Free adult Christian drug rehab treatment centers

Qualities of drug treatment centers relevant for Christians should include 12 step teachings. But which secular mental health treatments can complement Christian teachings in free adult christian drug rehab treatment centers? We explore here.

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Secular or Christian?

Most drug treatment centers follow certain addiction treatment guidelines established by the American Psychiatric Association (APA). We list the most commonly recommended treatment therapies below.  But how do you know if a treatment center is in line with Christian principles, or not?

The key factor in evaluating whether a drug treatment center is in line with Christian values is the presence or absence of 12 step teaching.  Most treatment centers in the U.S. are oriented toward the 12 steps, but call and ask before you seek help.  You need to do a little research into treatment program philosophy, as well.

Following is a list of possible treatment options that the APA suggests as interventions for drug abuse and practices that psychiatrists, medical doctors, addiction counselors and other addiction professionals should consider.  As you evaluate treatment programs for alignment with your beliefs, consider that a combination of both secular and spiritual practices can benefit you or a loved on in the treatment of drug addiction.

Pharmacologic treatment options at drug rehab centers

  • Abstinence promotion (Ex. prescribing disulfiram, naltrexone, acamprosate, bupropion)
  • Opioid antagonist therapy (Ex. prescribing naltrexone to block the euphoric effects of opioids)
  • Opioid agonist therapy (Ex. prescribing medications such as methadone, buprenorphine over extended periods of time to maintain certain levels of opioids to manage opioid addiction)
  • Relapse prevention (Ex. prescribing disulfiram, naltrexone, acamprosate, bupropion)
  • Treat co- existings psychiatric conditions (Ex. prescribing antidepressants, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers)
  • Treat intoxication states (Ex. prescribing naloxone, flumenazil, anticonvulsants, anticholinergics, anti-arrhythmics, and/or adrenergic pressors)
  • Treat withdrawal (Ex. prescribing methadone, buprenorphine, clonidine, benzodiazepines)

Psychosocial treatment options at drug rehab centers

  • Behavioral therapies, including contingency management, community reinforcement, cue exposure and relaxation training, and aversion therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Family therapies
  • Group therapy
  • Hypnosis
  • Motivational enhancement therapy (MET)
  • Psychodynamic and interpersonal therapies
  • Self-help groups and 12-step-oriented approaches
  • Self-guided therapies

Got questions about Christian drug and alcohol rehab?

Please email us your questions, or comment below.

About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I am a christian deaf mother and My youngest daughter she is 24 years old she really need my help finding free Rehab home help her sober and a job. She is addicts to Herion. Can you help us find a best place for her. She is in deep very depression…. We live in Washington State

  2. Please contact me about free Christian rehab services. I have psychological problems along with alcoholism and severe depression.
    Thank you,

  3. Me &my new Fiance have been doing heroin for 20 years, & we recently got engaged. But our drugs are causing us to fight & argue, & we know it’s the drugs.We just want to get clean & get married, & live an active Christian lifestyle and have a kid. This girl means everything to me, and I’m not going to lose her over drugs,I couldn’t imagine my life without her. Thank you for your time & patients!

    1. Hi Sonny R. I suggest you call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab for you and your fiance.

    1. Hi Christina. Call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab for you.

    1. Hi Neo. Call the helpline you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab for you.

  4. Hi mt names Becca and my fiancee is cameron. Me and my fiAncee are desperately needing TREATMENT N live in wa stAte but we know the best option for us to get clean is to get away from here for awhile so we r wondering what ur center cost. We r both Christians. We want to be able to be at the same place getting help  and neither of us are working to pay for treatment and he gets out of jail Monday and if we dont have a treatment center set up he will relapse and we r scared to death of that. We have wa Medicaid but no money to pay for treatment so trying to find help that free sliding scale or will get  our insurance accepted. are both currently seeking treatment me for meth addiction on my fiance for heroin addiction we are just trying to find a treatment center to go to so we can both get help together and get on with our lives so we can better ourselves and have our family back together. When we are preferring to get treatment out of state  just because it will help give us a fresh clear peace of mind and take us away from all the distractions of the addiction and the people that we were around  and just give us a breath of fresh air so that we can  learn to  do different to be different so that we don’t relapse . Thanks. And I hope to hear back from u

