Does meth show up on drug tests?

Yes, meth shows up on most urine-based test 2-3 days after use (longer for chronic or high dose users). More on types of meth testing and its detection window here.

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Meth drug testing is a technical analysis of biological specimen done to detect the presence of methamphetamine metabolites in the person’s body using the following samples:

  • blood
  • hair follicle
  • oral fluid (saliva)
  • urine

Meth shows up on most urine-based test 2-3 days after use. However, when a person exhibits positive drug test results, it means that a person have recently used methamphetamine or some other drugs. More here on the detection window and methods for testing for meth, as well as how long meth lasts, with a section at the end for your questions.

Why order a drug test for meth?

Drug testing has different goals in different contexts. For example, parole and probation officers use drug testing to monitor compliance with the conditions of parole and probation; employers use them to make hiring decisions; and alcohol and drug abuse treatment programs use tests to assess whether a person is complying with the treatment plan, or not. In fact, testing is often the first step in helping a meth addict get help.

Anyone can perform a quick, inexpensive test for meth residue to help in making personal decisions. However, keep in mind that home based tests that are not positive are still considered inconclusive. The same is true for professional testing. This means that the testing found no meth, but that is no guarantee that there is no meth present.

Meth detection: What is it?

A detection period is the time-frame during which any drug can be detected in a biological sample. Generally, a detection period depends on the drug class, amount and frequency of use, age, and overall health. For methamphetamine, the drug detection windows are

  • blood and oral fluid = detection period is within 12 hours of use
  • urine drug test = detection period is 3 to 5 days
  • hair follicle test = detection period is up to 90 days

Types of meth drug tests and screens

A variety of specimens can be assayed for drugs, including urine, blood, sweat, saliva, and hair, among others. Each specimen is unique, and each offers different patterns of information about drug use over time illustrates the general relationship between drug effects and the detection periods. Further, each specimen has strengths and weaknesses about the level of information that can be gained about drug use. The most common types of drug screens for methamphetamine include:

  1. Blood tests for meth – This type of testing can link drug concentrations to behavioral impairment but is usually limited to recent consumption and does not provide an accurate picture for past drug use.
  2. Hair tests for meth – This type of testing can show evidence of past, historical use. However, its detection window is limited to the amount of hair collected; hair only grows at a rate of about one-half inch per month, so an average specimen can only show 90 days of past meth use.
  3. Saliva testing for meth – Saliva drug tests is very useful for home use especially when parents suspect their kids to have abused meth. Saliva tests are accurate, easy to use, private and take only 5 minutes. Detection times for drugs in oral fluids are roughly similar to that in blood, approximately 1-24 hours. Oral fluids normally contain traces of meth itself rather than its metabolites (which are present in urine.) Collection of oral fluid is generally considered less invasive than either blood or urine and might be able to connect recent drug use with behavioral impairment.
  4. Urine testing for meth – The drug testing methodology for urinalysis is well established.   Meth and it metabolites are detectable in urine for several days after the drug has been used. While this detection window can overlap with intoxication, impairment, and being “under the influence,” it cannot usually be used to prove intoxication in a legal sense.

When considering administration of a meth drug test, choose the option that is right for your situation. If you test, test carefully and as thoroughly as possible. If you hire a professional, be sure they have the proper credentials and experience. You can also test yourself, or your children for meth that has been ingested from contact with contaminated surfaces.

Meth cutoff levels

  1. Hair meth cut off level – The drug cut-off level for methamphetamine using the hair follicle test is 300 ng/ml.
  2. Saliva meth cutoff level – The drug testing cut-off level for meth using saliva test is 50 ng/ml.
  3. Urine meth cutoff level – The cut-off level for the urine initial test is 500 ng/ml while confirmatory test, which is done through gas chromatography and mass spectrometry, is 250 ng/ml.

Positive drug testing for meth

Most drug testing for meth is urine based. Positive results in a urinalysis drug test generally indicate use within 1-4 days but could be up to a week following heavy chronic use. Rate of excretion into the urine is heavily influenced by urinary pH. Between 30-54% of an oral dose is excreted in urine as unchanged methamphetamine and 10-23% as unchanged amphetamine. Following an intravenous dose, 45% is excreted as unchanged parent drug and 7% amphetamine.

Have you or a loved one of yours come up positive on a drug test for meth? Are you worried that addiction might also be in the picture? Don’t panic…help is available. Learn more about methamphetamine addiction treatment process and programs to learn what you can do to help yourself or someone you care about TODAY.

Meth testing discussion

Still have questions about drug testing for meth or the effects of meth on the body?  We invite your comments or questions in the section at the bottom of the page. We try our best to answer each legitimate concern personally and promptly.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I think my ex might be doing meth. Reading the symptoms don’t help anyone could have these problems. I have sleeping problems (dont mean I’m on meth) so what should I do how will I know can I buy a testm plz help.

  2. My obese neighbors are doing meth. The police wont arrest them because they are obese, not skinny. So what can I do now?

  3. I have friend that uses meth very lightly it’s like a small amount one a day and she is a CDL driver and she got picked for a radom UA drug test can she pass after not using it after 12 hours and still keep her job

  4. My partner has a prescription for adderal but has been using methamphetamine instead of adderal now she has to take a UA from her doctor will the methamphetamine show up or will they only test for the adderal

  5. My partner has been harassed by a police officer that I won’t date and has pulled him over 9 times in two weeks. He keeps on getting positive reads for meth but has never used it. How can he be getting a positive test or do you think something else might be in his system? Otherwise the officer mentioned may be using some other persons test

  6. I dont use meth. I have been taking urine drug test and mouth swab test for CPS for months my mouth swabs come back neg but my urine screen keeps showing 100ng to 230ng of meth in my system. What am I missing. I have never used meth. I even passed my hair follicle test. My instany urine screen shows neg but once sent to lab it shows some ng of meth??? Please ecplain.. I want my kids home safe with me this is just making it worse.

  7. My hubby was doing $20 worth a week on the road then a week home ,and back out ,thy want do hair test so basically $40aonth an so instead 90useing it’s 45 and snorted very lil I guess by reading this $20a week 6day week ?? So that infrequent use??

    1. Pray! God is Good, but so is Meth. 3 to 4 Days if you are a Regular Moderate user. The amount has a lot to do with it. Also the Strength/Quality as well.

  8. I’m in a relationship with someone who uses meth on a daily basis but i dont do any drugs. Is it possible that I could get get effects from him and fail a drug test? I’m never around him when hge does it?

  9. I’ve smoked meth for 2 days and I have to take a test in 5 hours what’s the fastest and easier best way to pass it by then?

  10. I just failed a quick dip drug test on my urine for meth…….I DON’T DO METH AND NEVER HAVE!! I take Ranitidine for my stomach and was told that can cause a false positive????? Anyway my probation officer sent it to a lab to be checked will it come out negative like it supposed to be???

  11. I used meth on the 8th and dropped clean on the 11th then the very next day dropped dirty without use in between why would this happen

  12. Never smoked meth but yet came up postive on a hair test please explain that I lost the job because of it but yet I’ve never ever smoked meth.

  13. Did about 0.1 daily over probably ten days. Last use was Saturday night. Tested 3 1/2 days later, urine test, passed it. It was a ten panel, so the levels tested were twice as low as your typical test (1000 nano, instead of 500 or 250 nano).

