How Long Does Marijuana Last?

A typical high from smoking marijuana lasts about 2 hours. However, psychomotor impairment can persist, even after the initial high effects are gone. More on duration of action and effects of marijuana here.

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Reviewed by: Dr. Manish Mishra, MBBS

ARTICLE SUMMARY: The duration of a marijuana high usually depends on mode of administration. Additionally, the effects of marijuana vary by individual. We review marijuana high effects on the body and brain here. Then, we invite your questions about marijuana at the end.


How Does Marijuana Work?

The main active chemical in marijuana is THC, delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the psychoactive agent that creates main effects. How? THC binds to cannabinoid receptors in the central nervous system and interferes with important neurotransmitter systems involved in physiological, psychomotor and cognitive effects.

Certain areas of the brain, such as the hippocampus, the cerebellum, the basal ganglia and the cerebral cortex, have a higher concentrations of cannabinoid receptors. So, when you smoke weed, you also influence the physical areas that are in control of:

  • Concentration
  • Coordination
  • Memory
  • Pleasure
  • Sensory and time perception

Additionally, a person using marijuana may also become aware of normal, automatic, non-conscious muscle tension, movements, feedback, and control processes. Still, the effects of marijuana on mood often varies from person to person. In general, emotions can become exaggerated, which makes the user act inappropriately in regular situations. Marijuana can affect IQ, especially in adolescents.

Brain Effects

Marijuana effects are highly dependent on several factors related to the administration of marijuana and marijuana’s quality in general. For example, if marijuana is ingested orally, the effects will be milder but will last longer than several hours. Bear in mind that a first time marijuana user will not necessarily feel the same high effects as a chronic user; effects will vary from euphoria and panic to no effects at all.

Main brain effects of THC include:

  • Changes in mood
  • Delusions (when taken in high doses)
  • Difficulty with thinking and problem-solving
  • Impaired coordination and motor skills
  • Impaired memory

Hallucinations and psychosis may be triggered in high dose THC strains of marijuana or cannabis. In fact, long-term marijuana use has been linked to mental illness in some people, such as:

  • Temporary hallucinations
  • Temporary paranoia
  • Worsening symptoms in patients with schizophrenia, a severe mental disorder with symptoms such as hallucinations, paranoia, and disorganized thinking

Marijuana use has also been linked to other mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts among teens. However, study findings have been mixed.

Body Effects

The physical, short term effects of marijuana or cannabinoid use include increased heart rate and either higher or lower blood pressure. This is because within a few minutes after inhaling marijuana smoke, a person’s heart rate speeds up, the breathing passages relax and become enlarged. The heart rate may increase by 20 to 50 beats per minute or may even double in some cases. , Additionally, blood vessels in the eyes expand, making the eyes look bloodshot.

The main body effects of marijuana include:

  • Head rush or dizziness
  • Increased heart rate
  • Changes in blood pressure
  • Slowed digestion
  • Distorted perception

Longer term effects include some problems related to the body. For example, marijuana raises heart rate for up to 3 hours after smoking. This can increase the chance of heart attack. Older people and those with heart problems may be at higher risk. Other issues include:

Breathing Problems. Marijuana smoke irritates the lungs, and people who smoke marijuana frequently can have the same breathing problems as those who smoke tobacco. These problems include daily cough and phlegm, more frequent lung illness, and a higher risk of lung infections.

Fetal Growth. Marijuana use during pregnancy is linked to lower birth weight and increased risk of both brain and behavioral problems in babies. If a pregnant woman consumes THC, the drug may affect certain developing parts of the fetus’s brain. Children exposed to marijuana in the womb have an increased risk of problems with attention, memory, and problem-solving compared to unexposed children. With regular use, THC can reach amounts in breast milk that could affect the baby’s developing brain. More research is needed.

Intense Nausea and Vomiting. Marijuana causes a condition called “Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome” causes marijuana users to experience regular cycles of severe nausea, vomiting, and dehydration, sometimes requiring emergency medical attention.

We would also like to point out the effects marijuana has on driving. Marijuana can affect driving capabilities up to 3 hours after administration and includes judgment about distance, as well as attraction to light and sleepiness, particularly affecting prolonged and monotonous driving routes.

Factors that Influence Effects

One factor that will affect the effects of marijuana is the type of cannabis consumed. Some strains will affect your brain or body more than others. Still, the main factors that will influence the way weed works on the brain are unique to you. These factors include a person’s:

  • Age, height, weight, and general health
  • Amount of THC found in the dose
  • Concurrent use of marijuana with other drugs
  • Environment
  • Level of tolerance to THC
  • Mode of administration
  • Personal expectations
  • Previous experiences with or exposure to marijuana

How Long Effects Last

Effects of smoking marijuana are noticeable within minutes after the first toke, and usually reach peak levels after 30 minutes. Most physical and psychological effects of marijuana will return to normal within 5 hours after administration, with exceptional strains or high potency THC effects reported to last for 24 hours.

Marijuana Time in the Body

The active ingredient in marijuana, THC, enters the body’s bloodstream rapidly after smoking marijuana. If marijuana is ingested orally, it takes longer to be absorbed into the blood, usually from 20 minutes to 1.5 hours. But how long does THC stay in the system?

Once in the blood, THC is rapidly metabolized into molecules known as metabolites. At least 80 different metabolites are formed from THC. The majority of THC is excreted by the feces, about 65% of it, and over 30% leaves the body via the urine, although a very small amount of unchanged THC leaves the system intact. In urine, THC is noticeable up to 3 days after the last dose of marijuana.

However, chronic use can be detected weeks or months after last use. And as with any other drug, the hair follicle drug test detection time for marijuana is a minimum of 90 days in a single human hair.

THC detectable in Blood
Single use: Up to 24 hours
Frequent use: Up to 3 days
Regular, daily use: Up to 1 week

THC detectable in Hair
Single use: Up to 90 days
Frequent use: Up to 90 days
Regular, daily use: Up to 90 days

THC detectable in Saliva
Single use: Up to 24 hours
Frequent use: Up to 3 days
Chronic, heavy use: Up to one week

THC detectable in Urine
Single use: Up to 24 hours
Frequent use: Up to a few weeks
Chronic, heavy use: Up to one month

NOTE HERE: When marijuana is ingested, the liver breaks down THC into non-psychoactive marijuana metabolites, which are stored in the fatty tissues. This is how marijuana can be detected for longer periods of time in chronic, regular users. The metabolites are stored in fatty tissues and only released over time.

