How to withdraw from meth

You should withdraw from meth under medical supervision. Antidepressants, supportive care, and psychological treatment can all help. More on how to withdraw from meth here.

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Reviewed by: Dr. Juan Goecke, M.D.
Reviewed by: Dr. Juan Goecke, M.D.

ARTICLE OVERVIEW: Meth (methamphetamine) is extremely habit forming and it takes persistence and dedication to withdraw from meth. We review here how does meth work in the body, what’s the best way to withdraw from meth, how can you find meth addiction help and what can you expect? Keep reading here for more information on how to withdraw from meth and avoiding meth overdose. Then, ask your questions about meth withdrawal at the end. We respond to all legitimate and earnest questions with a personal and prompt reply.


When Do You Withdraw From Meth?

You can withdraw from meth even after one use. Withdrawal effects, however, typically occur when you stop taking meth after a period of regular or binge use.

Withdrawing from meth is typically a little easier and less stressful for individuals who have not been using the drug for very long. Therefore, it is recommended that anyone looking to withdraw from meth does so as soon as possible, before the drug starts having an impact on their health and lifestyle. However, it’s never too late or too early to withdraw from this dangerous drug, and anyone dealing with an addiction to meth should seek help whenever they can.

Withdraw From Meth Symptoms

Nearly all individuals trying to withdraw from meth will experience common meth withdrawal symptoms. Methamphetamine causes a severe drop in dopamine in the brain and one of the most common meth withdrawal symptoms is a deep depression. Suicidal thoughts during meth withdrawal are also not uncommon.
When withdrawing from meth, individuals will also want to sleep more than usual and experience an increase in appetite. This decrease in activity and increase in caloric intake can result in a slight weight gain.

How Long To Withdraw From Meth?

Meth withdrawal symptoms typically start several hours to a day after the drug was last used. These symptoms will usually peak a few days after last use and gradually begin to lessen in severity after this peak. Overall, depending on the severity of physical dependency on meth, it can take anywhere from a week to a month or more to completely withdraw from meth.

How To Ease Withdrawal Symptoms From Meth?

When withdrawing from meth, individuals should get as much rest as they need. In order to avoid gaining weight, they should also eat a healthy well-balanced diet. Some people may also find that anti-depressant medications can help with the severe depression experienced during meth withdrawal. These medications must be prescribed by a doctor, though, and medical supervision may be necessary during meth withdrawal.

Can I Withdraw From Meth At Home?

It is possible to withdraw from meth at home, but most medical professionals recommend withdrawing from meth in a medical facility. Medical supervision typically makes withdrawing from meth slightly easier and safer. Some individuals may even need to be put on suicide watch when withdrawing from meth, since severe depression is a common meth withdrawal symptom.

How To Withdraw From Meth Safely?

Although some individuals have been able to successfully withdraw from meth safely on their own, the safest way to withdraw from meth is under the supervision of medical professionals. Meth detox facilities are one option, but there are also other inpatient and outpatient drug detox and programs available as well. Withdrawing from meth under medical supervision may even save some lives, since it can reduce the risk of both suicide attempts, relapses, and overdoses.

The Best Way To Withdraw From Meth

There is no one-size-fits-all way to withdraw from meth. Some methods work for some people, while other methods work well for other people. One of the best way to withdraw from meth successfully is under medical supervision or in a drug rehabilitation or detox facility.
Drug rehabilitation and detox facilities aren’t for everyone, though. If this is the case, some individuals may want to attempt to withdraw from this drug on their own. To do this, it’s important to stay away from the drug completely to minimize the chances of a relapse. Individuals trying to withdraw from meth on their own should also surround themselves with supportive non-users and try to stay busy with activities that don’t involve using meth.

How To Deal With Withdrawal From Meth Questions

Withdrawal from meth is challenging and often very uncomfortable. If you’re facing meth withdrawal, there’s a good chance you have a few questions or concerns. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment with any questions or concerns you may have, and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. Also, if you have an experience, tips, or advice you’d like to share, feel free to leave a comment as well.

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    1. Hi James. Meth can be hard to overcome by your own. One of the crucial things is changing the environment and learning new healthy habits. If you are scared of losing your job, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects those who are employed and experiencing disability to maintain working status when seeking medical help. According to the law, employees have legal rights to ask for accommodations when entering rehab and employers must hold your job position while you are attending rehab. Still, you can call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant. Also, here is an article that you may find it useful:

  1. I have a friend who is out of control with meth and has commented multiple times to me her desire to stop but doesn’t know how and she is afraid of losing her kids if she goes for help. I know you have to be ready to stop but I want to help her in case she is. Can working out and other forms of naturally increasing dopamine or endorphins to fight depression help or does it just not produce any until it’s iut of her system?

  2. There has to be something that helps the withdrawal. Gabapentin and lorazapam, it’s almost as bad as opioid withdrawal
    Or home remedies. I’m on Suboxone now would her if that shot once a month would help that too,?

  3. I have been using Meth daily for a year, I’m a daily smoker , now the last two days no matter how much I use I feel very drained , can’t wake up and my body feels like it’s been hit by a truck , now also I’ve noticed I’ve caught my sons cold so maybe this plays a big part in me not be able to get high no matter how much I use right ?

  4. This may not be for everyone but it does for me.
    By lowering your ‘maintenance level’ to the minimum amount you can maintain throughout the day very slowly, you can actually cease use entirely with the least widthdrawl symptoms. The very last of minimizing your amounts has to go especially slower on decreasing amounts. To the point of barely using any, and then decreasing further even slower by even smaller dosages you eventually will wind up ‘skipping’ those dosages to longer periods and begin to have the level low enough to cease use. There is still some withdrawal. Don’t let anybody kid you. It’s still going to suck, but it’s not to where you can’t deal with it. It takes lots of self control to do it this way, but the reward is that if you really want to quit it and not miss it so much and not deal with the heavy withdrawals, that is how you can do it. It takes about 3 months and plus 21 additional consecutive meth free days in order to entirely free yourself from the substance. Anything beyond that is purely psychological addiction and not physical addiction.
    Some people have psychological addiction difficulties that this method may not work well with. Once you pass those 21 days clean then all the cells in your body have regenerated and you should prepare yourself knowing that you are no longer physically addicted which should place a heavy psychological fact in your brain which with a healthy mind it will lower the psychological dependency a great deal. You will realize that you can deal with everything and if you do feel like using you know you don’t have to because there are no physical withdrawals. It’s only suggestion from your mind but no withdrawals.
    I wouldn’t call it an easier way because it takes much longer. It’s just a way that worked for me that minimized withdrawals so that my maintaining of my daily operations with life only changed due to the absence of the substance. Also that life gets a lot better and you become a better person to yourself for one, and of course that rubs off on others as well because you are a better person to them as well. I’d say the whole field trip would take the average person to complete (staying disciplined) in about 6 months. This is referring to smokers and possibly snorting administrations. I have doubts that IV users would be very successful using this method.