  14. Explain to me how a hair test comes back positive with a Methamphetimine level over 4000. Two weeks later there is no meth at all

  15. Am a patient of pain management centre. I was told 4 months later that I tested positive for meth. All the while I still getting my normal amount of pain med’s… Oops they went ahead and dropped me.. can I at least report them I medical misconduct, and misleading and supplying meds to a meth head.

  16. I tested positive for meth. It was an assay drug screen & my results were
    800,00 ng/ml. Yet I am certain I am clean. What does 800,000 ng/ml mean exactly?

  17. Is albuterol a type of methamphetamine I was never dirty and the only new medication I’m taking is albuterol and now the doc says I’m taking methamphetamine

  18. I have been clean off meth for 9 days now used it at the beinging of this month i stopped on the 7 th a d see my probation officer on the 28th

  19. I’ve been clean of meth since July 17th 2018 but I didn’t use daily what would the chances of getting a positive on a hair follicle test.

  20. If someone has a positive test for ice even though they haven’t used in more then three months but still show 1440 how long do they have to wait to get a cllear test result.


  22. I was a heavy user of meth my last day of use was may 14,2018 I have a hair follicle test in 2 weeks what are my results going to look like will I still sure positive this test is being done for social services I’ve posted every urine drug test and blood drug test I’m worried hair follicle test will be positive cause it hadn’t been 90 days yet before they give me the test

  23. If meth is smoked two times with in the last two months but have not done any thing in 20 days how low should the levels be.

  24. My 34 year old daughter that has a 9 month old that I have temporary custody of recently had a hair follical test that shows the Meth level at 12,681 Amphetamine of 2,868.
    Tell me more about this as I paid for a 90 day hair test and these were the results.

  25. I have never taken meth or any drug in my life today i did drug test and my urin did not showing line for meth and is showing positive they are sending the sample to lab for further testing Is it possible with my blood pressure and blood thinners medication the results can show possible thanks

  26. I’m clean however my boyfriend is a heavy chronic user. If I have sex with him the night before I test can it cause a faint positive result?

  27. I recently was told by my Dr that meth was found in my blood work which is impossible because I’ve never ever did meth. I’m a 66 year old cancer patient and this test caused me to lose my prescription that I was taking for pain. I just need answers because this is insane and so untrue. I do take Zantac for my stomach and told my Dr this but she says that, that drug wouldn’t cause a false positive. Please help me find the answer to why this has happened to me.

  28. so I had sex with my husband on sat night. I found out Sunday he’s been doing meth. will that make me fail my drug text

  29. I did a little line of meth last tuesday and took a drug test today aand failed but im also on trazadone lexapro. And remeron wat r my chances of passing the lab test

  30. Hi my girlfriend who is on parole she has not ingested the substance for over 5 weeks but still lives with me i do use daily she failed a drug test for the substance i thought u couldnt get it in ur system by second hand so how could she have failed.

  31. I used meth Sunday morning and have to give a urine at probation on Thursday..last time I used my urine came up positive 6 days there anything I can do to pass this test?

  32. Hi. I haven’t used meth in almost a month and I died my hair around the same time and I have a hair folical test tomorrow morning any way I will pass?

  33. I smoke a half of a gram of meth in about 2-4 days all month long.i have probation drug test in 8 days. Will I be clean for a urine test in the 8 days.??

  34. I injected a small amount of meth wednesday about 5 a clock pm an toke a urine screen on Friday at 2 a clock pm do you think I failed my urine test

  35. I’m not the one that’s been doing the meth it’s my son in law an he has a blood an iron test on the 25th for a job an if he don’t get not in gonna kick his but are there anything we could buy to help clean his system out like fluids are pills that will clean his system ou

  36. If I smoke a gram a week with couple days of no smoking do this for a month with a coupe to week break total that month . How long will it take for me to be clean for à probation urine drug test for meth and I guess others but concerned more on the meth.

  37. I’m curiose… I do not smoke meth and I am on probation. I had unprotected sex with my bf and the next day they called my color to go in and ua. It was faint so they sent it to the lab. I’m still awaiting results. But is it true that I can have a dirty ua by sex??

  38. I have 145 days clean today and I have tested positive on a mouth swab but not on a urine analysis? I am looking at prison is there any facts you can help myself and my attorney with?

  39. Are you is doing methamphetamines and it’s been 85 days would like to know if my hair levels are going to be low please tell me I’m going to court

  40. I used around quarter of gram starting wed afteenoon used half of quarter gram and used the rest thursday afteenoon what are my chances i will test posirive or negative with having a ua drig screen monday afternoon rout of administer was shooting up i weigh 160

  41. I have a UA in 6 days. I only used for one day by smoking. Probably like a bowl really. I’m thin , what are the chances of me passing ?

  42. I have personal knowledge of an individual that took numerous hair follicle tests over 12 months. The last test on march 23, 2018 still showed 400. Meaning it has taken a year and met still shows in hair follicle after 12 months. Is this possible.

  43. My 19yr old daughter smoke weed but her room mate smokes meth. Recently my daughter had to take a U.A. and it came back positive for both weed and meth. Is that possible. To have a positive reading for a drug that you might have been exposed to in passing when you have never actually used the drug yourself?

  44. My son tested positive for meth thru a hair test. There is no way this is right. How often is there a wrong false positive since he is over weight and has used over the counter weight loss supplements before? Thank you.

  45. I have a test in a couple weeks. I used meth almost daily. I started out stopping for close to five days but then did some on Sunday. I have a test coming up 8 days on Monday morning. Will test positive if so how can I cleanse my body. Does exercise help?

  46. So my girl friend has been clean for 2 weeks and passed a meth drug test 3 days ago and I had a gut feeling she was doing drugs so I drug tested her sat and she faild the text… But she told me she drank this lemon and cian pepper detox drink her friend made her Friday at work and that’s why she failed… Is that possible?

  47. Hello. I don’t normally do meth all the time. I only do it once every few months. I am on suboxone because of my other drug habit that lost control.. But this week I did about no more then 4points.. I don’t use it all day. Only in the morning then at night because if I do to much I feel very awful.. Will I be OK for my drug test. My doctor told me if I ever had heroine or crack cocaine in my system I will never be aloud back. He never said anything about math… But what if it shows up. I know I should have just drank more coffee for the buz… Please help

  48. I desperately need help…

    After 13 years of random drug testing, NEVER FAILING ONE, I was told that my last test was positive for both methamphetamine and amphetamine. I sat there next to my 19 yr old son in complete shock and embarrassment being questioned continuously by my Dr and his wife, I couldn’t think of how this could’ve happened. Over the past month, I’ve tried to piece together anything I can remember from the day of my test.

    I am on oxycodone, nexium, xanax and a muscle relaxer called zanaflex. Is there anything that could have made the test come back wrong. I am so scared that if this test is correct, then whatever caused this could still be around me.

    I recently had brain surgery for a neuromuscular disease and live in constant pain. I was told if he EVER saw this on another test, I would immediately be dismissed. I honestly am terrified what would happen if I wasn’t able to have my medications for pain.

