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How Long Does Marijuana, Weed, Pot (THC) Stay In Your System?

ARTICLE OVERVIEW: The detection window for marijuana and THC depends on quantity, potency, frequency of ingestion, personal metabolism, the amount of fat in the body and the drug testing method used. Details below.



How Do You Take Marijuana?

In 2016, an estimated 24 million Americans aged 12 and older reported current use of marijuana. [1]Most people take marijuana by smoking or eating it.

Marijuana contains tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC for short. THC is a chemical that causes psychoactive effects by binding to cannabinoid receptors in the brain. In other words, THC is the chemical that gets you high. THC is found in the following products:

  • Dronabinol, a synthetic form of marijuana
  • Hash, resin from the hemp plant cannabis sativa
  • Hashish oil
  • Marijuana buds
  • Marijuana flowers
  • Marijuana leaves

People smoke marijuana in hand-rolled cigarettes called joints or in pipes or water pipes called bongs. They also smoke it in blunts, emptied cigars that have been partly or completely refilled with marijuana. To avoid inhaling smoke, other people have started using vaporizers. These devices pull the active ingredients from the marijuana or liquid extract and collect vapor in a storage unit. So, instead of smoking, a person then inhales the vapor.

People can also mix marijuana in food and edibles, such as brownies, cookies, or candy, or brew it as a tea. A newly popular method of use is smoking or eating different forms of THC-rich resins.

Main Uses

Apart from getting high, there are legitimate reasons why people use marijuana.Even though it´s a Schedule I drug and is classified as having no medical use by the federal government [2],people have used marijuana, its individual components, or similar synthetic substances for a variety of health conditions for at least 3,000 years. [3]

In January 2017, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine published a report that summarizes the current evidence on both therapeutic effects and harmful effects. [4] The report concludes that the effects of cannabinoids are modest for the following conditions:

1. In adults with chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, oral cannabinoids are effective antiemetics.

2. In adults with chronic pain, patients who were treated with cannabis or cannabinoids are more likely to experience a clinically significant reduction in pain symptoms.

3. In adults with multiple sclerosis-related spasticity, short-term use of oral cannabinoids improves patient reported spasticity symptoms.

Further, the FDA has approved THC-based medications, prescribed in pill form for the treatment of nausea in patients undergoing chemotherapy, and to stimulate appetite in patients with wasting syndrome due to AIDS. It was also approved a CBD-based liquid medication called for the treatment of two forms of severe childhood epilepsy, Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. [5]

Peak Levels

On average, the effects of marijuana last between 3 – 4 hours. However, peak levels of THC depend on how it enters the body. When cannabis is ingested by mouth, THC levels peak after 1 to 6 hours.When inhaled, THC is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream with a peak concentration in 2 to 10 minutes.

Half Life

The half life of a drug is the amount of time it takes for measured amounts in the bloodstream or urine to decrease by half. The half life for THC is long because THC is stored in the body’s fat cells. This is because THC is highly lipid and not easily dissolved in water. Therefore, the blood plasma and urinary half-life of THC are best estimated at 3 – 4 days after ingestion. However, this half-life can be even longer depending on the quantity of THC ingested and frequency of use. The half-life for marijuana may even extend to 10-12 days after ingestion.

Marijuana Detection Windows

Because THC is a highly fat-soluble compound, it can build up a very long half-life for elimination among heavy users. In the case of people who smoke once per week, THC levels increase in their bodies over time because THC has never been fully eliminated. So, regular users of marijuana must realize that THC is generally more detectable in their systems than in the bodies of periodic or episodic users of marijuana.

Furthermore, detection windows for weed will be based also on a person’s metabolism and fat content in the body. Finally, the detection window for THC depends on quantity, potency, duration of use, frequency of ingestion, and the method used to detect THC or its metabolites.

Generally, marijuana detection windows for biological samples are as follows.

Blood: 3 days to 2 weeks.

Hair: 90 days.

Saliva: 1 day.

Sweat: 7 to 14 days.

Urine: 1 to 30 days.

Marijuana Drug Testing

Marijuana can be detected in urine, blood, hair and saliva drug tests. The most common drug test for marijuana is a urine based test.These different types of drug tests employ various methods with different sensibility and specificity,and include methods such as:

  • Enzyme immunoassay
  • Gas chromatography
  • High pressure liquid chromatography
  • Radio immunoassay
  • Thin layer chromatography

Each type of drug test isused for specific situations and depends on there as on for the test. Let’stake a deeper look at each of these screening methods, and their general detection windows.

Blood Tests for Marijuana

Blood testing typically detects marijuana use that occurred within 2 to 12 hours of the test.Drug testing of blood samples is usually only performed in emergency situations. This is because taking blood is considered “invasive” and unnecessary unless acute use needs to be recorded in cases of car accidents or injury.

Hair Tests for Marijuana

Hair testing for marijuana can detect substance use over the period of days to months, and, in some cases, years after use. Conversely, hair testing is not helpful in detecting sporadic use when weekly or monthly testing is required as part of a drug treatment plan.

Because of the long period of detection for hair samples, this type of drug test is useful for detecting chronic substance use, understanding the duration of a patient’s drug use over the long term, and indicating periods of abstinence. So, hair tests may be ordered by courts or doctors to view patterns of use over time.

Saliva Tests for Marijuana

Oral fluid testing can detect marijuana for up to 24 hours after use. This method is less commonly used but oral samples represent a convenient, promising matrix for many settings. Unlike urine samples, oral samples are not easily tampered with, and can be collected with minimal invasion of privacy.

Urine Tests for Marijuana

The most commonly used urine drug testing for pot involves an automated immunoassay either alone as a point-of-care test. The cutoff value for the test is 50ng/mL… or samples are submitted as an initial screen for a 2-step testing procedure followed by a confirmatory test with a cutoff value of 15ng/mL.[6] Its collection is somewhat invasive since it requires either a sophisticated collection protocol which is not readily available in medical offices or direct observation by a clinician or a relative to prevent tampering.

What If I Test Positive…

In most cases, if you test positive you´ll still have chance to retake the test with the same or a different biological sample.It´s important to know every state and municipality has different rules regarding workplace, clinical and student drug tests. Here are some of the common consequences and what you can do about them.


Here are some possible scenarios:

  • An employer may refuse to hire you.
  • An employer could restrict your promotion or terminate your contract.
  • An employer may allow you a chance for rehab, and a return under some conditions.
  • Your unemployment benefits could be denied.

If you test positive for marijuana in a workplace test, you can claim the results are mistaken or wrong. Cross reactivity ad false positive tests are possible (see below). Here are some measures to prove the test is wrong:

  • Ask your employer if it is possible to retake the test.
  • You can require the laboratory to test your sample again.
  • Your employer can require an additional test with only one-hour notice.
  • You can ask for a hair drug tests to be done, although you may have to cover the costs.


Here are some possible situations:

  • Your doctor can cut you off your medications or dismiss you as a patient.
  • You could be excluded from a competitive sport.
  • You could be visited by social services.
  • You may be facing time in jail, or state or federal prison, OR lose your privileges in a probation setting.

If you feel that, your test result is incorrect and that you haven’t smoked or used marijuana you can:

  • Talk with your practitioner about any medications you are using.
  • Ask for a laboratory confirmatory test that is more specific.
  • Participate in another screening and assessment performed by your doctor or another medical professional.


The worst-case scenarios might be:

  • It may affects your college loans.
  • You may have a criminal record.
  • You could spend time in jail, or state or federal prison.
  • You might not be able to join the military.

The primary purpose of studentdrug testing is not to punish students who use illicit drugs but to prevent future illicit drug use. Therefore, most schools will first tell your parents about the result. Depending on levels of possible addiction, counseling or rehab can be considered.

False Positive

False positive results are associated with the use legal medications like Marinol and proton pump inhibitors. [7] A false positive test for marijuana can also occur also after you’ve been exposed secondhand marijuana smoke or after consuming hemp derived products.Additionally, you may trigger a false positive drug test for marijuana if the testing method is an immunoassay for multiple drugs. Compounds in the biologic specimen other than the actual substance or its metabolite bind to the assay and trigger a false positive result.

Home Tests

Most home tests for marijuana are urine test kits that use immunoassays, or IAs. Although IAs have high sensitivity to THC, these tests often displace poorer specificity owing to cross-reactivity. This is why home tests give us a qualitative result that should be confirmed with a more specific test.

Why does cross-reactivity occur? The most commonly used immunoassays in home drug testing kits include simultaneous testing for other drugs. This can include amphetamines, cocaine metabolites, and opiates. But during testing, compounds in the biologic specimen other than the actual substance or its metabolite bind to the assay and trigger a false positive result.

Marijuana Addiction Liability

Marijuana use can lead to the development of a substance use disorder, also called addiction. Addiction is a medical illness in which the person is unable to stop using marijuana even though it’s causing health and social problems in their life

Research suggests that between 9 and 30 percent of those who use marijuana may develop some degree of marijuana use disorder. People who begin using marijuana before age 18 are four to seven times more likely than adults to develop marijuana use disorder.

Many people who use marijuana long term and are trying to quit report mild withdrawal symptoms that make quitting difficult. These include:

  • Anxiety
  • Cravings
  • Decreased appetite
  • Grouchiness
  • Sleeplessness

Problems With Marijuana? Get Help Now!

You will know if you are addicted to marijuana if you experience withdrawal symptoms when you quit taking it… and if you begin to crave marijuana when you don’t have access to it.

Compared to those who don’t use marijuana, those who frequently use large amounts report the following:

  • Higher likelihood of dropping out of school.
  • Less academic and career success.
  • Lower life satisfaction.
  • More accidents and injuries.
  • More job absences.
  • More relationship problems.
  • Poorer mental and physical health.

There is help for people who are addicted to marijuana, but it is only useful when you are ready to stop. Treatment generally includes some form of psychotherapy combined with support groups. And it can help to get out of your environment to focus on yourself.

Give us a call to learn more about treatment.

We know addiction.

Compassionate support staff are waiting to talk to you about your options.

More Questions?

Do you still have questions about how long THC will stay in your system after marijuana consumption?Please leave us your questions or comments here. We will take the time to try to answer all of your questions with a personal reply ASAP.

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1,364 Responses to “How Long Does Marijuana, Weed, Pot (THC) Stay In Your System?
7:09 am April 26th, 2012

You cant get addicted to it, i just quit myself it was no problem and been a smoker for a while now.

9:23 pm May 19th, 2012

what happens and how long will marijuana come out my system???
and will it help if i ate healthy foods and worked out almost every day doin push ups situps, jogging for a few miles would it be out of my system within 30 days????????

9:25 pm May 19th, 2012

and i’ve been clean for 6 months now and i only took 2 hits out of a joint would still be in my system if i did my workouts, drink plenty of water with my detox and eat right????

11:33 am May 21st, 2012

Hi Chris. Thanks for your question. It takes 3-4 days for THC to clear the system and go undetected by urine tests. THC is stored in fat cells, so this is why it takes such a long time to metabolize in the body.

8:48 pm June 6th, 2012

I am a heavy set person and if thc is stored in fat cells and i was to lose about 5lbs be fore a UA could i get a positive result from the weight lose? If we went and droped a sample off a day or two after the weight loss

8:33 am June 7th, 2012

Hi Dave. Thanks for your question. No, weight loss will not really affect the way that you metabolize THC. THC will still be stored in your system (and in fat) if you were a chronic smoker before a urinalysis, despite weight loss.

9:39 pm June 7th, 2012

hey i have been off weed for over two months now, and had roughly 15 drags from joints in the last few days i have a blood test on tuesday and was wondering will it be out of my blood by then?

5:02 am June 11th, 2012

Hi John. That’s a tough call. Your past marijuana use will probably go undetected unless you have to provide a hair sample. But if THC has built in your system after repeated hits over a few days, it might be detectable in a urinalysis on Tuesday. You’ll have to take the test and see….or you can try an at home test and know what to expect.

1:53 pm June 18th, 2012

I took one hit last night, just one. Will that show on drug test?

4:43 pm June 21st, 2012

Hi Tisha. Whether or not one hit of marijuana will show up on a drug test depends on how quickly your body metabolizes THC, as well as how soon after your use the test is. If it’s a next-day drug screen, or even 2-3 days afterwards…the cannabis may be detected in a urinalysis.

2:04 am June 22nd, 2012

I took about eight hits last night, it was my first time smoking in six months, and only my fourth time ever. I have a drug test coming up so i became worried. Today i ran four miles and worked out for an additional hour and a half. I also drank 3 liters of water and a half liter of cranberry juice. I am very healthy and have a good metabolism. My drug test is urine and it could be as early as monday june 25th or as late as friday. Will i be ok for these test, or am i in trouble? Thanks

2:46 am June 23rd, 2012

Hi John. It’s really difficult to estimate…you’ll just have to wait and see. A week or more window after smoking marijuana would be better in terms of testing NEGATIVE, but you never can tell. Each person metabolizes THC differently. Good luck.

2:20 pm June 26th, 2012

Hey I use to be a heavy smoker and I quit about 2 months ago, however i did smoke once on memorial weekend (may 27,28), I have a drug test July 12, so it will be exactly 45 days between smoking will I pass the urine test? Thanks.

7:16 pm June 26th, 2012

Hi Joe. Hmm. Sometimes THC can be stored into fat cells for weeks after you stop smoking pot. In fact, cannabinoid metabolites have been detected in the urine of frequent cannabis users for prolonged periods during abstinence. You can always buy a home test to monitor your results BEFORE the official test. Good luck!

11:09 pm June 29th, 2012

Hi I smoked 5-27 and I do not smoke at all I took a few hits and I took a drug test yesterday do you think I passed

8:54 pm June 30th, 2012

Hi Trina. No, it is unlikely that you tested dirty in a urinalysis if you smoked so long ago on a single occasion.

5:46 am July 1st, 2012

Thank you so much I was so stressed about it

2:28 am July 10th, 2012

@Joe. Yes you can pass the test. Anyone who tells you that you will test positive on a urinalysis 45 days after partaking IS high. Rest easy.

12:16 am July 13th, 2012

@ Gavin Check out the Journal of Toxicology 2008 article titled, “Urinary Elimination of 11-Nor-9-carboxy- 9-tetrahydrocannnabinol in Cannabis Users During Continuously Monitored Abstinence”

Study conclusion: “The greater the creatinine corrected initial THCCOOH concentration, the greater the interval until the first negative and last positive specimens, the greater the window of drug detection and the higher the detection rate of positive specimens. Cannabis users who present with an initial normalized THCCOOH concentration >150 ng/mg can be expected to have detection rates between 60 and 100% for 28 days after the first negative urine test.”

9:39 pm July 16th, 2012

Is there any natural products (cranberry juice etc) that will help the detox process?

2:24 am July 19th, 2012

Hi Rebecca. Currently, there are no clinical assessments which measure THC withdrawal and the process of detoxing from marijuana. Both animal and human studies indicate that a withdrawal syndrome starts within 24 hours of cessation and may last for up to a week. For more information on detox protocol, check out:

5:19 am July 26th, 2012

I smoked last week an I’m a rare smoker could pass a pee test tomorrow?

9:08 am July 26th, 2012

Hi Joe. Thanks for your question. It’s tough call…drug metabolism is very individual and depends on a number of factors including your age, weight, overall health, etc. So, while unlikely that a once-off occasional toke be detected in a urine screen, it is possible.

12:46 am July 27th, 2012

Smoked Marijuana for over 10 years heavy. 4 to 5 times a day… Quit for about a week now and have took 2 home drug test and have not passed. Really want to quit and clean my whole system. I have a court test that I have just found out about.. Trying a 7 day cleansing kit from GNC. 3 days in and see no results. Need a fast clean that will really work..

5:48 am July 27th, 2012

hi, this is a great site. reason im here is because ive been smoking high grade heavily, everyday for over 12 years. i start probation today and my PO said she will give me 30days to clear my system. you think that will be enough to clear my system? ive read that heavy smokers have failed test even 90 days after stopping and it has me nervous! you think i’ll be ok? and is there anything i can do to help speed up the process of clearing my system?? thanks.

12:33 am July 28th, 2012

Hi Eric. Hmmm. You are right to be nervous to be given this ultimatum in testing clean. Chronic smokers can test positive for 30 days after use, even when they have NOT SMOKED during that time. So, there seems to actually be a legal issue here…Your PO cannot discredit the science.

You can refute the test or ask for a hair sample analysis should your urine test dirty after the 30 day period. But I’d suggest that you trust your intention to stay clean and work on a program of recovery. Probation is about changing your life, which you seem committed to. Stay focused on that, and the details will work themselves out.

2:42 am July 30th, 2012

I recently took a urine drug screen, and prior to that I was 184 days clean. Before I quit, I smoked moderately for 7 years. But during my 6 months of abstinence, I’ve been ingesting a lot of water. First 3 months, did a lot of walking. A month before the test I worked out vigorously…for 6 days out of the week. I took a 3 day break before my test though. With all that being said, will I pass? I’m 5’5 260ish. Pretty much heavy set, but active. I know the metabolites probably still linger, just curious if they’re below the 50ng/ml cut-off….

2:19 am July 31st, 2012

Hi Gabster. I’ve read accounts of clinical observations of people testing positive for THC 30 days after use…but I’m not sure of the statistical possibility that you test positive 6 months after use. I’d say that this window of time is probably enough for past use to have moved through the system. But you can always order a home kit and find out!

3:30 pm August 1st, 2012

Hi I weigh 180lbs / 80kg and am 5 ft 11. I have a little bit of fat around usually places tommy / man boobs. I have started going to the gym to get more in shape and loose weight…

I am off to amsterdam on the 9-12th of august for 3 days. where I will be smoking heavily.

start a new job on the 15th septemeber and want to know if i could test positive to test for weed.

last time i smoked weed was in march this year and before then in xmas. i did smoke some herbal fake weed about 3 weeks ago..

what do you guys think?

6:25 pm August 1st, 2012

Hi Frank. Do you know what kind of test you’ll be given? Urinalysis vs. hair sample analysis?

8:36 pm August 1st, 2012

Hey, this is a great site! I have been smoking high grade every night after work for about a year now. I need to get a new job and I have been clean since the 5th, with drinking lots of water, and extreme excerise but I took a home drug test today and I still failed. I just seemed to get a little discouraged….is is possible for me to have to wait 3 months for me to get clean? Any advice would be great!

6:27 pm August 2nd, 2012

Hi Emily. Each person metabolizes and clears THC from their bodies (urine) in their own time. There have been studies that document dirty testing 30 days AFTER USE…so I’d suggest that you wait even longer (another week, or two) and try again.

10:11 pm August 2nd, 2012

Hi I believe it will be a urine analysis

11:13 pm August 2nd, 2012

Hi, great site btw! Iv been smoking high grade weed for a year and half, im 5’10 200lbs. I start a new job on the 21st and will get a urine test with 50ng/ml cut off shortly after starting. I will have been clean 5 weeks by then. What do u think my chances of passing are? Thanks in advance!!

4:44 pm August 3rd, 2012

Hi Frank. So a planned binge for August, after months of abstinence and a pee test in September. Well, I’m not quite sure how to advise you. I do think it’s possible that a binge show up in a pee test weeks after use…but you can test yourself at home before the official test to be sure.

4:46 pm August 3rd, 2012

Hi Rigpig. It’s nearly impossible to estimate the chances of urine showing on an employment test, especially after long term, high potency use. While possible, you may just metabolize it in time. Again, take a home drug test before the employment drug test to get a better feel for your chances that way.

5:25 pm August 3rd, 2012

Is it common to stay in your system longer than 30 days? And do masking drinks work? Thanks again.

6:19 pm August 3rd, 2012

Hi Rigpig. We don’t advise on tricking the system, but from the study I was speaking about, here was the conclusion:

“Cannabis users who present with an initial normalized THCCOOH concentration >150 ng/mg can be expected to have detection rates between 60 and 100% for 28 days after the first negative urine test. ”

1:41 am August 4th, 2012

Hi I’m overweight 4’11. I would say between 185 to 190lbs. Well I smoked almost 3 weeks ago mabye 4 not sure n yea i got high a little but i didnt smoke enough to get super high. I’m aware weed stays in overweight ppls system longer. I’m goin to take my drug test on Monday, will it still be in my system. And no I’m not a regular smoker. And what measures could I take to get it all out my system. Ppl keep tellin me I shouldnt worry tho is that true?

12:30 pm August 4th, 2012

Hi Sherrell. If you only smoked it the once, THC levels usually fall out of detection within the first 72 hours after smoking. Are you a habitual, chronic smoker or did you just smoke weed this once?

9:27 pm August 5th, 2012

24 Years….. 5ft 7in 170LB Male
I’ve been a Heavy User for about 6 years
Smoking 4-5x /Daily
I’ve Gone cold turkey for 46 Days
I’ll be needing to go in for a Medical Soon.
How Long would I Continue to Test Positive?

10:49 pm August 5th, 2012

Hi Naveed. If I understand your question correctly – you’re asking how much longer until you go in for a drug screen for past marijuana use? It’s difficult to predict, but can be made easier by simply getting a home test kit. This way, you can gauge your detection over the course of time and test yourself weekly.

5:47 pm August 6th, 2012

Hi, thought id update my situation just for info for both moderator and anyone followin posts. I have just tested myself with a home test kit today being 20 days clean and i got a very faint line which then disappeared after 10 minutes, im not sure whether to read this as negative or not as it disappeared, can you shed some light? I have been testing myself weekly and this is first time any sort of line appeared. Whats your thoughts? I have another 15 days until test and have been takin milk thistle daily.

1:33 am August 8th, 2012

I’ve been reading on other boards, and have seen that some people have written, “If you see any line (even if it’s faint), the test is negative for THC. So you’re clean.” Let us know how it goes with next week’s test.

3:12 pm August 9th, 2012

soo i smoke about once a week maybe if that smoked with my friend over a week ago and i have a drug test tomm. im 20 years old very think and weigh 137 do you think i will be ok ?? i have been drinking lots of water and cranberry juice and exercising a lot.

1:04 pm August 10th, 2012

Hello Yvette. It’s difficult to say. Occasional marijuana use may or may not be detected in a drug screen a week after you last smoked. When do you learn about the test results?

3:54 am August 11th, 2012

I’m on probation , heavier dude 320ish I smoked around 1.2 grams of weed and I have a drug test in 30 days probably lab tested will I show up over the 50n/g ?

3:38 pm August 12th, 2012

Hi DeFy. It’s really difficult to try to predict whether or not marijuana will be out of your system within a certain amount of time. You can always buy a few home testing kits for THC detection and test once a week to gauge the possibility of THC detection as the drug screen date draws near.

10:02 pm August 13th, 2012

I smoked 30 days ago and have a negitive home test result. Should I be worried if my official test is being done via gas chromatography? Could I be have a negitive qual but positive quant?

11:42 pm August 13th, 2012

Hi Sweez. The accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity of immunoassays for the detection of THC and its metabolites are unique for a specific assay and may change over time. However, gas chromatography is one of the more accurate ways of testing urine samples. In fact, GC-MS detection times were found to be approximately twice as long as average detection times using an immunoassay with a cutoff of 50 ng/mL. But ultimately, detection time will depend on the cutoff levels. Do you know what the cutoff level is for your test?

2:48 am August 14th, 2012

i find out within the next few days but i had took a home drug test and it came out negative soooooo i should be okay ??

11:52 am August 14th, 2012

HI yvette. Unfortunately, you are still not totally in the clear. Home drug kits can be less accurate and have a higher threshold level for drug detection. So, you’ll just have to wait for the official results in order to know if you’ve passed the drug test, or not.

6:51 pm August 14th, 2012

Hi just an update on my situation. Well i tested myself again today being 28 days clean and i was feeling pretty confident…it was shortlived because im still positive. I start my new job in 7 days time and im really starting to worry now, dont know when il get tested but the probability will be in the first week. Any other idea from anyone? Im absolutley gutted.

11:53 am August 15th, 2012

Hi Rigpig. The only suggestion that I have is to go to a state where medical marijuana is legal, and seek a prescription for marijuana for medical reasons. This way, you can present the Rx to the medical review officer in charge of testing to explain the THC levels in your system.

4:32 pm August 15th, 2012

I was a heavy user but I quit for a month. I hit a blunt 3 or 4 times. I might have a urine test in 7 to 8 days. Will I pass the test. I’m a skinny guy if that helps

5:56 pm August 15th, 2012

Hi Phil. Thanks for your question. It’s really unclear whether or not your previous chronic use will be detected, or not, in the drug test. The recent blunt smoking is like a mini “top-up” for THC levels in the system, but the THC from the past is stored in fat cells. You can try to test yourself using a reliable home drug testing kit, and track the changes in your system as the drug screen approaches. But it’s difficult to predict whether or not you will metabolize the THC in time for the test, or not.

10:58 pm August 15th, 2012

I had jus smoked once and i did pass the drug test n got the job just to quit after a day lol

2:10 pm August 16th, 2012

Hi there, i was a light user of marijuana for the past 5 months maybe smoked 2-3 joints a week, I have a test coming up in a couple days, i was shocked when they asked for a drug test but, I havent smoked for 30 days and also Ive been working out drinking lots of fluids (water,cranberry juice, green tea) and ive also fasted a few days. Im about 5’9 210, mostly muscle but fat in the mid section (stomach) I need this job badly as im currently unemployed, like i said i wasnt expecting a drug test, because i never had to do one before. Do you think i can make the cut? please advise! i have only a few hours left thanks!

11:58 pm August 16th, 2012

Hi Neo. It’s a close call. You may pass, but the THC may also be detected as regular smoking builds up levels in the fat cells. Please let us know how it goes.

2:12 am August 17th, 2012

I took two hits off a joint this past Saturday. I hardly ever do weed, like the last time I did it was July 4th and then before that it was so long ago I don’t remember. I want to know when I will be ready for a drug test. I work out about 4 times a week for an hour each time. I am 5’1 and 127 pounds. I will probably have a drug test in the next couple of weeks. I am really nervous. I will never do pot again after this because it is not worth all the unrest I have had.
Thank you for your help!

12:00 pm August 18th, 2012

Hi Kat. You’re probably OK to take a drug screen for THC now, because one time use of MJ passes through the body in LESS THAN A DAY for people who aren’t regular smokers.

6:46 am August 19th, 2012

Hi, I ate a small piece of a brownie yesterday it was only my second time ever (last time over 6 months ago). I have a urine test on the 30th of August. Do you think I will be ok?

12:00 pm August 19th, 2012

Hi RJ. Yes, you should be OK for one time ingestion of marijuana 10 days before a drug screen. In other words, THC is usually detectable for 3-4 days after one time use….and 10 days after you eat marijuana is a long enough time for THC to clear the system.

10:06 pm August 19th, 2012

Hi, home tested myself again and i got a very faint line which DIDNT disappear this time. I think i may be right on the cut-off. As regards to your suggestion i live in Scotland where medical mj is unavailable. I guess im just gonna have to take the chance and if i fail its back to chasing haggis rounds the fields! I will post again when i have the result of the real test.


11:20 pm August 19th, 2012

Hey Just want to know if I will be ok, I smoked well hit a friends joint only two times which was August 4th. I have a drug test Monday August 20th. I am not a heavy nor regular smoker. Last time before the 4th I smoked July 2nd and that was not a full joint . Would I be ok? Need help, thanks.

3:36 pm August 20th, 2012

Hello Charmaine. It’s unlikely that such a low, irregular dose of marijuana be detected more than two weeks after use. So, yes. You should be OK and the THC will probably not be in your system in detectable amounts by the time you take the test on the 20th.

9:26 pm August 20th, 2012

I PASSED thanks for the help (:

2:54 am August 21st, 2012

Hi, i smoke for along time everyday almost and i quit for about a month then smoke one day but in that day took a hit of honey oil from colorado as well as a 16.5 gram super blunt but i haven’t smoked anything since july 15th. My drug test is one aug. 27th for the NCAA.


2:54 am August 21st, 2012

My question is if i will be clean on time.

Thank you again.

11:46 am August 21st, 2012

Hi CJ. So, to clarify, it sounds like you were a chronic smoker, then quit for a month, had a one time binge, and then have another 6 weeks or so before a major drug screen. Well, it may be tight but it’s possible that THC passes through your system during the 2 1/12 months you were not an active smoker. One way to ease your mind would be to get an at home drug testing kit and check for yourself. Many of these kits have a “high” drug screening threshold, meaning that if you show up on the kit, you will most likely show up on a more sensitive, lower threshold drug screen.

6:50 am August 25th, 2012

Hi, I took about 4-5 puff of a joint on the 14th august and have a urine test on the 28th. I barelery smoke week. last time was july 22th. im about 175 lbs, 5p8. I know all about the metabolism thing but just wondering if the chances are on my side to past the test. its pretty stressfull. thank in advance

12:18 am August 27th, 2012

Hey thanks, and I passed. 🙂 🙂

1:43 am August 28th, 2012

I smoked 1 hit and inhaled 3 hits from someone else’s 2nd hand through a paper towl tube twice and got buzzed both times. This was over the course of 3 weeks I took the straight hit the first time I smoked and a week later 3 2nd hand hits and then a week and half later 3 more 2nd hand hits. I was clean prior to all of this for 2 years and It’s been 25 days since last inhale I’ve passed 3 first check home tests all first purges of day. would I pass a lab test? Ran 6 days in row when I quit smoking again 2 miles each day did random push up sit Up drills the next week and have been doing insanity workout the last 6 days. 5’6″ 145lbs average metabolism and high fiber diet.

7:29 pm August 29th, 2012

Hi scared. Well, you’re testing clean on a home test and the amount you inhaled seems to be spread out enough not to have built up THC levels too much in your system. Although no one can predict the outcome of a drug screen, it seems likely to me that you can pass.

3:18 pm September 4th, 2012

Hi, I’ve been really nervous about testing negative for my probation test. My probation was supposed to be terminated, but turns out I have another month… But not know that, I hit a joint probably 4 times each day for 3 days. I havent smoked in over a year and a half before that. I have to get tested Friday, 9/7. What’s the likelyhood that ill pass? Oh and I smoked from august 10th to the 13th.

7:35 pm September 4th, 2012

Hi marie. Again, everyone metabolizes THC differently. A short, sporadic binge over the course of a few days may build up THC levels in the body and store THC in the fat cells enough to be detected a couple of weeks later…but to be sure, you can always buy an at-home drug testing kit for marijuana and test yourself before the official test.

12:05 am September 5th, 2012

Hello, I haven’t smoked since July 4th and recently found out I may have a drug test this friday or sometime next week, a urinalysis is the type of test. I’m 5’9, 140 lbs and probably 10-12% bodyfat, I smoked a few hits on August 31, prior to this as I stated earlier I had not smoked since the fourth and I assume I was clean by the time I smoked last weekend. Do you think I should be in the clear by Friday or next week?

10:58 am September 5th, 2012

Hi Gremlin. Yes, given the REALLY occasional use of marijuana, and a week’s time between your MJ use and the upcoming drug screen you will most likely test negative for THC. However, to be sure, you can buy an at home drug testing kit and check THC levels. Waiting until next week, of course, is perhaps the best option if you want to increase the time between use and testing.

9:04 pm September 5th, 2012

Hi, still not had medical yet but i keep passing home tests with first void of the day with flying colours! Since i have been almost 8 weeks clean im pretty sure im well in the clear. My advise to anyone who smokes chronicly high grade weed, 6-7 weeks clean is enough to pass a test. The 30 day window is outdated in my opinion especially with the quality of weed in todays world. Thanks for all your advice and good luck to everyone who needs to pass a test.

7:54 pm September 7th, 2012

I have smoked like a tenth or eighth (between 1.7G – 3.5G a day of [good quality] squidy black hash and occasionally hard draw for about 6 years now. How long approx as a 6 foot, 9 and a half stone, 21 year old male in generally good health should it take to be entirely safe to pass a test?
Thinking of stopping and moving towards work in a drug free role where testing would be a regular necessity and would provide a much needed motivation to give up (as well as a long and financially prosperous career hopefully)
Basically how long should I leave it after going cold turkey before thinking about hoping to pass a (urinalysis) drugs test?
I am thinking about 2 months should be ok but hoping for a slightly more educated second opinion.
Cheers, an interesting read anyhow!

10:53 pm September 7th, 2012

what about this I took 1 hit on saturday took a UA on thursday. I havent smoked in about 3years. Do you thing i passed?

12:28 pm September 8th, 2012

Hello Drew. One time use of marijuana can stay in the body and be detected in a urinalysis for a few days after use. You may have enough time between use and testing that you show up NEGATIVE for THC…but only time will tell.

12:19 pm September 9th, 2012

Hi tehboy. From what I’ve read, chronic long term smokers can take AT LEAST 30 days for THC to clear…and even longer. 2 months might be a good starting point, but you might want to buy a few at home drug kits to monitor the THC as it leaves the body. This way, you can test at weeks 6 – 8 – and longer if necessary.

4:23 pm September 10th, 2012

Yea pretty much what I thought.
Thanks for your guidance and I will do that.

8:15 pm September 12th, 2012

I have been clean for 24 days. I was a daily smoker, once a day @ night, for a few years. I NEED a job and they ALL test in California. I have the Medical MJ Card, it makes NO difference, thet still refuse to hire you. How long until you believe I will test clean? I was smoking about 3 small bowls @ night from a sneak a toke.. Thanks for ANY advice 😉

11:11 pm September 12th, 2012

Hi grnidgirl. Again, it might take up to 45 days, or so, to test clean. Studies have shown people still testing dirty up to 30 days after last toke. But you can monitor your progress with an at home testing kit and then schedule a drug screen once your home kit reads clean. That’s probably the best way to get ready.

12:55 am September 13th, 2012

I’m a heavy smoker (Daily) for at least 9 years I haven’t smoked for 133 days as of tomorrow, and tomorrow I take a test will respond back with results. Note I failed a test around the second week of July and was told the test goes as far back as 90 day. Tomorrow will be my second test so we will see fingers crossed

7:20 pm September 13th, 2012

Hello Dabrew. Please let us know how it goes.

9:54 pm September 13th, 2012

Is 25 days long enough to test clean for a once a day smoker??

Ganja Girl
4:46 pm September 17th, 2012

Been clean for 7 weeks and tested clean on a previous u.a. Smoked about 5 hits of a joint yesterday. I want to know how long should I wait before taking another drug test so the results are negative?

7:33 pm September 17th, 2012

Hi Ganja Girl. It would be wise to wait at least a week, if not two (2), before the next drug screen. But you can buy an at home testing kit to get an idea for how much THC is your system before you take an official test.

9:07 pm September 17th, 2012

Yes 133 days proved good for me. No weed no masking agents straight pure urine, and I tested clean. Yippee!!!! Yes I’ve kept count with an app on my phone like I said in my previous post and with the help of magnum detox I tested positive for THC so a big waste of money. I was smoking like four blunts a day so if your looking for a job 90 days or more if you can. I will say back in 1999 emergency tab quick flush( Now “Herbal cleanse Super QCaps” Google it) help out of a pickle but that’s 14 years ago. So my advice is to hold out for 90 Days or better if you want to pass your UA for a new job. BTW I’m 6’00” 240 lbs. I hope I will help somebody out who enjoys 420 or as I like to call it A High Functioning Weed Head (No Pun Intended)….GOOD LUCK TO EVERY ONE OUT THERE……….

7:14 pm September 18th, 2012

I was a heavy smoker for about 9 years. I quite smoking 5 -6 weeks ago. About three weeks ago though, I took two hits of a blunt, and about 6 days ago, I took two hits of a joint. I took a urine test 4 days ago, and I am nervous as hell!. I am 6’0 168 lbs with a very fast metabolism, and I work out about 3-5 times a week!! What do you think?

3:51 am September 19th, 2012

Hi I’m 5ft 5in, 160 pounds smoke once a month and this month recently smoked half a joint. How long will it take my body to clean out the thc?

4:05 am September 19th, 2012

Also, what can I do to detox?

3:21 am September 20th, 2012

I last smoked around june 10th, 2012 was a daily smoker for over a year I am 5’2, 190 pds. I purchased at home kit it said negative but I took one for the state it tested positive. Is it possible that it is still in my system its been 3 mths. thanks

9:34 pm September 20th, 2012

Hello Addiction Blog.
I have a question.
i’ve heard from a friend that is a frequent smoker, that the psychologic effects marijuana can cause to your brain after extended periods of use, is fully reversable, when ever you stop.
is this true?

also, fantastic job on the article and the comment section. you seem to really care about your readers.
keep up the good work!

12:38 am September 21st, 2012


I have been off Marijuana for over 7 years and recently got my medical Marijuana card and I smoked for may be a week where I would just take 2 to 3 very small hits from a small bubbler every night for maybe a week or a little less. I have not had any more for a week now. Considering that it was light smoking and I am a skinny guy would this be long enough for my system to be clean if I have to take a drug test next week. All in all it might have been half a gram of Sativa that I smoked over the entire period all together.

6:46 am September 21st, 2012

I used to be a heavy smoker, hitting small bowls in the gravity bong 2-3 times a day for 4 years. I stayed clean for close to 4 months but recently smoked about .2 grams total yesterday (Wednesday) and today. I have to take a UA 2 weeks from now. What are my chances I test negative?
I’m male, 5’7″ and weigh around 145.

10:12 pm September 21st, 2012

Is it harder to pass a escreen drug test than a stick in the urine drug test (was called a rapid result test). I took a rapid one in the clinic and the second line was faint but visible so the tech said its a negative. I was wondering if I should go ahead with the “smart lid” test or wait. has been 45 days exactly since i last smoked. i was a everyday smoker and weigh 280.

