Does marijuana cause brain damage?

We think so. Marijuana affects the brain but marijuana use has not been conclusively linked to brain damage. What do scientists know about marijuana and the brain? Learn about how marijuana impacts the brain and the factors that can increase risk of brain damage here.

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We think so.

Current research on marijuana targets the long term effect of cannabis on the brain. Although there is no definite conclusion about the potential for brain damage, there does seem to be a link between heavy marijuana use and damage in brain function. We review here.

What parts of the brain does marijuana affect?

  1. basal ganglia
  2. cerebellum
  3. cortex
  4. hippocampus
  5. nucleus accumbens

Short term effects of marijuana on the brain

Most people know that marijuana can affect memory. Marijuana and memory are at the center of current research on THC (the main active chemical in marijuana) effects on the brain.  In fact, marijuana is already linked to decreased function of short term memory and has been found to impair a person’s ability to form new memories.   But marijuana also affects other function in the brain. How? THC binds to nerve cell receptors in the cerebellum and basal ganglia and can affect the brain. These chemical changes in the brain can result in:

  • decreased motivation
  • disrupted coordination and balance
  • hallucinations (in high doses)
  • impaired complicated tasks such as athletics and driving
  • impaired mental flexibility
  • impaired problem solving
  • impaired focus (inability to hold attention)
  • increased anxiety
  • paranoia
  • slower reaction time

Most of the effects of THC last only as long as you are high.  How long does weed stay in your system?  Although the effects of weed wear off after 3-4 hours, THC can be detected in your system for days or weeks after last use. But what happens if you use marijuana over time?

Long term effects of marijuana on the brain

Current research on marijuana attempts to track the long term effects marijuana has on brain cells, brain structure and brain function. Many researchers are most interested in the effects marijuana has on the brains of young people in adolescence, whose developing brains are vulnerable to drugs. Some fear that heavy marijuana use before age 21 can result in irreversible long term brain damage. Although this is only a theory, neuro-biological relationships between marijuana use and the brain have already shown that weed can affect:

Memory deficits – Persistent deficits in short term memory and information retention have been noted in chronic, heavy marijuana smokers (daily users) after 6 to 12 weeks of abstinence.

Mood disorders – Long term exposure to marijuana in the brain can permanently alter serotonin and norepinephrine, two neurotransmitters associated with both anxiety and mood disorders. As a result, chronic marijuana use may make you more susceptible to developing mood disorders such as depression or panic attacks.

Impaired function – Chronic adolescents who started smoking weed before age 16 showed significantly impaired abilities to perform simple tasks compared to occasional marijuana users or adolescents who abstain. Mental flexibility and focus were the most notable functional differences.

Schizophrenia – Population studies reveal an association between cannabis use and increased risk of schizophrenia. How? Experts think that marijuana can trigger the onset or relapse of schizophrenia in people predisposed to it, perhaps also intensifying their symptoms.

Is brain damage from marijuana use reversible?

Some aspects of brain chemistry return to normal after you stop using marijuana. For example, cannabinoid receptors (involved in pleasure, appetite, and pain tolerance) decrease in number during chronic marijuana use but return to normal when you stop using weed. Some experts even think that cannabis has only benign effects on brain structure. However, research into the long term effects of marijuana on the brain is just beginning. And why risk a lifetime of permanent brain changes when you can alter your path now?

Do you have problems with marijuana?

If you think that you’re smoking too much weed, you probably are. But help is out there. Do you have questions about marijuana use? Do you want to stop smoking marijuana? Please leave your questions or comments here. We will answer you personally!

Reference sources: National Drug Intelligence Center info on marijuana
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Marijuana use could cause permanent brain damage
About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I don’t normally take marijuana
    But recently I took a caramel toffee mixed with ground weed herbs
    Soon after, I felt a movement in my head, right beneath my skull and it moved and finally settled in my throat.
    I still feel it now and I try coughing it out or swapping it but neither helps
    Is it normal, and does that ever happen?

  2. Im trying to stop smoking marijuana… I’m 18 right now and have been smoking heavy everyday, sometimes multiple times a day since I was 16 turning 17 around that time. So I’ve been smoking for about a year and a half now (probably 2 years now) and I came to the point where I KNOW I needa stop. I’m scared that since I smoked sooo much within about 2 years that my brain won’t be able to function correctly. I’m very forgetful already and sometimes can’t even remember certain things that happened the day before. I’ve also abused Xanax twice within these past 2 months and have done some other hardcore drugs that I’m not too proud of to say… will I always be this forgetful? Am I addicted to marijuana and other drugs? Idk if I’m able to completely stop abusing these substances but I know In my mind and soul that I don’t want to anymore… I don’t feel like myself and have been depressed before so weed helps me take my mind off things… I want to stop to feel better but I think it’ll be too hard sometimes.. I need help or some kind of encouragement I guess that’s why I’m typing this… so please if anyone has anything they’d like to say or anything that’ll help, thatd be great…

    1. People have smoked a lot more for a lot longer and are fine, I wouldn’t be too scared. I have been smoking since I was 16, my short term memory is not great but in terms of who I am, I am still the same. Stopped smoking last August, going to try and do the full year smoke free. I feel good and a lot less hazy, memory still not great but not smoking has allowed me to see I don’t need to smoke from sun up to sun down anymore! If you want to stop just stop, whatever you have left finish it and don’t buy another bag. The first 3-4 weeks are the hardest but once you get past that it is smooth sailing. Give it a go. And I would not be worried about brain damage, you will be fine 😀

  3. I used too way over use Marijuana And then stopped for a while. Now if I ever smoke it I instantly feel a headache. Is there a reason to this?

    1. Yep I’d stop right away and get an MRI that can be drug induced migraine or scar tissue on the brain, lack of brain cells etc.

  4. Also within this past six months, i feel like i have been depressed. And sometimes when the “im crazy” thoughts creep in i hate myself. And then i cry because I really hope i do get better. I was such a happy, nice, always laughing and engaging with others type of person. And i wish i would have never smoked. I hope that in 4 years from now of being weed free. Ill be able to see a glimpse of who i once was. This is a battle within myself. And only i can save myself.

  5. I have read most of these comments. And i feel a bit better about what i am going through. I feel a bit “normal”. So i started smoking weed when i was 19 and i recently just stopped (now 23). I was in studying at a university when one of my neighbors first offered me some. And i said why not im in college that’s what its all about! A year later age 20 i droppped out of college. Felt horrible about myself for dropping out but my addiction was way more important at that time. The need to feel happy and careless took over my real dreams and goals! During the ages of 21-22 i did nothing with life. I just worked at ( many many) different jobs. All had to be in the morning so that i could smoke up alllll afternoon with my so-called “friends”. thats what i did for two years straight nothing but wake work, smoke, eat, drink, daydream and overthink. I was always a off and on type of smoker. (Just so that i could pass drug tests). And get the job i wanted. When i was 22 1/2 i started to realize that something had changed in me. I was just smoking to smoke not enjoying it anymore it was like chore. I was not happy anymore. I started to heavily overthink. I didn’t want to be in public places. Social skills went down the drain. Anxiety started to creep up. Anger and negative thoughts were always in mind. And i started to be mean to those around me and started to see just the worse in people. And my speech has been impaired. Not dramatically but i have such a hard time just speaking to people. So when i noticed all these changes i started to cut back smoke twice a week, then once a week, then every other week, then once a month, and now that im 23 1/2 i do not want it i hate it I resent it! The last time i smoked was 6 months ago. And before that i had not smoked for 2 months. And the last time i smoked which was 6 months ago it was the worse anxiety at its worse!! Overthinking at its max velocity!!! Loss of focus at its worse and zombie mode for two days!! After those two days past I finally came to a conclusion that all my suffering that i had/have been going trough was because of the devil lettuce! My symptoms of what i had mentioned earlier have gotten better! It has been a rough bumpy road even to this moment of been sober for 6 months. I still have anxiety my focus is not at is best i find myself using alot of strength to focus when im in school. My overthinking has calmed. And im still learning on how to control my emotions. I have good days and i have bad days. But im starting to see a lil more good days. I have tried to change my life im back in school even though I struggle with this anxiety. I work out for an hour each day. I dont hang out with the same “friends”. And im eating alot healthier now. And ive started to meditate for my anxiety. Its all about finding your way back. Yes its sooo ffuuccking hard and sometimes i feel like im literally fucking crazy some days! But i fight it ! Because i know that i am not that we are not! We just have to Learn to love ourselves again! Which will take alot of work, dedication, patience, faith, acceptance and forgiveness.

  6. I’d like to see studies explore how heavy marijuana use affects the maturing brain that is transitioning from childhood through adolescence to adulthood.

    My observations have been that it often deeply disrupts focus and development and the locus of control (one’s sense of self in relation to the environment).

    All at a critical juncture in life when decisions can and will effect the entire course of your life.

  7. I smoked for 15 years and in my 30’s began having major panic attacks while on weed which eventually led to having them no matter if I had smoked or not. They become so bad that there were times where I almost felt like I was becoming schizophrenic. I began fearing everything and became a hypochondriac as well in this time. I had to remit myself to the hospital multiple times because I thought I was having a heart attack. The fear would cause overwhelming sensations with heart pounding, cold sweats, and even dizziness. The weed I was smoking was high-end and very potent stuff. I ended up stopping as I could no longer function or hold a job. It’s been 14 years since I last smoked weed or a cigarette. I don’t drink or do any drugs, I will not even take prescription drugs for anxiety that they tried to put me on back then. Today I still have some limited anxiety. I know when its happening and just begin to calm myself and remind myself that I have been here before and I can just wait it out and it will pass. I don’t think I will ever forgive myself for smoking all that weed. I know a lot of friends that have similar, though not as powerful, symptoms as I did that just ignore it. I watch them self-destruct in daily life and it hurts me to watch. I don’t think I will ever be like I was before I smoked weed. I was a happy little kid with dreams and a heart of gold. I loved life and participated in all kinds of things. Today I have no real friends and until this year had completely given up on any dreams. As a new years resolution, I decided to begin working out, eating somewhat better, and reading books on success and habits. I have stuck with it al year and have read over 40 books, lost 15lbs of fat, and gained a really nice healthy looking build that I am proud of. Next year I am moving away from where I live as it is very rural and there is no interaction with new people. I want to use next year to get back to creating my dreams in business and spending more time teaching my kids healthy life choices to deal with stress. I can honestly say that without my wife who is extremely stable I would not be here today. I love her and all she has put up with during later years. My point is if you’re on drugs and having problems getting off FIND HELP, its never to late and the sooner you get help the better off your life will be. Love each of you, YOU CAN DO THIS!

  8. I just learned last night that my 13yr.old grandaughter ate a large amt. of tch laced brownies.Her other makes these kinds of things. What long term affect can this incident have on her? Is her frontal lobe damaged, will she become addicted easily as her mother use to be a heroin addict? I want possibilities so I can watch for some effects. Her mother would never take her to a Dr. Thank you for any info

    1. Hello. I’ve smoked weed at that age and yes I’ve seen my friend in 6th grade to adult smoke it and his IQ dropped drastically he fails to hold a sentence do equations and keep focus. He was the class clown because he had no care for school because he was always high. If I can give you one piece of advice weed isn’t addictive the first time doing it but if she keeps being exposed to it by friends the addiction will go into her normal life it’s best to get her on rehab so she won’t become dependent on the drug and her peer pressure friends, counseling or therapy this leads to juuling addiction as well. Being dependent on a drug then quitting causes long term depression, anxiety, and brain fog in young ages. I hope she will learn 13 is too young and drugs shouldn’t be an easy way out.

  9. I stopped smoking and I’ve been experiencing psychosis,lack of awareness,fed up with people around .if after I get treatment from a health care and go back to smoking ,get myself fully and go back to smoking weed but not occasionally. Will I experience all these listed above again?


  11. I am 70 years old and use 2 hits to sleep at night. My doctor tells me that it is responsible for MY short term memory. I’m having a hard time thinking it is true. I use to smoke more but I was not a daily user until I lived with a man who was and that was for 3-4 years in my 50’s

  12. I can add to these negative exp statistics as a concerned brother that marijuana smoking and now ingestion has done its damage over the years to my mid 40s brother, hes no where near the same in character (as he was in the 90s,as a young man) with his hateful ways, lies, front’s you name it, this weed must be a pathway to not only physical destruction but spiritual as well, removing Gods will to infiltrate with darkness. There is no relating to him, with reports of issues such as anxiety attacks, nightmares etc, all over a powerful addiction to weed, that is indeed a gateway drug when I learn what other trouble it brought . There is much proof in the statistics that we are in an age of supporting this pharmakia which goes hand in hand with the occult practices. Producing this weed for other than treating terminally ill is just wrong, it’s destroying lives all over, it must be satans lettuce. The state of Oregon endorses it by legalizing it, assisting the addicts. I say enough!

  13. I feel like my short term memory gets impaired when I smoke, especially with dab pens. Will this get better if i stop smoking or continue to only do it once in a while, sometimes once every couple of months, lately once or twice every couple of weeks. In the long term, will my memory worsen, and does CBD help with depression or anxiety or social anxiety? I feel like it helps it extremely, but I don’t want to become depended on it just to be happy and confident?

    1. Yes if you stop smoking above the age of adolescents chances are you’lol regain normal memory and yes any drug you can become dependent on if abused even scented markers or catnip, K2-spice which all can cause brain damage. I personally have a dab pen and only hit it on a high level once to help with my insomnia, which is very responsible in my opinion but I never take it and abuse it with friends even if they ask for a smoke session on a Friday afternoon

  14. Six years ago I took marijuana. And today I feel like paranoid thinking that I will going to be crazy. Is that possible that it’s a long term effect of marijuana? Please I respond with vivid details. Thank you.

    1. That was too long ago. You might have anxiety, schizophrenia, depression or migraine with brain fog. Seek medical advice

  15. I just smoked a little bit of it 3 days ago. and i hated how it made me feel. i felt very anxious and a little paranoid with a bit of anxiety. i went to work the next day and i still felt what i was feeling last night but it wasnt as bad i just didnt feel myself. and now its day 3 and the feeling hasnt gone away? is it possible that im just still high or something? does weed last more than a few hours such as days? i have no explanation.

  16. I want this to be cured as soon as possible
    I strted this at the age of 24 and stopped it in age 25 taken a vry heavy dose of weed and charas too with it
    M not takin it since 3yrs ago

  17. I have been smoking pot since age of twelve no heavily abusing though like dumb teens who smoke five blunts at once pure waste of money and is just.. stupid anyway I am the age of sixteen now and realized I FUCKED UP!! I worry about my future in the culinary arts as a food critic I wanna make it to food network which means I’ll need all my brain I stopped and haven’t smoked for a week and am done. The question is considering I stopped will I get better? Will my brain function perfectly again? Will I have the brain power to go through to my hopeful pathway as a three Michelin star chef? I mean I made As and Bs as a stoner but imagine what I could do if I was stoner no more. Thank you for your time!

  18. I’ve been smoking everyday for 4-5 months and I have just super recently started getting head aches and my wya feel sore. Also I cough up yellow flem all the time, what’s wrong and what do I do cause I don’t wanna stop smoking fully

  19. I started smoking since I was 17 now am 22 I want to stop and have failed alot I need support so tomorrow will be my first sober day and counting….any advice??

  20. I smoke weed 2months ago, got panic attack thats why i quit. After how many days, i feel high and always got me thinking. Am i going insane/crazy, sometimes i feel normal especially when my mind and body are busy doing anything. But most of the time, i got paranoid and sometimes before i fell asleep, my mind will just go blank and i cant remember anything. is this normal for witdrawals, and how long i will be dealing with this? Please help. Do i need to see a doctor, because im afraid of loosing my mind or memories. Afraid of getting a lot of mental disorder (schizoprenia,bipolar,depression,or sort of dementia or amnesia)

  21. My husband smoked weed from age 13 to 40, and because he’s had the same good paying job since he was 17, he was able to afford to smoke a lot. And unfortunately he suffers a lot of damage from it — mental inflexibility, mood swings, depression, among other side effects. We met at the ages of 16 and 18 and married at 21 and 23. I can deal with the arrested development, but the depression manifests as anger and that is hard to live with. Is there like a “mild happy pill” that might help him? Thanks for the info and help.

    1. The only pills that can help such a condition is pills for depression usually only prescribed by a doctor. Xanax and Percocet work to but cause more addiction.

  22. I smoked weed once five days before in good amount just for trying it once and was very high for 3-4 hours after that but even though my high was gone still I am feeling loss of concentration and memory till now and my ability to do complicated tasks is still impaired. I am 22 years age and I wanted to know how long will it take to completely wear off?

  23. I started smoking weed when i was 15 and all throughout that summer almost every day. during school season, i smoked on the weekends and occasionally once or twice during the week. it used to feek good and it just made everything fun and happy and chilled me out and made things enjoyable kind of like an edge. im 16 now and i still use marijuana pretty frequently, but since maybe october, most of the time when i smoke i feel depersonalized and have intense thoughts and memory recall and i cant control my thoughts and end up just being freaked out. i also feel horrible (hangover like) the day after i do it and nothing feels real or tactile which makes me feel stuck. i keep smoking because i want to feel something and i want to attempt to get the feeling that i used to feel back, but right now im just afraid that ill never feel new feelings and ill be stuck in this fog. i guess im afraid that i messed myself up and wont be able to feel things and experience things like how i did when i was younger/before weed use. i have a good memory, but my perception is the problem. thaanks

  24. I have an almost 18 year old son who smoked a blunt by himself the only time he has done it ,now he is having panic , anxiety, and problems with feeling if it’s real or not what do I need to do it’s been a week now

  25. I been smoking weed for 40 years i am scared to stop because when i stopped my blood pressure i dont know weather to stop or not What should i do I work it doesn’t affect me like heavy drugs users i didnt lose house and steal for it

  26. I have been using weed occasionally since 4years but recently I have been smoking daily for a week and I have been seeing many changes in my thought process and have been doing weird things.

