Crystal meth detox symptoms

Symptoms of crystal meth detox include muscle & joint pain, fatigue, depression, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. More on what to expect during crystal meth detox here.

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Crystal meth is a strong stimulant drug with nearly instant psychological impact which can occur right after the first dose. Paranoia, delirium and extreme violence are all signs of drug abuse, and the point at which detox and treating crystal meth addiction is critical.

But crystal meth withdrawal can be uncomfortable and severe. Acute episodes may last for hours, days or weeks and can highly affect perception. It’s hard for anyone to predict what the withdrawal period will be like. Even though some addicts try a cold turkey crystal meth detox, doctors suggest that you DETOX FROM METH UNDER MEDICAL SUPERVISION, so that you can get professional help when required. More on crystal meth withdrawal symptoms, duration, and methods here, with a section at the end for your questions.

Crystal meth detox: How long?

There is no actual pre-defined period of time during which user complete detox from crystal meth; in fact, meth detox largely depends on the quantity used and period of abuse.  In general, crystal meth withdrawal has two phases: the acute phase (which can last from 7-10 days) during which symptoms are more intense or severe, and the sub-acute phase (which can go on for at least 2 additional weeks).

As with any other addiction, the craving for the drug during these two early stages of addiction recovery can be very intense. It is very important that the individual undergoing this process is under strict professional supervision which can help them avoid relapse. It is advisable to choose an intense and long-term treatment for cases of crystal meth dependency and continue with professionally supervised help and counseling for six months to a year, after detox is done and the drug is out of the system.

Symptoms of crystal meth detox

Methamphetamine in not a drug one can detox from easily. The beginning of the withdrawal symptoms usually manifest as soon as the last dose wears off, and they reach a high-point within 24 hours. Although the initial withdrawal period is only 3-4 days, some symptoms are severe, and some continue over the next weeks or month after last use. Someone going through crystal meth detox is likely to experience emotional and physical “crash” as a result of the body having to re-adjust to the new situation – a lack of drug in the system.

Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms which occur during meth detox include:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • fatigue
  • fever
  • joint pain
  • muscle pain
  • nausea, vomiting and diarrhea
  • paranoia
  • psychosis
  • severe hunger
  • sleep deprivation

Crystal meth detox side effects and treatment

When first entering treatment, patients are usually mentally and physically unbalanced. One of the crucial parts of crystal meth detox is the initial process of stabilization. Personal issues should be addressed in order to help create a stable and balanced state of mind. Also, a physical examination should be done, in order identify to rule out any previous illnesses.

Currently, the best way to help crystal meth addiction is through a combination of psychological and behavioral therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral and contingency-management treatment and interventions. At the moment, besides the cognitive behavioral therapies, no specific medications are used in crystal meth detox treatments because none have proven to be effective in neutralizing the unique effects that methamphetamine has on the body and brain, or that are helpful in prolonging the abstinence from the drug and aid in decreasing the abuse by addicted users. Yet, short term use of antidepressants may be appropriate for crystal meth detox patients, as are other medications which can address underlying mental health disorders or physical health problems that occurred as a result of the addiction.

Comprehensive approaches that combine behavioral therapy, 12-step support, individually tailored counseling, family education, and drug testing have proven to be very effective in reduction of the methamphetamine abuse. Other types of interventions include contingency management, and motivational incentives, which use tangible incentives to the users if they agree to participate in treatment and maintain abstinence from the drug.

Detoxing from crystal meth at home

While inpatient care provides you with complete isolation from possible negative influences, outpatient programs are available for users who wish to stay at home, and continue working, and taking care of themselves and their loved ones. While detox from crystal meth at home is possible, IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED. Crystal meth detox requires eating, hydration, and rest, but without the necessary professional and supervision, risk of relapse increases.

Questions about crystal meth detox

If you are interested in more details about what to expect when detoxing from crystal meth, please ask. If you or your loved one has had any experience, and can offer some advice, feel free to write to us in the comment section below. We welcome your questions and thoughts!

Reference Sources: SAMHSA: Detoxification and Substance Abuse Treatment
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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I have been using meth for about two years everyday user started smoking it then moved on to using the needle I’ve been shooting it for about a year and a half Halloween of 2018 I decided I was done I was using over an 8 ball a day I was sober for about four months then I relapsed now I’m really struggling to go more than a week without it I guess what I’m saying is it really fucked my life up

  2. My boyfriend stopped using 5 days ago. He goes to work comes home eats supper and asleep by 6. He is miserable and nasty to me. What am I to do

  3. Maria I’m here to tell you I used methamphetamine for 9 years and I just got clean on October 21, 2018.
    My advice to you is if you truly want to help then you’re committing to being there when shit gets rough and be supportive on how to get sober and the worst thing to do is judge anyone because being a drug addict isn’t fun and there are triggers for sure. The bottom line is that he has to be willing to quit and if he’s not ready he won’t and not because he doesn’t love anyone in his life but Crystal Meth becomes the true love in life until the person realizes or it will kill them first. I still have muscle pain grinding my jaw and I feel sick and tired but it affects us so bad so instead using is easier. Really I ended up with merca from needles and I nearly died and that was my wake up call. Good luck and I wish you the very best.

  4. Hi i would like some info on how meth affects the heart. My boyfriend relapsed after five years of not using he only smoked it one day im not aware of the amount its his third day after he smoked it and ONLY smoked it that one day. But now hes calming down off it and his heart is still beating really fast and his in pain is that normal? Should i take him to the hospital idk what to do he keeps telling me about the pain in his chest but im am not sure of what to give him for it!

    1. Dear Rosey, I suggest that your boyfriend go to see the doctor. Also he might consider consulting a therapist or go to group meetings in order to prevent future relapse.

  5. I did it for 2 weeks and I am suffering tremendously’s been 3 days since I last used. I almost killed myself this morning and my joints, muscles& head will not stop aching. Is there anything I can do to ease my pain? My heart beats way too fast sporadically& it feels like my fingers keep getting stuck. How long will this last. I don’t want to see a crytal ever again. If you have any answers please help

    1. Hi Nicole. Congratulations on your decision to stop taking drugs. Detox from crystal meth at home is possible, but it is not recommended. the safest option is to get a medically supervised detox in a treatment clinic. That will reduce the chances of relapse and ease the withdrawal symptoms. Please feel free to call us on the number displayed above to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

  6. Been detoxed from meth for a year having unexplained stabbing pains thruout my body coukd this still be a symptom of my body wanting the drug

  7. So i had someone talk me into smoking meth last night and today. Its my first time doing it. Will i have severe crash or withdrawls from it

  8. So I been using meth for about 5 years on and off I can easily be sober now I actually don’t enjoy the high off it any longer
    My question here is this last time I did it I been trying to get off it but I get really bad headaches & vomit almost daily only if I use it again do I feel better. Is there any medications I can take? If I gotta deal with the binge I will I just want to know if there is something to help not feel so sick?

  9. What can I give my sister to help withdrawing from meth and medication, tablets are heroine based and she is experiencing shakes and vomiting. We are doing it at home. She has been a meth user for many years, has been in and out of many facilities. Recently was clean for 5 months but relapsed and been using for almost 3 weeks already

  10. I have a sister that has just informed that she has been using Crystal meth for about 8 month now on and off due to a lost of her 2nd child at 6 month pregnant she had a stillbirth witch was unexpected due to the fact that this happened to her alone in her bathroom and seeing her fully formed baby girl stillborn really took her to a bad place she works And still takes care of her 1st child and house and home but she has chosen to do the cold turkey method she has not done meth in 3/4 days now but she is in a lotta pain and having trouble eating and sleeping I would really like to know what OTC vitamin and pain meds /sleep aid well help her … Thanks for listening..

