How long does meth withdrawal last?

Meth withdrawal usually lasts from 1-2 weeks, but it can last upwards of 4 weeks. In some extreme cases, meth withdrawal can last longer. More with a timeline of meth withdrawal here.

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Withdrawal symptoms can provoke relapse, especially when you are trying to quit meth. During the acute “sleep, eat, and drink” stage, your body and brain are in healing overdrive. Understanding of the course of meth withdrawal symptoms can help you plan your recovery and avoid relapse.

So, what can you expect during meth withdrawal? What’s the average duration of detox? We review here. Then, we invite your questions about meth withdrawal at the end.

How long until meth withdrawal starts?

Methamphetamine withdrawal varies depending on the level of addiction and frequency of meth use. However, symptoms develop within a few hours to several days after cessation of or reduction in heavy and prolonged use of  meth. The most common symptoms which occur during meth withdrawal are:

  • anxiety and nervousness
  • depression
  • gradual reversal of the pleasurable feelings induced by the drug
  • increased appetite
  • increased need for sleep, fatigue

Before you actually stop, it is a good idea to make sure your environment supports you. Finding help during meth withdrawal is crucial. This will mean distancing yourself from using buddies, places that remind you of using and surrounding yourself with people who will support you during your withdrawal.

How long do meth withdrawal symptoms last?

Withdrawing and detox from methamphetamine can be hard, but the unpleasant feelings and physical sensations will not last forever. Withdrawal usually lasts from 1 to 2 weeks, but it can last upwards of 4 weeks (in some extreme cases, longer).

Methamphetamine withdrawal is most severe in the acute phase of withdrawal, peaking during the first 24 hours and usually declining by the end of the first week of abstinence. Also known as the “sleep, eat, and drink” stage, your body and brain are in healing overdrive. Depressive and psychotic symptoms may also accompany acute withdrawal from methamphetamine, but usually resolve within a week, or so.

Following the acute withdrawal phase most withdrawal symptoms remain stable and at low levels for the remaining couple of weeks of abstinence. However, while the physical symptoms may resolve quickly, craving is also present. Cravings for meth are so difficult because of the extreme euphoria meth can induce. Most cravings last at least 4-5 weeks. This is where psychological and behavioral treatments can help.

Meth withdrawal timeline

Withdrawal from meth will be different for different people. The intensity of the symptoms experienced can depend on a few things such as how much you were using, your general health, any existing mental health issues and the length of time you were using meth. Here is a basic outline of how and when the signs of meth withdrawal appear. Please note that these are generalizations – not everyone will experience every single symptom within these windows of time.

24 – 72 hours – In this period of time you’ll probably feel exhaustion, need to sleep longer and feel depressive. Be on the lookout for extreme anxiety, panic, or suicidal thinking. Report any feelings of paranoia or hallucinations. These symptoms can be treated. Supportive medical interventions during acute detoxification and withdrawal are effective.

Week 1 – After a week, strong cravings for meth can appear. A feeling of hopelessness is common during this time, as are mood swings, anxiety, irritability, tiredness, agitation, sleep problems, poor concentration, aches, pains and headaches. You can also expect to feel hunger which can trigger rapid weight gain.

Week 2 – In two weeks you may still experience mood swings, depression, sleep problems and cravings. Other withdrawal symptoms can remained stable and at low levels for the remaining few weeks of abstinence.

Weeks 3-4 – After a month you should start to feel much better. Sleep patterns will improve, your energy levels will get better, and the mood settles.

Meth withdrawal: How long?

To review, meth withdrawal consists of two phases. The first phase is most intense during the first 24 hours after you last use meth, and gradually gets less intense over the course of about two weeks. The second phase is less intense, and lasts for about another two to three weeks. However, sometimes meth users experience withdrawal symptoms for months, known as post acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS).

Meth withdrawal length questions

Did you find this article useful? If you still have questions about meth withdrawal or how meth withdrawal is treated, please write to us at the bottom of the page. We`ll try our best to respond to you personally and promptly…or to refer you to someone who can help.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Hello. I am trying to help my partner overcome meth addiction. His last dose was a week ago. The withdrawal symptoms are mostly as you describe. He pretty much just sleeps, eats and drinks. Thankfully no psychotic episodes, just irritable and moody. He refuses to go to a rehab facility. So I am doing the best I can to help him at home. But I feel I need some sort of support/advice on how best to handle the mood swings/anger, the cravings, and if maybe he should be taking vitamins or the like to help his body recover. ?? I really don’t know if I am doing the right thing. I’m thankful at least that he wants to quit. But he just refuses outside assistance. So I need all the advice I can get. What I am mostly afraid of is him giving into the cravings and the pain of withdrawal and using again. I’ve basically “battoned down the hatches”, but want some idea on how long we have to ‘ride it out’. And when might he be more capable (rational) to start dealing with the next phase -the psychological healing? Please, any assistance/advice would be much appraciated!

  2. I tried meth for the first time and I have stayed awake for a day now and still not tired how long will I stay up I only did like 1/4 a gram

    1. PLEASE! don’t mess around with meth!!! It will ruin your life before you know it. No ‘high’ is worth the excruciating lows and pain you have to go through to try and get your life back. Just don’t start! I regret every day since this hell started. And it could have all been avoided if he’d just said no. Don’t mess with it. It’s not a game. It’s your life! And I’ve seen too many lives destroyed because of a ‘little try’. Please, for the sake of your potential self, STOP NOW!!!