Getting High Effects

A wide range of effects may occur during a marijuana high, which vary in their intensity and quality. Among the most common and easily noticeable effect of marijuana high is the intensification of sensation and increased clarity of perception. Visual perception can change, colors seem to be brighter, patterns and graphic design are easily recognizable. Among other possible effects of a marijuana high are:

  • Appetite stimulation
  • Changes in perception of pain
  • Changes in perception of time
  • Enhanced sense of taste and smell
  • Increased fidelity and dimension of music
  • Intensified sense of hearing
  • More sensitivity to heat, cold, and pressure receptors
  • Objects appear more visually distinct

How Long Does A Marijuana High Last

The duration of a marijuana high is highly dependent on several factors. For example, if you are using marijuana daily, the high will last less than for someone who smokes occasionally due to drug tolerance.

Generally, marijuana highs usually last for about 2 to 3 hours. A typical high from smoking marijuana lasts for about 2 hours. Orally ingested THC or marijuana can trigger a high that lasts for longer, about 4-6 hours.

However, psychomotor impairment can remain after the initial high effects have worn off. Most common among these after effects are irregular time tracking, hand and eye coordination, or memory gaps.

Signs of a Problem

Compared to those who don’t use marijuana, those who frequently smoke weed or use marijuana in large amounts report the following:

  • Lower life satisfaction
  • More relationship problems
  • Poorer mental health
  • Poorer physical health

People also report less academic and career success. For example, marijuana use is linked to a higher likelihood of dropping out of school. It’s also linked to more job absences, accidents, and injuries.

But how do you know you’ve got a problem?

The first sign of a problem is drug dependence. Many people who use marijuana long term and are trying to quit report mild withdrawal symptoms that make quitting difficult. These include:

  • Anxiety
  • Cravings
  • Decreased appetite
  • Grouchiness
  • Sleeplessness

The second sign is that you can’t control your use. If you smoke all the time or can’t quit on your own, it’s possible that you’re experience marijuana use disorder. An estimated 30% of regular users are actually addicted. And many don’t know it!

Regardless, the best way to find out is to get a diagnosis. You can contact your physician, an addiction doctor, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, or a social worker for an initial screening. These medical professional

Your Questions

Still have questions?

Please leave your questions in the comments section below. We’ll do our best to respond to all real life questions with a personal and prompt reply.

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  1. Hi,am rasheed from Kenya,I got tempted to smoke weed which had been mixed with other substances and I wasn’t aware,Now I have the following symptoms:Rapid heart beat,loss of appetite,my vision aren’t clear and I can’t hear well,it has last for 3weeks now…I can not even concentrate on my work…Kindly help

  2. Took marijuana at 12:00pm….didn’t sleep at all why hasnt it wore off…its like my mind is always thinking about stuff…1st time i used marijuana…now im worry about my sleeping…

  3. Does smoking weed make u say weird stuff that make no sense at all. And make u feel really sleepy and not hungry.

  4. Hi i have been smoking everyday for about two years. I currently have been pot free for abput 10 days and my withdrawal symptoms still seem to be persisting. I have been very blase and down since i stoped and its feeling like im never going to feel back to normal ever again.

  5. i have stop weed from 26/11/2018 and i have taken medicine with DR but still now its effect me leg clamp and illness can’t sleep proper at night i have taken 9year i want to now more how much more days to recover ??

  6. I have smoked weed 3 days ago. I smoked it after 1 year.i weight 70 kg. I still can’t foucus anything and can’t remember my old memories.please give me a suggestion what to do to get back to normal.

  7. I had smoked about 8 dabs everyday for a week straight and 2 days later if feellike i got significantly dumber. will this go away and if so how can i help it go by faster, thank you.

  8. I have used homemade brownie edibles for years. two months ago we switched from 2 to 3 ounces of marijuana to 20 ounces of coconut oil in a crock pot for 12 hrs. then we use 1/3 cup of oil in the brownie mix. before when using the 2 oz. oil I only would feel sleepy. Then a month ago I started having numbness and tingling that did not go away the next day. Even though I stopped the brownies Dec 31, numbness & tingling has not gone away. Will it?

  9. Hi I took to hits out of my friends wax pen like 3 days ago and im still feeling anxiety and stressed and kind of depressed, will the effects wear off soon or should I go to a doctor

    1. Bro same thing happens to me your chilling ik it suck but it’s not worth it there gonna tell you that you are fine. Not tryna scare you but it took me a couple months to get my sense of vision back like yesterday i took a dab and I’m still trippen but the good thing is I have already gone through this so I’m more calm than usual

  10. I was given marijuana for my first time ever through tea and i drank it about 11pm. Slept a little later and gained some kind of consciousness around 2am where i was walking around my house subconsciously in a very slow trail. My heart rate increased and i was sweating. Was rushed to the hospital the same night.
    The main issue now is i still have this dizziness that’s constantly slowing me down. I need to work but cant concentrate and also im so tired. I think its taking too long. Its been three days now and im a little scared. Can someone tell me what to do here.

  11. Hi, how long can you use prescription medication after smoking, to avoid an interaction between the drugs because interaction can be lethal or extremely dangerous.

  12. Hi
    I smoked weed in ansterdam onece in 6 days ago and i became well after few hours and two days later i smoked from elsewhere at 4 days ago but i still fill dizzy and i feel im not 100% awake and i think my mind still is not recovered completely and im becoming very scared and worried i worry maybe this situation last for ever please guide me on this and if you can please inform me how i can get read of this situation


  13. I don’t feel my self hallucination don’t end I forgot totally what I did…. Yesterday I smoked weed that is half of a joint iam new user I don’t smoke often….. Please help me relieve this problems I feel very much sad depressive…. Please help me I hate myself….. Please say tips to reduce the effects…. Yesterday night around 9 I smoked from then total blank mental torture please help

  14. Hi I’m 16 and I just recently started smoking about a month ago and planning to stop. I have hit blunts 2 times before and gotten high and have been fine. Same with dab pens. 3 days ago I hit my friends dab pen 2 hits on high and it got me high but I woke up the next day feeling laggy and out of it. That day I took my concerta adhd later and I suffered from servere dizziness. These few days I have felt the same dizziness and my eye has remained red please help

  15. Hi I smoked weed a little over a month ago and never smoke I mean maybe once or twice a year would I be safe to have a hair drug test?

  16. I spent my late teens and early twenties smoking weed. It was always a positive experience. Euphoric if you will. When I turned twenty four I stopped because I had noticed it was making me socially anxious/paranoid. Can marijuana perminantly damage receptors in the brain? Such as cannabinoid and dopamine receptor? Furthermore as an experiment; after four years of abstention I decided to smoke some pot I got from a friend to see exactly how it would effect me. Euphoric like when I was young, or anxious and unnomfortable like I was getting tward the end of my pot years. Took one hit of a glass bowl and I swear I’ve never been so high. Not so much anxious but completely uncomfortable. I suspect this was an extremely potent sativa strain. So, can chronic use cause damage to brain recepters? Will I never be able to enjoy pot again?