  5. It seems so easy for me to just stop, but the mental and low energy is my issue. I have many suicide attempts before meth and when i quit after a week im so depressed. I’ve used stackers to help with my energy levels. I expect it to be hard but my thoughts go to what i know. Meth helped my depression so i thought. Whats a healthy energy supplement? I just want my life back. Any suggestions to help stay on course.

  6. I drank last night and think I took meth I blacked out and don’t remember but I’m feeling not tired I can’t sleep I can feel my heart eating don’t like it what can I do to sleep I can’t sleep

    1. Hi Carnell. Successful meth withdrawal includes detox, physical stabilization and psychological treatment. It is possible to withdraw from meth at home, but probably the easier and safer option is in a medical facility under medical supervision.
      You can get more info on our blog. Check out these articles:

  7. I just did meth for the first time. I snorted 1 line about an inch long. I don’t like this feeling at all. My normal drug of choice is weed because I don’t like feeling nervous. I stupidly let a friend talk me into this. Won’t happen again. This is not for me. My question is how can I quickly and safely come down? I have weed and also prescription valium(10 mg). Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks

  8. I have struggled with meth addiction since 1987.the longest period of sobriety I’ve achieved was 2 years. I have learned that your mental state has great deal to do with whether you suffer symptoms or not. Meaning when my mind set is that I want to quit vs being forced makes a difference in my syntoms of withdrawl. I agree staying busy doing positive activities helps.

  9. My fiancé has decided to go off meth on his own out of necessity. He’s started working again and has dedicated himself to my son and I. He’s been so sick and asleep for four days straight. He’s strong and works but I’m worried. What can I do to support him right now. He is eating a lot but throws up frequently and has severe diarrhea and pain with headaches. He’s 42 and has been on it for 20 years. He says he’s dying and I’m scared. What can I do?

    1. Hi Laura. Being 20 years on meth means that he is experiencing severe withdrawal effects. Probably the best thing you can do for him is to suggest a treatment facility where he can be under professional supervision.

  10. I used to be able to stay up for weeks on end and do tons of art and get my freak on… but now I eat and sleep on meth like I’m a normal 9to5 soccer mom???? Why can’t I get high anymore and why am I totally useless without it? Seriously, it doesn’t work for the reason I take it, however, if I don’t take it I can’t even get out of bed. I have no desire to do anything that I need to do. I fear the day and dealing with day to day responsibilities- meth at least makes life bearable. When I am clean I can’t sleep and I’m always tired and depressed. I was clean 15 years and I never got over the no sleeping/no energy/ but ocd and anxiety were a common occurrence. Anyway, I smoke it and swallow a few chunks in the am. It feels like a cigarette habit rather than a meth habit. Nobody can tell I use. Like I said, I sleep 10 hrs a night and eat like a normal human. All the tweaker meth head face picking and meth mouth stuff has missed me (it used to be like that in the 90s)! Anyway, what is up with not being able to feel it no matter how much I do?

  11. I have been using meth about once a week for about 10 months. I get about 1/8 of a gram. Not much. I have lost about 30 pounds. Which was ok since I was overweight. I know I am going to deteriorate if I don’t stop. My life is still functioning but I know it is going to get worse if I don’t stop. Even though my addiction is fairly new and not an extreme I want to quit and be free from it’s enticement and harmful effects. What can I do. Are there any support groups I can go to?

  12. So many of my friends use meth. But how long does it stay in there system if they smoke it??
    Just wondering bc couple days ago a life long friend of mine beg and promised me he stop using if I helped get him out of jail. Well I pick him up this past Thursday after h did 9 days and the following day (Friday) I took him to check n and see his p.o and he piss tested my friend and he failed. Is this possible?? He been smoking meth for 3-4 years almost daily so would he still be dirty.

  13. I’m 35 days sober today.
    My addiction was a secret to everyone except my at the time boyfriend and drug dealer.

    I left state to start over the first 30 days were really easy .
    I was super happy.

    This past week the feeling of anxiety hits me to the point its unbearable .
    My job involves constantly being around people and I find myself hiding to cry or hyperventilating.

    I keep reading things saying the detox period should be over.

    Is this true…
    I’m just really lost on my own road to recovery and even writing this feels silly….


  14. I’ve been doing meth everyday for 18 years. Very rarely did I smoke it I always did lines. It’s been 4 weeks since I stopped using cold turkey. It was the best choice I made in my life. The part I hated the most was the weight gain. But my detox was different than most. As long as I kept busy I had energy but the minute I sat down I couldn’t move. Everyone said they slept all the time but not me. I couldn’t sleep at night. Everything I read about what people go through when they detox was totally different for me. I still get the urges though. But I have to say I’m a happier person and I’ve ever been I’m finally enjoying life. Everyone that’s out there trying to stop using meth I just want to encourage you it may be difficult right now but in the long run it is well worth it. Not just to yourself but to your family.

  15. My husband uses meth to stay awake bc he works nights. He’s recently been hospitalized and had a stent in for blockage in his heart. He’s on a ton a meds but yet still uses. I’ve been against the use since I found out he relapsed when we were dating. How do I help him?

  16. I started using meth when i was 22 (I’m now 23), after a long night of searching for cocaine and coming up short, meth was the best best FREE thing. Biggest mistake I’ve ever made. Haven’t been able to quit it since. I had to eventually put myself in an inpatient rehab facility because i had become so dependent on meth in such a short period of time it was unbelievable. Plus, i was suffering from mental illness. I stayed in rehab for 3 months successfully and graduated. But not even 48 hours after going home i relapsed and went on a week long bender. I’ve never felt so low and ashamed in my life. On the last day of my antics my mother forced me to go live with my dad in Riverside, which is 4 hours down South from where i lived. I made it here and again not even a week living here i find the connect and i haven’t been sober for more than a week since that day. That was almost 4 months ago. I got one of my best and only friends down here hooked on it and she has even less clean time then me now. I feel so ashamed of myself, in extremely depressed (more than usual), i can barely look at myself in the mirror, i take advantage of my poor mom and dad and their trust and financial support. I lie constantly and i don’t follow through with commitments. I leave early and stay gone all day and night until around 12am when i know everyone is asleep. I sneak in and pretend to go to bed. But I’m awake all night. I think I’m fooling everyone but i know my appearance has changed dramatically, i act different, my mood is insane, I’m distant, i always have an excuse for everything, I’m irresponsible: but i always promise myself this is the last time, i have too much to lose, I’ll get kicked out, I’ll disappoint my parents, I’ll die, literally I’ll tell myself anything i can to convince me to get clean. And from the time i go to sleep to when i “wake up” in a few hours i can’t go any amount of extended time before i hit up my plug or someone hits me up to hang out. And im quick to lie and get out the door. My poor family has to know something is going on with me. I can tell just by the way they look at me and how they speak to me. I’m so embarrassed that i abuse their love everyday. And i still chose to leave everyday. My mom has no idea what’s going on because she can’t see me. Literally not one person has reached out to me to see how I’m doing in my so called recovery. I’ve never been on a bender this long before. I’m scared I’m not gonna be able to make it out this time and I’m going to lose everything I’ve worked for. Im putting on a show everyday so people think I’m okay and I’m sober. But in reality Im my worst enemy. I’m destroying my life everyday. Im withdrawing from my psychiatric meds as well during this time so if I’m totally sober from meth i still have the most extreme symptoms. Like uncontrollable irritability, depression, anger, hopelessness, no motivation, no energy, no optimism, to the EXTREME. So i have to get high to get through that feeling. It’s a horrible cycle and i am so afraid of what’s going to happen if i don’t pull my head out of my ass. I don’t want to die. I really want to stay alive for my parents, after everything they’ve done for me, especially my mother. She would be so hurt beyond words if she knew what’s been going on since i moved out. I’m very religious and have a great relationship with God and that has carried me along way. Is there anything i haven’t tried that worked for you? Anything i need to do? I’m literally begging for help. I’m on my last leg. I have no other option. There is no more starting over, no more chances, no more excuses. I need to change my ways or i will die. And it will be at the hands of myself. I will eventually become to depressed and hate myself so much that i will take my own life. Lately my impulsiveness is getting out of control. And my fear of dying or the unknown has become curiosity. Please please help me.

