Cold turkey meth

Can or should you stop using meth cold turkey? No, stopping methamphetamine without any help or formal treatment plan IS NOT ADVISED. More here.

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Going cold turkey meth?

Stopping use of methamphetamine without any help or formal treatment plan is often called “cold turkey”, a phrase borrowed from heroin addiction. This type of cessation is often linked to different reasons to stop, such as having a new social role or loss of finances. But is it safe? And what are the signs of withdrawal from meth in the first place?

We explore more here. Then, we invite your questions or experiences about getting off meth and starting addiction recovery. Please contact us via the comments section at the end. We try to respond to all legitimate questions personally and promptly.

Cold turkey meth withdrawal: What is it?

The cold turkey method involves the meth user quitting the drug totally and all at once. This is the most difficult case for the user and they will likely undergo the most extreme withdrawal symptoms. While someone is withdrawing from meth, s/he may have difficulty acting normally or rationally. Depressive and psychotic symptoms can  accompany acute withdrawal from methamphetamine but generally resolve within 1 week. Craving is also present and lasts at least 5 weeks. The cold turkey method can be very difficult, but if completed successfully, an addict can continue with psychological treatment for the underlying reasons behind meth use.

Cold turkey off meth

Meth withdrawal is very different from other types of drug withdrawal because many of the issues are psychological rather than physical. Meth withdrawal often causes severe depression; chronic meth use alters the brain chemistry, specifically the neurotransmitters which control enjoyment. Often, people who come off meth cannot experience pleasure in life. This state is called “anhedonia”, and while it is not permanent, it is one of the major reasons why you need medical supervision during withdrawal.

In other words, the chance of relapse during meth withdrawal is very high because you can’t stand the way you FEEL. In order to successfully stop using, addicts should seek support from other people who have gone through the exact same process OR from medical professionals trained in treating psychological symptoms. Going cold turkey off meth by yourself without help can lead to relapse, or to symptoms of severe mood disorders.

Stopping meth cold turkey risks

While meth is not physically addictive (does not cause many symptoms of physical dependence), psychological withdrawal symptoms can be present and severe. A person coming off meth can feel extremely, horribly depressed for awhile, and their brain will crave a meth high to make them feel better again. A former meth user will also probably sleep a lot (both because they haven’t been sleeping enough for awhile and because they’re so depressed, and sleep is an escape) and they may also eat a lot, both because they haven’t been eating enough for awhile, and because they are using food as a replacement drug.

The main risks of stopping meth cold turkey include:

  • extreme drug craving
  • feelings of hopelessness
  • psychotic symptoms
  • relapse potential high
  • suicidal ideation

Alternatives to quitting meth cold turkey: Tapering

How can you help a meth addict get through withdrawal? Quitting “cold turkey” is not for everyone. Instead, tapering doses can help minimize the severity and intensity of withdrawal symptoms. Sometimes experts recommend that you try cutting back your use in steps. Use twice a week instead of every day, or twice a month instead of every weekend. You can also cut down on how much you use. Use 1/4 gram instead of 1/2, or use 1/8 instead of 1/4. This can help with withdrawal as well!

Getting off meth for good

Trying to quit meth cold turkey on your own with no emotional support is not likely to be successful. Instead, doctors recommend that you seek supportive medical interventions during acute detoxification and withdrawal, as these are effective. Ongoing psychiatric care with antidepressant drug therapy may be effective in recovery, and treatment needs to be longer than traditional alcohol/drug treatment programs. The user’s thinking, expectancies and behaviors need to be modified to increase skills in dealing with life. Go to meetings and find people to help who can support you as you to move past your meth addiction.

If you suspect that you or someone close to you has developed dependence or addiction to meth, seek medical help to quit! Detox and withdrawal can be dangerous and lead to relapse if you try to quit cold turkey and on your own. Also, learn more about the addiction treatment process and available options for rehab in our Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment Programs and Help GUIDE for safe and successful quitting.

Can I quit meth cold turkey?

While it is possible to quit meth cold turkey, it is not recommended. If you do it alone it is VERY likely that you will relapse and have to go through the whole process again.

If you`re interested in finding out more about treating meth addiction, please ask your question at the bottom of the page. Hopefully, we can find the information you’re looking for as soon as possible.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. One day I just woke up. I realized I had a choice and after 6years of daily IV meth usage I just quit. No taper off, no whiney. bull shit excuses, I just did it. It’s been a month now, besides gaining weight and sleeping every minute I’m not at work, I actually feel very happy.and healthy. I guess maybe I’m lucky it was the easiest hard thing I’ve ever done or maybe it’s just your mind set

    1. hey good for u, that’s awesome to hear and gives me a lot of hope. I’m pretty much half as much user at 3 years iv meth user and trying to quit. u mentioned and I read a lot about endless sleeping and eating along with other symptoms . sleeping and fatigue are my 2 main concerns as it will most likely lose my job.. my question is having using iv meth f2f half as long as u have. 3 years . do u think my sleep and eating will go on as long as a month like u said yours is? has yours gotten better?
      thank you very much . any advice or answer would be grateful..