  17. Hi there, I smoked a J with my friend two nights ago and I still feel the effects of it. My nerves feel like a second behind my body and everything sometimes feels slow. What should I do and is there something wrong?

  18. I usually don’t smoke or eat weed! Because I don’t like it but that’s my personal problem! But just recently I ate a burrito from my co-worker and come to fine out his wife made it with something called “weed butter” and wow man!! It give me a high that I have never felt I’m my life! (not for beginners) && still after two days I still feeling a body high and head high & I was wondering is this normal …. and how long dose it take to be outta my system..

  19. So about two weeks ago I ate an edible and I’m still feeling dizzy and I keep having mini panic attacks I don’t know what to do please help

  20. Hello, I am an 18 Year old boy. I took an edible on Thursday 21st of September. When taking it I entered a bad trip and puked multiple times. I went to sleep hoping it would be gone the next day. However it was not. I still felt some of the symptoms. It is now Monday the 25th is September and I still feel occasional panic attacks and some symptoms. I’m also sick so I was wondering whether that had anything to do with this prolonged cannabis. And I was also wondering what I could do to get rid of this feeling. Thanks in advance

  21. I’ve found that mindfulness matters. If you’re in a place where you are reflecting on your high and checking in with yourself regularly, then you might “notice” it for longer.

  22. Can I still feel the effects of a high past the allotted time limit? I was smoking at 1am and then went to bed, I went driving around 9am and felt like I was fried still. It’s now a couple hours later and I still feel this way.

  23. I took a 10 milligram marijuana edible about 38hours ago and the drug has worn off but I am experiencing psychomotor impairment right now and I was wondering- how long will the psychomotor impairment last?
    Is it permanent? And is it normal to still be paranoid after this long?

  24. I smoked a small amount of Marijuana 3 days ago and I still feel effects such as lack of concentration, hard to focus or stare at things, and less hunger. I unrelatedly haven’t slept that much so this may be contributing. Is this normal? Will it clear up on its own?

  25. I ate 2 edibles Thursday afternoon and I think they had a lot of marijuana and it’s sunday and I still don’t feel like myself I do and say things then I realize I’m doing them a moment later but it is what I want to do, it’s kind off hard to explain i just don’t feel normal

  26. I guess the level of marijuana tolerance is the crucial factor that defines the longevity of the THC in a person’s body.

  27. Perfectly normal, thats just a few hours, give it till 72 hours.
    Don’t panic, know that you took a drug, remind yourself of that – and it may help in your enjoying it 🙂

  28. Hi I had a tiny bit of a space cake at 9pm last night and I was extremely anxious and paranoid and shaking like crazy. I’ve slept drank ate but I still feel the effects. Is it normal to still feel this way 10:30am the next day also I have had no kind of drug for 9 years.

  29. i just had one question. my friend told me that if i fell to high i should try to puke and take a half cold-half hot shower. does it really work beacause i have alot of bad trips beacause of exam strees and i wanted a way to not fell like shit if i smoke after an exam

  30. I smoked on january12th for the first time in years now i have a drug test tomorrow for a new job I’m 5″9″ 285lb will i past the test

  31. Three days ago, I tried weed for the first time. I smoked a little less than 1/2 gram, and then smoked about 1/2 gram a little less than an hour later. The effects wore off after around five hours. My perception returned to normal. The next day, I smoked about 1/10 of a gram at the most, and it didn’t even alter my mind much, but it changed my motion perception as it did last time. However, this time, the effect hasn’t worn off yet. My motion perception is still altered. Moving objects in the distance appear faster than usual, and I am aware of all the movement in my field of vision at once. Movement looks more continuous and HD. Since it has been almost 48 hours since I last smoked, I am a little concerned that my visual perception of motion is still altered. Is this normal?

  32. Hi,
    I had space cake having weed in Amsterdam a month back and from the very next day I have physical symptoms like body feeling like lost energy, feeling everything unreal, anxiety, panic attacks, physical body pains some times, pins and needles in body

    I am going mad with all these, could someone please let me know how long these last for and when I will be normal

  33. To sarah it should wear of in a month or 2 depending on you but just tried to forget that experience dont search it up on the web live life how you use to, exercising or having a walk helps out and tried not to depend on xanax, i had the same experience as you did except i never took medication i know what your going through but you will be yourself again if you need any advice or if i could help in anything feel free to ask

  34. hey so I had a very bad trip off sativa weed and got stone for the first time. Apparently I’m the 10% of people has these bad reaction cause it’s been a week since that happened and I still I feel anxiety and paranoia. My dad took me to the hospital yesterday where they gave me xanx that made me calm down alot and I could finally sleep. I’m just wondering when these nasty side effects will where off and I can feel myself again. Literally . I still feel kinda numb. And I can’t have an orgasm cause the anxiety. Please someone give me some peace and mind that this is just a blip. Please

  35. Hey so I had a very bad trip smoking sativa a week ago and I’m still feeling high anxiety and paranoia. My dad brought me into the emergency room where they gave me a sedative (xanx

  36. I feel like i should post and reply to everyone that been experiencing panic or anxiety attacks, feeling dizzy or feeling like a dream like state after they smoke experience day after day, it only temporary you shouldnt worry just forget it and keep living your daily life dont think about it or the experience of it stop searching on the web exercise whatever makes ou happy or distract you ill go away just stop thinking about it or what your experiencing there nothing to worry if you need help to forget it talk to god have faith in him tell him about your problems and converned trust in him and have faith and he will receive them with love and take care of every single of your problems god loves you and he wants the best for you and dont ever smoke again the mind just in a really protective and panic mode it not meant for some people the mind just doing it job to protect that the reason it in panic mode may god bless you all

  37. I have anxiety about nothing at all all the time but when I get high and I come home, I’m just more relaxed and I don’t get anxiety about anything. My grandma would probably kick me out if she knew I got high but when I walk in the front door, I have no worry about them noticing. I get startled into fear but it passes within seconds. (I just got baked so I can promise it makes total sense. Autocorrect has saved me many spelling errors already.)

  38. Hi, I’ve been taking Marijuana for Seven (7) years now and decided to quit smoking now. I personally have a question of how long the drug be present in my system until the time I’d be tested negative if I undertake a drug test. Please i need reliable information.