  17. First time used 1000 and its b÷m 28 hours can u still ode. And it was all taken, with a hour. Or can you ode days later

  18. My husband is an meth addict. He is withdrawing from meth
    He has 2 days clean and his pride and our economic situation wont allow us to get professionally help. Is there anything we can do to ease his withdrawal symptoms?

  19. My fears are when I am not doing it & doing nothing I have zero “Energy” & even after months still no energy & this sucks for me as I grew up as a natural live wire & have no ideal why in the early 70s I was offered “Bennies” or crosstops then grew to cartwheels & then the mother of all hard to quit “Crank”!!! OK well the crank days were what they were but then a mix of crank & crystal worked it,s way in then grew to plain crystal to now what we have today which is “I DOE NO WAT IT IS?” but affects my breathing bad as I only use it in my coffee? After days I can taste it & it is uzing back through my mouth all the time so after 4 straight years now I want to either quit but fear the energy thing or figure out the breathing??? I rather quit & do it at home as I have before no problem but man it sucks so ah any help here of how to breathe right??? Hard to walk my dog or walk at all??? Thanks, Steven

  20. This is some really good information about drug detox. My cousin is addicted to meth at the moment and he wants to try to detox soon. So, it is good to know that there are different ways to do this. It seems like it would be smart for him to talk to an expert about detoxing.

  21. Hi my name’s Jack I’m 20. In the last year I have lost both parents so I’ve been extremely depressed since and I felt I needed something to help and I’ve never been a big fan of antidepressants. Weed just isn’t doing it for me anymore so last Wednesday I tried meth (snort) for the first time. I got a $30 bag and me and my girl did all of it that night. We got into a fight a few days later (unrelated) and she went to stay with her mom for a bit so I decided I wanted to do it again. So I picked up another bag, this time $60 and I figured I’d binge it (I’m not sure why). I started it on Tuesday morning of this week and it is now Thursday morning. Maybe I’m just thinking this way because I haven’t crashed yet but I’ve decided I don’t want to do it anymore because I like the high WAY to much and I can already tell it will become a problem if I don’t stop now. I just wanna get on with my life without this stuff in it. Any idea how long withdrawal will last? Anything is appreciated. Thank you. Have a good day.

  22. most of these folks are trippin. ive been smoke’n it every day for 2 years or more. every day without fail and very little interruption. i dont mean to make light of anyone seeking help
    but to panic after two or three times or a couple of weeks, seriously. I’d like to here from some folks more like me. better yet, from some folks that where like me.

  23. An amino acid called l-tyrosine is helpful . It helps not feel so depressed. I am no expert but it has something to do with the nuerotransmitters in the brain. Really works. Gnc sells or online.

  24. Hi. I’ve been using meth for 8yrs. Not a day has went by that I haven’t at least had a bump. I’ve got to get clean. No choice. Has to be done. Any advice will be appreciated. I go to rehab court ordered but not for a few months. Need clean now.

    1. Hi Amanda. Meth withdrawal may be hard to overcome alone. The safest way is under medical supervision, so I suggest that you call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab for you.

  25. Hi Greg. Ambivalence towards treatment is very common, especially for people taking meth. This is because meth is a very powerful stimulant, and one that produces euphoric effect efficiently and for long periods of time.

    A bipolar diagnosis will require specialized treatment. Have you looked into treatment centers that offer “Dual Diagnosis” or “Co-Occurring Disorder” treatment?

  26. Do you j have comments for my friend who is a young woman, 24yrs, who is also bipolar. She has been in relapse since July 1st 2017..—… She did three weeks of 90 in 90 meetings, took her meds two days then quit. After that she tried to go to rehab six times but wash time changed her mind.

  27. Hi Brandon. I’m not sure why medical interventions are not an option in your case. However, it sounds like you need medical help. Antidepressants may be prescribed during withdrawal, as can anti-psychotic medications. You can find help by calling our hotline number listed on the site, as well.

  28. I want to die I can’t continue this physically my brain I is shocking me I can’t do this the depression is to much to cope with drs are out of the question. But I know after 25 years of slamming it’s killing me and I can’t keep doing that either. I just want to die. How do I ease this suffering before I have a stroke or just end it

  29. I have been shooting meth for 25 years I’m trying to come down but the depression and the physical effects on my body are so much that I can’t handle it. I’m having electro shocks to my brain that make me feel like I am going to have a severe stroke any min. Hospitalization is not a option not is seeing a doctor I don’t know what to do I just know I can’t go on like this anymore and I can’t go on like that anymore I am doing mentally physically and emotionally and I don’t know what to do because I can’t continue with this torture I just want to end it. What do I do.

  30. My cousin is having a hard time with meth right now and his parents are a little worried about how to help him break the habit. So I liked that you pointed out that you need to have a medical professional supervise his withdrawal symptoms. That does seem like it would help keep him healthy and safe.

  31. I have been using meth daily for 3 to 4 years. I guess you could say I’m a functioning addict. Always go to work. I stopped using it cold turkey a week ago. And while I’ve been able to get up for a few hours every day I’m still exhausted and depressed. Is it really going to take possibly a month to get to where I feel like a human being again? I have two children still at home and a boyfriend that I love very much and he has quit also. I don’t know how we’re going to make it through this but we both want it so bad then love each other so much and the kids that we have to do this. I don’t know what to do I feel hopeless and exhausted constantly. It’s almost Christmas time. I’ve missed work for three days now but I plan on going back tomorrow. I don’t know what else to do do you have any suggestions for us?

  32. Hi. I am 58 and unfortunately a very chronic user of the drug. Relapsing at the end of 2011 after being free from my addiction for 15years.
    Now I am at the point of 100% mind set to stop. Before I completely destroy what left I have.
    I need to do detox and withdralls from home. I know what it takes to stay clean. The only thing that concerns me is heart .failure going cold turkey. Can you suggest how I can wean down incorporating an exercise program. As I am ready to do this and don’t want anyone to know.