  27. yes i think i am smoking too much, i smoke one or two joints daily but mixed with lot of tobacco, how can i reduce and be a non user or use it occassionally

  28. I have smoked almost 10 years ( also when I was younger.) 4 months before quitting, i started dwelling on random words and thoughts. Could the weed have done damage to my brain? I was on paxil before this, years ago for not letting go of problems I had, came off paxil and am now back on it. I might have OCD, could the weed have made it worse? I am now 64 yrs. old. Thank you for any help

  29. I have overdose on weed milkshake(boiling weed in sweet milk) and the effects does not go away after 6 days also i am afraid.I think i have permanennt brain damage,i experience round head all the time.Can this be cured?

  30. I am 19 years old and I smoked weed for over a year straight. I then decided to quit around May 2017. I quit for about 2 months and felt great. Then when I decided to smoke July 4th 2017 I got really high. After that day my life hasn’t been the same. I feel like I’m not seeing things right and know that I’m not myself. I have no motivation to do anything. My vision seems messed up and I have glasses and contacts. I where the contacts everyday and I can’t wear the glasses because they don’t feel right. It’s like I can see but somethings not right with my vision. I feel sick and depressed and need help. I don’t know if I have a mental illness or what

  31. My brother went into marijuana at age of 17 till 28.
    During 24,25,26,27 he had taken powders and alcohol.+
    (Smoking hard cigerettes at all time 20 a day)

    He was a class topper,handsome face,fresher, college captain,girls were crazy for him,mom and dad loved him the most.

    Now he is 31 we treated him with pgychologist,and sent him in rehab.

    From previous 3-4 years he is always,sleeping,sometime awake for 4-5 days,he dont eat,dont talk, seems like he lost hi consiousness.

    Can any one please help me my mother,and my father.

    They are broken!!

    Please reply.

    Now he left ganja(marijuwana) but smokes a lot.

    Please help

  32. I really need help ismoke weed daily ever since I was about
    15 and I’m turning 21 next Thursday.anyways really wanna turn a new leaf this time around can’t do it by myself please

  33. Smoked weed on and off got too high when I took a break and hit a GB. Never have felt the same use to be fine now I’m a different person but I don’t see a problem smoking it’s just not right for everyone

  34. So this thread is very old but here goes if anyone’s out there , I’m 17 (18 in a couple of days) I’ve been smoking green since about 11/12 ish and smoking since 11/12 , I used to smoke it occasionally here and there but as I got to about 14/15 I started smoking it regularly and now I’ve been doing itpretty much everyday since my 16th , I feel it has affected my head in a lot of ways such as speech impediment, memory loss , very bad paranoia, very bad mood swings such as little things aggravating me so much I feel like stabbing someone in the eye (not the best example and a bit exaggerated) but I’ve grown up being bullied and taught myself to control my anger so nothing bad ever happens and dumbness. I work full time and am a very practical person never been lazy always loved being outside and hated being in. Whenever I smoke weed I feel happy but when I don’t smoke it I feel as if I’m not myself and that I’ve changed from what I used to be by a substantial amount I’m not sure if this is apart of puberty or not but I’m starting to feel I should stop as it really isn’t doing me any good. Do you think the weed has done this to me , myself or puberty as weed and the age I’m at now with my brain developing??

  35. Hello. My friend is a sophomore and she smokes, vapes, eats, or otherwise ingests weed everyday multiple times a day. She started using weed around 6 months ago. I think she is addicted, although she would say otherwise. What can I do to get her to quit without jeopardizing our friendship or getting her arrested or in trouble with the school? She is really smart, and used to get more like As and Bs, but is throwing away her potential and mainly getting Cs and Ds and missing school more often. I see so much in her that she is capable of, but she could be permanently damaging her brain with the amount of weed she uses and consistency of her use. Any advice on how I can stop her? Thanks.

  36. hi there is their anyway i can improve my cognitive functions after smoking weed from 13 until 18. can i get rid of foggy mind low energy lack of motivation and concentration etc. I’ve been looking into stem cell therapy is that a viable option or just a waste of cash.

  37. I began smoking since i was 14 on and off till i came about smoking it everytime of the day for these past 2 years its 2017 now and i recently dropped it 2 months ago and now i feel really weird and like if things around me aren’t real i also feel hot from my ears and head its just so uncomfortable its driving me nuts wish i just felt normal.

  38. hi
    never know what is weed before smoking it,, i wz a regular jst cigrete smoker 5 to 6 stick of marlboro nw totally quit cigrette smoking aswel when i got weed pot anxiety or may be panic attack it called when first use of weed bong by mistakely friends offer me a bong hits almost 8th mnth before am talking abt to till now my brain condition is some time good some time attacks feeling like dying sudden heart palpitation nd tremors all overbody mind goes blnk totally foggines dnt knw wht is this happening me smtimes,,even nw am cmpletly smoke free tho since 8mnths when hit bong first time and till nw brain goes here and there swings badly if am taking deep breaths il be feels ok and eating of vitamin D also calms me sometimes when got attacks like am feeling annoying and i wz a heavy weight lifter in gym nw lost almost 15ponds nw no aims to go fr workout nt happy feelings in doing anythng sorry fr my butler english pls letme knw smthng to get it heal soon coz i give birth to my new born baby i wntd to live a happy life with my daughter ?

  39. Hello, my name is marco, so 2 months ago in february, i’ve been using weed for like 20 joints a day (for 3 days straight) in some island with my mates, it feels like the effect are still stuck on my head, i feel like my motoric sense distrupted and i’ve lost sense of joy and a bit of my appetite… is it because of the drugs or is it just a bad perception of mine? Thx.

  40. I have read that after smoking cannabis the pineal gland can release upto 4000% of it’s normal output of Melatonin after about half hour of smoking, so if someone is a chronic daytime smoker for many years would this harm natural melatonin production and release with the pineal gland upsetting the natural rhythmn of the sleep wake cycle to the point where a heavy user can become an insomniac, I have several friends who over time have become insomniacs and all have been heavy day time smokers, can smoking weed also cause the pineal gland to become calcified? I have given Melatonin supplements to a couple of friends to help with their insomnia recently and they seem to sleep better using it……

  41. I drank weed with milk and i think i took too much of it and was my first time and its being four days and still having headaches. And I think it affected my brain

  42. Yo man I’m 17 and I play bball since 2tg I am pro.. And normally I hate stuff that effects your body in a bad way like any kind of alcohol,tobacco etc. but 10 days ago I was at a biiig team party and I was drunk when my friend offered me to try weed at first I said no off, but he is just kept insist for me to try it.and I took like 9-10 breathe of weed then everything went fine after i felt a little drizzly and threw up in a car.obviliously I will not smoke weed Anytime again but I’m very concern about does this thing called being “being cross-faded” make long term effects or any kinda effects on my brain? I feel very bad I don’t know what to do besides writing here.please answer

  43. I am a 28 year old female who is looking to stop smoking I don’t feel I am addicted although when I feel something doesn’t go the way I want it to go I seek the use of marijuana to ease the stress and te disappointments. But when I set off for week or so I can’t sleep I start getting worried and feel like people are talking about me etc etc but that only happens when I don’t consume marijuana (withdrawls) why? I want to stop I’m not I started smoking after I gave birth to my daughter as a single mom i was very stressful and got into peer pressure to use marijuana because it releases stress and makes you feel calm and I feel I have abused it the good thing is that I recognize the issue. By the way I started this habit at age 26 right after I gave birth ?

  44. noticed like 2 years ago an usual pattern of too deep sleeping in my son and also unusual red eyes but last year around September I caught him smoking weed, I was devastated that my suspicion has been confirmed. He begged and promised he will stop but found out he has not stopped because I found the substance in his room twice.

    This is my is my only child, he is 22 years, I know the damage this can do to his life if use is continued because it can also increase. What do I do as this is even affecting our relationship and to be honest am developing a disliken for him. Because I am greatly disappointed.

    He has everything that anycl child can get right from his start in life, properly brought up in a good neighbourhood, family, good schools etc.

    What can i do and how can I help him to stop please I need help.

  45. Ive been started smoking when i was 16 now im 20.
    I smoke almost everyday and i knew im addicted.
    Now i became mr silent ✌?
    My intrest towards evrything has been changed i gotta only a thought smoke!
    I lose my personality thoughts and lost connection with many people (friends,family)
    Eventhough i see them i wont go talking with
    I gotta fear to stand in public
    I want to stop but i cant
    Im addicted
    But i will stop for my good future

  46. I smoked up weed heavily for 6 months at the age of 22. It is like i remained high 24 hours daily during these six months. It has been 4 months now and it have quited smoking up but i am facing serious memory issues, is it repairable ?? I generally forget my family members name, names of my favourite movie characters.

  47. I’ve combined beer 3-4 tall cans for over 15 years pretty much nightly with one or 2 joints has contributed to my slurring the odd word in vocal control.
    Has anyone else experienced this?

    I’m know 4 1/2 weeks without weed at all
    Currently down to 1-2 drinks per night tough to go cold turkey with everything.
    I have noticed an improvement in my speech daily
    Perfection yet no.
    Anyone heard of this ever happening.
    Blood work is prestine.

  48. Hi there, I have been a long term user of marijuana since I was 15. I’m almost 47 and have tried to quit smoking off/on for years. I find myself currently in quite a dilemma. My boyfriend who is probably the most loving, sweetest man I’ve ever been with is a chronic pot smoker and I am worried that I will struggle to quit and have it around me constantly. I don’t want to leave the relationship, but want some advise on how I can quit with this all around me. Any advise?


  49. We all know that getting high instantly makes our view of life enjoyable but what you should also know is you should be high off life and independently able to vibe with life without thinking of it. You know u can get high while your already high. Don’t try to escape reality. Do what you think you could do with weed. Trust me you’ll feel better and the quality of your life won’t be such a roller coaster. Btw I am 15 and turning 16 in 20 days. I started smoking weeds everyday when I was 13. I felt really good very euphoric at times while on the substance . All types of adventures but it’s not worth it . Self decipline and reliance is way much better in life. Learn how to be happy as hell without weed. I feel very creative , calm, meditated, intelligent, I don’t have any negative thoughts in my mind while school I have a good chill and passion and motivation. Just recommend that you limit yourself at least to 2 times a month … Don’t become a looser not everybody has a strong brain . You have to realize when it’s time to grow up its not about the fun it’s about becoming someone and like the footsteps your taking .. Weed won’t take you anywhere but to a stimulating reliance in life.

  50. I’ve been smoking cannabis for around 4 years now and now when i smoke now my both legs start feeling numb/tingling feeling.
    Please tell me is this a big issue?


  51. I turned 15 in july and ive been smoking marijuana regularly since about April, so about five months. I want to know what damage that could have occured in that time. Ive been having trouble remembering things and i feelout of it allot

  52. i started smoking pot 2 years ago,suddenly i noticed i started having headaches,the headaches last for all day long without stop,i used pain relievers but it just stop for a few days and later comes back again,while i was using those medications i still kept on smoking….i have been having this headaches for over 4months now….pls what is the solution

  53. Hello.

    i got introduced to weed at the age of 13, now im 19. when i started, i wasnt really addicted but at the age of 15 i got introduced to people that were addicted. that made me smoke weed for about 3 years. I feel that alot has changed in my life, like I used to be able to speak to people without hesitating , i used to make people laugh and get along really well with everyone, but now my communicating skills have decreased alot and i tend to overthink(always thinking in my head). i feel that im being judged by every small movement that i make and i wasnt that to Really stop. Would stopping weed be of any benefit as i cant even tell stories as i used to at age 13.
    and when i smoke weed now , im barely able to speak . i just listen and laugh (agree or disagree). HELP?

    Thank you

  54. I have been smoking marijuana since i was 16 and am now 60. i have been smoking heavy everyday pretty much for 40 years. i also since i was forty took up drinking. about 6 to 8 beers a night and a gram of weed a day. i have recently quit. my brain is so foggy i cant stand it. i would love to be part of research and hope that this feeling goes away. after reading articles i may be in trouble with fixing myself. im sure there is someone out there that would love to see my brain lungs and liver. i hope to quit now forever but we will see. thats why im here today.

  55. Hi I’m Sam, I feel weed does effect memory and the way ppl think, I started smoking when I was 15 and I’m now 17, I’ve had I rough life but I was always so great at school, the class clown one of the best athletes and one of the social guys, but after a year of smoking I became more depressed,my friends noticed I lost a lot of weight, and I wasn’t really myself.when I was at school I would think of weed and just waiting to get out of school to go smoke more at home, I of course noticed my behavior change but didn’t do nothing about it, but usually when I notice a problem I fix it. But I dropped out of school and stayed at home for a year straight and the hole time I was smoking and over thinking, after a year away from school I went back but I wasn’t as smart as I used to be, I used to get As and Bs , but I was getting Cs D’s and Fs. And now I’m really freaking out because I can’t really remember a lot of my childhood like I used to…. And sometimes I feel if I can’t remember a lot of what I’ve been though my life experience, then what will my future hold for me? What will my old friends think of me if I can’t remember a lot of the good times we had? The family times? Everything? ….. I may have smoked to much , but I was always told that it will not effect me that much and there’s no proven science that it will effect your mind, but now I’m thinking if we don’t know the science behind weed, then why are there so many ppl that don’t need it , using it, when we don’t truly know what it will do, until the damage has already been done??

  56. Is it fine to use weed only at nite let’s say from a hard night at work??like to limit use…also i use it because i have back pain and stress.also want to stop using,, i want to be content without the use of marijuana.

  57. hey..
    I’m 21. I’ve been smoking kush daily for almost 3months now. i’ve always beeen a good kid. never got into any trouble( i’m trying to paint a picture of what my life was like before i started smoking kush) i think i’m addicted bse I like being high. Basically like 100% of what i stress about/ my priorities seem meaningless when i’m high( they kind of are anyway i just couldnt realise that when not high) and i love the escape. Honestly life is brighter and the air is fresher when i’m high.
    i dont do any other drugs whatsover.( booze, cocaine etc)
    My family is great and i have no physcological or emotional issues watsover. (maybe only that i like being bymyself and find rlnships uncomfortable) I know myself which is why i think i wont stop and I think i wanna stop bse obviously i can’t use kush to be happy forever.
    basically life was shitty and it became less shitty since i started smoking kush.
    So my question is. Is it possible to quit after i feel this differently about life?

  58. Hi, I’m a 15 year old ADHD kid. I started smoking three months ago but have only smoked 6 times, I have stop now, but will I ever be 100 percent fine again like brain and lung damage ?

  59. My dad has been smoking weed on a daily basis for about 35 years beacuse he was severely beaten on a daily basis by alcoholholic parent fir most of his xhildhood and then to top it off he went into the military but he really hasnt had any side affects accept for his lungs bit despite using weed daily for mamy years he is still one of the smartest people I know and you shpuldnt use shit from the. 50s like weed kill oohh im so acared you fucking tards I smoke qeed beacuse I have depression and anxiety. Even though im under age but to rap tjis up you are losers for wasting your time trying to scare people beacuse obviously your never gonna kill off marijuana

  60. I have been smoking weed since i was 9 i am 18 now and i have not noticed any big changes I forget something every now and then but like i said nothing big. i have been treating epilepsy and depression fyi. I can stop smoking whenever, i have before its just that there is no reason not to it makes my life so much easier

  61. I smoked a joint on April 7th,i am not a chronic smoker. I had the effects for hours with severe headache,then i had mild effects for the next 5 days. Now its been almost 2 weeks and i am experiencing the similar effects. I have impaired memory functions,problem solving,decision taking and i keep pressing the keyboard a lot. Please help.

  62. Hello. My best friend and former boyfriend spent the first semester of his freshman year smoking marijuana quite often. Now the second semester is almost over and he came to me about having paranoia. I witnessed it myself. He was SOBER and he thought he could hear the people upstairs talking about him and even signaled at them. He has lashed out at me many times in the last few days, saying how I don’t love him or trust him. And he has become very very aggressively jealous. He spent the day being so nice and fun with me and about 2 hours after we fell asleep he tried to sneak my phone out of my pocket to search through it. I know it’s not his fault but I am very genuinely scared for him. He scares me now and I’m afraid he will never be the same. Please email me back text or call me as soon as possible because I really want to help him get back to a good place.

  63. I think I am in a minority with my story regarding marijuana. When I was about the age of 10 my dad let me hit his bong.I was just a curious kid. My dad should have said no. I’m pretty sure he thought it was safe and didn’t think anything would happen to me. Well, I followed his directions on how to hit it. Shortly after I started hyperventilating. I didn’t know what was wrong. I was completely freaking out. I insisted on going to the hospital. My dad agreed to take me but told me that I couldn’t tell them what brought on the attack. I was sent home…diagnosis…just hyperventilation. But my life changed drastically after that. I started acting like someone who had PTSD. I developed all kinds of phobias…elevators and other enclosed spaces, heights, etc. I tried to go on an amusement park ride as a teen and completely freaked out. I felt out of control and scared to death! Of course, later in life when there were more studies and information available, I was diagnosed with a panic disorder. When I sought help for it I revealed to my psychologist when it all started…when I hit my dad’s bong (I also smoked regularly as a teen…because my dad’s side of the family all smoked together so I just joined in) he said that my brain was chemically altered. I believe there is some truth to this because, like I said, I was a normal kid until that event, but I have yet to find a study that completely supports what this doctor said. So I don’t know if there is just limited research up until this point or if what he said isn’t true. I also now suffer from neuropathy. Part of treatment for that is pain medication. I do take Ibuprofen but it isn’t completely helpful and I don’t want to take pain meds. I am curious if medicinal marijuana can help with that? Is there any information that backs the affects of marijuana on children that can cause permanent damage? If that isn’t what happened then I don’t know what happened. How do you go form being a normal kid to a kid who acts like they have PTSD? Sigh. This is why I am sad. I need answers…solutions. I’m tired of struggling with this panic disorder but I don’t want to take meds. I tried that and they made me feel terrible.

  64. I have to agree with you that every single one of the symptoms you describe for chronic and heavy medical marijuana use are real and can be debilitating for those users, guys like me! I have terminal and painful cancer and the heavy use of pot really helps me cope with both my illness and the unexpected side effects like blinding and black depression and anger at being a young husband with a loving wife and four children who is very sick with cancer and who is slowly but surely dying. Marijuana is helping me and my friends who also suffer from cancer and we all get great relief from marijuana! And we are all much happier too!

  65. I have been having trouble with my memory recently and now planning to stop smoking and quit for good.
    I just wanted to know if after quitting do these memory loss side effects wear off and go back to normal?

