How long does methadone stay in your system?

Methadone is a long acting opioid. Methadone stays in your system and can be detected 2-4 days after last dose. More on methadone testing, detection times, and signs of methadone addiction here.

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Reviewed by: Dr. Dili Gonzalez, M.D.

Methadone can be detected in the blood, urine and saliva. In urine, methadone metabolites can test positive for 2-4 days after last dose.

Here, you will find a thorough review of methadone detection times, drug testing methods and addiction liability of methadone. Please leave your questions about methadone use, abuse or addiction at the end. We answer and respond to all legitimate comments with a prompt, researched reply.

How do you take methadone?

Methadone is available in oral solution, liquid concentrate, tablet, and powder. Methadone is most often ingested orally, and other routes of administration (snorting, injecting, etc.) are reliable indicators of methadone misuse or abuse.

What is methadone used for?

Methadone is a full mu opioid agonist which is used in opioid addiction treatment programs. Methadone specifically suppresses symptoms of opioid withdrawal methadone for 24 hours or longer or is used in combination with social and medical services in long term methadone maintenance programs. An opioid itself, at proper dosing, methadone usually reduces cravings for and the need to take stronger opioids. Methadone is also an effective analgesic and may provide pain relief when other pain relievers are ineffective.

Methadone has been recognized by the DEA as a Schedule II narcotic drug, which means that although it has a medical use, the risk for dependence, abuse and addiction are relatively serious.  These risks increase if you take methadone to get high.

Peak levels and half life of methadone

Methadone’s elimination half-life is between 8-59 hours. More specifically, the half-life of (R,S)-methadone is 15-60 hours, and 10-40 hours for (R)-methadone. The duration of analgesic action is between 4-8 hours. And although methadone reaches peak concentration in blood plasma at around 4 hours after dosing, it can be detected in the blood 30 minutes after intravenous or oral ingestion.

What is important to understand about methadone is that methadone’s full analgesic effect is usually not attained until after 3-5 days of dosing. And methadone can induce respiratory depression or cardiovascular problems as you start taking it. These risks need to be evaluated and assessed by you and your prescribing doctor before dosing begins.

Methadone drug testing

Most methadone drug tests are done via urine screen. Blood screens and saliva drug tests for methadone are also possible but are not used regularly in clinical settings. Although some doctors believe that concentrations of methadone in blood plasma tests are the “gold standard” to assess treatment compliance, blood testing is relatively impractical, costly, and difficult. Additionally, Methadone and other opioids can be screened via oral fluid, but this method is not currently used in practice very often.

Plus, you should know that proper samples for methadone contain at least two of its metabolites in order to be properly identified. Testing for metabolites prevents you from simply adding methadone to a sample.

So how long does methadone stay in the body? Methadone typically can be detected in urine for 2-4 days after use. Cutoff concentrations for a positive methadone drug test are at 300 ng/ml for both the intial and the confirmation drug screen.

Methadone and addiction

Methadone has an abuse liability similar to that of morphine. Like other opioids used for analgesia, methadone can abused for its euphoric effect. But methadone is also used clinically in long term clinical settings to offset withdrawal and cravings for harder drugs. So how do you know if you are becoming addicted to methadone or not?

Methadone addiction is characterized by compulsive use, use for non-medical purposes, and continued use despite harm or risk of harm. If you think that you have a problem with methadone, you probably do. Getting honest is the first step to getting help. In today’s world drug addiction is a treatable disease and not a stigmatized moral issue. Many treatment options are available, and we invite your questions or requests for help here.

Problems with methadone?

Please let us know. We will do our best to find you answers to your questions, or local resources that can help you find treatment.

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  1. Hi I recently was drug tested at work and take 40mls of methadone per day. When they sent my urine test away and tested at a laboratory it came back with a reading of 69mls defected. Why is this when I take 40mls per day?

  2. How long do I need to stop taking it to get dental work done and the pain medicine afterwards will work and I don’t have to worry about the anesthesia the dentist will give me

  3. I have been on methadone for over 2 years I have been off it for 5 days now just left the clinic at 24 Mg’s yes I have been feeling tired but its is out if everyone system withen 3 to 5 days it takes 4 to 6 weeks to feel “normal” again its all in how much d strong you are I was reading its worse than herion to come off of. Not even close first week of that is death

  4. I was able to e wean off of 100 mg of methadone that I was on for fiive years by going down five mg a week over five months & using a variety of supplements including cbd oil, turmeric, ginkgo biloba, valerian root, fish oil, magnesium, vitamin b12, melatonin, a multi vitamin & Advil. The only withdrawal symptoms were yawning & a little restlessness & anxiety which was alleviated by increasing my dose of cbd oil to 30 mg, so there is no doubt that cbd oil worked for me along with everything else. Methadone cllinics definitely help people but are a business & would love to keep you on maintenance as long as possible! I hope this info helps someone because it’s really not that hard & absolutely nothing compared to the horror stories.

  5. What can we happen without taking Methadone. My boyfriend is taking 4.5ml Methadone everyday. If he stops it suddenly, what can be happen? Please reply as soon as possible.???

  6. I last dank methadone last Wednesday,125miagrams. How long will it be still legged in my system,because I’m trying to switch to Suboxone strips.

  7. I need to take 1..10 milligram methadone for 4 days… I will start taking it tomorrow and take the last 1 on Fri… If I have a urine test on Wed at 3:00 pm.. Will it be out of my system by then? I REALLY need an answer today so I know if I can start taking them tomorrow…

  8. Used 10 mg methadone oral pill from friend to help withdrawal from Oxycontin till refill how long till I can go back on my pain med

  9. I was on liquid methodone for little over a year. I then quit going on the 24th of September and started Suboxone the 25th. Well I was piss tested on the 12th of October with methodone in my system. I had not taking any type of methodone since the 24th of September. Has anyone experienced this with methodone and Suboxone?

  10. Hi I’ve been on herion and crack for 20 years now but not used for a year I’m currently taking 45ml if methadone but I took my last dose on Monday and. Ow not had any methadone for 4 days why am I not going into withdrawals??????

  11. I’ve been taking methadone for six days for opioid withdrawal. I’m on my 7th day and without methadone and it’s been 29hrs since last methadone use. But I have five doses of zubsolv. My question is when can I take the zubsov without it making me feel sick? Is it safe to take the zubsolv.?

  12. I’ve been taking methadone for six days for opioid withdrawal. I’m on my 7th day and without methadone and it’s been 29hrs since last methadone use. But I have five doses of zubsolv. My question is when can I take the zubsov without it making me feel sick? Is it safe to take the zubsolv.?

  13. My son just got out of detox today on Monday they detox him with 25mg of methadone tues 20 we’d 15 thurs 10 and Friday 5 again 5mg .he’s going to be taking suboxone when can he start a t being safe. He has a job and subs don’t show up on drugs testing thank you.

  14. My husband is currently using heroin but is running out and getting sick. Someone offered him some methadone but unfortunately hes trying to seek help in methadone clinic and if he tests positibe for methadone they will not accept him. Can you tell me if he drinks today sunday will he test postive early tuesday morning.

  15. I’m using my friends phone. I took a half of a Methadone pill (5mg) last night. I still have the other half. I have a urine test in 8 days? I only took it because I was in so much pain. I couldn’t even stand to do dishes. So I grabbed a chair. I’m on Oxycodone. Cause of a herniated disc laying on my sciatic nerve. But I don’t get anymore till I go back to the doctors. I just started pain management. So the only gave me so many pills for right now. If I get I will never take the Methadone again. But it did help me sleep and take my daughter to school.

  16. I’ve been on 60mgs of methadone for 5years. I just walked off last Tuesday. I am getting on suboxone. How long do I have to wait to start taking the suboxone?

  17. Been on methadone for years and all was fine until recent! I have always been good as far as drug screens and just lately I had one come up with metabolite and the councilor says no methadone in sample, so now instead of going to the clinic every two weeks I was put back to daily. I talked to the Dr. onsite and he wouldn’t listen to me as far as he was concerned I was selling or giving my meds. away! Now unless I turn into some thing not me I do not give my meds. out or sell them for one I don’t need the extra cash and for another I have degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis with chronic pain sciatic nerve. I did some reading and came up with ultra rapid metabolizes and in one case a lady was given 1200 mgs. in three 400 mg. splits! What can I do? Thanks

  18. I am at 20mills of methadone i want to taper off by 5every week is this good i waa at 120 for two years on methadone but been going down becouse i want offf it how much should i be going down per week if i am at 20

  19. I am fully aware of the dangers regarding methadone. Due to 4 serious operations and other related health problems, I became addicted to pain meds. It was awful ! Its all I could think about. I hadn’t ever experienced anything like this. I used to drink, and wanted to just keep drinking but I stopped cold turkey! The pain meds weren’t anything that I would be able to put matter how hard I tried or would want to. After acknowledging my issue I decided to go check out the local methadone clinic. It was affordable, clean and they cared ! I was question about it ! My husband and I have been together over 20 yrs (now) but even back when i was getting up nerve to tell him about the clinic, I had so much shame. I didn’t want to upset him..he’d been through enough with me ! But he hung in! Now some 21 yrs, 3 kids, and no telling how many various pets..I am free ! With methadone I noticed that I was actually thinking of normal thoughts without trying to figure out where to get pills. Until that time I never knew how much of my strength, time and money was spent tracking down my next pill ! So no matter what others may think, methadone has saved everything for me. Yes I know that I’m just switching one addiction for another..but IM in control.
    Thank you for reading !

  20. I was taking 10mg methadone tablets prescribed by my doctor for severe pain.I took 2 tablets 4 times a day for 13 years.My doctor has recently retired so I have a new pain doctor.My last dose of methadone was 6/3/18.My first visit with my new doctor was 6/4/18.I have had 3 drug screens as of 7/23/18 and methadone is still testing positive in my urine.Can you please tell me why this is happening??Thank you,Tammy Brown.

  21. I took 4 .01 mg of Xanax on Monday around 4pm I have a drug test today at 10:30 am Thursday about 68 hours later I haven’t used in 5 years have been drinking gallons of water for 2 days is there anyway I will fail? Help ? Have I passed it ? I’m 5”7 180

  22. I’d like to know how soon I can begin Suboxone after my last methadone dose, as it is my understanding there must be no opoids in my system. I ask because my doctor wants to start suboxone today…only 48 hrs after my last dose and I’m afraid of experiencing withdrawals from the Naloxone. (Would really prefer to take Subutex, which is unavailable to me.?) Thanks for your help!!!

  23. I am on 270 mg per day of methadone
    I dosed at five am this morning and with my dad
    Broke down and will have to stay overnight
    Won’t get back to my dose until about 3pm tomorrow
    How will that affect me

  24. When they do a drug test will it say specifically if it’s hydrocodone, methadone or just say you have opiates in your system

  25. So I have to go see the dr. In 7 days. My question if they do a drug test does mtd come up as a opiate I take hydrocodone but I ran out and have taken mtd for a week. Can they say it’s mtd or just an opiate. I guess what m trying to say is do they see an opiate or would they it’s mtd. Thank you

  26. I have been on methadone for 10 months, started dosing at 60mg and then dosing down to 31mg now i have quit methadone completely, how long will it be before it gets out of my system completely? Thank you

  27. I want to thank the folks @ “Addiction Blog” for their concise yet simple way of presenting information on so many matters related to Mood/Mind Altering Drug Abuse and Addiction. This article was initially published 7 years ago, but every single fact stands true today, June 10, 2018 and that is because “Addiction Blog” personnel do their research prior to publishing information.
    I am a recovering addict, who became dependent on opiate pain medications after 14 years clean from all drugs, including ETOH = Alcohol. Thank God that I have great support and was able to get myself into a Methadone Treatment (Medically assisted ‘Detox.’) Program to address my dependency. A lot of 1/2 truths, or even 100% untrue statements about addiction and different treatment modalities are all over the internet and being able to find good and correct information is not easy!! I am a grateful recovering addict who appreciates facts!! Thank you. Maggie, Jamul, CA

  28. This is what really pisses me off though if you’ve been on methadone for 2 to 4 years or longer it takes 3 to 6 months for it to completely leave your system and it hurts so much when you take it for pain like I was taking it I never took it for no street drugs I was prescribed it for pain and now because of these in your laws I wanted to get off of it anyway but instead of having the time that other people had years before to slowly wean themselves off I went from taking 240 a month to nothing in less than 6 months then my pain management doctor put me on a 50 micrograms of Fentanyl which didn’t work I was so sick and I’m still a little sick at is bad button so much pain because I went in to let them know it wasn’t working so he stopped the Fentanyl patches and put me on 8 Mgs of Dilaudid 2 a day. That’s insane you not supposed to drop somebody off methadone like that especially somebody who has severe PTSD and you’re not supposed to cut benzos at the same time you cut methadone which he did so I’m having the pain from the methadone and benzo withdrawals. Just so you know I was molested as a child then I was hit by a car when I was 4 years old going 68 miles an hour down a residential Lane I’ve been raped 5 times in my life coincidentally the last time was by 5 men the man I originally invited in I was dating for 3 months but he ended up dragging me and calling some of his Air Force buddies over I can’t remember it but that’s what CSI told me after they process the scene and I had my rape kit done I was told I could never have children again because of the damage they did but for a year they tried to strangle me to death so all my cervical vertebrae ruptured except for the very last one the seventh one cages and rods in my lower back gallbladder removed I had a lapperell history of Pepsi with the vaginal apical posterior and anterior internal stitching to help prevent another prolapse of the uterus so I’ve been through a lot I’m only 36 so I do want off the medicine I want to get to a point where I can only take what I need an extreme pain but what he’s doing to me what this doctor is doing is not right if anybody knows if this qualifies as medical malpractice please let me know. I’m in San Antonio area so if anybody in the San Antonio area that’s a good doctor who will actually help me keep me on the medicine for a little while and then start me on occupational therapy while I exercise on my own like I had already started to but because of what the doctor decided to do I’m basically been getting sick for the last month so no exercising this month I haven’t been able to freaking eat literally I’ve only eaten two tacos and a bag of pretzels for the entire month I’ve been surviving on juice and water

  29. I have been on methadone almost 5years. Top dose was 186. I went down to 50mg slowly over 2years. At 50mg I was not stabilizing I stayed there for 6months. It was not getting better even after six months. I couldn’t take it so I started going back up. Now I feel I could never get off of it. Why is slow taper not even working?

  30. I’m quiting for family an a good job been coming off fast went from 85 to 60 stay there a month. Then cut to 40 .I would go slower but really need this job. I have a month to come of 40. May. Clonidine and a low-grade benzo if possible. I know it can’t be valum stays in urine to long.

  31. If I been on clinic for two years. An taper to a low dose. Will the 2-4 day still be the same for how long it is deticten in urine.

  32. I am on 180mg of methadone a day… I have not dosed in 3 days how many more days to i have to wait to be able to start sumboxen clinic

  33. How long will methadone be in my system after being in detox for 3 days and my last dose was 5 mg. Will it be in my system the next day which is the 4th day?

  34. I’m currently taking 10 millagrams of methadone pill form and 1 millagram of Xanax per day how long after I stop taking it can I pass a blood drug test? Please I’m desperately looking for an answer so if anyone knows please let me know thanks
    If I stop taking my methadone witch is only 10 millagrams per day plus I take 1 millagram of Xanax per day how long after I stop will I be able to pass a blood drug test

  35. I been taking methadone for 3 months.Its been 1 week since I took my methadone . I am still testing positive why is that?

  36. I do about 12 top 15 bags of heroin a day so what would be the ideal dose for me to start on methadone and I weigh 145 pounds and female

  37. Hi Everyone!! In May 2014 I was finally caught and put in jail after running for over 2&1/2 yrs. Well I was going to the methadone clinic fort about 3yrs. going every day and dosing at 160mg. I weigh est. 125lbs. I just knew from my last cold turkey experience that I was going to suffer TREMENDOUSLY for a good long 45-60 full strong days!! When I first got to jail I slept on the floor n made myself eat every time chow crane astound and drink plenty, plenty of juice n fluids & I also made myself take a shower each n every single morning or afternoon after going out to the reck yard!! HONESTLY, ppl. I slept each night. Stayed completely out of my head not ever really thinking about methadone period!! I had a few body aches n leg cramps or restless leg syndrome but nothing major at all!!! By the grace of God who was watching over me I never ever suffered with the withdrawal symptoms!! Guess a lot had to do with me knowing I couldn’t get out and get anything so I fought my brain thinking about it!!! Good Luck? to those quitting!!

  38. So I get random drug test 1-2 times a week and I am on a prescription for hydrocodone 10mg everyday which is prescribed for my bad knee so the people who test me know I come up dirty for that but today I accidentally took a half of a 10mg methadone pill. “My bf takes methadone and got out daily thing confused” I’m freaking out because if I’m dirty for anything but hydrocodone I’m screwed I am 5’4 and I weight 260 how long do you think it will be in my system for a half of 10mg methadone pill? What can I do to get it out of my system

  39. Can methadone show up 50hrs\60hrs after last dose, in oral screen. I’m hoping it will, but I was sick and couldn’t take meds and had oral drug test and am wondering if it will show up, especially since I was so dehydrated that I barely was able to get swab wet enough to test.

  40. I’ve done my methadone reduction from 50ml at the rate of 2 mil per week I’m on my last week how ill can I expect to be coming off the last two mil and how long can I expect it to last for thank you Ian

  41. Hi on a first-time urine test by your doctor How many panels do they normally take? I forgot my normal medication from an awful surgery that left me with permanent nerve damage and my brother has Methadone for rheumatoid arthritis so I took one and then a day after my doctor told me when I come in for my new prescription in 2 days I will have to take a urine sample it’s my first one ever so I took a 12 panel home test and tested positive for it.I found out I had to take my first urine test after these new rules and regulations to continue my prescriptions Do they do the full 12 panel? on a first time urine test by your doctor? Do you know how many panel they normally take?

  42. If my system is completely clean and I take 10 mg of methadone how long would it take to get out of my system typically ?

  43. I need to know exactly how long it will take for 60mlg of Methadone to not show up in a doctor quick urine test bc he wants me off to switch me over to suboxone so when should I stop going to the clinic if my appointment is w him on April 3rd?

  44. As a patient i have to say after years of methadone use i have been trying to taper and wean off….yet my clinic doctors are always objecting to my wanting to reduce my dose….I hardly take the carries they give me and i know its time and im ready to cease the use of this drug entirely….i feel like they want to keep me hooked..??? Little do they know what im up to as ive been clean for years….they seem to be in fear of losing another patient….money?

  45. Hi there. I was on methadone for almost 3 years. Only 20mg a daily. It took my body almost 5weeks to pass a methadone drug screen. The 2-4 days must be for a one time user.

  46. I’ve been on Loritab/percocet for over 15 years. I’ve been on it so long that neither one seem to help with the pain anymore because I’ve switched back and forth between the two once one didn’t seem to help he would switch me to the other one. Well they’ve gotten so expensive that I can’t afford to pay $200 for a months supply of 120 perc 10/325 or $100 a month for 120 Loritab 10/325 for a months supply. So my question is, is Methadone equivalent to either of the pain medications that I spoke of prior to naming methadone as for chronic pain due to protruding bulged disc thats caused the cushioning between each vertebrae to deteriorate which causes them to rub together causing severe pain, nerve pain and pinching of nerves. The injury to my back has also cause a disease called spondylosis to develop which is a degenerative disc disease. So basically I need to know since the other two pain medications he’s had me go back and forth using don’t work any longer and are too expensive to buy and not get little to no relief would Methadone be a better route for me to go? I’ve researched the info on Methadone on several sites on how effective it is when used for pain and it stated that it’s very effective when used for chronic pain as well as from opiate withdrawal from the other two I’ve been on for do many years. Also, I was given some methadone from someone I know and they told me to try them and see if they helped any better then the percs and Lora

  47. How can you tell if your doctor is requesting a 5-10-12 panel drug tezt? What do you look for on the requisition? I am prescribed 2-20mg oxyneos a day but am taking small amounts of methadone each day to make my script last longer because i need to take 3 a day to be comfortable but my doctor wont give me the extra one pill a day. I dont want my doctor to know im taking the methadone because i will.lose my script all together

  48. T- bone. The answer is yes… My best friend was hired at the local rock quarry and went to work but when his urine test came back positive for methadone he was terminated. He had a script as well for over 7 years they said it was because of the machinery. I don’t agree with this But it was written in his handbook. Make sure you find in writing however that no pain meds etc are not allowed while on the job.

