How Long Does K2 Stay In Your System?

Experts don’t know how long the synthetic cannabinoids in K2 stay in your system. But some can be detected within 72 hours of use. More on the metabolism of K2 ingredients here.

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Reviewed by: Dr. Dili Gonzalez, M.D.

ARTICLE OVERVIEW: We really do not know a lot about how K2 works and stays in the body. But we do know that the length of time that K2 stays in your system depends on which synthetic cannabinoids are in the mixture. More on metabolism of synthetics here…with a section for your questions at the end.


What’s In K2?

K2 is a brand of mixture of herbs and spices that is sprayed with chemicals called synthetic cannabinoids. These synthetics are chemically similar to THC, the psychoactive ingredients in marijuana. The five primary chemicals used in K2 are:

  • Cannabicyclohexanol
  • CP-47,497
  • JWH-018
  • JWH-073
  • JWH-200

However, it’s not easy to determine exactly what is in K2. There are currently over 140 synthetic cannabinoids on the market. Keep in mind that K2 is an unregulated mixture of any of these different compounds. Therefore, it is a very dangerous drug.

What Does K2 Do To The Body?

K2 has only been around a few years, what is known is that the chemicals found in it attach to the same nerve cell receptors as THC, the main mind-altering ingredient in marijuana.

So far, there have been few scientific studies of the effects of synthetic cannabinoids on the human brain, but researchers do know that some of them bind more strongly than marijuana to the cell receptors affected by THC, and can produce much stronger effects. The resulting health effects can be unpredictable and dangerous.

The long-term effects of using synthetic cannabinoids are unknown. The entire scope of chronic use has not been studied. As use increases in frequency and duration, there are greater risks of ill effects of synthetic marijuana abuse including:

  • Death.
  • Heart attacks.
  • Injuries due to erratic or violent behaviors.
  • Kidney damage.
  • Onset or exacerbation of mental health disorders.
  • Respiratory issues similar to those seen in tobacco smokers.
  • Seizures.

The mental health consequences can be even more severe. There are reports of extreme depression with suicidal thoughts that can endanger the safety of the person abusing synthetic cannabinoids. Some people who suddenly stop using synthetic cannabinoids after frequent use have reported severe symptoms such as:

  • Chest pain.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Palpitations.
  • Rapid heart rate.
  • Seizures.

The severity of these withdrawal-like symptoms may be related to how much and how long someone has used synthetic cannabinoids. Further, we still do not know all the ways K2 may affect a person’s health or how toxic it may be. However, it is possible that there may be harmful heavy metal residues in K2 mixtures that can cause even more serious long-term effects.

Peak Levels of K2

The chemical structure of synthetic cannabinoids differs from that of THC. As a result, the way that synthetics metabolize in the body are also different. Like marijuana, howver, peak levels of synthetic cannabinoids are achieved relatively quickly. K2’s peak levels occur within 10-45 minutes after smoking, or longer after eaten or brewed in tea.

When inhaled, K2 products are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. Smoking K2 produces peak concentrations within minutes after intake with blood/serum concentrations of 10 mg/L. These peak levels then rapidly decline and are only detectable for hours to days. For example, the synthetic cannabinoid JWH-018 is detectable for up to 48 hours.

Oral intake produces much lower serum concentrations, but detectability might be extended upon oral ingestion. In some cases, K2 was detected up to 5 days after oral intake.


K2’s duration of effect varies by type of cannabinoid found in a K2 mixture. Likewise, the half-life of K2 ingredients varies by:

  • Dosage
  • Frequency of use
  • The user
  • Type of cannabinoids

However, both half-life and duration of effect of synthetic cannabinoids tend to be longer than THC. In general, the half life of compounds found in K2 is longer than THC (3-5 days), which is what causes increased duration of effects in users.

K2 Detection Window

Recent studies demonstrate that is possible to detect some of the more popular synthetic cannabinoids on yoururine, blood, saliva or hair. In fact, specific cannabinoid drug screens look for the presence of synthetic cannabinoids or one of its metabolites, which are chemicals that your body makes to process the drug.

The main detection windows for K2 are:

Blood: Synthetic cannabinoids can be detected in chronic users’ serum 30 days after last use. So, detection of K2 or its metabolites in blood might not necessarily mean recent intake.

Hair:Like other illicit drugs, K2 can be detected in a hair sample for 90 days or more after last use. This is why hair drug screens usually serves to monitor long-term consumption patterns or prove abstinence.

Saliva: Oral concentrations of peak levels of synthetic cannabinoids are low and range between 3 -35 mg/L after smoking, rapidly declining until becoming undetectable after several hours. This might render saliva a good matrix to document recent use or to monitor frequent users.

Urine:After a single smoked dose, the detection window is 2–3 days in urine. The detection window after oral consumption is 10 days in urine.

As K2 potentially contains hundreds of compounds, some still unknown, the emergence of synthetic cannabinoids will pose continuous challenges to clinical and forensic laboratories. With each new compound, the forensic community must address three major issues:

  1. Identification of suitable biomarkers via in vitro studies to detect intake.
  2. The need for reference standard synthesis.
  3. Continuous updating and validation of analytical methods, which is a time-consuming, cost- and labor-intensive process.

K2 Drug Testing

Synthetic cannabinoids do not produce positive results in routine cannabis drug tests; they are detectable in the urine only if they are specifically searched for. Again, the detection time for K2 in urine is about 2-3 days after consumption.

So, what does urine based K2 drug testing involve?

K2 urine testsare made with strips. This strip is immersed directly into the urine sample, which prevents any liquid handling. The test is a qualitative assay test which delivers a type “NO or YES” result, which translates to a “NEGATIVE” or “POSITIVE” result.

False Positives

A K2 test will be positive if the test sample contains at least 25 nanograms of traces of synthetic cannabinoids per milliliter of urine. Conversely, it will be negative if the sample contains less or not at all. However, there are some cases when a false positive can occur.

For example, the urine test for K2 has been determined to cross react with the drug Lamictal (lamotrigine). Specimen from individuals taking this prescription drug will likely register a false positive for K2. All presumptive positive screens should be sent to a confirmation lab for analysis.

What If I Test Positive?

Testing positive for K2 can result in the loss of a job, getting kicked out of school, or even jail time if it’s tied to probation requirements. So, what can you do if a K2 test comes out positive? Well, here are our suggestions:

Failed a WORKPLACE drug test?

You have the right to oppose to drug test results if you believe the test results are in error. To prove your innocence:

  • You can ask for a hair sample drug test.
  • You can require the laboratory to test your sample again.
  • Your employer might allow you to retake the test.
  • Your employer can require an additional test with only one hour notice.

Failed a CLINICAL drug test?

If you feel that your test result is incorrect and that you haven’t taken K2 but are showing a false positive result, you can:

  • Ask for a laboratory confirmatory test.
  • Participate in drug screening and assessment performed by your doctor or another medical professional.
  • Talk with your practitioner about lamotrigine.

Failed a STUDENT drug test?

Firstly, the student drug testing in schools is not to punish students. Schools drug test to prevent addiction before it happens. So, if you’ve started to use drugs, the school really wants to help you become drug-free.

If you fail a K2 drug screen, your parents or legal guardians will be informed, but the school may allow you to retake the test or can require the laboratory to retest your sample or collect a new sample in a short window of time.

Home Tests

You can use the home urine tests to detect K2, however this type of drug kit is not recommended. Home drug testing kits are imprecise and can yield false positives. For best results, seek a consultation with a private, specialized laboratory.

K2 and Addiction

Believe it or not, K2 is addictive. Case reports describe psychotic episodes, withdrawal, and dependence associated with use of synthetic cannabinoids found in K2. So, most experts think that K2 has an addiction similar to syndromes observed in marijuana abuse.

K2 addiction is treatable.

If you think that you have problems with K2, please ask for help!

Remember that the sooner you seek help to quit, the greater the chances for long-term recovery success. You can learn more about K2 addiction, available treatment programs, what the rehab process entails, and how to change your life for the better starting TODAY in this K2 and Spice Addiction Treatment Programs and Help guide.

Problems with K2?

K2 smokers are exposed to synthetic cannabinoids that are extremely variable in composition and potency, and are at risk of serious, if not lethal, outcomes. Not knowing what’s in K2 makes potential overdose more likely and increases chances of both short and long term adverse effects.

Got questions?

If you have questions about K2 or want to discuss its effects, please let us know. We will be happy to respond to your questions personally and promptly and help you as best as we can.

NIDA: Synthetic cannabinoids (K2/Spice)
NIH: Synthetic cannabinoids pharmacokinetics and detection methods in biological matrices
DEA Drug Fact Sheet on K2
Drug Free NJ [dot] org information on K2
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Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.
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  1. I smoked some with my brother and I overdosed, Went in to a seizure then died came back then I went in to a coma for less than 24 hours. It’s not a fun high nor is it a safe high.

  2. On trusday was the last time I smoke k2 I can’t eat not appite at all kinda scare was the the fastest way to get rid of it out of my system don’t know wat to do

  3. People overdose because they put a gram and smoke it like it’s weed….you are not suppose to smoke K2 like that…. I suggest taking .1 and testing the strength of the product…then gradually build the amount …..if you know what you are doing K2 could be awesome, probably better than weed… especially the new liquid k2 that can be smoked in a vape pen…k2 could also connect you to the paranormal world if you smoke too much….you could literally witness a demon or spirit , so be careful…. the best thing about K2 is how music sounds…. and it makes you think outside the box and make you kind of wise….smoke responsible guys, it’s the drug of the future….

  4. Hello, I am very worried about my mental health. I saw a message similar to what I feel. I smoked want was supposedly normal weed. But I felt everything in slow motion moving and you heart beat increasing. I don’t want to contact a psychiatrist because I can’t without my parents not knowing. Anyways it’s really scary as whenever I think of my expirience the drugs starts triggering and having the effect again, raising heartbeat and extreme anxietiey and paranoia. Does it go away after a while guarantee?

  5. My friend smokes k2 every 25 minutes give or take..when he doesn’t smoke within a short period of time.he gets extremely agitated and disrespectful. He will not acknowledge his addiction to this crap..and doesn’t see a problem with it?…any…suggestions on how to get him to recognize his disrespectful Jekyll and Hyde behavior? I also have dealt with drug addiction the difference amazing with k2…

  6. My brother has been smoking k2 for 10 years and I has been acting very strange and unaware and I want to know how long k2 will stay in his system because he is now off of k2.

  7. 2010: I tried synthetic marijuana a few times. Smoked it in blunt form. Didn’t really notice any health effects. Was told it was safe, legal & just like regular marijuana. Life continued normally. Even gave birth to my son in Dec. 2012 with no complications.

    July 2014: Experienced facial numbness went to Unity Hospital MRI was done. Results were fine. Went to Jamaica later that night. Consumed allot of alcohol & smoked very small amount of marijuana felt fine.

