How to withdraw from crack

There is no current medication specifically recommended for crack withdrawal. And stopping crack can manifest withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, depression, cravings, body aches, chills and tremors. More here on what to expect during crack withdrawal and how to manage symptoms with a section at the end for your questions.

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Reviewed by: Dr. Juan Goecke, M.D.
Reviewed by: Dr. Juan Goecke, M.D.

ARTICLE OVERVIEW: Crack is one of the most addictive drugs available. So if you’re looking to quit crack, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you will learn more about crack cocaine addiction, available treatment options, and what you can do to help yourself or an addicted loved one quit. We also invite your questions about crack withdrawal or addiction treatments for crack at the end.


When Do You Withdraw From Crack?

If you or someone you know is using crack regularly and heavily then you know that it needs to stop. How crack works in the brain brings on addiction as an expected outcome. Crack withdrawal usually occurs when you’ve been using crack daily and either lower doses or stop completely.

The drug can impact your personal and professional life negatively: there is a loss motivation, constantly looking for the next fix, hallucinations, paranoia and even suicidal thoughts. Overdosing on crack or mixing it with other drugs can be potentially fatal, so you know that something concrete needs doing to end the crack addiction.

Withdraw From Crack Symptoms

Crack withdrawal symptoms could vary greatly but some of the most commonly seen symptoms are:

  • Aggression and angry outbursts.
  • Agitation.
  • Anxiety and depression.
  • Constant hunger.
  • Craving the drug to the point of obsession where it may seem impossible to think of anything else
  • Feeling sleepy or extreme fatigue
  • Flu like symptoms: chills, nausea, runny nose, body aches.
  • Mood swings.
  • Sleep may be disturbed by very vivid dreams and nightmares.

How Long To Withdraw From Crack?

The length of time it takes to withdraw from crack can differ from person to person and is based on many factors: mental makeup, how long they were using and how much, and their ability to deal with stress, as well as the kind of help and support the user gets. The withdrawal phase could last from a couple of months to a couple of years; the urge to use may even manifest after years of sobriety particularly if there is a triggering incident.

The first withdrawal symptoms such as panic, anxiety, an intense craving could appear just hours after the last use of crack. The user may then feel depressed and even suicidal during the first few days after stopping. Many users report to experiencing what is known as a “honeymoon stage” a few days after their last use, when they feel fine and feel they have kicked the habit.
But this is typically followed by a very intense craving. A week or two after last use, the obsession to use may return with a vengeance as the brain chemistry struggles to regain normalcy. The user may try to think up excuses to use again; employing defense mechanisms like denial, rationalization, and minimizing. The user may feel great anger, may be irritable, may have trouble with their memory and may experience mood swings. They could have very vivid dreams and may feel exhausted.

How To Ease Withdrawal Symptoms From Crack?

Crack users or those close to them can help support recovery by easing the withdrawal symptoms using the following means:

  • Joining Narcotics Anonymous or Cocaine Anonymous can substantially bolster recovery and give a former crack user the required motivation to remain clean.
  • Low impact exercise such as walking and cycling and concentrating on eating a healthy diet can help restore good health and feelings of wellbeing.
  • Mind body interventions such as meditation, yoga, tai chi can also help lower stress and improve coping skills.
  • Psychotherapy can help identify addictive behaviors and equip the addict with healthy responses to enabling environments and individuals.
  • Resuming normal social interaction with friends and family will reduce feelings of isolation and restore normalcy.

The Best Way To Withdraw From Crack

There is no medication that is specifically recommended for crack withdrawal. In some clinical trials, drugs such as Modafinil, Zofran Baclofen, Celexa and some others have been seen to help lower cocaine intake. However self help, being a part of support groups may actually be more effective since crack creates largely psychological addiction. Intensive treatment involving frequent visit to the addiction clinic or therapist and a longer duration of treatment are seen to be most effective.

How To Withdraw From Crack Safely?

The safest way to withdraw from crack safely may be to check into a residential rehab facility where the addict is not only weaned off their drug but is simultaneously offered therapy and equipped with the tools for coping when they rejoin the real world. However, creating safe environments within the home and work/school spheres and avoiding triggering people and situations can also help you withdraw safely from crack.

Can I Withdraw From Crack At Home?

It depends. Feelings of isolation and mourning at the loss of one’s stimulant (drug) and dealing with stress can be real problems which could trigger relapse into crack use. So for some addicts, withdrawing from crack at home may be possible if a safe, non-enabling environment that supports recovery is present. In fact, statistics show that most treatments for crack addiction are conducted in outpatient settings.
For others, checking into a rehab facility may be a better idea, since it could well jump start the recovery program in a safe, sanitized environment under constant supervision. This could be a better option for those who have a history of addiction; who have tried to get clean and failed before.

For those that continue to stay home, it’s recommended that you enroll in an outpatient treatment center that will monitor progress. Likewise, join a support group such as Narcotics Anonymous/Cocaine Anonymous. Since addiction to crack in mainly psychological (as opposed to physical dependence), recovery has to be oriented towards psychosocial treatment, developing coping mechanisms to stress and creating safe non-triggering environments.

How To Deal With Withdrawal From Crack Questions

Withdrawing from crack can be very difficult; the urge to use again can be almost overwhelming. But the fact that you have decided to regain control of your life by overcoming addiction is a huge first step. If there is any additional information or guidance you need, write in to us and we will revert ASAP. If you have any comments or information to share, join in the discussion below.

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  1. I wish there was more online groups where people can exchange information and ideas to help loved ones get of crack and maybe offer support to others too.
    My newly wed husband has been taking crack now for 83 days and I have no idea what I’m supposed to do to help him,
    It’s destroying everything we have ?

  2. I want to stop using crack Cocaine. I live in a high drug area. And I’m all alone n a small apt. I would like to have someone to talk to and can help me start recording and withdrawal

  3. Hey my name is moesha caldwell and yes i have been doing crack for like 2 to 3 months now i came home like 4 days ago too get off of it and im doing good i havent been trying to go get nun nor thinking about going too get any its just i lost all my weight and im trying gain it back i feel like i dont need to go no where i cam do it on my own and i am i just wont my weight back can somebody help me and im 22years old

  4. I started using crack about a yr ago. Increasing in regularity as time went on. I can stay clean for a week to 10 days but always go back. How do I break this cycle? I want to quit for good!

  5. Hi my name is rachel.i have a crack habit.i smoke or at least try every other day.its too the point.every die i get goes on it.and my weekly checks.i need help.what should i do.ive tried beating it on my own.but would alwAys get an urge.and have past memories of it.i dont kno why i do it.when im high im paranoid like everytime.what should i do i beat it.

  6. Hey man iam the same way my boy will just give it cause we work together and then by the time I get my pay its all gone

  7. I want to stop and live right the best way I can I have been clean before having a hard time finding my back but I feel I can do then I’ll fall of I hate this about me I know it’s not good to do

  8. Hi my name is shaher my husband he is on crack he is been taking crack about 5 years he is addictive to crack he wants to come off but it’s really difficult for him to come off and our relationship is effective a lot because of his addiction I don’t know what to do with him I need help

    1. Hi Shaher. To begin, download our free book to get a better understanding for cocaine addiction, and its treatment here:

      Then, call the Cocaine Helpline listed here on 1-888-497-6879 to get in touch with dependable hotline professionals available 24/7. You will be talking to someone knowledgeable about cocaine abuse, rehab and recovery centers who can help you find a cocaine recovery program for your husband.

  9. My daughter is dieing before my eyes started a year and half ago then stopped x husband keeps tormenting her goes right back to it i have done any and everything nothing works will not listen to the point i tried to get her arrested don,t work talk her into getting help begging to much to tell on here was a beautiful woman violent wants to fight you never stops wanting to get and doesn’t care how she gets it has driven us insane we have no rest no sleep so addicted and no one cares and no one will help us we don’t have money to put her in a great place any more its spent no body cares she has a great family and kids we are suffering we are dying too pray i live through this

  10. Hello to all seeking answers. So am I. I am a 39 yr old male and I have been smoking crack for about a year and a half and I’m so done with it. I have never in my life had a problem with any type of drugs I have smoked weed, I even smoked crack back in my younger days but it was more recreational with friends. I would say I probably had 5 sessions of smoking crack and that was that. Never touched it again. But now here is the sad part. Back to current time I’ve been smoking for about a year and a half and not only that I was evil enough to introduce my wife to it as well. She always wanted to snort cocaine and we did for 2 years every Friday religiously. Then we stopped and this came around because we moved to another state. So now I want to stop I realize now that the high maybe ok but the results are always the same. Feeling anxious, jonzing for a hit, thinking of ideas to make money by selling anything. I even sold one of our flat screen tvs for a miserable gram of crack. It’s pathetic and it’s so humiliating. I feel like this is NOT me! Nor my wife for that matter. I hate to see her jonzing all because of my fault. Every time we are done it’s always the same conversation. “We need to stop babe” and we both agree and I throw out the pipes and I say we are done. But then here comes the third day and we have money and your brain just reacts to the fact you have money and want to smoke crack. Then recently to top it off. We blow lots of money and some of the time I’m not even smoking crack I’m smoking some other bs they sold me and got screwed for our money. It sucks it really does to feel this way and feel this guilt for my wife and I know I have to be the strong one not only for me but for her. I have always been a strong minded person and I would never let any drug take over me and make me defenseless over it. Well if you guys think you can play with the devil and not fall?! Think again this is a very disgusting, addictive, drug so thread lightly folks. I talk really good and you would think I have it under control well I have to admit I DONT! I want my wife back I want my life back I want to live a happy and sober life. Well I will always smoke my weed. That’s in moderation ofcourse. But if anybody has any advice I would greatly appreciate it. I took my last hit maybe 2 hours ago and I want it to be my LAST! I love my wife and I don’t want to be blamed if something were to happen to her over this nasty drug. I don’t want to be called a “crackhead” either. I’m better than that. We are better than that. I’m just hoping that I can soak in some of this and use it as a tool to help myself. And that way I can be strong for my wife and help her quit this too. I feel responsible and if I got her into it rest assure I will do everything in my power to take her out. God bless all of you fighting the same battle as we are. I’m sure with lots of prayer I will get passed this. We smoke maybe 3 grams every other third day. We already starting to go on 48 hour benders which is a sign this HAS to stop!

  11. My spouse and I had a big fall out 3 years ago and he made me smoke crack he kept buying it and making me smoke then one day he decided he wanted to try it and has been hook ever since he has lost several good jobs due to his addiction me personally don’t think about smoking it until he bring it in the home other then that i can stop completely with no problem and now its causing me to fall out of love wit him because im tired of being broke and not able to provide for my kids like i used to he is my husband but it seem like he not trying to quit and the only way i can completely get it out my system is to remove him out my life any suggestions please.

  12. I have been doing crack since I was abut 25 or 26 off and on and it is destroying my life I’m angry all the time. I just married my friend my heart and my true love and I have hurt her over and over some way or another from this addition I need to fix this I have got to beat this habit before I destroy my life. I need all the suggestion and help from you all. I look forward to hearing from someone asapl

  13. My boyfriend is addicted to crack. But he thinks he’s to strong mentality to be. He’s been clean for a week and he’s being very mean and everything sets him off. How can I get him to admit to himself that he had a problem

    1. Hi Mark. Call the Cocaine Helpline listed here on 1-888-497-6879 to get in touch with dependable hotline professionals available 24/7. You will be talking to someone knowledgeable about cocaine abuse, rehab and recovery centers who can help you find a cocaine recovery program.

