How to withdraw from marijuana

Most people can withdraw from marijuana at home. But how can you ease symptoms of marijuana withdrawal? We review here.

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Quitting marijuana can be very difficult for daily, chronic users. In order to withdraw from marijuana, it’s best to educate yourself so you’ll know what to expect and how to deal with problems that can occur. Read on for more about how to withdraw from marijuana and what to expect during marijuana withdrawal syndrome. Then, we invite your questions about marijuana withdrawal or finding marijuana addiction help in the comments section at the end.

When do you withdraw from marijuana?

Withdrawal from any drug occurs after physical dependence develops. The same is true for marijuana. Daily use of marijuana leads to physical dependence over the period of a few weeks. When you become physically dependent on marijuana, this means that marijuana withdrawal can occur when you drastically reduce doses of THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) or when you stop using marijuana completely.

How long to withdraw from marijuana?

The time it takes to withdraw from marijuana will generally be determined by your individual circumstances, particularly the length of time you’ve been using the drug. For instance, if you’ve been using marijuana everyday for several years, it will typically take you longer to withdraw from marijuana than if you’ve only been a casual user for a few months.

After you last use marijuana, withdrawal symptoms will usually occur within a day to three days. These symptoms can last anywhere from a week to a month.

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Can I withdraw from marijuana at home?

Marijuana typically does not have any dangerous withdrawal symptoms like some other drugs. Therefore, you can usually withdraw from marijuana at home without any serious problems. However, enlisting the help of addiction specialists can help minimize the chances of a relapse and better equip you to deal with marijuana withdrawal symptoms.

Withdraw from marijuana symptoms

It’s likely that you’ll experience a number of different marijuana withdrawal symptoms when you stop using this drug. Some of the more common symptoms include:

  • anxiety
  • decreased appetite
  • drug craving
  • headache
  • insomnia
  • irritability
  • restlessness

How to ease withdrawal symptoms from marijuana

Many withdrawal symptoms from marijuana can be treated at home. Oftentimes, it’s just a matter of changing some of your routines and habits. For instance, to help relieve anxiety and insomnia, eliminate caffeine and try to stay as relaxed as possible. Relaxation techniques, such as breathing exercises or even a regular exercise routine may be helpful for this. Headaches can be treated with over-the-counter pain medication, and nausea can be treated with over-the-counter stomach medication. Similarly, irritability or restlessness can be treated using awareness practices such as meditation.

Medications studied as possible treatments for marijuana withdrawal include those that alleviate symptoms of cannabis withdrawal, those that directly affect endogenous cannabinoid receptor function, and those that have shown efficacy in treatment of other drugs of abuse or psychiatric conditions. To day, buspirone is the only medication has shown efficacy for cannabis dependence in a controlled clinical trial. However, dronabinol and lithium may warrant further study.

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How to withdraw From marijuana safely

Safety is not usually much of an issue when withdrawing from marijuana. However, it may be best to go through marijuana detox and withdrawal under medical supervision. There is less chance of a relapse when you withdraw from marijuana in a detox or clinical setting, and medical professionals will be able to help you if something should go wrong during your withdrawal.

The best Way to withdraw from marijuana

There is no one and only way to withdraw from marijuana. Typically, the best way to withdraw from marijuana will depend on you and your individual needs. Many people, though, find that the best way to quit using this drug is to taper their usage and gradually reduce the amount they use by a small amount each day or each week. This is often more successful than quitting cold turkey, and individuals that use this method will usually experience less intense withdrawal symptoms.

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You should also try to stay away from marijuana completely while you’re trying to quit. This means get rid of all of your marijuana as well as all of your marijuana paraphernalia. Surround yourself with non-users and try to stay busy with activities in which you will be unable to use the drug. This eliminates temptation and helps make withdrawing from marijuana a bit easier.

How to deal with withdrawal from marijuana

Withdrawing from marijuana can be a touch time. If you’re ready to quit but need a little guidance, leave us a comment below. We’ll try our best to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.

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Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Xanax! Taking Xanax the first day of withdrawals helps me tremendously. I usually take 0.5 mg for a few days and this removes all the anxiety and mental pain associated with canibis withdrawal. Try it, it works!

  2. Hi Jeremy. Marijuana dependence can be hard to overcome for some people. I suggest that you consider asking help from an addiction professional such as a therapist, a counselor, or a doctor.

  3. I’ve been smoking medical marijuana for seven years , top grade . I quit cold turkey when I caught a virus , pulled a muscle . I had been wanting to quit. I decided while I had no desire to smoke , it was a good time to stop! I smoked every night for 7 years . I already have anxiety and depression problems nd I’m health phobic! I take anti-depressant and anxiety med. I have had to up my anxiety med. since I quit , my blood pressure is freaking me out ! It’s high !! I’ve never had high blood pressure except at drs office . Now at home it’s still high ! Why is that ? I’m now obsessing.