    December 2014: Chest pains seen cardiologist EKG, 24 hour heart monitor, stress test with heart ultra sound. Results were fine.

    March 2015: Noran clinic visit. Neurologist did small motor skills test, reflex, & flash light eye test. Said i was fine.

    August 2015: Took few hits of synthetic marijuana thinking it was real marijuana. Didn’t notice any effects. Consumed alcohol same evening & smoked real marijuana. The following morning smoked real marijuana. Heart started beating very fast, hands felt sweaty, objects seemed foreign & I became detached from objects. Later that night hallucinated seen demonic terrifying image. Went to Unity Hospital no test were done. Just was told I would be fine. Went back again same week to Unity Hospital no test were done just was sent home doctor said I would be fine. Brain felt very odd, sensational feelings, & head pressure.

    August: 2015 completely stopped smoking only continue alcohol consumption.

    December 2015: In the Bahamas I looked in the mirror & felt strange like I didn’t recognize myself but ignored it & continued my trip.

    January 2017: Smoked a lot of medical cannabis from dispensary in vegas felt fine.

    March 2017: Panic attack in Denver Colorado, after smoking dispensary marijuana. Rapid heart beat, trouble breathing, felt like I was about to die or pass out. Continued smoking throughout the trip no problems.

    May 2017: California & Mexico smoked a lot of dispensary marijuana. Noticed on cruise ship my feet were swelling & my massage therapist on cruise told me felt like my body was retaining fluid.

    May 2017: Started feeling worse. Heart rate seemed strange at work after eating. Heart rate seemed very fast after smoking. Started seeing therapist. Once a month.

    July 2017: Panic attack after smoking increased heart rate, head pressure, shortness of breath, felt like I was going insane or about to die.

    July 2017: Stopped smoking & drinking.

    August 2017: Panic attacks while driving. Head pressure, increased heart rate, brain fog.

    September 2017: Neurology appointment at HCMC. Haven’t felt like myself extreme anxiety symptoms. Tried zoloft 10mg felt like I was going to pass out have a seizure or stroke. Felt strange brain activity. Pupils were very enlarged. Tried Propranolol felt little more calm but didn’t notice major difference.

    October 2017: MRI at HCMC. Feel detached from myself & others. Head pressure, brain fog, shaky hands, trouble concentrating, poor eye focus/coordination when using computers or cellphone. Chest pains, left arm pain & tightness. Cognitive decline. Vocabulary decline. Look far away or close up in mirror. Severe depersonization. Emotionally disconnected. When I hug my son almost feel like I can’t feel him. Hands feel numb like there not recognizing me touching objects. Sometimes breathing feels strange.

    November 2017: Daily symptoms.

    December 2017: Went to gym felt like I was going to have stroke when I left. Felt like blood supply to brain was being reduced. Had either panic attack or some strange head pressure tightness after gym. Felt like I was going to crash car driving home. Felt like head was closing in vision felt strange.

    January 2018: Feel like symptoms are getting worse not improving. Concerned with central nervous, sympathetic nervous, parasympathetic nervous & autonomic nervous system. Concerned those synthetic chemicals ingested are still binding to receptors years later??? Will I die from ingesting those chemicals ??? Is there any way to get help ? I’m really scared.

  8. Spice is a choice drug, you choose to use it! I don’t think there are any physical withdrawals to it, its all mental! Take a hit and put it down and wait! Moderation is key!

  9. I’m a nurse in a correctional facility where k2 is smoked on the daily and in those incidents Every one of the smokers end up vomiting the last 24 hours of food..sometimes convulsing..losing control of bodily functions..loose consciousness..or in tonights case die….you may not have had your turn yet but trust me if you smoke it..there is no rhyme or reason … Your last hit might be your final … No joke.. Get help..I’m sure someone loves you enough to not See you die from something you think is just someone else tripping about…

  10. I took two light pulls of k2 or spice and then was call to take a drop later that night and that was my first time trying it .will I drop dirty for it????

  11. I shmoked K2 for bout 3 years and not had emergency problems hel i smoked crack to and had no emergency prolems but i tell u diss i smoked sum mr nice guy and was on da floor for bout 5 mins floppin or sumtin who nos but i didnt go to hospital for that neither some dumbass kids who experiment with crack cocaine while doing other drugs including this drug is why u get sent to emergency room u jack as.

  12. My beautiful baby girl is ADDICTED to K2 like a herion addict is to herion it I know I was once addicted to herion at first I swore she was in it come to find out its K2 she is at risk if losing her baby and yet she tells me theres nothing she can do she CAN NOT STOP SMOKING IT…I tried everything I am at my witts end .I can’t take her baby .I already have her 3 yr.old son my niece has her 2 yr.old Daugther .Jayden her son is a handful getting him tested for autism imagine watching a 2-3 yr.old having a severe panic attack thinking you are leaving and not coming back mind you he has been with me since birth si there isnt any abandonment he is repeating himself 5 times eats only white to even think of taking on a baby developed with K2 you can see something is off there also its so sad that she brought babies in this world its hard enough to start with for kids today. And these are my grandbabies this K2 is the worst drug on the street as far as I am comcerned I tried it back 4 yrs.ago just to see what would possess my kids to do some off the wall bull & let me tell ALL OF YOU WHO ARE THINKING OF TRYING IT DONT it was worse than acid or any mind tripping drug I took 2 guys thinking its like put ITS NOT I climbed up the wall backwards and everything just zoned out like a tv being turned off I thought my daugther was trying to kill me then couldnt move for 25 mins.then slowly it started zoning back in and I mean slowly no one should touched that Not to inhale EVER

  13. Hi I’m on probation I took on hit here and there I stopped 6 days before I took a #17 panel test it said it tested for cannibinoids will it show up in my test

  14. I NEED HELP !! My son recently came home from a 7 yr sentence, He has a 7 yr old daughter.He is now on parole, The first few months was good,But recently we ( me & my Husband) had noticed a huge difference in him. He had admitted to using k2 & promised he would stop.But he hasn’t. I don’t want him to violate & go back to prison, But I can’t stand seeing him like this & It breaks my heart. I don’t know what to do.I’m tired of being on edge not wanting to even come home, I am broken 🙁

  15. I took one hit of 5F-ADB lastnight wrecked my car, was taken to the hospital, failed a field sobriety test, and was asked for a ua..will that one hit show up 3 hrs after use?

  16. Hello my name is Natasha , I have a friend that smoked k2 on Monday night and then the next day he had a seizure and he’s been hospitalized ever since that Tuesday morning . I wanna know how long does it stay in your body for ? Someone please help me 🙁

  17. Last time I smoked it, gave me panic attacks. Still effected to this day. I will never be the same. Its been about 2 or possibly even 3 years since ive had it. Anxiety is starting to subside, but still paranoid. Relax everyone thinking about it only makes it worse.

  18. I dont ever smoke k2 and i tried it but I got a drug test in two days , and I smoked two joints the size of a spider leg but I only took four puffs altogether , do you think I will come up dirty if my urine gets sent to a lab

  19. I’m in a halfway house. I hit a joint of k2 a couple of times. And was test about two to three hours after use. They send the test to a lab. Do you think it will show up?

  20. I live with someome who is a regular smoker of spice, and although I myself do not do it I recently took a drug screen for employment and tested positive for spice, i am paying to re testing the same urine for confirmation, but is this possible , I’ve sat in the same room while they smoke ,i never though about it getting in my system, can u send me any informatiom on this please? Thank you

  21. I am on intense probation can i smoke k2 and pass a drug test? I think the samples are sent to a lab. And also will it pass the cup drug test?

  22. My sister smokes k2 and her skin has gotten real dark. She has lost alot of weight. She has these fits of rage and then forgets she has been smoking it for well over 3 yrs.

  23. My first experience nothing really happened. The second time I had a huge headache and it lasted for an hour or 2. Third time I got a nose bleed that lasted for ten minutes

  24. My boyfriend smoke k2 yesterday an had a seizure but he keep lieing to me about that he wasn’t smoking but I can hear it in Hus voice cause his words be sluring

  25. Hi my name is Maria my boyfriend keep lieing to me about smoking k2 but I can can tell when he smoke it buy the way he talks an how his his work not clear. So he had a seizure yesterday an he talking about it came from stress but I really wanna know did it come from him smoking the k2

  26. What is the shelf life for a k2 dipstick test and how effective are they? I don’t smoke it and when tested they said it came back positive but lab came back negative so any information would be great!

  27. One day I smoked a hit of k2 I walked upstairs from my basement and sat next to the pregnant mother of my twins we heard a noise like a loud thump as soon as I heard the noise I was out of it I felt like I was being recorded kind of like I was in paranormal activities my babies mother went down to see what the noise was when she was walking back up the steps I saw her face reach the top and she said I started crying and screaming at the top of my lungs she got with in arms length away from me and I reached out and touched her stomach and instantly started talking to the ceiling I felt like god was talking to me telling me I had some great importance in this world like I was Jesus but the last thing I remember is saying my name and hitting my chest I felt like if I would have acknowledged and accepted that I was Jesus and actually said it I would like have just poofed into thin air what do you think this means

  28. Hi, I have been smoking joints of tobacco lightly laced with the k2 spice for about the past 7 days more tobacco than spice it gave me very minimum buzz / high I am done now and realize I should not have done it but I would like to know is it in my system ? if so for how long ? I have a drug test coming up in the next 5 days will I be clean or dirty ? and if I detox my body / system will I stay that way pure ?…..pls let me know ( no excessive use )

  29. I smoked sunday and now wed i am going to drug test for a hospital will that sync stuff show up on my drug test ….

    Need to kno might lose this chance help

  30. Hello to all who read this…..! I am a 30 year old man started smoking k2 when I first got on probation! I am one of those guys who used to be a really big pot smoker the first time I ever got on probation I started using k2 I always said that pot isn’t such a big deal used to like sitting around the table with my buddies playing cards and smoking joints but once I got on k2 I was hooked…! It was all I really wanted the high was intense and it was easy to make at home because when it first came out all the ingredients was on the packets which you could easily have bought at any botanical shop so I started selling it before it became real real popular to support my own habit I was legally married for 10 years and at first it was just me on it then my wife started smoking it with me! But it’s time we realized the side effects on everything it was too late cuz when I wanted to quit she was hooked then when she wanted to quit I didn’t from experience that k2 drug will scramble a person’s brain the side effects was really bad between mood swings aggressive behavior and the constant want was too much I won’t lie I like to smoke…. I’ve been smoking since I was about 10 years old I used to joke about it saying that’s what I do best but now I realized that the amount of money I blew on a weekly basis I could easily but myself three cars and a house now I’m 30 years old no wife no life and it’s really hard to get shit together once you’re this late in life I tell everyone around me that you shouldn’t even mess with it because it’s a really addicting drug you may not think anything of it yet but later on when you do quit you’ll realize you’re not the same your chest is hurting your lungs feel tiny and every time you smell it or hear about it you crave it it’s messed up now I won’t lie I do smoke it every now and then but I know the consequences of it I honestly believe doesn’t matter what drug it is Tylenol Advil crack heroin any drug if you abuse it it will kill you but I honestly believe if you’re mature and responsible you can handle it not that I’m encouraging you to go do drugs but the problem I’m having I have been smoking it for so long now it’s almost part of my system so every now and then when I get all antsy all sit down roll myself a joint and take a puff but I don’t let the drug take over my life anymore I have learned that this is the kind of drug that’s you slowly slowly have to be determined to weave yourself off of it I was smoking ounces a day now thank God I’m lucky if I take one puff a month just to get the edge off I tell you people you don’t know what you’re getting into until you try quitting you start realizing all the aches and pains that are occurring after quitting and how much it ruins your life like I said I am 30 years old and can barely walk up and down a flight of steps without having some kind of chest pains I strongly strongly encourage people to stay away from it thank you for reading this god bless everyone who’s trying and please stay strong it’s not worth your life or anybody elses

  31. Hello there, I have a drug test with an airline in about 10 days and I think it will be that of a strict one. I’ve been clean from weed for 2 months but the other day I was drunk and ended up smoking a joint. Also, yesterday on New Years I took a tab of lsd and one xtc pill and some Xanax to come down. I am smoking spice now and was wondering if today is the last day I take anything will I be clean for my drug test? I should be getting tested anywhere between the 10th & 12th of January.