  14. Hi I’m a recovering heroin addict,I’ve been clean 12 yrs. Over 18 mths ago I started using crack which got worse n worse n now I no I’m addicted as I use every day n think of nothing else but crack,I’d like a help in over coming this before it completely over comes me .

  15. Please help me I been using crack for now about 20 years and I want to stop so badly but don’t no how .. any suggestions I’m at the end of my marriage please help me

    1. Hi Pam. Call the Cocaine Helpline listed here on 1-888-497-6879 to get in touch with dependable hotline professionals available 24/7. You will be talking to someone knowledgeable about cocaine abuse, rehab and recovery centers who can help you find a cocaine/crack recovery program.

  16. I have been smoking hard last 2 years. At beginning 1g for every couple days but now going through 3g everyday. I had 3 overdose last 4 weeks. Last one while driving had a seizure and crashed. Luckily i hit a wall so didnt hurt anyone but me and my totalled brand new suv. I am quitting cold turkey now and at day 4. Lots of supports from friends and family but withdrawling symptoms are killing me like flu feeling, constant hunger, body aching, cant sleep at night, sweating bad at night, mood snapping, etc.. Is it okay to take pain killer for body pain? Also sleeping pills at night for better sleep? Also should i eat constantly for constant hunger or should i try to hold myself out eating too much. Does sweet snacks help??? I belive i can overcome this. Just needs some infos. Thank u so much.

  17. I’ve been reading all this posts, crying and realizing how difficult this is. My husband is an addict and I have been ready to leave him a few times. He has promised to leave it but he fails to do so. I know is hard and I’ve always been willing to help him and to be there for him every step of the way. But I’m starting to think that this is never going to change and he’s dragging me into this miserable life of financial and emotional chaos. And that the only thing left to do is to leave him forever. I love him but I’m giving up.

  18. I’m seeking help for a loved one but don’t know how to do so..In my island there isn’t any place where i can really seek for help

  19. Hi my name is Danny I am 42, I first smoked weed at 17, and when on to using cocaine and then smoking it through friends on and off. When I got to 35, I have been using it everyday spending up to £300 a day. I have married for 2 years and we have a 1 1/2 year old beautiful baby boy I have used it every day of his life. It has got to a point where I think I will lose everything and I admit I have an addiction. I want to get back to normality. I want help but don’t know what to do as I have used it for so long, I don’t know where to start and not sure if going to na will help or will make me relapse talking about it. I really want to get help but don’t know where to start. Can you please point me in right direction would be really grateful . I have lost many friends through this demon drug and my wife has been a very patient partner . If anyone reads this, please don’t think you are alone, you are not alone, we can beat this evil addiction

  20. In the pass my dad when he was alive he hook up with a younger woman who got him into using crack and going over to his house and seeing the crack pipes laying around in the house me and my sister would throw them in the trash and we even try to get him out of the house and away from this lady but he went right back to her and right back to using the crack. It was not an easy thing to do but I told my sister I am walking away from him because he doesn’t want our help and I am not going to loose my child if he ever gets busted by the cops. We it was a good thing that we walk away because we found out later that the lady that got all this crap started was dealing drugs out of his house. All this happen from 96 to 99 and now that it’s 2017 I am dealing with another issue. A friend of mine that I have known for almost 4 years now swore that the crack was something used in the pass and never would touch again and recently has broke the promise but now has quit again and even told me the person that smoke it with them try to stop it but this person who smoke with them is long time crack addict so I am having a hard timing believing that my friend has quit again and its friend try to stop it why would someone who is a long time crack addict even attempt to stop it when there getting there high for free I just need answer as to how to handle this and what to do

    1. Hi Michael. Call the Cocaine Helpline on 1-888-497-6879 to get in touch with dependable hotline professionals available 24/7. You will be talking to someone knowledgeable about cocaine abuse, rehab and recovery centers who can help you find a cocaine recovery program.

  21. I need to stop smoking crack I will need a person who can help not judge me I lost work and no money which is the trigger I will need to be able to have a good person to talk with I am 50 and I want to stop

    1. Hi Ken. Call the Cocaine Helpline listed here on 1-888-497-6879 to get in touch with dependable hotline professionals available 24/7. You will be talking to someone knowledgeable about cocaine abuse, rehab and recovery centers who can help you find a cocaine recovery program.

    1. Hi Jennifer. Call the Cocaine Helpline listed here on 1-888-497-6879 to get in touch with dependable hotline professionals available 24/7.

  22. I have a crack problem every pay day for the last 6 weeks I have been clean before it seems like I can’t get back clean I go about 6 days then use in scared I want to be clean again

  23. I’ve smoked crack for many years lost out on my sons life and he was being mean to me and I understood, but one day at my friends house I put some crack on my pipe and hit it and started to throw up and that was it for me. Then months later i was at my other friends house and tried it again and then I knew why I guit. Stay away from the people that do it and focus on getting better and spend time with family or people that care about you it helps. Thank you god for stopping me. Now I have to stop smoking cigs.

    1. Hi Rodney. Call the Cocaine Helpline on 1-888-497-6879 to get in touch with dependable hotline professionals available 24/7. You will be talking to someone knowledgeable about cocaine abuse, rehab and recovery centers who can help you find a cocaine recovery program.

  24. This blog is a tool to add to every addicts toolbox. It has info it has advice it has stories to inspire terror and courage. Here is my truth… Crack or cocaine are in your mind not so much your body. The physical withdrawal can mostly be slept thru. It’s the waking up and not using that’s hard. It starts with admission everyone must know as everyone can help. Removing every trigger and every person is a must no fellow crackers allowed to contact u. Hide fight and run but u must be free of as many triggers as possible. No money no phone no lighter etc. If u can get away to rehab and then a farm or something that helps. I also found jig saw puzzles helped busy my mind. Discover essential oils or herbs for a life time change that keeps u learning and growing. My mantra still is not one not ever. Only have to quit having the first one as that’s the one that destroys us. Find some form of spirituality that fits u and keep trying until u find or design your own. But for the grace of God go I. Live clean it’s possible

  25. Hi
    I started doing a silly thing back in August 2016 and smoked the C since then I have been smoking daily.. I am so annoyed with myself for starting something that has made my life a lot more miserable. I need to stop this and I am realising it is going to be very difficult but my family and my health are really more important.
    I really don’t even like this anxious kind of feeling I’m getting to be honest I am scared but I have to…
    to ask as I am really nervous and need some advice and reassurance from you.
    My sister is going tomorrow to book a holiday as a treat for me as she can tell I haven’t been myself for a while and she says I could do with a break. She is spending a lot of money on this and I have to go but I am really getting myself abit worked up and worrying about going. And with a 9hr flight along with the transfers to and from. But I am also looking at it ad a way of helping me quiit this nightmare stuff. I really don’t know how best to cope with this and the withdrawal phase that happens as I have read.
    I really want to do this ….

  26. Hi. I am just trying to help an employee that is abusing D-Enphatmine with salts, Diazepam which she crushes and snorts, and crack at times. I know that she is ADHD but has been over prescribed by her doctor is taking advantage of it and to make matters worst she is going thru a divorce and because she blame’s her husband she continues to abuse the drugs. I have decided to confront her my self in regards to her addiction which she has admitted to because she has 2 little girls that I feel for and feel that they are being neglected also on the fathers side since he rather sleep after work instead of being with his girls. Any help is appreciated.

  27. Yes I have been trying time after time to stay clean. I have three boy who my mother has them till I can provide a clean drug test. I stay with my mom but it’s not e same as when I was living in my own house with my family. So I really want to get clean what should I do

    1. Hi Alexis. I suggest that you call the number displayed on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

  28. Hi Please can you help me with some advice. My friends son has been given crack at a party. He has not been able to sleep for 4days.
    I need to help him as his mum passed away suddenly 6months ago and I am like his adoptive mum.he has asked for help and I am at a loss please help
    Thanks Claire

  29. Hi, I posted in February of this year and am happy that finally, in December, I can say that I haven’t smoked any crack in a month. This is only the second time I have quit for this long in 3 years, and it feels qualitatively different this time. The other time I quit, I still had cravings every day. I don’t know what happened, but a lot of my obsession has been lifted. The first time, I quit temporarily with the help of primary treatment. The second time, I returned to a relapse program, and something finally clicked. I had had friends tell me it was a waste of money because I had only kept using so far. I didn’t listen, because I knew that attending was my only hope that something would finally sink in, and it did. I know I am only okay as long as I don’t pick up that pipe. Then another 3 years will suddenly disappear, or ten, if I even live long enough to come back from another disease cycle. I am committed to working this out. Lorenzo, I understand being afraid of one’s sexuality. Sexual desires are a terrible trigger for me to use. So far, I have not been having sex and I try not to think about it. My man has been awazy at rehab and I am afraid of his coming home, as I will experience strong desires & we used to use and have sex together.

  30. Hi this is the first time im writing about my dark other. The dark is my addiction to crack. I was introduced to it by my friend on my 26 th birthday ?. I was going through struggle of being in a relationship and still being single parent. I didn’t pay much attention to the drugs. But when I hit my 30th birthday I was thinking its ok ….i became a recreational user. I’m now 40 years old my daughter is 16 years old. I’m tried of my bad habits.. I’m trying my hardest to stay clean. But I make it to third week and i don’t know how to help myself

    1. Hi Jennifer. I suggest that you call the number you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

  31. Hello my boyfriend who I have been with for 8 years now has a crack habit I don’t know how much he uses because he hides it from me we have no kids together but I do have 3 from previous relationships I don’t want to put my kids through this I want to be with him but I don’t know how to help him I have never been with someone with an addiction like this and if I don’t get advice on how to help him I am goin to have no choice but to kick him out of my house and if i do that I am afraid his habit will only get worse so please help me to help him

  32. Hello my name is Martin. I am a 24 year old dealing with heavy addiction problems. I started doing crack when I was 19 thinking I would quit soon enough
    But slowly by slowly I could not realist not having it
    I have lost a lot of things being in devils arm
    Used to be a sharp student in high school and had goals in life before I started using crack I did not know any thing about it as I was new to Canada and crack was very new to me
    Now I am a crack head and ashamed of myself
    I have lost all my hopes and all my parents hope is blown off with the smoke
    I have a very good professional job which is why I am scared to approach for any help
    That job is the only one good thing happening in life. The moment I am on crack I always say myelf this must be my last I will never touch it again
    And the next day I crave it again and cannot control myself every single family members knows that I am on drug
    Alwys yell at me to stop I have hurt them so much
    But I can’t really quit this devils side
    I forget everything to smoke that
    But every night I pray god before my sleep to not have it again
    But I am really hopeless
    What do I need to do to have it stopped completely ?
    I don’t have a clue what am I going to do. Please help.