  11. My adult son says he can’t go into detox because his chronic severe back pain will make the detox experience exceptionally painful. Is this true? How would you advise I address this issue/excuse?
    He is unemployed and has no medical insurance.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Jim. I suggest that you consult with an expert about this. Call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

  12. I stopped using meth now my chest hurts like crazy I went to E.R they said you gave meth in your system and practicality threw me out..
    It’s been a month I’m still clean but my chest freaking hurts…
    Feel like saying screw it an just getting loaded again…
    What’s wrong with doctors these days seems like they real just want a paycheck…

  13. Hello I have used CM for around 3 months I decreased from 5 times a day to once then I’ve been totally off for 5 days I went to the doctors she prescribed me Wellbutrin 300 mg however I’ve been breaking out in hives all over my body on and off through out the day. My husband refuses to stop so I have moved out I’m worried about him he had become violent paranoid and can go days without sleeping. I’m worried about him. Please help

  14. I have been off meth for a month, was a recreational user on the weekends and it did creep into during the week at times as well. Was using for about a year and a half. The biggest issue I have apart from getting that random craving is insomnia. I’ve heard people in recovery have quite the opposite effect. The lack of sleep is damn near killing me. Can anyone relate? Is it known to do this as well? I go to bed and my brains just active, like it knows it’s used to being up all night, it drives me up the wall. I’ve even tried smoking some 420 and found that sparked a panic attack, I was trying to use that as a tool to help me sleep. I just hope that with my abuse of this drug, everything will go back to normal. Just feel myself again and have a good nights sleep and not worry about going to bed and tossing and turning all night.

  15. i dont know were to start but im trying to quite crystal meth but my girlfrind quit before me and she went nuts for a week or so almost like there was 2 different people there now she is a total different person all the way around as for me i was useing 2 grams a day till she quit cold turkey now im down to .2 to .4 a dayim getting more of my old self back as far as feelings but i sometimes feel like someone is fallowing me or watching me walike down my halll way at night were i stay reminds me of those old nut wards you saw on horror movies lol i think tht is were my fear comes from and itsonly at night and when i havent used in over 12 hrs if someone could get back to me thank you

  16. i must be by myself. i used meth for 6 years at a steady pace. steady meaning on and on until i crash. today ive been cold turkey for 5 months and i feel the effects of it still. i just pray. i no longer have the craving. although my sexual needs are not the same without it. im going to try a detox center. considering my family complies with all of the things they have promised. you might think thats not the right way to go but it is. a group of people have organized a crime against me… tried drugging me with ghb. tried to make it look like a drug over dose but i got this. when i come out i can prove everything and they all go to jail. they after me now but let them come after me. theyll be surprised. its sad how now everyone thinks im crazy but i have proof and they gonna point fingers atv each other no one wants 50 years in jail. yet ive already proved it. either way they can still get threw they still go. i just gotta prove myself fclean. for family support the cops want they ass. they way i see it someone better say sorry!

  17. I’m going on a month with out usein meth is there a councler that I can talk to so I can understand what’s going on with what I feel with my body n mind

  18. I hadn’t smoked meth in a year..before that it was least a few months… How is I have the methmouth symptoms? I’m getting close to 24 hours and scared.
    I puked like8 times today.
    I was and am sweating.
    My body feels hot.
    I’m not hungry I’m not craving any food items.
    I have numb wrist, palms, arms feet and Legs.
    My face earlier was twitch from both my cheeks to my eyes and it felt fuzzy like a seizure.
    I also got dry mouth.
    I thought every now an than would be okay but now user I just ducked my self. Shouldn’t of kittens to my friends when it came to that. Now I’m addicted and I want more but I just feel like going away now.
    I need help but I don’t want my family to hate me for my life would be over with out them… I don’t know what to do… As much as I brought this on my self I didn’t know the symptoms were worse than smoking it. I also don’t have any medical card ATM my i insurance is kinda lost among the doctors place cause I was never sent it.
    My fingers are weigh TTYL y parlolized on my left hand, they keep going back an for 4th.. I don’t wanna redo this whole buckshot I wanna sleep it. Off!

  19. Hi. I was nearly 3 years clean and sober and then ran into a former friend. Later it happened again. My life has been very stressful but I never thought I would look to my addiction to cope. I have a counselor and spouse and NA group and support. Why did I slip up? How do I prevent it from continuing to happen?

  20. I want to make sure that what I feel.I feel pain on my lungs and chest,when I drink water I feel like I have tonsils because My hand feel on my lungs there is some parts like tonsils when I push it is hurt and too hard to move my head.What is it mean feel this condition agter I used Crystal drug I slowly feel something starting hurt.

  21. We were smoking meth last night. We only smoked a bowl, although we had been using off and on for three days prior. I smoked my last hit of meth at about 3 AM or earlier.
    I eventually became paranoid and thought my friend was an informant trying to arrest me until about 6:30 or 7 in the morning. We made up, and I went to sleep.
    Woke up at about 1:45 PM. Got ready to go to my probation meeting. Got home and showered. Noticed that after the shower and on the way there, I had a rapid but weak pulse, as well as my fingertips fluctuating between cold and hot, as well as normal and slightly purple.
    I figured this was simply the vasoconstriction running its course. However, as I’m typing this, my fingers have grown warm again, but my left hand fingers are hot. I feel a bit of lightheadedness every now and then. There is a tightness in my chest that doesn’t hurt until I inhale, and even still it’s a dull pain. Nothing too sharp. Breathing is difficult due to this clenched tightness, but not impossible. When my fingertips become cold or cool, sometimes the nails develop a slight purple tinge. I know that could be early cyanosis from a shortage of oxygen, but I’m trying to discover the ROOT of that.
    Personally, I believe there are a couple of potential causes that could explain these symptoms.
    – Neuro Thorax, which is a bubble that forms between the lining of the lung and the thoraxis, making it tight, difficult and/or painful to breathe.
    – Simple irritation of the lungs – Meth smoke is very irritating, and when you hold in the smoke forcefully enough to cause a slight chest pain (which is EXACTLY what I do when I smoke), sometimes it can burst the alveoli deeper in your lungs. Thid can take up to two full weeks to heal.
    Any other opinions? Besides that I should quit?
    Because TRUST me…I’m neeeeeeeever touching ice again after this. It’s driving me crazy. I can’t get comfortable sitting, standing, laying down, etc. because of this

  22. I have a friend who does meth and his ankles are swollen and he says his hand hurts. I told him it was because if the drug but he said no. Is this a side affect from it?

  23. Yes I’m coming down still it’s hard but I’m never touching it again the high isn’t worth the come dwn pain I go threw

  24. I’m 54 years old been using meth off and on I have and can leave it.. but the past year ive noticed that when I’m not using I’m in so much pain my hips and lower back so severely its unbearable I think I’m more physically addicted then mentally cuz I don’t get high anymore but I feel my muscles relaxing n pain subsiding when I use..i don’t want to keep using for pain but i also don’t want to be in pain so what do you suggest?

  25. meth addiction has crippled me in my life severley. ive had 8yrs clean then relapsed, and was like i never got clean instantly- until 3yrs flashed by,ive lost everything bar some family and some will power (i fight the urges daily,im not clean but binging rather than fulltime use) i am tired of using and feel like im getting stronger and equipped in beating cravings at a better %.
    reality checks are the best tool in overcomming this evil vice. Godbless

  26. I don’t think I’ve ever tried Meth “Meth”, but I’ve tried Ice, and every time I do it, I start to fucking throw up over & over. What do I do to prevent Nasea, and Vomiting when I’m on Ice, or there’s no way to avoid it, other than not using it. Which is honestly, okay with me to not use, because I personally don’t like the high enough to get hooked, so I couldn’t give any fucks if I did use or not. But when I do use, I’de like 2 be able to feel good, and not fucking throw up every fucking minute. SO ANYWAY BIG QUESTION. WHAT DO I DO TO AVOID THESE SYMPTOMS, AND OR TO STOP THE SYMPTPMS THAT ARE CURRENTLY HAPPENING AS I TYPE THIS OUT? PLEASE, tell me there is ways to not get sick on the shit.

