Does Spice get you high?

Yes. Spice can get you high. In fact, synthetic cannabinoids can be more potent than THC. But smoking or drinking Spice can lead to hallucinations, intense anxiety or even death. More on Spice ingredients, and risks of taking Spice here.

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Spice is synthetic cannabis. Smoking, eating or drinking Spice in tea can get you high.  But synthetic cannabis side effects  can range from euphoria to psychosis. More on Spice, how it works and its harmful effects here.

What’s in Spice?

Spice is a smoke-able mixture of synthetic cannabinoids and herbal plant products.  However, it’s not easy to determine exactly what is in Spice. There are currently over 140 synthetic cannabinoids on the market And as there is no oversight of the manufacturing process, Spice blends vary in ingredients and potency. The main chemical compounds that are found in Spice often include:

  • HU-210
  • HU-211
  • JWH-018
  • JWH-073
  • JWH-200
  • CP-47,497
  • cannabicyclohexanol

But what exactly is a synthetic cannabinoid? And are synthetics used in medical settings?

Spice chemistry and use

Synthetic cannabinoids are chemically engineered compounds that produce psychoactive effects similar to those caused by the active ingredient delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in marijuana. Effects of smoking synthetic weed are the same as THC but are chemically and structurally very different than the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not approved synthetic cannabinoids for human consumption at all. However, synthetic cannabinoids have been developed over the last 30 years for research purposes to investigate the cannabinoid system – specifically cannabinoid receptors in the brain and central nervous system. No legitimate non research uses have been identified for compounds contained in Spice.

How does Spice work?

Synthetic cannabinoids work by triggering chemical reactions in the body. Specifically, Spice ingredients produce agonistic activity on the CB1 receptor in the central nervous system. This chemical reaction is responsible for elevating mood and inducing a feeling of well-being. But why is Spice more potent than THC?

Higher potency of action achieved by synthetic cannabinoids might be explained by the theory that while THC acts as a partial agonist on the CB1 receptor, synthetic cannabinoids like JWH-018 acts a a full and potent agonist. Moreover, compared with THC, JWH-018 possesses approximately a four times higher affinity to the cannabinoid CB1 receptor and 10-fold higher affinity to CB2 receptor in the central nervous system. So, the chemical compounds in Spice can trigger more intense reactions as they bind to receptor sites in the body.

Spice and euphoric effect

Spice is often sold as incense and labeled “not for human consumption”, but people ignore this. Why? Because Spice can get you high. But you can also hallucinate, have a seizure or even die when you use Spice. However, because Spice ingredients can produce similar or more potent effects than THC people take the risk. Sometimes, euphoric or central nervous system effect can be 5 – 10 – 100 times more potent from Spice than from cannabis. So how harmful is Spice?

Is Spice harmful?

Although some Spice users have reported effects similar to or even stronger than those obtained by smoking marijuana, others have reported serious adverse reactions. Effects of Spice on the nervous system can include:

  • changes in perception
  • euphoria
  • giddiness
  • hallucinations
  • intense anxiety and agitation
  • panic attacks
  • paranoia
  • physical relaxation
  • tremors, seizures or convulsions
  • vomiting

Getting high on Spice

The subjective effects of Spice are highly variable, ranging from mild to strong with feelings of relaxation and mild euphoria. But even though you can get high on Spice, smoking Spice comes with some serious risks. First, it is difficult to predict the short and long term effects of using Spice, because the drugs in Spice have not been studied for more than a few years. Secondly, you never know what you’re going to smoke. Spice mixtures change frequently, and you may wind up with a package of high dose contents without knowing it.

Can you get addicted to Spice?

Yes, you can get addicted to Spice. Spice seems to have about the same addiction potential as marijuana. Both drugs can lead to addiction as the body builds up tolerance to the drug’s effects over time and craves a higher dose to achieve the same effect. Plus, you may experience withdrawal when you stop taking Spice. However, the main component of addiction is psychological cravings. If you use Spice compulsively despite negative consequences in your life, then you may be addicted to Spice.

Am I addicted to Spice?

Only you can really answer this question. If you think that you have a problem with Spice, then you probably do. Seek help from your family doctor or a drug addiction counselor or take an online test to evaluate your use and addiction potential. Treatment for all types of drug addiction is possible. And you can live life without Spice.

