How Long Does Marijuana, Weed, Pot (THC) Stay In Your System?

The half life of THC depends on potency, frequency of use and mode of administration. But generally, the THC found in marijuana can stay in the body for days or weeks after use. More on how long THC stays in the system here.

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Reviewed by: Dr. Dili Gonzalez, M.D.

ARTICLE OVERVIEW: The detection window for marijuana and THC depends on quantity, potency, frequency of ingestion, personal metabolism, the amount of fat in the body and the drug testing method used. Details below.


How Do You Take Marijuana?

In 2016, an estimated 24 million Americans aged 12 and older reported current use of marijuana. [1]Most people take marijuana by smoking or eating it.

Marijuana contains tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC for short. THC is a chemical that causes psychoactive effects by binding to cannabinoid receptors in the brain. In other words, THC is the chemical that gets you high. THC is found in the following products:

  • Dronabinol, a synthetic form of marijuana
  • Hash, resin from the hemp plant cannabis sativa
  • Hashish oil
  • Marijuana buds
  • Marijuana flowers
  • Marijuana leaves

People smoke marijuana in hand-rolled cigarettes called joints or in pipes or water pipes called bongs. They also smoke it in blunts, emptied cigars that have been partly or completely refilled with marijuana. To avoid inhaling smoke, other people have started using vaporizers. These devices pull the active ingredients from the marijuana or liquid extract and collect vapor in a storage unit. So, instead of smoking, a person then inhales the vapor.

People can also mix marijuana in food and edibles, such as brownies, cookies, or candy, or brew it as a tea. A newly popular method of use is smoking or eating different forms of THC-rich resins.

Main Uses

Apart from getting high, there are legitimate reasons why people use marijuana.Even though it´s a Schedule I drug and is classified as having no medical use by the federal government [2],people have used marijuana, its individual components, or similar synthetic substances for a variety of health conditions for at least 3,000 years. [3]

In January 2017, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine published a report that summarizes the current evidence on both therapeutic effects and harmful effects. [4] The report concludes that the effects of cannabinoids are modest for the following conditions:

1. In adults with chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, oral cannabinoids are effective antiemetics.

2. In adults with chronic pain, patients who were treated with cannabis or cannabinoids are more likely to experience a clinically significant reduction in pain symptoms.

3. In adults with multiple sclerosis-related spasticity, short-term use of oral cannabinoids improves patient reported spasticity symptoms.

Further, the FDA has approved THC-based medications, prescribed in pill form for the treatment of nausea in patients undergoing chemotherapy, and to stimulate appetite in patients with wasting syndrome due to AIDS. It was also approved a CBD-based liquid medication called for the treatment of two forms of severe childhood epilepsy, Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. [5]

Peak Levels

On average, the effects of marijuana last between 3 – 4 hours. However, peak levels of THC depend on how it enters the body. When cannabis is ingested by mouth, THC levels peak after 1 to 6 hours.When inhaled, THC is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream with a peak concentration in 2 to 10 minutes.

Half Life

The half life of a drug is the amount of time it takes for measured amounts in the bloodstream or urine to decrease by half. The half life for THC is long because THC is stored in the body’s fat cells. This is because THC is highly lipid and not easily dissolved in water. Therefore, the blood plasma and urinary half-life of THC are best estimated at 3 – 4 days after ingestion. However, this half-life can be even longer depending on the quantity of THC ingested and frequency of use. The half-life for marijuana may even extend to 10-12 days after ingestion.

Marijuana Detection Windows

Because THC is a highly fat-soluble compound, it can build up a very long half-life for elimination among heavy users. In the case of people who smoke once per week, THC levels increase in their bodies over time because THC has never been fully eliminated. So, regular users of marijuana must realize that THC is generally more detectable in their systems than in the bodies of periodic or episodic users of marijuana.

Furthermore, detection windows for weed will be based also on a person’s metabolism and fat content in the body. Finally, the detection window for THC depends on quantity, potency, duration of use, frequency of ingestion, and the method used to detect THC or its metabolites.

Generally, marijuana detection windows for biological samples are as follows.

Blood: 3 days to 2 weeks.

Hair: 90 days.

Saliva: 1 day.

Sweat: 7 to 14 days.

Urine: 1 to 30 days.

Marijuana Drug Testing

Marijuana can be detected in urine, blood, hair and saliva drug tests. The most common drug test for marijuana is a urine based test.These different types of drug tests employ various methods with different sensibility and specificity,and include methods such as:

  • Enzyme immunoassay
  • Gas chromatography
  • High pressure liquid chromatography
  • Radio immunoassay
  • Thin layer chromatography

Each type of drug test isused for specific situations and depends on there as on for the test. Let’stake a deeper look at each of these screening methods, and their general detection windows.

Blood Tests for Marijuana

Blood testing typically detects marijuana use that occurred within 2 to 12 hours of the test.Drug testing of blood samples is usually only performed in emergency situations. This is because taking blood is considered “invasive” and unnecessary unless acute use needs to be recorded in cases of car accidents or injury.

Hair Tests for Marijuana

Hair testing for marijuana can detect substance use over the period of days to months, and, in some cases, years after use. Conversely, hair testing is not helpful in detecting sporadic use when weekly or monthly testing is required as part of a drug treatment plan.

Because of the long period of detection for hair samples, this type of drug test is useful for detecting chronic substance use, understanding the duration of a patient’s drug use over the long term, and indicating periods of abstinence. So, hair tests may be ordered by courts or doctors to view patterns of use over time.

Saliva Tests for Marijuana

Oral fluid testing can detect marijuana for up to 24 hours after use. This method is less commonly used but oral samples represent a convenient, promising matrix for many settings. Unlike urine samples, oral samples are not easily tampered with, and can be collected with minimal invasion of privacy.

Urine Tests for Marijuana

The most commonly used urine drug testing for pot involves an automated immunoassay either alone as a point-of-care test. The cutoff value for the test is 50ng/mL… or samples are submitted as an initial screen for a 2-step testing procedure followed by a confirmatory test with a cutoff value of 15ng/mL.[6] Its collection is somewhat invasive since it requires either a sophisticated collection protocol which is not readily available in medical offices or direct observation by a clinician or a relative to prevent tampering.

What If I Test Positive…

In most cases, if you test positive you´ll still have chance to retake the test with the same or a different biological sample.It´s important to know every state and municipality has different rules regarding workplace, clinical and student drug tests. Here are some of the common consequences and what you can do about them.


Here are some possible scenarios:

  • An employer may refuse to hire you.
  • An employer could restrict your promotion or terminate your contract.
  • An employer may allow you a chance for rehab, and a return under some conditions.
  • Your unemployment benefits could be denied.

If you test positive for marijuana in a workplace test, you can claim the results are mistaken or wrong. Cross reactivity ad false positive tests are possible (see below). Here are some measures to prove the test is wrong:

  • Ask your employer if it is possible to retake the test.
  • You can require the laboratory to test your sample again.
  • Your employer can require an additional test with only one-hour notice.
  • You can ask for a hair drug tests to be done, although you may have to cover the costs.


Here are some possible situations:

  • Your doctor can cut you off your medications or dismiss you as a patient.
  • You could be excluded from a competitive sport.
  • You could be visited by social services.
  • You may be facing time in jail, or state or federal prison, OR lose your privileges in a probation setting.

If you feel that, your test result is incorrect and that you haven’t smoked or used marijuana you can:

  • Talk with your practitioner about any medications you are using.
  • Ask for a laboratory confirmatory test that is more specific.
  • Participate in another screening and assessment performed by your doctor or another medical professional.


The worst-case scenarios might be:

  • It may affects your college loans.
  • You may have a criminal record.
  • You could spend time in jail, or state or federal prison.
  • You might not be able to join the military.

The primary purpose of studentdrug testing is not to punish students who use illicit drugs but to prevent future illicit drug use. Therefore, most schools will first tell your parents about the result. Depending on levels of possible addiction, counseling or rehab can be considered.

False Positive

False positive results are associated with the use legal medications like Marinol and proton pump inhibitors. [7] A false positive test for marijuana can also occur also after you’ve been exposed secondhand marijuana smoke or after consuming hemp derived products.Additionally, you may trigger a false positive drug test for marijuana if the testing method is an immunoassay for multiple drugs. Compounds in the biologic specimen other than the actual substance or its metabolite bind to the assay and trigger a false positive result.

Home Tests

Most home tests for marijuana are urine test kits that use immunoassays, or IAs. Although IAs have high sensitivity to THC, these tests often displace poorer specificity owing to cross-reactivity. This is why home tests give us a qualitative result that should be confirmed with a more specific test.

Why does cross-reactivity occur? The most commonly used immunoassays in home drug testing kits include simultaneous testing for other drugs. This can include amphetamines, cocaine metabolites, and opiates. But during testing, compounds in the biologic specimen other than the actual substance or its metabolite bind to the assay and trigger a false positive result.

Marijuana Addiction Liability

Marijuana use can lead to the development of a substance use disorder, also called addiction. Addiction is a medical illness in which the person is unable to stop using marijuana even though it’s causing health and social problems in their life

Research suggests that between 9 and 30 percent of those who use marijuana may develop some degree of marijuana use disorder. People who begin using marijuana before age 18 are four to seven times more likely than adults to develop marijuana use disorder.

Many people who use marijuana long term and are trying to quit report mild withdrawal symptoms that make quitting difficult. These include:

  • Anxiety
  • Cravings
  • Decreased appetite
  • Grouchiness
  • Sleeplessness

Problems With Marijuana? Get Help Now!

You will know if you are addicted to marijuana if you experience withdrawal symptoms when you quit taking it… and if you begin to crave marijuana when you don’t have access to it.

Compared to those who don’t use marijuana, those who frequently use large amounts report the following:

  • Higher likelihood of dropping out of school.
  • Less academic and career success.
  • Lower life satisfaction.
  • More accidents and injuries.
  • More job absences.
  • More relationship problems.
  • Poorer mental and physical health.

There is help for people who are addicted to marijuana, but it is only useful when you are ready to stop. Treatment generally includes some form of psychotherapy combined with support groups. And it can help to get out of your environment to focus on yourself.

Give us a call to learn more about treatment.

We know addiction.

Compassionate support staff are waiting to talk to you about your options.

More Questions?

Do you still have questions about how long THC will stay in your system after marijuana consumption?Please leave us your questions or comments here. We will take the time to try to answer all of your questions with a personal reply ASAP.

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  1. I havent smoked in 2 yrs i took 4 hits off a joint Sunday and foud out i need my lithium levels checked on Thursday how long does it stay in the blood

  2. Is it possible having sex with someone(male) who consumes a lot of HTC who cums in you give you a positive drug test for marijuana?

  3. I weigh 160 pound I stopped smoking three weeks ago I was a consistent user my drop is in two days will I pass ? Or could you give me advice please

  4. PASSING A DRUG TEST IS EASY with the steps below…

    Eat a ketogenic diet; it forces the body to metabolize fat which is where THC is stored (ketosis state). This is in contrast to a glycosis state, where blood glucose (sugar) provides most of the energy.

    Drink at the very least eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day; this will help flush your system as well as assist you in maintaining a healthy metabolism.

    Drink green tea; like water, this will lower THC levels through its diuretic properties and make an individual urinate a lot which technically washes out the kidneys. Green tea can purify your blood and get everything moving on. Incorporate in your diet throughout the day for at least a week leading up to your drug screen.

    Exercise some and hit the sauna, steam-room and or Jacuzzi; all of these will speed up your metabolic rate and remove THC from your system quicker.

  5. Rick. I smoked 3 hits of pot out of a one hitter, I wiegh 220 pounds at work I am really active but not so much on the weekend I do walk on the treadmill 3 or 4 times a week and try to drink a lot of water how long will it take to get out of my system I may have 4to 5 weeks before my next test will I make it

  6. I am both in recovery and subject to regular UA’s. If my partner is a regular user of marijuana, and we frequently exchange bpdy fluids (more than semen) will that, or can it cause me to then have a positive THC drug test.

  7. I took 2 hits off a joint on the 9th and then on the 19th I had to take a drug test. Do you think I passed? I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in few days stressing out about it

  8. Hi im nervous about taking a hair follicle test for a well paid job that im confident ill get if i can pass the test. I know a current employee that can pretty much get me in easily but i need to know how long I should wait because he said they will do a hair follicle test. Im 30yrs old and didnt start smoking until I was 29. I typically only smoked before going to bed, one blunt to myself almost every single night for a full year.
    Ive always smoked blunts and I quit one week ago to start clearing it out of my system. Im 6ft 165lbs and am moderately active and in shape. How long do you believe I should wait until i apply for this job?

  9. People have addictive personalities with dependent thought processes. People who experience anxiety sleeplessness etc. After ceasing use most likely had these “withdrawl” symptoms prior to and was the reason
    They started to begin with. There is no evidence anywhere that says it is and your article is part of the problem in that area. Otherwise the rest is rather informative. That is all.