    1. Hi Gary. The safest way to end meth addiction is with the help of medically trained experts. So, I suggest that you call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

  33. My girlfriend has been using meth for years now and is finally ready to really lay it down and I want to help and be as supportive as possible through her withdrawal process. I am completely sober and don’t even drink so there will be no issue with being around it but does anyone have any other recommendations for ways other than let her rest and have plenty of food and liquids for her on hand for ways I can help her through the withdrawal process specifically??

  34. I have three days befor my kids come home, i have withdrawal from Hydrocodone I was up to 20 girls a day on the 10 milligrams literally it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do now I’ve been on this for about a year I only smoke it but is this going to be this hard the physical part I physically hurt getting off of the pills it’s just going to be the same

  35. I used meth pretty heavy for few days only what should i expect now that i quit??how can i keep my energy up coming off meth cause i dont wanna sleep or be all sluggish

  36. Hello! I am ashamed to say I am a long term meth user for abouy 10 years using every single day. I may use a large consumption for several days smaller amounts in between all depending on the amount of money I have to spend. I did not start using for any other reason besides my life long years being a very tired individual and trust me it is a miserable way of living not understanding why just knowing it is so hard when your tired all the time except for a very few times when feeling pretty good thinking this is more normal way to live sadly I truly have been tired from a young child to this very day. I am totally ammuned to meth it doesnt give me a high like the beginning using but I DO HAVE TO HAVE IT TO KEEP GOING. I have started to educate myself trying to figure out why I, as a sober person, am most always tired. I have learned a lot of mine is mental fatigue,WOW… Anyway I am so far from being proud of my addiction I hide it well from my family and close high school friend of many years from most everyone outside of my d u drug circle of few friends. Anyway I am sorry for rattling on. My biggest fears are my family finding out; dying on this drug period, and the way it makes me feel coming off of it it does cause me to not just relapse but relapse using again. I hate I ever started using meth its a MONSTER I kive with every single day with high emotions on and off it. So my question is this is there no vitamins or or supplement(s) that would help withdraw symptoms sonething iver the counter even multiple agents that can help besides having to go admit to a dr. To get a prescription in order to help while coming down fron this horrible drug and the horrific addiction from it? Thank you for allowing me to share! I di believe in God so I often fail to have faith in Him or I would not be having to sit here having to write to you for help 🙁 you are a blessing! God Bless! Lana 🙂

  37. Hi I have a nephew who has been using Meth since he was 19. Now 39. In and out of rehabs hospital, and half way house. Sees a doctor for voices he hears he has been complete clean for 90. Days. Brain scan says lesions on the brain. It’s so said. Does this sound at all related to long term use. ???. Help desperate aunt.

  38. my friend has been using meth for a couple of weeks now. He stopped two days ago and has been sleeping alot. Hes very paranoid and says he still feels high. Is this possible? My other question is he has type 2 diabetes and congestive heart failure. He also has a defibulator in his chest. How can this affect him? And what do i do or say to him to help him through this?

    1. Hi AR. I suggest that you speak with your friend and a doctor about all his issues. Smoking meth is serious for all, not only for some who has heart problems.

  39. Hey wats up I been using since I was 16 and now I’m 24 having a hard time trying to leave it once and for all. I’m also having some other Minor problems makes it hard to maintain and not relaps any advice on how to stay focus ?

  40. Im starting today first day no meth and im scared but i want this so bad!!!im doing it at home,insurance reasons,please any advice on getting through this easier will help. .also does it effect my kidneys..i seem to get frequent kidney issues on meth

  41. I have been a meth addict for 25 years. I tried quitting cold turkey but could not handle it. Finally I began lowering my doses slowly for a year until a month ago when I completely stopped. The past month nonetheless has been hell. Sleep too much most days, eat way too much and doubled my cigarette smoking. And this is all to get healthy right? I’m still getting nightmares, cold sweats, anxiety, and severe fatigue. When is this gonna stop? I’m tempted to use again just to feel normal

  42. I’m detoxing from method but the physical side effects are way worse like I can’t keep up at work I feel dizzy and when I excert myself at all I become overheated and really don’t feel well and it continues to get worse where I can breathe and I get headaches and stomach pain and other pain like my back I just can’t seem to get over this hump the sec. I get up n move around the symptoms begin I’m getting very sick at work expececially when we get busy n its embarrassing because I really become physically I’ll n want to run crying n quit my job

  43. All I know is that meth is a scary drug you might think it’s ok at first but it only gets worse that’s my experience I’m so ready to do better and stay away from all the toxic people that do it. I know alot of people that have lost everything it’s really not worth it. All I can say is it’s probably going to be really hard to stop but if u try and get into a rehab and go get a sponsor and try to go to some meetings u might be ok. That drug will suck you in and sometimes it feels like there’s no way out it’s so evil. So I’m trying to do better and trust in God and try to find better friends to be around I have seen that drug ruin lives it really sucks and it’s so sad. I guess I feel thankful to God for my blessings and I pray alot but yes it’s going to be hard all I know is I’m ready you just can’t let people drag you down and they will. I feel so overwhelmed on that stuff don’t really like it to much so all I know is just take one day at a time and pray alot go to meetings and get a sponsor and try and get into treatment very important and drink lots of water and eat healthy and try to make better choices and talk about your feelings all the time to someone who will listen to you. I hope and pray for all those who need it like me. I’m so ready to change thanks.

  44. I first did it at 14 now 56 done a lot. Only snortn fixing to quit for good. Had a lot of fun gonna shut it down. It’s gonna be different without it. I make 35$ an hour at my job. I gotta work. Later on

  45. I can’t do rehab cause I’ll loose my job and I can not handle being way from my wife and kids for that long. I quit using that was the easy part what I can’t handle is how I feel I have no energy or strength at all at times it’s even hard getting up to go to the bathroom I have no ambition or want to do anything even simple task like talking or turning my head to look at something I defiantly couldn’t hold up a job I can’t sleep anymore cause iv slept for a week straight I’m miserable aggravated depressed all the time all I want is to feel better have energy ambition and my drive back as fast as possible so I can get a job and take care of my kids iv been shooting Meth everyday for about 5 years a g of Meth will last me 2 days but the potency of the dope is fair I’ve heard that it takes up to a month to get your natural energy back your ambition and drive to do things is there any faster process because if a month is the fastest then I’m just going to go back to using because I can’t go that long without a job I’ll lose my house and land please help

  46. Smoked .2-.3 @250mg maybe
    What danger is he in if he stops now
    Been going for 7-8 days he woke up this morning after sleeping last night so he’s gone and probably 12 to 20 hours tent without smoking and then smoked a little tonight

  47. Smoke about point-to-point 3 daily for the past 7-8 days slept maybe 3 or 4 nights what should I be experiencing for withdrawal when I finally stopped and how long after my last dose should this be hitting me asking Leggins me dealing with a friend who’s been smoking for a week things he’s afraid to stop now

  48. I read articles and believe all true what I read about meth.I have an appoid issue which I wish I would or could shake Its all in the mind an stay busy.I so dis like depending on any medicine.