  5. I’m looking for free drug rehab services for my 32 year old step son
    How do I go about it?
    Where do I start?
    I live in England
    He lives in Gauteng
    He does have a job and seems somehow to be keeping it at the moment so are there any treatments that are not residential because giving up his job would be a big step . He has dyslexia.He lost his accommodation and is staying with a friend.
    He is destroying all his relationships and is lying and even stealing at times including from his sister who is at the end of her tether

    1. Hi Lindokuhle. Call 1-888-503-1835 for a toll-free and confidential marijuana helpline available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. You will be greeted by a professional and understanding consultant who will assist you in understanding the types of marijuana addiction treatments available to you.

  6. I need financial assistance for a 6 month programme for drug rehabilitation for my only son. My wife and I are commission earners only and we have a daughter at university and a seven year old daughter at school. We have no funds whatsoever for our son to attend treatment and each day is a nightmare for both me and my wife living with a child who is an addict. Please can you facilitate a sponsor which will be highly appreciated.

  7. I love my family my kids are amazing. Thank you God but Satan you SUCK for all this pain and misery due to selfishness. God please

  8. Hi there,im looking for help for my nephew whom is addicted to drugs and dagga but his family is not able to afford treatment please can you help we are based on the east rand,gauteng south africa
    Kind regards

    1. Hi, Annie. Call the number you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

  9. Hi, my name is Nomsa. I need your help as I’m trying to help my sister in- law who is now mentally disturbed due to alcohol and drug abuse. Thank you

    1. Hi Nomsa. Call the number displayed on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

  10. I need a rehab, 52 years old, doing drugs for 37 years. Several programs , recently Princeton house and Maryville and psych stop in Bridgeton hospital. I want to get clean, bad. I have a wife, no children living with us. She is/was using. We have a dog, what happens to him and my possessions?

    1. Hi Mike. I suggest you call the helpline on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment consultants, and ask them to help you find a rehab center which allows pets during treatment program. Or you may leave you dog to someone you trust to take care of him/her while you are in the treatment.

  11. I have a friend who has been spiking heroin for 12 years and a drug addict for longer than that financially he has no money and I am desperate to find help for him bcz he won’t make it to see next year pls help

    1. Hello Camille. I’m really sorry for your friend. I suggest you call the helpline number displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers who can help you find adequate treatment program for your friend. Good luck!

    1. Hello Bobby. Tell us your problem, so we can answer it properly. Are you looking for treatment center? Call our trusted treatment provider to get the help today.

    1. Hello Retha. I suggest you call the helpline number displayed on our site. It’s free to make the call and you will be able to talk to our trusted treatment providers that will help determine the right course of treatment for your son.

  12. I do not have money for a rehab. My husband of 25 years is a drug addict . He attended ARC Austin tx rehab about 3 times all different time frames over the years of our marriage he stays sober for about 3 months then falls back. They have been no longer than 30 days and he revived funding but 30 days isn’t long enough he needs a 90 day program . Only the 1 at rehab he lasted about 4 years sober . All others have failed . Please help .

    1. Hi Rachel. Addiction treatment doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You can call the helpline number displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers and to work together to find ways for you and your family to fund treatment. One of the best things is that if you enter their rehab facilities, in case of relapse, entering the program again is for free.

  13. Taking that first big step on the road to heroin recovery in San Antonio or any other city is finding a treatment center that is compatible with the belief system of the individual seeking treatment. Fortunately there are many good resources available.

  14. Hi, I need to get admitted into a rehab centre that is free of charge or very minumum for drugs and alcohol abuse asap. . Contact me . Please help

  15. I need help with my sister pls help me I don’t have money to take her to rehab she’s on drugs she have 2son 1is 7 rather 1is 3 yrs pls am begging in Jesus name she cough the hole nigh pls help our south African is going down with drugs

  16. I’m a heroin addict at the end of my road if I can’t get in somewhere quick. Losing sight of living if I can’t get help. God has to have a purpose forme help me find it please. Joseph.

  17. Need a free Christian Rehab for my 36 year old daughter. Abuses prescription drugs and suffers from depression and anxiety. Wants to get her life straightened out and needs to get away from old friends to do that. Really needs counselling.