  49. I have been on methadone for 14 years but not through a clinic. I was taking it for back pain and getting prescriptions through my PCP doctor I am going to have back surgery next month so I wanted to be off the methadone so the other pain meds would help after surgery my question is “how long will it take before all the methadone will be out of my system” I’m currently experiencing withdrawals from the methadone (mostly at bedtime) even though I am on another opiate (oxycodone 20mgs 4xs daily)which was just increased from the 15mgs 3xs daily. I stopped the methadone when I was down to 10mgs. I honestly thought the increase would stop the withdrawals from the methadone but it hasn’t worked that way. I’m currently taking clonidine to help with withdrawals and I also take Neurontin.They both help but not at night when I’m trying to sleep. Will the methadone be completely out of my system by next month for my surgery? I’m very worried about this and I’m really hoping that I can get some answers soon. Thank you

  50. I am going on 14yrs of methadone use which is almost half my life I started taking it before I was even legal age to be on it at the time but I was trying to kick the heroin addiction. I was at one time put in jail and waiting on another state to come get me the jail in my town gives methadone if ur in a clinic but they start u on a 21day detox well I never got to finish I was picked up by Indiana which did not give methadone and I had to finish cold turkey well 45 days later I still wasn’t sleeping, had hot an cold sweats, my skin crawled at night and it was just this because of how long I been on it? Is there any hope for me ever getting off this stuff?

  51. To whom this may reach, Ive been a methadone
    Patient from going on 6 1/2 years. My question is
    On a dose of 40 mg/ day for 6.5 yrs.. how long or is it
    Possible for this medication to be in urine one month but none
    Detected the next? Thanks

  52. I have been In methodon treat ment for like 7 months I’m on 50mg. I havnt had my dose in 3 days is it okay for me to take subs to get though the with draws?

  53. Hello, I live in Ontario Canada. My question is a legal one. I am prescribed methadone and have been for a couple years. I was wondering if a company can legally turn you down for a position based solely on the fact that you tested positive for Methadone in the pre-employment urinalysis? My doctor says that I am on a stable dose and that there is no danger of me operating any heavy equipment.

  54. I took 160 mg Of methadene 8-10 hours so hour ago I took another 80 mg wit 4 mg Xanax am I still gonna b high or normal ????

  55. Would methadone cause ur fingers n arm(up to elbow n minus the pinky)go numb after takin it? Took it yesterday(not the 1st time)n when i woke up rhis morning my hans was numb. I also slept on it n did alit of strenuous outdoor work yesterday also so not sure. Just wanted to check

  56. I’m not trying to sound rude or disrespectful but when you say it’s a treatable disease and many options out there for the disease 0f addiction I have to disagree, I wish I could agree honestly I really do but if that were a true statement I wouldn’t be on methadone right now. I hate it i honestly honestly hate having to take something just to be ok. It really is depressing and it makes me feel like a dam junkie still. I was on heroin for about two years and was in 6different rehab centers and finally I think this last one actually worked. I haven’t done anything for about a month and a half now,I was completely off everything for two weeks and after that I couldn’t take the withdraw symptoms anymore and I got on 10milligrams of methadone daily and have been taking them every day since but i wish I didn’t have to. I wanted to be completely off every thing and be completely sober but i just couldn’t stand being sick anymore it was the hardest two weeks in my entire life. And the people from rehab the Drs said you’ll be good once you leave here you’ll have withdraws but not as bad as before. Yeahright it was bad very very bad! So when you say there’s treatment I have to disagree bcuz regardless of where you go once you get out you will withdraw and that’s exactly what i went in to avoid and every single time I’d get out same thing sick sick sick. So if I’m doing something wrong or didn’t go to the right place and you know of a better way or place please please let me know I’d love to get off these pills already and just be normal or regular you just be able to get up and feel good not amazing just not sick that’s all I’m trying to accomplish.

  57. I have cervical and spinal stinosis, disc herniation, degenerative bone disease. Prescribed Robaxin, gabapientin and Tylenol 3 with codine 300mg – 1 every 8 hours. I ran out of my Tylenol/codine a little early because of the severity of pain I am in. I’ve never taken methadone in my life. A friend of mine gave me A few to try. I took 2 -10 mg Friday, 3 – 10 mg Saturday and 2-10mg Sunday. That equals the 70 mg over the weekend. They helped with my pain and could sleep for the first time in a long time all night. I have my first appointment with the pain management doctor tomorrow at 2:00 PM . How long will they stay in my system? I need to know if I should reschedule. I hope I get a reply pretty quick

  58. I have taken methadone for the first time in years due to having major hand surgery, and the Subutex I take everyday wasn’t working at all, I take it for pain management.hit by a Mack truck on foot. I took the methadone after I saw my pain management Dr on Tuesday, and have to see him this Tuesday, and have a high metabolism, and drink a lot of water and soda.

  59. I have taken one dose today early afternoon(Tuesday), after not taking any for years, and I see my doctor on Tuesday of next week. that’s a whole week of only taking 80 mgs because I was just through major hand surgery
    please let me know if I’ll pass my urine screen next week, I’m6foot 1 inch tall and weigh close to 190 pounds, and am very highly metabolized due to ptsd from getting hit by a Mack truck while jogging to work and the3 brain surgeries that followed, including a very bad seizure disorder that keeps me taking a3 med regimen to keep it under control. this is just a one time deal for today to help me with this excruciating pain. I take Subutex and Gavapentin for pain management now, but it isn’t even making a dent. I feel badly for taking it, but I saw no other recourse because my Dr wouldn’t let me fill the prescription that the hospital released me with. please help me know if I should be ok by next Tuesday, and I will not be doing this again. when the pain comes back , I will take the Subutex and Gavapentin. sincerely B Zimbo

  60. How long does methadone stay in your system after you stop taking it? Can it be detected in a urine drug screen after not taking it for a week? I have brought my self down to 10 mg and I am trying to ween myself off so I don’t have to depend on it anymore I want my life back so please let me know the best way to come off of it without the withdrawal symptoms because I do work and I also have children and I don’t want them to see me like that. I have been taking methadone for a year now and I only take 30 mg but I have been taking 20 mg to ween off and I am working on getting off of it but I have a drug screen on the 28 of Sept if I stop now will I pass the drug screen it’s for a better paying job please help me

  61. I’ve been dosing at a methadone clinic for awhile now. Like 10years and my highest dose was 160. I stopped going and was gonna try the suboxone strips and waited over 72hours and took a tiny piece of one and it threw me into the worst withdrawals I’ve ever had. Friday was my last methadone dose. When will the subs start working?

  62. I know these posts are old but still wanted to tell my story in hopes that it will help other that find this site. I was addicted to opiates (6-8 10mg percocet & 4 60mg MS Contin, crushed daily) when I started looking to the streets to buy I decided I needed to do something. I went to a methadone clinic instead of in patient rehab as I had young children and going away for months wasn’t an option. I started out on 25mg of Methadone (liquid) and at the urging of my counselor eventually went up to 100mg daily. I did mess up a lot in the beginning (getting other opiates from family and friends) but eventually straightened out. I was on 100mg for about 5yrs then decided I needed to start coming off the crud. I slowly (very slowly), like 10mg every 3 months, started coming down. After 2yrs I was finally down to 15mgs daily and only had to go every 2 weeks because I earned take homes. Since the beginning of the year (Jan.2017) I stared tapering again going down 5 mg every month then 2-3 mg after that to finally reach 1mg. I have now been off the methadone completely, no other drugs except advil and my diabetes/hypertension meds, for 8days with no major withdrawl symptoms. My original pain from back and arm surgery seems worse but that’s because the Methadone was helping with that but I have come to realize I am a lot stronger than I thought! Was on pain meds for 4yrs then on Methadone for 7yrs and if I can do there is hope for everyone! I wish all good luck in coming of this horrible drug!

  63. I am considered morbidly obease 332 lbs. I took 125 mg of liquid methadone 12 days ago for 2 days. I am still peeing the motabilities. Last month it was over 26 days and i was still peeing it. The level is like 1200. Sounds like i took it yesterday. Why? I was on it 2 yrs ago for over a yr,could it be in my fat cells and still coming out?

    1. Hi Joanne. Firstly, methadone is an opiate and has an extremely long half-life. Your level of hydration, metabolism, and general health state can also influence the slow excretion of the drug. It is also possible for methadone to accumulate in fat cells as a way of protecting the body from the harmful accumulated levels of toxins.

  64. I have been told my 25 yr old daughter has been doing meth. I’ve confronted her but we just end up arguing. She was 223 lbs in Dec and now probably only 150 or 160 in July that’s 7 months. She calls me a lier and said she only lost 40 lbs in the last 2 yrs but everyone knows differently. She is keeping my grandkids from seeing me now and has bit want to talk to me on the phone way before we got into an argument she just says she don’t like to talk on the phone. She had also attacked me a couple times after I yelled because the kids are being neglected. Once she punched me and shoved me this last time she put her hands on my mouth and held it shut and started calling me vulgar names and I had smacked her to get her away from me and I dropped my keys as I went to bend over to get them she kicks me in my back then tried to shove me down the stairs. She stays in her room all day with the door locked and the 2 small kids 1 in her room with her food on the floor and the other one downstairs. She use to stay up late but she also sleeps a lot what could if any drugs could she be using. I’m just so heartbroken over the loss of our relationship. She also said she is like this because she was molested when she was 3 and it’s my fault although I did everything I could to get help once I found out and she never acted like this towards me before just the last yr when she has been with some questionable guys and this one girl.

  65. I have a urine drug test Monday morning and I was going to take 10 mg of methadone to help fight off my withdrawal symptoms tonight. I have a Very high metabolism. Do you think it will be out of my system by then? I am fully aware self medicating is not recommended. I want to get off oxycodone and and my last dose was Thursday. I go see the Dr Monday morning (that’s what the drug test is for) but I can’t wait until then. I have used methadone before but never regularly.

  66. To the pepole cold turkeying it. I went and bought a morphine pill so i could get on methadone for pain no shit.just seemed easier didnt know anything about it but i could walk after 2yrs i could run was all strung out on it wouldnt just give ya20 25 a week .to take as needed they kept going up up up was on 100aday liquid got chewed on by big dog bad cracked bones lots offpunctire holes any way nothing would help for pain couldnt even hold stearing wheel felt like wiening off was getting ripped off pissed and shit foam forfew weeks took 3mon. To not feel like total shit someone brought me meth so i could EAT almost died i think methadone should be banned worse thing i ever quit

  67. I take methadone 10mg bid. Had an emergency out of the state and forgot to bring my medication. I have to have a urine test on Thursday at 2:30 to make sure i have it in my system. Will it still be in my system for my test?i am on the drug for major back problems i also take percoet 1000/325 for breakthrough pain and took one of those around noon yesterday which would be on a sunday took the last dose of methadone around 3pm yesterday on sunday. Can you please help me with my question

  68. i have not had methadone in 9 mos, been clean,all of a sudden 3 weeks ago I owe positive for methadone, y? I could get discharged from pm, i do take phenegan, bentyl,and benadryl to sleep can any of those cause positive urine, please help me,

  69. I am prescribed 40mg if methadone and up to 6 750/325 viccodine daily for about 12 years now. I usually take 20-30mg of methadone and 3-4 viccodine everyday. I have a blood test coming up and was wondering how many days would I need to take my full dosage for my levels to be where they should be.

  70. I had a bad migraine last Wednesday and my mom gave me one of her 10mg methadone and now I have to take a pre employment drug test Monday. Will it be out of my urine by then?

  71. I am on 38 ml of methadone and iv only been taking 5 ml a day because I’v got to go for a blood test and I want to. give a clear blood sample how long does it take to get out my system

  72. What is the best way to get methadone out of your system in order to pass a blood test? Will drinking lots of water help?

  73. Hi, i have been on methadone for a year now. I have gone from a hundred mgs. to 10mgs. My muscles are tightening and loosening. Doesn’t hurt,just aggravating. Is there anything over the counter that will help with this aggravation? Thank you.

  74. ive been taking liquid methadone for 2 weeks at my local clinic. i am up to 45 mg a day. ive heard methadone gets in your bones and can stay in your system for up to 14 days. i may have a drug test in the next 9 days. in your opinion if i didnt take any more could i pass that drug test?

  75. hello, my name is Josh and i am currently going to a methadone clinic. ive been going for 2 weeks now and am only taking 45 mg. i may have a possible drug test in the next 9 days and was thinking about just not going bk to the clinic. my question for u is will i be able to pass a drug test in 9 days time? ive heard rumors of methadone getting in your bones and staying in ones system for 2 to 3 weeks at a time. what do u have to say on this matter?

  76. My daughter recently found an empty bottle of 10ml prescription Methadone Hydrochloride in her vehicle.
    It’s her boyfriends. He says he takes it weekly to pass a drug test. He is trying to get custody of his son back. We her parents were under the impression that he quite drugs four years ago when he found out he was going to be a dad. We knew he was going for monthly testing to prove he was not using. Now he says he does it weekly. My daughter and he now have a 3 month old. We have also seen signs in him that are questionable . He falls asleep standing up, several times a day.
    He disappears to go for coffee five minutes from home but is gone for up to an hour. She is afraid to leave the baby alone with him cause of the sleep thing for fear he will not be taken care of. Should she be worried, she is scared. She has put a lot out to help him out and has lost a lot.
    She does not know where to turn. Looking for some insight please

  77. Hi there,I have a question that Im sure you can answer for me.I am currently going to a detox clinic and I am on 140 mg of Methadose(Methadone)for a year question is,Ive noticed for approx.2 weeks now that after dosing maybe an hour or 2 I end of throwing up,and I cant seem to figure out whats causinv it,so I kind of began to think maybe Im ready to stop taking methadone.and the reason I have came to that conclusion is due to when i use to abuse a certain kind of opioid I began throwing it up and it was away my body was saying “NO MORE”.so I now Im doing the same way with my met&adose each day.but seriously,I do not look forward to getn up and going to the clinic for my daily dose,bcuz as soon as I put it in my mouth I begin to gag…please help me figure out what i need to do next about this,????I would so very much be greatful for ur advice.

  78. Im not a methodone additic i just ran out of my regular pain meds, (percs.10& roxys) and i need a drugtest w/my primary care doc. So will the.methodone just show up like opiates will? If you know please dont hesitate to text me.

  79. My new pain management doctor stopped the methadone and put me on norco. She wants me to do a urine sample to make sure im not taking the methadone anymore but didn’t tell me how long to wait to get it. How long should i wait to make sure it’s out of my system?

  80. I take 100mcg of fentanyl for chronic back pain every 48hrs. 1 patch fell off a half a day early. I took 20 mg a week ago n think Im being calld in for a random urine test. Do U think the methadone will show up? Thanks

  81. I have been on 30mg of pill form methadone for at least 10 yes through pain management. I never abused it but non the less I am certainly addicted to it. Pain Mgmt has a new policy and between their policy changes and government envolvement into what they can legally prescribe I and my PA @ the group decided to start lowering my dose.I am down to 5mg now but I am so sick. How long will this last? Any answers would be appreciated. T-

  82. if i took (10) 10 mg of methadone(i have chronic back pain and ran out of my meds so a friend gave me a few of his), how long will this stay in my system. i have a dr.’s appt in 2 weeks at my pain mgmt clinic and wank to know if it will show up in my urine test

  83. My fiance just admitted that he had been on methadone for 3 years. He has been clean since March 30th, so a little over two weeks. He came home last night and I told him I thought he was high and asked him to take an at home urine test. After asking he did the next morning and it was a very small sample. He woke me and told me he left it in the bathroom. I tested it and it was positive for methadone. He tells me it’s still in his system bc he was an avid user for 3 plus years and that’s just still there from 2-3 weeks ago. Is this true? Can it stay in your system for that long and be detected on an at-home urine test? Or is he feeding me lies and is the test truly positive like it says. Meaning he did actually use when I thought he had. Yesterday. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond.

  84. YA I WAS WOUDING IF THE PRBTION OFFICE HAVE A WAY OF DETECTION THE LEVELS OF ethadon in ur system thank u because I just got a piss test today

  85. Can you explain briefly in detail a little more about the 300ml concentration cutoff? The reason is i relapsed after being a yr clean by taking 1/4 of a 40 mg methadone tablet on this past thursday and have an important urine drug screen this tuesday. So thats 5 days for 10 mg to metabolize and im worried it wont be im very active outdoors trying to help boost metabolism. Any suggestions

  86. So could you explain a little better in detail what u mean about the 300 ml concentration cutoff? I went to a clinic for a yr then ordered my dr to do a msw. Have been clean for a yr but this past thursday i took 1/4 of a 40 mg tablet and have a important urine test the following tuesday? Im scared the 10 mg will still test positive with it only being 5 days? Any suggestions?

  87. Hello. I was 10 yrs clean off opiates, morphine specifically, and relapsed on heroine for 1 yr. In the end I was shooting 2-3 GM high quality heroine a day. I switched to methadone about 10 days ago, starting at 30 mg, and adjusting up to 60 to feel well for 24 hours over a period of 9 days. I had to move away from any clinic and have quit abruptly. Any idea how sick I will be getting. I’ve read conflecting reports.

  88. I was on methadone
    Matenice for Two years and I was on 80 mg I haven’t dosed in 11 days and I’m curious if it is out of my body. I am going through horrible withdrawal. But hoe long does it usually take to get out of the body?

  89. I’m currently weening off I have 2 days left at 10 mg then 4 days at 5 mg. some little jerk at the clinic told me two days after my last dose I’ll go into a hellish withdrawal. I’m allergic to it so I threw up for 2 months at the beginning every day. How bad can I expect it to be and what will help besides opiates because I’m entering a long term rehab in 1 month and will NOT mess that up. How long should the ” hell ” last? I haven’t been sick yet other then hot flashes.

  90. If you are on methadone maintenance and you missed three doses, how much methadone should you take on the fourth day upon beginning your maintenance?

  91. My husband gave a ua his counselor told him there was. No methadone in his test, so this has resulted in not getting another take home he was due for. I watch him take his dose how can there be any truth to this ???

  92. I take 300 mg a day and I used one of those faucets powerful faucets that shoot all the liquid out at once if I took one now would it last until Monday.

  93. I am on methadone have been for about 3 yrs. My last ua test I was told didn’t have any methdone in my system so I wasn’t going to get my 5th take home this happened to me back in November I have no reason not to tell the truth. Do you have any idea why this would happen. Really angers me. I’ll be waiting for your reply. Thanks

  94. I started my methadone program while pregnant, and now, 13 years later can’t imagine life without it. So I totally feel the one’s of you that are able to get off of it are just absolutely incredible people.

  95. Hi, I currently take 40mg a day for the past 3 months but today i was only given 30mg. Am i going to be sick or will i be fine until tomorrow when it’s corrected? I’ve only been on methadone for a few months and don’t know much about it so im very nervous. I only hear horror stories all the time. Does anyone know?

  96. My mind and brain is completely frazzled I wont get up out of bed until I think I have slept at least 1 hour .This has being going on for at least 3 months I lie down between 12 and 2am dont sleep and this is a guess until 7am to 9am then wont rise until 4•5pm as thats when my body feels like it needs its methadone dose as its only 34ml, I shower maybe every 3 to 4 days a week and if I dont shower I dont go out as I feel all sweaty, its this meth plus my mental health from the effects of to many class abc,s cant go out due to fear, dont eat, properly, very accident prone, terrible at managing money, irratible also I have to add im coming off diazepam after 25 years from 20mg to 10mg, im currently waiting to see a shrink asap for me I know, I could give u 100 more problems due to my tapering but cant be bothered

  97. Hi I’m on a methadone script 40ml a day,,I’m applying for my licence bk after a dd ban. I hav to hav a medical which consists of a urine sample and a blood test,,how long should I refrain from takin methadone prior to my medical examination

  98. It took me approx.8 months to go from 110 mg. methodone to 1 mg.stayed on 1 approx 2 weeks then took 1/2 mg for 4 days. That was 10 days ago past couple hours seems like every 15 min. I have yellow watery bowel movements. Hoping they are related.

  99. Haven’t taken any drugs in years. Then of course I took 5mg of methadone on Friday around 6pm. Was randomly drug tested at work on Tuesday at 830 am. Good metabolism. 5’9 175lb. What are the chances I failed? I tested myself with a 12 panel the same day about 4 hours later and passed. P.s. the test at work DOES test for methadone…

  100. I’ve been on fentanyl patches but they’re very expensive and I don’t have insurance. So pain management asked me to set up a check up appointment. I didn’t have enough money to pay for that the ua and the patches in the same pay period so I took methadone, which is what I switched from before. To stretch patches out. Now I’m worried it won’t be out of my system in time for ua. It’s been2 days already and I don’t take the ua for another6 (I took minimal amount for approx a week) thanks

  101. Kratom mang daily (probably spelt that wrong) it is an opioid that is sold in local smoke shops. Take this for tapering faster off methadone. My fiance dropped down to 8ml in 1 1/2 and then stopped. .. used kratom for a week after and was done…no withdrawal. You CANNOT use opiates at all!!! or it will not work. Also vitadone is a muti vitamin that they recommend with methadone users to get more function’s back like sex drive. Its mental… at 8 ml he didn’t have it in his metabolism anymore after a few hours… kratom… government tried to ban…that’s how u know it works!

