Wednesday October 24th 2018

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Documentary about crack addiction

Crack addiction documentary

If you’re looking to relate, check out Hitting Rock Bottom.

This documentary TV-quality series (available online) follows the stories of addicts from the beginning right on through the difficult parts of addiction. What makes the series compelling is that:

1. An addict tells you the story.

2. Actors dramatize it.

3. The story comes alive.

What’s missing in our circles of addiction treatment and recovery is this very visual way of relating to one another. Our stories are spoken rather than SEEN. Hitting Rock Bottom fills that gap. Episodes are:

  • real
  • raw
  • difficult to watch
  • evoke emotion
  • evoke empathy and compassion

Not only are episodes of Hitting Rock Bottom good for addicts (whether in rehab or not), it’s also good for those that want to understand addiction more. While treatment centers might consider using these documentaries in their treatment modalities, policy makers, lobbyists, and organizations interested in breaking down the stigma attached to addiction can benefit from the videos, too.

If you’re looking for a documentarian’s view of addiction and recovery, check out Hitting Rock Bottom. They’re currently looking for producers and backers who can help them continue to create episodes that can compel people to step back and change their own lives…for the better.

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One Response to “Documentary about crack addiction
John B.
7:03 pm June 2nd, 2013

It seems like a very good idea and I´m sure it would have much better effect than the current crackstarter campaign, which is across the news right now.

We have to continue to promote meaningful work of people like Chris Arnade who constantly involve in reporting on those who have been abandoned by “normal” society.