  32. Hi, my boyfriend was acting like he was on acid, not speaking right, having flashbacks, he thinks someone drugged him, etc. but the weirdest thing is that he had no sign of tch in his body, but i had just watched him smoke only a few hours before

  33. Hi, my ex boyfriend smoked k2 for 2 years then up and quit one day. He withdrawled for abt a week. Then the puking and sweating stop but he began too loose his mind. Think things were thier that weren’t. Made up his own stories that were unbelievable and he has gotten worse by truly believing these things. Will he ever come back to his normal self ?? Please give me answers

  34. My son smoked k2 for months…and now that he has been clean for aost 2 weeks he has started having seizures…paranoid…lets just say he is not himself..he sleeps all the time …he just isnt right but brain scans show normal…will he snap out of this mode if he continues not to use?

    1. Hi Erikka. Depends on the blend, how much and how frequently he smoked. Our brains and bodies are great at healing and returning to homeostasis, so I am sure that his state will improve over time and he will surely not be sleeping all the time. I believe his brain requires sleep now as it’s starting to repair itself.

  35. Hi,my brother stop using K2 for about a week and some days. He was going through a withdraw at the same time he hasnt slept in days and is illusinations and seeing and hearing things his pulse rates goes up high sweats like crazy he knows whats happing to him im scared to leave him alone. Any advice thank you!!!


  37. hi I have smoked spice every day all day for three years. im being randomly drug screened for this. it has been almost four weeks since I smoked but yet I have failed my test four times it a lie it out of system in 72 hours. im on the virge of losing my kids cuz of failing drug screen.

  38. You guys really have no clue what this is doing to people it isn’t on a level with Marijuana abuse it’s more like heroine there r heroine addicts that choose this over heroine if u really wanna know about it talk to someone who’s been in the business and walks the streets you just really have no idea please talk to me and I’ll let you know the truth about this stuff

  39. Can it be detected in a mouth swab drug test. If so how long until it cant be detected after use of spice. What could i possibly do to cheat the swab test so it don’t show up.

  40. I got drug tested a while ago and from what I know it was specifically for K2, when they test you would whatever specific test they perform pick up other things and would they report it?

  41. I’ve been smoking for 3 years. I’m addicted. I’m trying to smoke weed instead but it’s just so harsh and makes me cough. Cold turkey doesn’t work. At times I can’t eat if I don’t smoke. Please help me.

  42. Hey so im in a halfway house right now and i smoked k2. I am scared that it will come up in drug test i smoked it like yesturday and i think there are drug testing me to not please give me ur advice

  43. I smoked k2 for 2 years I been 4 months with out it. I went cold turkey and I tell u it wasn’t a good experience. I sweated every night and threw up almost everyday. It messes with the PH in your body. I would swear while the a.c was on. It has been the worst experience ever.

  44. My neighbor is smoking K2. I have written to every constituent I know to complain about the ill affects of the contact high I am getting from it. Please help me to find out what I need to tell my doctor to test me for. I am elderly, and have multiple medical problems. Since I have complained to my landlord, she now camoflauges it by using sprays, and mothballs, but the afffects perservere. Please help me to prove I am inhaling this drug, and being affected by it. Since she has been masking the smell, I cannot prove that she is, still, smoking it. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!.

  45. My fiancé use to smoke k2 and it caused him to have seizures. Well he finally stopped smoking it and he is still having seizures sometimes. Can it cause you to have them forever ever after you quit smoking it?

  46. Well I Smoke k2,Bizzarro etc everyday nd yes it does give u a nice high,but. All dat tripping shit everybody talking about dats crazy. I mean I Never felt all dat crazy mess datsbeing said.Now Wat I will say is this,its not good to smoke any synthetic substance in heat…Such as an spot dats not Cool!!! The Heat Is Wat Makes U Trip nd Crazy Stuff!!!

  47. I was a mad bong head, so good for sleep ps3 and flavours of food omg. Replaced it with alcohol that didn’t last long couldn’t sleep and I was DRUNK bad hangovers and my pocket was hurting hard. Then the sinthetic weed I tried and there is different strengths hard. Some make u trip fu@%ing balls and I thought I was gong insane.. But I found someone that makes the mix so close to the natural stuff and he got talent.. But anyways. Sux how we can’t just have the stuff god makes natural .. I have just quit it all for work

  48. Viinny-Good on lol. If you actually think your made up stories wills top people from buying/using you are sadly mistaken. Especially once someone has tried it and finds out your a lying.

    Why can’t some of you just tell the truth???

  49. Amy-No not weeks, perhaps 48 hours. These are not drugs, but chemicals made in a lab. They metabolize differently.

  50. Your son will be fine in 48 hours once all the chems have left the system. There are no “signs” someone is using, it’s not much different than pot. I smoked 10 grams a day every day for 3 years, just got tired of it one day and stopped. I had none of these made up symptom’s people are posting on here, that’s just propaganda.

    Now, there are people who do use unsmokable material and fingernail polish (comes out of florida) and that could easily cause health problems.

    But, for the most part, everyone one of the chems I tried seemed extremely safe. Maybe your son was fucked up to begin with.

    Never blame the drugs, there is something else going on. And if you allowed these phony fucking doctors to put him on “drugs’ well, you just killing your son.

  51. Hello my son is 16yrs old and had experience with K2 spices, he mentioned TINY CRYPTO MONSTER, i think that what he smoked, but I’ve recognize all the signs. I admitted my son in the hospital 8 days ago and he’s been given haldol or haloperiodal since then…would that medicine along with the chemical from k2 spice mess with his mental state and will it longer to recover?

    Thanks for your consideration..

  52. Had experience with K-2. Started having seizures and have spent 3 days and 2 nights in ICU. I am now in Re-hab. I don’t want my life to be like this . During the time I was in The emergency room I was hallucinating and fighting for my life. I want to do better.

  53. Hi my 16 y/o did K2 9 days ago i was wondering could he still hav the drug n his system he seems a lil down easily agitated i dont follow up with a dr. after the ER visit he was hallucinating , vomiting scared etc was his reaction really bad some older young man influenced him to make a very deadly decision.

  54. I just got out of jail doing a 12 month sentence in virginia and k2 is really popular in there everybody on it looks like zombies. One guy was standing at a wall so screwed up he couldn’t Stan straight, he started leaning over nodding out ready to fall his pants were around his ankles with no underwear so his butt was completely vulnerable to any kind of predator that may have been around luckily nobody wanted to do anything because he was so out of it he was completely vulnerable. Anyway I seen that he was about to fall a crack his head open so I walked over an put my forearm to his shoulder and told him what type of condition he was in, I don’t think it registered because all he did was growl at me and try to bite me like a dog. When the guy gained back his motor skills long enough to move around and talk he went to his bed and rolled up some more k2 later that night he went to sleep overtop of his covers with nothing on but his socks and mind the fact that we were in a dormitory with such little space you can stretch your arms out while in your bed and touch either person beside you… Now that shows this is not a safe drug it is an addictive mentally disturbing drug. I was addicted to it at one point but I realized what it was doing to me and quit before it lead to anything serious

  55. Hey I’m seeking some info… I was a heavy user of this stuff. And I quit cold turkey… Well I keep having pains in my abdominal area , tremors, uncontrollable anxiety (common symptoms of withdrawals). I just wanted to know if anybody knew how long these would last. Cause I’m determined never to touch that crap again… Some info please and thanks?

  56. Hey, so yesterday I smoked k2. Not for the first time but I never felt like this. I’m scared. It’s already been 24 hours and I still don’t feel right. Yesterday after smoking I had (I guess) serve hulluinations. The whole time I was high I (thought) I was beginning my boyfriend for help, I just wanted him to make it go away. I ended up throwing up, and gave myself a panic attack from thinking so hard when I was on it, now, I can’t consitrate on anything or else I start to cry and get another panic attack, feeling like I’m high again. I can even smell the smell of k2, weed, or even blunts because it makes me sick. When will I feel like myself again? When will this go away?

  57. Someone had k2 rolled up I thought we was smoking kush … I smoked it like a regular blunt … He was taking baby puffs I should have known … I passed out after 2-3 min of smoking it … I passed out on the back of my car window standing up I was out for about 20 min lines was going across my eyes before passing out an when I woke up … Felt like my heart was going to explode I could hear it sounding like a firework every few secs or min… I tried to smoke regular weed 2 weeks later I guess it was still in my system Same thing happened but wasn’t as bad it’s been a year now idk even know if I can smoke again shit fucked up

  58. Friend smoked K2-Spice for a few months and is now having psychotic delusional episodes. She’s admitted to a behavioral hospital and has not improved. It’s been 6 days. When will this stuff wear off? What is the best treatment to get it out of her system?

    1. Hi Madeline. The organism has it’s own cleaning mechanisms. You can drink more fluids to flush it more quickly, but the body’s metabolites are eliminated at the body’s own pace.

  59. Okay so I smoked some wtf spice. It says legal no banned substances. I was randomly drug tested with the newest type of spice test for Bb 22 pb 22 mam 1221it had been a day and a half since last use..

  60. I used spice alot and now that I have stopped I can tell it changed the way you function. Not arguing with people,have a better sense of reality. My fiancee won’t stop and she doesn’t see how it is destroying her mentally and physically. Best thing to do dont try it and if you are hooked on it get help.

  61. ive been getting drug tested threw cys and they said I came positive for spiced but I don’t smoke that stuff how would it show up in my system, could it be the medication im on or is it something I eat?