  4. I have been taking edibles for 1 year due to a brain that my tumor has healed I quit abruptly 15 days ago. The first week i experienced dizzyiness nausea vision changes and irritability…my second week my blood pressure is thru the roof, I wake up with swollen legs and heart is racing throughout the day…I take a lot of vitamins and started juicing again but nothing seems to be working….I know blood pressure can be detrimental to your heart so I hope this is just temporary hypertension. How long did it take you guys to get over the blood pressure?

  5. I’ve been smoking weed since 1993, I’ve quit a few time here and there since then but now is my time to stop. How can I go about doing it without getting sick and angry.. I tried to stop for a week and I was a total and absolute jerk to everyone.. I don’t want to eat and I’m very irritable. Please help, I’m ready for a new and cleaner me.

    1. Hi Erich. It seems to me that you have developed marijuana dependence, and the safest way to deal with it is enrolling into addiction treatment.

  6. I’m trying to stop smoking marijuana, but it’s extremely difficult! It’s been 3 days & I’ve been crying ever since, I’m smoking now as I type. Would you guys suggest taking a detox while quitting?

    1. Hi Jane-Jane. If quitting marijuana is hard for you, call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab for you.

  7. A smoker for years also on Prozac recently I got sick and had to quit cold turkey my anxiety is out of control my physic doc does not know I smoke does anyone have suggestions on how to relieve symptoms

  8. Hi I’ve been looking for answers myself and came across this blog. So I too am a long term heavy user 20 yrs. several times a day. I’m in my early 40’s. so I needed to stop cuz it’s time for that change in my life. So I’m going on my 3 rd week and here’s how it’s going. Week 1 I had severe insomnia, anxiety, a few headaches, dizzy,irritable lashing out all the time not feeling myself. Was taking CBD and Clonazepam seemed like everyday was getting worse. Week 2. Quit the CBD and Clonazepam cuz I was urinating and pooping frequently and just feeling crappy. So I started taking Alteril u can buy it at cvs it’s a natural sleeping aid. Didn’t have problem getting to sleep it was staying asleep that was tough waking up every hour on the hour. So it’s helped me some. I wake up less and it’s easier getting back to sleep faster. So towards the end of week 2 I’ve notice my poop was and gas was smelling worse. Going into week 3 I’ve noticed my poop is starting to float which is what led me here. My anxiety level is way down. Headaches here and there. I’ve been taking a hit of the CBD to calm me down like once a day. But like the rest of u I feel like quitting is causing more harm than good. Wondering if anyone else is having poop problems? Hope this blog makes all of u feel better in some way. I know it’s a struggle and didn’t think it was gonna physically affect me this much cuz didn’t really have any of these problems before I quit but I keep telling myself it’s for the greater good can’t wait to feel normal again.

  9. Hello, I’ve been off concentrates for about 4 days now after smoking flower for over 10 years and solely concentrates for about a year. I am feeling very down and depressed. I hope this does not last forever. I’m also very tired and sad. Can you give me any advice?

    Thank you,

  10. I have not been a regular marijuana user. Last time when I smoked up it was about 3 months ago and got a panic attack. So I decided to give up and after that I had experienced panic attacks, depression, diarrhea, restlessness, irritability. 3rd month was a lot bearable. However I still don’t feel the same like I used to. I tried antidepressant pills but they made the situation worse. So I stopped taking them after 10 days. I want to know how long do I need to wait for this to go away?

  11. Im in the same situation. I have been a heavy user of pot for 20 yrs, I am now 38. I have always loved smoking. I still do but I must stop for a better life. But after day one of quitting the withdrawals have kicked in. It’s funny how people don’t think you can have withdrawals from weed. I know and feel differently. I’m glad to see I’m not the only who is experiencing this. Im happy to see people who are overcoming this addiction. It has given me hope. I was tempted to buy one bag take a few tokes. But now knowing it will get easier with time, I’m not!!! Each day will be easier. Hang on, you are not alone!! Don’t feel ashamed like I have . We got this!!! I will keep you guys posted on how it goes. Good luck everyone!!!!

  12. I have successfully stopped smoking twice, however, each time I quit I eventually start smoking again believing I could control my use. In very small doses pot works well in relaxing me. I have attempted to quite a million times. My addiction is extremely severe. The only way I could quit was by lowering the amount I smoked on a daily basis over a period of 2 months. Cold turkey has never worked for me because of the insomnia, anxiety and depression that followed was to excruciating. I have a love hate relationship with pot. I did have to use 10 mg of Ambien at bedtime the two times I did quit. I’m still addicted and am attempting to quit again. This really sucks being this addicted to a drug.