  10. So I smoked a dab cart almost everyday for a month ,I’ve been working out drinking alot of water , pickle juice, cranberry juice ect, but how long will it be in my system

  11. Can you estimate how
    Long marijuana will
    Stay in the system
    Of a size zero-2 5’ y’all 110 pound woman? I know I can’t trick a test, but there have to be behaviors along with abstinence that can help; ways to eat, things to do… I smoked daily for a good three years if not longer. I’m in trouble, and scared. I thought taking CBD hemp extract oil was a good idea but now I read it can cause a false positive! So how long, and what can I do?

  12. Hi, I’ve smoked weed for nine years straight and i have recently quit to join the army. It’s only been a week of not smoking and i was wondering if I have one tiny hit will it set me back to day one? I also smoke with tobacco mixed in which makes it really hard to give up considering the nicotine addiction…

  13. Clean for about 6 months smoked maybe one day a day for a week and have a drug test in 4 days am I good? 5’7 130-135 pounds and active

  14. Hello, I’m 9 weeks pregnant, I haven’t smoked in 32 days since I found out I was pregnant but for some reason my levels keep increasing by 100 and I honestly don’t know how or why. Can you explain or tell me what’s going on. Thanks

  15. my husband has stage 4 pancreatic cancer and has been taking a gram of THC a day since February of 2018. I am a school bus driver and recently had been tested for drugs and now my employers asking for a second test. I don’t take drugs, so is it possible that there could be any transfer of THC from my husband through saliva sweat sex Etc?

  16. When you do a urinalysis test can you tell if the THC is from fresh marijuana use or old marijuana use? I have been a chronic smoker for over ten years. I quit and my levels were going down and then spiked. My councilor said that my next urinalysis taken a week later should have been at zero. It was not. It went down over half. She said that they could check the urine ten days later and tell if it was from fresh marijuana smoking. I said that I hadn’t smoked in a month and a half. She doesn’t believe me. I was a heavy smoker for over ten years and started smoking in 1993. Is the councilor telling the truth?

  17. I haven’t smoked since October of 2018 and I got to basic training in February so I’ve been clean for about 3 months will my drug test be negative

  18. I was a heavy smoker i quit 7.5 weeks ago. I am 5’6 about 120 lbs. I hang out with ppl that smoke all the time. And i keep taking at home drug test but keep coming back positive and i cant figure out why? Could it be from being around ppl that smoke alot of weed? Im trying to get a job and i dont want to use stuff to help me beat the test i want to do it the right way sense i haven’t smoked..HELP.. TIA.

  19. Hi my boyfriend has smoked weed for 14 years everyday . He is in early stages from stopping on 4 days I have read all different saying how long it takes to come out of his system between 30 day and over 90 days he has a new job coming up and he could hold it off for 90 days at the latest or will lose it do you think for smoking it that long he has a chance or know how long it roughly takes please he having every side effect you can think thanks for any advice

  20. Hello, ive been a heavy user for about 6 years and quit a month ago but i slipped and took two hits of a joint almost 2 weeks ago. Ive been drinking lots of water n working out. How can i help detox my system? I just want to be clean for myself.

  21. So I have not smoked for about 3 and a half months maybe four but last night I smoked two bowls of resin and today a bowl of marijuana I’m just wondering an estimate of how long it would take to get out of my system

  22. I am 5 foot 6 and I weigh a hundred and thirty-two pounds so don’t have any fat weigh if I wear a size 6 pants I have a drug test on Tuesday urinalysis I usually only take a few hits a day of marijuana I haven’t had any in like 9 days will pass a drug test

  23. People need to stop saying weed isn’t addictive. I know people who cant go a day without weed. I know people who literally cant touch any kind of foods that they used to love before smoking until they smoke. I know people who cant do anything productive until they smoke. If you find yourself irritable or frustrated because you cant or havent smoked then you’re addicted. Your body needs it and when it doesnt get it thats when you start to have those type of mood changes. When i quit after constantly smoking i couldnt eat, sleep long like usual, I would get irritated easily because i knew my body needed it but i just didnt want it. After about a week and a half, two weeks. It got easier, getting my appetite back, sleeping like normal, regular and natural moods. Its tough. But not something you cant get through.

  24. Hey I stopped smoking since the middle of November 2018 until January 2019.before I stopped I was a heavy smoker.. I’m 30 years of age I weigh mayb 170lbs and I’m 5’9 .. I just recently smoked 1 blunt yesterday and I have a test TUESDAY of next week so I literally have five days any chance I will be clean if I drink some detox and drink a lot of water

  25. I have a drug test tomorrow and, I’m worried! I haven’t smoked in 24 days. I was a somewhat regular user but, I stopped because of my job searching.

  26. I smoked on 11-4 and I only took 4 hits. It been 2 months since I smoked. I have been 2 months sober. Do you think I will test negative on my test in a couple weeks?

  27. So I was a very heavy user even got up to smoking a half an ounce every 3 days (blunts and joints) but I slowed down my consumption drastically but was still and everyday user…i quit so i can find new employment…it took me a month and a half to pee clean…then I caved because of stress and I ended up smoking 4 bowls within a 2 day period…I was wondering how long it would take for that small amount of consumption for me to pee clean…granted I’m 6ft tall and weigh 200 pounds

  28. I smoked maybe 5 hits of little not big at all hits yesterday of weed and have a piss test tomorrow is there anything I can do to clean out tonight to be able to pass tomorrow

  29. Hi, I weigh 195 lbs and have smoked roughly 7 times in the last week. 4 hits off a dab pen, 3 blunts. Roughly. How long do you think it’ll take to clear my system

  30. I had 3-4 hits of dabs over the last week. This is after 2 months sober and I know I was testing clean before this new use. When can expect a clean test again?

  31. I don’t smoke at all but I did and took 2 puffs, afterwards I took niacin and drank a detox tea, a week later I had urinalysis. Do you think I popped?

  32. I took marijuna yesterday, if I m called to police station today for urine test how can I escape from getting caught???

  33. I had a piece of a brownie on Saturday and had a random drug test on Thursday, they use the 20ng urine test. Will I my test come back positive?

  34. i had half a cone of weed so very little amount 3 days ago and i have a test in 2 days will it be out of my urine it was only a small amount

  35. I have been clean for 1 and a half months and had a cupple hits and am trying to figure out how long the half life is? Will i be ok a a few days for a test?

  36. I have smoked very very heavily every day for about 2-3 years now and I slowed down about a month ago down to just two days a week for 2 weeks and now I’ve been 2 weeks without smoking and I have about 3 more weeks maximum before my test. I’m male have a high metabolism and am very active and have a healthy intake but my fat content is 24%. I took a home test and got a “ghost line” I might not even be able to call a line. I am wondering what I should expect from experience as this step is important in starting fresh in my life.

    1. Hi Richard. Call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab for you.

  37. My friend does not smoke but once a year but for some reason he smoke 4 hits a day for a week. Then he ate some weed brownies. That was over a month ago( eating the brownies) he last smoke 4 hits 2 days ago. He is a big man and 60 yrs. Old. He has a drug screen coming up the 2nd week of January. He is taking water pills. Will that help him pass? He is freaking out. Thanks for your help.

  38. I’ve been clean for about 45 days but was a heavy user before I stopped. I smoked one hit of a joint on Monday night and three hits of a blunt on Thursday night. I get drug tested randomly. How many days will it take for me to be clear so I can actually sleep at night?

  39. thif I smoked 8 days ago and drank detox drink and couple bottles of water and a 16 ounce coffee and another bottle of water after the coffee. You think ill pass a urine drug test I had to take for a lab urine drug test?

  40. I’m about 130 soaking wet and I am a daily smoker but I have ADHD and an unusual high metabolism now I know it stores and stuff but I just figured I’d ask but how long you think with my metabolism?

  41. I had 3 puffs on marijuana on Sunday Nov. 25, and I took a drug test today for my job. Will it still be in my system. I haven’t drunk water like I’m suppose to or haven’t exercised. Will the pee test (escreen) come back that I have drugs in my system??

  42. Hey if I stopped smoking 2 months ago and then smoke 4hits on one day and 1 the next day how long do you think it would take to get out of my system if I’m a peteit person and drink lots of water and workout?

  43. I’m currently on probation for pot and I have a drug test on January 10th so over a month from now. I haven’t smoked for 6 weeks and I was an everyday user before that. I weigh 220 and am 5’1″. If I took 2 hits off a bowl will it be out of my system in about 33 days? My husband is in the same boat but he’s 180 and 5’11”

  44. i have a blood test for diabetes and i smoked 2 weeks ago. are they going to say something if i still have marijuana in my system?

  45. I was a heavy smoker with high potency marijuana, I stopped for a few weeks & took a couple hits last night….how long will it take to leave my system. I might have a drug test coming up in several weeks

  46. i took two hits saturday night 12/01 and i’ve never smoked before i’ve been drinking plenty of water and i took a drug test today 12/05. do you think there’s a possibility i won’t test positive?

  47. I smoked three hits of a bowl 2 days ago and i had been clean 6 months before that. How long will it take to get out of my system? For a urine test. I heard 2 or 3 days since I was clean before that but I really need reassurance or the truth bout it.

  48. I quit over 2 weeks ago not one hit of marijuana but was a very heavy user. How can I speed up the cleanse in just one more week??

  49. I smoked last Sunday 11/18 and I smoke a half a blunt but I haven’t smoked over 3 month during that time and have a drug test tomorrow 11/27 I’m 140 lbs and 5’11 I’ve been drink lots of water and took a few niacin pills along the way and exercising.. do you think I’ll pass ? Keep in mind I’m not a regular user

  50. I haven’t smoked in 7-8 years and I just recently smoke in this past month like a number of 6 times, but each time was a little. And the 6times was on a Sunday. My interview is this Thursday will I be okay?

  51. Hi. I smoked about 2 grams 2 and half months ago. But ive been clean 6 months prior. Should i be clean? Oh im 6’4 and about 270lbs. Not much exrcise but a lot of walking.

  52. Helllo, I took a hit off of my buddy’s weed pin about 46 days ago and have to take a DOT drug test. I never smoke! The last time I took a little hit was over a month befor that. I have passed 2 home drug testing kits. I’m really worried. Think I’ll be okay?

  53. I took 3 hits off a oil pen and then 4 days later i took another 3 hits i have 15 days before I see probation how do I get clean

  54. so, i smoked a week ago exactly. i hadnt smoked before then for roughly 3 months. so if i smoked today, how long would it take to get out of my system?

  55. Also I’m 5”11 I weigh 220 lbs I’m over weight the only exercise I get is at work & I walk about 4 miles daily I’ve quit smoking 30 days now and don’t think I’ll ever smoke again it was fun but I’m saying goodbye to Mary Jane for good plus I’m taking a urine & hair drug test randomly once I get hired how long will it take for my body system & fat cells to be completely weed free so that I can pass this urine & hair drug test 100%

  56. I’m 45 yrs old and I have smoke weed everyday since 13 yrs old.fir the past 10 years I have brought my smoking down to 1gram or 2 grams per week so everyday day I smoke about 6 very small bowls which each bowl holds about 11/2 hits how long will it take to get weed out of my system and out of my fat cells I’m preparing for a pre employment drug test urine & hair test

  57. I jus smoked a bowl but have been a heavy smoker for years and jus currently started urine test for adult probation and have one tomorrow only took one other one two weeks ago is there anyway jus to get my numbers (levels) off first test to go down by tomorrow’s test jus go down not complete jus down

  58. Hi there ! I smoked weed a week ago and went crazy , i didnt recognize people , i didnt know what i was doing , i felt like it wasnt me and i felt like if i was about to die . Ive still been feeling the same way now a days . Can you help me ? When will i go back to normal ?

  59. I quit smoking 65 days ago I am a heavyset person and just recently ( within the past few weeks) started working out. I had to take a preemployment drug test today and I’m nervous that it will still come up positive even though I have not smoked anything since September 5. The cutoff for the test was 50ng/ml. How likely is it going to be detected?

  60. I smoked like 4 hits off a blunt roach an I been clesn before hand, I’m 6’1 an 135 pounds with a high metabolism, how long do you think it would be until I’m clean with drinking a lot of water an cranberry juice an sweating a lot. I have a pee test on Tuesday an it is Thursday.

  61. I ate an edible cookie but it was crumbled up it was 8-6 months ago.I tested for urine test and 3 other blood test.Will they show up

  62. I am 5’8 240 lb I smoked almost everyday for 6 months have been absent for 5 weeks can I pass a urine test for marijuana somebody please help must know

  63. If I weigh 178 and I drink a lot of water but I don’t smoke much and I only took 4 hits 6 days ago. Do you know how long it will stay in my system??