  66. I was wondering at what age can you smoke weed not damage your brain. I started smoking pretty recently (bout a year ago) when i was 14, and now im 15 and smoking strong stuff everday. I don’t want to stop necessarily because i found its the only medication that works for my head, but i do want to take a break till its safer, because i also developed a bad cough and occasionally cough up tar now. Also do edibles affect you in the same way?

  67. I am 58 years old and have been smoking pot once a day for about 4 years. I was very shocked when I recently started a new fast-paced job and realized I had no short term memory! I quit cold-turkey when I read on the internet that smoking pot regularly can be the cause of this. My question is are there any facts/studies regarding the amount of time you could expect your short term memory to return? This has also caused me to start tests as it could be early-onset Alzheimer’s. I wish I never met pot! Thank you in advance for any information you can give me.

  68. I did marijuana for a month and a half then I just stopped, will I be alright or has my body already stopped some of its functions due to external THC? Answer will be appreciated Thanks.

  69. Hi – I consider myself a casual smoker, lately having 1 cone most nights. I think I do it for relaxation only. I’ve been through divorce, I have 3 young kids who I see on an arranged basis & I’m a shift worker.
    My partner is not a smoker & she has been concerned about me lately, being disorganised with things, not fully discussing things & forgetting things.
    Can you offer me any advice? Thanks.

  70. I started smoking weed when I turned 18. Though I used to drink and smoke cigarettes but I knew I will never get into drugs. But I did. First it started small like thrice in a week but then I started smoking 5 joints a day. It didn’t stop. Now I’m 20. I had some social anxiety in me but now it’s limitless. I’m suffering from depression. I don’t know the last time I was happy for a day. I feel like smoking weed has changed me. Changed me for bad I will not become what I was.Its like I have become a different soul. The me of 18 years has gone and will never return. My self esteem has lowered. Sorry for being so negative but its true. I feel like weed has changed my mind. It’s not notmal. I’m not normal. please help me.

  71. I took my first hit when I was 13, smoked “off and on” I guess since then for about ten years now. Now I am 23 and in law school. Can’t believe how far I’ve pushed myself in spite of smoking. It’s like a dirty little secret-a spiteful game of sorts-to get by in school while smoking heavily. But enough is enough, and the prospect of losing my mental abilities to the drug is terrifying.
    I gotta say, smoking does make you feel permanently stupid after a while. You can fight through the cloudiness as much as you want, but it catches up pretty quick.

  72. I smoke marijuana since 3 years,but occasionally…..once a week or so……I wanted to try the see it’s effects and the feelings people get from it……till now I cough and don’t get the effect or Highness everyone else gets….I cough if I inhale it harder….is there any reason…..I just want that feeling once…..and I smoke cigarettes too like 6 cigarettes a day
    …is that the reason I don’t get the Highness….

  73. My son is a weed addict and he does not listen to us he is over 30s . He cannot take dicisson .he do not go work .we lost one son in accident and now this boy he stays away from us how can we help him ? please answer me please. We’re I both in USA when we talk he fights.but we love him

  74. before i moved here i was against smoking weed and I have some friends who do it and they got me to try it at a party i ended up smoking so much i got stuck in a chair and could not move it was great

  75. hii ..i smoke weed last time may be 4 months ago .when i smoked last time i experienced like my brain dead i cant fell anything,cant think anything ,i suddenly go to doctor but doctor said all normal..than advised me some medicines .medicines i fell its like sleeping or anxiety 3 months passed my situation is improved only 30 percent i can say i am writing this still i feeling my brain cloudy and pain too..please help me i am really fraustated with this

  76. I can’t stop smoking weed it’s just part of my daily schedule after I get off work at 5 I smoke a bowl and relax. I’ve been smoking since I was 14 and I’m 20 so I’d really like to release this habit from my life once and for all because every time I say I’m quitting I come up with a reason or excuse why I should smoke. It’s like I don’t even feel that good high feeling anymore I mean sometimes I do but other times I just feel blahh and ready to sleep. Then there’s other times where I smoke and then do my workouts. Sometimes I get motivation other times I get very lazy.

  77. i started smoking at age 15 and i really thought it was a good feeling as every other young boy would ,but after three years and now i’m in my 300level in the university .
    most of my friends are smokers ,for anybody you would feel you are in a right circele , cus we tend to think that we have higher thinking and advanced blah blah , i’m a person that learns and grab things in quick time , i have noticed lots of depreciating in my academic and life .. please i want to stop smokin and i need help on how to back out from all those friends in a polite way

  78. I have smoked heavily for about 7 to 8 years. I found I was able to make myself do things I did not like doing. I also did not do quite well in school while smoking weed.

    Socially weed allowed me to let people I didn’t really have any real connection to into my life. Many of the relationships I had with people were very negative. Most of my friends were weed smokers and had nothing in common with me.
    Weed always added to my anxiety, but made being alone easier to the point that I thought it was helping me. Overall Weed held me back from dealing with real problems I had and doing things I truly enjoyed.

    I have noticed that most of my friends aren’t really my friends. I have realized that I am still in love with the career I thought I loved. Infact right nkw i couldn’t even quite remember the career that i used to love, but i do know am in love with a career that is sophisticated and demands mathematical calculations.
    I can stand doing tasks while sober. I have noticed I cannot relate to people easily when am sober and my social skills had seriously degenerated.
    I have also noticed I allowed really negative people into my life as I didn’t know how to interact with other people, better people for me.
    For me weed is a way to hide from myself. It taught me how to be alone, it takes away my social life, it weakens my desire for sex when sober. It kept me away from people that are very important to my life, and made me ignore relationships. Finally, it had made me more selfish than i think i am.

    I am not a person who can smoke it occasionally. I smoked about 2 joints a day. If I smell it I end up thinking about it for hours. Weed can be bad for you, as in my case it was bad for me. Its worth realising coz weed is js so deceiving in the beginning.

    Please help me, i know this stuff is ruining my life, i want to quit, but from where should i start?

  79. I started smoking weed at 13 almost everyday… at 19 my iq is 150 but i have noticed episodes of intense depression that requires a bunch of mental fortitude and effort to get out of. Is this damage permanent or will it go away with time/is there anything i can do to reverse the damage?

  80. The mood disorder part echoes with what I see with some people who are heavy smokers. Definitely true. My friend smokes it frequently and becomes paranoid and starts taking things and twisting them in her mind to such an extent i get astonished at her reactions. I just know way too many people who smoke it regularly, it is more common than expected. To be honest, I’ve only seen few people who are cool in the long term, but I can’t say that the majority become better in terms of mood alterations and paranoia. These two are the biggest issues from marihuana.

  81. hi there, ive been smoking pot since i was 18/19. around the age of 21 i started becoming a pot head, smoking all day and night, but somehow it worked for me. when i turned 25 i stopped smoking for a year. n the meantime i picked it up again and at the moment smoke one spliff almost every night, so last night i smoked (tobacco and pot ).this morning (i slept about 8 hours) i woke up and i cant keep my balance. ive had the most intense menstruation these past 2 days, the most painful ive ever had it, and so this morning i woke up with both incredible pain around my pelvis and inability to keep my head still. its like ive been on a boat for a week and can still feel the movement, making me walk lopsided and if i move my eyes to much i have to hold my head. this has never ever happened to me and im feeling slightly scared that there could be something wrong with my cerebellum? i thought it might have something to do with the blood loss, but its been over 3 hours since i woke up, the pain is gone but the vertigo persists. any thoughts? any help is appreciated, thank you

  82. How many months do u mean by LONG TERM effects. I have been smoking pot for 7 months on a daily basis and have decided to cut it down to twice a month…is it okay to do that?
    How bad is my situation ?

  83. Hi I’m 15 years old and tried pot for the first time with a pipe and took 1-2 hits. I did not have a good time and know for sure that it was my first and last time. How will just this once impact my brain and lungs?

  84. I’ve smoked marijuana for three years and had brief encounters with other drugs as experiments. I recognize the mood disorders brought about by my marijuana use, however I can’t seem to find a way to fix them, while not using marijuana, and while not taking prescription medications like SSRIs. Do you have any information that could help me find out where to go from here?

  85. hi sir my name is Mujtaba, an Afghan national 27 male. sir i had smoked hashish too much 2 years befor like put the hashish in the glass and after 10 seconds pull the smoke in my mouth. but now its affects are coming. my mind stuck and i feel like i am dreaming infact ican see everything but i cant feel it and my back of head is sleep. i mean like i dont feel any thing. i quiet smoking drinking etc so please tel me how i do treatment? thanks

  86. Why do I feel like a high I’ve been smoking for 11 months like I feel a high in my brain that dosent go away and it stops me from thing and most of the time I can’t really consitrat can u please help me or any ideas or anything please

  87. I ate a weed edible a week ago (first time) and it hit me hard. Shaking, sweating, i couldnt walk, and move. Next day i still felt it. 6 days later i still feel dizzy, cant concentrate and my balance is off. Im worried when will this go away?

  88. I’ve smoked weed four times over the course of a year, the first three times did nothing but the last time I got really high . I was 14. I’m now 15 and never want to smoke again, havn’t in almost 5 months. Have I done permanent damage? Even slightly.

    1. Hi Jazmibe. It is possible! And help is available in your area, and you have many options for support and guidance when quitting marijuana. You can also call the free helpline number displayed on our website to seek immediate help from our trusted treatment providers.

  89. I have been really hazy for the past two weeks being forgetful and feeling the need to sleep a lot. My qnxiety has gone up and my depression is this gonna last for a long time?

  90. I was smoking weed for almost 7 yrs and now I quit before a month and I am sure that I will not touch it again because while the last few months of usage i get high heart palpitation and body weakness now i can feel the difference and now for a short term i get brain zaps only on left side for just 2 seconds. Does do you suggest any medication please help

  91. Hi i smoked marijuana joint once . It was high dose i closed my eyes Does this effect my eyesight . I don’t smoke any more I am not regular user

  92. If I smoke marijuana twice or thrice a week,will it affect my memory.or will it have any long term affect in my brain function.please explain.

  93. I tried weed with my girlfriend at the time and had a pretty strong reaction to it (a blunt) shaking, perhaps going slightly psychotic, feeling of blood racing in head etc. I had it three more times after that, withfar more tame reactions, but felt odd since the first. I’ve been worried about my short term memory, I can recall things but it requires effort. I was 17 at the time, am 18 now, and have had none in around a month or two. I also smoke tobacco and use an e-cig (i’m addicted to nicotine). I was worried that those few uses might have caused long term damage. I’m finding it difficult to concentrate, and often feel like I don’t know how I got where I am even though I do. This could be related to the breakup with that girlfriend, which hit pretty hard, occupying much of my thought, but I was feeling off before then. I also became depressed for a while after the first use, although, again, could be related to the breakup. Have I caused permanent damage to my mental development in my experimentation?

  94. I started using ganga when i was in my twenties recreationaly it was mostly hash i smoked then i was never addicted and gave up very easily only smoking once blue moon over the following years im now 56 and started to seriosly smoke it again 6years ago to make myself calmer as my daugher who has special needs got bipolar and became violent and very difficult to handle as she progressivly got worse so did my smoking so now i do about 20 quids worth a day i beat myself up with every spliff i have smoke but i dont think i can cope with a straight head no one else can cope with my daughter not even professionals it scares me being straight headed im covering so much anxiety with it i also suffer depression am on morphine for chronic back pain prozac for as i have post traumatic stress disorder i just have half a life and im but im sure ganga im desparate to quit just dont know how ill cope if i do as im in constant pain and am self medicating on top of the morphine i get from docter i even take more of this than i should im feeling trapped in a cycle i feel no control over i feel very ashamed of myself as i am a christian also im living a secret life so cant tell anyone or share this wit anyone

  95. Ive been smoking extremely heavily at the age of 18 and am turning 20 in January 2016 so i haven’t been smoking for very long but I’ve been smoking a very large amount in that time, My question is have i done any damage to my brain as i’m trying to become a pilot and am going to quit soon but am concerned that i may have done some damage that’s going to impair me from getting to where i want to be, and if so will my brain recover?.

  96. I smoke crack. I smoke so much crack that I took a hit of weed and I felt like taking a piss. I was taking a piss, looked to my right and saw a ounce of girl scout cookies. It is some really good weed. I ended up smoking the whole ounce just to get a realization that “I want to smoke some crack.” I called up my connect George Bush and asked for the finest quality, he sold me a eighth of crack and gave me a free gram of heroin. I am now in love, I smoke crack, I shoot up the most out of my whole school. I feel like a champion because I smoke more crack and shoot up more heroin than anyone.

  97. Im 16 years old, Its been 3 weeks now and ive been experiencing issues and i think its caused by weed. I feel like im high 24/7 and i can’t concentrate in class bc i start to drift off (like im high). I was never a weedsmoker in fact i was against it. But see like about a year ago me and a friend tried smoking weed and we were inexperienced so we smoked waaaay too much we almost died that day. The high lasted from 3pm until i went to bed around 11pm i woke up with a head change feeling. Then after i was very traumatized and experienced high levels of depression and suicidal attempts. But see i stopped feeling that way until a year now im coming down with some horrible symptoms along w paranoia and anxiety. Two friends of mine said they experienced the same thing and theyve been experiencing this for 3 1/2. They feel high 24/7. Its scary but after a while i got used to feeling this way and so i dont panic but im concerned because im not able to figure out math problems or expand my mind to write papers in school. This has been happening for 3weeks and im trying to find an answer to it ):

  98. When I was 12 years old I smoked weed but not daily. It was 1 joint every 2-3 months but I stopped after d second joint. Got pregnant. Wasn’t smoking from the ending of 12 up until 18 years old. I’m 19 now and I’ve been smoking every day for the past year. At first, I was just enjoying my high but then I dont know if it was just my dad constantly arguing with me for nothing or if it was depression that just kicked in. I found myself crying, cutting, writing letters and almost hung myself. I went to see a counselor for that and it slightly helped. I started smoking harder ever since then and now I honestly cant remember lot of things. I would be talking to my dad and I’d justforget what I was about to say or I’d forget What was the point of the story? Lol Sounds funny but it really ain’t; shit is irritating but I, obviously, ain’t learning anything because I’m still smoking. I just have the need for it. Please help.

  99. Hey, I am faishal khan from India. My brother used to take weed but now at these days he laft to take weed. After the leave weed he is feeling like lazier person he don’t want to do anything. Only he wants to sleep why? What is the treatment for freshup him from which way i recovered him please give argument. Thank you, faishal

  100. Hi there, a family member said he smoked weed but that they added something to it before smoking it. Its been a year since then, he acts different, he is slower with any function, doesn’t really talk to anyone, says things that don’t make sense, and does awkward things. It seems like he’s still high from that time. We all think that it messed him up but he has not been admitted to a hospital , no one know what to do, please help.

  101. Hello I used to smoke pot occasionally when I was 16, about 1 gram a week and that number increased until I was smoking near 10 grams a week with my buddies over this last summer. Recently I have done lots of research and have stopped smoking. i am currently 18 and and will be 19 in december. I want to know what kind of damage may have been done to my brain and what I can do to minimize the long term impacts. Marijuana had a very negative impact on my social and acedemic life as well as with relationships to my loved ones. I am still very intelligent and I am not worried about my acedemic success. But I find that I have unusual amounts of social anxiety since about a half year ago. I am hoping this will be resolved with time and I am faking confidence at the moment until I can find my true self again. I would greatly appreciate your outlook on anything I can do to better myself and deal with these negative impacts that pot use has had on me. Also I would love ideas on how to minimize the long term effects on memory and other factors that I have researhed.

    Much appreciated,

    PS. I am not too worried that I have ruined my life, i just would like to get back to the old me that I know everyone cared about much more than my stoner self.

  102. Is smoking marijuana really that bad? Do you guys think that the long term effects are irreversible? Like after you stop smoking, everything will just go back to normal?

  103. There’s a few different themes to comments here. Long term users asking for help or telling us about the significant impact marijuana has had on their mind, emotions and life. More tragically, these stories from the perspective of girlfriends, wives or family; talking about the tragic impact pot has had on their loved ones life, mainly total personality change and wasted potential.
    Short term users advocating its safety and even total, thorough perceived harmlessness.
    And of course people popping by to say “legalize it bye”

    Now… I am here to tell my story.
    I’d like to begin by stating I’m very in tune with myself. I’m emotionally intelligent, and highly creative and gifted – in an academic sense I’m average (studying math, science ect bores me to death so I now study film).
    I have bipolar disorder type two so most of my life I’ve struggled with hypo mania (think of the hyperactivity and wit of Russell B or Robin Williams) and severe depression, and everything inbetween. I was diagnosed at age 22. At 17 I tried pot a few times. At 18 several more. By 20 I began smoking regularly. Which turned into daily. Initially, it was a life saver. It gave me peace, happiness, joy, I loved myself on it socially, and in general it offered me stability and peace of mind like I’d never experienced. I felt it greatly increased my sense of well-being.
    Over time, however, the reality hit me. Memory issues, insomnia, irritability, paranoia (mild), depression, social skill decline, apathy, no sense of humor from my previous quick wit. I’d stop because I wanted me back only to find I struggled more without; I felt a certain withdrawal, mainly emotional, along with severe anxiety insomnia and nausea. This led to a long term struggle with exaggerated mental health symptoms, issues with addiction, and generally… Took years from my life. It took intense long term struggle to get clean off weed even for a few weeks at a time and it took several months for me to emotionally improve.
    I owe nothing to weed. You may think it helps short term but what lies install is a negative impact on your mind will and emotions. Your life will be significantly better without it and quitting weed when dependant is excruciatingly difficult when you have a mental illness. You get trapped in a vicious cycle.

    If you’re honest with yourself as I am you can compare yourself using marijuana to yourself sober. If you can accept reality, you’ll see many parts of yourself go missing or turn bad when you use. What makes it so dangerous is it’s so subtle and happens over a long period of time. But after years of use, you sadly see that it screws you up. Luckily I’m sober now, for a few months; I still smoke occasionally but not weekly. I can think deeply again, I’m more stable, my memory isn’t appalling and I have another shot at a positive future. It took a very very long time of feeling increasingly worse before I began to see improvements.