  13. Man I used pot regularly for about 20 years now. I quit cold turkey 4 days ago and it has fucked up my sleep cycle and my mood. I haven’t been able to sleep since I quit. I have started a 12 step program as pot wasn’t my only addiction but was the drug I was actively using. When will I be able to sleep again. I have found meditation and baths infused with lavender Epsom salt help calm my anxiety but do nothing for the insomnia. Is it safe to take melatonin to help me sleep until these withdrawl issues dissappate

  14. I need some tips on how to handle stress while withdrawing from my dependence. I have a very stressful job working with people with disabilities and at times it really test my patience. Any advice would be appreciated

  15. I have been smoking marijuana for 15 years about 6 to 8 times a day. How long will the withdrawal symptoms last? I tried quitting cold turkey but day 1 of withdrawal was horrible so I’m trying the gradual route. And I know either way I will have to go through withdrawal just wondering if cold turkey withdrawal is faster or if quitting gradually is faster and easier in my body.

  16. I was a regular smoker of weed for about a year and I used to take even before but not as regular as for the past year but before 5 months I quit smoking weed with the help of medication and family moral support. Recently because of some tensions I smoked again for a week today is my 9th consecutive day since I started to smoke mirjuana again. I’m afraid if I quit smoking I would have to go through the same withdrawl symptoms again which I don’t want to. Can you please tell me if smoking mirjuana for the last 9 days would again lead to the same withdrawl symptoms as I had to face before. Please help me

    1. Hi Saima. It depends from the individual itself. No one know whether you’ll experience the same symptoms with the same intensity. I suggest that you download our free book ‘How To Quit Marijuana For Good’ to learn more about this addiction and its treatment options:

      And, if you have any problems, call 1-888-503-1835 for a toll-free and confidential marijuana helpline available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. You will be greeted by a professional and understanding consultant who will assist you in understanding the types of marijuana addiction treatments available to you.

  17. I’m now on day 11 and feeling a lot better than I was on day 3 of which the symptoms described in all the above comments I can relate to. Headaches, insomnia at night, extreme fatigue during the day, chest pains, dizziness, ear aches, stomach cramps and general feelings of being out of sorts. These feelings have been gradually decreasing as the days go by and still do resurface although not as frequently now. I’m keeping it in mind that it could well take 3-6 months before I feel completely free and I’ll get on with it if this is the case as I believe it will be worth it. I used cannabis for 20 years every night, gave up smoking it along with cigarettes nearly 3 years ago and started using a vapouriser. I’ve managed to cut the use back to once or twice late in the evenings and 11 days ago I quit. Going for regular walks has really helped and I look after my son half of the week alongside running a growing business so I’ve found that keeping busy has also helped even on challenging days. Fitness training has stopped any bodily aching sensations and feelings of tension dead in their tracks so this is how I plan to deal with those in future and I’ve started reading books again!
    Reading everyone’s take on their experiences has really helped put any fears to rest that the physical symptoms were something more sinister and wish you all the very best of luck quitting. Stay strong, keep busy and believe it will get better 🙂

  18. I was a heavy user for many years and quit cold turkey. I am now entering week 11 and anxiety and depression are really tough. Seeing a doctor and counsellor but still finding each day very difficult. Not sure how much longer I can stand these symptoms. Physiatrist prescribed me a small dosage of ado van seven pills for a month. I find taking it ok until it wears off and then anxiety is worse. I avoid taking it until desperate. He also prescribed siv-olanzapine to help me sleep but it gives me horrible nightmares. Open to any kind of help/suggestions you may have

  19. I smoked weed heavily for full 4 months this year, now i have 1 months stopped smoking but i can’t feel better, i get regular headaches and my muscles twitches sometimes. I been to a doctor he said I’ll be fine, so i wanna ask how long will it take for me to fully recover???

  20. Heading into week four of cold turkey. Long long time heavy user. Really wearing out from anxiety and depression. It’s dabilataring me. Constant fear and anxiety. Any help or suggestions would help. Seeing mental health specialist tomorrow. Open to all help.

  21. The pain and suffering of MJ withdrawal, including anger, is caused by a dopamine deficiency. You can ease the withdrawal symptoms by taking the supplement L-Tyrosine. L-Tyrosine is a precursor to dopamine. Do not overdo it and just take enough to ease the symptoms so that your brain can heal and start producing dopamine naturally again. Once the withdrawal symptoms ease, stop the L-Tyrosine. Taking it long term will cause another imbalance of your serotonin.