  3. Try 2 years. I havent had a smoke for 2 years and life is good…except for the anxiety. I still feel like ‘something’ isnt right, and I dont miss meth at all. I just cant put my finger on it. You know that tense feeling you have when you are watching a scary movie and something is about to happen? I live with that every day of my life. Maybe 5 yrs of using, has changed my wiring. I am a 1966 model.

  4. I am 4 months clean from meth. I had a dream about it last night.. and now I’m craving it.. is that normal?? I feel like I’m withdrawing from the drug….

  5. Hi guys thanks for providing so much great info Ive been trying to get off Meth for 6 weeks now I’m doing it alone nobody in my normal life knows so rehab isn’t really an option although everywhere i read and any online counsellor i talk to basically starts to put my under pressure to do so , so its turning me away even more anyway during this six weeks my pattern has been 6 days off 5 days on 10 days off 2 days on 5 days off 2 days on i suffer pretty bad during detox obvious the 1st time off was bad after the 1st slip it didn’t seem as bad then after the 10 days off and second slip the comedown wasn’t as intense but lasted 5 days instead of 4 like it always had been even when i had stopped over the last 4 years my question i guess is because I’m doing this alone is I’m scared of the whole withdrawal period and this is day 1 after my 3rd slip and I’m finding the mental battle is i don’t want to start all over again — is that what it is in relativity am i going to feel as shit as id did when i first came off starting the whole detox thing then the withdraw
    i get when i first came off feeling terrible in the days 2-5 because that was pretty much after 4 years but now i have cleansed my body a bit over the last 6 weeks the detox / withdraw wont be as bad this week – i know everyone is different so please generalise but don’t hold back either id rather know what I’m up against on the flip side don’t try to scare me into thinking I’m best to give up and stop slipping because thats what I’m working on and i am keen to start
    lastly i get through the weekdays ok because my normal life is pretty mundane but i feel pressure brought on by myself to go out on Friday and Saturday nights so the last 2 Fridays i have been fine then i start thinking about going out and i start feel really ill and almost have to run to get some drugs for Friday and Saturday nights – and i don’t even have any friends to go out with so i end up just smoking at home dressed up ready to go out but to nervous and ashamed to go anywhere
    i really do appreciate any feedback you could give me on what to expect this week and i can the deal with it from there

    thanks again Chris

    1. Hi chris. It can be hard going through withdrawal on your own. Every person is different when it comes to how much time will it take to clean your system. I advise you to consult a doctor, and a therapist. You will need a psychological support. Also, you may consider treatment options i a safe and licensed clinic where you will be supervised by professionals, you’ll meet new people going through the same thing and learn how to live a drug-free life. Call us if you need help.

  6. Hi I been clean for 3 weeks now and I’m still worried about if my body will go into shock. I am going to start going to counseling but what are the chances of me dying from withdrawals? I have bad anxiety and depression but that’s about it so far.

  7. My friend is 19 she has had a really hard teenage life, I look at it as being set up for failure she started using meth when she was 15 we ve been friends for lil over 2 years. in the time we’ve known one another I have seen what kind of friends she has and how her family has enabled her and it breaks my heart because she is a amazing young lady with a golden heart and a unique mind. She recently stopped using basically she was smoking and sometime using a needle to inject, I hate the whole process of using a needle if it’s not by a medical physician. I have discarded all needles and she is going on day 4 the 2nd and 3rd day were tough I volwed to stick by her side and help her as much as possible for mental physical and emotional support this morning she asked a friend if they would give her some, my friend knowing how I feel about this told me that she asked, I was upset entirely, I know lashing out will not help. The reason I m talking about this is I have work I must attend and I’m scared if I leave she will relapse. I love her so much but from the situation and problems she has endured in her life, going from house to house, negative surrounding and different men that have have been around her for all the wrong reasons I am very scared she has endured emotional distress, physical distress, and emotional distress, this has hindered her ability to make decisions about everything like judgement doing the right things. So I asked her what she wanted out of life
    and she broke down to me and crewed and told me all the great things she wished for and not only is she more than deserving she is capable of doing them what should I do I can’t be around her 24 hours a day I’m nervous because this is day 4 first time in 3 years she hasn’t used. It sometimes light us and more other times. I need a good opinion also I don’t think everyone in her surroundings are 100% on board but I do have the majority vote but addicts sneak around and lie their ass off sort of like collaborate together if I’m not able to watch her and she just relapsed I found her in bathroom smoking it my heart is so broken!!! I need serious advice

  8. Hi,
    I am a former meth addict (10 years of EVERYDAY use & now almost 3 months clean).
    My question is you mention in one of your articles than some herbal remedies or vitamins can be useful when detoxing the body off of meth, what might those be? There is very little info online in regards to this.
    I’ve been trying several vitamins and so far I’ve found beet crystals help quite a bit with energy levels as well as 5 hour energy shots but I also have HBP and a recent heart attack with triple bypass surgery so those energy shots kinda scare me.
    Is there anything you might recommend?
    Also very interested in vitamins that will help my brain possibly recover from the damage I’ve done to it also.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for your time.

  9. 7th day clean from ice cold turkey ..! I know that’s a great thing But I’ve been consuming small amounts of cocaine over the past few days. could you give me any feedback on the positives if any, and negatives of doing this.

    1. Hi Josh. It is great that you decided to stop using meth, but cold turkey can be dangerous and substituting one drug for another will not solve the problem. I suggest you consider treatment options. It is a safer option and reduces your chances of relapse. Call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab for you.

  10. How long after meth withdrawal does it take for energy levels to go back to normal. I have been a heavy meth user for years everyday. I have been off for 5 weeks with one slip up. Trying it cold turkey even though I have read that doesn’t work well.