2:29 am September 29th, 2012

If I took 4 tiny hits 4days ago of resin and didnt get high and I’ve been running and drinking lots of water will I pass a 5 panel drug test and I’m not a heavy user. And Im 5’6 180 more build than fat

3:29 pm September 29th, 2012

I smoked for the first time in 5 years on the 10th and then again on the 13th of Sept. Im overweight but have been playing tennis and running trying to slim down again. I drink water occassionally but mostly live on coffee. I had to take a urine test yesterday for a new job…it had been 15 days since the last time I you think I passed?

7:31 pm September 29th, 2012

Hi Lee. After such rare and occasional pot smoking, it seems unlikely that a urine screen would detect THC 15 days after consumption. You’ll just have to await the results to be sure.

11:03 pm September 29th, 2012

hi ive been a really heavy smoker for about 15 months now about 15 bowls a day and 30 in the summer and weekends. i need to know how high my thc level needs to be because ive been on prole for about a month and i may need to take a test. i dont need to pass i just need to make it seem like ive been clean for a month

6:21 am October 1st, 2012

I havent smoked for the 2 years n took 6 hits how long will it take to get out my system???

12:39 am October 2nd, 2012

I have been a daily smoker for 11 years. I am 23 5’4” 105lbs (not much fat). I went to rehab a few years ago and 2 weeks after my last day smoking I had a clean UA. For the past 2 years I have been smoking pot and hash oil (approx 75% thc). I quit today and am hoping to be clean by 10/26. I was mostly wondering if I can somewhat expect to test negative by then based on my previous drug test expirience? Will the fact I was smoking much more potent stuff effect that drasticaly? Thank you

1:36 pm October 2nd, 2012

I am dealing with social services because of a nosey neighbor.I am 5ft 7in 140pounds have a high matabolism.I took one one marijuana test and came back positive after a little over a week.I am also diabetic witch makes me pee more and have high blood pressure meds with a water oill in it.How much longer do u think it will take to be out of my system to pass a blood or urine test for them?I used to smoke 2 to 3 times a week until a week and a half ago please help!!

1:39 pm October 2nd, 2012

also dou think i should chose blood or urine test?

6:43 pm October 2nd, 2012

hi i was a regular smoker about twice a day for yrs. im 33 6ft tall 160lbs and have a test for a job soon. i have not smoked for 35 days. should i be ok?

Lil momma
8:07 pm October 2nd, 2012

Hi recently because of nosey neighbors I am waiting for social services to call with a 24 hour notice to drug test.How long do u think it would take a 5ft 7in 140 pound woman to be clean to do a drug test and it be neg for thc ?I did stop smoking over a week ago about a week in a half ago i then tested at home this past sunday it was still positive .I smoked about 2 to3 joints per week.I have a high motabolism, diabetic,also take high bp meds with a water pill in please!!!!Also heard niacin will make u pee clean any truth to that?

Lil momma
8:24 pm October 2nd, 2012

Oh I also heard niacin also known as vitamin b3 can make u pass a test but only urine does thc stay in blood or urine longer and whitch test should i chose blood or urine?

7:10 pm October 3rd, 2012

I smoked 4-5 hits from a bong (probably less than half a gram of weed) 16 days ago and have a drug test today. I have a fairly fast metabolism, weighing at 136 pounds. I’m also 6 feet tall and have been 100% clean prior to my last use. I did drink water and keep myself hydrated, but not to the extreme extend like other people have done so. I also used the midstream during my test. I was wondering what would be the odds of me passing a drug test after 16 days?

7:11 pm October 3rd, 2012

Also, it was my 3rd time going to the bathroom at the time of the test.

7:13 pm October 3rd, 2012


9:04 pm October 3rd, 2012

Hi i smoke like 2 hits like 3 weeks ago and im not a marijyana smoker it was first time smokin it i wan to know i can pas urine test i ve drank like allot of water u thin th thc are gone

Extremely anxious
12:51 am October 5th, 2012

Hello, I took a lab urine screen for a hospital internship on Monday, last time I smoked was medical thc, half a joint 10 days before urine screen and time before that was a couple times times the week prior, no use for atleast two weeks b4 that. I am very thin with fast metabolism & passed a store bought test with immediate neg result day before test. I also used the super q herbal caps from gnc the morning of test with suggested amount of water…what do you think?

1:27 am October 5th, 2012

hi i just took a drug screening test and i am very nervous because i smoke weed 1 time every two weeks and only like no more than 3 hits and its been 11days since the last time i smoked only two hits. i am 20 and weigh 250 but for those 11 days i been excercising and been drinking nothing but water. i also did a home flushing thing to make me go number 2 will i come up positive? please HELP im breaking my head because im so nervouse.

4:04 am October 7th, 2012

Hey I smoked 13 days ago and have a drug test tomorrow, I weigh 112 pounds and im 5ft tall and I dont really excersize, and Im not a heavy smoker I have only tried marijuana 2 times one last month and one 13 days ago. Do you think I will pass my test?

3:02 am October 8th, 2012

I have been clean for 19 months straight and decided to smoke like 5 times (about 2 grams) during a 25 hour period and did not smoke anymore after that. How long will it take for my urine to test negative. I have heard from multiple sources that it will be 3-4 days since my use was extremely infrequent. The chances of me getting tested are very slim but just was curious. Any help is appreciated.


8:13 pm October 8th, 2012

I took 4 hits on a joint 7 days ago, I’m 5’11 185 lbs. Took a detox. Monday morning for a drug test, will I test positive. I had not smoked for over a year prior to lasr Monday, do you thiknk I could test positive?

4:31 pm October 9th, 2012

Hi I smoked heavily for one week for the first time every then
Often after that for about two weeks. Three week of not smoking after
That should I be ok for a urine drug test
6 foot 145 highly active everyday

10:27 pm October 9th, 2012

Hi, i smoked a blunt of some low grade weed on Friday night….Saturday, Sunday, an Monday i drank tons of cranberry juice/water as well as took about 1000mg of niacin each of those nights. I also went to the sauna on Monday for 30 minutes….I took the urine analysis this morning…do you think i passeD?



1:18 am October 10th, 2012

If i took 3 hits on sunday. And im a first time smoker. Will i test positive on Tuesday

4:48 pm October 11th, 2012

Hi I smoked on the 29th only like 3 hits and took a urine test today the 11th of October think ill pass

8:13 pm October 11th, 2012

I have smoked at least a pinch hit or two each night for a longgggg time. I just found out I will have a drug screening next Wednesday and I’m nervous about passing. Are there ways to help speed up the process of having the thc pass through beforehand?

6:52 am October 12th, 2012

Hello, I was a heavy marijuana smoker for about 2 years. I haven’t smoked on a regular basis for about 6 months. I completely stopped for 2 1/2 months, but there was a period of about a week in mid-late August when I smoked every day. I didn’t smoke anything for about 3 weeks after that, but then I smoked one bowl and I haven’t smoked since. From the time the I smoked that bowl to the time I will be drug tested, 5 weeks will have passed. In total, it will have been 8 weeks since the one week that I smoked every day. I am a female, about 5’5″ and 125lbs. Do you think I’ll be good?

9:50 am October 12th, 2012

Hey guys, nice site + feedback, hoping for some feedback here.. On the 24th of august i had 2 joints, havn’t smoked prior to that in 4 years, so been clean but this was a one-off occasion, now on the 15th of october ive got a urine test, so it’ll be about 6-7 weeks after i had a toke.. any idea if it could show up?

3:01 pm October 15th, 2012

I took 3hits off a joint nine days ago, I am scheduled to go in for a drug test for a job today. I am not sure if it is a urine or blood test because people have said the company chooses that at random. can you tell me more less how long it takes to come out ofmy system for both blood and urine?

9:44 pm October 15th, 2012

I have a new job starting this Thursday (Oct 18th) and I may get a drug test. I smoked a couple hits about 3.5 weeks ago, then smoked another hit about 2 weeks ago, and a couple hits about five days. I used to smoke daily but stopped for 6 months before this most recent usage. I have not and will not start again due to this job. I do like smoking, but it isn’t worth losing a job over. I did take a home test and it came back negative very quickly and with two very dark, distinctive lines. I know the at home tests say they are 99% but I am still nervous and wondering if I should have a back up plan or if I should rely on the results of an at-home drug test. It was the First Choice test for marijuana. Any advice?

12:11 am October 16th, 2012

I took a hit off a blunt and smoked a few hits out of a bowl on tuesday the 9th before that I had not smoked in 50 days. Im twenty year old male thats six two and 180 pounds in good health workout a few times a week and drank a gallon of water everyday after i smoked up until I got tested on monday the 15th at 7p.m. Do you think I will fail or pass

7:50 am October 16th, 2012

Hi ive got a question saturday i took about 3 hits from a bong and i got anlight buzz now i normally dont do this kinda thing but my wife had left me and i did the last time i smoked was about two years before last saturday well in about a week or two i will be having a hair analyisis for my job and im worried i may come up positive i guess my questions will i be all right and the other one i have is how long until the THC is out of my hair folicols?

2:34 am October 17th, 2012

Until 4.5 months ago, I smoked high grade once a day for maybe 2 years. Since then I took 1 small drag off a j on July 29 and 2 small hits off a bowl on Sept 7. I take a test next week, is it safe to say I’ll pass?

7:29 am October 17th, 2012

Hi! I smoked several times over a 3 day period about a week and a half ago and I have a drug test in two days. I’m about 5’3″ and 130 lbs. I smoke sporadically. Do you think I’ll pass?? :/

5:11 pm October 17th, 2012

hi im whitney im 21 years old and i have a drug test in two weeks i took two hits of marijuana on the 6th of october will i test positive im a very tiny person im 5 foot and weigh 125

5:13 pm October 17th, 2012

i smoked marijuanna for the first time in 14 yrs. I may have smoked 1 joint joint or less. Is it likely this will show in an hair drug detection in the next 30 days. I have very little body fat. 6’1, 175 lbs.

7:15 pm October 17th, 2012

I smoked daily for years. In the last 6 weeks, have only taken a few hits a few times, last time being 3 weeks ago. I’m a heavy set female, in my 40’s. Putting in job app’s and want to be clean before I pee for anyone. What do you think my chances are of being clean now? Going to get a home test this weekend to see where I stand. I’ll get back with those results. Oh, after years of daily use, really didnt notice any kind of withdraw. As long as I’m not around it, I dont even think about it. Enjoying remembering dreams after not being able to for years. Much easier to quit pot than cigarettes.

just asking
9:30 pm October 17th, 2012

i took 4 hits off a blunt last friday it was my first time how long will the weed and thc stay in my system and blood im really freaking out please help i weigh 338lbs

9:55 pm October 17th, 2012

Hi I took 3 drags about week.5 ago …. last time i smoked was in 1990 little over 10yr long before it’s out my system ? i’m lookin for work in he next few days.. im mid 30’s 205lbs thx …..

8:43 pm October 18th, 2012

Hi. Maybe someone could help us out. My husband has a drug test tommorrow (urine). He’s been abstinent for about 5 days now but he has smoked a gram of marijuana twice in the past 30 days. He weighs 155lbs and somewhat active. Hopefully, I am just being an overly concerned wife..Thanks in advance.

8:48 pm October 18th, 2012

I smoked a week ago and that was my 2nd time. I have to take a test tomorrow but i been drinking water a lot for the test and it is a urine test. I’m 150 lb and very healthy. I’m I likely to pass the test tomorrow?

2:41 pm October 20th, 2012

Guys i got a blood test coming up on monday. The last time i smoked hash will be 10 days on that day. I inhaled 6 times and I have never smoked hash or any other drug before. The doctor is not looking for THC but for vitamin D. Is he going to find out ive got thc in my blood?

7:33 pm October 20th, 2012

I have only smoked 4 times in the past 6 months. The last time was 31 days before a DOT test. I am freaking cause I think I might come back diluted since I drank 2 bottles of water before the test. If I have to retake it should I be clean? Should I just take the test and cross my fingers? Freaking out cause I can’t loose my job

7:52 am October 21st, 2012

my name is salty. i took three hits from a pipe earlier today. when i got home i worked up a sweat hoping the THC in my fat would burn off. im 105 lbs 16 years old fast metabolism and skinny. what would you estimate the time it will THC will be out of my system? thanks.

7:40 pm October 22nd, 2012

I am on probation and last smoked 33 days ago. I get these thc test kits for a buck a piece at the dollar store. I was a heavy smoker for 10 years straight. My counselor has told me expect to be clean between 60-90 days after last use. I have tested myself about 5 times, Day 14, day 20, day 25, day 29 and yesterday which was day 32. I don’t have a question but just wanted to give the information that if you are a heavy smoker, got some fat on you then you will most likely take a minimum of 60 days to clean your system out. I was on parole back in 2002 and smoked for 3 months straight and it took 62 days to get it out of my system with their sensitive tests. Those who are chronic smokers and in the legal system having to take drug tests… truthful to your counselors/probation officers. Have them give you a “levels” test so they know that you are not smoking even if it is in your system with their standard tests. Most of them know it takes forever to get thc out of your system with chronic use. Hope this was helpful.

9:22 pm October 23rd, 2012

Hi I am just wanting to know if I will be clean when I take a drug test tomorrow for a job. I was a heavy user for about 10 years smoking at least a quart a day ( 7 joints) I quit 5 weeks ago. will I pass my drug test tomorrow. It’s a pee test

10:06 pm October 23rd, 2012

hello, i had been smoking for about 2wks in cali, maybe a bowls worth each time. I had quit for 2wks when i smoked 2xs, again no more than a bowls worth each time. i have been taking niacin 2xs a day, bottle says take it once a day. i am 5’7 250…i took the niacin before and it workd, but it had been almost 3wks that i was clean when i took ua. i may have to pass a ua anyday now..does niacin work and what else shud i do?

1:28 am October 24th, 2012

I took two hits from a joint on 9-28 and I’m getting drug tested on 10-24. It was my first time smoking weed and I haven’t smoked weed since then. I smoke a few cigarets every weekend though. I exercise a lot and drink a fair amount of water per day. Do you think I’ll test positive?

1:30 am October 24th, 2012

I am about 5’8 and 135 pounds

1:31 am October 24th, 2012

I took two hits from a joint on 9-28 and I’m getting drug tested on 10-24. It was my first time smoking weed and I haven’t smoked weed since then. I smoke a few cigarets every weekend though. I exercise a lot and drink a fair amount of water per day. Do you think I’ll test positive?
I am about 5’8 and 135 pounds

10:46 pm October 24th, 2012

So i’ve smoked every day for the last couple years. I’ve got a test tomorrow at 2 for probation. Is there anyway to pass this or am i outta luck?

8 days clean
2:21 am October 25th, 2012

Salty: It depends on how much you smoked previously. If you had never smoked before or it had been at least 90 days then if should be out of your system in a week or two.

Laura: I doubt you will pass. The rule of thumb is 60-90 days for a heavy smoker. 35 days is not impossible but I’d say the odds are against you. Good luck.

skeerd: Niacin does not work. And at high does causes liver damage. Two weeks for an infrequent smoker is probably right on the border. But you have a good chance of passing.

jo: you have NOTHING to worry about if it’s a UA (pee test) like most are.

7:00 am October 25th, 2012

I use to smoke daily and stop around late may or 2012. I started smoking again on 9-20-12 and smoked 3 bags of 1\2 oz of reg bud all by my self for 3 weeks and stoped on 10-11-12. I lift weights and averag runs total per week of 20-30 miles or more. im 5’7 190 about 20% body fat and i cook all my meals and i drink plenthy of water. since 10-11-12 i been drinking water, green tea,gatoraid, coffee , some soda and about 2 gallons of palo azul tea. if i would take a pee test 10-26-12 will i have chance of passing? Thanks in advance.

12:42 am October 26th, 2012

Hi, I smoked weed for about 2 months kinda-ish straight a regular user. I’ve quit for 17 days now and I have an Non Dot Drug Test for Pre-employment. Will I be clean by 18 days? I weigh 115 pounds, teenager (16), High Metabolism. I toked at least 5-6 bowls a week for that time

Corey M
2:41 am October 26th, 2012

I just took a urine drug test today for employment, Im a skinny guy, and havent smoked in about a week, but normally i smoke four times a week. The product i use doesnt have a high THC level, and i haven been drinking a lot of water since the last time I smoked. Is it possible i can pass the test or is it still alot of THC still in my body?

Corey M
2:42 am October 26th, 2012

^^^^^^^^ I have been drinking a lot of water

Joseph Flint
4:09 am October 26th, 2012

I am 18 and I am in shape and play a lot of sports. I have a game this weekend and I am going to go in a sauna and on a couple of runs. If i took a couple of hits out of a bong on Friday will i pass a test on monday?

1:51 am October 28th, 2012

Hi, I have smoked everyday for the last year… Not exactly heavy.. maybe a few puffs per day.. I have 2 weeks until I have to take a urine test for drugs…Am I screwed?

1:52 am October 28th, 2012

I would also like to add I stopped smoking a few days ago.

4:26 am October 29th, 2012

Hi, im 20 years old 5’8 185lbs. ive smoked about a gram a day for a few months. Im a heavy sweater and drink tons of water and take niacin. how long do you think it would take to clear the thc from my system or not show up on a test? ill be taking a cheap drug test from cvs.

8:28 pm October 29th, 2012

Been 10 weeks(70 days)since i last puffed,,i was heavy(smoker) off and on,,but mostly med.twice a day at least,,but not every day,,can i get some feedback on this

9:48 pm October 29th, 2012

Hello.. i am 5’5 and weigh 190lbs, i am overweight. i stopped smoking for a good six months but 2 weeks ago i smoked a little bit but i have a drug test either tomorrow or the next couple of days…will i be good to go? Thank you!

1:48 am October 31st, 2012

if a person smokes MJ twice during a period of hours is that considered one time use or does it imply that the second toke may cause metabolites to be retained in adipose tissue; which in turn may increase the time span of the usual “one time” 3-4 days clearance time??? and if so what is your guess of the increased clearance time if both hits were of equal length? 5-7??? last time smoked prior to the weekend Oct 27, was Aug 5.

3:21 am October 31st, 2012

As I said before I passed my drug test, on a great job at UCLA, and Im done somking pot, thanks for all your help!

3:35 am October 31st, 2012

Hi, I smoked daily for about 4 months until I stopped 2 weeks ago because I have a drug test in 1 week which will make it 3 weeks since I smoked before the test. I am 5’7″ ft and 180lb. Will I be negative or positive?

10:07 am October 31st, 2012

hi i smoked thr 15-19… about 5 fat bowls of high quality on the 19th and one small hit on the 27. I’m 5’5 and 187lbs. I have a drug test tomorro.. im freaking out! before this i havent smoke for like 4 months… is ther any chance i might pass this test its just a urine test for this awsom job… dam if i wouldve known id actually get a call back id of never smoked… untill after i got the job at least…. dam jobs should just accept that im all around better when high… but in all seriousness is ther a chance i could pass. it was just that week i smoked and it was just 1 bowl a day and then that 1 tiny hit?????….. someone!!!

Have to be clean by Monday Help Me Please
4:04 am November 1st, 2012

I have smoked trees for about 27 yrs. I got a violation of probation for coming up dirty. I have totally stopped since 9-11 and have a drug test Monday. I have taken home drug tests and I am still coming up dirty. I am 5’3 and weigh about a 100 lbs. I have to be clean or I go to jail for 4 yrs. Please help me I was sure I would have been clean by now. I cannot go to jail!!!

2:26 pm November 1st, 2012

I have smoked weed for 35 years. I went into a outpatient rehab and they waited 30 days. I took the test and I was clean. I am not an active person and my metabolism is slow. I hope this helps. If you are looking for work or your job has a random policy stay off of it until you retire. Until we as a nation find a way to stop drug testing completely our employers will dictate many aspects of our life. Now it is background, credit and drug tests. WHATS NEXT? Medical records, talking to neighbors or relatives, repeal of the fourth amendment and rummage through your home? They do it in the name of public safety. I don’t buy it. It started with the DOT but it now it is everyone. Accidents happen there are millions of people on the roadways. BTW they will start testing for nicotine.

4:42 pm November 1st, 2012

@ Have to be clean try Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice mixed with one lemon juice and lime juice Noni juice mangosteen eat garlic cloves
did you know while you got high that youd risk going to jail 4yrs they might send you straight to prison for a parole violation i know someone in utah who got 4-5 duis while on parole he had to go to prison 2yrs. instead of treatment and he didnt hurt people while drunk and high, Also he had to have spice 24/7 or he got the shakes, tremors, fell to the floor several times, looked pale white as if he were dying, he was always sick fever head twitches seizures, eventually staying in an abandoned building with a mentally disabled pedaphile sadomasochist woman hating abusing mid20’s adult who found it and took my friend there where he got headlice and body lice and bitten fm whatever else crawled onto him while passed out from spice. smoking fm the time he awoke to begging for money all day stealing selling etc all day to earn enough for precious spice this man did not work he just bummed from other bums all day long and anyone he could get money out of he used everyone even minors

4:43 pm November 1st, 2012

also eat honey in super antioxidant green tea, spinach and vinegar, no fast food, whole foods only,

4:44 pm November 1st, 2012

NO red meat slows down healing process

4:50 pm November 1st, 2012

Eat green apples and Drink H20, no soda no processed sugary foods eat apples that clean the blood research it online one particular brand does this

6:01 pm November 1st, 2012

HEY THERE…great sitE, i’ve been smoking hashish for about two years now ,,,,, the last year it has been daily , i want to quit so bad , i have stopped smoking for about 72 hrs now .. each night i feel my head is too thick and i have weird drought in my mouth …and i need to smoke so bad ,,,,, but i have made a strong decision to stop smoking the question is ,WHEN AM I GOING TO STOP CRAVING THIS?

11:17 pm November 1st, 2012

im an everyday smoker. i took a drug test yesterday to measure my THC levels, i smoked hash the night before my test. i have another test in about 10 days. if i smoke today will my THC levels still have a significant drop for my drug test?

12:58 am November 2nd, 2012


I have been smoking Hashish daily ( 5 to 6 ) large joints for the past 6 months, note that i have been smoking hashish for years. and i quit like 8 days ago, how long will it take for the drug to be totally out of my system and to be safe to do the urine tests or any other kind of tests including the hair test?, i have a great new job and they will do the drug tests on January. will i be ok??

8:30 pm November 2nd, 2012

my question for you is that i havent smoke weed in over a year but i have been around people smoking and the smoke was around me [we were in a car when they were smoking] it wasnt being fogged out in the car and the windows were cracked. would i still be able to pass a blood test? i am 5’9” tall 168lbs and i do alot of walking daily.

3:59 pm November 4th, 2012

Hi josh123. Second hand smoke can be detected on drug screens, but the likelihood of a positive test is low. If you find that the test is positive, you can request to submit a hair sample for analysis which helps determine drug use over time.

1:19 pm November 5th, 2012

i havent smoked in 3 months and i smoked a joint yesterday will the thc be out of my system in 9 days on my drug test

6:01 pm November 5th, 2012

HI. I am an attorney and I have a client who lost approximately 80 lbs after his first positive THC urine test. He is on diversion. I believe his level was 223. He had a test about 60 days later, which was positive at a level 38. He swears that he has not consumed since he has been on diversion. I have seen mention of studies documenting several months detection of THC in chronic users. Any thoughts on how I can go about fighting the results as showing subsequent use? Thanks for your time. Lee.

8:43 pm November 5th, 2012

I took two hits over the period of two days
one hit tues, and one hit wed.
how Long do you think it will be before it leaves my system?
im skinny
only drink water
not much of a build

11:16 am November 6th, 2012

Hi Lee. Yes. I have a few suggestions:

1.Search the National Library of Medicine PMC on the issue. I found this article there:

2. Do a restricted search an your internet browser using the keywords, “urine test marijuana detection system” or some similar combination.

3. Look into hair testing to offer evidence of past use.

3:23 pm November 6th, 2012

hello, Addiction Blog
i have been clean for 2 months on 11/4/2012 i smoked a whole gram. I have drug test coming up in a week or 2 what should i do to to speed up the detox process? can any food or drink help? i know working out help.

Thank You

10:37 pm November 6th, 2012

Hello, I had to take a drug test yesterday and I smoked 17 days prior to taking the test. I am relatively young, around 5’10 and 139-143 pounds (my weight changes almost daily). This was my first time smoking in about two years. I’m a cross country runner, but for the past 2 weeks, I’ve been on break. I drank an excessive amount of water last week and the week before. Do you think I’ll be able to pass?

7:59 am November 7th, 2012

Hello. I have been a frequent smoker for about 5 years (up to 5 bowls a day) and I have a full medical coming up on Friday the 9th. I’ve got the urine test covered for, but I’m worried about the blood test. I am not sure if they test for marijuana in the blood on a full medical if they’re already doing a urine test, but IF they do, would I fail the blood test if the last time I smoked was Sunday the 4th? Also if I live in a house with 3 other frequent smokers, would being around their second hand smoke affect my blood test in any way? The test is for a REALLY great job and it’s been giving me a shit ton of grief. Your feedback before Nov. 9th would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you.

8:01 am November 7th, 2012

Also forgot to mention that I am 5’10” and about 165 Lbs.
Thanks again

12:19 pm November 7th, 2012

I have been smoking heavily for about a year and half. I quit for little more than 4 months now, I’m getting tested in the coming days, should I be worried?
p.s. I can’t get a home test kit


5:02 pm November 7th, 2012


I smoked 3 hits on 10/13/12 and then another 4 on 10/14/12. I had not smoked for 6 months before that and I have a urine test today 11/7/12. I drank a gallon of water this morning and also took a home test last night which came up negative. Still slightly paranoid. Any feedback?


4:38 am November 8th, 2012

I just wanted to report back some info that might help someone that might be in the same situation i was in a while ago…i posted a question a little over a month ago about smoking for the first time in 5 years and needed to take a drug test for employment…it was a 2 time social smoke about 3 days apart and it had only been about 14 days when i had to take a urine test. my results came back clean, thank God. i didnt drink much water but i do excersize occasionally. i know everyone’s situation and results can vary, but just wanted to let everyone know. hope this might be helpful and hopeful for someone. 🙂

12:39 am November 9th, 2012

i smoked about two bowels 11 days before a drug test. they are testing at 15 ng/ml. I am 6’3” about 260 pounds. Do you think i will pass this test?

2:38 am November 9th, 2012

I am a rare smoker but if i smoke about half a gram and then take a urine test the next week would i be okay? I am pretty small, 110 pounds and 5 ft. If i drink lots of water and stuff would it be alright?

2:47 pm November 9th, 2012

Marijuana legalization votes this week in Colorado and Washington state don’t just set up an epic state-federal showdown on drug law for residents. The measures also open the door for marijuana tourism.

Both marijuana measures make marijuana possession in small amounts OK for all adults over 21 — not just state residents but visitors, too. Tourists may not be able to pack their bowls along with their bags, but as long as out-of-state tourists purchase and use the drug while in Colorado or Washington, they wouldn’t violate the marijuana measures.

6:57 pm November 9th, 2012

Hi I tested clean for marijuana twice over the last two months. Now I have smoked roughly an eighth in a week. Will I pass my urinalysis in one month?

1:13 am November 11th, 2012

I have 60 days to pass a UA. I am 6’2 and 194 and a bodybuilder type with about 9-11% body fat. I vigorously hit the gym 3-7 times a week. i have been smoking roughly for two years straight about an 8th in two days. Is it possible for me to pass this UA?

1:55 am November 14th, 2012

Will caffeine, along with working out, help my metabolism enough to speed the process of diminishing the THC in my system? If so how much sooner would I pass a urine test? And if not are there any other alternatives to help the process? I smoked daily until about a week ago.

Thank’s for the advice.

1:37 am November 16th, 2012

I dont smoke every day, just sometimes on the weekends. I smoked a joint last saturday, and the weekend before that, smoked about 3 bowls. I’m 5’4″ and weight 115 lbs. I work out regularly, take adderall (with a prescription), and the last few days i’ve been drinking a ton of water and sitting in the steam room quite a bit. Think I could pass a drug test on Monday or Tuesday?? What else can I do to get my system clean enough to pass?

8:47 am November 16th, 2012

hi, i am a rare smoker around once or twice a month and smoked three days before a piss test for a job like two months ago and drank a lot of water 24 hrs before and passed, I am 23 years old,slim build, and healthy, i have a very active job and work 40 hrs a week now, i recently took a piss test for another better job and smoked about three grams of regular pot thirteen days before the drug test i did drink some water not a whole bunch the night before and about nine glasses of water before the drug test to make sure i pissed about 7 times the day of the test. What do you think my chances of passing this test are and what do you think the cut off rate the test has. I know they sent the sample to a lab. Please real chances.

3:55 pm November 17th, 2012

hello I would like to know if I possibly will pass a drug test i smoked 8 days ago once and before that its been over a year i weigh 145 and im 5’2 and i might have a drug test monday since i start a new job..

debbie squardo
11:41 pm November 17th, 2012

i have been smoking it for 25 yrs and everynight. i weight about 95 pounds and started smoking when i had cancer. i have been in a job for 19yrs and they are starting to do drug test. how long will it take before it is out of my system and is there anything i can take or do for a urine blood test?

3:40 am November 20th, 2012

im 17 6’2 160 pounds and i smoked last weekend about 10 drags of a blunt and the weekend before that i smoked 10 blunts i have a drug test december 7th can i pass?

6:44 pm November 20th, 2012

i got high for the first time 8 days ago and i have a UA that i have to take next week to enlist in the army, i was just wondering if it would still be in my system then and i only took like 3 or 4 drags if that matters at all.

7:13 pm November 20th, 2012

Hi what kind of excersize can help take the thc out of your system? i smoked 2 blunts of greens the other day and i want to make sure everything is out of my system, also what are some good foods and drinks that can help?

5:09 am November 21st, 2012

I am a 5’9 male, 16 years old weighing 131 pounds. I smoked maybe 2-3 times a week off and on. some weeks that much and some weeks none at all to maybe once a week. I have not smoked for 10 days and have a dipstick piss test in 6 days for a job. I drank 2 quarts of cranberry juice and a gallon of green tea and have been taking B-12 complex along with multivitamins for the past couple of days. What are the odds of me pissing clean in 6 days? and is there anything I can do until then or day of to better my chances?


5:10 am November 21st, 2012

and I forgot to mention the 2-3 times a week has been off and on for maybe a month and a half to two months.

10:05 pm November 26th, 2012

hey , i tried mariguana for the first time and i have to take a drug test by tomorow morning. its been 1-2 days since i tried it , will it show ?

8:09 pm November 27th, 2012

i smoked exactly fifteen days before my drug test. i havent smoked for a 112 days. i know that seems wierd that i know the exact days before i smoked well i know cuz i went to jail for exactly 90 days and iv been out for 22 days. anyways i smoked fifteen days before my drug test and i took 3 hits from a bowl can i be clean before i take my drug test fifteen days later?? I am not a frequent smoker and its the only time i smoked since iv been out of jail.

10:37 pm November 27th, 2012

I am 130lbs and I will be getting a toxicology test for a transplant. How long will it take before the weed is out of my system ?

7:30 am November 29th, 2012

I smoke rarely once a week and I smoke 4 days ago 10 hits sharing a jay with a 4 friends. I been taking Niacin 4 pills a day of 250MG instead of the day of the test and i had a test this past tuesday but before my test been drinking water eating less food and using the bathroom doing the number and number 2 as well. I drunk 2 liters of cranberry juice the day of the test and pee twice before the test very clear but light color, can i pass the test?

4:40 pm November 29th, 2012

HI I’am 21 yrs old, smoked 3 times for my entire life, once during oct 27 (pipe), oct 31 (2 joints about 6 people), Nov 23 (2 joints 3 people), having a drug test about 2 weeks from now, I have been playing basketball lately even before i smoked last nov 23, I’m 210 lbs, 5’10, slow metabolism. What do you think will be the chances?

9:44 pm November 29th, 2012

Hi, I smoked about 5 or 6 times over a four day period. I haven’t smoked in about 12 days.
I had to do a urine screen for probation today and am slightly nervous. I have a pretty good metabolism and work long days doing reasonably physical work. I don’t drink a lot of water, but I do drink a lot of Gatorade and energy drinks. I’m 30, 5’10” and weigh about 160.

Do you think I’ve had enough time to get the THC out of my system?

12:49 am November 30th, 2012

I’ve noticed you haven’t replied to anyone recently but i’m going to give it a shot anyway I guess. I’ve smoked religiously everyday since I was 12 years old. The past two years i’ve smoked nothing but high grade marijuana. I haven’t smoked since Sunday the 25th and I got a court drug test for a felony (possession of 3 ounces) Dec. 10th. I’ve been taking Niacin daily but that’s pretty much it and i’m scared out of my mind i’m going to fail it. I’m a good 6 feet tall and only 135 lbs on a good day (needless to say i’m not exactly built for jail). I would stab a baby rabbit to smoke a bowl. Any advice would be HIGHly appreciated.

11:56 pm November 30th, 2012

hey i have a piss test for a job in about 10 days or so. i havent smoked in 3 days. but the 2 weeks before that i had smoked 2 times in the past 2 weeks. and about once a week the month before. do you think i have enough time to pass if i excercise and sweat alot ?

7:20 pm December 4th, 2012

Hi there, I have been a daily smoker for 6 years. Smoke about .25-.5 of a gram of high quality smoke and not much more. While I consider myself a daily smoker I dont think I fall into the “heavy” smoker catagory as I usually only have a few hits from a bowl after work to wind down. Ive been abstaining since Nov 1st and took a home test at 29 days and tested positive still. Starting Jan 1st, 2013 my employer will start random testing so I have a good 60 days. Do my chances of passing sound decent? Im 34, 210 and 5′ 11″. Dont have the fastest metabolism, Id say average I guess. Plan to take another home test about the middle of Dec. Thanks

7:12 am December 6th, 2012

i have been a heavy smoker for 15 plus years and it took me over 100 days to get a negative result from a home drug test kit. i wonder if i smoked $50 worth in 2 days would it take just as long to get it out of my system if i took 7 days to smoke the same amount? it seems volume has a lot to do with cleansing period as opposed to time since last smoked. P.S. i get home test strips at a National dollar store and they seem to work very well. and will that faint line every get more define as time goes on. it has been 120 days now and the pink line is still faint.

1:24 am December 8th, 2012

Hi i smoked a joint ( less than a gram ) last night and i have a drug test coming up in 2 weeks ( bloods ) is there any chance i could pass it, i am in need of passing it for family matters ? thanks!

11:04 pm December 9th, 2012

i weigh 105 lbs, and i am 5’3. i took 3 hits from a homemade bong on friday night. i drop on monday afternoon. i have been drinking water and coffee. any tips? i NEED to pass.

8:16 am December 11th, 2012

So a friend of mine wants to apply to a job that ua’s, he has been a heavy smoker for the last two years about a g of nug or 1.5g of shwag a day. He is 220 5’10. About how long should it take to come out with a clean ua?

2:55 pm December 11th, 2012

I stopped smoking on Sep. 27, 2012, and not smoked since so its been about 75 days. I used to smoke 2-3 bowls a day for about 5 yrs. I took one detox kit about a month ago and another today. I drink a lot of water and i have a high fiber intake. Should i be ok for a test today?

5:35 pm December 12th, 2012

I smoke alot of weed. im wondering how long does it take for your mouth to be clean of THC

3:45 am December 14th, 2012

Hello, I have smoked once a day for about 1 week now, i haven’t smoked in about 3 days and when i did smoke it was no more than 1 bowl a day and each bowl was out of a small pipe. I am about 6’1 and about 240 lbs. if i were to be drug tested in 2 weeks would i be able to pass the test. thanks

Brandon Bsm
4:38 am December 14th, 2012

Hi, I Havent Smoked Since Last Summer, About Two Weeks Ago I Smoked A Kush Blunt Friday & A Reggie Blunt Saturday, Both Days It Was Three Heads Smoking With Me, Now (Two Weeks Later) Today I Took A Drug Test At The Hospital… Am I In Trouble??

A little Help Plz
2:22 pm December 14th, 2012

Hello! So over 5 months ago I was a pretty heavy smoker, 4-5 times today, about a little less than a gram a day. My last day smoking was july 4th and I have had 2 oopsys since. My first oopsy was a 1 hitter in september. My last oopsy was 20 days ago(about 3 weeks). I smoked about 3-4 hitters when I was very ill. I weigh 135lbs and am 5’2. I work out about 2 times a week and have a pretty low body fat percentage.If I am injured on the job, which there is a pretty decent chance, I must immediatly go get drug tested. Will I be ok?

King Sho
5:53 pm December 16th, 2012

Smoked blunts heavily for about 6 years…about 14 grams a week…stopped smoking 3 weeks ago…I don’t have a urinalysis test date…they really want to hire me but I have been pushing back my availability in order to get my system clean…took an at home test a week ago and it came up as “Preliminary” whatever the hell that means lol…Howlong should I expect THC to remain in my system? I drink copious amounts of natural juices and water, work out every other day…I’m guessing at least 60 days to be clean but I doubt they’ll wait that long lol. Probably gonna do the ole “pee-condom” routine just to be safe lol.

2:30 pm December 17th, 2012

Hi,I have a very high metabolism and exercise on a regular basis.I smoked weed about 2 weeks ago.would i be able to pass a urine test for my job?