  102. I took 10 methadone 5mg pain pills within a four day period approximately 6-7 days prior to a urine drug test for a job. The methadone didn’t seem to be detected however hydrocodone was detected because I was given a prescription for it four days prior for a medical procedure I had done. Therefore they sent it to a lab for further testing. Will the methadone be detected in the lab test??? Anxiously waiting for answer pleeze! Thank you

  103. How long does it take methadone to leave your system or your unborn childs system. And how far back can it be detected in a baby’s stool or blood or urine once she or he is born

    1. Hello Laura. Babies born addicted to methadone will go through withdrawal after delivery, usually within 3 to 7 days after birth. However, there are some symptoms that can persist for several weeks or months.

      Urine is the most frequently used specimen for detecting recent exposure to methadone in a newborn. The presence of opiates in urine right after birth reflects use by the mother within a few days of delivery.

      The presence of drugs in hair reflects several months of exposure as substances stay in hair a long time. Testing is not as simple, and other contaminants in the sample can affect the results of the screening for opiates.

  104. I have been taking liquid methadone for past 15 years. Only about 10 to 20 ml per day as split dose. I want to do a one week subutex reduction so cut dose down to 1 x4ml. Took last 4 ml over 40 hours ago but am not experiencing the severe withdrawals I used to when taking heroin and meth years ago (10 years since last heroin). The withdrawals are mild. Still uncomfortable though. When can I start subutex? I plan to take 1mg to start with and 1mg 1 hour later. Terrified of precipitated wd tho.

  105. I just took 30 mg oral methadone accidentally thinking it was my usual Oxycodone that I am prescribed. I’ve also never touched that in my life. Will I be okay? And How long will that typically take to get out of my system for drug test purposes at my doctors office? Please help.

  106. hi all,

    I am asking this for a friend he took 20 mg of methadone the kind in (juice) Thursday evening at 9:00 pm and he got called in for a urine test Monday at 10:30 am (98.5 hours) he takes 200 mg of morphine daily and that is the first time he ever drank methadone he said the only effect it had was slept OK Thursday night he is 145 pounds so very skinny the test is lab gc/ms and they use a 100 ng/ml (methadone metabolite EDDP) screening cut of for methadone can anyone tell me if he will be ok as far as the methadone showing up or not or not just your thoughts please and thanks.

  107. I have been taking methadone for about 12 years highest dose was 40mg, most recently 10mg (past 4-5 years) I have quit altogether 2 months ago. I took a drug test 3 weeks ago and tested positive for methadone and I just took a home test and still tested positive for it. I swear I haven’t taken it and most sites say it is out of system in 3-4 days. I have a really good job opportunity and I have worked so hard to get it but am afraid I will fail test can someone tell me how long before I can confidently pass drug test or at least direct me to a reputable site I can show employer that it is possible to test positive when in factor are clean please help?

  108. I was one suboxone for 4 years and I got myself Dow. To 1/2 strip a day but due to loss of insurance and the fact that Medicaid is government run…I had to go to methadone. I am currently on 45 mg a day and have to travel every morning to do this. The thought of withdrawing from suboxone was terrifying. It. Is worse than getting off heroine and anyone who tells you there is no withdrawal is full of crap..I will get down to zero on the methadone, I am determined.

  109. i was stuck on pain pills for a few years i heard about methadone i tried it its been 8 months and i decided to stop i tried to tapper off before got down to 5 mg and couldn’t do it i went back up to 30 and felt like i was their puppet i work LoNG HOURS sometime 3 to 4 weeks straight thru 6am to 6pm it was interfering with work i had to pick either work or the drug soo today is day # 7 without dosing how long will i have to deal with this withdraw i had to work thru my withdraw dont ask me how i did it i couldn’t tell you mind you i work in a wearhouse is the the worst part over with

  110. My husband was prescribed 10 mg tab twice daily for pain management. He requested to go off this medication bc it gives him stomach issues as well as over all feeling shitty. However it does help make his other medicine work better such as Percocet. When asking his doc if he could go back on methadone for the really bad days due to severe pain because his job is physically demanding he was told no bc it may effect his heart, why would they prescribe this medication to begin with? And cant they request he have an ekg to make sure all is well? I always thought this drug built up in your system and stayed in your system longer than most drugs. Is this false?

  111. I was on 100ml methadone daily for about 10 months, I was switched to hydromorphone. Today is my 16th day off methadone, my urine is still showing positive for methadone. I’m female 5’4 125lbs.

  112. I took methadone to get off of heroin. I walked away from 95 dose for the last three months. I haven’t felt bad yet and it’s been 5days. I was wondering if it is over now. Am I clean and will I feel effects later?

  113. I had twenty 10 milligrams pills I took up to 40 milligrams and then started taking less now I’m taking 5 milligrams and have enough for two days before I run out.and I don’t want to take any more. Will I be able to function?

  114. I have been on methadone as a pain maintenance program. I have used it for 20 years. I begin to feel pain in about 6 hours and withdrawal symptoms from 8 to 12 hours . My Dr says it is impossible for me to have withdrawal that soon, is that true ?have never felt any kind of high on it and I have been on 300 to 180 and 40 mg a day. My family Dr says it impossible to have withdrawals from methadone , is that true ? My pain doctor has given me a new RX for Levorphanol to replace the methadone. Doctor tells me it is just like methadone and as strong and that there will be no withdrawal? I don’t know much about Levorphanol I have never heard of it. I am terrified after 20 years that I will have withdrawal . Do you have any good information on Levorphanol ? Is it like methadone ? Is it even an opiate ? Thanks for your time.

  115. I was on 125 MG methadone for 4 yes. Been completely off it for 4 months. I have no touched it. However did a urine screen at doctor and tested positive. Why?? I’m now at risk of losing my pain doctor. I did suffer kidney,and liver failure 3 yes ago and was on dialysis for 6 weeks.

  116. Ive been taking 5mg of methadone for the last 3months,an decided to just tryin go without..I feel ok for now,but I’m just kinda stressing out a lil bit that I’m gonna start withdrawling..If anybody can give some advice I would really appreciate it..thank you

  117. I have used methadone only in the past 3 days Sunday night was my last 20 mg each day … question is is the standard pre employment drug test …test for methadone and if so how long would I have to wait before I could take my test

  118. I took myself off methadone after 8 years. It took 34 months and now im on percocet for my severe pain along with zanaflex , which i have also been on for 3 yrs. I still feel like im going to crawl out of my own skin. How long should this take to go away. I also want to get off the zanaflex. & do herbal remedies for my pain from giant cell and a brain tumor with seizures. All i want to do is cry. What is normal?

  119. Will my kids be taken off me if I ask for help to come off methadone?? They are13 4 & 2. I take as I’m addicted to prescribed Valium and didn’t get my prescription and couldn’t look after my kids properly and asked somebody I knew. I take 10 mg every day. I’m scared ill die if I do it myself or should I ?? Only been 6months I be taking it but I’m scared to ask for help in case my children are took away as I am a great mum. Please somebody answer me xx

  120. Brandi, if you’re still looking for an answer to your question, demand a peak and trough test. It will show them how your body metabolizes your methadone, maybe your body is using it up too quick and you need to be on a higher or split dose. Good luck!!

  121. To the mother looking for answers, good luck. I hope you find what your looking for. Addiction is an awful thing to live thru and now that I’m clean (9 yrs) and see what it’s like to see the ones you care about struggling I understand that when I was using and thinking I was only hurting myself, I was wrong. If there were trace amounts found in his system it could be from any of many reasons. And unfortunately, you may never find out exactly what happened. But I hope you find what you need to get some peace. <3

  122. Marcus , it kinda depends if that was the only day you took it or if you took it the days before too, chances are a week after only taking 5mg you’ll be safe but your body metabolism can add or subtract a day or to as well. I wish you luck!

  123. I took a 5mg methadone today I/22/2016and have a pain management appointment on Wednesday 9/28/2016 and I was wondering how long it will take to be out of my system. I. Really hoping it will be gone so I can go to my first appointment and be able to pass and start the meds I need to help. Thank you very much for your help Marcus g

  124. On 11-25 -16 it will be ten years since my sons body was discovered. The autopsy said there were trace amounts of methadone in his system. His body was discovered early in the day but not reported until late early evening.
    Some of the family members where be was found worked in a pharmacy. They have knowledge of medications.
    My head is clear from the meds I was taking.
    I waged my own personal war on drugs when I was told that by law I was obligated to tell my employer of my meds I take why I needed them.
    I stopped my meds, lost my crappy job and now I am back to searching for answers to what happened to my 19 year old son.

  125. Hi, please help! I have run out of my merhadone for pain mgmt, except for 40mg. I am prescribed 20mg per day. I am 125 lbs. 5’4″ female. Today is the 15th, i took 30 mg on the 13th. I have a urin screen at 10am on the 23rd. When should i take it ans how much in order to pass a urine screen???

  126. I currently go to the methadone clinic I drink my methadone orally every single day I also take other medications my clinic is now detoxing me to milligrams a day because I’m coming up negative for Methadone when I first came here I did heroin Dilaudid Blues methadone and I only came up dirty for weed now four years later I’m being penalized for having no Methadone in my system I drink my methadone what do I do

  127. I have been taking methadone for about six or seven years now along with oxytocin. All of a sudden my doctor has taking everyone off of it, said it was causing people to have heart problems. I am in my pain now than ever. I’m hot, but I’m cold. The only place that doesn’t hurt is my head. I would cry if I knew I wouldn’t get a headache. How long will it take for me to feel better. I took 5mg every six hours.. I’m 50 years of age. And I’ve noticed my blood pressure is the lowest ever been in years, never had high blood pressure. Now its 105/57 heart rate 61. I don’t have the strength to do anything. I’m also on other meds. Lyrica 100mg 4*day, ocycotin 15mg 4*day, baclofen when needed, diclofenac 50mg 3*day, medicine 25mg 3* day, levothyroxine 137mg 1* day, fenofibrate 145mg 1*day, pantoprazole 40mg 1*day, modafinil 200mg 1*day, lot alanine 10mg 1*day, tamale pan 30mg at bedtime, and they gave me clonidine 0.1mg for withdrawal systems but doesn’t seem to be working very well. Any suggestions or help with questions would be appreciated. Thank You, Alena

  128. I have a urine test with my pain management. Dr on Thursday if i take a 10mg methadone between 4 n 6 am that morning will i pass my pain management urine test? Must have in my system with 30mg oxycodone to continue my chronic pain management.

  129. How many days for oxycontin to leave your system so not to detect in a urine test from a doctor same with methadone. Are you sure my dr won’t detect it in my urine after 4 days because I read elsewhere it takes 6 to 7 days?

  130. This is what is so confusing about drugs.You ask a question,you get a thousand different answers.I have been told by doctors that Methodone can stay in system from one week to twenty-two years.Everybody has got an opinion,no one really knows anything about anything.If the sky is blue,there are going to be a thousand people to say it is another color.Doctors do not know anything about drugs,all they know is how to get people hooked on them.When you try to get help,there is none to be had,unless you have millions of dollars.It is all about the money.America does not want to help,they want to make sure you stay hooked,so they can worship the almighty dollar.Satan is alive and well in America.Money should say “In Satan we trust”,instead of “In God we trust “.I am sick of the pure evilness that everyone prescribes to.

  131. Hey, I left the clinic on 13 mgs daily and that was in the end of my and I stopped there cold and I felt crappy for 2 mts I was depressed and anxious as hell but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was ruff I needed muscle relaxers and valume a few days but I’m great now but get off that shit best thing I ever done I was on it about 3 yrs went from 120mgs to 20 mgs dropping 5mgs a week

  132. I am going to A methadone clinic and have been a patient for 3& 1/2 yrs.. I started on March 28, 2013 i reached a top dose of 130mgs . I started to taper down on April 5or 6th of 2015 to a slow decrese of 2mgs every 10days. Aprox. 1month ago I got to 36mgs nd had to stop my taper go back up to the 40mgs until my body adjusted to it. I was drug screened last week and my drug screen came back NEGATIVE FOR MY METHADONE HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE WHEN ON A DAILY BASIS I GO TO THE METHADONE CLINIC AND GET WATCHED TO TAKE MY DOSE BY MEDICAL STAFF!!! HOW CAN I HAVE NO METHADONE IN MY SYSTEM AFTER ALL THESE YEARS WHEN I DOSE EVERY SINGLE DAY AND HAVE FOR OVER 3YEARS????

    1. Hi Heidi. False negative results indicate that methadone is not present in the system, even when you take it regularly. False negative results greatly depend on the sensitivity of the detection method. In some cases, the detection limit of the applied method is too high, or the total amount of the drug in the biospecimen is too low.

      The sensitivity of the method can be improved by testing for metabolites of methadone or by increasing the volume of the biospecimen (urine) you give. If you need to prove you are taking methadone as prescribed, you can ask for the lab to redo the test, or ask for a hair follicle test.

  133. I have been taking 2 1/2 mg of oxycodone to taper off Methidone twice a day am I having a problem because of that, it’s been three weeks and I still don’t feel good I was taking 10 mg of Methidone a day. Now its been three weeks and I’m still feeling fatigue all the time. Is the oxycodone makinge tired?

  134. Hello my name is Charlie and I have been on methadone for almost two years and recently I have decided to begin detoxification from it because the clinic and counselor are very eager to increase my dose and keep me on it for as long as you alow them. I made all necessary changes at the clinic with all the paperwork they need and deal with the extreme opposition from the doctor and counseling staff Wich in my opinion are incompetent and have no care for the addicted individual, we are just a number and a source of revenue to continue paying for their wages.
    I started tampering down 2mg per week and so far I feel very good reducing my dose this way but as I get lower and lower on my dose I am starting to feel nervous and very much doubting myself about my decision to get off methadone and having no one to talk to is weighing heavy on me. I was on 100mg and now down to 12mg I will continue to decrease my dose by 2mg until it’s down to zero but now all I have in my mind all day is can I live and survive without having to go to the clinic daily regardless of my doze I know is all on my head but is there something I can take over the counter to help me with this . One thing is for sure I am not going back to what ruined my life before I just need a bit of help getting and staying there. Please to all of us, do not give up the road is very treacherous and full of negative but if u believe in yourself as I finally did nothing can deterred u from achieving your ultimate goal. Mine is to live the life I thought was unreachable and far fetch for so many years.
    Good luck to you all.
    Never be ashamed of your decisions and experience share with the world, it helped me.
    Thank you all and may the force (lord) be with you.

  135. I go to pain management, and would like to find a new doctor. This doctor that I have been seeing has lowered my oxycodone to 25 ml a day which has been making it very difficult to work two jobs due to it does not last, so I run out. My question is if I take around 30 ml of methadone, a few times a week, how long does it show up on urine tests. If I don’t take anymore methadone for about a month, is there still a chance of it showing up? I’ve heard methadone can take a long time to leave the body.

  136. I go to a methadone clinic and I have been going about 3 years, I had my yearly physical and the nurse drew my blood then I went to dose and the counselor had to give me a drug test which is done with urine. A couple of weeks later the counselor told me that there was no methadone showing up in my blood or urine. Why?

  137. I go to a methadone clinic, I’ve been going for a little over 3 years. I had my yearly physical and the nurse free blood after the physical i went to take my 120 mg dose an I had to take a drug test for my counselor which is a urine test. A couple of weeks later I was told that the methadone didn’t show up in my blood or my urine when I no that i haven’t missed a dose ever. Why was it not in my blood or my urine?

  138. I have been pill sick for two months.I was doing 10 milligrams of Methodone.My last pill was two months ago.I am still pill sick.Does Methodone take years instead of months.I cannot lay in bed for another two months because now my back hurts so bad from laying in bed for two months.I cannot eat,sleep,go to the mailbox,nothing except look at the ceiling.Why quit pills if it takes months maybe years to eat again.Why quit if I lose my house,not because of money,but because I do not have the energy to go pay the bills.There is no honor in living under a bridge,but I am off pills.Being off pills does not keep you warm,it does not clothe you,it does not feed you.To keep telling myself I am off pills,is only going to go so far.After years of being homeless it will not mean anything.

  139. I had my last pill of Methodone two months ago.When am I going to quit being pill sick?I cannot keep laying in bed,because now my back is killing me from laying around for two months.But,I cannot do anything else.I am now in danger of losing my house,not because of money,but because I do not have the energy to pay the bills.I am full blown pill sick two months after my last pill.I need some tips and trickseople were doing pounds of pills,and they are fine after a month or so.What is going on?My life is going down the tubes,because I cannot get out of bed.I do not have insurance.I do not have a doctor.I have no family.I have no car.I am in an empty house,the water has been turned off.The cable has been turned off.My heart and motives have been in the right place.But,there is no honor in being homeless and off pills.When I start living under a bridge,saying over and over”but I am off pills”,is not going to keep my warm from harsh winters.The world is not going to pat me on the back

  140. What is the fastest way to get off of methadone?
    I’ve been dealing with this for a while now ,but don’t want it anymore I just want to be clean and sober .
    In one odd case its like it doesn’t have much of an effect ,I mean I know its keeping me from being sick as junkie and thats an upside ,but its time I stop depending on this poison.
    Please help me .

  141. I have been on methadone for two years. I dosed on Friday morning it is now Monday afternoon. I’m starting to feel withdrawal symptoms. I have suboxone but I am scared to take it. Can I take it and not put myself through major withdrawals?

  142. I was on 185mg methadone and at the clinic for 5 years, decided to self taper and did it over a year period. I built myself up from 1mg to 5mg and back down to 3mg over that year period with no withdraw at all , when I got to 20 mg I started feeling it pretty good and held the taper for 2 weeks at 15mg and started back at 3mg a week for 5 weeks! The 3rd of July was my last dose of 3mg ,. I still had 3 bottles left that I didn’t take and returned to the clinic. The first 3 days not much sleep and restless legs. But not what you call a full withdrawl!!!!!! I’m 5 days in and starting to get sleep but withdraw symptoms are hardly even there to the point I leave the house now and can function, at this point it’s getting better and better every day that goes buy. I’m just helping the detox of my liver with fresh apple juice and lemons it seems to help wish I started it sooner! Good look to everyone going g through this. You can do it!

  143. I have been going to the methadone clinic for about 4 years and I feel trapped . I want to get off of it and get on subutex for the facked I have to go every day to dose , how long would it take to get it completely out of my system ? I the help with adavan and clodadean , in sted of going down in the clinic, if I bite the bullet and don’t dose and stayed home, how many days would it take for it to be complete out of my system so I can start on my subutex due to the fact that I do have pain issues. How long? Please help

  144. I’ve benn on methadone ,st clinic, highest dose, 185 ml. Taped slowly for 2 yes to 120.they held me,couldn’t get my counsler to restart… Tried to.change counsler, lost takeouts ( over not always having for prescribed vicodin..take AS NEEDED) then accused of SELLING them!!even hade do pill counts (came out perfect), so I asked for them coming in every day was HARD and painful, as I am a 57 yr old arthritic, who can barely walk.after 12 yes st this clinic, I am now on the end if a 30 day detox, which I’ve been warned would be brutal… NOT so much…I am blessed to have a Dr who support s me.I’m down to 5mls now, barely started symptoms, diarrhea (which I fixed with dopermide meds),,,leg twitches, raw nerves( clinodine helps greatly) no nausea( taking phenegren) to avoid that…benzo for slee . O only 1/2 of my usual script for adderol(ADHD) so it doesn’t take all of it our of my system yet+( methadone) and lots magnesium (leg cramp remedy) high vit B complex+en energy )…and lots far so good! My qestion is…I’m at 5.

    Do I really need to go back to finish dosing for 3 more days til I’m at 1 ??? I’ve been going down 5 a day for 30 days.

  145. I stopped methadone by cutting 2ml a week, after 10 days having severe withdrawal problems but used 20 ml 1 day a go to make me feel normal, my clinic says they will put me on low dose but appointment they gave is 2 weeks away, what can I do in mean while , I can not access methadone illegally, and symptoms are un bare able .

  146. So I’m currently on 25mgs\day and have been on mmt for a little over two and a half years. Maxed at 80mgs.. I’ve been tapering for a while now cause I didn’t want to do it cold turkey, like I said I’m at 25mgs now. I’ve been dropping 5mgs every two weeks is that enough time??? In so ready to be off this monster and live a normal life….. I work full time and have a beautiful family including two baby boys. My main question is once I do come completely off how long will the physical withdrawal symptoms last???!! I have two weeks vacation time that I’m gonna take to DT at home, is that enough time?? I’m 5’6 130 pounds. I included that because my research states that it has ALOT to do with your size, weight, height, ect…. Please let me kno something, anything!!!!