  11. I played and watched games and my neck is so stiff because it was tense so I cant lay can I help that so I can at least rest even if I cant sleep?

  12. My ex was using meth secretly who knows how long. Two weeks ago he binged on meth for approximately 3-4 days straight. He was missing as well. Cops called us because they found him inside a vehicle hyperventilating and sweating. He got sent to jail for 16hours. We are no longer together and he has supervised custody of our baby in my home. Before all this, I believe he been on and off prob 2-3 years. I noticed signs like him going missing every 3 months and for days to a week at a time doing dumb things. As of now, he lost a lot weight, he talks kinda weird, and has lost hair (bald spots). He says he wants his son (9mo old) and he gets depressed a lot. I want to know, if his talking (like slow) and what he believes his hallucinations are real will go ever away or is that permanent damage?

  13. My daughter is using three grams a day and she has health problems with her kidneys if she was too detox what would her withdrawals do to her.

  14. My boyfriend was on meth he did it up his nose a few times n then last weekend he left n went to hung out with this other girl n she got him to smoke meth for the frist time he said he did it for four days it was he said 300.00 to 400.00 worth n he has been off it for six days now n he just sleeps n in pain we don’t have money to send him to get help what can I do to help him there this

  15. I used less than a quarter in two days(smoking). I have “cold like” symptoms. Like I’m sweaty and cold and then hot and back and forth. My throat is sore. Is there anything I can do to make this less irritating and how long will it last?

  16. I was a meth user for 10 years, the last 3-4 years was heavy daily use. I quit 1 year and 3 months ago. I went through the initial stages of withdrawal the first month or so. Since that time I have been plagued by extreme fatigue. I love being sober and I am not depressed. I have consulted my physician and therapist and both agree that I am not depressed. I have a zest for life but I’m too tired to do anything. My physician has tested my thyroid, testosterone and anything else that could be responsible for my fatigue and all results were normal. The only thing I can attribute my severe fatigue to is my years of using crystal meth. I had hoped that after a year it would be better but it is not. Could this be the reason for my fatigue? If so, how long should I anticipate this fatigue lasting?

  17. what a wonderful blog argentina , try to get him out of jail asap but after 49 years of being a
    an alcoholic and addict , i m sorry, but this disease/mental illness/ will run its course on an individual basis . Yes , i have been majorly financially a success, but i had to surround myself around Normie’s / stable mentally and emotionally people.
    See narcotic drug users really want to use to fell the euphoria and/or get out of themselves. We cannot deal with Life on Life terms.
    The Problem is when we cross that line there is NO coming back .
    Prayer / Introduction to 12 step progran / and Church GOD as your higher power .
    Thats our options of recessing the disease there will never be a Well.

  18. I got really sick the first 3 days starting feeling better its been 12 days now and im starting to feel sick again what can i do not to go thru that again

  19. My son is going through the eat,drink and sleep stage. I don’t know if he’s willing to go to rehab. He’s very paranoid. How can i convince him to go?

  20. My son 27 is been in jail since 12/24/17 after he he broke 11 windows of our 2 story home 1st floor was so scary. This because he was under the influence of meth, 5 months has pass he continues lost is he going to get better as he cleans up in jail or is he going to get worse please help me I’m a desperate mother don’t know what to do thanks.

  21. When coming down off meth, do u feel nauseous? Diarrhea and or vomiting as well as loss of appetite? What foods help with the withdrawal process?

  22. are the side effects and withdrawals really bad and last that long if you have only been using for 2 months like once every other day?

  23. Im sick of useing i want to stop and cant the depression and boredom pull me bk in but im over come with guilty every time there is a war going on inside me i want my life back my joy my peace of mine how long does it take to get past withdrawal and feel like me again to laugh love and live plz help

  24. I started smoking meth in april 2016, and i stopped in august 2016 for 6 weeks. Then started smoking again. Now here its January 2018 a 1 1/2 later. And now going through the 1st stage of withdrawals right now… how long do you think the withdrawals will take for me? When i quit back in August for 6 weeks the withdrawals only lasted about 2 weeks. Then all a sudden I woke up one day and felt awesome. I can’t wait till I get that feeling again. Having to go through this pretty much my self. What is the best way of doing this. As far as what foods to eat or healthy drinks to drink? Type’s of vitamines to take. And how much sleep? Basically whenever I’m tired?

  25. Im very concerned for my daughter 28 years old shes under mental health order for scitzophrenia was found at railway st with a suitcase homeless shes has voices telling her to have ice shes only known lock ups in pycwards since she was 14 i hope she goes to duralong rehab long term run by salvos so she see hope im afraid that if she is left out of hospital she end up in morouge she dosnt no how to live in community on own shes safe now with bed for mental health but still withdrawing voices she has lost lots of weight

  26. I binge on meth and crack every 10 weeks. I will binge for consistly for days up to 10 days. Blow thousands of dollars, sell my tools and engage in unsafe sex with crack whores and always want to and do stick water bottles in my butt or let somebody fist me. I have many other perversions.