  2. I see there’s. Places every were I have had the habit. Going on 11 close to 12 years. I’m from Tulsa Oklahoma. The cross roads for the stuff. Maths hard to over come it’s nearly a life style hidden better then other habits. I work 5 days a week to pay bills. But I’m trying to find help. But it’s hard to ask for. Is there meetings or any thing around tulsa. Were u can still work and pay my bills. Mainly check to check. Its hard to ask but I’m tired of the life style. It’s hard to ask family even no there Here for me and they no my problem but they have never had a habit of any kind so they think it’s not good to sleep all day and every thing else.


    1. Hi Patrice. Quitting meth addiction on your own can be really difficult. I suggest that you seek a professional help. Please feel free to call our helpline find out about your treatment options.

  4. Hello Francyne and John. What a tough experience you are all going through. Sometimes medical detox can include short term prescription of antidepressants, although efficacy is variable. We’d suggest that you seek professional help…as the chances of successful and safe detox are much higher. Medical supervision and guidance will provide emotional and physical support for stability. Please call us to learn more about how we work during detox/treatment and for help with insurance verification, if you have it.

  5. Our 40 y/o son is quitting meth cold turkey. It’s been a week. He has the ups and downs you mentioned in your article. Is there information on line to help keep him in track. He refuses rehab again. Also, what is a good medication to help him stay emotionally stable?

  6. I quit meth cold turkey a little over 2 months ago. I’m having problems, of course, with feeling good about anything I do and nothing excites me in the slightest in life it seems.
    My question is are there any vitamins or supplements that I can take OTC that might help in this area?

  7. If u r bipolar or having mood issues like me then I really think it’s not good to go meth. Because it worsen the symptoms and futher more those who are having streeful life needs to change their way of thinking about life. Money. Future no thing is possible if u r on drugs. I think Everyone using drugs must leave it for one month then think about life and take decisions. While doing drugs u can’t think clearly.
    Love u all

  8. For the past few months I have been experimenting with crystal meth. I am ashamed and disappointed with myself. At the same time I am watching a friend go through the worst possible scenario meth could have on a person. I have been very lucky myself and have had minimal effects. Today is my quit day, and I am happy as can be to say goodbye to that nasty drug, How can I talk to my friend about quitting Meth and support her through the hard times quitting meth may bring?

  9. I need help. I’m 56 years old and have been doing math for 31/2 yrs.. I’m going cold Turkey and dont know how to fight the urges. I feel so sad and angry and sick. What do I do. Rehab is not an option nor is going back. How do you fight the urges? I fear each day when I want to look forward to each new day. I’m confused, hurting and desperate. What do I do?

  10. I’m 56 years old and have been doing meet fir 3 1/2 years. I’ve been cold Turkey for 6. Days now. But I’m really feeling urges. How do I get past the urges. I don’t want to go back and I cannot commit myself to rehab for several reasons. My job being the main reason, not wanting to ruin Christmas for my family another. I have put my husband thru hell and he still is my biggest supporter. I feel like crap and be the urges are setting in. What do I do to stop them?

  11. Hi i’m 21 years old and I have been fighting substance abuse for about 5 years now and its driving me crazy I’ve got so much going for myself and I keep jacking it off I do have alot of weight on my shoulders trying to run a business under my dad this shit is very difficult

  12. My boyfriend has smoked meth for only about 6 months he has turned into a completely different person. I have kicked him out so he lives with his mother..he constantly thinks im mumbling and constantly thinks he is being basically very paranoid..he has been without meth for 10 straight days now but is still paranoid..will this go away or is this permanent damage..i dont know how to help him

  13. Yesterday was my 1st day witdizzybspells hout any ice and just vurious if anyone has been through dizzy spells kinda feels like vertigo. Cause thats thw worse part fot me. My husband and I have been on it for about 1 yr and a half and all we so is argue it’s insane. I love him but I can’t stand the fighting anymore. Please any advise would be appriciated.

  14. I have been doing methamphetamine everyday for about 5 years now I have to take drug test how long before this mess will get out of my system that I can pass the drug test

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    #JESUSISALIVE ??????????

  16. I have been addicted to meth for 18yrs. In 2016 i quit cold turkey. Withdrew, started working out and i never felt better! I felt my happiness again and i was in love with life! 2017 i relasped and ive been on it ever since. The kicker is i am a very functional addict as nobody knows! I mean seriously! Nobody! Everyone from my small town thinks im just good to go! I fake it well. Heres the thing…i cant go to treatment or get outside help as the risk if ANYONE finding out is too big. My husband would probably leave me etc… I want and beed to stop for good and i want to do it immediately! I miss the girl i really am terribly. Help!