3:30 am December 20th, 2012

Hey I hardly ever smoke weed. I’ve probably only smoked it twice and since I’m new to it when I take a pull I don’t really feel the effects so I don’t even think I did it right. But anyway the point is I did smoke. The last time I smoked was Dec 8. 2012, I may have to take a drug test at the beginning of January. But I plan on taking a home drug test tomorrow so that I will be sure just in case they want to schedule a drug test sooner. Do you think I should be good?

5:35 pm December 20th, 2012

i smoked on dec 17th and 18th i havent smoked in 4months straight i have a drug test on jan 3rd do u think i will pass if i just drink water and cranberry juice and sweat for 2hrs a day up until jan 3rd? i smoked 3blunts during those to days maybe about 12puffs. what should i do?

big j
8:35 pm December 20th, 2012

I been smoking for about 3 years now i didnt smoke for 2 weeks detoxed then I smoked once and have been clean the pass 2 weeks after that and I did a detox that supposedly cleaned you out for good (I forgot the name of it) but I took 2 first check drug tests and had a negative read (which means I passed) I drug tested on tuesday for a job and am waiting on the results. What are my chances of passing?? I took a first check drug test 2 hours before my drug test and I passed it. Do you think I have a good chance of passing??

8:47 pm December 20th, 2012

If I’m on my period & I smoked last night, if I take a drug test right now, will it show up on a drug screen? My friend said that because I’m on my period when I bleed the THC goes out of my system with it…

1:33 am December 21st, 2012

I’ve been following topics like this for a long time because I’ve been enlisted in the Air National Guard for the last 5 years while attending college. I’ve been going to Guard Drill one weekend a month during this time and there’s always the chance of getting popped with a UA drug test. Every other month or so, right after Guard Drill, I’ll kick it with some friends and smoke a bowl or two before I head back to college the next day. I’ve been drug tested by the Air Force three times after smoking those bowls and have passed every time (29ish days in between drills).

I now have my electrical engineering degree, have applied to several job openings in my area, and have received two very good conditional job offers – one from Lockheed Martin and one from Raytheon. “Conditional” basically means that if I pass a drug test, the job is mine if I want it. Unfortunately, I won’t be working for Raytheon because I slipped up.

I was clean for three months then shared a bowl between three people. Little did I know that I would have interviews with both companies within two weeks. I failed the pre-employment drug test (50 ng/mL cutoff on the paper) for Raytheon after 22 days of no smoking. I knew the odds of me passing weren’t the best. According to a drug test calculator over at, I had about a 75% chance of passing. I’m 6’1″, 170 lbs., 30″ waist, and very physically active. I just submitted my drug test results to their website too.

I’m only replying to this blog to share my experience and to recommend that website for anyone who is freaking out. It might help someone. Lockheed took their time so I won’t be doing their drug test until 36 days after I last smoked.

Been through it and have facts
9:18 pm December 24th, 2012

I was tested on Septemer 15, 2011. I was a very heavy user. Each day after work until I went to bed. Oviously I failed. Company policy was that I had to go to rehab. My initial test in rehab was 138 points. Now this was more than 2 weeks after I stopped. A “normal” level of metabolites that are in the blood stream range from 1-10. There is no such thing as zero metabolites. I tested positive for THC all the way until November 26, 2011. I did not smoke AT ALL during this time, what-so-ever!!!! Nothing, zilch, zero. SO, with that said, THC CAN stay in your system for 60 days. This I KNOW FOR A FACT! I am not sure about the once in a while users, etc. But I have been clean since September 15, 2011. And I plan to stay that way, wasn’t worth all the headaches.

6:56 am December 26th, 2012

I’m a heavy smoker and just quit about a week ago today, i weight 160 lbs, i been drinking lots of water,cranberry juice and been taking 500mg of niacin, daily, I have been doing tons of running. My Pee test is on Saturday and wanted to know if i have a good chance to pass it? Can any one shine some light on my question?

1:47 am December 28th, 2012

I quit smoking after being a chronic smoker for years. I quit smoking for 7 months, and then smoked a quarter in 2 weeks times. Last time I smoked was on Oct. 13. I have been clean for 75 days before taking a UA test today. Will my test show positive or negative?

3:15 am December 28th, 2012

if i took a hit of weed and i drink so much watter tomarow when i go do a drug test and my pisss willl come out cristal clear will i still come up dirty for weed plezz help me

3:19 am December 28th, 2012

i haveint smoked ina year im about 125pounds whats should i doo?

2:58 pm December 28th, 2012

I last smoked on Friday of last week and it was pretty potent but I am not a chronic smoker. I injuryed myself yesterday at work and had to go to the ER and was required to take a UA. I am a curvy extra weight female. I was also in the ER Thursday of last week for serious illness that I had to have an IV of liquids flushed threw me. Would I have a good chance of passing the UA from yesterday. I haven’t smoked since then.

4:38 pm December 29th, 2012

I got a question if i smoke last month in november like 2 or 3 weeks before the month ended and i havent smoke ever since should my system be clean?

7:33 am January 2nd, 2013

I’m a small girl, 96 pounds. I have a fast metabolism. I smoked over two weeks ago, & took one hit last night. I have to drug test soon. I’m afraid. What can I do to get thc out of my system? &How long until I’m clear?

6:13 am January 5th, 2013

hi…i am 5’2 and i weigh out to 127lbs..i’ve been clean for 9 months i hit a blunt 5 times and i have to drop in 5 you think i can past the urine test??

5:07 pm January 5th, 2013

I was clean for 6 days and then took one good hit after that. It´s been 23 days since I smoked (dec 14th). I have a UA on January 10. Should I hace a problem?

6:33 pm January 5th, 2013

I have a medical marijuana card from my dr. I am scheduled for a urine screening for nursing school. If I present my card will I be okay?
I do not smoke much, but I do occasionally when needed. I will not be smoking on the job and I have wanted to be a nurse my entire life. I am 40’s something. Is it confidential when I give my card to the tech who does the screen?

10:48 pm January 5th, 2013

hi there, my question is about the oral mouth swab test. particularly the oral-eze mouth swab test. i occasionaly smoke however, i just wanted to know the actual cut off times regarding these mouth swabs because apperantly my job can random test or test on suspecion. (recently read the job pamphlet for working at Amazon)

Also does anyone know any masking agents. i’ve read listeren and peroxide. however the only reason i ask is because ive serched and there arent any cetainties regarding the mouth swab test all of the data differs on the web.

i occasionally smoke and am 6’4 and 230 lbs. (once or twice on weekends)

PLEASE HElp. i just wanna be informed

8:58 am January 6th, 2013

Hey, I have smoked a total of 10 times in a span of a year and quit a month ago. However, in that month I smoked a total of 6 times. I have a drug test coming up in a few weeks, will it show anything? Again last time i smoked was november (now it is january) and I did a total of 6 times in that month. Thank you.

1:02 am January 7th, 2013

Hello there
I have been using weed since 3 months every night, and my quantity is smaller than usual size of cigarette (very tiny) and also I mixed with cigarette. So here I’m going to give drug test next week. I don’t do workout. will it show on my test???

2:20 pm January 7th, 2013

I’m 5’10”, 180lbs and only eat about three or 4 pinches of marijuana every other month for the past 3 months. However, my last sprinkling in my food was about 5pm 12/31/1and I was popped with a DOT drug screen on the 3rd of January, 2013. I did not have enough urine on my first sample so I had to wait another hour and a half(and about 15 cups of water later)before urine came out. I also had to do number 2(bowel movement at the same time.
Will eating mj instead of inhaling it make a difference in it getting detected? I also peed midstream only up to line.

9:57 pm January 8th, 2013

hi, I smoked weed like in november and i have a drug test coming up. will I pass?

7:58 pm January 9th, 2013

What if I smoke about 7-8 times a day and just quit cold turkey yesterday. I have a drug test in like 2 days. Am I screwed or what can I do?

12:17 am January 10th, 2013

hi so im pregnant i have 13 weeks left in my pregnancy. i have been a cronic smoker for almost 10 years. i quit smoking for a month when i was 4 months pregnant. then i smoked for about 2 weeks quit again for 3 weeks then smoked again for about 2-3 more weeks. my doctor told me my baby could go through withdrawls and i should smoke out of a glass pipe till my third trimester then she would give me medication to help cope. well i havent taken any medication i just quit she said the medication could be harmful before the 3rd trimester. well im honestly addicted to smoking. and this is very hard however i dont want my child taken away from me when i give birth. so i guess my question is will 3 months and 3 weeks be enough time to get this out of my system if given a urine test? how long do you think it would stay in my system? and my unborn babies system? and how long will this stay in my blood? and will drinking plenty of fluid help reduce the thc levels or remove it from by urine if im frequently urinating?

2:34 am January 10th, 2013

i smoked the 3rd 4th and 5th of january but i didnt take but a few hits and ive been drinking alot of water i took a test today on january 9 somebody please tell me if i will pass im only 120 pounds im 18 and im 5’6 and ive weighed 120 from 16 to now do you think i passed my drug test this is really important and im so scared.

2:38 pm January 10th, 2013

Hey I consumed marijuana orally twice and smoked it twice only too on December 18th and 19th , and I have a drug test on 14th of January, are the chances of the urine test being positive quite high? I also work out regularly at least 4 times a week and i drank plenty of water. Your help is much appreciated, thank you!

Test Vet
7:13 am January 11th, 2013

I’ve had my experience with taking drug tests. I’ve been a heavy smoker (10+ bowls a day) to a light smoker (a couple one hitters a day) and have experimented taking home drug tests than also sending them in to the lab to verify the results. I’ll try to remember to check back every once in a while since main blogger seems to not be responding lately.

Sean – I’m no scientist or dietitian, but I believe THC is absorbed into the body and treated the same as if it were smoked. For me, if I smoked for a weekend (2-3 days), it would take my body around 2 weeks to come out clean. I do, however, work out 6 times a week, drink plenty of water, and have a fairly low body fat content. I would say you will be good, though, judging from the fact you do work out and drink a lot of water. If you want to be sure though, go buy a home drug test a day or two before you test. If you don’t pass, you might be able to find someone to piss for you and just put it in a container and keep it warm till you get to the clinic. I’ve used other people’s piss and I’ve never had a problem keeping it right temp or getting caught. Good luck!

Brittany – That’s a tough call. It’s good you drank a lot of water as when THC is released from the fatty cells, it exits the body via urine. The more you piss, technically, the cleaner you will become, but I wouldn’t rely to heavily on that statement. Drinking a lot also slightly increased your metabolism. Judging from your measurements, you’re in good shape with low body fat, which greatly helps. If I was a betting man, I would give you a 50/50 shot. The fact you already took the test though means you can no longer do anything about it. So I just wouldn’t sweat it and wait for the results. Nothing you can do now anyways.

Jessica – Congrats on your pregnancy! I’ve never heard of anyone having THC still in their system after 3 months, even the heaviest of smokers. As I do not know much about unborn infants, I will do my best to state what I know and perhaps you could do some homework of your own. My cousin smoked during her pregnancy as it helped with some of the things that you go through during pregnancy. According to her doctor, THC will stay in the babies system as long as it would stay in her system. He gave her a time frame of 30-60 days. That is very broad but, in your case, if you gave yourself 90+ days, I would bet that you and your baby will be THC free. I also wouldn’t be too worried about the CPS. There are plenty of stories though from mothers who went through what you are now, though. You should read up on them. It may put your mind at ease. Good luck to you and your own!

Me – You”ll be detected.

Heather – Yes.

Switch – Consuming MJ instead of smoking it doesn’t have a significant difference with THC being stored in your cells. The fact that was your first in a month+ and you did have a few days, it may come clean. Good luck!

Giwan – If I had to put a percentage on you passing, maybe a 15%?

Tanuj – Feel at ease as you will most likely pass. If you want to be safe though, drink plenty of water, get a workout or two in, and you’ll for sure pass.

Sorry to other’s above Tanuj, I am getting tired and I could be at this all night. Remember, I’m not an expert but I do know the good feeling when you get a comforting second opinion from another experienced week smoker.

6:30 pm January 11th, 2013

I quit yesterday, but smoked a couple joints each day for the past 4-5 months. I have a SS disability screening coming up in 2 weeks. (BTW mj works better for pain than the narcotics and fewer side effects.) Does anyone know if they will pee test me if I’m seeking SSI disability for a spine condition? Should I change my appt to a later date?

Test Vet
2:36 am January 12th, 2013

Alleycat – What I’ve read and heard is that recently, most SS screenings will require a drug test twice a year. It makes sense. I read mixed stories, some say just blood, others urine. You get two chances to pass the test. I suppose if you want to be safe, you could change the appt to a later date and take home drug tests till you come clean then set up the appt.

6:24 am January 12th, 2013

So I’ve smoked for about 7 to 8 years,almost everyday about 3-4 times average. I quit 21 days ago. I have an interview on the 21st with a possible offer and drug test about a week later, so by the end of January. I’ve been drinking Green Tea and Cranberry juice and water everyday, sometimes 1 or 2 bottles of gatorade for trade off. I’m a heavy set guy, 5’10” 270 lbs. The job I’m applying for is an engineering job and I will probably be asked to take the test in a lab. My question is will about 40 days be enough to get clean to pass an drug test. If not, still having about 15 days more at least, what can I do to clean my system. I’ve been doing lite exercise for a couple of months and for about a week I’ve been running a bike for 30 min. I don’t have great eating habits, not bad just not great and Christmas didn’t help.

My question is will about 40 days be enough to get clean to pass an drug test.

occassional user
8:48 pm January 12th, 2013

I smoke on occasion, a hit here or there less than weekly. I had two hits on 12/26 and then a hit on 1/6. I am overweight, but drink a lot of water daily. How long would it be before I am in the clear for a urine test? I may need to have one this week- about 9 days after the last use.

7:13 pm January 13th, 2013

i was a .5gram swag smoker a night. i stopped about 15 days ago. i am 5’11 171lbs with a very fast matabolism. i took a u.a. on 1-12-2013 do you think i was clean. i haved passed a u.a. in 2 wks before

6:38 am January 14th, 2013

Nope. I smoked all day every day for two years. Quit Oct 22, 2012 and tested positive on Jan 7, 2013. 11 weeks later. After tons of water, juice and exercise. My advice is to go to a private testing facility and request to be tested for personal reasons. It cost me 35$ but was worth it.

cob webz
8:03 am January 14th, 2013

hi there just a quick question i quit smoking weed after nov15 2012 after bein a daily smoker i havent smoked for about 47 days on jan 2nd 2013 i had about three puffs of a joint and i got a drug test jan18th will it show up??? i weigh 150pds 22 years old 5’8 slim build cut with lots of muscle tone any help would be appreciated thx

9:47 pm January 15th, 2013

i have been clean for a month but i took 1 hit today how long will it last in my system so i come out negative in a urine test??

6:24 pm January 16th, 2013

i took roughly 7 hits 17 days ago and had a urine test on the 17th day would this be out of my system

help a girl
1:11 am January 17th, 2013


I am 5′ 8″ 135-140 lbs smoked about 4-6 days a week, probably a gram a week if that. I was wondering the likelihood of me passing a drug test for a job drug screen. It will have been 60 days since I last smoked. Thanks!

4:33 am January 17th, 2013

Hi, I’ve been smoking for about 2 years now. I’m not a heavy smoker, just sort of moderate/occasional. I’m 5’8″ and have an athletic body (maybe 10-12% body fat, exercise about 4 times a week). I smoke probably about 3 times a week. Just today (1/16/12) I took a urine drug test for a Bank job. As to prepare for this, I stopped smoking on 11/26/2012, so it’s been exactly 51 DAYS since I have smoked POT. My question is, based on the information I have provided, how do I stand? I’m not too educated on drug tests, so what are my chances that I might piss CLEAN OR DIRTY?

9:13 am January 17th, 2013

I’ve smoked everyday for over a year. Weigh 140 lbs. and skinny.I;m not active…but not lazy Last day smoked was Christmas and I have a test Friday Jan 18….I drink Heavy amounts of RedBull (No lectures please) and water and tea daily. I also take vitamins daily. This will be a send out test not a dip…what are my chances looking like?

toke this
2:12 am January 21st, 2013


10:52 pm January 21st, 2013

I am getting drug tested tomorrow for a job. I ate a small part of a weed brownie about 3 weeks ago before I knew I would have a drug test. Other than that, I can’t remember the last time I smoked. I have been working out a lot and sweating the past month. Do you think I’ll pass?

1:11 am January 26th, 2013

hello! so today is 1/25/13 and for school reasons, we will probably get drug tested 2/22/13. I have been a HEAVY MARIJUANA user for 12 years now, on and off…. but more on than off. say if i were to not smoke from now until then, will i come up clean!? tough call, i’d say…

Andrew H
12:43 am January 27th, 2013

hi, i was wondering; i am 150lbs 5″7 and didnt smoke for 2 months, but then before school i smoked 3 out of the first 5 days. is it possible that since thc is metabolized in fat, if i fasted for 12 hours after smoking the thc didnt really get stored in my fat?
and if thc i stored in my fat and i knew what weight i was at the time of smoking, couldn’t i just lose 5-8 pounds prior to a drug screening to lower the time it stays in my system ?

10:44 pm January 29th, 2013

It is impossible to become physically addicted to weed. Yes mental addictions are possible. I have seen it. But that is all they are is mental. As a smoker of cigs I can tell the difference between a real addiction and one that is in your mind. I have gone through nicotine withdrawals and let me tell you they are no fun.

Brian Jones
9:11 pm January 30th, 2013

I haven’t smoked in 18 days and I still dropped 80 ng/ml. That would probably get me flagged for a job huh.

7:27 pm January 31st, 2013

Hi. After almost 10 years of being clean, i started smoking again about 2 months ago but iv’e only been smoking maybe once every 2 weeks so very rarely. I recently smoked on saturday the 26th and i have a drug test on Wed 6th which would be 11 days from the last time i smoked. How good do you think my chances are of passing? I’m skinny and have a fairly high metabolism.

12:45 pm February 2nd, 2013

I smoked last Saturday, and shared a blunt with two other people.. I took like four hits, but the problem is that I had to take a drug test 6 days later… Do you think I will pass it?

6:53 pm February 2nd, 2013

Just to let yall know…after my last post…I had my test and passed. I guess the red bull I drink faithfully and all the water i drank helped! Thankfully!

7:49 pm February 4th, 2013

Hello, I am currently 300 pounds, an athlete and havent smoked in 27 days. I lift and run 5 days a week and sweat profusely in those times. Would I be considered “clean” by now?

Emilio Garcia
4:08 am February 7th, 2013

Hello. I took one hit of weed and i rarely smoke, im not a smoker actually, i just did it because i was drunk. ive been drinking lots of water because i hear it helps. i have a drug test in 2 days and the last time i took this one hit was a few weeks ago. will i pass a urine test?

7:20 am February 7th, 2013

I am 5ft 8, and weigh 260 Ibs. I rarely smoke. I went three months without smoking, and then Feb 2nd, and 3rd I got high. I did maybe5 hits each day.

I have a pee test next tues, the 12th. What are my chances of being clear? I read your article but I am still worried. I am sedentary.. So should I work out and try and burn the fat? Or just lay low and pray? (I know that in 8-9 days it probably won’t make a difference)

I would appreciate feedback, as fast as you can allow. Thanks!

4:05 pm February 7th, 2013

They say it takes around 6 months roughly to be clean of THC, but does that not differ depending on how regular a toker the person is. I know some folks who smoke a Henry everyday.

6:38 pm February 11th, 2013

I have not smoked in 30 days. I am 5’3 and around 165lbs. I have to take a drug test in about two weeks. What can I do to pass the urine test.

Joe M.
10:01 pm February 11th, 2013

I’m a pretty frequent smoker, not every day but quite a bit. I’m a male 6″1 175 pounds how do you think the THC will stay in my system?

Joe M.
10:02 pm February 11th, 2013

I meant to say how long

2:11 am February 12th, 2013

I am 6 foot 155 pounds and havent smoked since January 1st with my last two uas being clean the first on febuary second. On Febuary 10th i took one hit of very low quality marijuana (swag) how long will it remain in my system. Will drinking water, working out or sweating it out in a sana, and eating healthy help get it out of my system faster and how long can i expect it to stay in my system for?

12:29 pm February 13th, 2013

I have been a long time, light user for 35 years (I’m in my early 50’s). I’m also 6’3″ 250 with a big old gut. When I say “light” I mean literally 3-4 hits a week of average grade, not the potent stuff. But it’s every weekend and has been this way for decades.

I’m about to be on the job market, just don’t know when. So I figured I’d try to get my levels down as I’ve obviously got a lot stored up. Is there any advantage to going a few weeks off (I’m in my 2nd week now) and then resuming say 1-2 hits a week? Will that allow me to clear up faster than I would clean up after decades of casual use? Or do I need to get totally clean first in order to shorten the time lapse from last hit to clean test?

3:19 pm February 17th, 2013

Im 6’1 weight like 145 and the last time i really smoked a whole blunt was Januarary 30,2013 and on Feb.8 i was drunk and hit a blunt 3 times and didn hit it anymore then the next time i hit a blunt was on Feb.16 but i been drinking Bud Lights those day i did hit those blunt a couple of times…Do you think my system will clean by March 1? If not can you estimate the dat you think it will be clean?

So nervous!
1:36 pm February 19th, 2013

I’m 5’6″, 135 lbs, female, smoked around half a gram a day for the last 21/2 years. Stopped cold turkey Jan. 29; been drinking about 3/4 of a gallon a day, green tea, aloe Vera juice 2 to 3x a day, and azo, 2x a day. Wasted time and $$ on 5 day detox. Already had to cancel first drug test. Failed 2 home drug tests, ( 2nd after 3 weeks clean). How much longer to test negative; please help!

So nervous!
4:08 pm February 19th, 2013

Sorry; I stopped smoking on Jan.29, and actually smoked more like a gram a day. Trying to be realistic as to how long it will take to cleanse my system and pass UA. Thanks so much in advance. Wish I had come to this site first! I appreciate all the good & accurate info. Once again, save your money on detox drinks. You passed the UA on your own, without the help help of any miracle cures.

9:27 am February 20th, 2013

Hey i have been smoking weed for ten years everyday heavily how long will i have to wait before i can say it is out of my system i have a emit test coming up and would really be thankful for the straight forward truth i have been clean for 40 days but have been around people while they have been smoking what is the situation doc.

6:04 pm February 20th, 2013

I am 5’2”, 110 pounds. I smoke usually about 3 times a week. I didn’t smoke any for 2 weeks. I hit a bowl 3 times 4 days ago. How long until I will be clean? And any tips for clearing my system quicker?

8:18 pm February 20th, 2013

Hi, I have a urine test coming up in one week. I rarely smoke the THC (but smoke a small puff twice this week and once last week) I am healthy, lean, run 15-20 mins a day and on a herbal detox supplement. Is it safe to say I have a chance in passing?

12:00 am February 22nd, 2013

love this site!….smoked several pipefuls a day of very good stuff for a week ending 8-11-12 and just took the urine test 2-18-13….have been clean 6 months….before August hadn’t smoked for about two years….am 5’7″ about 165 in good health and shape….I should be okay, right? am I being paranoid?

5:11 pm February 22nd, 2013

Hello. I am 61 – weigh 195 – height is 6′. I have smoked a bowl or two every evening for several years. I stopped 3 1/2 months ago. I slipped and took a couple of hits a couple of weeks ago. Nothing since. How vulnerable am I to a urinalysis? Thank you.

4:34 am February 24th, 2013

I smoked about 2 weeks ago and only took about 4 hits. Im 16 and could possibly have a drug test for a job coming up. I weigh about 145 pounds and am pretty skinny. That was the first time ive smoked in about a month and a half do you think its out of my system by now?

4:53 am February 25th, 2013

I been smoking for 3 years. smoked 3 times a week. I been clean for 6 months. Am I in the safe zone when it come to Hair, and urine test?

10:58 am February 25th, 2013

Hey. I find it odd that you keep saying that the detection window is so long, especially since you’ve apparently read articles from the ndci. According to THEIR research
It would be UNLIKELY for ANYONE to test positive for more than 21 days at the 20ng/ml level and UNLIKELY for ANYONE to test positive for more than 14 days at the 50mg/ml level (the standard urinalysis cut off). What gives?

12:26 pm February 25th, 2013

As the moderator said get a test kit and find out where you stand.

1:43 pm February 25th, 2013

Hello Alec. Actually, the references in regard to long term use of cannabis and the presence of metabolites in urine provided above are taken from the National Center for Biotechnology Information’s database, and specifically from the October 2009 Journal of Analytical Toxicology report on “Urinary Elimination of 11-Nor-9-carboxy- 9-tetrahydrocannnabinol in Cannabis Users During Continuously Monitored Abstinence”. The studies found in the report you reference may be outdated, as the latest report was in 1999. Please feel free to compare and contrast the reports and draw your own conclusions.

1:22 am February 26th, 2013

I told my special SUMbody that 90 days is necessary if u have been chronic for a year or more ….. IAM RIGHT, yes

9:13 pm February 26th, 2013


Great blog! I’ve bookmarked this place for future reference… Lots of useful info.

Now my question and concern is about the lower cutoff levels of a CC-MS test which I’m expecting to take in a few days, compared to the home tests. I’m about 90% positive everything will be fine; have a really fast metabolism, not much body fat and in good shape. Took one hit Sunday before last (17th of Feb) and had been clean for a couple months before that. I’m sure all the THC was long out of my system before the 17th.

What I’m wondering is does the Test line being any more faint than the Control line on the home drug tests, give any indication as to how close to the cutoff I am? I am certain that the home test I took last Thursday the Test line was just a bit more faint than from the home test I took today..which would mean that the amounts of whatever the test is looking for is becoming less and less, right?

1:53 am February 27th, 2013

I tried marijuana for the first time a week ago and I want to know how long it stays in my body. At work we get random drug tests so will it show that I smoked?

some guy
8:28 am February 27th, 2013

Hi i had about 2 small bongs a week ago and don’t usually ever smoke i have been drinking bulk water and carrot,apple,celery,ginger,beetroot and lettuce juce. How long do you think it will stay in my system.

If i take over the counter pain relief and it is detected as an opiate they send it to the lab to confirm it was pain relief not something else should an employer refuse you a position?

This happen to me 2 weeks ago i had 2 panafen plus tablets they have 12.5mg of codein each tab then the day after did a medical and got refused by the big boss to go full time even though the lab verified i took pain relief.


6:02 pm February 27th, 2013

Have not smoked since December 28. Found out I was nine weeks pregnant Feb. 14. Court Dec. 26 and had to take drug test. Will I pass. Weight 236 and 5’5. Not smoking anymore, want healthy baby.

6:04 pm February 27th, 2013

Court date should be Feb. 26, not Dec.

2:42 pm February 28th, 2013

i was a regular smoker IE everyday for a good while but in the recent month or two have cut down to a once a week smoke i have an army drugs test in aprox 3-5 weeks will i show up positive if i smoke once more this weekend leaveing me 3 maby 4 weeks befor my drugs test

6:52 pm February 28th, 2013

Roxanna: If you have never smoked before I’m pretty sure it’s out of your system within a week or 10 days. As stated get a drug testing kit to be sure.

11:04 pm February 28th, 2013

hi quick question i stopped smoking like 9 or 10 months now but only smoked occasionally and like 2 or 3 months ago i got stressed out and smoked a joint if i take a hair test today will i pass?

12:24 am March 2nd, 2013

Im 23 years old, been smoking 4-5 times a day for 5 years, i weight 122 and i’m 5’5. how long do u thing before i can be clean, im looking for a new job but need to know how long i need to stop to drop clean, for a piss test and a mouth test

4:50 pm March 2nd, 2013

I have been a long time, light user for 35 years (I’m in my early 50′s). I’m also 6’3″ 250 with a big old gut. When I say “light” I mean literally 3-4 hits a week of average grade, not the potent stuff. But it’s every weekend and has been this way for decades.

I’m about to be on the job market, just don’t know when. So I figured I’d try to get my levels down as I’ve obviously got a lot stored up. Is there any advantage to going a few weeks off (I’m in my 2nd week now) and then resuming say 1-2 hits a week? Will that allow me to clear up faster than I would clean up after decades of casual use? Or do I need to get totally clean first in order to shorten the time lapse from last hit to clean test?

1:35 pm March 6th, 2013

Hi, I smoke only when im drinking or occasionally on the weekend, im trying not to smoke so i can pass a swab test under the tongue to get a good job, how long does it take ? The last time i smoked was Friday after midnite, I dont smoke all the time so i need to take a swab test for a job , Will it be out of my system in 2 weeks ? Im 5″4 and a 125 pounds, Could u give me any information on this? Thanks

3:59 pm March 8th, 2013

Hey my last time was smoking a whole blunt was Jan 30. and Feb 7 i hit a blunt like 3 times then on Feb 18 i hit a blunt 2 times and on March 7 i hit a blunt 3 more times but during the process i been drinking beer(Bud Lights) up to 4 or more when i get a chance and i have a drug test on March 18 do you think i will be able to pass my urine test.

4:01 pm March 8th, 2013

And im only 6’2 weight 140 and if i drink water that whole week up strating from March 8-18 do you think i will pass my home urine test?

3:27 am March 9th, 2013

hey guys quick question..I’m being submitted to weekly drug testing as a result of some trouble I was in. I’m not expected to be clean for multiple testing periods however they are expecting a decrease in THC levels every week. I currently run 1 mile bike 5 miles and sit in a sauna for 20-30 minutes every day to decrease my levels. If I were to smoke 2 bowls of bud today, continue my same workouts 7 days a week. An increase in THC levels would not show or would it?

3:28 am March 9th, 2013

And as a reply to Angie’s comment above mine, you will be absolutely fine passing a mouth swab test in 2 weeks

12:16 am March 10th, 2013

I’m a pretty heavy smoker of weed, but stopped a couple days ago to find a job. It’s sunday, I have a job interview on monday and tuesday. Say I got one of them and they drug tested me next week, whats your opinions? Would I pass?. I play basketball and have been drinking cranberry juice and water. Also going to be drinking Palo Azul tea all this week. Do you think i could piss clean for a drug test if I stopped smoking
3/7/13 and had a drug test say 3/14 or 3/15? I’m 6 foot tall and 215 lbs.

12:16 am March 10th, 2013

I mean saturday lol sorry

2:18 am March 11th, 2013

i was a really heavy smoker for 4 years , i stopped on january 10, 2013- up to may 18 2013- i smoked a .5 of strong kush- and i got really tired and knocked out, how long do i have to get the shits out of my system???

Baby Girl
10:04 pm March 11th, 2013

I have stopped smoking weed since Jan. 4 and have tested negative through probation but they sent it off to lab and now they are saying that im possitive… How is this?

12:47 am March 13th, 2013

Hi guys cool site im really worried about a drug test ima take for the usa visa I Am a Heavy Smoker been smoking 5 years smoke 2 to 3 joints a daily i stoped on March Friday 8 and have a drug test in the 21 thursday.
I am from honduras dont think this weed is really heavy. U guys think i can pass it by then if i do run and drink water a lot i weight 210 and height is 5.11.

4:43 am March 13th, 2013

I used to smoke everyday for 5 months then stopped for 35 days, and today i smoked 4 bowl packs and one bong pack of dank. I have a drug test in 20 days, think i’ll pass if drink a lot of water, cranberry juice and do 50 push-ups a night lol?

No Name
6:57 pm March 13th, 2013

I have smoked continuously(3-5 times a day) of very good quality marijuana for about 3 years now, and I just barely stopped smoking for a day now. I am 6’0″, 160 lbs, very little fat mostly muscle, fast metabolism and very active in exercise. I want to continue to use marijuana but very lightly..what quantity and what time frame should I use marijuana to be able to cleanse myself of THC in days to up to a week? And does smoking cigarettes affect my chances of getting clean within days to a week?
Thank you!

3:07 am March 14th, 2013

ok, so there is not much reliable information on how long marijuana stays in your system. I have been smoking for 3 years strait and ALOT!!! i want to clean my sytem out and i have an unknown drug test comming up at some point in the next couple of weeks possibly a month, maybe 2 months? for a program i am interested in getting into (school) Its so so important to me and i am definitly going to test myself with a home test before i am scheduled to go, but i would like to know if there are any ideas as to how long i should expect to test positive. I am going to start working out and trying what i have read up on like drinking water (more then i already do) any thing that could help im willing to do. i recently had cancer and have been learning alot about health and such so im not so much interested in a cleanse but if i have to so be it… so any ideas or comments would be appreciated! thanks

7:17 pm March 17th, 2013

Hey. I have been smoking hash on and off for about 6 months, once or twice a week. I was wondering how much time would it take to get it completely out of the system. Also if there are ways by which I can speed up the elimination. Thanks.

9:45 pm March 17th, 2013

i smoked febuary i think the 16 or the 17th but i only hit the joint 3 times but i dont smoke and i just took a drug test for walmart friday is the weed still in my system?? i pray i passed my drug test

3:56 am March 18th, 2013

Hello everyone. I am in a sticky situation. I have been a heavy smoker for about 3 years now. I smoked today after being 10 days sober. I have a drug screening on May 31st so i have about 2 1/2 months to detox. I have a muscular guy but i do have some fat. I am 6 foot and weigh 210 I lift and run also. Do you think I will pass??

8:54 pm March 18th, 2013

Hi, so I haven’t smoked since february 20th up until March 16th which I only smoked a bowl or two of low grade mj, I have a urine test with my probabtion officer on april 3rd. Im 6’3 140 lbs and have a high metabolism. will I pass?

11:46 pm March 19th, 2013

I took two small hits on saturday in a party i didnt really feeled stoned n was kinda buzzing , today i took a urine test (tuesday) today , will i pass the test and come out negative?

1:57 am March 21st, 2013

hi i wiegh 130 pounds and im 5’11” with a high metab. i have stopped smoking for 3 solid weeks and was a heavy smoker up until 2 months before those 3 weeks. I have to take random pee test and been passing them by using a field kit but i want to get this shit completly out of my system anyone have any ideas? my work requires alot of movement so im always on the go which is making me hungrier but i dont eat so i can burn more cells. any ideas?

5:36 pm March 21st, 2013

I had a question, I took one hit of hash on the second of this month, I have a test today. Should I worry? This was a one time event.

So nervous!
8:28 pm March 24th, 2013

Ok guys, I took my 4th at home drug test on Mar. 18 and finally saw a very faint line. Again, I stopped smoking Jan. 29. (Had just a couple tokes twice over a month apart.) I tested about every 2-3 weeks. Detox cleanser didn’t work and I smoked everyday for over 2 1/2 yrs. Drinking water, green tea and taking vitamins. Working out would help. Hope this helps someone as the expert seems to be on vacation. Good luck everyone!

12:36 am March 27th, 2013

hi my name is marti and i have been using marijuana for about 7 years for a seizure disorder and fibromyalgia(muscle aches and pains and muscle spasms, nausea) and a headache disorder. i am on ssi for all of these and was treated with alot of horrible meds that made me unable to walk , watch tv, or read and even leave the house. and take a shower, i wasnt having much of a life and i also was a single mom. i finally got off all of the meds 2years ago and my life has completely changed. i finally got rid of my scooter that i had to use since i couldn’t walk. marijauana is a life saver for me.

11:05 pm March 27th, 2013

45-60 days if you were a heavy smoker, possibly even longer,, its the most stubborn thing to get out of your system

5:24 am March 29th, 2013

@ Gavin,, dude trust me ive been sober for 37 days and my rehab is still giving me the shaft, and its an in patient rehab too so i really couldn’t smoke if i wanted to,, im not aloud to leave without being supervised,, i smoked alot man i mean i was cheech and chong,, so yeah trust me 45 – 60 days according to my counselor

3:14 am April 4th, 2013

Hi im like freaking out cuz in 2 day i have to go do a drug test for a job and the worst part is that if i fail im screwed especially since she works at the golf club i smoked weed 1 week ago and it was the first time since 6-7 monthes i have been drinking green tea and lots of water. will it be out of my system???

9:47 pm April 8th, 2013

Hello I smoked daily for about 3 months. The last day that I smoked was March 8th. I havent smoked since then and I took a home test today and still did not pass. I have to go test tomorrow but the place i am goin to checks the urine for dilution as well as detox chemicals. If your urine is diluted you automatically fail. can anyone give me any advice on what i can do to make sure i pass so that i dont have to go through any rehab program….again the last time i smoked was March 8th…thanks

12:34 pm April 9th, 2013

I had a little binge 30 days ago. I smoked 4 grams plus a bong hoot over a three day period. I took a utest 20 ng/ml home test, and had an extremely faint pink line. That was April 3. Today I’m going to get another test and I’m hoping the pink line turns to a solid red line. I’ll post after I have it done. Wish me luck, I have a UA for a job in the Alberta oilsands tomorrow. I need to pass

3:52 pm April 10th, 2013

So I took the utest 20 ng urine test agin last night and failed. I think they are trashy tests with sketchy results.

5:44 pm April 12th, 2013

I smoke about 4 or 5 hits a day for the last 25 years what are my chances of passing

7:57 pm April 14th, 2013

Hi, I have smoked 1-2 joints a night for about 1-2 months now and I may have a urine test in 3 weeks I’ve been clean for 2 days now and I was just wondering if the chances of me passing were good or not. My general health isn’t so great as I’ve got; reactive arthritis, kaposi’s sarcoma and osteoporosis as I’m on other medication would it slow down the detoxing process? Many thanks.

12:17 pm April 21st, 2013

I have a fast metabolism, weigh 130 lbs and am 16 I’ve been smoking for a year and have a drug test in about a month and a half do u think I’m gonna pass?