  49. im a meth user of 20+ years. i kno it’s time to quit. it’s getting pretty bad. i tried cold turkey a few days ago… called in to work, slept the whole time and just couldn’t function… so I screwed up and did some today, what a waste. now what? I feel better, but i feel like a guilty failure…i don’t want to repeat those first two horrific days over again but im gonna have to i guess… im having a real hard time… is cold turkey the way to go? im sick in my mind over this. I couldn’t even function at work properly without it. i have kept this a secret from my family and co workers for years…. im not sure how to go about this, please help me… im scared. I know it’s time I quit.

    1. Hi Amanda. You may call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

  50. I have been using crystal for about 8 months now i inject it and i do about 1g a in a 24 hr period of time..i have 2 questions…im about 5’8 175lbs…my metabolism is not very slow but not fast either…is there anyway to tell how long it will take to be clean for a drug screen?and if i dont do it(get high) i start to feel a very annoying kind of jolt in my head…basically like im getting electrocuted in little spurts…it makes me feel like dizzy..its hard to explain! ..i say it makes my brain hurt…but its more annoying then hurtful…i have to detox in the next few days and im prepared to be in my feelings and sleep…but i need to know if there is anything i can do to help those spurts of whatever the heck it is!i appreciate ANY help!

  51. Will taking my prescription for Vyvanse help with meth withdrawal? Really, really curious about this. Thank you!

  52. I have been using meth and crack cocaine off and on from the age 12 but for the last 5 years everyday only meth I want to quit cold turkey but fear that it may kill me so my question is do you think it would if I try to quit cold turkey at home and if so is there a detox program that lets you be with your husband and kids daily cause I don’t think I could with out them

  53. I have been using meth for about 2 years, every day. I am tired of the life and bs that comes with it. I want to quit and have attempted to many times. But it seems like just as i make up my mind to do so, I experience severe pain everywhere. Also I get charlie horses everywhere outside of the pain in my bones. I get very irritable and extremely angry. I also have bipolar, borderline personality disorder, ptsd and severe mania from the bipolar most of the time. I have been told that I can not take anti-depressants. What do I do?

  54. I have done this in a detox or treatment and on my own first you have to make decision then it’s best to go to na 12 step get a sponser go to a counsler if it’s only Ben a short period say months not years of continue use it will be 5 to 9 days of shit the day 4 to 7 the worst sleep exercise every day no matter what cardio and weights lots of water use cafine but low sugar clear your schedule if possible in 15 days you will feel so much better but don’t quit going to na and counslers you might relapse and have to do it again but remember at some point t meth no longer works so just stop now I was clean for 17 out of my life and just had a year I also have bipolar 1 so it’s twice as hard but can be done this is my first day clean after 6 month relapse sucks ass live ya just don’t fuck with it not worth it

  55. Hi, i hope you can help. Many times ive tried to quit in using meth. And for one moment i believed i can quit. But when drowsiness comes after quitting. It affect my carreer as a company official. I cannot think vividly because all my body wants is to sleep. But that is the main reason why i cant continue quitting. My work needs me a lot and i cannot loose what i have accomplished in the company just because of quitting. Oddly the reason i want to quit is to stay in the company. I love my job, my designation. I work out my ass for it. But whenever i try to quit meth. My drowsiness affects my job. And i really cannot sacrifice it. What van i do to just beat drowsiness effect of quitting? Can i take some medicine to beat over sleepiness? What should i take to prevent slippiness? Please help.

  56. Im withdrawing from meth i dont have money for a doctor so im doing it from home the only problem im having is my body is very weak i guess because all ive been doing is eating drinking alot of water and sleeping is there anything i can take to give me a little energy

  57. I got prescribed Adderall and lost my insurance now im doing meth to get through my work days and im terrified it will get worse. This article helped a lot so thank you much. How long is long term use? It’s been about 4 months since i started this crap.

  58. Hi I have been using meth heavy smoke everyday for 3 years. The longest I have been sober is max 6 days in 3 years all together probably about a month and this is my first day clean and I feel dead, i can’t stop crying panicking I don’t feel in my body and I just need some advice on what to do I’m really scared but I have to do this I have to come down I’ve been trying to avoid cumming down for to long and I’ve ruined myself and my life my wife who doesn’t use and we have been together 3 years is very supportive other than I’ve let he down a few times before by saying I will get clean and only making it 5 days max I just really need some advice like I can’t go through this for a month if that’s as long as it takes and I surely can’t do it I. A medical or rehab setting it makes it worse I know I’ve been to treatment I need my wife here with me and my son they make me feel the most comfortable while going through this and I also keep forgetting things every two seconds so I apologize if I’m all over the place while i wrote this…

    1. Hi Someone. I suggest that you call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

  59. I’m WD from several years of intense meth use and prior to that Adderall addiction . It’s been 13 days and I’m miserable. Now having horrible night mares and waking up soaking wet. Can’t stay awake to save my life and now afraid to sleep. Trying to avoid inpatient I had a baby 5 weeks ago and have a 2 yr old it’s becoming so hard and need advice to help me be better for my kids. What kind of doctor do u mean ? I need help bad soon I can’t take much more. I have no energy no nothing thanks

    1. Hi Ashley. I suggest that you call the helpline on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best options for you. The number is toll-free, the privacy is guaranteed, and you may call any time of the day and the night.

  60. I don’t feel like I actually get high on it. I eat, sleep, work, maintain a neat appearance, and function at a high level. No one knows, no questions have been asked and there are no suspicions. I am more thoughtful and creative, I’m not my typical self absorbed s.o.b.
    The only reason for wanting to stop is it is extremely expensive, and the risk and people involved is terrifying.
    I’ve thought maybe I need and have needed since I was a kid some kind of medication.
    Any ideas or suggestions?
    Not to sound like a jerk, but please, I don’t want any bleeding heart or spiritual comments….

  61. My daughter is going through withdraws from meth and hairron, at home with us.
    What can I do to help her, she won’t go in to a rehab.

  62. I have been addicted to meth for a very long time over ten years i hate it but dont know how to stop rehab is not an option how can i quit when can leave my home and the drug is everywhere

  63. I had been using meth for 16 years daily and was highly functional/successful in my career. Then after serveral years clean, I started using again because it was the only way I could get anything accomplished that required any focus. I was diagnosed ADD about two years ago and was prescribed meds for it but continued to use Meth at the same time. It is my secret and no one even knows what I have been doing. I feel awful for lying about it and know that it will not end well if I get caught by my companion or employer. Am I a fool for thinking I can take this on myself? I don’t want to lose anyone’s respect or jeopardize my life. I just seem to keep behaving badly and can’t stop.

  64. I’ve been using methinphetamena for about 3 years going on 4. I smoked, snorted, and ate/drank it just this past year I started shooting it. I just had a son he’s 3 months old right now. Someone call Department of Social Services and made an allegation about where I was living when I was pregnant wasn’t clean or safe and there was drug use (not true.) I took a drug test when I left the hospital and, I passed but the father failed for THC and anmethimens so they said they’d be in touch about opening a case. About 3 weeks after I had a note on my door saying call them so we can discuss your case. It’s been a month and 3 days and I haven’t called because I know there going to drug test me and I can’t quit using methinphetamena I always relapse about the 2nd day plus I have bruises and track parks all the way up both my arms. I need advice please! Anything is appreciated, I need help! (Don’t say I’m a terrible mother cause I can’t quit for my child trust me you can’t make me feel anyworse) PPD, PTSD, Slight Manic Depressive, MAJOR DEPRESSION.