More Spice questions? Let us know. We’ll be happy to help. We will answer all legitimate questions with a personal response. If you want information on finding treatment where you live, please send us an email. We can research local resources for you if you provide us with your city and state.

Reference sources: Utah legislative report on Spice
FAQ on Spice from the Virginia Department of Health
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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. My sister has been taking nyquil for years every single night and abuses the dosage amount by far… Almost half the bottle if not more before bed! She’s been taking for about 20 years now and is very much over weight with high blood pressure which she has to take meds for… Iam very worried but thinks that because its over the counter nothing could happen when she did have one episode where she passed out flat then rushed to the hospital… Can you give me advice or example to try and get though to her before I end up at her funeral… She dose not smoke or use any other drugs by the way! She also said in conversation how she always has diarreah so Iam guessing its messing up her intestines Please help me Thanks

  2. My son overdose on K2
    He was in come for two weeks
    He now has to learn how to walk again
    Stop smoking that posion please
    A mom

    1. Hi K. There are 3 possible scenarios how this might happen.

      1) Your brain is more effective at producing a hormone called pregnenolone than others. OR you are taking this hormone as a vitamin supplement without knowing about its effect…people usually take it to improve mood, ease anxiety, and enhance brain function. Pregnenolone is thought to protect the brain from cannabis intoxication and prevent you from experiencing a cannabis high. You can check out a research that reported on this in 2014, here:

      2) You have a condition that is called “endocannabinoid deficiency”. Although most humans naturally produce their own versions of cannabis, called endocannabinoids, these chemicals are not produced in required quantities in people who suffer from migraine, fibromyalgia, IBS, PTSD, and bipolar disorder. As a result, people with some of these conditions may experience cannabis a bit differently than others.

      3) You are a frequent, heavy smoker of natural weed, so your tolerance to THC is too high to allow you to feel any effects from Spice…but this is not very likely.

  3. I’m smoking marijuana and I thing I just gatewaded to spice idk I’m pretty new and now I’m perseiving different prospecd of reality like addiction for example ciggetets

  4. I smoke spice but i only smoke .01 at a time. yea u hear me a .01 at a time wont do you any harm. once you stop getting high then save the rest for a week later thats how i do it. i spend 5 buck a week. but these are just steps to quitting. dont quit your clean time.