  17. My 27year old son is in claborn co jail an is seviere withdraw from meth an Suboxone after using for 10years straight he is in desepra need of 911care but jail refused to help what can I do

  18. Ive been clean six months and today i had a bad day at work and i just want to use.. I got no support on staying clean but i take it day by day… Meth takes me to hard times so i work at it everyday

  19. I have a problem I am a addict , I don’t have all the side effects that everyone else has when they do meth , I pray every day I get cured from my addiction , if only people actually understand me then they would understand my life

  20. My husband and i were longtime, daily users and we quit using, cold turkey 7 days ago. I feel like hell. I don’t feel depressed except for the fact that I can’t get my head together enough to go to work. That bothers me. Overall, I feel like something the dog threw up. I’ve tried to get some exercise in by riding my bike but I don’t get too far. Seven days and I’m not looking back. I just wish I felt better.

  21. Everything I have heard is that meth is highly addictive. I was using method for 6 months when I decided it was destroying my life. So I quit on my own without support of any kind. I did not find it that difficult. I wanted my old life back more than anything. I wanted my sisters and my family. If meth is so highly addictive then how was it so easily for me to quit? I just one day decided “no more!” Haven’t been back in 9 months. Do I still need to be concerned?

  22. My 19 year old sister is addicted to meth. She has quit cold turkey she is about a week clean and really jonesing what can i do to help her?

  23. Yes, you should use a program like NA to help Stop or atleast get to know what the drug is potentially able to do to you even if you think you have control of your life. Others might have the answer you are looking for through NA. Most of the time we can have control of our lives , I won’t say we can’t, when we are on drugs , maybe for a few years after we start, but we won’t know exactly the time we lose control untill we find ourselves lost, really really lost. By that I mean youve lost your job, home, wife, etc. And found new things like major family, financial, and physical/mental problems. Not including serving hard time in the future.

  24. This is weird for me. I have always just messed around with drugs. I’m 27 now and have been doing them on and off since 19. I am a competitive bodybuilder and compete internationally so I have a very strong will power and discipline. I’ve never really felt any drug had a hold of me and I was always able to snap back into my routine after a day or 2 on the pipe. I’m a very functional addict and have never had huge reasons to stop. I feel this is a really bad thing. I function on it fine and uphold a 6 figure salary and training regime. I just feel bad about myself when I have a night where I get on now. Do you think it’s worthwhile going to a group or program to try and completely stop all use?

  25. Hi. I am already on psych drugs for bipolar disorder. If I go cold turkey, since I am already medicated, will the fact I am already medicated help me with the withdrawal. I have had depression & suicide issues in the past & have dealt with them.

  26. In my youth I used many drugs. I overdosed on acid. Died a couple times there. But I made it got clean at 17 had a kid. Then relaxed but this time with meth. Finally after a few years I was told I would die if I didn’t quit. So I quit. I was sober for many years but now on anti depressants and anti anxiety meds. About 5 years ago I started dating this guy. Found out about 6 months in that he did meth. I started again after I told him I could stop. Somehow I stopped and made him choose between meth and me. For years I thought all was well we had a son. And an ok life. But money was alway a problem. He spent money like crazy. Then I started realizing he was using. We could not stop fighting. At one point he hit me. I had no job no place to go and decided my only choice to keep my son was to stay till I could leave legally with my son. Eventually I gave in and started using. Figured it was my only option. Now 2 years after doing it every single day I want to quit but he doesn’t. If I break up with him I can’t take my son. We are living with his parents and I only just got a job. I don’t have the family support he does. Even though he has no job we are not married so I can’t take our son. So I continue using. I don’t know a way out. Someone help???

  27. I’m writing bc I’m a drug attic… meth of course ? I’ve struggle with every addiction.. but I was clean for over 6 years. Well the past 1.5 yrs I’ve been to hell & back so many times. Finally I’m reusing my tools to keep clean… still not perfect, by no means. BUT HERE IS THE HEART BREAKING PROBLEM…. ?????? my 17 year old son is using heavily … he’s been delusion (I can relate to his everything) wanting to live anymore. His friends have left bc he’s freakin them out. He’s a spitting energy of his father “back in the ” but his father is clean today has been for several years. Thinks peeps r all against him. Poisoning him ect… the paranoia … cocky , disrespectful, a liar ??…. well it’s killin me guys, ladies, peeps. I do not want my son to go thru this like me?? Some say ..he big boy… let it go. But this mother’s love cannot.. keeps me from bn a successful mom to my other 2! Would it be totes wrong for me to put him 96hr hold… drug treatment? I know we gotta live & learn. So please help please I know others out there r going thru this!! ???✌❤

  28. Dylan u should b really tired after six daysjust dont buy more go to sleep or take some zzz quil d as soon as u wake ur going to b fine now staying clean for good thts were i struggle

  29. Hello, I have been using meth for 6 days in a row and it has greatly affected me. I admit i have an addiction to it and I need help. I would like to go cold turkey, If i keep doing it, I can’t see myself stopping. Can you please guide me to a confidential person who can help me to quit this substance? Can you please communicate with me confidentially so I can seek a mutual persons help? I am afraid to seek help from anyone I know, or anywhere close to where i live.