    1. Hi Martin. I suggest that you call the helpline on our website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

  33. I did rehab for 7 months,I’m only 26 and within a week I started smoking crack again. I like the feeling a lot,I don’t want to go to outpatient and I’ve been lazy to go to NA meetings. I want to stop again. I like the feeling and having fun. I need help again,what do I do?

  34. Hello, I’m 20 years old and have been using crack for about 6 months on and off some times heavyier than other times, it was introduced to me from my boyfriend and didn’t even know what it was really was until that day and from that day the problem has grown into something I see me losing control of..more than it already has. I seriously want to just stop but it seems to always end up in my life even when I try to stay question is how do I stay away and stop giving in..because I seriously want and need to stop but it’s like half of me is screaming no no no and the other half is screaming louder yes yes yes !! My boyfriend is now working on getting clean in rehab right now and I’m trying my hardest to be clean when he comes home. I don’t understand why this is so hard for me but I need some advise as to how to cope through my addicting thoughts and beat this addiction please help me!

  35. Mark. I to have been hiding my Crack addiction for almost 2 years now. Hiding it from friends and loved ones. My addiction has grown in the past few months I’ve become an every day user. I’m now struggling to keep my shift together while stopping. I also blocked dealers numbers so they can’t call me. I try not to walk down the streets and stand on the wrong corners. .. I pretty much just stay in my house and thank god my friend and nephew live across the parking lot.
    I’m having anxiety attacks more frequently mainly in the evening hours.. paranoia. .. I surf and I haven’t been to the beach in over a month.. I live in a tropical paradise and I have a wonderful respectable profession. If I don’t stop now.. I feel will lose it all. CRACK is ruins life..
    Stay strong stay safe and positive. . I smoke weed and lift weghts when the attacks come.. also meditation can help…
    You are not alone.

  36. Hi I’m from Nigeria,I’m 24 . my life was awesome even though I used to take weed and cigarrete till a friend gave me crack 2 and half years ago,she said it’s fun but noooo it’s not.. I’ve been trying to get off for a year, I always relapse, I want out. I can’t go to any drug agency here because they’ll lock me up, I need help my life is falling apart

  37. I have been addicted to crack since 2009 i was a heavy user dailey. No sleep no food up for days on end. I have been incarcerated several times and that was the only times i have been clean but got back into it as soon as i got out. My incarcerations have not been drug related.ive used during pregnancy stopped for a while got back into it. I feel like a roller coaster with this crap.ive been once again using dailey sometimes i go days without because i do try to quit. I isolate myself regularly but i learned that makes me want it more. My relationship with my boyfriend is falling apart. My relationship with family sucks. Iam an addict and need help.

  38. Hi there how I nerd to speak about my boyfriend act like crazy thing kind sigh how I can help him stop use thing got it ?or what I do with him

  39. I hate my addiction. I need help but the addiction itself blocks me…guys just giving it to’s wrecking my home that I built…I really need help…

  40. At what point is a person too far gone ? I’ve been smoking it for 12 yrs and keep telling myself its time to quit, but it never happens. I work out of town in a camp job and when my 2 weeks is over, I rush back to the city with a pocket full of cash and call buddy before I even sit down. I cant deal with the pain and suffering im causing all those that love me. Im seriously considering having an “accident” to end this pathetic existence.

  41. Hi,

    I have been using crack for a while now but not frequently but its up to a year now but i have wasted money worth 500,000Naira. I want to stop but is there any drugs i need to take to stabilize my blood pressure thus am not vibrant. Just dizzy sleeping & lazy which make its unable for me to earn a living. PLEASE HELP!!!

  42. I started using crack 2 months ago but until the last week it was half a gram to one gram . But then the relationship with the one I love stopped and I was broken , since then the smoking is daily and I even took a loan from the bank for 2000 euros and a few days ago I started using 2 grams until yesterday when by midday I had used 3 grams of crack cocaine and my stomach or intestines started to hurt and I became scared , I’m going to try today to stick to 2 again but can you tell me at what dosage it becomes dangerous , I ‘m also forcing myself toeat ! I would like to stop but I ‘m hopelessly addicted !

  43. I’m 60 year old male been on crack for almost 20 years been in rehab use to go to AA ,I no I have a problem I’m going to get back in a support group

  44. Started using when I was twenty one years old I’m 33 now but ever since that day my life has become nothing but a constant regret. I’ve read allot of the comments made and I’m not alone.. i want to quit but I feel like I’m I’m surrounded with not only other addicts but dealers too… And my cravings have gotten bigger.. I’ve become ignorant selfish angry… I’m not me anymore I’ve lost ME..

  45. diazepam surely will help?
    I’ve been using for 3 weeks now but become intense, morning through night.
    is it safe to go cold turkey and cut it off completely or should a few hits a day, less and less be safer?
    i dont want to go crazier than i am.
    thanks for any advice.

  46. 35 years ive smoked crack 42 nd street the porn movies is where. I started sexual orientationis a struggle crack brings on the porno dwsire i ckeaned up for 9 years only to return after wife was unfaithful . i was crushed ican go no more than 4_6 moths before it starts again 20 detoxes 4 longterm treatment facilitys 10 outpatients psychiatry the list go on 2 days agoi used againand i am planning my next useagain

  47. wife and I are addicts and have both been to rehab but I don’t believe either one if us really wanted it..we are born again Christians and when we are in the word we do fine.we have both picked back up and we really truly want to stop now..I’m sitting here on my patio writing this,praying to God and craving sobriety.. We would appreciate any feedback.

  48. I don’t know who to talk to, or how to stop smoking crack. I’ve lost everything, and I still can’t stop. I work all week and blow every dollar on this drug. I’ve been smoking for 9 years now, I’m 27. Its ruined my life, I tell myself to quit, but the cravings are too strong. I’ve thought about just killing myself thousands if times, but don’t have the guts to do it. I’ve stared down the barrell of my gun just wanting to pull the trigger, but I can’t. I’m scared that soon it’s gonna happen. I’ve thought about NA, but I don’t believe in a God, and I know that’s what they’re based on. Nobody knows I smoke crack except for my dad and my step mom, because I can act Normal at work, and I’m very productive at what I do, but come Friday, I blow every dollar and now it’s become daily. I don’t wanna commit suicide, but I can’t live like this anymore, I think about it more and more th st this is my only option. Please help me

  49. Hi my name is Keith n I have been on crack 4 25 years n I’m tired it has messed my youth up jobs lost relationship gone. I could go on n on but I don’t have time right now but just wanted to share with y’all a little of my past thanks 4 listing

  50. Is feeling guilt and angry at yourself normal after using,? and What are some activities with distract me from thinking about and smoking when I think about and get the urge what are some things that can block my mind from thinking about it and taking a hit

  51. I am a on going crack smoker and want to better my life I’m what you would call a functional smoker I can maintain but still get the same effects. I lace my joints with tobacco only and drink heavy when smoking. I also smoke cigarettes can you help me please I don’t want to go to another program I want to try this at home what do you think

  52. Very informative. I am struggling with staying clean. I mean I hate crack because it changes me into someone else and I am ashamed of the things that I do while high on crack. At the same time I love the way it makes me feel but the result is always the same destruction. I can’t continue like this. I’ve done intense inpatient treatment and I only lasted about a month before I used again.I would like to know more about the psychological aspect of the addiction. Sex is a huge trigger for me and my obsession with sex fuels my desire to use. Should I stop having sex?

  53. Dear Ty, I feel for you. I am losing everything to this drug too. Sometimes its all I can think about. I dont even care about buying food anymore. I just buy crack with every dollar I get. We are not alone in this. If you read this, know that Im out here, and I know you can do better. I can do better too. Lets quit together stranger. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives without crack cocaine. Are you commited to quitting Ty? I am.

  54. Im 18 years old and i fell too curious i dont even know why i ever tried it i was clean for a year and a half from all drugs legal or illegal after being heavly addicted to yayo and molly for 2 years and got myself a fulltime job at mercedes benz as a mechanic making 45$ an hour but the money just wasnt fast enough i ended up going out with some old friends and realized i could make a whole bunch of money by staying out late and as time passed i wanted to see what all the hype was about why people spend all their money on it i thought i could do it once and never again and that was the single worst decision i had ever made i lost everything i could possible lose my job my brand new mercedes benz all the money i got from dealing communication with my family everything and i dont know why i keep going back to it i could go weeks without using then all of a sudden i have a rock loaded in the pipe and its not like i even enjoy the drug i dont notice any different od a feeling all thay happens is i feel so sweaty ans sick and then i throw up and im sober im too ashamed to reach out and ask anyone of my friends for help becaise i dont want them to thibk im a fucking idiot and never speak to me again who knows maybe someobe will read this and be able to provide an onlie support group i know there are many others in the sane situation as me just dying for someone to reachout and tell then its just a craving you dont need to load that pipe youll make it thru this but even if no one ever reads this and no one offers help i need to atleast reach out and get it off my soul that ive been smoking up to 400$ a night rocks sometimes even more and ive been smoking for over 6 months now so please if anyone reads this messahe me back if you stand by me to help me beat this horrible addiction ill be there for you everystep of the way in conquering you addiction

  55. my husband has been using for years and sometimes it gets to the point that he wants to commit suicide he dont like being this way its killing him and tearing our family apart i dont understand his cocaine addiction i hate it i havent been supportive of him like i should have i love him and really want the best help for him it tears him apart dont know who he is anymore im always running from his problem because i dont know how to help him i never used drugs he always ashamed of it around me but he always ok with being around people thats the same as him he blocks me out of his life like i dont exicist he really needs help can someone please save our family when he use drugs im very depressed i get really sick i starve myself i start to question myself i dont know why i hurt myself because of his addiction i know its not not easy for him looks like we both need help cause im losing my mind i want this to be over over over please help us save ourselfs his cocaine addiction and my depressing is killing our lifes help us please he hates that life and wants to see a new beginning being drug free

  56. My name is John I’m gone to be 30 years old in a couple weeks and I do smoke crack but I always regret it the next day even while Im smoking it, by the way I do not smoke every day or every other day, I usually get on that pipe when I’m bored,stress,lonely,sad etc but make me fill like shit after smoking it and after couple of hour while smoking it. I need Help

  57. I have taken the first step toward to getting clean and sober from crack addiction by entering a sober living environment. I have used for 4 months of my 8 month marriage after being incarcerated for 22 years on a life sentence. I’ve been clean now almost 3 weeks and I don’t want my life to spiral out of control. At present I don’t have the urge but I also don’t want to fool myself into believing I am in the clear. I want to maintain a life free of the craving of cocaine use!!! I would like the help of psychotherapy to gain better coping mechanisms to deal with the stressors of living on the outside.

  58. I started useing crack at the age of 13 @ the age of 24 i found out i was pregnant at that point i stoped cold turkey i new it was time to pull my shit together after13-1/2 years i relapse went straight on a 2 month beng went through allthe money in the joint account and now i have 3 kids i also spent there savings account money i then decided that i needed to get clean and i did for 6 months now i am back into a relapse and i know i have to get clean. Iv made today my clean day i hope i do it since yesterday was supposed to be my quite day and the day before that.I need to pull my shit together . Thanks i feel better just being able to get that out

  59. Hi I would just like assistance in finding a good detox program in my Hunetrsville, NC area and also mabe even a rehab program in my area. Thanks.