  5. Hello everyone. Anybody trying to get off this drug or wondering if they or their kid will ever be their self again PLEASE READ THIS! Ive been off this stuff for a little over 6 months now and i had a horrible horrible experience with it. I tried this stuff for the first time about 2 years ago and as soon as i did i got heavily addicted. Im talkin 20+ grams a day sometimes no less than 10 grams a day or i would be terribly aggervated and depressed. I was at the point where i drove my truck from the backwoods sticks to the only city i knew that sold the stuff with no money and i would camp out in my truck for over a day at a time and ask people to buy me bags of the stuff or for money so i could. Let me add this is out of a $50,000 ford truck. I was selling almost everything i owned to keep my addiction going and quit my job to just smoke. I lost years of friends in 2-3 weeks time the first time i tried to quit, and people were terrified of me. I made one of my female friends cry and call “back up” because she thought i was going to hurt her. To this day i still dont talk to some people i lost from spice. I picked fights with any and everybody for something as small as just looking at me funny. I made holes in my wall and fridge dents, even punched windows. I was extremely depressed and suicidal. I lost all memory of my childhood and my memory was so bad to the point i had to be reminded to eat, drink, be reminded 10 times where i was driving to and why (this is all while 3 or so weeks clean!). Cops were called on me everywhere i went for making a scene. I threated to blow people’s heads off in public facebook statuses. Before spice i was the most laid back person you ever met i got along with everybody. So anyway bout 2 months later i got hooked on the stuff hard again. Lost 25 pounds at least. At one point i went 7 full days with only a bisquit and maybe 2 glasses of grapejuice… yeah. I hope yall are starting to get an idea of how bad this stuff is.. i’d really hope. This is all out of a 6 foot bong up to 20 grams a day.(if i turned my life around, you can too!) So.. my second time starting the stuff again my lungs were in such bad shape that i physically couldn’t hold conversations anymore. My lungs(and heart) severely ached. If i tried to talk i would start coughing and gagging and throw up black tar like stuff for the next 10 minutes. I would cough for hours at a time days at a time barly being able to breath. And my mental health..oh man! I couldnt focus on a thought for more than 2 seconds before i would lose attention.. i couldnt hold conversations because of this too. People who didn’t know me would think i was being rude to them but i really would just not be focused which just caused me to go into more rages. So then i managed to get off the stuff and then relapse AGAIN after weeks of being off. This stuff IS ADDICTING! So the third time on this stuff was just as bad. All day long just thinking suicidal thoughts. I had handed my life over to spice entirely and had no desire to get it back or think it was possible. One night after taking a big hit my hearing in my i forget which hear cut in half. I ignored it.. next hit i lost hearing entirely. This didn’t get even a little better till a few weeks. Then it happened again a week or 2 after that, but of course that didn’t even phase my want to quit. The many friends i had before spice had nothing to do with me anymore the few people that still cared about me were worried i was mentally lost forever and thought i was going to commit suicide from severe lack of hope and lack of brain function in every possible way. Then one day i decided to step up to the biggest fight of my life.. to recover.. for good! I was determained to get my memory, focus, motivation, and life back for good. A couple days after quitting i started running as far as i could down the country backroad where i live. The first day i made it to the end of my driveway before stopping and puking my brains out. Next day twice as far. The day after 3 times as far. Then i started working out with weights too 5 times a week. My lungs started to heal QUICKLY and after a month i stopped spitting up black crap, my lungs were in as good of shape as anybody’s, and i was starting to remember things from my childhood from years ago just out of no where, thing’s i had forgotten about even before spice. I was able to actually hold conversations with people without losing focus or going off to the point they think im gonna kill them. I went from not being able to do 1st grade math problems to getting my GED (i dropped out of school twice on spice) to being as smart or smarter than i’ve ever been. My brain and body healed entirely. The color came back to my skin and my eyes opened up to where i looked like i was sober again.. People started to talk to me again. So.. here it is a little over 6 months now being clean my brain functions returned entirely im still working out 5 days a week i’ve gone from 140 pounds of bone to 168 pounds of nothing but solid muscle. Ive gotten motivation and a desire to live again. Im starting to farm now to make a living and im gonna try and compete pretty soon for my state’s beach bodybuilding contest that my dad won back in the day. Still to this day i have very hard to control anger, i always kinda have, but for the most part im a happy person again and i would never consider touching the stuff again and i tell everybody my story when i hear they smoke it but it doesnt even phase them or make them want to quit. Sorry this is so long i don’t ever do this kinda thing but i saw these stories and horrible scary experiences peope and their kids are having and i felt like i didnt have a choice but to write all this. So conclusion to this story is this stuff can and will violently rip your life apart BUUUT there is hope! It takes time and yes you will go through horrible just horrible withdraw and it could just be the hardest thing you ever do but do it! And absoloutly exercise your brain out (but start to eat too!) it will help you so much to get through the withdraw and after a while to make you happy too. You might be misrable and even suicidal right now but you WILL be ok with time in every way shape and form if you really really want to get your life back but you have to want it and remember it wont be easy at all at first but after awhile you’ll find enjoyment in things and friends and family again. I went from nothing and a completely destroyed life to a life of goals and enjoyment. From a drug addicted boney skeleton to a soon to be competing bodybuilder. I had lost all my friends then quit and made closer friends who are now family to me. I went from no memory, mental or physical speach ability just a zombie to where i am today in just 6 months time. Do not give up you will eventually get better and i hope this story will give you the proof you need to realize that and make it happen. If this story helped at least one person it was worth writing. Write me back! I’m here for you or your kid through this awful time, I’ve been there and beyond and made it back. Best of luck, stay strong!

    Some other things to note: I know there are plenty of horror stories on spice/k2/ect. already but in my own experiences (all different people). One person has passed out and came crashing down on a glass table..i thought he was going to die. A female i knew started thinking the people around her were demon’s trying to get her including her husband and brother. Another friend had 2 seizures 10 minutes apart, another about killed us driving multiple times in the same drive. Someone else i didn’t really know but just knew of started suffering from SEVERE schizophrenia, started thinking everyone including his old friends were cops I don’t know if he has recovered. And then another friend left my house on the stuff and on his way out hit another friend’s car then panic’d and didnt let her know until the next day. The only “trips” i’ve personally ever had were TWICE i thought i had left and was at a wild party then came back to it and asked “we’re we just at a party??” to find out i never moved and was carrying on a conversation i wasn’t even aware of having. One last story im surprised i didn’t think of first. A friend told me one night he was smoking the stuff alone and out of no where he was carried out his body and “turned into a badass and started fighting demons”. Me and him don’t talk anymore because he started breaking, entering, and stealing from MANY people’s houses including mine and stealing hundreds of dollars and litterly anything.(never until on spice) But last i heard even months later he would wake up at night and go outside and just stare into the stars for hours for a reason he couldn’t figure out why. He said it had to do with the night he “fought demons”. The stories go on for days. This stuff is BBAADD! Even though some (few) people do not experience these bad trips, i didn’t, but spice was still the worst overall experience of mine and their lives. Take warning, get help, professional help(suggested) or even just family and friends you will need the support and motivation to quit and stay clean. Like i said, I’m here for help i’ve been through a heavier addiction on spice, three times, than i’ve seen anyone on here go through(next closest addiction i’ve seen is 10grams a day, still BAD!)

