How to withdraw from Spice

Spice is a synthetic cannabinoid that produces symptoms that are similar to cannabis, but can cause dependence and withdrawal. Learn more about withdrawing from Spice here.

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When do you withdraw from Spice?

“Spice” (a combination of synthetic cannabinoids sprayed onto dried plant products) is made in a laboratory. The cannabinoids found in and on Spice produce effects that resemble those of cannabis, but can be many times more potent. However, heightened mood, relaxation and altered perception can also be accompanied by heart problems and hallucinations.  And how Spice affects the brain isn’t fully understood yet.  But unlike cannabis, Spice contains chemicals that have no medical benefit but DO HAVE a high potential for abuse.

If you have used Spice and developed a physical or psychological dependence on Spice, withdrawing from Spice may be a good option. And if you need to increase the amount of Spice you smoke in order to achieve the desired effect,  this increased tolerance may be a sign that you should begin to withdraw from Spice. read on for more on getting off Spice and how to help Spice addiction. Then, leave us your questions at the end.  We do our best to respond to questions personally and promptly.

Withdraw from Spice symptoms

Withdrawing from Spice can cause physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. These include:

  • cravings
  • headaches
  • internal unrest
  • nausea
  • nightmares
  • profuse sweating
  • tremors

Spice withdrawal may also cause hypertension and agitation or irritability.

How long to withdraw from Spice?

Symptoms of Spice withdrawal can begin to be felt about 2-3 days after use is discontinued. Early symptoms are usually mild, and mostly you will just feel a level of internal unrest. However, Spice withdrawal symptoms can peak in severity after 4-7 days of abstinence. In most cases, symptoms dissipate 2-3 weeks after use has ended. However, psychological and emotional symptoms can last much longer if they go untreated.

How to ease withdrawal symptoms from Spice

Currently there are no medications that can help ease withdrawal symptoms from Spice. Doctors may recommend medication to safely lower blood pressure when hypertension becomes a problem; however there is no evidence this relieves any other symptoms. The best way to ease symptoms of Spice withdrawal is to seek support groups to help with psychological withdrawal symptoms. When cravings and nightmares occur, talk to a sober friend or someone that has a similar experience.

You may also seek to ease symptoms of Spice withdrawal with home remedies, like Tylenol and ibuprofen for headaches. It is important not to seek other self-medication methods for withdrawal symptoms, like alcohol or sedatives because of their addictive nature.

How to withdraw from Spice safely

Seek advice from doctors for information on safe withdrawal from Spice. Hypertension can be a serious symptom that your doctor may want to control with medication. It is safest to withdraw under the supervision of a drug counselor or doctor in order to keep complications from withdrawal symptoms at a minimum. Additionally, complications from smoking such as coughing and respiratory problems may require medical treatment. And always monitor your mental state, as hallucinogenic effects has been associated with even one-time Spice use.

Can I withdraw from Spice at home?

There is no evidence that withdrawing from Spice at home is not possible, however you should be prepared to deal with the symptoms of Spice withdrawal. The physical symptoms of withdrawal can be treated with home remedies, over-the-counter NSAIDs, or simple rest. But in order to deal with psychological symptoms when treating Spice withdrawal symptoms from home, speak with sober friends or family members, or seek drug support groups. It is important to talk with people who understand what you are feeling when you are facing cravings and other withdrawal symptoms.

The best way to withdraw from Spice

There are several ways to withdraw from Spice, including inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities. The best way to withdraw will vary according to your individual needs. But is recommended that you withdraw from Spice under the supervision of a drug counselor or a doctor. Both outpatient and inpatient facilities provide this option, which allows you to make the best decision for you. If you choose an outpatient facility, it is important to consider the environment in which you live and work. If your environment is safe, and you can surround yourself with supportive people, an outpatient facility is a good choice. However, if you aren’t sure you will be in a safe environment, an inpatient facility may be the best option for you. For continued support for Spice withdrawal symptoms, seek a 12-step or other support group in your community.

How to deal with withdrawal from Spice questions

Are you seeking help for Spice withdrawal and have more questions regarding treatment or symptoms? Have you been dependent on Spice and gone through withdrawal symptoms and want to share your experience? Comment below with your questions or concerns and we will respond quickly and personally.

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