    1. Hi Tiffany. I suggest that you call the number displayed on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you make the next step. The helpline is free, privacy is guaranteed, and you may call any time you want during the day and the night.

  65. My Doctor has closed her practice out of the blue . I need advice as she had me on oxycodone acet. 5mg/325mg oxycodone hcl /acetaminophen. 8 pills a day for back pain . I have been on them for many years . I want to detox at home . Do you have any suggestions. Thank-you ! Cathie

    1. Hi Cathie. I suggest that you find a new doctor ASAP. And, speak with him/her to help you create an individualized tapering schedule in order to slowly quit the medication.

  66. I’m a recovering addicted of meth. I have a friend friend that has started withdrawals. Is there things meds or anything else I can get for him to ease the withdrawals?

  67. I recently started using meth. This started with smoking it and then I started injecting (not good, I know). Previously, the only other drug I used was pot–and only once a week. I do not have a long history with drugs.

    I am now off meth (for about 3 days) and am having lower back pain to the point tht it wakes me up and I have difficulty falling back asleep. I try stretching and using a foam roller on my lower back and hamstrings and this helps a little, but not significantly.

    I have 2 questions:
    1) Is back pain a symptom of meth withdrawal?
    2) How can I get relief from the back pain?

    Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions.

  68. I have been using meth a quite a long period of time on and off come downs but usually always have it. I want to beat this shit out ofme on my own. NoNE of my l I ved ones or friends (realfriends) even know I do the drug. I know treatment in a faculty is the best option and safest but I don’t want anyone to know I had the problem in the first place. It sounds stupid for me to say I am embarrassed but it’s like a bad dream I wish I could wake up from. If anyone can tell me good ways to do this safely on my own please give some true advise I appreciate it very much!

  69. I’m curious, for acute amphetamine withdrawals, many sites state anti-depressants could help for acute symptoms of withdrawals. However, most if not all(exception of tramadol which is part anti-depressant but acts mainly as a pain killer), how would any anti-depressant help when it takes at least 2-4+weeks to get any therapeutic effects. Unless Ketamine is going to be legalized, I really would like to know why anti-depressants could actually help during the first few days of wd’s??

  70. I have been using since 17…I’m 32 now but the past couple years have been none stop all day all night. I have been working really hard and gotten it to the point where I am sleeping every night, going to the gym every morning and staying clean…for about 2 days, and then I’ll smoke a bowl. I keep trying to tell myself to look at how far I’ve come and how close I am to not needing it at all, but on the “cheat” days, like today…it makes me hate myself and feel like such a failure. It’s like i don’t want to quit anymore for health, or because drugs are bad, now it’s because I feel like I have let everyone down myself included and people don’t see all the hard work and tears and loneliness that I have fought through ( I also gave up and addiction to GHB for anyone that knows of that is cold turkey and I can at least stay in that area I am still clean and it’s been over a week) they just see the times when I cave in and take a few puffs. I’m not asking a question or seeking an answer, just wanted an emotional outlet of some kind because everyone in my life is either content with addiction, or wants nothing to do with me if I tell them I’ve used. It’s a lonley battle.

  71. I want to stop taking meth ive only been on it for about 2months but im over it im at 40daily but is it safe to go down 5 a week and if so how long will it take….

  72. My husband confessed to me his long term meth use almost a week ago. His lip was swollen with a huge sore inside. Before I met him 9 years ago, he had spent time in prison for things he did while out of his mind on meth. I’m very concerned for him. He is trying to do this cold turkey and with only my support. He is working construction and his boss is on vacation this week. He doesn’t have the energy or mental alertness to handle all this right now. What can or should I do? Please help with sound advice. Thank you

  73. I have been using meth for 15 months, in those 15 months I have had weeks of sobriety the last bad withdrawal I had was around Christmas… the detox was horrible the Depression was bad it only lasted 7 days and I was because they use the drug for 3 weeks straight I did sleep however but I used every day. I have to detix again and I’m doing it for good, I am losing control of my life but I have no other option to do this without medical help please tell me the vitamins I can take to lessen that depression blow I have great support at my fingertips but I’ve got to get through that depression… please help I desperately need it

  74. I’m facing meth withdrawl I’ve averaged 1oz. Per month for two years . My height weight 5’2″ 120lbs. Sober weight is 145.
    I am at a stage in life where I cannot go forward unless I leave my love alone. Love =meth. (Besides my husband) I hate being overweight.heres where my cling begins and this is the obsticle course ahead o me: my hands,nerve damage severe nerve damage I need to get to a doctor asap I am not going to mention my meth use to any doctor in fear of them contacting my parole officer my first violation is mandotory 10 years my quality life does not include use of meth as a means to cope with my hands. If someone will just stay in touch with me my husband does not use and although is a supportive factor in my life cannot fully understand what using meth to stay slim and have feeling in my hands is like .chances are someone from this site blog or message board does and is willing to give back what they’ve attained through going through it . I have to talk to text my essay for college class in the morning now thank you for reaching out , as mine was reaching out as well .
    Anticipate a response with hope and ferver ,

  75. Hi,
    I seek urgent help of anybody willing to help someone who earnestly wishes to stay clean but falls to periodic relapses.

    This might be a bit long, but please bear with me.

    I am a Bangladeshi, neighbour to the Golden Triangle. Heroin user turned Yaba smoker in a stretch of around 12 years with 5 spells in rehab, no detox. Max clean time – 6 months.

    There was a time I regularly did 10-12 pills, but now I’ve reduced the number to two per day.

    But I want to stop…

    Here’s my trouble, I recover from a binge, go through the withdrawal and then, foolish as it may sound, my mind tricks me with the challenge to overcome all the mistakes I made in my last high in another spell of sleepless week – this keeps happening in a loop.

    I’m afraid I know most of the basics to avoid this – moved to a different place, rekindled interest in creative exercises (music, painting, writing, gaming, playing cricket), made friends who have no connection to drugs, worked towards helping others stay clean among other things.

    Some may argue I have not lost considerably enough to have enough goodwill to stay clean. Well, my girlfriend od’ed back in 2010, my father suffered a stroke leading to his death over my outburst back in 2012, got fired from my job, unamounts of loan, death of trust of all, self esteem and all the things you know happens.

    I am now a married man – happily I must add – and father of a 6-month-old. I am a copywriter for a respected newspaper that aspires me to get better.

    But my obsession with pills is forcing me to stutter my way through my obligations and passion – never falling yet never at my best.

    I am an ambitious dreamer but developed this sort of alter ego which takes over uninvited and leaves me with a mess to clean up, periodically. I have lost all motivation to think this through anymore. Maybe its not life-threatening, but is certainly a potential time-bomb.