    Thank you so much. I am really looking foward to your response

  30. I was clean for almost 2 years… I got my life together for my wife nd kids…. I have a good job i even got a raise today… But ive been using for the past 3 to 4 days nows… Ima quit again but i hope some1 gots some advice for me

  31. Hi. I have been using meth for 14 years…everyday. In the beginning, I stayed up too long instead of forcing myself to sleep. Within a few months I suffered a nervous breakdown as my world fell a[part. (Not because of the meth…rather it was due to circumstances that had been coming to a head for years). After about 1 year, I was able to function. I was addicted so I had to learn how to sleep most nights even if only for a couple hours. I have been doing this ever since. I have had the same job fro 110 years, so I guess I am a functioning addict. I need it to function. I do not get high. I was shooting for awhile, but have quit doing so. I want to be rid of meth with all my heart. I can t afford rehab so i have to do it alone. Here are the main points that I fear: I have literally no friends. There is nobody to help me do this. I can’t tell my family or my work. Also have read how bad the depression and suicidal thoughts can be while detoxing. I have not been clinically diagnosed with depression. But I know that something is wrong in my head. i literally cry everyday …mostly because I am alone …I hate being alone. I am fat and ugly. Nobody has ever loved me…both my marriages were bullshit. I let them use me so I wouldn’t be alone. I have so much guilt from hat I put my children through. I basically hate me…but I am a Christian…backslidden yes… but I am fearful of going to hell. That is the ONLY reason I have not ended this. So, if I am feeling all of this while using daily…how will I survive getting sober…especially on my own?

  32. I have a question regarding meth phychosis. I have never experienced hallucinations while actually high but am currently trying to quit meth and have found that in the 24-48 range after last use i start to experience extreme hallucinations and delusions as well as horrible panic attacks and has me scared to death of not using even if I don’t want to for fear of the symptoms. I am quitting at home and would like any advice information available on how to ease those symptoms during withdrawal making it easier to quit without fear of them coming back or inability to control them?

  33. I recently quit using meth, about 2 months ago. I want to get pregnant, but I’m scared to do so. I don’t want my baby exposed to the drug at all. I was a long time user, about 3yrs, I would do it every day, by snorting it, here and there I would smoke it, but on rare occasions.

    1. Hi Tamati. Call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab for you.

  34. Hawaii is in a drug epidemic, I began using meth at the age of 13. I used it as an inhalent and continued to use it until my incarceration 2014.
    Upon my re-entry into society, in 2015. I used the cold turkey method.
    I have been off for 3 years.
    The one thing i did do, that was based on my own sense of knowledge, i had taken 3grams of meth, and one glass tool used for meth use; wrapped it in a container put it into a box and ducktapped it with an entire roll of tape.
    I must say my method was successful, especially since addiction is a mental condition.
    The purpose was to disable my brain waves from experiancing the feeling of a,,” jones ” the jones is the feeling that i really want a hit of the drug and i dont have anything.

    It made me feel, like i was the one choosing, not to relapse.

  35. I am 45 yrs old and I’ve been using Meth for 20+ years everyday with only 7 months of clean time while in prison. I have used every excuse in the book to while I am still using. I have most of my family believing I quit cuz I for the first time in 20 years have kept a job I love for over a year now. I function pretty good at work. (For the whole year I have been working I have carried synthetic per on me just in case I get a random). Idk maybe my family knows but cuz I’m being some what responsible they choose to ignore the problem.
    I have 3 kids whom I love so much but I gave them to family members cuz I was addicted to not only Meth but cocaine and heroine as well. I have quit and been clean of those since 2012; which was hard but nothing like Meth. I have tried quitting cold turkey several times but hate the way I feel with withdrawals. I’m mean, sad, mad, depressed and just wanna kill anyone who comes near me. I now have 4 beautiful grandkids whom mean the world to me; I wanna be here for them as they grow up not like I was with their parents. They are the biggest reason I wanna quit. My kids weren’t enough to make me wanna quit nor was having kidney cancer and losing a kidney. But I think they are and will be the reason I succeed.Yeah I have said i wanted to quit b4 but I truly believe I want quit to now but I am just scared of losing my job and my kids and grandkids. It’s an excuse but it’s true. I also have looked into programs but found they are real pricey so this has stopped me from quitting too. I know I can’t do it on my own but really need to and want to. My question is ~Are there any places to get help with an addiction?~ I sick and tired of getting high.

