Crack detox treatment

Currently, pharmaceutical treatments for crack detox are limited. But you don’t need to detox alone. What treatment options are available to you? We review here.

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Do you or a loved one feel like crack has taken a hold of your life? Do you need more and more of the drug each time you use, or do you simply feel as if you cannot go without it?

The good news is that there are effective methods to treat crack dependency. However, detoxing from this form of cocaine requires strong determination and patience. Whether you want to clear your body from occasional  use or begin addiction treatment, you should consider a thorough detoxification.

More here on how to safely detox from crack and what to expect during the process. Then, feel free to post your questions about detox treatment and/or share your own experience about treating crack addiction or in the comments section at the end.

Crack detox: What to expect

Individuals undergoing detox can expect to experience a number of predictable symptoms that occur when the drug toxins leave the body. Crack stays in your system for a relatively short amount of time. Within the first hours after cessation from use, what happens is a so called “crash” which can last from 9 hours to 4 days. During this stage, the individual undergoing detox may feel any or all of the following:

  • agitation
  • aggression
  • depression
  • severe cravings
  • sleep-deprived

The intensity of these symptoms will vary by person and the level of dependency affects the severity and duration of detox. If staying at a detox clinic, withdrawal symptoms will be monitored and, if needed, medications to lessen the discomfort will be given. For example, some people may require anti-psychotic medications to address hallucinations. While there is no specifically designed medicine for treating crack dependence, there are pharmaceuticals that show some potential during detox including flupenthixol decanoate, carbamazepine, antidepressants and dopamine agonists. Still, many times people go through this stage without any medications.

What follows is a stage of withdrawal which typically lasts from 1 to 3 weeks and is often characterized by depression or fatigue. Individuals may also exhibit:

  • anxious and apathetic behavior
  • disorientation
  • extreme fatigue
  • increased appetite
  • loss of energy
  • paranoiac behavior
  • slower heart

The cravings still persist and can be pretty intense. Cravings for cocaine can occur as well in the later withdrawal stage, so it is crucial to avoid situations that could trigger relapse. It is important to note that detox alone does not fully address addiction to crack. Treatment requires consecutive steps, and detox is merely an initial one.

Rapid crack detox treatment

To date, rapid crack detox treatment is not practiced. The detox stage is often difficult to endure, but rushing the process is not what doctors recommend. The whole treatment process will be more effective if following the traditional treatment methods.

How to withdraw from crack safely

The safest way to detox from crack cocaine is under medical supervision via an inpatient clinic. Cold turkey detox for this substance is not advisable – cravings can get pretty intense. If you consider quitting crack on your own, do consult a medical professional. While your determination to quit abusing stimulants for good can be pretty strong, do not underestimate the power of the cravings that will certainly occur. That is why medical supervision during this stage can considerably minimize the risk of failure.

Moreover, medical professionals will monitor you for severe withdrawal symptoms or assist if there are some complications and offer psychological support. However, if you decide to stay at home while on detox, make sure you have people around you who can offer a helping hand and support you if things get rough. Most importantly, make sure your environment is rid of any drugs or alcoholic beverages that you could feel like using during this stage.

Detox from crack treatment questions

Do you have any questions about crack detox treatment? Have you undergone detox for cocaine or its derivatives? Write us about your experience or ask additional questions in the comment section below and we will try to get back to you personally and promptly.

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