    1. Hi Jennifer. You may need to stage an intervention. Consult with a interventionist as well as your friend’s family and friends. Also, take a look into the CRAFT model for families and interventions. One NGO called Allies in Recovery has some online reading that can help:

  27. Hi im john
    I was a meth user for past 6 years i smoked it pretty much everyday i sold my stuff just so i could buy ice
    I lost my job lost my partner coz of my drug habit
    Since then i given up i stopped cold turkey no rehab
    Did it by myself and with help of a good friend of mine
    I have been clean now for 4 months now
    You just need to distance Urself from others lose ur dealers numbers have someone who will help you through it
    Keep you mind busy by doing other activities mne was going to the gym i kept my mind busy from thinking about the drug
    Thats how i did it nothing is impossible there will be days that u think you cant go on or you dont want to but you must
    Anyone can give up the choice is urs dont let this drug consume ur life
    Once addicted it is very hard to stop
    I just wanted to share my story

  28. @Shana I found when I got really tired if I forced myself to ride my bike out on the country road and road as far as I could force myself to go than when I didn’t think I could go any father I would ride back home did that once or twice a day sonetimes and it helped boost my metabolism plus eating a healthy died finding healthy goals and being around happy people helped a lot I suggest getting out side and even nature walks if you just force yourself to do things and stay active and positive your body will start to get used to the new habits

  29. I don’t know if I am tricking myself into thinking I have this shit under control. I use every month and feel minor cravings in between. After about 10 days I start feeling normal again. Went from slamming to snorting a quarter gram each month. It’s slowly becoming less desirable as my son grows older. At the same time I miss certain activities while high.

    I spent 7 hours picking through my carpet and couch for crumbs that didn’t exist. That’s enough motivation to kick this shit.

  30. I m from Pakistan. I used meth for 3 month n it’s been 5 days that I stopped. I don’t have any family or medical support I want to quit n b pretty again. If it possible. My urge of using it again really makes me aggressive and I have isolated myself. Because my family doesn’t know I about meth but forced me to leave alcohol so I started meth n I stopped all other drug. In start it was good feeling. Having the attention of family n not smell like taken shower from beer or other alcohol. They didn’t know what I done to stop one bad habit. I feel the need of help. But I can’t tell any one. I m having very high fever. Body aches n Can’t sleep . I feel so tired all the time. I am sure I don’t want to start again. But now I have feeling it’s breaking me down inside. I need help. Any suggestions? Is there any medicine I can use? I had my spleen removed in 2006. fever is poison for me. It will kill me.

  31. How to help get off crystal meth before it kills me im a diabetic health problems i have dka i want to live to watch my daughter grow up and to see my grandson be born . i don’t know how long i have to live but back in June i gave up 3in a half years clean and sober i lost a lot in my life in a year couldn’t handle the loss or stress but it’s getting harder and now

  32. I am fifteen and I started 2 weeks ago and it took so much to get me high now im through coming down now im recouping I dont wish to start again but I get it unbelievably close to my home at the only friend Ive ever hads house im worried if I continue to visit I will start again but I can’t stay at home alone because of my depression and my Nauna ( whom I live with) work 12/7 a week

  33. Please help my body feels really bad mostly around back areas like I need to twist hard to relieve aches. Just stopped snorting this stupid shit yesterday did it every day for 21/2 months is this normal withdraw also front stomach area cramping I’m 31 years old have a good job and a beautiful family that’s I started because I loved making my wife happy in bed but my body and self guilt to my boys is making me say enough.

    1. Hi Octavio. All of these are common symptoms of meth withdrawal. I suggest that you ask for medical assistance.

  34. I’ve been addicted to Meth for 18 years. I decided to go cold turkey on my drug addiction. Today is my 25th day sober. I never lasted this long. Instead of being proud of myself. I’m not. I hate this feeling of hopelessness. The cravings are driving me crazy. Not in the mood to do anything except be in my room forcing myself to sleep. I’m really on edge. Does this get any worse?

  35. My boyfriend is on week 3 from meth withdrawal. His shakes stopped after the a WK and a half but tonight they are extreme again does that mean he has relapsed or is this normal??

  36. Ive only beeb using two weeks if thst maybe 10 days but every day. Can u give me a guidline on what to expect and how long. Dont ask why i cant answer that i just need the anxiety to pass

  37. I was clean for 2 months. i stayed off it because i was broke for 1 month then went to my mothers for month 2 but felt really tired and oppositional. Now i have relapsed and plan to try to quit again. Withdrawal symtoms shouldn’t last months i’m assuming. For acute withdrawl symtoms is there any kinds of medical help that can give me my motivation and drive back because i feel like if i can focus and get things done i don’t need it. I find myself needing to get high or i just don’t feel up to literally anything. I pick up my meds daily and that seems like a over whelming chore even at the end of the 1 and a half months. Is there a treatment to make this go away faster because i do not feel fine i feel nervous and i want to break away from it for life now.

  38. I have been a user for 10years or longer.and stop cold turkey on my own. Going on 3weeks now.this is very helpful to me.thank you.

    1. Hi Luis. I am glad the information you found here can be of help. Please feel free to write again if you have any questions…or just to check in once you are feeling better.

  39. I’m asking for my daughter , she is detoxing from meth at home , she said she is going through the hunger and dry heaves stage , and wants to sleep . Should I tell her to rest . Thank you and really I’m not asking for myself .

  40. I am with an addict he’s been using on and off since he was a teen and is now 34yo, he has a friend who is trying to recover from being an alcoholic but I have also notice some more friendly texts between them one of my questions is should he be associating with other addicts wouldn’t that be a trigger? Also another question, we are engaged I learned about his addiction probably 8 years ago but he was “clean” at that time but a year ago I found out he was on meth again, I have so many reasons to leave and not trust him but I want to know that he and I can get trough this bc he’s feeling the withdrawal pains but I’m feeling the emotional ones because he’s being so mean what do I do?

    1. Hi Jessica. Meth withdrawal may be harsh and very severe. The chances of relapse are huge if you are experiencing this kind of withdrawal. The safest way to quit meth is with medical help. You may call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab program for you. The number is free, confidential, and available 24/7.

