I’ve owned to pawn shops, and most of all myself. I was a walking zombie living to feed my habit. I was lucky enough to have a revelation in church that made me want to quit, but still I could not bring my self to do so on my own. When I ran out of spice I’ve smoked the tar, and even shook out my bathroom carpet for any that may have dropped. Needless to say it was ruining my life and my health. So I decided to quit once I ran out and scraped everything clean.once I was out this was the hardest 4days of my life but totally worth it and needed to save it. While going through withdrawals I experienced everything from the shakes, hot cold flashes, did not eat all 4 days, lost about 45 pounds, brain fog, coughing up black mucus, irreguler heartbeat and emotional destress. I would not suggest anyone doing it at home like I did because I’m sure I could’ve died. What saved me was on that 3rd day of withdrawal I told my parents about my problem. This was the hardest thing I ever had to confess but all they were concened about was getting me help. They took me to the ER and I was put on an IV. The doc prescribed me some anti anxiety and nausea, and sleep meds. After I was discharged I enrolled into a 12 step outpatient rehab program. This is the best thing I could have done, it helps fill my time when I get off and surrounds me withnpeoplenwho understand what I’m going trough. You would be surprised how being the a spice addict in a group of meth, crack, heroin addicts does help
    And how being able to share your story is extremely therapeutic and keeps the cravings at bay. FOR ANYONE WHO HAS ALREADY QUIT, if u can’t eat make sure to take multivitamins and I found that fruits were a good start to regaining appetite and health. If u are having stomach and back pains this may be because of the fact that spice binds to opiate receptors in the brain, so quitting can cause pains like withdrawing from pain killer like oxycotin. If u have stomach pains see a doctor asap, they now have linked spice to kidney failure and liver damage. IF YOU ARE STILL SMOKING SPICE please quit asap especially if u are not physically addicted yet, it is a lot easier that way, I’ve done it before but relapsed because I was not in a support group and made bad decisions. I was only physically addicted for the last 2 months when a more potent strand came out. But I knew all strands were slowly killing me. If you are like me then u won’t have the will power to quit alone due to the addiction, GET HELP, REACH OUT. Its hard to do but it will save your life. Even if you don’t have the support of family get yourself to a place that will assist you. Look online and Make phone calls. I promise you are not in this alone. I can’t tell you how much better I feel now that my life doesn’t revolve around this stuff. I sleep a full night, I eat very well now, I’m thinking clearly and rationally. I have money in my pockets. And I’m rebuilding relationships with those I’ve shunned. IF YOU KNOW SOMEBODY THATS USING GET THEM HELP IMMEDIATLY. an addict will do everything in there power to keep there habit going like I did. I Convinced my girlfriend not to tell my parents after she got fed up. And eventually lied and said I quit and his my habit after she threatened to more. Don’t talk about getting a loved one help just do it, we are not ourselves in our active addictions.But be extremly cautous that things can get violent do not confront a spice addict alone. I was prepared to leave everything for this stuff, my girlfriend, my kids, my career. I thank God for saving me. Don’t wait until its to late. SWALLOW YOUR DAMN PRIDE AND GET HELP

  172. I know I’m going to get a lot of discrimination for this but here is my story. I am a 16 year old from Cali. I had a high tolerance to weed and a horrible family and social life so I seeked something stronger. I first tried spice back in July of 2013. The intake grew more and more as I fell deeper into addiction. Since about November or December, I started using all the money I could be on spice. I began having a high tolerance to it and would even smoke the very dangerous res once I wouldn’t be able to go out and buy more. The last time I smoked I was smoking a black bowl of resin and it was literally frying and popping in the bowl while I was smoking it. However, it has been a week and a day since my last intake. It started with what everyone in my house thought was strep. I could not even drink water because my throat was dangerously swollen. Then began the hot and cold flashes. Then loss of appetite and a lot of weight. Now I stay up all night with intense lower back pain and migraines. I am so thankful I was able to stop but the emotional and physical toll it has taken on me is unforgivable. Hope full one day i can return and tell you guys that I’m doing just fine but for now it is a lot of painful suffering. I don’t even remember what its like to wake up and feel okay. Something somewhere always hurts. Im never not in pain. Someone please reply i need to know if the back pain and some painful bloating is a common withdrawal. Help me.

  173. I have been detox week and two day i can not eat, sleepand have cold and hot sweasts. I’m haveing the same simtoms that kimberly has

  174. I am trying to detox from synthetic marijuana its been 4days and the sweats and the loss of appetite it’s still goin on plus the tremors ands high blood pressure I’m doin it at home and its rough is there a detox bath that can pull the chemical from your body or any advice to help make it easier? Iwas smoking one called “happy” and i recommend that no one ever tries it i was passing out and my friend was seizing please help if you can

  175. I’m outta control. U guys r talkin about being addicted smoking 3 – 5 grams and losing your appetite? I smoke like 15grams and eat like a pig. If I don’t smoke, I guess I’m mean. I need HELP.