    If you are wondering “will I ever be me again? Does it take a month?” – son, it takes many months… You have to relearn how to cope with life and how to be you WITHOUT MIND ALTERATION AND DRUG DEPENDENCY. It’s like recovering from divorce. In addition to your mind repairing itself and balancing out chemically.

  104. Hey kristi, I’ve given up for 9 months now, for the same reason as you. I’ve been smoking it for 17 years and i’m 32 now. Its crazy how something can make such a big effect on how you view life, now that i’m clean its hard to enjoy hobbies or socialising, but I think it will get better over time, It has to. The way I look at it is I want my life and my view of it to improve and I’m gonna make that happen. I really hope you find the thing that makes you stubborn to giving in. I have literarily cut myself off from everyone I know except family to start anew. Its always going to be there on my mind, like someone missed, but that chapter is over and I’ve been dropped back down to reality.

  105. I know this is an old blog ive been smoking marijuana since i was 14 and have smoked it religiously everyday since i just quit about three months ago bc i began to have panic attacks sober or not but the marijuana made them times i have been diagnosed by a doctor with panick disorder i also suffer from short term memory loss like trying t. Remember a phone number i just read two seconds ago or did i collect $200 after passing go while im three spaces past since quiting ive had very bad mood swings

  106. I smoke once. One year and 3 months now and i think i am still high. I cant focus in my studies. My vission got blurred. I cant smell like normal and got hearing problems ang even my sense of touch. I cant focus on everything. Sometimes, i cant breath. I dont know what happen. But im really really worried. Please help.

  107. after back surgery I take amitripteline 25 mg, zopiclone 7.5 mg and 4 grams of edible marijuana
    I am having balance and speech problems I would like to stop taking these
    Is there a correct order to stop taking these three things

  108. I have a man who has been smoking weed for about 5 years and we have dated for almost a year and I have read about the side effects of weed and I have tried to talk to him about it but he claims he has it all under control. It breaks my heart when I hear him say that because I love him and I want him to be happy and live a fruitful life and would one day want to settle down with him and have a family but I get scared of what kind of partner I will have. Does weed smoking affect someone’s sperms whereby if I were to have a child with him my baby will have problem?

  109. I have been consuming marijuana since the last 3 years i m nw 21 but i have been consuming it very ocassionally like once in a month or 2 months i want to know what harm has it possibly done to me n if i quit wil it be reverted n how long can it take to get reverted and what should i do to revert it ? And how do i know what damage has it exactly done to me upto now

  110. Im scared. I smoked extoic weed a few weeks ago and haven’t been the same since .. I’m afraid I’ll never be normal again. I’m lightheaded and dizzy all the time, have constant headaches, fast heart rate, anxiety. I’ve been to the hospital and doctors, i don’t know what else to do. I feel like my heads on a cloud.

  111. My son is 23 and was just released from jail in April. He was incarcerated for heroine for 1 year . We let him come home because he was drug free. He has a full time job and works hard. However he is now smoking weed and is on adult parole . Please help me decide what to do as I do not want him living in my home and doing drugs. I also have an 18 year old son that witnesses this and despises it.. He keeps telling us he will not live like this … He just graduated from high school and has a future . I’m so torn but in my heart I know he’s going back to jail at some point because he’s in denial.

  112. having abused marijuana for years I am having big problems being able to learn new job skills. it has made me lose a job. now . is there a way to get help

  113. I had a question regarding smoking weed. A friend of mine let me try a bit, I have smoked here and there like 3 times a year but I just smoked what was given to me (I took 1 big toke and a few just not inhaling). I was feeling a little freaked out but I am concerned now being a Non Recreational user if this will have any Damage to my Brain.

    1. Hi Dave. Marijuana can significantly influence the brain only after long-term and chronic use. You are facing no risk of brain damage.

  114. I’ve just stopped smoking weed and fags 4 days ago cold turkey after 6 years Im 19 now.. 20 in June its so hard I get cold then hot, proper sweat feel angry all the time and keep crying.. Trying to keep myself occupied and I can’t sleep:( who ever says weed doesn’t have long term affects on you is an idiot weed turned my bestfriend phsycotic. Maybe if you people saying how it doesn’t affect you actually tried to stop maybe you would realise how stupid it makes you

  115. I only smoked marijuana once, it was 2 months ago. Just curiousity. And im 19.
    I attended a party last week and i dink a lot of alcohol. Yes i was drunk. When i woke up the next day, i suddenly felt the effects of marijuana which i used to feel two months ago. I suffered short term memory loss. I got panicked easily. Im afraid to tell my mom what is going on with me. It takes time to understand other people are saying. Im really scared right now. Is this what your saying about long-term effect? Please help.

  116. I started smoking at 15 and became a heavy smoker from 16-18. I stopped smoking 2 weeks ago and haven’t really experienced much of a difference except I can focus a little better and my coordination has somewhat improved, my question is will longer time off improve brain function for me? Also if I resume smoking will the side effects(mood issues,general slow thinking, etc.) reoccur with the same intensity as just before I quit?

  117. im 14 with an iq of 137 and ive been smoking for a year now i have 2 B’s and rest A’s i notice no real change with me except mood swings (but mostly that is just hormones). But my question is when will we know for proven fact that weed causes long term effect on the brain? I read a lot about the effects of marajuana and it really seems like they all have things in common but then on web page sys does damage to the brain but then another video says that it doesn’t effect your brain, the only effect is shrt term memory loss. YOU CAN NEVER REALLY KNOW FOR CERTIN. all this debate is only putting more stress on me. fucking hate the web

  118. None of you understand addiction.
    Yes marijuana is addictive, as is sugar, sex, running, even holding a pencil in your hand if that is your fancy.

    If you look at the brain function of someone addicted to food, beside someone addicted to exercise, beside someone addicted to cocaine.. they all look the same.
    Everything works on hormones and our pleasure response system. Once you find something that is rewarding to YOUR brain, and is easy to achieve, you will be addicted to it as long as you continue to do it chronically. Now someone CAN smoke pot for 15 years and not be addicted. it has nothing to do with THC, it has to do with how you respond emotionally to the experience as this is due to Neuro chemical changes. this was originally how we survived in the wild. You do something that makes you feel good, and your brain says “do that again” I will say though that most people who have been smoking for 15 yrs daily are addicted and you’re just lying to yourself if you say your not.. most not all.

    When something is chemically addictive like caffeine or meth, you have physically signs of that in your body. Marijuana is not chemically addictive, but your brain Can still become addicted to the feeling, not the chemical. That’s why most people “addicted” to marijuana find themselves drinking large amounts of coffee or alcohol, smoking cigarettes, etc when they don’t smoke. It’s addiction to a feeling good response in your brain. Once you have been smoking chronically (daily) you are unable to produce this feel good response without the THC present because of the association your brain has set on it. It’s not permanent though you can fry out your cannabinoid receptor. For a Little while. dont worry though! You have 4 and THC only targets 1. Not like that dirty fake marijuana pep spice stuff that targets all four and “annihilates” them figuratively speaking.

    I’ve been abstinent for a whole four and a half days after 9 years chronic daily use! at least a dub(2grams or 6-7bowls) per day. Whoo hoo! Haha it sucks. I hate being sober. I accept that. But I just cannot do this Terrible cycle I created myself anymore. Thanks for listening! Also if your gonna smoke..vape. I’ve been coughing up blackish Brown stuff for a few days.
    Much love 🙂

  119. Ohk heres the honest down truth … ive grown up smoking weed since I was 8 n I am now 19 i grow weed even thou its illigal , I think the plant is just beautiful , smoking weed isnt for everyone and thats the bottom line weed affects everyone differently but at the same time it affects you to the way your mindset is when u smoke it … when I was still in school I’d do absolutely no work in class but often would I come to classes high and just listen and within the testing period I wouldnt study but still get higher marks than those who dont smoke weed and that do study … so all this talk about how wees has affected those people im not going to say that yourl are talking utter shid but what I can say is that its not for you , please stop and keep your comments to yourls self cause its cause of you guys that weed wont be leagalized for those of us who can handle our herb and still be able to function at 100% under the influence … ive driven a car while I was high and got home maaaaany times perfectly safe … just cause we high doesnt mean that we going to think we driving our cars in the sky n see nothing infront of us … and honestly id like to know from u “weed guru’s” is how many people actually died from weed?? Non at all … but yet yourl choose to endorse nicotine that causes lung cancer and alcohol that f’s the brain up so bad that people actually commit murder while intoxicated under alcohol … and another thing when we get high we get the MUUUUUNCHIIIES do url know what MUNCHIES are?????? No yourl certainly do not … I have never ever EVER gotten high and said to my friend “HEY LETS DO SOME COKE” … I swear I waste my money more on food than weed 😐 … So please stop with yourls down bringing of the good woman us stoners know as Mary-Jane … God put the plant here for us and Rastafari ans know the full meaning of that where as they use it as a meditation ritual when seeking enlightment … Weed (The Herb) Is the healing of the nation.. Alcohol is the destruction..

  120. Some time before I took weed just 1 week now im feeling so weak body have no engry just think and think scared so plz tell me what’s should I do now nothing im smoke

  121. I’ve been smokin weed from 9th grade and it has only increased with time. The last two years of college saw me taking 60-70 bongshots and 8-10 joints a day. I underestimated the power of this drug by telling myself its not addictive, but i guess i’d been livin in a fool’s paradise. Now i’ve reached such a stage that the first thought which comes to my mind when i wake up is calling the dealer. If i don’t smoke weed for a day, i’d sweat, feel damn uncomfortable and stay depressed. The only time i’m a bit happy and excited is when i’m smokin up with my fellas. I’ve experienced a decrease in emotions, i.e i don’t feel for anything or anyone. I’ve even developed a very casual, unaffected kinda attitude which is slowly turning me into a full time junkie. I can’t concentrate on my studies and neither can i try being an optimist. I guess its time for se help

  122. Hello! I could use some medical and psychological help. I used marijuana regularly and I am currently doing my study abroad in Aix-en-Provenve, France. I could use help with finding a doctor or a medical professional in France or when I return to the United States in May because I am sure that I have damaged my brain in some way and I would like to see if it can be fixed, restored, or if I am really just driving myself crazy. I’ve had sucidal thoughts because I could not arrive to understand the work and reading that I had to do for classes. Even now, I am still struggling to be a regular functioning human being. Please, if anyone has any suggestions, please give them to me.Thank you for your time and consideration.

  123. My son is 18 and he smokes marijuana a lot every day. But when he doesn’t smoke it, he gets crazy, screams, fights with us…I have takenk him to lot of places to help him quit but he never finishes the program. Now, he is 18 and I can not force him to go. I don’t let him smoke around the house but he leaves to do it like 3 times a day or more. I’m very worried of his addiction I don’t know what to do to help him to quit.

  124. im 44 yr old female and started smoking canabis when i was 18. until age 30 i smoked occasionally around few times a year. but around age 31 i started more frequent smoking once a month whicj increased to weekly by age 36 and in the last 7 years i have smoked couple of times weekly to almost daily now.
    At age 34 I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism following complaints about lack of motivation, memory loss, depression, lack of vlarity and other physical symptoms. I stated medication then and still taking them.
    I started noticing lack of motivation when i was studying law ad i would miss deadlines by procrastinating, put important things off till later and never do them, miss social and fitness regimes and started to suffer as soon i had mountains to deal with. To supress the anxiety arising from my failure to do things pushed me to smoke more canabis to escape and day dream.
    I did manage to finish my legal studies and qualify as a lawyer. However, i srarted to lose confidence on my mental processes as i became increasingly disorganised and forgetful and noticed impairment in recalling things i learnt. I thought it was thyroid condition that was affecting me. I was very sharp and intelligent until I was 30 and had the ability to memorise vast amounts of information. now i feel useless and a failure in life in every aspect as i messed up my career, have no relationship as time passed quickly, I feel old although i look more than 10 years younger, i faced huge financial problems from revkless behaviour by mot paying nills on time or dealing with correspondance. I feel very hurt and sensitive andI spend most of my time with 2 people smoking in their flats and get stoned. I had many job breaks since 2007 due to refundancies and not being motivated to search for new jobs. basically age 30 to 35 i had great jobs, salary, purchaded properties and a relationship, but now i live with my patents due to financial problems and worry about losing famy members and bring unable to cope so i keep smoking. i didnt have any proper relationships since age 34 and now too late to have a family. i suddenly realised last night that cannabis smoking has been the reasons of my failings in life together with having a sensitive personality with strong emotional feelings for my family. I feel very angry, sad and lost as missed many golden opportunities in life because i chose to get stoned rather than deal with my tasks. Now im working in a legal role but not what i could have done. i want to stop smoking but have low will power for canabis when im around smokers. I now have poor memory in recalling names, password and impaired learning and noticed deteriation in verbal fluency. in one phrase i just feel lazy.
    i cannot discuss my canabis use with professionals such as my gp or a counsellor as i fear negative impact. how can i find someone to talk to and get some support? If my life doesnt improve soon then i dont see any readons to live like a failure. i need help

  125. Hi my son has been using this for few years nowe an does it from a bottle of water 5 to 6 times a day im do worried about him his health an his life can u help answer some questions I have I really want him to stop for his own good xx

  126. I have been smoking weed for the past 5 years and ive got to say all the effects noted on the paragraphs are actually true,because i do expirience them.I am currently doing my second year in varsity tho i smoke everyday but jst a joint before class i participate in class activities and also do assignments,my question is tho im still active do you think i should still quit marijuana though i want too but can mantain

  127. @ JPF:
    You forget one thing, Anything can become addictive. Why don’t you read the rest of the posts. Are you calling everyone a liar? Becoming dependent on weed for a long period of time can make it addictive. Maybe not like heroin or meth, but non the less it can be addictive when used for a long period of time. I have seen people withdrawal off weed (usually not physically but mentally). Maybe you should go to the rehab centers and ask them why they have a program for marijuana addicts. Abusing weed as well as any drug is usually used to cover up an underlying emotional issue(s) or trauma. I have seen side effects of using and abusing marijuana as well. In order to take the first step in recovery it is necessary for the individual to be humble enough to admit that they need help.

  128. @ Jay:
    So, the drug itself is not addictive. And these folks have provided no proof other than “we think” to say that it is. Why? Because chemically, it’s not possible. That’s why they lie to you. Since I am not licensed, I do not have to give any validation to your plea. What you’re saying is you cannot control yourself. At 22, you cannot control your own behavior. Yes, you need assistance. But you’re not addicted. So your plea is pretty pathetic. Man up. If you don’t like pot then stop. How hard is that? Oh you can’t? Try controlling your own behavior. That’s a start

  129. Psych major: The governmental reports that constitute your negative assessment of cannabis have all been discredited; either by admission of intentional falsification, or proven wrong by real vetted research. Yet, here we are. Fear, emotive force, ad-homen attacks. The substance abuse mitigation community has an agenda when it comes to cannabis. What it is, who knows. Perhaps big Pharama has a little influence. But to be fair, your acknowledgement of counter-arguments should include the disclosure that the claims of negative impact are completely fabricated, have no factual basis, and really are just fear mongering. You guys get away with this shit only because professionals have no time to correct it. And the ignorant are your friends.

  130. I am 22. I never did any drugs before 18.I have only tried alcohol and hash only.
    Almost a year ago I started smoking hash.Where I live,friends use hash mixed with cigerettes.I tried and i used to smoke once a week maybe and after 2 months(7 months before now),I started smoking a lot.I smoked around 5 papers a day for around 4 months and I did not feel a negative change at first.

    Then suddenly out of the blue,I felt like everything had changed.It felt like I could not remember much and my memory had degraded badly and it felt like I was losing control of myself.Its really difficult to express how I felt but in a nutshell I felt like I was getting mentally degraded very badly and I could not feel myself.I thought it was something that would pass so I did not stop smoking until at one point I started to vomit every time I smoked.Then I quit smoking altogether but even after months I still feel that something changed.Now after months of quitting,I occasionally smoke once a week and do not vomit.The high I get now isn’t good either and unlike before I have very low tolerance to it now so I hardly smoke it now.People around me still smoke regularly and are surprised that I quit it coz i used to smoke so much and I just tell them that I was bored of it.I still have no idea whether it was really the hash to blame or was it nothing and I just got a little paranoid.

  131. I need assistance as there is someone that smokes excessively and needs help. I’ve tried Sanca and this person is refusing rehab. Pls get back to me if there is another way.

  132. Hi,

    I am 18 yo, and a very light marijuana user. I’ve never had a history with pot, having only smoked it about 4/5 times age 15, 4/5 age 16 and once age 17. 2 months ago, after abstaining for 8 months, I smoked 4 joints over the course of 3 weeks, and I still feel like my memory, motivation and concentration are really damaged. I exercise lots and eat healthily. Do you think there is a danger that I have permanently damaged my brain? I’m going to a really good university in october and don’t want it to ruin my studies.
    Any help/advice/experience would be greatly appreciated.

  133. Alright, to “John”, i think you’re failing to realize that people are effected differently when it comes to marijuana. Just because you as a single individual didn’t feel anything negative does not under any circumstances mean that nobody else does. I know for a fact that while i was smoking weed and long afterwards (5-6 months), to this day even, I have felt slower than i did before. I have definitely gotten better since i quit but i still had some serious side effects. I find it ironic by the way that the person who is accusing people of being illiterate said in the sentence before that “how can they feel less intelligent?” Well, if you had thought it through, and without much brain power, you would have realized that this is precisely what these people are talking about. Feeling slower and overall inferior to their previous self. For all you know they could have been highly intelligent human beings but since they have started smoking, they have noticed a decrease in intellect. Who are you to say that their observation is bullshit?

  134. You know what’s really funny? I’ve been avidly smoking marijuana for 4 years now and I haven’t felt any sort of long-term effect. People are always saying how they feel less intelligent, etc etc; but they fail to realize that marijuana is not the problem. I smoke marijuana everyday and I fail to realize how illiterate 80% of the people are on here. For the citizens that are against marijuana, please stop your ignorant, fake comments and think for a second. Marijuana has no adverse long-term effects but yet alcohol, which is known to be poisonous to the human body, is legal and sold casually on the markets? Marijuana is a herb, so what makes green tea leaves anymore different?