  41. I tried meth for 1st time for 2 days straight no sleep, i had bad anxiety I slept lots 3rd day used three more times, now fighting anxiety I haven’t used it again and don’t plan on using ever again, also have headaches

  42. It has help me with my older brother to help him with the withdrawal affect .But I do believe that the government should get off there arss and crack down on the ice and crack dealers instead off letting them go iam in Australia . It’s all over the place here it’s not a good place to live now .

  43. My husband was a meth user for about 8 years. He claims he has stopped but im not too sure. He didnt get any profesional help to “stop” using… how do i know or how can i know if he has completely stopped? He supposively did it 5 months ago and ever since then he hasnt done it anymore. He used to sniff meth.. please help me understand or tell me what are the signs of him not using drugs anymore.. im desperate…

  44. hi my name is charleigh i am currently going through withrawls from methadone and had nothing for a week getting better but how long can i expect to go through this i cut myself of 80 mil within the month just looking for answer

  45. terrified to ask questions.
    I am very suspect about someone using, and I have a zero tolerance with this in my home. (because of my past experiences)
    Suspected this for quit some time. This man is always claiming no money (that’s a different story) I do not know how much meth costs, he is up and down. I know after a few days of hard work, no sleep, there is a downtime of him being sick. This week has been mostly up, I am wondering, and I do not know if you wish to post this, is there a cheaper alternative that I could look for that will have the same effects as this drug? I cannot prove anything that he is doing this.
    I appreciate any advice. I thought in the past he may have bipolar tendencies. lately getting more consistent.

  46. I been doing meth since I was 17 I’m 35 now longest I ever stood clean was 6 to 7 months. I’m currently in a rehab now I been clean for 35 day and proud. But these last couple of days sleep hasn’t been coming easy. My body feels like jumping out of my skin I close my eyes and my body jumps I don’t if I would call it anxiety attack or what but is this normal?

  47. Hi I finally got off of method but my girlfriend kept using and cheated on me with lots of men we have three kids and on a housing vousher she has good record that’s why she not in rehab she a good woman just really addicted I forgave her as hard as it was it is partially my fault . I’ve been moniter her she been off for 4 days and I’m just taking care of her .how will I know when she off off of it and can trust her to not do it again and cheat what should I expect I’ve been with her for 8 years .

  48. Hi,I am semi.I am from Pakistan. I am being using meth for the past 8months but I quit twice,once for a month and once for a week.i can handle the withdrawal symptoms with any problems.I am ready to quit for good this time.I have no sex drive while using meth recently n I think the meth quality is not good.anyway my gf is coming from all the way from Europe to meet me in thailand in 6 weeks time.anything I can do to get my sex drive back to normal.I am 42years old.I will appreciate your help

  49. 13 weeks today clean from meth after 20+ years. Cold turkey dont got much of a support system other than my 16 yr old thats “just here” i feel so bad becuz i still sleep ALOT my dr says its bcuz my sugars are all crazy but ive been on meds for em over 2 months now. I keep telling him (& myself) soon….soon ill be able to get up in the morning ‘stay up’ & live life like a normal person but im just not feeling it all i wana do is sleep my body just wants to drag – i hate it but what can i do. My dr has me on anti depression meds BUPRONE bout a month now no help . does anyone know how long its going to take to be an up & at em person allday everyday ??

  50. I am miserable. I know that I am in withdrawl and detox…. The past few months I was homeless and about 3 times all my medicine was taken or lost or left for my diabetes high blood pressure nurpothy and mental health… Insurance won’t pay for them for another week or so …the nerve damage and hunger pains are so intense… I have filed disability on my mental health and not good to go into hospital and detox…. The itching is driving me crazy… I just want some relief… If only for an hour why does night time seem harder than day time… And I think I have a warrant and I have a court date coming up soon

  51. My fiance has used for a while and after the delusions and paranoia got really bad, he quit. It’s been two weeks but any time he is around me for any length of time, the anxiety and paranoia comes back full force. See, Hyster lusions always surrounded around me. I always thought that I was sneaking out at night to cheat on him, had men hiding in the shadows of the bedroom, was laughing at him because I was trying to make him crazy. These are only a few.

    I want to know when this anxiety and paranoia will subside. I miss him and want him to come home. He was supposed to stay the night tonight, but it all overwhelmed him and he had to leave. When will this get better?

  52. Hi i am 25 and i dont know if my life is messed up now i smoke normal smokes i have had 4 lung shots of ice it was the first time i had ever touch it and i will never touch it again i am doing ok with withdrawal but been 7 days since i have had it i dont ever want to touch it again but problem is i have had a few chest pain but the other problem is i have lost my mood for sex is this a temporary thing or is it going to permit i have no idea whats happe

  53. I recently went through a series of traumatic events. My dad became very ill and I watched a human being suffer like never before. After his death I was introduced to meth by a “friend”. I used meth heavily off and on for four months. I decided to detox at home and have had no cravings at all. It’s been one full week today. However, I’ve had physiological effects that are pretty severe. Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, nightmares, and some physical effects that just started today. Flu like symptoms, headaches, and issues with my hands and feet. Today I took a u/a and meth is still in my system!!! After a full week!!! I used heavily the last time though. 3 grams in two days. I’ve made an appt to see a psychiatrist for my anxiety and will continue out patient counseling.i have isolated myself and rarely leave my house. What else can I do?