6:09 pm April 23rd, 2013

hi i smoked only half bottle of kind a good weed on sunday and i have my blood test on wednesday what could i expect

2:34 am April 24th, 2013

im 35,,,5ft 9inch,,metabolism is slower than use to b,,im 215lbs,,i quit weed nov3rd,,,april 20th i took about 4 puffs on a bowel….i was a chronic user wen i did smoke,,,in early march my home kit test said clean,,,,,any clue how long this time to piss clean,,,,wen i was chronic user it was like freakn 90 days,,,,,,

1:48 pm April 25th, 2013

Hi i just had a drug test yesterday and im not sure if i have passed, i toked up about 12 days before a smoked a few grams, you think i will pass?

2:42 am April 29th, 2013

i have a test comin up i been clean now for 47 days i brought a home test thc came up postive ibeen drinkin water cranberry juice please tell me what im doin wrong im 5’3″ weighin 136 pounds please help me

6:13 am May 1st, 2013

Hello there- love your site!

I’m a 22 yr. old, 6’0, 215 pound male. Gettin kinda flabby (college). The first and only time I smoked was in the early Fall of 2012; over the course of roughly 2 weeks I got high two or three times. But my question is more about second hand smoke. My friends smoke all the time, and although I don’t get to see them often, I’m afraid it’ll impact my drug test (urine) tomorrow. I’m always careful not to inhale it. 12 days ago I was at a party, and they were smoking. I was outside for most of it, and when I went inside to sleep the smoke and even the smell was gone from the room they were smoking in. I’ve been all nervous around them since I’ve started anticipating this drug test, and it’s finally here!

How’s it looking for me? My friends think I’m all set.

8:16 pm May 8th, 2013

I am over weight. 5’2 196. I am a every once in a while smoker, with partners. I never smoked a whole joint. I last smoked 2 roaches exactly 3 weeks ago. Since then i have been drinking a lot of water and cranberry juice along with walking and yoga. I had a urine test today, do you think i passed?

8:17 pm May 8th, 2013

i dont excercise everyday though

Bobby Joe
9:11 pm May 9th, 2013

I took 2 small hits of marijuana 20 days ago, prior to that I have Not smoked any for 5 months. I have a hair test tomorrow. What are the % chances I pass based on the time frame and the very small amount I inhaled? thanks

5:46 am May 15th, 2013

Im 5’1 130 Lbs Female
Smoked on may 4th
I have a UA on the 21st
occasional user
will I be ok?
I go to the gym everyday and I weight lift, should I be worried?

8:44 am May 15th, 2013

okay so I been locked up in the county jail I was released may,3,2013 on may,14,2013 I was arrested for a un’known reason my probation officer wants me to come in tomorrow I smoked two bowls not even the whole thing maybe 4-5 hits no more I weigh 160 6’0 tall not fat slim will I pass if tested tomorrow please helppppp I need to know this will be my last time smoking ever

7:27 am May 22nd, 2013

So I had a two month smoking binge, smoked maybe 4 days out of the week, two bowls each day, I have quit on may 2nd, and I have a drug test June 12th, does anyone know if I should be clean by then.

1:10 am May 26th, 2013

hi i smoked on a sunday and had a drug test that friday it was my first time and i took 3 hits off a bowl. im 23 5,8 138 pounds will i pass?

7:51 pm May 26th, 2013

I’ve been a daily smoker for about a year. I’m 5’2″, 113 lbs. How long should it take for me to test clear? I stopped a week ago. Thanks!

4:17 pm May 31st, 2013

I am an occasional pot smoker. By that I mean 1 to 3 hits of good pot no more than once a month. I just had a hair follicle test for a potiential job. My last use was 3 weeks before the test. I am nervous about this, as I REALLY want this job. I have done extensive research including reading detailed studies on the subject. From what I’ve learned, it’s difficult to detect THC in a hair follicle test, and urine testing is the recommended method of testing for pot because of this. However for other drugs, hair follicle testing is the most reliable method. I get the results of my test on 6-3-13. I’ll let you know how it goes!

7:28 am June 3rd, 2013

I’m 205lbs 5ft 11 I smoke 1-4 joints every 2 weeks I’ve got a pee test in 35 days I haven’t smoked it for a week now I work out every day 8 miles running every other day will I pass thanks

12:15 am June 4th, 2013

Hi!!! Ammm, I smoked sours… Or how ever u call it, like 3 and some days ago. I’ve only smoked twice in my entire life. But when I did smoke, i inhaled like 3-5 times. So I have a test today. Should I be worried? Thanks!! (I’m like 5’5 and 117 pounds) and im actually involved in activities. And eat moderately .

11:31 pm June 8th, 2013

I started smoking last Christmas Eve 2012. I smoked maybe 3 to 5 hits a day for 3 months. I haven’t smoked since March 8th. I’m 6″2′ and weigh 250 lbs. I have a urinalysis in two days. Do you think I’ll pass?

8:34 pm June 12th, 2013

hi the last time i smoked marijuana was may 13 or 14th of 2013 i haven’t smoked any since then i took a drug test today June 12, i am 178 lbs and 5’8 i work out alot and i drink alot of water, i eat healthy also, im concerned that i didnt pass, and by the way i was not a heavy smoker at all. help!!

10:12 pm June 19th, 2013

i smoked kush for 30 days off and on i been clean for a 124 days will i pass a urine test

5:24 am June 20th, 2013

I’m 5 feet tall 120 pounds
I smoked a few times 4 years ago
But a month ago I took one hit.
Then I had to take a drug test so I can get this job
I tan a lot and I jogged a few times but other then that I do nothing
I never had to take a test so I’m really scared
I already took my test.
before I drank a large cup of water the night before and the day of the test I drank 3 water bottles
My pee was very clear
Because I have never took a test before I’m really scared
Do you think I passed the test?

2:36 am June 22nd, 2013

Hi, Im 46 I took 2 hits on June 6 took a drug test on June 12 failed at a level of 56ng/ml retook test on June 19 at clinic was told I failed didn’t see it nurse said “very low levels” dr said drink plenty od fluids I did a herbal clean and drank water tea and sports drinks tested at home negative on June 21 and tested negative on a rapid test at clinic on June 21 have to test again on June 24 should I be good? or did the herbel drink and fluids just mask it?? Thanks

5:36 pm June 23rd, 2013

I have a question. I had never smoked marijuana before and yesterday I ate some, if i never do it again will it have negative impacts on my brain functions? This is the first time iv done it. Also if im 5’3 and around 115 lbs how long will it stay in my system?

10:40 pm June 24th, 2013

I used to be a heavier smoker a while back maybe about a year or so ago and hadn’t smoked since then. I had a cone about 2 weeks ago and again about a week ago and nothing more. I have a drugs test on Tuesday the 2nd of July so that will be about 2 weeks after the last time I smoked. Do you think there is any chance it will be detected it is a urine test. Cheers

8:22 pm June 29th, 2013

Smoked weed for the first time. I’m 16, 5’8 I weigh 235 and I’m applying for a job soon and this job is a drug free zone so i’m postitive I will have a urine analysis. How long do you think before its out of my system?

12:47 pm July 4th, 2013

I was an every day smoker (1-3 bowls/night) for pretty much 10 consecutive years. I applied for a job approximately 2 months ago and was called within a week to set an interview up. The HR lady said they screen for drugs and asked if I was ok with that, I agreed. I quit smoking 44 days before I submitted a sample that was sent for lab testing. I am not sure what the lab testing included, but I would presume it would be the GC/MS (Very Accurate). I weigh 220 and am 6 ft tall, not fat, but not skinny, fat stored in my beer belly. I submitted my test 2 days ago, and am awaiting my results…If I pass, I get a nice offer of employment, if I fail, well, you get the point…All I have done in the last week is research my situation and others, losing sleep, very nervous/anxious, just wish I got the news already…I will post my results when I hear….WISH ME LUCK

9:45 am July 5th, 2013

I had two small joints of hashish which were being passed between three people, how long does it take to leave my urine?? Given that I stopped smoking 55-60 days before it and I’ve been drinking a lot of cranberry juice, water and green tea.
Thank you

3:50 pm July 5th, 2013

I weigh about 200 pounds and am about 5.6 tall…I smoked 2 blunts in 2 days. I just found out that I have a drug test in 4 days…Will I pass?

5:00 pm July 5th, 2013

44 days cold turkey, day of test I drank a gallon of water 2 hours before the test, took 2 multi-vitamins, 2 b12 vitamins, pissed 3 times prior to giving sample….I know how stressful this process can be, and I just wanted to let everyone know that I am one example of how things can work! Good Luck to everyone out there in this situation, I can sleep now!!!!

5:20 pm July 17th, 2013

Hi so 20 days ago was my 4th time smoking weed in a year and my life and I have a hair drug test coming up in a month. My weight and size are pretty normal for a 22 year old female what are the chances of me failing.

2:14 am July 18th, 2013

Hello, I have been smoking daily for a couple of years now and I’m trying to pass a drug test for employment kind of curious how long thc will be in my system I’m 6’1 150lbs

8:09 pm July 27th, 2013

Hello, I have quit smoking pot about 2 weeks ago. I was a very heavy pot smoker. I have a drug test on Monday. I’m 6 foot and did weight almost 155, I have very high metabolism and I have lost about 15 pounds over the course of the last 3 weeks due to heavy stress.

I have been using Living clay here and there for the last week which is a natural body detox, and I am also using a aqua foot detox to pull toxins out of my body for the next day and tomorrow. Do you think they will work in time for me to pass my drug test?

I’m so nervous I wont pass and I need this job.

11:00 pm July 31st, 2013

I am 5’6 200 lbs – stopped smoking for 4 months – smoked 2/3 hits beginning of june then 5/6 hits begining of july – nothing since – uui have a test tomorrow morning – I think im ok – thoughts?

7:04 pm August 16th, 2013

I smoked one hit last week at a party last week and this week had a pop up drug test for work. It was only one hit but do you think I will pass the urine test?

12:43 pm August 20th, 2013

i smoked on july 27th and 28th am i ok to take a drug test on august 27th or 28th or the 29th its both blood and urine analysis

12:44 pm August 20th, 2013

keep in mind i am 5’9 almost 5’10 and 182 pounds

6:13 pm August 26th, 2013

I use to smoke back in 2009 but I got rehab for it. Well I never smoked after I got out of rehab in 2011. Well on August 25th, 2013, I smoked a joint with my cousin BUT I took 4 BABY hits off of it and barely inhaled it. Now, I have to take a test September 9, 2013… Since I haven’t smoked for almost 4 years and I took baby hits on a joint August 25th. I mean it was baby hits and I barely inhaled it. So will I be clean by September 9th, 2011? If not, what can I do? I need to be reassured that I will be okay or not. Any help, please?

4:51 am September 1st, 2013

I’m 6ft 185lbs I haven’t smoked for 24 days however I had been smoking multiple times a day for the past 8 months how long will until I can pass a urine test

6:07 pm September 26th, 2013

If you weigh less can the weed leave your body faster if you drink a lot of water

5:34 pm October 1st, 2013

Im 10 and a half stone,I gave up smoking 3 weeks ago after smoking daily,mainly in evenings and weekend,how long will it take to clear my system?

5:02 pm October 7th, 2013

I smoked with 1 other person on 9/7 9/8 9/11 and 9/15 I might have a drug test between today and next week will I pass? Right now I’m 22 days clean

6:58 pm October 9th, 2013

I quit on 08/21 of this year and on the 31st day of absitenance I paid for my own urinalysis. I was told by the MRO that I had a metabolite count of 25ng/ml and informed it would take about 8 weeks to clear. I have a urinalysis on 10/14 for a job I really want, which is 55 days clean by the way. Should I be worried? I have done home test kits from walgreens and I am showing a negative but I understand these tests are kinda unreliable.

1:22 am October 10th, 2013

Stop believing all this “it takes 45 days to get clean” malarkey. It’s true in some cases like if you’re a chronic smoker. You can be clean smoke one say and be clean in 5 days max, don’t believe me? Buy a home test. I smoked 3 says straight and tested two weeks later and guess what? CLEAN. It all depends on your fat and height and metabolism. I’m 5’8 about 160, metabolism relatively fast so I can eradicate the fairly quickly, it’s different for everyone. But don’t believe people when they tell you just because you smoked one day that it will take 30 days that’s false. If you’re a chronic smoker yes it can take up to 30 days even more, again on my if you’re a chronic smoker. I was a chronic smoker and was clean in about 3 weeks, not saying it’s the same for everyone but for me it happened that way. If you really wanna test this buy some home tests, smoke one day and test 5 days later. You can kind of figure out how long the stays in your body. Again don’t believe all these people telling you it takes 45 days after smoking twice, it’s false and impossible. Do your research for yourself. Don’t listen online, get some home tests and find out yourself.

8:03 am October 12th, 2013

It all depends on body weight frequency of use and length of use.. I smoked heavy for 2 1/2 months (like 2-4 jays of high quality dro every day .. after 5 years of beint clean.. i smoked a month then stopped a month and smoked another month and a half )and have been clean for 101 days.. and I’m still dirty.. so yeah the guy saying 45 days is so wrong.. it can easily stay in your system for 4-6 months. Up to 180 days.. so it just depends.. even drinking a ton of water just dilutes uour urine and can cause you to fail.. I know its not what people want to hear but its true.. and I use health care quality drug test

6:08 am October 16th, 2013

How long it would take if i just take 1 pof ??

12:09 pm October 19th, 2013

Please reply … I’m a 5’6″ male weighing around 198 pounds. i have quit smoking up for 74 days and still counting, I have been a heavy daily user of a low potency strain. During the past weeks i have lost 13 pounds dropping from around 209 to 196 lbs then stopped dieting or exercising and gained 2 pounds later. how long should i wait before taking a urine drug test?
when you say that detection time can take up to 90 days, are these cases rare and i shouldn’t worry or that could be me?
i have also heard of two cases that took more than 90 days; 110 days and 148 days.

12:10 am October 25th, 2013

Hey, tomorow, im trying weed for the first time. How long will it take for the thc to get out of my hair? and what can i do to reduce that time? Thnx

11:36 am November 16th, 2013

hello i am on probation she rarely drug tests me but i always use procautions for instance i try and leave a 20 day window between the visit so i smoke for maybe 3-5 days out of a month if i continue this routine do i have anything to worry about…i work unloading trucks i am 6’1 280 pounds a little overwieght but very active please give me some advice i take a niacin pill and a bunch of cranberry pills sweat a ton unloading trucks and drink water it is a urine test thank you

11:28 pm November 18th, 2013

i would like to know for testing , im not sure what way the testing gos higher the ng test number is the less there testing for …. or the lower the number the less the test will find ( 50 ng ) test is what my comp is testing at with a cut off of (15 ng ) so is the test more strict at 50 ng or 15 ng or would 100 ng be real real bad , pls help me

4:21 am November 20th, 2013

I have a drug test in 8 days I smoke about 5 times a week just once a day how can I get this out of my system?

5:27 am November 27th, 2013

I’ve been clean for 6months now. if I smoke now will I be clean by dec 19?

8:58 pm December 2nd, 2013

hello i took one hit of marjiuna almost 48 hours ago since then ive been only drinking water, an cranberry juice also 100% pure orange juice also been taking 450mg cranberry pills & taking 250mg Niacin tablets & only eating fruit & vegetables ..i am 29yrs old im 155lbs & 6’0ft, i would say i have a high matabolism …my question is how long would it take to recieve a negative result on a urine drug screen?

1:17 am December 7th, 2013

My husband usually smokes about once per week, mid to high grade, and smokes about 1/2 a joint. The last time he smoked was on December 1st and has a drug test for a job coming up on around December 23rd. What do you believe the odds of this test will be? I appreciate it and he has been smoking on and off for about 1 year (like I said, not even every week, sometimes 1-2 times per month).

1:51 am December 13th, 2013

I have a upcoming drug test this coming week. The last time I used weed is last December 5. Do you think I will pass my drug test? I’m worried about it..

Billy Bob
4:13 am December 23rd, 2013

I’ve been smoking heavy for the last few months, few times a day. I’m 6 ft 190lbs with a high metabolism. How long do you think it will take to clear my system? can I do anything to help? Exercise or sauna?

3:38 am January 21st, 2014

I hit a blunt 3 or 4 times like 2 weeks ago maybe longer im 158 pounds 5″4 will i pass a pee test and blood test im not sure which ill be given???

5:31 pm January 23rd, 2014

Ok so I’m 20. 5’5 and I weigh 110lb roughly. I smoked weed 13 days ago, for the first time ever in my life time. I took 3 hits to it you could say, and I have a drug test tomorrow. What are my chances of passing a urine test?

2:31 am January 27th, 2014

i havent smoked in almost 5 months. i was a daily smoker. i took 6 hits off a resin ball i made from shwag pipe 5 days ago can i pass a urine drug test tomorrow.
if not will my thc level be very very low?

1:55 am February 4th, 2014

I smoked Friday for the first time in a long time around 8-9 hits. Will I be clean on Monday?

8:03 pm February 11th, 2014

please, i use to take marijuana for 5years now but i stop for complete one year after i traveled to another country for study, but i, had 2rap for over almost 2months now and i have a drug test coming up in 30days time , please do you think, i could make it, negative, am so curious and worried?

12:16 am February 14th, 2014

Ok here it is. I’ve been passing drug test for jobs and probation and have passed all while smoking. I passed a few drug test on probation after smoking regularly and stopping for two weeks, then a week, then 2-3 days. Each time I would take cranberry pills and goldenseal root pill every day. The day before I would drink a gallon of water and a gallon of water the day of. I know a girl who took niacin pills 9 hour after she smoked and passed a drug test. She was about 5’3″ and 115 lbs about. I’m 6’0″ and about 160 lbs. On parole my P.O. Would administer the test in from of me on what looked like a pregnancy test and I passed all three times drinking water and taking golden seal root and cranberry pills. Another time I was released from jail after about 4 months. I smoked with a girl aug. 1 and took a drug test aug. 11. I passed the test drinking water and taking pills. It all about how much fat is on you body and was your system clean before hand. People with high metabolism’ that are clean for a month or more and then smoke will get rid of thc fast. It also helps to excercise and take antioxidants. Niacin does the trick for most people, which is what I use along with golden seal root and cranberry pills( plus a lot of water and green tea). I’m an electrician in the union and all the dudes in 5 year smoke as well as just about most electricians and they all use fake piss. I bought the whizzinator a few months ago. I smoke a 8th a week before Christmas after being clean . Then I just smoked yesterday smoking dabs after being clean for at least 40+ days. We should be getting drug tested soon. So I will update this post to let you know when I do as I am now starting to cleanse my system all over again. I am also going to buy a home test in 5 days to see if I pass. The people saying they take 45 – 3 months and still are not clean are lying or just fat asses. Thc is stored in your fat. Which is why niacin works so well because it gets rid of fat in your blood. I’m sure it does in your urine as well as there are small traces of blood in urine. Water is a good way to dilute. I heard 10% salt works(never tried) and I heard 10% clorox works. A guy I knew in jail did that he said it turned his piss a dark brown, so I never did it. I just stick with what works for me and other people I know that have tested clean. Before any test always detox 2-3 days before. WATER,NIACIN,GOLDEN SEAL ROOT, CRANBERRY pills works every time. When your level are low all you really need is to dilute your urine.

4:24 am February 14th, 2014

I smoked 7 days ago and I have a drug test tomorrow afternoon. Prior to the last time I smoked it had been 37 days since I’ve smoked. Will I pass my drug test or do I need to drink alot of water??

3:46 pm February 21st, 2014

i was smoking about a bowl a day for around a year i have smoked in 10 days and have about another week before urine test is there a chance of passing?

6:49 pm March 5th, 2014

Have not smoked for two years, smoked approximately 1 to 1 1/2 joints per day for about 8 days. How long before I could test clean? Weight 175, 5″4. Thanks

6:06 pm March 6th, 2014

hey , im 5’8 125 pounds im 18 yrs old and im very skinny, im also very active, i have smoked a total of 5 times in my life, the last time i smoked before this was probably 6 months or more. i smoked 11 days before my test , i only took one bong hit. do you think i will pass?

Sherlock Holmes
8:11 pm March 7th, 2014

My friend smoked everyday (sometimes twice a day) for 7 days in a row…bit of a binge… how long till they are able to pass a drug test? They didn’t smoke before that, moderately active and in ok shape, eat semi-healthy… will they pass a pre-employment pee test?

8:37 pm March 9th, 2014

Stopped for 8 weeks lost over a stone or 2 in body weight smoked 3 draws of a joint today will I pass in 2 weeks time

Shannon M.
6:47 pm April 8th, 2014

I smoked for the first time in two years last friday. I only took two hits off of this hitter. I’m pretty positive I didn’t even do it right because I didn’t get high, but I have a drug test on the 16th. It will be 12 days after I smoked. I’m worried that it will show up.
12:30 am April 16th, 2014

I had been a daily marijuana smoker for about 25 years and I quit on January 15 2014 about 3 months ago and I started to take weekly urine tests the first one was positive with over 500ng and the second one droped to 195ng the third was 95ng and fourth was 19ng the fifth and sixth were diluted because I was drinking alot water the seventh and eithth were negetive but the nineth came back positive 29ng but I didn’t use I had gone on a 5 mile hike/climb 3 days before the urine test could this have caused the positive test? I took another one six days later and it was negetive again I am confused does anyone have any answers? thanks.

4:41 pm April 17th, 2014

how long dose liquid thc last in your body

8:48 pm May 20th, 2014

Hi, i am 19 years old 6 foot 4 in and about 270lbs i smoked april 28th it was only my 5th time trying it and i have a urine test on may 23rd and i was wondering if i am going to test negative or positive. I have been working out and drinking alot of water but im still worried. Please reply.

7:00 am May 28th, 2014

Hi, so I have a drug test coming up within the next 2 weeks, and I weigh about 260lbs. The last time I smoked was about two weeks ago, and I’ve only smoked like… 5 times before the last time. Is it likely that i’ll show up positive in the urine test I’ll have to take?

4:26 pm June 2nd, 2014

it was my first time smoking weed and i only hit it 3 times the use occured saturday night and I have to take a drug test today ive drunk a 64 oz bottle of cranberry juice a lot of water and have been sweating will i pass? also im very little 5’3 115

9:12 pm June 3rd, 2014

i have a drug screen in 2weeks and it has been 8 days since i smoked a small ball of hash, will i fail this drug screen, its a urine test for a job….. help me!!!

3:27 pm June 6th, 2014

I took one hit on a vapor pen like 5 days ago. I weigh about 185 6ft tall. Im pretty active and have only smoked this one time. I have been drinking alot of water and been active. Will I pass a drug test in the next few,days?

1:24 am June 10th, 2014

i have been a chronic smoker for about 3 years. over the past month i was taking goldenseal detox. if i smoke a small roach now 6/9/14 will it be out of my system by 6/24/14. btw i weigh 130lbs. and my height is 5’8 quite skinny given that i work out and drink plenty of water.

1:57 am June 10th, 2014

What is the half life approximately of 2 tokes of weed for first time user
What would be the effects of this amount 2 weeks later.
Daughter who had the 2 tokes presented to emergency 2 weeks later x3 times before admitting her. With severe uncontrolled 15 minutely vomiting and sudden central abdominal pain. Aetiology still unknown 7 days later. Drs blaming her 2 tokes as a cause for her above symptoms. She was well in the 2 weeks after trying weed.

10:29 pm June 18th, 2014

Hello. I used Marijuana last 33 days ago. i am 57 170 and very active. i work out 6 days a week some weeks 7 days. I sweat alot. i took a uranlysis today. do you thin ill pass?

7:47 am June 19th, 2014


So I can’t find anything online about immediate side effects on personality/ brain function from a high dose of THC. My boyfriend ate half a Twix stix from a medical marijuana clinic over 5 days ago and is still not acting like himself. He’s not able to hold normal conversations, he’s pacing back and forth, talking to himself, not eating or sleeping…. I don’t know what to do for him. His brother and I have been watching over him the last few days and trying to force him to eat, but we can’t get him to sleep. Is this common at all? How long does it take for someone to get back to normal? He talks like a “hippie/stoner” now but he’s a very formal business man who does not even smoke weed on a regular basis. I’m scared and would love some advice on what to do or if anyone has experienced something like this before.

1:55 am June 25th, 2014

Hello, I smoked almost a full joint on the 15th. And I may or may not have a UA coming up on July 3rd, I was just wondering would I pass if I did have to take one. I was clean before hand, and I weigh about 160lbs and 6’0″

11:30 pm June 25th, 2014

I have not smoked in 50 days. I am a chubby girl tho lol 5’8 and 200lbs do you think I am clean now??

2:01 am June 26th, 2014

On June 3rd was my birthday and I smoked for the first time is been 22 days I haven’t smoked do you think I’m clean by now I’m 5’3 and I’m 129lbs

5:13 pm July 2nd, 2014

I Havent Smoked Since May 6th ; Then I Took A Charge From My Friend About 3 Times (When They Hit The Joint Then Yu Suck It In Your Mouth) I Have A Test On The 15 Do Yu Think It Will Be In My Urine Still ? PLEASE HELP ME I AM SO NERVOUS

6:56 pm July 7th, 2014

I used to smoke about 20-30 or more grams a day I smoked weed like cigarettes and had to quit… I failed tests for almost 3 months afterwards. Is this because I’m not a super healthy eater? I don’t really eat much cause I work 15-16 hours a day so I don’t do a lot of exercise either… could that be why?

8:20 am July 8th, 2014

Hi Jared. How long marijuana will remain in your system depends on how often or how much marijuana you’ve been smoking. Other regular smokers have scored positive on the drug tests even after 45 days since last use, while some heavy smokers had marijuana show up on their tests results 90 days after quitting. Still, there is no medical research that proves your diet influences marijuana detox.

5:27 pm July 11th, 2014

Hey, I smoked marijuana on June 20th, 2013 but I only hit it like 4 times. It’s been months since I’ve tried it before then. I have a test Monday July 16, 2014. Will I be good?

12:01 am July 12th, 2014

i was a cronic for 20 years. been clean 6 months and smoked 1 joint. will i pass a urine test in 15 days?

4:39 pm July 12th, 2014

47 year old female, 5’3″, 197 lbs., took 2 hits on the 4th of July…haven’t smoked in 5 years…Urine test coming up on the 14th..will it be detectable?

9:28 pm July 13th, 2014

im taking a blood test for a job 60 days ago i took 3 hits 2 months before that i took 3 hits never smoke any more than that 5 foot 145 in great shape i have 33 percent body fat help please

Jasmine Brown
6:06 pm July 16th, 2014

i stop smoking about six months ago but i took a hit of a joint 33 days ago and i have to take a hair screening test tomorrow can i still pass it?

2:23 am July 18th, 2014

I am 18 years old, 5’4 and weigh 125 pounds. i smoke on a regular basis which is everyday. How long would it take for it to get out of my system?

5:57 pm July 20th, 2014

i took a couple hits of a bowl the day before yesterday and a couple hits off a joint yesterday i am a heavy smoker i weigh 105ish i am 14 and very active i usually smoke a couple times a day my mom found something in my room and now wants to drug test me today i have drank about a gallon of sweet tea and a little bit of pickle juice and sweated a little bit but not much can i pass?

9:00 pm July 24th, 2014

I’m 6 feet about 140 pounds anid I got a test in 15days will I pass I only smoke on occasion and I’m 18

6:20 pm July 25th, 2014

Last time I smoked was 20 days ago.. I am 6ft 215 wrkout everyday and have athletic build.. I also take 500mg of niacin everyday. How much longer untill I am clean?

9:17 am July 28th, 2014

I’ve smoked 2 ounces &’ drank a cup of weed tea. It’s been a whole mouth since my last use with marijuana would I be clean as of right now ?’

4:39 am August 1st, 2014

I’m on probation haven’t smoke for about three months but I took a small hit of sum resin and I have to take a ua nd it hasn’t been 30 days just like three days before the 30 day thing should I need clean by now??

3:53 pm August 1st, 2014

I took 3 hits of marijuana around 8:30pm and had a surprise oral swab test at around 9:30am the next morning. Is it possible that I will pass? How long to the oral tests results take to get back?Stressin out over this…big time

11:40 pm August 1st, 2014

Hey I smoked 3 days ago 1st time in months. I smoked a bowl of mid & a half bowl of loud. when should I be able to piss clean?

2:14 pm August 2nd, 2014

hey im about 5’8 and 130 lbs maybe less. i havent usually smoked in a while and i recently went on vacation and smoked for about 2 weeks straight only at night taking about 3-4 hits maybe 5 max because thats all i needed and i been clean for about 9 days now. how much more time do you think i would need to pass a urine test????

6:43 am August 3rd, 2014

Hey i didnt smoke any weed for the past 2 years now but my friend bought some weed and i packed a bowl for him and i actually had a blunt in my mouth but i didnt smoke anything the blunt wasnt even lit and he kept blowing it in my face im 5,9 5,10ish 115-125 pounds and i have a drug screening on monday im just really nervous about this and i’ve kept my self completely clean. but will i pass? thats the question. thank you.

9:42 pm August 4th, 2014

So, I’m 5’5″-5’6″ and weigh about 160.
I smoked daily for about 3 months, stopped for 32 days and then smoked with a friend. We smoked A blunt and 2 bowls between 3 of us. How long will it take to get out of my system?

5:46 pm August 6th, 2014

I used to smoke everyday but about a month ago I stopped period but then I had a couple of pulls off of a friend. I don’t have a test coming up but I could in the near future. Is it possible I am clean still or will be clean within another couple of weeks. Did I screw myself up?

12:10 am August 8th, 2014

im 5’9 214 I hit a j once bout 3 weeks ago n about a week n a half before I smoked a few..thats it n months I got drugtested tues. do u think ill pass it

9:31 pm August 8th, 2014

Hi I have a urine test monday not sure the time but im 5’1 about 91 pounds and I have a bowl at night almost every night for my scoliosis (I hate pain pills) so i can sleep
Ive stopped (its friday) since I just found out about the test. Will I test clean or not?

1:42 am August 12th, 2014

Hi my husband weighs bout 240 lbs we stopped smoking for a about a yr and started smoking once a month for 3 months he took a DT (lab test) and tested postive with levels of 54.. and that was a month ago, he recently got a job where he sweats alot and has to drink lots of water.. he hasnt smoked since he tested postive. but he took 2 test recently they were 3 days apart, a month from the last one where he tested pos, the levels were 49 and 34.. why is it still there and how long til its gone..

3:28 pm August 13th, 2014

I smoke marijuana just about every day for the last 3 years but I quit on July 27 2014 and took a 2 day detox I haven’t been drinking anything but water and working out hard would marijuana still be in my system on August 18th 2014

12:28 am August 14th, 2014

Hi guys, my names Judy & I recently failed a drug test that I took on August 3rd I smoked just one bowl the night before & about four joints the week before that, the person administering the drug test is giving me another chance to take the drug test & pass it, it’s a urine test & I’m 5’2 & 130 pounds & the drug test date is September 3rd, do you think I’ll be able to pass the drug test??

3:42 pm August 14th, 2014

I’m a gal who smokes every day. However, I ingest about a pinch or two a day, unless I’m with friends and we’ll share a bowl or two. I’m rather fit and thin, and I was wondering how many days of heavy liquids and working out it might take to get clean for a drug test for a new job?

2:47 am August 16th, 2014

Hi, I used to smoke kinda a lot maybe a few bowls a day or a blunt a day for about a year. I stopped about 2 weeks ago but I have takin 2 hits from a bowl since then. I might have a random drug test coming up. I’m 5’11 180 lbs I work in a tire shop so I’m always active 7 hour a day, I drink about 5 to 6 bottles of water a day. I have a high metabolism so how long till I’m clean?

4:12 pm August 16th, 2014

i smoked once or twice a week starting june 2014 I weigh 115 pounds and im 5,7. i drink 3 litres of water a day and workout everyday how long will it take for the thc to leave my system

4:54 pm August 16th, 2014

i haven’t smoked in almost 7 days i only weight 113 pounds and my metabolism is very fast. i have very little fat. i have more muscle, how long before i can take a drug test and come out clean?

1:37 am August 18th, 2014

I smoked weed every day for two years I quit two days ago I have a possible blood or urine test any chance ill pass I read blood test onlr can detect within hours of use

8:19 pm August 18th, 2014

I smoked about 3 weeks ago haven’t smoked in a long time I am a person who has a fast metabolism always active sweat a lot I weight 140 and am 510 it has been mints since I smoked and I took a toke I have a test today do you think I’ll pass

3:50 am August 19th, 2014

I last smokeed marijuana in late june and must take a hair follicle test in early november. I havent smoked at all but i was a veryday user for years. Do u think i can pass it since it will be a little over four months.?

9:29 pm August 19th, 2014

I am a 175 lb. male. I workout about an hour each day and do not eat unhealthy at all. In fact, don’t even drink. I smoked 25 days ago and before then was smoking at least once a day. For the last 25 days I have been running and going in saunas. I know I should take an at home test, and I am, but don’t you think it would be out of my system. I was even working out while smoking and have less than 4% body fat.

10:39 pm August 19th, 2014

Hi I’m 198 pounds and smoke about 4 grams of potent marijuana 35 days ago before this I was clean for over 13 months and took a dot drug test today I should pass right

4:10 pm August 20th, 2014

Is a level of 29 NG/ML a high level or what? does it prove i am a regular smoker or is it a trace of seconhand smoke? for cps people i need to know

9:11 am August 21st, 2014

Hi, I’ve been clean about 5 months but Saturday I took two hits from a blunt i don’t know if I inhaled it right because I was slightly drunk but my parents are testing me this Sunday, 4 days from now which means I will be clean for 7 days. Would it be out of my system By Sunday. It’s a at home pee test. Please help me as soon as possible!!!

6:07 pm August 21st, 2014

Hey I smoke one it of strong weed on Friday and one on Saturday. I took a drug test for work 10 days later will I pass it I am 5 11 170 pounds and before those two hits have not smoked in 6 months

7:22 pm August 21st, 2014

Hey I took three hits off marijuna and haven’t smoked in six months I took a drug test 10 days later will I pass

4:43 am August 23rd, 2014

Hey:) my last time smoking was June 23rd.. I have a drug screening sometime in the beginning of September. In the past I did smoke at least once a day.. Im just wondering if I will be able to pass my drug test??

8:32 pm August 23rd, 2014

Hi Im am 6′ tall roughly 200 lbs Im not sure my body fat percentage but im not exactly skinny, and for about 6 years or so I was a daily pot smoker smoking quite a bit each day. Over the last year my consumption has dropped considerably to maybe about .3 to .5 grams per day. As of July 30th of this year I have not smoked at all and am hoping by the end of this month I will be clean and be able to pass a urine test. What do you think my chances are?

8:15 am August 25th, 2014

I had ben taking 4 hit off a joint every Saturday & every Sunday since the end of may but I haven’t smoked in 8 days is my system dirty

10:01 am August 25th, 2014

I was a chronic smoker for over 10 years smoking only about 1-3 joints a day for the past 3 years..I quit smoking 3 weeks ago but unfortunately smoked about 5 hits of a joint long will this take to be out of my urine?

2:44 am August 27th, 2014

Hi I been smoking from the time I was 22-27 heavy smoker. Took small break before going cold turkey it’s been 30 day, took a home test line but line was faint so I took two more line got darker with every test. I I’m 5.9 175 lean I work out. I took a urine test for a job. What is my odds on passing? An thank you. I’ll repost if I pass or not.

5:38 pm August 27th, 2014

If I walk into a house and they smoked 6 hours before can I get a contact high from just walking in?

Jason finn
12:05 am August 28th, 2014

I HAVENT SMOKED POT IN 30 days and I weigh 270 pounds how much longer before I pass urine test???

11:33 am August 28th, 2014

how long will it take toshow up in my urine test after i quit ?will urine tests per fortnight so that you are detoxing?

3:34 am August 30th, 2014

Hi last time i smoked was july 13th 2014 smoked with cuz and aunt how long until im clean im 5’9 229 really want to know as im unemployed and need a job

2:37 pm August 30th, 2014

48 days clean will I pass urinalysis?

4:46 pm August 31st, 2014

Hi I last smoked weed 35 days ago, I am a boxer who works out 6 days a week and run around 15 miles a week. Before the 35 days I smoked weed almost every night for around 3 months then suddenly stopped and been training hard, I have a drugs test in a months time, will I pass if I share 2 grams with 2 people as a 1 off?

11:06 am September 1st, 2014

hi, the last time i smoked was 33 days ago. i was a regular user but had 2-3 weeks of breaks in between. i’m 5’1 and weigh around 95 lbs. i do yoga religiously and eat healthy. i also drink milk regularly. will i be able to past a drug test if i take it tomorrow?

11:33 pm September 1st, 2014

I was taking one to maybe three hits a couple times a day during the week usually before and after work but only one to three hits I’m 5’9 230lbs roughly smoke last week for the last time and should have a wiz quiz comin up within the next 3 to 4 weeks been pushin water and nasty ass pure cranberry juice daily vitamins and niacin should I be straight!?!?

7:01 am September 3rd, 2014

Hello I had a question, I’ve been smoking for about a year straight now (1 gram a day) . I’ve never smoked prior to that, I’m about 185lbs 6′ 2″, always been athletic and exercise. I’m going in to a sauna for about 40 min a day starting today, (already have prior use to sauna 2-4 days a week for past 6 months) and I’m drinking a lot of water, I have about 10% body fat, I wanna know if I will pass a drug test with 20 days if I stop smoking?? Please help!!