  22. My whole life and daily routine is surrounded by marijuana users, and I have been using marijuana for quite a long time, I’ve been a product designer for my company since 10 years and I have been the best, but since I quite marijuana my work flow have reduced to nothing, my team are feeling bad, we about launching a new product line and I’ve been a mess since I quite cold turkey

    Please what can I do to have my creativity back after I successfully quite marijuana .

  23. I am planning to quit next week as I move into my new place. I never tried nor wanted to quit all 10 years smoking every morning, day, night. I love it and it makes me sad thinking to give it up to relax my mind but I want to be clean if I want to start a family.

    This week I let myself run out for only a couple of days and it makes me super bitchy and annoyed and have negative feelings at my partner. Not the easy going person that I wish to be, which is what weed does for me. Trying to prepare myself when I am quitting next week. But I don’t know how to taper off, seems unrealistic since if it’s around, I can’t say no to have just half a joint when a whole one is staring at me. So then the only option seems to be going cold turkey and am just hoping that this is good time since am changing my environment and routines -that this will help alleviate some of these withdraw symptoms and give me a chance to actually quit then just talk about quitting.

  24. i am currently going through this i have been a heavy user for some time now and i stopped 2 days ago and i cant sleep in nervous all the time i feel like im dealing with it pretty well ive always had an addictive personality i just have to deal with it thanks for the article

  25. Well I have been smoking for 4 months 6 joints per week n now i had 2 times severe panic attacks. Even after quiting heart races fast n my BP is a bit high.. Do I need medication or my BP will be automatically normal?n how long can I feel this withdraw symptoms? I’m on my 25 day of leaving marijuana.

  26. Irritability and that internal nawing is terrible. Smoker for better than 40 years, this is my third attempt. Last time last year, I made it 4 months, then I found a bag on the ground with 6 quarter bags inside. Tempted with a couple tokes, here I am a year later. UGH!

  27. Hello. I stopped smoking cannabis after 8 months of daily, once a day use. The main withdrawal symptom I’ve experienced is dizziness. I’ve had no cravings, anxiety, depression, or insomnia, or irritability. The feeling is as though I am standing on a boat that’s rocking back and forth (I have a history of motion sickness/car sickness/sea sickness. This withdrawal feeling can be intense at times, and mild at other times. The feeling can last between 1 and 6 hours. I’m wondering if there is anything that I can do to relieve this dizziness feeling, and/or if there is anything that could make it worse that I should avoid. Thank you.

  28. Hi .my husband has been using weed since last 10 years.he has tried to quit it many times but it didn’t in desperate need.please help.we are newly married .I don’t want to destroy my and his life.please help

    1. Hi Fizza. Call 1-888-503-1835 for a toll-free and confidential marijuana helpline available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. You will be greeted by a professional and understanding consultant who will assist you in understanding the types of marijuana addiction treatments available to your husband.

  29. Hi ive been smoking for 9-10 years now and im into my second month clean but my throat is killing dry feel like theres sumthing in there any help please..TIA

  30. Today is the second day without Marijuana and I was wondering if I should smoke a blunt after every two days for a week to twice blunts per week, then to once before eventually quitting. Please advice how should I quit without the intense withdrawals?

  31. I have been smoking weed for past two years and now I’m starting to realize I have developed some serious psychotic problems along with severe anxiety. Can u tell me is there anyway I can get over it 🙁

  32. Among the withdrawal’s- anxiety is more crucial, because it can be both challenging and stressful. One can get some intense panic attacks and generalised anxiety when stop. Anxiety develops when brain is trying to compensate for the THC, received while you used marijuana. Brain will accommodate it within 7 days in most of the cases.
    To relieve anxietyo keep your body busy in the day time. Get out and exercise! Ride your bike, jog, lift weights, anything that gets your body working. It also helps to get sleep easily without anxiety.

    Medications and psychotherapy also helpful to alleviate your symptoms.

    Medications for Anxiety –

    Anti-depressants, particularly selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRI) are widely used to treat and prevent anxiety disorders. SSRI includes citalopram, escitalopram, fluoxetine, paroxetine, and sertraline.
    Serotonin and Nor-epinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs) are newer drugs very-much effective in the treatment of major depressive disorder and mood disorder. But sometimes SNRIs use to treat anxiety also. SNRIs includes Velnafaxine, Sibutramine, Atomoxetine.
    Tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs) like Imipramine, may also helpful.
    Beta-blockers like Propranolol, commonly used to control physical symptoms of anxiety.