  54. Hi, I’m 16, I used meth 3 days ago and I can’t sleep, my cognitive skills are impaired, my thoughts are jumbled, during the night I get really scared, I get super hot and can’t cool off, my memory is nothing really, I have no cravings for more, and I don’t plan on doing it ever again, but I feel like this isn’t normal, I don’t know if I damaged my brain permanently or anything. I also took 2 klonopin pills that night and 3 Xanax and had 32 oz of Schlitz beer, I’m just wondering if I messed myself up, if my brain is permanently messed up, or if this is normal, if you could get back to me that would be great, thank you

    1. Hi Ken. At 16 your brain still has a great regenerative power, so you should recover from these effects in time.

  55. My husband randomly got on meth and was on it and gone and distant for a whole week. He then came home one morning so I called him mom and his mom and dad both came over because we noticed his behavior was weird. If he did get any contact with us he was angry and paranoid. And he never stayed gone all night as day ever before. It was just random and weird. He is in jail now because his mom found his needles. Ect snd a big thing of meth in his pocket and it was killer I tell you that. We all were dieing inside with what we found. Well he’s been in jail for about 2 weeks now and is acting normal again but also acts like he cares more. He keeps saying sorry to everyone and letting me and our family know how much he is sorry and loves us all. He misses us all and more than anything misses his our daughter who is two. He said when he tried it he didn’t think about us only himself and he says now he don’t know why he didn’t. He sounds really sorry and what he’s saying such as promises and how he feels sounds truthful. He’s not the best liar and I honestly believe he’s willing to straighten up and is really sorry. He says he wants rehab, drug court, and anything he can get to help him and prove to me he really wants clean and wants to stay clean. I really don’t know why he was so quick to try to needle because he talked so much shit about it. I let him hang out with his uncle which is when it all started. I didn’t assume I’d have to worry about his family member temping him on that.. he also says he doesn’t want nothing to do with anyone that is on it or around it, like for example his uncle, ever again. He’s making promises I hope to God he will keep. I have decided to try this relationship again just because I don’t want to wonder what if in the end. I’m giving him my full support and am going to try to see what I can help him with while he’s in court, such as getting him into rehab, ect. I’m scared of him going back to it but I want to keep faith he’s not going to. I’m so tired of meth.. my sister God on it and is still on it and don’t want no help or anything to even try to straighten up, and now it had him.. I know it’s not many people, but it’s two people I care about so much. I of course was so close to both of them, they weee both my best friends. And now she is distant and I barely know her, I wish she was the same. And he is still wanting me in his life and is saying he wants to get better. I don’t want to lose him too. I’m been going through the whole grieving process, I feel like he’s died in a way. I really hope that these are all good signs, with what he’s wanting to do. I honestly can’t tell if it’s just him being in jail or if he means it all. It feels deep down like he does, but I’m afraid my heart is tricking me. I never in my life thought I’d ever get past and try to forgive such a thing with him. I always said I wouldn’t but now one of my worst fears is a reality and I’m still clinging onto him and that hope that he will be himself again. He sounds like himself, and looks like himself again. But what if I’m fooling myself? Do you know the signs of when a person is truly wanting to straighten up? Did we catch it on time? And he says when he gets out, when ever that is, all he wants right off hand is to hold his baby and a pack of cigarettes after, he even said he don’t need the cigarettes as long as he can just hold his baby girl. He is thinking allot about our daughter, and Me and his family and mine. I hope these are all good signs. We go tomorrow to see how long he’s going to be in jail, snd to see about the rehab, ect. I hope all goes well. Meth has destroyed my little family, and my relationship with my sister. I want to be there for her to but she don’t want to deal with me because I can’t get her high.. I don’t even judge, I just hate the drug, not her. That’s the thing, it’s not the people who are bad, it’s the drug itself that make them do bad things.. I hate meth so badly.. I just need advice, sorry I ranted on here and made such a long comment. I just need some advice and another person view on all this mess.

    1. Hi Jessica. I suggest you talk this over with a therapist or a family counselor. I truly cannot say whether he means what he says and will stick to his promises, or if this is just the desperation from wanting out that’s talking and he will start acting differently.

      I believe that only time can prove. Until then, please remember that you have the most important person to take care of first – yourself.

  56. I think framing meth withdrawal symptoms as only lasting four weeks underestimates the power of this drug, and sets people up for failure. You are probably past acute/physical withdrawal at this point. But last year I made it to one month 4 times. O my to find myself high again in the next few months. I’ve never been a depressed person, but the chemical withdrawal completely rewired my brain. I have no desire to get out of bed in the morning. And I am extremely irratible. It would be great to hear from people who have been clean for more than a month. How are you feeling a year later? Do you ever start to feel like your old self?

  57. Good day

    My daughter has been of meth for 4 months but is since then chronicle sick with nausea , vomiting, bladder infection, headaches, hallucinations, confusion, dizziness and extreme abdominal pain. She had a seizure just before all these symptoms started.
    Can it still be withdraw symptoms?

    1. Hi Ruby. You can, but it’s not recommended due to severe withdrawal symptoms. The best way is to detox under medical supervision.

  58. I just found out two weeks ago my sons been using I found pipe in his drawer he said wants get clean but will not go clinic I had him on lock down at home this the ninth day everyone said he needs go clinic but he will not I love my son very much but I do not want him realapse how can I help him stay clean

    1. Hi Rosaly. I suggest that you call the helpline on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

  59. Unfortunalty apart from rehab, this is the hardest thing to get off. I basically had too almost lose the most important things in my life . Wife and three kids before things changed.
    I resigned from my work if 12 years because of it and had to be straight up with my wife and family after 4 years of using , most recently nearly every day for a year. When I was off for a day or two , all I did was war and sleep, but when I was on , I worked and worked and thought I was unstoppable. I could see what it was doing to my relationship we my wide and kids, but was blind sited by it all because if this fucking drug.
    I had asked for help from my grandparents who are laying peacefully undergone . Two days later this happened.
    The day my work called me was the day I quit.
    My body had a sensation that I cannot describe but felt like I was High from all the demons I had to face and people I had to tell.
    It’s been three weeks and still do not feel like going back .