    1. Hi Robert. Call the number you see on our website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find a program that fits your needs.

  60. My partner is on crack has it every day one or 2 pips but if he had the money or when he does he does a lot but when he wakes up he is very angry then he gets a stone and his fine he’s like a diff men he also smokes weEd he don’t think his a crack had coz he don’t do a Ltd every day but has 1 or 2 stors a daye it stared at 1 any for fow months the 2 he goes to it as a coping mechanism he fills dirty and desed with him self when he done it but cart not have it owe life is he’ll some days the relationship isn’t rely one he won’t that more than me I do all I can to make life Street free but I have kids so not going to happen lol iv stodgy by him the hole time coz under the nasty bit is a very good man that has the petensol to go far in life but his down side is he has a very active personal and gets hocked on things very easy even betting all tho his not bad with that now his parst wasn’t a good one tho his only 26 his been tho a lot and had to fend for him self on the streets and never went around with good people his m8 from parst made him take dugs for the first time he is banged up now thank good but he would beat him if he didn’t take wot he was told and he went down he’ll from there he got off it him self last year for 6 months he will not go re hab he nose his doing rong but don’t do nothing about it but now and then breaks dilone wonting to end his life coz he cart handal all the shit in his head he says it not his parst that fuck his head it’s the dugs but I no there is a under line problem with how he grow up but life can bring he’ll some days and he has so much anger I don’t no how to help him

  61. Hurts to read these posts. Crack addiction is forever but so can recovery be. Even ten years later I have odd dream, find my mind trying to justify why I could have just one? And there is the answer you all seek. Mantra always is “Not one Not ever”. I used fast forward thought and still do. If I think the word I force myself to glimpse the disgusting things I’ve done, the pain and shame of fighting to overcome, then take time to feel the pride of my recovery. Another useful tool is to keep busy, work and striving to be best employee they have, hobbies, reading, and if you have outlet brag andcelebrate every day clean. It does get easier week by week, removing all things related to your using losing life makes it easier. This includes friends, hang outs, activities, sex, everything!, I moved, got new job, and eliminated half my triggers. I took up gardening, tried painting, candle making, and kept myself broke. Give control of your world to someone else if u can. My father lived with us and paid rent, gave me allowance, etc…humble I was and am. No reason to try make it decent story crack is ugly, recovery is brutal. You have to give up who you are and become anew, it’s hard work. Crack embeds in your mind be smart, stop lying to yourself and everyone else. You are pathetic, you need help, own it and find your way to clean, healthy living just like the thousands of us doing it today and tomorrow. I’d pray but eh that’s not me. You want earn it

  62. I only stop when my paycheck is gone…two weeks until next paycheck…that’s when I eat… I’m undetectable HIV…It’s the drugs….I have 1/3 lung capacity COPD…IF I DONT QUIT CIGS AND THAT PIPE…OXYGEN TANK FOR ME WITHIN NEXY YEAR…I WANT SOME NOW!!!

  63. I need help I was clean for 2 years relapsed and now my life is hell. I have become a bad mom showing no attention. No time and I never set of fire this to happen I can’t go to rehab because I have no one to watch my lil girl and I don’t want social services to take her cause I go to rehab. I just want to die. I fill like my baby would be better off without me she deserves better. I no in my heart that if this don’t stop I will kill my self. Prayers please and how can I stop

    1. Hi Cici. I suggest you call the helpline on the site to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find a treatment that fits your needs.

  64. Hi I’m 34 years old and have been using for the last 14 years on and off I’m tired of this drug I really want to stop but it’s so hard every time I loose someone close I go back to it every time I feel depression I go right back to it I’m a father of 5 kids 3 my own and 2 are step kids I love them all so much I never touch it with them around but they are all getting older and I don’t want them to look down on me the last 3 years of my life everything has been coming together for me I have a career job making lots of money my high school sweetheart and me found each other again after we both have had failed abusive relationships I love my life I just want to stop the drugss and I will feel complete I’ve been ignoring this problem all my life cause I didn’t want to stop but now I do and I can’t it’s killing me cause my fiance doesn’t do drugs at all never has she is amazing and every time I relapse I tell her cause she is my rock and pulls me up when I’m down as of today I am giving her the bank card I will have no access to money at all that’s the only way I know how I need help now

  65. Billym…. I am praying for you and know that this is passing. So much greater good is still in store for you. Believe and if you can’t do it alone then reach out for help and/or call the hotline. In this world we don’t have to be alone unless we make ourselves that way. *hugggg!*

  66. I’ve only smoked crack 6X and 26 years old before the last 3 days it’s been I’m still recovering heroin addict on suboxin I take Xanax for my anxiety and I’m dependent on that and now I feel like I’m developing a crack addiction like I’m probably the most addictive person in the world I take that back I know there’s probably worse but I don’t want this for my life and I could easily choose it and just say f*** everything like this is the life I ended up having but I don’t want this life like why do I keep doing things that I don’t want to do why because I am an addict I really hope they come out with a cure I don’t care if it’s $1,000 that could accept that part of my brain

  67. Been smoking crack for the last 3 days now I feel like I always need it and I keep telling myself I’m not going to do it tomorrow and I’m telling myself that right now I bought enough to last me for the day so by night I take my Xanax and go to sleep I just hope tomorrow I stick to my guns pray for me please God

  68. Hi, I’m Todd. Crack has destroyed my life for thirty yrs. I’m almost fifty and I’m tired of the destructive pattern. I tried aa and na and I just isn’t for me, plz help

    1. Hi Todd. I suggest you call the number you see on the site. Our trusted treatment consultants will help you make the right decision.

  69. I want to stop using crack real bad I imagine all the stuff I can get if I wasn’t using and I want that but I always fall back

    1. Hi Star. Call the helpline on our site to speak with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you make the right decision.

  70. Hello I have a 21 year ol . brother who can’t stop smoking. He started using marijuana heavily and went on to taking other dangerous drugs like cocaine. Then my parents and I spoke to him about taking cocaine he stopped using it and graduated to smoking crack . Now it doesn’t seem he can stop , he takes it like every minute and goes crazy when he doesnt geTs it. He has lost interest in everything , social life and his hobbies. I really wish he will stop taking these drugs and come back to living his life normal. Can anyone give me any suggestions or ideas on how I can get him to quit.

  71. I’m 43 and have been doing crack about 5-6 years. I’m definitely an addict and out of control. I stopped for about a year and a half when I moved to TX. until an old friend from back home came to visit about 2 years ago and have been doing it ever since. I’m breaking down mentally and losing everything slowly but surely. Been up all night smoking but I’m glad I found this site. Reading the comments has brought tears to my eyes. I have made my mind up to go to a NA class today. I’ve planned to go before but I ended up getting high. I finally made it through a weekend and managed to have some money in my pocket but that’s only because a person I introduced crack to did all of the buying. Sad thing is they’ve only been doing it less than a month, maybe twice a week, but I can already see how addicted they’ve become. This is a hell of a drug. I pray that everyone here gets clean and hopefully we will be able to help someone else.

  72. I’m called kobi and I have been using crack for the past 3weeks. during this time I gone down financially, physically and health wise.I have decided to stop it and I really need your help. I want to stop it at home. thanks

  73. Im 22, live in bc i need help i just cant seem to stop smoking it , im hiding it from everyone i no but it killing me inside i dont know what to do…

  74. Hello I don’t have a problem work drugs but my husband does and its crack cocaine he’s been addicted and been using for many years he keeps saying he wants to stop using but he won’t get help he thinks he can do it on his own I have stuck by him but I’m going crazy because I can see he can’t do it on his own I don’t know what to do to help him he refuses to go get help

  75. I need your help please. I am a father and husband. I love myffamily to death. They are all I have. And vise versa. I have to watch my kids everyday while my wife is at work. I don’t know how to stop. Before I mess up my life and family I seek help. I live in Columbus Ohio. I need help to save the rest of the good life we have. I don’t want to lose my family. Anyone

    1. Hi, Lovett. Why don’t you call the number displayed on the site? Our trusted treatment providers can help you make the best decision for you.

  76. hi my ex partner has recently told me he is addicted to crack now he has come out it is clear he wont seek medical attion as he is scared is there anyway he can do this at home with the support of family and somthing to carm his moodswings ??

    1. Hi Bob. If you have questions about addiction treatment and your options, call our free hotline to speak with a trusted consultant who can help you make a decision that works for you.

  77. My husband has been on crack for thirty years or nore he has torn up this family i am ready to throw in the towel.MY kids don’t want any thing to do with him.
    What to do?

  78. needed to read this ! ive just relapsed after nearly 4 years clean. seem to be handeling everthing ok atm-but starting to get the feeling i need to stop again. I use regurly after work (im a carer) for my wife,grandmother, and also work part time for a private care company. ive been back on it everyday since christmas.

  79. Ive relapsed once again ,stole money from my girlfriend,lied.This has been a issue for me for 20 years.I thought I could handle i had a handle on this.Well i dont.I do it when things are good when things are bad.Im sick of ietting everyone done.At this point i have no hope.dont know to do.I want to give up.

  80. I’ve been using crack for 10 + years I have managed to maintain a full-time job . Crack has and is destroying my life. It’s taken my belongings from me. My mother is very angry with me all the time I’m pretty sure I have lost the respect of my son. I scam every Fuckin penny I can to get a hit rising everything. I don’t believe in the devil but if there is one for me is crack and it’s taken everything I love and owned and destroyed it.

  81. I been on crack cocaine since 2001 and am tired of it I know am an addict am not denying it my LIFE has been a nightmare ever since I started an now am tired..

    1. Hi, Rick. f you have questions about addiction treatment and your options, immediate help is available. Call our free hotline to speak with a trusted treatment provider.

  82. Discovered powder cocaine at age 36. Did that almost every weekend for 2 years. Met a gal, didn’t do any drugs for almost one year. We broke up. I discovered crack. My dealer lives close, I sometimes go a few weeks without using. 75 days one time. 40 days another. I would love to never use again, because I know it is too hard for me to control and do recreationally. I sometimes binge, but mostly just a couple of hours worth. It is a porn and masturbation thing. I do it alone. Always. I know nobody else who does it. My friends wouldn’t even consider it. I am self employed. I’ve noticed that if I get a big payday, that is when I start thinking “oh, a 100 bucks of this money is nothing……..” I have no interest in treatment. I am an atheist and went to one NA meeting and couldn’t stand it. I spend about $500.00 per month on average. I am an in betweener sort of. I would never use daily. I exercise, eat right, but I do drink more than I should. 3 to 4 drinks, 3 nights per week. That doesn’t help, as it makes the call to dealer dude easier to make. I hate the thought of never drinking as I know my limit with booze and never had a problem with it. I’m single. If I was in a relationship, I would not use. But I don’t want a relationship. I just want to work, workout, have a few drinks, and live my life. I can’t go back to when I didn’t know what crack felt like. I think of it, and I think of porn, escapism for a few hours. Problem is when I don’t stop after a couple of rocks. Dealer dude answers, and comes over. I quit chewing tobacco ten years ago. No problem. Done. I quit chewing my nails a few years ago. Easy. I don’t eat sugar very often. Not a struggle. I pour a scotch, take a sip, and often say, “I’ve had enough” and go to bed. Crack is the first and only thing that has been a struggle. I am at the point where I either go to therapy a few days per week and see if that helps, or accept the fact that I am going to be a part time imbiber in a drug that has not ruined my life, but made it more challenging and stressful.