  176. No sleep in days. Freezing sweats. Shakey and on the edge. Entire body is so numb on day 5.. Fuk spice! So addictive. I’ve landed on tha moon and most likely mars. Until I was an entity in space with no memory of a life. Then blam. Up n sober n freaking out. Ya, any questions ask me

  177. Day three without using. My body is starting to recognize how tired it has been from the lack of sleep from being addicted. Still get hot then cold within minutes of each other, but the sweating has stopped. I feel weak from lack of nutrition; eating half bowls of soup to try to get strength back up. Still jittery, still irritable, but I’m OK. I will get better and so will you all. Prepare to spend a lot of time in the shower or bathtub, and some really stinky poops.

  178. I’m just curious how long the withdrawal process lasts my fiancé has been smoking it for 3 years and recently stopped 1 week ago, when he had it he needed it everyday and he couldn’t sleep unless he smoked before he went to bed, it’s been really tough for him his mood escalates so quickly and I’m worried about him I just need some answers, he refuses any help

  179. my boyfriend smokes this stupid shit and i fuckin hate it….
    he will pawn his shit
    he will ask everyone for money just to get the dummy drug
    he will even ask me but i wont give him the money
    im trying to help him stop i will hide the weed throw it away
    but nothing is working
    like last night he started his withdrawals and he was sweating and throwing up
    and i sit there and tell him the more u depend on it the worst you are going to get
    I Need HElp trying to get him to stop
    he is breaking his mom’s heart
    like this is gone way to far
    he has no insurance
    no job how am i suppose to help him

  180. Hello guys, ive been using spice for over a year now, Every day like most of u guys. Im maried, i have 6 months old kid at home, im in the middle of the 2nd year in the uni. I can tell u one fact about spice, it makes u stupid forever. Even after u quit. I almost lost every thing cuz of this poison. My wife doesnt know about my addiction, no one knows, i manage to keep my life together but its so hard. Three days ago i desided to quit, since then i dont wanna smoke, not even thinking about it, but the withdrawal is so hard… I think ill overcome, im strong minded guy. What do u guys think, can stop spice and not tell anyone about it? I love my wife so much, i dont wanna hurt her, can i keep it secret and still quit? No one knows about my addiction, its the first time talking about it. Plz guys, dont smoke that poison.

  181. My husband is very addicted to spice. He has been on it for 4years now. He seriously needs help,or he will die. He has health problems and acts like a monster with out it. He has totally changed. Please give advice.

  182. I was smoking spice sience 2007 when jwh 018 was in it and now someone really dear to me is going through withdraws and shes alredy sick as it is im scared for her i care about her so much i kicked it alone at my apartment contsant vomitting for three days straight i wasant Able to even hold water down i was smoking atleast 10 to 15 grams a day and iv had some friends of mine get hospitalized and had a seizure and died this shits a killer if you have a problem with spice do not.let it go unheard emotions are going to run very strong for the next few days but its worth it.completely im on day four now amd.finally im able to nibble on things amd.kinda keep

  183. Ive been selling ounces to pounds of spice over the past year. My old dealers stop selling to me cause I would smoke a half ounce to an ounce a day (not sell, smoke) they said I was gonna die If I kept it up. I tried stopping the past two days. No sleep, so I caved and got more. Im freakin out here. People have said theyve seen crack addicts worse. One of the people I sold to got anmonia from it he says. Please get back to me.

  184. I went to the walk in i dealt with everything but couldnt stand rolling around in bed all night, so the doc prescribed me ambien for 5 nights and that got me right through it. This drug is dangerous and can become addictive very fast. They thought i was on heroine bc my wd was so bad.

  185. This is the second time I’ve quit spice. It has pretty much ruined my life. I even got to where I was smoking while I worked. I work from home, I was so addicted I’d smoke during conference calls, and one time I was so high I couldn’t utter a word. Needless to say, where I was once a very valuable worker, I was then being replaced by others. My boss was even telling me I didn’t seem myself. The first time I quit I was smoking 5 grams a day. I had developed pneumonia from smoking, yuck. Vomiting, hot and cold sweats, no appetite, diarrhea, sleepless, horrible. In bed for a week and missed the conference I was at. So then things are fine until I decide the stress is to much and I get back on it. Fortunately on 1.5 grams/day, but now i am sick to my stomach (I hate nausea, it’s the worst). Over-the-counter hasn’t worked, pepto does not work, nor alka seltzer. I’m going to push through it. I don’t care if this stuff is legal, it is awful. btw my husband was admitted to the hospital this summer with high blood pressure 220/120, and a psychotic break, now many things contributed, but the spice was definitely a culprit.