  64. Hi I have been a frequent user of weed for around 7 months now about 3 small joints a day sometimes 3 large joints I weigh approximately 240lb fat yes I know lol and the DVLA has request me to do a urine test I don’t know when it’ll be but I am expecting it to be this month I quit 2 days ago when I found out that I would be having the test I was just wondering if you would think that a month would be enough time for it to be clean

  65. I was a heavy smoker for over a year and I’ve quit smoking for the past 2 weeks and I have a drug test a week from today do you think I can pass? I’m a slim guy who is pretty active. What are my chances?

  66. So I am not a regular smoker I haven’t smoked in over two years went to a a party 2 weekends in a row and just hit a a few times and I have not smoked in a week how much longer do I have to wait if I’m gonna have to take a drug test next week or the week after for a new job ?

  67. hello i have smoked $150 in marijuanna in 2 weeks for about 5 months which i think is a 1\2 . also during these 5 months i fasted constantly only eating almond butter or vegtables for weeks at a time. I have lost in those 5 months 10 pounds. I stopped smoking October 15th and completely fast all food for 5 days and lost another 3 pounds. I am 5’4 and now weigh 110 pounds. my drug test is on November 7th. I am starting again a complete food fast this thursdsy november 1st. what is you opinion? also when i have thc in my sytem or smoke marijuanna I dont dream and i have been dreaming super intense the last few days which i think indicates its out of my system. I am in a different country now but will do a in home drug test when i return home..

  68. I have been an avid user daily user for the last three years. I smoke everyday and quite a bit on the weekends. I have come across a job, which I know will drug test. I have about three weeks before I would need to provide a sample. I am a slim and active woman. I also take levothyroxine for my thryoid that helps slows up my metababolish. How quickly do you think I can cleanse my body???

  69. Hi, I have been smoking for 7 years. Almost every day. My question is, how long would it take to get the off my system? I have been clean for a week and have a few urine and possible mouth swaps tests.

  70. Hi . I have been high for almost 4 days … its little bit crazy … i tried move with the flow but i think its disturbing now
    What should i do ? I know thc stores in fat cells , but hiw can i get rid of it ? Help plz

  71. I took drug test on Oct 9th and Failed it. And smoke last time on 12th and haven’t smoking anything since then when system will be clean again?

  72. Hi I never smoked and I did about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I barley inhaled and I only hit it nomore than 2-3. I have drank cranberry juice. I took a dollar tree drug test it came back negative. Is it certain I will pass a drug test for a job?

  73. Hi… i weigh 145lbs and 5’2, i smoke about once a week and quit smoking 7 days ago. I drink about 192oz of water everyday and take niacin and multi vitamins everyday. I will be drug tested in 4 days(after 11 days not smoking) can i pass? Also it will be a urine test. Thank you

  74. Hi .. I don’t smoke really I haven’t spiked in months on Saturday night I took a couple of hits from the weed pen for the first time that was 10/7 and today 10/10 I have to take a urine test will it come up ?

  75. I’ve been heavy smoker for the past 2 years I’m 5’7 220 lbs stop smoking for the past 30 days taking home drug test still comes up positive taking a drug test at the end of the month which puts me at almost 60 days is that enough time to pass a urine test

  76. OK. So I could possibly have a urine drug test tomorrow or some day this week. I have been clean from thc for a month or 2. If I take one hit off a joint could I still pass the test?

  77. Hi guys I’m a regular user of weed and have ddecided to give it up as I love my job and we will be getting random drug test and I don’t wanna lose the job, I’m over weight and have been told it stores in fat cells does that mean I won’t b able to pass a txt for months??? Please help how can I detox from it

  78. I didn’t smoke weed for 6 months and smoked for about 3 months. I’ve been clean 25 days. How long until it’s out of my system? I’m 5’9 and weight 190 lbs.

  79. Male, 29 years old, 6’2”, 160 pounds, consistent weed use for 5 years – is it possible to pass a uralysis test in two weeks?

  80. I used to be a heavy smoker. Stopped for 41 days. 6ft 225lbs. If i take 3-4 hits. How long befire my urine is clean again. My test are taken in Concentra. Thanks

  81. I smoked one time and only hit a blunt 4 times after being clean for 5 1/2 years. I will not have a drug test for a month and a half will I pass it?

  82. Hey so I took 4 bong rips one hit per day over a 1 week period that added for a total 4 hits I’m 130 pounds 7% body fat and I work framing from day till night only drinking water to hydrate myself some days I sweat some days I don’t but I’m still working outside in the heat I have a UA on the 10th of October for intake on mental health evaluation court ordered probation I’ve been clean for a solid month do you think I will pass?

  83. I have been smoking a good bit lately like multiple blunts and packed bowls for I would say a good month every night and I wanna know around how long it will take to get it out of my system like a generalization

  84. Hi I’m 5’0 about 140. I smoke on 8/26 took a drug test on 9/11, after I took the test I smoke the 11th thru the 13. The first result came back on 9/14 as dilute. I retook my test on 9\17 it came back dilute on the 19th. I have to retake it on the 21st, is there any chance I still have THC in my urine

  85. I stopped stopped smoking pot 27 day’s ago. I more than likely will have to take a drug test friday on the 29th day of not smoking. Should I be okay to pass a test? What is the best at home test i can purchase at any local drug store or walmart to take before going to court?

  86. I was wondering, if I smoke mid grade weed like 2 or 3 bowls an I stopped the next day how long would it stay in my system for?

  87. Its been 2 weeks since ive smoked. I took a 3 day cleanse. My home test says im clean. Will it pass a lab test. Going on Tues for my drug test.

  88. Hi I am 23 years old I weigh 114 and smoked for 6 years straight 3-4 times a day. I have not smoked on 90 days. When I take a home drug test I have 2 lines but the bottom line is a faint pink. Can I pass a lab drug test ?

  89. Hi There.

    Im from South Africa so ill need to add a few extra details. Usually I would smoke a bowl everyday about 3 times daily. It was not your great quality stuff, just regular weed. Im 1.64m in height and 79kgs in weight. Not an extremely active lifestyle but by no means a couch potato neither. I quit smoking for 25 days and then took a small bowl of good stuff on the 25th day. I have not had since then and have a urine test anytime between the 10th and 20th of September 2018. How am I looking??

  90. Is it possible for my thc level to go from 131 to 176 without smoking because I haven’t smoked anything in 49 days please tell me

  91. I’ve been a pretty heavy smoker for the past year, im 5’4″ 110 pounds. I have a drug urine test on September 20th or around there, will I be clean in 23 days? the last time I smoked was today lol. but im cutting cold turkey and going to try to go on runs and drink a lot of water. will I be fine?

  92. please, when someone begins to make incoherent statements. Statements that make no sense at all.
    and also gets very paranoid, saying lots of people have been killed or are going to be killed and he is going to be framed for the murders, and also being asked one question and answering another one, or giving answers totally off the point. Also this person does not follow one train of thought, jumps up and down different conversations. Also he believes he is a bad person or a wicked person. He has also not been eating or sleeping well.

    The patient admitted to consistent use of Marijuana for over 2 years and the last time he smoked was 4 days ago after which he started displaying these traits and his friends started calling him crazy. He is acting strange and he is not himself. What has the marijuana done to him? Is the damage reversible scientifically or medically?

  93. I smoked July 19th maybe a bit or 2, and had a urine drug test on August 17th, before that I had only smoked a couple times in may, should I pass my test?

  94. I. Toom about 3-4 bong rips yesterday august 20th 2018 i maybe smoked about .6 of a gram. If i was to have a urine test today would i pass with at least a faint line?

  95. I weigh 150 at 5’11 don’t smoke much at all, sweat all day at work. I drink lots of water. Think I’ll be clean in two weeks? High metabolism.

  96. How long does it take a heavy smoker weighing 160lbs at 5 foot 11 inches to detox marijuana.
    I smoked 8 blunts a day if not more of high quality top shelf from colorado. If not more.
    Havent smoked in 3 weeks and use vitamins and lemon detox daily and still have no luck.

  97. I took about 15 hits yesterday and have a drug test coming up in about two weeks what are my chances of passing and what can i do to get thc out my system. Also ive been clean for a month

  98. Hi So my last day smoking was july 31 and im goint into the army and they drug test. i will b drug tested as early as august 21, Im 5’9 and 130lbs so im veryd kinny and im always working out. i smoked for about 3 weeks straight up until july 31. Do you think ill pass?

  99. Hi I know niacin can be dangerous but i have heard that if you take a pill a day then you can smoke and its undetected as long as the niacin has built up…ever heard of this?

  100. Hi I’m 5”5 and weigh around 165lbs. I’ve smoked for about everyday the last two months, but I only take about 1 or 2 hits out of the bowl. I have a drug test in 22 days, but I stopped smoking about 16 days ago. I took a home urine test this morning and failed it. I have no idea how I’m going to pass.

  101. I smoke on a dayly well i havent smoked sence aug 1st 2018 i have a drug test mon aug 5 2018 i have been drinking water sence aug 1st what more can i do to make sure i pass

  102. The last time I smoked was about 10 days ago with just under a gram i was a chronic smoker before that with at least a blunt a day or every two days. Will this show up on a screening? I’m 5’5 and 156lbs. I was running the last two days and have been drinking a lot of water and juice.

  103. I was a very heavy marijuana smoker – very potent 420 – about 4-5 big joints a day for many many years.
    About screening, I would not waste money on special products but rather work to get the THC out of system.
    The metabolites of THC are stored in fat tissues – this is what testing reveals – the saturation of these metabolites.
    Sauna – steam rooms. Lots of water. Plenty of exercise. Leafy greens will help at the margins.
    After 30 days of total abstinence a cheap over the counter urine drug test shows positive.
    After 60 days negative.
    Each body is different and each drug test has different sensitivity. Hair testing is easily the most revealing.
    Being inactive and/or overweight will make ridding the metabolities more time consuming.

  104. I smoked every day I recently stopped 3 days ago to try and pass a drug test this up coming Monday do u think I will pass the test I weigh 135 lbs and I’m 6’2

  105. Hi, I’ve been a heavy pot smoker for 13 years now. I’m currently pregnant and used Marijuana to cure my nausea. I recently quit smoking 5 weeks ago and have been completely sober for 5 solid weeks. Being that I am pregnant and weigh 223 pounds, I’m due for delivery July 23rd, 2018. Will I be clean by blood and urine test by then? I will have been 6 weeks clean by the time I’m due, will I pass a blood and urine test?

  106. Hi I smoked 3 hits of low grade on July 9th then smoked 8 days later of about 3 hits of low grade Reggie 10 days later which was yesterday I took a urine test for quest diagnostics. Before those 2 times smoking I hadn’t smoke in over 5 months.

  107. I quit smoking 6 days ago…I’ve been a heavy smoker for 8 years..have a urine test on July 2..bought a cleanser to try…any hope of a negative result by the 2nd??!

  108. I have not smoked in 9 months, nothing. I took 3 hits out of a chillum last night, I way 220 pounds and I work out heavily and do cardio. I need a time. How long before I can piss clean. Least to most. Thank you

  109. Hi, I was wondering I took a hit of a joint. Last Saturday with my friend, now I have a urine test today and blood work today but don’t know what the blood work is for ?? Now .. I want to know would I be safe, if they took my blood ? Since I haven’t smoked since Saturday I’m not heavy smoker but smoke here and, their so is their a chance it might be in my blood system still ?

  110. I have MS among other things! Rescently had major surgery on May 25 in icu for over a week ! Had emergency surgery to put IVC filter in my neck ! It’s been 30 days since I smoked ! Have lost a lot of weight! Use to smoke 2 Times a night to help me sleep ! But just a few hits not a lot ! How long will it take me to be clean

  111. I smoked marijuana last on 6-2-2018 and havent smoked again since at all. Im not a everyday smoker either. So how long would it take for the marijuana to clear my system

  112. Hey my name is Nate and I weigh about 143ibs and I’ve been smoking pretty consistent for about 1 year and 5 months I have stopped smoking for about 22 days is there any ways to let me know about when the weed will be out of my system ??

  113. Hi I’m a 5’3” female weighing 118 lbs. I’ve smoked 3-4 times for the majority of week since January, and I have a drug test that I have to take in 2 weeks. I haven’t been smoked for 20 days at this point and just failed a home test kit. I’ve been working out a few times per week, drinking lots of water, eating correctly as well. Do you think I’ll be okay in 2 weeks?? What should I do until then?

  114. I have been a regular user of buds. I used to smoke buds at least 2 times a day for about 2 and a half years. It’s been 60 days since I last used, I weigh close to 145 pounds and I m 5.11′ in height. I got a couple of interviews lined up in next month. How long does it take to completely detox my body from it? Plz, let me know. I am pretty nervous……..

  115. Hey there I’m 190 and am 5’9 I haven’t smoked in 3 months if I toke one hit of normal bud how long do you guys think till it’s out of my system?