  33. Have been smoking everyday for 10 years, since i was 14 – got to the point where weed doesn’t get me high anymore so i had to move up to higher concentrate like wax and such

    Tried to cold turkey quit and couldn’t eat or sleep for 4 days, nausea every minute of every day- proabably triggered dehydration due to how sensitive my stomache was to even water but should i seek rehab or just lowe dosage on quitting? Either way im set on quitting

  34. I have been struggling with marajuana dependence for 9 years. I’m fed up with the time wasted, the ritual of it and all of the money I have spent on it. I have tried out patient therapy, partial hospitalization which I completed and even in patient treatment but left after 5 days. I want to be done but I’m afraid of how bad I’m going to feel and even worse the constant thinking about it. I just want to be done. What can I do?

    1. Hi Penny. Call 1-888-503-1835 for a toll-free and confidential marijuana helpline available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. You will be greeted by a professional and understanding consultant who will assist you in understanding the types of marijuana addiction treatments available to you.

  35. Excellent info’s. Marijuana withdrawal lasts for only 27-30 days. Some persons may realize it after 30 days, is most likely due to psychological dependency.

  36. I have tried to detox myself for last 10 days and have been successful in that but i need to know how to control the temptation for it as i am the only one to quit weed in my circle as everyone is a stoner , circumstances are going to be real tough for me . Dealing from insomnia is one of the issues also . Need help , will be pleased to get it.

    Thank you (to whomever it concerns )

    1. Hi Raphael. Call 1-888-503-1835 for a toll-free and confidential marijuana helpline available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. You will be greeted by a professional and understanding consultant who will assist you in understanding the types of marijuana addiction treatments available to you.

  37. My husband was a casual marijuana user according to him. last few days had been difficult for us. He had been taking marijuana daily for the last few days and I definitely think he has been addicted. He even his few packets at home in our room. Now he said he will leave it. Now what should we do. His parents and other elders of the house feel that he should go to a rehab.what we really should do

    1. Hi Rashmita. Call 1-888-503-1835 for a toll-free and confidential marijuana helpline available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. You will be greeted by a professional and understanding consultant who will assist you in understanding the types of marijuana addiction treatments available to your husband.

  38. I am 52 years old I’ve been smoking marijuana for 35 years at least six times daily I know a lot of people in the same boat but I decided to swim to shore I quit cold turkey three days ago because I know I have no control over it if it is around The first two days seem to be the worst but I can feel the clouds are lifting I went through the anxiety the cold sweats the upset stomach depressed mood and I lost 8 pounds in two days I know my life will be tenfold better when I can get Clear of this addiction I need to make it stick this time as my life is in a major rut like I know most of you are i’ll update you when it’s been a week

    1. Hi Greg. Call the Marijuana Helpline at 1-888-503-1835 available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. You will be talking to someone knowledgeable about marijuana abuse, rehab and recovery centers who can help you find a cocaine recovery program.

  39. In my opinion, the addition of Cannabis Withdrawal Syndrome to the DSM is without merit. The symptoms that are arbitrarily assigned to the syndrome are so general as to describe many people and their desire for things. This is akin to declaring the existence of a “golf withdrawal syndrome.”

    I use pot orally most nights. I’m solidly intoxicated each time and, due to my oral consumption, I’m stoned for a longer period than smokers. Yet I regularly quit for reasons other than a desire to stop using the drug permanently. Upcoming travel for work is the most common reason. I also quit every month or two in order to reduce my tolerance to the drug, since edibles are not inexpensive (I’m in Colorado and the taxes make the prices artificially high – pun unintended). The fact that I routinely use for a couple of months and then quit in order to economize, calls the supposedly addictive nature of MJ into question for me. I’ve used pot extensively (for fun and exactly a frequently as I choose) without issue and without the slightest craving, stands as anecdotal evidence that DSM inclusion is in error. I’ve frankly never met anyone who struggles with pot. I say that while living in a state that has had legalized sale of MJ for three years and with lots of friends who partake.

    I believe that the reason for inclusion in the DSM-V is political. It is an attempt to meet obscene FDA categorization (schedule 1, for god’s sake!) with a clinical description supporting the federal position. It’s interesting to me that the feds (and now the psychiatric community) maintain that there is no medical use for MJ when it clearly has, numerically, more uses than any production pharmaceutical. For some disorders, it is the ONLY effective treatment. It also has efficacy for some diseases (seizures). There is simply a long-standing bias against this drug, and now the APA has joined the uninformed government in pillorying this benign plant.

  40. Greetings,

    I quit cold turkey 5 days ago and am starting to see some relief, but not a 100%. I guess I am lucky due to the fact I am on prescription Klonopin and Xanax for anxiety. I am not advocating the use of benzos, but man what a difference. My benzos stop any anxiety I have from the withdrawl.allowing me to sleep, go out, go to work, work out, etc.