  62. Well I been smoking synthetic weed for a while already I been doing it since last year in February an at first the high was amazing but now I get paranoid a lot I get scare a lot an I don’t know what to do every time my head hurt an I feel like my brain hurts a lot I want to stop but its really hard an I been going crazy now I see stuff I’m not supposed to see scary stuffs an I want help can someone help me?

  63. Hey I’ve smoked k2 several times just out of pear Bordem then I got off work yesterday morning an arrived home at 6:20 am my friends where awake normally they would be sleeping and my budy said his friend just had a crazy trip that’s why they was awake. I my self have done several drugs an never had tripped so I’ve always been skeptical of people tripping. So I wanted to try it again(note I rarely smoke if ever but the past few days I had smoked diffrent k2’s with just a THC effect no biggie) my budy didn’t recommend it but I was presistent an I took one hit and laid down it felt like about five mint went by and I just felt really high like weed,some good kush. But then I had the urge to smoke more or attempt to be higher. I asked to hit the K2 again and he was ok with it since I didn’t flip out like his friend I started to hit it once then twice three times then four times. These are very big hits I took off the pipe. Then I layed there it was like it was higher automatically it felt great at first and I just layed there lookin at the TV smiling. But then my mid started to race my heart rated faster and then I noticed I maybe tripping. I didn’t want to say anything because I’ve never tripped before so I thought it would go away shortly but it didn’t. I felt like I couldn’t move from the couch at all I just looked straight ahead like a zombie. And in doing this it felt like I was in some sort of alternate state of mind where everything kept repeating it’s self. By feeling that way my heart and mind ran faster by then I didn’t know what I was feeling it was hard to grasp reality.(it’s hard even now to put into words to describe) it was like the trip was reality at one point. My heart beating so fast an mind racing may have caused it. But anyway I eventually blacked out.( my budy was snapping his fingers in front of me and stating to his friend that I was layin there with my eyes open and un responsive to him.)while I was laying there I couldn’t see anything at all (my budy said my eyes never closed )and sound was going in and out I eventually couldn’t hear anyone or see anything at all and couldn’t even feel my own body all I could do is scream and beg Jesus to forgive and give me one more chance. I repeated that and said it in so many ways.( by then with out me knowing my friends said I was rolling on the floor saying these things) ( I truly felt and had convenced my self I was between death and since everything was repeating it’s self and skipping in slow motion that’s why I thought I maybe dead or in between like some sort of HELL

  64. Hi I had who smoke spice the other night and they was throwin up couldn’t walk right couldn’t really speak and then passed out and now they feel pain in there head and feel a little forgetfull and catching on to things as fast what could be wrong

  65. my family is raising a child born to a mother who smoked k2 throughout her pregnancy. what effects may it have on the baby that we can/should expect to see?


    1. Hello concerned Parent. Unfortunately, medical experts and scientists still haven’t released any evidence on what happens in children born to mothers who smoked synthetic marijuana. The drug is simply too diverse, each pack has different ingredients, plus it’s a fairly new drug of abuse.

  66. My son is addicted to that crap n when he tried comming off of it .he looked like he was comming off of herion .there is a girl in the hospital right now that her parents had to pull the plug cause she was going to be a vegetable man’s that is notthe life of a 13 YR old kid . That dedrug gets u to steal from people you care about. If you are on this drug you r not inly hurting yourself but your family as well I. Was a addict for aci hole of years and now n I am clean but this drug is not worth the room it takes up. But everyone of you have so much to live for so infirm really addicted get help and fight for your life cause you are worth it


  68. Hello Lisa. It all depends on how much and how often he used. What you describe sounds like the state of delirium tremens, but it usually follows after a very heavy drinker stops abruptly. Do you have a doctor you can consult with? Your son might need medical supervision until the side effects subside.

  69. My son went to jail on Christmas prior to that his breathing wasn’t good, he was complaining of his body going numb or stiffening, sweating. A few days later he couldnt stop stuttering and kept complaining about his side, i asked them to send him tho the clinic they didn’t until the next day, well I talked to him the next day and realized he was confused. They told me he had been hallucinating since he arrived, apparently he’s been doing k2, cocaine, and alcohol at times. Someone said the effects can last for sometime He doesn’t think he’s confused but he is. With him being locked up my hands are tied but my heart is not, I can still pray for complete healing. But how long can the confusion and hallucinating last?

  70. OK so I’ve been smoking k2 for almost 6months because I’m on probation and can’t smoke weed . I have to attend drug meetings 4 times a week and the other day I came up positive for two of the 5 chemicals in k2 .. I always thought k2 wouldn’t show up on a urine test but I have to back toniggt and give tox. Am I screwed?

  71. Hi, I take random drug screening and I took one hit of k2 my drug test is in 36 hrs and its a super test.. will I read positive….note: I been clean 6months

  72. Yeo , My name is Luis and I’m having most of the feelings , that ya explaining in these comments but I’m also having trouble breathing , I smoked k like a week ago and was tweaking but like a hour. After that I smoked a couple hours again , same feeling so I stopes that shit , I smoked weed a couple days ago and was tweaking the same way as I did when I smoked k , why is that? And now I feel different I van barley breath and shit and my heads like numb , how do I get rid of this feeling for good?

  73. if your urine is sent to the lab for testing, is the test accurate…and if I drink lots of water before the test will it work??

  74. Quick question? I was drug tested the other day and failed. The test does test for me, but my question is how did I fail when I haven’t smoked “k2” in over 2 years. Plus I’m about to lose my job because of this. I need some help and anwsers??

  75. FYI- I’ve been a pot smoker since 2008, smoked about a dime on a daily. Started smoking K2 in 2012 about 2g’s daily, didn’t really think much of it since my high felt better than when high on weed (a lot more potent!). Then I started to notice some withdrawal effects: If I didn’t smoke right after I woke up I would get nauseous and eventually vomit, the feeling wouldn’t go away until I smoked. As soon as I saw that I was running low I would go and buy more! I became more aggressive and impatient, I would find any excuse to go outside and take a hit (no matter where I was, what I was doing or who I was with). I separated from my spouse for a couple of months because he refused to buy me more or even take me and get more myself. Around February 2013, one day I guess I smoked a little too much and had a bad experience, got myself in control and went straight to the shower and came back to reality. My spouse said that my eyes looked scared dead, my lips blue and that I wasn’t breathing. He then said that I got up from bed and went straight to the shower without saying a word to him. He states that he was hollering screaming at me but I wouldn’t talk back. He said I took off my clothes and just started showering. I remember as soon as the water hit my face something snapped, my mind turned back on. My spouse then hugged me real tight and started to cry uncontrollably, screaming he thought I was going to die. I remember every second of that experience, it was the most unpleasant dreadful thing that has ever happened to me but even then I didn’t stop. In fact I started smoking more! About a 5 months ago he and my sister threatened me saying they were going to talk to my boss and tell him that I was on drugs. For a minute there I actually didn’t care if they would tell on me or not, then it hit me. Thats when I realized I had a problem. I was actually on the verge of choosing K2 over my career, a great paying job which I had worked so hard for! I have a great life and I was not about to loose it just because of a stupid drug that gave me a momentary high. Its been really hard, I’m not going to lie. I’ve had lapses where I drive to the smoke shop and just sit in my car but never actually get down and buy. I sit, put my head down, think about everything that I could loose and just leave back home. I’m proudly +5months clean and still counting. Just thought I’d share my experience, it’s really always in your hands to make a difference. Best of luck to everyone and god bless.

  76. I quit k2 a little over a month and a half ago. Big time smoker, $1400 a month. I went to the head shop and she gave me kratom. It helped so much with the withdrawl process. What are your thoughtd on kratom?

  77. I smoked chronicaly up up to ten grams a day sometimes every day for four months and passed a u.a. through redwood after not smoking for nine days

  78. I smoked k2 yesterday, on a Saturday. And before that I smoke last weekend on a Sunday. How long will it take for k2 to get out of my systemsystem, the first time I hit it was only 2 times, the second time I only hit it once

  79. No Side Effects? I don’t even want to reply to you, but if you want to do a MRI, then you can see the damage you have done to your brain. It’s permenant damage. I don’t konw why am I doing this, NZ is suppose to be a PURE country. Now, it’s just a drug world, especially to the young people, teenager and children. Sad~~ Really~~

  80. im in 9th garde and i smoked K2 in 7th grade but i rarely get the side effect of being high on the drug. i don’t smoke it anymore and i only done it a few time like 3-5 all in 7th grade .

  81. I thought that K2 is not a legal drug anymore. Where can you get them? As I said in the past, this GOV dosen’t care your health or death, and you are the only person who can help yourself. After I broke up with my Ex (K2 user), my daughter is suffering headache everyday. One day, he was looking after my 1 year old baby, and baby couldn’t stay calm–crying, shouting, didn’t sleep, and hiting me after she came back from his place. So, I was sure that he is still using it. Looser~~~~
    Dear children, don’t risk your life and next generation as the same time. Children are precious. Everyone was an angel when you were born. Until one day, you grew up and went to the wrong pass. Please don’t do that. No Matter What You Smoke, You Are Killing Yourself. I was a victim of drugs, and my children were too — Even When I was Pregnant. Tears………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  82. They found a bag of my k2 and they requested that i give them a hair sample can they find it in my hair and if so how long doesit ttake to get out of my hair

  83. Hi i smoked k2 last night & ive smoked regular weed before but i never experienced this before .. I felt like my whole body was numb . Like i was walking on air . I felt like everyone was following me & my heart rate was increasing . My vision was blurry , & i still feel bad the next day but just a headace & i cant really focus on things .

  84. My friend smoked 2 puffs of some spice Thursday night and 3 more Friday morning she has to see her PO Tuesday afternoon will she pass her is? She’s been drinking plenty of water,and sweats alot at work. It been over an year since she smoked any. Will she pass?

  85. i bought some weed from a friend of a friend. I been smoking it now for two weeks. but i only smoked crumbs at a time, cause i don’t like to be fully high. But after about a week of using it, i started feeling chest pain near my heart. Then i started experiencing psychotic episodes. I threw the weed away. I wasn’t sure if it was causing this or what. At that time, i had known nothing about synthetic weed. I went online and heard about it for the first time. What i would like to know is this; Am i in any danger? Should i go to emergency room or wait it out? Will it all just go away eventually? I’m never smoking weed again. I would never knowingly smoke anything that could bring harm to myself. I think this guy who sold it to me is putting people’s life in danger. Especially if they don’t know anything about the synthetic stuff.