  27. @addictionblog please help. My husband and I were exerimenting with crystal almost a week ago and it’s been hell on earth for me since. I’ve had delusions, paranoid thoughts and feelings, hylusionations. Seems like a classic case of skisophenia. I’m scared. And not for just myself but my children and family. Will my kids be taken from me if I don’t disclose that info with my therapist before I get examed and blood work done if it shows up on blood work? I don’t know how to approach this? Please please help.

  28. I was a meth user for over 10 years. Made a good living cleaning houses(didn’t have to steal) at 51 I had a stroke. I got immediate medical attention. I am drug free and have been for 21 years. I am raising my great grandson and doing a damn fine job of it. I am adamant that that stroke “saved my life”. I’d probably still be using(or dead) if it hadn’t been for that stroke

    1. Hi Paula. I’m really happy for you… Sometimes we need to hit rock bottom, and then rise like a phoenix. Stay strong!

  29. Hey I just wanna say that my boyfriend was in to his meth so much now he is sick after he quit he’s just moving around everywhere picking little things off the floor and all that he’s scaring me I don’t know what to do I tryed to put him in treatment but he just doesn’t wanna I just don’t know what to do anymore

  30. I have been up on meth for 3 days now, I have finally done down and am trying to go to sleep. Every time I get relaxed and comfortable my body starts jumping. I also fell 6 times hard on the ice yesterday so I’m wondering if this is from the meth or the fall. Can somebody please help me answer this

  31. I’m worried. I have been using meth and bow when I don’t use when I stand up it feels like I’m going to pass out. Everything goes kind of blurry and my vision gets blurred and I get weird feeling in my head. Someone please help! What coukd this be?

  32. I tried crystal meth for the first time 30 hours ago…I still have some vomiting..but I still feel constant twittiching all over my body followed by some muscle jerks…is this normal

  33. Hi my daughter is 17 she’s not been living with me for a year she got her high school diploma and moved in with my mother for the last 7 months she has been using meth She called me 4 days ago and said she wanted to come home she told me what she had been using and that she was done I ask her to let me take her to get help and she said she tried and no one would take her at 17 she has been at my house for 4 days I have been watching her close making sure she’s eating and drinking we live in a very sculed area with no cell service and no way for her to contact anyone she seems to be ok and still wanting to get clean she has been vomiting alot and mostly laying in bed getting up to go to the bathroom and eat/drink and get sick what else can I do to help her get through this

  34. 2months before labor day I smoked meth for two weeks every other day then every other week I snorted it. Then I stopped. For a month and a few weeks. But I felt fine after doing the drug and coming down from it. Then this pass labor day on that Monday three months ago I drank beer and did three lines of meth during the day. Later that night around midnight I’m sitting there talking to my friends and my face feels like there is little ants on my face then a few mins later my arms the same way then numbness on both arms I panicked and ran started choking for about literally just two seconds. Ever since labor day I haven’t picked up the drug and I never want to again ever!!! But that day after that the way I felt was scary lasted two months the hardcore symptoms the first two weeks though was the wrost I lost 50 pounds litterly in two weeks. I was in bed with a crazy fever. I couldn’t speak right I was always dizzy and my head felt like jellow I was scared to sleep cause I thought I was going to die. My lips and tongue pure white. Then the whole fever thing passed and the tightness of chest came about felt like somebody was sitting on my chest for two months street. Felt like somebody has me by my throat and is choking me all day. I was having abnormal heat beats then follow with numbness in my stomach crawing into my chest then into my arms then both arms would get stiff and fingers would get crooked would last for about 20 mins I noticed if I didn’t eat it would happen. It’s been three months since I’ve smoked or snorted ice I stopped cold turkey I eat food I drink lots of water. But the only thing is that it still feels a bit hard to breathe like in my chest. I’ve been to hospitals they say my lungs sound good and so does my heart but it just feels like a not in my bottom chest under the heart at the tip of the stomach some days I feel like my normal slef and then boom back to not being able to take a good deep breathe. At first my chest felt super sensitive to the point it hurt. Now I can put pressure on it and it doesn’t hurt but I’ve noticed on my chest on a certain part feels like stingy but just not as bad as before. Like before I started writing this I felt like I can barely breathe as I’m explaining to you it feels good to breathe. But this doesn’t last very long. Also at one point my legs were spazzing out kicking by themselves when I was asleep two months back now the only thing that is bothering me is I have slight headaches and a chilling feeling. And the who breathing thing and when I sleep it feels good when I wake up like I feel rested like I can be awake for a few hours after waking up but start feeling like I can’t breathe and it’s on and off through the day and sometimes it can last for long long hours. Im poor work a temp job and don’t have insurance feels like I wanna pull my hair out it’s very fustrating and stressful I don’t really know what to do I hate it and I’m never doing drugs drinking beer anything again I just want to be sober be here for my two little boys.

  35. My boyfriend is a crystal meth user. I’ve kicked him out of my home countless times this year. He’s still is in denial with me and I believe his use is increasing. My question is he has been out of my house a week and I noticed my asthma symptoms subsiding and my sense of smell and taste returning. I let him back in last night bc he was freezing and crashing. I smell a petroleum odor coming off him and my coughing and breathing symptoms returning. Can his body be producing airborne toxins that aggravate my sensitive condition?

  36. Hi my sister had a stroke a couple months back due to her drug use….. Her family dnt want her around….infact she’s homeless due to her use….. She’s tld me tht the doctors hve told her tht goin cold turkey could be dangerous….. & tht she needs to wean herself offa it so I’m wondering if the would be the truth or a lie tht she’s tld me….. She won’t answer my phone calls whn she’s on it or txt me to let me no tht she’s okay…..! Yesterday she texted me tho nd tld me tht she wants to move to my apartment in Arizona…. Idk wht to tell her at ths point….. I dnt want drugs in my home….. Pls get bk to me asap…. Thx….!

  37. My son has been using Meth off and on for sometime. He says people are in the house!! people are trying to get him!! IHe has been in rehab several times!! don’t know what do to at this point . Do I have the right to have him committed ??

  38. I’m trying to detox off a pretty serious meth addiction at home I’m in a place where I’m not sure where to go to get a detox and the help I need what should I do I’m on day three and I feel some really rough days coming ahead?

    1. Hi Diana. The safest way to detox from meth is under medical supervision. I suggest that you call the helpline you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best treatment program for you.

  39. My daughter os on jail, so she has gone 37 days drug free of crystel meth. Is it completely out of her system? Also i believe she is coming to my home when she gets out. She wants treatment or tools to help her stay clean. She has never been in trouble till now at 25. So my question is where would be a good place for her to go for help i live in Pinole california, im just trying to get things prepared for when she comes home. Any information will ne greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

  40. My partner has been using for 8months. The last 4 months daily he has been in hospital due to an accident and has started the withdrawing process. Hosp was giving him Valium to help with being anxious and that now he is home and is sleeping a lot which they said is normal. He keeps getting numb hands is this a normal withdrawal symptom? He goes tomo to doctors for checkup and more support too. Just wanting to know if anyone experienced this symptom too?

  41. I am detoxing at home and it’s been 5 days. I do not want to be a addict anymore. I used long time ago for about 5 years then was clean for over 10 years and relapse. Any advice on how long it takes to feel normal again. Thank you for any advice.

  42. Hello i have a friend Andrea…… she does 15mg Percocets everyday or 30s everyday with a line of meth is there anyway I can help her she was at the hospital yesterday had to take her because she was feeling nauseous and she was throwing up and her bones hurt her joints and she had a bad bad headache and she was being shocked like Joel it shocking herself it was very very so sad to see can I help her in any way

  43. I used meth for over 4 years daily more several times a day 3 months ago a decided to quit after sleeping for almost the 2
    First weeks and just waking to eat but it was hell so no im ok except for pain under my feet every time I stand up but goes away after walking for a while but cramps even on my arms and numbness is so annoying is that normal?