    My symtoms are basically an increased heart rate at times and some hot flashes. The benzos are a gift from god! Ask your doctor for short term use if possible.
    REMEMBER, you can do it. Tell yourself that these symtoms are only temporary.

  41. Its my first day quitting marijuana cold turkey I’ve been smoking since i was 13yrs old an im 28 now these headaches are horrible an i cant eat or sleep don’t really feel myself i quit alcohol a lil while ago cold turkey too an the withdrawals were so bad i need to better myself for my family an friends but having people who drink an smoke around u is hard to deal with I’ve been having anger issues an i don’t like it cause thats not the man i am or the man i wanna be i was spending so much on these bad habits just wondering if anyone has any advice to give please lend a helping hand

  42. I need a professional advice on how to cope with marijuna redrawal symptoms. I stayed away from marijuna usage for one month but has to go back to it because the redrawal symptoms were too heavy to bear without medical assistance. I have started another redawal and needs your advice on how to cope the redrawal symptoms, especially my brain feeling adnormal.

    1. Hi Yawah. Call 1-888-503-1835 for a toll-free and confidential marijuana helpline available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. You will be greeted by a professional and understanding consultant who will assist you in understanding the types of marijuana addiction treatments available to you.

  43. This is an excellent and marvelous article about cannabis withdrawal symptoms and ho to ease them.
    We are registered general physician. From the last 2 years, we are working for weed/marijuana addicted persons to back them into society with productive life. We are able to encourage & quit marijuana with overcoming withdrawals by 107 people in last 2 years.
    We described your provided information to them and they understand easily.

  44. Thanks to every once idea.. I worked with it and it really helped me.. Credit to this blogspot and the administrative for their kind support. Since my first post January 10,2017 I live drug free life.

  45. I have struggled with addiction to cannabis for years. It is a cycle and relapses have been a big obstacle for me, in becoming the stable person I want to be. I live in SF and I feel isolated in my opinions and experiences with cannabis. I know what I have to do. I mingled with an old friend and have been smoking for the last month. 10 lbs and too many lazy days later, I am upset with myself that I let myself get to this place again. Ugh. I need support. Positive words and good affirmations. I am craving to smoke. It is time to say NO to myself.

    1. Hi Jennifer. Call 1-888-503-1835 for a toll-free and confidential marijuana helpline available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. You will be greeted by a professional and understanding consultant who will assist you in understanding the types of marijuana addiction treatments available to you.

  46. Good luck to everyone trying to quit. I’ve quit drinking (cold turkey) on October 28, 2014 after alcohol took control of my life. The DTs (Delirium Tremors) from alcohol withdrawal almost killed me; I was told later that detoxing at home, alone, was not the safest thing to do… but it was done and the results are breath taking. Now, after smoking marijuana for 5+ years, I am quitting this as well; at home while alone. This is the first time I have tried to give it up, so stay tuned and I’ll keep you imformed…

  47. hey there I need serious help. i have stopped using marijuana because of social and I just want to be me again. its been 9 days and i have very serious insomnia, i become very irritated and have to cope with anxiety. i watch my freinds smoke marijuana everyday since the day I stopped to help me control it better but I know one day I might end up giving in; this drug will end up destroying my life. my ambitions, motivations, has had a significant effect and I feel like i cant cope with the withdrawal symptoms.

  48. Just about to quit smoking dope now after smoking for almost 20 yrs. I gave up alcohol for heath issues (which still haunt me) and now I’m being told that smoking anything is not good for my pancreas and its time to stop. Scared shitless but I know I can going to do this – I’m not going to have fun ever again! Wish me luck.


  49. I’ve smoked daily for about 7 years. I never knew you could have withdrawals from weed. Not out of choice, I haven’t been smoking yesterday and today. I feel like crap. It’s clear to me I have a problem with the drug (sad times) and want to quit. I can’t continue cold turkey, I have mental health issues and it’s worrying me a little. I’m already on mirtazipane after trying flouxitine, sertraline, vanlefaxine and others so I don’t think using an anti depressant will help here. I’d imagine benzos (valium) would help but Ive had a history with that and again it’s not worth the risk.
    My question is do you have any advice for gradually cutting down? Things I can do before I’m off it entirely to help? Do I ask my gp for something to aid sleep during this period?