    Please help me with any advice and whatever insight. I have seen the worst if myself before and simply want to abort this before things get out of hand, and I know it will. Please…

    Its 3am here…

  76. I work, I don’t want to get tired and can’t afford to sleep for days. It’s a fast pace restaurant job. Would energy drinks help? Alcohol? Marijuana?

  77. Yes, I’m on my 2nd day withdrawing.. I feel dizzy and haven’t ate. Can’t keep food down. What do I eat if I can’t do I just drink water.. I am very sad and cry alot

  78. Please help. I have beem using ice for almost 3 mths now.. I really want to stop but cant go to a treatment center. Does anyone have any suggestions on the easiest wat to DT at home safely? Any jelp wld b greatly appreciated..

  79. Hello, I am a 42yr old mother of 3. I am addicted to meth and want to quit it. I started using using meth very shortly after I found evidence of an affair between my husband and our nanny. I find the past few months that I don’t care about him or want to be around him. I lie to him about everything and anything and don’t even feel bad. Can you tell me if meth makes you not care? Latley I truly can’t believe some of the stuff that he says. He is a user as well but Ido use more the him. Can meth make me just not interested in anything he has to say? Help!!

  80. it is easy to withdraw if :
    1. you want to be clean. so fight with yourself and flash back your life. everything you need you have it
    2. make distance from user and bad people, they are dangerous to you and your family.
    3. some are or look like friend but they are not. be strong in mind and say NO
    4. think that way: there is a sharp knife under your chin, if you say yes (which in american culture the head goes lower) the knife heart you, if say no (is harder because the gravity does not help you but your chin is safe) you are safe.


  81. On Friday my ex gave me meth and I used about 3 bags over the weekend and on Monday thinking it was khat. Now I found out what I was using and how dangerous it is I am devestated! How bad wil the withdrawel simptoms be after 4 days of using the first time? How long will it last? Will I be able to get of it? I’m so stressed now

  82. If I decide to detox at home, what if any, r things I I should or can take take make the come down a little easier ? Is their any vitamins or would it help to take something to flush out my system ? What about Valium for muscle relaxants, Prozac and or welbutrin ? Also what would b the best foods to eat ? Thankyou

    1. Hi Jon. I suggest you speak with a pharmacist to recommend some over-the-counter aid, since withdrawal symptoms vary from person to person. Also, some said that hot baths helped them with body and muscle pain.

  83. My husband has been doing meth everyday for a couple weeks and decided it was enough and he is shaking and very depressed only hours after doing the last of it, well actually he let me smash the bowl with dope still in it so I know he really doesn’t wanna do it but how can i help ease his depression and shaking

  84. I would like to know how to withdraw from Meth at home with no medical there anything I can take naturally to help with my withdraws!?

  85. while not the best of ideas, because certain anti-depressants who’s actions effect specific neurotransmitters methamphetamine depletes(noradrenaline, serotonin, dopamine) short term use of tramadol(acute-mid phase of someone who is determined enough and motivated to truly want to stop using any kind of amphetamines might ease some discomfort) Tramadol acts as a weak opiate with properties that act on both serotonin and norepinephrine. Some tricyclics such as imipramine have been used for the acute phase of stimulant withdrawal(does not seem to help as far as long term maintenance and preventing relapse)
    Other medications that help temporarily(again depending on how determined someone truly believes they want to end their dependence is bromocriptine, nuvigil(increasing arousal therefore, might help elevate mood and cognitive disorders)
    While some might believe opiates could assist in dealing with the most troublesome parts of the stimulant withdrawal process such as long acting ones(suboxone, methadone), this actually could work against the healing process, and furthermore cause not problems in coping(most opiates are sedating, which during stimulant withdrawal one is extremely fatigued already therefore only causing more mental fatigue,leads to further depression. Hence, CNS depressants while useful in treating toxicity issues from methamphetamine, will NOT aid in any aspect helping ease withdrawal symptoms, especially if one needs to function during work, concentrate.

    Revision-I mentioned “CNS depressants” in helping with stimulant toxicity issues. I wanted to clarify that I was referring to benzodiazepines, NOT opiates.

  86. Hi, I know this is more so a blog for addiction, but I don’t know where else to ask. I took some molly three or four days ago that ended up being cut with meth and haven’t felt right since, my whole body and head has been feeling weird and I have been extremely tired and nauseous and really out of it. I also have been horribly depressed as well. How long is this going to last and is there anyway to make how I’ve been feeling go away faster? I need help please. It’s really hard to manage everday life, especially working when I feel like this.

  87. Previously have been smoking non stop for 6months. I have stop Smoking for almost 1 month. my weight has gain from 44kg to 49kg. my height is at 165cm, I’m now very depressed by my weight gain. how can I stop ny weight gain and lose weight? how. Long does the withdrawal last?

  88. Helping my brother to get out of meth we are on the 4th day. He is experiencing lower back pain. Is this a normal symptom or is this pain connected whit his kidneys not working properly? Please help…Thank you!

  89. Hi :). Its been 8 months since my last sesh, but I’m still suffering from the withdrawal, I’ve only used meth -3 times, but what it did to my body was horrid, I’m suffering from severe extreme body odor. At the first few months I always thought of suicide I’m so depressed I felt hopeless. I left my friends I didn’t attention this school year I’m afraid to get bullied because of my condition pls help me I’m socially paralyzed I distance myself from people and always get paranoid is this ever going away or is this for lifetime? Pls help me thank you!

  90. I detoxed myself at home. I am on day 7 I ended up going to hospital on day 3 for dehydration and then a kidney infection this has been pure hell after using every day for months I do not recommend it to anybody stop before it gets this bad. Thank God I did it and I never want to go back! You can stop. It feels good to live life on my own terms

  91. Good ol’ crystal meth, the best thing i wish never came into my life. A bit torn between sobriety. I know im making up excuses but IF i could live my life with out meth, what replaces it? Ill try not to ramble, ive quit once before in the past, for someone else. Nine months no problem, didnt think about it, never craved it until it came and found me. Seen psychologists, know my triggers and stressers. Basically a dumbass rhetorical question, how does one quit when they are the trigger/stresser?

  92. Hi…l have been using for about 12 months with my use of late being about 4 o 5 points a day. I have also been using heroin the last week but the slight physical wd from that have gone. I still find myself looking for that cocktail now. I have gone through detox a number of times, usually relapsing in the first 7 days of being clean. I have no family support and very few friends that don’t use. My daughter is 13 and knows all about it. We want to prepare as much as possible for tbe 4 days l am likely to be out of it.My son is nearly 5. I can be so mean to them when l am waiting to get high so my daughter thinks l should cut back and then do the out patient detox.we know what to expect now and our after detox plsn is vital.l have to do this.l am going to lose my mind if l don’t. I cry every day now…real fucked up tear s.l have been using substances since l was 14 and now I’m 37 but even morphine oxycontin were easier to get off and stay off . Alcohol was hard…really hard.This is in another league.
    I need some strategies and all my friends now use meth.
    What am l going to do? I think the gradual idea might work but l can’t expect my daughter to ration out my 2 points a day then one…etc…any advice please?