  135. Given the variety of comments here, I want to point out one important thing about how to properly interpret research, and this is a point that’s often missed when people argue in absolute terms about the effects of a substance on large groups. Everyone’s body and brain is different, and sensitivities can vary dramatically in relation to drugs like marijuana – just as they vary in response to foods, spices, medications, and environmental substances such as pollen, animal dander, and mold. Although I didn’t suffer any apparent memory loss during the times when I smoked pot, its effect on my thinking and emotions was so unpleasant (not paranoia – more like soul-death and existential despair), I concluded that marijuana was simply not a good substance for me. However, I certainly wouldn’t claim that this conclusion can be used to speculate about how pot affects other people’s brains/bodies, or how others should or should not use it.

    Anyone who has actually conducted research will tell you that there is always natural variation, and that statistical findings can only identify trends across a population, not absolutes. While scientific research can be helpful when deciding about the potential risk/benefit of a substance, statistical findings cannot necessarily predict the experience of an individual. So, if even a well-conducted study (conducted with an appropriate sample and based on a solid methodology) can’t apply its findings to every individual, it stands to reason that it doesn’t make sense to use personal experience or personal observation of others to generalize about the effects of a drug.

    In short, it’s good to get input from trained professionals when dealing with questions about substance use, but also be sure to trust your own experience, your own judgment, and your own body when making decisions about what to avoid or what to put in it. All the best to everyone in finding health and well-being.

  136. The first time that I smoked marijuana was when I was 15 years old, I am currently 17 years old. I really started smoking it a lot around this time last year (4 to 5 times a week) but then I did it occasionally when I started dating someone because she didn’t like it (Once a week). We broke up about 2 months ago so now I’m back to smoking it (around 3 times a week). I really want to quit smoking because I want to start focusing on my future and I really really want to do good in school because I get very depressed when I have bad grades because my parents are so hard on me. I feel like marijuana is a fact in my decrease in learning skills and I wish I could be the smartest kid in my grade instead of a kid who smokes weed and has shitty grades. Please help.

    Sincerely, Logan

  137. decreased motivation-absolutely; disrupted coordination and balance-absolutely; hallucinations (in high doses)-absolutely (I have never hallucinated, just gotten super high to the point of extreme fatigue); impaired complicated tasks such as athletics and driving-This goes along with the second assumption, of course athletics will be harder if you get too high…; impaired mental flexibility-Highly debatable; impaired problem solving-Highly debatable; impaired focus (inability to hold attention)-My attention has always been better on it alone vs in a group. Increased anxiety-Like most drugs that get you “high”; paranoia-Yet again, just like most drugs that get you “high”; slower reaction time-This subject is huge, not a yes or no answer. My reaction time on weed is 10x greater than when I am sober.

  138. When I was 12 I smoked weed maybe 10 times and now it feels like i’m in a dream and it sometimes feels like i’m constantly high but I know I am not. Can someone please help me? Is this going to happen for the rest of my life?

  139. I have been a chronic and unhappy abuser of pot for many years and have tried 1000x to stop only to find my brain almost tricking me into continuing.
    I have so many reaons to live without it.
    it has zapped me of my motivation and concentration and energy to where i am not managing my work well at all, not social. I am trying one more time to stop, i have cut off any possible resources and really concerned if my brain will return to normal. I dont want to lose everything i have worked hard for and really dont want to continue but im struggling. Please if possible advise. thank you scott

  140. First time i smoked weed i was 15, it didnt affect me the first time, so i just thought it was shit. A few months later my mum had a joint. So we had it and thats when i first got the affects. Was trippin out, loved it.
    But till only a few months ago i was doing it heavily. I noticed i got angry and frustrated easier, and became more paranoid as time went on even when i wasnt high.
    Naturally grown weed ad hydroponic are very different, depends how people grow it but here in aussie alot of the weed has been fly sprayed or had shit added to it, so it doesnt really make u laugh heaps, it just makes u a zombie.
    But naturally grown weed makes me laugh every time and i generallly have a good time.

    Im not gona recommend doing weed but if u are tey get natural stuff. Youll have a better time

  141. hi lately iv been feeling very slow and not taking in as much as i use to this is bad because i’m trying to create a future career in science i’m worried that i will not regain my smarts if i stop smoking pot or taking as much please help. iv been smoking for 4 years i’m 17 and lately iv been smoking allot of pot and i just feel no way as smart as i use to my dream is to a scientist if i cant fix this i don’t know what i will do

  142. Hi my nickname is tino i have a problem i think werd is addictive getting high is addictive i’m 15 recently since September i tried weed at 13 but it never did any thing to me so i quit till this august on the second day of school was the first time i got high it started slow like once a week smoking to now everyday 2-3 bowls i want to quit i realize its still not to late to bit i need help ive prayed about this

  143. Cannabis obviously creates stimuli for the brain, smoking too much will give too much stimuli for the brain causing a small mental breakdown the same way stress does. This can give a user a number of symptoms like anxiety, depression, and dissociation. I would say dissociation is the reason cannabis users forget small things most people don’t, not because of loss of brain cells or damage to he brain. This is the reason light users don’t seem to be affected.

  144. Marijuana does in fact alter the brain and the sooner you quit the faster you will achieve full recovery. I know from experience that abstaining from weed, eating healthy, and working out regularly will “bring you back” over time…face the adversity with courage and you will revert back to equilibrium. The timing is different for everyone but live a healthy weed-free life for 6 months and I promise you will thank yourself. It’s never too late to take charge of your own well-being.

  145. By smoking weed in the pre-teen years such as 10-12 only a few times, is it possble to develop permanent issues with your brain?

  146. Hello! I have been smoking weed for a year now. For a while I was one of those people who went with the crowd of my friends and thought weed is harmless! I have smoked weed for a full year at least 3 times a week. I want to quit smoking. Your articles have made me aware that weed does infact have a very negative effect on the brain. My question is, can I ever go back to normal? Will my brain heal itself if I quit smoking completely? I have read some very, very scary stories of the effects of the drug and I want to quit if its not to late already. I have always had a bad memory, and I have do doubt that weed has made it worse. Please let me know! and thank you for providing actual facts about marijuana. There are SO many sights that only say the benefits of it.

  147. Hi John Doe. Maybe it’s time to call it quits on the weed. Withdrawal can be uncomfortable, so I suggest getting medical help. It’s strange how something that used to make you feel so good can cause such adverse reactions.

  148. hi im 15 and iv smoked ounces at a time and over like 5 grams if not more every single day for 4 years and now for the past 2 months iv felt permanently high and i cant smoke weed anymore it causes extreme heart rate and it feels like i cant breath?

  149. Does marijuana cause memory los…..?
    Does marijuana make you become thin…?
    What is the worst effect that marijuana can cause me if i am less than 21…?
    Does marijuana damage my understanding way…?

  150. HI I just wanna share my experience about marijuana. I have never smoke before nor wanted to but when I met my husband he wanted me to smoke at first I was reluctant because I know that it’s a drug. He is persistent to make me smoke because I am too skinny and for me to have appetite and eat. I tried to smoke but it doesn’t affect me because maybe I didn’t inhale it properly until one day we decided to just eat cookies. I eat pot cookies and forgot that it has something on it so I eat and eat after like 30 minutes the started to kick in and I got overdose. I felt like I am going to die, my soul is separating from my body, shortness of breath, tingling, numbing and shaking. It was the worst thing happen in my life, it went on and on for hours after one of our friends give me calming medicine and after that I felt fine. I thought I’ll be alright and back to normal forever. One week after my overdose the sensation came back but mild one and for this time it never goes away. I am so worried that I went to the doctor but all the doctor can say is just relax and drink plenty of water. Until now as I am writing this it’s been over two weeks and my body is still numb, choking sensation on the throat, my head is numb too, dizziness that could cause fainting. Now I am afraid that my body or organs will be paralyzed. I am so worried about this now and how I wish I didn’t eat such bad thing. I just wanna be back to normal again forever. I don’t know if I ever gonna get back to normal. This is just so sad.

  151. Hi Jackie. We can’t provide links to actual treatment centers since they all vary in treatment approach, price, methods, whether they offer addiction treatment with or without insurance, sliding scale fees…plus, we don’t know which ones are in your area. However, we do try to make it easier for you to find the treatment that fits your needs best. You can Call 1.800.725.0922, it’s a free call and you can get admitted in a treatment program for your problem. You can also to try our Find Treatment section: or SAMHSA’s Treatment Locator:
    Hope this helps. Best of lick to you and write us back if you need more help.

  152. I’d like to start off by pointing out that this argue admits that some researchers do believe the long-term effects of marijuana to be quite benign in comparison to other drugs. This article isn’t saying “weed is bad”. It’s saying “smoking too much weed is bad”…which is definitely true, anything in excess is bad. Think not only of the long term effects on the brain but also on the body. I, for one, have been chronically using pot for only two and a half years, and I’ve developed a horrendous cough. I also noticed that since I started smoking really heavily (5+ times daily) I get sick a lot more often. I’m a ball of nerves without it, and it’s an easy thing to let slide because I was like that before, but when a person can give a reason to a thing like that, and the reason is that there isn’t any weed, it feels pitiful. So does scraping resin out of a pipe. Not only that, but I have ambitions and weed is the only thing standing between them and I anymore. It just doesn’t mix with real life. It doesn’t mix with landlords and apartments, it doesn’t mix with family, it doesn’t mix with bosses, it doesn’t mix with colleagues, it doesn’t mix with certain friends, and sometimes it doesn’t even mix with the person you love. So why can’t I quit? Because I’m addicted to it. I laugh when people say it isn’t addictive. No? So why does my life revolve around procuring and consuming it? It’s greedy and pathetic. And stupid stoners just think it’s completely okay. Fuck the system, legalize it! Nauseous. If only they could actually observe themselves. If you need an altered state, and it comes to the point where you can’t stop, you might actually have problems that go even deeper than addiction. Wake up.

  153. Personally I’ve found that “help” is not out there. I haven’t found any resources to help me quit chronic. Only places that would also make me quit alcohol which I do not have a problem with, or places with strong religious influence.

    You say “help is out there” but you don’t provide any links to such help.

  154. I’ve smoked weed for about 2 years now I strarted when I was 14. And my memory is really bad, my spelling and gramer are really bad if I stopped smoking weed will my memory come back? If so about how long will it take?

  155. Marijuana is Good for only those People who have nothing to do in material life.
    It is good for the People who only want to live in Mountains in a very High Spiritual Activities .
    Bcoz. it completely destroy Your Social Life and connects you with Your Innerself , with Your Subconcious.
    So i will suggest it to only those People who have enough money to buy marijuana all your life alone somewhere in the Mountains.
    Bcoz. after getting addicted to Marijuana , after some time You will not be left able to do any work in your life.
    Your Ideas will become high only.
    But not Physical Activity and Social Circle.
    But still it’s much better to start a natural spiritual life by taking the Shelter of Krishna’s feet.
    It will take you much more high than marijuana in a complete natural way and you will feel a real bliss of God.
    Hare Krishna

  156. I am an Indian and i will share My True Experience of Marijuana Smoking for the Goodness of Humanity.
    So it’s my story :-
    Just 2 Years before My Life was very Healthy and Good but not at Present !!!
    One of My Friend who was a Marijuana Smoker He always came to My Home and smoke Marijuana in My Room.
    I was just a normal Cigrette Smoker and Alcohol Drunker at that Time.
    But One Day i taken 1 Puff of Marijuana from Him.
    After smoking 1-2 Puff of Marijuana in a Cigrette… I lost My Mental Situation.
    I started feeling scared and i feel like My Subconcious is awake.
    It given me a very weird feeling at that Time.
    After that i never smoked marijuana for atleast 1-2 Months bcz. i feel like i am not born to Smoke it.
    But a very small feeling of trying it again always was in My Mind… I was not knowing anything but it was really the pattern of Marijuana which was calling me from inside to try it again.
    After that i gone to a Tour in the Mountains with My same Friend .
    There is smoked it and i always feel scared like i will fall from Mountain and so many type of different experiences like i was not even able to save myself if anything happen.
    So when i come back … i again stopped smoking it .
    But this time i feel like i have to smoke it again bcz. I am a Music Composer and i feel Marijuana helpful whenever i sit on My Piano , i get good composings from this Universe.
    And My Body was also becoming habbitual of it now and i stopped meeting My Friends and started smoking it alone in My Room and everytime i sit on My Computer and Piano.
    Later i get married to a Mexican Girl who was a very Good Person and she was loving me so much.
    In those days i feel very Peaceful inside My Heart and when i smoke Marijuana again…
    It takes Me high and i feel like i am in Heaven .
    Now My Body was started accepting Marijuana .
    I was started going to Buy it Myself and smoke it alone.
    My Wife also said me that it is not good for Your Health .
    So i stopped it.
    But My Relations with My Wife started becoming very bad and i started abusing her.
    I also never understand why it’s all is happening.
    I never give blame to Marijuana bcz. till the last day i was thinking that it is very easy to stop smoking it.
    But it’s not True Friends.
    Marijuana create a type of pattern which always stay inside Your Body.
    A Long Pattern also….
    Now i started beating My Wife for her small Mistake..
    Like she done something very Big Crime.
    But it’s not True.
    Even 1-1 Hour I beat her… but i was not understanding… why i am becoming like this.
    I accept that she was loving me so much but she also never given me any support Truthfully to stop it or to never say me lie.
    She always said me lies.
    May be She was become Angry or may be she was become Scared from My Behaviour or may be She was a Wrong Person who come to My Country for Visa only.
    I will never know it again in my life bcz. now she left me from 2 Years .
    The reason she make after this was ( I beat and abused her )
    Yes she is right and i am also happy that she left me.
    Atleast she was gone Alive from here.
    My Dear Friends.
    I was a very Peaeful Person but Marijuana made me so much Bad.
    Like a Demon.
    But i never understand that it all happens when i do not smoke Marijuana.
    And whenever i smoke Marijuana.
    I become like a Saint… Like nobody is more Good than Me.
    After she left Me.
    I started smoking more Marijuana bcz. it was make me forget everything happened in My Life.
    All My Pain get finish after smoking it.
    So Friends
    A New Chapter was started in My Life.
    I again go to the Mountains and there i find a Group of Boys who was smoking Marijuana.
    I become their Friend.
    We all started smoking Marijuana Together.
    There i started smoking it in a CHILAM
    CHILAM is very Big and it gives alot of smoke in a single PUFF
    Almost like a Complete cigrette of Marijuana I take inside single PUFF
    Means My Capacity of Smoking Marijuana become very HIGH
    I started smoking around 50 grams of Marijuana Everyday alone.
    In some days our Group started buying 1 KG Marijuana.
    We was 7 Boys and we finished it in just 3 Days.
    Can You believe ?
    1 KG Marijuana
    7 Boys
    3 Days
    But still we was wanted more.
    Some of them was mixing Cocaine in My Chillums also.
    I was not knowing.
    Means now i was taking COKE also.
    My Weight was 80 Kgs and in just some Days it become just 45
    I also started looking like those Boys.
    Like a HIppy.
    Now at that time i really feel like i am doing wrong with my health and i am falling down in some type of darkness in My Life.
    But i not care at that time.
    I was thinking that My Beloved left me so it is much better to Die in this Way.
    I started consuming more and more Marijuana.
    I started consuming Coccaine.
    I started consuming Heroine.
    I started drinking BHANG in MILK.
    I become almost like the biggest Addict in that Group also.
    I was exactly knowing that I will Die now in this way.
    1 more thing which i feel was TELEPATHY.
    We 7 Friends never need any Mobile to contact.
    We always talk and reach to each other through Telepathy through our Brains.
    But never said to each-other about it.
    Only feel it.
    I understand that these Friends are My Soul Mates.
    We all was loving each-other so much.
    Not Material Love but Spiritual Type of Love.
    But it all finish at the same time when Marijuana efffect finish from our Body.
    Dear Friends
    Please never Smoke Marijuana.
    It will Spoil Your Life.
    In between i feel like My Wife also want to come back.
    But i even abused her on Internet … so she do not come back and see me in this condition.
    I also become a Liar , Abuser and a Bad Person.
    Today i left no interest in Music.
    In Nothing.
    It is not bcoz. of anything.
    It is only bcoz. of Marijuna.
    So friends
    do not spoil Your Life in Marijuana.
    Finally i joined HARE KRISHNA Group in New Delhi ( India )
    There i also find so many people who left smoking weed .
    But some was still smoking.
    First i started chanting only 4 Rounds for 1 MOnth.
    Then i slowly increase the ROUNDS.
    Today i am curing and i do not feel like to smoke Marijuana.
    It is very Bad for YOur Physical and Mental Health .
    So Friends
    Please never Smoke it and Chant the Holy names of God Krishna.
    ThaT is the only way .
    ThaT is the only way .
    ThaT is the only way .

    It is My own Personal Experience which i am sharing with You here bcz. i do not want what happened with me , it happen with anybody.

    Marijuana looks scary in the Start … it looks Very Good in the Middle …. But it leads You to New Drugs bcoz. it stop effecting You after some Months .

    So You need higher Drugs to get High.

    It is My Free suggestion to You …

    To go and surrender Yourself in the Lotous feet of Lord Krishna and make a Guru in Iskcon Temple in Your Area.
    Do Bhakti without any Doubt .

    This is natural Life and best Life for HUmans.

    Today i am happy again bcoz. I left smoking Marijuana and any other Drugs without going to any Doctor or any Mental Hospital.

    I was loose all the hope before but now i am sure for a Good and New Life.
    I still want to make new Friends and a Good Girlfriend in My Life.
    My Story is very Painful but every Painful Story have a very Good End.
    I wish My Ex. Wife will Forgive Me also someday bcz. God is watching everything and he knows that My Intentions was never bad for her but it was just my Destiny for something new.
    I also forgived her for her lies if she read this post somewhere in Life.
    Life means to go Ahead .
    Stop using Marijuana or any other Drug.
    Start Chanting Mahamantra and You will understand everything Yourself.

  157. Hi John. It’s the THC that’s now in controll of your brain’s neurotransmitters. Signals are getting faster through the brain’s synapses. To me this sounds like a marijuana intoxication, but it rarely requires medical advice or treatment. Now you’ll know and never do the same mistaka again.

  158. Hi my husband is smoking from the age of 16, he is now 33 years old and claims that he wants to stop smoking weed, but smokes more than ever because of the company. Please tell me what we can do as this is ruining our marriage.