    I’m so glad to of found this. You tell a stoner you want to quit and they flip. Tell them you think you’re addicted and out comes the science behind addiction. Too little people know the real effects of marijuana and it’s terrifying to think teenagers will use as it’s a soft drug. :'(

  50. All you guys have my EMPATHY. SOMEONE CARES. I am a caregiver, and let’s all say a prayer for C.A. who is in the hospital. Marijuana saved her life, and now in hospital, she is cold-turkeying it. She has gained weight. C.A. herself saved many lives working I hospital roller-skating to codes where she resuscitated people. She so deserves prayers and I am sure she has empathy for all you suffering similarly.
    God bless all good people. PS my son got 18 yr prison sentence for selling marijuana in CA where it is legal. However it is not legal federally anywhere. Nice the feds go after sweet nonviolent daddies, rather than hardened criminals. My son’s wife then died!!!!! They have 2 kids.

  51. Hello,
    I am aregular user of marjuiana daily atleast 2 times when available. I tried to quit 4 months before and everything seemed ok but frequent headaches and then a strong ache in righr eye and right side of head started. High blood pressure, anger and depression caused me to start again. It was without medication for three and a half month.
    My question is, how can i quit safely without disturbing my practical life and would i be able to feel and act the same after withdrawl or i would be a changed man.

  52. i’ve been using almost daily since i was 17, and in the last 3 years i have been using very heavily. i am 22 now and been cutting back for the past couple weeks. in two days it will be time for me to quit as i am getting shipped off to the coast guard in june and need to be clean for the UA. is there anything that can help get me clean for the UA and for my own benefit?

  53. i just want to thank you for your article on marijuanathis is my six day not using and feel better but still having them moments where its a little worst i find exercise cranberry juice meditation deep breathing helps .can you please send anything that may help

  54. day 2 I’m a bitch been smoking 10 years daily, needed to stop for my breathing, now what??? I’ve done it before and wonder why I ever went back??

  55. Is it safe to use xanax to help withdrawal symptoms? I have been smoking now for ten years daily use anywhere from a eighth a day to sometimes a quarter a day …today was my first day and the shakes and nausea and anxiety are very intense ….I have puked once and I have been very irritable …what can I do to help this ??

    1. Hey Zack. Marijuana withdrawal symptoms can include: insomnia and vivid dreams, anxiety and feelings of nervousness, depression, moodiness, loss of appetite, nausea, sweating, fever, chills, restlessness, marijuana cravings, etc. You can treat each withdrawal symptom as it occurs. Xanax is one solution for the anxiety, but other symptoms can be treated with over-the-counter medications. Your Xanax use shouldn’t last longer than a week, because then you’ll be risking developing dependence to the medication and going through another withdrawal. Ask your pharmacist about what herbal remedies or OTCs can help you at this point.

  56. Hi. I abruptly quit smoking marajuana a week ago. I can handle the random sweating and irritability.
    However, the symptoms that greatly concern me are the cardiovascular ones including a 20 point increase in my systolic blood pressure and a 20 beat per minute increase in my heart rate. Also, my temper is 0-10 in 2 seconds flat. Any thoughts?
    Thanks a million

  57. I quit cigerettes and marijuana cold turkey alittle over a week ago.I going through terrible withdrawels.Can I expect to be well soon ? Do you know how soon?Mostly, I feel the worst at night now.vomiting,sleeplessness ,dizzy, chilling and sweating,bad headache and stomach upset. When I smell cigerettes I start feeling sick too.Boy I hope I feel better soon,I feel like I never will.Will I?

    1. Hello Kathryn. Marijuana withdrawal symptoms depend mostly on how long and how frequently the drug was used. There are many ways to ease withdrawal. Have you tried some relaxation techniques like breathing exercises? Also, over-the-counter medications can be used for treating headaches and nausea.

  58. Sunday was my last time smoking marijuana. These past few days have been difficult dealing with the withdrawal. I have been smoking for a year and a half. The anxiety is killing me because I have never been through this before so It’s hard to not think that this will never end. I also have insomnia, cold sweats, shivers, nausea, lost of appetite, and chest tightness, but it’s the anxiety that’s killing me. Where can I go to seek help to calm myself down?

    1. Hi Hilson. You can ask your doctor to prescribe medications for short-term use that will treat specific withdrawal effect or suggest some over-the-counter medications that will help relieve symptoms. Your doctor can further refer you to a treatment clinic in your area that will be able to provide a more professional round-the-clock monitoring and assistance OR call the helpline number displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers that will help you enter a program that fits your needs best.

  59. Decided to quit cold turkey right now I been smoking 18 years. I start sweating and look like a crackhead after 4 hours without weed. I’m scared to go to sleep tonight I have the most severe night sweats I soak my sheets every night. Its nearly been 4 hours since my decision and already my body is producing severe sweat please help me to sleep at night and get off this putrid controlling drug

    1. Hi Cherie. Seek your doctor’s help to help prescribe medications or suggest over-the-counter medicines and herbal remedies to ease withdrawal symptoms and lower their intensity.