  186. This stuff is extremely hard to kick!!! I’ve seen some very bad withdrawls but it can be kicked it just takes going through a few days of hell

  187. Ok so im on Day there and things are alot better. Im rating sólida and holding everything Down. Sleeping better also. I found if i stayed on my feet all Day and wore myself out it helps tremendously.. Also before bed steamy steamy hot showers. I will never touch that

  188. I started smoking spice 4 years ago. When i stopped in january the only withdraw was the sweating.. So in aug i picked it back up again. I soon realized it wasnt the same stuff i was buying before. Sure the High was Great but when i didnt have it i was not sleeping Or eating. Aggitated and real hungry . I stopped smoking tues at 6:30am. At that time in the morning will be Day two for me. Omg let me tell u Day 1 will be tour test. Milk and soup will be every meal. Steamy showers really helped yesterday. For sleep over counter stuff may help. Ive tried solids today took a few bites with milk (k)ey…
    so far so good. Keep active like pacing Or anything to keep your mind occupied. Its hard and i has a whole blunt when i decided to quit. I looked at it and said I will beat u and flushed it… First step, is to admit problem and want better for YOU. 2nd step get away from contact with it, and ways to smoke it. If u really want to quit, then if u have it flush it. Once its gone its time to except that this is gonna be hard but it wont beat u. Day to Day get up and fight. Everyday u fight, is a day closer to it being OVER… Like i said im going on day 2 and its misserable but all things are possible through prayer and support and most of all to me, dedication to the cause. If your smoking spice and think u have it under control and its not harming u, then Just wait till u feel what the hundreds of us are now. When u dont have it around and cant get it u all will ser the pain and

  189. Hi Amanda. Call 1-800-662-HELP to be put in touch with the National Drug Abuse Hotline. They can help refer you to treatment centers that can help.

  190. Im to the point where everytime i dmoke i feel like im going to die but if i dont smoke i get really really sick . I mean i cant sleep or eat ..nothing . Im so tired of ghis shit i want to put it down but i cant , & im afraid its going to KILL me before i can stop . I NEED HELP OMG

  191. I smoked spice for 1 1/2 more than usual the past few weeks.. I decided enough was enough so I quit on Monday.. I’ve had severe anxiety attacks hot and cold sweats runny stool uneasiness .. I was hospitalized twice and they just gave me adavan for my anxiety to calm me down.. Don’t have much of an appetite.. What else can I do to help me with this withdrawl

  192. This is the third time i’ve gone through spice withdrawals at home alone.

    The first time I smoked 3 grams a day for 2 years straight until I had to make a big move to another state, I though it’d be a great time to quit so I left my pipe broken in a trash can. The move was extremely strenuous so I do believe it helped being super active while withdrawing (I’m not sure why my withdrawals weren’t REALLY bad this time?). Also at that time I didn’t even know there would be withdrawal symptoms! Wow I got lucky on that one!

    A few months after moving I found a smoke shop and smoked for another year straight until they removed spice from their store. Okay let’s just quit again! Oh boy, the first 3 days in and out of the shower constantly, profuse sweating no-matter the temperature and clothes were always soaked, 0 appetite for 5 days, diarrhea constantly, throwing up constantly. I couldnt stand it so I put a towel in the shower for a pillow, put the plug in and could finally sleep! I would wake up every 10 – 20 minutes to let the water out and back up again to keep comfortable. Finally after 3 days living in the bathroom I was finally able to keep the sweating down to a minimum and could sleep in the bed, but still barely… Okay, never again will I touch this stuff, I have literally never been so uncomfortable in my life. I would rather have broken bones. I quit for 1 year.

    2 months ago… What the heck, lets see if I can just order the stuff online and sure enough! Within these 2 months alone I brought my tolerance back up to about 6 grams per day (an entire bowl every 15-20 mins?). Non-stop smoking, I would even scrape the resin and search carpet for any I missed. Well this is getting way to expensive so 4 days ago I ran out and decided not to buy more. Scraped every pipe and had globs of resin and decided to binge smoke it. It’s 4am and It’s finally all gone. HERE WE GO AGAIN! Only 2 hours after smoking all that resin I began feeling the symptoms again. Could not sleep, sweating like crazy and began throwing up as well as diarrhea. So disappointed in myself at this point.
    This time I only stayed in the shower for about 8 hours. I thought if I could make myself throw up MORE it’d help. So I filled up 32oz cups with HOT water and downed them, then making myself throw it up several times until only clear water came out. Then I would drink a cup of water to try and keep it down. I also took fish oils which helped alot, yogurt and milk were also my new best friends.

    It’s day 4 and I’ve finally stopped throwing up and the diarrhea has gone away. I still have a cough and no appetite and am still sweating but bearable. Time seems to crawl when you’re in this state and my mind is very cloudy. I’m gonna get through this and this is it, never touching this stuff again. I have never been more excited to feel normal and have a new-found burning desire to live life to the fullest!

    Good luck to all, hope there are a few tips here that can help and it is possible. Don’t bring yourself down you can do it.

  193. Hello anon. Reach out and call 1-800-662-HELP. There may be a public or sliding scale detox clinic near you.

  194. I am having such a hard time quitting! I hate it. Nothing works and I have no money for clinics or any of that crap. When I stop smoking I feel sick , hot flashes, queezy and get diarrea badly. I want to quit but i get so sick and dehydrated. If anyone can help please leave a message.

  195. Natural cannabis can be used to detox off of spice as it will prevent the physical withdrawal but it is illegal in many localities which keeps it from being an option for most people.

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