1:09 pm September 4th, 2014

Hi, I used too smoke weed, I had a few drags on a spliff every other day, and about 2 spliffs every 3 days. I am ashamed of this, however, I have stopped now and will never touch it again! I want too get my life on track and get work and have a good career and life, I haven’t touched it in 3 weeks and a few days, will it be out of my system yet? Thanks 🙂

12:53 am September 7th, 2014

Hey I’m 6′ tall and weigh roughly 150 and I wasclean for 13 monthes and I smoked twice last night and I have a drug test the 29th of this month if I drink a lot of water should I be able to pass a urine test

2:21 am September 8th, 2014

I’m been 54 days clean but was a hevey smoker got drug test Thursday will it br negative for thc

8:48 am September 8th, 2014

I havent smoked weed in roughly 36, 37 days. But decided to take three hits. I am 140lbs about 5’9″ also lean. How long will it stay in my system? And what will I need to do to get clean in the next two weeks?

2:31 pm September 8th, 2014

Hi I was wondering, I smoke a little bit last Wednesday and I’ve been drinking lots of water, cranberry juice, and pickle juice and I have a pee test today. Will I pass??

8:42 pm September 8th, 2014

I smoked about 10 times in June.No smoking in july and august. Then in end august,I smoked half a joint. and on sept 5 i smoked another half a joint. Will I pass a urine test I have to take on sept 19 ?

Please someone reply to this I am quite stressed

2:46 pm September 9th, 2014

I am not a smoker but last night I hit the blunt only twice will I fail a drug test?

12:12 am September 10th, 2014

I tested positive for thc in my system and the doc said my level was a 75. I smoke everyday but quit and im curious how long roughly will it take to get back to normal level again?

4:01 pm September 10th, 2014

Hi Aaron. Urine tests detect a different chemical called THC-COOH, which is a metabolite of THC. It is produced when the liver breaks down THC and can stay detectable for quite longer. Sometimes more than a month since you’ve quit smoking.

5:44 pm September 12th, 2014

Hello. My son is in 2nd year college. He has been addicted to smoking. His health has deteriorated drastically, he is short and appears to be just a kid even though he is 19 years old. I have no idea how to help him through. I am really concerned about him. I would welcome suggestions as to how this problem can be treated.
What are the effects? How long will they be prevalent? How can they be cured?

5:48 pm September 12th, 2014

He has been addicted to Marijuana as well as tobacco smoking. Please, reply as soon as possible.

6:26 am September 13th, 2014

Hi i smoked today i got to take a drug screening/urine test on October 8 i weight 145 ht 5’7 how can i pass? and will i be clean?

1:03 pm September 13th, 2014

Hey there smoke 4 or 5 hits of a joint then quit for 30 days then took one hit out of a joint and quit for another 30 days drunk alot of tea and water I’m 5 11 and weigh 235 think I’ll pass my drug screen for work

1:46 pm September 13th, 2014

I pass. I would say just stop smoking there is no reward for smoking. An to your Sond I will say to stop smoking both cigar an weed. get him help drugs control him an that’s not a good start on life.

4:57 pm September 14th, 2014

I am rare somker. Like once in a while on the weekend. I weigh 124 pounds and 5’1. I took roughly 10 hits this weekend if i drank plenty ofwater and take midol would i be clean in three days

7:09 am September 15th, 2014

Hi I have about 65 hours until I have a urine test I was told I would get the job if my levels are below 2 what wer that means I am a chronic smoker and only quit last night do u think I can get my lvls below 2 in time or what so they mean by 2

5:42 pm September 15th, 2014

I smoked 2 weeks ago i weigh 90 pounds will i pass a urine test this week

2:35 pm September 16th, 2014

Hi, I was a heavy smoker for the months of May June and July. But I quit smoking and have been clean for 43 days. I run and work out heavily and my body fat percentage is 8%. I just took a drug test will I most likely be clean?

3:39 pm September 16th, 2014

I smoked three or four hits on the fifteenth should I be clean by the seventh of next month

5:34 pm September 16th, 2014

I haven’t smoked weed since may 8th of this year and Thursday I have to that the hair test would I past

5:18 pm September 18th, 2014

Hi. My question is im on probation before I was put on probation I smoked 3-4 times a day im a female n I weigh 160 ive been on probation for 4 months now I havent smoked since. I wanna start walking for about an hour a day but im afraid ill give a dirty ua since thc is stored in fat cells n ill be burning the fat cells walking. With probation I nvr know when they will test me. Is it a good idea to start walking.

9:00 pm September 18th, 2014

I’m a heavy smoker I mean heavy almost everyday a couple times maybe more…I haven’t smoked in 10 days or so..I’m about 5″7 130lbs and have a pee test tomorrow at hospital do you think I can pass it?

12:44 am September 19th, 2014

Hi I’m 215lbs and I took two hits last night maybe a half gram they were pretty small do you think I’d be ok for a test on Monday or Tuesday its Thursday now! Thanks

2:14 am September 24th, 2014

Hello! I haven’t smoked in 4 months then took 2 hits off a blunt one day, 3 hits one day, and then 4 hits off of a tiny tiny pipe. I weigh 100 lbs and have worked out everyday since sweating, and drinking a ton of water. Could I be clean in a week with all of this?

9:53 am September 24th, 2014

Hi, Have never smoked before and my wife wants me to. I’m 6 foot at over 300lbs. if i smoke this once with a 5 day weekend what are the chances of it showing up if i get a random drug test once i return to work? This would be my first time smoking if i stuck to a few hits 1-5 if i can manage are my chances slim to none or higher because of my weight?

2:44 am September 25th, 2014

hey I smoked maybe 4 -5 hits a day around 13 days ago for 3 days then took a 10 day break then smoked half a joint. all highgrade bud. I have a drug test 5 days after the half joint but I was clean before I smoked for the 3 days. im 6ft 140 pounds with a great metabolism. what do you think my chances are? please and thank you

4:07 am September 25th, 2014

Cleared my system with 7 day detox and drank a bottle of detox drink from gnc,passed urine test. Been clean for 25 days. 4 days ago took 3 hits of some marijuna. Took saliva test and wondering if I will pass. Last smoked 4 days ago.

9:30 pm September 26th, 2014

I’m looking to get a new job that I know is going to drug test me..I’ve only been smoking moderately for 6 months 2-4 times a day. I am 5’6 roughly 190lbs. I’m hoping I can clear my system withing 5 weeks. Comments, suggestions, advice?

11:17 pm September 26th, 2014

I’m an athlete, ncaa drug tests at 15/ng. I’m 6’3 280. Haven’t smoked in about 25+ days. I’m expected to get a piss test within the next week or so…think I’ll pass?

6:25 am September 28th, 2014

I smoked at least once a day for more than a month.i quit 13days ago. I’m 5’9 and 200Ibs. I ate 1 Efferdent Denture cleaning tablet plus more than 1/2 gallon of water all 3days prior to the urine drug test. Will I pass it or not?

2:14 am September 30th, 2014

I’m 6,3 and 150 pounds and I took 3 hits of a bong when should I be clean?

10:38 pm September 30th, 2014

I have a court drug test oct 6 for a possession charge and, I haven t smoked since I got arrested sept. 14. I weigh 185 and sweat decent amount at ive been running almost everyday and ive taken niacin before work. but I took a at home drug test and failed. any ideas what else I can do?

5:28 pm October 5th, 2014

I’m 5’5 107lbs is it possible to clean out in 10 days?

3:55 am October 6th, 2014

Ok, so after reading some of these comments I just wanted to share my husbands experince. He was a daily smoker for seriously about 15 years. Finally, he decided he was done and quit cold turkey. Even though he has had terrible mood swings it is defiantly for the better! Anyway, he has took 4 home drug test and 2 at the dr office over a course of more than 60 days. He FAILED every single test. He is currently waiting for results from his last test now. After research and talking to professionals, we have found out it can take 90 days or more to test negative for pot. I know he will be so proud when he finally gets negative results! So if you’ve quit and keep getting positive results DONT give up, hang in there, your negative results are on the way 🙂

3:56 pm October 7th, 2014

I used to be a once a week smoker then stopped for over 10 years. Just recently I tried smoking sometime during the month of august about one a week, stopped in Aug.,took 2 hits off of one. Back in the day I could stop for 30 days and be clean my question is how long should it take to get out of my system for those 2 hits?

8:26 am October 8th, 2014

i smoked pot everyday for many years hadnt smoked in 38 days then slipped and smoked after 38 days clean took qcaps 4 tabs detox smoked a bowl after 38 days clean then 11 days later was tested again do you think i passed??

4:22 am October 10th, 2014

I’m 5’2″, around 100 pounds, been a heavy smoker for a little over two years now… I have a fast metabolism and have a hard time keeping weight on (hence the heavy smoking, munchies) … How long will it take to clean my system? I need a new better paying job with less stress.

3:00 am October 14th, 2014

Hi please answer my question. I’ve been clean for 4 months. 2 weeks ago I smoked around 2 grams in one week. I have a urine test coming up in 2 weeks. If I stay active and drink a lot of water will I be clean by then? I’m 5’7, 114 lbs. Im in need of answers

2:14 pm October 14th, 2014

I have not smoked marijuana for 35 years. Three weeks ago i smoked every day heavily for one week and i have not smoked for two weeks. my home test indicates negative. should i rely on this test? What is your advice?

2:45 pm October 14th, 2014

I’m not a chronic smoker but I do smoke occasionally probably less than once a month. I’ve had a urine test scheduled for pre-employment and the last time I’ve smoke was about 12 days prior to the test. How should I fair on the test and should I be worried?

3:15 pm October 14th, 2014

I was smoking a gram of weed a week ..I’m 175 pounds ,fairly slim and I have a 10 panel drug screen coming up on the 20th of October… I stopped last Thursday and took detox you think its still in my system?

8:35 pm October 14th, 2014

Just want to add that I have been a daily smoker(some in the morning, some at lunch, and some after work) for 29 years. I quit and tested myself at the 33 day mark and passed. I recently was put on probation. I quit for 39 days then took four hits off a joint. then I was clean for 15 days and took four hits four times during friday, saturday and sunday. If anyone has a quess as to if I will pass a test in 23 days please leave your opinion. I personally feel it will be close but think 23 days after infrequent smoking will be good. Opinions please.

11:25 pm October 14th, 2014

I stopped smoking weed heavy about 5 months ago and I smoke 3 blunts in a period of 3 days about 28 days ago. I drink a lot of water and I do a lot of walking. I’m 18 and 127 lbs.. Do you think I passed my drug test I took today?

10:30 pm October 15th, 2014

I weigh 140lbs and I’m 5’6.. I smoked one time 18 days ago and had a urinalysis that was sent to the lab.. I also took a Walgreens home urine test and tested negative for it.. I’m still worried it’ll show up cause it’s a more precise test, will it?

11:41 am October 16th, 2014

Good morning everyone! My best friend works at a drs office, and gives drug screens daily so I spoke with her. It all depends on how much you smoke, your weight, metabolism, the potency of why you’ve smoked ect. The best way to know is to buy the home drug test and see for yourself. Where I live they even sell them at the dollar tree for $1. Good luck!!!

7:27 am October 17th, 2014

Hello, My wife and I are going through a divorce, we both smoked Maryj and have for about 2-3yrs together, she smoked almost every evening and me about 2-4 times a day including the evening times. I smoked for help with my crohns disease, and because I suffer from PTSD, but she smoked for recreation. she filed for divorce and is now trying to use my use of weed against me to keep me from getting visitation with my kids.. I am being subject to a urine and hair follicle with expanded opiate test. I also take xannax, ambien, fetzima and reisperdal. although everything I take other than the weed is prescribed I am wondering what will show up on the urine test. I havent smoked since sept 1 2014. when my wife left i was depressed and lost about 25-30 lbs in 3 weeks. I weighed avg 170, got down to 140. now back to 152, not much body fat left. will I test pos in urine test and hair for weed or the other drugs? in reference to my wife she had been stealing my Xanax and taking them frequently but she left on aug 25 2014 and hasnt taken weed or xanax to my knowledge, will she fail urine or hair for either drug. I want to make her submit to test because she is requesting me for one. i dont care to fail on everything other than weed because I have scripts for them. as far as my script meds, I wasnt takng them everyday like perscribed because the weed seemd to help a lot more. but i have started taking them in the last few days as perscribed because of the test ill have to take next week if judge orders it. I need my drs meds to show but not the thc levels, any and all your help is appreciated.

9:06 am October 17th, 2014

Hey I havnt smoked weed in over a year then yesterday I smoked 2 joints how long will it take to get out of my system im 6 foot 133lbs. Can I pass a drug test also if I was to take one

4:21 pm October 17th, 2014

Hi i havent smoke in like 1mth and a half and i took a pee test and it came back positive for thc why did that happen if i havent smoked and exercise regularly and drink tons of water cause of me exercising i dont understand why it still shows in my system.

10:03 pm October 17th, 2014

Yall need to do some more searching. Not hard to find anwers to alot of these questions. One joint if you are clean to start with will stay in your system for 3-5 days. Smoke again within that time and double the amount of time it takes to get out of your system So a joint one day and another two days later will probably take a week to get out. Smoke another in a few days and you are looking at two weeks. If you smoke chronicly then it can take up to 45 days. I tested after 33 days of smoking everyday for 29 years and was clean. Also, if you are just testing for employment(where it is not monitored) then, please, just use fake urine and burn one on the way there. Monkey wizz is one brand I know of. I have taken many tests for employment and it works everytime. I would not bother quitting. My test is for probation so that is not an option. Now, if you go through with the test, please come back and let us know what happened so we can learn something here instead of just reading a bunch of questions. Also, if anyone here with some knowledge wants, please check out my question about 7 or 8 posts above and give your opinion. Obviously the original poster is not answering questions anymore.

3:56 am October 19th, 2014

I smoked every day for at least a year and a gram a day. I’m 190 and 5`4″. I’ve been working out as much as I can (I’m a mother to two boys) and I’ve been drinking water and green tea with antioxidants in it. And been taking metabolup and lipozene to help lose fat. I have a drug test in 25 days should I be clean by then and what can I do to help more

8:24 pm October 20th, 2014

Yes I was recently clean for a little over to months, I weigh about 130 lbs with very little body fat. I’m pretty fit and I plan to start running and try to sweat as much as I can. Two days ago I took a couple hits off a joint and my job does the drug test. I’m not very happy with my self at this time. But is there a chance that if I get tested next week would there be a possibility I would pass

12:08 am October 21st, 2014

Hi, I had a toke about 4 days ago now and hardly ever smoke, if I have a urine test for this job in say another week I’m going for do you think I’ll pass?

12:23 am October 21st, 2014

Very borderline. I would not count on it. If it is a employment test where no one is watching you piss then just get synthetic urine. If it is a test for probation or parole then just drink a bunch of water the day before and that day. Dont use your first piss of the day and use a mid stream sample when you do test.

6:44 pm October 21st, 2014

Hi I’m a 26 yr old female about 150 lbs 5 ft 7 in and I guess an average metabolism I smoked everyday seve r Al times a day for 11 years only stopping while I was pregnant I’ve been clean since June 26th and have a court drug test Monday Oct 27th and I eat pretty healthy and exercise Atleast twice a week I don’t take in alot of dairy do you think I’ll be ok and pass monday? I haven’t even been around it

7:39 pm October 21st, 2014

Hi it has been over 90 days since I smoked marijuana but I am still showing up dirty is this possible I also smoke vape pen could the oil that I put in that be effecting my test??

12:37 am October 22nd, 2014

that answer was for anna. Geof, you should be good. 3-5 days is what they say if you do some searching. Just get Monkey Wizz, its easier. Shaun. they say if you are clean and smoke once it should be gone by 3-5 days. Again, if you are testing for employment just get Monkey Wizz. No stress and you dont have to worry about quitting or failing. Its only $60 and money well spent. Testing for employment is a joke. Just get the monkey wizz and smoke on your way there if you want. Been there done that many times. Its a no brainer.

8:54 pm October 22nd, 2014

Haven’t smoked in 7-8 weeks. Still having dirty UA. Anything I can do??

2:44 am October 24th, 2014

Hi I have took a dot drug test to git my cdl but 3 weeks ago I smoked down but before I took the test at the clinic I took a home drug urinalisis will I pass becouse the at home one I did

6:55 am October 24th, 2014

Hello, I was a regular smoker for a few years then I stopped for about 2 weeks and I smoked again for 4 days and now I haven’t smoked for about 10 days. How long do you think it will take to be clean? I am 150 lbs and I have a fast metabolism and I work out/run pretty much everyday for at least a few hours a day. & also during my original 2 week break I took niacin a couple times to help speed up the process.

10:18 am October 24th, 2014

Hi. I was a heavy smoker for 10+ years and have not smoked for 9 months due to incarceration. I’m now out but have 2 more years parole. If i smoke 1 cone how long will it take to pass a urine test?

6:15 pm October 25th, 2014

I havent smoked in roughly a my butt last night I smoked a blunt with one other person and I have a drug test come this Thursday which is by the way do you think if I drink plenty of water it’ll be out of my system

4:49 am October 26th, 2014

What if I was a very heavy smoker for twenty years, then went cold turkey months ago.
Recently I had two cones (not on the same day) as I was extremely stressed. How long will this stay in my system? I am tall and scrawny. About 55kgs and 173cms

10:09 am October 27th, 2014

Hi, I was at a party about 2-3 weeks ago and got really high, I’m not a regular smoker it was most likely my 6th time smoking, but I am applying for jobs (that’ll require drug tests) and I want to know if its out of my system ye or if it’s close. I weigh 112.6 pounds, and I’m about 5’5ish and my metabolism is very high, I exercise in the morning and in the afternoon, 5 days a week and I drink plenty of water.

2:44 am October 28th, 2014

Hi, quick question.

I’ve smoked ONE small bowl of loud 3 hits total on wed the 22nd, I have a military pee test next Wednesday, supposedly 50ng, that’ll be 2 weeks clean.

Before that, I was 80 days clean being a regular smoker. Im 5’7 140lb lean muscle. Ive jogged 2 miles (gonna jog more 🙂 and swim regularly & Drink plenty of water if that even helps. 14 days is definitely in the half life and the bowl is small.. what are my odds lol?

6:17 pm October 29th, 2014

If i weigh 280 in 5’7 female . If i hit a blunt once today will i pass a drug a pee test by 11-6 if today is 10-29

11:16 pm October 29th, 2014

I am 5’7 160 lb I smoked two weeks ago about 4 times. I have little body fat and lift a lot. I got drug tested 13 days after te last day I smoked think I’ll pass?

12:00 am October 30th, 2014

Hi. Soo i stopped smoking for almost 4 months and i just took 3-5 hits of weed a week ago. And now i find out that i have a drug test a week from now. I been drinking water constantly and taking niacin and drinking cranberry juice….i am 20 and i weigh 140 pounds….do you think ill pass the test in a week???

3:58 pm October 30th, 2014

Hey I started smoking on the 22nd of October, If I stopped smoking today October 30th do you think I will clean for a drug test on the 24th of November

8:02 pm October 30th, 2014

am 29 weeks pregnant I stopped smoking a Lil over 30 days agosince my doc said I tested positive fr marijuana but I’ve smoked heavily since I was 17 years oldiI am now 23why am I still showing up positive for THC is it because I’m around people that smoke

12:33 am October 31st, 2014

i weigh 165 pounds and im 6 foot 3 i have almost zero percent body fat. i am on pre trial i get piss tested every 2 weeks. i have not smoked in about 5 months my next urine test is in 13 days if i took 3 hits tonite would i pass the test?

3:44 pm October 31st, 2014

Hi I was a heavy smoker for 15 yrs and was smoking hydro bud for the past 2 years have been smoking bush bud and for about 3wks now I have only been smoking leaf will my levels be dropping as I have done about 8 urine tests in the last 2 months

3:19 am November 1st, 2014

Hi I just to be a regular smoker, I stay clean for up to a year and a half. But this October 5th I smoked weed throu a vaporizer and It was just 2 hits, I may have my orine analysise in what, like 1 week or 2 maybe. Just want to know If Ive I would test positive or just chill, because all my friends are saying me to relax, but with this tests you never know, am I right? Also Im a 21 year old male, Im 5’7 , 140 lb and 27% body fat, I do intermitted fasting as a live style since 1 month and drink plenty of water.

9:05 pm November 2nd, 2014

I have been clean for 2 months and 3 days ago I smoked a bowl with 3 other people will I pass a drug test on the 3-4 day?

9:06 pm November 2nd, 2014

I have been clean for 2 months I smoked a bowl with 2 other people will I pass in 3-4 days?

2:30 pm November 3rd, 2014

on probation passed my 1st but since have took a hit or 2 once a week. I have color drops dont knew when ill have to go in but it would be on a tuesday when i call in for to see if today my color. Just took a drug test about 5 days ago for a job and smoked 5 days before that. I ended up passing but now i smoked on halloween which was 3 days ago will i be clean 2mrw day 4 ..? And that drug test for that job i took was 7days ago at this point .. On halloween Only smoked half a blunt maybe 0.25 to half gram super skinny one??

7:20 pm November 5th, 2014

hi im 5ft 3 trans male and i havent smoked weed in 2 weeks and the job i wanna apply for drug test you will it still be in my sister i only had like 5 drags of a joint?

7:23 pm November 9th, 2014

i smoke maybe 2-3 times a month and when i do i only smoke bout .3 grams or less. im a female and im around 105 pounds. i havent smoked in exactly 11. do you think i will be able to pass a urine test? what are the chances of me passing and failing?

11:41 pm November 9th, 2014

Hi if I only smoked 2 Bowles last night it’s been about 2 month since I smoked how long will it be out of my system

11:19 am November 11th, 2014

Hi, I was clean for about 7 months then smoked once last week (about 2-3 hits of a joint) will I pass a drug test?

9:20 pm November 11th, 2014

My boyfriend used a pipe that had resin in it (very small amount) so I am wondering if you could help me to calm him down (hopefully) and let us know if this will effect his UA on thursday…? PLease let me know asap!

9:38 pm November 12th, 2014

I am not a frequent smoker but I smoked some this past Friday and Saturday. I started getting sick Monday morning and now its Wednesday and I’m sick as a dog. I was wondering if I went to the hospital and got blood work done would the weed show up in my system ? Would that show up in the tests ?

8:13 pm November 13th, 2014

I smoked some weed 18 days ago before my drug test. I was clean before then and wanted to know if you think I could pass my drug test.

10:41 pm November 13th, 2014

I took only 4 hits out of a bowl 13 days ago and had a drug test today, should i be okay with it being almost 2 weeks? Also, i havent smoked for months b4 this

Sonja Mitchell
3:09 am November 14th, 2014

How long does it stay if your 105 & it’s been almost 3 wks

jb amazin
2:54 am November 15th, 2014

i havnt smoked for 42 days but use to smoke for years and i drink 8 glasses of water a day and workout three times a week i have a job interview and a test coming,plus i drink lots of green tea will i pass a urine test please help me out?

4:48 am November 15th, 2014

I’m 5’3 150 lbs and I smoked weed once a day for 4 months. I’m 50 days without smoking and have a potential job drug test coming up. Am I clean? How long will it take for me to get clean?

10:26 am November 17th, 2014

Hi, I’m Danny I been smoking weed for 6-8 times a day everyday about 3 months. How long will thc stay in my system?

3:21 pm November 18th, 2014

This is a very common asked question but I can’t seem to get any straight answers out of anybody. If I smoked one baby (small) bowl on a Friday and then another that was an smaller bowl Saturday, how long until I am clean? I am a infrequent user now that I cannot smoke hardly anymore. I have heard from just a couple small uses it will be cleared from my system in 3-5 days. I am pretty slim and have a decently fast metabolism. Care to clear this up for me please?

6:55 pm November 18th, 2014

I smoked on the 26th of October and it is now the 18th of November. I only took a few hits and before that I hadn’t smoked in about 2 months. I took a drug test today. Do you think I was clean?

12:39 am November 19th, 2014

If One never smokes and then hits a joint three maybe times one evening , and a test is done 4 days later
Slim, high metabolism, and regular drinker as well as been drinking lots of Gatorade, juice and water ! Thanks for your replys in advance
(And no te test was not intended) js

4:25 pm November 20th, 2014

Hi there. I took two hits from a blunt Sunday and had a test on Wednesday. I have smoke in over a year don’t have time to test myself. But came took a home test and it was negative. So I’m good?

2:31 am November 21st, 2014

Hello. I’m 31 & 115 lbs. I’m a heavy smoker & I’ve stopped smoking for 3 days & have been drinking plenty of water. I also took Niacin today & Midol yesterday. I have a dt tomorrow. Most likely a urinalysis. I’m having doubts I’ll pass 🙁

3:42 am November 21st, 2014

I’m 150 pounds and 5 ft 6in how long would it take for thc to leave my system my metabolism is high

8:11 pm November 21st, 2014

I am about 125 high metabolism and smoked daily today is my first day with out ! I have a pee test for the county in 15 days is it possiable to pass

10:16 pm November 23rd, 2014

Hey, I quit burning for months on months end. I was a very very very heavy smoker before though. Last night I took two drags off of a small bowl of some loud.. My UA is Dec 5th.. how are my chances looking?

4:29 am November 24th, 2014

i abstained from the use of marijauna for two months. Then smoked four to eight times in three weeks. As a result had one dirty test. Stopped three days tested clean. Then smoked seven puffs with in thirty days drank lots of water & green tea.

9:15 am November 24th, 2014

My thc levels were at 137 ng 3 weeks ago and i am a bigger guy (345 lbs.) How long do you think it will take to be out of my system?

4:01 pm November 24th, 2014


I smoked 1 joint (about 0.3gram) after 3 months clean how long would that take to leave my urine?

8:00 am November 25th, 2014

Hey I’ve been smoking on and off for about a year I’ve stopped using for a month now with the last couple times I’ve used before the month only being a couple hits. recently had to take a drug test for work. Do I have a high chance of failing?

6:32 am November 26th, 2014

I was an avid smoker. A couple a day for about two years almost. I am about 165 lbs. I have not smoked any since September and had to take a urine test today. Would I pass? I am a little worried.

4:27 am November 27th, 2014

Hey, I used to be a chronic smoker….I’m 6″1 and weight 170, haven’t smoked in a week, is there a possibility that I pass a urinalysis

6:34 am November 28th, 2014

I’m 6′ 147.. I smoked last week but before that I haven’t smoked for 2 1/2 month. I’m a athlete in good shape.. I been drinking a lot lately.. so give me your opinion on if im going to be clean for a test tomorrow.. also my mom’s and doctor always told me I have a high metabolism.

12:33 pm November 28th, 2014

I quit smoking for 4 months. Last night I hit a joint about 6 times. How long before its gone. I only did it due to very high depression

11:11 pm November 28th, 2014

I havent smoked in a year or more. I smoked 0.5g of hydro and I have a ua for probation in 12 days. Wat can I do to clean my system if I even can by then??????????????

2:25 am November 29th, 2014

I smoke weed daily but I have a glucose blood test in 20 days, will thc sore up I’m my blood test even if I quit smoking 2 weeks before the blood test? I’m also buying a detox cleaner for your body to remove thc from your body. So would ibr ok if I stopped smoking 2 weeks before my test?

8:40 am November 29th, 2014

Hi I’ve been clean for almost three months now but my friends smoke around me and I recently helped a friend clean a marijuana plant. I have a piss test in 2 days. Is it possible that I will piss dirty?

3:49 pm December 1st, 2014

Hi, I smoked weed for the first time in about 5 months last Wednesday and i have a THC urine test tomorrow for school and i was wondering if i would pass if i was drinking water all day and exercising? I am 6’0 feet and weigh 240 pounds, i may have the chance to put bleach or something in my urine and i was wondering what i could possibly use to pass if it came down to it. I was looking online and saw that for someone that doesn’t use regularly is like 3-5 days but Im still not sure. Please respond quickly because i’m running out of time. Thanks

7:27 pm December 2nd, 2014

I took three hits of weed about 8 days ago and smoked that one time should i be good to pass a drug test today

2:30 am December 3rd, 2014

I’m 5’1″ weigh 120 lbs smoked for the first time 3 weeks ago could it be out of my system?

4:31 pm December 3rd, 2014

I use to be a heavy smoker but I quit smoking for about 2 months. So last week I smoked all the to Saturday. How can I get my system clean by Thursday.

10:09 pm December 3rd, 2014

Hey, to start with my out use started when I was 16 .. I’ve smoked the most part of my life, with the exception of the last 4 1/2 years. Do to being on paper. (For pot) and I’ve done surprisingly great. So to my question. T.H.C. settles in the fatty tissue of women’s ovaries, and men’s testicles right. So what happens if you no longer have ovaries. Go does disipate from your system.

6:30 am December 4th, 2014

I’ve been clean for a month and I took one big hit how long Will it stay in my urine

9:50 am December 5th, 2014

I took small bite of THC cookie small bite never used weedbor thc before what are chances of hair coming up positive

4:42 am December 7th, 2014

The last time I smoked weed was September 18th, 2014. It is currently December 6th 2014. I’ve been off the weed for 80 days now. I’m 6’1, around 270 pounds. I’m applying for a job in two days that will require a piss test. Will I pass the test?

5:07 am December 7th, 2014

hello A.B, ok so i smoked weed just about everyday for ten years im 6′ tall 200 lbs i have recently stopped smoking going on two weeks now im not a active person except at work and gave myself a at home test and it came back positive was wondering about how long thc cooh would remain in system .. i do have a urine test coming up in two weeks hoping to have enough thc out of system to at least pass i dont intend on smoking again for it has dwindled my chances to move up in my company

6:14 am December 7th, 2014

“Ok so I have veen clean for 4 mountgs untill 2 weeks ago I took 2 oil hits but only really inhaled one and now its been tow weeks but I drank a galon of water a day and I messrd up and might have a urine test in tow week on dec19,2014 nd I approximately yook 15 hits and I smoked out of a can could if bd out by then what do I do?

3:20 am December 8th, 2014

Hi I took two hits off of weed , 12 days ago. I have. Dr appointment in the morningdthey’re going to give me a urine test I’ve been drinking water wIll I passeill I pass the d will I pass the drug test

1:57 am December 9th, 2014

How long does synthetic weed stay in your system after only one joint

6:51 pm December 9th, 2014

i smoked hash occasionally like once or twice a month that too only 3,4 puffs.but one night i had two joints of hash the first one dint effected me after taking second one i got completely stoned and i was scared whats happening to i wasnt able to sleep properly.i tried to sleep but it didn’t happened.then after sleeping for one or two hours i woked up and i thpught am still having its hangover that was the last day i had marijuana.its been 6 months i still feel like i have a hangovner.i know it cant stay in my body for that long nor hangover nor marijuana.please cure me i dmt feel happy now i feel numb.

8:01 pm December 9th, 2014

Hi.i hav a preemployement urine drug test.i hav been a chronic its been a month i stopd .i hav a gud physice nd good metabolism.can u suggest wn approx i cn gve my test nd whats the posble ways to detox .

3:28 am December 11th, 2014

ive been clean for about 2 months but the past October I smoked chronic. but its been about a month or so but I have a urine test will I be able to pass it?

2:50 pm December 11th, 2014

Hi , I need help I had cancer , and got chushed and had chest redone with bars and plates I never have smoked weed so I tryed to 5dsys ago. I go to pain management if I fail z pee test they will. Kick me out. I took 3 real hits of very good bud I’m. 6’1″ 153lbs high metabolism how long till clean ? Will I pass in 10 days ? Help

11:11 pm December 11th, 2014

Haven’t smoked anything since October about 2 to 3 weeks ago I took a preemployment drug test and failed I’m coming up to another one probably Monday or Tuesday do I still have something to worry about

2:29 am December 20th, 2014

I was a regular smoker I weight 112 and 5’6 I workout drink lots of water about how long would it take me to get clean?

2:37 am December 20th, 2014

I am 5’6 112 I workout, work a lot were i don’t sit down, drink lots of water a lil bit of coffee here and there about how long would it take to have marijuana out of my system if I was a everyday smoker?

8:06 pm December 26th, 2014

Hi I’ve been clean for eight months passed many piss tests in the mean time, broke down and smoked last four days on ya few hits each session will I be clean in 32 days I’m 150lbs 5″10?

12:00 pm December 29th, 2014

hi.. im 5’6 200lbs.. ive smoked 25x in the past 4 months and havnt smoked in about 30days.. i also just took a gnc 2 day detox .. i have a drug test next week… can i pass it?

6:15 am January 2nd, 2015

Ok, I’m 26 yrs old, 5’5″ tall, and 210 lbs.. I hit a blunt 4 times on the 25 of December and have probably a urine test on January 5th… Fairly slow metablolism… This is only the third or fourth time I’ve smoked over the course of the last year and a half. Should I be ok? Or do I need to start drinking water??

2:49 am January 4th, 2015

Hey , I’m about 130 lbs , I don’t smoke on a regular bases but I’ve been smoking lately , I have a drug test Tuesday , what is the best thing for me to do for it to be out my system completely , heard green tea

8:28 pm January 6th, 2015

Smoked a couple bowls a night for past 4 years. Quit December 1st . Found out the job applying for was taken. Smoked A hit January 2nd . How long will this stay in my System?

11:58 pm January 7th, 2015

I have been clean for 2 months. I smoked 1 gram of weed in 1 day after the 2 clean months. I have a urine test in 2 weeks will I test positive

6:48 pm January 9th, 2015

Love this site! 5’11 150lbs I stopped smoking two weeks ago after about a year of heavy smoking I have a test today. I’ve been working out and sweating a ton at the gym and work, and all i drink is water anyway. Comments?

11:48 pm January 12th, 2015

I quit smoking first of Dec went about week and half then smoked with a friend December 15 and haven’t smoked since I took a urine test Friday for a job. You think I had enough time to pass it?

2:09 am January 14th, 2015

1. You can get addicted to marijuana, my brother has the addiction and it ruined his life, but thankfully is back on track and has been sober 8 months. 2. I took 6 or 7 hits off a pipe will it show up in a blood test in 2 weeks?

4:47 am January 14th, 2015

soo I quit smoking for 3 months, I took like 3 hits from a bowl on January 2. and I now have a drug test January 15th, and im around it all the time -___- should I be worried?

5:44 am January 16th, 2015

i took 3 dabs on december 27 and then i just smoked a .6 joint just this past monday. if i get tested this sunday, monday, or tuesday do you think ill pass or no?

4:28 pm January 18th, 2015

How long will blood test show weed use?

5:52 pm January 18th, 2015

If I run 2-3 miles per day but I also take 1-3 gravity bong hits per day will I be able to pass a drug test in 5 days if I stop smoking completely those 5 days I’m 5 feet 8 inches tall and 180 pounds and around 11% body fat

9:09 pm January 18th, 2015

I took 5 hits of Sour Diesel. How long would it take to get out system?

3:28 am January 19th, 2015

i smoked 2gs in one night afzer kot smoking for.months, im 6 foot and 150lbs, how long will it take till im clean? i have a drug test next month

3:28 am January 19th, 2015

i smoked 2gs in one night afzer kot smoking for.months, im 6 foot and 150lbs, how long will it take till im clean? i have a drug test next mon

6:50 am January 21st, 2015

I smoked weed three days before my test and I’m pretty skinny I weigh 115 lbs and I’m about 6′ also I played basketball for the three days an I have a fast metabolism and I was sweating pretty good do you think I’ll pass

6:09 am January 25th, 2015

I’ve been clean for ten months now and I just had one cone last night.. .when will the thc be out of my system by… will I be able to aply for a job in the next four days….

8:29 am January 26th, 2015

I am currently clean from any traces of thc but am getting tested about once a month. I want to know if i would be able to burn for a few days after the test and be clean by the next month. In good shape and workout every day!

6:45 pm January 26th, 2015

Hey im 6ft tall bout 215 lbs I was smoking every day for about a month I stop smoking 52 days ago I have a urine screen today ive been drinking alot of water for the past couple of days do you think im clean

9:11 pm January 26th, 2015

Hello, I had a joint 2 days ago and I have a urine test tomorrow, this is my 1st joint I don’t smoke it usually but I do smoke normal fags, what do you recon

12:45 am January 27th, 2015

Hi. I weigh 215 abd am 5 11. A 26 year old male. I used to be a regular smoker but stopped 6 months ago completely. I took one (a single) hit out of a bowl 28 days before I took a test at 20ng/ml. Am I ok or no?

4:17 am January 28th, 2015

I smoked a half ounce of weed over a two week period and had been clean for 3 months or more how long will it take too get out of my system?

2:22 am January 29th, 2015

I’m 5ft 4 170lbs 23 years old I have been clean off pot 52 days and had a drug screen yesterday you think I’m clean?

4:11 am January 29th, 2015

Hello, I’m 5″10 210lbs and I’m scared to death rn. I took marijuana about 9 days before my drug test. I usually drink a lot of water everyday and I also did about three really hard workouts in the time frame… Im so scared because it’s a urine test for the Navy… Please help me.

11:56 pm January 29th, 2015

I’m roughly 280lbs, 5ft 5, and haven’t smoked for about 8 months but on the 18th I smoked about 2 dimes through a bong and I have a drug test on the 30th.. Will I be clean? I did a detox on the 29th and have been drinking a lot of water

9:02 pm February 3rd, 2015

Hello, the 11th was the last day I smoked. I must of smoked around a gram that weekend. I havent smoked since. I went and did a job that made me sweat like crazy. Later during the week I caught a fever that lasted a week. I was then sent to the hospital where I stayed over night with an iv pumping fluids in me and made me go to the restroom alot. I was out 3 days and a friend gave me a drug test by mouth swab and I came out negative. I later went for a urine test and waiting for the results. What are the chances I come out clean? Thanks!