  44. Ive been at home and off meth for 3 days .just wondering what should i do now and what should i expect. Im scared.
    Thanks for any help

  45. If still a person is detoxing from Crystal meth and has taken Suboxone can it kill me ive been hurting really bad through my back and chest my ears are ringing and my. Left side is hurting really bad

  46. I found out four years ago that my child’s father was using crystal meth for about eight years while we were in a relationship I don’t know how I could have never noticed but it was a well hidden secret that he kept for me I found out because I found pipes on her yard and side some of his jackets that were hung in the closet and in random places throughout our home he was very violent and I left a year after I left he tried to commit suicide so I returned to try to help and it’s been four years since then and he recently decided to stop on his own he finally has a job and he’s very aggressive and he hallucinates I know he’s not using it’s been about a month without any of the drugs in his system and it’s getting to a point where I feel like I need to leave again because of the violence and the rage and him my question is is this normal for a person who has been using drugs for this long period of time to act psychotic and paranoid even if the drugs in his system anymore

  47. I have been detoxing from ice at home, and had all the normal symptoms, however was wondering if it can potentially alter your menstrual cycle/if any other females had noticed that?
    I was already on a really bad period the week I came off of it, but its only been 2 weeks and I have just tarted another bad period.

  48. My Godmother has come to live with me after the court demanded it. Its now been 20 days since she last used ice and has been the first day we have noiced any kind of side effect besides the usually mood issues. Today she was shaking pretty badly especially in her hands and tonight I have had to wake her up from a really messed up nightmare because she was screaming the house down. Will she start to get better now or do I need to keep a closer eye for worse to come?

  49. I only smoked it for a few hours three days ago on Wednesday. I used it just for like four hours, no more than 10 hits definitely. I slept for two and a half hours the next day on Thursday but was wide awake the rest of the day (albeit with agitation and depression). On Friday I had 7/8 hours sleep, woke up feeling tired and then I slept again for a couple hours. Last night I slept again for 8 hours. But woke up so tired in the morning that I had to sleep for another four hours. I still feel tired. How long will this last? If I do it once more, will the symptoms be worse or less?

  50. Hi my son is living at home has had relapses for approx 5years , currently going thru detox into his 3rd week this has been a very difficult time and 24/7 care. We are not sure whether he would be better going into rehab, He is on medication thru his doctor which help to relax slow down but only sleeping for a few hours at a time. The withdrawals are much the same not sleeping very tired and very hungry eating & cigerette smoking a lot. He is improving slowly but as parents we feel we have had enough.What can we do now?

    1. Hi Kate. Have you considered group meetings and therapies? They may be helpful for your son to get all support he needs. Also, if you have any questions about meth treatment and its options, feel free to call the helpline listed on the website.

  51. Hi I just read ur artical about detoxing from methaphetamin , The question I have is , I have been using meth pills for the last 8months almost every weekend I’m off work ,I have recently quit doing them now for the last month on my own but I am experiencing very strange thoughts , I’m extremely emotional ,I freak out over the weirdest things at people ,then feel extreamly bad after ,my feeling are very distorted ,as well as my thoughts at times mostly when I’m alone ,I have trouble socializing ,I feel very awkward at times espically people I don’t know very well , is this all normal after a month of not using?

  52. i been using it for about ayear straight and each i was using about 3 20 aday each day i wanna see how long it will take for me get ckean completely to we’re i know am clean also am doing and going threw detox by myself with no help no counseling at all if you can please give any information thank you?

  53. I have taken in my 50 years ago niece. She has lived in the streets most of her adult life. She said she has always been a crystal meth user. She has been here almost 5 days. Had done nothing but sleep and eat. I had to get on her about showering after 3 days. I want to help her but really don’t know what I am getting into. She was taken from the family at the age of 6. Any help would be grateful! Thanks So much!!!

  54. Hi All,
    Im in sydney Australia and a meth adict who has reached the bottom of my adiction. I also have bi-polar 1. I beat the habbit for 8 yrs by going overseas for 6mnths and losing all contact with my old life/drug contacts. prior to meth i was a failed pro athlete. After 3yrs clean,depressed,lethargic and broken, I began work got a gf and even played semi pro sport again. I relapsed 2yrs ago and even being clean 8yrs,i craved it at leased 1time a day. I attempted rehab/detox last october at the request of my parents.i left after 4days. Fast forward 7mnths and i fight suicide i when im broke with no way of buying meth and anxiety attacks.i inject and smoke and have love & support from 4ppl.anyone else is gone (im honest in saying my broken promises caused a good lot of them to go, but my circle are well to do ppl who object to drugs and dont care to understand and judge and turned their backs) If i dont get whatever help it takes to stop now i will be dead, jailed, or suicide soon. i accept that. my main reason and motivation for life change is who/what ive become. i cant ever take away the level i reached i just pray that if against the odds i fight and overcome this, i can forgive myself and the 4loved ones left will see who i evolved as and not what i once was.
    ppl,you may go cold turkey, stay away from it.but that demon after years can just instantly tap you on the shoulder like it never left and take over .professional help is the only chance.
    God Bless.

  55. I have a girlfriend I am helping get her health back after quitting crystal meth with my help also. I am wanting to know why the pains are so strong in her muscles and I can feel the spots on her body that are giving her troubles. They get hot sometimes , swollen or notted up like , its like a pulling on a rubberband sensation she says. she screams and crys alot. I started her on pedialite and a gallon of water a day. Making her eat. Her body is so stiff. Her Neck is giving her alot of discomfort. Ofcourse there is some ups and downs mentally, but I really am asking for help please – on what to give her health wise to help her get well better. She has been a clean person till she met a boyfriend that helped crash her life down and I am all she has and its getting emotionally hard on me. She will not go in to get help. Your Advice I would appreciate more then you know. She is around 3 weeks totally clean but the healthy stuff i just learned about alittle over a week now. So i am in the hyderating process..please help

  56. I am 44 years old and used for 15 years with only a couple of clean weeks each of the years I used.From age 15 to 30 I was a heavy user and finally after hitting my bottom realized in 1 moment the damage I had done not only to myself but to the people I love and hold most dear.After getting on my knees and begging my wife’s forgiveness,I swore I was done with it.I punished myself both mentally and physically believing that I deserved whatever I had coming and I felt so alone and like I would never get a real life back.I went on from 30 to 42 years old to a new job and career,stayed employed with one company and what I lacked in knowledge I made up for in back breaking hard work and Hussle to get promoted into management and bought a home for my beautiful family and after a 20 year roller coaster marriage both on drugs and clean felt lost and after drinking myself near death one night went back to using meth.Now 3 full years back into heavy daily use has left me jobless,on a road to sure devorse with continued using,and now with a completely devastated state of being both emotionally and physically and to find a way back to my family and loved ones.I have been clinically diagnosed with ADHD,I have been more off than on treated by psychologists and therapy,I am a firm believer in the mind and it’s healing abilities and also know what my underlying cause of addiction is for me and my continued use,I have tried to get help locally through psychological treatment but hey shuffled from one door to another because of financial means and inability to afford care or regular visits.I am told about free help out there but at every turn have ran into the same thing that nothing is ever free ,after phone call after phone call and visit after visit from one door to the next have been told I am to pay for services to continue and ultimately cannot continue with needed lifelong therapy.I am surrounded by a never ending supply of people or places to get high at any given moment 24 hours a day.I chose in 1 moment to stop for almost 13 years without anyone but my own will to change helping me,but all that changed in another instant after making a poor choice one night 3 years ago and feel I am still another life or death crossroads and know that even if I will myself into sobriety for now will enevidably St some point end up on the other road to disaster if I do not find the continued support and therapy I need to live whatever life is left for me.I hope that someday someone will be able to look at me and hear my story and take a different road than the ones I have found for so long destructive and lonely. I pray that God forgives me and allows me to stay on a road with me holding my hand and walking with me to better places and to a place of once found but now lost peace I long for.I don’t know what life is,because I have spent what time I have focused on the death that will someday come for us all.With him we shall have eternal life,the only way to conquer death is to die,and I struggle with that each and every waking moment and am so tired and lost.I wish you all the best and hope that you all find the answers and peace you are looking for,and I hope someday we may cross paths and be a help to one another not just in recovery but as people here in a world together trying to be whatever we can and want to be.I will finish with another thought I always go to in my darkest of moments,”we don’t think the things we think ,or feel the love and things we feel on accident,something or someone has brought us to this place for a purpose we may not all figure out why we were here but we are here just the same”.Look at your child,and think on that love and dedication to something you cherish beyond words and find comfort somehow in someway that it’s not the end and it’s a reason to never give up and never let go,even in the darkest of times.God Bless us all #continue to fight .I will