  86. I have been smoking it awhile but only when it become the only drug I was using did I start to see side effects like withdrawal. I just want to know how long the kick is going to last and yes it’s a kick the closest I could explain the feeling as is pill sick, cruelly physical vomiting no solid bms. Cold sweats no sleep can’t. Eat and severe stomach cramps all in all it was fun, but I would have never done it if I had known what I know now. User beware physically addicting

  87. Yes i have been smoking k2 for a few yrs and i over use i sweat but still freezing vomit foam like stuff when i don’t have it. Im one that can function on it but am here wanting help to get off i look around at family and its killing them please tell how to help myself i try and can’t.

  88. I smoked k2 last night around 9 pm I had a drug test today at 4:45 pm and they did the dip stick thing for k2 but it came back negative. I’m just a little confused?

  89. Four years ago I was badly addicted to natural marijuana. Like smoking all day everyday. Well after getting arrested a few times and losing a lot of money I quit. My brother in law talked me into trying some king crypto. Didn’t think much of it. But the high was enjoyable. All in all I’ve tried spice a few times. But it’s been a few years. I’ve had anxiety, panic, depersonalization, etc. I do feel better now that I’ve been clean for few years. I was just concerned if I’m permanently brain damaged. Or as long as I’m done with that crap…can I be back to normal?

  90. Hello,
    I smoked some hits from k-2 about 10 days ago and it felt terrible. I had panic for two hours before going to sleep. Three days after I start feeling dizzy and have some anxiety attacks.
    Is this what you refer to as “adverse effects” can you tell me anything about when I go back to feeling normal? I also smoke medicinal cannabis on a daily basis.

  91. My daughter has been smoking k2 ,spice for almost year now it is killing her slowly!!! She has lost over 35 pounds , she weights 110 pounds .she has been arrested for fighting , she’s very paranoid and psychotic and very very aggressive.she has been hospitalized and admitted to the psychiatric unit . She has left her 2 kids home alone in the middle of the night to go snd buy spice . She gets like a zombie . she looks nasty and disgusting high can barely move. This is a horrible drug … please dont smoke this it will ruin your life . She lost her kids and got arrested again al for spice …. it turned her into a monster

  92. My son recently told me he was addicted n says he suffers from depression now n often has headaches very severe. Im not sure if its from k2 can u help me me with some side effect facts

  93. I work for a company that sells drug test kits and yes K2/Spice is starting to get popular enough that there is a single k2 Dip test and it is in Multi-Panel Drug tests that include THC & K2 (which test for 16 different k2/spice compounds). They are always updating the K2/Spice test because they are coming out with new “strands” all the time (since it is a synthetic).

  94. My son in law was smoking this so much that it caused seizures enough to recently cause a car accident with my grandchildren in the car. He caused extensive damage and didn’t even know what happened PLUS my 8 y/0 grandson was in the front seat…he denies using it but that is an addict for you we KNOW he’s been found passed out. Now the hospital thinks it’s a seizure disorder and the dilantin can cause more harm than good. He didn’t tell them he was smoking this stuff nor did they do any urine test to find out if it was. I’m disappointed in the system and the LIAR for not being honest with the doctors.

  95. Have Chronic Pain constant in mid low and upper back, a lot of my depressed come from weightgain ban k2 not good for you.


  97. I made a mistake a took one hit off what I was told was synthetic weed. For some reason I was thinking that meant it was not as strong. I have only done weed a few times and I’m kinda naive for 36 I guess when it comes to smoking things. I take Lortab for my back so thought I would be fine. After about a minute of a quick nice happy high I must have gone into an almost coma state to outsiders. My eyes were open they told me and I was sitting still. I stayed that way for about 5 minutes. But for me it felt like an eternity and that I had enter my own version of hell due to the bad things I had done to my family & kids. It was the worst thing ever and it kept happening in a loop. When it finally ended it didn’t think I was alive but that I had finally accepted my fate in hell. I still having a hard time believing that I’m not going back there. It was that real. It was called Klimax mango tango. I’m a mother of 2 teenagers and a CPA and made one dumb mistake with some people I didn’t know well enough. My husband wasn’t with me and is very worried as am I about future trips and how long this will be in my system.

  98. I am here to tell everyone as a co-victim of drugs. All drugs take a very long process, because it takes several process in your body with just one smoke. Imaging, how bad will be to your body. Especially K2, those “legal drug”, it contains the worse drugs. They said ” change chemical chain, no addiction”. B —- S. This is not true. It will cause you mentally, physically, socially etc damages. The worse thing is — you dont see the effects, but it shows up after 2-6 weeks. Now, basic calculation. One hit takes 2-6 weeks come out with 3/10 anger problems, and you have once or twice a day, what’s gonna happened? After 2 weeks, the side effects come out, you will get 42-84/10 anger, right? Can you imaging that? No wonder, crime, family violent, car accident etc. Plus beers wines etc. Take care of your young and beautiful life, keep away from these stuff, life is about the choice you make, and be a good role module to your kids or future kids.

  99. The reason that you appear as NORM. Because you are addicted with drug. After a long term smoking, person appears NORM. But, its not. I guess that you request more dose and frequent now. Also, those “LEGAL DRUG” has large amount of heavy drugs, such “P”. I am not here arguing with you, I just want to tell you. New Zealand is the only legal drug country in the world, and worst consumption of drug and alcohol. LIFE IS ABOUT THE CHOICE U MAKE, keep it in mind.
    To MARY: If you stop using this K2 for 7 days, then u tell us the true feelings and influences if you brave enough.

    New Zealand friends, the major drug dealers in the world won’t use drugs. Why? It’s simple, cause it’s really bad to your physical, emotional, psychological, social, family, friends, children etc. Johe Key doesn’t use drugs, cause he cares his life, wants to be a long life king, and he is reach enough. Think~~~

    Take a good value of your life, keep away from drugs and alcohol.

  100. I have been smoking K2 for five – yes that’s 5 YEARS now – basically since it came out. Nothing has ever happened to me. I don’t know if I’m one of those weird exceptions to the rule, but I find that K2 gives me the same effects as marijuana. The “high” lasts anywhere from 10 – 15 mins for me. On the other hand marijuana does NOT effect me at all, maybe this could be a contributing factor. Again, I don’t know, I’m not a scientist. I have also found that K2 leaves my system in about 48hrs. Again – I may be an excepting to the rule so DO NOT make a decision on my statements. EVERYONE is DIFFERENT. As with all drugs, ADDICTION IS POSSIBLE! If you find yourself craving it, can’t make it thru stressful situations with out it, find yourself doing things to get it you normally wouldn’t do – SEEK HELP – NOT THE DRUG. The only way to conquer it is the same way NA will teach you – you MUST CHANGE YOUR PEOPLE, PLACES & THINGS. A using buddy is very simply that – A USING BUDDY – NOT A FRIEND!! Clean your slate & seek medical treatment from your local mental health offices. Help is out there – you just have to ask for it!

  101. my heart rate is not the same no more and when i go outside i don’t feel the same so i go back in the house. what can i do about that?

  102. My dear, do you know what is in there? It could be something more and far worse than the addiction. My partner is going down. He is suffering psychosis I think. No matter what I do, he is not getting any better. Again, this government does not care you at all. They don’t smoke. Did you know why? THEY KNEW THAT IS BAD, WILL KILL THEM. Life is so short, but it is better to have it than without. What do you think?

  103. I smoked K2 for about 2 months every day and was fine. I got piss tested and came up positive…. now a month later with out using AT ALL im still showing up dirty…. how can this be?!??!?!

  104. It takes a very very long time. That stuff is making people creazy. It is worse than other drugs. It should not be legally used I think. It was very very bad experience. People who are using those stuff, will be end up “mental” or crime in the society or die or simple——DO NOT USE IT. This government dose not care drug users, as long as you pay GST. It is a real drug. By the way, it will affect people surround you as well, like kids. Guys, give up, please. You guys don’t need those stuff to make you feel like something, everything can get through as long as you still alive. Don’t you reckon?

  105. hi i smoked k2 about a year ago and 3 months after i smoked it i had flashbacks like it was pcp. now i dont have them anymore. it just felt like i was in a dream or something. now i am feeling better than i did before. does this mean that the drug is slowly coming out of my system

  106. My partner has been smoking K2. He couldn’t sleep for 3 days. And he has changed completely. That stuff has stayed in his system for a very very long long time. He is angry, aggressive, sleepy, talkative, para, bladder infection, he and his room is stink, he also doesn’t care anything at all, abusive and bipolar. That is a monster drug. NZ is going down and JK doesn’t care others’ death, cause he doesn’t smoke. It much band. No dealt in my mind. It is breaking our marriage and his relationship with the kids. We are going through break up and divorce. I am feeling much better and safer for my children. sad women…..

  107. Helo my name is Tracy,
    I have a man ina half way house and he smokes K2 almost every day. some asshole smoked in the bathroom k2 and got caught and now they piss testen everyone. My man goes back to jail if he tests positive How long does this stay in ur system hes been smoke at least 4 times a week a couple blunts. I’m worried about him how long is this gonna take to get out of his system. He might have to be on the run. Is there anything he could do to get this outta his system asap?

  108. Me again, last night i managed to sleep all the way throug the night without waking up sweaty and or having to puke. I feel like im finally starting to kick this stuff. I never wanna try it again, and if you haven’t used it before and are considering it while reading this just dont! The buzz you receive is so minor compared to the messed up side-effects you might experience..

  109. Hi, I was a heavy pot smoker with “like a half oz a day habit”. I was forced to stop after being put on probation. I made it a good 7months without using anything, recently i decided to give K2 a try. I smoked Diablo Gold and remember feeling almost like i was having an out of body experience it wasnt scary as much as just unusual. I remember thinking it had been atleast 2 hours after coming down, and checking the clock to realise it had only been 17min. That shoulda been enough to never try it again but being the stubborn person i am i continued usage for 2months. I recently quit cold turkey and its going on 3weeks now and i haven’t been able to sleep for more than 2hours straight at a time. Needless to say its beginning to take a toll on me physically, I wish i never started using this and im sure others feel the same way. Its sad to think that so many people in my same position are now risking their health with this dangerous alternative to marijuana, simply because our system looks at pot like such a horrible thing. I know this isn’t a forum to argue drug laws but nobody would ever touch this bull if marijuana was legal!