  116. If you claim you can’t get addicted, your an idiot. You can be addicted to any substance – Period. You can be addicted to food if you eat enough of a single thing on a regular basis. If you think you can’t get a physiological addiction. Explain my cold sweat nights when I don’t smoke before bed. Explain my lack of ability to eat anything for up to 3-4 days because my body is so use to it without. But don’t let that be an argument for it’s illegality either. Main argument is it’s a gateway drug. it’s only a gateway drug, if it’s illegal, considered contraband, and can easily be pared in the blackmarket next to every other drug. Alcohol could have been a gateway drug if they kept it illegal long enough to actually recognize the term “gateway” during it’s prohibition. Regardless of that – Tobacco is another one. Caffeine. General pseudo sugar is also addictive. I’ve seen kids who smoke heavily (grams a day, if not many of dabs a day) and piss clean in a week, and I’ve seen similar people of similar size take up to a month. it heavily depends on your diet. you can eat foods that will build a protective layer in your bladder that will actually prevent the thc from being soaked back into your urine if you are an annually continual heavy user. Best way to do it – At home tests before hand. past the test at home – then do what you do and take the test from there, and then go back to your normal routine and hope you don’t hurt yourself at work or get caught in your next probation meeting.

  117. Hiya, I did one and a half hash brownies ( roughly 0.2g all together) and around 2 tokes. Would that amount be detectable after 12 days, with around 3lt of water a day?

  118. I been smoking heavy for about 8 months now and I recently stopped the 20th and have a drug test coming up the 13th. I’m young and active and only about 100 pounds with very low body fat. Will I test positive.

  119. Hey I haven’t smoked in 50 days I weight about 145 lbs lol I’m skinny, will I be clean for my drug test next week ?

  120. I’ve been 100% clean for around 3 years. I smoked 4-5 joints of some reg. 15 days ago I’m also prescribed phentermine and have lost almost 10 pounds sweating like no other at work. I’m a lil over weight bout 190lbs and 5ft7in. Tall. Its been 15 days what’s the chances of me passing a test?

  121. I have smoked marijuana heavy for about 5 years, I weigh about 160, and have been quit for 8 days and have blood test scheduled for tomorrow is there a chance I’ll pass?

  122. I haven’t smoked in 3months but my friends come over and they smoke weed outside I can smell it when the air send it my way but will that make me fail if I can smell it it smells real strong

  123. I hit a joint like 4-5 times I haven’t smoke in a year now long will the thc last in my body I weigh like 160lbs

  124. I hit it like a few times on April 12th I had a faded line on the 25th of my I take a urine today will I pass ?

  125. Hi, I smoke 2-3 Times a week, but not much at a time. And I have a UA in a week and half is it possible to pass by drinking nothing but water and working out twice a day?

  126. So I smoked 13 days ago and had a UA today. I had consumed an edible two weeks prior to that. I also smoked a couple blunts with friends prior to the last date of smoking a single bowl. A total of about 3-4 times smoking. I consumed about 120-180 mgs of niacin a day for the entire time between the last bowl and the UA. I am 215 lbs 6’4”. Should I expect positive or negative results?

  127. Hey I haven’t smoked marijuana in the last 6 months and I smoked one bowl just one time how long will it take to get out of my system I have about 3 weeks 5 foot 6 120 lb

  128. Hi so I am wondering how long THC will stay in my urine I am a tall slender person just under a hundred and thirty lb maybe around 125 I have smoked for many years I have not smoked for one week I’m just wondering how long it will last in my system?

  129. I used to smoke daily for 4 months then I quit for 2 months and started smoking again for 2 weeks and now I’m 5 days clean
    My normal dose is 1/2g of mid grade hash
    I’m 75 kg and 172 cms and 36 years old male
    I’m having a test tomorrow will it be positive?

  130. I smoked pot about 6 times in the last 3 weeks including yesterday. Before that, it had been about a month, and that was only a one time thing. I just found out that I may need to take a urine test. How long do you think that it would take for me to get clean? I am 6′ about 210 and in relatively good shape. Any tips?

  131. From 25th to 6 i smoke 5-7 blunts i am 5″6 210 pounds. On the eighth i started drinking alot of water and crandberry got a test on the first will i pass

  132. Hello i guit smoking on the 28th of last month 18 days ago i have doctors appointment on the 23rd and i might have smoke 3 bows a day not every day and between 3 of us not all by myself on the 23rd i take my pee test will i pass if i keep drinking water?

  133. Hi, I’m 5’1 98 pounds. I smoke daily all day long and recently quit a day ago. It’s been rough. I have UA on May 1st will I pass?

  134. I haven’t smoked marijuana in over a year. I recently hit a blunt about 2 times. How long will it take for a 5’8 140 lbs. Male, like myself to have my urine completely out of my system?

  135. I took like 3 hits. Off a pipe and like 4 hits off a bong March 21st and have a drug test april 9th. Ive been clean prior to that night. Am i good?

  136. I haven’t smoked in about two months. But I did happen to take about 6 hits off a blunt about a week n a half ago. Will I be clean for a U.A next week on the 10th?

  137. Have a drug test coming up in the next 2 weeks, I’m 5’6 138 weight with 6-8% body fat. It’s been a week since I last smoked and smoked everyday before that for about 3 months. Last time I took a drug test I passed it 4 days from smoking a joint. You think this time around I’ll be safe?

  138. I last smoked weed 57 days ago…i quit for the job i have now. And i just failed a random drug test? How is this possible? I was a heavy pot smoker.

  139. If I have been clean for over 6 months and smoke last week only took 6 hits max will it still be in my system I have a surprise drug test?!?

  140. I have been a chronic smoker for three years. Im 24 year old male and my weight is 140 pounds. I quite for 15 days now and on day 11 I tested myself in a lab and the results came back positive atT HC metabolites 300 ng/mL. I suspect i was much higher than that because i smoked from sun up to sun down. Now im in day 16 and I have a pre employment test coming up on day 22. Will I be able to be clean by then?? Also i tested myself today to know the rate at which it is dropping but the results are coming tomorrow. Will post as soon as i receive them.

  141. Hi I’m 6ft 140lbs very little fat with a very fast metabolism.I smoke every day , Howlong do you think it will take to be clean ?

  142. Hi I have been sober for 5 months and 8 days I have smoked not once since then I have to see my probation officer on 4.11.18 next month today is 3.14.18 if I take just one hit.. just one would I pass my drug test on the 11th of next month

  143. Hey I use to smoke and stopped bc of a doctor I smoked for about 5 days now about 2 a day not to much tho was sharing with someone but I have a test the 23rd if I stop today can i pass that test ?? TIA

  144. I was a pretty regular smoker I haven’t smoked in about 30 days I just did a urine test and they told me that my thc level was a 165 and I can’t understand why since it’s been 30 days since I last smoked ?

  145. I haven’t smoked in 2 years and I ended up taking 3 to 4 hits 2 days in a row but haven’t smoked all week how long do you think it’ll take to be out of my system parole officer is coming next week shouldn’t have smoked but did anyone would niacin speed the process up or would I be good

  146. Im on parole and havnt smoke kush in a year but today i decided to roll a blunt for some friends and touched a small bud with my tounge while rolling a blunt can that cause me to fail a drug test tomarrow morning

  147. I smoked about a month ago for the first time I didn’t take more then 10 hits but I don’t think I hit it right because I never felt high anyways I have a drug test this week will I pass? I weigh 127 pounds and I’m a 5ft female.

  148. Hi I accidentally took couple hits say around 2 weeks ago and I have test tomorrow, do you think I will be fine ?

  149. Hi I’m 5’7” and I weright 192 and I smoked once tonight do you think I’ll be fine Monday afternoon if I drink a lot of water

  150. Hi I have been sober 3 months and I just took 2 hits of weed out of q vaporizer and I have a pee test 7 days from now ..i am 150 pounds excersize 2 -3 times a week Intensly generally have a fast metabolism and I drink allot of water take niacin and vitamin b12 do you think I should be okay in a week from now? Thanks I’ve been very worried

  151. I haven’t smoked in 2 months.. I have a ua on Tuesday.. i smoked for approximately 2 yrs straight.. I would say 2 blunts a day.. I’m 5”9 165.. I work on the garbage truck so I would count that for daily exercise.. I drink water very you think I will pass?!..

  152. I am Moderate smoker. I am 137 lbs and 5’2. I had A urine drug screening on the 22nd that made 22 days of me being smoke free. I drank Plenty of water and sweated a lot as well. Do you think I passed?

  153. Hey I haven’t been smoking for 6-7 months now but last night I took to hits of weed how long will it take to get out my system?

  154. I had a drug test 5 days ago and failed. My last smoke was about 9 days ago 4-5 bongs but it wasn’t really good bud. (Less Thc).I am trying to detox now. Though I had a about 2-3 bongs yesterday. How long would it take to leave system with training and drinking lots of water. Please help. I have to be clean if I want to pass. Is there any hacks to passing a drug test

  155. Yes I’m so for test match the 1st. I do had quit smoking for 6 months and smoked a couple of times in 2 weeks before Feb 5 will it show up on test . and if so what can I take to pass it

  156. Hi I havent smoked in over two years i took two hits this past Wednesday and and i may have a drug test coming up do u think i will pass

  157. Hello. Ate 1 brownie edible on the 5th. I do not smoke at all, one time thing with the brownie. Will I pass a urine test next month 28 days after.?

  158. hi im 5’10 about 155 lbs, loader at ups working 5 days a week. been smoking 2 hits from a one hitter about 3-4 times a week since dec 27th, stopped on feb 2. how long do you think thc will be in my system?

  159. Marijuana/Cannabis is NOT a drug! It is a herb/plant.
    The definition of a drug is a medicine or other substance which has a physiological effect when ingested or otherwise introduced into the body.
    A medicine is manmade and marijuana is grown in nature. Marijuana also has no physiological effect. It does not alter or change the functions of our bodies. It may give you a psychedelic or euphoric feeling but that does not constitute as physiologic.
    It is also impossible to be addicted to marijuana because our bodies do not have enough CBD(found in marijuana) receptors in our brains to register a need for it.
    DROPPIN DA KNOWLEDGE SOOOOOOOOOON LOL Smoke responsibly my friends

  160. I stopped smoking November 13th, it is now January 20th! I smoked 3/5 times a day since it was 17 years old I am now 25. I weigh 148, but when I smoked I worked out 3/4 days out of the week, plus I’m active, I work and I drink nothing but water and cranberry juice. Would I be able to pass a urine drug test ? & how long before i can pass a Hair test ? I was told February but also depends on how much I smoked.

  161. Drug test tomorrow.
    Smoked December 29th, 184 lbs 5’2..
    Drunk water & 100% cranberry juice..
    Will I pass?
    What’s a sure way to pass?

  162. I’m 5 foot 10 170 lbs about 8-10% body fat. I exercise daily. I have been a smokinh everyday for about 4 months. I haven’t smoked in the past 31 days. Do you think I’m good to take the drug test?

  163. I smoke on average one to two joints a day sometimes more sometimes less and I completely gave up 3 weeks ago, I have a urine test in 10 days. I’m a small build I am under 11 stone, Do you think I will pass?

  164. Im currently 5’9 about 140, 21 years old. Im currently pursuing the military and ive been a stoner for about a 3 years now smoking on and off. I smoked about a week pre meps and still passed my drug test with the help of the trusty ole niacin trick, im just worried now because i honestly want to smoke one last time before giving it up. I leave next month so i wanted to know if i would be in the clear to smoke today and still pass my basic training drug test, and yes i am going to do the whole niacin trick again so i can be sure i pass.

  165. i passed a drug test than i didnt smoke for a week id say, for thanks giving i smoked half a blunt barley got high, stayed clean for about 7-8 days, home kit says negetive, wasnt drinking as much water as i was before my frist test than i was smoking more and had about the aame time to clear up. and ideas ? am i good?

  166. I’ve smoked for about two years on and off, and lately everyday. I haven’t smoked for 7 days. I weight 120 and I’m 5’2, approx. how long do you think it will take to be out of my system? For the past 8 months I’ve smoked 1 gram before bed, haven’t smoked any time other than before bed a night due to my sleep insomnia. Will a detox help me pass quicker?

  167. Hey I was a chronic smoker. I smoked everyday at least 5 times a day. I was sent to jail Oct. 16 and havent smoked since I got out. I have a drug test on Nov 16, will I pass?

  168. HI –
    I took maybe 3-4 hits off of a bowl 3 days ago, and have not smoked in over 20 years. I am interviewing for a new job tomorrow and another on Wednesday. Both will require testing, do I have anything to worry about?
    The interviews were unexpected yet, I WANT the first one for sure and the 2nd would be appreciated. Should I drink tons of water for the next few days?

    SHould I relax?

    Thank you

  169. hi, so i leave for basic training on the 6th and took 2 small hits today. I am 5’1 105 lbs. and 24 years old. what would be the best way to pass my army reception drug test with in 6 days

  170. I took 5 hits of blue diesel about almost 2 weeks ago and i have a drug test for probation tomorrow. I drank a lot of water a few days , i drank palo azul , i took a 3 day detox pill , & im taking niacin at the moment. Im not sure ill come out clean this was my first time smoking in a year and this drug test indicates me getting off probation and i just want to be 100% sure

  171. Hi! I have been clean for 13 days now. I was a heavy user for the past two years( about a gram a day everyday) i recently had to stop due to a pre-employment drug test coming up on monday. I’ve been exercising regulary and eating healthy. Im 5’8 and weigh about 150. I also took a 7 day detox , but my home test is still coming up positive. Do you think ill be good by Monday?