  83. Can anybody give me some advice what do i do when I’m a user of cracking and heroine and the man who i love more than life it’s self does as well i feel we can’t give up together and there’s no way we can be apart but life is not good in lots of ways and just recently are getting worse i love him so much why can’t i give the drugs up to be strong for us anyone got any tips

  84. Hi I’m Laura I’ve been smoking crack cocaine 4 6 yrs I’ve gotten clean n relapsed a couple X s. I just want to stop for good but sometimes I feel that’s my only escape from depression from loosing my family . I feel alone with no support n mostly no love at all . I was sexually molested when I was a child the tough part is I don’t know who it was since the room was dark n it was night X . I have a terrible feeling it was my own mother ,father. N this is something I will never forget. ?

    1. Hi, Laura. I’m really sorry that you had such a terrible childhood…If you have questions about addiction treatment and your options, call our free hotline to speak with a trusted treatment provider. Good luck!

  85. Thank you for the information. I am trying, once again, to stop using crack for good. Just knowing that the depression and other feelings I am going through are to be expected helps. However, the seemingly insurmountable mess I have made of my life and finances makes me skeptical that my depression will be short-lived. I have lost all the stability, possessions, clean legal and credit record and career potential I once had as a consequence of smoking crack for two and a quarter years, at an extremely addicted level. When I look at my life, I don’t know where to find help for a better future. I am not young enough to start over, but am forced to do so anyway.

  86. My boyfriend was a user for 23 years , stop but when he started again don’t have that answer. I’ve been dating him 2 1/2 months and the first month great than noticed hours missing now 3 1/2 weeks later it’s days gone back sick as hell coughing so bad I help him through and day later gone again. I’m lost what to do help ?

  87. Helena I’m 48 and twelve years clean off of crack cocaine . I lived an awful life from child hood being the little girl with a twisted grandad . Innocence was broken must of gone one for 4/5 years . Then age ten I ran away and got a care order and being damaged goods was put in a remand centre and quickly learned fraud and electo setting . I had my first child age 17 and was a content mum then my life was turned upside down with her fdad having 4 more kids at the same time landed up in prison and lost my daughter and felt great shame and I let her down and my self I haven’t seen her since she was 6/7 now 31 . I then had my first breakdown and went on a mad Bing if ecstacy and acid . Leaving me with a loss of my personality . I fell pregnant but had a domestically incident which left a still born 26 weeks . Two losses in 6 months couldn’t talk . Then I had three children with a pjs go path that eventually I broke and was a complete right off having private treatment for mental health due to mental cruelty 18 months leaving the children with there father . Now they hate me and want to hurt me . I had a last child with a person who lies and pretended to be a driver at his shop delivering instead he was a drug Baron and got me into crack cocaine which I knew to be white not crack then the addiction . It was free and could smoke as much as I wanted but not realising he was schooling me to take my daughter which he did by gun point . I left my home broken and lived on streets for 2/3years . Queen B was my name . I lived it breathed it and nearly died on a few occasions causing mayhem everywhere . I entered a civil partnership beaten and broken once again . 12 years ago and divorcing now . Same time 12 years ago I met another girl and xmas just past started dating her . I had a 1000 pound habit for 7 years and smoked every night sleeping All day . 12 years clean no hop from no one t find the girl has not one but three habits . With the help of one another she has managed to get clean off of crack and heroin and now fighting her alcohol addiction and doing a brilliant job nearly through . I would spike to say that it is possible and you need guidance and love loyalty and a sense of security before you do this . I have lupus sle and ptsd rheumatoid muscular skeloter disease and many more I look good and thank the Lord for each day . I cope as she is my savour and I’m hers you need to love yourself and then love another . Meditating or praying it can be done we a living proof good luck and may the Lord carry you Amen . I’m not a religious person but found strength when needed .

  88. Fellow brothers and sisters of this struggle. We are all beautiful people that got caught up in a mess. Don’t EVER give up. I am struggling with crack addiction. It has ruined my life and relationships. I am checking into rehab as soon as possible and wish you all the best.

  89. I’m 26 years old I have to small kids which I love very much an would realy like to change my life from crack cocain I want to be a better person

    1. Hi, Natasha. If you are looking for addiction treatment, call our trusted treatment hotline, our consultants can help you make the best decision for you and your loved ones.

  90. I’m a weekend user of crack and struggling to quit. I get paid every week and every week I smoke I’m 58yrs old and it’s Rediculice and I want it to stop but it’s very difficult I need help.

    1. Hi, Rick. If you have questions about addiction treatment and your options, immediate assistance is available. Call our free hotline to speak with a trusted treatment provider.

  91. Hi I really need help with an outpatient therapy in Toronto please… It’s very urgent I get help ASAP please if you can help me I would appreciate it … Thank you

  92. I am addicted to crack and have been for 20+ years. Although most people in my life don’t know that I am still using. My wonderful loving husband does know and tries to understand and prays daily that I can quit completely. I want to stop using and I know I can but there are so many attachments associated with my addiction. Please guide me to a resource that can help me change my thoughts. I currently use 2 to 3 Times a day. Eager to get a real life again. Thanks. Rhonda

    1. Hi, Ronda. If you have questions about addiction treatment and your options, immediate assistance is available. Call our free hotline to speak with a trusted treatment provider.

  93. I need to stop smoking crack I find that when things get stressful I go for the use and it makes me feel better… But then I feel like crap and just need to get this monkey off my back please help

    1. Hi, Daniel. If you are looking for addiction treatment, call our trusted treatment hotline. Our consultants can help you make the best decision for you.

  94. Hello I won’t necessarily say I am a crack addict but its something I need to stop,I feel I’ve let my whole family down with what crack has done to me I have been sober for a month now but anytime I get the urge to do it I pray to God because of this my mother thinks of me as a lost child and that hurts me to my bones I only want to make her proud cause she deserves the best all I want to know is how to stop this drug completely cause I am tired of this life I need help to quit I need to talk to someone who will understand me
    I need help and I want to do it at home I use all my money on crack and feel like shit after but I’ve been sober for 1month and I want to keep it like that

  95. I recently stopped smoking… again. Its been almost 20 years since I started. I made the mistake of trying to isolate myself from the drug and put myself with a family member who is drying me insane. I think I am driving myself right back to the drug.

  96. Me and my wife use and every day after we smoke and going through the anxiety we pray to god that he takes the taste of it out our mouths and mind we actually convince each other that this time we gonna do it but to no avail. Things is that we really want to stop we are good people everyone thinks we are the most nicest people everyone love being around us we feel bad inside because everyone believes in us but us.

  97. I’m Dwayne have been in and out of drugs for 30 years want to be free I’m tired at the stage of suicide want to to be clean really bad need help

  98. I have a major crack and heroine addiction I can’t stop I’m losing all my family and have begged on the streets to feed my habit and stole I inject this is killing me please help

    1. Hi, Luke. If you have questions about addiction treatment and your options, call our free help-line to speak with a trusted treatment provider.

  99. Hi my name is Sally n I stopped at home cold turkey been clean for 6 months n I feel so good n happy prayer was what helped me faith in god is priority n most important n don’t ever forget with God everything is possible

  100. I have 2 chikdren with my boyfriend and i have just fiund out that he has a crack addiction. He still hides it from me even though i have caught him doing it. He steels money from me and it it is his priority over paying for any bills. I thjnk it is only a small adddiction but it is getting worse and on a daily basis. His comes downs are alwful and i dont recognise him anymore. We live in bournemouth. Please can you direct me to some help for him. We desperatley need it before its to late.

  101. I need help, my life is spiraling out of control and my addition is controlling me. I have lost all that truly means anything to me. I’ve been living as a fake. I know what to do just can’t; please will you help me please

    1. Hi, Cory. Help is available right away! Call the number displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers. They can answer all your questions, and can find an adequate program for you. Good luck!

  102. Hi my name is Andrew and i kinda started crack this year, August to be precise and i keep telling myself that i would stop but anytime a couple of amount of money gets to me i find my self going to purchase it, please i need help

  103. Hey im 49 and have smoked crack on and off for 30 years i always say its the last time but soon as i get money i get it im on parole and my agent has let me get by for over a year now i got to see him monday and i know he is going to put me in jail again i just want to die dont know what to do want to stop but cant. I need help but cant go in treatment will lose job house and all my belongings what can i do some body help me please.

  104. I am a talented person that uses drugs and it’s getting in the way o f everything I use like once a week but it’s extreme then I talk myself stupid for six days about how dumb I am
    But then seventh day I’m binging for eight nine hours

  105. Hi I’m a crack addict have been for about 15 years in 36 and from London, every time I smoke it’s the last time!!!
    I can’t deal with the cravings I’ve had so much counselling it works for a short time but then crash!
    I’m scared I’m gonna die alone and a pathetic addict

  106. Hi, Iv been smoking crack for 6yrs now, I quit for a year and 1/2 kinda had one relapes at 5 month mark. But now I met a someone that is much further in to his addiction and I can see myself getting wores , and I want to get better but feel like I can hang with my old friends cause they won’t understand what I’m going to go through, and I find it hard to be at home alone cause its harder to fight the cravings. Where is a good place to start going to meet people that can relate, and I’m scared of walking into a na

  107. I picked up crack in 2003 my son was less than 1 years old. I now have a 8 year old daughter and 18 month old baby boy!! I’ve had a lot of relapses along the way, very frequently at first, now 9 months to now!! a year in between. WELL I’M GETTING WEAK AND NEED TO FORGET THIS DRUG ONCE AND FOR ALL !!so far I’ve kept my life in tact,but have done a lot of damage, my wife will leave if one more accurance, I’ve never had any treatment I run a small but successful landscape operation, (probably the thing keeping me in the” winning” battle, I’ve smoked thousands and thousands of dollars in crack am I just to damaged will I never forget cracks high ?please I need to know the truth have recovered addicts mentioned it hasn’t ever gone away? I’m an Austin native, I’ll always do the best for my babies ,your response would be very appreciated. Thank you, DAVID

    1. Hi David. With the proper treatment plan and support you can be able to maintain sobriety if you continue working on your recovery. I suggest you call the free helpline number displayed on our website to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers. They can provide more info on what kind of therapies package is fit for your individual needs, and answer any other questions you may have for accessing rehab.