  18. I need help for my 30 year old daughter. she is abusing alcohol and crack/cocaine. we are living in the virgin islands. she has no insurance. I would like to save my daughter from herself. ASAP

  19. i was injured in a construction accident in 1987. could not function on prescribed drugs,i got on street drugs and can not get off. i enjoy working, but it aggrevates my injuries and i do drugs. i am critically addicted and want to stop.i had a son in 1999, he is 15 now. i had my younger sister adopt him in 2006. i want to stop drugs and be a dad again. i am blessed with many voc. skills and and almost completed my bachelor degree,but it is all vanity if i can not be a clean dad. in jesus christ name, please help. does anyone care?

  20. My daughter has been in (8) DIFFERENT rehabs and is still taking drugs and drinking alcohol.
    She is divorced and only has medicade. She needs to be in a long term treatment She is 50.
    all the help you could give her or recommend someplace would be greatly appreciated

  21. Have almost 50 year old son who cannot get off drugs. He has no money. I am looking for a free Christian based rehab center in the Houston or Austin area.

  22. my name is Charlene I live in JHB I have a 26 year old uncle, he is high in drugs he talks to himself and extremely violent he lives with my grandparents and he seems to be fighting with my granny all the time he see people in the sealing and he sleeps with knives under his pillow i am really scared for my grandparents and the big problem is that he does not admit that he has a problem he seem to think that there is nothing wrong with him and my grandparents live in fair every day we tried to get him help but they saying that he needs to admit that he has a problem so if the drugs is so far in his mind how can he ever admit that he has a problem please i need help with this man he needs help urgently he also doesn’t sleep at night he talks to himself right through the night till the next day everyday , they cant afford for a rehab because they on pension

  23. Hello Monica. Please call 1-800-662-HELP to get connected with an addiction treatment center in your area. This is a national government sponsored hotline.

  24. This is an interesting article. I went through a sober living rehab program that christian based and it changed my life completely. I would high recommend a halfway house if you are having trouble battling your addictions.

  25. I have a female friend who has been doing drug for 15 years & now she wants to get clean. I don’t think she has ins.But i do no she would like a christian base program. any info. is welcome

  26. i m want to quite doing heroin but i need some help .. i have no insurance coverage .. is there any none profite christian rehab center .. pleasse help

  27. Thank you for all the information ..
    I told him awhile ago he couldnt live at home
    (An that was very to do because for more than 3 weeks I didnt know if he would live or die)
    unless he got the help he needs.. He lives were ever he can an out of a car, with a friend who is also an addict. Im afraid he will freeze to death one night. I hardly talk with him anymore. He will text me everyonce in awhile an let me know he is still alive.. But he want call.. I seen him last week an he looks like he has lost 30 pounds. He isnt taking any meds that were givin him when released from the Hospt after overdosing . But he hasnt been taken them since about 2 weeks after release. I just cant belive that they released him at the hospt. without helping him at all . Knowing what all he went through .. An he failed the drug test because he was on drugs when he was picked up by the police that day,,.
    Ive tried to get him help starting at the age of 14… There is no help here in Gaffney . An if you have no Ins or money its hard to get any one to help you anywhere .. Here in Gafney even The Mental Health Center wants Ins.. My daughter was raped when she was 18 she got some counseling.. But things got bad for her an she felt she needed more counseling. She had no ins so I took her to Mental Health.. (She was 24 at the time) They told he she needed $150.00 to see someone for the first visit..
    She told them she didnt have it ,, They told her to come back when she did.. So theres your help here in this town.. No money ..No Help..
    If there is Help here it is hidden well.

  28. Hi Donna. It might be time to start tough love with your son. In other words, he can no longer live at home if he’s using drugs. I’d suggest that you consult with an addictions counselor (call the 1-800 number again for a referral) and get a plan in place. Also, check out the website theantidrug[dot] com for more ideas about how parents can intervene when drug use is present in the house.

  29. I went to the folling website an called there number.
    They gave me the name of a person to speak to here at the local Drug Rehab Center.
    (Without that name I wouldnt have recieved any help.. Ive already tried)
    I was able to get the papers filed to get my son picked up an taken to the Hospt.
    Were he refused to give blood or urine for a drug test for over an hour.
    Until he was threatened with jail.. An when he did finally give it He failed the drug test..
    He was very angry at me an ran me out of his room 2 times. Not in a nice way.
    There was a nurse there at his bedside at all times..