  172. Hi there, I smoke about two joints a day, approximately a gram per day, I have in the last 3 months cut back dramatically, I puffed a few times breaking my three week clean each month, I’m 225lbs, if I stop now and not smoke at all, how long do you think it will take to pass a urine test

  173. Hi, I’m a heavy smoker I’ve smoked for about 2 years straight, I’m trying to quit so i can drive because that is more important! I was wanting to know I haven’t had a cone for 1 whole day if I was to be swab tested (saliva) will it show up? Please help as I am stuck with answers.

  174. I was a heavy smoker but i am skinny 6 foot 165 to 170. I quit for 26 days and i drank 3l of water 1.5 hours before the urine test. I also drank a bottle of strip nc but i could not pee until i had to be at the test. will i pass or fail?

  175. I am completely addicted cant move without smoking.. One time i had to take a big shit but could not move because i was outta weed… Ended up pooping my own bed.. Does anybody have that chron chron hit me up

  176. (UPDATE) Just took a home test….and failed after 35 days. Currently coming up with an excuse for why im not going to the clinic. Just wondering how much more time I really need.

  177. 47 year old male here, was a regular smoker for roughly two years. Ive haven’t smoked for 35 days and I have a urinalysis for weed coming soon, Should I be worried?

    Forgot to add that Im about 6 ft even and 200 lb

  178. Hello If I’m a month clean and I got my bloodwork and a urine analysis done and I have to go back to the doctor will she give me another urine analysis if so would I pass if I just started smoking again after the blood work I have to see the doctor in 2 days

  179. I have not smoked marijuana for 1 year or more. I took one puff 19 days before my scheduled drug test. Is there any chance it will be detected?

  180. Hi I quit smoking on the 16th and I have a drug test on the 28th of same month so I have 12 days I smoked like it was going out of style High potency I’m thinking 12 days is not enough I’ve been running detox and drinking lemon pectin and working out an hour or two a day I think I’m not going to pass what’s your

  181. I have been clean for over a month now , but I would smoke marijuana at least every weekend or every other weekend consistently.. when will I be able to pass a drug test? How can I cleanse my body of the THC ?

  182. i quiet smoking weed a few days ago was smoking 3 or 4 times a day quiet so i could take time and make job changes i have a drug test in about 6 months think i might be in luck i only smoked for about 6 months need help i really need this job

  183. I’m 15 and I weigh 105 pounds I smoked everyday but I stopped smoking for 5 days and I might get drug tested soon . Will it still be in my system?

  184. I haven’t smoked in 11 months but saturday I took a bite out of an edible the size of a reese’s cup… I am 5’4″ , 185 lbs… it’s been 5 days.. should it be gone by now?

  185. Hello i smoke(weed) a lot and will be going for test soon dont know what to do really need how to overcome the test for it without being detected

  186. I have never smoked cannabis. I do take a prescription drug for hydrocodone for chronic pain. I have been desirous of finding a way to get off this long-time drug. Recently saw an informative documentary on cannabis benefits. Ordered Hemp CBD online from an apparently reputable outfit. Took it with the pain med which helped. Learned from pain management doc that occasionally THC can be detected in the urine after consuming CBD oil from the hemp. Manufacturer claims less than .03% THC in the product I purchased, which contains a total of 100 mg. of CBD. (Their higher-dose products, of course, contain more THC.) Not wanting to be deprived of my hydrocodone due to THC in my urine on my next visit on 8/29, I stopped using the CBD 8/1 after a.m. dose of 3 mg. Had only taken the product for one week. Given this information, how long do you think the probability of it showing up in my urine will be?

  187. i have a drug test tomorrow & last time i smoked was 17 days ago & i dont smoke a lot, maybe like once a week do you think ill pass the test? i know metabolism & weight is a factor in this & im pretty short & skinny

  188. If i am approximately 145 pounds and 9% body fat and i used to smoke heavy but i am very active, and sweat a ton and only drink water, how long would it take for thc to exit my system if used to smoke every day and havent smoked for 7 days

  189. Hey! I haven’t smoked in probably a year but smoked last Friday and I only took 3 hits off of a bowl. I’m 5’4 and 140 pounds.i run 2-3 miles everyday and eat fairly healthy. Can I pass a drug test in 13 days?!?

  190. I weigh 98 pounds, I’m 5’2 & have been clean for 15 months. However, about 5 days I took smoked and took about 10-15 hits. When I take my drug test it’ll exactly be 10 days from when I smoked. I’m also a runner and drink about a gallon of water each day. Should I be okay?

  191. I have been clean for 4 months and smoked on sunday 2 hits, I have a drug test on Friday will my test come back positive?

  192. Why you guys got to be so stereotypical weed is not addictive dumbasses it’s not even a drug it doesn’t even have opioids in it to get addicted to

  193. I smoked 3 days in a row 2 months ago. And smoked once every few weeks before that. I have a urine test in 2 weeks i workout and run everyday and drink alot of water will I pass?

  194. I used to smoke mid frequently but stopped a couple months ago I smoked about 4g of mid last month and I smoked about 9g of loud last in 2 days(last monday&tuesday) is there a way I can pass a urine test in 16 days? I’m about 5’3 and 200lbs

  195. hi my name is Jay and I stop smoking on the 18 of may and I had test June 16th …. I was wondering would I be good, and I’m skinny N tall and I weight about 155-160 !!! in between that time I did a few things around the house and I ran a few times

  196. If I had 15 drops of low doses of cannabis oil under my tongue 45 days ago do you think I will pass a hair sample first time ever using it . I’m 5’7 and 175lbs

  197. Hello. I last smoked on 4/8/2017 and my smoking history is very irregular. I quit smoking around april 2016 only to resume it around Nov 2016- jan 2017. I took a one month hiatus and then smoked again from 2/26/2017-4/8/2017 which was my last joint. I always roll joints and mix cigarettes with it. do you think that might have reduced the potency of my stuff ? also it about more than 3 months now since i last smoked. i have a UA coming in the next 2 days. What are my chances of passing the test ?

  198. I took 2 very light hits of a joint on 6/20 and a single bong hit earlier today. Would I pass a possible UA on Monday?

  199. The last time I smoked weed was around May 10th but 2 weeks before that I use to smoke 10-12 times a day every day since I was 14 and it was always very high grade weed I had to stop cuz I’m on probation I was tested 10 days ago and my PO said my levels were still a little high I always thought that it only took 30 days to get out of ur system can someone please tell me why it’s still coming up in my system

  200. Hi I weigh about 105 pounds and I’m 5’5, I took 2 hits off the weed pen thing how long do you think would it take to clear my system

  201. I haven’t smoked in over a month, i smoked everyday prior to stopping and failed my drug test how is that even possible. All ive done is drink water has anyone else ever failed after going so long without it

  202. I’ve been flushing my system with cranberry pills and water for about 7 days what are my odds of passing a drug test? I’m told it’s a mouth swab test but could be a urine test. Do you think I’m clean enough? Also I’ve tried to sweat as much as I can. Does that help?

  203. Hey. I haven’t smoked weed in 17 days. And before that I didn’t smoke weed for 3 weeks. If I were to smoke two grams of weed in a 2 day period. How long will it stay in my system?

  204. I’m. 109 lbs 5’4 took l hit of a joint Friday and have test Thursday should I be good ive drunk nothing but water since

  205. I have been a heavy smoker ounce and a half a week plus dabs and shatter it’s been 114 days and THC is still there how much longer will it take to be gone and Im 6foot 3 and 300lbs

  206. I have been a frequent smoker for years and recently have gave my all to quitting although I’ve not been 100 percent successful I have managed to cut dwn drastically unfortunatley I smoked a few hitters Sunday Night and have been called by probation to take a urine screen Tuesday afternoon been drinking lots of water am worried wether or not if I’ll come up clean

  207. So I smoked marijuana yesterday and today, and I know it can be found in your urine. How long would it take for marijuana to be out of my system? And my friend did it yesterday but once so how long would it take for the marijuana to get out of her system?

  208. I have not smoked in about fifteen years and I smoked about 3/4 of a very small rolled high grade joint on June 14th and have a urine drug screen on July 6 th. Do you think I’ll pass my urine drug screen?

  209. I hit a bong only 2 times last night and I have a drug test in 8 days. Will I be clean by then if I drink a lot of water??

  210. I am taking a drug test in a couple of days. I have not smoked Marijuana for 7 days. I have been drinking water consistently for 7 days. I’m wondering if THC will still remain in my blood stream.

  211. Hi I have a swab test on the 5 of July…. I stopped smoking weed about 3 days ago on June 11th will I pass the swab test?

  212. I used to smoke frequently for about 4 years until this past January. However, I had smoked 4-5 times with weeks apart until about the 1st of May as I decided to quit permanently. So it’s been about 44 days or more since I’ve smoked. I am heavier but have lost 30lbs since January. If I take a drug test tomorrow what are the chances I would pass? I’ve taken a drug test before when I was a heavy smoker and way less active. I waited about 2 full months and passed. I know everyone’s motabilism is different but given the information provided what is the likelihood I will pass. Also, will a home purchased drug test from a drugstore provide the same results as going to a high standard facility that drug tests for urine? If I pass a home test is there a change I’ll fail at the facility ?

  213. i weigh about 115 120 and im a bit younger and im worried that i might be going to the hospital and them finding weed in my system. i smoked about a week ago and 2 months ago. how long do you think it would be till it clears my system?

  214. I took three hits of bud 6 days before my urine lab test. I took at at home drug test ( first check) right before the urine and passed it. Does that mean I will have no problem passing the lab test? I am 5″6 230 kinda over weight.

  215. i have stopped smoking for 1 month now i am very slim and have a fast metabolism i have a drug test coming up next week will i be om

  216. I’ve smoked regularly since I was 17 I’m 22 now I’ve been sober 2 months now I’m 170 lbs and 5″11 am I still gonna pop on a UA

  217. I’ve smoked regularly since I was 17 I’m 22 now I’ve been sober 2 months now I’m 170 lbs am I still gonna pop on a UA

  218. I smoked yesterday and have a drug test in 10 days I took like 5-6 hits off backwood it had 1.5 in it will I be okay to pass the test I’ve been clean for about 13 days I weigh 130 height 5’8

  219. I haven’t smoked weed in 8 days and I’m scheduled for a drug test tomorrow, what can I do to guarantee my urine sample will come back negative of THC

  220. I weigh 176 pounds and I’m 5 ft I only want to take one hit the size of a kernel but I’m not sure about it it’s only been 2 months possibly more would it take a significant amount of time to clear out of my system? I have a court date coming up in June somewhere in the middle of the month but not for a crime or anything

  221. I use everyday up n until May 10, 2017 I have 2 go take a ua on the 7th of June I drink water everyday Bt took a hm test n it wasn’t clean 2day what do I nd 2 do 2 b clean by the 7th ??

  222. Hello, So last month 1 day after easter amd 2 days straight i smoked 3 blunts but nothing after i test today inhad been clean for months previous

  223. I’m a everyday smoker I quit smoking and I have 20 days before I have to take piss test for a job im 6’5 and im 180 hardly any fat on me if I run everyday and and drink water do you think I have a good chance at passing

  224. I stoped smoking thc 7 months ago..was a frequent user. I have a blood, saliva test next week. Will it show Thc in any of the test?

  225. Do edibles leave your system quicker than a smokers. I know 30-45 when u smoke but is that the same if you eat it too. Thx

  226. Hi im somewhat of a frequent smoker.. usually I smoke once a day maybe 5 days a week and when I smoke it’s about 1 or 2 nice hits. I’m under 20 yrs old, 5’4 and weigh 130. I quit smoking exactly a month ago and got urine drug tested on Teo days ago. The first two weeks I quit I worked out a lot, drank above average amount of water and some cranberry juice. My question is.. will I pass my drug test? Still waiting on the call but very anxious.

  227. I have a question, my son smoked THC for the last 10 years, he was a everyday user, all day long, when ever he could get high. He is on probation and his PO is telling him that his system should be clean in two weeks. If it’s not clean they are going to throw him back in jail. My question is being that heavy of a smoker, will his system be clean in two weeks?

  228. Hi last time I smoked was 4/28 I have not smoked since I go to court on 5/25 will weed still be in my system

  229. I been smoking for about 8 months and quit for about 16 days and im skinny about 150-160 pounds is it possilbe for my system to be clear in 15 more days if i keep jogging and drinking water ???

  230. Hi I’m Shane, I have a drug test on Friday around noon and I smoked on Sunday. I rarely ever smoke pot and the last time I used pot was in a brownie two-three weeks prior. I am 5’9 and weigh 128 pounds, have a fast metabolism and work out once a day. Will I pass??