    Theses are a few things I thought of that might be a possibility:
    1. I have dentures and put them in right before m appointment. I started to feel very strange by the time I got into his office. My heart rate was high, I started to vomit and felt very shaky. Bc of this, I wasn’t able to give my normal urine sample. They tried to do a saliva test instead.
    2. I’d been sick off and on for a month and had taken otc cold and flu meds.
    3. I’d never had a saliva test done. The tech kept swabbing the roof of my mouth (where my denture was) and wasn’t able to get a good amount of saliva. I was also continuing to vomit between her trying to get this sample.
    4. I’d had urine drug tests 3 out of 4 months, and the only one that came back positive was the saliva

    Would the acid from throwing up cause the test to be inconclusive…or the lack of saliva? Could something have been on my dentures? I feel like I’m losing my mind. I’ve worried myself sick desperately search for any logical answer. The doctor even asked me if someone wanted to harm me?

    I kept asking my Dr if he was positive that was my test bc he kept referring to it being a urine test when I knew it was a saliva. After the 3rd or 4th time, he finally said, “no, I’m wrong. This was a saliva test, but that’s even worse bc it means you’ve done the drug within 24 hours of your appt”. I’m so confused…..

    Please help me with any advice you can. I’m terrified at this point. I’m seeing him in the morning and I feel I’ve been labeled when it seems there are way too many factors that could’ve/should’ve never even allowed that test to be sent to the lab in the first place.

  49. I took Tylenol that had meth residue in the same bag yesterday and has a screen today will it test positive for such a little amount

  50. I smoked 1.50-2.0g in the last two weeks . Last smokes wed.. this morning around 3-4 am I have a probation drug test next week wed at 1:00 pm will I come out clean? Need to know what to do to be sure. I weigh 125 pounds let me know asap thank up

  51. If I smoked meth with narcotics in my system how long before urine test would be clean of Meth only tried once on Wednesday so I’d it still 3-5 days or longer

  52. me and my husband took a ride on our Harley Davidson motorcycle I have a rare kidney disease it’s in both of my kidneys and half of my liver there is no cure unless I get a new kidney I took some of my pain pills out of the bottle and put them in a baggie my husband put them in his front right pocket in case I needed them on our ride we had a very good ride but that’s not the point we got home a friend of my husband’s called him and asked for help they were moving we completely forgot about my pain pills and his pocket he went to his friends was helping them at their home was drinking heavily went to the end of the corner to call me to pick him up because he would not drive passed out woke up to the police kicking him and they had him into his pockets which my to prescription drugs were in a baggie in his pocket like I said the police tested the pills and said it was crystal meth could this be true that my pain medicine showed up to crystal meth please I’m desperate to find an answer to this question thank you…..Lyn

  53. I live right next door, like a wall way from those I suspect are dealing and possibly cooking meth. There are so many symptoms. High traffic all hours of the day/night. Noise associated with, when I hear certain noise, yup, here comes a customer. Like clockwork. My dogs both small, a Pomeranian and a Chihuahua Mix are exhibiting a hacking, dry cough, they didn’t have before moving to the small place. 400 sq ft studio. I wake up with a chemical taste in my mouth. I have eye irritation. Headaches, I never had before. Would a toxicology test show any signs being so close to such a scenario?

    1. Hi Lucy. The process of “cooking” meth causes pollution of the environment. So it comes as no surprise that you and your dogs could feel the intense smell of the chemicals in the air. The contamination of a meth lab in the neighborhood spreads literary everywhere, starting from your walls, furniture, curtains, ending to your carpet. Some of the symptoms of toxic exposure to methamphetamine include headaches, nausea, fatigue, lethargy and dizziness. Long term meth exposure can result in difficulty breathing, chest pain, frequent coughs, skin, eyes, nose and mouth irritations. So if you are living near a meth lab, a toxicology test would definitely come out positive. In order to protect yourself and the other neighbors you can contact Meth Tip Line at 1-800-453-4756. Your privacy and identity will be protected.

  54. I haven’t smoked in weeks but smoked meth earlier. (10 hits) I was drinking beer water and milk as I was smoking. And might have a u.a later. Will my test be positive? Is there anything I can do to help pass this test?

  55. If my last used of meth in a form of smoking on the 18th and got tested 9 days later on the 27th by urinewhat are my chances..last used prior to that is a month ago

  56. I have a relative who received a positive test for meth and is denying use saying he must have hit a week pipe with traces of meth in it. Is this even possible?

  57. If a person gets a hair test and was using meth heavily say level was at 2100 and they quit for two or three weeks than used again for three or four days will the levels be higher because of further use or lower because they had stopped for that three weeks?

  58. I used method everyday almost for a year and for the past few months I stop shooting up and went back to smoking. And for the past 6 days I stopped completely. Till Sunday night and very early Monday mornings I shoot up twice. I have my first probation drug test wesday is any chance I can pass

  59. Hey guys i need your guys is help.. so im on probation and i did meth today and two days ago but not alot.. and i tested dirty and im on random testing.. how is a way i can test clean for tommorow they do urine test anyone help..? If i test dirty one more time ima get locked up thats why today was my last day using it ima chill ax for a cool while..

  60. I am 125 pounds 17 years old and very active and I have to take a blood test and a piss test to get my license back is there anyway I can detox my body of meth

  61. Ive passed every hair follicle test dfacts has wanted i slipped one time last month did 20 cc will it show up in my hair follicle i took friday ??m worried

  62. I’m on the drug patch recently I was told I came out positive on a test… My question is how when I been clean for several months. In devastated I need answers.

  63. I took a drug test, and was found positive for meth. I have never used meth, or even have seen it for that matter. What is wrong here?

  64. How much urine does it take for the lab to detect methamphetamine? I barely squeezed two drops on the cup before they sealed it and sent it off. Was it enough to read anything?

  65. Can touching the outside of an old used pipe to throw it away fail a urinalysis? It wouldn’t seem possible, but I have a urinary tomorrow and I wanted to ask.

  66. When it comes to meth and the sweat patch drug test … how long does someone need to be clean in order to have the results of the sweat patch (worn for 14 days) to stay clean? I’m not finding many studies with the answer to this question.

  67. So, I was an occasional meth user. (1-2 a year) I hated it, the only reason to do it was sex with the hubby.
    Today’s April 25, 2017.
    I did once back in April 2016.
    And then last time was April 5, 2017
    I was accepted to a job and asked me to do a drug test. At first I was like okay I’m gonna pass this cos i never use drugs of any kind. At all.
    Then the guy started talking about hairs and I was like oh sh*t, I didn’t see this coming.
    Is there a possibility that I would fail the hair follicle drug test? Thanks a lot. Hoping for your feedback

  68. I smoke meth a few puff and hour went urine was positive..urine sample was send to lab..what will the result show from the lab

  69. i have a question my grand caught took a hair follicle test it showed meth. My question is she says she did not use any drugs at all and says it must be cause she was at her mothers house who does use. can being around someone smoking or has smoked in her hose cause you to show that you have meth in your system?

    1. Hi Shelley. No, being around someone who smokes meth will not affect the drug test. Drug test levels are kept intentionally high so that the minimum levels which may be present due to second hand ingestion do not count as positive. It would take a person to be kept in an enclosed space with very thick second hand smoke such that she has levels equivalent to a user, so a test would be positive…but not possible in a practical situation.

  70. If someone smoked meth & 45minutes to an hour later gave a urine test will it come up positive? I was told it takes 3 hours for it to go through the body.Send lab for confirmation will it able to detect meth

    1. Hi Boy. If someone smokes meth and does a urine test an hour later, the test will come up positive. Meth shows up on urine tests 2 to 3 days after use.