  39. It’s interesting this dream-like hangover that people have mentioned. I also had this the very first time I took marijuana on a weekend trip to Amsterdam many years ago. Smoked a spliff, took a space cake, and drank some weed tea. The high was really intense. Anyhow, when coming back to the UK. I felt like something wasn’t right, like I was still in a dream. This lasted for many days, perhaps up to a week. Never experienced it since. It would be several months before I smoked weed again. Anyone else done any research on this dream like state, and why do you only get this the first time you take weed (or perhaps a long abstinence may bring this back). I also used to get time-dilation effects and the 3 H’s (happy, horny, hungry) when I used to smoke once every few weeks. Now I’ve been smoking pretty much every day, and the effects are less intense. It still feels nice to do, but I think it’s developed into a habit, I don’t get the 3 H’s unless I smoke a LOT, I mostly just get the lazy effects. So I’m thinking of kicking the habit, reducing my frequency to once a week, so that I can enjoy a more intense high at night when it’s most useful (as in to have fun with my wife), and increase my productivity during the day.

  40. My boyfriend is addict to weed he alaways ask a me do it but idk I don’t want him to do it because he dose it wayy to much what can I do??

  41. Hi. I took hits of a joint and a pen about 41 hours ago and I’m getting worried. I’m having conflicting thoughts what myself Bc I know I’m awake but feel like I’m living in a dream. This is causing me to have bad anxiety. Is it all in my head?

  42. I stop smoking weed today because I have medical and drug test at the embassy however I have doped all my life how can I make my system free of drug detection

  43. I smoked marijuana on 25 may and my drug test is near so when marijuana will get out in my system cause I am afraid of funded with marijuana in my system

  44. I have just started medical marijuana. It is a liquid form and I have been instructed to take 2 drops at one time but there was no info as when to take the second dose.
    Can you tell me how long the effects will last and if I can take more than 2 drops at one time.

  45. I smoked a sativia strain of marijuana and it has been four days and my head feels a bit foggy and objects seem distinct as well as my short term memory is a inhibited and I feel extremely tired and a loss of appetite

  46. Hi, I’m only a small person. I’ve stopped smoking for 3 days, would I pass a drug test? Where do you buy home drug tests?

  47. It’s been 4 days since I got pretty stoned. Since then I’ve been feeling a bit anxious/sad but today I’ve been crying all day and am feeling depressed. I have anxiety disorder but I can’t tell if it’s me or if it’s effects from the weed I smoked…help?

  48. So like I haven’t smoked in a long time and a few days ago I was just like “fuck it just one hit” BUT LIKE DAMN MAN THAT ONE HIT MADE ME FUCKING STONED! Since I had the pusspuss lungs, and went all big shit with the hit I got high pretty fast! The effects kicked in after a good 15 minutes. I was high off my ass, but then my friend told me it was doedee (don’t know how to spell it), and now I’m like “welp you’re in some shit” because when I get muscle tensions and all this bs, I get one on my right nut sack, on the back of my left neck, and I feel like I’m spacing out and I hate the feeling!! Last time it took a good 2 months for me to feel normal ?, i hate it soooo much ;—-;!

  49. Hi i smoked 1 gram of weed like 3-4 days ago and im still experiencing a high like my reaction time and vision is still effected by it. please help

  50. I smoked some weed on Saturday and Sunday, on Sunday I got really high and ever since, I haven’t felt the same, it feels like things that just happened, didn’t happen or like I feel like If something happened, I’ll ask someone to clarify

  51. My exam’s got over…and I’m high as always…If I go to gym?will I be muscular fit ? I weigh around 65kg and I’m 5ft8″ tall.

  52. I’m not a marijuana user however my girlfriend ate two cookies which were laced with the stuff and she feels extremely uneasy, unsafe and paranoid. She did this because she experienced the loss of her mom with whom she was very close. She is sorry she even tried it again after many years of not using it. She cannot sleep or even walk around and she ANXIOUSLY waits for the effects of it to wear off.


  53. Hi my self Vieendra and i am from india
    I had taken marijuana tadays night at 12:30am on 18th feb and its effect did not last yet
    What should i do?
    Plsss reply fast

  54. I got high the other day (1st of Feb) and had a really bad trip that scared the living hell out of me. It’s been more than 24 hours now and I still feel dizzy and paranoid, I can’t sleep and I keep throwing up. Should I go to the doctor? How long will this last?

  55. I smoked weed on 25 jan, since then all the effects are happening. Dizzines, memory problems, I am feeling like I am am in a dream, Panic attacks . It’s been 5 daysI thought it will go away, but that’s not happening. I am concerned. Help me fast.

  56. HELP. I smoked weed around late November 2016 early December 2016 and I smoked twice around that time. First time I took like the most 2 hits and the second time I took about 10 hits. It’s now late January 2017 early February 2017, will I be able to pass any tests? (Blood, saliva, hair, etc.)

  57. I smoked pot on a daily bases until Dec sixth 2016, I didn’t smoke anymore until Dec 31st 2016 in which I smoked at least one joint that weighed a gram. Then I didn’t smoke anymore until Jan 20th I took about no more than four puffs, I weight 230 pounds med build and have to take a drug test on Feb 3rd 2017. If I smoke no more should I be able to pass a urine test if taken on Feb third.?

  58. I like the explanation above but my question is
    If i use Marijuana or Weed Two time in a week is bad?
    Because its so easy for me to stop from smoking

  59. Hi I took my dose of weed for the the first time and I consumed about more than a half joint and now its been about 4-5 days and I’m experiencing panic attacks ,over thinking , and low blood pressure problem should I consult a doctor or is it normal and please tell me how much time it will take to get out of my system completely so that I can feel normal its a big humble request to reply and help me please.

  60. you don’t get withdrawal symptoms from smoking too much at one sitting- they only appear when a body that is used to THC intake no longer gets the doses of THC. if you feel bad after drinking AND ingesting THC, you are probably suffering from the effects of residual blood-alcohol poisoning. keep your THC levels low, don’t drink alcohol, and don’t run out of weed, and you can minimize the suffering.

  61. I smoke weed for my first time I only took one puff to have a terrible experience my heart was beating fast, I felt detach from reality, everything I saw was in slow motion I waited a few hours hoping what I was experiencing would go away it did but a little bit so I decided to sleep it off the next day I felt better but thoughtful of everything that occur to me everything was going better until 3 or 4 days I started to feel dizzy lightheaded I read that it usually takes 30 days before the tch leaves the body but it been 3 months and I still feel like I am high dizzy heavy headed

  62. I’m a smart kid I think fast and am an athlete, what I wanna know is if I smoked once at age 15 would my brain never be the same in terms of thinking patterns reaction time? And if so how can I fix this if possible?