  110. hey i recently had a bad exp on incense it started about a month ago when i smoked this stuff pure fire it made laugh uncontrollably and then i thought i heard my heart stop iturned pale and didnt know what to do i didnt feel any pain just scared. well i continued to smoke other incense not pure fire. and a month passed and then everytime i smoke sum i would start hearing my heartbeat fast. then i started feeling chest pains every time i smoked then one time i felt a sharp pain in my neck after smoking flamingo incense and felt my heart beating fast and i hoped up off the bed and started pacing the room i thought a heart attack was coming but it didnt and tried smoking the next day and i got really hot and had to stick my head under water facet i felt better but then i started getting lower left chest pains after i quit along with stomach pains and back pains after 8 days of this i went to er had ekg turned out fine but they said i had anxiety and sent me home made a doc appt next day she checked me out did a 12 lead ekg it turned out fine. blood test was next it came back fine then after 9 days of not smoking pains are starting to go away. and i actually sleept better without feeling like i didnt sleep i mean the few nights before i would sleep for hours but felt like my mind didnt like it was up on meth. i hate that stuff now. i even quit cigs too now now day 10 im starting to feel normal again i hope each day i get better that stuff is not meant for smoking and i smoked for 12 years before i went to incense(for a job) and never had side effects like that i just hope i didnt do too much dmg to my system i smoked it for 2 years. im gonna go back to pot soon but nothing else that was crazy bad for me sooo bottom DONT SMOKE IT

  111. if i smoked diablo 5 and a half days ago will it show up in drub test and do they use a diffrent cup for tht cearten drug plz get back to me asap im worryed

  112. Smoked “spice” several times up until about 6 months ago after a very unpleasant experience with it. I took a hit off of some a friend brought over and I all of a sudden felt a ‘pop’ in my head and my chest started pounding. I had smoked weed since college (30 years – not anymore!) and had never felt anything like this. I knew then something just went wrong.

    Fast forward 6 months – have been in and out of mental hospitals, seeing a psychiatrist for an apparent “nervous breakdown” of sorts, on all types of medications for anxiety, depression, mood disorders and still not getting well. I have NO history of mental illness – this all of a sudden occured after smoking spice the last time. I have literally lost my life. I am non-functioning, unable to leave my house – or my bed for that matter. I went from being a social, out going, upbeat person to suicidal, depsondant, depressed and panicked all of the time.

    It has been suggested to me by a social worker that this could all be related to smoking spice. They cannot explain it any other way, Someone my age with no history of mental illness doesn’t just snap like this without an underlying cause. Have been to many doctors and it is still a mystery to them,

    Just curious – since there are no long term effects known at this time – anyone else had a similar experience?? I’m desperate to understand if that crap had something to do with my current state.

  113. Alright so as of right now im on probation for breaking and entiring, i have a drug test on march 4 the last time i smoked k2 was february 10 and it was about half a joint, i have about 3 weeks to clean my system. should i be able to pass that drug test?? before february 10 i smoked on the 9 it was just a small bowl out of a pipe. i would just smoke this stuff every now and then can anybody help me?? i dont want to go back to jail…..

  114. Hello I recently smoked k2 for the first time and oh my god it was insane I felt like I was on a roller coaster ride to heaven…but anyway after I was with my friends and I went home and felt ok…then I woke up the next morning and started to trip out like I was gonna fall asleep or something I’m kinda nervous what’s going on?

  115. I smoke k2 everyday now me and my bros by like 8 11g bags of kush and have it all smoked with in 3 days and have been smokein it non stop for like 3 months now it makes my head hurt and my body numb some times but i still smoke it anyways from the time i wake up till i go to sleep basically i’ve noticed i wake up early no matter what time i go to sleep it messes with your head when you smoke k2 if you think your starting to trip DO NOT PANIC it will make it 10x worst trust me ive had plenty of trips on it…

  116. I smoked k2 for the first time like 3 weeks ago with some friends . They sayed that I stated bugging after 5 minits it was the worst day of my life . I though I was dead every thing was grey and my heart was raising like I Neva felled before I started screaming fore help they sayed and running with my pants down they had to drown me with water to bring me back t reality . Ever seance then it fell weard and look weard when I goo out side will that go away

  117. Three 18 year old guys recently smoked some Zombie Killer from Mr. Nice Guys and are in jail on 1 million bail for kidnapping a young girl. One of them doesn’t even remember what happened. The guys are under suicide watch after ruining four lives. How can this crap be legally sold?

  118. PLEASE HELP ME. Last June I smoked something called Bizzaro. I took about 5 or 6 hits out of a bong and felt just high at first. Then all of a sudden I felt like everything was in slow motion and everything had a liquid look to it. I couldn’t see anything but I could still hear everyone talking. I thought I was going to die and i felt like I needed to call an ambulance. It felt as if my body was melting into my bed and my soul was in another place. The feeling went way after about 20 mins. Then a month later on July 4th I smoked normal marijuana and got the same feeling I did when I smoked bizzaro. I felt like I was going to die again and all I could do was cry. Then a month later I was smoking normal weed again and I got the same feeling again. I was smoking weed everyday up until that point, and did years before I smoked the bizzaro and never got that feelings. I went to the ER months after smoking it and I got a cat scan and everything was fine. They gave me ativan and that was it. Now I constantly feel anxious every day and I get feelings like I could pass out. I just want to feel normal and be able to party again, I haven’t smoked weed since September 20, and I’m terrified to because I don’t wan to have a panic attack. What should I do to overcome these feelings? PLEASE RESPOND

  119. Hi Marion. Call the national drug abuse hotline at 1-800-662-HELP for information about where to seek help as the parent of an addict, and how you can start to plan an intervention to get your daughter in treatment. Also, check out the website to read more about what you can do as a parent.

  120. Hey, my daughter smokes this K2 stuff all the time.. I have done everything to get her off of it. I am at a total loss any help would be appreciated. She passes out while going to bathroom, slurs in her speech.. I don’t know what to do

  121. Hi, my fiancee used to smoke A LOT of k2 and is on probation, well he stopped smoking about about 3 or 4 months ago and they drug test him every time at a drug thing that is required by his probation. He is still testing positive for the k2 even though he’s 100% clean. He has been a smoker of k2 for 2 years. Could it have built up in his system? They want to send him to rehab for his “drug problem” but he doesn’t have one. Please help us.

  122. I tested positive for spice, November 14 2012 , and the last time I used was January 20 2012 . im wondering why I came up positive . I smoke it for over a year and a lot through out the day and night, so where I was coughing up black stuff. can you help me with this .

  123. I recently smoked this k2 stuff after being recommended to it by a friend. I rolled a blunt with it and felt great. 45 minutes into it i started feeling my heart race and was sweating. Then i managed to soil myself and experience extreme hallucinations. My dog started talking to me and it told me that i would never feel normal again unless i hurt myself, but i got angry at it and kicked it across the hallway and broke 2 of its ribs. I still feel very paranoid and experience anxiety. I have no idea what to do and none of my friends believe me. this stuff is the devil

  124. i had a terrible experience with k2 about 1 year and 9 months ago. after i had smoked it i had lost 28 pounds was hospitalized then diagnosed with heart palpitations prolong qt intervals, irregular heart beat, and an innocent heart murmur, i have been passing out and dizzy ever since i have severe anxiety my anxiety has subdued because i have coping techniques we have been everywhere trying to find answers about my problems. do u know of any long term effects from k2? i smoke synn ripped. i had tried other kinds b4 but that k2 put me in the hospital, i knew i about died,. i havent been the same since i cant go out of town even i just want help and answers i cant do things i want to i cant participate in p.e. i cant even go out of the house my dizziness, confusion, headaches get so bad, i feel like i have a weak heart and i cant stay up past 11 cause it get so drowsy and confused; i used to party and have a life i went from living life to the fullest to paying for what i did. i wish i could take back smoking k2 becasue it has ruined my life the only good thing it has done was turn me back to god. Jesus saved my life that night. i was lucky so anyone doing it i would highly advise to stop or to never try that crazy stuff. but im commenting on here in desperation looking for answers i just want to be normal again

  125. I Have Not Smoked In A week, The k2 Stuff Called Ripped. I Weight 125 And Not Fat By Any Means, How Long Will This Stuff Be In My System

  126. My husband was a regular weed smoker. He quit for his new job. Now he has been using k2. Ive notice him straining to breath while he is sleeping. He says he isnt. What can i do?

  127. ok so i smoked EVERY day for about a motnh or 2 up until the 20th of sept for court. and have been sober since but my friend said it stays in ur system for 3 months so i said screw it and smoke last night. will it come up positive in 7 days? just wondering. and a note for those on what people call a “loop high” where its the contunious feeling of being on spice even after u quit. it may have been do to an over use at 1 time and is said to be an effect that has not gone away~ive been warned about it but never took it into consideration do u think its true? The worst of the syntoms ive had were more recently, getting worse with everytime. im quiting for my fiance but the syntoms include~ i have to focus on my heart rate during the use of it in fear of my heart stoping and i have to be focusiong on something or i feel the loss of reality and feel like throwing up. my best advice would be to try to not think about it. the more u worry the self the worse it gets. im just a college kid so my advice may not matter. just good if it helped u in anyway. olny constant effect after would be loss of breath 😛 best of luck to every1

  128. Just to let u all know. If u have had any head inury and u smoke k2 u could start havin seizers. My son did and I had to rush him to the hospital

  129. Hey my names christian. I’m not a regular smoker of K I have maybe smoked it 3 or 4 times in a year. I haven’t smoked for months now. But, I smoked some K just yesterday (Sunday night) and I just got hired on for a job at MC Donald’s. The manager didn’t say anything about a drug test and I didn’t read it in the application and or the form she gave me after the interview. Anyways, I’m not sure if they drug test. However, if they do and the drug test is on a Thursday. I smoked about 3 J’s and 2 bowls in a 5 hour period passed between 4 people and me so I didn’t just straight up smoke 3 J’s (Joints) and 2 bowls all by myself, fyi.. Anyways! So straight up I need to know am I completely screwed or is there any way I could fool and pass the drug test? Reply ASAP pleas and Thank you.

  130. I hope this ^^^^^^^ helps some people, but life is not the same for everyone, Smoke weed nothing else, it is naturally grown. God put it on earth so people can smoke it ! Greeting From AMSTERDAM 🙂

  131. Hello, i Smoked k2 since i was 12, now i am 16, i quit around 3 weeks ago and i never experienced anything like paranoia depression etc… I think that k2 is not addictive, i stopped smoking and i dont want to smoke again because i get drug tested, i smoked around 3/4 grams average a day for 4 years. I tried more than 50 types of k2 … Some of them are Mr. Happy, Mr. Nice Guy, Atomic, Scooby Snax, Dank … I am feeling 100% normal after those 4 years of my life, i never had hallucinations, i have passed out 2 times in my life , for smoking over 5 grams in 1 hour… Every body has different reactions, if anyone asks me i will recommend smoking Marijuana(pot/weed) instead of k2, because i never knew what did every k2 has in it , every high that i had was 80% the same with all the other types of k2. I tested myself before i stopped smoking k2, and after i stopped for 3 weeks i have no improvement, i ran cross country ( i ran about 10 miles a day) i also do kickboxing , i smoke cigarettes, i smoke marijuana i smoke k2 and i drink alcohol, in my kickboxing career i have 19 wins 1 loss , my cross country mile is 4:49. …. as i said, everyone has different reactions, i dont have any bad side effect for smoking k2, even mixing it with alcohol, the effects get really strong but i have my body under control. I also have tested my brain and it is developing a lil faster than normal (i am 16 and i have the brain for 18 year old person) i am finishing highschool this semester, and i will be 17 teen years old in college. i Major in Biomedical Science and Criminal Justice… People think that stoners are stupid and poor? its all about yourself, i drive a 2008 Hummer h3… i have a GPA of 4.0… my life is going very good, i stopped doing parties , i had a party everyday in my house… i dont miss smoking or drinking or doing drugs… I am happy for my life i dont need anything to make me happier !