  36. Shaun. you really can’t help someone unless they are looking for help themselves…they will lie to you and say that tehy want to quit (every addict “wants” to quit)…but unless they are actually looking for the help, you are probably being conned…the book How to Quit Meth now is your best hope…she can do it if you can get her to read the book…and yes, cold turkey is the most successful way to kick meth…all forms of treatment are cold turkey…when they lock you in a room, it’s cold turkey…you just really need to understand how to stay off for life and not relapse…as for the methadone question; NO!….Methadone is becoming the worst idea in history…it is just a replacement narcotic that gets the user to become addicted to methadone….this is just legal substitution but the pharmaceutical companies that profit off of this horrible drug don’t care what it really does, as long as they make money on the deal…people are DYING from methadone addiction…cold turkey and read the book…Peace!

  37. My wife has been addicted to Crystal Meth for over six months now and I want to help her quite as safley as I can…How is this possible? I am very worried about the affect this may have on our family please guide me through the process or whatever you can tell me about this endever.
    Thanks very much

  38. I’ve been using a gram or more a day for 5 months is that enough that quitting on my own is going to be unsuccessful, overall I’m in great health physically and only anxiety attacks that I’ve had 2 in the last few weeks no other mental issues. I figure it’s time to stop before more severe issue arises. I am going to stop using starting tonight wish me luck

  39. I no I want to be clean,and I no what I need to do,what I can’t seem to do is do it,I no it helps me deal with hiding my pan I don’t want to hide anymore I want me back .I don’t click very well with people so meetings are hard for me,and. I can’t put myself in a treatment center I have to make it to work,I have a great job and may not get this chance agin .I don’t no any one that is clean not even family I don’t want this for my kids I want to be clean and sober and give them the life I didn’t get I need help

  40. need help how to help person on meth to fight the addiction she trying very hard to quit going to metrix meetings need imformation of how to help what to say and things to do to help take the craving away

  41. If you want it, you can do it. I’m 48, I’ve been clean for a little over a year now and this is the longest time I’ve been sober. I had been smoking meth on and off for almost 10 years. It took me losing everything to get to where I’m at and I’m still a work in progress. I got tired of being a slave to the drug and blaming others when it was my fault. It doesn’t matter how I was introduced to meth or who did it, I chose to smoke it and to keep smoking it.I wasted so much time of my life to that shit and I’m done. God gives me the strength to keeping going. It’s hard and yes, it sucks, but I have to keep fighting and learn to love myself again. I’m learning to forgive myself and be strong. One day at a time. If I can do it… and yes, I did it cold turkey… you can as well. Good luck. Be strong and believe in yourself. God love and bless you.

  42. I have only been doing meth for about 9 months..
    I quit cold turkey about two weeks ago.. i have trouble with the paranoia and seeing things and hearing voices… i was smoking and snorting about 3 to 4 grams a day.. im.having a hard time. Any suggestions would help…

  43. You can’t help someone who doesn’t want help…you can’t look for help for someone who isn’t willing to do the groundwork themselves. Most meth addicts don’t want to quit but will lie and say they do, just to keep the people around them feeling sympathetic and empathetic about their drug use…It’s still drug use, by choice. If he’s already lying to you, this will never end. It’s now easy for him to lie to you and most of the time, he thinks he’s pulling it off. The best thing you can do for him and yourself is to run…run!….Unless you see yourself living with a meth addict as a doable situation, run away from it. The situation will not change and you have become a facilitator in his drug use. ALL meth addicts will “cling” to their boyfriend/girlfriend until all of the life has been sucked out of them…you cannot change a meth addict, you can only be influenced into becoming one yourself…on accident…for him, the sooner the better…sometimes they will even put a little in your coffee to get you started…you can’t fix what’s broken inside of him…sorry, but you need the truth…probably in the history of meth addiction, maybe one person was able to help one meth addict quit…it has to come 100% from his efforts and NOT from him telling you “please help me find help” because that’s a typical meth addicts response when they have no plans on quitting…just passing the buck….and him blaming you..LOL…is a clear indicator of everything I just said..RUN like hell and get as far away from him as you can…and don’t go back just because he says he’s clean one day…surely you can do better…do not ever feel like this is now your way of life…get a new life. Sorry. The truth about meth addiction and relationships…Everything you see out ofthe window is a better situation than the life you are living right now…Peace.

  44. I need help trying to get my love off meth. He continues to lie and blame me for the use of the drug but then tells me he needs help. How can I help him quit cold turkey?

  45. Just read the messages on this board…not just your own pathetic drug use and wondering if your downward spiral is meth related…LOL…of course it is…if that is not the most obvious thing in your life, you will never quit forever and you will always fail, always lose everything you have, over and over…burn every bridge…and still wonder if it’s the meth…LMFAO!…Read the message right above yours…the truth is out there…and it will set you free, my friend. Now quit thinking stupid shit…

  46. I’ve been injecting meth for almost 3 years. I have very recently lost my job of 5 years and I might even lose my house if I don’t find a source of income very soon. Everyone close to me is blaming my meth use for all of my problems and issues that I’m currently experiencing. Whether it really is the meth use, or just the stigma that comes with it, my life has become complete shit and I have decided that I truly want to quit. In the 3 years ive been injecting crystal meth, Ive stopped using on about 5 or 6 separate occasions (couldn’t score any) The shortest being 1 week, the longest about 2 weeks. Withdrawal wasn’t as bad as I would’ve guessed. But I’m attempting to quit this time completely. As I type this message, I’m prepping to do the last shot I have left. I’m starting to make sure to stay away from my dealer and my friends that use. My environment will be key in quitting. Does anyone know any good/useful, activities or remedies that are effective while quitting/withdrawing from meth? Or was there anything that was effective?