    I feel like getting people off of this drug and helping the cause of getting it permanently illegal could be one of the most important things i could do with my life at this point. If anyone knows how to go about speeding up the process please let me know. I’ve heard a good bit of people say this is the government’s way of “genocide” and “population control” if this is the case, or even not, could just be money i don’t care, but the makers, continuers, and helpers in any way of this product should be charged as mass murderers and locked up for good or a long long long time..and then some! Whoever is in charge better hope to god i don’t get my hands on him….or her!! that’s a promise! Electric chair, gun shot, or dam even getting mauled by a bear would be a more humane way of going about “population control”. Again sorry for this being so long.. i could have made it longer and published it as a book :).. but anyway once again write me back looking forward to hearing from yall either current users trying to quit, ex users, someone who knows someone whos addicted, or anyone in between

    Ex Spice/K2 addict never goin back but spreading the word, Wes

  6. After reading all this comments I really related to all of them I feel like I’m addicted to klimax nd I need some professional help.
    Me nd my bf beingg smoking klimax for about six months straightt everyday we smoke like 15 bowls daily nd makes uz feel good but today it was a whole different feeling I felt like my brain was gettin cold nd I couldn’t stay still I was laying down with my hand in my heart bkuz i was so scared my heart was beating fastt nd felt Luke I was gona past out , I told my bf nd he said I was just trippen nd for me to snap out of it but is like I’m stuck in a dream hear voices n see ppl dat ain’t not even there the last time me and my bf stayed upp all night smoking maxx he turned into a whole different person he looked like a demon one time he stopped brerhing out of nowheree of smoking maxx , my cousin have trided with us but he took Twoo hits and felt to the ground I got so scary I was panicin bkuz he wasn’t responding tbh Idnt know Wat to do idk how to stoop smoking with out maxx I feel sick .

  7. i was smoking spice for almost year, smoked with friend every day all day long, this is very potent, i’m clean for 2 months and everything is fine, if u survive 1 weak without spice, you won.

  8. my god reading all this i never realized how spice can ruin someones life ive only smoked it 6 or 7 times no noticeable effects other than blacking out after smoking 6 bowls with someone who’s addicted to it i thought i was gonna puke or die or something nothin happened just a bad drug weed is 10000x better spice only lasts 30-50min weed lasts 1-3hrs spice is addictive and weed is not its a no brainer

  9. I smoke spice, but only a very small amount at any one time. I haven’t noticed any severe health problems, but I do find that I am forgetful and I make errors in texting and typing often. I wondering if the dosage is the main factor in whether you experience some of those more intense reactions like the apparent seizures and hallucinations some people are said to have gone through?

  10. BTW, marijuana is not physically addictive, and only mildly psychologically habit forming, much in the same way as a nice glass of coffee in the morning.
    This blog is biased and based on the falsehoods of our own governments War on Drugs, which has failed and continues to be a money pit and detriment to citizens who are forced to seek legal highs (such as spice) and prescription medicine. The irony is, many people could avoid prescription drugs with THC, I know it has helped me through the years. Use your own brains people. I dont know what the persons credentials are here, not that it matters what title there is next to a persons name. I was just stating some of my opinions, take them or leave them. as an aside, I am a college student making all A’s, smoking spice everyday. Because I got in trouble with the law and couldn’t smoke mary jane. Just in case I can get in trouble from writing this and the wrong person reading it, it is all lies.