  63. I smoked two days ago for the second time. I feel numb and also feel like my brain chemistry has changed. I feel tired and can’t pay attention. Right after feeling high I had a massive panic attack and later on tripped. Will I ever be normal again, a doctor said it could last for 3-5 days.

  64. Hello, my name is Daniel and im an avid smoker. I smoke around 3 grams of marijuana a day and love it. I can still function and complete all of my daily tasks such as work, school work, house work, and even the gym. For those of u freaking out you should just relax, its only pot. So ur kids in a funk after smoking, give him some water and make him go sweat it out.

  65. I smoked a weed and up on till now I’ve being having these wired feeling like every thing is fake.does this last for a long period of time and sometime my hreat start rondomlly beating rapidly . what can I do?

  66. yesterday night first time i smoke weed
    after that i feel my body is floating and no coordination in my body part moreover sometime i feel that there is change in my voice…i sart doing acting….but next morning i feel good but i fear about me sometimes i feel that my is sweating please tell me what do next

  67. i have been smoking weed for a year, almost everyday in the year, am a heavy smoker. In how many days ill get clean for a urine test?

  68. I took marijuana orally and it was a lot for me, i started to feel like i was in my own world, things were moving so slow and i started to see things with more concentration, i had panic attacks and i thought i was going mad so i told my friend to take me to sleep. I woke up the next morning still feeling like am hallucinating and i lost sense of reality. I’m regaining sense to reality slowly n was wondering if i will soon gain my full sense of reality?

    Anyone who has ever felt the same to help please.

  69. Could you please explain how a person that’s been taking weed for 2 years come of it with a thyroid problem she try gone cold turkey and she ended up in hospital an lost tones of weight she in bits bless her so advice would help a lot thank you

  70. I smoked marijuana 5 mins ago, I feel weird, like I have paranoia or something, is it normal to be expieriencing these kind of symptoms if you tried it for your first time?

  71. I’m still high after smoking yesterday. I’m a chronic user and i have after effects everytime. Ask any real weed smoker if you have some gas then you’d be waking up high.I smoke at least a pound a week, now I grow my own shit. I have a room full of pot plants in my basement. I make at least 4500 a week, on a good week 5000. People come to me alot asking for bud, because I’d give them a dime for 5 or a dub for 10. I only sell lowl pack too. But the real money comes from selling ounces and pounds.

  72. Don’t worry about it and try to enjoy it, for first time users it can last a few days and a few more days imagined… 🙂
    It will go out of your system in a short while if you don’t hit again…

  73. Hey I’m Ethan. I smoked 5 hits of a joint yesterday and I got supper high and kept feeling like I was gonna pass out and I was really tired then I went to bed and the next day I still feel high and it’s been 2 days since I’ve smoked it and I still feel dizzy and like I’m in a dream. Should I be worried? How long till it will go away and I will feel normal? Also this is my second getting high I’ve only smoked weed 2

  74. i smoked marijuana day before yesterday but still i am feeling its effects help me out pls. I want to come down to normal pls help me

  75. One of my friends has smoked weed yesterday around 22 hours ago to this minute for the first time in 5 months. His effects were immediate and began with coughing attacks and than hallucinations and dizziness. These effects lasted 4 hours and none of his previous experiences with weed have been nothing like this. The weed was not pre grinded and the dealer has a fair reputation so I don’t think it was laced but I don’t know forsure. Also he still feels like his coordination and thinking is not 100% right now. How long do you think itll be before it goes away.

  76. 2 month ago i was drink bhaang now i feel very sad and bad sleep i wake up at middle of night then i can’t sleep and mornning i feel like drunk and hearing slow, feeling nerves, answering slowlly, feeling fear, any work doing even faster even slow and most important i think something so i can’t control my think …… i want to know how many days effect bhaang my mind . When i will going to feel normal pls help me

  77. Hello, i smoke weed about 3 joints but shares so i guess i smoke not more that 10 puff 3 days ago, i’ve got urine test another 4 days, since i last smoke its takes about 9 days before my urine test, can i pass my urine test?? i’ve been drinking alot of water since not a regular smoker..Thank you for this blog

  78. Hey I’m not a regular user I’m trying to find out if marijuana could be still in my system but I haven’t actually been around marijuana stance August of last year or September of last year and I’m wondering if it still could be possibly in my system possibly in my hair follicle system. I am over 215 pounds and I I am 4 feet 10 inches and I don’t know how fast my metabolism is.

  79. how long do the lazy or lack of ambition effects of marijuana usually last? I could imagine they vary, but is there a common time in people? after smoking marijuana once?

  80. I smoked last night at 6pm and its been like 20hours but im still feeling little dizzy and sometimes i panic for while. How long can it be till im normal? I take just couple puffs and its been a while since last time. Is there anything what i can do to get normal faster?

  81. @Mel,
    Sounds like the stuff you are getting is bad, laced with something as 7 days for weed is pretty much unheard of (maybe if this was your first time, but still unusual)

    Although I am not a doctor, just a smoker, my 2 cent advise:
    buy from someone else who is more trusted
    go to the doc.

  82. I have a really bad experiance with weed the last time I smoked it lasted 7 days. I think it was laced with something. I’m scared to smoke again but I’ve been under alot of stress and i have serious back pains. Should I smoke or ask my doctor for medication?

  83. Starting from initial dose of mariwana after how much months does it show effects which are long lasting
    If inhaled 10 to 15 times does it permanently decreases IQ and concentration

  84. I smoked pot for the first time on 3-6-20016 and I am applying for a job whom is definitely doing a hair follicle test. How long will Marijuana stay in my system?

  85. It was studied and published years ago, that one marijuana cigarette was equivalent to one pack of regular cigarettes in terms of carcinogens. I do not have a link to this study but it was out there for years.


  86. @dave
    You need to find yourself some intelligent friends, the ones telling you crap right now just seem too ignorant for words…

  87. Iv been hearing about cannabis causing more damage to your lungs then smoking cigarettes? I find that hard to believe but iv heard this from multiple people.

  88. HI last Friday was my first time ever to smoke weed. One of my freinds made me a highlider pipe and boii I almost had a heart attack, my mouth was dried like a dessert and I was hearing all types of stuff. And I soon as I went outside I felt like I could fly with the wind lol.. but it’s got to be won of the most craziest expiriences of my life.

  89. Hi I have a saliva test on coming Monday but I had smoke weed last Tuesday which was only one joint. N before that I smoked 3 days regularly one or two joints a day. I’m not a heavy smoker for week normally I smoke 2 joints a week. Now I’m concern would I be able to pass the saliva test after not smoking weed almost 5 n half days ?