  47. Kicking meth is personal so please, stop thinking that support will help. Until you get a grip that you are all alone in your addiction, there is no easy way out…just remember that hundreds of thousands of people before you have quit and you can too…check out the book on….it will teach you everything you need to know…but then again, this post may be blocked because the admin is making money on referrals to expensive drug treatment programs…you don’t have to have tens of thousands of dollars to kick an addiction…you just have to want to quit more than anything else in your life….Best to you all…

  48. My sister has been a chronic maintenance user for about 14 years, she is now 46, towards the end she started to shoot meth into her veins. During those years she has been in and out of treatment several times and also she has come to my home to get cleaned up at least 4 times. This past Christmas she came again for a period of two months. Slept it off for a few weeks then slowly started behaving like the sister of my youth. It was rather shocking to me that she seemed happy and productive with no professional treatment. He explanation is she has been in treatment so many times she knew what to do. I suppose it might also have helped that she participated in a cleansing/ detoxing food diet that I was doing in the new year. So all the food she ate was clean and healthy. She did not gain any weight, which she says is a trigger for relapse and as expected we both felt amazing eating nutritious food. Also, she was in dreary Washington state living in a trailer and our home is in San Diego and is large and bright and cheery. She is not around her old friends and in our home we have children and family who love her and she is really an amazing caring person and helps with our mother who has Parkinsons and dementia and also lives with us. In fact, she was so great my husband and I asked her if she wanted to live with us and take the job as a caretaker for our mother. She then took a short trip back to Washington to get her clothes and when her boyfriend picked her up he was high and she relapsed. She came back and is now going through that initial withdrawal. She is very upset with herself as are we. I want to believe she can actually do this on her own. Before she went to Was=hington she was so amazing. After all the above background information my question is, “Is it possible to recover without professional treatment or support group such as AA or NA?” She insists she does not need AA or NA but I have a friend who has her PHD in addictive recovery and she told me you have to have 90 meetings in 90 days. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

  49. Hi everyone. I’m trying to quit meth, but it’s proving to be difficult. The people I thought would support me aren’t. They don’t even talk to me. The only support I have is my wife, but she has never struggled with addiction, so it’s hard for her to understand. And now I am starting to have questions and thoughts that I can’t explain, but no body to talk to. I’m using as I type now. And I am beginning to question everything. Need help badly. Please. Been using drugs, tons of different drugs since age 11. I am 35 now. And have a 4 year old son. Please help me. ?

  50. I woke up yesterday on a muddy hill in my rv at a steep incline. Needless to say that everything else in my life was the same. I used for 4 years , quit cold turkey for 8, and was ridding the white pony again for 2 years. I remember the first time i quit CT. It was tough, being depressed and feeling lame. I started drinking. Wheeeew!!!! Socially acceptable addictions are much easier to live with. I’m going to quit ct from meth today, again… may start drinking again….or not. I am going to find some DMT and use it as an alternative form of psychological treatment. I’ve no doubt that DMT is the most therapeutic molecule we know and its without question more effective than some bullshit counseling session. I love you.

  51. I’ve been using meth on a regular basis for about 2 in a half to 3 years (smoking). I am 35, I first used at age 12 for a short period, just here and there and then stopped. Started using again for a period of about a year around age 20 and then stopped. Then I started back up again about 2 to 3 years ago. And am finding it very hard to quit. In the past though I was also using other substances, mainly marijuana, but I quit that about 10 years ago I also quit smoking cigarettes 10 years ago when I quit marijuana. I’m wondering if this time it is harder to quit because I was smoking marijuana before or that I’m older now and the energy I get is much more appealing. I don’t know? I just know I hate the withdrawal period after. I have close to no support, at least not from anyone who has any experience in addiction and my family just ridicules and judges. I need help. I have a 4 year old son and he so far is the biggest strength I have. I have managed to keep my usage controlled to a minimal, but that won’t stop the eventual damage to my health. And I want so desperately to be here in the future for my son. I am now a stay at home dad so my son is my life! Please someone help!?