  108. Hi there… Im a 36yr old relapsed recovering addict.. I started using drugs at the age of 13yrs smoking weed and binge drinking… By 17yrd I was using Hard drugs injecting heroin on a daily basis… I became a prostitute to subsidise my habit or shopped to order .. I got myself involved with a nasty man who supplied my drugs and he ‘fell in love’ ge was very abusive and very controlling. He ended up in jail and i found out at the age of 20 i was pregnant. My mother told me to abort i told he no she told me i would never be rid of him… She was right… I was put on the methodone programm to maintain my habit whilst i was pregnant. I remained on the programme for 4yrs and had 2 more children… I came off the programme when my youngest was 5mnths old.. I was ‘clean’ for 8 yrs. Iv been ‘playing with ‘p’ for 4 yrs on an off kicked it for a yr bacj into it i lost my mum who had dis owned me when i got pregnant. And then 2yrs later lost my dad… I am gutted both of them had my brother swear not to tell me… I wasnt told of there deaths. This has left me truly broken finding comfort in my needle in drugs up… Down what eva. Iv lost my job my kids are awear its not algood with me… I am so lost hurt and cant pull out this time.. Help i need help

  109. It seems to be no one will help me get into a rehab like by tomorrow I wanna go.. I’ve been using crack its hard to get off of.. Please someone help me and get me help thanks.

    1. Hi Michael. Help is available right away! Call the helpline number you can see displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers. They will help you access the right treatment program and help you quit crack.

  110. I’m an addict I understand that this is a deadly disease if not treated. I’m in desperate need of doing something different as of now I’m all upside down.

  111. Thanks for the info, I’m 37 and have been using since I was 19. I can go like every other day now. But never more than that. It has effected my entire adult life. I want to quit but the cravings always get me.

  112. I was introduced to crack at 14,i smoked it with my older sister. Both of my parents are also addicts,moms drug of choice is meth and dads is heroin,unfortunately my drug of choice has always been cocaine. Ive snorted,injected,and smoked it and after all these years i cant seem to stop. I am 34 now and as a result of my addiction i have lost my first true love,my kids,cars,house,many jobs,belongings,freedom,and my health. I desperately want to stop but the cravings always convince me to use again and again. Ive been to meetings and they dont seem to help at all,does anyone have any suggestions to help me defeat this horrible disease without going to a 12 step program or using other drugs?? Please help me!

    1. Hi Jay. Have you considered moving to a sober living house? If both your parents are addicts, you are surrounded by your habit and need to get out of the places and away from the people that remind you of using. You see, cravings are caused by triggers. Triggers are exactly those things, people, places, situations, etc. that you associate with using drugs.

  113. I just turned 49, I have been smoking crack for 14 years. I miss being sober. Have been living with my girlfriend for 24 years and I love her. She does not smoke crack and does not like that I do. She says I need to quit or move on because she is sick and tired of me being broke all the time. When I try to stop I have no problem quitting until I get some money then I call up my dealer and smoke till the money is gone. Then it is back to the guilt and excuses for being broke. I doubt I will be successful quitting on my own but don’t have the funds required for treatment. Any suggestions?

  114. I am a recovering crack addict! I am in love with the man who introduced me to this drug! We have recently been reunited and even tho he is using he keeps it away from me and I have successfully went thru the urges to use again! What can I do to help him? I believe he tries to quit and falls then tries again! Should I talk to him about it?

  115. Hey been doing good guys haven’t smoked in over 2 weeks but then again I’ve been broke , well today’s payday and the urge is eating at me . WISH ME LUCK GUYS !!!!!!

    1. Hello Toni. Have you consider rehab centers? I suggest you call the helpline number displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers who can help you access adequate treatment program.

    1. Hi Mark. Help is available! You can call our trusted treatment providers through the helpline displayed on our site, and you’ll get more info about your treatment needs and how to achieve sobriety.

  116. My names Chris and a former heroin addict who is 7 years clean, although through my stupidness I have been taking crack daily for over 2 years now and need to kick this habit into the gutter before that’s where I end up! I’ve deleted dealers numbers but still get regular visits from my pushers not dealers! They turn up at my house unannounced and wave this horrible drug in my face which is extremely difficult I’ve asked them on a number of occasions to stay away but they see me as ££££ signs!! They won’t leave me alone which is proving very difficult but for the last 4 days I’ve declined their offers of the drug and hope they get the message soon to f### off!!! I wish you all here the best in your recovery and any advice that anyone has would be greatfully appreciated. All the best to you all, try stay strong!!

  117. I have been with this man for 20yrs, we have been thru 2 children’s death. Both by diffrent marriages. Two of the youngest. Boy and girl, 12 and 20 yrs old. Fiancee addiction enhanced. After 3 yrs he got help. My fiancee has been clean for a little over 7 yrs. I just recently found out that he was using again. I knew something wasn’t right with themood swings, constant anger outbursts and memory loss. We have been thru so much. Even though we are not married, we have temporary custody of my six yr old grandson. Please help, he is my grandson life. I love him so much. He is the backbone of our family. Raising my five. It will tear our family apart if they find out his addiction has resurfaced. But i have got to help him. What can i do.

  118. I’ve been smoking for 6 months I’m trying to quit . I’m sacred to tell my wife about my habit, my finances are ruined due to crack. My chest now hurts when I smoke like my heart is going jump out my chest but yet I still want more! I’m scared I’m going to die !i know if I tell my wife she’ll loose respect for me and prob leave me . What can I do any help is appreciated

  119. the girl i love has been tricked into using crack and she is addicted now i don’t know what to do for her every time i tell her to please go to a meeting or detox or whatever she gets mad at me and she smokes and fucks the guy who tricked her into doing it and seems like she loves this prick

  120. I don’t need it all the time, but I notice when I’m feeling really healty I find myself calling the man. I would love to totally quit, but still get that driving urge to go get it at timrs. It’s great till I come down and feel paranoid and can’t sleep, then can’t wake up.then feel like shit the whole next day. I live on a little island and own my own business and don’t want anyone to kno. What should I do ?

  121. Hey, I’m here to talk to others and encourage them if they desire/need it. I dabbled for about two months and am getting myself back on track now, I’ve seen the destruction it can and does cause.

  122. Im 44 years old and have been on and off crack since I was 19.. The last binge I went on cost me my job, my vehicle and almost my marriage .. I had a life changing experience about two years ago after I had used crack all weekend .. On my way to work, I surrender to my higher power .. I sacrificed things that I enjoyed to try to get closer to my higher power .. My life started changing . I actually got a better job doing what I always loved ,working as an electrician in the oilfield .. I had such joy and peace and made real good money . But slowly I drifted back to using when I quit studying and devoting myself to my higher power .. Now I’m back at rock bottom where I was when i got out of prison 15 years ago . Im struggling to brake to cycle and get back on my feet .. It’s like I’ve given up . I hope I’ve laid something on someone’s heart that can send me some insight before I end up back in prison ..

  123. My boyfriend is using crack again for the time in ten years and we have no insurance and cant afdoed a 30 day in treatment i need local info n free clinic information in my area severn md 21144. If u have info to share in ky area i would freatly appreciate this

  124. I’m 42. I am completely out of control. I’m very lonely. My girlfriend of 8 years finally had enough and won’t talk to me and changed her number. Nobody wants to date or be around a person that uses crack. She didn’t do any drugs at all. I never used in front of her. I was doing SO much better when I moved away from my old area. .where my mom lives. I stayed clean awhile and relapsed when back in chatting area. I’m living with my mom now. It’s everywhere around here. I can’t afford to move..what person on crack saves money. I lost the woman that was the best friend anyone could want. I really fucked up. I don’t blame her. I have a awesome job and make GREAT money. I lost so many jobs due to my habit. Same job different contactors. Anyway i have NO friends at all. Seriously none. I met a awesome chic on a dating site and I want to meet her of course i blew my money. I’m supposed to start tomorrow…yes I fucked up tonight. Its 2am can’t sleep and start at 7. No money. No gas. I’m thinking of a excuse to call off first day. Jobs good for 2 years $80grand a year. I desperately want a normal life. Imagine embarresed of my life. I’m bipolar too. PLEASE give me some reason for living. I wana get my shit together and settle down with someone i can share my life with. I’m SO lonely. Please please give me some advice. Thanks

  125. I’m a 23 year old girl i tried crack just one year ago. I now smoke every other day or so but i need to stop. I find myself being socially disabled i can no longer hold conversations and i always feel awkward! I feel so out of place now to everyone around me. I have extream paranoia to the point my chest goes tight Nd i cannot breath. I can stop for a day or 2 but then after i get the cravimg back and once i start i cannot stop it has left me without money and feeling really low

  126. I am 19 ive been using for about 2 months regularly. I knew as soon as i started i was going down a path i didnt want to take, as both my parents are addicts. One which still does the stuff. I grew up watching my dad binge. He was taking all our stuff from home and selling it to get a fix. Which i have not gone that far but the thought of those days make me sick and scared of what i could become. l would like to stay at home and keep working just want some advice i believe in myself.

  127. I’m 33, from the UK and I’ve been smoking crack for 2 years in secret from my wife, family and friends. Last night, I smoked a pipe that sent my body into a spasm, this wasn’t right, now is the time to stop. I had no reason to start smoking it in the first place (no deaths, abuse, etc) I just wanted to try it. What a big mistake. Every morning after I have smoked it i say “never again” but a day or 2 later I’m back phoning one of my dealers whose phone numbers are etched into my brain. I hate lying to everyone especially my wife who I love so much and can’t believe I’m doing this to her, yet I still do. I have held on to my job and most of my social life but my debt is now at £5000 ($7500). I’ve been to a drug addiction clinic a few times but they didn’t help me, they say willpower is the only cure. So I’m hoping that by writing this it will shame me into stopping. No one wants to be known as a “crack head” and I know I’m slowly killing myself. THE CRACK SMOKING STOPS NOW!

  128. pretty much everything I read above is or will be coming t fruition I know that I should stop. Even set a cloud in the sky way to do it. I used to never reorder lfrom my dealer. Yet last night I did. I was casual from 06-09. Storpped for thre years. Now getting ever more increasing the last 18 months. Built uP a tolerence. Now starting to cause me grief. Money, mental, and social life. Nuff’ for now. Tired been up since yesterday morning. Ugh

  129. I have decided to quite cold turky i feel tired and sick now and i want to get threw these symptoms and keep staying clean i need to know how to fix my body and life and stay focused and stay well need to learn skills and health so i can feel better in all wYs of life

  130. I was an occasional pot smoker nothing major just a maybe 2 to3 tokes from a bowl maybe 3 to 4 times a . months dropped acid a total 4 times I did snort cocain pretty much every weekend got 100 dollar bag however along with the coke I was drinking a 5th all by my self both nights of weekend ot at any function Iwas hhaving or would be attending…Now all those behaviors are neither an on problem the acid was said and down by 25 smoking pot can’t makes me cough so hard I no longer can handle . Drinking i b still do but I am now totally social drinker and only need to replenish a 5th of crown aboout 2 half 3 month, snorting coke don’t or haven’t down that 2009 when crack was introduced to me for years it wasn’t the addiction and not to take away my complete fault but the 2 boy friends i had one after the other got my want .stronger, I did start t o cut back and figured I am strong enough to get clean of this dtug, I I have a wonderful strong non using any drugs support and he loves me..and I know when I get some he worries about the fact I am killing myself . But my true addiction to it is it controls my eating I was 350 lbs had weight surgery a lap band in 2005 and i maintain 135 to 143 however whenI fdo go off the dtug I am eating more, also it keeps me going keeps my focused so that is my situation I know it’s financially a burden and I can see see the outward effects on my body so I can only what going on in the inside why I won’t got to doctor for fear I will loose my job. For which I have a a great job.