  132. Hi Ashley. Well, it’s a tough call. Technically, any doctor who sends urine samples to a lab that specializes in testing for K2 can detect K2 for a few days after recent use. And we still don’t know a lot about the long term effects of smoking K2, even if it was only once. K2 ingredients ARE NOT monitored, so you can get doses of extremely hallucinogenic or potent cannabinoids that can provoke psychotic episodes. If you didn’t have a “bad trip”, thank you lucky stars and stay away from future K2 use. It’s really not a good alternative to smoking marijuana.

  133. Hi, so just last night me and a couple of friends smoked k2 and one of my friends told us that doctors can’t test for k2. He also told us that it only stays in your system for about 2 days… Just 10-15 mins after we smoked, I felt the usual high you would try from marijuana. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe and after a while I didn’t feel good. My stomach was hurtin and felt like I was goin to puke.. I had to lay down the rest of the night. I was just wondering what the long term side affects would be and what would happen becuz I’ve been reading a lot of these comments and I’m getting really scared but I don’t wanna tell my mom or any doctors.. I can’t get caught again, what do I do?? Help ASAP!

  134. You guys are all awesome! not even kidding. i smoked k2 for the first time last week and was planning on doing it again this weekend, since none of these symptoms occured…yet. So while I’m ahead with my health I think I’ll stay away from it thanks to all of your stories. Well thanks to Addiction Blog for having this up and really trying to help people who have fallen to k2 or, like me, almost have. Good day folks!

  135. hey how u doing, so i guess umm i got a lil problem people say i smoke to much and now that i think about it i do, after reading these post i think i smoke a hella lot, i tend to smoke about a 1 oz a day of some death wish, top of line shyt in my city, one hit people lose there mind and i sit down and ill smoke like blunt after blunt after blunt to myself and i go threw with draws during the middle of the night while i sleep, i can only sleep for 2 hours then i wake up sweating throwing up cuz i need to smoke shakes then i smoke and then im fine, do i need help lol man let me know, plus how long u think ima be dirty for…

  136. Hi casey. Thanks for writing in. Many people can relate to the feeling of not knowing what to do when drug use stops. You’re faced with whatever was there in the first place when you started smoking. Boredom. Depression. Anger. So, I think it can really help to talk to a psychologist or addictions counselor. They are trained to be impartial and to help you come up with your own answers to your own questions. In the end, the answers are inside of us all along.

  137. hi i smoked k2 about a month and 1 week ago and still testing positve for it i was a very vronic user and getting my life back on track but now im on the verge of getting locked up and i dont know wat to do whe im clean but people are telling me otherwise

  138. I have been a huge pot head for over 2 years now (smoking about 1 or more grams a day) and I have had to quit recently because I get tested. I have smoked k2 before and I didn’t get any crazy side effects, so I want to smoke that again, but not on a daily basis (once a week tops). The tests I get are sent to a lab, so I was wondering how long it would take for the k2 to not show up in my system. Thanks

  139. hey i smoked spice about 7 months ago and still feel really weir sometimes. i feel like my body is on auto pilot as if im not controlling it. i obviously im controlling my body but its realt scary. i feel like as if i died when i did spice and this is just the life after, if i didnt die from it. it feels like im watching my life from a movie. and god is punishing me by putting me in front of a huge screen to cover my eyesoght. and he puts the same exact sounds and voices in my ears and i can smell and taste everything. so i feel like im being punished and i cant go to a doctor or a pshycologist because my parents would get mad at me. but honesly i just need some good advice. im so scared and this feeling of everything is making me so upset. i just feel as if i cant help myself any more. i have had thoughts of scuicide. its just crazy. spice is BAD!!!! STAY AWAY FROM IT. it ruined my life and i cant do anything to get it back. i feel as if my life has no meaning any more. i can never feel good about anything i do anymore. nothing seems to have meaning anymore. please help.

  140. Hi John. The synthetic ingredients and man-made cannabinoids found in K2 can be very potent and can trigger hallucinogenic experiences. The long term effects of smoking K2 are not known at the moment, nor what kind of lasting damage can occur in the brain. However, there are anecdotal reports I’ve read from former Spice/K2 users that describe “depersonalization”, recurring or flashback trips, as well as difficulties with cognitive abilities. Are you experiencing similar issues? Have you experienced any long term symptoms that you might relate to K2 use?

  141. Hey, I’ve smoked K2 around 5-6 times over a year ago without any other substance use besides cigarette smoking. I’d like to know, are there any permanent effects of K2 that will impact me mentally from prior usage of it even though I’ve only smoked it a few times?

  142. Man, This isn’t a question but thank you so much for posting this, I smoke a lot of cannabis and synthetic cannabis but after reading this I’m never smoking or letting anyone else smoke synthetic cannabis ever again. Thank you.

  143. I guess ive been really lucky with my k2 experience. I have been smoking the the different variations of this stuff more often than not for over 2 years now (quite heavily most of the time, and i dont consider myself addicted. I like the way it makes me feel. I dont have withdrawals if i dont smoke it) and the worst problem i ever have is running out. Ive never had the paranoia or the panic attacks, what i have had is some hellacious munchies and a case or two of the giggles. Its the people that got too high their first time and then swear it off as poison afterwards because they cant handle their business creating the hype (Probably did the same thing with pot). Then there is the fact that “we dont know exactly whats in it and the long term effects on humans”. So what? We do know exactly what is in tobacco and its long term effects (aka the many types of cancer it causes, emphysema, tooth decay, etc etc) and you dont see anyone snatching it off of store shelves. So i can only ask, what is the big freakin deal?

  144. Hi Courtney. K2 is a mix of naturally herbs and spices sprayed with chemical(s) called synthetic cannabinoids that act like marijuana. When you smoke K2, these chemicals bind to receptors in your brain and make you feel high. But there are also other possible effects of smoking K2, such as hallucinations, extreme paranoia, and cardiovascular events.

  145. Hi Riley. Hmmm. It’s difficult to really know what was happening medically in your body during K2 intoxication. But it’s possible that your mind “shut down” the body and went unconscious because the synthetic cannabinoids were very potent. It’s also possible that you experienced hallucinations during this time. After acute intoxication, some people have reported flashbacks or lingering symptoms of intoxication. Typically, you should start feeling more yourself when the effects of smoking have worn off.

  146. hi my name is darrin and i smoked K2 a little over two weeks ago and i still have some of the effects like numbness and i was just wondering doesn’t anyone know how long does it take for my feeling to come back and to feel normal?????

  147. Today I smoked spice with two of myfriends. We were outside and last thing i remembered was falling asleep. I then blacked out and felt horrible pains. All i saw was a spinning wheel and red. I remember comming been to reality a few times and leaving again. My friend said I feel asleep and she tried to wake me up and I didn’t do she started slapping me. She said I then stood up and started screaming. Then I started running. I remembered clenching really hard and coming back to reality for the last time. I was terrified. Do you know why I acted like that? I’ll still afraid to go back to sleep.

  148. Hi Ashley. It sounds like you may have gotten a “contact high” from being in the same confined space as someone smoking synthetic cannabinoids. And it sounds like you may also be experience the phenomenon of “flashbacks”. I’d suggest that you seek help from a psychiatrist or a neurologist in order to report the symptoms and seek medical help.

  149. hi, my name is ashley and about 2 months ago i was in a truck with my brother and he was smoking something called gods gift. i did not directly smoke it but soon after he was i started tripping bad. I thought i was in a video game or i wasnt real. i thought i was dead or i was never alive. it lasted for 2 hours. i started becomeing better and i thought everything was ok but about 7 hours later when i got home i fell asleep for not even 1 min and my boyfriend woke me up and i started tripping again. ever since then iv been fighting it where i think im not real and i’v just made all this up, or where i might wake up and be back in the truck again like since then was a dream. or im in a coma. most times ill try and fight it and not think about it, but the more i think about it then ill start tripping. i dont know if ill ever be normal again and it scares me.

  150. Hi Shannon. It’s possible that the green herbal mix you found in your son’s room is Spice or K2, or another variant of a synthetic cannabinoid. You can get it tested by a laboratory to find out for sure (I’d take a sample before approaching your son), or you can ask your son up front what you’ve found.

    How much is “a lot”?

  151. Hey i found some green stuff in a bottle a lot of it i my sons room and its not weed. Its ground up like oregano but it kinda smells like tea. is it k2 or spice ?

  152. (continued) have a heart attack. the ceiling looked like water for awhile i was scared to sleep for awhile but i just kept praying to god. one day i drank coffee and had heart rate of 109 next day still had it and went to doc. he said my heart was beating too fast to make sense of it. he ut me on anxiety pills when i need them and blood pressure meds. i told my mom and my sister amd my dad so that they would know and it was so hard to do but i felt like i needed to. i still sorta have visual problems but they r gettingbetter with time. i just wish i knew what changed in my body exactly so i would understand more and maybe doctors could fix me. i really wish i could smoke pot again because it was so good before. that 1 hit changed my life and i have hope i will get better in due time. i love everything good and pray for everyone going through this simular thing just know, whoever you are you CAN get better and with the right self disipline you will. see a doctor. i dont have insurance went to doctor and they give me a slider. you are worth it. every cent of it. keep god in your life. do the right things.

  153. hi. my name is bellz and I used to be a complete pothead. about 6 months ago my neighbor was at my house and i drank a beer wasnt thinking straight told her to leave plenty of times so i could sleep but finally few hours later last time i asked her 2 leave she pulls out this tiny roach says its just like normal weed. i took i hit of it and it burned fast too. but 1 hit of it and i just sat there a min it felt like a normal high off some potent weed. then i started getting agitated and thinkin bout food, went to the kitchen didnt eat anything thou god only knows how long i was in there saw a knife and came back in there. it felt horrible. i was scared so i was just sitting there with her, i dunno wat we were doin i dont even remember but i was soooo thirsty i thought i was gonna die its like the chems. in it made me instantly dehydrated. i was drinkin sooo much water felt sick like i was gonna puke at 1 point was dry heaving and pacing. she was just sitting there i hated the look on her was like sinister. to this day i still dont hang out with her i dont trust her at all. ifelt like i couldnt breathe and i just looked in the mirror and focused on my breathing. i felt so sick like i had to go to the bathroom really bad and i remember telling her, i dont want to die i looked straight in her eyes i know i scared her and im sorry for that but i had to say it. i listened to my favorite song lateralus by tool and that sorta helped i just kept drinking water. i didnt want to be alone for two weeks straight i thought i was going to have a heart attack because pains in my chest and i felt like i was gonna die for two weeks straight i just prayed to god and now i trust in god so much more and thank god so much he spared me my life. i cried so much during those two weeks and immensly regretted that one hit. im so grateful for my husband helping me through everything (he was my fiance at the time) i went to the emergency room 3 times cuz i seriously thought i was gonna

  154. Hi Amber. Thanks for the update! I hope that the pharmaceutical intervention can help you. Please let us know how you feel in a few weeks, after the drugs start to take effect.