  11. Psychologically, I would agree that many people taking drugs should not be taking them. It was reinforced by seeing people hallucinating and instead of enjoying their hallucinogenic trips and recognizing that life will go on, they allowed their own brains to defeat them, often becoming paranoid, suicidal, or anxiety ridden. Some people should not use drugs, that is their choice, and maybe it is best for them. I for one have dropped habits that were bad for me, and you know what? the worst addiction I’ve ever faced was from prescription drugs… meaning my doctor was my amphetamine dealer because I am “ADHD”. The detrimental effects of these legal prescriptions was worse than any illegal substance I have tried. People, just use your own brain, make up your own mind, dont be force fed, especially not from me. Abstaining from drugs is an ideal save the children concept, but that does not mean it is best for me. The main problem with drugs is that they are illegal. They turn normal people into criminals. The country is at war with drugs, all while allowing alcohol and tobacco to kills millions in play view. And then of course this blog starts to resemble a bad narcotics anonymous meeting with people sharing war stories, glamorizing their addictions, all while saying woe is me or acting holier than though for quitting. I believe in personal liberty, either use or dont use, but dont feed into the bull. Its all a big joke anyway.

  12. There is much that I could talk about that I think has worth here. Let me say that the real problem is that marijuana is illegal. It has been proven over many many years to be a much healthier, safer alternative even in comparison to something legal such as alcohol, which kills millions and ironically is one of the only things that can kill you from the withdrawal. Our culture is so full of hypocrisy and people claiming to value freedom, all while telling others what they can and can not do. Can spice be bad, sure, can spice become addictive; what the hell can’t that feels good. Food can become addictive and kill people with diabetes and heart disease etc. does that mean we should not eat and ban chocolates or something? Then we could all blog about how much healthier we all are without chocolate and share our horror stories about how bad this was for us. Truth is, we all die. Why is it anyone elses business if I smoke something that might expedite my own demise? Truth is, spice has never presented me with an experience I could not survive and didnt at least enjoy aspects of, and maybe I like some of the visual side effects which remind me of LSD at times. This is something that I believe can be used to meditate and find a greater spirituality, but maybe it was wrong for homo sapiens to find and seek out hallucinogens for thousands of years before this blog existed..LSD is also something that is demonized and misunderstood by most, yet relatively harmless physically.

  13. I remember I was smoking spice one day, and i started hearing voices in my head. I felt as if there was some kind of evil spirit standing behind me. Constantly looking over my shoulders, I was scared.

  14. Ok let me say that I’ve smoked bud for a long time and never felt like this. I had like two beers and took one toke of spice holding it in and Iam not joking one bit my perception of reality changed for like i would say 15 mins or so to what I can only describe as cartoon vision it was flipen scary. I truly can’t put into words how I felt it was just weird and scary to say the least. Now I have tried spice before and it does get you high kinda like bud but when u drink a few beers and hold in the hit its like nothing you would ever want to experience agin. If any one reads this and understands what iam saying it not fun at all and I could see why it tweeks the brain of some people. A lot of smokers may never feel the way I did but let me say one thing about spice, I don’t know what’s really in it but never agin. Good luck Yall

  15. marijuana is addictive whether you want to admit it or not …i smoked for 7 years straight nons stop on the hour every hour and when i was on probation it took me 30 days straight to over come the urge to just say f’ everything and f’ probation… but to all it is possible to stop at least do it flor your health…after stopping i gained 30 pounds and everyone says i look healthier and no longer like a crack head.hahah seriously i dont know if spice is harmful to your body but i can believe in can harm your brain and body more than marijuana can ever do…to stop smoking you just gotta fill in the time you used flor smoking with a different activity such as sports and exercise

  16. Hi Jesse. Not according to the experts. Addiction is characterized not only by physical dependency (which is what you might be referring to, and is not necessarily present during clinical addiction) but by a psychological compulsion to use a drug or chemical or behavior to cope with the stresses of life, as well as emotional or psychological pain. It is this compulsion, craving, or obsession to use (and get high) which makes drugs like marijuana addictive.

  17. Whoa, Marijuana does not have ANY addictive properties. So get your facts straight before talking about a natural plant.