  131. Hi I don’t no where to turn, my life has been spiralling out of control iv been addicted to heroin and crack and methadone for 14 yr,. I’m 32 now my fella is 45, our lives are broken.. He’s not the most supportive person in the world anyway, n its getting to the point of no return I have no family around n no one to talk too. Today is day 1 drug free, He uses with me, accept he works I don’t but he blames me for asking for it saying he wouldn’t smoke if I wasn’t around.. I ask he buys it then he blames me for him having it.. I have no one to talk to.. And don’t no where to turn Any more, suicidal thoughts, feeling very lonely and rejected just lately. Don’t want to go out or even get out of bed i’m depressed but then I pull myself out of it and get on . I’m loosing everything my boyfriend my life myself .. don’t have anyone to talk to at all about this. Any advice please

  132. Hi I’m having so many problems with trying to give up crack and heroin its unbelievable. day 1 started today. I just know its going to be a struggle, my partner isn’t very supportive when it comes to me and drugs,. But he’s been with me for over 13 yr’s. I’m now 32 n he’s 45, I ask he buys it . Then I get blamed for asking. I’m no good on my own, just no this wont last like this forever what’s the best thing I can do for me right now?. Because I don’t have family around or anyone to talk to about this my life isn’t getting easier its hard work even getting up everyday!.

  133. Hello:
    I’m looking for a bit of advice here. I’m a 34y female and I’ve just found out that my boyfriend of 8m has smoked crack. He told me after he was in the hospital with acute pancreatitis after a 24h bender.

    I knew he had some questionable friends – some who regularly snort coke – most of them are old friends from grade school. So, I figured that he remained friends with them due to the long standing friendships.

    When we first got together I made a comment that I wasn’t sure I wanted to take things further because I was uncomfortable with how he “casually drank”; explaining that my parents weren’t drinkers, and so it made me uncomfortable. He got really defensive about it and gave me 101 reasons why it wasn’t a problem. I bought his story because: (a) I had & have never seen him drunk, (b) he doesn’t drink hard spirits, just wine and beer, (c) he’s a big tall man and he usually only has 4-6 drinks a day, which he claimed would be like two glasses for me.

    After he was released from hospital he admited to having an alcohol problem. This is 6 months after I originally questioned him about it. SO, I’m afraid that he also has a coke/crack problem & he just hasn’t admitted it to me yet. He’s quite well to do, and we’re not close enough for me to monitor his finances — so I’m not sure there is a way for me to tell.

    The dating scene in your mid-thirties is difficult. This man is very sweet and nice & has never stollen from me, abused me, purposely hurt me, etc. However – I’m concerned that I’ll stay with him for another 8 months to 2 years and then I’ll find out about the other substance addictions.

    Should I cut my losses now & get on with living my life — and maybe finding a partner who is more stable, or should I stick with this man (who says he’s going to go to A.A. & recovery meetings — and never touch alcohol or substances again)?

    I suppose one other piece of information that may be helpful is that he suffers from Generalized Anxiety Disorder. He does take meds for this (antidepresents daily, occasionally antipsychotics and/or valium and sleeping pills). I was uncomfortable with his mental-health rap sheet when we first discussed it — but was taken aback by his honnesty in telling me. I realize that his anxiety may make it harder to get the addiction under control & that he may relapse more easily than someone with stronger foundational coping skills.

    I’ve already told him that we need to cool things off for a while. His health problems have already caused me to miss important meetings, to cancel a 1 month vacation (that was already paid for, and for which I could not get a refund), and to step into a bit of a mothering role. All of which make me feel uncomfortable.

    Ideally I want to love my partner & see them as an ideall match — not just the best of what’s available. I worry that things will be hard down the road and that I’m not setting myself up for a happily ever after.

    I’m sorry if this post has been long.
    But others thoughts may be helpful — I don’t want to discuss this with my friends co-workers.

    Kind Regards.

  134. Just shy of ten years since my last hoot. This week I put myself into a position to give back. Step 12 and beyond. My addiction was crack with my husband for a better part of two years start to finish. We are still together both clean but booze has been issue for him last couple years. Addiction is addiction is a addiction. I am accompanying a friend to Aa meetings and I am loving it! The stories, the courage these people share fills me with pride and renewed sense of belonging. I am as strong as I have ever been in my life and just maybe my higher power sent me my new friend to save me from my own slippery slope. I have no desire or cravings I do however have maybe a bit to much ego and self confidence. These meeting reminded me that addiction is a life time non curable disease. Being in the rooms again reminded my to be humble and thankful. Just wanted to share…c u at a meeting.

  135. Hello i am a crack user…I have recently hit rick bottom…meaning I lost everything…my job,family,etc. My dad has never given up on me and offered one last chance yo turn my life around. I am so ready to stay clean and get my life bsck. I sm going through the depression mode at the time. I last used 4days ago and i feel so sad and disgusted with myself…I felt i let everyone down…especially myself and family. Please I need some kind of help to get me through to stay clean. Im ready to get clean and stay clean. Thank you Mark

  136. I have a friend who is coming to live with me cause she can seem to stay clean in CT…I live in TX and I think with a fresh start she has a chance to live again…I already told her she needs a job and a program to go to daily…What else should i be doing for her??? Im scared but havevto give her this chance….Any advice would be appreciated…Thanks from TEXAS

  137. Hi my partner smokes crack he’s got a habit which varies from £50 – £150 a day that’s if he’s not on a bender (when he’s gone for days) which can double. iv been on n off with him for 9 years I have 2 children but he’s not their father. Iv recently found out I’m pregnant to him 15 weeks, I had a scare where the baby was high risk for Down syndrome, and he’s left me. I’m so angry iv always been there for him the best I could and tried to understand this horrible drug which he lives and breaths for. Iv never used crack or had a habit of any sort. I know he’s desperate to stop but I feel there’s no helping him. This might sound selfish of me but I’m looking for advice for myself, do I walk away from the man I love and concentrate on my children or be patient for him? I no he’s runs whenever he can’t cope with emotional situations, but his words are really nasty and I feel he hates me. I’m thinking he hates himself and is trying to push me away. I’m so confused as I can’t put myself in his shoes. Any advise please?

  138. I’m 39 years old I have been smoking since I was 19 .I had got help and stayed sober for 3 years .but relapsed and can’t seem to stop I go to a.a meetings and c.a. meetings but can’t seem to get back on track. My brain on payday seems to tricks me into using. And the crazy thing is I know that its how this addiction works .only disease that tells you that you don’t have disease… Its tearing me apart emotionally and physically .I borrow money from everyone make up lies to get money or cover my my girlfriend smokes it so if one once to get sober and the other don’t .we end up dragging each other back…many a days I just want to end it.this is not a life I want

  139. Im inlove with a crack addict an wAnting to learn how to not run him away but help him get off the drugs I pray for him often an he always ends up incarcerated due to his habit an abuse to me verbal mental an physical abuse I just want the best for us we been together for seven yrs

  140. I have been using crack for over 20 years. I was clean for 3 years. During this time I got married. My husband was also a former crack user.During our marriage he relasps without my knowledge. When I found out I was so angry that I relapsed for about the last year we have been using together. Our marriage is Rocky and we argue all the time. I want to stop, I want my u husband to stop also.we don’t have money or insurance to admit ourselves into a program.what do I do? Please help!

  141. I need HELP. I have nobody to talk too. I am a mother of two sons. I am smoking crack. I so want to stop. I have all the listed problems, worest part my kids see and feel my pain. I am surrounded by drugs additis and worest part I live next to not one but two drug houses. and they all keep me going. I want to go home my family will not help. I am losing my mind and becoming sucidual and need someone safe to talk too. my kids i love them but truth is i must not because of my addiction. I am lost. I was clean for 7years then 3years ago I STARTED SMOKING CRACK.

    1. Hello Frankie. That’s why it takes little steps to move forward, but it’s worthwhile as long as you keep making a progress in recovery. Wanting to quit is a good first step, but you will need professional help throughout this process. To find a detox and rehab treatment center that will best fit your needs ask your doctor for a referral to a clinic in your local area, search the SAMHSA’s addiction treatment providers locator here: or call the number displayed on our page to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers.

  142. Well I’ve been using crack cocaine since January it is now the end of July . Everyday. I was clean for a year. Before I picked up again. The reason I picked up was the apartment building I live in I saw an old friend. And she threw me a dime piece. I was like wow. But I did it and ever since I have been going at it.

  143. Hi, my husband had been in crack since earlier last year and went to reahab in November got out am relapse went back left earlier than he am was suppose to and has replased again . He is going threw withdrawals now but wants to detox from home and wants to quit bad. Is there something o can get from the store to help with the discomfort . He said it takes him 72 hours to detox

    1. Hello Tee. It is not completely safe to go through crack withdrawal at home, without any medical assistance. Talk to a pharmacist about which ORC medications may help soothe his withdrawal symptoms. Also, I’d recommended that he enrols in an outpatient treatment center that will monitor progress and help increase his chances of staying drug-free.

  144. Hi all!

    I am a greatful recovering alcoholic who had a $4000 a week crack habit at the end of my drinking. I recovered at home and by attending 12 step programs.

    I wanted to write to say that it is possible to get clean. Here is a short outline of what I went through I’m recovery.
    First 90 days – extreme paranoia, anxiety, inability to sleep
    90 -200 days – decreased anxiety, significant problems trusting people, increased food intake, significant desire for sexual release, strong psychological cravings, cravings would get so intense at times that my legs would shake, depression, significant isolation, crippling fear
    200-500 days- all the above decreased, however they did come back in waves, but they were less frequent. The frequency was directly related to my time alone and amount of money I had
    500 days and beyond- the times between cravings and fantasy became greater and greater. Paranoia decreased but was still present at times, anxiety was lowered trusting people became much easier.

    There is a solution, 2 things I did during early recovery that helped, 1) I did not pick up 2) I talked to people in the 12 step program honestly about what was going on with me. The road to recovery can be dark and full of fear. It is possible to get clean and stay clean. I worked a 12 step program with a sponsor. Today my life is beyond my wildest dreams. It is possible the get clean and stay clean. Good luck..

    1. Thank you, Dave for taking the time to share your feedback in detail. I’m sure there are other readers who will find your input motivational and inspiring. Thank you for proving that it’s achievable!

  145. I am a 56 year old African American female with a college degree in sociology. I am retired and have been using for over 30 years. I have experienced in my late life a loss of a family home that was paid for in 2008, after living there for over 40 years. My mom passed away on May 17, 2008, and May 19, 2008, the family home burned to the ground. We could not find any insurance papers. Since then, I have been living in a RV with my addicted boyfriend and our dog on a side street in east Los Angeles, CA. I am currently being extorted and bullied for money. I am tired and want to be free of this destructive drug. I am tired of hiding and pretending to be in control of my life when it is not true.

    1. Hello Celecia. One of the fist steps of quitting addiction is to distance yourself from people and places that urge you to drink or use. There are many low cost treatment options, as well as AA or NA meetings, and church recovery groups that can help you start your recovery process. You have to stay determined and motivated to change your life.