    Thanks, Zakk

  147. Hi there I have been on Methadone Maintenance Treatment for almost fifteen years now and about two weeks ago i asked my counselor to put in a request for step 27 so I’ll only have to go to the clinic once a month since i have been clean and sober for almost five years now i qualify for the step increase and she tells me that my urine analysis’s have been testing positive for methadone metabolites but not methadone and because of this they do not want to approve it and i was wondering if this is unusual? Does this happen to other people? And what exactly could be causing it to happen? Any advice would be greatly appreciated and helpful!

  148. I just got off the methadone clinic, i was on 140mg if methadone for a year, so my question is how long will I be going through withdrawal? How long does it take for it to completely come out if my system?

  149. Been on methadone for years and have had peeiodic increase. I am not trying to chase the high. I just keep feeling like im going into withdrawl and my blood pressure keeps going up. Im on 130 milligrams. Can methadone cause this to happen. Its like my body isnt metabolizing all the medication. And its just not edfective anymore. Blood pressure meda have caused bad side effects and compounds my constipation. What can i do

  150. I take 3 –10 mill tabs a day..and yet my doctor says im not at levels…why and whats this mean?? I take vitamins drink lots of teas and take a milk weed extraxct can this or these be effecting the reading?? im lost to a solution…

  151. My dr said that methadone was still detected in my urine after 30 days but won’t show me the results, is this possible?

  152. Will I pass a urine drug screen if I took one methadone 10 mg pill yesterday

  153. I had a complete left knee replacement it hurt like hell and they were prescribed ing oxycode oxcontin diludid everything under the sun.i worried about this from jumpstreet i felt like an addict. I have bad back issues and need a right knee done.i told my doctors and he said he would help but he didnt so i took it on my self and bought some subs on the street i took them three over a 3 day period i got off the medicine but had to wirhdrawl from the subs..we have had 2 weeks straight of rain my arthritis flaired outto the point where i had to take oxycodone so i am having issues i got methadone 60 mg tell me how to wean myself

  154. I took 180 mg of methadone. 80 on last thursday and 80 on friday thwn I jad a UA at my Dr appt on the 7th day with that I drank 6 16.9 oz bottle of water the night befor. Will I pass my test???? I will never take it again but if I fail I will be discharged. From my dr . How long. Will it stay. In U A and i pray I ger a a

  155. I have been taking methadone at 90 milligrams per day 4/6 days a week for 9 months now I have not had a dose of methadone and 7 days now I would like to know how long does methadone stay in your system how long does it really take to get all the way out of your system so I can go on and function in life without it it has become the bane of my existence I just want to stop using it so what is my message to stop do I just quit using it all at once and how long does it take for for the uncomfortable feeling to stop

  156. hi, i wanna know if anybody wants to give up the consumption of methadone after leave from addiction and after 2 years continuous consumption, what should he does?? please guide me about this matter.

  157. I am wondering i have 4 41 mg. Bottels of methadone now ive been in maintnace before but i was told i could get off heroin with thes 4 bottels and also if i timed the 4 bottels right not get to sick with methadone withdraws and i could kick both

  158. Hi iv been on methadone the last 6yrs 40mls Daily and I’m looking for ways to come off it over here in Ireland we have not got many resources only detox is there a tablet you can take to come off it ??? I have read that in some country’s they can give you nartraxon to come off it

  159. I have bn a herion addict for 12 years also used Sun bid texts but 6 years ago went on methadone this drug brought me to my knees in last two years 5 months ago I gave up herion I was 75 mils of methadone at my highest I stayed stable for two month then reduced to6 once I hit sick I dobe a rapid reduction at a mil a day I have had a week of zopiclone after that I’m on nothing so today I’m writing drug free after 12 years as a drug addict I’m 4 says into nothing I was sick off j ust existing I hew I deserved better but suppose had to wait for my body to tell me plus I have a daughter who 5 wanted better for us both so hope this message San help someone understand take ur time with ur reductions and believe he we can conker the world at one step at a time and do and have anything we really want. Thing us with my addiction I never actually sat down and admitted to my self that’s me a junkie for rest my days not a change in he’ll I fought this for last 12 years u can either be part of the cure with me or b part of the devil’s dieses with the rest its in yr heart to b one day b drug free I can’t sit and say its easy thus drug made me sell my body steal from my loved ones lie steal and use anyone who j could I was on my knees waljken up every day thinking who am I going to rib today to get my hit I was also carrying a partner for graft I wasthe mobey if u like he did nothing so art from mind our child so this is y I say brought ne to my knees but he ho life goes on and chin up chest out today I have own place car and my daughter I j ust want to gt bk to myself the way I was beforevheriin took a impact on my life and 5 months clean I’m on my way hope this helps anyone j ust think ur life couldn’t get worse when were down my friends only way is up not easy but trust me gets easier I can promise u that please all ex ushers or ussers have a gd day think p ossitive that’s the key my lovelly

  160. Hi I have been injecting 120 mg of methadone twice a week usually monday & Thursday for a couple of years. How long is it likely to show up in a urine test after last dose. If I currently have my period is it likely to affect detection times?

  161. Ok Listen anybody coming of of methadone is going to hurt. It HURTS. I tapered off of 40 mg over a 5 months period, in the end I came off of 5 mg a day, by day 3 I was physically hurting so bad I thought my bones were breaking, I could not sleep, I could not eat, It was sheer HELL for close to 10 days and it got so bad I started researching home remedies to help with the withdrawal. I used to be a Registered Nurse also. I am speaking of MY account of this detox process and how I ended up dealing with it. I found out that taking 240 mg of pure dextromethorphan, yes cough syrup (over the counter) But ONLY pure dextro, it CANNOT have any other ingredients in it. NO chlorpheniramine maleate, Guaifenesin, Phenylephrine etc..NOTHING but Pure DMX. Now taking DMX dextro in doeses between 240mg-400mg is called 2nd plateau All the effects of the 1st plateau are present, with the addition of more euphoria, a decreased sense of time and a decreased sense of surroundings. Visual (closed-eye-visual, mostly) hallucinations are present, mostly spirals, or visions of fluid. Insights are extraordinary. One may tend to shut him/herself away from other people in order to explore themselves at this plateau. This is definitely not a party plateau. I’ve found that this plateau could be some sort of “transition” between the physical and the mental that occurs on some sort of “highway”. The spiraling shapes and the fluid could be the highway that the transition is made on. I tried 240mg of pure DMX twice a day, it was a LIFE saver FOR ME. It made me slightly numb, it took away much of the emotional and physical effects of the withdrawal, I stayed on DMX for about 3 weeks then wondered if I would be hooked on it. I tapered the dosage down over the next 10 days (AFTER the 2 weeks of being on it). I hAave to say the DMX dramatically helped me. I also spoke with a pharmacist whos father had been a psychiatrist at a mental hospital and a detox center back in the late 1040’s and early 1950’s, she said that they actually used to use DMX to detox people off of Heroin back then. Ok ask why it isn’t made know that DMX helps detox from opiates? I will tell you, it’s called BIG PHARMA people, suboxone, subutex, it’s all about keeping you addicted and spending the money. I am telling MY story and thats all. I went through protracted withdrawal and DMX was my life saver. Now I gotta say, it took almost a 6 months before I stopped shaking, almost 1 year before my sleep patterns returned to normal and I stayed on my sleeping pills, Restoril as well as Clonazepam and I still shook for 6 months. Ok I shared what helped me when I wanted to die. Do your own research on DMX and there are MANY articles on it for aiding withdrawal, you will also find many who abuse it for the high. I simply wanted to not hurt and not be trapped in a mind fuck. It helped me immensely. I suggest you research this and if how I wish I had known about the DMX when I FIRST started going through the withdrawal.

  162. I have been reading all of these posts and I dont know if some are erased or if this post strictly for questions. I just don’t see many answers. Steve, I read your post and you had said you were going to start posting your progress but don’t see any other posts. How are you doing? I am making my stand today and taking my life back. I posted my first post about thirty minutes ago and then I read everyone’s post. I can not believe how many thousands of us there are. Anyone out there that is wanting to take a stand with me please e-mail me. Anyone that already has taken their stand, please e-mail me. I know there are thousands of places on internet to do so but I would like to get a group of us together and to this together. People that have already accomplished this goal can provide insight and advice. People going through it can lean on each other to keep going, etc. My last dose was yesterday morning at 6am. Looking forward to hearing from anyone, my parents have both passed away and my brother. My other brother and sister are 1800 miles away. Any people willing to help me is very much appreciated. Thank you.

  163. I was on a methadone maintenance program for 9 years. Nine years ago my highest dose was 70 mgs. I was on that dose for about 6 monthes. I went down to 14 mgs. One day the clinic appearently “messed up their paperwork” and had started giving me 40mgs. I am currently on 34mgs. I have never abused it. I drink my medicine in the morning and never think about it again. Now the doctor is telling me I don’t have any electrolytes in my urine. I am done with this controlling my life. I am so scared though. I have two wonderful children. I don’t have any of my family. They have passed away. I know in the long run, this is best but how do I go through this and maintain my life? If anyone has any advice please help me! I believe, mentally I have heard all these horror stories while at the clinic and I believe a lot of this is strictly fear and mental. I believe I can deal with the physical aspect of this process but mentally I am scared to death.

  164. Ok I’am on methadone, 80 milligrams a day. Just saying in I dont take it but the last week of the month before my doctor does a UA on me and I only take about 100 milligrams that week, will I test ok??? Pass the UA???

  165. I have been coming off methadone since Oct. after seeing on 100mg for over 10 years. Once I got to 15mg I started reducing by 2.5 instead of 5. Last week I was on 5 mg for ten days now I’m at 2.5 this is my third day. I feel ok so I didn’t take it today but it’s only mid day. All this is worry me is it still in my system am I going to feel it tomorrow, should I keep taking for a few more day? I appreciate any feedback

  166. I take 3 tea spoon & xanax bar make 4 peace mean 4 time day 1 pill bar & next day i don’t. Take or more time like 2 day is show up blod work

  167. Tested positive for methadone for a job on the dip test but they sent it to the lab and wasn’t enough in the urine for it to be positive…however I just took 40 mgs 10 hours earlier and the night before? How is this possible as I take a daily dose??

  168. I was down to 30 mg. Left treatment so a week later I took 180 mg methadone. I was originally on 120/detoxed 5 mg a week after 10 yrs of different doses. If I took the 180 mg 14 days before a drug test will it be out of my urine. I am going to pain mngmnt got hit by car severe trauma very severe pain and withdrEal. Please answer

  169. I’m almost done with methadone. I m so nervous because I know how withdraw feels like but I’ve done it right this time coming off 5 Mg’s at a time from120mgs. I’m at 15mgs now and want to know the best way to taper down from here out. Also if I taper properly how bad will withdraw be.? I really need to know what to expect and what mg is safe to come off at or go all the way down to 1 mg. I hope you can help. Thanks.

  170. I took 2 methadone 10s on Monday I need to take a urine test Thursday at 10:30 or so will I be able to pass if I’ve been drinking alot of tea an going to the bathroom urinated an excreted will I pass ?

  171. I’m currently suffering from withdrawal to ocycodon, and go to the doctor on Wednesday. I dosed about 20 ml of methadone for the first time in my life, should I be clean for a urine test on Wednesday?

  172. I have been reading your Webpage for some time. I had taken a small amt. of methadone from a friend b/c of my back pain. This was on a Tuesday, my Physician requested a urine test on Thursday, I couldn’t go but he demanded that I come in on the Friday, which I did. Now I am on benzo’s, stomach pills, sleeping pills, anxiety pills, depression pills. He was giving me 20mg of OxyContin and Percocets. When I went back to his office he told me I had taken Methadone. Of course I denied it b/c I didn’t want my friend to get in trouble, aside from the fact that under normal circumstances would never have touched it. My Physician at that time had decreased my dose of OxyContin by over half. I had tried Morphine 10mg. which he said was equivalent to the 30mg. OxyContin at 4 times daily. The Morphine two times daily. Then he also tried something else again taken twice daily. I asked him for my OxyContin back at 30mg. and he told me “NO” b/c I hadn’t been on it through the duration of the Morphine (30 days) and the other I believe it was Fenatyl ? Not sure for 30 days. His idea was that the Oxy’s would be out of my system. However, my main question being, during a urine check, as I said I took a very small amt of Methadone on the Tues. and did a urine test on the Friday. As I said he quickly accused me of taking methadone, however at the time I was also taking Cold Medication as well as Nyquil for sleeping. Could the Methadone lasted that long? Hoping you can answer me, I did not receive any copy or any paper saying that this was so. I am now going back to Nov. 2015. I want to switch Physicians, but this one has me flagged. I do not like his mannerism, I don’t always trust his judgement. Could you please help me. I am in Ontario, Canada

  173. Ive been on methadone from a pain clinic for cronic pain around 18 plus yrs. never have i ever had any problems with drug screens or pil counts until recently my doctor says my methadone showed up in my urine but my metabolites were way way down ( witch he says means they arent getting broen bown) he says that usualy means im scraping my pills into my urine. Never ever would i do that i need my meds desparately. Im so scared heretested me and i go back friday im very scared its going to show up the same for what ever reason. There has to be something that could of caused this, i have so much going on in my body and have started a couple other non prescription drugs. Plzzz help me

  174. How long will it take for me to not feel horrible? I was only on 35 mg of methadone daily. Furthermore, I am trying to get off of it completely, I’m already on day 6 of nothing but Tylenol and Benadryl. I feel terrible with very minimal energy, etc. Any ideas as to when I’ll start feeling better? Thank you

  175. I HAVE only taken methidone for two weeks and it was ten milligrams. I took 40 to 50 milligrams or less how long will it stay in my system and will I withdraw for along time. I did not like the way it made me feel not sick but will I get sick today is the first day without it not addicted to it doubt think I HAVE taken it long enuff. Please help.

  176. I’m on methadone n want off.I have 3 children that need me when all I do is lay around cause the methadone makes me sleepy.but they keep telling me I can’t Detox because it will be against medical advice. So I want to Detox off of it please help me get it out of my system. I was a big user

  177. I had 2 back surgerys. I was on 160 mg of oxy and was abusing it. My neuro surgeon told me try methadone because I had a lt nerve damage. I went to pain clinic for 6 years. I mixed my son pills with mine and tested positive. So at that time I was prescribed 120/mg a day. The was my first positive but my regular doc was out on maternity leave. So the other doc started dropping my dosage. I went from 120 to 80 and on my own I dropped down to 20/ mg that first month. She ending up taking me off wi th 3 months. I never had problems with withdrawal. I think because I did myself. I haven’t got back to that doc because after 6 mths I quit going because for 3 mths they wasn’t giving me any meds and I was missing work. Anyways I took 1 10/mg for a long time with all the extra meds I put back onmy own. But thats been over a yr now. I do try to buy 1 10/ mg a day cause I hurt so bad and can’t sleep if I don’t take 10 mg a day.I am waiting to go back same pain doc. But I have went many days not finding them off street to buy. I went 2months without them and I didn’t sleep at all for 4 days a week cause I hurt so bad. During the day my back hurts but tolerant it but a night it hurts at #10 and not able to get comfortable enough to sleep. I don’t think I an addict.since I could’ve done herion for those 2 mths and was offered it but I just toughen it out. Do you think I’m addicted to metadone. I don’t take any other pain pills and like I said only take metadone and if I can’t find any. I just tough it out. I am on waiting list to see my old pain doc. They didn’t release me either they just cut me off narcotics. Let me know what you think. Thank you

  178. Hello!I’ve been going to a Methadone clinic for approx. about 15. yrs and I know that I am addicted to it, Im @130 mgs a day.It costs $16 per day, its just way too expensive and I know from yrs of of relapse and using all over again that Im nowhere near ready for being off the Methadone.In all honesty I prefer staying on it possibly the rest of my life,no cravings. in addition to a lot of reasons.I do have 5 herniated discs that if i wasn’t on Methadone it would hurt so bad cuz my lower back is all messed up n I feel its pain on top of my Methadone.Plus im disabled n hav Medicare primary n medicaid!Im sooo scared n i dnt. kno what to do,I kno there places where there’s pain managment Dr’s.around.Been more I think the more I think I should @least check em out, and my insurance is good.Please if anyone is able to comment,suggestions,or anything &maybe somebody any ppl who have been there or are.Pls.I can handle& welcome any comments @all!!!?peace from Fla.

  179. Hi. I am on methadone maintenance & have been for 10 yrs now. I’ve got myself down to 50 mgs from 85 mgs & plan to get off completely within the next year or so. I’m due for my annual physical & blood test there next week. Normally when I have something to do there I go ahead & dose first but since I’m getting my blood drawn I’m wondering if I should & whether or not it would make a difference. Do you know if I did dose 1st, would it affect the level of methadone in my system or would it just be the same as it normally is? Please let me know as soon as ya can.
    Thank you,

  180. How soon will met done show up in urine,because I took a met done pill right before my Dr. Appt about 30min,altho I don’t take it I took it because I’ve been working more hours and moving around more causing my level to increase so I ran out my reguarl pain meds and I’m scare that it will show up next month on my next Dr. Vist. Could someone please reply I’m so worried.

  181. If I have been a methadone patient for 15 yrs how long does it take to get out of urine if you stop taking at 8th of month

  182. I know this question is extremely odd, but it does serve a purpose in my research, I am curious to know how long Methadone stays in a persons body after death

  183. I was on methadone for 3years and clean from drugs for 2years.I’ve came off 2mls to weeks ago and I’m having some good days and some bad,where I’m feeling withdrawals.
    How long dose it take for methadone to come out off your system?

  184. I’m looking for an answer to a simple question but it requires a little background explaining first soo… my significant other has been on methadone now for 2 years her highest dose being 120mg or ml idk orally taken but she has recently been dropping as fast as the clinic will allow and she is now down to 30 mg or ml … she took her last dose of 30 around 9am on feb. The 20th of 2016 … it’s now the 21st at about 5pm … she feels ok … not great but ok… the question is can she walk away now and not go back tomorrow morning or will there be a suprised attack of withdrawal symptoms to pop up between now and forever if she never goes back… it’s imperative that I get an answer to this before she doesn’t go tomorrow because if she doesn’t show up they will kick her off completely. .. tats the intended goal but she doesn’t want to feel like death for any extended period of time…

  185. Hi, need some advice. I was on high doses of oxycodone prescribed by a doctor for my pain for one year. Then transfered over to 65mg methadone for two years. I started tapering down very slowly 1-2 mg every other week until 3mg then stopped, I have not dosed in 4 days now my symptoms are sweating, temperature fluctuations, sneezing, drowsiness, restless, anxious. I don’t mind feeling tired or sneezing for that matter but I’m wondering when the rest of the horrible symptoms will past?

  186. I submitted a question last night, but i can’t access my email (new s5note)so I’m using my fiancé email. I was on methedone for 18 years or more. I haven’t had any in over a month, and in a urine test, I’lm testing positive for methedone. My daily meds are: lithium 300mgs,klonopin 2mgs.,phenagren 25mgn, sinequan 100mgs,clonidine.1 mg, . Hydrcodine 7.5 three per day ,please help me out!!! I’ve been doing a natural detox,lots of water 3/4 gallon a day, half gallon of fruit water,and eating grapefruit and oranges like there’s no tomorrow. Thank you!

  187. I was on methedone maintenance for 18 years, I haven’t had any for over month, yet I’m coming up positive with a urine test. Why? The list of medications that I’m prescribed are lithium 300mgs daily, klonopin 2mg daily,sinequan 100mgs at night,phenagren almost daily 25 mg,clonidine.1mg daily, hydrcodon 7.5 mg 3 times daily

  188. WELL I HAD A RANDOM DRUG TEST AT MY DOCS OFFICE TODAY I HAVENT BEEN TESTED IN TWO YEARS IM On morphine and norco 10/325 I have lower lumbar l4l5s1 back problems what I’m getting at is I’ve build a very huge tolerance to these drugs and its out of control but I think he is gonna kick me off my meds and it isn’t gonna be good. Can u help me

  189. Been on 95mls for ten years went cold Turkey how long til I feel normal haveing trouble see screen…lol not going back and rehab is for quiters …..Rod

  190. I am at rehab center in Florida for alcohol. My urine tested positive for methadone on Monday 2/8 at the level of 320. They retested me today and it was 240. I HAVE NEVER EVER taken methadone or other opiates.