  159. I am sure you are well versed with the quote “Empty mind is devils workshop”. I made a cup of tea with half a packet of my brothers marijuana. Big mistake. I cant talk or walk properly since then. Its been more than 48 hours now. Please help me

  160. I’ve smoked weed for almost 4 years now and for the past 2 years I’ve smoked daily I’m still 15 so I’m young still but I’ve found the odd days where I don’t smoke I can not sleep at all but if I smoke I will flop at about half 7 I’m worried because I have my gcse coming up and I can’t be smoking through them so does this mean I will get no sleep in that period aswell?

  161. Hi, so i’ve been experiencing decreased memory, a poor attention span and a decreased intelligence since ibstanrted smoking. I started last September (2013) and smoked until April. I smoked a few more times after that but my absolute last time was in August. Have any of you experienced the same thing, and if so how long until it goes away, if ever?

  162. Yes it does…… Only use after your 20 years old, your growing 16 year old brain has permanent mem loss. and schizo comes when you are about 19 20, so don’t use when your a highly emotional or fast depressed person…… you waste your life and certainly no lcd, then you’re real stupid. But if you’ve had an anxiety attack using weed, pls stop. Or the smurfs walk through your chamber . And then they may say the change is 5%….. i think it’s a lot and why take the risk, certainly since in america you only buy shitty stuff:)…. And yes politicians are hypocrite with their alcohol beining legal, just like tabaco…… and women don’t like drunken guys or she has to be wasted herself…go ahead. But everybody which uses useless weed , high in thc , without being creative….. admit that their memory is way less then before. And what’s the fun of using that often alcohol coke xtc weed, you’ll never get te same feeling as the firsttime, conclusion:is changes the connection in your brain.

  163. hi just a concerned person here I’ve been smoking marijuana since the age of 13 for the first few years it was about once a month or so then at some point I had stopped for a year then i resumed smoking more frequently than before about every 3weeks ish then progressively go to the point im at now where i smoke during the summer about every day excluding times like work and other times of responsibility and during the school year only on fridays(at the end of the day when all homework is done and done with work) saturdays and sundays all this over about a 5yr period and I was wondering if abruptly stopping could cause some sort of damage to your brain chemically( if this blog is still running even that is seeing as the date is from 2012 and it is now 2014 o. o)

  164. I’ve been smoking pot since I was 13 years old (so for 3 years) and It’s changed me very differently. I’ve never met anyone who has been effected from weed like I have. When I’m high I’m extremely quiet, I barely talk the whole time. When I’m high all I think of is “if I talk, my friends will judge me” or something along those lines. But it’s a lot more intense in person. No one has noticed what goes on in my head of course, but it’s making me depressed about myself and constantly suicidal. When I’m not high, I’m dying for a cone and when I am high I’m extremely depressed and think my friends are bitching about me and secretly hate me. I’m not sure if it’s just abnormally serious paranoia or maybe I’m developing schizophrenia. Please someone help.

  165. I quit smoking about 6 months ago .. I got very sick for a while during the first 2 months of quitting . But my health has gotten better over time. The thing is my memory seems to be really crappy and I feel like my IQ has been significantly lowered. I really feel dumb. This is causing me issues at work. How long until my brain power resumes? I am 36 and was smoking regularly from age 17.

  166. I have been a heavy pot smoker for 10 years strait, every single day, smoking at least 2-3 times a day and have finally quit two months ago, on July 30th. So happy!! But sleeping is still hard and having crazy vivid mostly horrible dreams and can never sleep through the night. I’m just wondering after such heavy use, how long will it take for it to be completely out of my system and no longer affecting me whatsoever? I’m 30 yo

  167. Hi Graham. If you can quit smoking without problem, you can do so. Also, you can seek group therapy to help you deal with the cravings, or with the times you’ll feel compelled to start smoking again. As for the memory problems, it won’t be forever, but it will take time for your brain’s chemicals to return to normal.

  168. Hi,

    I Started smoking when I was 17 and I’m 26 now. I use to be a social bee, and I would talk to anyone! I didn’t have a care in the world because I knew that was me. I recently went to college and did very well without smoking until the very end because I was confident in the few classes I had left. I came back home and found the same group of friends and it’s like nothing changed, I have a degree now and I I’m truly starting to realize I can’t remember half the stuff I learned at school, I’ve been with the same friends since high school but I need to move on, but if I have memory loss, and no emotions why would I talk to a counselor or shrink. I know I can quit no problem seriously, I just hate the fact that it always results it medication. could i get some kind of clarity thanks!

  169. i smoked it for 2 years and now i stopped , now i feel more changes in me .now am not able to speak fluently even my mother toungue. i feel very lazy .cant remember and speak fast. and also
    feel anxiety within me. and i cant understand and started fear how much days wil i be like this
    …please help…

    even i am not njoying with my girl

  170. Those sk or weed or any kill like if ur not taking it frequently u just take it once in a week or something…. i wana know

  171. Hi Billy Bob Joe. THC acts upon specific sites in the brain, called cannabinoid receptors. Some brain areas have more cannabinoid receptors, while other areas have few or none at all. The highest density of cannabinoid receptors are found in parts of the brain that influence pleasure, memory, thoughts, concentration, sensory and time perception, and coordinated movement. Your brain needs time, a lot of time to come back to its normal functioning and fully recover. And, yes, the brain has a strong self-healing tendency, so it’s all reversable.

  172. Okay so i started smoking weed around the age of 12 and i am now 19. Up until the past year I never had any negative problems with it but recently almost every time i smoke i get social anxiety. So i decided to quit because it was just to much and i couldn’t deal with it anymore. I figured the anxiety would go away but even after a week of not smoking i will get anxious when talking to people and can’t think of anything to say during conversations. For me this is a really weird feeling because i have always been somewhat of a social person and enjoy talking to people. Also another thing that i have noticed is that it has severely affected my memory and i have become extremely lazy and unmotivated. What do you think could’ve caused this change and do you think the effects of it are reversible?

  173. I have head pain since I start smoking!
    Is this a warning to stop??
    I really enjoy smoking it but it’s going to damage my brain I should stop!
    Please advise ?
    Is merejuana can damage my brain!

  174. Hello, m 26 year old women and married to a person who is addicted to marijuana and alcohol for the past 10 years,he used to get angry for silly reasons and hav a habit of throwing and destroying things at home, and also hav a habit of beating me for silly things, he is not ready to go for treatment? how can I manage him? how to react when he gets angry?

  175. Hi so I tried smoking weed last July, and then started doing it regularly in september up until about late April, early May. I then did it once more late June and did it again today. I didn’t do as much as I did when I was regularly smoking those two times though. My question is, because I don’t know if I’m just being paranoid and too hard on myself, but I feel like my intelligence has decreased and I can’t really verbally express myself as well as I could before I started smoking. I’m going into neuroscience in university (I’m going into grade 12), and I want to know if the “long term effects” will have worn off by then.

  176. MJ can be bad for people and it also can be harmless. I know people who work and the DnD who smoke regularly. MJ is not considered risky by the government recruiters. I will say doing anything daily is going to be bad for you, even if you can’t see it yourself.

    I recently quit smoking MJ after smoking it for 20+ years on almost a daily basis. I do feel better not smoking it, and i know i cant be a recreational smoker of it.

  177. I just wanted to throw out there that ANYTHING can be addictive. More power to you guys who smoke and don’t have addiction issues, but there is a difference between using and abusing. Just because you think there isn’t any proper scientific references towards marijuana affecting the brain doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect it. Until you have been there you cannot possibly understand. To you out there who are having a difficult time quitting hang in there! Don’t give up! I have noticed that over time most all of the negative side affects are getting better. Will they completely go away? Time will tell.

  178. Hi dudes, I used hash once a month for 6month and no problems appeared. After that i used marijuana only one time about 5 months ago. After using that, I can’t describe the feeling i had. I just can say that it was extremely horrible. I still have some of those feelings. Please tell me the truth: will i become the guy that was before using that or not?

  179. I’m a young kid myself. I’m 16 now and smoked some before when I was 15. I’m a regular daily for almost a full year now. And honestly, I feel fine. My grades have stayed the some and in other courses improved. So far I’m not lazy got a nice life. Great job and I caught on quick. This stuff isn’t as bad as people think. And I’m living fuckin proof.

  180. I have smoked heavily for about 20 years. I found I was able to make myself do things I did not like doing. I also did quite well in school while smoking weed. Once I quit weed and my grades dropped about 20%. Socially weed allowed me to let people I didn’t really have any real connection to into my life. Many of the relationships I had with people were very negative. Most of my girlfriends were weed smokers and had nothing in common with me. Weed always added to my anxiety, but made being alone easier to the point that I thought it was helping me. Overall Weed held me back from dealing with real problems I had and doing things I truly enjoyed.

    Since I have quit weed I have noticed that most of my friends aren’t really my friends. I have realized that I hate the career I thought I loved. In fact I can’t stand doing the tasks while sober. I have noticed I cannot relate to people easily and I have very poor social skills. I have also noticed I allowed really negative people into my life as I didn’t know how to interact with other people, better people for me. For me weed is a way to hide from myself.

    Over the years I have been addicted to many drugs including cocaine, and tobacco. While quitting coke was hard and physically difficult, for me mentally its been much harder to quit weed. I could be that I have smoked longer and thus I am dependent on it to a greater degree. Quitting smoking cigarettes after 16 years seemed easy actually compared to quitting weed. I quit all drugs cold turkey.

    I live in Vancouver where weed is very easy to get. I am not a person who can smoke it occasionally. I smoked about 4 joints a day. If I smell it I end up thinking about it for hours. Weed can be bad for you, as in my case it was bad for me.

  181. amen mike, I’m in a university 4.0 gpa, smoke/vaporize every week, I only drink on special occasions. Doin just fine for this routine since I was 18

  182. There are no proper scientific references at on all on this page. All the people who think they are preaching proper drug abuse to everyone needs to go home and pack a bowl themselves, and get over the fact that this is not a bad drug. Research so far has shown 0 (ZERO) long term damages to any part of the users body. While you sit at home (or at a bar/party) and get alcohol poisoning while drinking a little too much with your buddies or girlfriends, I will be at my house rolling another joint and hoping that you will be ok. There is another whole essay for all of you who decide to take an extra ibuprofen or acetaminophen to “Help that extra bit”. That’s way worse than marijuana or drinking. Stop the ignorant posts and actually get out there and be safe!

  183. Hi Hassan. You can try to look into these resources, which can help. There are online support groups you can join. My suggestion is to check out their programs, complete some the preliminary “Work” (it’s basically self-help) and then check out some online meetings. Best to you, my friend. Getting off hash is a time for mental and emotional growth.

    SMART Recovery:
    Marijuana Anonymous:

  184. I dont think so . there’s nothing as such as private psychologists here in my city besides rehab , and i cant even join that because if my parents even got the slight clue of me smoking this thing they’d be heart broken . as i’m their only son . i havent smoked since three days now and besides appetite everything else seems quite normal but i still get these headaches and it feels like my brain’s numb all the time as in it doesn’t wants to think or focus and i have to force myself .

  185. Hello Hassan. It’s possible that you’ve developed a tolerance to the euphoric effect caused by THC. To get your head straight, you can try a few things. First, you can try a period without smoking. You may want to accompany this with psychotherapy. Are there private certified psychologists who work in your city?

  186. Hi, i am from Pakistan and i have been smoking hash(afghan) for 4 years now when i started smoking it , it was like the best thing that ever happened to me and back in the days during the first three years i use to enjoy the high , laugh and enjoy everything to its best . and without hash life felt dull and black n white . and then in the 4 years i started smooking chronically and now i just dont get high at all !! i miss the fun and the feeling !! and besides that i feel like my brain has stopped working , i cant concentrate at all . and it also making my feelings fade away so please tell me if all this is normal because i’m in my phase of quitting as in i smoke a single joint after 2 or 3 days and i want to stop that too . and i will . but please help me out because i just graduated and have a very loving gf but lately i have been getting odd feelings and i’m not myself at all . so how do i get my head straight ??

  187. Clearly if the FBI will hire pot smokers to fight terrorist on computers, it’s not that bad, I’m tired of everyone’s complaints, if you have problems with marijiana YOUR FREAKING FAULT. Learm how to maintain self-control, I had a problem buying mochas every night after work, it got addicting, so all you complaining it’s pot that makes your memory bad or brain damaged, your wrong

  188. Hi, Dillon. It sounds like you’ve been through a lot and that you’re making really important efforts to understand your experience and have a better life. I’m not very experienced with smoking pot, so it’s hard to say how much of a factor that might be in your issues with memory and feeling distance from reality. What you’re describing can also be the result of trauma, which it sounds like you may have experienced a lot of in childhood. I would recommend looking for a therapist who specializes in trauma (and maybe also drug addiction, but definitely the trauma specialty). It can be painful to feel misunderstood, but it is possible to get therapy that will help you with the painful feelings that may have caused you to feel so drawn to smoking pot in the first place. These days there are many kind therapists who understand childhood trauma and can help you work past the bad memories and build a happier future. It takes time, but stick with it and trust that things can and will get better. Best wishes to you.

  189. Hey Dillon, I’ve had a crazy past to do with my parents and being born into a cult, which made adjusting to normal life at the age of 13 really weird. But thing is you make it what you want it to be, a good thing or not, you’re more in control of what you want to do by knowing your faults.
    I smoke weed now (trying to quit), and its like the perfect escape from all the strange memories, and weird situations in reality that i get faced with. Truth is everything becomes more strange the more you try and escape, those problems exist whether or not you choose to ignore them, the hard part is having the will to stare your problems in the face, and make a choice, after making a choice you have to live with it, and get to know yourself through it.
    I had no friends, simply because no-one could understand me or make sense of where i was coming from, i accept that i’m a little different because of my past, and i see how i’m different is actually more unique and individual, …its all if you can make something from it, and i dont mean money,…explore what your capable of, test and challenge yourself…try to make sense out of chaos, for yourself,
    so thats my personal view from experience, sorry if it sounds weird, i’m still learning that not everyone gets where you’re coming from, but that shouldn’t hold you back. GOOD LUCK

  190. Hey, so I’ve been smoking pot since I was about 18 I’m now 20. I had a terrible childhood which I’d rather not get into. And my crazy grandparents raised me. Ive always struggled in school socially anywhere. I have a job now and its hard going there. I noticed I started having super strange issues I can’t explain so I visited a neurology place to try and receive help. They mentioned to quit smoking pot which by now I’m about 5 to 6 weeks into sobriety. But I have no friends struggling with my relationship difficulties at work. I can barely talk to anyone I always think people are out to get me or plotting. My boss and employees say it looks like I’m hypnotized or on another planet. I want to die so bad but at the same time I don’t want to. I need advice, I know this is About pot and that,s what I thought it was considering I went from being a chronic smoker but of not much. Lacking social stance and cant remember a damn thing.. Not a thing. People names movies… Nada…To not smoking at all. What symptoms could be of loss of reality? Help ASAP would be more than greatly appreciated

  191. I started smoking weed about a 2 yearsago and I need to stop.. but the thing is.. I cant.. its pretty hard and I cant live with smoking weed..

  192. I’m currently 20 years old and have been smoking since about 14, the fact of the matter is that marijuana is a drug and as for the addiction aspect it all depends on the type of person. One may be able to smoke it for 1 years and up and stop with nothing wrong, while another keeps coming back to it more and more. To say marijuana is addicting is completely false I have quit for months at a time, most being a little over a year, I will say though that it is habit forming. When I’m hanging around with my group of friends it is just a bit like tradition to have a joint or some bong rips, kinda like how older men share beers during the end of the day. To say that it is not addicting is hard considering how many of us use it to get to sleep or help you get through the day altogether. I have not really had a problem with memory all to much my grades in class were average and I particularly excelled at math, I’m currently attending community college and hoping to transfer to a university next semester. It has become more tedious than anything to smoke anymore, the money I spend on it is outrageous, and when I am smoking I do smoke quite heavily, at least 5 bowls a day. I have noticed that it kinda kills my motivation when I am high though, all I feel like doing is sitting and watch some netflix. Overall I am done with pot it is a lazy mans drug and only adds onto me being tired during the day and not wanting to do crap. The only problem being that all my friends do it and when I’am hanging around them it is hard to pass it up, but I don’t want to completely alienate myself from good friends just because of this reason.

  193. Im 15 years but almost 16 and I smoked for my first time. 3 weeks later im haveing hectic depression and anxiety im scared after one high I will get depersonalisation. What do I do?

  194. ok so i was hoping someone on here my give me some advice on how to stop the anxiety and panic attacks when trying to quit.
    I wrote on here before but still haven’t kicked the habit.
    I’m looking for natural herb remedies. If i stumble across anything i can put it up on here for other people,
    I get extreme panic and anxiety attacks,…when trying to quit or cut down, i’ve got a friend who got help from the doctor with anti depressants, but they’ve got side effects i’m told which are not worth it. Apparently its like getting on another drug to get off the other, and they cut it down over time…kinda like nicotine patches.
    Anyhow i wanna find a natural herb selection (other than st johns wort), to help subside the withdrawal effects of quitting

  195. I started smoking at the age of 18. I am now 21, and I truly believe that marijuana does, in fact, have an adverse effect on the brain. I am horrified at the possibility that my daily abuse of marijuana throughout the duration of three years has irreparably damaged my brain. I would love to get over this hump, for I have realized that my ability to retain and memorize information isn’t what it used to be. I need help…. But I really don’t know what to do. What would a doctor, therapist or psychologist tell me, or do to me, that would really make me quit.

    I do not support the legalization of marijuana. It sets a bad example for our children, makes it seem less harmful. I just cannot, for the life of me, understand why it has become legalized for recreational use in some parts of the country. I do understand that states need more streams of revenue, but not at the expense of the citizenry and our children. If I had a say, I would make alcohol, marijuana and all other addictive substances totally illegal.