  52. I’ve been clean for a couple months but i think of using every day….. How do I get it out of my head…. I’m married have a good job ND a baby on the way everything is okay but I just can’t stop craving it what should I do

  53. Hello my name is Gene and I’ve been doing Crystal meth for many years and I use to shoot it up for years but now I don’t anymore and I would spend a 100.00 a month but now I don’t and now I only spend like 20.00 a month but my problem is I can’t stop doing Crystal meth because the last past three years I will sleep in for days and even a week and only get up to go to the bathroom and I would never do that before at all and back then I was able to quit drugs before because I wouldn’t sleep in at all like that but now I do and I know I can quit again if I wouldn’t sleep in for days like I do cause when I don’t I have panic attacks and I don’t know how to get my brain to stay awake during the day cause if I could then I have no problem of quitting and so if anyone can tell me what to do then please help me with this problem of sleeping

  54. I just need to quit I want to quit but I am so scared to quit. I have used everyday for the last 18 years straight. Well except for about 10 years ago my appendix ruptured & I was clean for 91 days other then that meth and life on meth is all I know. Is it possible after this long to have a happily ever after off of meth?

  55. Kimberly i jist recently quit and what helped me the best was WHITE VEIN KRATOM PILLS. They took away all my physical withdrawal symptoms i take 4 in the morning and 4 after lunch and i dont feel tired or depressed it made everythibg else basically fall into place

  56. I am getting ready to quit after everyday use for 5 almost 6 years..I stopped before long ago..but I am do you approach a medical professional about this?

    1. Hi Kimberly. Meth withdrawal can be hard, and the safest way to end this addiction is with a help of medical professionals. I suggest that you call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

  57. Hello out there i have been clean for 9 years it is true you must foget everyone and everything that’s not all i agree with the phrase something clicked i never thought it would control every aspect in my life it took everyone and everything i ever cared about three times over i tried for years to stop or at least control it when i lost custody of my child ( something clicked) and fate must have been on my side couse the girl i was with for 8 years went to prison ( and again something clicked) i left county stayed with my brother for about 3 days that’s another story but i ended up meeting( the girl next door) lol that girl next door was no ordinary girl she was my life vest when i was drowning on my last breth of life , and by that i meen i had nothing in life left to live for the very second i saw her i new there was something different about her we married a year after we met and i took her last name it helped me disappear and i haven’t touched it or used since the day i met her i was bad on it for5 years so anyone out there who is struggling with anything be strong if you want to stop bad enough something or someone will change your whole world you just gotta see the signs life is great?❤

  58. Hello my name is Gene and I have a bad problem when I’m trying to quit using Crystal meth and with oversleeping like I’ll sleep in all day then get up to to the bathroom then back to sleep I go then later at night I’ll get up for a half hour to feed my dogs then back to sleep I go and repeat this everyday for days and weeks and I don’t like doing that at all but I don’t know what I can do to help my self to feel awake and want to do things and I don’t have a problem with quitting Crystal meth because I know I can because I use to shoot up but not no more and I have cut back on my usage but can’t stop until I know what to do about my sleeping problem and I am 61 year’s old and I live alone with my dogs and I can’t and won’t be put in some place to quit because I have my responsibility to take care of everyday and no one will watch them for or even want to watch my animals so if anyone knows what to do like take some kind of pills that will help me then I know I’ll be free and happy from having this problem and so thank you and I hope to hear from someone and have a great day and God bless

  59. Ive been trying to quit meth for 3 years now but i still keep relapsing…. Every 6 months i relapse nd its sucks cuzz i got my life together now nd i feel with one of my relapses i could lose everything..

  60. Tina,
    Anybody can kick meth…it’s easy and hundreds of thousands of former addicts are alive and well as proof. The best way to quit is to have guidance…a rule book to follow. Amazon sells a book called HOW TO QUIT METH NOW!….it is cheap and easy to understand and teaches you how to quit…QUIT METH NOW and HOW TO QUIT METH NOW is a step by step guide to quitting…by the time you finish the book…you are done with meth for life…the end.

  61. White vein kratom is the best thing to use if your trying to quite it really works trust me i was an addict for 20 years and i wouldnt of been able to quite without it ive been sober for about two months now and dont even take kratom anymore. I posted on here before look it up november 24. Good luck

  62. Ok im just updating a post from november. Ive been sober for over two months and its great i actually save money now and its all because of this pill i started taking. White vein kratom its the only way i was able to quite without any withdraw symptoms or feeling tired . the fda wants to band the drug cause people are using it for quiting pain pills also so if your trying to quite do it before you cant get these pills anymore. If your trying to also quite opiate withdrawal use the meng da kratom it really works . good luck

  63. Im 29 and i have been on this drug going on about a 1 1/2 years. My ex got me into it and because of it we broke up. I said i would stop once i broke free from him and i did a few days then found myself bored and went back to it. I have now lost 2 jobs and find myself an emotional wreck because ive let it take over my mind. I cry because i just feel disgusted with myself. My mom found out and wants me to go to rehab but i refuse to because i know i can do it on my own, i know its a mind over matter thing because i dont crave it i dont go doing dumb things for it, i just do it because i have nothing else to do. Sounds lame but its true. My question is what is the best thing to do? Should i juat do it on my own because i know i can? Or do i try rehab?

