Does weed kill brain cells?

No, weed does not kill brain cells. But it can quicken age related memory loss. Still, long term physical alteration of the brain has not been linked to marijuana use. More on structural changes in the brain and marijuana here.

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Marijuana affects the brain. But marijuana DOES NOT kill brain cells, although there is more evidence that marijuana cause brain damage.  We offer a brief review of research on marijuana and the brain below.

Marijuana and the brain

Marijuana affects your brain. The main active ingredient in marijuana is called THC. THC affects the nerve cells in different parts of the brain. As THC binds to nerve receptors in the brain (Ex. in the nucleus accumbens, the cerebellum or the basal ganglia) the brain responds by altering functions in the body or mind. This is why you can feel high on weed, or experience heightened sensory perception, or become clumsy. Each of these effects begin as chemical reactions in the brain.

Hippocampus – THC alters how information is processed in the hippocampus and can result in lost memory, difficulty with attention and focus.  Memory loss and weed are at the center of current research on the brain.

Cerebellum and basal ganglia – THC binds to cannabinoid receptors in these parts of the brain and impairs balance, posture, coordination, and reaction time.

Nucleus accumbens – THC activates the brain’s reward system by stimulating brain cells to release the chemical dopamine. This is why you feel high when you smoke weed.

Marijuana and long term changes in the brain

Experts have not linked chronic cannabis to permanent structural changes in the brain. But marijuana’s effects on the brain can build up over time. In addition to possible decreases in mental flexibility and focus over time, potheads are at higher risk of changing serotonin and norepinephrine levels in the brain (thereby affecting depression and anxiety), developing schizophrenia and/or mood disorders. Although no official evidence exists linking brain deterioration to chronic marijuana use, critical life skills have been self-reported by potheads to worsen over time. Marijuana can negatively affect:

  • career achievement
  • cognitive abilities
  • mental health
  • physical health
  • social life

Not to mention memory loss…

Perhaps when you’re asking, “Does weed kill brain cells?”, you really want to know if weed makes you stupid, or if memory loss is permanent when you smoke. The short answer is that most THC-related effects on the brain wear off after acute exposure, or are restored when you abstain from marijuana for 4-8 weeks. However, experts do not yet know of the long term effects and permanent changes marijuana can cause on the brain, especially to memory processing

As people age, they lose neurons in the hippocampus, which decreases their ability to learn new information. This is part of the normal aging process. But when you smoke weed, you may actually speed up the loss of these neurons, resulting in loss of memory. In fact, chronic THC exposure in animals has been shown to quicken related loss of hippocampus neurons. Rats exposed to THC every day for 8 months (approximately 30 % of their lifespan) showed a level of nerve cell loss that equaled that of unexposed animals twice their age.

In conclusion, although chronic marijuana use does not kill brain cells directly, smoking daily can trigger early loss of memory and alter your brain in ways that we do not yet know.

Marijuana problems?

Eating weed to get high is a sign that you can get addicted to marijuana.  But in addition to psychological symptoms of addiction, physical symptoms may also be present.  Are you noticing a loss of memory or brain function as a result of smoking chronic weed? Are you worried that you cannot stop smoking weed because you may get depressed? Or do you think you should cut back on your weed intake? These are all signs that you may be addicted to marijuana. You CAN get help. Please leave your questions here, and we’ll direct you to information or services for weed addiction. We respond to all earnest queries personally!

Reference sources:
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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I have been smoking weed for almost everyday for about for 4years now and I have perceived to my horror brain stacks(failing to think properly even on minute issues). I do what I do from my initiative but coming to remembering it’s a very difficulty thing to drill back in time focus on my task especially when I have not taken a puff. From the back of my brain down my nape through the spinal cord I feel an irresistible twist of pain that affect me mostly and haze my concentration.
    How would I get read of that nature//?

  2. I think it comes down to the person.
    I have observed in my own experiences that after 30 the effects on me began to change. it began making me tired instead of energy.harder to focus long term on tasks. and harder to socialise and meet new people cause when I’m high, I dont want to talk. I want to retreat and play vids. I dont think its physically addicting. but it numbs emotions.
    i would expect most of the people on here promoting it are in there 20s. because at that time in my life it enriched my experiences. now it slows me down if I use it chronically. and stunts me socially. AgIn I can only speak from my experience. some folks dont need weed. they do better without it. but if you’re going to promote it. make sure you aknowledge that it’s not always good for everyone. I think it comes down to moderation. as for addiction. I dont think so. it just naturally falls out of your life when it no longer serves your life

    1. Hi, William. Call 1-888-503-1835 for a toll-free and confidential marijuana helpline available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. You will be greeted by a professional and understanding consultant who will assist you in understanding the types of marijuana addiction treatments available to you.

  3. I have personally been affected by most or all of your purported study regarding long term /40+ years/ use. Currently medically treating for chronic migraine headaches affecting my left suboccipital areas but cannabinoid/ small dose relieves that piercing pain to 1/10. Question: should I be concerned about the loss of memory if it isn’t affecting my overall work performance but impeded my career choices over the years? I mean is that such a concern if one neurologic severe symptom is relieved versus career advancement(s)…I have spent nearly 10 years working in the ccu/ cicu/ telmetry/ radiology/ct/ surgical services, I am 56 yr old male in good health overall but maintaining BP with meds daily also. Physically active to very active with 10+ miles walking daily and mountain biking on weekends. Occasionally I get a brief ‘lost’ feeling when I’m diverted in the mountains and have an uneasy sensation that I may be heading in the opposite direction which is fleeting. Overall I’d say I’m comfortable not experiencing daily debilitating discomfort with the migraines and I appreciate any input and assistance in alternatives if any-Thank you

  4. I’m a stage 2 Pancreatic cancer survivor. Doctors declared that im now cancer free and i’m so glad to hear that. Since then marijuana products have been a great help to me so i decided to grow my own marijuana for my personal use only. But growing marijuana requires more knowledge and need to understand its life cycle. I have encountered many different problems in growing myself but that doesn’t help me stop from growing my own herbal medicine.

  5. If I quit smoking. Will everything in my brain go back to normal in time? This page has been very helpful. I been smoking since I was 14. I’m now 38 and I have developed anxiety and panic attack problem. So this all makes sense.

  6. Legalize Cannabis ? ? ∆ π £ € ¥ ? The ignoration & betist fools in Congress ! Wake up and smell the weed! Hote#–Nuclear annihilation, Economy 20# Trillion dollars in dept, Plants produce O2- Oxygen for the eco system! Cannabis is Gods gift to all of us! And also the planet we live on Note#- God is everywhere see’s all things! Take the wright path in life and do the wright thing ? Where livinging in an infinite universe of time and space so don’t take life for granite ! Because in the future traveler’s will see all that has transpired in this time in or history! All matter will remain as is even on the subatomic level frozen in time until the infinite lope at anytime is open dimensional portal to any time in are history for all to see. ? P.S. President Trump if you truly are a christian you will do the wright thing ? ??

  7. If it dosent harm brain cells, how does it cause brain damage ?
    It certainly is bad enough that it causes addiction
    I have seen many people who had lives and families, now they are homeless wishing for money to smoke more pot.
    Stop this nonesense there is no reason to follow this road, life is fuller than this

  8. I feel like I’m losing a lot of memory, and don’t want to quit, but I feel like I need to. I want to function and perform in a way I never have. I’ve been smoking weed since 5th grade, and I am almost 21. Help me not crave it…

    1. Hi Cris. Call 1-888-503-1835 for a toll-free and confidential marijuana helpline available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. You will be greeted by a professional and understanding consultant who will assist you in understanding the types of marijuana addiction treatments available to you.

  9. Hi
    I have an endless headache after smokin weed for 2 years and now its not going to be ok eventhough I dont smoke.
    What shoud I do with this headache ?