    Basically you need to lOse it all or almost before this happened.

    I’m sorry for rambling but after loved ones found out, weight just released off my shoulders and have did not gi through the sleepy stage which I knew would be the hardest.

    Good luck to everyone!!!!!

  60. I called my brother and asked what can i do? He asked me has he slept? I answered no. We were up 4 days straight cause he was scared and imagining things pretty bad. He was scared of going to the doctor. He said he did not want no more meth. So my brother told me. “HE NEEDS TO SLEEP REAL GOOD” so go and buy benadryl and sleepy time tea. Give him both so he will go to sleep. So i did that cause tbh we dont have money for rehab and docs. So he sleep for at least 15 hours. He started to eat better. I showed him love support so did our kids. It took a good week or so. But i must say it is working thank god. I owe all this to my brother. I hope this helps someone tbh cause it is a hard road. It just got to have patience and faith and you can get thru it.

  61. Can someone please help I was abusing meth for a year and a half stopped using late September 2016 withdrawal phase lasted about two weeks I started feeling better was feeling normal in October November and December up until two weeks ago I started feeling very anxious depressed a bit scared couldn’t sleep ..still dealing with it today am I still not recovered WATS happening have I hit the so called wall where people relapse?

    1. Hi Rober. It seems to me that you are experiencing post acute withdrawal syndrome. Meth PAWS can last anywhere between a couple of weeks to as long as a couple of years. I send you some links via Facebook messenger for further reading.

  62. Metg addiction can be severe. I was on meth for 5 months starting snorting and ended up smoking it. Metg can take over someone life

  63. My son is 49. Has been a drug user for over 39 years. He has no money. Ha been in and out of prison more than half his life to. Was doing good till this weekend. He has relapsed again and I can’t afford a rehab for him. Was in hospital last night. Now the fight begins. What might help he that does nit cost an arm and leg?

  64. My husband is coming down off meth. He stopped smoking on 12- 17- 16. He is hallucinating and he thinks stuff. Is their anything i can give him to help it stop. He has the love support and all. Its just that one thing. He finally sleep all night last night 12- 23- 24

  65. Hi, I’ve been using meth daily, for the past 3 1/2 months, I use to do it before once in a blue moon, like when I would go out to party, once every 5 months, but this time I had a lot of it, and started smoking it . Then I started using daily, since it kept me up, had to work next day so I had to use to stay up at work, and so on and so forth, I was smoking .5 to 1 gram daily morning afternoon and night, It got to the point that I had to smoke just so I can go to sleep. I would get hungry after using. Interesting, didn’t get my hyper anymore, it just relaxed me. I stopped cold turkey last weed Wednesday. It’s Sunday today, I passed out, slept, went to work didn’t do good, fell asleep in my lunch break, and my 2 breaks, got in trouble since I went over 15 minutes on my lunch, Went home passed out, woke up the next day feeling extremely tired, felt like I was a 80 year old man. Bought vitamins, ate well, drank a lot of water. My manager found out, had to tell him why I was so sleepy and tired, I thinking I would get fired, he sent me home early, and said drink half a gallon of milk, and go straight to sleep when you get home. So I did, got home at 2pm, drank that half gallon of milk, then fell asleep, woke up at 830 pm, ate showered, went back to sleep, drank Pedia lite, woke up, better, did better at work, and the 3rd day even better, noticed that I was going back to my real personality, was crackin jokes at work, regained all my confidence back. People started noticing that I was doing great, so they took me out to eat, and they all confessed that they knew I was on drugs, they were observing me, monitoring me, making sure I was eating, So they all knew, I didn’t know that they knew, so now I think back and realize, man, no wonder they would invite me to go out for a drink, or wanted to hang out, would buy me lunch, they knew who I really was, they missed the real me, the life of the party lol. They would pray for me. They knew I stopped , as soon as they saw me tored, sleeping all day, and acting like my old self again. I gotta say, if your trying to stop, best thing to do , is talk to someone about it, brother, sisters, family, old friends, friends that don’t know, the more you tell people the more chances is that you’ll get the support that drug only distances you, turns you into a zombie. Seek family first, I’m sure you distanced yourself from them. Then they’ll do everything they can to help you. Hope someone benefited from this.

  66. We recently took on my nephew that was living on the streets. His frequent drug of choice was meth. The first week he slept pretty much nonstop and ate and chance he got. He drank a lot of caffeine and red bulls in the beginning so it was hard to tell if he was still using. It appeared that he was starting to “normalize” and then one day out of the blue he met someone and went out. He came back the next morning and slept for another 2 days. He appeared to have a chest cold and is still showing symptoms of the cold. He has been very pleasant and is very social. I think he is off the drugs and really trying to get control of his life. Am I being fooled?