  231. 23 days prior to my appointment I took 3 small hits off my bowl. This is a first and only for me as I was tremendously nauseated, due to current treatment. What are the chances the active component will register in my urine. FYI, I am pushing wayer, cranberry juices and green tea….

  232. Weed is not a drug for anyone who says it is weed or thc should be aloud in every state and if weed can’t people need to look at the Bible it is a seed baring plant ???

  233. I took a pee test and failed,the amount of THC in my urine test was high_350 how long does it take to get out of my system.

  234. Its Friday may 5th and i only took 2 or 3 hits of a joint and i have a urine test next Thursday may 11th , if i work out for a couple days drink alot of water and cranberry juice will i fail the test

  235. My friend is worried. He is 6’4 and 290 pounds and smoked 3 hits 17 days ago and hadn’t smoked for a year before that. Will he pass a drug test

  236. I have been a smoker for 16 years and I need to find work, how long does it take for it to b out my system

  237. Hey i was recently in jail for 55 days i came home on the 25 of April i hit a friends blunt about 8 times and i have a urine test for probation tomorrow may 5th should i be in the clear?

  238. Ive been clean for 5 mths now until a week ago. How long will it take to get out of my system and what are ssome suggestions to get it out….i need to take a drug test soon.

  239. hi i smoked thro april 20th-24th (friend died) and i have a UA on may 3rd. should i be worried 🙁 ive been drinking alot of water /avoiding marijuana. what should i do man i dont wanna f*** up.

  240. I Was clean for more than six months
    And now I smoked 5 days straight.. how Long will thc and its metabolites will be found in my urine
    I have a drug test in 6 days

  241. I haven’t smoked weed in 8 months an on 420, 9 days ago i hit a bong that was loaded with crumble 2 times but they were baby hits thats only weed ive smoked in 8 months how long til its out of my system. Plus im 6ft2 250 an workout an do sauna for 20mins…. Any thoughts

  242. Hello, I’m 19 and I weight 240 lbs with the height of 5′ 5″. I’ve smoked constantly for about 6 months now and I found out I have a drug test by urine on May 16th to be accepted into my college program. I haven’t smoked since April 16 (when I found out). What can I do to clean my system out in order to pass this test and how long should it stay in my system?

  243. So I have a friend that smoked 3-4 days ago he only took 8 single hits, and before then he hasn’t smoked since like 3-4 months he had a drug test today told him to drink a lot of water so yesterday and today before his drug test he took a cranberry pill, and 2 and a half gallons or so of water he’s weighs just as much as I do 153 pounds and he’s skinny, he also told me he took sure jell 20-30 minutes before his drug test, is he gonna pass the drug tell because he really needs this job as everyone understands how hard it is to get a job now a days please answer your answer will be very helpful

  244. How long will you test positive for marijuana if you have been a chronic smoker for over 30 years and weigh close to 300lbs?

  245. my question is, why doesn’t the THC effect me for 30 days if it’s “still in my system”? Seems the only thing a test proves is, I smoked sometime in the near past…I have had a night or two with alcohol, and even though it “clears from my system in a couple days” I feel that shit the whole time…I actually have gotten up for work after a night of drinking, and was still drunk…but that’s less harmful than weed? I don’t get the hypocrisy and double standard… Screw DuPont for messing up our right to smoke weed because of “profits”

  246. OD really? There is no history of anyone overdosing on marijuana. It’s literally impossible you would have to smoke so much and b$y the time you even reached even a quarter of a quarter weih you would pass out

  247. I haven’t smoked in about 2 yrs and before that I smoked only a few times a week. I smoked Friday night and I have to see my p.o on the 11th. That gives me 19days to detox. Do you think my chances of coming out clean are good since it’s been so long since I’ve smoked? I’m 5″5 255pds

  248. Heya, not sure if this thread is still open, but.
    I’m 5’10 120 pounds with a metabolism that most people would murder for. I guess I’m probably a chronic user since I’ve been doing at least a hit a day for a couple years at a minimum and about 1.5 to 2 grams of high grade but not medical high grade. I have a few weeks before I’m dropped for a management position and was wondering if I should back out and stay where I am so I don’t get tested or if I had a chance at passing.

  249. I smoked laston 4/ 12 and i go to take a urine test on may 4th i havent smoked since been drinking lots a of water,niacin green tea and papaya vitamins it will be 22 days do you think i will ok

  250. For the last year or so I have been smoking usually once a day but only 2 to 3 times a week. Just a hit or 2 on the days I do smoke. I’m 6’2 and weigh around 170. I’m active almost everyday in the sun because I’m a construction worker so therefor I sweat everyday USUALLY. Last day I smoked was Wednesday the 19th of April which was just 1 hit. I have a urine test May 17th which would be 28 days from the last time I smoked and was curious to if I need to be paranoid about failing. How many days should I give my self from the last time I smoked to pass a urine test?

  251. I smoked three days ago but I have been clean for about three months and I have a test coming up in the next four day will I be clean by then or I’m screwed plz message back

  252. Hey I haven’t smoked weed in about 4 years and when I did smoke I rarely did but last Saturday I had about 6 puffs of a joint and I have a test Friday so you think I’ll be ok ?

  253. Hey, so I haven’t smoked since October 10, 2016 and I want to smoke a bowl since its 4/20 but the problem is I have to drop on the 31st of May 2017 and I don’t know if my P.O. is going to drop me… If he does, will I pass my urine test???

  254. I had quit for a week or 2, smoked once, then quit for 21 to 23 days. Im 200 lbs and 5 9. I did an at home test which came back negative, but I accidentally left the sample out for a while so idk if that effects it at all. Super worried because im getting mixed answers. Beforehand i smoked semi-daily and a few times a day. Should I be okay?

  255. So I’m not a regular smoker I’ve probably smoked a half a j in the last 3 weeks I have a urine test tomorrow am I safe if not what can I do

  256. I’ve been clean about 75 days passed several urine test for jobs but I hit a bowl and smoke a blunt on The 11th & a blunt on the 12th should I be good to pass a urine test on the 19th?

  257. Hi guys, Had a few draws of a joint a week ago haven’t smoked cannabis in nearly 20 years. I’m now worried that if I’m drug tested at work I’ll get sacked. How long will it take to leave my system?

  258. I have a question I am 5;0 ft and I weigh 135 pounds I been smoking for almost year but at the beginning I wouldn’t smoke much and now I been smoking more the past couple months almost every weekend but I am trying to stay clean because I have a drug test in 1 1/2 week … what can I do to pass this test

  259. Im a frequent smoker i have been clean for about 11 day now. Im 155 pound 28 years of age and about 5″7. Recently took a drug test and failed. I was told that my level was 31 nanograms. Im trying to estimate how long will it take my level to drop to at least 15 nanograms so i can seek active employment. Id feel comfortable knowing since i stopped all use when id have a chance to test clean without worry. Or could someone explain how levels drop on the daily bases without use. Thank you very much.

  260. Hi I’m 5’2 weighing 114lbs I’m thin hardly any fat I work out almost everyday. I am not a frequent user at all how ever I drank a 100mg worth of weed (it was roughly under 12oz bottled drink) about a 2-3 weeks ago and haven’t touched it since. I am due for a drug screening today and I am freaked out I have took at home test such as one from Walgreens says it’s 99.9 percent accurate and it came out negative today I did my test at centra and they send it to the lab. What is the chances that their test will also be a negative result?

  261. I smoked weed about 3 days ago only 2-3 puff
    will that still be in my system
    i have medical test trough blood tomorrow. will i be able to face the medical.

  262. Hey im 20 used to be a smoker everyday have been clean for 5 months but yesterday i hit some gas twice. I have a drug test coming up friday should i be clean or what should i do i have to pass. Havent smoked since November 2016. Took 2 hits

  263. I haven’t smoked in almost 60 days and still took a urine test and had THC in my system I’m just wondering is this because it’s in my fat cells? I just want to get it out of my system I’m 5’7 and weigh 151 lbs.

  264. Hi, I’ve been sober for 3 months now and smoked 4/2. I have a drug test on 4/18. Will I pass? What can I do?

  265. Last time I had gave a urine sample. I had drank a lot of water so I’m assuming that made my THC levels go down tremendously from about 400 to 55. If I provide another sample a week later without having smoked but didn’t drink any water is it possible for my THC level to go back up again?

  266. I smoke 2 joints Six weeks ago on the same day. I never ever really smoked weed. It prob been 2 in a half years since i have done that. Will it come up in a hair test???

  267. Hi, I’m 5’10 about 200 pounds, in pretty good shape. I was a daily smoker, probably a gram or a little less most days of high quality for about 5 months prior to quitting. I will have 25 days clean when I take the test. I am in day 2 of a 5 day detox kit (found out about the test two days ago and immediately started the 5 day detox kit). I have been drinking over a gallon of water a day along with one or two bottles of green tea a day. I plan on adding cranberry juice. I am doing intense cardio for about 2 hours five days a week. It hopefully helps that I naturally sweat like a pig, and am hitting the sauna post exercise most of the time as well. I am eating healthy food throughout the day at roughly 1800 calories a day to help lose some weight while maintaining metabolism. I will be testing myself before the test, but was hoping to get some encouragement from here as I’m still a nervous wreck.

    Side question: my detox kit has “ice pills” to take that seem to mainly be riboflavin and creatine to be taken 90 minutes pre-test. If I am testing clean consistently leading up to the test, should I still take the ice pills or will they only risk compromising the sample at that point?


  268. Hey I’m about 5’11 135 pounds. But I use to be a heavy smoker like a 20 bag every 3-4 days for a few years. I’m real skinny though so I don’t think I have much body fat on me. And I have a drug test coming up. How long do you think it’ll be before I’m completely clean?

  269. I am 15 weigh 125 pounds and 5,7 and smoke 2 hits on a blunt a weekend how long will it take to get out of my system no I am not addicted either jus need a question answered

  270. Question. I have a urine test coming up within the next few days. I used to smoke every day about once or twice a day. I quit about 2- 2 and a half weeks ago & took about 3 hits of some crappy weed last Sunday. I’ve been trying to drink lots of water, drank a whole jug of cranberry juice and have hit the gym and steam shower a few times. Do you think I’ll be good to go? I’m 5’4 and about 150 lbs. thanks 🙂

  271. Hi I smoked a blunt 20 days ago and I got hurt at work today so they took a work incident urine test on me at work I’m not chronic and I do weigh 308 pounds am I good or not cause I’m stressing out

  272. Hello Everyone,

    If you smoke once a week or twice a week, THC will stay in your system for 2 to 3 weeks after use. If you smoke every day ( like three or four joints) it will show up in tests after 25 days of use or more. In order to get rid of THC from your system naturally, it will take 45 days with no use or even being close to second hand smoke AT ALL. you will be clean after 45 days. Now, if you have been smoking for 10 years, and you smoke 3 joints a day — Then you will need 120 days of complete break in order to test negative.

    My friend got hired by BORDER SERVICES and he took 4 months off completely and tested and it showed UP POSITIVE. He took extra 2 months off and then tested NEGATIVE. He did these tests privately before applying.

    So on the safe side you need 45 days to test negative for blood and piss test.
    HAIR TEST – it can show up even after 6 months – but its not that reliable.

    DNA TEST — THC history will show up regardless…….. NO way to hide that SHIT in DNA!

    Hope this helps

  273. I was a chronic user for the last 25 years. For the last 5 years, I was smoking between 40 and 60 joints a day. Any idea how long it would take for a blood AND urine test to show negative?

  274. Hi I’m on probation and I haven’t smoked in a month and I just had a drug test 2 days ago and won’t be tested for another week will I be good if I take a few hits?

  275. I am a regular user, A joint or two a day. But I also train daily at the gym. I have a sure fire method for passing a test after 7 days. Firstly, and obviously, you need to have access to a gym with a sauna. Purchase a high potency liver detox. Every morning before you go to your job, take the detox pills 30 minutes before going to the gym Work out and then get in the sauna for 25 minutes. Drinking a lot of water and urinating frequently is also very important. Go back to the gym after work and do it again. It drains you and you feel like shit for a few days but it works. I got a negative result after 5 days but I recommend 7 to be on the safe side

  276. Hi, I bought $20 worth of weed and smoked with my friend. I then was told I had a UA in the next 9 days. Do you think that will be out of my system by then? I hadn’t in about 3 months before that last time I smoked.

  277. Hi, I’m 4″8 ….97lbs ….and have a 26 inch waist …..I’ve was smoking high grade weed for about a year and have recently quit smoking the past two weeks and I have a drug test in two weeks….If I’m running 3 miles and sitting in a steam room for 30 mins twice a day till then will I be able to pass my drug test….I’m super nervous and kinda scared that I won’t…..I have a good metabolism…..and I’m also drinking about 10 8oz glasses of green tea a day along with a boat loads of water a day…..can you tel me if I’ll be ok ?? thank you

  278. On February 24 I probably smoked half a gram, and then on the 26th I took 1 hit off a joint, I haven’t smoked since and today is the 13th. I’m 16 and weigh 125 pounds, how long until it’s out of my System?