  10. I’m surprised & shocked at some of these comments, most of them are baseless and fictitious. Do your research from real sources. Educating yourself is paramount – I’ve helped people recover from serious mental & physical problems, seen the results for myself. I’ve seen one comment here say that treating children suffering with epilepsy with Cannabis is like child abuse. That’s pure ignorance and you should be ashamed – Cannabidiol (compound found in Cannabis) has been proved to dramatically reduce seizures. Seriously people educate yourself then you may have a worth while opinion.

  11. So people basically asying weed is better than not doing it or what? How is that possible? There’s a reason we get diseases and whanot.. that’s because of liberation abuse of the weaker generation given from the strong individuals.. just like Beastiality is not “natural” just because animals participate so is drugs.. and the orignal weed didn’t have as high contents as today.. it’s poison to from plants Sativa and Indica.. it’s definitely better with a life without it.. but worse is beastiality.. deviance would certainly extinct us though.. over 80 billions species of diseases annually isn’t popping out from the blue air.. only jippie hipsters white trash class people thinks that.. it comes from abuse of nature.. such in response are consequences.. I had blackouts, and have much easilier become angry after weed intake.. many more serious matters could accur if more poeple took more of it and the content becomes more potent aswell.. it all adds up to a recipe for disaster.. just like the mom who smoked while pregnant.. all her children became retards.. very unlucky.. but I bet with utmost certaincy that her smoking halp the ocnditions forward a bit. like a push.. over the edge.. origin of STD’s stem from beastiality.. and just like those potheads they think beastiality always good for everyone.. but had they forgot that if we’re talking that emotional bullcrap even then there’s breeding-cycles breaking could cause the naimsl great distress/&stress/depresion and eventually death.. there sohuld be easy signs to see for that.. and animals have not good at being sexually assaulted every day.. just like many people don’t want sex everyday not all animals are willingly to aswell and as I said.. breeding cycles.. and forFUCK SAKE! WHY would ANYONE RAPE/FUCK an ANIMAL?!?!?!?!?!?!? Incapable of reproduction and even if they wher it most likely have disability features like the mules born sterility.. caninesxcanines, humansxhumans, etc… it didn’t even ewxist for 20-30 thousands years ago but I guess so long we let criminals free they would abuse liberation from strong people.. not at the very least grateful.. no.. just raping nature of it’s researches.. the eternal pursuit for happiness/satisfaction will eventually extinct us.. thinking we’re best when we rape/kill most and are the most widespread mammal and research greedy ones, no wonder most people hate today/’s generation:/.. Brucellosis, turbeculosis, hpv, aids, q-fever, toxoplasma, blablablah.. just keeps getting worse.. and the remedy is more of it! Apparently..

  12. I am not a weed smoker.. But I tasted it before one or two times on a pot… which I can’t inhale it totally… Even m not adictad to it… Few days ago my friend forced me to take marijuana on a bong I refused but finally took 3 to 4 shot (not fully).. in that time a drop of bong water touched my tongue..I let it out and not swallowed it but I felt little bitter …. After some conversations with my friends I felt uncomfortable and fully hangover I felt that I cannot walk, my heart rate increases my hand and legs got cooled… l m in a panic don’t know how to get rid of it…i felt unconcious and slept for a while … I felt little better when I woke up… but still seven days past and I feel the hangover… M in a little panic now… my physical and mental behavioural changed… How I will overcome this situation plz plz anybody help me… Plz suggest me whether I have to get a appointments from a mental doctors or general physician.

  13. My brother oneday tryed tol look out for the reason why people smoke, when I took it for the first tym I was felt dizzy, high like can do everything so I decided to wait for one month later I went back and try it again and when i took it again I felt the way I felt the other time I felt but I hve manage to stop it but sometimes something pushes me to go and smoke again please help because I have manage to stop so please help me to stop it at one’s thanks.

  14. i just want to say that marijuana is not addictive and it has no properties in it that can cause addiction and that is a fact



  16. hi guys.
    im from india. basicaly BHANG (Marijuana) i drank firat time in my life 2 months back. now im hearing some noice in my lefy ear. headeche. i keep hearing noices . doctor said my nerve might got dAmaged. its been 2 months now. no sign of relief. can u guys help me with this

  17. Hello,
    I think I have Marijuana and Hash addiction,
    Because we use to smoke “me and my boy friend” for a continious 1 year without stopping except for 21 days we had to stop during it,
    By the way, we are smokers long time ago, 5 years at least, but not rhythmic way like this year, we are now smoking 3 joints daily, Netherlands stuffs.
    I was always thinking that Smoking weed or Hash don’t cause addiction, specially we are really useful and successful people, but 1 monthe ago, I was attention that I have a weird symptoms it wasn’t with me before, I thought that I’m Sick, I feel my self now having Unjustified depression, with Anorexia and Loss of libido, plus, vomoting all new eated food in the stomach, I can’t do anything even going under my apartment door, I don’t have any spirit or any passion to do anything, my life become like a fucking daily rotin without anything except laying down and watching some stupid things on t.v, even small things in life “like sending this message or communicate with people via social media, when I do it I feel my self like I’m doing the bigger thing in the world like an achievement, I don’t know if it a Psycho situation or its really an addiction, sorry for being so talky, and thank you anyway if you can help me with knowledge,

  18. When one stops marijuana smoking for about 4 months, can his academic performance be affected negatively due to the effects of his earlier habit?

  19. What is the best way to quit smoking weed? Ive tried everything but if i don’t smoke for 2 or 3 days i get anxious and really depressed. Every week i spend half my check on weed. (100). It really is addicting and i know i need to stop.

  20. I smoke SK it is also a weed too so after smoking it I discorverd that I have not been my self since then I discorverd that my head looks so heavy a times fell as if my head is heavy but I don’t smoke it again pls what should I do in this situation

  21. I’ve been smoking it for two years but now I have stopped using it.l just wnt that to be that guy who always loved his books the guy who understands his books bacause currently I tend to lose focus.

  22. I have an IQ of 145. I’ve smoked a couple times before, and am not sure about the effects. I want to be able to smoke every once in a while, perhaps once or twice a year, but I don’t know if it negatively affects me. Does anyone have any substantial information regarding the effects of Marijuana on cognitive ability under these temporal circumstances?

  23. i smoked weed for 7 months…daily….my mood changes now and then…..iam afraid my brain wont heal again……please help me out !

  24. Im 16 and im only 5’3 or 5’4 and im not sure if smoking pot for one day in every three or two months affected my growth ?

  25. someone here feels…his mad but act normal…..since the weed almost made me went mad….he keep believing that his still mad…he believe that the weed is still telling him his mad…what can be done to this case please..he has stop smoking for about 7weeks now…but still believes his insame…what can be done to his case please

  26. Weekend eatable user. Still a pillar of society and smarter than the average bear.

    Who would smoke everyday? Sure some do. But that’s their thing.

  27. I’m smoking marijuana for over 1year and now I want to leave it because it affects on me badly.. I realize that may be I’ve short term memory loss. I simply want a method that can make me go back to my reading habit and also assimilating what i have read… Thanks..

  28. I want to stop smoking weed and I’m 15 I don’t have a lot of family support or someone to help me qui, so how do I quit smoking weed with no help? Oh, and I’ve been smoking weed for three years or should I say 2 years and 9 months to be exact

  29. I recently quit smoking pot, by the grace of God. It took a lot of courage and strength. It’s very addictive. I smoked every day, morning, afternoon and night from age 18 to 60. I couldn’t eat, sleep, or remember anything. I had every excuse to continue using. In retrospect, the money I spent was an accumulative fortune. I agree with everything POST-TRIBBER says below this post. It ruined a lot for me. I mean more than 30 years was enough to not only stagnate my success but also my memory. Good memories lost forever. I pray for healing of the destruction it’s done to my life and to my mind. I want to remember, especially now that have a beautiful granddaughter. I’ve hurt the people that love me. They do forgive me but what I’m most sad about is the lost memories of those special moments. The milestones of years past gone forever. Age 18 to 60. I know what I’m talking about.