  90. I ate a pot cookie Fri night about a hour after eating it I felt like I couldn’t function at all and was nauseated so I went to bed sat I could function but felt hung over now it’s Tue evening and I still feel nauseated and tired is this normal and I have a headache.

  91. Hey, around two days ago I smoked a blunt for the first time in a while and it was pretty strong. That night I felt like everything was slow motion and I am still feeling like my sense perception is kind of off. I don’t know if I should be worried about this but I feel kind of scared and I don’t know if I should go to a doctor

  92. Hello sir .when i was 19 years old . i takes marijuana first time .it really ruined me.and today is 8 years are gone. The effect of marijuana in mind .it ruined me day by day.sir please help me. Any medicine are there .for treat my mind. To save my life

  93. Most states have alcohol impairment standard of “to the slightest degree” or similar language. Under this standard for marijuana, what is your experience, science, opinion concerning this?



  94. Hello sir .when i was 19 years old . i takes marijuana first time .it really ruined me.and today is 8 years are gone. The effect of marijuana in mind .it ruined me day by day.sir please help me. Any medicine are there .for treat my mind

  95. You have stated that negative effects of cannabis edibles (such as memory gaps) can persist after the initial high. Do these effects persist, or do they too fade? If the ladder is the case, what is the average time period before they fade? Also, is your IQ negatively affected after a one time use?

  96. Hi, I smoked a whole gram of weed just an hour ago with my friends and I am the designated driver. But I am scared what do I do? The thing is also I have to be home in an hour???? Help me!

  97. I smoked weed . I am a regular smoker since last6 momths . But recently i am seeing strange effects like headaches i am hearing loud nd many more problems. Even when i have not smoked for 3 ,4 days plz help me

  98. Hi, I have been smoking marijuana from 18 months. From last 3 months I smoke like every day and several times I try to quit but after an week or two I start again. Is there any way then I can quit this draug easily. Thank you!

  99. Hi I smoked yesterday and I feel odd. I feel like I’m in a dream world and I can’t get out of it. I feel like my arms are heavy when I move them and I can’t really sleep. I have flash backs and my heart beats faster. My eyes are still blood shot and I only hit the pipe like 6 times. When am i gonna feel normal??

  100. I have taken marijuana its abt 3 hours, i am feeling slow movements of everything, feelings stuck, very wrong thoughts are coming in mind, feeling fear, feeling pain, late decision making, feeling unability to do task , unable to recoganise things, heavy heart rate, pain in joints..How long the effect of it will rest ?? now its unbeareble

  101. If im thinking of trying weed for the first time will it do major or low effects on me & if so how long will being high last ?

  102. Hi Addiction Blog

    I am drinking alcohol from last 3 years and smoking cigarette from last 2 years. Recently i have started smoking weed. I have smoked weed after drinking alcohol earlier also but last time on Friday i have smoked weed after drinking alcohol, and on sunday afternoon i was feeling like i am high again. and still its Wednesday today, still i am feeling as if still weed has its effect. What should i do now ? Drinking lemon water from yesterday night. Want to get rid of this asap

    1. Hi, Vishal. It sounds like you have taken too much marijuana while drinking, and are now experiencing withdrawal. A few home remedies have proven to be useful like:
      1. drink cranberry juice to help cleanse the body
      2. drink plenty of water and clear liquids
      3. eliminate fat from the diet until digestion is better
      4. hot relaxing bath
      Also, here is a list of suggested reading on this topic:
      Hope this will work!

  103. I smoked weed and I have some after affects of it like my memory ant the best anymore and I see the same as if I here high like little dots and I have like a brain fog will these affects wear off

  104. I have gotten high a total of 3 times. The last time i smoked weed i had a headache after wards for a few days. So I smoked 2 more days in a row. 2 days after that I still have a raging headache throughout the day the headache releivers can barley sustain. Am I going to fast to get my body use to cannabis. Or does it just not like it at all? Are these symptoms normal for new users? I’m pretty possible I didn’t smoke stems or seeds.

  105. So I had my fist experience with marajuana last night eating pot brownies. Well it sucked I was having panick attacks, muscle tension and much more crappiness. I went to bed finally at 2am and it’s now 5 pm the next day (15 hours later) and I’m still having random bouts of racing heart rate, numb lips and dizziness exhaustion. When will this end?

  106. Hi. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I took three hits from a blunt news year. Up to then the last time I got hi I was 18. I am now 38. So it been a while. When I was hi it was like I dreamed that hole night and even when I was not hi I liked dreamed it. It Sunday and it like some things that happen it liked I dreamed it. It like a bad case of déjà vu. I hop you can read that. I talked with some friends about it. It has haloed a little. When I smoked it when I was younger the same thing happened. I hop you understand what I am asking. I know it sounds crazy. Again thanks for taking the time to answer the question.

  107. I drinked las night mariuana and now have 15 after when i drink and now i have fear if i lost my mind, i think when i sleep and i get up maybe i will be no normaly. Please sugest to me what i have to do? I have lot fear.

  108. I have smoked weed everyday for 7 years. I was depressed and had bad anxiety untill I stopped smoking 8 months ago. I have trouble sleeping but I’m not so depressed as I was before. I sometimes feel the need for it but I fight it. Will this urge ever go away?

  109. Oh and to help anyone who panics while high, if it’s like ur first time, or your not used to it or something, the best thing you can do is relax and let the weed do what it wants. It won’t hurt you, but panicking will hurt you. If u fight the ocean you will drown, so don’t fight it. (Just feel like some people gotta know this) also, if you are feeling the effects way later than you should be feeling it, like a few days later you still feel wierd, its normal, it happens to me, and over time it will fade away. Just ignore it. If you focus on it and worry about it then it will get worse.

  110. I’m 14, 130lbs, smoked weed lightly for 3 months. I just stopped cuz i noticed it maked my reaction time in soccer rewlly slow and that sucks. How long will it take to get back to normal? (Like, my original reaction time and original focus before smoking)

  111. What happens if you still feel high after 24 hours? Are the after effects usually strong ? Usually I wear of time and actions on myself and do not know what to do .

  112. No body has ever died from marijuana. It is a drug with medicinal value and should be respected as such. There are different types of marijuana and potencies etc. Some strains are relaxing while others may be uplifting. This is why some people seek marijuana for help with anxiety while others feel anxious high. It shouldn’t be in the hands of people without a doctor. For those who still feel high days later, it’s called GUILT or REMORSE. THC is only active in the bloodstream for a few hours after consumption, this is why blood screen drug testing isn’t recommended for marijuana use.