  196. 3 years or ago or so I smoked with one of my freinds but it seemed to have a very negative effect on me as my anxiety returned after years of being dormant and it seems to effect my memory or at least my short term memory and my head felt weird a lot even after the high was gone. I also developed pains in my head in several different areas and over the years I still don’t seem to have fully recovered everything so smoking became a no can do for me. I also ended up quitting my drinking even socially due to the fact that I knew it could make me feel worse not being clear minded and would probably set off my anxiety. What I would recommend to people who have depression and/or anxiety would be either to stay completely away from the stuff or to have only very low use of marijuana and any other kind of substance for abuse.(Including alcohol) Just don’t do anything you think you might regret ……

  197. I have smoked grass from the age of 14 to 25 and have now stopped,it has ruined my life mentally ,sonically and financially!i can’t remember new stuff only old memory’s cant go to a bar to talk to poeple lost all friends was HOMlESS family disowned me lost my job everything and it’s made me very mentally unwell,so a word of advice anyone who is jst starting out smoking it DO NOT START it ruins life’s ,on the contrier it affects differnt people in different ways but it has turned me into a psychopath with personality disorder memory loss impair able holes in my lungs every manageable miserable thing amaginable!the call it Canibis pyhcosis and it’s a death sentence everything you dr in life is shit n negative because of the brain cannot do wot others find easy to do in normal life that we as grass smokers find hard to do,but I’m only 25 and hope there still hope I can rebuild my life n get bk on track meantally physically and financially kids teenagers adults trying it out don’t do it please it will ruin your life,take care all best of luck to those who really want to make a go of stopping for good,Sam wise the ganje(ex canibas smoker for life).

  198. Hello Mella. My heart reaches out to you for the real trauma you’ve been through. I can see how marijuana can help you cope with the emotional needs to try to forget the war.

    Where do you live at the moment? Local resources may include a social worker, social services office, or a community mental health clinic. A psychologist can help you work through the PTSD and help advise you on quitting marijuana. But you may want to start by seeking help with your primary physician. Either way, go to a medical doctor who is compassionate and sensitive to the needs of war survivors, or who has experience working with refugee populations. You are not alone, but you do need to work with someone who can empathize and who has experience.

  199. Yes, I do come from Bosnia and I have witnessed a genocide when I was 15 years old. Since that time, I was affected by the PTS and I did start smoking marihuana heavily i my mid 20s and until now, which is more than 12 years. I do not want to live my life depending on this plant, I do want to be free of this habit, since it did affected my life in a very negative way, and influenced the lack of interest in education ( which I am more than for it) however, it is hard. How and where to seek help?

  200. First the article states:
    . Some fear that heavy marijuana use before age 21 can result in irreversible long term brain damage. Although this is only a theory,
    Then it goes on to say:
    Mood disorders – Long term exposure to marijuana in the brain can permanently alter serotonin and norepinephrine, two neurotransmitters associated with both anxiety and mood disorders.

    So i guess this theory of permanent damage turned out to be true as this article was being typed?
    The truth is there has been much research done on the long term effect of marajuana and there has never been any evidence of permanent damage to the brain. So although impossible to say for sure, it’s extremely unlikely.

  201. I have been smoking weed for about a year now 2 to 3 times daily, and only some of the times I get a little depressed or lose motivation If I don’t smoke for a few days but then the feeling goes away and everything goes back to normal. Sometimes I like to smoke a little right before work, and some of my friends have noticed I was doing it, but they told me I didn’t do such a bad job that I was alright when working “high.” Even sometimes I tend to remember things a little more when I’m high than when in not? also I think that I may have an anxiety problem but i’m not completely sure bout it. so if weed increases anxiety can it get worse for me?

  202. Hi Saim. Do you live in state where medical marijuana is legal? It may be possible to get a prescription for Dronabinol if you’re seriously physically dependent on hashish. If you cannot get help for withdrawal in the pharmaceutical sense, seek help for psychological cravings. Ask for help…and start with a licensed clinical psychologist or family doctor.

  203. im daily hash smoker rather u can say im chain hash-smoker (4 years has passed in this dangerous disease). I want to stop it at once, but i felt it is impossible to give up.
    no doubt, article is informative. But there no solution is given to give up hash-smoking. im very much disturbed & in remained in tension always. plz give me a solid solution to get ride from hashshshhshsh.
    thanks in advance

  204. I think the possible neurogenesis effects of cannabis should be at least addressed in this article. I am a chronic smoker, since 17, and I do not feel ‘slower’ or incapable. If you let yourself become lazy and stupid you will become that, mj or not. You can love weed it gets you to higher places if you let it 🙂

  205. I have started heavily smoking marijuana about 2 years ago (i was 17, i am now 19) and i can tell you for SURE that marijuana DID affect me in a bad way. Now, dont get me wrong, i LOVE the effect of the drug and do not prohibit the use of it. But heavy use of the drug can lead to a whole set of aweful experiences. After 2 years of heavy use, i started having panic attacks (which i never had before, and trust me, you dont wanna live those) and i felt like i could not feel pleasure anymore (anhedonia,often linked with ADHD and marijuana use, which i am suffering of). I have completely stopped taking the drug for over a week now since i could not even enjoy taking it anymore. I still feel like i cant feel pleasure, but the panic attacks stopped. I am a little worried that my condition will last and i have a hard time finding articles on similar experiences.

  206. Remember anyone can get addicted to ANYTHING. Marajuana is addicting to my husband. We will be married 8 years and over the years I have seen the side effects of smoking everyday. His short term memory is awful. It has gotten worse. He has outbreaks of anxiety and is a jerk when he doesnt have any. he would lie and risk our marriage for one more hit. He has started going to addiction classes at our local church and is down to smoking once a week or less. He says he feels better (more energy) he can think straighter as well. Don’t get me wrong it was really hard for him and it took some time. Know your boundaries and please think of the long term effects. Anything is possible through GOD.

  207. Hi Nat. I’ve heard that it can take 6 months or more for marijuana to completely leave the system after years of chronic use. I found for myself that getting a better memory requires practice. And that cravings and associated side effects were resolved one year after cessation. Speak with your doctor or a psychologist for more information.

  208. I’ve smoke Marijuana (hydro) multiple times a day from the age of 14-30. I’ve quit 5 times (during each pregnancy) I wanted to give up for years but found every time I wanted to I’d smoke more. I have recently quit cold turkey it’s been just over 3 months now and for some reason i haven’t craved it at all. There’s been times where I think to myself, oh I’d be having a sesh rite now. Usually it’s a stress relief. I have found that I can still have a good nites sleep but there’s a lot of dreaming. Seem to be more tired than when I smoked it. My eating is still the same. I find I have less motabolism since quitting. I do get hot and cold shivers at times but think its when I’m due for my monthlys. Lol. I feel my short term memory isn’t so good anymore. But long term memory is fine. I do feel I’m a little bit constipated although I eat healthy min 3 times a day. I get dizzy at times like I’m on a high (tripping out). I have put probably 6kgs on since quitting. I just feel worse now than when I smoked minus the headaches. I don’t understand how it can have this much of an affect still 3 months on. Am I ever going to feel Norman again!!!

  209. Hi Morriss. Speaking from personal experience :), it took about 6-12 months for me to feel fully “awake” again after getting off weed. Give it some time, get a regular exercise regime, and maybe look into nutritional supplements like ginko for memory. These things helped me.

  210. hi, i have been smoking weed for 20 years now.. but i quit for the past 3 months. so happy iv done it.. 🙂 the only problem im having is with my mood swings and lack in concentrating and feel tired all the time..

    are the going to go away…??? im starting to panik now.. not feeling myself again after all these months…

    thanks for your help

  211. Thank you, Zaphod, for pointing out the ridiculous flaws in this article. I have done immense amounts of research into this topic as I enjoy using marijuana occasionally, but did not want to risk impairments to my cognitive functions as I am entering into a highly cognitive field and cannot afford memory problems and the like. I have 2 points to make.

    Through all my research, I have never found a single piece of CONCRETE evidence that suggests marijuana affects the brain negatively. What I have actually found is that through mild use (I think it was once a week max), some cognitive functions actually improved in one study compared to those who do not smoke. Then heavy smokers scored about on par with those who do not. The only studies that show negative affects are ridiculous, such as one in which they quite literally suffocated test monkeys with a continuous supply of marijuana smoke, depriving them of oxygen. Experiments like this aren’t even comparable to the real world scenario.

    Secondly, the typical users of marijuana give it a terrible stigma. I noticed even some of the posts on here (especially the ones who fail to spell even one word correctly) that claim marijuana has negative affects simply can’t be taken seriously. If you have an IQ of 40, don’t try and argue that on of your habits has no affect on your intelligence. It’s laughable.

    In conclusion, I am living proof that marijuana use can be used responsibly, and does not make you stupid. I should note that I am not a ‘frequent’ user, as in I don’t smoke it daily or even weekly, I do use it and have experienced no negative side affects as a result. Take articles like this with a grain of salt.

  212. I started smoking pot at the age of 14 on christmas with sis, Due to family issues i had no choice but to stop smoking at 15.. After only 8 months I unthouhgtfully toke a hit because i wanted to. Into my late 16s kept smoking all day everyday maybe a 7 month relapse and a couple of months where I actually did stop for days and days. Its been 4 years Im 18 and ive had all the problems you can imagine but i know deep in my head that when i dont smoke. I alter my imagination. my real fresh air imagination. and even as i know this i still choose to smoke and get high… i want to stop.. but theres two sides of me… today i declare my problem and tomorrow i declare happy 4/20!

  213. and people need to realize that its not marijuana that’s to blame for their loss in creative interests, its the fact that they’re growing up and little childish things they used to enjoy are becoming obsolete, strictly because that’s what should happen to everybody as they make the transition from child to adult, and since marijuana does cause SOME, ONLY SOME paranoia in most people who smoke, people begin to wonder if they have something wrong with them and they blame it on whatever ‘bad’ stuff society has convinced them they are ‘abusing’. I wouldnt even say it is paranoia, more of a stage of deep thought and understanding of society as a whole and for fellow cheeseheads out there, sondering.

  214. This article is so poorly sourced. The second source is 3 paragraphs long and is about a study on “18 adolescent rats”. It says that the rats had reduced mental abilities later in life. Well 18 rats is a pretty insignificant number in scientific studies. Also they assume that rat brains and human brains are similar enough for extreme conclusions. And the findings hold true in humans there is still no medical reason adults shouldn’t be allowed to use marijuana.
    Also this source is which is hardly an unbiased reference.

    The first source is rather well sourced. However this article seems quite lazy in that they reference secondary source material rather than the sources at the end of that article. The article finds that smoking can harm your lungs but ignores the use of marijuana in ways that don’t involve combustion.
    Then it says there is a statistical correlation between schizophrenia and marijuana use in a small minority of the population with a genetic predisposition towards schizophrenia. Correlation does not equal causation. Also if in this case it does it exists in a minority of the population while the remaining members would have no increased risk of schizophrenia.
    Then it goes on to claim that marijuana can affect your ability to drive a car. I suggest we outlaw alcohol as well.
    It then suggests that marijuana can make you lazier and stupider and somewhat depressed. How one can test for these things is beyond me. It seems like some former users were bellyaching and whining about things that are probably within their control. Also compared to alcohol or cigarettes these symptoms are quite mild.

    This is one of the most pessimistic outlooks on marijuana use that you can find today. No real argument is presented as to why adults shouldn’t be allowed to use marijuana.

  215. i have smoked weed through a bong and i have high anxiety and bipolar. after i smoked 2 times from the bong the 2nd time after i smoked i felt completely disconnected from the world around me, felt disconnected from my body and i had a severe panic attack for 2 hours. now its what the 3rd day after and i feel dizzy and sometimes i feel like i am going have another panic attack. i am on several different medications as well. lamotrigine (generic for lamictal) quetipin (generic for seroquel) fluoxetine (generic for prozac) and i am one day multivitamin for women as well as implanon (inserted birth control). now will the dizziness and panic attack feelings go away or will i always have them? btw i wont be smoking pot ever cuz its not good for my mental health

    1. Almost all people who become ‘addicted’ have a hole in their life that they’re trying to replace by smoking weed, and when the weed kicks in, it really does fill in that hole, but when you lose the high, you begin to feel that hole come onto yourself again. This right here is how you will either become dependent or independent.. whatever you think about first that gets you down right after you get high is the area of life that you must go and fix and help yourself not smoke another bowl to fill in that gap in your life again.. its just like alcohol, you forget your problems but once they come back its so easy to just smoke another.. but when they come back just use this knowledge to go make your life better so that you don’t get addicted.. and for all you people that ‘smoke a bong’ and pass out and throw up, shut the fuck up. just everybody be smart and stop blaming marijuana for your problems.. god made it for a reason and you should all understand that its not to drag you into the life of drugs, its not to make you have a dependency, its to help you open your eyes to the world around you.. nobody talks about the good effects on threads like these because nobody who smokes regularily and understands weed for what it really is needs to look on pages like these but I wanted to see how wrong everybody is about all of it..

  216. and get those good grades/girls, 😉 cause remember, school is more important than weed, smoke after school kids, not before, believe me, im a freshmen and i even know that.

  217. Lol yeah i Have to take ADHD medication, (Vyvanse 70mg) and by far that is more dangerous on the mind/body than marijuana.
    marijuana is a mind altering drug, therefore, you can only ‘want’ to smoke it, opposed to pills and like painkillers that make your body addicted to them not your mind ( i used to abuse oxys/vicodin/xanex bars ) lol, might think that im some messed up kid, but honestly, i stopped that nonsense, and stay GREEN!

  218. I got a High dose of marijuana and a got damaged brain tissue, I received a dementia.
    Sometimes I Forget my name, last name and I cannot count the mathematical And so on…

    Tell me what to do.

  219. been smoking weed for 22 years every day im fit and healthy also very motivated weed is not a drug of addiction its harder to give up sugar or coffee .

    1. I would have to strongly disagree. I suppose it differs from person to person but as the article suggests, and the human anatomy itself, it does more harm than good. A temporal “high” everyday for 22 years is certainly permanently imbueing your brain to behave differently than it naturally should. Now, it may be the case that you’re intellectually above average but it’s still demeaning your potential. There is just no way in the world that it hasn’t altered your brain function in some ways or created a dependency (even if it is simply a psychological one). There’s a reason you haven’t gone a day without it.

  220. To follow up my last comment, people say that they don’t need “drugs” to improve their life. FYI the Ritalin or ADHD medicine, perhaps any drug that people take daily whether its for stress, blood pressure, ect. You my friends, are using “drugs” to improve your life. If people look at marijuana like prescription medications (even though majority of prescription medicines have more harmful side effects than what ever that person is treating, doctors make huge money off over-counter medications) Okay, another example alcohol kills 90,000 people per year in the U.S, but you still see alcohol being used and it kills tons of people! same with tobacco, to sum up all these analogies, Money is the drive for every company/person/item, they don’t care if it kills 500,000 people per year or 90,000 per year, they will do anything for money and lots of it. end of the story

  221. I’m sick of people saying marijuana can Cause addiction, or says its not healthy. By not healthy I hope you mean joints, and bongs. I vaporize marijuana everyday and bake brownies every weekend, i attend community college, and work part time, I’m 19 years old. Been using it since I was 18, nothing about my motivation changed, I’m not like sacrificing my friends or job for marijuana. Marijuana is more healthier and safer than caffiene, I also think of marihuana as the humans catnip. Case closed

  222. I started smoking weed when I was about 9 years old and all that I noticed is very slight memory loss (Probably not from smoking marijuana). and to even think that you can get addicted to marijuana is just ridiculous, there have been times where I didn’t smoke for weeks at a time and I did not feel like i needed to smoke and i didn’t start stealing shit and selling it to buy more weed like other actual drug addicts. and also there is nothing addictive in marijuana

  223. I graduated highschool with a 3.8 GPA without ever actually making an effort to study diligiently. I’m not saying that to boast; hell, I’m anonymous, but because I miss being that person. I could just focus in class and retain all the important information that I needed for the exams. I rarely studied outside of class except for homework. Life truly was great but I took it all for granted. After graduation, I moved to the dorms at a university and smoked my first bowl (bole?, never quite figured that one lol) of weed with natty, who is one of my really good friends to this day. Since that fateful evening (exactly 6 years, 4 months, and 23 days ago; I used an online days calculator haha), I haven’t gone more than 40 hours without smoking. I have no doubt that it affected my memory, my persona, my social skills, my relationship with everyone that i’ve ever loved and been loved by, and my life. I graduated college with a 3.02 GPA after it plunged to 1.66 after the end of my sophmore year. Yes, it took me six years, two major changes, and a constant battle with weed, to graduate. In the process, I’ve lost so much that I don’t even know where to begin. Even though I wanted to major in english literature, the constant smoking instilled within me an inferiority complex. I still write sometimes but its rare because I can’t write when I’m high. The words just don’t come 🙁 and it saddens me. It rips apart my ego and the only thing that makes me feel better is, yep, more smoking. It’s so weird how we know whats causing our demise but we continue to indulge in it. I majored in engineering instead. Not because I thought I would do any better or that its easier (hell, its a lot more difficult) but it doesn’t require as much creativity as writing poetry and good prose did. It’s straightforward albeit tedious and difficult work and the job market is good. Sorry about rambling on and on incoherently but my point is, It has literally taken the life out of me. I feel like an empty shell. I want to be like I used to be. I used to radiate life and happiness and people loved me. Now, I’m very sordid and discreet and just very awkward and creepy in general always fearful of people judging me or looking down on me and things of that sort. Since my job began and I entered the real world (about 6 months ago), I’ve been seriously considering quitting and have done so for a day or two but never more. The only person who can help me is me and I’m not here for advice. It just feels good to spill it all out anonymously. I want to change. I want to be the happy kid I once was, full of life, always smiling and radiating happiness, and being myself and I hope I will soon.

  224. for all those people complaining that marijuana ruins their life or is addicting, you let it ruin your life and you make it addicting your self. if marijuana is addicting for you or ruins your life don’t use it because I smoke weed every weekend im a college student, infact I vaporize it more often for healthier effects. i haven’t smoked weed in 4 days i woke up this morning and thought to my self I can easily stop smoking marijuana, I didn’t even want to smoke this weekend when I woke up, but I choose to keep doing it for my 3 years, I agree that only adults should smoke it 18+ your okay. (brain developed, ect.) 1. I have no memory problems, 2. I’m not addicted 3. I don’t have schizophrenia 4. I do have anxiety when it comes to math test, Ive struggled with math tests all my life or in general tests with me having anxiety so I know marijuana doesn’t worsen that. the drug its self is not addicting, Caffeine is more addictive than marijuana, marijuana does not cause long term brain damage or memory loss, it may cause memory loss when your on it, it doesn’t for me though.