  191. I’ve been clean from methadone, oxys and heroine for almost 3 years now after having a 5 year addiction…the other day I took a drug test just for the heck of it and it said that I still had oxys and methadone still in my system…is that possible??

  192. I have ms and have bn taking methadone two to three times a week I am taking12mls will i become addicted if i stop to twice a week?

  193. I have been on oxy15mg 5-6 a day but that quit working instead of going to my doctor I buy 60-80 methadone a month it started out as one 10mg with my oxys now I am taking sometimes 6 a day I have high tolerance and am vary worried about myself I can’t talk to my doctors or will be taken off the meds I need I guess what I am saying is careful of a good thing it can end up a horrible nightmare..I worry everymonth about making it. It is no life and if anyone outhere is moving in the same direction please have the strength to stop this is your life and if this many drugs aren’t working the problem is bigger than I want to admit. I do not even get high anymore at all even with all that.. I sympathize with all who have addiction problems I understand AND am happy for anyone taking real steps to get off my real step WAS that maybe the methadone would help me to get off the oxys the only thing that happened was I became a larger user after reading some of these stories I see it is possible and since tomorrow is day of oxy fill I am going to figure out a way to taper down off all of it. I know it will be hard but I have friends that did it so will have support I also have meds for stomach issues as well as Xanax for anxiety…I plan to chart my progress here so hopefully next month I have made significant progress please keep giving me hope with stories of beating your addictions and I will continue to chart progress anyone that wants to join me is more than welcome…thnx and good luck to all

  194. To Kayla I am having the same problem I get hot and I start to sweat a lot why is that and how can I make it stop or reduce me feeling hot and sweating?

  195. I have been talking methodone at a clinic for 11 years, I have the flu really bad and haven’t taken my methodone in three days how long before it completely leaves my system?

  196. I’ve been on meth for 18 yrs. How can I detox from this drug besides going inpatient? Even after 18 yrs of use, does it take 2 to 4 days to leave your urine?

  197. I’m at four mg I’ve been going down one mg everyday except the weekends.can Pepsi pull the methidone out faster during the withdraws.reason I ask is I have a baby to take care of and a house to clean I want to keep as stable as possible .also when I get weird cold feeling running thru my body in a hot temp room is there something I can do to help that from happening as much?

  198. Hi My Name Is Barbara I’ve Been On Methadone Since July Because I Was Pregnant And Was On Oxycodone I’ve Been Doing Drug Screen’s For My Child Protective Service Worker It’s A Swab Test and my methadone levels are saying their basically off the charts that my levels were 3768 NG/ML And I’m Not Abusing it it’s given to me at a clinic I don’t no why it’s saying basically I should be dead and they took my child from me and I need to find out what is going on I do have a high metabolism so I don’t know if that could be a factor or if it’s the lab making a huge error because sometimes it says my levels are to low and I’m on 125mgs everyday can you please help me get to the bottom of what is going on I don’t know what else to do!!!! Thank you

  199. It’s now been 48 hours since my last dose of methadone 48 mg. Just wondering how long before the withdrawal symptoms peak? So far I’ve had none what so ever , feel great , energy levels are still high, normal appetite, only difference is I’m finally not constipated. Any insight would be helpful, is this just a calm before the storm so to speak ?

  200. My boyfriend of 2 years has been taking and snorting methadone for 6 years now. I’m very worried about him. He doesn’t want his family to know.. Even though I’ve told them, and when they talked to him about it he said he had no problem and was dropped. He’s 24, smokes a pack a day, smokes weed most of the day, and drinks a couple beers at night. He’s quiet and when I found out about the drug I didnt know where to start. I’ve googled everything you could imagine about it. He does it a few times a week and used to be daily.. but I’m not 100% sure. All I know, it is not him, he doesn’t want to do it, but thinks he could stop on his own, but I disagree. I want to marry home someday, please help.

  201. Jessica….I tapered down to 1 milligram…I’m now 7 days out from my last dose of 1 milligram. (ON methadone for last 10 years/Upwards of a ridiculous dose of 300milligrams@day) Spent the last 9 months tapering. Slower towards the end. Never more than 20% of your dose. I’m feeling ok…comparatively. I AM taking Imodium, zinc,magnesium, calcium and a multi vitamin. I’m NOT sleeping that well, however I’ve NEVER slept well…even on METHADONE. I’ve taken TRAZADONE for years. I like it because it’s NON NARCOTIC and also helps with anxiety and depression. Just a recommendation : ) THE KEY TO GETTING OF THIS CRAP is SLOW and STEADY…determination. Keep your eye on the prize! GOOD LUCK

  202. Hi my boyfriend is down to 4mg and he wants to know if it would make a difference if he stops going now? He only has one week left?

  203. I did read the beginning statement, but had to ask if your sure, for sure. Many other sites say it will take longer, so I had to ask a redundant question. sorry I am

  204. Hello,
    After very occasional use, or maybe 5 times in the last two weeks of 15mg methadone. Have been clean for 10 days, but broke down and took one 15mg dose of methadone.
    Suddenly I have a saliva test in 7 days.
    Is 7 days enough?
    How many days would it take to clear for sure?
    I am 57, and weigh 275. Thanks for your opinion.
    Thanks and best regards, JC

  205. How long does it take for methadone to be out of your urine saliva etc if you have been maintained on it for 20 years. If you stop taking it at 20 mgs. Very important please answer asap. Thank you so much

  206. Hi…I was on Methadone for about six years, my highest dose was 50mg per day. I decided I had enough of this devil drug and it was ruining my marriage and my life overall. I started tapering down to 5mg a day over the course of eight months. At 5mg I stopped…its been 18 days and I’m wondering if I should be over the pain of withdrawal? After going 10days cold turkey my Dr. Did give me a brutran patch, which delivers very small micro milligrams per hour, equivalent to about a quarter milligram of bute a day, I made me feel better and iv had it on for the full seven days. I only get mild chills here and there but sleep very well through the night. In your opinion, do you think I am past most of the aweful withdrawal symptoms?? The withdrawal is what scared me into staying on this terrible drug. Any thoughts or advice would be extremely appreciated, as I am trying my hardest to beat this beast!

  207. To all of you who want to get off of methadone I congradulate all of you!! Whatever you do remember that time really does heal everything. And withdrawal will go away. I was on it for 40 something years for heroin addiction and also on benzos that long. Detoxed in 3 months. Wasn’t an experience I wiuld want anyone to go thru but I’m alot better off than I’ve ever been. Good luck everyone

  208. I was on methadone for 40 some odd years. I detoxed in 3 months. Its now been 9 months since i got off. No drug use since. My husband of 44 years passed away from methadone and benzo overdose. I never want to be on it again. But I almost feel like it terribly messed with my nervous system. Is that possible?

  209. I took 50mg of methadone between the 13th and 15th, what are the chances that I will test positive in urine on the 29th. Is two weeks enough since that was the 1st time I took methadone and is there a certain test to test for it . I usually take Percocet. (Prescription)

  210. My dad is currently very ill and in the hospital, on his urine test he tested positive for methadone. He has never taken methadone. How is this possible?

  211. Hi ? I’m on methadone 17yrs September gone ,I’m not a having any cravings for heroin,that stopped 8yrs ago when I had my daughter now I have 3children and need to get the hell Off methadone ill not deny I have taking heroin 4times ,smoking ot as I ust to inject but that doesn’t happen any more as I don’t ever want to do it again I nearly died so many times now my kids a my world ,I’m 34 was on 125ml daily with my plan to detox I am now on 60 ml 58ml Thursday morning I’ve being coming down 2ml wkly I don’t feel any different it’s holding up just as 125ml would ,I’m just waiting for the day when it hits me wen I get to 10/2ml what should I take??? From my doctor any meds out der to help me with my bowels sweating cramping ,I would love ❤ to be able to sleep ? for a few days but I have 3 children who are so dependent on me it would b unfair to do that any way I think it might be a bad idea ?, when I get down ? or feel depressed I find it so hard to get out of and back on track ,I am a single mum 3 kids have the same dad who is allways there if needed ?, my main concern is again sweating ? very worried about stomach cramping ? and when is my energy going to come back I still have my energy but terrified of not being able to do the fun stuff with my kids any help with meds I can get from my doctor for help or over the counter, oh I have sleeping pills and I am on 3 d5 s daily ,thanks for your support anyone who can help

  212. my wife is cold quit methadone.She was on 10mg a day for about a year.20-40mg a day for 6 years before that.Do you have any advice on withdrawal and how to make it a little easier. I am on 140 and usually dose every other day.We have children and can’t go through this at the same time.We are trying to get her off it then work on me.Any thing you can think of to help with her withdrawal would be helpful.And how long should the withdrawal period last for her?

    1. Hi, Tony. Experts usually don’t recommend to quit cold turkey, because withdrawal symptoms may be severe. I’d suggest you consult a doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule only for your wife. Good luck!

  213. I’ve been on 65 mgs of methadone for 3 moths. I was up to 80mgs for over a year and have voluntarily had my doses reduced by 5 mgs at 3 month intervals .the methadone clinic wants to put me through their 15 day detox program , and this worries me that the reduction in the amount of methadone is too much in such a short period of time . In your opinion, is it safe to detox someone taking 65mg of methadone a day in just 15 days? The clinic has not mentioned me taking any over the counter medications to help reduce withdrawal sympttoms. I would think the detox time would take a lot longer than 15 days. I’m worried about the affects a fast withdrawal will have on my body. My health is not up to par due to my hep C. Please advise

  214. I have been on methadone for 9 yrs straight. I was up to 60 mg then tappered down under 5 mg. After the first 4 yrs but found out i was pregnant and. The clinic would not continue tappering me. I got all the way up to 130mg for 3 yrs then started to tapper the last 1 1/2 yrs. I was down to 8 mg and lost my medicaid and couldnt afford to pay for it any longer so i stopped going. Had some 5 mg tabs of methadone i was taking but ran out and started using other pain meds to keep me from withdrawling. I havnt taken any methadone in over 5-6 days. My main Question is?? Since i was placed i. The methadone maint program in 2007 due to being addicted to Oxycotin and went to detox bc i found out i was pregnant with my first child. They put me on methadone maint program. Since 2007 i have been consistant everyday with taking the methadone. Since i have been taking it for so many yrs non stop how long will my body go into withdtawl from the methadone. I have not gone into withdrawl until now bc i was taking other opioids to prevent myself from going into withdrawl. My body is aching every single joint ,muscle in my entire body. Diarrhea any time i drink or tempt to eat anything. Restless leg syndrome. Hot and cold chills. Sweats. Chill down my spine and nausea. How long is this going to go on?

  215. My problem began when I became heavily addicted to oxy’s which then led to heroin. I then ended up on a daily methadone maintenance program here in CT.After a few months I was so excited to finally be in control of my life again because the methadone seemed to fix all my problems(financial,employment,family&personal relationships etc.)Now I’m at a dead end AGAIN!!I’m still on the methadone program after 5yrs but due to my profession (Truck Driver) my schedule conflicts with my methadone maintenance program. In the 5yrs since starting the M/M program I have lost 4 very well paying good jobs (since I hold a class(A) cdl license) all due to a conflict of scheduling. Most of the good trucking jobs require you to either have an early morning start time or be out on the road from Monday thru Friday and home on weekends. I do have take home bottle privalges but my program has a limit of the number of bottles your allowed. I am deathly afraid of relapsing if I have to get off of methadone all together. I truely believe that methadone saved my life literally and figuratively. So now I’m stuck,unemployed,homeless & living out of my car. I have countless job offers/opportunities that I can have right now but I can’t commit to any of them because of me having to get dosed weekly at my program. I have never had issues with drug testing at these jobs because the methadone doesn’t show on there pre-employment testing. I love my profession but I also love living a clean lifestyle that the M/M program gives my life in general. The clinicians at my program aren’t much help when it comes to my situation because my deal is rather unique and there attitude towards it is “well your gonna have to find another profession” but I paid a lot of money to go to school to become a truck driver and it’s all I know and what I love to do. Now with the holidays here already I just feel like there’s no hope in sight or any light at the end of the tunnel especially having to sleep in a cold car every night .If anyone has any advise or words of encouragement,any communication would help at this point. Whoever you are I really appreciate you reading my long story , Thank you all and may you have blessed holidays.

  216. Please can you help me? I am 35 and being on meth since I was 17. I was getting it from a clinic up until I went on a holiday but my meth was spilt out everywere and I could not get anymore, went to a private doc in Cyprus and he gave me oxycodone hydro slow release 40mg to take 1 twice a day. I also have being prescribed 40mg diazepam for like 7yrs from my g/p. I have just tapered off Mirtazapine as my Girlfriend died 4 months ago so g/p put me on those, only being on for that period got to 7.5mg and have stopped them. My Meth was 40mg and I have being clean for a year and a half from heroin taking the meth and diaz. I have set a detox program out for myself to do at home and am on day 6 now. I get from g/p oxy diaz and omeprezole which I take as follows. ( Also taking paracetamol every 4hrs )
    So my drug chart runs like this. Today is day 6 with no meth, so at 0700hrs took x2 Paracetamol and 5mg of Diaz as my oxycodone 40mg was not due until 1100hrs, and withdrawls were starting at 7am, at 0930 I was in full withdrawls so took 40mg oxycodone slow release at 10am followed by my next dose of Paracetamol at 11am with 5mg Diazepam which I take every 4hrs with 5mg Diazepam, so I follow that up until my oxy is due 12hrs later. They are working but I am in alot of pain backs of legs and bottom of my back. I take the next oxy at 11pm again with 5mg Diazepam and sleep fine. Tomoz is day 7 without the meth as I use to take it like this 40mg first thing in the morning with 20mg Diazepam then another 20mg Diazepam at 6pm I dont want to use oxy for long but my g/p wants me to go up to 60mg of oxy as it is not lasting the full 12hrs? Should I stick to 40mg oxy and ride out the withdrawls as I want to be off the stuff and how long until the meth withdrawls will start to ease as I know its in my bones and has robbed me of half my life. So in a nut shell I want to be 100% clean and also try my hardest to get off Diazepam 40mg daily and the oxy I just want to use the oxy to feel comfortable and when the meth is out my brain and body I want off the oxy as fast as I can, I have 5 kids who I cant see cos I am in a right mess.
    Please please help as I dont want more oxy like my gp has given me 60mg!!!! dont want to get hooked on them, how long will it take to start being able to feel okay as I know its meth withdrawls and is my drug chart which I put together going to work?

  217. Hello I’ve been on 120 mg of methadone for 15 yrs I also take morphine sulfate for Severe chronic pain but the methadone blocks the morphine from doing its job. How long would I need to stop taking the methadone before the Morphine sulfate can take effect and help with my pain? I would like to stop taking the methadone prior to my back surgery but am afraid that the morphine won’t help the pain either what plan of action do you recommend ???

  218. I was on methadone for 10 years of my life. I am an ex heroin user. Was overdosing once a month. I got clean and got on a 15mg of methadone a day. Then started getting from drs. up to 40 mg a day. then ended up at clinic after dr died.. pain. At one time was up to 185 mg. To make a long story short, I went off cold turkey at 130 mg. Went through all kinds of hell. After my mind cleared up. I felt it. They are giving it to anyone now who has been on pain pills maybe a year. Its totally insane. I was taking fhentermine with the methadone Had gained alot of weight.. Clinic knew, Dr. knew, had heart attack that almost killed me. was in induced coma for 10 days. They didn’t know iif i was even going to make it or not. Anyway I am on 12 mg now going down slow rest of way. After 9 days withdrawals were worse. I am determined and they need to quit putting these kids on it. It was originally for hard core drug addicts without any other options. Its a sad situation and they need to limit time people are on it. Its all about the money now. If you any kind of opiates in your system you can just go get on methadone. The best thing I have ever done for myself was getting off this stuff.

  219. I went to the meth clinic for 2 years I left on 5 mg that lowest they take you. I did everything right with tapering. I was on 5mg for a month before I left and we feeling pretty crappy in the morning. So I stopped the first 2 days were find BC of half-life but the other 4 days were hell so I started to take subs for 8 days I figured withdrawal from that would be a little less hairy. But I’m on my 3 day nowofnot taki g anything. I’m just wondering two things. Am I still detoxin of methadone cuz its still in my system or am I detoxin off subs ? Also I how long do you think I will be feeling like crap?

  220. first off damn methadone…the worst of the worst opiates!!! methadone has a long long half life and can be decteted longer then most of your good old fashion and MUCH safer to say a solid week of detectetion would delinitly be a safe call!!! so plan on it being it with you 7 days like a good friend.

  221. After a person only taking 30-40mg of methedone tablets on a Friday morning, a.d then say 20-30 mgs the next e ening (sat), how lo.g will it take for the methedone to not show positive in urine that is sent to a lab? please answe here N also if possi le to my e-mail as soon as possible. i.e. if it makes a differe. e, I am tq yrs old, and am 5 ft q0 N 170 pounds.

  222. My son is 38years old. He is an alcoholic and addict. He did injure his knee 10 years ago. He has been through a drug program about 10 years ago. It helped for a short time. He has been taking methadone under a doctors care for 2 years I think. He recently got a raise at work and lost his insurance. He has been going through withdrawals for a week? How can I help him? How long will it take for him to complete the withdrawal?

  223. I’m 30yo woman Iv been on 115 mg for about a year and now starting today I will be on a 30 day taper.
    Is it going to hurt? Because I am scared, I have heard alot of story’s about pain and aweful WD symptoms.
    Any advice will help thanks.

  224. The question was how long does methadone stay in your system. The answer given can not be true. My last dose of methadone was on the second of the month. Two weeks later I had a urine test and it came back positive for methadone. So your information is not true. You should not give information if its not accurate.

  225. I have been on almost every type of pain medication made over the 19 years I have been injured. I have legitimate medical spine and neurological problems. I am looking for the safest long term pain medication. What do you suggest. Someone suggested methodone. Do you agree?

  226. I started going to a methadone clinic to get off opiates and the clinic ran me up to 140 miligrams in less than 10 weeks. I realized it was getting out of hand and they tryed talking me out of lowering my dose.. its all about money where I go, I got my primary doc involved and they agreed to take me down 10 mil. Every 3 days. I know this is gonna be hard but I’m a methadone addict now and I just want to have a life and not be dependent on anything, I’m sick and tired of a drug running my life!!!!!

  227. I started taking methadone October 2012 because I was pregnant and still using. (No judgement-I had 2 miscarriages from trying to quit using cold turkey) but I only went up to 40 for the first year & a half, then went up steadily to 80mg/day. I decided I wanted to detox after I hit 3 years clean. So October 3rd this year I started going down 3mg/day. I did just fine until about 20mg. & even then it wasn’t bad at all, I was just a little achy and somewhat restless. But I continued on and got down to 11 mg(still doing totally fine) and I just quit taking it after I hit 11mg. And honestly, I’m still feeling fine. I actually felt SO much better the first 3 days being off of it. I got a migraine the 4th-5th day but after that I was good. I even quit smoking once I got down to about 15mg. I just quit craving the nicotene. (&I smoked a lil over a pack a day!)
    I honestly believe in order to detox and be okay, you HAVE to truly want to do it. A lot of the process is the mental part. I had tried in Feb this year and it was horrible bc I was only doing it to please others.
    So those that are thinking about detoxing, just make sure you TRULY want to do it & make sure you’re ACTUALLY ready! It is possible & you CAN get through it just fine, so long as you are 100% ready and willin!!
    ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

  228. @Di… Browsing the forum and was struck by your post. You appear to be in a codependent situation, something quite common in nurses too. The desire to “love someone back to health” or however we phrase it is very seductive, as are bad boys (until we grow up and learn that they have to fix themselves–no one can do it for them. This goes for any gender combination, obviously. As for your concerns about methadone, imo your bf back in June seemed to still be seeking a high, which mtd (methadone) will provide. I would like to suggest Suboxone as a possible alternative. Many treatment centers offer this alternative which has been shown to also treat depression, one of the major causes of self-medication. Of course all of this is his decision in consultation with his medical professional of choice. Whatever HE decides, I hope you give some thought to your own needs. Life is short and codependency is a robber of years, youth, money and self esteem. Take it from someone who has been there. Be good to you!

  229. I took 1 & 1/2 10 mg methadone on Sunday I have a drug test for probation tomorrow with it still show up on the test or should I be ok ?

  230. I have been on methadone for about 5 years, due to chronic pain. I go see a chronic pain dr. Every month. I had a dna test done on what works for my pain….methadone was the only med. That showed up. It said codine, morphine, etc. Would not work. I want off these meds! What is my next step? I support a family of four and can not afford to miss work. I have slowly gone from 370 10mg to 168. Plz help me to know where to go from here.