  60. Hello Faizon. I can totally relate. It can take up to 6 months or longer to feel better after marijuana withdrawal. It can help to seek temporary help from a psychiatrist for short term use of antidepressants (3-6 months) in addition to both psychological therapy and social support.

  61. I Was Smoking Weed Since I Was 14 I’m Now 18 (4 years) I Been Off Weed For A Month Almost 2 Months these symptoms don’t feel pleasant I wanted to know how long does the symptoms last

  62. Today I feel great eating is almost normal and body is getting stronger. i will be going in to my 4th day today and my mind is clear. Thanks 2 all who wrote on this blog it really helped me out the negative and positive. My support system is really strong a excellent wife that takes care of me and a older brother that loves me. Don’t have any friends because they get high and I don’t kinda hurts but they weren’t my friends anyway if my change means we don’t talk. Kinda funny to think that all we had in common was getting stoned. Thought we were close but drugs changes u and soberness reveals the real you. I guess I didn’t know who I was or who they are but I’m working on me not them. So stay strong for those that love u and away from those that like who you were. This is the best feeling I have had in years only on day 4 but feels like day 40 . congrats to all trying to stay clean and to those that wanna try step out the smoke cloud we will be here for u. God bless u and remain strong $$$$$$

  63. Hello Harry. I’d suggest that you schedule a physical exam with your family doctor or general practitioner. You may require medical diagnosis for symptoms unrelated to marijuana withdrawal.

  64. Hi Harry, and congrats on the decisiveness to quit. It’s unbelievable how something that made you feel so good can make you feel so bad…i know. Keep going forward one step and one day at a time, things do get better. Good luck to you!

  65. I’m trying my first day of detox cold turkey a habitual user for 20yrs going to be 35 and in need of change. I have loving wife and is time for a better me for a better us. With all the trials and tribulations I’ve experienced I know that I can be a better person if weed brought me this far then I should be able to do the rest. Withdrawal is making me feel bad today but I know tomorrow can and will be better. It’s totally up to me to make the rest of my life better. Today’s sober lows are tomorrow’s life highs .life is what u make it believe to achieve. God’s got ur back 1 day at a time

  66. Hello Camel. There are many anger management treatment programs available. A simple search can help you find the program options in your area. Find one that you feel most comfortable in and commit to working on the issue.

  67. Hi Sarah. It can take anywhere from a few days to weeks or months for cravings to lessen. I’d suggest that you eek help from a psychotherapist (certified addictions counselor) who can teach you where they come from and how to deal with them…cravings are not just in your mind, but can be managed.

  68. Hi I’m on to my third week off cannabis. its hell the first week was the worst. but now im panicing because i feel like the withdrawl should be over and i keep thinking there is something seriously wrong with me. lately iv been getting what feels like muscle spasms Nd cramps in my neck chest area. And the middle of my collar bone is really tender to touch. my aniexty and panic attakes are really bad to the point where im afraid to eat in fear of choking and getting stuff stuck in my throat. Is this normal? need serious help!!

  69. It is day 3 for me quitting both Alcohol and Marijuana. Fortunately, and unfortunately, finances has forced this decision on me. I say unfortunately though for I cannot go the rout of detoxing or cutting back regular use. I had to go cold turkey. This is probably a good thing as well for I have proven to myself multiple times that I cannot control or discipline myself when trying to stop. Alcohol and weed would normally have taken turn running my personal life.
    My main struggle at the moment is obviously overcoming strong cravings (even tempting my mind into criminal activity to procure more of either drug) and then the extreme exhaustion. Just operating a daily routine is almost impossible! And since I just started a new job in the religious sector I cant take time off and also have to walk this road alone!
    Russel Brand’s comments on “just one day at a time” has been a great encouragement, but I feel beyond isolated and lonely in my struggle! And the one AA meeting I went had 2 people from my church!!!

  70. Hello Rosita. You can first consult with your state’s Attorney General Office to review the laws and procedures about drug use, domestic problems, and what you can do about them to intervene. I’d suggest that you talk with a licensed clinical social worker who can work with you to advocate on what is best for the child in the situation. Or, you can seek help through a psychotherapist who can help guide you through resolution of the issue of family addiction. Please let me know if this helps. You are not alone! I wish you all the best.

  71. my daughter uses marijuana for many years gradually she is becoming more violent when she doesn’t have it, she has a under 2 years old baby she is 48 years old, she starting to evacuate her bowel movements are color deep green ( the # 2) when she goes to the toilet, she denied using it. what can be done.

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