  225. hey ive been smoking weed so much i guess i can say im in luv with it but it really gets in the way of things for me the fact tht its illegal for me and causes other issues with my parents i didnt wanna stop smokin but untill yesterday …… i smoked some thin called girl scout cookies i been smokin this cuz i had bought an oz or two nd it contains high levels of THC and so its been 3 months for me smokin this dro and just all of the sudden yesterday i only smoked a gram and i had the weirdest most messed up halucination i jst hot boxed in my bathroom and i came out lookin at the mirror and saw orange checkered cubes slowly breaking down and its so hard to explain like nvr have i been getting this high b4 idk wat the fuck this was i cant explain all of it but i felt as if i could c the light and tht i wass gnna die so i prayed and waited it out but idk man i need help its been more than 3 years smokin nd i only had a 2 mnth tolerence break 3 mnths ago

  226. Hi, I’m a highschool kid, i started smoking weed at the age of 15, halfway into freshmen year. I was arguably one of the smartest kids in that school. I could outargue anyone, i spoke to my teachers as equals, because i really believed it. My brain worked at a very fast speed, i could prove any point i made, i could prove a point that was false, i was an artist at words. That ended after i began smoking large blunts. I stopped talking to people, because i was too lazy to make the effort. usually, talking came at no effort at all, then suddenly, i actually became annoyed at the prospect of speaking, it was weird, but i didnt notice that change take place. a year and a half after i began smoking.
    Then, after awhile, it became a chore to talk. Now i never mentioned this before, but my memory was always bad, and i thought nothing of it. I would have strings of speech,and then it was blank, i forgot my next point. Its terrible.i had to resort to actually summarizing everything i say, shorten it to fit my new memory capacity, and its difficult to adjust. Recently, i smoked a medium sized bong rip, it fucked me up, i had red vision, i puked, and could barely speak. it would take me a good 5 seconds to reply to anything said to me, and as opposed to the past, i can only pay attention to one thing at a time. I used to suffer from add as a kid and grew out of it, yet the weed seems to have woken it up again. I undestand everything i hear, yet cannot think of a reply, i cannot conversate, im 17. I stopped smoking weed, but im afraid the effects are permanant, because i feel like i have entered a permanant high, the sleepy, depressing kind, not the euphoric, happy kind. Is this temporary? do i need to wait a month to feel better? or is this forever? am i stupid now? now that i want to talk, i cant. i cannot suggest new topics of conversations, i can only add on to others. recently, ive been getting headaches after i smoked, ones that ive barely noticed until they were too late, what happened to my brain?

  227. Hi Far Away. You can call 1-800-662-HELP to talk with someone from the National Drug Abuse Hotline and ask where to go for help. It’s free and anonymous, and you can get referrals to both treatment centers and local resources. If you’re ready to quit, there is help out there.

  228. Hello,

    I am writing this out of desperation. I am depressed, anxious, and smoking weed on a daily basis. I have been taking Citalopram for over a year now (when I remember to, that is). Smoking is taking a giant tole on my life, but I feel out of control…I can’t stop. Negative thoughts and emotions push me to light up again and again. It’s so strange because I smoke to alleviate stress and discomfort, but much of the stress and discomfort comes from smoking weed in the first place. And yet, knowing this, I am still incapable of staying weed-free for more than 24 hours.

    I live very far away from home. I have delayed the completion of my master’s degree by 2 semesters. I am rarely sober long enough to do anything productive. I am smoking as I type this.

  229. I would like to thank “Lifewithoutweed” for posting…..what she did about her experiences. That has helped me make a decision at least for this day. Her husband sounds just like me, even though I smoked it for a very short period of time. My family also has a predisposition to bipolarism. I knew I was out of control so I got it back while I still could.
    Thank you for your blog.

  230. Was prescribed mj for arthritis pain. Smoked several times a day for a period of 10 weeks….found myself severely addicted. Knew I had to quit. Quitting caused severe anxiety, could barely stay in my skin…..severe sleep disturbances…severe irritability. After about 3 months most of the the symptoms went away when I exercised for a couple of hours daily. It was a horrible horrible withdrawal and of course I vowed that I would NEVER do it again. Now, I find myself wanting to smoke….its been about 7 months or so. I don’t drink or smoke cigs…tell me how I should not start again. PLEASE!
    Addicted to everyting.

  231. Hi Troubled. I’d suggest that you call the National Drug Abuse Hotline at 1-800-662-HELP to learn more about drug rehabs or MJ-specific treatment centers that can help you address the psychological reasons you use marijuana. It’s more that just abstinence. It’s about getting to know yourself (and to love yourself) again.

  232. I have a been a chronic heavy user of marijuana since I was 14 and am now 19. I have to some extent, all of the symptoms of addiction. I have tried several times to quit but I have not been successful. I need help quitting because I can’t just not buy it. I get very irritable, I feel dull and numb and I convince myself that I have to have it and before I can tell myself no,I’m smokin a fatty blazed out of my mind. Please respond with any suggestions.

  233. i smoke about an 8th a day also.
    i have honor roll,
    in my opinion, its the individual who uses it, it effects people differently,
    my friend will hit it once and be stoned for hours and is completely stupid, i can maintain myself and be calm.

  234. Question and idk.

    I heavilysmoked marijuana for about 2 years. In general id average about an eighth (about 3.5gs) of weed a day. Ive been sober for quite awhile now but ive noticed that my memory retention is severely shot. Do you guys have any recommendations to improve my memory from scratch again? If you could help at all id really appreciate it. Please reply to my e-mail if possible.

  235. Thanks so much, it’s been great reading this article and all the comments following. I am not a smoker myself but I have been with my boyfriend for about 2 years now and when we met he was smoking off and on. He’s been clean for many months now and our relationship couldn’t be better. He is generally more happy and is working diligently at his new job. When he was smoking he literally did nothing but sit around all day. It’s like he’s a completely different person when he smokes ~ Joyous to see the damage can be reversed.
    It can be done!!

  236. Hi all,

    I (and my husband) are living proof of the fact that a lot of what is described above is true. My husband has been a chronic weed smoker since the age of 14 (now 28). When I met him 4 years ago, I stupidly started up too. I quit about 4 months ago and it is honestly one of the best things I have ever done. My memory has improved, I can analyze and generally think better, am by far not as lazy and have plenty more energy and I can feel emotions again the way I’m supposed to be feeling them…the list goes on. Side effects for me have been negligable, but I guess that’s also due to the fact I haven’t been smoking for 15+ years, like some.

    I was hoping that my quitting would encourage my husband to follow suit, but no luck so far. In his case, the assumption that smoking weed can help cause mental disorders in people with a predisposition for it is definitely true! He has bipolar disorder, which runs in his family, but strangely enough none of his 4 brothers have developed the disease (all non-pot smokers, apart from one who only smokes occasionally). I fully believe that the emotional and mental issues he is experiencing now are partly due to pot and made worse by still smoking. He has severe memory problems, lack of energy and motivation, emotional flatness and can often not think deeply about anything or analyze stuff in his brain.

    Family of 3, I totally understand. I’m having the same problems you are having. My husband has changed as a person since when I met him and I, too, would like the person back that I married.

  237. I’m 14 years old, smoke weed everyday, and have an iq of 121, from what my doctor told me, that’s really high, and ive been smoking weed for about 2 years, i personally think it effects people differently, the only thing ive noticed, is everything seems fake! but i also have to take adhd meds.. but can you plz tell me a term for that, i think its called depersonalization.. but im not sure

  238. Thank you for your information, my husband has been smoking weed since he was 12 and he is now 28. It has ruined our lives. It is an addictive drug and he can not function with out it. If i would have known what we would go thru i would never have married him. I love him but we go through hell almost every single day if he is out. We have been married seven years and have two daughters four and 6 months old. I have seen the effects of marijuana first hand and want you all to know that in the long run its not worth it! I want the man I love back, but I know he would chose weed over his family any day. Thanks again for the information.

  239. Hi, I started smoking weed from the age of 14 and stopped recently i’m now 30, I was a little worried about the effect on my respiratory system(if i spelt that right), so I quit tobacco a few weeks later as well. I get bad anxiety and panic attacks that i’ve learnt how to calm myself down from, with breathing and sometimes walking, I tell myself it will pass with time as its obviously withdrawal symptoms, but lately i’ve been thinking of trying st johns wart, as something of a stabilizer to support through this rough period of time. anything that you might have to say regarding my situation or advice i’d be grateful to hear, like if there’s something i should consider that i’m not seeing or whatever..

  240. its the way the user thinks, while they are on that drug, if you control your thinking, you won’t have a bad trip, you just have to realize when your on shrooms or marijuana, you have to realize the effects and predict what is going to happen, you shouldn’t be paranoid, or freak out, just go with it, thats how I took my first bong hit. for the mental illnesses likes when psychedlics like LSD or Shrooms or even Marijuana cause schizophrenia, this is bolonge, because its the your thinking you are schizophrenic when your really not, its all in your mind when it comes down to it.

  241. Now, even mushrooms are not harmful a.k.a psilocybes or shrooms, though they are more intoxicating than marijuana, but not alcohol

  242. @ curious teen was the first writer that detailed method of administration, certainly a joint yields some THC vapor but destroys much more through hurried combustion. Hopefully besides the abstinence idea we can learn more about how to use vaporizers.

  243. Hello curious. It’s possible that you were smoking either very potent doses of THC or a joint mixed with some other kind of chemical compound. While cases of hallucination on marijuana are rare, they do occur. The uncomfortable thinking patterns that you fear you may be developing can also be a way that your subconscious mind is communicating to you: in other words, it might be time to stop or significantly cut back.

    I’d suggest that you talk with a psychiatrist (if you can) about the symptoms that you experience. Full disclosure is always necessary to get medical help, and particularly in conditions that include the mind. I wish that I could provide some comforting news for you, but the truth is that it’s not really clear WHAT is going on: and that there could be co-occuring issues that require a mental health diagnosis.

  244. i have been reading through all these comments and there making me feel a lot better, iv been smoking weed since i was around 13, im 15 now, 16 in 4 months and i have suddenly been having these weird thoughts that i am going to starve, i dont usually smoke it in joints, mostly lungs ect. i noticed this 2 days ago when i was high, i started getting very paranoid and didnt want to be in public, i stayed at my friends house that night because i was freaking out, the next day i was smoking it because i was at this party, i only had a about a joint, but then the paranoia started to come back and i didnt want to be around the people i was with, i was shaking like mad thinking i was eventually going to starve myself, the last time i smoked it was yesterday day, this has scared me so much that i dont even want to smoke it again, i have stopped shaking but im still very curious on what this is, is it all in my head? will it go away? and with time will i get better? can you give me a few suggestions on how i can help myself?

  245. So what if you consume herb for medical purposes? Studies have shown it curing cancer. Smoking is bad but edible or even a pill form? It’s medicine.

  246. really? rehab for marijuana?(only rehab I could think for marijuana is giving methylphenidate medicine like concerta to help stop your eating, which is worse than marijuana)

    Marijuana is not addicting, you can’t overdose( I tried it, I just threw up), not a gateway drug( only when its illegal its a gateway drug), a diet coke is more harmful than marijuana.

    Yet, we have the retarded alcoholic beverage commercials that tell us it’s okay to drink your beer and contribute to the 90,000 of deaths in the U.S and 150,000 end up in the hospital, and alcohol is legal? its all about the money, same for the tobacco companies(I really haven’t seen a tobacco commercial in a while) tobacco kills 500,000 people each year(nicotine is the most addictive drug)

  247. Hi Steve. Sure. You can search for the following keywords in your internet browser and be connected with dozens of studies on serotonin and marijuana: marijuana serotonin

  248. I have heard, just from a friend (who heard it from an article in their anti-drug high school group 10 years ago), that marijuana (he said when smoked more than once-a-week) affects your serotonin levels long-term/permanantly. Can you link me to articles that talk about serotonin levels and marijuana? I know it can be depleted by cannabis use – but my understanding was that serotonin can be replenished by the body.

  249. I agree with joe pa bkus 3 days ago I was feeling lazy bkus I smoked bt now I feel okay nd way more active so mabe its just that temporary feeling we get wen we smoke a lot bt wen we stop we’re bak to normal.

  250. In neither of those articles do they state anything about long term memory deficit. The changes in seretonin levels and norepinephrine levels were in a study of adolescent nondeveloped rats. How can you compare that to saying a grown human will have the same effects? I mean shoot, if you have a kid also under 16 drinking a lot of coffee, there are guaranteed to be some side effects! The only relevant long term effects i saw in the list on that research were chronic coughing and increased risk of schizophrenia in individuals already susceptible. Also in the long term effects in that article, it said can lead to addiction. There are no withdrawal symptoms like with alcohol and cigarettes. So all in all, I vape my medical marijuana and I never experience any sort of chronic coughing and I never have any sort of *schizophrenia*. And not once did I come home and think “wow I really need to get high”. I go multiple days without using and the only reason I use again is for pain management, not because its *addicting*. Please do some research on the benefits because it is a completely safe way for me to deal with pain without using all those chemically engineered pills. I’d welcome your opinion.

  251. Hi Joe Pa. Yes, you are incorrect. The reference sources for this article are listed (and linked to) at the end of the article before the comments.

  252. All of this is poor research on the topic. Marijuana does not cause long term effects. You say we think so in the first sentence. Thinking is not knowing. There are no sources or relevant research to these statements which makes them invalid. For all I know, you are just someone typing up things that sound like they make sense. Correct me if i’m wrong.

  253. I’ve been smoking every day for roughly 5 months now, I have an IQ of 153, and I believe I know my mind pretty well. My memory is mildly impaired, generally only in short term (remembering a plot twist in a tv show.) However, this effect is mitigated by a 3 day tollerance break.

  254. Hi concerned dad. You certainly have reason for concern. But you may not have the power to change or control your son’s behavior.

    Hmmm. You’re asking: “How can I convince someone to stop taking mood enhancing pharmaceutical drugs combined with weed?” Until your son wants to stop on his own, what can you really do? You can set boundaries for what you allow to happen while he lives with you (if he does). You can be a mirror for him and outline your very specific concerns (as they relate to you, your relationship with him, etc.) You can plan an intervention to try to get him to seek help for addiction to mood altering chemicals. But otherwise, your son is going to make his own choices.

    Have you considered looking into Al-Anon for yourself? You need support, too!

  255. Hi, I just discovered that our 18 year old son has been smoking weed for more than a year. I’ve noticed his energy level has plummeted. He’s been sleeping until 1, 2 even 4:30 and 8:30 pm. He says we don’t understand. He’s an artist and there is no proof that marijuana has any kind of effect on him or his brain. He’s also taking ritlin ()sp) and generic zolof. He says he suffers from depression and anxiety. What can I do to convince him to quit. His propensity to lie to us has increased.

  256. Hi Phibez. Thanks for sharing more about withdrawing from weed. I can totally relate with the fear of facing life without weed. It was such a great screen/filter for reality! I wish you the best in your new drug free life.

  257. I was chronic for most of 30 years, even used to grow it for selling, I read the Qur’an and stopped smoking weed and drinking alcohol at once. After some sort of “awakening” it was like the easiest thing to do even though I had secretly feared giving up weed for so long, the whole illusion just went up in smoke. After a few days of not much appetite and a couple of sleepless nights.. I feel great now. Straight is the new High !

  258. I found some more information about reversing cognitive deficits of marijuana in the book, “College Drinking and Drug Use” (2011). Although there is little current research about abstinence and cognitive function, the outlook is good. Subtle recovery of of cognitive functioning occurs slowly as abstinence periods increase.

    abstinence from weed results in improved executive functioning
    3 weeks off weed: improved verbal working memory in adolescents
    6 weeks off weed: short term memory loss mildly improved in teens
    3 months off weed: no cognitive difference between adolescent marijuana smokers and control group

  259. Hi Bob. I was looking into scientific articles about marijuana use, dependence and withdrawal. I found this NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse) website that can refer you to more information about treating protracted withdrawal from marijuana:

    I can tell you from personal experience that after almost 9 years off weed, I have increased my energy and am able to relate more clearly with myself and my environment than when I was smoking chronically. This has come with time and with discipline. I had to re-discover how to feel good about life without weed, but this discovery has come gradually and organically.

    Does this help?

  260. I have smoked regularly from the age of 20-25 but stopped about 3 months ago. I have noticed less energy throughout the day and less enjoyment with the little things in life. Is it possible the longer I abstain the better these areas will get, or return to normal? Are most of these negative effects in fact reversible? Any research to back it? Thanks for the help

  261. As a cannabis use to another we ought to try and protect a person’s privileges, And try to legalize Medical related Weed all over the place. That means it can be easier to get a person’s medication, while not having to worry regarding your legal system.

  262. Thank’s for advices, I appreciate it. Maybe you could describe your personal experience through resolving the adiction problem. I’m very interested in that issue becous obviestly I have a problem and I’m trying to find most effective solution. And definetly I’m gona consider this when I start. And I’m specialy interested if it’s possible to go without 12 step program?

  263. Hi FullNelson.

    Thanks for your question.

    When I stopped smoking marijuana, I was truly ready. I was at the end of the line, always tired, getting sick and becoming a person I did not want to be. I stopped with support from friends and I joined a 12 step group. But I also learned a lot about the brain and what happens during addiction. This helped me understand what compelled my use. I also took a look at the reasons why I was smoking (family and personal issues) and saw a counselor/psychologist to talk things out.

    You can do the same thing. Let me know if you’re interested in learning more. I can refer you to services and resources near you.

  264. Hi! I’m using cannabis when I was 17, and now I’m 25. It has began taking my memori few years ago. Last 3 year it’s daily smoking 1 pot at least. Do you have any advice how to stop it, beside having prof. medical care?

  265. Hi Bryan. Thanks for sharing your experiences about the damage caused by smoking weed. How can we help you? Do you want to seek medical help?

  266. i started to smoke weed at the age of 13. i stopped at the age of 19.. it really affects our brain…. until now, i’m suffering….information about how the marijuana affects the brain and of course, the effects… it’s a big help…. i learned a lot from this…..

  267. I smoke weed everyday and I have not yet been not able to spell correctly. I t is not set in stone that marijuana causes brain damage just a simple myth and propaganda!

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