  113. I smoked about 7 weeks ago and haven’t felt the same ever since I have so many synthms and I can’t sleep am I going to return to normal am 17 years old don’t wanna tell my parents because they will get mad and I feel like am going to die someone please help me I don’t wanna die

  114. I tried some weed a while back and on my first two drags I didn’t get much to exhale. The third drag I had a noticeable exhale, not like a cigarette but noticeable. In about eight minutes I went into a panic mode. I couldn’t focus, started sweating profusely. I got up and went to get a towel in the bathroom. Leaving the bathroom I couldn’t walk. I crawled back to my chair and tried to call my daughter but couldn’t see the numbers on my phone.Eventually, after about ten minutes, I settled down. I was still under the influence but was relaxed and could focus. What was that and could that reaction lead to death? Thank You !

  115. Hi iam 30 yrs old (just turned) ha and iv3 been smokeing weed for about 11 and half years, my boyfriend doesnt lile it and has TOLD me this time I have to stop. I havent had a smoke for 4 days an I feel ok, this iswhy iam worried because about a year ago I stopped for a month and was very hard, sweats, dreams, cravings, headaches moods it wad horrible but got better then I started smoking again, I cant understand why I feel ok, I havent had anything from before and iam on day 4.?? I would like to stop for good this time for many reasons mainly I know it had a big affect on my mind! Can someone help to tell me why I havent been as bad as last year, I smoked every day and cant figure out why I feel ok, apart from wanting a smoke! Iam being strong this time tho and hope I stick to it. X

  116. A work colleague tested positive for cannabis during random drug testing- he is adament he does not use the stuff however has been in close proximity to people who do, he also found out that he had inadvertently eaten “space cakes”, a bad joke that had been played on him
    His results came back at 100ng/ml would this result confirm his story(he lost his job due to this)

  117. I feel the effects of it half a day later after i smoked…i smoked 830pm. And its 12pm. Why am i still feeling it. Its not as intense as last night. But i feel like i cant function well

  118. I smoked two weeks ago and had a bad trip, the weed wasn’t laced. With the trip my body felt numb, it didnt feel like I had control of myself, everything looked bright, objects looked very clear and high definition and distinct. Its been two weeks and still have some of effects. Sometimes I feel like I dont have control of myself, also objects still look weird and objects look closer than they appear and every object looks so distinct and high definition. I was wondering if this will go away. I have only smoked about seven times in my life. I really want a answer. I have been to many doctors and they dont know what the problem is. Please help me.

  119. I use marijuana for a month is it affect my body?

    Then i have a dout it cures cancer from spreading and also it creates cancer i dont know about these things

  120. I took one hit off of my friends metal pipe yesterday at about 3:30 pm. I weigh 120 and I’m 5’1″. I still feel high, Today at 6:50 pm. I’ve felt high all day and I can’t remember things well. What’s going on?!?! 🙁

  121. Good article, I have anxiety, bipolar disorder and horrible insomnia I go to art school and have a full time job and I can truly say this herb has surely changed my life for the better! I smoke everyday 3times a day for 3 years already and I’m more involved and relaxed then ever!

  122. if a person smoke once in a while like after six month marijuana just for relaxation & in limited quantity. Say after one week if he is tested how much chances will be there for positive or negative ?? I will be appreciate if you reply. Thanks.

  123. Hi I’m 15 and over the summer I’ve smoked weed but I’ve noticed that I’m begging to be very clumsy and out of it at times and even forgetting easy things like what I did at the weekend I’m stopping smoking it now but will I regain the ability to remember stuff

  124. Hi guys, i took marijuana via yilo raspberry tea for my first time taking in quality marijuana. The high was extreme and went from giggles to straight paranoia. I ended up in the ER i was so stoned. Now 24 hours later the high is gone but im experiencing a little bit of cotton mouth and nausea. Is this normal?? Thx

  125. Hi guys, i have recently been laid off by work because at a company medical (which included a drugs test) i said openly that i get high once a month on a saturday. They claim that one day of smoking affects my physical and mental abilty to do my job for the whole month. Is there anywhere i can find certified evidence that this is untrue??

  126. hi i smoke marijuana at regular basis but i hv quitted since 5 days and i want to know that how long it will take to get clear from my body …pls do suggest me any remedies so that it get clear from my body as i hv to go for medical test in embassy with in a month and i dont want that anything make me in trouble when i get medical test

  127. I smoked about 4 days ago and it has been awhile since i have smoked. I’m not sure on what type of marijuana it was at all. Ever since i have smoked, i have been having times where i get hot, my head kind of hurts, i get light headed and kinda dizzy, everything seems to be slower than normal, and it makes me like have memory loss of like what i just did. I was wondering if you could help on figuring out what could be causing this, and if it could be from the marijuana?

  128. I had a blunt yesterday around 6 to 7pm and I’m feeling confuse everything seem unreal and I’m scared it was my first time smoking weed,pls some one tell me when it’s gonna be ok, it’s still me my system

  129. Hi
    I don’t smoke weed at all but I tried a cookie this past Saturday wirh 10 mg of THC while visiting Colorado. It was a terrible experience with paranoia and anxiety. I know I should have had way less. I know that now.
    Yesterday (three days later) I experienced more anxiety and it has been lingering since. Could this be because of the cookie? Is it possible that there is some residual affects? If so, when will it pass? Anything I can do in the meantime? Thank you for your time.

  130. I have consumed marijuana continuously for 3 years now I have left it from 2 weeks and facing certain problems like fear of loosing , weekness ,headache, lack of concentration and many others when will be i normal please let me now on urgent basis

  131. Hi, i have been an extensive user of marijuana. I have left it however the withdrawals are heavy. Please suggest how can i completely get out of it and live a healthy life again?

  132. Hi, I smoked for the 3rd time yesterday. I had the worst high ever and I felt completely at risk as not only was it public my friends were high aswell so they were no help. I’m still feeling severe headaches and a slight body high over 24 hours later. How can I get it to stop?

  133. Is it normal for the effects of weed to still be there the day after you smoke it? It was my first time last night at 1am and its now 12:30pm

  134. Hi there:
    Am 22 Years Old, I smoked Weed before 5 days ( Only 4-5 Drags),And i Feel wierd till now (Very Moment typing this Message). i Feel Like am in a dream world Where every thing is jus Fake. Whats Happening to me? This Is Freaking me Out. Need Some Help Buddy. Kindly Respond.

  135. Hi i have a question, However, psychomotor impairment can remain after the initial high effects have worn off. Most common among these after effects are irregular time tracking, hand and eye coordination, or memory gaps.