    They remembered my son,
    The DRs. an some of the nurses that were .
    They were also there when he was brought in. When he overdosed.
    They couldnt believe that he was alive an that he isnt severly brain damaged.
    But most of all that he had returned to his drug use.
    I was sure he was going to get the help he needs..

    He was brought in at 10 am.,, they let him walk out 2 am
    My son asked me was I embaressed, because of what I done, An he was getting to leave.
    I told him there was no reason for me to be embaressed.
    I was so Sad …An very disaponted an even angry that they let him go without giving him the help he needs.
    This Hospt. has no on site Psychiatrist ..
    They have a online Psychiatrist who interviewed him
    An decided to let him walk out of the hospt..
    Even though he failed the drug test .

    An anyone who knows anything about drug use can look at my son an tell he is a drug abuser..

    It was so hard for me to make this happen,
    An in a matter of hours all hope was shot down..
    Ive lost all hope .. I dont know what else to do.


  30. Hi Donna. Call 1-800-662-HELP, which is a 24 hour national hotline for drug abuse. They can refer you to drug addiction treatment centers in SC, and can also offer you support in how to help you and your family witness his addiction. Addiction is hard on the WHOLE family. And please update us here on how he’s doing. We are praying for you.

  31. My son was arrested 9-13-12, he consumed from 7 to 10 grams of meth. He was taken to jail an held for 3 or 4 hours an then taken to the local hospt by ambulance. He was almost dead by the time he got to the hospt. He Immediatey was heavily sedated because of seizures, then put on a vent, I was then called an told to come to the hospt. When I got there I was told my son was going to die. Later on he was flown to another hospt Were he had to be put on dialysis. After a few days I was told if he did make it, He would be severly brain, nerve an muscle damaged.I watched him suffer for over 3 weeks,while they tried to wake him an get him off life support. He stayed in the Hospt for over a month. The overdose has affected his mind and body..not as severly as Drs. thought. ( he is a walking miracle.).
    He has no Ins- An he Got no follow up or after care.

    He was prescribed high blood pressure Meds to take when released , he was takin at first but now he isnt ….He is using again. And Im afraid that my son will die if He dont get help. He told me one day that he thought that everyone would be better off if he would have just died.
    I was talkig to his sister about it an she said he told her the same thing.
    He acts like he hates the world. (We live in SC. Zip 29340)
    I dont no if I can get him to seek help on his own. CAN YOU HELP or Can you give me any kind of info on how I can get him help.. (or if he will how to get it on his own)Like I stated above he has no Ins an its hard to get any kind of help without Ins..Also I dont think he is ready or that he even cares what happens to himself. How can you get somenone admited if they dont want to go?? I know he needs to go now, I know my sons body cant take much more .. An if he doesnt get help soon Im afraid Im going to lose my son for good…. I try just about anything to help save my sons life. Please help me.. Help my Son.. Gaffney SC

  32. Hello, I am in recovery and have a friend that needs help and is willing to go to any length to receive it. Please let me know.

  33. Hi Jennie. You can search the SAMHSA treatment locator by state and zip code to locate a treatment center close to you. If it’s 12-step, the treatment center is also compatible with Christianity.

  34. My husband is addicted to bath salt and the most recent .. its replacement. We have applied to several agencies but there is such a wait that we fear the worst. We have no more recources to pay for treatment and we need a Christ centered facility. He has 10 weeks of being able to draw unemployment unt he loses his job. His boss has graciously agreed to help and work with us for his benefit. But… he smokes. He wont go somewhere that he cant smoke. This is a problem.. but none the less we are in dire need of help. We live in gaffney sc and can go up to 3 hrs away if we can find somewhere for him to go asap

  35. Seeing someone who has a heroin addiction is one of the most sad and heartbreaking things to watch a loved one go through. Most people do not understand how hard the life of an addict is and often lose connections with family and friends due to their illness. This disease is hard to overcome but with the right drug rehab it is possible. Please do not ignore anyone with an addiction and help them get the help they need.

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