  30. I am sorry.. The person who wrote this you state is a former “pothead” Well I am guessing they are working for the govt. .. Marijuana is a Flower/Plant.. It is NOT addictive! you don’t need 12 step program for Weed. You need it for the rest of the F’d up life you are smoking weed in the first place. Stop the govt. Pushing of this propaganda.. WAKE UP people!!

  31. hello i have been smoking for about four years now. Since i started smoking pot ivfail to understand some things that i read am feeling like am losing it.and my memory is really bad ryt now.some things u said about pot are happeningto me.and i really want to quite taking it because its comin between me and my future.and am addicted. Please help.i need my brains back

  32. Everyone laughs at me when I admit that I’m addicted to pot. I try to seek out help, but I’m sure there are plenty of other factors contributing to my mental instability and physical deterioration. Not being taken seriously has slowly built up to a nuisance to the point where I want to do something about it. It has been so long since sobriety has been the norm. Things are just not interesting anymore… unless there’s pot. All these unnecessary risks that I take and environments that I stumble upon have a direct correlation to my “substance” abuse. I can’t imagine how people that are sick could get better with something that could potentially alter your way of life. If I was a successful being, I probably wouldn’t, shouldn’t and couldn’t complain. I lack discipline and the ability to retain it.

  33. I smook ;CHARS; for last 30 years. i live it now from lost Eight months. i am now in very diffuclt condetion. My brain is in noise; SHOUT; all the time. When i eaight the food the it start to much shout and also pain in my face and head nevera what may i do for my tretmant?

  34. I’ve been around for some time—several generations of knowledge of pot. Problem is–today is a different time. You cannot trust ‘who’ – regardless of how long you’ve know them–as to what they are giving you or if it will kill you. Yes—there have been people killed by pot and whatever they put in it that the people stopped breathing. Two young men I know—ran head on into a garbage truck–decapitated/one–the other destroyed–both dead—blood results? thc–just pot. I really don’t see anything good coming out of it—really? – if you are trying to be successful and move forward, do you think this will help? if you consume–eat or smoke—who’s going to tell you not to drive? I am speaking from experience as someone who woke up—only after a ‘little’—as a young girl and wondered what happened to her—so yeah really? anything that will debilitate you is not worth it

  35. Marijuana is a plant, natural from the earth as is tobacco that kills more people annually than all the other drugs combined. Does it ‘kill’ brain cells, no, but it alters their interaction, rejuvenation, reaction to chemical messengers sent, and in the long run it remains in the cells of the brain longer than any other addictive substance. Is is addictive? Hell yeah! But lets stick to the facts. The AMA determined addiction a disease. A disease has an Etiology or recipe that includes: A cause (use of the substance) a progression (that follows a normalized scale), and the end result is disfigurement, insanity, death or remission. Disfigurement can be a small as more wrinkles around the mouth from smoking, to full blown lung cancer, lumg removed and now breathing through a machine on wheels. Insanity is the engagement in criminal activity with the awareness of guilt (Legal definition) to engaging in a behavior, without rational interpretation or basis of common cultural norms (talking to a streetlamp). But again, it is relative; to smoke in a state where it is illegal then bitching about getting caught and having to pay fees, fines or go to class well, sorry that’s insane! Using Marijuana and expecting that I will remember everything that happened, even when its proven I don’t, then spending more money than I can afford or continuing to use even when my partner says ‘Hey you’re a slug! I have been conversation with the cat than you when your high. Stop or I’m leaving!” (And I actually like my partner?) Then to continue use would be insane. Its long term affects are documented in shortness of breath, a lack of motivation, a lack of awareness and response time when operatiing machinery or a vehicle, can lead to death. The use of a substance that alters the way my brain functions, and since my brain operates the body unit I am living in, well I consider that a slow death. However, the affects on nausea, sleep disruption (SLUG again?), and how enhances opiate are well noted. The criminal aspects are well noted. But the elevation and use of tobacco and alcohol continue to be downplayed. Either recreation its ass for use or stop the drama! As far as I am concerned there are 25% of American’s using THC on a daily basis, and it would seem that the Mexican Cartels are doing fairly well with our US Dollars. However, those dipshits in Washington DC are either burning our tax dollars to light up with the tobacco industry or are wiping their south bound areas with our tax money after a heavy night with Jack D. This is a tax cow that needs to be milked! I read an article that stated if there was decriminalization of marijuana in he USA within 48 hours 60, 000 jobs would be created, a decrease in border/ DEA and court/Criminal Justice costs would be around the tune of 360 Billion . Seems like the USA could use a few of those jobs, and return or good use of tax payer dollars too!?! But I digress this appears to be more posts from those that are sitting around on Student grants and ranting about the glory of their lethargic high. Ok with me, as long as your realize your SSI dollars are going to go to pay for my retirement NOT YOURS, and I intend to be sitting in a very nice RV along a lake, enjoying my ‘brownie’ soon, so you better get off your arse and get busy. Oh by the way I gave up all addictive substances 24 years ago, through the need to enter and complete a drug and alcohol rehab center that saved and forever changed my life. Because of that meager start I am now a licensed Substance Abuse therapist, meaning I intentional look into the FACTS FROM BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE. I am resisting the FDA’s answer to my crippling arthritis so the opiates are out there too for your enjoyment, but everyone pays to play. I recommend you get your information and facts straight, make a decision, follow it with action and prepare for the next generation, since you are ultimately the ones that will be responsible. There is it just the facts make what you will and have a good day, dudes!

  36. Marijuana addiction is a real problem when you smoke everyday over a long period of time. Like any other drug, you won’t get addicted if you smoke once or twice a month with your peers. The thing is, you become addicted when you start to seek out for that high in your own personal time and then two years later you realise that you have become used to enjoying laziness, just sitting on your couch watching tv while eating munchies. I noticed that smoking hash everyday for the last three months (ps. I was smoking weed 2-3 days every week before turning to hash) has actually affected my memory. I find it harder to concentrate when I read or when I’m writing a paper. I just stopped hash two days ago and I’m having the worst time of my life feeling a bit depressed and having no motivation whatsoever to do anything, I just stay in my room everyday and keep thinking about getting high… Marijuana is good if taken in moderation and with your peers, just be careful not to make it become a habit just because you think that it’s not as harmful as other potent drugs or that it’s a plant so it must be natural or whatever.

  37. Marijuna addiction treatment is not a quick and easy process. In general, the longer and more intense the Marijuna use, the longer and more intense the treatment you’ll need. But regardless of the treatment program’s length in weeks or months, long-term follow-up care is crucial to recovery.

  38. Any time you cut off the oxygen to your brain, you kill brain cells. It’s not the Marijuana that causes brain cells to die, it’s a lack of oxygen that kills brain cells.

  39. Hello Emmanuel. The brain is a self-healing organ. So, you’ll be able to improve your memory with simple brain-exercises.

  40. Hi everyone,
    Recently stop smoking pot after doing it for 6 years. I’m now on day 25, and feel a lot better. During my 6 years of smoking, I went from a 3.7 gpa student to a complete disaster. After breaking up with my high school sweet heart, I use weed to tune out all those feelings, and now after finally stopping, I am facing all of those backed up emotions that should have been dealt with years ago. After finally graduating from community college in 4 years(shouldn’t have taken that long, but life along with heavy pot smoking slowed me down drastically) , I was blessed to be able to attend a top 10 public university. You would think I would straighten up, but no. What do I do? I drop my gpa to a 1.88 and now cant receive financial aid because its below a 2.0. I also have been very distant from my family(which I’m trying to change, because family is truly important.). So now that I have hit rock bottom, I have quit as of 25 days ago and wont go back to that life for nothing. This drug in the beginning is so harmless, and that’s what makes it’s so dangerous. I look around and see people younger than me advancing with their life, and wonder why it’s taking me so long to do the same. I have dreams of being a very successful lawyer and loving father one day, and I truly want to achieve those goals, but my window is closing faster than blinking eyes. The only way for me to achieve these goals is to recognize for my self what and who is holding me back from success. I know I’ll never be the same person again, buts that’s okay, because this is the new and improved me. So as humble as possible, stoners listen up: That’s really cool you’ve been able to manage your drug habit while maintaining success through out your life, but I can assure you that you will hit rock bottom(and everyone’s rock bottom is different), and please stop trying to find miraculous stories on who smoked pot and was successful, because ex stoners have realized how detrimental the weed was, and now are trying to find a way to get those feelings out. Rule of thumb: The more irritated the ex stoner seems with explaining how bad weed is, the harder their rock bottom was, and you can see the passion of frustration and anger they have oozing off their post on this thread because they know they were robbed of some important moments in life, and never want to go back to that hell of a mind frame again.