    How long can these effects last? is it until all the THC has left the body or is it a few hours later, Thanks in advance.

  136. Hi, i really need help because i’m too scary right now.
    I smoked weed for the first time (it’s was an entire cigarrete) and after 48 hours (at this moment) i feeling a kind of “hangover”, it’s not like the effects that i felt, it’s looks like i’m lazy and can’t pay attention in anything, it’s look like i’m in a dream or something like that.
    Should i be worried about it?

  137. Hello! I smoked 2 fat joints last night and no high. Is that a normal amount? Maybe I’m smoking it wrong? Opinions please 🙂

    1. Hi Roy. If you are a chronic smoker it is very possible that your organism has gotten used to the presence of marijuana and has built up tolerance. This may be one reason you felt no effects.

  138. Hello!
    I am a 73 year old female and due to my several spinal stenosis I obtained a medical card and I bought and consumed, for the very first time in my life, and I was advised to take some Cheeba Chews, first 1/4 of the chews and after 45 minutes another halve of the total of 50 mg THC, totally taken 25 mg. It has been three weeks ago and I still have the terrible side effects of dizziness, blurred vision, my short term memory is worse than ever, I am also confused and have a head ache at the back of my head, I am just not myself anymore. Adding to that I still have the pain. Do you have any idea how long I will feel like this? I don’t know what to do anymore. Please help.

  139. f*** that I smoke weed everyday like 20 times a day and I get high as a m*********** so you don’t want to smoke we leave this s*** alone

  140. I smoked marijuana a few days ago, and I got really unstable, I still feel like that now, how long will I feel like this?

  141. @Kiki,

    If it was weed there are generally two kinds:
    One that perks you up or one that relaxes you (Usually Sativa strains perks you up and Indica relaxes), it sounds like you had something from the Indica line.

    As a new user the effects can be a bit “harsher” and last longer but don’t worry, it will be out of your system soon (hours).

    How do I know? I smoked a few times and I’m a geek 😉


    P.S Next time smoke only with people you know and trust, no strangers no matter how attractived you may be to them

  142. What if you some some weed with someone you just met and then after words your body starts to feel different almost like nom . You ask the person what they gave you but they say nothing and gets frustrated with you . What type of weed can have your body feeling num like you tired and about to pass out. How. Long does it take to wear off ,?

  143. I dealt with crazy anxiety, panick attacks, and went through a point of depersonalization through high school and about a year after it continued. It was affecting my school and just my quality of life. Finally one day I just realized I’m the one freaking myself out. We just have to calm our own minds and realize that you DO have control over yourself and stop telling ourselves we don’t have control over it. And I just started smoking weed and I feel fine been smoking got just about 2 weeks I was nervous because the first time I tried it I had a bad high which was a while back but i just didn’t think of that bad high and eased into it, I only took one hit to see how I felt and I felt fine. Now I probably only take a good 2-3 hits to relax after a long day.

  144. Im a former consumer been clean for a year. I recall being stuck on a fighter match on Mortal Kombat for days. I took a fiew toaks one evening and beat the challenger my first try afterwords. Is it possible weed made me more focused? Please bring clarity to this matter thank you.

  145. I used cannibis ointment on my neck yesterday (I have medical licence for pain) and can’t concentrate or think very well today.
    Is it still working?

  146. Hi ! This year of january I strated smoked weed 4/5 times in whole month but not that hard and I stoped smoking on February whole month. But on March I have smoked 3 times last two weeks and I was smoke last Thursday night smoke heavy but my drug test is near so how long it will gonna out of my system.

    1. Hi Janie. You shouldn’t drive until all the effects have subsided. Depends on how you react to the substance and the strength of the effects it produces. Please be careful, your reactions tend be significantly impaired and your concentration will be low, at least for hours after smoking.

  147. hi I am looking for some way to help my son. He smoked marijuana about a month ago, maybe 5 weeks ago, and, as a result, became completely paranoid and anxious.It was not the first time he smoked – he’s had a reasonable amount of experience. It has sent him into a downward spiral of depression and anxiety. He says that he still feels the physical effects, like a flush, and it is still completely freaking him out. We have taken him to the dr and he is now receiving anti anxiety medication but he wants to know how long he will feel the physical effects – “flashbacks”. Any info is helpful. Thank you

  148. Hi John. It will be out of your system quickly, but the effects can last for quite a long time. When you’ll be able to legally drve againg, I don’t know. Depends on how long your organism will take to heal itself and return to homeostasis, and that’s an individual thing.

  149. Hi, i have been smoking for about 7 years now and i was just wondering how long it would take to get out of my system so im ok to drive legally again?

  150. Hi Rita. Many first-time users and regular marijuana smokers have reported getting this feeling. As scary as it may be, it should be gone after 4-5 days. Illegal drugs have different effects on everyone, which is why they’re illegal. Also, marijuana stimulates anxiety in people who have anxiety issues. If your son has these issues, he should STAY AWAY from marijuana, because it can actually make it worse.

  151. I smoked weed…. very small amount from a bong & had a crazy body high. It has now been over 24 hrs (11 pm Sat – 6am Monday). Durring the day it comes and goes but when i sit i still feel rippling in my body when I move, & my heart randomly starts beating quickly & have issues sleeping.
    Is this a normal occurrence &

    I don’t normally smoke.

  152. I have hyper insomnia and i have been smoking marijuana for the 4 months. What are the effects of marijuana on a hyper insomniac and how long will take to recover?

  153. My son came to me the other day and was saying he was scared I was asking him what was wrong he said he and 5 other friends smoked 3joints all at one time and now 3 days later he said he still don’t feel right he said it feels like he’s in a dream. He said this was the first time he ever tried it and he said it won’t ever happen again. But could he still be having affects from smoking them?

  154. I took few hits from a blunt yesterday and im still high right now and i think its been more than 24 hrs. Should i be concerned??

  155. Hi Marcus. In urine, THC is noticeable up to 3 days after the last dose of marijuana, but there are many variables like your physical health, level of hydration, etc. that cab influence the timeline for getting clean from marijuana.

  156. I smoke weed once in a while its been months months since I smoked. I hit a bowl 4 times last Friday will it be out of my system by this Wednesday for a urine test? I’m 5″9 , 190lbs with a high metabolism

  157. If you are a naturally anxious person and self medicate with cannabis is it counteractive as its known for causing paranoia?? I’ve smoked most of my life and have always felt fine unless taking speed with it which does affect me terribly but what are the scientific results for this? does weed always cause paranoia to the point of making you anxious? haven’t self medicated for a while now n feel no different??

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