  279. I smoke every day for the last 6 months and i bet ill be clean by the 3rd of april.. It does work different for other ppl but i just drink water and stay active. Im 6 foot 165 so i know my body and how fast i can get things out. If you have a fast metabolism then you guys have a better chance.

  280. Been smoking pot for yrs lately been less then before. I have to do blood test in 3 months what can I do to have the test so no pot in my blood?

  281. So say i smoked half a blunt on Friday with another female after that i havent smoked but today on march 9 I went to go get a blood test will it come out positive ?

  282. I am 5’9 130 lbs it’s been 32 days since I smoked marijuana and I was a moderate smoke and used maybe once a day a few hits before that I was on probation and u able to smoke for 4 months and my probation ended jan 1 both home test say negative but I’m still scared this is a really good job

  283. Hello, I have been a chronic weed user for the past 7 years, I’m a really thin person hardly any fat, I recently stopped about a week ago and starting a weed free life. I just wanted to know when will the thc be eliminated from body, a rough guess would be appreciated.

  284. I havent smoked in 4 months yesterday i hit the a blunt like 5 times i weight 270 how long will it take to clear out my system. I weight 270 i havent smoked in 4 months how long will it take to be out my system i hit the blunt 5 times yesterday

  285. If I smoked in January 28 2017 and I get drug tested on feb 28 2017 will the weed still be in my blood I’m a female and I weigh 205 pounds I only smoked once . I keep taking urinalysis exams but they second line is always light so I’m afraid that it’s is positive

  286. I have taken about 13 hits of regular weed like 3-4 days ago I also weigh like 140 pounds and have a fast metabolism how long would you say it would take my system to be clean If I have a urine test on march 3rd? And does vinigar realy help clean your body?

  287. Smoked lower grade bud every day for the past three months I am 5’10” 145lbs execercise everyday not much body fat how long do you think before I can pass a urine test

  288. Hey i took about 8 or 9 hits within two days, last
    Weekend, and i weight about 135. How long will ut take for the THC to be clear out of my system?

  289. Hi I’m a heavy smoker for the past couple years, probably a couple times a day, I have a drug test in about 3 days. I drink a lot of water and do a good amount of regular exercise and little to no fat on my body…is there any hope to pass this test?? Most likely a urine test or mouth swab

  290. I’m about 225 haven’t smoked in over three weeks. Just took a THC test today and still testing positive, any ideas on how I can get clean. I’m on probation and have random urine tests , have not tested yet, but very worried. Need answers. ASAP

  291. Last time i smoked was jan 18 and i and 5’11” 135 lbs. I havent took any tokes since then and been drinking water but i just took a home test and said im positive. What can i do to pass? Or maybe the home test is bs

  292. I smoked pot on new years a couple of hits but haven’t touched it since. I’m not a pot smoked so this was not more than a blunt.
    Now I’m 170, muscle with about 3percent body fat. I work out daily in jest a lot of food and drink a lot of liquids. I also have a very fast metabolism. I have seen friend like myself pass 15days later. What are your thought on that?

  293. Hello, I am a smoker and have been for about the last few months. I smoke a joint or 2 a day. I weigh 140 and 6’0. Very high matabolism. I have stopped 2 days ago and am using nician pills 2 500 milligrams a day, 2 gallons of water and running 2-3 miles a day and also walk about 5. I have a pee test in 6 days. Could I pass my test? It is a urine test for anew job just didn’t know they drug tested and I got hired on the spot

  294. Hi I’m 100 lbs 5″5 skinny guy basically look like no body fat and I work which have me moving around for a good couple hours and I take qcarbo 16 how long u think the will stay in my system

  295. I smoke at least four blunts a day, I just stopped today how long will it take with proper detox to leave my blood stream and urine if my test is in 3 months

  296. Hello. I was pointed to this article as evidence that marijuana produces a “high” that lasts days, and that a regular pot smoker is therefore perpetually because it is always in their blood.

    Now keeping in mind that I am NOT and never have been a pot smoker and this other person was a long time pot user, and has many more personal relationships with pot users than I have, to me, his interpretation of this article seems to be… inaccurate. I looked at another article on this same site talking about how long the psychoactive effects of a marijuana high last which also, to *my* understanding does’t support his claim.

    I was wondering if you would please be kind enough to provide some clarification?

  297. Hi i stopoed smoking back in September so i been clean for about 120 maybe more days i had one puff of joint on December 22 just one,then another puff on December 25 just one puff,and then another puff last night just one,if i had a test coming up in 2 weeks do you thinkmy test will still come back negative?i took one test on December 16 it was negative i dont some on the regular im a rare smoker,how long do yoe detect that it will stay in my system or was that even enough for it to stay in my system 30 days????

  298. Ive been clean for 6 months and i decided to smoke like 3 blunts recently how long would it take to clear out my system and what would i need to do

  299. hi my name is morgan, and i have a drug test on Feb 9 2017. if i were to stop smoking on January 1 2017, will i pass my drug test. shoot back a reply asap. thank you 🙂

  300. I have stopped somkeing bout a 5 weeks I’m a 260lb man how long well it stay in my system I been smoking since I was 16

  301. Hello…. I’m 37…right around 6’2 300….Never a heavy or routine smoker…..I smoked 1-2 times a week for about a month because of work stress. I last smoked exactly 32 days ago…may have a drug test in the next week or so….how am I looking?

  302. Hi
    I am 5′ and weigh 210…I have been an almost daily smoker for 2 years, how long to totally detox my body for good?
    Thank you

  303. I’m a pretty heavy set guy and I smoke regularly, but I have a drug teat in a month will the THC be out of my system even if I smoked yesterday

  304. If I smoked 3.5 grams two weeks ago, will it still show up in a urine test? I have been drinking alot of water and have a pretty fast metabolism. I have drug test coming up next week and want to know how soon will I be able to take it.

  305. I weigh 280 and I was a chronic smoker for about 8 months it’s been almost 6 weeks sence I have quit I have a drug test a week from today do you think I will pass?

  306. Hi , smoked marijuana for days straight for about 2 years and I quit smoking exactly months ago , then took a couple hits of a joint after the two month’s. Exactly 27 days after I take the hit I have a drug test , will I test positive ?

  307. Hello, I am a frequent user but i was tested a while ago in july but after i continued smoking heavily up until oct 31. I’m 5’5″ and weight about 115lbs I’m underweight and very skinny so I’m hoping that will help me out. Do you think i will be ok for a test on novmeber 12th? If not when do u think i will pass a drug test

  308. Hello I haven’t smoked in 15yrs yesterday I took 3 hits off a joint . I go back to work In 8 days will that be enough to clean out 6ft 230 lbs

  309. Hi, I had two cones in a bong two days ago, it was my first time doing it like that, I tried a joint a year ago and hadn’t done anything since then, but I was wondering if it will show up on a hair drug test? And also how long until it’s completely out of my system? I’m a healthy person, I walk everyday and I’m not over or underweight either.

  310. I ate a bit of brownie last Monday, 10/10/2016 I have a UA test on Wednesday. I am not a regular consumer, a bit of brownie every week at the most. Do you think I will be okay?

  311. Hi. I’m 22 years old, 200 pounds 5 foot 8 inches tall I took one hit off a blunt of weed yesterday (wednesday) if I drink a gallon of water a day and take cranberry pills can I be clean by tuesday for a UA?

  312. I have a drug test in 14 days and I smoke a couple of days ago and haven’t smoked since will i pass my drug test in 14 days?

  313. Hello. I have to take tests every other week. Urine for probation. I would take one or two hits the night after seeing officer. And then one hit every night for 3 days and would pass 10-11 days later. Got pop test that they want me to take tomorrow…. So my question is how long does it take to out of your system, get rid of 4-5 hits taken over the course of four days… it’s been 3 days since I have smoked. And also what is considered a one time smoking….one hit, two….a bowl or joint..? I have a pretty fast metabolism. I understand it’s hard to say as I have read other posts….but what do you think? Does drinking monster type drinks with vitamins help to dilute the urine yet not show dilute because of the vitamins etc that are in them? Thanks for your help.

  314. Hey hi, Reply me ASAP,
    From past 1 month i smoking Hashish daily about 3-4 Joints, I wanted to check how long will marijuana/Hashish come out my system??? And wen can i attend Blood Test and urine tests.

  315. I am 5’8″ 145 pounds and have around 13% body fat. I would have between four and five one hitters a week before I stopped smoking 30 days ago. I just had a urine test, what are my chances of passing?

  316. Hey I’m 250lb 6’4 I’ve smoked about a gram of weed over that last 3 days ….prior to that i took a few hits a few weeks ago.I have a UA on the 29th I drink about a gall on of water and day and I take nician daily…would me levels be undetectable with 10 days?

  317. Hey I’ve been a heavy smoker for like 2 years and I’ve been absolutely clean for like 2 month’s I smoked a small bowl just one I weigh like 250 or 260 how long do u think it would take to get out of my system

  318. In a urinalysis test for THC, can they tell if you use Golden Seal? And how much is the maximum amount of water, to keep from showing as diluted sample? I also need to know if the $15 Kroger THC Test is reliable to 50ng/ml? Or is it reliable at all?

  319. I was a regular pot user. I have been clean three days now. I only weigh 135 lbs with a very low percentage of body fat. How long will it take before im urine test ready.

  320. I’m 5ft and weigh about 125-130lbs. I smoke a bowl of reggie everyday. I had a drug test today and my urine was almost almost clear. What are my chances of failing?

  321. I smoked at a party over 6 weeks ago. I don’t smoke at all, ever. I’m 5’7” 270 lbs. I took a urine test today. I have a physical labor job. Do you think I’ll pass my test? Please help

  322. Hey so I was a heavy smoker at least twice daily high grade for 6 months. I’m overweight 250lbs 5″9′ I have been ‘clean’ for 30 days and have a urine test for a new job. Will I pass?

  323. Pls Help 3 Weeks Ago My Pain Dr Gave Ne A Urine Test, Positive For THC I Had Stopped For Sure For 3 Weeks. I Was A Very Mild Smoker, Maybe 1 or 2 Hits. Now Another 3 Weeks Goes By, And They Made Me Drop Again. Do You Think This One Will Pass?

  324. My son has been a chronic smoker of pot for about 10 years, the last 4 smoking the oil concentrate. He asked everyday several times a day. He is 300 pounds. He stopped smoking 65 days ago and still isn’t clean. He has been buying the over the counter tests at Walmart. He is discouraged on how long it’s taking to get clean. What is the normal time frame for someone like him to get clean with the habit he had?

  325. I have smoked marijuana daily for years. My body fat percentage is about 19% as measured by calipers. I have passed two drug screens in the past couple of years by abstaining for about 17 days. I have now totally quit using for 27 days and today my employer required me to take a urinalysis. I am worried that I may fail although I have passed before after quitting for less time. Is there any encouragement you can give me that I will pass? I need my job and have given up this drug for good.

  326. I never smoke but I just did 2-4 edibles a little over a month ago do you think it would still be in me if I took a urine test? I’m 120 and 5’2

  327. I smoked two joints over weekend for first time. I have 23 days before urine test. If I take a niacin a day and drink water will I pass my urine test. If not what is the best way to pass I weigh 160 lbs low motabilisim. I am on hydrocodone I have to have that in my system before I go to doctor in 23 days.

  328. Hi I’m a 34 year old male 5’8″ 190 lbs. I smoke weed Friday and Saturday nights only 1 bowl per night for a few months now. I been clean 76 days and took a drug urine test last Friday. What are my chances of passing it?

  329. I’m a female about 240 pounds 5’1, and smoked once about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Haven’t sense. It was resine that I smoked not anything great at that. And I was a half a bowl of resine. The test is in 4 days. Can I pass for a urine drug test

  330. I took four at home tests all negative yet after 35 days I failed if I retest after45days will I still fail the test is split urine I was a daily user

  331. Jam 240pounds i smoked on a daily bases and stop smoking for 35 days and failed a split urine test if I retest after47 days will I still fail

  332. I smoked July 30th and before that it had been 6 years.. I only took one hit.. But I am heavier, I’m 5’3 and 160 lbs.. I have a urine drug test in a couple days .. Will I test clean?

  333. Hi i was wondering i ate an eatable last week and next week i have a drug test i think its a urine test and i havent smoked since last week i was wondering if it will detect if i smoked or anything i weigh about 130

  334. I’m 6″2 about 300 pounds and I smoke 1-3 grams every weekend and have to take a drug test in 3 months will it be out of my system?

  335. My husband tried marijuana for the first time on Monday. He had to do a urine on Wednesday. His body mass index is under his weight he has no fat on his body whatsoever he’s completely muscle and has a high metabolism do you have any answers or any thing you could say that could help us to know whether he would actually be clean or not he’s not an avid marijuana smoker he tried it once took two pufs

  336. I was a heavy smoker for about 8 years( smoked at least three blunts a day). I have been clean now for two months and have been working out and sweating quite a lot. I have a dt in in 15 days. Will thc show up in my system?