  71. I did a urine test at my work for meth.i had no use of this cenical one week prior to testing. When I used I smoked the meth. After 2 weeks of my quiting use the test was taken . At this time the uren test given by a doctor’s office and tested by a lab came back with a positive result .Even though I had no use 2 weeks prior to this test. Why is this and how long can this drug longer in a test like this

  72. i don;t do meth, but my boyfriend and i had an argument he called police on me..when they took me to have blood tested it tested for meth…could he of put some met in my drien and it show up on a blood test…..thank you

  73. Ive been doing the ten days clean method so i use lightly and then i quit for ten+ days and i come back clean so use lightly and quit for ten days and you will piss clean

  74. Harley they can’t with hold your medical files I’m in Australia and we have freedom of information, your whole situation seems strange? Only 1 dirty at the start and then how many others? How far apart were they? It doesn’t matter cause of the paperwork, how can a lawyer put together a case? They have to give it to the court no matter what and you should be able to get a copy. Engage another lawyer, your one seems beaten already, if they can’t mount a fight to get your own Personal medical papers there’s something very wrong, at worst if it hasn’t gone to court contact the judge put in a formal request for all recotds and any samples they may have. The whole thing sounds strange from the actual testing to not providing your records. So the person doing iwas suspended? That’s no surprise. Seems there could be some relation to your situation? I’d get a new lawyer contact the court and put a formal request for your paper work. Maybe get your hair tested as that can show history of drug taking. 100% should not have failed the others! If this info is to late still do it if they still have your paperwork and didn’t provide it that sounds like grounds for a retrial as its “,new information that’s important to your case,” your side never saw they own your medical information? I’d also check any paper work you signed, it should have been pointed out, that’s a huge clause and again to me grounds for a retria they own your history?. Who finances this group look into there funding and where or how your information is used. Bet its sold on. Big corporation hiding behind community groups. Also sounds like lazy workers from the lawyer down . You have rights look into those, state and federal, be a pain I know but with kids involved worth it. Doctors here have to provide you with your info and with holding it is illegal. It’s one of the most private things a person has, and its your right to have it. Hope this made sense and its not to late if its you still have options, smash the system expose it as the rubbish it is.
    To everyone asking if they will fail a drug test error yes you will Im pretty sure the article before the comments says it all in rather plain English urine fail saliva fail hair will take longer but fail and the good old blood test wow big fail. If you know you have a drug test just don’t use that week yeah I know its hard 30 years of addiction history so I kind of know a bit and that artical is pretty clear. For heroin give it the full 72 hours you may get lucky at 48 but pushing it fine. I use my bup for 2 days and that works for smack. Maybe flush with orange juice and water for a few days with ice. But most of you have already failed sorry its a bit late. And as a drug snob holding of on smack is much harder then ice but it does last longer (the effects) so if you have a test pull up for a bit yeah. Anyway good luck to everyone I do hope you past your test and Harley good luck hope so of this helps and not to late
    Wow that was a rave….
    Maybe under the influence but its not my scene good luck again

  75. i am sober for almost a year i relapse last saturday 4 hits of smoked meth i am 5’6 and 160 lbs im not active im getting tested this wensday is my urine clean?

  76. Hello I was just curious as to how long after someone smokes Crystal meth , how long after the first Inhale of it into your lung ,hiw long after that does it take to be In. Your urine?? I need yo kniw this asap please and thank you

  77. I have been clean 6 Months. I jus relapsed on meth a few hours ago and I have random drug screens. I was wondering how long it would take for the meth to be out of my system. I did a tenth if that.. jus tryin to figure out my time line here??

  78. Hi, i have taken about 0.5 to 1 gram of meth last dec 22, 2016..will i be positive in a hair follicle test if i will test tomorrow?

    1. Hi Tony. Testing positive for meth means that s/he has meth in the body, but this doesn’t mean that the person was high at the time of the test.

  79. My sisters drug results came back positive for methamphetamines with the amount of 1120 ng/ml, what would the amount be that she used?

    1. Hi Leanna. I suggest that you speak with a laboratory assistant, toxicologist or another professional about your concern.

  80. I want to know if I tested on Thursday of one week was was positive for methamphetamines the next day on Friday would if they were tested the urine on Monday is it possible that I could show up as a false positive or that it could be negative result

  81. I rehabs for meth after my mom was diagnosed with bone cancer the last time I used it was Friday morning and I have to do a drug test on Thursday of this week will I pass a Laboratory test

  82. I haven’t done meth in 6 day’s today I found an empty bag with very little residue in it . will it show up on a urine test?

  83. i need help, i snorted 1/4 of a gram worth of methamphetamine on September10, 2016 and i have a urine drug test for probation on September15, 2016 will i pass or fail??

  84. My friend quit using meth 2 months ago …but tested positive when she tested on her period…can meth be stored in uterine lining that long?

  85. I don’t even do meth. I lost my daughter I singly have raised 6 years. Been sober from alcohol 8 years. I been around and close to couple users. My urine complete clean on 10 panel. My hair test stated I’m a user. Now I’m alone. No more daughter for a while. What happened? How? What do I do?

  86. I used about a gram give or take between wednesday,thursday,and stopped friday night around 9. It was my first time using meth ever. I weigh about 135-140 im 6ft tall and im 22 will i pass a urine screen on monday at like 4 pm. I was injecting the shit idk that makes a difference or not. Please help. I need peace of mind. I understand it take about 3 to 5 days to clear but if anybody has any knowledge on this please let me know.

  87. I used about a gram give or take between wednesday,thursday,and stopped friday night around 9. It was my first time using meth ever. I weigh about 135-140 im 6ft tall and im 22 will i pass a urine screen on monday at like 4 pm. I was injecting the shit id that makes a difference or not.

  88. Hi there,
    My partner is currently going through court for custody of his son. The mother of his child (Morgan) has just taken a hair follicle test to prove to us she is ‘no longer smoking meth’
    We have just recieved Morgans hair test results. It came up positive for meth by 2148pg/mg within the past 3 months.
    My question is, is that a high amount of meth? Does that indicate she is still a daily user? I’ve tried to look up online but can’t seem to find anything useful.
    Thanks, Sophie.

  89. whats is the best possible route besides next time stay clean to piss a clean ua for meth? Im thinking im goin to try the a device of some sort?

  90. To Jackie
    I’m not an expert but, it’s my opinion that you may want to go seek legal advise, best chance here not sure, without seeing what’s is stated on your results” Certificate of Analysis.” In some cases it is possible to dispute the say factual evidence, if there has been a testing mistake or the result are inconsistent. Legal Aid are pretty excel good luck

  91. After expired time of 4 days -week a saliva test would hold no reliable confirmation for results.
    Which method for testing for prescription drugs would be secured 100%?

    What would be the preferred method for retesting Blood Hair or Urine?

  92. If u failed a hair test and came out positive for meth shouldnt it also show up in a urine test?and does the person have to consum the drug them self. In there body to test durty in a hair and urine tes

  93. I did some over the course of a couple weeks, not insane amount or staying up for multiple days. But I have a ua in 3 days. It’s Sunday and the test is Thursday. I’ll be drinking about 1 and a half gallons of water a day.

  94. Will a urine drug test be positive or safe if you smoke it for 3 days, starting on Saturday then Sunday and Monday but small quantities and be tested for a urine screening on Friday?