  231. I see a pain management dr. And I am prescribed Dolophine at 60mg daily, 2 20mg tablets three times daily.
    I was with my previous primary care dr. For approximately 20 yrs. And was prescribed brand oxycontin 4 60mg pills daily plus oxycodone for breakthrough pain to. Take 2 5mg tabletsfor times daily.
    Then he dismissed me from his practice with no warning? Just a letter mailed to me saying I was dismissed from his practice and that I needed to get care promptly.
    I don’t have any idea what could have happened? There were no, never any negative conversations between Mr dr. And I as his Patient. I thought he was a Great dr. He treated me for ever thing I mean EVERYTHING I STILL WONDER TO THIS DAY Why?

  232. I go to legitimate pain management I have had two back surgeries and fibromyalgia I take Cymbalta meloxicam and I was on methadone 10 mg a day for about three years and taking 20 mg of oxycodone a day for the past couple of years I am seeking new employment and need to go for a drug screen I will have been off they method down for two weeks and the oxycodone for one week I am miserable but I don’t want to start a new job saying I have to take all these medications I am trying to wean off by taking tramadol and seeing if I can just be off them permanently how long will a preemployment urine drug test show positive for the methadone or oxycodone I’m really worried that I will pass the opportunity now to have this new job because I went to pain management

  233. I took 5mg of methadone 2 hours before my doctors appointment. He did a urine test to see if methadone was present in my body. This was the first time I had done methadone. Will doing 5 mgs show a positive test for this drug after just 2 hours? What is meant by ” the cutoff concentrations a positive methadone drug test are at 300mg/ ‘ll for both the initial and confirmation drug screen?

  234. I just want to say I was on 85 ml methadone slowly reduced to 40 in a year thrn went 72 hours without any and went on to suboxen and for 4 days I was dying was horrible ah wished ah never done it but now 9 days off methadone and I know it was worth it I am still ruff but nothing to heavy and av not felt sick in 3 days yeehaa

  235. iv benn taking methadone for 10years and iv been taking 195mgs for the last 2 years and iv been told i have anxiety its been almost 3week with this and now im very afraid to take the methadone so only because iv been get sick with out the methadone iv been only taking maybe 50mg every 5to6 hours and its not holding me so would it be bad if i go back to taking at least 100mgs with out overdosing. …? o and i get a monthly pick of my methadone and i take liquid kind …please help me

  236. I need help for my husband he has been taking methadone for two years now and he wants to stop he hasn’t had any methadone for 7 days now but he has been taking 5 mg hydrocodone since then and he took a couple this morning and this afternoon he took a suboxon and now is very sick what can I do to help him. Please contact me back soon as you can. Thank you Tara

  237. Hi, I’m on 70 mg methadone but I was at 140 so im tapering down ave I’ve been on it for about 9 years. I want to Dutch over to suboxone. If I get all the way to either 30 or 20 mg of methadone can I just go ahead and take the suboxone or do I still have to wait the 48-72 hrs?

  238. I took 100 ml of LIQUID Methadone 3 days ago. I have a URINE test in 4 days meaning it will be 7 days from when I took 100 ml of LIQUID Methadone. Will I pass the u/a?I do apologize, but I am not familiar with the terms “half life”, R or R,S Methadone.

    This is the first time I have ever taken Methadone.

    Can someone please help me ASAP as I am concerned and worried to death. Thank you.

  239. I have heard that methadone can be used for short-term detox my wife went to a rehab and they gave her 50 mg on day one and brought her down 10 at day for a five day detox can this be done after taking methadone for 2 years but still using heroin and then stopping the methadone for seven days and then trying to do a five day detox off of heroin with the methadone ???

  240. I have been taking methadone for two years and recently stopped dosing at 22 mg and my question is how long will it take for the methadone to fully leave my body including my bones and marrow

    1. Hello Pat. Methadone’s elimination half-life is between 8-59 hours. More specifically, the half-life of (R,S)-methadone is 15-60 hours, and 10-40 hours for (R)-methadone.

  241. I have been going to a methadone clinic for and get randomly drug tested. I had missed a day or two from the clinic my husband gave me some of the methadone that he takes in pill form but instead of Ingesting it I snorted it. when I went back to the clinic I was drug tested the methadone showed up on the test but not the metabolites. is this because I snorted it I’m so confused I mean I did test positive but with out the metablolites which was really strange to me. is there anyway it could’ve been because I snorted it and not ingested it?

  242. I recently tapered off methadone from 90 mg in 90 days. Yup a mg a day. I felt ok until now which is 2days after last dose at 2mg. I opted not to take the tiny 1mg drop and get the ball rolling. On the plus side I was only on methadone for a year and a half. I’m hoping the short use will be in my favor. I already feel uncomfortable but mostly bearable. Will this get worse considering I went down so fast?? I have a one year old to care for and with his daddy at work all the time I’m really nervous. Any advice or experience would be great. Thank you for your time

  243. I’ve been on methadone for 10 years. If i decided to take it only when withdrawal,how long will my body take before feeling sick. I hear methadone can last 36to48hours before going thru withdrawal I’m on140mg &yes i been drinking meth every day for 10yrs. Please get back to me asap. I’m now 38yrs old & i don’t want to be older & still on methadone,please get back to me asap…..

  244. Hello, my name is Kyle, I am desperately trying to find help! I have been taking methadone for 2 years and it’s ruining my life and killing me! I am a working father supporting my wife and 2 children and I feel like nobody can help me detox off the drug! I do not have a lot of money to go for expensive treatment! Sincerely, Kyle

    1. Hello Kyle. I hope you can find a treatment facility that will provide outpatient treatment in your area. You can start your search in SAMHSA’s treatment locator service: and select your State, County and City, what kind of treatment you need, payment options that fit your economical state, health insurance options, ect. I really hope you can make it, Kyle! God bless.

  245. I used 20 to 40 mg of methadone per day for nine days. The last day I used any was July 23. I tested positive on August 4 – 11 days later! I thought for sure it would be out of my system by then. I have another urine screen on Monday, August 10. That will be 18 days. Should I test clean? I literally only took a quarter of a 40mg tablet twice daily for 7 of the 9 days. 40mg was the most taken on any day.

  246. My daughter weighs approx125 her level was 195 saw where therapeutic range is 50-1000 is 195 for her weight to much????

  247. I have been on pain meds for over 10yrs. Up till about 2yrs ago I was being prescribed 240 Perc 10/325’s a month. The reason for being prescribed the pain meds is because of severe damage to both of my knees (surgery for replacement has been recommended but health insurance holding it up), back broke in 3 places (never healed correctly) and damage to my left shoulder due to a dislocation. Not to mention severe arthritis in most of my joints (hands are the worst). But because I accepted 2 10mg Vicodin from my mother once (I had ran out the day before I refilled because my now ex-wife kept stealing my meds), I ended up with a dirty U/A and got Black-Balled with all local doctors. So yes, for the last 2yrs I have been getting my meds in a less then legal means. I want to be off of this insanity that I have now created for myself, but fear that the severe pain that I deal with (or dont deal with by using the pain meds) will keep me from being able to accomplish this. So my question is, for those that have the SEVERE pain issues. The kind the keep you from walking. The kind that makes you deformed and unable to even straighten your back. The inability to open your hands, and even pick up a pencil. How do you deal with that pain and those issues once you have finally gotten beyond the chemical dependency? I quit once before, for 30 days. But it was the pain, and the inability to do anything about that pain, that made me go back on the pain management.

    I dont ask this question to try and justify why I continue to use. I sincerely wish to know how to deal with the pain, so that I can get off these F-ing drugs that have destroyed my life. Living with the pain is not an option. If it is to just suck it up and live with it; then life is not worth living for me. So please, some one help me to understand this one? Thank you.

  248. If I took 4 methadone 5 mg Saturday I took 2 at 5 am 2 at 3 pm never take this stuff ever I weigh hundred 50 pounds and I work super hard sweating and high metabolism
    Drink tea often used the rest room countless times
    Had a random drug test Monday at 2:35 pm
    Will the methadone show

  249. I was at the methadone clinic for 2 yrs 3 mos. I was at about 125 mgs when u started a detox. I went down 2 mgs/wk, holding it when I started to feel sick, and starting it back up when I adjusted. The detox too over a yr to get down to 3 mgs for a week then 1 mg for a day til nothing now. My last dose of 1 mg was on Sun, today is Thur. I’m still sneezing, chills, restless and aching legs. How long will it take for this to stop?

  250. if I take 800 mills of methadone in 1 go when I’m only taking 50 mills a day would I die that day stupid question but I’d like t know thank you

  251. My bf is addicted to oppiates, mostly oxycotin, he has been trying to quit for over a year now but keeps relapsing because he has been doing it cold turkey. About 2 weeks ago a friend of his told him about methadone and how he was given it to help his withdrawal symptoms. He has been taking about 10mg a day if not a little more but I’m seeing him ask for more of it more frequently because he says its starting to wear off a lot quicker or he’s not feeling the full effect of it. He has enrolled himself into a program that he won’t start for a few days but I started doing some research on methadone and have found the results to be rather frightening. I think he is starting to get addicted to it being that he has been getting it off the street until he starts the program. I dont if I should continue to let him take it just because I don’t want to make things worse for him and I’m afraid he might not start the program. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, on a side note, he gives me the pills because he doesn’t want to take more than what’s necessary and I am not a drug user so he knows its safe with me but I hate to see him suffer and go through so much discomfort so I have on occasion given in and given him a little extra (like half a pill) to help him out but I think he is becoming too dependent on it and I don’t want to make it worse for him

  252. I was in the methadone clinic for 6 1/2 years & decided to tapper down. I was on 120 mg and went down 1 mg every week until I got to 30 mg, then 1mg every 2 weeks. I dosed down to 10mg then quit the clinic. A few months later I started suboxone (8mg per day) . After being on suboxone for 4 days I had to do a drug screen and methadone (faint trace) still showed up in my system. Does anyone know how long the methadone clinic covers drug screens after your finished with treatment??? I was told they comer there patients for 1 year but I’m not for sure..

  253. You seem to be pretty knowledged on methadone and I have a question. I took a Norco last week and tested positive for both opi and mtd. A week later I tested positive for just mtd I haven’t taken methadone and wonder why I would test positive for it. I went to the pharmacy and took a home test and didn’t fail and also went to a hospital and requested a urine screen with the nurse in the room with me. My employer says that I failed because I took it. My doctors office said fight it and demand more test. I heard over the counter stuff will make you fail. For example Nyquil which I took a few night in the last week. I’m scared my job is gonna be through and feel I’m being judged for something I didn’t do. I also have a script for the Norco and they frowned upon that. I have cried all day and feel like I did something wrong.

  254. i have been on methadone for over a year i was on 80mls, over the past 3months i have got my self down to 20 mls i stopped taking it on thursday and have a drug test for my work in 5 days i think it will be a saliva test will i lose my job. please help im trying to detox with water fruit and sauna. i need my job

  255. I have been on 30 mgs. of methadone for the past 4 years. Today I was completely drug free and feel like shit. When I feel normal again?

  256. I have been taking non prescribed methadone for 7 years at 15 milligrams a day. This is pill form. I am fixing to have to stop and I just wanted to know if I can lower my doses with what I have left and will I have bad wd’s from it. I don’t want to go to the doctor about this but I am quitting when these are gone. WILL IT BE BAD ON ME!!!!! I am a 56 year old woman. Should I be worried about my health or not!!!

    1. Hi Debbie. A 7 year old habit can have some pretty harsh effects. Withdrawal symptoms will appear as the drug is leaving your system. Reducing doses will help lower the severity of the withdrawal, but I’m afraid you won’t have enough pills to do a slow and gradual enough taper. Speak with a pharmacist at your local pharmacy to help you create a tapering schedule that will fit your needs and also get advise on which OTCs can help you manage withdrawal symptoms as they appear.

  257. Greetings, I have been on a script for about a year, but just last week I missed a prescribing review and now they have started reducing me. I was on 60, and now down to 45, I’m just worried that tonight I will get the restless leg simdrome as that’s the worst of all the withdrawalls! I have a meeting with them in the morning at 10am. They sent me a letter about why the are reducing me and it said the reason for this was because I missed a few appointments they didn’t think that I was ready to quit drugs!!! Lol. The while reason for me being on methadone is because I don’t want to be a heroin addict anymore, so what they are doing is defeating the object lol . I would really appreciate it if u can give me some advice to say to them tomorrow… Thanks for listening sarah xxx ☺

  258. I means I’ve been on methadone through 6 years! Before-My first time mg was 80 …and Then Now My mg is 35. So I’ve decided to put my doses to go lower until get OFF!! I am asking you “How long methadone will take out of my system from on 6 years?” Please respond to answer my one question,Thanks!

    1. Hi again Denice. The methadone doses are being eliminated all the time, so it’s not like all 6 years of methadone use have pile up. The substance will be eliminated from your system withing 3-5 days after you last take a dose. Of course, this time frame can vary depending on many physical factors.

  259. My mother-in-law went to clinic for 4 yrs,she dosed 65mg daily. However due to loosing her job she could no longer afford to go. The clinic brought her down 5 mg a day everyday then sent her on her way. Today is her 5th day with no methodone and needless to say shes feeling pretty sick. Could u pls tell me how long she can expect to suffer withdrawals? When will she start to feel better? And also what can i do to make her more comfortable? Atleast enough to get some sleep. Shes almost 60 yrs old and i fear she wont be able to handle it if it gets much worse. I give her multi vitamins and b12 and tonic water cause i heard those things help. Is there anything else?

    1. Hi Melissa. You can go to the local pharmacy and ask the pharmacists about over-the-counter medications which will be able to help ease and treat methadone withdrawal symptoms. If your mother is not feeling well, you will have to take her to the hospital where she can be seen by a doctor. The symptoms are expected to last anywhere from a week to more than a month. Good luck to you both and I wish your mother a successful recovery.

  260. I am rapidly weaning off methodone. Dose cut in half. How long will it take to feel opioids so I can take the edge off .

  261. Hello my name is D I was in the methadone program for approximately five months where I got into some legal problems now I am being rapidly detoxed I’m on two-week detox from 70 mghow long do you think it will take for me to take small amounts of other things to take the edge off

  262. I want to go to the hospital to detox and they use methadone for 3 days while detoxing you now if I went in Saturday morning and started it and took my last dose either Sunday night and didn’t take Monday’s would it still be in my system/ urine come Friday afternoon please help

  263. I’ve been taking methadone for 5 years now…Now My doses mg went low to lower that I want to take it OFF methadone soon! Now My 30mg So How long do you think I will probably get OFF methadone??? How I feels When I am finally OFF methadone? A little withdrawal & uncomfortable? For a few days? That’s all I needs to know…Please respond me as soon as possible,Thanks.

    1. Hi Denice. SMethadone withdrawal symptoms are less severe than heroin or oxycodone withdrawal symptoms, but they are still rather uncomfortable. One of the most common symptoms is the intense craving for the drug, as well as a range flu-like symptoms that include, anxiety, body and muscle aches, chills, decrease in appetite, irritation, nausea, runny nose, trembling, watery eyes. Usually it takes about three days after stopping methadone use for the symptoms to occur, and then these symptoms can last for several weeks.

      You will probably need professional medical help during the detox and withdrawal period. Over-the-counter medications can help with some of the physical symptoms, anti-anxiety medications may be prescribed to you, and you also may need to seek help from a mental health professionals or addiction specialists during methadone withdrawal.

  264. kiss cam on 50 milligrams of methadone I’ve lasted seven days and haven’t slept an hour surgic and starting to see things I haven’t eaten or drinking much and I don’t know how much longer I can put up with this is it bad to take just 5 milligrams I was at 50 so I can sleep or will it screw up to 7days that I’ve already spent with her.

  265. I have been on methadone for almost 8 yrs. All years since day one on it, iv been sober and very healthy. Just this week I was given a random urine, which I’m,tested weekly by oral swab usually. But they have randomly given urines lately. I took mine, no concern…I don’t use. Then they called requesting I bring in my take home doses,bc my urine showed only traces ofmethadone, not a full positive.
    I’m shocked bc I take my dose every morning around 5 am. Never forget. Never miss. My dose has decreased significantly by about 50 mg the past 6 months…I’m hydrated, ikickbox, and metabolize everything rather fast.
    Do you know why thiscouldbe? Have u seen this happen before?- I’m truly confused.

  266. I have bad back pain and the doctors would never give me anything for it due to my ex drug history. So I found this lady in my neighborhood who told me to try a 10mg methadone pill. I’ve now been on 10mg a day for a year and it’s been awesome for the pain, BUT SOO WISH I NEVER WENT TO SOMETHING SO SERIOUS!!! Now I’m on day two of being off the 10 mg of methadone, I’m doing it cold turkey. I was curious when I might start feeling better? I’m drained of all energy and in quite a bit of pain. I did however try some Tylenol but no releif. So hot baths it is!! I want to successfully come off the methadone and never go back. I also don’t want to go to the doctors to ask for anything to help me with the withdrawals because they will first add it to they’re chart that I was using drugs again and most likely not give me anything like normal.

    1. Hello Nicole. Methadone stays in your system for at least a few days after your last use. Withdrawal symptoms will often be most intense during the first few days of the withdrawal process and can last quite a while. Some over-the-counter medications may be used to relieve some symptoms of detox such as runny noses and nausea. Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of water, which can help ease the detoxification process. Try to stay busy and talk with a trusted friend, family member, or counselor. Talking may help you deal with drug cravings. If things get worse for you, please don’t hesitate to seek doctor’s help. Best of luck to you.

  267. @ liz dowell thanks i seriously thought it was hopless i was hopless and that it would never happen my old couselor at the detox had to check and make sure who she was talking to she couldnt believe it but she was thrilled anyway i go to NA but what is lifering do they have a website im interested in anything that will keep me from going backwards i like getting together with people that completely understand i guess everyone needs to be understood by someone

  268. im currently pregnant and i took my methadone at like 8:15ish then puked balls at 9:00 do you think my body fully absorbed the methadone ? Am i in the clear? im really paranoid i don’t want my baby and I getting sick please answer and help! 🙂

    1. Hi Kt. Call your doctor immediately. It should have been absorbed by then, by you should get examined to eliminate any risks.

  269. First, Oklahoma gal… NO!! 2 days is not long enough!! PLZ PLZ do not get yourself thrown off your pain management program! I dont know how how strong or often your planning on taking it, but I’m not sure it will even help actually. What was your dosage for the methadone? I know your sicker than a dog with nothing for these few days, but if you get kicked off pain management, you will learn a whole new definition for sick. So if you can give me more info ok. Also, if they do urine drug screen you when you go, the methadone wont be in your system, and that alone will get you kicked out. There’s no way you can borrow/find any methadone? Or even call your dr. and tell them what happened. If it’s never happened before, you will be ok. You will have to fill out a police report, but you wont be risking getting kicked out of pain management. They will replace the methadone. Your insurance wont cover it, but it’s just a couple days so you may be able to afford it. And even if you can’t get it, it will explain to them why it’s not in your system.That would be your best best.
    SHON, you rock!! I know how it feels to detox off methadone. And you went fast as hell! I don’t wish that pain on anyone. And then years later I had to go back on it for chronic pain issues,because the dr.’s couldn’t control my pain at all. But I will NEVER forget that HELL. Yes, the methadone is out of your system of it’s been 3 weeks, but you probably have a while still before you feel better. I struggled with post acute withdraw for quite a while! But I know people who didn’t struggle as long as I did too, so I do hope your road will be an easier one for you than mine!!! But remember, Stay clean and you never have to go thru this again!!!!!
    BLACKFIRE, DUDE! Congrats on your 1+ year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is AWESOME! I agree it has to be the right time for the program to work for you. I see so many people down at the clinic that have been there for years like me, but are still going everyday because they can’t get or stay clean. Now the 2x’s a month I have to go to pick up my take homes I just try to use as a reminder of where I can go back to in a heartbeat if I mess up. Because I find myself getting frustrated and mad at those people like my friends and family did at me when I was screwing up. But keep up the great work! Do you go to meetings at all? I used to go to NA, I found LifeRing and that’s where I go now. I’m a strong believer of whatever it takes to keep ya clean!

  270. Hi everyone! I am on methadone daily for chronic pain management. A supposed friend stole some of mine. Well a true friend is going to give me some hydrocodone tomorrow to help me try and make it through til my pain management appt Tuesday . If I stop taking the hydrocodone 2 days before will that be long enough to be out my system in case I’m piss tested? Since I never take hydrocodone

  271. i am currently in a methadone program and i agree that it can work wonders if done correctly and at the right time i myself went to detox over 13 times and went to multiple rehabs and couldnt get it together i was hesitant about a methadone program after seeing people kick it in detox and the counselors in detox made methadone out to be this horrible thing and ironically they detox with methadone mostly they just started also using subutex but anyway i ended up in the methadone program and it was the right time for me in my journey through addiction i strongly believe if i would have done it before i would have been like those other people at the clinic that dose (just to not get sick) and keep using like normal like i said it was the right time for me at first i used here and there then it was when i had money then it was once a month to finally not using at all once my dose was adjusted correctly is when i stopped using now i havent used in over a year i have a part time job and my dose is decreasing i just wanted to share my experience

  272. I have been on 195 mg of methadone for 18 months. Went down 12 mg for two weeks until I was done.withdraw is awful. I have been off for 3 weeks. Is t still in my system?