  67. After quitting Adderall, I had blackouts mixed with strange behavior, the neurodoc thinks I had ‘complex parttial seizures. This is one of the scariest experiences I have ever had, does anyone have anything they could tell me about this, your input would be greatly appriciated and might tell me how much longer I should abvoid driving and when I can return to work

  68. Hi my names Jesus I’m 22 going to be 23 this month and Ive been a meth addict for 5 years and it seems likeel everytime I quit the withdrawal doesn’t go away I mean the longest ive been clean was 3 months but even after I get passed the most severe part of the withdrawal the anxiety and depression still lingers. I can’t even look people in the eyes and have a normal conversation. I don’t want this to last forever because i use to be a very social person and got along with everyone and I have alot of friends but I can’t be around them. I am using method right now and I’m planning nylon going into a rehab this month but I wanted to know if the withdrawal symptoms can last forever I’m very distant from my family

  69. I have been diagnosed with depression and heart palpatations three weeks after taking meth, but i wasn’t a regular user i binged once. Will this last forever

  70. This is my first time doing meth and I’ve been none stop for a year and a half my work and select few of friends tell me that they will take me to a clinic but the thought of that give me the worst anxiety I see it a a crazy house and I’m to good for that but I want my life back and my fiancé back to how can I convince my self to go get help k

  71. I used a bunch of meth last night. My last hit was about 3am. Now i want to sleep but cant. I dont want to use again. I dont like the way i feel. What is the best way to come down.

  72. I’ve taken 25mg/day prescription meth for years.
    Is that a lot? what should I expect as I whithdraw?

  73. Should some I come down from using meth for a year straight there first time or SE they have some one with them to watch over them

  74. How long will withdrawal from meth last for someone using for a month and has Prozac and seraquel medication help?

    1. Hi Angela. Meth withdrawal varies mostly depending on the level of addiction and frequency of meth use. Usually, withdrawal lasts from 1 to 2 weeks, but it can last upwards of 4 weeks or even longer.

  75. Hello, today I reached two weeks clean, but Im feeling like my body isgoing back to the crash stage. I wake up feeling extremely tired and confused, sometimes I even feel like I’m still dreaming and immediately after eating anytime of the day i get so exhausted. Is there something that I can do to improve this? Thank you in advance.

    Also on the evening I started feeling really agitated, with very hellish feeling of “cold-heat” and started sweating and trembling like if I was about to pass out.

  76. I want to get off meth. I am a 19 year addict, IV user. I had few bouts of sobriety. The most recent was from Thanksgiving till Xmas. I’ve used every day since then. I hate it. I need help with the emotional overload I experience, the anxiety, and most of all the dizzy and nauseous feelings I get from about 8 hours after use and lasts for aprox 4 days. What causes this? I only started experience this symptom maybe a year ago. Is it because of chemical difference?

    Thanks for your input


    1. Hi Shanna. I suggest you call the helpline you see on the site to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant to access the right kind of treatment that will fit your needs.

  77. Does meth use leave you psychotic my son use to be on it but not now he stole all my power tools cutting torches 3 saws and a miter say all combined around 4,000 dollars and when asked about them he would lie out his teeth He gave me a bass boat . he took it back and sold it . he came home one night about 8 pm he had a I phone he had bought about 2 weeks before I told him if he decided to get another ph I would love to have that one when he came in he looked at me and said here is you D m ph threy it on the floor busted it all to pieces and said here is your ph using bad language.I am a minister Pentecostal . he went to the rest rom his girl friend stayed in the living room with me he had been in the bathroom about 25 minutes I got a close hanger to open the door he opened it we went in the living room lowered his head and bull rushed me I had a lot of shoulder surgeries and had a hard time fighting him off he picked me up by the neck and took his belt off and lifted me off the floor and hit me in the eye . he went and got my AR 15 telling me he would show me I grabbed the clip and hid it He hit me so hard he almost busted my eye globe.
    we moved and he stoled my 18 in belt sander a compute with a 24 in screen , He got my ar 15 claiming he was going to have a scope put on it I begged him to leave it alone the nxt day the car came up missing with my AR. The AR ment more to me than he will ever know I have forgiven him I do not hold a grudge but it still hurts it’s as he has no conscience he has threaten to kill me more than I can count my fingers It hurts when the son you raised gets on meth

    1. Hi David. Yes, one of the side effects of meth addiction can be psychosis and aggressive behavior. Have you tried to get any addiction help for him? I’m afraid that when he can’t steal any more things from home, he may try to obtain the drug in other illegal ways and get incarcerated.

  78. Can u still get a sick feeling in your stomach after 2 months clean and be depressed also is loneliness a reason people use

  79. I was just wondering the best action for my family and I, we have 2 children together and I have a 15 yr old from another girl . Kids are 11 yr. Old girl, 12 yr. Old boy with my wife of 13yrs. And my 15 yr old that’s already starting the wrong choices in life. I been to rehab for a month in Florida., and tended AA. For a most of the time after rehab. I feel as my life is controllable but when I look back there has been almost 13 yrs of little time off of meth. My family is falling apart and I just don’t know what to do. My wife is getting ready to have breast cancer surgery that’s the end of her process she has done so good beating it.. I feel that’s due to me making her so tough going through this addiction for the last 13yrs…. She has. Never done any illegal drugs of any kind by the way so what’s the best plan you think would be best interest of my wife and kids . I just gotta stay strong so I can be here for her while she does this surgery and yes I will be here for her…….thanks former addict on a leash…..,,,,,

    1. Hi Tracy. Detox from meth and back pain might not seem like they go together, but they do. So, it’s a symptom experienced quite often and in many people. Experiencing back pains during the process of detox and withdrawal from meth may have several causes, but one is likely the fact that the body is under a lot of physical stress. Usually, taking a muscle relaxant or simply resting can help alleviate any back pain associated with methamphetamine withdrawal. I’d still suggest that you get checked by a doctor, just to be sure there is nothing else that may be causing the problem.

  80. `What liquids teas, juices etc. Can help clean system and help with recovery. After 2 years continuios use I have 5 days of no use. Want to make 6 days`

    1. Hi Kathy. Maybe a professional assessment by a medical doctor can help determine whether it’s one or the other.

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