  95. I was recently told u failed a urine test for meth. I have not done any meth! To prove my innocence I paid for a hair follicle test and everything came back negative. I’ll admit the false failed test was for federal probation and I had to petition the court to even get a copy of test. The test results say amphetamines pos but meth negative yet at the bottom of paper the examiner wrote in meth 96%. How can this be? I have severe migraine headaches and had taken an imitrex injection 2 days before this test and that had to be the culprit. Would you please allow me to forward my test results to u just to make sure I’m reading this right? I have been seriously wronged here and I need a second opinion. Thank you, jackie

    1. Hi Jackie. I suggest you speak with a toxicologist or another professional about your test results. We’re not qualified to read examination tests.

  96. Hi ive smoked meth for the first time. For 8 days but not throughout the day. Ive got a standard drug test in 22 days. Could i still test positive. And it was 10 and 20 dollars worth? Would really appreciate any information. I have not used today.

  97. I used Friday night around 1am and it’s now Tuesday. I have to take a test before 5 pm tonight. Is it possible that it will come up positive?

  98. Can an individual test positive for meth in hair folicals by being around and in the place of residue or does one have to personally smoke it?

  99. I have a hair test today and i messed up and smoked 3 puffs Monday morning will it show on my test. Please answer thank you

  100. I did less than 5 puffs of Meyh, didn’t get hardly any as the pipe was plugged didn’t feel any effects. My friend cleaned out what what was plugging pipe. About 4 hours later put in a bout 2 small pieces. I too two hits hardly enough to see but a small bit of smoke came out of mouth. I got scared as I got into Pain Management next Monday 7 am. One week from today. I’ve read everything on line as to how long it stays in system Also called pharmacist all and intert told me 2-3 days. I had such a scare. They have free drug places in Fresno. I’m going Thurs and may go Fri. Is there any thing I can do or take to get it out faster. A quick response would be greatly appreciated. I would love to talk before Thurs afternoon. I did a stupid thing but hardly got much out of pipe. Thank you so much I have clean test I’m stressing‼️?

  101. If i did a small line of meth on suday night but I’ve been working out and flushing my system and drug tested through a urine test on friday afternoon would i test dirty ???

  102. A family member of mine states they are clean and they haven’t used for at least 5+ years. However a recent tox screen showed meth in the their system. They told us they doctors said because they had abused the drug for so many years that they would still find it in a tox screen. Is this correct?

  103. If I stopped use this past Tuesday and test Monday will it show up? If someone I know is smoking it and I inhale it without knowing will it test positive?

  104. A friend smoked a few hits of meth. Went to work and was given a random urine 10 panel test. Approximately 12 hours later. Not a heavy user. Will it show up?

  105. I have never used methamphetamines, I have not taken any drugs within the last month. Including ibuprofen, which is the only pill I take. That beings said I tested positive for meth at a drug screening for a job. How would that work?

  106. I did one point of meth on Monday by 1pm. I’m getting tested at 1pm on Wednesday,today. But I’m on Vyvance, it’s amphetamine prescribed. Will they see the difference. What should I do.

  107. If i had been drug tested and a faint line showed up on drug screen, and the urine was sent to a lab for further testing, will it come up posetive? I had done a few aderral’s 15mg, the Sunday before the Thursday when I was drug screened.

  108. A friend we haven’t seen in yrs. showed up, ask to “rest” for a couple days. It was obvious that he’d been involved in drugs, lose/rotten teeth, weight loss, talking crazy etc. Long story short, he stayed 10 days then we took him stay at salvation army for the homeless. The 1st thing he had to do to be able to stay there was take a drug test. He was turned away when he failed the test “across the board.” He said he’d been using meth and spice, (injection marks were everywhere) for 12 – 14 years. Now my question : How’d he fail the test if he hadn’t used drugs for 10 or 11 days? Thank you in advance.

  109. I took 2 x pills on Friday night at 8pm. I had to take a drug test Wednesday’s morning around 8am for my job. I also took a home test and passed but I had drink a ton of water before and my pee was diluted for the home test. What are the odds I passed the test for work?

  110. I have read that methamphetamines break down to amphetamines in the body. To me , that would be suggesting that when the metabolite passes through your body in your urine, that there would be no possible way for the drug test to actually be able to calle it Methamphetamine, but instead it shows up as Amphetamines. Sorda like in the sense of testing for Valium or Xanax, the results would be for a Positive on Benzodiazopinees instead of being able to detect exactly which Benzo a person took, a clonazapam, valium, Xanax etc.. Only Benzos show up as A Benzo.
    So then, in the Amphetamines case, it all should only show up as stimulants or Amphetamines broken down in the bodys system from Being ingested as Methamphetimines to only Amphetamine… in the body means to me that , before it leaves the body through Urine it has changed already. So therefor it seems there is no real test for distinuishing Methamphetamines from JUST Amphetamines. Would this be true and correct in saying so? When it comes right down to it, whether the test says methamphetamines in one section or amphetamine it’s going to show a positive results in the methamphetamine section because of the broken down form of meth into Amphetamine in urine. ( out of body ) = no meth just Amphetamines? Is this correct?

  111. I have been drug testing at my local drug testing for our county. The place we drug test is very unreliable and I am exhausted with all of these people. I look like a fool and don’t know what to do. The drug testing is a non profit organization ran by “volunteers” in our county. The DHR for our county is set up for failure and there are many reviews online 28th complaints of how bad our local DHR is. My case worker is on Probation and in serious trouble. To what extent I do not know. They refuse to show me any of my drug tests and would not release them at court to my lawyer. My lawyer is a “court appointed lawyer” she seemed to be upset that DHR said those were their records and would not release them because they pay for them. We did not have to see the judge the day of court because you would just meet with your lawyer and case worker and if you agreed to what the court advised of you then you sign and they take it to the judge and she would sign off on it. My caseworker told me and my lawyer that she would get a print off of my drug test the next day at our ISP meeting for DHR. I went to my ISP meeting and asked to see a print our of my drug tests and they still never showed me they only stated that I was failing them for meth. I did meth when I was going through my divorce in the beginning and not with my children even home. it was 1 time with a friend and DHR came that day. I realize I made a huge mistake and I am paying for it tremendously. When I went to take my test the next day of course I failed that test so I have been going through this for about 4 months now. 2 of those months I would call dhr to speak with my case worker everyday and leave her a message to call me back because I wanted to know my results and what was going on with my case and what I needed to do but she NEVER once called me back and when we went to court is when she told me I failed my tests for meth. I am very highly upset because I do not know what to do anymore I am backed in a corner and I know I failed the first one for meth because I did smoke it but that was it. I don’t see how in this world I would be failing any since the first test. Those should have all been passed. None of this seems fair, professional or right. My ex husbands mom and sister were the ones who called dhr on me out of spite for me getting a divorce after 8 years and moving me and my kids to another place which is very nice and even dhr said my kids were happy and healthy dressed nice and smart. I have raised them by myself for 6 years without any help from anyone other than their dad when he wasn’t working but he worked day and night bless his heart. His mother and sister even tried getting me kicked out of our new place so that it would make things harder on me. They called dhr and said I neglected my kids but they found out immediantly that was not true. Its required to take a drug test when they come to check things out and that’s how it all got startef. I know that smoking that one time was a very horrible mistake and I am not blaming anyone for what I have done. Someone please help me and give me your best advise because I feel like none of this is right. Something is Definately wrong here and I am over it and need to know what I can do. I am not letting them keep telling me I can’t see my own drug test when they are telling me I have failed and failed and failed. I refuse to go through this ridiculous bullcrap with these idiots any longer. I was trying to talk to the supervisor over my caseworker last time we met and I made him mad because he was standing there with no paperwork in his hands telling me that I failed my drug test so I asked if I could see all of these drug test and he wouldn’t directly answer me and kept trying to end the conversation so I would leave. He was rolling his eyes and being very unprofessional. When he for up to leave because the meeting was then “over” my lawyer jumped up and for right close to my face and said “This is already hard enough on you but pissing DHR off is not helping your case one bit so don’t continue to make them mad.” Ummm… Excuse me? These are my children that I love and I am not going to be accused of something I know I have not done and if I have failed please produce the paperwork proving that is true…. I need help guys. Any information is greatly appreciated.