  18. Let me just say that i know many people who replace this instead of weed because of probation. This is not something to mess with, ive smoked it at least 4 times. The first time i got so high i couldnt control myself, i felt like i was in a dream completely cracking up at ANYTHING and everything. I would like space out, space back in and still be laughing. I couldn’t get up, i couldn’t walk, i felt so stuck and everything felt weird. I smoked it again, i took like 6 hits,it did nothing. So then i smoked it with a good friend at hookah, i took 2 big hits,held it in. Before i knew it i was walking to the back room and everything started spinning. I crouched in a corner, i felt like i was in a dream, i was in complete panic. I felt like i was repeating myself 20 times &i so was everyone else. Everything was spinning so fast i couldn’t focus. It felt like an out of body experience, it felt SO unreal. So after like 15min i got up and walked around, my whole body was vibrating and tingling and i kept thinking that eveyone else i smoked with felt the same &i thought they were lying to me. My body would twitch, i couldnt focus my eyes on one thing, it felt like they were rolling in the back of my head. so my friend drives me home &i. Start to go to bed thinking i felt better i feel asleep for 10min &woke up tripping out again. It did that for like 2 nights after, id wake up sweating, dizzy, couldn’t focus my eyes on one thing, my body vibrated. I literary thought i was gonna die that night, &no matter how much i tried to just breathe and calm myself down nothing helped. I tripped for 9 hours straight that night & got no sleep cause i was afraid to fall asleep &wake up tripping again. It is not safe at all,i wouldn’t recommend smoking it because you never know when you could trip! I always heard stories but never thought it would happen to me. And almost everyone who had a trip had the same things happen to them. You never believe anyone till it happens to you, &i trust me i wont ever touch it again. Deffanitly an uncontrollable feeling when you get high off of it.

  19. Hi Anabelle. It sounds like you’ve developed a high tolerance for THC and related compounds. Spice ingredients also vary by package, so it’s possible that you did not use compounds which agree with you. Tolerance is a sign of chemical dependence and possible addiction, though. Do you think that you’re addicted to marijuana?

  20. One of my best friends/roommate, has been smoking Spice for a good solid six months. She buys a plastic container of it daily. She and I have known each other for almost 10 years and we both have gone through other drug addicitons in our party party years. She got off the cocaine and I got off the Pain Pills and Heroine. Mark my words, the withdrawals from Spice will NEVER compare to the withdrawals of Opioids. So don’t get too frightened to abandon spice consumption. My new philosphy on life was going to be all about healh, exercise and good old natural weed.. Yes, weed was my resting point. It was my best friend’s too but she deviated to Spice because it was just super easy to get, she can pee clean and not be holding anything illegal. Well, my pretty friend is hacking like a man and black chucky spit is coming up. Her voice is gritty and since the high doesn’t last more than 25 minutes, she stays in her room all day. She NEVER leaves unless to get Spice. $15 a day habbit = $450 a month (The same amount she struggles with to pay the stabbles that board her hourse). She tires to stop, but she cant. Headaches and bad axiety kick in and the Spice makes it all better. I took a few hits from it from time to time during a week there. I thought it felt identical to hydrponic chronic weed and fast acting. Nothing more, nothing less; no hallucinations, no vomiting. But then I noticed after smoking spice, I couldn’t get high at all no matter how much I smoked of regular weed. It took some serious recognition that Spice has more cons the pros. My soft, perfect skin even broke-out because of it. I cleansed in a week and found myself with better skin and the ability to get stoned of weed again thank heavens! If now though my joints are all stiff. But this should only last a few more days if I exercise, drink water and stretch. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU AND STAY AWAY FROM THE SYNTHETICS. GO BACK TO WEED IF YOUR WORK ISN’T TESTING. OR JUST GO ALL NATURAL. Poeple wh struggle with depression need to try DLPA which is sold at most healthfood stores. It’s awesome, natural, inexpesive and it works. It helps your body produce more of the ‘feel good’ chemicals in your brian such as Serotonin doplamine.

  21. How do you know when its spice? I’ve smoked spice about 5 times.. I’ve been smoking marijuana for about 5years but more in the past 2 1/2.. I have a high THC tolerance and everyone says spice “F’s you up” so i decided to try it. I didnt feel a thing.. at all I just got a headache but no dizziness, no high, nothing.. I dont know what that means.. When i have pure thc it gives me no effect whatsover. The only thing that gets me high is marijuana with has or with thc oil or wax or pure weed but not spice or pure thc.. does anyone know why that is? My friend found a plastic bag of what seemed to be weed in her dads drawer but as we took a closer look it had a lot of stems and long stick things so we figure it was spice with weed since it did smell like it. we smoked about 6 bowls and it had no effect on me at all…. could it have not been spice? it burned really quickly.. we smoked out of a pipe and we rarely had to relight the bowl since it was almost always “cherry”..