  273. I took half of a ten mg methadone early Saturday morning around 4 am.. I have a drug test Wednesday do you think I’ll year positive I’ve been drinking water and juice like crazy since then and have been urinating quite often do you think I’ll pass my test

  274. Sorry wrong email but I really really need someone to answer this question above please asap why is this methadone still in my system

  275. I haven’t took methadone over a week now and it’s still in my system and I have probation piss test I keep failing I’ve been completely clean I quit everything but yet I keep failing for it so what’s wrong with me or my body what do I need to do???? Please get back to me asap

  276. I was told that methadone withdrawal can last a few months… I think I believe that.. after 8 years of using 50 – 60 mgs every single day, I finally HAD to stop… Not my real choice but my hubby died & he had to take it for chronic pain issues.. I was taking it too.My personal reccomedation is NOT come off of ANY Opioid all at once.. its just so HARD on the body, mind , ..everything ! Taper down if possible.. I Still crave that euphoria , peace ness about it. Guess I may always.. Who knows better than I. I wish peace to anyone that may read this.

  277. I have recently found out I’m pregnant How do I keep my methadone down in my stomach for it to work to its full potential and how long does that take? Also any other information about the baby growing inside me!

    1. Hello Sandy. First of all, congratulations on becoming a momma! Now, although the use of medications is not recommended during pregnancy, the withdrawal symptoms from quitting can put you and your baby in danger. That’s why methadone is generally not discontinued during pregnancy and the situation is carefully monitored. My advise to you is to see your prescribing doctor or general physician, and a gynaecologist and discuss this matter with them. Please seek advise from medical professionals who specialize in both, methadone and pregnancy, so you can go through this period in a safe and comfortable way.

  278. i have been on daily dose of methadone 130 millagrams per day for 8 years for chronic pain in the past year my doctor takes a urine sample every 2 months and my urine comes back clean no sign of any methadone in my urine then he calls me in for a pill count and another urine test my pill are always correct amount and 2nd urine test comes up positive my question is could something I am eating or the other medications i take have something to do with the reading if you could find some answers that could help me my doctor is no help it’s starting to get to be a pain thank you

  279. Ive went to jail and had to cold turkey detox from 180mg of methadone few years ago. I relapsed on pain pills and now im at the methadone clinic agan at 120mg. My question is, is it as intense to wing a few mg at a time (20mg week) as it is cold turkey….will I feel the same as cold turkey as winging ??? Lol I think I asked it right ….im considering starting to wing detox off of methadone im ready to stop soon as possible.

  280. Hi I’ve been taken methadone for 7 years and now want to be off of it because I’m pregnant . I’ve read it can take up to 10 weeks to come out of ur system . I want to be completely off before I have the baby and don’t want it in my system so what is the longest it will stay in my system I have a very bad back and the Dr doesn’t think it’s a good idea because of the pain I’ll be in but if I know how long it takes to get out of my system then I can quit and be good when the baby is born.

  281. Hi, I decided to try methadone to see how it would work for me, I took one dose if 15 mgs and then the next day I found out I have a urine test for a job. I’m 5’9, 140lbs.. How long will this take to get out of my system so I can pee clean. Test is in a few days. Help !!!!

  282. kemo51

    2:40 pm March 7th, 2012

    (i have been adicted to oxycodonde for 6 7 years due to cronic pain no bull from hep c treatments do not recomend unless your life depends on it. i take 12 30mg pills a day pluss 1 40mg opana er. can methadone truly help me replace these levels of pain killers and still help with my pain levels? i know if i ask my md. to try methadone and it does not work as well as oxycodone he will not let me go back. im told my pain will be life long due to nerve damage from the treatments i need help deciding what to do . im soo tired of living like this.)

    I just wanted to say as a firsthand hard core heroin addicting pure heroin winch is strong’er than opana 160mg mixed with shooting up like 15-30 blues, or as you knowthem 30mg’s of oxycodone HcL.(hydrochloride)Look at the bottle and it should have it or its a sulfite meaning its a sulpher med pill. Anyways I had close vtona. 14 a gram habit of heroin per day and yes the methadone helps with pain as well I’m just here to tell you it does work once you get UP to the right dose for you but it won’t get you very high unless you take like twice as much as as your dose but the heroin I was doing could be measured since I am a Master chemist from N.A.U. the best chemistry program in the state, anyways yesssss it can turn your life3around I went from 7000 MG’S of diaceytal-morphine or dwinch isDia-morphine for short than I got into making opiates that were even stronger 5 to 6 times stronger but it didn’t mess with qa persons breathing or heart rate so you bayou get as high as you can without Overdosing, that’s called desk-morphine but they don’t make it anymore you have to know a chemist to make it from codeine. I just wanted to show you how much it can turn your life around when your sick and tired off being sick and tiered good luck.

  283. I have been taking about 20 to 25 MG of methadone give or take for the last few weeks and have a drug test we’d nite its now Thursday night if I don’t do anymore will I pass?

  284. Hi Steven. Actually, many men recieving opioid replacement therapy develop erectile problems, see more in this research: Withdrawal symptoms step in after you stop taking the methadone, and usually include flue like symptoms, fatigue, anxiousness, restlessness, sweating. Severe nausea, vomiting, cramps, and diarrhea may also occur. You can talk to your doctor or pharmacist about the treatment of these symptoms.

  285. I have been on methadone about 18 months, stopped it about 2weeks ago, was on 50ml, need to know the side effects of this…about not being able to get or keep an erection.

  286. Hi, I am not sure if I am doing this correctly but here goes . . . I have been on Roxicodone (30 mg and 15 mg) prescribed by a pain management doctor. I had severely broke my back skydiving out in Hawaii about 8 years ago. I was given Vicodin and decided I was done and just stopped taking it cold turkey. I was naive and did not realize the symptoms were that of withdrawal. I was fine but moved to south Florida and someone turned me on to percocets for fun anf then blues (30 mg roxicodone) about 6 or 7 years ago. I had a good job making $135k a year and bought a cute hkuse, car paid off and no credit card debt. I started taking the meds more and eventually went to a pain clinic where they started me out with 194 (30 mgs) blues and 112 (15 mgs) greens every 28 days. Bottom line, I stopped being social, had been very OCD when it came to my job (total workoholic), my house, my yard, my clothes and my appearance and I gradually screwed up everything. I lost my job (I quit but it was just a matter of time before they cut me loose, then lost my house and was unemployed for two years. I mived in with my boyfriend and found a job at $72 k. I as with them for the last 5 plus years but as the drug became harded to get and they stopped taking insurance, the drug took over my life. My salary was coming back up and I was at $88 k – still not the $135 k I had been making but I did not have to pay rent and I had no mortgage payment. I started having to buy them and at $30 per. In short, I was spending all of my money buying them for me a a few for my boyfriend. It became stressful hunting them down, driving from pharmacy to pharmacy. There were months I could not get them filled so stopped going to the doctor – just bought them. Bottom line, I had NEVER not been stellar at my job and now I screwed up this one. Again, I quit but only because I know my ex boss and she just makes your life a living hell so she does not have to fire anyone. I know this because I ran our office and she worked from home and I saw over the 5 plus years what she did to people. She is pure evil which did not help matters. I went from golden girl to being the recepient of her abuse. I quit in October. I have been taking 10 mg of methadone since October and have been trying to cut it to 5 mg a day. I break the 10 mg in half and have lasted longer before taking the second half but just cant seem to get down to 5 mgs. Someone suggested I take a 100 mg morphine, break it into 4 pieces and take it throughout the day and cut it back every 3 days until I was down to nothing. That would allow my body to rid itself of the methadone. I started yesterday but desparately want off all of it. Being on the 10 mgs of methadone had left me lethargic, I can’t seem to get anything accomplished, I am severely depressed, am not taking care of myself, can’t sleep and just watch TV all day. When trying to push it out as long as I could to take t he second half of the 10 mg (started out taking 1/2 at 5:00 am and second 1/2 at 2:00 pm, then 4:00 pm, then 7:00 pm) left me almost paralyzed: I could not get anything accomplished. Again, I substituted the methadone yesterday and today with the 100 mg of the morphine and have been able to get some things done for a change. I will be drug tested as part of the pre-employment screeninh in my field for sure. I have to get a job so I have to be drug free AND I want so badly to get off this merry-go-round! It had ruined my life and everything I worked so hard for my whole life!! If anyone can offer some words of wisdom, advice as to how I can beat this and get my life back. I feel like such a failure and if I was not a Catholic, I even thought about “checking out”. Thoughts such as that are so completely foreign to the old me, the real me. PLEASE, can anyone offer some specific advise (not broad, general such as “hang in there, you can do it, etc.). Should I continue with the path I described with the 100 mg of Morphine while I get the methadone out of my body over the next 21 days (most of the medical charts say 1-6 weeks that it will show up on a drug test and about the same for one to get through the withdrawls. Thanks and sorry this was so long. This was actually therapeutic. I hope this does not post on facebook, twitter, etc and this is specific site for people having similar issues.

  287. I’ve been off cold turkey off 80 yes I been taking pills. I work so for the first time I have insurance. What should I do go back or find a doctor because I do hurt hurt torn muscles in chest bad knees back. Methadone helped the pain.

  288. I’m not a regular user of crystal it’s actually the first time but I’ve been smoking it for three days not often but I also havnt slept. I’d say about $100 buck over three days how long u think it will be in my system? I’m 110lbs

  289. my fiancé was on methadone for pain mangament for 8 years. 8 – 10 mg a day every day. 240 tabs a month. . he couldn’t take 8 tablets a day because it made him too drowsy. I’d had some minor surgery and what was given to me just didn’t work for my discomfort. he ask me if I’d like few tabs of his and I accepted. to make a long story short I’d was soon taking 4 or 5 of his meds each and every day.. he had developed cirrhosis of the liver due to alcohol but he did tell his Dr that he had ” a few beers” every night. of course he left out the pint of brandy that went with those ” few beers “. he just died very recently ( we were man & wife to one another for 21 years ) now , no more methadone.. I’d gotten so use to taking it. it was like breathing.. I’ve not had any in about15 days. I’m cold, shakey, but NO vomiting nor diarrhea. I know from taking dilaudid for a while that withdrawal involves those two horrible side affects. I miss him more than I could ever say and these days are almost unbearable. I’m just confused as to WHY I’ve not developed those strong withdrawal symptoms?? I don’t get it although I feel it will eventually catch up with me and I’ll nearly die, I should have already been “into it” but I’m not . what gives??

  290. How long does a one time usage of methadone (20mg) take to leave the body? I’ve read up on it’s potential 15-60 hour half life, and being a very fit weightlifter who is a relatively young male (185 lbs, 14% body fat) – what do you guys think? I could even do a fast for a few days so that the body has no choice but to eat up the fat stores that are holding onto the methadone, letting it be released into the system so the body has to deal with it. This should put me on the shorter end of the 15-60 hour half life. Any thoughts? I will be working out heavily and eating sparingly.

  291. I took methadone for about 2 weeks straight with average 20mg each day. I had to do urine drug test a week later after my last dose and it still showed up positive. So my question is that how long will it take for me to pass a urine test for just taking it for 2 weeks 20mg a day.

  292. I had some massive back pain could not sleep or do any thing for that matter a friend gave me one pain pill I cut it in half one night before last night and one last night now I just got told I have to take a drug test for the next job I’m going to. How bad am I screwed

  293. How can I tell when my child’s father is on methadone? What signs do I need to look for ? He is also on suboxone and would their be a difference in his behavior between the two. I don’t understand how he is passing drug tests unless he is timing his use just right also they are urine tests and not blood tests. Thank you for any info you can give me. I also would like to know if his rage attacks could be associated with these drugs.

  294. I have been taking methadone for three weeks and got up to 100mgs. I stopped taking it but have fallen back into the use of heroin. It has been a week since the last time i dosed on methadone. Do you think the methadone is out of my system because i want to go back to the subs but i don’t want it to clash with the methadone.

  295. I been on methadone maintenance for almost 3 years I stayed at 140mg for a year for awhile stared to tapered when I felt strong enough to do so 4mg every two weeks I never felt any withdrawal symptoms I mean 0 all of a sudden I’m in full blow withdrawal when I hit 9mg it’s so bad I told the nurse to hold at 9mg I fill like a I let my wife down and my kids my wife never ever used any kind of drugs I tried explaining to her how I fill but she can’t understand it don’t blame her out of nowhere I fill all kind of emotions that I kind really fill I’m so scared i haven’t slept in 48 hours this wrist thing I ever felt in my life everyone I no that go to my clinic kept telling it’s going to have withdraws I kept saying no I fine everyone body’s aren’t the same-this is eazy My last dose was so post to 11-2014 my wife’s due date I I promised her I would be there for her this time so so disappointed I’m only 22 5,8 140 pounds need good advise have a Drs apt this Friday to fills taper or start going

  296. Hi I’m on 60mg of meth I had my last dose on Tuesday its now Thursday I feel cold really cold I don’t know if this is a withdrawal if so its not too but but from what I hear if I stay off it go cold turkey the worst is to come I was on heroin only a few monthi couldn’t stop so I turned to the methadonebi didn’t want any of thus I had a real bad time turned to alcohol then heroin not meaning to. Do you think I will be able to do thusvitealy want to think I can what should I expect any comments welcome thanks

  297. hi i have been taking heroin for 1 year now n im 1 year off it since i m taking the methadone
    i was on 50 ml but now im taking 2 ml down every to weeks now im on 22 ml n i just want to ask i fill my head difrente n some thing is in my stomach like make me to go on big toilet if i go then is stopping me to go to toilet n in my brain some pressure this i have it for 2 weeks i want to know what is it is it bad or what

  298. I’m on a maintaince programme for 8yrs now but my usual dose only last me 24 hrs max or if i wake up early then within an hr I’m withdrawing and need methadone is this normal others on my clinic seem to last a lot longer than me some can miss a day plz explain i cant find answers ty

  299. I have been on methadone for years . I made a huge mistake and injected it. And now when i drink 100mg it doesnt work. I need help on feeling it again orally.

  300. hi I was on 115mg of methadone for a year then switched to heroin 6 months ago and 6 weeks ago I detoxed off of heroin. for the past 12 hours I felt very high. I have not taken anything at all. does methadone come out in your system months after I have stopped taking it? it’s kinda scary. thanks

  301. My name is brandon and i took 50 miligrams of liquid methadone on aug.29 and i have a drug test tommorow on sept.5, my question is will it show up? My system was completly clean before that day. Please respond, thank you.

  302. Hi T-Man. Methadone isn’t detectable on a basic opiate test that is part of the standard pre-employment drug test. These tests can usually detect heroin, codeine and morphine, perhaps even oxycodone, hydrocodone, and dilaudid. But, in order to detect Methadone, a Methadone specific test must be performed.

  303. I took 30 mg of methadone on sat. And 30mg on sun. I just took a ua today (wed) 3 days after last dose. I only use occasionally 1-2 times a month. I know I have a pretty high metabolism and tolerance but was wanting to know what my odds are of this not showing up on the ua.

  304. I am on a lower end of pain management ( my choice) I am always a week short of my meds. And finding myself taking one 10mg of methadone a day. Failed one test. Got warning from Dr. Could drop me has patient how can I talk to my Dr about better pain control? Please help. P.R.

  305. I was on 60 mg of methodone for a year went down to 2mg and then back up to 20mg. I got down to 11mg and stopped. I used a small amount of herion and at this point I just want to stop. i wanted to take a small amount of suboxone to get me through…when will it be a good time to take it. in other words how many days do i have to wait?

  306. Forgot to mention I take 600 mg St. John’s Wort before bedtime on the days I do dose. I do this in hopes of speeding up the metabolism of the 15 mg methadone. I’m thinking maybe by doing this I prevent buildup before I dose again several days later.

  307. Taking 15 mg methadone usually twice a week, Usually 3-4 days between each 15 mg dose. Been doing this several months. How bad and how long would withdrawals be if I stopped altogether? I’m hoping not to bad. I have a good diet and take vitamins. thanks for any input.

  308. I took 40 mg of methadone for eleven years, when my doctor took me off the methadone I still tested positive thirty days later. Due to a positive urine test he discharged me as a patient

  309. My pain mgmt dr switched me to 10 mg Methadone 3 times a day last Thursday. By my third pill the next day, I was short of breath, sweating and could barely breathe. Per the dr I stopped it that Friday. It’s day four and I am substantionaly better with just a bit of shortness of breath on exertion I have asthma, copd and HBP. I UNDERSTAND I should never have been given this medicine. How long will it take before I am back to no shortness of breath???

  310. I don’t know what’s going on.Still feel like crap after 8 days on 15mg.I don’t know if my body will bounce back and adjust so I can continue my taper after 16 long years being on M. It it normal to have WD after 8 days? I though my body would adjust quick like it was before ‚when I came down from 120 or so to 15.But it seems that I hit a wall. Or will it pass??? Thanks.

  311. kemo51 i have back pain and may have to be on methadone for a very long time. I was taking 100mg fentyal patches and used. Chewed my patches. Methadone has helped my pain and gave me my life back and kept me clean. So im pretty sure if u find your right dose then you should be ok. 🙂

  312. Hi.I am 39 years old and been on methadone for 16 years.I had been decreasing my dosage in the past 2 years.I came down from 210 mg to 25 slowly. Like 10 mg a month until I reached 50 and then I was going 5 until read 25.Never felt any withdrawal until got dropped from 25 to 20.And for the first time in 16 years I feel a liitle H sick.But not that bad.Its been 5 days since the last drop to 20 and I still feel uncomfortable. My Q is‚is my body will eventually get adjusted? Or I will always will feel sick on 20?! Please help me! I really need the answer. I can tolerate uncomfort. But will it less forever or I will adjust? Thank you and God Bless!

  313. I too 30 mg if methadone for eleven years, when new drug guidelines went into effect I was taken off of it.Thirty days later I was given a urine drug test a d I tested positive,my doctor said it should have been out of my system in three to five days. Could you tell me if having taken it for so long would it stay in my system longer- he says it would not, but I know it did and how can I prove it to him.

  314. Hi,I was prescribed methadone for 20years and got off it using subutex. Stupidly I have been buying some off someone but the methadone is years old has turned yellow. I have never been more than 3days without it and have been taking it for almost a year. Day 3 and I don’t feel as bad as I thought but am I kidding myself by thinking I haven’t got a habit? I cannot believe I have done this again and am trying so hard to stop. The amount I have been taking daily is between 100-200ml but like I’ve said,I can go 3days without and only feel a fraction of a withdrawal. Will it get any worse than what I feel after day 3 without any? I am so scared and don’t want to be scripted again but by day 3,I tell myself that I’m not feeling that bad so have some more. Please help me as I am so worried. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  315. Hi I am on 70mls of methadone and missed two days in a row. Sat n Sun. I am back on my doses Mon Tues n Weds but still feel sick. How long til I feel better? Thanks

  316. Hi Vicky. For how long will methadone be detectable on drug tests is different for every individual and depends upon the metabolism, body mass, age, hydration level, physical activity, health conditions, the tests that are being conducted and other factors. Usually, the system gets rid of the methadone within about 72 hours. But, traces of it will still be detected in saliva 1-10 days after last use, in urine for up to 3 weeks, even longer than that on blood tests, and up to 90 days on a hair follicle drug test.

  317. Only 2-4 days Abbie. Just like the article says above. It doesnt stay in anyones body for months, not even mine being on methadone for many years now.