1:24 am February 5th, 2015

I took one hit, I haven’t smoked for 3 months before that I’m about 120lbs, 5ft 1in. I had a UA a week later what are my chances I failed?

4:08 am February 5th, 2015

I have been a heavy smoker for years. I quit on January 4th of this year.
I have to take a urine test for a job in about 2 weeks.
I purchased an over the counter test and failed two times in the past two weeks.
Any chance of it being out of my system by test time?

10:58 pm February 5th, 2015

Hi i am a regular smoker. I am 80lbs and 5ft tall with a cery fast metabolism and have three more days before my drug test. I have driken a gallon of green tea and have been pering frequently for two days already and have a qcarbo detox kit. Do you think this will work?

12:03 pm February 7th, 2015

Alright so, I indulge in the ganj rarely. Maybe hit a bong or pipe one sesh with friends every few months, sometimes longer, sometimes less – it varies – but I am not a consistent smoker by any means. I assume thats in my favor, because I wouldn’t think it takes as long generally for someone of much less tolerance to expell of THC as that of an individual who practically bleeds green. That being said, I’m not sure if concentrated doses of pot will react with my metabolism in a different potency rate – thus resulting in a slower cleanse process for my body..? Basically last weekend I was visiting some friends at their college townhouse, and I ended up smoking a dab from my good friend’s tasty homemade oil selection. Now, they are heavy weed loving people, and are big in smoking different variations of its form. But they know that I’m a significant lightweight toward marijuana, and I said,” Make it a small dab! …and when you think small, think half of that..” lol so I know I got toasted off my ass that night, which was fun, but I’m wondering if by tomorrow afternoon you think pot will show up in a UA. I have a drug testing for a job I just landed out of the blue, and they hired me on the stop. Now, I smoked that small dab (just the one), Last friday evening, the 30th of Jan. So tomorrow being the 7th of Feb – will I pass my UA? please respond asap, whoever can answer this with the best insight would be much appreciated. I’ll check back a few times before I leave my house tomorrow (I guess its already 2 am so ‘today’)… as for my body type, I’m fairly athletic always have been. I’m 5’3 and I weigh about 108 pounds. I’m very petite, and I’m 18, so I’m young and I know I have a speedy metabolism for sure… still not 100% convinced that I’m in the clear.. :/ some reassurance or the brutal truth would be awesome! Also, Idk if this changes my possible outcome, but I’m prescribed to adderall, a very high dose, and I heard that can help to diffuse the THC much faster because of the quicker metabolizing your body undergoes while on ADHD meds. hoping for a quick and honest reply, I have to go in tomorrow around 10-11. Thanks again! 🙂 cheers!

3:13 pm February 7th, 2015

Ive smoked weed 5/6 times now only having a few drags of each one I’ve haven’t smokes it for 2 weeks now and I’ve just got a new job and requires a drug test would it be detectable if so 2 hat could I do to decrease the chance of it being found ?

6:06 pm February 9th, 2015

hi I’m Amy and i smoke weed about 2 weeks ago and it was the first time after almost 2 years and i have a drug test on Wednesday so how long will it takes for me to be clean for my test

12:16 am February 10th, 2015

Hey I stop smoking for 3 months then hit half a blunt on the 1st got random on the 10 should I b worred????

4:11 pm February 11th, 2015

I smoked a few hits off a blunt on Friday and I have 2 take a pee test on Friday 13 will I pass. I don’t smoke and I’m 135. Age 24

7:38 pm February 11th, 2015

I never really smoke maybe once or twice if that a yr, and i took a hit on 12/7/2014. i had to do a hair drug test on 2/10/15 for this job that im trying to get into. will it be in my system still? Im super nervous, bc i never smoke but my boyfriend does often. Im so nervous, Will i be okay?

12:48 am February 12th, 2015

I have not used weed in years but took one toke 6 days ago in 5foot 9 170 pounds will it show in drug test

6:10 pm February 16th, 2015

I smoke weed, I had like 5 cone on the 6 February will it be in my body course I’m going for a Blood text tomorrow plz

9:58 pm February 16th, 2015

Hey .. I was heavy smoker for 4 years but stopped for 33 day now .. I tested myself at but I got very faint line next to the T of the drug test .. what does it mean?

4:14 am February 17th, 2015

hi, i took marijuana as a tea almost two months ago, and it was only once. Will it be detected in my blood. Tnx

10:45 am February 17th, 2015

I unknowingly ate 3 marijuana cookies over a period of 6 days about 8-9 days ago and had a urine test just yesterday. I really need it to show negative. I’ve been clean for 8 months and that was a huge slip. I am healthy, am mostly an my feet most of the day most days, I drink water every day. I drank 2 glasses of blackcurrent juice 2days ago. I drank a heap of urals for a few days after the first 2 cookies cause I wasn’t sure. 9 days ago I had the other one not thinking.
I am 5″9, 73. Have a good diet.
What are the chances that it shows negative??

3:00 pm February 18th, 2015

I did less thena gram sunday night and had a drug test this morning. I am an athlete with barely any body fat and haven’t smoked in months. It was a urine test, do you think I will be fine?

9:59 pm February 18th, 2015

I quit smoking about 33 days ago , do you think it would be out of my system already?

5:32 pm February 19th, 2015

Erick, I quit smoking a month ago. I weigh 140 pounds and I’m 5 foot 9 inches tall. I’ve drank lots of water, took vitamins, drank 2.5 gallons of cranberry juice, vinager water and green tea. I might have a urine test today but, not sure if I will pass. Is there a good chance I will pass or not?

Blakk Star Poet
12:22 am February 20th, 2015

I smoke a couple times a week. I didnt smoke any weed for 11 days. Will Thc be a high count in my urine, blood, etc?

7:47 am February 20th, 2015

I last smoked Jan 14 and i took a urine test last Monday and passed but I took another today and i tested positive how can that be?

12:51 am February 21st, 2015

My last day smoking was January 25th of this year(2015) & I have a drug test tomorrow. I have been clean for 26 days. I only smoke about 1-4 times a month if that & I only take like 3 drags. I’m skinny and eat healthy, workout regularly & drink a lot of water as it is. Should I be good for my drug test?

3:10 pm February 22nd, 2015

how long does one joint stay in ur system if u weight 190Ibs and u smoked one time

4:12 am February 23rd, 2015

hello i am currently awaiting a blood test march 5th 2015 and i smoked 3-5 times a week for about 6 months i quit on december 2nd 2014 and had 2 bowls december 21 2014 with a no bs assessment do you think i will test positive for it on my test and if so i hear that apple juice in large quantities help is this true please get back to me asap by email thankyou so much for your time !!!EXTREMELY APPRECIATED!!!

4:31 am February 26th, 2015

I smoked somewhat on and off as a mild user, but quit for a whole month. Then a few days ago I smoked one time. How long will it be positive in my urine?

11:03 am February 26th, 2015

If i was smoking for three months how long would it take for Thc to leave my system but never smoked now for a week

8:51 pm February 26th, 2015

Hi I was a heavy marijuana user for a few years and quit for 2 1/2 months. I just smoked 1 gram of weed over a week long period and wanted to know when I would be able to pass a drug test. I’m 5’8 and 160lbs

7:24 pm February 27th, 2015

I’ve smoked for 6-7 months straight everyday and just stopped Monday so how long would it take to get it out of my system and be clean?

4:55 am February 28th, 2015

I ate half a lollipop 6days ago and have a drug test tomorrow… I never do drugs… Will I pass

7:33 pm March 1st, 2015

I have not smoked weed in a year and some months last night I hit a blunt 4 time can I still past a drug test that I got coning up in a week

9:10 am March 2nd, 2015

I smoked last december 3,times that month like one blunt or less and on january half of one blunt. And feb half of a blunt 3,weeks ago.. I dont exercise and need to take a drug test.. Would i be clean in 3,weeks of been the last time i smoked. 5’1 165 lb

5:50 am March 5th, 2015

I haven’t smoked since May 2014, and only smoked a very little every two months before that. If I had 1 or 2 hits from a pipe How long would it take to be clean for piss test. I’m slim 130 lbs.

5:27 am March 7th, 2015

Hi, with the new drug drive law how long would it take for the body to process the THC to below the 2 microgram limit? I smoked everyday for the past 10 years but have been clean for a week now. Say slim build.


7:10 am March 7th, 2015

Hi i just got a ankle bracelet today and was wondering if i would pass a ua in two weeks if i smoke a bowl tonight

6:09 am March 8th, 2015

my friend is 28weeks pregnant will thc be out her bloodstream by time she have her baby im really concern she stop two days ago so will it be out in ten weeks and what can she do to help clear her bloodstream

11:08 pm March 8th, 2015

I took 3 hits of weed for the first time in my life and absolutely was high as hell. Today I can’t seem to focus on anything and I have slight vision problems. I can’t remember anything either. When will this go away, I need to focus on school and I can’t get anything done.

12:39 am March 9th, 2015

I took 2 little hits, one on a Friday and one on a Saturday from a hitter. I did an at home drug test 21 days later. I have a p.o drug test in 5 days. I was a year clean before those 2 hits. If I drink lots of water and exercise the next few days will I pass?

10:22 am March 9th, 2015

Hello. I’m 34 & have been smoking since I was 13. I kicked my habit only 1week ago but my nightmares are pretty bad. Is there anything I can do to calm them down? How long do detox dreams usually last ? I’ve took the cold turkey route. Thank you

6:27 pm March 9th, 2015

Hi I smoked with some friends over the past 5 days and I never smoke but I workout and play basketball everyday. How long will it take me to be clear?

11:55 pm March 9th, 2015

Quick smoking 28 days before test. dip test sayed positive.eaiting on lab results.6 days was a micks test.just hoping below 50 nanagrsms then i can go back to work. i was a very heavy smoker.what’s my chance

7:54 pm March 10th, 2015

I just took a couple hits off a blunt last nite,before that i have not smoked in 16 months, how long will it be in my system for. My weight is 195lbs

4:39 am March 11th, 2015

Hi i tried smoking for the 1st time and i just hit the blunt 2 times for 6 days….my drug test is in 4 days…will I pass it?

Miss Meka
5:15 am March 12th, 2015

I was a heavy smoker for over 10 years, I would smoke about 5-10 blunts a day but I have not smoked in over 60 days. I am scheduled to take both a urine and blood test for a job will I pass? How long will the blood test be able to detect weed?

5:30 am March 12th, 2015

Hello, Ive been clean for 38 days now and I was a heavy smoker between 5 to 7 blunts a day and I’m still showing up positive for marijuana. How is this so? I am over weight I don’t know what to do. Is it true that if you even touch weed would it still show up in a urine sample or even smell it. I need help asap

Jacob T.
1:50 am March 14th, 2015

Hello, im 16 years old, around 145-165 lbs and 5″10. i stopped smoking on tuesday ( its friday, 3 days prior to me quitting) ( i only smoked a one-hitter) and before that i would smoke probably 3-4 times a day, i have a UA next monday(march 16,2015) and was wondering what are the chances of it staying in my system, i understand that alot of the people who commented are older than me so it takes longer for them, im gunna start taking 500mg niacin twice a day and drink alot of water for the next 2-3 days, what are the chances of it coming up in my UA(its a simple cup/strip test, it will not be sent into a lab) please respond it would make me feel soooo relieved

5:56 am March 14th, 2015

My system has been clean for 2 in a half months, if i smoke a blunt how long will it take for my system to be clean again??

2:26 pm March 16th, 2015

I hit a blunt 3 times 3 days ago, I have to take a drug test today. Do you think they will find it in my system?

5:34 pm March 17th, 2015

Hey. I stopped for 26 days. Then took one hit on that 26th day. Then two weeks later took just one hit again. Then the next day I just took a hit again. How long will it take to get out of my body do you think? Even now when I do smoke which has only been 3 times so far…I’ve only taken one hit. I’m trying to keep it to where it can be easily out of my system. I hope I’m doing it right. Lol. I weigh about 130 and I am female so idk really know how it all works.

1:28 am March 19th, 2015

If I take two hits of some grade approx how long will it be in my system considering I’m 5’10 290lbs

Big girl
10:52 pm March 19th, 2015

Hey guys does anyone know if I should be stressing out I not a heavy weed smoker but I hit the weed pipe three times indoor weed and did a drug test 13 days later and over weight I also had problems peeing a lot tho out them days think I have chance to pass the test

4:06 am March 27th, 2015

I weigh 163 pounds I’ve never smoke weed until January 1st , I only took two hits , I took a drug test on the 18th of March For a city job , I still haven’t got the results should I be worried ?

Nanci miller
5:14 pm March 27th, 2015

OK I’ve been clean for a few weeks and I took two hits of a blunt and got a drug test Tuesday should I not worry or what should I do

9:03 pm March 28th, 2015

How long does thc stay in the blood stream before it leaves?

5:19 am April 3rd, 2015

how long would it take for a cronic smoker to have thc out of your system ? (10 years plus, daily )

3:37 pm April 3rd, 2015

I been a heavy smoker stopped for 6months and last night I smoked a gram in a blunt I got a test on may5th a month from now will I be able to pass the test im about 250pounds

6:48 am April 7th, 2015

I took a resin hit about 3 days ago but it was only one. I never smoke and I will be taking a blood test soon in possibly the next week. Will I be fine?

1:49 pm April 8th, 2015

Hi, i have stopped smoking hash for 21 days , will it still show in my urine drug test. I already did it this morning. By the way i was not a heavy smoker. i used to smoke a joint a day and it was a mix of tobacco and hash.

1:43 am April 10th, 2015

I took a urine test wesday i got to go back monday will my levels go down any at all I was a everyday smoker

4:10 pm April 10th, 2015

how long will thc stay in my system I took 4 hits of weed out of a pipe yesterday and ive been clean for a year off of it I have until the 8th of may to get clean

8:57 pm April 10th, 2015

Hi I was a chronic smoker for 2 years straight smoking on average about 4-12 grams a day if not more. I stoped it all and it’s been almost a month and a half. I live a healthy if not active lifestyle biking at least 10 miles a day drinking almost a gallon of water. I took a drug test for the local Wal-Mart and failed. How long can I expect it to stay in my system, for a urinalyisis?

10:10 am April 13th, 2015

Hey there so im on probation and im getting drug tested(urine) I just recently got on probation on March 31st 2015 I smoked weed every day but I would just get a dime or dub of weed and that would last me about 3-5days and thats what I would smoke everyday just 2-3 times so thats just 3bowls in a day. After they told me I was going to be on probation I smoked again for 2 more days and then stopped smoking for 4days and then I ended up smoking a blunt(DOUBIE) after those 4days with 2 other friends and then I smoked a bowl the next day and then on April 9th I took 3 hits off my bowl I now have a drug test(urine) on April 17th and ive been running more than 2miles everyday, exercising and drinking up to 5 water bottles a day and also been drinking about 3 glasses of cranberry juice everyday, im a pretty small girl, im skinny, im 18yrs old, my height is 5’2, I weight 95lbs and my question is, do you think that my thc levels will be atleast pretty low when I get drug tested on friday??? By the way Its been 4days that i havent been smoking any weed it will be 8days on Friday April 17th that I haven’t smoked and I been drinking lots of water, cranberry juice and exercising and all of that will my thc levels be low by the time I get drug tested? And I also have to be COMPLETELY clean by May 12, 2015 do you think ill pass the drug test for that day if I keep doing what im doing? Please answer my questions it will help alot!!! Ive been stressing over it too much. I just need to know.

8:09 pm April 13th, 2015

okay . I’m about 5’7 130lbs male
I’ve smoked marijuana probably on a daily basis and now I’ve been clean over a month and i just dropped dirty at this great job i though i would get .. how much longer should it take for me to be clean ?

10:33 pm April 13th, 2015

Hey there addiction blog I need advice I smoked like a bowl on friday todays Tuesday an I’m on parole I was wondering how long it takes to get out my system im 5’6 245 pounds. Ive been drinking excessive water an working out an hour a day.

2:17 am April 15th, 2015

Hi. I used to smoke a bit then quit for months. Not I smoke like twice a month. I’m healthy but only weigh 115 due to a very high metabolism. I have a test tomorrow and I’m wondering If there’s any chance I could pass and if there’s anything I can do tonight to help speed the process up. Only had like 10 hits.

9:09 pm April 16th, 2015

Hey, I use to smoke every day all day but I quit abt 10 mts ago. I’m always around ppl that smoke and sat I took 1 hit off a blunt and Wednesday I took a urine test for a job do you think that will be detected it my test or nah

1:12 pm April 19th, 2015

I havent smoked in over 4months i use to be a evryday smoker so i smoked a bowl friday and drug test in a week from now will i pass? Im a lil heavyset by the way and im pretty active??

10:26 pm April 20th, 2015

I had 2 hits 2 Days ago and my urine test is tomorrow. If it’s been 6-7months before this time and I’ve have at least 4-5bottles of water today. Would I pass?

11:11 pm April 21st, 2015

I smoked once about 23 days ago..iv been clean for 6 years im 5-11 and 210…i took a pee you think im safe?

4:44 pm April 23rd, 2015

Hello all. I am 5’2″ 100 pounds and tiny. I smoked everyday probably 3-4 joints for the last 4 years. I am taking b complex, cranberry and vitamin c vitamins daily as well as drinking 7 regular size water bottles. I have a urine test in 3 weeks and I quit 2 days ago. Honestly, do you think I’ll pass ??

2:45 am April 25th, 2015

Haven’t smoked in 8 years I hit a joint a few days ago how long would it take to get out of my system

5:50 pm April 28th, 2015

I haven’t smoked in 5 years and took roughly 2 or 3 hits, how long will it be in my system. I’m 6’2″ and 215lbs.

12:11 pm April 29th, 2015

Hey. I get a blood test in a few hours. I’m 262 pounds and 5’8. I smoked 3 day ago and I have drank 48 oz of water since yesterday. (Didn’t realize I had a blood test soon)
Should I pass it?

10:08 am May 2nd, 2015

i am going for a drug test in 4days time how can I clean my system

5:32 pm May 7th, 2015

Marijuana is not addictive, why do people still insist that it is

6:28 am May 8th, 2015

Hey so I smoked almost every day for about 3 months or more and then have quit for the last 12 days, I am 6’4 150lbs with 4% body fat. I already don’t drink enough fluids, but have started to drink more water. When would you think I will be clean?

11:57 pm May 9th, 2015

Hey well I ate two edibles two weeks ago I have a drug test tomorrow would the THC be gone by,then? I’m active I weigh 120 pounds and I’m 5’2 ??? Would it show on my drug test?

1:06 am May 11th, 2015

Smoke 3 puff on monday about 9pm. Have a drug test friday morning around noon. Any thoughts on if i was pass drug test having smoked in years.

1:27 am May 13th, 2015

hi i took one hit of a blunt and i have a drug test on monday and today is tuesday will i pass the drug test ???

5:22 pm May 13th, 2015

I’m really scared. Um on 4/20 I smoke a blunt with 3 other people. I’m 126 pounds 5’4 im fit I workout almost everyday. But I had a urinalysis to get into airforce and it was 24 days after I smoked. I drank a lot of water I took azos but I took the required amount only two daily every other day. And I worked out a lot. Do you think I will fail my urinalysis? Please answer soon.

6:02 pm May 15th, 2015

I haven’t smoked in 5yrs A week ago I took 4 hits of marijuana an I pass a drug test?

11:16 pm May 15th, 2015

I smoked one time about 2months ago , it’s was my first nd only time. I had to take a hair drug test yesterday. Will it show up or does it usally detect repeated users

7:30 am May 17th, 2015

ismoked 2 weeks ago and just smoked last night will i pass piss test tue

david n
4:22 am May 19th, 2015

i took like 2 hits of a joint 3 weeks ago todays date 18/05/15 and the end of june i have a hair sample test 30/06/15, will i be ok mayb ?

11:29 pm May 20th, 2015

Hi, I smoke maybe 2g a week.. If that. I smoked a bowl 9 days ago and nothing since. I weigh 155# and have been drinking lots of water and eat only one meal a day. Am I still gonna be dirty in like 2 days?

2:54 am May 23rd, 2015

I have been smoking 2 blunts everyday for about a year. I weigh 175 and I’m 5″11 I recently stopped on Monday and just failed a piss test today(Friday). I have another test next week… How much longer before it leaves my system?

6:12 am May 24th, 2015

I’m not ah heavy smoker haven’t smoked ah whole blunt in years I decided to try one on May the 9th I hit it two times n stopped! May the 21 I had ah drug test do h think it was still n my system

10:08 am May 27th, 2015

I smoked weed about three months straight everyday. I quit a month ago I’m 5’5 and weigh 150 how long will it take to leave my system?

3:09 pm May 27th, 2015

I have been smoking weed consistently for 10 years and I just recently stopped. I stopped without the help of psychotherapy or any kind support group, most of my friends still smoke. I am from an island and I’m good.

6:43 pm May 27th, 2015

hey Ive been clean for about 3 months not even 1 hit and 14 days ago I smoked a joint mixed with tobacco maybe about 0.4 grams weed in it i have a drug test tomorrow do you think ill pass?

7:13 pm May 27th, 2015

I smoked a total of 4 bowls with a rotation of 4 people. A week and a day ago. I have to take a drug test in 2 days. I haven’t smoked in 3 years. I’m 5ft 5in and 163lbs. I previously took a test Friday and it was so clear I have to retake it. Would I pass?

7:57 pm May 28th, 2015

If I smoked on monday and only took maybe 4 hits. 2 of which were not hard at all. Would I pass a drug test that Friday or next week? The last time I smoked was maybe over a year ago. It was only this one time and it would be an on the spot urine test. Thank you

6:31 am May 31st, 2015

So I’m trying to join the marine corp. And have smoked a lot for a long time but not for the last 3 weeks how much longer will it take to get out ??

9:54 pm May 31st, 2015

Rare user. 2xs a week the most. Used oneies. Last time I smoked was may 26. I’m 125 pounds female. I eat healthy w lots of water. I only drink 1 soda a day. How long do u think it’ll take to clean my system out?

Since may 26th my water intake has gone way up. I run daily for 30 mins. And take cranberry pills daily.

10:33 am June 2nd, 2015

Hi I’ve been clean for about 3-4 months now and I recently took a few hits of high grade-2 hits may 28-2 hits may 29th and I have a 5 panel urinalysis drug test to take the 18th of June for probation! Do you think I’ll be clean then? I weigh about 160,am 19 years old,somewhat healthy,and I work out every 2-3 days and drink alot of water or at least try… I pee like a racehorse as it is and sweat alot usually almost every day…

7:28 am June 4th, 2015

I stopped smoking 21/2 weeks ago and I only weigh 110 lbs,I might have a drug test in a few days,is it possible ill come out dirty,ive been peeing and pooping alooot too

2:21 am June 5th, 2015

I am 5’2 and 180 lbs. If I smoked about 7-10 days per month for about 5 months (Jan-May) from weed from the dispensary. And recently have last smoked 2 weeks ago (May 21st) . I have until June 18th to get an evaluation and take a drug test. I was thinking of take it on June 10th. How long will I test positive for weed in my system?

8:47 am June 5th, 2015

I haven’t smoked since 5-15-15 and have a drug test sometime around 6-10-15 threw 6-20-15 I smoked about 2 grams a day. Do you think I will be clean for a urine screen I been working out and sweating and drinking lots of water and only way 150 lbs and I am almost 6ft tall do you think I will be alright ?

4:38 pm June 10th, 2015

Hi I’m not a heavy smoker but I’ve been smoking it often for the past months il be expecting a drug test come September or after.. I don’t want to just quit yet as I don’t need to was just wondering say if I stop for 2 weeks then have a few 1 day will that effect the life time in my system or will it not put many days back on to get out my system? Say it takes 40 days to come out if I use 20 of them days then have a joint will it go back up to 40 or add a few more on for example?

please help, j
11:36 pm June 12th, 2015

Please help, Im 15, 100 Pounds and 5’3 i gave a very fast metabolism, the last time i took weed was saturday it was half an edible i have been drinking tons of water , will it be clear of my urine in 3 days ?

6:47 am June 16th, 2015

I have been clean for six months and i recently took a few hits off a bong saturday and sunday will i pass my drug test friday im about 130lbs what can i do to help get this weed out by then as well

7:47 am June 16th, 2015

okay well I smoked the other day well I did a dab but I didn’t smoke for a month before that and a month before that time. im on probation and I need to pass my test I have until july 8th but I have to go to drug and alchol but idk when they are gonna set my appt. I weigh about 140 and im 5’11 6’0 im 17. how long will it take for it to be out of my system??

8:26 pm June 16th, 2015

I’m 5″2 and weigh 125 lbs. I smoked 4 hits of resin 19 days ago. Is the thc out of my system by now?

2:33 am June 17th, 2015

I am 5’11 140 lbs. I used to be a heavy smoker up until 2 weeks ago. I have slowed down a lot. Last Sunday I smoked a few bowls. I have a saliva test soon. I am using a 2 day detox right now. How long will thc be detectable in my saliva? Please any help is great.

Heather G
11:04 pm June 20th, 2015

I have a urine test in 9 days and I smoked about five drags off a joint about five days ago should I be worried it’s still in my system by the time I have my pee test? WORRIED. Thanks.

4:27 pm June 23rd, 2015

It will be 2 months tomorrow since I smoked heavy and I had2 roaches rolled in paper 20 days after smoking heavy im 511 and weigh 225 and it will be 38 days since I smoked the roaches I have a job but looking for another one I don’t want to leave and I’m still dirty I just want to know where I’m at

11:24 am June 24th, 2015

Hi I had been clean but smoke last Saturday 2 to joits . And am having test today will be clean ?

10:12 pm June 25th, 2015

my husband took two hits he is 210 pounds and 5″9 this is the first time he has smoked in two years and he says he won’t do it again do you think it is out of his system? He had a drug test today and it has been 12 days

2:28 pm June 26th, 2015

I smoked 3 hits 21 days ago. Hadn’t smoke for two months prior to that. I am 5’3 and 142 pounds. Would I be able to pass a drug test today? I exercise and drink water very often.

12:06 am July 2nd, 2015

So I smoked 8 blunts on low grade and I have a test in 9 days will I pass?

11:59 am July 2nd, 2015

So I smoked 8 blunts on low grade and I have a test in 9 days will I pass? An I weight 170 an I’m 5’11”

2:02 pm July 2nd, 2015

I just had a haor sample test done on the last 6 months I smoked maybe 5 times but it has been 105 days since I have smoked.what are the chances I fail the test?

6:52 pm July 2nd, 2015

i Smoked a blunt On june 14 today is Now July 2. My Drug test for probation is on July 6. I was supposed to get tested two days after the day i smoked so i got paranoid and asked everybody how to pass a drugtest . they Said Drink lots If Water, a little bit if vinegar, and Cranberry Juice . i did all of those things . my Release date for probation is july 15 . On july 6 im going in to take my last drug test .. Ive been drinking lots of water since then and im pissing clear .. Am I Gonna Pass ?

1:02 am July 4th, 2015

Im a frequent user and i took about 7 hits out of a joint about how long does anyone think it will be in my system for ?

jay girl
1:08 am July 7th, 2015

Im just wondering, well I have a fast metabolism, and I smoked wax with the weed for 5 days before…now, I havent smoked for 2 weeks right now, im just curious if how long itll take to get out of my system, cause im afraid on the drug test 1 week from now..ohh, and by the time I stopped, why I cant eat? Ive been drinking just water 9 bottles of water…that happens 3 days straight…no food at all..And im just a thick not so called fat…

7:10 pm July 7th, 2015

Hey what if you smoked 5 weeks ago only one time….and smoked one time 9 weeks before that will the THC still be in your system after taking a Urine test

7:14 pm July 7th, 2015

Hey what if you smoked one time 5 weeks ago will the Thc test positive in your urine after a Urine test

10:30 pm July 7th, 2015

I hit a blunt 1 time and I get druged tested every week I’ve been drinking a lot of water and I wanna no someone’s opinio . You think its out my system.

12:54 am July 9th, 2015

I have smoked for 15 years daily. i have very low body fat. Weigh around 135, 5’9 tall. i have 24 days to get clean totally, i was wondering if this is even possible or is there a chance, i’d planned on drinking half a gallon a day and hitting the shona after to sweat. Was also going to get a detox kit. Now I’m just wondering if it is possible, if not i might as well stop trying. thank you for your time.

2:00 am July 10th, 2015

Hi, I am 180 lbs. 6’0 tall and was a very heavy user for a long time. I recently quit (3 days ago) because I am going to get hired by a good company. I drink a lot of fluid and sweat frequently at my current job. How long do you think thc will be in my system for a urine test?

4:08 pm July 11th, 2015

I’m not a heavy smoker I hit the blunt 4 times on the 3rd of July and 3 times on the 5th I have a drug test on the 12th I’m 6’2 150 pounds will I pass my drug test?

5:55 pm July 11th, 2015

Hey, so I took one hit off if a joint last night and I need to pass a urine test for my new job. I’m a rare smoker and very healthy, high metabolism, and I usually drink a lot of water. How long will it take for the THC to pass out of my body?

11:01 pm July 13th, 2015

Thc showed in my urine on June 11… I take a urine test again on July 27.. will I pass the test?

10:07 am July 14th, 2015

I smoked weed like 2 weeks ago and I have a urine drug test tomorrow do you think Ima pass it

7:14 am July 15th, 2015

yesterday I smoked some weed for the first time in two years. I smoked at 6:30pm and took a urin test at 10:30pm the same night , do you think my test is gonna come back positive? Thanks

melissa g
4:18 am July 16th, 2015

i have a question i took 3 small puffs of pot on 7-14-15…i have a ua on 7-17-15 for pain management…i weigh 210 pounds and an 5’5″…will it show on test since i havent used before that in over 5 years…even though pot is legal where i live for rec use, im worried i might get kicked off of pain management program

4:30 am July 16th, 2015

My company is merging with another company & rumor has it the company acquiring us will drug test us. I immediately quit smoking approximately 75 says ago. I had smoked for roughly 3 months a few times a week 2-3 hits here & there . I am female 5’9 approximately 190 not a big excerciser. I ordered a packet of 8 urine dip tests claiming to be 99%+ accuracy. 1 solid line indicates a + reading & 2 lines (even if fairly faint) represents negative. I waited quite a while to test & 1st time it showed 1 solid line & a faint 2nd line. So I thought- great! It’s almost neg! I waited a few more weeks approximately 75 days total since i quit & now there is only 1 solid line and the faint 2nd line representing a neg reading is gone? Should I be worried? Thought about having my boyfriend try the dip test since he is 100% free of marijuana just to see if it’s accurate. What are the chances of it still being there 75 days later??? Sorry this is so long winded but I’m really getting nervous as we get closer to the merge!

4:48 pm July 19th, 2015

I quit smoking 6 months ago. went to a party last night and hit a bowl a couple of times. how long until its out of my system

6:28 am July 20th, 2015

I smoked weed on July 11 , I’m a light smoker and this is my first time smoking this year , I have a drug tests coming up around July 27 will I pass

5:14 pm July 20th, 2015

Hi I’m 5’8, and weight 112 pounds. I smoke at least once every day. I have a drug test to pass, how long does it take to get the THC out of my system? & does drinking alot of water helps?

4:12 am July 21st, 2015

Last week tuesday Wednesday thursday i had smoked a total of 12 hits of marijuana. I have a ua this thursday. Ive been drinking createin an whey protein w plenty of water. Will i pass my drug test. It gets sent to a lab n they test the ng levels.will i be good by thursday if i continue to drink water n break sweat. I was gonna drink pickle juice before i go and take my urine.

9:43 am July 28th, 2015

I smoked for the first time in a little over 6 months I’m a little over 6 ft 165p drink lots of water and powerade how long do u think it well be before I can pass a drug test

8:25 am July 30th, 2015

Hello I use to
Smoke regularly everyday I than had to get sober I’m 6’3 and weigh 220 and it’s pretty much as fat it took me 3 -4 months for me to negative for bud. I have now been around 6 months clean, my question if I take 4 or 5 hits out of a bowl how long will it be in my system? I am so not active but plan on going for walks and going to drown my self with drinking what., how long is it going to take for it to be outta my system. Thank You

9:36 am August 1st, 2015

I’ve smoked roughly 15 times, but it’s been about 2 weeks since my last time. Today I took 2 hits off the bowl and in 10 days I have a doctors appointment. Will I pass (or what could help to get it out of my system quicker)?

5:05 am August 5th, 2015

Hi great site by the way!! The last time i smoked weed was a year ago and i rarely smoke that, and i took 4 hits of marijuana, i have a drug test (urinalysis) in 5 days!! Omg can i pass? Racking my brains!!

5:10 am August 5th, 2015

Hi I recently did a drug test I haven’t smoked nothing since June 1st but I posses dirty today for marijuana what could be causing this to happen

9:55 pm August 7th, 2015

Hi I’ve been prescribed to Adderall for the last 2 years and take it once daily as prescribed. I’m not a big time smoker but I have smoked a few blunts here and there over the last year. I smoked one joint a little over 10 days ago. I bought a first check home drug test kit and got a faded pink line next to drug and a solid pink line next to control. The directions say that if I receive a solid or faint pink line next to drug I tested negative. I just took a urine test at a hospital today as well do you think I passed?

10:19 pm August 8th, 2015

I’m Hoping someone has some knowledge for me…. I’ve smoked 2joints in 6th months on back to back nights yesterday and today. Is there anything I can do myself that’ll make sure I pass a urinary exam friday maybe even wdnsdayr get custody of my son and I’m so close to having him back 24s …. and that’s all I’ve wanted since my wife passed

8:11 pm August 9th, 2015

I havent smoked since January of 2013. Now I drop a ua every mondy. If I took 3 or 4 hits after my ua tomorow eould it show up in my ua the following monday? I am 210 pound less than 12 percent body fat super high metabolism and I do construction

7:42 am August 11th, 2015

hey I haven’t smoke in 5 months and I’m getting a drug test tomorrow do you think I’ll be clean?

6:01 pm August 11th, 2015

I havnt smoke I about a month but I took a hit of a blunt last night how much would that effect my thc levels in my urine

5:40 pm August 14th, 2015

Hi, I’m a very heavy smoker and I have a urine test on the 17th, I stopped on the second..I’m 6’8 and 180 pounds. Do you think I’ll be fine?

4:45 am August 18th, 2015

I have a drug test coming up within a week or two, last night I ate an edible with 85 mg of shatter infused, along with eating the same edible a night prior and same again a couple nights prior to that, will my test be clean if I wait 2 weeks?

1:23 am August 21st, 2015

I took 2-3 hits Aug 1st. I’m 5’5 160 lbs. I had a drug test Aug. 19th. Will I pass?

5:18 pm August 21st, 2015


2:00 am August 22nd, 2015

I smoke a blunt a day and I workout everyday and I work construction meaning I swear everyday how long until it should be out of my urine

9:58 pm August 22nd, 2015

I weigh 140lbs and 5’7″ I took two hits week b4 I had 1.5 grams 16th last I took and now I have a drug test on the 24th should I be worried?

7:48 pm August 23rd, 2015

I had been clean for 2 months an the being of August I smoke over a period of 2 weeks, maybe a gram of reg an 2 small hits of do. I took 2 small hits of reg yesterday which is a week before having to take a drug test. U think I will pass. I drink lots if water cranberry juice an green tea. Could someone please help me.

8:26 pm August 23rd, 2015

I took 3hits of a blunt how long will that last in my system also will it show in a urine drug test I’m 5’3 pushing 136

12:27 am August 24th, 2015

hi, I have a question.. i signed a pain management agreement, i quit smoking the day i signed it and 42 days later i still tested dirty, now my doctor is going to take me off of my pain meds, i had back surgery that didn’t work.. i smoked for 30 years and since it became legal here in Wa. State was smoking hash, concentrates and oil, He said he called the urine testing company and they said no way i should test dirty after 30 days.. Is it possible to still test dirty after 30 days? I don’t know what to do about this because i have not touched marijuana since i signed

4:17 pm August 26th, 2015

Hey I smoked couple hits on july 26th just once and now its Aug 26 had lab drug test today but took a home test yesterday and it was negative should I be good cause I fucking hope so

3:29 pm September 2nd, 2015

I quit June of 2014…I took a few puffs about almost 2 weeks ago but have a drug test this Friday…Should I be worried? I’ve been drinking tons of water

12:25 am September 11th, 2015

If I weigh 145 n I have a drug test Moray n I have azo pills n take then 2× a day will it be out my system haven’t smoked since yesterday

10:47 pm September 11th, 2015

Hi. I have been smoking pot for 10 years I recently quit smoking about 2 months ago they took a hair follicle test at my last drug test and I smoked every single day for months and months and even a week b4 I had my test and some how my hair test came up 0.2 . I bleech ed my hair than died it b4 they did they test do u think that’s y my test only came back 0.2 ? And I have an upcoming test sometime after court on the 15 so probably on 16th or 17th of this month iam very nevervous because I’m worried that it will show up I have seriously mabe only smoked a joint all together since I last had my drug test . I’m really worried . But if my test came back that low last time do you think there’s a chance that those couple hoots won’t show up

2:48 am September 13th, 2015

I smoked for the first time in 6 months, a couple bowls out of a weed vaporizer in two days I’m very skinny how long till it will be out of my system?