  93. Hi Mandy. Good for you! You don’t need to quit alone. Get a counselor/psychologist or seek help from an outpatient clinic. Deal with the addiction first. The relationship will get better over time. Call the hotline number on this page to talk with someone about your treatment options. It will get better the longer that you stay clean. But meth cravings are hard! You don’t need to do it alone.

  94. Me and my husband both are coming off a long term use of meth. We keep fighting and it gets physical at times. I’m wanting to fix our relationship and hey g clean and I can’t handle anything even the heat. What do I do?

  95. Hello , It’s been 5 and a half months since my last used and still I have a withdrawal symptoms until now for like example I still smell like bit unusual than before meth and it’s really an issue for me specially coz im socially active it’s only been 5 months but it felt like years to me it’s really depressing pls. someone help me is this ever going away ? im really hopeless right now 🙁

  96. Hi again Hector. You can search online for psychologists or support group in your area. You can start here: and when you find a psychologist you can call the phone and ask all general questions. This way you can be free to say what your problem is, what you need and see the confidentiality rules etc. without giving your name.

  97. Thank you for your reply. But would you please tell me or do you know that psychologists can give me medicine for long time consumption and several appointments? Do they want to meet with parents and communicate with them secretly? If so it is going to be a serious trouble for me then. My parents are well educated so it will be very easy for them to figure out whats going on watching good amount of medicine, prescriptions and so on. I just want to get out of this way all alone with out letting my parents know I have gone hell. Besides I am very depressed reading in your article that Meth Withdrawal is one of the hardest way… I am very afraid that maybe I am going to be one of them who tried to quit but failed.

  98. Hi Hector. You may not need drug rehab, but you can look into psychological therapy with a psychologist. You do need to address the cravings and learn new coping mechanisms. Also, you will want to address the psycho-emotional issues which led you to try and like the euphoria of the drug. There is some inner work to do; and it doesn’t need to be expensive. Keep seeking and the door will open to you.

  99. I am 26, undergraduate student in a private university. In my country METH known as YABA became a curse and its beyond imagination that how many people are addicted. I was a complete man few years ago, was a martial artist with a wonderful peaceful and healthy life. Friends n family everyone praised me for that life as martial arts are not familiar in our country. Everyday of my life was going nice and beautiful, exactly the way I wanted and dreamed since I was little. But one single 31st December night in a DJ party at a five star hotel changed my life, the life I built for years YABA took it all by surprise… Even Me.
    That night I inhaled just one single YABA Pill and 3 years later I ended up like this – my martial arts, wonderful health, energy, daily routine, mentality all gone. Vanished. But in return YABA gave me 3 things – Made me almost chain smoker, violently angry and a night crawler. Never Ever imagined that tiny Pill will consume me this way. At first it was under control, once in a month, then twice in a month, then once in a week, then twice in a week… And now I am just one step away from everyday consumption. I am very depressed about my education now because of the poor results, wasted tons of money and yet my parents don’t know a thing. Every time I smoke pills I feel I am cheating my parents. But like a stupid now I want to get my previous life back, all of it that I created through sacrifices.
    Guys this desire of a second chance brought me here. If I knew just half of your provided information I would never went to this way. I just want to say I have no words to admit that how much thankful I am to you. I have read this article but please try to understand I cannot go to any drug rehabilitations, if I go my parents will know and kill me stop providing my pocket money. I visited local doctors but everyone said the same stupid thing – “If you try it you can make it, so try it”. But not a single damn one told me how to start and where to start. I listened to them, tried 10-12 days and end of the day that leads me to METH.
    Guys is it too late for me? Is there any way open to Kill the thing that almost Killed me??? My comment already became huge so before ending I just want to say if get a path from here to reborn then I will Remember You, this Help, this Day and this Moment.
    Highest Respect and Love.

  100. My brother has no income how can he get help from a doctor is there some kind of medical you can sign up for for low income people

  101. Hello Garjar. It is impossible to detox from meth (after chronic use) without experiencing any withdrawal symptoms. Meth depletes your brain from certain neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, and depending on frequency, dose, mode of administration etc. the severity of the withdrawal effects can also vary. If you really want to quit meth, you have to take some time for yourself. And after the detox is done, you still need to continue with psychological therapy to keep you from relapsing again.

  102. I have done it before. Stayed clean for 18 years. TTragedy struck end of 2011 well fell off in vengeance I have been able to some how keep my job but that won’t last much longer if I don’t stop. They find out I lose my job. So I can’t go into coma land for 3 week. My use is probably a teen a day. My dilemma is tough a catch 22. I lose everything if I come forward at work and the field I am in will be labeled a drug addict. I make 100k plus a year. Tell me is there a way to detox and still function daily? Please help.

  103. I have been prescribed Adderall for over 20 years. I just started using meth about 2 & 1/2 months ago. I don’t use every day but almost every day.. several times per day. My question is how do I stop using meth and continue with my prescribed dose ( 70mg ) of Adderall sucessfully? My does of Adderall doesn’t seem to have an effect on me anymore. I am prescribed Adderall for Narcolepsy and A.D.D. I literally can’t function without stimulants because all I do is sleep or lay around with no energy or motivation. I also suffer from severe depression and I have Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia.

  104. I’m so so depressed. I just want my meth son to get out of my house. Told him to moved out by end of this month. I don’t know whether he will do it or not? He doesn’t seems to care. I’m afraid he doesn’t moved out I don’t know how to chase him out?

  105. Hi Lily. Give him multi vitamins, plenty of water since a lot of meth users suffer cronic dehydration and try to get him active and constantly doing things that preferably aren’t drug related. Taking amino acids is also helpful. Eating healthy diet, with lots of proteins, fruits, veggies and fiber is essential.

  106. How to help my son meth withdrawal symptom? My son is 28 years and living wt me. He hasn’t taken meth for 7 months. I get irritated to see him like this. Should I talk to him or scold him during the withdrawal?

  107. Hi. My boyfriend has used for 8 months. He is currently withdrawing, has for about a week at home. He has been experiencing lower back pain and was wondering if it had affected an organ in that area or if its just muscle aches?

  108. Hello Vegas. I wish you the best of luck. Have you found a treatment center that can help you during withdrawal and after?

  109. Ive been using meth for over a year.. started snorting.. and smoking about 6 months in.. now injecttion seems to be my only fix tho i will do whatever. I think the biggest issue for me is what other people think.. Withdrawing sucks.. motivation zero. Im glad i have a high metabloism otherwise i would be pretty heafty. I sleep alot also.. stay awake still during the nights and sleep most the day on my 3rd day and your damn right id do it if it was infront of me. wish me luck im going to need it.

  110. Thanks for spreading the hope and encouragement, dragonfire! We appreciate you sharing your experience about getting off meth. All the best to you!!!

  111. You can quit. Find a safe and quiet place. Stockpile plenty of liquids to stay hydrated. Also make sure you have food. Get sleep and relax. Have some anti anxiety meds if you can get access. If you get too paranoid call a friend you can trust. You will feel better after a few days. Good luck and God bless.

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