  22. Hello He Who Walks in Shadows. Thanks for sharing more about what you’re going through. There is an honesty present in your writing which many people can relate to, including me. I used to feel the same way (I was a chronic pot smoker) until I did some psychotherapy and went through the 12 steps. I know that it may sound cliche, but drugs are just a way to escape reality. And when you no longer take them, but your reality is still one of depression, you are in a better position to challenge and change the beliefs and behaviors which make you feel this way. In other words, there is hope as long are you are willing to do the work!

  23. Hello That Dude-guy. Thanks for your question. Spice has been documented to cause cardiovascular events like rapid heart beating, stroke, or even sudden death as well as psychotic events such as hallucinations. It is possible that your collapse was the result of the drug, and that it’s best that you stop smoking while you still feel OK. Every batch of Spice is different. And because no one knows what’s really in Spice, this is what makes it so dangerous to smoke.

  24. I smoked spice for a while and then stopped. This was about a year ago. Today, I considered going to the smoke shop near my place to get back into it. I miss the feeling of thoughtlessness, the abyssal escape from the hum drum of daily drudgery.

    However, after poking around about it and finding this, I’m reconsidering. As I read your posts, I find I can relate eerily well. I used to smile all the time, laugh often. Now, even after a year of being clean, I feel constantly depressed, my happiness very limited.

    I’m now very quiet, and socially awkward. I’m 21 and feel as though I will never get a girlfriend. I feel like I’ve aged so much and just want to hurry up and die before my physical body grows to weathered by age.

  25. So Ive been smoking spice regularly for a year now, with 1 or 2 2-3 week breaks in there. I just got some new brand from New York (says my dealer) that is crazy strong. I have never in my time of smoking spice had a bad reaction to it, though i did realize i had developed a form of psychosis before researching that as a side effect. I smoked the new brand and was running through my house (just for fun). As I passed by the front door my sister walked in and it scared me half to death. I continued to the bathroom and closed the door but couldn’t find the light switch. Before i knew it, i had fallen down and couldn’t see straight or articulate any words. It had all happened so fast; i went from running to falling down in under a minute. I knew spice was bad for you, but this was scary. When i finally stood up i turned the lights on and looked in the mirror, my face was ghost white, lips and all. I believe the cause of me falling down was a combination of being light-headed from spice, running, being scared by my sister, and not being able to balance while high in a pitch black room. I know that all sounds pathetic and stupid, and i know i should quit, but do you think i’m right about what caused my fall? And why do you think my face was flushed, like what physically caused it? I know i should quit but honestly I hate living, i would never kill myself but i would rather get high and poison myself than live out my whole life.


  26. Hello iloveyou:). It’s really difficult to advise on Spice brands.

    1. Every brand contains different chemicals.
    2. No one really knows what’s in the packet until you have it analysed in a lab.

    I wonder if you might be able to talk to someone about needing to feel high? What are you try to escape or ignore in your life?

  27. ive been reading alot about this lately and ive smoked pot for along time and thought that maybe i should give spice a chance but i dont know witch one will do less harm.? i know everybodys gnna say donttt do it buttt i moved and theres not marijuanna around here for me to get and im fering and want to get high sooo bad.i hope for avice.

  28. Hi Sk805. I’m sorry to hear that Spice has had such an enormous impact on your life. Are you able to stop smoking?

  29. well tonight my parents found my 2 smoking pipes and so i had to smash them any one out there who thinks spice and pot is good for u well think of it in a way that involves the law if u hang out with the wrong croud and u have there phone numbers in your phone guess what if you get caught the po po will track every ones number that is in your phone and if they do drugs theyll be fucked and it will be your fault then think of it as a health situation if you smoke like lets say a bowl that hold like .25 grams then smoke it i think we can all agree if you smoke one your ganna smoke atleast 2 or 3 more till your really fucked up and feeling like your ganna trip and fall on your face and 4 bowls is 1 gram and thats 5 bucks and if you are like me and buy 40 bucks at a time thats alot and i would smoke that all in one day and now i think how much of a beating my lungs must of taken then the family part of it i realized how much i hurt my dad by smoking spice and my mom too i lost all respect

  30. I was happy when I first discovered incense, but I’m not happy now. I have cirrhosis and every time I smoke it my liver hurts. Bad sign! But I can’t stop. It’s impossible to find now in my state, since they passed a new law, but I can’t stop. I keep telling myself this next bag will be my last, but I CAN’T STOP! Make of it what you will….