  41. I am really curious about how much weed affects your mood. My best friend is super cool and always happy, out going, and just a blast to be around. But, lately she is acting much different; she is unmotivated, she does not exercise anymore, she seems depressed, and she just seems out of it all of the time. She also smokes weed on a daily basis. Now I am just curious is this affecting her mood, long term, and short term brain development.

  42. i was curious how weed really affects a persons mood. My best friends mood has been up and down for awhile and she is super cool. She smokes weed almost everyday and cannot seem to go without it. She has just been acting really different. She is not exercising, she is not motivated, and she is denying the obvious signs of addiction or depression or both. Now I do not know if this is all caused by marijuana but we have both been chronic users (3 times a week) since freshman year of high school. I am just really concerned and I would like to know how much the drug can really affect your brain in the short term and long term.

  43. I’m done with the good vs. bad controversy. All i know is the truth in front of me. I smoke weed and some daily and I am yet to let that stop me. If smoking stops you from what you need to do then you can be considered a failure in my eyes. I have straight A’s, a fit body, a great life, the teachers love me, the students love me, I play sports, I have a job at my school, I am in clubs, and I smoke more than anyone would expect someone with my qualities to. Just live life, do what you need to do to be successful and live a happy life with or without dro.

  44. This is to Anders and post-tribber’s mainly but also to anyone who is talking bad about marijuana. I find it very hard to believe any of the posts, that either of you two, or anyone who agrees with your opinions have posted. Just completely asinine claims backed by even more asinine ‘evidence’.

    Say all you want about the drug, I have been smoking about 5 years now and, where I agree with you is in the fact that it changes you, I disagree what you think happens when those changes are made though. I have changed a lot from smoking weed and every one of the changes has been good. Maybe when I smoked weed all day, every day it had some negative effects but no kidding, I was high all day. What did you think was going to happen? That’s like if you take a can of spray paint, spray ALL of the contents onto a wall and then wonder how the wall got paint on it.

    I went from trying to be someone I wasn’t to finding who I am and being happier and more successful than I have ever been. All because of that “extremely addicting, nasty drug” you call marijuana.

  45. ive smoked hashish for 3 years and im having memory issues, lazyness, i find every other person smarter, i dont understand at once so i keep on repeating things on my head, sometimes i feel very encouraged and ometimes i feel hopless(depressed) , so i just want to know how to revive from this problem?? there must be some medecines( without syd effect) that may help.
    so my main concern is *what are the ways to recover and freshen up again?

  46. I do like this article in some ways, but in the addictive part is not true at all. Yes, it does suck without weed around but it gives you something to do and it is fun. But you dont go through any withdrawal symptoms or bad moods or anything. Weed is not addictive period. I quit for 6 months and did just fine. But weed makes everything more fun!

  47. This whole thing is wrong… Marijuana is NOT addictive. Now that being said, if you are someone who smokes every day or even every other day for a whole year and then you stop, well no shit you’re going to see a difference in the way you live your daily life. But, it’s not the marijuana and you’re not having withdrawals solely because of it, it’s the fact that you have been smoking it for so long that your body becomes used to having THC in its system and in a way may become dependent on it. Most people drink coffee every morning, try to stop drinking a cup of coffee in the morning for a couple days and you will notice a difference as well. And along with that caffeine is linked to 1000 deaths a year in the United States, know how many deaths come from marijuana?…. 0…

  48. I have been dating a guy for 3 years now who smokes a LOT of weed, he is 44 and can’t remember ANYTHING. He has been smoking it since he was a young kid and I am honestly ready to call it quits because his memory is so bad he can’t remember what we talk about, he zones out when he’s stoned and doesn’t pay attention to anything around him and I have to ask four or five times before I get his attention – He also started using Meth years back, but thankfully quit that before we met. I don’t have anything against people who chose to do it but I am telling you he has lost the ability to function. He sleeps all the time when he’s not working, doesn’t do ANYTHING and has ZERO motivation it’s a terrible thing to see and watch happen to someone you love, and sad he chooses the drug over his family and children. I would suggest to anyone who wants to start or has started to quit now before you end up losing everything that matters because you just “Don’t care” and want to be high….Good luck with that.

  49. hello ..
    only once i eat marijuana leaf that also 2 year before that i feel crazy mentally disorder i cant control myself i feel like dying i thought that will be my last moment. i have taken over doz and my heart beat disturbing me n i m too much afraid about myself that day i feel repentance too much as well as i fall in sleep and past that night, that was my first time i take marijuana. and next after day in morning i feel normal i was happy i promise not to take marijuana anymore,thus my days pass away almost well nothing happen n just after 1 year from that spot while im walking on street i start feeling same as i had before 1 year but i din thought of that , that must be the reason of that marijuana but one of my aunt y suggest me that was because of that marijuana, and she advice me not to take any drugs and relates, and she treat me with her best way and after few week im again in normal. day by day i feel dam care n i again start smoking for few days continuously and again it start, and now a days im feeling uneasy feeling afraid sometime always in tension etc,here is my story im of 18 years from india ,someone please help me to bring back my normal life n from that i will not take anymore drugs, please suggest me,, thank u

  50. … Jim, K2 is not maijuana. K2 is synthetic marijuana. So if you’ve only smoked one time, and it was K2, then you DID NOT smoke marijuana. K2 can kill you, marijuana cannot, unless it is laced with another drug.

  51. Cannabis does cause changes to your memory and the way you think.Cannabis helps you to forget things you don’t need to remember so that you can remember the things you need to.Cannabis use also promotes brain cell growth allowing you to store more information.When you use cannabis it enables you to think for yourself outside your normal mode of thought.Patent #6330507 lists THC as a neuro-protectant.

  52. I knew this was bull when I seen it say Marijuana can negatively affect: Career Achievement! …… Seriously. Nice try Gov

  53. Do you consider people who eat cannabis daily to treat chronic pain and anxiety/depression addicts?What other form of medication would you suggest that these people take?Perhaps something from a pharmaceutical company that is very toxic to the human body and that requires you to take other medications that also wreak havoc on the human body?Cannabis was used as medicine from around 5000 B.C. until around 1945 when it was finally removed from the pharmacopeia.Only about 9%of users get addicted to cannabis while 15% of users get addicted to caffeine which is more harmful to the body than cannabis by the way.When one steps back and looks at the whole forest in which your view of said forest is blocked by the tree it becomes very obvious that cannabis is much safer than many things everyone uses daily.Consuming an ounce of cannabis is safer than eating 10 potatoes no matter how you look at it.If it wasn’t for the prohibition of the cannabis plant a lot of the problems that seem to be linked to cannabis use would not exist.If employers didn’t subject people for urinalysis prior to employment would a user have a problem getting a job?If a user had a job would have a problem getting a place to live?Like I said all the things deemed problems from cannabis use are caused by prohibition itself not cannabis use.

  54. Pot is fat soluable, so to get it out of the body I’d say would be hard. I know it lodges in the brain in BETWEEN the cells as well as in the cells. Our bodies are always making new cells, but the poisons we take into our bodies sometimes stay for decades.

    We can do detoxes for our body, and should do them, everybody should do them to get rid of the poisons we taken in every day in our food, the air, the water, the chemicals that get on our skin from our clothes and toxins that we breathe in.