4:10 am September 18th, 2015

Hi I smoke a lot of pot but today I have smoked at all. So since I have decided that I am going to join the army how long will it take pot to get out of my system. I am 6 feet tall and weigh about 155-160 please help

6:33 am September 18th, 2015

I am a recovering meth and opiates. I have been in recovery for over 30 days. I get weekly ua that are random. I have been smoking pot a little every night. All my ua are clean. I don’t know how this could happen. Do u have an answer for me on this this?

4:28 am September 20th, 2015

I took two hits off a blunt how Long will it stay in my system? I took a drug test two days later for a job is it possible to pass???

5:36 am September 24th, 2015

Ok guys i need some answers im stressing out. I got put on a year probation and have to do weekends in jail however i do no get tested for probation but they test me every time i turn myself in to jail and wvery time i leave. I am 230 lbs and i smoked anywhere from 8 to 15 blunts a day. The jail is telling me that no mayter how much i weigh or smoked there is no way i should not be clean in 30 days… Well its been 30 days and i am still testing for thc… I take buprenorphin (subutex) does anyone know if the subutex can pro long the thc being out of my system??? Or if not how long it might take for me to be clean??? HELP PLEASE!!!

5:03 pm September 24th, 2015

My boyfriend took 1 hit of THC 17 days ago he never smokes it he just decided to 17 days ago is it out of his system NOW???

2:28 am September 25th, 2015

Tested positive at 91ng/ml in ua. Have not smoked for 40days is that considered a high test lvl and how long i think it will be tell it is down to a passable lvl

5:19 pm September 25th, 2015

I am well overweight and I had 2 small pot brownies (June 22, 2015) for the first time ever in 2-3 years and a week ago. The brownies I had were not good and didn’t even have an effect on me. I looked at the calendar and saw that it had been 11 weeks and 4 days since I had them. Should I be able to pass this urine test? I took a cheap home drug test and it came back negative.

12:53 am October 2nd, 2015

Hello all and any opinion or input wks be valued on this I am on probation and I recently went on vacation and smoked everyday for 2 wks not real heavy 3-4 hits a day off of some high grade stuff I had 34 days before I tested in stocky built I feel like I shod be fine I didn’t smoke for 7 solid weeks before that and I usually only smoke a couple days out of the month do u think I passed

8:16 pm October 5th, 2015

Hi there been clean for six years was at a party on Saturday I only smoked half a joint how long will it take to get out I might have a urine test soon

9:17 pm October 5th, 2015

I’ve been a heavy smoker for years.. I stopped for 30 days, took 1 hit on june 8th, and never smoked since then.. I’m 270lbs and have a urine test tomorrow.. Are my chances for being clean high or low..? Kinda nervous about the situation..

1:44 am October 6th, 2015

So I have a drug test in 1-2 days last time i smoked was about 3 days ago an since then I’ve been drinking a ton of water an coconut water with lemon in it to detox my system an ive been eating fiber bars to you know poop, ive been eating relitivily healthy, an my tolerance is up out of the roof, plus I’ve been going hiking to sweat it out, i am a hardcore chronic smoker but I’m also skinny an have a really fast metabolism, do you think ill pass a drug test?

4:00 am October 7th, 2015

Hi I was a chronic smoker I cut right back on sunday last week on wednesday my urine was 140 for thc by friday was 40 over the weekend I had two cones and then today being wednesday had 3 cones will my levels on friday still be lower than 40? As before when I smoked I was smoking up to 30 cones a day everyay?

8:34 pm October 9th, 2015

Hi y’all!!! Yeah I’m from Texas!!! My question is I smoked some hydro on two different occasions on Thursday of last week!! Took a at home drug test on Monday and had a faint line for the!! Well I took a drug test for parole on Wednesday and passed with a faint line for thc!!!! Well my question is I went and took a dot drug test today on Friday do u think I passed????

11:39 pm October 9th, 2015

I quit smoking for 4 1/2 months & two days ago I hit it once. I took a urine test today. Will I fail? Is it in my system

12:21 am October 11th, 2015

I smoked like 2-5 hits five days in a row and haven’t a smoked since 1 1/2 years prior I had a drug test 28 days later with my dr. Do you think I will pass clean?

1:51 am October 11th, 2015

Hey I’m 5-6 weigh 145 I haven’t smoked in yrs and had two tokes 7 days ago I had to go take a random test will I be ok

11:54 pm October 13th, 2015

I smoked a blunt on saturday night and one on sunday night, about how long would it take to get out of my system ? These were my first times in about a month, and i wasnt doing it much leading up to that time either.

7:49 am October 14th, 2015

I smoked around 16 days ago I smoke occasionally not everyday .. Will I pass a drug test ? I’m 4″11 and weigh about 100 lbs maybe a little less no more !? I really need to pass a possible drug test for job in 3-4 days maybe more

5:42 am October 16th, 2015

Ok so some stats, if it helps. 36, 5ft 11, 155 pounds. I have an above average metabolism. So I smoked grade A bud and hash for 10yrs straight, quit for like 4-5 months straight no intake whatsoever, then started smoking again with .5 grams grade A would last me between 5-7 days. Essentially id take a very small piece in a pipe and take a hit, 4 times max a day, and .5 grams would last me about a week. I’ve been clean again for 23 days. How long will it take for my body to be completely clean in your opinion?

7:10 pm October 19th, 2015

Hey I used to smoke weed regularly every day. I quit for a little over a month and a half. I had 3 hits out of a bowl on Friday. Would I be able to pass a urine test next Friday. I’m a college athlete who works out everyday.

10:17 pm October 19th, 2015

i am 5ft weigh 200lbs & havent been smoking for the past yr because I was pregnant. i went to orlando 20 days ago & ate 3 edibles with little cannibis in them & took maybe 10 hits from 2 blunts the whole weekend. do you think i will test positive?

1:19 am October 20th, 2015

i smoked sort of infrequently maybe 1-2 a week tops and skipping every other week . 3 hits max when i did smoke. passed a mouth swab i had 5 days after last use a few months ago… The last time I smoked on October 2nd after a car wreck to ease back pain 1 bowl shared between 2 people.. and had smoked with the same frequency as stated before the wreck. The week of wreck was a week i did not skip smoking. I took a dollar store drug test today and got a negative result. I then drank a bottle of water and headed to take my urine drug test. I know I’ll know If i passed or failed within a couple days but I am curious if the amount that registers in the drug store urine test and the urine sample i gave today being sent tot he lab will differ and if i have a good chance of passing or if i might still fail

11:45 pm October 25th, 2015

Hello, I am 18 I weigh 145 & and I’m 5’9 I’m pretty skinny and have a high matabolism…..I smoked some weed yesterday just a few hits enough to get me high and I did take 1 hit the day before that….just 1…..I’ve been drinking alot of water and eating healthy…and I wanna know am I in the clear in the next few days

2:22 am October 30th, 2015

Hello! I have never been a frequent smoker I use to in college sporadically, but I haven’t smoked in about 2 1/2- 3 years. July 19th I took mayb 4 or 5 drags with a friend and haven’t smoked since then and I normally drink a lot of water and I’m skinny (not a lot of body fat) I took a drug test today for a job, I’m just hoping that I passed, what do you think?

3:51 pm November 1st, 2015

smoked 2-3 times a week for 2 weeks stopped for a couple of weeks then hit it a couple of times for a couple of days .Is it still in my hair?

3:57 am November 6th, 2015

Hello! I have a urinalysis tomorrow. I have been clean for about 170 days. 17 days ago I took 1 (maybe 2) little hits from a tiny pipe. I didn’t even feel the affects. I’m a female, 5 feet, 98 pounds, pretty fast metabolism. What are the chances of me passing? Thanks! Oh, also. I took an at home thc test about 3 days ago and it came back negative.

9:48 am November 6th, 2015

So I have probably smoked a total of a joint within the last 5 months but have not engaged in 20 days. I recently accepted a new position that requires a urine sample. I took 2 first choice drug screening that both came back negative. Do you think I’m in the clear??

12:57 am November 12th, 2015

Okay so I have court on the 23 and will probably get probation. I’m 105, 5’7 and am only smoking once before I go to bed. If I stop smoking a week before will I be ok if I get tested? Wish me luck by the way.

4:11 am November 14th, 2015

Yes I smoked for the first time 8 days ago and I drank water and cranberry juice and a liquid detox before my test today will I be okay as far as passing the urine test

4:14 am November 15th, 2015

Hello. I have a UA coming up n i smoke about two n a half blunts on the 18th of october. I weigh 130. Will it show up in a UA? I also took a home drug test tuesday n it was negative bout i need to be completely sure. My ng needs to be below 0 to 5ng.

5:13 am November 15th, 2015

Hey, I smoke 2 nights in a row 2 weeks ago. I took 4 bong rips each night. I have a piss test in 3 days. I have a pretty fast metabolism and weigh 120. I hadn’t smoked in a month since then. Do you think I’ll pass?

6:47 pm November 15th, 2015

Need some help haven’t smoked weed in about 4-5 months, but last night I took like 3 hits of a joint, and I’m a pretty big dude 5’9 280 pounds. How long will those hits Saturday in my system for a urine test.

12:13 pm November 22nd, 2015

I’ve been smoking weed everyday for about 2 or 3 years now. I’ve been sober for about 3 or 4 weeks now and probably have about another week before I have to take a drug test. I’ve been drinking lots of water, cranberry juice, exercising often, and trying to eat healthier. Do you think I’ll be clean in about a week? Pls answer this is for probation.

In need of advice
1:36 am November 24th, 2015

Hi, I have been a regular smoker for the past 3 years but I quit smoking this past year from April to June and then from September to early November. Over the past couple of weeks I have smoked almost every day. I just found out I have a drug test in about 21 days. I am 5’4, 105 pounds, I work out regularly and I drink a lot of water. I am a little nervous because I know 30 days would be better. Do you think I can pass the test?

6:58 pm November 30th, 2015

I haven’t smoked for a number of years. Between 18th to 25th of August this year I had 3 joints and then nothing until 11 days ago I smoked 3 cones. Will I pass a urine test tomorrow? I’m 56kgs and 161 cms. I have only a little bit of fat around my stomach and bum. Will I pass a drug test? I’ve only been drinking about a litre per day.

2:32 am December 7th, 2015

I havnt smoked in about 6 months and on thanksgiving i took one hit and 9 days later i took two more long will it take me to clear my system.out again?

2:55 am December 7th, 2015

I have high intensity workouts monday through saturday every day for about 2 hours and i lose close to 5lbs everyday (most of it is water weight) but i was just wandering how long it would take for marijuana to leave my system.? I also use to smoke a couple days a week but i havent for about 2 weeks will i be clean now? i have about 10 percent body fat

12:54 am December 8th, 2015

How long dies it take if I take one hit of weed after I quit on November 13 I’m only 130 pounds

5:19 pm December 8th, 2015

smoke heavy but i stop like two and half months ago, i drank water everyday since and very active i might have drug test today for probation, i already been violation once but did 10 days every since then i havent smoke since october 18 its now December 4 , like i said i been dranking water and very active to cleasen myself i even dranking cranberry juice too, you thinking its out my system just little bit , i been losing weight to i weight at first at 245 now im down to 235 im 5″11 what you think??

10:50 pm December 10th, 2015

Ok im a heavy smoker if i stoped today would you think i would be able to pass a UA test by next Friday

2:35 am December 12th, 2015

Hi I’m roughly 150 pounds and I’m a heavy user I quit December 1st of this year and I’m trying to find out how long I should quit in order to apply for a job that does urine test

8:09 pm December 12th, 2015

Im 23, 4’11 146 pounds and i found out i was pregnant 30 days ago and i am a heavy smoker but not a regular smoker i just started smoking i smoked everyday heavy for about 2 months prior to finding out i was pregnant but i have been clean for the past 30 days will my urine test be negative i took it exactly on the 30 day mark for a governmemt job??

10:10 am December 14th, 2015

I have a drug test few days later for my new job and i smoked hashish about 12 days ago will it be a problem in my drug test and i m smoking cigarettes 3 or 4 daily will it be seen in my drug test results.

In need of advice
5:21 pm December 14th, 2015

Hello- question. I was at a party and had 1/4 of a hash brownie . I am not a regular post or hash smoker or eater. Last time was about 9 months ago. I have upcoming interviews and am afraid I am going to be drug tested. I am an avid runner and am 5′ 4′ – 117- about how long should I wait before taking an at home test to see if I I test negative? Also, should I be clear by the 1st or second week in January? Thanks!

5:03 pm December 17th, 2015

I’m not sure of this thread is still active but I’m 5feet, 120lbs, I last smoked a few hits from a bong on Dec. 5th and my urine test is on the 22nd. Am I completely in the clear or should I be worried? I am an infrequent smoker, doing it anywhere between once a month to once every few months.

6:52 am December 18th, 2015

Im a 28 yr olld female weight 170lbs and im 5’3 i took exactly 3 hits of a blunt two days ago and i havent touched it at all before that in a year i have drinking plenty of water so much got the runns tmi but detailed to get advice how long before i could pass a urine screen

2:23 am December 19th, 2015

Anyone who tells you Marijuana isn’t addictive is full of it. I was a cronic smoker 10 years. When I quit I suffered depression, loss of appitite, and sleep disturbance, just to name a few symptoms. \It took at least a weak before I became what I call normal. One thing to remember is we’re not smoking daddy ditch weed anymore. The stuff is made with science now.

4:16 am December 24th, 2015

I have not smoked in 2 years and I took 2 hits it is 12-23 and I have to take the test on 12-29 if I drink a lot of water do u think I will be OK to take a urine test by then

11:11 pm December 26th, 2015

Hi. I am 25 days sober and will be testing in 3 days for probation. Ive taken many home tests and only passed one with a detox drink. My question is should i be ok or should i just have one of those detox drinks handy? And will it be detectable. Note i have not used in almost a month so i know the detox will work.

12:14 pm December 29th, 2015

Yesterday 12-28-15 I took a DOT drug screen for employment, I have tested negative for THC since 9/15, but 12-24-15 I was around a friend whom was smoking note; was well ventilated, it was my garage. I’m 5ft 10in and about 300lbs. Should I have any reason to worry?

11:16 pm December 29th, 2015

I was a heavy smoker of marijuana how long will it take to get out of my system before I could pass a urine test

3:16 am December 31st, 2015

I haven’t smoke in a month will I pass my drug test. I took a test yesterday-

9:46 am January 1st, 2016

I ate weed like maybe 1g or under a week ago will I still fail the test from that day to now which was a week ago ?

1:24 am January 6th, 2016

I took 3-4 hits of a joint on christmas day i have a drug test on jan 7 will i come up postive in my UA TEST….

11:24 pm January 11th, 2016

I’m 5’7″, 240, female, normal-slow metabolism. I smoke about 3-5 puffs per week to every other week (all at once). Last smoked yesterday. Possible urine drug screening Tuesday, Jan 18 for new job. Chances of passing?

6:33 am January 12th, 2016

Hey I’m 5/7 120lbs smoked a week ago but been drinking a lot of water and cranberry juice got a test coming up will I be clean

10:58 pm January 12th, 2016

I am 260 pounds and 6 foot tall. I started smoking in the middle of November but only smoked a couple weeks about once maybe twice each week for total of 5 times. Each time I smoked 5-8 hits of loud. The last time I smoked was December 21. I am not very active. Do you think it would be likely for me to pass a urinalysis next week?

11:58 pm January 12th, 2016

The only thing you can get addicted to is the tobacco/cigarillo wraps because of the nicotine

2:26 am January 13th, 2016

Hi, I’m 5’6, 107lbs, 18 Years old, have a high metabolism, and excise daily. I smoke probably 1-2 grams a week, how long would it take me to pass a urine test?

6:37 am January 13th, 2016

Hi there! I want to know if a smoking schedule is possible to avoid testing positive for random urine tests. I have Friday and the weekend off therefore if I smoke a moderate amount ONCE a week on Thursday night and drink lots of water-cranberry juice/take niacin before bed on the weekend, will my usage be detectable Monday-Thursday? I am a 5’8 male that weighs 150 pounds and I am generally fit. Thank you for your time!

3:10 pm January 13th, 2016

Hi. I smoked 3 days in a row for the first time ever over new years. Roughly how long will it take to leave the system. Got some big jobs coming up and have to pass a medical

2:43 am January 17th, 2016

So I accidentally ate 25mg weed candy, but I’m supposed to be starting my military career in just a couple of days. I took in on Saturday and I have to take a drug test by Wednesday. What can I do to help it clear out of my system? Will it be cleared out if I ate a whole bag of ice?

7:13 pm January 17th, 2016

I rarely smoke. Maybe once every 6 months. On new years I smoked 4 hits off a pipe of medical grade marijuana. I had a random hair test at work on the 13th of january, 2016. I also was forced to submit urine test at the same time. What are the chances I pass my hair test? I heard it takes a lot 6 joints for it to be detected in hair and I literally smoked like .5 a gram, if that. I’m so scared as I heard nothing back and cannot afford to lose this job

7:55 am January 19th, 2016

I smoked pot roughly a stick 3 months ago and had 3 cones 22 days ago and that’s all I’ve smoked in one and a half year I weigh 85 KGS and dont seem to put on weight quickly do u think I’ll b right for my pp test on Friday

7:53 pm January 19th, 2016

i havent smoked in 3 days and yesterday i smoked one blunt. but i drunk almost a gallon of water do you think ill be okay?

10:21 pm January 21st, 2016

Hi! I smoked Dec 25, January 1st, and January 8th. I’m currently 13 days sober and I have a drug test soon. Im 107 lbs and my metabolism is faster than normal. I drink water everyday all day and I’ve started going to the gym everyday for a week for about 3 hours. When will my system be clean for a urine drug test?

5:10 am January 23rd, 2016

A friend introduced me to pot and I have smoked about one to two hits a night, 3 nights a week, for the last 10 weeks from a one hitter and was not a smoker prior. What level of smoker does that make me? I cant seem to figure out what is moderate vs heavy?

2:12 am January 24th, 2016

I’ve been in bed scaredand depressed for 3 days. I’m 46 years old. Tried pot 1 time at 15. New years eve had couples over and we were drinking and a friend brought over pot that she had been taking away from her teenager as disipline. None of us smoked. We decided to do it with our husbands. I must of took 15 big hits out of a pipe and we kept laughing and passing it around. New years Day my husband and did it at like midnight.around 6 hits each. Haven’t touched it since. So I did it twice..but a lot I think. Well…I just may have ruined my whole life and a great career. I got pulled for a random. I work for the DOT. I thought I was ganna just die. It was 18 or 19 days later. I had a 30 min warning to drink. I drank so much I could barely walk. I pray to God I’m OK and will never do it again. I bought a Walgreens test today just to see (3days later)I’m not sure if it’s can barely see the line. It’s faint whitish rose. Then I read about ghost I’m freaked out more. I’m 5″5; 148. I’m not totally active but my job requires me to constantly walk airports. Please help me rest my mind. Thank you.

1:54 am January 25th, 2016

I have not smoked for 2 1/2 weeks and my body fat is 12% should it be out of my system by now?

8:30 am January 25th, 2016

hi, please help me my boss gave me a last chance because i failed the last drug test 2 weeks ago and he wants to give me another drug test tomorrow, will i pass it or not please reply asap i cant afford to lose my job…

11:02 pm January 26th, 2016

i smoked on jan 6th like 3 hits from a bowl then again on the 11th just like no more then 4 hits had drug test today a urine test. should i be ok?

6:54 am January 28th, 2016

If I was an occasional user MAYBE 1-2 times a week for 4 months and I have stopped for 3 weeks would I pass a urine test in a couple weeks if I did it again??
I am 6’3 190 and not over weight at all what do you think? My dad is randomly drug testing me.

8:20 pm February 1st, 2016

I smoked on the jan 4-11 and one time on the jan20 but then i got put and i.have been on iv drip and othr iv drip.ringer and potassium and i have had two diff antibotics at 5&6am&5&6pm for.the last 11 days and also had two.knee surgerys i finally go after 12 days bein.admitted and i hv drank alot of fluids also but do u think i pass a drug screen.

9:19 pm February 1st, 2016

I smoked 2 weeks ago, I m 5’11 170 lbs..I have to test in 3 you think I will pass my UA

9:25 pm February 2nd, 2016

If I am a month clean off merijuana should I be able to pass a urine drug test

5:25 am February 4th, 2016

Hey, I’m 250 5’11 and I smoked once 31 days ago. Is it still in my system?

10:55 pm February 4th, 2016

I have a life insurance blood urine test coming up. I have been a regular light hash smoker (no pot). My intake has been half a gram (if that) a week. How long till the THC leaves my system?

9:21 pm February 5th, 2016

I’m trying to get a job at GM I know they urine test I am a chronic user of mj but I haven’t been smoking to frequently I say 1 blunt every few days depends I weigh about 135 I don’t have any fat on me or anything you think I can pass the test if I stop now keep drinking water and green team continue frequent urination work out and pass the test? I tend to sweat a lot in my sleep and along time ago Walgreen had me take a test and I smoked the night before that and used the same method drinking water and green tea and I happen to pass you think I’ll be ok in this case? I haven’t been called in to GM for an interview yet so I kinda figure I have time to do some cleaning

1:30 am February 13th, 2016

Hi, I quit smoking marajuana and all drugs 4 years ago, I 3 nights ago I took 1 hit of some good bud, and that was all. I may have a drug test Monday morning. Was wondering if I’ll be in the clear? I been drinking lots of fluids. I am 6’1, 168 pounds

1:53 am February 16th, 2016

Does ready clean work?? We get randomly drug tested at my new job. If I have a bottle with me and drink it before a drug test I think I read that it kicks in within an hour. I’m not a heavy smoker but I don’t wanna quit either.

12:30 am February 17th, 2016

Ismoked weed, 3 hits 17 days ago will Ibe clean. Before that 2 weeks and 2 hits

2:15 am February 17th, 2016

Okay so i smoke less then i use to i ise tp smoke everyday but now i smoke occasionally on the weekends and not dueing the week ao if i smoked 10 days before a probation drug test will i pass or fail i dont drink alot of water and i dont really exercise i do yoga though but if i smoked on the 19th and i have a drug test on the 1st would i pass or fail

7:52 am February 18th, 2016

I smoked one hit for two weeks after being clean from it for 5 years, I have to drop in two weeks is it enough time to pass? I have a high metabolism I’m 6′ 1 and 175 lbs

7:32 am February 22nd, 2016

Hi. I use to smoke every night for over a year. I have been clean for 4 months. I had 3 hits on the 4 th if February. I’m average weight for my size of 6 3 do u think thc is still in my system. Thanks

11:46 am February 24th, 2016

Soo I’ve been clean for almost a whole year, then like two days ago I took one hit from a joint. Would that still show up in my system during a school drug test I only weigh 125 and my hight 4″11

11:13 pm February 24th, 2016

I was a heavy smoker for ten years went clean for about a year and a half smoked about five or six times (3 hits a piece)in a three day period . I’m 5’9 185 muscular maybe 12 or so % body fat physical as fuck (I spend about one to three hours in the gym 3x a week or more)I have a job interview Ina few days and have to piss test was just wondering how long you would estimate till I’m clean thanks

1:57 am February 26th, 2016

I was a frequent smoker. Smoking about 5 times per day. I recently stopped smoking about a month ago and I’m going in for a drug test soon. Do you think it will be out of my system in time?

pleaseee help asap!
6:28 am February 26th, 2016

So I haven’t smoked since the beginning of January sometime. I smoked daily for 2 weeks (a bowl a day) I have also been around people smoking it this past month. I have a drug test in 4 days for a promotion at my job. will I pass?

11:54 pm February 26th, 2016

I am a 20 year old female, about 5’4″ and 140lbs. I smoke a little every weekend maybe a day or 2. I have under 2 weeks to detox for a urine test, will I be okay?

5:41 am February 27th, 2016

I have a test in 8 days. I’ve stopped smoking for about a week. I think it’s too late to be honest but an opinion would be great. Urine test

6:14 am February 29th, 2016

I smoked everyday 3-5 times a day I weigh 170 and I’m 6’3 and I have a very fast metabolic rate. How long will THC show up on a UA test?

Deborah A.
5:36 am March 1st, 2016

I have abstained from heavy use since nov 1 2015. I came up with high numbers in january, and took trest in February andthe results on feb. 29th only dropped 10. I have now not smoked for 4 months, and I am dumbfounded that my laboratory urine tests are still showing that I am failing. I now have an appointment on March 15th. How is this possible that I failed after 2 months, then 3 months…I am worried that now this next test will be a fail too. Is it possible the lab is making mistakes?? I do have a 70 lb. Apron hanging in front from drastic weight loss nd it is all fat and skin. Is this fat. The issue. My metabolism is low becuse I am a chronic pain ptient and do not move like a normal person. I need this to end. This is a probtion thing, and one clean will let me out. How can this length of abstining still show up positive. Im not even smoking cigarettes anymore either. Ps. I had no withdrawl, and no cravings and have no addiction issue… please tell me there is a logical explanation for all this…4 months and still failing has to be a fat…metabolism issue. What is your knowledgeable opinion?? Thank you Deborah.

3:16 pm March 1st, 2016

Hi, I have been 2 months clean from smoking. I hit the bong like 2 times and smoked half a blunt. I was wondering if it would show on a drug test today

6:09 am March 5th, 2016

Hello, I am currently pregnant. I have been smoking kush for a few years now almost on a daily basis. I weigh 125 lbs and have a test on 3-17. Do you think as small as I am and with being pregnant making me urinate a lot I will be Clean by 3-17, I also have a high metobalism. I have always been very skinny my entire life. Not fat on my body bit what the inborn child is accumulating

1:59 am March 7th, 2016

I only took 2 small hits of weed . How long is it going to take to leave my system? I’ve been drinking gallons of water apple cider vinegar and cranberry juice?

12:30 pm March 7th, 2016

I smoked 3 days ago I’m a very light girl I’ve been drinking lots of fluids it was my first time smoking is the thc out my body

10:05 pm March 8th, 2016

I just took a urine test today. I smoked 2 hits of a joint which I got wrecked cause I haven’t smoked pot for like a year and a half before that. I took those two hits 9 days ago. I didn’t know I had a test coming up so I had about a 7 day window be for my test. I only worked out once during that week and drank a lot of water. When I took the test this morning my pee wasn’t pure yellow. It was kinda yellow and clear cause I drank water before hand. I’m 5 11 and 155 lbs. I got a high metabolism. Do u think I will pass?? I guess I’ll find out in a day or too. Just thought I’d comment. Still stressing about this. Could use this job I’m applying for.

12:56 am March 9th, 2016

Hi, I took a urine drug test yesterday and I’ve been paranoid since, last time I smoked was about a month ago, like 3 hits from a pipe, I’m an occasional smoker so I don’t smoke often, I’m 19 and around 200lbs and 5’4. And all I drink is water, everyone is telling me I should be fine but I’m still worried. Will it show on my test even though I don’t smoke often?

11:32 pm March 10th, 2016

Hi, i was a heavy smoker. Smoking atleast a quarter a week. I quit smoking for 3 weeks. Ended up smoking 2 blunts. And itsnow been 2 weeks since ive smoked. I have a drug test in 4 days. Do you think its in my system.

4:52 am March 13th, 2016

Hi, I have a drug test in 51 days, if I stopped smoking now would I pass? I’m 90 pounds and skinny and I smoke 3-5 times a day for almost two years.

10:23 pm March 14th, 2016

I have honestly been clean of marijuana for 45 days and I just went to the doctor and failed a marijuana test I am a hundred and twenty pounds and I have not smoked in 45 days does this make sense to anyone

5:18 am March 15th, 2016

Hi I haven’t smoked since the end of September. I took a urine test in February 12th and was negative. The day after I smoked about a gram . I have another drug test March 16th. Do you think I’m going to pass ?

5:57 pm March 15th, 2016

i am 20 years old, weigh about 250, and am 6’1 in height. over the past year i have smoked about every other weekend, i would smoke about a blunt and 2 bowls a weekend. do i have a chance to pass a drug test? i smoked about 3 days ago

12:17 pm March 20th, 2016

I took 2 hits of weed at a Dark Star show 2 weeks ago. First time I have smoked in 3 years. would I pass drug test tomorrow?

10:49 pm March 22nd, 2016

I have been a heavy weed smoker for 10 5’10 and 140 lbs..I drink a lot of water and walk a lot..will 60 days be enough time to pass a drug test?

11:46 pm March 23rd, 2016

Hello when I smoke I get bags under my eyes I have quit for two weeks and they have cleared up but when I exercise a lot they come back will it stop when can ibis is completely out my system? Or do you think it’s some other reason I get black bags under my eyes ?

12:49 am March 24th, 2016

I smoked last Sunday & I’m getting blood drawn sometime
Next week, so will marijuana show up in my test ?

8:15 am March 29th, 2016

I haven’t smoked in 161 days will a urine test still read positive for thc in my system?

1:49 am April 1st, 2016

Hi i smoked 3 weeks ago exactly about .5 and month before that prob another .5 im not a heavy user and weigh about 157 would i be ok tomorow for a test? For a 20ng cut off level?

9:29 pm April 1st, 2016

Hey I’m 5’1 I weigh 120 lbs and I’m 14 years old. My parents r drug testing me and That drug test is in 23 days… I have smoked once each day for the last 3 days but befor that I didn’t smoked or 5 days. If I dont smoke up until I pass my drug test should I b ok? I’m a light weight so it only takes a bowl to get me high but it’s really good weed and I hold in the smoke for about a minute or half a minute.

12:36 am April 2nd, 2016

I am 5’5 & 115 ibs I was a heavy smoker (every single day for about 4 years) until 3 days ago. My metabolism is very fast. I was wondering how long it would take for it to be cleared from my system(for a urine drug test)?

6:58 am April 4th, 2016

I have a drug test for a job at the end of may, ive been a moderate to heavy user for the last 3ish months. If i drink a lot of water, and exercise frequently, will i pass? Im more of a heavy person too.

1:25 am April 5th, 2016

I smoked on the 11th of March and took a urine test the 30th of March but I only smoked a little and I’m not a heavy smoker. You think I have passed?

3:17 pm April 6th, 2016

if i have used cannabis for about 2 years ago, is there any possibilities that it would be detected? im not addicted to drugs, i’ve only try it once .

9:22 pm April 10th, 2016

I am 34 years old man 77 kg/ 173 cms and I am an occasional smoker so I was clean for 90 days and smoked for 2 days and then had a drug test after 44 days will I test positive?

12:33 am April 11th, 2016

I’ve been clean for 70 days if I smoke a whole blunt. How long would it stays in my system I’m like 5,11 & I way like 142 pounds plus I’m skinny

9:24 pm April 11th, 2016

120 pounds
skinny guy. i work out often . smoked atleast 3-4 blunts almost a day. Went sober for 17 days then smoked last saturday. things are looking good for upcoming job, they will test me. can anyone tell me how long it will take to be clean??? i fucked up ..

9:29 pm April 11th, 2016

120 Pounds
fast metabolism is fast. skinny guy.
i work out atleast 3 times a week for my health .
i smoked around 3-4 blunts a day. but recently stayed clear and went sober for 17 days. as of last saturday i smoked again. fucked up.. good word on upcoming job and they will test me.
started up again and staying clean as of now. can anyone tell me how long it should take until im clean.?

7:24 am April 12th, 2016

I have a drug rest tomorrow i smoked 3 days ago and I’m a bigger guy the drug rest is a mouth swab will it be out of my saliva by then

5:20 am April 13th, 2016

Hello I smoked regularly for a year I haven’t in the last 2 months how long will one hit stay in my system? I have already tested clean prior to the one hit

6:08 pm April 15th, 2016

So I smoked for a couple a days then had a month of abstinence. I was not smoking for 6 months prior to that, I’m taking a test now, I’ll update to see how that goes
I’m 5’9 slightly overweight, drank a lot of water yesterday
And am moderately active

12:12 am April 16th, 2016

I was on vacation for 1 week worked at work and got a random I smoked four days of the vacation!! Do u think I could pass?

1:00 am April 16th, 2016

Need some info if possible, my son was caught with a small amount of weed , he was put in a outpatient treatment program 3 days a week for 3 hours per day, he was a regular user, the program was 12 weeks and he was in his 8th week when they dropped him and put him in a 35 hour a week program plus 5 hours a week in n.a. he was tested every week and his numbers went from 2000 the first week to 210 the second week to 252 the third week which they said he failed, fourth week 168 fifth week 86 sixth week 0 seventh week 16 which is another one he failed and then the eighth 0 again, he is very upset by this because he has said with a strong conviction that he has not smoked it or even been around anybody that has , he had only 4 weeks left to complete this program and I truly believe him. Now since he started this program he has been a workout warrior is there any truth that working out can release THC to give a positive result? Any respones would be appreciated!

9:53 am April 16th, 2016

I smoked weed for about a year now, and started smoking everyday about 8 months ago. With maybe about 2-3 periodical tolerance break each lasting about a week. I am working out everyday now and eating a strict diet for a competition, all lean foods and drinking at least a gallon of water everyday with a metabolism that is above average. How long will it take for the thc to be out of my system? 3 weeks??

3:43 pm April 21st, 2016

i smoke 2grams of marijuana last week but i was clean before i smoked how long would this stay in my system?

10:01 pm April 25th, 2016

I’m 190lb male and have smoked a couple of joints everyday for years.i have quit for 12 days now and found out that there’s a antitoxin called stinger that’s sold by head shops that is guaranteed to eliminate detection in a urine analysis. Is that true?

10:19 pm April 25th, 2016

If you hold your urine longer will more concentrated amounts of THC come out when you do use the bathroom finally

10:21 pm April 25th, 2016

Did not know if this went through but if you hold your urine longer does more concentrated amounts of THC come out and it when you finally do pee

7:23 am April 26th, 2016

I hit the blunt three time im 240 6’2 excersice daily how long will it take for me to be clean

7:03 pm April 27th, 2016

I quit smoking on April 17th. I have consistently drank over a gallon of water a day, and have been exercising and sweating a lot also. I will most likely have a drug test the week of May 9-13. Will my urine be clean??

3:47 pm April 28th, 2016

I haven’t smoked for a month and I had one cone can you give me a window of detection in a urine test

7:50 pm May 4th, 2016

Hi i hadnt smoked in 64 days and yeaterday and the day before i smoked 1 bowl a piece only a couole hits a bowl though., if i drink lot of water whats an estimate to how long my body will rid the thc?

9:19 pm May 6th, 2016

Hey there, I’m a regular user of pot, I have quit for three days, and worked my butt off in the gym, I’m 8% body fat at 5’9”, how likely is it that I will pass a urine analysis tomorrow ?

3:05 am May 12th, 2016

hi i am 5 foot 8 and i am a occasional user of pot and i took 2 or 3 hits from a joint 3 weeks ago. before hand i didnt smoke for 6 months. will i be clear soon or how long will it take for me to get clear in pee. i am not very physically active

5:13 am May 12th, 2016

Hey, I’m not a frequent smoker. I smoke on and off through the months. My last time to smoke was February 4 and even before that it was months before I smoked again but after febuarary 4 I didnt smoke again but April 18 i smoked 3 bowls with 3 other friends. It’s been 3 weeks. I have a drug test tomorrow. Am I okay?

8:56 am May 12th, 2016

I was smoking weed off and on for a couple of weeks, but i was clean three months prior to that, and i probably smoked roughly a quad. Im five ten and weigh 160 lbs, im also 8% body fat, and ive taken flush, B vitamins, and ive ingested a lot of water. so my question is how long will it be in my system according to a piss test?

11:36 pm May 14th, 2016

I’m 215 pounds. I smoked on April 5th. One hit off a bong. Before that was one hit in like January or December. And then one other time in November. I have a drug test coming up soon and want to know if I’ll test dirty. I drink a lot of water everyday. Workout 3 times a week. Its now may 14th

10:24 am May 17th, 2016

Hi I’ve been clean of cannabis for 12 months on Friday I had one cone and on Sunday I had a cigarette size joint how long will it take to get out of my system I’ve been drinking lots of juice will this help

8:49 pm May 20th, 2016

Hello, I am an occasional user, Male, 55 yrs old, 175 lbs – lean, 5’9″… now abstinent for 11 to 15 days, ( looking for a job with a first phone call acknowledgement today) am on testosterone because of the removal of my genitals. Also on heart meds. I have been drinking MASSIVE quantities of 100% Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice – 64 fl oz a day, eating fresh raw and sauteed garlic for at least 6 months. Will this destroy the THC content residual left in my system for a drug test? I did read above as you addressed Chris that it takes 3 to 4 days for THC to be out of the system to pass a drug test is this correct in concert with what I have been doing ?

4:08 am May 21st, 2016

I used marijuana almost 2yrs. Now I’m planning to leave it coz I have to go abroad for work.. So how can I be pass at THC test… Can I be free from THC…plz.. Suggest…

6:09 am May 23rd, 2016

I haven’t smokes in 14 days .if I smoke a little today will it put me back at the 30 day mark?

6:22 pm May 30th, 2016

Hi, i Smoked just a little (Marijuana) 65 days ago ,after that i drinked a lot of water and i do sport every day ,but yesterday i took a urine drug test , is that in my system or not ? please answer me

2:00 am May 31st, 2016

Im a heavy set, female, about 5’9 give or take, slow metabolism. I smoked 10 days before i took my drug test, i drank a lot of fluids between that time, and have also been taking metabolizing boosters (to help with weight loss). What are the chances i failed?