  31. Hi Tanner. Sorry to hear about the side effect that you are experiencing from smoking Spice. Are you constipated or experiencing diarrhea? Also, can you self-report Spice use to your family doctor? It’s possible that there are other medical reasons for these symptoms, but you’ll need a medical evaluation and diagnosis to learn more.

  32. ive literaly only smoke spice for about 3 days now and i can tell you now it messed up my digestive system and i really feel like i might die when i take a poop.

  33. I am a 19 year old boy and like otheres smoked this spice about 3 times a day, i used for 9 months and when i stoped i relized how bad it had effected my body and mind, At first i was going to the emergency room 1ce a day to get injections to calm me down.. to sum it up.. i now like with and have lived with for 6 months after going cold turkey, –
    -Severe depression,
    -Suicidal thoughts and actions,
    -Intense paranoia, thinking i will never be healthy and destroyed my life
    -My muscles in my stomach and bladder prevent anny kind of normal bowel movements.
    -I get terrified about every little thing, if i drink pop and get an energy buzz i will go into a panic attack
    -My spine and back are in constant pain, like something is broken yet the doctors have found nothing wrong with me.
    -I still cough up black stuff from 4 months ago, and my lungs hurt like im short of breath all the time.

    To sum it up, using spice everyday for a long period will ruin you nerologicaly and your life will never be the same. I am a smart handsome young man with a good job and gr8 potential but its all gone now that my own head is telling me i need to end my life to feel better. It is torture and your right people just need to learn for themself.. It is as hard a habbit to kick as heroin and other hard drugs so i understand people will do what they want to do.. I am truly sorry for annyone going threw what i am living with, it is hell..plz get in touch with me if you wanna talk about things.

  34. tre,
    what state do you live in? i also have been smoking spice for about 8 months now. i am a very intelligent girl and someone that people would least expect to be addicted to this new drug. i am day 12 in detox. i have been obsessing, literally, over reading blogs about other peoples experience while smoking it for about 3 months now. i guess you can say that i have educated myself on the harmful effects it has on people mentally and physically. i am experiencing them first hand. i too never realized what it was doing to my body until i stopped. i have been trying to find someone that i can relate to. i have read so many stories of people being worse off than myself. i am 24 and haven’t experimented with many drugs other than weed. i never went to the extent of selling any of my belongings or any other thing of that nature to get it. it started out as something fun to do because it was legal and i could possibly get a random at work. i am in college and have many friends that continue to do this. i can’t seem to get through to them. it has affected my attitude towards life and mental state as well as my relationship. i want to feel like myself again.. if anyone can shed some light of this please do.

  35. I just wanted to step in here and say the spice you are smoking is not for human consumption if you and your young friends want to go snork milkshakes I am sure they will get you high if your snort enough of it. Does that mean you should go take milkshakes to hardcore drug users? NO! plus everyone in your county is going to die eventually anyways so let them make up there own mind while you work on yours. If you are only 17 you are old enough in my book to make up your own mind, if they make it illegal it is only going to get worse, your in school what happened when they banned alcohol? Oh yeah bad news, Ban pot? Oh another bad move, Making it illegal only makes more illegal drug dealers, thugs, and want to be gangsters. Do you want more gang violence? Either do we keep it legal and quit smoking it

  36. Hello, I’m a seventeen year old boy who recently quit smoking “spice” after about a year n a half of constant use. It messed me up big time and I didn’t realize it until I quit. My nervous system is shot out, im super anxious all the time, my stomach, metabilism, bowels, and digestive system are pretty messed up. Also my lungs are pretty bad as well. Me and my friend decided to do some research and try to get all the kids to stop around my area. Theirs two newly released chemicals(am-2201 and mam-2201) . They are what I believed did all this to me, I’ve spoken with hardcore drug users and had them smoke it, they are now addicted to it. Everyone is around my county. It’s really bad and I wish someone will run some tests on these chemicals to show whats really in them, and what they do. Im a young kid or else I would do it, people arent realizing how bad it is and they are ruining their life, if they dont stop i believe they will die eventually. They dont believe me though. I want it to become illegal. I was a normal kid when I was 15 then the spice came out and i went down hill. Ive never been the same since then, I wish i could share everything I went through and still going through with you about the spice.

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