    Zeolite is something that attracts poisons into the gut where the zeolite traps it and takes it out. There aer ways to buy zeolite in big quantities cheap if you figure out how to do it and I don’t want to say what ways those are, but zeolite is not as rare a substance as we have been told.

    Edible clays will also draw poisons into the gut, trap them, and take them away.

    Vegetable juicing will cleanse the body. Avoiding processed foods, drinking pure water (with no fluoride or chlorine).

    There’s tons of stuff on the Internet on how to be healthy, and great radio shows like on OneRadio in Texas. It is great to work on being healthy, to study up on what that involves — instead of working so hard every day to destroy one’s mind and body and soul on pot.

    Dr. Mercola is the best online to inform on health — sign up for his newsgroup.

    Avoid the TV, video games, stupid popular entertainment, and that alone will petrify the brain and stupify you. Use the Internet while we have it to learn amazing things about spiritual things and the creation we live in and how to be a better person for yourself, your family, and for mankind and for God.

  55. Hello ,
    Whats written in the article is very close to what i have felt , i had smoked marijuana for a year in my grad school and in the starting days i really liked it , but then as time passed by with the smoking i started to feel the changes in my normal functioning , i had a lot of problems recollecting things , my grades were affected , i lost my emotional balance it also slowed my motor skills , i could see this change so apparently cause previously i used to be swift , intellectually sound and a controlled individual with his thoughts but eventually all these things wear-ed off . I quit marijuana all i wanted to be was to be the way i used to be. Initial days of quitting were tough after sometime i started to regain myself but even today i feel like i am missing something from myself, so all those who think marijuana doesn’t effects you are most probably still hooked on the euphoria it gives. I am still looking for ways to improve reclaim myself and trust me it has been hard , so i would like to ask here if anyone with real experiences and have actually found out ways to get yourselves back then please let me know.

  56. also the 105 days clean was from smoking pot . …just to clear that up, also scared about that since im just 15 days past the 90 days testing point…thanks again

  57. Im facing a hair strand test tomorrow and have been clean from any illegal drugs for 105 days, however they are going back 90 days for the hair test and feel that im so close to the line that i may not pass, i also know theyre testing an 1in 1/2 which i have had that much grow out clean but am wondering if random parts of hairs that may be dirty could possibly get mixed in or tested with all the hair they are taking. im on a few scripts so im not concerened about those either but the fact that everything Ive read online says u can fail for one thing or another such as too much b-2 can cause thc to show on the screen & poppy seeds, and over the counter meds such as bronkaid or vics vapor inhailer…etc im freaking beause i use/take all these!!!! i take b vitamens 3x up to 8x a day i feel great & give me extra energy….how can that b fair to fail a hair strand for taking ur vitamens???? will they b able to tell the difference, or maybe w further testing for my sake? is there anything i can do if they cause me to fail the test? …dispute it, retest, demand bloodtest??? is any one drug testing company easier to deal with than another? company said i can choose any lab to do the hair strand test i wish so do u have any recomendations? Thank you so much

  58. To ALL users, Heavy abusers or smokers who smoke/eat/vaporize weed and think and talk about smoking often. It has taken your brain and it will likely get worse if you are not careful. read my posts above. Just look for my name.

    I am fine now Pete. But I know what you are saying. It is true.
    Thank you. I do excercise. Eat very, very healthy food. Green juices and lots of it, All organic. take herbs like turmeric powder, fennel seeds, spirulina, Q10, more than half my diet is greens. lots of fruits and nuts and fish. I eat meat but only good quality. Everyday I do some physical activity. Never too much but enough to stay fit.
    Im 38 years old. People think Im 30 always.
    My brain is sharp. I work for a hedge fund.
    If i smoked I would be GONE. It would not be discovered by myself as I would not be myself. I am so happy I had a family that love me and they helped me.
    My wife gave me tough, really tough love. That helps.
    Do not give the abuser ANY room to smoke. if you are affected by this, it is EITHER you abouse or you DO NOT at ALL smoke anything. Its a choice. trust me anyone who made the right choice by stopping and took the short term pain instead of the long term misery route, will know what I am talking about.
    The ones who say “I love weed, I will always smoke” Let me tell you this: Who is talking?? Is it really you or the devil on your shoulder. GET REAL. INTEGRETY is needed. You ain t got none of this when you let the smoke rule you mind.

  59. Many people use this drug because the government has told them it’s okay, not that bad, and people have to learn not to pay any attention to what the government tells us to do for “our own good.” The government’s vaccines and ideas about health and nutrition, the way they promote the GMO food and all the chemicals and poisons to go in our food, the way they persecute small farmers who are trying to grow some real food, the way the government puts industrial waste (fluoride) in our drinking water and tells us to drink the water that it’s good for us and will make our teeth strong —

    Hey, who listens to what the government says anymore. Not me.

  60. It’s very addicting. You have to smoke more and more and more of it to get high. Potheads smoke it constantly.

    Whether they smoke it constantly or occasionally, it is fat soluable, and causes permanent changes, none good, to the mind and the brain, also the reproductive organs. It’s not fair to yourself to smoke pot, nor to the people who love you and depend on you. It’s not fair to the people on the road who have to drive with you (ie you are ALWAYS high, a danger to yourself and others), not fair to your future children, if you are able to have any children at all.

    It’s a sorcery drug; fit for nothing but for witchdoctors to smoke and contact the spirits and dance around the fire. Leave it alone. It’s been known for a few hundred years as “loco weed,” and chopped down to protect the animals who might eat it by mistake.

    It doesn’t cure cancer. There is no reason in the world to use this drug, it’s not cool, and the idea of giving this to little kids with cancer or some condition is, in my opinion, child abuse.

  61. A user must NEVER use again to stay clear of this horrible drug.
    I am one that will NEVER smoke again. I am blessed I got away from this mess I cause my loved ones and myself.
    Now I run a great business. I trade for a hedgefund. Before I was just a fantast with dreams and it always was just dreams building castles in the sky.
    Bravado is not good. Smokers are full of bravado. ALL talk no integrety.

  62. It is simple.
    Marijuana is addictive. But it is not addictive in the same way as heroin or alcohol.
    But it is deceptive. People will try to fool themselves and others, to defend their addiction. It changes the way one thinks and acts in this world. It makes you less responsible and realistic and impedes your natural abilities in a great degree.
    User often does not pay his bills on time and don t develop their natural abilities. They don t do nothing but get HIGH and think about getting HIGH. Users do things that later will cause him/her lots of problems. It ruins families and personal lives.
    A great high is amazing but should ONLY be one or twice a year and when not challenged by everyday deeds and responsabilities. Problem is that many can t control this. I am happy I tried smoking. But very unhappy I spend 14 years as a dope head.

    The price you pay for addiction is serious. Problem is: It only really is realised when you truly stop and for a long time as the drug stays in your body and has a long term effect on your mind. It is stored in the fat and the brain is affected. It is a terribly deceptive drug. SO be very careful and if you know anyone and you love and care for them. Do not give them ANY leeway. Be tough. Its love but its tough love.
    Make them take a test frequently. Get them into treatment and be ultratough with them.
    Addicts will decieve everybody. Thats the nature of addicts. Help them with TOUGH LOVE:
    I nearly lost my family. Now I am clean and NEVER will I cahnge my clean mind for a doped mind. I am high on life and I am 100000 tikes better on all fronts. I do well. I have regained my integrety as a human being. I provide for my family. Pay my bills on time and I am so much more creative and inovative. What I promise is what I do. Thats integrety.
    When I was a user I was trying to just get by and always tried to integrate my addiction and still kepp all going.
    It was actually terribly sad and very hard for the ones that love me.
    I am so happy to be clean.
    So get there folks. Get clean and don t say “I will always smoke” as you are the fool not the others who tell you to stop.
    You are throwing precious time in the toilet to get your stupid high. You are weak, useless and ridicilous. I was there and I know.
    My brain is just fine. SO this is not an issue Im concerned with.
    Eat healthy. Excercise and do not allow any excused.
    Get help and seek help to get on with your lives in a proper way.
    Addicts are pussies. Weak spined pussies with nothing but bad excuses to stay in their addiction.
    It is an enemy. A devil on your shoulder.
    A “soul thief”.
    DO not acceptt a loved ones addiction. Get them to stop and be brutally hard with them NOW. It is LOVE.