  318. Im not a methadone abuser. I have only done it 2 times in my 31 years. My question is if I did 20mg a week and a half ago when will it be out of my system? I have heard it could take a month. thanks

  319. I been readimg this sites posts and i am pretty good at knowing whats going on with someone after i read these articles.Like i heard i take a large amount of meth abd the next day i test negative well theirs nany reasons why and if u really were taken ur methadowne and that happen then something is wrong I would recommend you takking with talking with ur counselor and getting an appointment with their dr.Hopefully u metabolize quicjky meaning by the next day ur negative well now u and ur doc need to figure out whats wrong.Is it do to Hep C or HIV I dont know nuch abiut thise condutions but at least one is destroying ur liver and thats hepc so get tested.I kniw their first question is that u didnt take it and thst can be true or just plain crazy because u been on it for over a year and most of u r right it does build up in the tissues of ur body so the more ur running working and persperativing so do something about whats going on control the situTion beforeit controls you.Also please dont take ur babys meth if ugive birth because thats juzt plain out wrong and bekeive me thst baby will scream bloody murddr because u took it so be resposible please or detox something.Now for the rest of the questions I think we know the answers already and if your lieing too urself dont blame ur dictir or counselor because of ur slip so if u take it the right way and have had every blood test done on you and they still cant fugure out why u have no meth in ur system u must be the rule right because yiu never lied ir even beleived ur lies??!!Anyhow if u have a soecefic question post it or submit it here for now and I will find an answer for you.I been using this medicine for along time and i have had my screw ups too so i not special either I beleive addicts are some if the mist brilliant people their are and you know why..So sti k with ur recovery and get rid of any weight on u like drama anything that can csuse u to relapse i.e. dont visit an old war buddy just to show him how good ur doing because 9 Times out of ten u relapsed without using and its justa matter of timebefore u use.I getting rid of people who i used as cimpany because i was lonely and i not stupid i know their using but i tell myself its just to find some friends when i could of joined a support group to go to and thats what i up to now spring cleaning no more people who will and vcan derail me from my life so realky its no differance if u take it for pain or for addiction its all the same in the end I guess I had my wake up call saying to spring ckean,no lieing,get rid of those pretent friends and live life to its fullist.Take Care stay sober and clean.until next time … …..

  320. finally feel much less pain.i guess what im asking is how do you know how much of it your actually getting from tajen your pill?Is their a test that i can take to find out how much of this med that i am actually sustaining.Also i have had Rapdo twice my 1st cbk count was 80,000 and my 2nd was at 180,000 counts so normal is like bdtween 1 and 10 so obviously my kidneys took a beaten The amount of red blood cells that were coming out if me were quite a bit this happened from breaking down too much muscle at one time.From working out.So i have damage it seems like drom head to toe I only say thisbecsuse noone should ever tKe this without a dr orders because it is dangerous if your not followed by a physician. YOU taken this med can and will result in respitory distress than death. So please only use by a licenced doctor.So is their a test???

  321. Hi I been taking the prescription pain medicine after an acident in 2010. I have always swallowed the medicine with a glass of water and still was feeling a large amount of pain from a facial reconstruction, four stomach surgeries and 4 compression fractures and 1 Buldging disc, Gallblader removal, 2 hernias in stomach from working out. My ankle was reconstructed using my absominal muscle do to MRSA infection that dissolved the right side of my ankle and foot and some of my lower leg. So, I’ve been through alot in my 40 years of living. I only take it for pain, not addiction, but it never seemed to work. In the beging of taking it, it did work, but i have been told I’ve been taking it the wrong way; that i needed too dilute them first, before ingesting because of i beleive it’s called the first pass of in the liver. Not sure of what that means but in the past two days i’ve been dissolving this medicine and i finally feel much less pain. I guess what im asking is how do you know how much of it you’re actually getting from taking your pill? Is there a test that i can take to find out how much of this med i am actually sustaining? Also i have had Rapdo twice my 1st cbk count was 80,000 and my 2nd was at 180,000 counts. Normal is like between 1 and 10 so, obviously my kidneys took a beating. The amount of red blood cells that were coming out of me were quite a bit. This happened from breaking down too much muscle at one time. From working out. So i have damage, it seems like, from head to toe. I only say this because noone should ever take this without a dr orders because it is dangerous if you’re not followed by a physician. Taking this med can and will result in respitory distress, and then death. So please only use by a licenced doctor.

  322. Sorry Rebecca but i dont know anything about the saliva test we dont do that at our clinic to my knowledge, at least i havent heard anyone getting it done. So sorry im no help there, have a googled it? Maybe that can give u a general idea or hopefully someone else on here will have an answer for you.

  323. zoe… i have been on a methadone program for 4 years now and i can have it in my system for a long time. You should be clean 2-4 days after taking that little amount only once. It only stays in a person longer when they have been on it longer, it sticks to you kind of like a sponge more you take it builds up inside you. You should be fine 2-4 days after you taken that dose. Im even trying to figure out how i was neg for methadone twice if its spose to last longer for me being on it so long. So really think you will be clean 2-4 days.

  324. My spouse and I have been on methadone maintenance for 20+ yrs. We recently changed clinics and there seems to be a “personality clash” between my husband and his counselor. We attend every 2 weeks, and give urine for drug screens. My husband was having a hard time giving an “obseerved” urine drop and the counselor gave him a small tube to spit saliva in to get the test. The results came back negative for methadone!! While I know, as well as he does, that this is impossible since he DID his dose about 5am the day before, the counselor is saying this tells her he is selling his methadone. I am trying to find out how accurate these kinds of tests are, even if he had gone 2 wks without (IMPOSSIBLE!!) it seems after having all this in his system for over 20 yrs he is a methadone sponge!!l How could this test come back negative?? Any help is greatly appreciated!!

  325. I’m on 80mg of methadone for 9 years..I’m 31 years & start used heroin when I was 15..and I was on-off used that drug and its ruin my I stop taking methadone for 3rd days with lowest w/d..I just sleep in my bed..but the next days, the worst cold Turkey hit me so badly..and honestly I gave up I start taking methadone please just let me now, is that exist another medication to threat metadhone and not become addict after we took it?..In my country, the last med is only subutex and methadone..before I start taking methadone, I was on code in and I was sober for 3 years and things happen..I just slipped doctor gave me subutex but my body doesn’t fit with that..I still w/d, sweat, he gave me methadone..and thx for him I stuck with methadone..last year I was stop taking anything and its the long road to getting sober..than I met my old friends that’s why I slipp to think I should getting back the long road which I had done before so hopeless..if I could met my 15years old I would kick her ass for doing drugs..she ruins my life..or I just killed her..don’t do drugs kids or you end up like me.lost job ,family, money , relationship (caused you just love ur self and drug, your partner just drug) thx my mom still beside me..still care, love and never gave up to reach my life back.the only one who fight to whole my family just for me..just for the record, I never combined heroin and methadone..when I was relapse, I only used I start to kick off methadone step by step..I just taking 80mg for 3rd days .

  326. How long does it take to get liquid methadone in ure system I had a drug test today n I dosed n then with all the water I drank I threw up as soon as I dosed like 4 min after is it already in my system?? They said it metabolized already is this true


  328. I have been on 90 mg. for about 3 months. I went off cold turkey Thursday. I am just trying to find out how long it stays in the body. I haven’t had really bad withdrawal symptoms and wondering how bad it will get before it is over.

  329. Hi Robert. Methadone typically can be detected in urine for 2-4 days after the last use. But there are many other patients reporting methadone showing up on their screenings for much longer, sometimes even after two months have passed. The higher the dose you took, and the longer you took it, the longer it will show up on drug tests. Complete elimination time is individual and depends on your metabolism, body mass, health condition, hydration etc.

  330. How long will it stay in my system and show up on drug screens? I’m a patient at a neurologist and am prescribed OxyContin with oxycofobrs for breakthroughs. I had a relative – my sister in law steal my prescription about a month and a half ago. I was given some methadone to take to help me through until my next prescription was able to be filled. My screening showed the methadone so I was given a first and final warning and the doctor made me pee again. It’s still showing. I haven’t taken it other than that period. When will it stop showing up.

  331. Hi. I recently fell of the wagon, so to speak; eg. I’m on a methadone treatment program but slipped back to using heroin daily.
    I want to stop the jerkin. Does this mean I have to up the methadone amount? At least for a couple of days?
    I’m on 24ml daily but, as I have been using heroin on top I’m finding this isn’t enough or do you think my body will
    adjust to this dose quite easily? I do hope so as I’m not keen to up my dose unless I really have to.
    Any advice most appreciated

    Victoria x

  332. My question covers a few different areas.

    1. I was out of town recently caring for my grandmother when she came home from the hospital after a stroke and an episode of severe depression. I ended up running out of my pain medication, as i had to stay longer than planned and also caring for her was taxing, ad i am disabled and the single parent of a special needs child. I was feeling ill without my med and had to keep the last 2 doses to make the 4 hour drive home. My nephew had left some sunshine, when he visited the previous year. I took approx. 4 mg 4-5 days a week for 3 weeks, then none for 3 days and took 6mg @ 3pm on Monday and my regular mess for driving home on Tuesday. I kept my pain appt Wednesday and was urine tested @ 12:30 for med compliance (test for opiate and fastin / unsure of panel type).
    **Is suboxone generally tested for and if so, will it possibly be out of urine.
    **Also how long does sunshine stay in your system, and since i skipped some days trying to get it out of my system, is it possible to have passed a urine screen?

  333. I go to a methadone clinic daily.recently my urine was tested for levels of methadone in urine and they said my levels are far below the normal level. I am a 40year old female weigh 130lb, and prior to the urine taken it was 24 hours since I was last doesed. The level came back at. Negative how can this be?

  334. I am taking tylenol 3 for chronic pain. I ran out and took 5 mg methodone between Saturday and Sunday. I go for a urine test tomorrow (Friday). I am “5’5 ft tall, 125 lbs and drink a lot of water, gatorade and coffee and have been walking a lot. It will be 110 hours after last dose when I go for test. Will I pass it?

  335. I have been in a methadone clinic for six years and i decided to stop on my own i was on 15mg dayly its been 3 weeks and going through a rough time please what can i do help

  336. Hello I have a serious problem. I have been taking methadone for over a year via tablet, 10 mgs. I stopped cold turkey on Friday morning around 9am the May 30th, 2014. Then the withdraw came. It was bad. I got so sick that couldn’t take it. I had 3, 10 mg tablets on me so during the middle of the night on June 2nd, Sunday I took all three 10 mg tablets. I have a urine drug screen that needs to be completed by 6 pm tomw . Do you think ill pass? What do I do?

  337. I have taken 60mg of methadone in 3days. 2 tablets each day in place of my current medication oxycodone and oxymorphone. I have a urine test coming up in 7 days and another in 13 days. I would like to know how long does it take to get out of my system. I will not be taking it anymore. Im 5’6″ 245# and 42 years old. Not sure if that is needed but added anyway. Thank you for a response.

  338. My friend gave ten mg on sat. Never ever had this before. But we were out and I was in so much pain I couldn’t stand it. It would be another two hoursbefore we got home so iI took it I had to do something. How long will it remain in my system?

  339. I am in my initial phase (Phase 1) of finding my right dose level in MMT and I am taking 30mg liguid once a day at the moment. I am having problems with insomnia. I take my dose around 10:00 a.m. in the morning and by 10:00 p.m. I feel tired and ready for bed, but I can only sleep 2 hours before I am woke up and I wake up 3-5 times a night and am finally able to sleep steady around 5;00 a.m. in the morning. My pharmacist said I should try moving my dosing time to later in the day, as some people get sleepy when they take their dose, so maybe I should start taking my dose around 8:00 p.m. everyday? Any help or insight on this issue would be very helpful, oh and how long does the initial dose last (i.e., I feel sleepy, or feel like I have taken something for around 4 hours, then it goes away, doesn’t seem to last 24 hours even though I wish it would because if I can feel like that for 24 hours I definatly wouldn’t have a problem wanting more illegally dosed opioids.)

  340. Wow methadone is the hardest drug ever to get off if u dont have to take it don’t iv been sick for a month with withdraw… It really sucks

  341. Jason,
    yes I have heard of things like this happening. Some peoples metabolisms just burn through the meds really fast, plus the drink prob is making it go out even faster. Suggesting more testing prob isn’t going to help any even if they did a hair sample that would only tell if there were other drugs in your system, explaining why something isn’t there is a bit harder unfortunately. I’m wondering if the drink made it not work as well for as long as it could of also. My suggestion is be honest. Stop drinking the vinegar drink! And maybe the new doctor could do some testing to see if you are metabolizing them too fast. There is a test called “peak and trough”(I believe that’s it) they can do to see when/how your meds work and metabolize. That will give you guys some kinda explanation and hopeful a clue towards how to handle you treatment from there on as far as treating your pain well enough since it’s not working as long as it should. I hope I helped. Feel free to ask us anything else you can think of….

  342. I have been on 50 mg of methadone,40mg oxycodone and 1mg of clonazepam for over two years.i am 5’5 and weigh 195. Roughly 15% bodyfat. I drink a gallon of water with braggs apple cider vinegar a day as a natural health drink.i had a unannounced ua from my dr. I take everything orally by the lab report turned up negative. My dr. Terminated my pain mgnt. Contract. Have u a answer.i have to be able to explain myself to my next pain dr.signed, honesto god! Ps.i urined in a open dixie cup,and it appears they sent it to a hospital laboratory .it was a private clinic where i took the ua. So strange.please help,sincerly jason

  343. I took 25 mil of methadone one time only. I took it to get rid of herion withdraw. How long will it stay in my blood system? I really need to know. Thank you.

  344. If I took a 10 mg methadone in October and a ten mg. November 10 and I have a u a on jan 6 will it show? I weigh 170 and slow metabusm.

  345. Jeniffer, that tablet could stay in your system for between 4 to 7 days. If you have the choice of when to test always error on the side of caution, around 7 days after you’ve taken it you would be safe. As myself and others have explained above, there are many factors in judging the length. Weight, body fat, metabolism, even diet ( I have found out recently that if you’ve eaten a high amount of fat in the days your waiting for it to leave your system and/or little water it could lengthen the amount of time it takes to leave the system. How long you’ve taken the drug plays a part as well. If it was just once or twice it’s not going to take as long as someone who took it for 2 years. And I’m sure that’s more likely when the fat content of your diet really comes into play vs. someone who’s taken it only once or twice.

  346. Hi I am 30 years old I am about 160 lb. My question is if I take 20 mg of methadone for 3 days and have to do a ua 4 days after will I test positive?

  347. Sid, i suggest u drop as slow as possible and take as much time doing it as you can. I was on 275 mg and it took 2 years from the last time i dosed to feel better. i had post acute withdrawal. Also if u are at a clinic, i would ask if u are allowed to do a blind detox. it will help your mind from tricking you. it helps alot. do alot of research! don’t listen to just 1 person about it. people say alot of things. also, there are vitamins and supplements that can help you feel better during the detox. take them!! melatonin is good to help you get some sleep. You may need help with sleep. I don’t know how you feel about recovery programs, you will learn some good tools that will help you there. and there are many many choice. Na, AA, are 12 step. Life Ring is not 12 step.also it is secular. which simply means not religious. (im partial to LifeRing, thats where I go now I began in NA and learned some great stuff there) LifeRing has alot of on line support too.good luck and keep us posted!! feel free to ask more questions.

  348. Jessica, Your post didn’t show up until monday morning (at 6:11am), I don’t know if it’s because of the weekend or what but yes, y. e. s. YES it will show. I really hope you did further research when you didn’t get an answer here so you didn’t take it. Yes, it will be in your system still two and a half days later. If you take it on Sat night-Sun. night 1 Sun. night-Monday night 2 Monday night-Tuesday morning 1/2. Sorry this didn’t get back to you right away.

  349. I am on a methadone maintenance program but after taking my liquid dose I also took couple of 10 mg methadone tablets…. I was giving a urine the next day and came up for opioids could the methadone tablets cause that?

  350. If I have a doctor’s apt. On Tuesday And it’s Saturday afternoon an I take a 10mg methadone will it show up? I weigh 110 n have high metabolism..

  351. shaunn,
    grrr… i’m so unsure. it can take up to 7 days with the whole half life factor. considering the dose you took, i’d judge around 4 days. so at this point i’m afraid it’s kinda a guessing game. good luck! let me know how it turns out if you think about it.

  352. Shaunn- yep. I’m sorry. 🙁 and it depends on alot of things if it would come up as methadone or opiates. like what lab. how many panels they run, if they test for methadone or just opiates. when I dropped for Walgreen’s it came up methadone. **what do you call a tiny bit? in as exact detail as possible. compare it to a couple things ok.

  353. A friend offered me a tiny bit of methodone to put on a ruptured wisdom tooth. Said it would ease the pain. It was a minisculle amount. I nvr felt any effects of it but tooth pain did subside. I have a drug screen collection tomorrow for a job and I think they send the sample to the lab. its been 2 days since ingesting. Am I at risk of testing positive? Please help

  354. crystal, it’s said that if you take methadone once it usually stays in your system around 4 or 5 days. Now the more regular you are at taking it the longer it stays in your system. I have heard of it being in a persons system for as long as 8 days, but I’m trying to remember if that was more because the person had been taking it everyday and that was since it builds up in your system due to the incredibly long half life.

    Johnny Smithers*** Could you let me know how it’s going for you? Have you been approved for your take homes yet? Are your levels still very high? I hope all is going well for you!!

  355. If anyone can help i took maybe 40 mgs of methodone almost a week again and i have a urine tom. Will i pass or fail? I have been drinking water n ive exercised alot but im so terrified im going to fail.

  356. Johnny, papaya enzyme is a digestive aid. It helps with indigestion and heartburn and other minor issues in your stomach. It’s over the counter and there are no known interactions with anything. It’s a fairly inexpensive supplement. I’m not sure why you’re on stomach meds, if it’s just like heartburn or indigestion type issues, it may do the trick where you don’t have to take anything else for your stomach. I often had stomach issues but I tried it, and I swear by it now. I was talking to a friend in the medical profession about how your levels are staying high even when you skip a dose and she agrees with me that it being your stomach meds makes a lot of sense. Please post the name of your stomach med so i can try to see if that could be slowing your metabolism down enough that it’s keeping your methadone levels high like that.

  357. Johnny, Are they saying your methadone levels are to high? Is that why they are trying to not give you your take homes?I don’t know if I’m understanding that part or not. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find a reason they would run higher than they should. It can be very dangerous if your levels are higher than you need. Even if you’ve been on that amount for years it can catch up with you and then all of a sudden you could overdose. (I guess thats to do with that whole steady state pharm.) Now they say methadone is in your system around 4 days. But I’m not sure, I’m thinking a bit longer if you’ve been taking it a long time. My reason for saying this is because when I was getting off I was at 275 mg. and I didn’t even start getting sick till the end of day 3. But then I was on enough to dose a I don’t know enough about either of the meds to say if your stomach pills could be keeping your levels high to say, I can tell you that my dr. recently tried to put me on omeprazole to help kinda protect my stomach since I;m taking methadone again and so many other meds. I did allot of research about it and everyone everywhere that ever took it said it was poison. It works by killing good bacteria in your belly \and your food takes longer to digest so it may keep your methadone around longer, I’m just not sure enough about it to give a definite answer. So my only suggestion with the info I have about it would be lower your dose AS LOW AS YOU CAN HANDLE (and still be ok of course) so those levels come down and ask for your take homes then. They shouldn’t have a gripe about giving them to you as long as those levels are low. I hope I’m helping. If you can think of anything else ask away!! Now they so getting off the omeprazole is horrible so if thats the stomach med your on be careful and do some research!

  358. i am on other meds but im just woundering haveing had a meeting with my doctor and some of the stomack tabs im on ar putting my levels up i didnt top up so i think ill have to stop taking the stomack to see is it that ps how long does methadone stay in you body for (75mls)

  359. Just to clarify a couple things that were talked about in some of the comments that I can help with, methadone does help with pain. It is prescribed for pain from pain management doctors all the time to people without any history of addiction. It’s actually pretty strong too. Personally, I was on it in a drug replacement program. It was HELL getting off of it. OMG it did take 2 years till I felt good again. 1 1/2 years till it even got close to anything in the normal range. Now, I do have some major chronic pain issues and at that 2 year point I started pain management. I was told I had acute post withdrawal syndrome. All I know is I’d much rather of went through the detox off heroin than go through that crap anyday!! Now methadone does stay in your system longer that the average opiate since it has a huge half life and the steady state pharmacology thing going on. Simply meaning, I still have half of yesterday’s dose in me (when I take it on a regular basis) when I take it 24 hr. later so when you do that everyday, your dose is actually a bit more than your taking at the time because you still have yesterdays in you. (I only have experience with the liquid)It also works very quickly. The doctor told me if I hold it down for at least 20 minutes, it’s in me. But it takes about 2 hours to get into your urine. Now when you take a pain pill it takes from 2 to 4 hours to get into your urine. But if it is injected it’s there right away! BUT… if you’re trying to time for a drug test, time on the side of caution!! Next, I can only speak for myself, but the methadone program saved my life! I needed the whole having to drop clean thing. I needed to have to look at my counselor and explain why I dropped dirty for street drugs. It got me clean and I was able to stay clean till now, some 7 years next month. I stayed on methadone for about 3 years and been off for 4 more. I hope I helped someone out there. Good luck!