  57. My Little brother (23 yrs) has made it very difficult to sleep at home. He’s been using crystal meth for 7 years according to him and it has just gotten worse recenty. He goes breaks in into mine and my moms room when we are sleeping in the middle of the night. Sometimes twice a night because he insists that we have somebody in our rooms and because he hears noices. He has made holes in he’s room going to mine and my moms room so he can see who is there or hear what ever he says he hears. He has accused us of doing thinks to him when ever he falls asleep.. He gets really mad when he falls asleep after five days without eating or sleeping. We don’t know what to do or how to help him. We have called the cops countless times but they can’t force him to a rehab because he’s an adult. We are desperate and don’t know how to go on about this situation.. PLEASE HELP

    1. Hi Karen. The things are way out of control. First, I suggest that you stage an intervention. Take a look into the CRAFT model for families and interventions. One NGO called Allies in Recovery has some online reading that can help: Then, call the number you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab program for your brother.

  58. I was clean for 7 months and I relapsed 3 months ago my detox shouldn’t be as rough . Im going to try and detox at home any suggestions on how to get through it?

  59. Hi. My friend has been using for two years after her mother died its so bad shes lost her kids and. Is on the verge of prison or death. She wont go to rehab. But i finally convinced her to come home with me and try and get her clean. Shes 30 hrs clean. But shes got bad diarhea and a fever how can i help her stay on this path to recovery. Thank you and love and light to you all

  60. Hi , my name is Dominique.
    I used crystal meth for 4 years and have recently come clean. I have been clean for four months and I have been having severe cravings which come with depression, Sucidal tendencies and moods swings
    Most days I sit in my bedroom and think about relapsing
    I stay in South Africa and I am 17 years of age
    Please do help

    1. Hi Dominique. Well done! You’re on the right track, but be aware of the thoughts of relapsing. I suggest that you consider therapy sessions to help and support you pass over the cravings and negative thoughts.

  61. You f*cking p*ssies, I been on meth for nine years straight, I mean straight to the
    vein.. Every day and I mean every day. I quit and if I can I know anyone can too.
    Put in in you mind to do it and do it. It’s not going to be easy but what the fuck is.
    Your mind is what controls your body.
    Take control of what little of your dumb-ass mind is left and use it.
    What the fuck is easy in life you fucking whining pussies.
    Just stick your fucking head in a microwave oven and turn it on for
    ten minutes if you can’t quit.
    That’s easy but try to get the microwave to come on with the door
    open, not so easy.

  62. What will be best treatment for my son at home I am not affordable hospital who addicted heroien for five years and quiet for two years and then replace before three months on ice and this time quiet ice before month he is under Tretment of doctor he gives madecne major tablet benorfen and others tablet , my son taking bath two time and give him six glass juice daily, but his crevaing feel him what can I do for my son age of my son 30 years. Please give me proper advice . I am not rich man .Give me precautions for my son. His need go from house but I caught him .Please help me .Thanks

    1. Hi Jawed. Call a toll-free Heroin Helpline on 1-888-988-7934 to get in touch with trusted and confidential helpline professionals available 24/7. You will speak to a sympathetic, well-trained individual who can help you find a reliable recovery program that will meet your son’s needs.

  63. Hi there I’m haave been using meth for the past 3 years on and off. Last time I used was about 4 days ago and haven’t yet had a good sleep scared that I might not wake up omg this is just straight killing me honest the truth I have been in this situation before last time I told my self I will never do it again I made promise to God my self and yet I still ended up in same place over over and over again. I can’t eat only trying so much to fight this fear about me not waking up. I swaer I have hit the point I hate Crystal meth so much n here I’m again killing myself slowly. I honestly don’t know what to do.i don’t have anyone to talk to . Can’t share this with parents . My folks are old school. I had always over came this fear but it feels different. Omg I really don’t wanna go out like this.
    CAn anyone please help me? Is it cause I haven’t ate? In my head? Please help I know only thing will fix it if I smoke again but I don’t wanna..

    1. Hi Kush. Call the helpline you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant who answer your questions.

  64. I was wondering, I have. Even doing meth for a couple years now and have always had it. Well I am broke now and can’t afford to buy it so I haven’t done any but now my whole body hurts I can barely walk my back hurts like I am 70 years old. Any suggestions as to how to treat this all I can think is to get some ice and self medicate but I am trying to do this the right way. I want to quit. Thanks

  65. I know you’re never going to post this on here as something to help with addiction, but I sincerely believe that you should. I’ve been using meth almost daily for about 16 years. I am 29, so that means I started at the very young age of 13. I started injecting it about 5 or 6 years ago. And ever since then, I guarantee that there has been fewer than 30 days in which I used any less than a gram of meth. And 1.5 to 2 grams per day would probably be the average amount. Sometimes much more than that even. Anyway, the point I’m trying to make is that my addiction can safely be categorized as severe. When I was around 17 I was on probation and got sent to rehab for 6 months. Which did not help a bit. I went to NA meetings and saw a psychiatrist weekly for over a year afterwards. No help there either. Recently, I was at a pipe store buying a new meth pipe and noticed some CBD gummy bears, at which point i remembered reading an article about CBD helping people with anxiety. So I decided to buy some, being that my long history of addiction has recently been causing me to have extreme social anxiety. Sometimes to the point of having to leave work because I could not function. And I am here to tell you that after I took my first dose of 800mg of CBD (4 gummy bears), I was like an entirely different person. It only took 2 hours for my anxiety to be almost non-existent. Then, about 2 days later I noticed I was not in a rush to leave at the end of my shift so I could go home and get high, which at that point was just a regular everyday thing for me. So I decided to try something. I used the last of the meth that I had when I got home that night and wanted to see how long I could go without using. This is something that I’ve done 4 or 5 times a year for as long as I can remember. The difference though is that I’ve never been able to go more than 2 or 3 days without giving in. But this time, with my daily 800mg of CBD, it’s been 3 weeks and 6 days! I know that doesn’t sound like much to be proud of, and maybe it isn’t, but it’s something I never thought I’d ever be able to do. And I have zero anxiety. Plus my depression, which I was diagnosed with before I ever even used meth for the first time, has subsided substantially. CBD is definitely something that should be considered for helping people beat meth addiction. It has far exceeded any expectations I had for it.

  66. I was only using crystal meth for about 2 months but in large quantities, it’s been about 3 months since i quit cold turkey and i feel like side effects may be messing with me at my new job. It’s a very good and stress free job that i would love to keep. But i keep forgetting to do certain things that make a huge difference and my employer knows about my past abuse and that I’m trying hard. But this past month things have been getting more and more rough. Could it have affected my brain in some way where it would mess with me at work? That it would alter how i am? I’m worried about losing my job.

  67. My 20yr old daughter is addicted to drugs I think meth crack coke .Not sure she has marks on er face legs .Well body .
    Wat do I do to help her .I just found her on the streets in the bad drug hero and brought her to my house all she does is sleep and wake he took shower and back to sleep for long hrs
    Wat can I do to help her. She as ran for programs and couceling .Not opption.Please help don’t want my little girl to die Verry scared

  68. I Used meth sence my early twenties iam now thirty one ive got 11months clean of everything no booze no weed no nothing what got me to get clean was that I smoked myself into a panic attack my heart started beating real hard out of my chest almost it was the scariest time of my life ever I felt like I was going to die and I thought at that moment if I died where would I go to heaven or to hell immediately I heard of voice they told me to get right with God and that God was going to let me live now I’m stuck with getting panic attacks every now and then im on meds non habit forming but im seeing wat using that stuff has done to my body . How long will it take my body to heal?