  112. Found meth pipe in my son’s car and cut myself on it. Can that get in my bloodstream and cause me to test positive for a drug test I have for a new job within a 24-48 hour period. If it’s in my system it’s a very very very tiny amount.

  113. What does a 33000 ng/mL reading on a meth urine test result say about level of us? Are there levels of danger (besides the obvious that this stuff is bad)?

  114. my friend is going througha CHIPS case (child in need of protected services) in the state of Minnesota. She is an addict and an ex daily meth user ( smoker). she has gone through an extensive treatment program and had made a tremendous change in her life and my hat is off to her. To prove her self to COS (child protective services) she has willingly agreed to wear drug patches. well one of these patches came back positive for meth with a score in the high 50s. so to prove her sobriety she went and had a hair folical test done. she passed the hair test and brought the evidence before the court. CPS took the patch results over the hair results saying that one time use of meth would not show up in hair. it seems to me that COS makes their own rules up as they go along. I guess my quetion is what test is more accurate , the hair or the patch? does one time use show up in hair? who can she talk to with more knowledge than yellow medicine county CPS , minnesota? please send back responses and your knowledge! her family would also appreciate prayers.
    a concerned friend

  115. If I smoked meth like a day ago and have been for like a month is there any way possible I can flush it out my system overnight so it don’t show up in a drug test for a federal job

  116. i been susing meth for the last 5 months almoast every day im geting i new Job they’r making me a hair test on march 14 if i stop know can i pass it please help

  117. If I smoked meth three days prior to going my doctor only couple of hits would it show up on a salivia test and couldn’t I say that I took aleve d,also friend of mine smoked it has blood scheduled for day after tomorrow can he say he took aleve d any help be greatly appreciated

  118. Did meth for 5 days straight and had 4 days clean before seeing my suboxone dr. Meth showed up on his test but he still gave me my script and said he would send it off. What happens then? This is my first dirty since in program a year. I wish i would of told him the truth but I was scared

  119. My fiance has court january 22nd for a custody hearing. His ex wife has recently used meth in quantity. What is the best method to have her tested to get his daughter away from that?!?!

  120. I rode wto georgia with people that did meth I did not smoke it or even touch the pipe or anything it was the first time in my life that I saw it well I failed a urine test and lost my kids i took two kore tests within 24 houra of failing the other one and passed it I have a court date that decides rather I get them back or not and I requested that I take a hair follicule test will it also show up on the hair test?

  121. I have not done meth but yet I took a oral drug test, it came back positive at a very low level… the welfare took my 3 kids how can I prove I did not do any meth.. I have court tomorrow for the judge to decide if my kids come home or stay in foster care

  122. Of course Meth shows up in urine toxicology!. Want a list of drugs that shows up on our Toxicology? You’ll be looking at Benzodiazepines, Opiods (Synthetic and Natural), Barbiturates, Illicits, Tricyclic Antidepressants, Anti-Convulsants, Meth, and numerous others. Labs are very good now and can be as custom as desired. Urine Toxicology is ridiculously hard to “trick”.

  123. Hi. I bought a half gram of meth 9 days ago. And I took a 2 day break. An I finished up my bag not to long ago. On day 9. I have a drug test in 26 days. I’m 19 years old 5’11 and I weigh 140 pounds. Will I be able to pass my test? An also I wanted to see exactly how long it would take a half gram to get fully out of my system. When I’m 19 years old 5’11 and weighing at 140 pounds. Let me know ASAP

  124. Hello. My names SWIM an I have used meth about for a week an half. But I spaced it out. I probably consumed a quarter gram. .25. An I have a drug test coming up in 26 days. I’m 5’11 19 years old an weigh 145pounds. Will I be able to pass my drug screen?? Need to know ASAP.

  125. Hi, I have a urine test coming up soon, last used was 9 days ago. Will the standard dipstick test pick up anything? I just had 2 puffs only.

  126. Can any other hair from their body be used?Just wondering if someone is on ice then waits several months before the test and then have their hair cut short will that give the window to have a clear test?

  127. I am a chronic user of meth and have been trying to quit for some time. I was recently clean but fell in to a relapse. Not realizing the dates to which I will be required to take a urine test I did not stop using until tonight which I have also begin my menstrual period. This only gives me a window of only 72 hours to cleanse my system. My question is will my period alter my urinary test to read positive for meth. or is there a chance I can still pass clean? Please reply back…ways I may still be able to pass ..I am facing a my probation to being revoked and possible state jail if I fail the test

  128. I was clean from meth for four months. I slipped up and got high for the last two days maybe smoked a gram. I have a hair test coming up. Will I fail? Please help me because this is for dss regarding getting my son back home.

    1. Hello Erin. If you want your son back home, you should be more strong, and try not to relapse. However, experts claim that an average specimen can show 90 days of past meth use.

  129. Will one very small line show up on a hair follicle test 2 months after use…yes or no please. Either it’s enough to show, or it isn’t! No one can give me a straight answer. It is not first time use, but rather every 3 and half months, it is one small line.

  130. Hello,
    I was just wondering, I had a hair follicle test on the 28th of October and I will be having another done 30 days from then. My concern is that I’ve done meth a couple times since then :(. My meth measurement/quantitation from the first test was 11181 pg/mg? The expectations of the next test are supposed to be decreased measurements. I tested positive for A LOT, because I was a heavy user, but meth is the only drug I’ve done since my hair sample was collected. I always use IV which I know is worse because it enters my blood stream at once allowing the metabolites that pass into my hair pretty potent (or however the test is read). If you would please let me know, good or bad, what I might can expect on this next test. And/or if you can help me out at all. Thanks for your time!

  131. Took a u.a today for probation but packed clean urine. Test came out faint line for meth which i smoked right before doing my u.a. Urine was sent to the lab will it have traces of meth? Is that why there was a faint line? Was the specimen contaminated?

  132. Is ice tested on a scale like a alcohol breathalyzer? My friend said her method toxicity level was 30%. How did they measure it?

  133. Just had a few points yesterday and next week sometime I have to do a liver analisis through you think I will be right,how many days to be safe

  134. I quit doing meth for a year but relapsed one day and took maybe a half of a gram in via smoking, and had a random five days later will it be a posative?

  135. My last use of methamphetamine is last august 2015 and then now im having my medical this october will be detected or not…my last is august i use it possible to be detected..i use a little dosage.