    Get going

  63. The bottom line is the NIDA and multiple government and scientific organizations worldwide have all deduced that Marijuana in fact is less addictive and harmful than caffeine, and MDMA, LSD, even GHB were deemed by British researchers less harmful than even Marijuana.

  64. To Anders — Thanks for your truthful post above.

    My research tells me that people who have smoked pot will have their brain waves permanently affected, ie they will always be unique in formation to people who have never smoked pot.

    I think the ability to make people slow and stupid and knock them out of the box completely depends on:

    1. How long and how much they smoked
    2. How much intelligence they had to begin with.
    3. How much they love truth and as a result keep on reading and studying and using their mind. This forms new brain pathways, so people who use their mind a lot will compensate for the (permanent) damage done by smoking pot.

    Your post was very helpful and enlightening, and I hope people will go on up a few posts to catch yours. I think you were being honest and accurate in what you said.

  65. I have been smoking some awesome weed for the past year and I have not noticed too many changes to myself. I smoke just about everyday, but I wouldn’t say I have not missed a day of smoking for a whole year. I definitely had to some small breaks, like 1 or 2 days, from smoking due to reasons such as a test the next day or I don’t have much money and need to spend it on other stuff. I will admit my memory has weakened and I do have a short attention span, but I’m not sure if it is all due to weed. Sometimes if a subject, speaker, or what I’m watching on TV is boring well than I’m sorry my attention may wonder off elsewhere. However, even though my memory has altered a bit, I still have a 3.7 GPA here at the University of Georgia studying Accounting. By the way, UGA Accounting program is in the top 20 of Accounting programs so yea I would say it is very challenging. I’m sure if I smoked for a really long time say ten years then yea I could see how it may affect me negatively but if you do anything for a long time then eventually it is going to cause some negative effects. I’m not saying weed isn’t bad for you, but it is definitely safer then alcohol and tobacco in my opinion. Not many times do you read in an article someone overdosed on weed last night, but you always read about alcohol related incidences that caused fatal injuries as well as find out someone has lung cancer from smoking tobacco. Doctors or anyone else can knock it if they want to, but as for me I will continue to burn down until I have kids or something that requires a lot of responsibility

  66. Peter — I know lots about pot, and your post is a typical magical thinking that goes with addiction. How much you can work out has nothing to do with the state of your mental health. You are destroying your mind by smoking that stuff — also your ability to have normal children. If you had a business or a farm and were going to hire people to do work for you, and had a choice between some potheads or some straights, I guarantee you’d pick the straights. And if you do get some potheads out of necessity, don’t send them up on your roof to work, or let them drive your tractor, and expect them to take a long time to get the job done and to mess it up.

  67. Hi all, I know that this post is about a month out but I would like to clear some things up about Marijuana:
    1. Marijuana DOES NOT cause the loss of brain cells. And yes I will tell you why this is true. In the 80’s there was a study conducted, does Marijuana cause the loss of brain cells? This was a big stigma behind the plant (not drug) due to WWII. The president at the time saw all these “hippies” getting together and smoking weed, then coming up with the idea that war is wrong, and peace is right. So what the president did was create a false reputation about it; saying that it causes people to be stupid, lazy, violent, and more negative effects. This then gave the president the ability to arrest thousands and thousands of hippies for weed use, prolonging the war which was his ultimate goal. But, the reputation the president gave weed, stuck with it. So anyways what these scientists did was get a select group of monkey’s. They then proceeded to pump 30-40 joints worth of smoke into the monkey everyday for a few months. What the government failed to release on this study was that the mask was kept on for one session a day, the mask would just pump in smoke, not allowing the monkeys to breathe. And for all you dumbasses, when you don’t breathe oxygen you lose brain cells. So that stigma behind marijuana was proven false. (Many more recent studies have been conducted in a different manner and showed no decrease in brain cells within the monkeys).
    2. Marijuana does not make you have shorter memory or make you any less coherent than the non-weed smoker next to you. This has also been proven in many studies.
    3. I am a really smart and I smoke 2-5 bowls out of my bong every day. I’ve been doing it for 3 years, and I feel as though that it has HELPED me. I am diagnosed with depression and stress disorder, but weed has helped me manipulate these disorders.
    4. I guarantee that I am smarter than everyone of you non-weed smokers, and I also can promise you that I am in a better health state than you are, I work-out when I smoke in fact.
    I would like to sum this all up by saying that if everyone smoked weed, there would be no war, there would be no crime, and the world would be in unison. Weed is a gift given to mankind, why should we act like it is poison when it has huge potential for medical uses. It is even proven that smoking a j a day decreases your chance of getting cerebral or neck cancer by 30%,… Don’t hate on something you know nothing about.

  68. Ok It is addictive.
    It does seriously affect your mind..
    I was a HEAVY smoker for years. I lost a child and got depressed and used it as an escape from reality.
    It has great effect but also great side effects.
    Smoke max 4 times a year. During holidays and special occacisons.
    Look at the stars and talk to a good friend ect. It is amazing and mind expanding but it has a price. So be smart and protect yourself against addiction. I never smoke weed again NEVER.
    I was an addict and don t want to go there again. I did my smoking and it turned bad. Now Im ok and I don t think any damage is there at all. Today I work for a hedge fund and am working on a very high level. My memory is great and so is my ability to focus and I am 100% clear. But weed changes you while you smoke it and long after you stop. All about how much and how often and how strong you smoke is the extent on damage.
    Weed is great if you do it as an experience and do it only rarely.
    Like going on a safari trip. You don t do this every day do you? Use weed same way if you can and if you can t then don t use at all.
    Take charge. Smokers are always lying to themselves and others. They all think they are in control but they NEVER are.But permanent brain damage I don t think so really.

  69. I guess you’ve heard of the NWO, the plan to depopulate the planet and enslave the rest — and pot is part of that plan.

    A lot of bad stuff is coming and people who are in a stupor and cannot adjust and think on their feet are not going to make it, and even the smart and quick ones won’t make it.

    Pot makes people stupid, bottom line, stupid and very easily led. A person with pot in their brain (it’s fat soluable and stays for months and years, so you are never “sober” if you smoke pot, even occasionally) — a person who is stupid on pot, is also suggestible and easily played with and duped. So go ahead and smoke the stuff, then go listen to music that the NWO has crafted especially just for you to program you into more stupidity, then go lounge out in front of the TV and expose your poor pot-soaked brain to some more mind-bending programming crafted by the best and most clever of the crowd manipulators who run the media. These people are not out to help you or uplift you, but to enslave you and kill you and steal what little you have.

    If you want to beat the evil system the world has set up — try to get sober. Your mind is your most precious possession, second only to your soul — you will lose BOTH if you smoke pot.

    So what if it’s “natural.” So are the toadstools growing in the yard, but your dog knows enough to stay away, and we should as humans know to stay away from pot. It’s been known for centuries as “loco weed,” and even the people who smoke it today have given it a new pet name, “wacky weed.” Do you want to be wacky, insane?

    A brain that works, a sound mind, a soul that’s at peace with God and man — these are the things to seek after and guard. Self-destructive behavior is not cool, and if you think it is cool try to figure out where you got an idea like that, and you’ll see that this kind of thinking was programmed into you by the system that hates you and wants you dead. Don’t let the system succeed.

    Resist the NWO. Stay sober. Take care of your health, choose your friends wisely, take your TV to the land fill, and try to get right with God while you still may.