  69. Hey,

    You don’t realize how fucked up this shit is, until you experience it yourself. I struggle with a lot of stuff, manic depression, high anxiety, bi polar disorder. All I do is work, 175 hours every 2 weeks, try’s my to support my girl, who has no job, and my two children.

    I started smoking weed, to escape my personal hell. Over the next months, it became meth. I’ve only done it twice. The high was probably the best high I’ve ever experienced. I loved it. But I knew this shit was bad news, and I’m done, I’ve tried it, and I will never again. The feelings you feel come with a steep price.

    I’m working as we speak, trying to make it, I’m a soldier, I’m driven because of my kids, but this shit is kicking my ass, I’m getting really sick. I don’t have any health insurance. I’m trying to ride it out, every day, actually I feel every minute, the demon making me weaker. I don’t know how long I can fight this. I’m working and I won’t stop puking. Lost 20 pounds in a couple of days.

    Any help would be appreciated it. I’m trying to fight this as best as I can.

  70. My sister is a meth user she has been sleeping for about 3-4 days now. Now I know coming off this stuff can cause fever but what about a bad cough ? Can you get that from using and coming down as well

  71. Hello!! Well one of my friends is going through a severe crash right now and he had been using meth constantly for 4-5 months. In the first few months it was jus once once a week then the last couple of months he started consuming daily up to every 5 hours. He started noticing swollen feet with major pain, and that’s when he realized he needed to stop consuming. Right now he’s been off of the drug for about a week and he’s legs still don’t fully recover, he’s a soccer player and he really doesn’t want to stop attending his games any advice???

  72. For the Families. Be strong, be firm and don’t enable them, meaning giving them money is the worst thing you can do, they have to hit rock bottom and they have to ask for help. Offer a bed, food and support. This drug is the worst I’v seen, good luck..

  73. My boyfriend is a long time IV methamphetamine user and we are attempting to detox at home his last use was cocaine which seemed to aggravate him .He is eating and sleeping a lot I have been giving him plenty of water vital B12,Milk Thistle,Lysine,Vitamin C,Royal Jelly and Klonopin for anxiety….what else can I do ?? He’s refusing rehab but agrees to do it with me

    1. Hi Ceazanne. I suggest that you call the helpline you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

  74. My loved one has been using meth for a while trying to get clean but failing to do so. Since I found out he was using I have been trying to help him get clean but has been unsuccessful because he keeps lying and hiding it from me. Last week it was the worst of all of them, he started to get paranoid and, telling me he was being follow so I knew he was back at using and of course he denied it when I asked him about it, but the next day I found his pipe and stash and of course he confessed it all to me and told me he needs help because he was loosing it and he was scared of all the voices he has been hearing because of the drug and told me he want to stop once and for all. Today he is into his second day of detox and I can tell it’s being hard on him, I can see he has been suffering because of the withdraw.
    When he is under the influence he is a different person who get irritated so quickly and get so mean, and this detox process hasn’t been any better. For this 2 days he has been distant, with mood swings, with bad mood, irritated and verbally abusive blaming me for everything. During this process I have been loving, caring & supportive with him, making sure he has all the things he needs, choosing my words wisely as I don’t want to start an argument and him leaving to find some drugs. I know he needs me as I’m his only support and also know he is just acting like this because of the drugs, with out it be its a completely different person. This evening I started to feel like I’m not goingto be able to keep it together, when he starts being mean toward me, verbally abusive and start doing things to hurt me (he doesn’t say it but I know he wants me to feel the same pain he is feeling) it has been really hard on me too.
    Can you please provide any suggestions of what else should I do to help him during this horrible times or if I’m doing something wrong? Also, any ideas on how to keep it together during this horrible times? i want to help you but I’m running out of ideas. Your help it’s much appreciate it!

  75. Hello, I have been using crystal meth going on 5 years. I’m 21 years old, around 19 years old i started shooting meth. I shoot a half gram each shot, 1 in the morning and one at night. Nothing has changed the last year as of dosing.

    Let me explain my problem to you guys. About 4 months ago I could stop using and start detoxing with no problems except there things happening. I would sleep and my whole bed, blanket and pillows would be soaking wet. I also could never get full when eating.
    Now, I can’t detox because I become so paranoid and delusional when coming down and detoxing that I’m afraid I will end up hurting myself or others. When i start to come down I start thinking people are plotting my murder or is fixing to Rob me and jump me. Once this process starts, I get to where I want to up and leave and hide out where I feel safe. (Nowhere to be honest.) I go get high again 90% of the time. I also start hurting worse than ever before. It’s awful!

    I’m on the fence about wanting to get clean. For two reasons. One, I know when I get clean the emotional pain and trauma stays in my head the whole time I’m awake and drives me mad. Two, when I get clean I feel nothing! As in, I’m a walking sour ball. Nothing is funny, fun, good, cool, and I have no disire to do anything. I think everything is childish and I’m just a body and nothing else. That’s when I have suicidal thoughts.

    Now, I need to be pointed in the right direction to find information on treatments. I need a place that deals with heath issues. I’m also in need of insurance. I don’t have any insurance, I also don’t know how to get any.

    I’m concerned about my health. Just the serious problems I’m facing. I have just finshed treatment for my abcessed on my arm. I also have hep c and God knows what. I read about harm reduction and it said to contact our needle exchange program. I need to find out what that is? I’m pushing the same old dirty point in my arm over and over. It can’t be heathly.

    Anyways, please answer the questions you can. Thanks for taking your time to answer my questions. The only reason I made this comment is because you guys seem caring and understanding. Thank you

    1. Hi USER. If you are looking for addiction treatment and do not know where to start, call our trusted treatment hotline, our consultants can help you make the best decision for you.

  76. I have used meth almost daily for 20 yrs and it’s time I changed my lifestyle any suggestions on how to help cope with the headaches and vomiting feeling.

  77. My fiancé has been doing meth for maybe 6 or 7 years and he is finally wanting to stop. So he quit smoking it well the last few days have been hell for me. He gets angry fast and for no reason then he feels sick been puking tired hungry normal problems when getting off of meth after a long period of time. I’ve been clean over 6 months and it was easy for me I didn’t feel a thing but I didn’t use as much as he did or even close to as long as him. I don’t know what I can do to comfort him he just begs me to find some way to make him feel better but all I think In my head is meth but I’d never say that I don’t think anything will help I don’t know. Does anyone know how to help make the body pain and physical pain of meth detox subside some ???

  78. Hi i did meth smoking and snortinf alot for two days straight but since then its been a week and im having tension like throbbing headaxhes. Im not in extreme pain but im wondering 8f this is normal to last a week or more after inly doing it for the first time over two days. Am i havi g a brain aneurysm? So scared. My bf is having the headaches off ajd on too but hes not as scared. Thanks

  79. Hi my partner binge drank and used meth daily for 2 1/2 years, hes been in aye new zealand corrections jail for 4 weeks now. I was wondering if it was a good time to communicate with them him would he have detoxed by now.

  80. I am 28 years old and I have been addicted to meth since I was 16 years old. I started injecting at 16 but didn’t become an everyday Iv drug user till I was 18. I have never gotten clean from using the needle on my own. I have been pregnant both times I have quit before. By the grace of god I have two healthy children. My children were taken from me due to a past history of drug use (I was clean for four years) and domestic violence with my husband who is a meth user as well. I relapsed and am now trying to get clean of weeks of using intervainously. I get nasesous and irritable easily. Looking for any advice on easing the buzz in my head and extreme sleepiness. Is there any 48hr detox in Southern California that doesn’t need insurance or takes medi-cal that can help?

    1. Hi Dawn. I suggest you call the helpline you see on the site to get in touch with trusted treatment consultants. They can help you find a treatment program that fits your needs.

  81. Hi! I discovered nmy husband using Meth (ice) for 3 months. Then he stopped upon finding him by myself two weeks ago. As this point in my does his body craves for Meth?

    Thank you!