  136. I understand the concentration required to show in a hair follicle test is 250-300ng/ml but how much meth does a person have to use in order to make that concentration? Could a person use meth for a night say a gram or two snorting at the end of July only and have it show a positive on a hair follicle test on September first?

  137. I smoked Friday night. Rested Saturday, ran on Sunday around the town sweated a bit, ran Monday morning – went sauna lunchtime then ran again in the arvo, rested Tuesday cause I read up it being bad to exercise 24 hours before test, all these days I drank lots of water n powerade n ate take away non stop like I do, urine test on Wednesday at 2 pm I passed. Oh and I pissed into the cup with the mid stream of my piss also.

  138. Is there away to speed up the process of getting meth out of my system. I only done a quarter of a gram and I did it all in two shoots. My Probation officer came by and did a home visit with me today. She said that she wasnt goin to be there Friday and cause of that I now have to go see her Wednesday at 1pm. I know it takes five day to piss clean. And cause i go two days early now I will only be three days clean I only weigh around 140lbs and I’m 5’9” i dont walk or run alot but I do do a minion of a 1000 pushups every day and sometimes I’ll even do 1500. My probation officer doesn’t like me at all and I have only past one drug test for her in four years she has already violated me three separate times over drugs. I just got out of prison you all and I prefer not to have to wind up goin back. Can someone help me I really need a sure fire way to either be able to honestly pass my test or be able to tell her that I have been taking whatever it is I need top tell her so I’ll have a reason for having the drug in my system but I really would rather be able to piss clean. She always sends a police officer to the restroom with me and she even tells him to make sure that he watches me really close so I can’t take any clean piss with me.Will someone please tell me what I need to do so I don’t wind up goin back to prison for another ten years. I really appreciate you all for takin the time to read my post and for helping me out with this crapp .matter. I.sure wish she wasn’t two days early. This sucks I really appricate your alls help and kindness and for.tAking the read.this.and answer it your all so.kind. I just prey that you all have a sollotion that can truly help.and one.morething I libe in a really small town so I cant go by any of those drinks that clean you out and I dont have the time toorder any and be able to have it shipped out and delivered before Wednesday.

  139. My wife recently failed a drug test for meth. She is on probation and swears she is innocent and that she believes someone slipped it into a drink.Is this possible?

  140. my brother is deceased and his toxicology report showed a 740nanograms/per milliliter level based on a femoral artery test. Is this a high level? would he have been impaired at time of death?

    1. Hi Kelly. I’m very sorry for your loss. Unfortunately, I cannot answer this type of questions since they require another level of expertise. I believe you can get an answer from a doctor at the laboratory.

  141. My girlfriend is a ua monitor in a recovery community we live in. We are sure one of the residents is doing something as she always finds a reason to miss a random ua. I looked at her test the she had given last night and the meth line is very faint. Is this an indication of a possible positive test? How can we be sure. This person is unstable and hard to deal with.

  142. I AM A NEFVOUS WRECK, AWAITING MY HUSBAND’S RETURN HOME FROM A D.O.T MEDICAL EXAM AND DRUG TEST TO BE HIRED FOR A FEDERAL JOB. AND HE SMOKED METH ABOUT FIVE DAYS AGO…..I JUST WANT TO SAY THAT THIS JOB MEAND EVERYTJING FOR OUR FAMILY. IF HE TESTS POSITIVE I WILL BE WRECKED. HWVING ThiS JOB WILL HELP US TO stRAIGHTEN UP AND PROVID FOR OUR FAMILY, i wish more companies giv people more chances…..I think drug tests should be illegal and everyone should get a shot at proving themselves for the job…..period. I will reply on his behalf if the results are negative for reference, but I pray for another chance for him, for us.

  143. I think my daughter is on meth. She has lost a lot of weight and her face is full of sores. Does her weight have any affect on a test for meth? I was told that test would not show because of her weight. I was told that meth sticks to fat and she has none. What is the best test for her?

    1. Hello Valerie. Lab-based testing is the highest quality and gives the best insight and will show meth present when 0.02µg of meth is collected in a sample, so I recommend you order a lab test and not a home meth test.

  144. I smoke it for five days but wasn’t that much i got a drug test in 13 days whats best to do to pass my drug test or what can i do? Or i should have nothing to worry about??

  145. I tasted a Lil piece of meth on my tongue on Sunday. I was clean prior to that. I had to UA test on Monday. The line was very faint for amphetamines. So that’s negative. But they send it to lab. Will lab be able to detect that small of amount?

  146. Its been 8 months since I quit methcathinone also knows as MCAT, but sometimes I still can taste the methcathinone for like a few seconds when my mind is blank. How long will this happen? cause im starting to really freakout about this and I feel something is seriously wrong with me.

  147. I did about ten dollars worth of meth 76 hours before a lab drug test, urine. Will it show up? I’m in good shape, I’m tall and skinny. Also cut grass three day straight and have a high metabolism. I meant to tell you i smoked it, no other way. Think you for any help you can give me.

  148. I used meth first time yesterday morning and i get tested hair follicle tuesday of coming week. Am I in the window timw frame of it not showing??

  149. Yes I am a recovered drug addict going through custody battles they say it’s my paranoia but I know what drugs feel like I believe someone has put meth or another speed into my vapor liquid how long does the drug take break down into my urine? How long after I use my liquid can it take for the drug to be detected?

  150. Drug test for work
    2days previous my husband woke up for work at 5am to get ready for work he woke me up and said smells this
    an odor in the restroom we were stun the stench was horrible and strong.
    The neighbors restroom and our restroom are next door to each other.
    Turn on our vent and let be layer that morning he call said he didn’t feel well .
    Didn’t think any of this matter
    So day of drug test at a clinic did a urine test decide to stay just to get my physical and TB done doctor asked me all kinds of questions and told me the horrible results I’m positive for methamphetamines.

    I told her I’m glad I decide to get my physical done here if not you would have sent the results out I did not do this drug.
    I want to stand up for my side give me a blood test.

    Came back to get my TB results and drug test results
    tb negative – drug test came back with no results
    nurse said I need to give another lab for accurate result.

    What is going on
    What will my blood prove
    Doctor said I need to come back with close up with a methamphetamine to prove I was only a victim in my apartment. What is considered a low level results?

  151. I used one time the 2nd wk in July. Took about 10 hits, haven’t smoked since. If I get tested in Oct with hair follicles will it show?
    PLEASE someone answer…this is eating me up everyday!!

  152. Hi there, I have stupidly had 2 points of meth (Thursday) & need to pass a urine test the following Monday to be admitted to a rehab program! Does anyone have any experience with professional urine testing & time frames for showing up clear? Thank you

  153. I smoked meth on a tuesday and I have to take a urine drug test on the Monday coming up will I still have meth in my system? Please help

  154. I would like to know in a ROUTINE collection sample ; BLOOD LAVENDER . test : CREATININE (INCLUDES EGFR BLOOD PLASMA SP LB # 4430292 ROUTINE . test HEPATIC FUNCTION PLASMA SP LB # 4430292 ROUTINE. collection sample PLASMA \GREEN .test HEP C RNA VIRAL LOAD PANEL RED / YELLOW 3.5 ml FREEZE SERUM SP LB # 4430293 ROUNTINE . Please reply to the gmail provided to inform me if any and all mentioned above are in any way related to a meth lever or a drug screen.. Thank you in advance for your time pertaining to these questions..