  70. I beg to differ! I’m 40 yrs old and have used weed when i was younger. my wife currently started using for a blotched hernia operation. I’ve slowly watched her become a mess in my eyes. keep in mind… if i wasn’t drug tested i might be a user again as well. We own a shop that is slowly tanking after years of success. She forgets to pay bills, appointments and struggles to even wake up on time. I look back and think when i was younger how i defended and justified it. But looking back on it i was a functional weed smoker as some of you are. But… not as alert and open minded as i am today. I think as a adult with responsibilities it’s time to put that stuff behind us and grow up.

  71. Weed can NOT kill your brain cells.. It only affects it and when it is affected you get your high feeling.. And when it goes away you are no longer high… People try to say it kills your brain cells and ruins your body.. Yeah it doesn’t.. It’s also not a “gate way drug” I’ve been smoking for ever and have never tried anything else.. You only try other stuff if you have so self control or discipline..

  72. Pot is so addicting. You need to smoke more and more and more to get the same kind of surreal high as in the beginning.

    That’s because it’s fat soluable. With alcohol, if you go a day without it, you can get the same effects you got 20 years earlier.

    Same with coffee. You don’t need to keep drinking more and more and more to get the same effects.

    All that pot keeps building up, building up, building up in the brain and in the ovaries and in the testes. Isn’t that a horror?

    Your brain waves will never be the same. Whether it kills brain cells or not, it leaves a lot of debris BETWEEN the brain cells, it gets into the cells, into the nucleus and that’s where it stays FOREVER.

    You can recover from it, but you will never be the same person, your edge will be gone, you will be a blunted instrument as they say.

  73. I used it back in my hippie days and I can tell you many horror stories about me and my pot-headed friends, tragedies, one blond adonnis who always had a stash and worked construction fell off a roof and became a paraplegic. People lost their minds and ended up in the pysch wards, and since it is an hallucinogenic some people can be permanently destroyed mentally from it, same as with LSD. They are the same kind of drug — mind-bending, mind-altering. Pot is fat soluable, heads to the brain and reproductive organs and STAYS THERE for a LONG, LONG TIME. It leaves junk in the brain synapses, interferring with the communication between the cells, making you stupid and forgetfrul.

    Worse than that, it triggers schizophrenia, even just from a little bit, a short period of smoking it. Some people cannot handle it at all.

    But everybody who smokes pot is slow and unfocused, and after hiring a bunch of young people who had to talk about how to do the job forever before they got around to actually doing the job, and then doing a very bad job, I will not hire anymore young people to do work on my farm until I’m sure they do not use pot. Potheads are the worst, absolute worst workers, and there’s a good chance they will get hurt or at the least cause damage to your property, and you can be very certain they will do a really bad job, take twice as long to do the job.

    I had a fantastically good, wonderful memory, and smoked pot because I read how it would make people creative and help them get in touch with God. All kinds of (false) claims have been made for pot by the evil media. After I quit smoking the stuff myself (back in my hippie days, a long time ago) I kept waiting and waiting for my great memory to come back. It did not come back. I began to research pot and was horrified at what I discovered. It does cause permanent damage to the short term memory. I would rather lose an arm or a leg than any part of my mind. My mind is me.

    Pot also likes to lodge in the reproductive organs, because both the brain the reproductive organs are almost 100 percent fat, and pot is a fat soluable drug, which is why people say it’s not addictive, because it ‘stays with you’ so you don’t excrete it, and don’t come down fast from the high (or low however you want to describe its effects). It affects the number of sperm, and it also messes with the DNA. This is NOT GOOD, not good for your future children.

    Smoking pot has turned into a way of thumbing the nose at the NWO, but it’s exactly what the pirates who own and run this planet want us to do — anything to make us stupid, compliant, easily brainwashed, unable to think clearly or logically, makes it that much easier for them to control us all.

    To truly rebel against the NWO, the best way is to avoid all drugs, especially the hallucinogenic ones. Alcohol can wreck lives, but the poisons are flushed out of the body every day, and this is not the case with pot. Alcohol is not fat soluable, will do damage over a long period with abuse. Pot is pure poison, can destroy somebody’s life the first month or so when a person begins to use it. I am speaking from experience, from life in the ’60s and ’70s as a hippie.

    Something to consider also about all these wild claims about pot that it will cure cancer and hangnails and make life a utopia for all — this is typical addictive behavior. People who smoke it are deceived, deluded, and these wild claims are coming from people whose brains are already influenced, they are not thinking straight (pun intended), and their thinking has gone magical and delusional.

    I don’t believe people should be arrested and imprisoned for using it, but they should be made to go to rehab. There is mountains of research on this drug going back 100 years, lots of studies, and it’s just not true that we don’t know what cannibis does. The reason it’s been called “wacky weed” and “loco weed” for centuries is because people have observed its effects just that long.

  74. Hi Jim. There are conflicting conclusions in the body of research on marijuana’s effects on the brain. One study reports that the ability of long-term heavy marijuana users to recall words from a list was still impaired 1 week after they quit using, but returned to normal by 4 weeks. But another study found that marijuana’s effects on the brain can build up and deteriorate critical life skills over time. Is this attributed to old age or marijuana use? It’s not quite clear.

    But you’re not talking about marijuana: you’re talking about K2, which affects the same cannabinoid receptors in the central nervous system as THC, but is many times more potent.

    The answer is to whether or not there is permanent brain damage as the result of K2 use is: NO ONE KNOWS YET. Are you experiencing any significant loss of memory?

  75. I have only smoked one time and it was K2 and now I will never do it again because of what it did to me, I have a lack of memory cells due to smoking just one time I can barely remember things from the day before or just hours ago and I am always regretting doing it. PLEASE don’t do it it is very bad for your body and brain…

  76. Hi Juicy j. The compulsion to smoke marijuana will go away with time. But the first step is to stop smoking. There are a few programs which can help you achieve this. Check them out online, and let me know if we can provide further help.

    1. SMART Recovery
    2. 12 step programs
    3. Psychological counseling
    4. Drug addiction treatment centers

  77. I must quit smoking weed for my mental and physical health. I can not focus at all since I have became an everyday smoker. I used to go to the gym everyday and also play sports.. Marijuana is also affecting my school work.. I just don’t want to do it.. And I always want to leave and go smoke.. I need help

  78. As for the guy that thinks he’s losing memory and an intellectual, I wonder if he remembers that naturally as you get older you start to forget things, why, because over 3 years you have just received about 3 more years of information, and how are you gonna remember everything when your 75. Come on dude, I know weed makes you into a funny person. It doesn’t help that our whole lives we’ve feed the stereo type that. People that smoke weed are dumb, forget stuff, unmotivated. Then there’s people like, Richard Branson , Arnold the terminator, micheal phelps, even the president of the USA that have and some still smoke weed.

    Should we really blame the weed. I’m no doctor, I’m no scientist. But when I here people say I think I’m losing my memory because I smoke it 3 days a week, and I forget my car keys more often. That’s gotta be the icing on the cake. So funny that you only contribution to your forgetfulness is the weed. Not the fact that your a little older, breathing pollution, eating food, drinking alcohol, anything and everything in those years could have made you different (forgetful) I want someone to wake up Steve jobs and tell him he’s an idiot.

    I only relate to famous people, because it’s not like your gonna know my friends that are all sucessfull in their lives and they smoke weed.

    For sure I have friends that are complete idiots and they smoke. weather they would be different if they didn’t smoke weed?
    Yeah sure, they would have still been idiots that never smoked weed. But guess what, hearts of gold, not strung out like some alcoholic

    I smoke weed only now and then like maybe once in a blue moon, because I choose not to go hard but that’s my choice. I drink more alcohol than smoke weed.

    I really understand that to legalize weed, right now, you would have problems with people overindulging for the short term, just because of the novelty of it. Who the hell wouldn’t. But we gotta realize that it’s only because the made it illegal, that this will happen.

    Have I ever met anyone violent on weed? Yes but only because they were drunk as well, when alcohol is involved its like throwing baking soda into vinegar for some. And if you have meet some aggressive on weed, it can sometime come down to character, oh yeah if you forget most of us aren’t the same.