  337. Hi addiction blog, I have a test on the 20th of august, and have stop smoking on the 5th of august, im a heavy dude but am still currently losing weight and I’m a chronic user for the past 2 years. I have dietary supplements that help with the process of weightless as well as a lean protein shake containing L-Glutamine, free form aminos, L-Carnitine and Micronized BCAAs. So far I have been drinking plenty of water. I will undergo a urine test. So far my symptoms of withdraw are starting to show up such as excessive sweating. Will I be able to pass this test?

  338. I have smoked on and off for 30 odd years. Over past few weeks smoked only 2-3 small bongs 3 nights a week. How long would it take to get clean urine test. Also I’ve heard driving 3-4 glasses of Ural will help. Or would a detox product help

  339. Hey, So- I have been sober for 2 years. Last night someone gave me a bud and I took 1 hit from a bowl- one. It floored me. I am fat also.. I do not have a drug test scheduled but there is a chance that I will have one come up that needs to be 2 or 3 weeks from now. I am so nervous, and feel so stupid… but seriously, what are the chances I will test clean? In how long can I expect the clearance.. i know there are no definites.. except.. definitely 30 days? What about 14?

  340. Hello! I took 3 hits off of a bowl Friday the 22nd then ate a few doses of a tincture Monday and Tuesday. I weigh 105 lbs and rarely ingest thc except in extreme cases of pain. If I detox and work out would I be good for a UA by Monday?

  341. So I went back to my old job. I worked there a year ago and passed my drug test after quitting for 14 days. I took the test for my rehire after quitting for 10 days and I failed. They gave me 17 days before I had to take the test again I was working outside sweating drank nothing but water and gatorade before my test I was a chronic smoker I’m 5’5 145 pounds. Do you think I passed?

  342. Hi. I’ve not smoked weed for well over ten years, and 12 days ago I smoked half a joint, and two days later smoked other half. I’ve got a urine test for potential employers coming up in few weeks maybe, do you think I would be clear by then? As I said,im a non smoker and had a single sized joint over few days. Hope you can help.

  343. Hi. I used to be a very heavy smoker. I haven’t smoked in almost 2 months now. Because I wanted to find a good job. And better my life. I have a ua tomorrow morning for health care. And I’m super excited about this job. But I’m also nervous about failing for thc. I took a detox drink 2 months ago when I first quit. And haven’t smoked at all since. Do you think I will be ok?

  344. Hi I’ve been smoking weed for few years on and of put over the past year it’s increased I started noticeing how paranoid and anxious I was getting and really need to stop I’ve suffered with depression in the past and with my nerves and am really scared wAt stopping will do to me jus wondering if I will get trew this

  345. I am pregnant and in my third trimester I got stupid and took a single hit off of a joint today and I have 42 days until my baby is born and I go back to the doctor and the take blood in 2 weeks am I okay or should I be really worried please no negative I realize it was not the best choice for me or my child

  346. Hey I use to be a heavy smoker I would smoke 4 times a day everyday for about months straight I only weigh 135 and I’m 5’8 and 20 years old I quit the first of the moths it’s been 20 days so far but I tapped the blunt only once couple days ago how long do you think it will take for me to be good for a urine test? Or to get clean? Because I do got a high metabolism and I just don’t know if a month will be good enough or like what are your thoughts??

  347. Names josiah and i have been clean from marijuana for almost 2 years. This year on 4th of july i took 1-2 hits(not very big ones) and had a test today (the 20th) will i pass? I am 5 ft 6 and 182 pounds….im a lil nervous but not real bad

  348. I just got called up for a job and I leave in 7 days. Been 12 since I smoked, one small joint. Was a pretty regular smoker up until a month ago. I’m 6’4 155lbs. My metabolism is wicked fast. I eat well drink tons of water and exercise a bunch. What do you think my odds are? Urine test.

  349. I’m 5’6 and weigh 140 lbs I haven’t smoked in 2 months. I smoked a joint last night how long would it be to leave my system?

  350. Hi just wondering how long would weed get out of my system I have a drug test in 3 days I had a gram of weed in 4 days

  351. Ok so I just started a 5 day detox from bud. I’m at the end of day two. But I took just one hit and am wondering if the whole detox will still work. I am a 27 yr old female that only weighs about 95 lbs.

  352. Hello,
    I’m a 5 ft , 112 pound woman. I smoked everyday for years pretty good weed. I’ve been clean for 10 days now and have 5 more days till my drug test. What is the likely hood that I will pass? Thanks for any info.

  353. I smoked the end of the 25th and I was wondering should I worry about passing or not. I have detoxed, drank water and took plenty of niacin pills.

  354. Hello I have a drugs test tomorrow I have never smoked weed before but I had one hit 4 days ago will this show in the test

  355. I am 5’9 and 200lbs…. I took three puffs of weed one day ago for the first time and I have urinary drug test in 15 days…. Will I be ok… Please help

  356. 41 days smoke a bowl probably 4 hits waited 1 week smoked for 4 day straight 2 times a day and need to test in little less then 2 weeks will I be clean not much body fat but smoked for 7 years before the 41 day clean

  357. I was a heavy smoker i stopped april 25th an i started back smoking low grade weed. I have injested a detox wednsday. I have drank lots of water two beers an cranberry juice. How long will it take for the thc to leave my system. Im 5’5 174lbs…….

  358. I only hit the blunt once or twice last week . And I have a military drug test in 6 days I have a fast metabolism tho. Will I pass

  359. I’m 5’2″ 105 pounds age 18 and I have an military drug test in about 6 days I hit a blunt once and a few times the week before that . But I was clean for about 20 days. Do you think I’ll pass

  360. im 200 lbs and 5ft 9 inches(im a big boy). ive had a few hits out of some joints, about 3 bowls out of a pipe,and about 3 hits out of a bong in the past 2 months, most of those on the same day. i have a drug test coming up on july 17 for football. can i pass

  361. I’m 18, 5’4 Male, 112 lbs literally no fat. Smoked June 3rd, then smoked June 20. Before then, I hadn’t smoked since the end of April? I have a drug test on the 27th of June and have been running and sweating a lot. Will I be under the 50/ng detection levels?

  362. Hi I’ve smoked 3/4 times in my life. Once in January but didn’t inhale, than one time again in January but inhaled and than once again in March. Each time has been no more than 2/3 hits. And than haven’t been around it since, but took one hit of a bong in May. How long estimated do you think it will take for it to clear out of my system or do you think it has already?

  363. I’ve been clean for about two months now and I took a hit on the 10th and a hit on the 13th and dropped a UA on the 21st will it be dirty or clean.

  364. I smoke 8 grams of medical have a fast metabolism was wondering I have a drug test Monday if I’ll be able to past a drug test drinking a lot of water

  365. If I’m 18 and 135lbs (skinny but that athletic) how soon do you think I would be clean if I was already clean and then had about 4 good tokes?

  366. If it took 30 days for me to pass a at home test with a cut off of 50, about how long will it take for me to pass a test with a cut off of 15

  367. I smoked weed for about a year not a whole blunt in a week sometimes I didnt smoke for two weeks. Found out I was pregnant. I stopped. Started back not even 5 or 6 blunts in a month. Quit the second week in April. Gave birth May 1. Have a drug test next week. Weight 125. Will I pass a hair test

  368. I’m 5’4, 127 lbs. Very slim with a high metabolism but have been a steady smoker fir over a year. I easily lose weight so with that being said, I was wondering how long you would guess a smallish person with a high metabolism would take to test clean?

  369. I weigh 161. I work in a hot factory and take stackers and drink caffeine and water. I have not smoked since April 16 and I only took a few hits a day since February 8, 2016. Before February I hadn’t smoked since June of 2015. Had to drop a urine test today for an injury. I should be OK right?

  370. So man today is the 10th i smoked on the 2nd 2 blunts and a resin bowl i have niacin havent took it tho got it today i havent smoked for 3 months before this when i first got clean it took 7days for it to be a half life but took 34 days to fully get clean i have a urine test on the 16th you think ill b clean i work graveyard so i sweat and workout all night hard labor plus i naturally love water and im 5’4 136 pounds will i be clean?

  371. Hi, I’m 15, around 5″10 5″11, and and 140 pounds Saturday I took like 8 hits of a blunt and I have a drug test tommorow morning and I havnt smoked in like 3 months will I pass? I read online that exercise realeses it into piss and I played like an hour of basketball today

  372. I weigh 150lbs and im 5’8 in height I just seen my probation officer today and im wanting to smoke ive been clean since may 7 2016 and I see her next on July 12 2016. I was wondering how long would it take to get out of my system for a urine test. Just in case I get tested that day

  373. I’m 6ft 5 and 190 pounds I smoked two bowls of cronic weed I have a drug test in two days will I pass with the help of water?

  374. Hey man, I’m 21 and weigh 225 pounds I have been a regular smoker for the past year until I recently quit 4 weeks ago, I am mostly muscle not a lot of fat, I have a drug test on Monday what are my chances?

  375. I have been smoking a tiny bowl once a day about 2-5 hits a day . for the last 3 weeks. I have a drug test (urine) in 2 days . is there any antibiotic pills or certain drink remmedys that can block or hide the THC ON THE DRUG TEST? If not what is my fastest solution to get thc out my system . ? Drink water cranberrie juice vit c green tea excerise hot sonna etc… One of my friends told me to use ceiro drink with gallon of water 4-5 hrs before test pee 3 times before test . ??? Thanks for your help

  376. Hey I got a drug test on June 2nd. The last time I smoked was may 21st I hit a bowl maybe 3times I’m 5’6 and weigh about 132 pounds and before this time the last time I smoked was months and months ago should I be okay I drink like 6 bottles of water daily and a few beers as well.

  377. Im a heavy set, female, about 5’9 give or take, slow metabolism. I smoked 10 days before i took my drug test, i drank a lot of fluids between that time, and have also been taking metabolizing boosters (to help with weight loss). What are the chances i failed?

  378. Hi, i Smoked just a little (Marijuana) 65 days ago ,after that i drinked a lot of water and i do sport every day ,but yesterday i took a urine drug test , is that in my system or not ? please answer me

  379. I used marijuana almost 2yrs. Now I’m planning to leave it coz I have to go abroad for work.. So how can I be pass at THC test… Can I be free from THC…plz.. Suggest…

  380. Hello, I am an occasional user, Male, 55 yrs old, 175 lbs – lean, 5’9″… now abstinent for 11 to 15 days, ( looking for a job with a first phone call acknowledgement today) am on testosterone because of the removal of my genitals. Also on heart meds. I have been drinking MASSIVE quantities of 100% Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice – 64 fl oz a day, eating fresh raw and sauteed garlic for at least 6 months. Will this destroy the THC content residual left in my system for a drug test? I did read above as you addressed Chris that it takes 3 to 4 days for THC to be out of the system to pass a drug test is this correct in concert with what I have been doing ?

  381. Hi I’ve been clean of cannabis for 12 months on Friday I had one cone and on Sunday I had a cigarette size joint how long will it take to get out of my system I’ve been drinking lots of juice will this help

  382. I’m 215 pounds. I smoked on April 5th. One hit off a bong. Before that was one hit in like January or December. And then one other time in November. I have a drug test coming up soon and want to know if I’ll test dirty. I drink a lot of water everyday. Workout 3 times a week. Its now may 14th

  383. I was smoking weed off and on for a couple of weeks, but i was clean three months prior to that, and i probably smoked roughly a quad. Im five ten and weigh 160 lbs, im also 8% body fat, and ive taken flush, B vitamins, and ive ingested a lot of water. so my question is how long will it be in my system according to a piss test?

  384. Hey, I’m not a frequent smoker. I smoke on and off through the months. My last time to smoke was February 4 and even before that it was months before I smoked again but after febuarary 4 I didnt smoke again but April 18 i smoked 3 bowls with 3 other friends. It’s been 3 weeks. I have a drug test tomorrow. Am I okay?

  385. hi i am 5 foot 8 and i am a occasional user of pot and i took 2 or 3 hits from a joint 3 weeks ago. before hand i didnt smoke for 6 months. will i be clear soon or how long will it take for me to get clear in pee. i am not very physically active

  386. Hey there, I’m a regular user of pot, I have quit for three days, and worked my butt off in the gym, I’m 8% body fat at 5’9”, how likely is it that I will pass a urine analysis tomorrow ?

  387. Hi i hadnt smoked in 64 days and yeaterday and the day before i smoked 1 bowl a piece only a couole hits a bowl though., if i drink lot of water whats an estimate to how long my body will rid the thc?

  388. I quit smoking on April 17th. I have consistently drank over a gallon of water a day, and have been exercising and sweating a lot also. I will most likely have a drug test the week of May 9-13. Will my urine be clean??