  155. Hey update on me just went to the doctors and they put me on depression pills and ones for my anxiety I really hope it works I’m hoping and praying I was looking up online and think I might have depersonalization disorder do u think it might b that for the dream feeling

  156. Hi Michael. To be sure of what your college is testing for, ask the administrators to provide you with the name of the testing laboratory and drug screen ID #. Then, you can call the testing center and verify which compounds are being tested.

    It can take weeks for synthetic compounds to leave the system after daily use. A good 5-6 week window may be advisable before drug testing if you are able.

  157. I smoke everyday and my college recently started testing for synthetic compounds i smoke primo, brain freeze and hatter how long do you think itll take me to get clean im a littler guy have very little fat cells, also my school said this test can test for every single synthetic compound out there is this possible

  158. Hi Tayler. If you’ve been tested for synthetics that are present in K2, you will most likely be detected for use, even with a 2 week break. This is because the compounds are stored in fat cells, like THC, and can build up over time. Please let us know how it goes.

  159. Hi, i smoke k2 on a regular. But i havent smoked for about you 2too weeks and i got drug tested today and their sending it in to a lab. I drink alot of water and sweat. Will i pop positive? Is there anything i can start doing that will get it out of my system?


  160. Hi Bryan. I have read reports of “flashback” episodes for days, weeks or months AFTER smoking Spice (kind of like LSD, or other hallucinogenics). While these reports are not medically based, I would suggest that you follow up with a family doctor and then perhaps even a specialist like a toxicologist, psychiatrist, or neurologist. Your doctor can give you a referral. More cases like yours need to be documented in order for medical experts to see a pattern for diagnosis and eventual treatment.

  161. Hi, i smoked K2 yesterday and it was like being in hell, i felt like i was blind and my heart was going to give out on me. I was out of it for at least 30 minutes or more. I was wondering is it possible to drift back into that feeling because the substance is still in my system?

  162. my case is a lil different though..ive had it for a a couple of months..but wer different..maybe to keep ur mind distacted u should keep urself occupied with things to do..set goals for urself…and dont think about how u used to feel when u were good..cause thats wat would mess me much as it sux to hear but its ganna take time for u to be good..u just have to forget about it..time heals all wonds.

  163. Ya thanks and Alex like I try to not let it bug me but its so hard sometimes how long have u felt it and any suggestions to not think about it cause like no matter what I do I feel that way

  164. amber..i know exactly how u going through the same..and a tip i suggest is dont think about it..just continue ur regular life..the more u pay attention the more itll bother u.

  165. Hi Amber. It sounds like you’re describing some protracted symptoms of intoxication or effect from smoking synthetic cannabinoids (or something else). I’d suggest that you see a family doctor who can refer you to a psychiatrist or a neurologist, according to initial findings.

  166. Hi so I smoked something with a friend not sure what it was but like 10 mins after I smoked it I felt like I was on fire and really dizzy and could hardley move went to the er sence then its been 2 weeks and two days and I feel like my mind is here but my bodys not like what I am living it feels alot like a dream like everything I do and all I want to do is cry and I never smoke maybe 1 every 2 months and whatever I smoked is still in my system how do I just get back to normal please someone help me

  167. Hello A. It might help to see a psychologist or even a psychiatrist, if your anxiety persists or is extreme. There are cognitive behavioral treatments for anxiety and if necessary, medications which can help relieve short term panic attacks. But I agree with you – You might do wee to ask your family doctor what s/he thinks and seek a referral to a mental health professional.

  168. I was a regular marijuana smoker for a while. It never had any negative effects on me. I smoked a Spice product called Sunset Beach and had a psychotic episode and don’t remember much about being on it. Then every time I smoked marijuana after that, I would have the same psychotic episodes. I then smoked K2, and don’t remember anything about that time, but it does not bring me positive memories. Ever since then I started being really paranoid that I am going to die randomly and developed anxiety and hypochondria. I quit smoking all together, for about 7 months now and I’m feeling MUCH better. Although my anxiety is not completely gone and I’m afraid I will have it for the rest of my life.. I havn’t seen a doctor about it, but after reading about all these other people with the same problem, I believe I should.

  169. Hi Kat. Yes, it is possible that the episode of extreme paranoia that you describe originated from the synthetic cannabinoids found in K2. How are you doing now?

  170. Hello. So, about a year ago, I used K-2 at a party along with a lot of alcohol. Stupid, I know.
    Well, I was assaulted and have a very vague memory of it. I had a Rape kit done at the hospital.
    However, the more I read up on K-2, the more I realize that i may have had a psychotic episode. I had to be physically restrained after the attack because I ran almost directly into oncoming traffic. I vomited, began convulsing and was just hysterical. I clawed myself so bad I needed stitches along my thighs. I remember running and everything was blurry and spinning.
    Does this sound like it may have been partially because of the K-2?

  171. It’s hard to tell. And no one really knows. But check in with a neurologist and a psychiatrist. You may learn more from direct contact with a medical professional.

  172. Hi Alex. More and more people are reporting psychotic episodes after smoking K2 and Spice products. I’d suggest that you talk to an MD that you trust, and seek a potential evaluation by a neurologist and a psychiatrist. It is possible that medical interventions exist that can help treat these symptoms. But at the least, you can learn more about it. I wish you all the best.

  173. hi, i smoked k2 three days ago under the impression that it was normal marijuana. I still have somewhat of a groggy head, and a bit of trouble sleeping. However I’m so agitated and anxious that I feel I may be stimulating these symptoms myself. Is this possible? I’m not in the states these days so can’t make it to a doctor for a few months. Any advice you can offer me would be great. Thanks!

  174. ive taken a k2 drug called panic about 4 months the time i didnt know how bad it was..but i ened up tripping really bad..thought i was ganna die..the trip ended in like 1h and 30minutes or 2hs but then it started coming back to was bothering me for about a month with wat my friends claimed anxiety. but then it went away..then about a month or two later me and my girl had an argument..and it came back worse than before..but i know its all mental..i even felt something twist in my mind before it hit me hard..and now life seems soo unreal..sort of like a continuous dream..and i havent gotten taking vitamins..but sometimes it can get unbearabl..i need help..wats the best thing to do?

  175. I’ve been somking spice every day for about 5 months, nothing bad has happened to me. I think it depends on how well your body can handle the chemicals in the K2. If I was going to die from it I think it would of happened by now.

  176. Ok yea that was the only time I have done it and was the last time thanks for your time and answers to my questions helped out a lot

  177. The 72 hour detection window for Spice is a good estimate for really occasional use. Like marijuana, the detection window increases with more regular use. This is because the cannabinoids contained in Spice are lipid soluble and can be stored in fat cells. The more you smoke, the more synthetics are stored, the longer it can be detected (up to a week or more).

  178. Yea thanks a lot for all the info and I heard it don’t stay in you system for approx 72 hours is this true

  179. Hi John. Most 10 panel drug screens do not yet include synthetic cannabinoid compounds as a substance for testing. You should be OK. But ask the HR Department or your supervisor(s) for test information, including test name and testing center. Then, you can verify by calling the diagnostic laboratory yourself just to get some peace of mind. I hope that this helps!

  180. I’m sure it will be a 10 panel drug test and don’t know when just worried about a random I would say 5 to 10 day from now if there is even gonna be one just tried it now got myself worried be the last time for me but I kept hearing you won’t fail one so I give it a try now wished I didn’t

  181. Hi John. It depends on when the drug screen is scheduled, and what is covers. Most standard 5-7-9 etc. panel drug screens do not currently test for herbal incense ingredients. But there are more specific tests that probation offices or drug courts can order. Do you know what kind of test you’ll be taking? And when?

  182. i smoke spice alol day every dayb an i think if its going to kill me it would have allready done it i think all you guys are trip in.

  183. Hi James. Seizures, hallucinations and cardiac events are increasingly being reported after people smoke K2. So, what you experienced has been reported by others.

    I’d suggest that you schedule a general appointment with your family doctor and report your use. Medical evidence that documents the side effects of K2 and Spice is needed (and your confidentiality will be ensured, but check your rights with your doctor). Then, you may benefit from a referral to a neurologist or a psychiatrist.

    Does this help?

  184. I do not smoke k2 hardly ever, but I smoked yesterday with a couple of friends. I only took one hit and I was out of it. I started to regret it and get a scared feeling, and felt like I was going to vomit. By that point I didn’t even know what I was doing. I blacked out, my friends said I fell to the ground and started convulsing. When I came to I had a cut on my hand that I didn’t have before, my vision was heavily impaired and objects were appearing in front of me, there were also plenty of other unexplainable feelings. I did not seek medical attention and today I am feeling drowsy with a slight headache. If you have any suggestions feel free to reply.

  185. Hi Dusk. As long as you haven’t smoked K2 in the 2-3 days before drug testing, you should be OK. But keep in mind that the military DOES do random drug tests for Spice and K2. So if you plan to join the military, it’s a strict code of abstinence that is required. Best of luck!

  186. Hey I got curious and smoked some K2 for a weekend about 2 weeks ago. I took maybe ten hits total at most, over the span of saterday and sunday. I want to enlist in the military, and i thought since it was legal it was ok, but ive found out it may disqualify me. Ive never done really anything else for drugs and i havnt done anymore since then. how long will it stay in my blood? will they detect it?

  187. Hi there, Abe. Keep in mind that you can always look on the internet for the SAMHSA treatment center locator to find a treatment center near you. OR call 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

  188. Best recommendations:

    Tell her to sleep a lot

    Make her work out and SWEAT, I mean REALLY sweat for a good week

    Lots of vitamin C

    Natural anti oxidants

    Avoid tobacco cause it can trigger it

    Stay calm

  189. Hi Tyler. Time may be the best strategy. Feelings of disasso iation have been reported by other K2 users. And although uncomfortable, this symptom may not need medical attention. But to be sure, schedule an appointment and get it checked out. Is there a medical clinci that offers sliding scale payments in your community. You will have to pay out of pocket, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

  190. Hi,
    My girlfriend smoked primo burnables by mr nice guy on sunday she started throwing up and blacked out and ever since then the back of her head has been hurting and cant concentrate or give her full attention, she says her brain doesn’t feel connected to her body I was wondering is there any kind of way to make the feeling go away? We don’t have any health insurance, so it will be a while till we go to the health department to get it checked out.
    Thanks! Tyler
    hope to hear from you soon!

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