    I have no idea what the future holds, but I just wanna see some people open their eyes to things. And if anyone has some hard evidence to prove me wrong, I’m willing to change my opinion

    From a guy with no scientific evidence, just seeing it for it is, and don’t smoke pot if your a kid, but if you do, have fun haha

  79. Marijuana is not physically addictive. One can form a routine but it is easily broken. You all sound like parents. Research to this day is still inconclusive as to if marijuana actually kills brain neurons. Brain cells die naturally from everyday activity and age. I will admit however – it does increase appetite (is that good or bad?), it does aid in the release of Dopamine (good in my opinion), it does relax your muscles and helps aid in pain relief as well as many other effects. The fact of the matter is… you should make your own decisions as well as respect others.

    To debate this article, I will address said points.

    career achievement – In my personal experience as well as in my colleague’s experience, ingestion of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has helped creativity and has opened minds to different solutions. Does that help with career achievement? You decide.

    cognitive abilities – see “career achievement”

    mental health – Scientific research has remained inconclusive but to relax and relieve stress seems mentally healthy. Happiness is good! Right?

    physical health – Inhaling the product of combustion is always bad! However there are ways around that such as eating THC, as it is a fat soluble molecule and bonds with substances such as butter or oils. Seems to work wonders on Cancers patients, MS patients, the everyday working man, etc….

    social life – it has been my experience that marijuana brings the masses together.

    I apologize for the organization and lack of structure in this post but it is a gathering of open ended thoughts.

  80. and the memory issue is because THC mimics Anandamine, a chemical that is endogenous or naturally occurring in the human body and is responsible for the very important task of forgetting. If you didn’t have Anandamine you’d remember everything, everyone’s face from a bus trip 20 years ago and ect. you’d be unable to gather the important bits and thus fail completely in the sense of furthering yourself for the sake of human preservation. this is why you seem to forget things no film of the brain cells, no destruction of brain cells, no slowing the brains ability to heal itself or any of that in fact the truth is so opposite of that, that I’m not spending any more time discussing it here you all need to do some serious research on the matter, maybe for starters watch “The Union” it’s a good documentary with some basic and deep info.

  81. how come it seems no one here can spell or produce a coherent sentence?

    this article is ridiculously flawed, first of all is marijuana addictive? NO, it’s habit-forming like biting nails, smelling your own farts, all that kinda of stuff, it’s in no way physically depending unlike the many prescribed legally all the time. as for brain damage caused by marijuana; the newest studies show if anything it’s use is strengthening neural connections not damaging them, agreeably the only issue to your health you could possibly face from smoking marijuana is the simple hazard and fact that you are taking particles of plant matter into your lungs but still nonetheless marijuana has no indication of causing cancer never to this date even after more than 10000 years of use there has never been a single recorded death from the consumption of marijuana and it’s derivatives.

  82. If you smoke anything it’s bad for you. Vaporizing thc on the other hand is relatively harmless and there are as many positive studies showing the benefits of thc as there are negative scare tactic opinions such as this article. Vape thc in moderation, possibly even excess, and you’ll be fine.

  83. I have smoked weed just about everyday for about 3 yrs now. After reading ALL of this article, i can honestly admit that it seems pretty accurate. I am far from a dummy, i am educated and intellectual, but i have noticed a VERY SIGNIFICANT change in my memory. I dont feel stupid, im not dumber, but i cannot remember well at all. I forget things a lot, i always have to double-back due to forgetting possesions, (wallet, keys, phone) Sometimes i could be in mid-conversation and literally forget what im talking about. My short term memory sucks and my focus has been altered as well. I know there’s a lot of bullshit rumors about marijuana, and i dont know why its illegal if tobacco and alcohol arent, but i cannot deny the effect that it has on me. I wouldnt label myself an addict because i have no problem mentally with letting go. I just cant eat if i dont smoke. No weed = No Appetite. So in that sense my hormones were affected, but i have never experienced any kind of depression or anxiety. The issues with my memory never occurred before i started smoking. Im only 24 yrs old.
    Im gonna take a couple month break now that i have read this as an attempt to restore my functioning, but when i start using marijauna again i will NOT be smoking it. Only Vaporizing. Keeping it at a minimum. Thats when its harmless. 😉

  84. potheads ! Use yer speltcheque . . . lol. Biased ? You just dont want to believe it is all. Sure does affect your memory ! Damn straight. . .
    Everything can become an addiction it’s true. There is a time and place for everything and everything in moderation, if you need it to function – news flash- you are addiction whether its mentally of physically. And gateway drug ? also true. Perhaps not for everyone, but it happens. You are self medicating, be it anxiety, depression, whatever. . . 1000 excuses, not 1 good reason.

  85. u can always get away from everyone except YOUR SELF bud gives the ability to take a mini vacation and think different and see things in different perspective MARIJUANA IS THE BEST

  86. This article is written by a former pothead and is based on scientific research from the National Institutes of Health. The article was written in an honest attempt to learn more about marijuana and the brain. Can those of you who claim bias please check the reference sources and then comment on those?

  87. No weed is not that bad for you but that doesnt mean it has no negative effects, they just are not that bad. Have you any idea of some of thhe side effects of various perscription drugs? Some of that should not be legal! Tobacco and drinking are both worse. Tobacco can give you cancers an hurt your lungs and alcohol kills brain cells an get you hungover. I happen to do both but am cuttin back on the smokin atleast! And what happens when you get high? Happy hungry sleepy. And if you want to use the argument that its addictive thats obvious. Pretty much anything can become addictive. Check it out. Food, smoking, drinking, self-pleasuring, eating, gambling, intercourse, videgames, , perscription drugs you name it! All depends on the person too. Some people have more addictive personalities as well. Also i find that this article is biased. It tries to make it seem like it is sincerly true but nope. I was smoking everyday quite a bit and it didnt affect my grades or anything, other than if i mabey smoked and burnt out(got tired and fell asleep) before i did homework or whatnot. I dont like going to school high because i dont want to have to try be high and concentrate and learn at the same time or be tired after and now i havent smoked in bout a month an a half and thats fine. When my money needs to be elsewhere or i dont have time or access or i jus dont feel like it i dont smoke. But i am buyin a bong on my way back from my trip! Freeze bong!!! But i am looking forward to it! Been a bit. And please please PLEEEEEEEEEEASE just do a bit of research and try to sift throught the bias ( bad AND good mind you) before you go about with a preconcieved notion of and about marijuanna. ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE NEVER TRIED IT BEFORE OR MORE THAN ONCE. Il stop ramblin now. Thanks! 🙂

  88. Hi Vee. Yes, you are right. Marijuana addiction is very real. The body does not become physically dependent on marijuana the same way that it does on opiates or cocaine, but we do experience the phenomenon of tolerance (needing more weed for same effect) and withdrawal when we stop smoking.

    Is your son really ready to stop smoking pot? How do you know?

  89. My son has been using for years , now he trys to stop and he cant. It seems to me that it is an addiction just like any other drug or alcohol.

  90. That part about edible marijuana did not make sense at first, but after rereading it, I realized the author was implying they ate marijuana instead of food, but this is totally inaccurate. Some nights, my friend takes a small hit, and then it helps him load up on carbs when he has a sport the next day. Edible marijuana is just a safer way to get high, because there is no smoke, which definitely kills brain cells, because smoke suffocates.

  91. I don’t understand how “we” don’t know the long term effects of marijuana on the brain since it’s been around for so long. Haven’t “we” been studying it for many many years? Are “we” saying that it hasn’t been studied for at least 50+ years? “We” put out negative propaganda about it in the early-mid 20th century, yet nothing is known thus far? Really?

  92. the fact that u cant see the govarment lies about all this shows you are ignorint. weed is a plant and is totally harmless

  93. I easily forget wot am doing and hardly pay attention to what am doing. But i have stop taking marijuana. I simply want a method that can make me go back to my reading habit and also assimilating what i have read…

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