    1. Hi Michael. It’s best to seek and join support groups and group counseling sessions. Therapists are there to help, support and guide you, but you are also sharing experiences with people who are in your shoes. You can find such groups and meetings in your area and get informed on when and where they meet. For many people trying to stay in recovery, this is the best working alternative to say motivated.

  146. Hello Dodo. If you are looking for addiction treatment and do not know where to start, call the trusted treatment hotline number on our site. The consultants that answer the phone can help you make the best decision for you and your loved ones. You are not alone!

  147. I have been using crack for years. Not every day but every so often I get the urge to use. I’m on the verge of losing everything that I love. And I don’t know what to do anymore I can’t go on like this please help me to help myself. I am a addict and I don’t know why I keep on messing up.

    1. Hi Gord. With motivation and the right treatment plan your chances of getting and staying clean are real. But, you have to stay committed to your goal. I suggest you call the helpline number displayed on our site to get connected to our trusted treatment providers or talk to your doctor and get a referral to treatment facility in your area. You will need long-term addiction therapy and counseling to assist you after the initial detox is done, but it’s all for a good outcome. Good luck, Gord. I really wish you to come back here and tell a success story.

  148. I need help! I want to do it at home and need some support possibly and maybe some encouraging reading material your agency can recommend for me. Ive been smoking cocaine for about six months. Its ruining my life and I need to stop I just dont know how. Im in this alone and havent told anybody what Im dealing with. Id like to fight this myself can you help me please?

    1. Hi Mandy. Going off cocaine completely alone is not a good idea. You should have someone you trust beside you to monitor your state and provide help and support. I suggest you tell a doctor who can advise you about medications that can help you manage withdrawal symptoms and what kind of psychotherapy will help you stay clean long-term.

  149. I need to stop smoking crack im about to lose my kids and family im at the point that i want to kill myself because i know that im hurting my kids, dyfus is in my life and told me i can not live in the same house with them.. my kids are crying every day i talk to them because they want me to come home. Someone please help me im going to kill myself soon

    1. Hello sinful01. You do need professional assistance and help to quit smoking crack and then work on repairing broken relationships. Call the helpline number that you can see on our site, and you can talk to professionals who work on finding you the right treatment program that will fit your needs.

    1. Hi Mike. You can call the helpline number you see on our page to talk to medical professionals who can help you set up a treatment plan and kick the habit once and for all.

  150. Been using for 20yrs I’m only 35,ready to quit before I lose everything that’s important to me…please help..

    1. Hi Eward. Call the helpline number you see on our page. Addiction professionals will speak to you in order to provide help and find the best treatment option for you. You can have your addiction-free life again, never loose hope.

  151. I live in Zambia, where help in this issue is a problem. If you went to the Drug Enforcement where they supposed to have a help program….They probably lock you up. Guess that might be an option…if you then may not be able to get your hands on the dreaded drug.
    I have a son 22 years who was really on his way up, making lots of money, then introduced to crack. He now has come to terms with that the drug is destroying him. I see there is no easy fix, from what I’ve read. Does anyone have a address for support and or assistance here in Zambia,

  152. I have been an addict for almost 16 years, it started as fun, then turned into severe addiction every day now i only do it once a week. But im sick of it it has ran my life too long. I have maintained my job and have recently returned to college but im 39 now and my brain function is ridiculous, i cant remember anything i am super irritable, depressed all the time, im now on two anti depressants since during this time of addiction both my parents died and a lot of my friends so i feel alone. My bf of 19 years is in the same boat with me and we have slowed.down a lot but just cant kick it. It becomes routine on payday to automatically set money aside to smoke. Im worried its never gonna end as we say every week this is last time. No one knows we are like this its been a.dirty secret for years what can i do that no one will find out

  153. I first smoked crack in Colombia 4 yrs ago. After 5 mnths of heavy use I stopped by leaving the country. After a week or so of sleepless nights, angry outbursts and feeling depressed I began to feel ok. Then 3 months later I stupidly relapsed whilst in Quito, and again used a lot until I flew home 5 months later. I didnt miss it and quickly got back to normal. However, within a few months I had the misfortune of falling in love with a sociopath, who introduced heroin into my life. Having lost both parents within a few yrs of each other I was in a bad place emotionally, which is what attracted him to me, after helping me spend 30,000 inheritance we both began treatment and I remained drug free for over a yr. Cutting a long story short, after 4 yrs of violence, control, heroin relapses and the birth of my amazing only child, now 3, I found the strength to flee with my 4 month old baby. He was in prison soon after, thankfully. A yr of ptsd followed and when he was released I was terrified once more and idiotically began using crack to cope with stress, fear, lonliness, and my 25 yr history of cronic depression. Since then I have reduced myself to the unrecognisable excuse of a person I am today. My life is a cycle of scoring, using, looking after my 3 yr old without any support at all and prostitution. Im degree educated, was once very attractive and have travelled the world, despite crippling depressive episodes. Not having any family,friends or social life means i am very much isolated and feel overwhelmed by the horrible situation ive placed my child and myself into. I have suicidal thoughts daily, and only remain here due to my little one. Though I know she would be better off without me and im selfish for keeping her with me, I love her so much I cannot bare the thought of her crying ,asking where I am, feeling scared because she is with strangers in a strange place. My social worker said shes never known a mum and child as close as we are. My girl is advanced developmentally, polite, happy, always clean,well dressed and amazingly perceptive. I want to be a good mum, a better person and the role model she needs, but I feel incapable of stopping, no matter how many times I swear never again, and despite knowing im ruining her life, and that I will lose her to social services I continue my path of destruction. suicide seems the only way to do the right thing

  154. How are you? I’ve been smoking for about 2 to 3 months straight I need help and want to do it at home the cravings are terrible my motivation and energy is also not good to where I can’t even go back to work and gain control because of my energy level what are some things I can do it is financially draining as we’ll I use to have a great career nice things and now have nothing I don’t even think I’ll have a family or them nice things again because of the depression and energy level I am at

    1. Hello Alisha. The light at the end of the tunnel may seem far now, but you can get there. I believe you need professional help, since I guess you have tried or promised yourself you’d stop smoking crack many times by now, and go back smoking again. Why don’t you call the helpline number you see on the page? Professionals will work with you and help you walk the tunnel.

  155. Hello Jeremy. You are in a tight spot! I’m not sure about your conditions (probation, etc.) but I’d suggest that you call you state’s department of health and social services and look for a low cost or voucher based rehab…cocaine is a powerful drug, and you may need to get out of your surroundings completely in order to address the cravings and to stop the cycle. Best to you on your quest, brother.

  156. I am out of control with my crack habit and want to stop but don’t seem able to. My wife and daughter are miserable and I have a son due in April. My health is rapidly declining but I continue on. I’ve done lots of years in prison and can’t seem to suck it up and find a rehab because all I see is prison. Is there something I can do from home to kick this habit before I lose my family or my life.

  157. Hello Kevin. I have to suggest rehab and addiction treatment for quitting your ongoing addiction. Not just going through the process and getting your organism free of the drug. You’d have to commit to counseling, group therapy etc. You’ll need a strong support system, and if your loved one has been there for you through the worst, you can most certainly count on her during recovery. Good luck, Kevin! You can make it!

  158. Hello my name is Kevin 44 years old I’ve struggled and am still struggling with addiction. Since I was fifteen I started smoking pot wich led me down the road to many other drugs. I think I was sixteen when I tried cocaine. Was hooked from the first line. Then started smoking it been in few out patient rehabs tried quiting on my own, failure after failure. I’ve lost a few relationships on this devils ride. I have done every other type of drug to try to quit crack. My love of my life of seven years (non addict) has been dealing with my addictions since day one she’s my angel.I want to kick this evil addiction for her and my family and for me. Any suggestions.

  159. Hello Lenaia, Cravings can last for months or years for crack. It’s normal. And you are not alone! Keep reaching out for help. Have you tried SMART Recovery? What about SMART Recovery. Look into these two options, as there are workbooks and worksheets that can help. In fact, 12 step groups like A.A. are not the only support out there…Also, TALK about the cravings. Speak them in a meeting, or with your counselor. Don’t suffer in silence!

  160. Hello, I am a recovering alcoholic and now added a recovering crack addict to my repertoire. I am eleven months sober from the deadly evil beast if crack this month and yet I still struggle with obsessive thoughts of when I used the drug how it made me instantly feel and the intense immediate euphoric relief I got. IT IS DEVASTATING and extremmely horrifying that for any moment I would think using crack cocaine would solve my problems. First of all I am thirty two weeks pregnant and scared to death I will snap and give into this obsessive evil temptation when my baby girl is born. I am coming up on a year sober I have gotten eighteen months clean twice before but that was before crack was involved.this time I have the awful memories of crack house prostitution horrible sex act in order to continue smoking crack and yet when im stressed I am consumed with thoughts of getting the drug just for one day.. I am petrified… I have used aa for many years however do not feel a connection with the community in my area anymore…I have a therapist and take an antidepressant and still remain in touch with a sponsor who strugges with recovering from crack addiction as well..I also go to church however I feel so alone with my eveil thoughts and am scared and feel ashamed I still have these thoughts and urges after nearly a year clean what is wrong with me? Why is this happening?

  161. I am 18 years old will be 19 in march I first tried crack when I was 16 years old along with all the other Main Street drugs of our time in the process I met the love of my life she has 14 years on me and has already lived to learn from the mistakes I’m making when I met her she was cooking meth had been for 4 years and for some reason she listened to me when I told her she needed to quit. In the next couple months she briefly showed me every drug n the book however this all happened in the process of her cleaning her life up. She went to the methadone clinic and made a huge change in her life for me because she loves me. In the process of changing her life I picked up a crack habit that she knows nothing about she knows I’ve smoked it a few times but she has no clue that SPF has went on for 2 years behind her back. I could never tell her because it is so selfish of me to even be getting myself into this situation after all she has been through to stop doing meth. Now 2 years later I have graduated high school and got a job as soon as I did. Since I got the job close to a year ago I have not went 1 week without spending my check on crack my addiction has gotten so out of control that I don’t even smoke everyday ill blow my check in 1 night. For a long time now I Marijuana Anonymous Online (
    This site hosts both chat rooms and online meetings for those recovering from marijuana addiction. Click on Online Meeting Schedule in the left menu bar for a list of ongoing online MA meetings. Click on MA Chatspace in the left menu bar for instructions on how to enter a chat room (specific instructions are provided for those using AOL).

    have been trying to stop this I have broken probley 30 stems I’ve blocked dealers numbers and most importantly I’ve decided to make a change in my life numerous times its easy to want to change when you don’t have a dime in your pocket but I never can follow through with it. Our relationship has had so many problems because of me and my dishonesty and addiction I’m so desperate now I don’t even know where to begin the only person that knows about All this is my best friend he doesn’t even live here anymore I don’t have a support group but I have a few people who love me. I have thought about telling my girlfriend but I don’t think she would ever forgive me for getting fucked up the whole time she has been I recovery. Like I said before I’m beyond desperate I’m writing to the Internet just hoping that there is someone out there who will talk to me about this maybe tell me About their progress. I sure could use some advice

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