1:56 am June 1st, 2016

Hey I got a drug test on June 2nd. The last time I smoked was may 21st I hit a bowl maybe 3times I’m 5’6 and weigh about 132 pounds and before this time the last time I smoked was months and months ago should I be okay I drink like 6 bottles of water daily and a few beers as well.

12:11 pm June 1st, 2016

I have been smoking a tiny bowl once a day about 2-5 hits a day . for the last 3 weeks. I have a drug test (urine) in 2 days . is there any antibiotic pills or certain drink remmedys that can block or hide the THC ON THE DRUG TEST? If not what is my fastest solution to get thc out my system . ? Drink water cranberrie juice vit c green tea excerise hot sonna etc… One of my friends told me to use ceiro drink with gallon of water 4-5 hrs before test pee 3 times before test . ??? Thanks for your help

12:36 am June 5th, 2016

Hey man, I’m 21 and weigh 225 pounds I have been a regular smoker for the past year until I recently quit 4 weeks ago, I am mostly muscle not a lot of fat, I have a drug test on Monday what are my chances?

2:15 am June 7th, 2016

I’m 6ft 5 and 190 pounds I smoked two bowls of cronic weed I have a drug test in two days will I pass with the help of water?

John n
9:40 pm June 7th, 2016

I weigh 150lbs and im 5’8 in height I just seen my probation officer today and im wanting to smoke ive been clean since may 7 2016 and I see her next on July 12 2016. I was wondering how long would it take to get out of my system for a urine test. Just in case I get tested that day

12:32 am June 9th, 2016

Hi, I’m 15, around 5″10 5″11, and and 140 pounds Saturday I took like 8 hits of a blunt and I have a drug test tommorow morning and I havnt smoked in like 3 months will I pass? I read online that exercise realeses it into piss and I played like an hour of basketball today

8:14 pm June 9th, 2016

If u smoke on june 9,2016 and has to report june 7,2016 will my system be clean

6:52 am June 11th, 2016

So man today is the 10th i smoked on the 2nd 2 blunts and a resin bowl i have niacin havent took it tho got it today i havent smoked for 3 months before this when i first got clean it took 7days for it to be a half life but took 34 days to fully get clean i have a urine test on the 16th you think ill b clean i work graveyard so i sweat and workout all night hard labor plus i naturally love water and im 5’4 136 pounds will i be clean?

3:15 am June 14th, 2016

I weigh 161. I work in a hot factory and take stackers and drink caffeine and water. I have not smoked since April 16 and I only took a few hits a day since February 8, 2016. Before February I hadn’t smoked since June of 2015. Had to drop a urine test today for an injury. I should be OK right?

J girl
12:41 am June 19th, 2016

I’m 5’4, 127 lbs. Very slim with a high metabolism but have been a steady smoker fir over a year. I easily lose weight so with that being said, I was wondering how long you would guess a smallish person with a high metabolism would take to test clean?

4:16 am June 19th, 2016

I smoked weed for about a year not a whole blunt in a week sometimes I didnt smoke for two weeks. Found out I was pregnant. I stopped. Started back not even 5 or 6 blunts in a month. Quit the second week in April. Gave birth May 1. Have a drug test next week. Weight 125. Will I pass a hair test

1:23 am June 20th, 2016

If it took 30 days for me to pass a at home test with a cut off of 50, about how long will it take for me to pass a test with a cut off of 15

4:17 am June 20th, 2016

If I’m 18 and 135lbs (skinny but that athletic) how soon do you think I would be clean if I was already clean and then had about 4 good tokes?

9:05 pm June 21st, 2016

I smoke 8 grams of medical have a fast metabolism was wondering I have a drug test Monday if I’ll be able to past a drug test drinking a lot of water

7:49 pm June 22nd, 2016

I’ve been clean for about two months now and I took a hit on the 10th and a hit on the 13th and dropped a UA on the 21st will it be dirty or clean.

1:12 am June 24th, 2016

Hi I’ve smoked 3/4 times in my life. Once in January but didn’t inhale, than one time again in January but inhaled and than once again in March. Each time has been no more than 2/3 hits. And than haven’t been around it since, but took one hit of a bong in May. How long estimated do you think it will take for it to clear out of my system or do you think it has already?

1:06 pm June 25th, 2016

I’m 18, 5’4 Male, 112 lbs literally no fat. Smoked June 3rd, then smoked June 20. Before then, I hadn’t smoked since the end of April? I have a drug test on the 27th of June and have been running and sweating a lot. Will I be under the 50/ng detection levels?

9:41 pm June 27th, 2016

im 200 lbs and 5ft 9 inches(im a big boy). ive had a few hits out of some joints, about 3 bowls out of a pipe,and about 3 hits out of a bong in the past 2 months, most of those on the same day. i have a drug test coming up on july 17 for football. can i pass

12:42 am July 1st, 2016

I’m 5’2″ 105 pounds age 18 and I have an military drug test in about 6 days I hit a blunt once and a few times the week before that . But I was clean for about 20 days. Do you think I’ll pass

1:56 am July 1st, 2016

I only hit the blunt once or twice last week . And I have a military drug test in 6 days I have a fast metabolism tho. Will I pass

Really nervous
11:17 pm July 2nd, 2016

I was a heavy smoker i stopped april 25th an i started back smoking low grade weed. I have injested a detox wednsday. I have drank lots of water two beers an cranberry juice. How long will it take for the thc to leave my system. Im 5’5 174lbs…….

5:20 am July 4th, 2016

41 days smoke a bowl probably 4 hits waited 1 week smoked for 4 day straight 2 times a day and need to test in little less then 2 weeks will I be clean not much body fat but smoked for 7 years before the 41 day clean

12:50 am July 5th, 2016

I am 5’9 and 200lbs…. I took three puffs of weed one day ago for the first time and I have urinary drug test in 15 days…. Will I be ok… Please help

12:52 am July 5th, 2016

Hello I have a drugs test tomorrow I have never smoked weed before but I had one hit 4 days ago will this show in the test

11:30 pm July 7th, 2016

I smoked the end of the 25th and I was wondering should I worry about passing or not. I have detoxed, drank water and took plenty of niacin pills.

4:22 am July 9th, 2016

I’m a 5 ft , 112 pound woman. I smoked everyday for years pretty good weed. I’ve been clean for 10 days now and have 5 more days till my drug test. What is the likely hood that I will pass? Thanks for any info.

6:12 am July 15th, 2016

Ok so I just started a 5 day detox from bud. I’m at the end of day two. But I took just one hit and am wondering if the whole detox will still work. I am a 27 yr old female that only weighs about 95 lbs.

6:08 pm July 15th, 2016

Hi just wondering how long would weed get out of my system I have a drug test in 3 days I had a gram of weed in 4 days

12:26 pm July 17th, 2016

I smoked the three days ago how long would it take to pass a urine test

2:40 am July 18th, 2016

I’m 5’6 and weigh 140 lbs I haven’t smoked in 2 months. I smoked a joint last night how long would it be to leave my system?

Mister T
9:43 pm July 20th, 2016

I just got called up for a job and I leave in 7 days. Been 12 since I smoked, one small joint. Was a pretty regular smoker up until a month ago. I’m 6’4 155lbs. My metabolism is wicked fast. I eat well drink tons of water and exercise a bunch. What do you think my odds are? Urine test.

10:17 pm July 20th, 2016

Names josiah and i have been clean from marijuana for almost 2 years. This year on 4th of july i took 1-2 hits(not very big ones) and had a test today (the 20th) will i pass? I am 5 ft 6 and 182 pounds….im a lil nervous but not real bad

12:03 am July 21st, 2016

If you eat weed not in an edible how long would it take to show up in your urine system

8:22 am July 21st, 2016

Hey I use to be a heavy smoker I would smoke 4 times a day everyday for about months straight I only weigh 135 and I’m 5’8 and 20 years old I quit the first of the moths it’s been 20 days so far but I tapped the blunt only once couple days ago how long do you think it will take for me to be good for a urine test? Or to get clean? Because I do got a high metabolism and I just don’t know if a month will be good enough or like what are your thoughts??

11:18 pm July 22nd, 2016

I am pregnant and in my third trimester I got stupid and took a single hit off of a joint today and I have 42 days until my baby is born and I go back to the doctor and the take blood in 2 weeks am I okay or should I be really worried please no negative I realize it was not the best choice for me or my child

Lou Lou
12:25 pm July 25th, 2016

Hi I’ve been smoking weed for few years on and of put over the past year it’s increased I started noticeing how paranoid and anxious I was getting and really need to stop I’ve suffered with depression in the past and with my nerves and am really scared wAt stopping will do to me jus wondering if I will get trew this

1:53 am July 26th, 2016

Hi. I used to be a very heavy smoker. I haven’t smoked in almost 2 months now. Because I wanted to find a good job. And better my life. I have a ua tomorrow morning for health care. And I’m super excited about this job. But I’m also nervous about failing for thc. I took a detox drink 2 months ago when I first quit. And haven’t smoked at all since. Do you think I will be ok?

11:47 pm July 27th, 2016

Hi. I’ve not smoked weed for well over ten years, and 12 days ago I smoked half a joint, and two days later smoked other half. I’ve got a urine test for potential employers coming up in few weeks maybe, do you think I would be clear by then? As I said,im a non smoker and had a single sized joint over few days. Hope you can help.

1:00 am July 28th, 2016

So I went back to my old job. I worked there a year ago and passed my drug test after quitting for 14 days. I took the test for my rehire after quitting for 10 days and I failed. They gave me 17 days before I had to take the test again I was working outside sweating drank nothing but water and gatorade before my test I was a chronic smoker I’m 5’5 145 pounds. Do you think I passed?

1:34 am July 28th, 2016

Hello! I took 3 hits off of a bowl Friday the 22nd then ate a few doses of a tincture Monday and Tuesday. I weigh 105 lbs and rarely ingest thc except in extreme cases of pain. If I detox and work out would I be good for a UA by Monday?

5:33 am July 28th, 2016

Hey, So- I have been sober for 2 years. Last night someone gave me a bud and I took 1 hit from a bowl- one. It floored me. I am fat also.. I do not have a drug test scheduled but there is a chance that I will have one come up that needs to be 2 or 3 weeks from now. I am so nervous, and feel so stupid… but seriously, what are the chances I will test clean? In how long can I expect the clearance.. i know there are no definites.. except.. definitely 30 days? What about 14?

8:08 am July 28th, 2016

I just wanted to ask if they would drug test for a domestic violence charge

1:49 pm August 4th, 2016

I have smoked on and off for 30 odd years. Over past few weeks smoked only 2-3 small bongs 3 nights a week. How long would it take to get clean urine test. Also I’ve heard driving 3-4 glasses of Ural will help. Or would a detox product help

4:49 pm August 7th, 2016

Hi i am 5`4 wiegh 150 male.i smoked for 4 days i have a urine test for probation in 15 days any tips thanks

8:01 pm August 7th, 2016

Hi addiction blog, I have a test on the 20th of august, and have stop smoking on the 5th of august, im a heavy dude but am still currently losing weight and I’m a chronic user for the past 2 years. I have dietary supplements that help with the process of weightless as well as a lean protein shake containing L-Glutamine, free form aminos, L-Carnitine and Micronized BCAAs. So far I have been drinking plenty of water. I will undergo a urine test. So far my symptoms of withdraw are starting to show up such as excessive sweating. Will I be able to pass this test?

12:43 am August 11th, 2016

I takes puffs for a month now how long will it live my blood

4:35 am August 13th, 2016

I was a heavy smoker for about 8 years( smoked at least three blunts a day). I have been clean now for two months and have been working out and sweating quite a lot. I have a dt in in 15 days. Will thc show up in my system?

9:53 pm August 16th, 2016

My husband tried marijuana for the first time on Monday. He had to do a urine on Wednesday. His body mass index is under his weight he has no fat on his body whatsoever he’s completely muscle and has a high metabolism do you have any answers or any thing you could say that could help us to know whether he would actually be clean or not he’s not an avid marijuana smoker he tried it once took two pufs

7:18 am August 18th, 2016

I’m 6″2 about 300 pounds and I smoke 1-3 grams every weekend and have to take a drug test in 3 months will it be out of my system?

4:37 am August 20th, 2016

Hi i was wondering i ate an eatable last week and next week i have a drug test i think its a urine test and i havent smoked since last week i was wondering if it will detect if i smoked or anything i weigh about 130

5:44 pm August 23rd, 2016

I smoked July 30th and before that it had been 6 years.. I only took one hit.. But I am heavier, I’m 5’3 and 160 lbs.. I have a urine drug test in a couple days .. Will I test clean?

3:20 pm August 24th, 2016

Jam 240pounds i smoked on a daily bases and stop smoking for 35 days and failed a split urine test if I retest after47 days will I still fail

3:39 pm August 24th, 2016

I took four at home tests all negative yet after 35 days I failed if I retest after45days will I still fail the test is split urine I was a daily user

9:20 pm August 27th, 2016

I’m a female about 240 pounds 5’1, and smoked once about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Haven’t sense. It was resine that I smoked not anything great at that. And I was a half a bowl of resine. The test is in 4 days. Can I pass for a urine drug test

3:37 am August 29th, 2016

Hi I’m a 34 year old male 5’8″ 190 lbs. I smoke weed Friday and Saturday nights only 1 bowl per night for a few months now. I been clean 76 days and took a drug urine test last Friday. What are my chances of passing it?

5:48 am August 31st, 2016

I smoked two joints over weekend for first time. I have 23 days before urine test. If I take a niacin a day and drink water will I pass my urine test. If not what is the best way to pass I weigh 160 lbs low motabilisim. I am on hydrocodone I have to have that in my system before I go to doctor in 23 days.

9:12 pm August 31st, 2016

I never smoke but I just did 2-4 edibles a little over a month ago do you think it would still be in me if I took a urine test? I’m 120 and 5’2

1:33 am September 1st, 2016

I have smoked marijuana daily for years. My body fat percentage is about 19% as measured by calipers. I have passed two drug screens in the past couple of years by abstaining for about 17 days. I have now totally quit using for 27 days and today my employer required me to take a urinalysis. I am worried that I may fail although I have passed before after quitting for less time. Is there any encouragement you can give me that I will pass? I need my job and have given up this drug for good.

3:21 am September 1st, 2016

My son has been a chronic smoker of pot for about 10 years, the last 4 smoking the oil concentrate. He asked everyday several times a day. He is 300 pounds. He stopped smoking 65 days ago and still isn’t clean. He has been buying the over the counter tests at Walmart. He is discouraged on how long it’s taking to get clean. What is the normal time frame for someone like him to get clean with the habit he had?

9:07 am September 1st, 2016

Pls Help 3 Weeks Ago My Pain Dr Gave Ne A Urine Test, Positive For THC I Had Stopped For Sure For 3 Weeks. I Was A Very Mild Smoker, Maybe 1 or 2 Hits. Now Another 3 Weeks Goes By, And They Made Me Drop Again. Do You Think This One Will Pass?

5:22 pm September 1st, 2016

Hey so I was a heavy smoker at least twice daily high grade for 6 months. I’m overweight 250lbs 5″9′ I have been ‘clean’ for 30 days and have a urine test for a new job. Will I pass?

12:52 am September 2nd, 2016

I smoked at a party over 6 weeks ago. I don’t smoke at all, ever. I’m 5’7” 270 lbs. I took a urine test today. I have a physical labor job. Do you think I’ll pass my test? Please help

12:59 am September 7th, 2016

I’m 5ft and weigh about 125-130lbs. I smoke a bowl of reggie everyday. I had a drug test today and my urine was almost almost clear. What are my chances of failing?

9:30 pm September 10th, 2016

I was a regular pot user. I have been clean three days now. I only weigh 135 lbs with a very low percentage of body fat. How long will it take before im urine test ready.

11:06 pm September 15th, 2016

In a urinalysis test for THC, can they tell if you use Golden Seal? And how much is the maximum amount of water, to keep from showing as diluted sample? I also need to know if the $15 Kroger THC Test is reliable to 50ng/ml? Or is it reliable at all?

1:30 pm September 19th, 2016

Hey I’ve been a heavy smoker for like 2 years and I’ve been absolutely clean for like 2 month’s I smoked a small bowl just one I weigh like 250 or 260 how long do u think it would take to get out of my system

11:19 pm September 19th, 2016

Hi I’m Anna I weigh 117.5 and I’m 5’4 smoked two hits 12 days ago and test tomorrow.. Will I pass?

4:29 pm September 20th, 2016

Hey I’m 250lb 6’4 I’ve smoked about a gram of weed over that last 3 days ….prior to that i took a few hits a few weeks ago.I have a UA on the 29th I drink about a gall on of water and day and I take nician daily…would me levels be undetectable with 10 days?

6:42 pm September 22nd, 2016

I am 5’8″ 145 pounds and have around 13% body fat. I would have between four and five one hitters a week before I stopped smoking 30 days ago. I just had a urine test, what are my chances of passing?

6:58 am September 24th, 2016

Hi I’m 5’9 209 and thinking about hitting a blunt one time how long will that stay in my system

5:46 pm September 28th, 2016

Hey hi, Reply me ASAP,
From past 1 month i smoking Hashish daily about 3-4 Joints, I wanted to check how long will marijuana/Hashish come out my system??? And wen can i attend Blood Test and urine tests.

2:09 am October 5th, 2016

Hello. I have to take tests every other week. Urine for probation. I would take one or two hits the night after seeing officer. And then one hit every night for 3 days and would pass 10-11 days later. Got pop test that they want me to take tomorrow…. So my question is how long does it take to out of your system, get rid of 4-5 hits taken over the course of four days… it’s been 3 days since I have smoked. And also what is considered a one time smoking….one hit, two….a bowl or joint..? I have a pretty fast metabolism. I understand it’s hard to say as I have read other posts….but what do you think? Does drinking monster type drinks with vitamins help to dilute the urine yet not show dilute because of the vitamins etc that are in them? Thanks for your help.

11:55 pm October 7th, 2016

I have a drug test in 14 days and I smoke a couple of days ago and haven’t smoked since will i pass my drug test in 14 days?

9:26 pm October 13th, 2016

Hi. I’m 22 years old, 200 pounds 5 foot 8 inches tall I took one hit off a blunt of weed yesterday (wednesday) if I drink a gallon of water a day and take cranberry pills can I be clean by tuesday for a UA?

4:42 am October 21st, 2016

I ate a bit of brownie last Monday, 10/10/2016 I have a UA test on Wednesday. I am not a regular consumer, a bit of brownie every week at the most. Do you think I will be okay?

11:18 pm October 22nd, 2016

Hi, I had two cones in a bong two days ago, it was my first time doing it like that, I tried a joint a year ago and hadn’t done anything since then, but I was wondering if it will show up on a hair drug test? And also how long until it’s completely out of my system? I’m a healthy person, I walk everyday and I’m not over or underweight either.

4:26 am October 31st, 2016

Hello I haven’t smoked in 15yrs yesterday I took 3 hits off a joint . I go back to work In 8 days will that be enough to clean out 6ft 230 lbs

11:11 pm November 3rd, 2016

Hello, I am a frequent user but i was tested a while ago in july but after i continued smoking heavily up until oct 31. I’m 5’5″ and weight about 115lbs I’m underweight and very skinny so I’m hoping that will help me out. Do you think i will be ok for a test on novmeber 12th? If not when do u think i will pass a drug test

10:16 am November 10th, 2016

Hi , smoked marijuana for days straight for about 2 years and I quit smoking exactly months ago , then took a couple hits of a joint after the two month’s. Exactly 27 days after I take the hit I have a drug test , will I test positive ?

9:48 am November 15th, 2016

I took one hit of thc almost 2 weeks ago now. Will i be cleansed if i take a drug test in 2 weeks?

9:39 pm November 15th, 2016

I weigh 280 and I was a chronic smoker for about 8 months it’s been almost 6 weeks sence I have quit I have a drug test a week from today do you think I will pass?

4:35 am November 19th, 2016

its been 2 wks i weigh 118 lbs going for urinalysis on monday will i pass? I smoke 1 gram every 2 days

4:45 am November 29th, 2016

If I smoked 3.5 grams two weeks ago, will it still show up in a urine test? I have been drinking alot of water and have a pretty fast metabolism. I have drug test coming up next week and want to know how soon will I be able to take it.

3:41 am November 30th, 2016

I’m a pretty heavy set guy and I smoke regularly, but I have a drug teat in a month will the THC be out of my system even if I smoked yesterday

3:55 am December 2nd, 2016

I am 5′ and weigh 210…I have been an almost daily smoker for 2 years, how long to totally detox my body for good?
Thank you

12:08 am December 7th, 2016

Hello…. I’m 37…right around 6’2 300….Never a heavy or routine smoker…..I smoked 1-2 times a week for about a month because of work stress. I last smoked exactly 32 days ago…may have a drug test in the next week or so….how am I looking?

2:36 am December 8th, 2016

I have stopped somkeing bout a 5 weeks I’m a 260lb man how long well it stay in my system I been smoking since I was 16

1:38 am December 14th, 2016

i took about 3 tokes about 3 1/2 weeks ago and had a surprise piss test today should i be ok? i am 52 yrs.

11:55 pm December 18th, 2016

I acted 30 MG cbd and about 12 of thc.would it be in my urine sample after a a week

1:59 am December 19th, 2016

hi my name is morgan, and i have a drug test on Feb 9 2017. if i were to stop smoking on January 1 2017, will i pass my drug test. shoot back a reply asap. thank you 🙂

8:58 pm December 27th, 2016

If I smoke 5 times a week for 2 month’s can i pass a drug test after being 27 days clean?

9:56 pm December 27th, 2016

Ive been clean for 6 months and i decided to smoke like 3 blunts recently how long would it take to clear out my system and what would i need to do

11:37 pm January 1st, 2017

Hi i stopoed smoking back in September so i been clean for about 120 maybe more days i had one puff of joint on December 22 just one,then another puff on December 25 just one puff,and then another puff last night just one,if i had a test coming up in 2 weeks do you thinkmy test will still come back negative?i took one test on December 16 it was negative i dont some on the regular im a rare smoker,how long do yoe detect that it will stay in my system or was that even enough for it to stay in my system 30 days????

Mi Ad
11:24 pm January 7th, 2017

Hello. I was pointed to this article as evidence that marijuana produces a “high” that lasts days, and that a regular pot smoker is therefore perpetually because it is always in their blood.

Now keeping in mind that I am NOT and never have been a pot smoker and this other person was a long time pot user, and has many more personal relationships with pot users than I have, to me, his interpretation of this article seems to be… inaccurate. I looked at another article on this same site talking about how long the psychoactive effects of a marijuana high last which also, to *my* understanding does’t support his claim.

I was wondering if you would please be kind enough to provide some clarification?

5:12 pm January 18th, 2017

I smoke at least four blunts a day, I just stopped today how long will it take with proper detox to leave my blood stream and urine if my test is in 3 months

1:18 pm January 19th, 2017

Iv had a half a cone (thursay) and have a urine test monday, im on 65kg max! Will i pass monday?

9:06 am January 24th, 2017

Hi I’m 100 lbs 5″5 skinny guy basically look like no body fat and I work which have me moving around for a good couple hours and I take qcarbo 16 how long u think the will stay in my system

10:57 am January 29th, 2017

Hello, I am a smoker and have been for about the last few months. I smoke a joint or 2 a day. I weigh 140 and 6’0. Very high matabolism. I have stopped 2 days ago and am using nician pills 2 500 milligrams a day, 2 gallons of water and running 2-3 miles a day and also walk about 5. I have a pee test in 6 days. Could I pass my test? It is a urine test for anew job just didn’t know they drug tested and I got hired on the spot

3:57 am February 3rd, 2017

I smoked pot on new years a couple of hits but haven’t touched it since. I’m not a pot smoked so this was not more than a blunt.
Now I’m 170, muscle with about 3percent body fat. I work out daily in jest a lot of food and drink a lot of liquids. I also have a very fast metabolism. I have seen friend like myself pass 15days later. What are your thought on that?

1:46 am February 6th, 2017

If I am 5 foot 11 inches and weigh 145 pounds and smoked everyday how long will it stay in my system before I piss test

5:58 pm February 13th, 2017

Last time i smoked was jan 18 and i and 5’11” 135 lbs. I havent took any tokes since then and been drinking water but i just took a home test and said im positive. What can i do to pass? Or maybe the home test is bs

12:27 am February 16th, 2017

I’m about 225 haven’t smoked in over three weeks. Just took a THC test today and still testing positive, any ideas on how I can get clean. I’m on probation and have random urine tests , have not tested yet, but very worried. Need answers. ASAP

8:23 am February 19th, 2017

I never smoked ever. And im a women and smoked half a joint yesterday. Will i be ok to take a piss test tuesday

8:05 pm February 20th, 2017

Hi I’m a heavy smoker for the past couple years, probably a couple times a day, I have a drug test in about 3 days. I drink a lot of water and do a good amount of regular exercise and little to no fat on my body…is there any hope to pass this test?? Most likely a urine test or mouth swab

5:40 pm February 22nd, 2017

Hey i took about 8 or 9 hits within two days, last
Weekend, and i weight about 135. How long will ut take for the THC to be clear out of my system?

10:10 pm February 23rd, 2017

Smoked lower grade bud every day for the past three months I am 5’10” 145lbs execercise everyday not much body fat how long do you think before I can pass a urine test

2:37 am February 24th, 2017

I have taken about 13 hits of regular weed like 3-4 days ago I also weigh like 140 pounds and have a fast metabolism how long would you say it would take my system to be clean If I have a urine test on march 3rd? And does vinigar realy help clean your body?

4:13 am February 27th, 2017

If I smoked in January 28 2017 and I get drug tested on feb 28 2017 will the weed still be in my blood I’m a female and I weigh 205 pounds I only smoked once . I keep taking urinalysis exams but they second line is always light so I’m afraid that it’s is positive

8:57 pm March 8th, 2017

I havent smoked in 4 months yesterday i hit the a blunt like 5 times i weight 270 how long will it take to clear out my system. I weight 270 i havent smoked in 4 months how long will it take to be out my system i hit the blunt 5 times yesterday

6:03 am March 9th, 2017

Hello, I have been a chronic weed user for the past 7 years, I’m a really thin person hardly any fat, I recently stopped about a week ago and starting a weed free life. I just wanted to know when will the thc be eliminated from body, a rough guess would be appreciated.

12:00 am March 10th, 2017

I am 5’9 130 lbs it’s been 32 days since I smoked marijuana and I was a moderate smoke and used maybe once a day a few hits before that I was on probation and u able to smoke for 4 months and my probation ended jan 1 both home test say negative but I’m still scared this is a really good job

2:35 am March 10th, 2017

So say i smoked half a blunt on Friday with another female after that i havent smoked but today on march 9 I went to go get a blood test will it come out positive ?

1:59 pm March 10th, 2017

Great article – any more info on the oral test used in Australia?

8:59 pm March 10th, 2017

Been smoking pot for yrs lately been less then before. I have to do blood test in 3 months what can I do to have the test so no pot in my blood?

5:07 pm March 11th, 2017

I smoke every day for the last 6 months and i bet ill be clean by the 3rd of april.. It does work different for other ppl but i just drink water and stay active. Im 6 foot 165 so i know my body and how fast i can get things out. If you have a fast metabolism then you guys have a better chance.

7:08 am March 14th, 2017

On February 24 I probably smoked half a gram, and then on the 26th I took 1 hit off a joint, I haven’t smoked since and today is the 13th. I’m 16 and weigh 125 pounds, how long until it’s out of my System?

5:45 pm March 14th, 2017

I was a everyday smoker and haven’t smoked in 38 days. Do you think I can pass a mouth swab or urine test?

10:12 am March 16th, 2017

Hi, I’m 4″8 ….97lbs ….and have a 26 inch waist …..I’ve was smoking high grade weed for about a year and have recently quit smoking the past two weeks and I have a drug test in two weeks….If I’m running 3 miles and sitting in a steam room for 30 mins twice a day till then will I be able to pass my drug test….I’m super nervous and kinda scared that I won’t…..I have a good metabolism…..and I’m also drinking about 10 8oz glasses of green tea a day along with a boat loads of water a day…..can you tel me if I’ll be ok 👌🏼 thank you

1:15 am March 22nd, 2017

Hi, I bought $20 worth of weed and smoked with my friend. I then was told I had a UA in the next 9 days. Do you think that will be out of my system by then? I hadn’t in about 3 months before that last time I smoked.

9:37 am March 23rd, 2017

I am a regular user, A joint or two a day. But I also train daily at the gym. I have a sure fire method for passing a test after 7 days. Firstly, and obviously, you need to have access to a gym with a sauna. Purchase a high potency liver detox. Every morning before you go to your job, take the detox pills 30 minutes before going to the gym Work out and then get in the sauna for 25 minutes. Drinking a lot of water and urinating frequently is also very important. Go back to the gym after work and do it again. It drains you and you feel like shit for a few days but it works. I got a negative result after 5 days but I recommend 7 to be on the safe side

3:29 am March 25th, 2017

Hi I’m on probation and I haven’t smoked in a month and I just had a drug test 2 days ago and won’t be tested for another week will I be good if I take a few hits?

8:38 am March 25th, 2017

I was a chronic user for the last 25 years. For the last 5 years, I was smoking between 40 and 60 joints a day. Any idea how long it would take for a blood AND urine test to show negative?

11:32 am March 26th, 2017

Hello Everyone,

If you smoke once a week or twice a week, THC will stay in your system for 2 to 3 weeks after use. If you smoke every day ( like three or four joints) it will show up in tests after 25 days of use or more. In order to get rid of THC from your system naturally, it will take 45 days with no use or even being close to second hand smoke AT ALL. you will be clean after 45 days. Now, if you have been smoking for 10 years, and you smoke 3 joints a day — Then you will need 120 days of complete break in order to test negative.

My friend got hired by BORDER SERVICES and he took 4 months off completely and tested and it showed UP POSITIVE. He took extra 2 months off and then tested NEGATIVE. He did these tests privately before applying.

So on the safe side you need 45 days to test negative for blood and piss test.
HAIR TEST – it can show up even after 6 months – but its not that reliable.

DNA TEST — THC history will show up regardless…….. NO way to hide that SHIT in DNA!

Hope this helps

6:09 pm March 26th, 2017

Hi I smoked a blunt 20 days ago and I got hurt at work today so they took a work incident urine test on me at work I’m not chronic and I do weigh 308 pounds am I good or not cause I’m stressing out

2:00 am March 28th, 2017

Question. I have a urine test coming up within the next few days. I used to smoke every day about once or twice a day. I quit about 2- 2 and a half weeks ago & took about 3 hits of some crappy weed last Sunday. I’ve been trying to drink lots of water, drank a whole jug of cranberry juice and have hit the gym and steam shower a few times. Do you think I’ll be good to go? I’m 5’4 and about 150 lbs. thanks 🙂

4:30 am March 28th, 2017

I am 15 weigh 125 pounds and 5,7 and smoke 2 hits on a blunt a weekend how long will it take to get out of my system no I am not addicted either jus need a question answered

7:45 pm April 1st, 2017

Hey I’m about 5’11 135 pounds. But I use to be a heavy smoker like a 20 bag every 3-4 days for a few years. I’m real skinny though so I don’t think I have much body fat on me. And I have a drug test coming up. How long do you think it’ll be before I’m completely clean?

8:30 pm April 5th, 2017

I have been for 3 months i just smoke 4 blunts my next urine test is may 4 will i pass??

9:26 pm April 5th, 2017

If i smoke for two weeks n weigh 115 how long it takes it to be out my system .

12:18 am April 6th, 2017

Hi, I’m 5’10 about 200 pounds, in pretty good shape. I was a daily smoker, probably a gram or a little less most days of high quality for about 5 months prior to quitting. I will have 25 days clean when I take the test. I am in day 2 of a 5 day detox kit (found out about the test two days ago and immediately started the 5 day detox kit). I have been drinking over a gallon of water a day along with one or two bottles of green tea a day. I plan on adding cranberry juice. I am doing intense cardio for about 2 hours five days a week. It hopefully helps that I naturally sweat like a pig, and am hitting the sauna post exercise most of the time as well. I am eating healthy food throughout the day at roughly 1800 calories a day to help lose some weight while maintaining metabolism. I will be testing myself before the test, but was hoping to get some encouragement from here as I’m still a nervous wreck.

Side question: my detox kit has “ice pills” to take that seem to mainly be riboflavin and creatine to be taken 90 minutes pre-test. If I am testing clean consistently leading up to the test, should I still take the ice pills or will they only risk compromising the sample at that point?


2:10 am April 6th, 2017

I smoke 2 joints Six weeks ago on the same day. I never ever really smoked weed. It prob been 2 in a half years since i have done that. Will it come up in a hair test???

11:26 pm April 6th, 2017

Last time I had gave a urine sample. I had drank a lot of water so I’m assuming that made my THC levels go down tremendously from about 400 to 55. If I provide another sample a week later without having smoked but didn’t drink any water is it possible for my THC level to go back up again?

Big Daddy
4:05 am April 7th, 2017

I smoked weed about 2 months ago will that still be in my system

6:34 am April 7th, 2017

Hi, I’ve been sober for 3 months now and smoked 4/2. I have a drug test on 4/18. Will I pass? What can I do?

5:18 pm April 8th, 2017

I haven’t smoked in almost 60 days and still took a urine test and had THC in my system I’m just wondering is this because it’s in my fat cells? I just want to get it out of my system I’m 5’7 and weigh 151 lbs.

6:04 pm April 9th, 2017

Hey im 20 used to be a smoker everyday have been clean for 5 months but yesterday i hit some gas twice. I have a drug test coming up friday should i be clean or what should i do i have to pass. Havent smoked since November 2016. Took 2 hits

1:22 pm April 11th, 2017

I smoked weed about 3 days ago only 2-3 puff
will that still be in my system
i have medical test trough blood tomorrow. will i be able to face the medical.

4:57 pm April 11th, 2017

I’ve been clean for 16 days , if I smoke on wensdsy would I pass a urine test on Saturday?

7:20 pm April 11th, 2017

Hi I’m 5’2 weighing 114lbs I’m thin hardly any fat I work out almost everyday. I am not a frequent user at all how ever I drank a 100mg worth of weed (it was roughly under 12oz bottled drink) about a 2-3 weeks ago and haven’t touched it since. I am due for a drug screening today and I am freaked out I have took at home test such as one from Walgreens says it’s 99.9 percent accurate and it came out negative today I did my test at centra and they send it to the lab. What is the chances that their test will also be a negative result?

6:31 am April 12th, 2017

Im a frequent smoker i have been clean for about 11 day now. Im 155 pound 28 years of age and about 5″7. Recently took a drug test and failed. I was told that my level was 31 nanograms. Im trying to estimate how long will it take my level to drop to at least 15 nanograms so i can seek active employment. Id feel comfortable knowing since i stopped all use when id have a chance to test clean without worry. Or could someone explain how levels drop on the daily bases without use. Thank you very much.

7:11 pm April 12th, 2017

I’m a infrequent smoker. If i smoked 2-3 hits of mid in February do u think I’ll pass a hair test?

5:56 am April 13th, 2017

I have a question I am 5;0 ft and I weigh 135 pounds I been smoking for almost year but at the beginning I wouldn’t smoke much and now I been smoking more the past couple months almost every weekend but I am trying to stay clean because I have a drug test in 1 1/2 week … what can I do to pass this test

8:23 pm April 14th, 2017

Hi guys, Had a few draws of a joint a week ago haven’t smoked cannabis in nearly 20 years. I’m now worried that if I’m drug tested at work I’ll get sacked. How long will it take to leave my system?

12:25 am April 15th, 2017

I’ve been clean about 75 days passed several urine test for jobs but I hit a bowl and smoke a blunt on The 11th & a blunt on the 12th should I be good to pass a urine test on the 19th?

7:41 pm April 19th, 2017

So I’m not a regular smoker I’ve probably smoked a half a j in the last 3 weeks I have a urine test tomorrow am I safe if not what can I do

8:06 am April 20th, 2017

I had quit for a week or 2, smoked once, then quit for 21 to 23 days. Im 200 lbs and 5 9. I did an at home test which came back negative, but I accidentally left the sample out for a while so idk if that effects it at all. Super worried because im getting mixed answers. Beforehand i smoked semi-daily and a few times a day. Should I be okay?

3:24 pm April 20th, 2017

Hey, so I haven’t smoked since October 10, 2016 and I want to smoke a bowl since its 4/20 but the problem is I have to drop on the 31st of May 2017 and I don’t know if my P.O. is going to drop me… If he does, will I pass my urine test???

5:57 pm April 20th, 2017

Hey I haven’t smoked weed in about 4 years and when I did smoke I rarely did but last Saturday I had about 6 puffs of a joint and I have a test Friday so you think I’ll be ok ?

11:38 pm April 21st, 2017

I smoked three days ago but I have been clean for about three months and I have a test coming up in the next four day will I be clean by then or I’m screwed plz message back

10:11 am April 22nd, 2017

For the last year or so I have been smoking usually once a day but only 2 to 3 times a week. Just a hit or 2 on the days I do smoke. I’m 6’2 and weigh around 170. I’m active almost everyday in the sun because I’m a construction worker so therefor I sweat everyday USUALLY. Last day I smoked was Wednesday the 19th of April which was just 1 hit. I have a urine test May 17th which would be 28 days from the last time I smoked and was curious to if I need to be paranoid about failing. How many days should I give my self from the last time I smoked to pass a urine test?

4:55 pm April 22nd, 2017

I smoked laston 4/ 12 a