  82. My husband has been using Meth for 3 weeks with a day or two break in between. He is now psychotic. Saying I got people under the bed, in the closet, and outside that is going to kill him. He has been voice recording and video reording me and swears up and diwm I’m having sex with people on it. I am not..he is scaring me… what should I do

    1. Hi Gabby. Meth may cause hallucinations. Why don’t you call the number you see on the site to talk with a trusted treatment consultant.

  83. I’ve been on this literally everyday for over 15 years. I’ve now gotten to the point where I hold down a “normal” life. I have a good job that pays well, I own my own condo, I’ve never had problem with the law, no one knows about my deman that is slowly killing me. I hate myself when I look in the mirror because I know that I’m lying to the people I love the most in my life … my parents. I want to quit but cant loose everything I’ve worked so hard for. Because I know checking into a facility would cost me my job and my home and the trust of my family. What I keep hoping is that there is a way to do this on my own at home. Just take a week vacation and lock myself in a room…but I’m scared. I don’t have insurance and can’t afford it because I make what they claim is too much. Lol. I’ve created a plan, sleeping pills, herbal detox drinks etc, even a personal steam sauna but I’m scared of the unknown and the lack of support or someone to just watch me just in case. I’m desperate and prey everyday for the help and understanding.

  84. is insomnia apart of the withdrawl from meth i quit a week ago slept for a few days but now i am having a hard time sleeping i used pretty heavily for a little over a year and a half and prior to that i was a alcholic for 12 13 years witch kinda faded out with the meth use

  85. Me and my girl are about to detox. Not the first time…I get so lazy and unmotivated to do anything and I have a shit ton of responsibilities that I can’t even handle…I get irritated and sometimes snap…but that’s cause ppl deserve it comin at me with stupid shit all the time…we get depressed and no sense of direction or plans till we r back normal…the shit sucks an no other drug helps…but u GTA deal with it don’t say u can’t and shit get real and deal with it…I get high I’m an addict always will be if I don’t get a buzz off of something at least once a week IMA go haywire… food is gNA be my temporary high for the next 2 months and I’ll end up begin constipated and dope is the only way I’ll take a shit so I’ll relapse and clog the toilet…jus bein reallll

  86. I’ve been using meth for the last 3 years. I’ve stop a few times for about a month then I’m back on meth. Where the best rehab center to get help at.

    1. Hi, Buddy. I suggest you use SAMHSA’s treatment locator: You can add more details like insurance, location, sex, etc in order to find an adequate treatment facility. Also, some of the centers have web sites, but they all have phone numbers listed, so you can call them and ask about your options. Moreover, you can call the number displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers.

  87. You know what really helps is a steam/sauna or both, what this detox does is flush out the chemicals that’s been building up since the time you started the drug, because the chemicals become infused with your body, I think that’s why people feel all those after effects of being sober because those chemicals ain’t fully flush out!! The sauna detox works wonders and it flushes all that junk out your pores and you will feel brand new once all that junk is flush out, then after the flush then you can start to rebuild your mind,body,soul I recommend you do the research on the detox because if I explained it in full it would be a long very long comment “THIS WORKS, IT WILL MAKE YOU WHOLE AGAIN”

  88. My boyfriend has been doing Meth daily for 16 days straight with some sleep. He’s now detoxing at home because he won’t go to an outpatient or rehab. He’s throwing up whenever he wakes up, is this ok? He doesn’t seem to hold down any liquid

  89. I am a motivational counselor and help people in many areas of their lives. I am also an advocate in order to be more hands on dealing with decisions and getting information that people tend to not know how to find. I have a client now who is detoxing from Meth. I was able to get him into a program but not for another two days. He hasn’t had any meth for three days and he’s starting to feel the withdrawal. The pain is the most evident effect and although I have made suggestions to relieve it even just a little I could use some more ideas that will help him stick it out until Monday. Also what more should we expect and what can he do or should do to help with his withdrawals.

  90. A loved one of mine is currently recovering from a method addiction. Are cold sweats and rapid resting heart rate a normal thing that will pass. It’s been about 2 weeks since he stopped using and is out of admittance from the rehab facility he was in. Or should I advise him to see his doctor about it??

    1. Hi, Odessa. Cold sweats and rapid heart rate may be meth withdrawal symptoms. If he doesn’t feel well, suggest him visit his doctor.

  91. I used a lot of crystal meth two weeks ago, over a period of two days. Since injecting I haven’t had a solid poo, my bowels and anus are constantly in pain and every few hours I have to run do a toilet to shoot watery shit out of my ass. I can barely go to work and its affecting all aspects of my life. All I do is sleep because its the only time the pain goes away. I went to the hospital And they told me that I’m healthy, I don’t understand why it’s still happening and I’m starting to get worried.

  92. methamphetamine, amphetamine salts is in my opinion the most difficult psychologically to stop. It’s a vicious cycle. When taking too much, one feels they have the mindset to stop. next day comes and the cravings begin. It’s very sad actually that there still is yet no treatment. People are suffering and it isn’t there fault.
    If anything, for extreme impulsivness, irritability, anger, a long acting benzo like valium could help somewhat. Problem with benzo’s however is they are downers ,and in some can cause even more depression. Nuvugil another medication does the oppositive. For some it is a cognitive enhancer, mood stabilizer, and provides energy. It can also cause anxiety in people prone to attacks.
    I’ve gone though high dose adderall withdrawal. It is exhausting, but the reality is that it last one to tow weeks. The harderst part I deal with is knowing all I have to do is stop for a week. Yet, the cravings are so intense, most of the time I can’t. Only addicts will truly understand the lack of control we have. While it may seem easy for those on the outside, getting off stimulants once you r brain is dependent and addicted is absolutely a nightmare. It can be done, but under serene calm circumstance.

  93. My husband is in rehab for meth. He was seeing and hearing things that were not there. He thought people where in our attic, walls, bed mattress, and floors. He thought I was doing porno movies with these people. I was not and would I would deny it he would become so angry. He cut our bed mattress open and destroyed our home. I had him arrested and he has been in rehab for 10 days. He is still talking crazy. He is accusing me of stuff.
    My question is will this ever go away? Will he realize it was the drugs not reality? Please help me with some answers.

    1. Hi, Wendi. That’s really harsh. I suggest you consider counseling sessions or group support for you and your husband.

  94. My EX boyfriend was very abusive while on meth, forcing me to take it as well, I recently escaped him through his better half of family and am now at my sisters house but I’m 17 and the pains are horrible and I have a huge sore on my lip Idk whether it was from chewing it while high or something else I just want the pain to stop…

    1. Hi Hailey. Please seek medical help and have a doctor check the sores on your lips. Also, let your doctor know about all unwanted and unusual symptoms you are experiencing, so they can be relieved or treated appropriately.

  95. My wife has been an opiate addict and benzodiazapene addict for 14 years with intermittent periods of sobriety and times on suboxone and even a methadone clinic.I am disabled and we are at present living in a look ess than desirable motel where crystal meth is the norm rather than the exception.I suspected she was using 2 weeks ago but only pulled a confession out yesterday as I was questioning her digging in her legs and taking a knife to a finger she thought had tiny splinter bugs in it.I gave her a sleeping pill to rest that She had left over and she has assured me she wishes to detox because she has had enough and she is lucid at this point although she slept for 14 hours and woke with withdrawals and no opiates or benzoes.She ate and I gave her 1 5 mg Roxy from a neighbor and a neurontin of mine and a sleeping pill.She has slept for 10 hours and is still asleep hopefully will sleep tomorrow as she has one sleeping pill left.What can I do to ais her and will wellbutrin help with detox and depression to avoid relapse as I can’t be here during daytime I’m trying to work to get us back to a safe environment now.Any suggestions or help you can give will be so appreciated.Also as far as I know she took the drug sporadically for a month but last 3 weejsused at least once daily.Thank BOY

    1. Hi, Calvin. The best way to detox safely is under medical supervision. Also, I suggest you consider counseling sessions for you and your wife. Too much is going in your life, so it may be good for you. Good luck!