  155. A positive level of 50,000 units of meth in a body hair follicle test, is this super high indicting very regular usage? I feel dumb asking this, but I’m floored to find out soneone I know has this result & I can’t find answers as to what levels mean. Thank you

  156. I’m reading my boyfriend’s autopsy report. The toxicology says Amphetamine 217 ng/ml & Methamphetamine 1829 ng/ml. Can anyone translate that to me? How much meth would have been used to get those readings & how soon before his death? There are questions surrounding the circumstances of his death. Is that a high amount that someone could have injected after he died to cover up other causes of death? He had been clean for over 2 months & everyone that saw him the day he died swears he was not high…even a few hours before death. Autopsy report explains altercation with son & son’s mother so some of us have questions about this toxicology result. thanks for the info

  157. I havent done meth for 2 years..but this last month ive smoked maybe a total of a gram if even that..a hit here and there threw out the whole month. .thursday around noon was the last day i smoked meth and went to see my po on wednesday around 1pm. Thats a total of 6 days..i took a saliva test ..will my test come back positive? Or negative? Plse i need to know what the results will be..thank u for your time will be waiting for an answer

  158. Hey so if I do meth an hour before I have to do a drug test after not doing meth for a long time will it still show up cuz I heard that it takes 1 to 2 hours to show up in your system

  159. Need advice from experienced people!! Situation: 23 yr old daughter, bipolar since early childhood, on disability due to permanent Rheumatoid Arthritis from side effects of psych drugs as well as serious rapid cycling BP. Also, now has SEVERE Central Pain syndrome which requires ER treatment ( IV deluded, Zofran and IV fluids due to severe vomiting from pain) during episodes of extreme pain . She smoked pot for RA for years for unremitting pain. After Central Pain Dx, she stopped pot, which wasn’t causing CPS but was triggering new episodes resulting in hospitalizations. Recently, we believe she got involved with a guy who is a bad influence . We no longer live in state and since December, after not being able to have any meaningful contact, we came to believe she was psychotic from the severe stress of temporary homelessness as well as police issues around EX boyfriend. She has lost her job, and is now being evicted in 28 days. We flew in to assess her. She was EXTREMELY erratic, lost at least 35 lbs ( she loses weight from attacks of CPS /vomiting ) which , in itself was concerning, but the erratic incoherent behavior, coupled with my discovery of a glass bell jar in her drawer ( new boyfriend has been living in her apt so we are not sure if it is hers or not) with 2 bags of light brown crystalline powder, has set off alarm bells.. she never came back to apt until 5 hours later, claiming she had a lot of errands to do in addition to “helping the boyfriends very sick grandmother who nobody else will help …” and then getting VERY aggressive and abusive verbally talking NON STOP for 3 hours about how abusive I am, how controlling, how she’s going to find a place to live and a new job in 3 weeks before she’s evicted..etc etc…… refusing to eat after we bought organic healthy food due to our EXTREME concern about her serious physical condition… she also had a HORRIBLE cut in her bottom lip, she claimed she was “picking” along with what looked like small circular scars almost like healed acne scars.. she has never had bad acne or skin problems before… I am seeing her primary dr this week while we are in town, and going to ask him to do a urinalysis and blood work on her ( under some premise) to check for these types of meth drugs, and we are looking for a lawyer to try and hire in case we need to commit her in a psych ward or a detox center depending on what we hopefully find out…. we are not sure whether she is simply psychotic ( needing psych help) or is psychotic from meth use… its hard to differentiate….. but something SERIOUS happened in December after he involvement with this new guy…… we are VERY concerned about police at this point. She has no police record and we are concerned about getting them involved at ALL due to obvious issues with criminalization of drug addicts in the USA. We cannot reason with her. We cannot get her to voluntarily go to drug or psych unit. We want to keep her trust when she becomes homeless and we have to fly back out her to save her. We offered to let her come to our state and live in a condo we will buy her so she doesn’t have to worry about struggling to make rent since the condo will be less than 500 a month ( including most utilities) She refuses to move out of state but we cannot afford CA prices…. HELP!!! Any options would be appreciated to try and save her life. She is also suicidal due to severe RA and pain issues…….. it seems impossible to do the right thing due to psych issues/ severe auto immune diseases ( CPS is the one that is life threatening) and now, what appears to be a meth addiction. Anyone know what this brown powder is? Also: Is there a test someone can link me to that can test this substance without using urine or hair??? Thankyou!!!!

  160. If I smoke lil bit of meth resin an don’t miss with for the rest of the day an been drinking water how long will it take I have touch almost a year a took a few resin hits how long will that take

  161. Smoked half gram and injected half gram in the last 3-4 days last hit was 11:30 wed morning. I have urine test late next week can anybody tell me what my chances are

  162. HI everyone. I have read this blog and your replies. My cousin use to smoke marijuana and his parents use to make him drug test. He have found a homemade drugs test name Doctortest and he use it to know if in the medical test will have a positive result. Now I use it also in my night’s out to know if I’m safe with my drink or if someone had put some drugs on it. I recommend it in either cases.

  163. I have been clean off meth for 2yrs and relasped this weekend. I smoked about 1 gram starting last thursday and finished friday. Didnt do any saturday. Injected abt a gram sunday at 3pm. Ive been drinking tons of water and cranberry juice, took a few niacin pills early monday morning. I got called for a random urine screen. Is it possible tht I can dilute my urine for the test by 5:30 monday. I also took abt aspirin monday morning.

  164. If someone smoked meth & 45minutes to an hour later gave a urine test will it come up positive? I was told it takes 3 hours for it to go through the body.

  165. My friend is on probation and test for meth he staying with me i where meth was smoked in my back room alot and thats where we go to smoke cig can he test positive for meth? From smoking cig in there?

  166. if i snorted less than twenty dollars worth of meth then took urine test 3 or 4 days later, is it possible to pass? I passed drug screen the previous week, so system was clean before i messed up. Any hope for me?? Any sugestions to help me pass, would drinking tons of water help??

  167. If i snorted a really really small line of meth first time trying and tested 1 hour after ingesting. Would it show on a test i heard it takes 3-5 hours after ingesting to start leaving the body meaning if I’m athletic and peed 45 mins later would my body have had enough time to produce any?

    1. Hi Terell. Sorry, it is possible to test positive. The meth you snorted had enough time to be metabolized during that one hour. Did it? Depends on many factors, and you may even slide by clean from this one.

  168. Hi Mary. I hope you don’t. But you could be exposed. If you suspect that your neighbour is operating a methamphetamine laboratory, report your concerns to the local police department, to sheriff’s office or to your State’s Attorney General immediately.

  169. Hi George. How many days passed since you last used before you got tested? It can be detected in blood for about 12 hours after use, and in urine it says detectable 3-5 days.

  170. What does meth test come up on the pathology form am in detox have used and am getting blood test am concerned it may show very stupid mistake do not want to be thrown out very anxious reply asap

  171. Hi Alicia. How many days after you last used were you tested? If it was a day or two, there is a great chance the test will come up positive, but if more days passed, you might have a chance.

  172. How come it took so long for a faint line to show up on a home test and then went to probation took a test there no indication of faint line right away so urine for sent to a lab I dont not know what to think one test faint line other no sign if line right away please need advise for this

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