  96. I have stopped using ice about 3-4 days now and I am very tired and not myself at all. I am 43 and this is very tough for me to be so open about, but I am also very scared about my health. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help my body feel somewhat normal again.

  97. I don’t understand why they don’t have like a addiction detox specialist service that would meet with you everyday during detox. You could share how you were feeling, get you out of bed for a little bit, get positive reinforcement, prescribe medicines for the next 24 hrs if thought was necessary. Don’t get me wrong being in a facility is like summer camp with all sorts of support. But what if you can’t just go on vacation from your life? I have two kids, one of which is about to undergo surgery with a long recovery process. She’s only 9 months old and she deserves the best mom I can be, which is sober. I’ve been to outpatient, inpatient, I know the prescription for staying sober…. I know everything and then some. You’ll say tell your doctor? Doesn’t work they just say you need treatment. I just don’t understand why u cant go somewhere say hey I’m so ready to quit and start living my life, real life, real memories that I can actually remember. Just need your support for about a week so I don’t fail. I’ve been doing it for 13 years, stayed SOBER for 1 1/2 years while I had my babies 10 years apart. My last one I was finished, happy, never wanted to touch it again. Until, i decides my relationship was murdering my soul I was a victim of narcissistic sicopath abuse, it murdered my soul… I started using to numb the confusion of why I felt the way I did everyday after finally leaving him. After doing ton of research I now know why I was so lost and so many other things I won’t get into. Now I just need to detox so I can drive into soooo much experience and knowledge and start putting the piece’s of my SELF-WORTH and life.

    1. Hi Gina. There are a lot of detox facilities who can take you in and take care of you during the detox process. After that, I suggest outpatient addiction treatment where you can go and work on your recovery while keeping your job and home obligations on track. I suggest you call the helpline number displayed on our page to speak with our trusted treatment providers that can help you out. Also, check out SAMHSA’s treatment locator of certified substance use treatment facilities in your area:

    1. Hello Leah. Crystal meth has a long list of lasting and temporary effects of prolonged abuse, which also include chest pains. Back pain has also been reported by some detoxing users.

  98. My husband has been doing meth for at least a year. I have no idea what to do.He say he don’t need rehab he can do it himself but I’m scared. I really think he should go to a rehab. What do I need to do because I want my husband back.

    1. Hi Shuntay. I’d support you on the point that even though he believes he can do it on his own, he needs professional help. Rehab is not only about stopping use, but about getting to the bottom of the problem, then uncovering and addressing the underlying causes for his addiction. Until the thing that causes him to use is resolved, there is a greater chance for relapse. On the other hand, there are those who managed to do it on their own, but I wouldn’t advise you to keep waiting.

      For further information, or to seek help for your husband, you can our trusted treatment providers through the free helpline number you can find on our website.

  99. My fiance is trying to come off meth before our wedding and is having a difficult time with it. He’s detoxing at home and has done it before, but I’m wondering if there is any way to combat the mood swings and depression. He’s willing to try just about anything. I’d really appreciate the help.

  100. I started using the last 4 days. When I had no more the body aches were a killer and I couldn’t stop vomiting. Finally asked someone to go get me some. I stopped puking but I don’t want to keep using. Do you think if I used pain pills it would help with the detoxing. I was thinking opiates could be used like some clinics use methadone to get off other substances. I had never had withdrawals from anything. But that stuff had me wishing for death. Guess that shows you can’t do it just for a few days without getting hooked cause you don’t want to feel the pain. Help if you can.

  101. I returned home from detox and rehab about 2 months ago. And i am having trouble again this time only with meth. My husband is also addicted to it so he feels if im only doing that im okay. But im not. This time around i feel im turning into a a different person and its really scary. Does anyone have some advice. Leaving again is not an option…We have a toddler who was really affected when i left. And is having a hard time with seperation.

    1. Hi Allison. Are you going to psychotherapy or counseling meetings? It’s an important part of your long term recovery and is highly recommended for people like you, who have recently left rehab. See if you can find a support group in your area that you can regularly visit to keep you on track. I’m sure that both, you and your husband, can benefit these treatments aimed at the mind and motivation to stay sober.

  102. I’m an addict. I had used many years ago and stopped on my own for a good 10 years!! Sadly, I relapsed after a friend confessed to using and that sparked my interest and addiction all over again. I stopped again for a year and finally here I am again at 41 hiding, or at least I think I’m hiding from my children and family and coworkers.

    I go through bouts of depression and anger when I try to stop. I really want to stop, it’s not even enjoyable anymore. Besides not getting the same high. It’s expensive and it prevents me from my responsibilities. I don’t know how IVE managed to keep my job at a very large world wide known financial institution. Where thousands of people volunteer their personal and banking information without a second thought. However, NOT once have Ive been tempted to commit any type of fraud.

    Personally fights with my husband have been occurring more often and every time gets more and more violent. I can become very aggressive and DONT care at the moment if I cause bodily harm or even endanger my family. I once threw a lit candle at him.

    I feel so helpless this time around. I want to stop but I’m afraid to at the time…. Frustrated

    1. Hi Cecilia. You can contact our trusted treatment providers by dialing the helpline number displayed on our page. You can get all the info and support you need about finding the right treatment program, as well as information including health insurance coverage, payment options, etc.

  103. Hi I need some information on how to detox a love one of mine she’s only 19 and she uses meth and heroine. I need help please and thank u

    1. Hi Alysia. Get the help of a doctor or an addiction professional. If she’s addicted to both substances, withdrawal may be hard and complicated. You can also call the helpline number you see on our page to seek adequate treatment for your friend’s condition.

    1. Hi Jennifer. Yes, headaches are one of the most common withdrawal symptoms. They can be treated with regular medicines from the pharmacy, such as aspirin and other headache remedies.

  104. I only experimented with meth, oh it’s a roller coaster. After two tries of the stuff, well there is no point as I will never reach that high ever again. To me a drug is meant to be a recreational escape, it shouldn’t be a lifestyle choice. Two months on, I am still feeling the effects of meth. For the first month, I only got by with four hours of sleep. For the last two weeks, I can’t stop eating: but my appetite is started to normalise within the last two days. I forgot to mention, only in the last week or so, I manage to get six hours of sleep per night. I manage to take the edge of withdrawal by taking two omega-3 caps per day, as the supplement helps to literally rebuilds my brain. I think it may take about thirty-six months to restore my dopamine levels. When my nephews grow up, I will warn them about the dangers of crystal meth, but if they do run into trouble, I will tell them there is no shame in getting professional help. If anybody who wants kick the habit, firstly get a referral to a psychiatrist, so your mental health can be stabilised. I found out during the last two months, I need to flexible, realistic, and extremely patient.

    1. Hi Mr. Fisher. Thank you for sharing your personal experience and thoughts on crystal meth. It’s great that you are willing to give your own input on this issue and I believe all readers can be informed by your comment.

  105. I just found out my wife has been using crystal meth. We have been separated on and off for past few months over drug use BUT I HAD NO IDEA IT HAD GOT TO METH. She wants me to help but it just seems more than I can handle. SHE’S TRYING……,..BUT I can tell she’s having a hard time. I’m worried and wanna help but I’m wondering if I’m just wasting my time. She went to a suboxone clinic but don’t think its helping. WHAT DO I DO? HELP!

    1. Hello Richie. It would be best if you’d want to be there and support her. Quitting any drug is not an easy or fast process, and meth addiction just happens to be one of the stronger ones. If you are not really willing to be there for her, you should tell her. At least she’ll know she cannot count on you. Addiction is not everyone’s cup of tea. I can suggest you go to counseling as a couple and alone too.

  106. Hello Janine. I personally think that the best way to help your daughter is by seeking psychotherapy yourself and looking into the CRAFT method. Both require an investment in time, energy, but not too much money. I wish you and your daughter all the best.

  107. My daughter has been using Meth ( Ice ) for the past 18months she has been on the highway to hell , had her children taken off of her as well. On the 23rd Nov 2014 she was signed into a hospital and is detoxing. I am going to see her tomorrow . How can i help her that is best for her ( keeping in mind I am looking after myself

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