  64. Hey chance na is not for me either. I don’t have the anger you’re dealing with but that shouldn’t matter. Seek happiness!! You’re obviously here looking for answers and trying to quit so take some time to think.. ask yourself what is a happy life in your mind? What is a day like? From when u wake up till u go to sleep. Now work towards it. Whatever makes you happy.. work towards it. Live that perfect day out. And build on it. Even if ur still using.. do something u really want to do. Something that will make u happy something out of the ordinary that’s positive and build on it. Eventually you will find answers and u will find the power within to stop. But u can’t stop just to stop. We need reasons. Purpose. And we must take action and live the sober happy ideal life we want to live. The more we do the less we think. Good luck. I’m at war with you brother!! Oh and never underestimate the power of God!! God alone will work magic. God bless you

  65. Hi all.. ive been getting high for 6+ years now. I’ve also been fighting my addiction ever since I realized it was a problem which is roughly 3 years now. I’ve had success for 5 or 6 months in two separate occasions and I recently relapsed. Now I must admit that though I failed my sobriety I grew and learned from these recent events. Now, all cases are different and unique and should be approached and handled differently. I’ve never had legal problems for drugs.(thank you Lord) so I have never attended na or anything related. But I know what matters most is what goes on in your head!! I always question my way of thinking my actions and my purpose. And I see where I’m wrong and tell myself how it should be and try to correct it. We have to reprogram our brains and our thoughts and we must understand that our way of thinking is flawed and must be fixed for long term success. Personally I don’t stress on my addiction but what I’m doing with my life. What kills me is the lack of initiative the lack of ACTION. floating through life with no motive. No purpose. No meaning. The reason I got high both times after being clean for months was simple. The idea of the pleasure I would have getting high with a girl having sex for hours. That’s the bottom line. So I know now what I’m really fighting. Cuz I will be good a few months from now. Working exercising eating healthy spending time with family and real friends and I will be happy doing so. But temptation and lust and pleasure will always be knocking I just know I can’t make the same mistake. I’ve been thinking when I get that strong feeling and it goes on for days.. instead of relapsing I’m thinking strip club or getting a escort. Tho it’s not the best way.. I know I need a strong satisfying experience. I would love some professional feedback!! Thank you. God bless all! And let’s continue fighting.

  66. Top of the evening. …. I tried meth once before now in texas. Loved it. But binged for like 3.5 months strait and needed to quit. Just happen to be I went to prison for a little over a year and don’t really remember the detox or coming down. But know I needed to get clean. This was 2003. It worked. And Aug f last year I went through some struggles and all and ended up slipping. Thank God not like last time. I’ve made my self maintain. About a gram a week sometimes to but I never had the withdrawal symptoms like I’m having now. And I binged it then. Don’t want rehab,tempers too bad for that and even before clear I didn’t really like people. So how’s the best way to quit?

  67. I’m tired of using but I can’t get clean. I know this will destroy my life, but I always end up buying a sack. Please help me

    1. Hi Chrystal. I’m sorry about the struggles you are going through. Quitting meth can be very hard, especially after chronic use. But you have to find the will and courage to do it. Sometimes going through a battle such as this requires help. Try calling 1-877-459-9299.

  68. My husband and i were on it, making it, for 2-3 years when we got busted. THAT worked… for a while. When i found out about his relapse (after things had gotten so rediculously crazy that i should have known already) i moved my kid and myself to another town. I was hoping he’d goto rehab and join us, but he went the other way. Ended up on pills, then heroin. For my part, i ended up relapsing as well. You can find out more about the whole crazy story when it becomes a major blockbuster hit lol but for now, 2 and a half years after i lect, he got away from the heroin and has been with me for 6 months. Today is day 1 of coming off meth and we’ve already cheated. Only because we relized cold turkey aint gonna work for us, and the taper method HAS worked for me before.

  69. Sorry but you cannot help a meth addict until they are willing to help themselves. You can intervene but a meth addict will lie to your face (just as he has been lying to you all of this time) just to get you to shut up and back off so they can use again ASAP…The best thing you can do is detach…don’t enable him…Don’t give him any cash for anything and don’t let him live with you, he will steal you blind and subtle…you won’t notice things missing until it’s too late and you can never get them back…if he is willing to quit, read my previous comments and get him the book…Peace.

  70. Concerned about my brother that was recently stopped for tail light out and expired liscens plate and made police officer suspicious by the way he was acting because he was trying to hide meth in his pocket , he was arrested , I really believe he has a very long history of using meth and drugs …….question 1 could it be life threatening coming off of meth all at once ….question 2 what would be the best things we could do to help him

  71. Been reading up on some comments, as I receive regular updates from this article. Read my previous comment from Crystal G if you like, but here’s the short… I quit and have been clean for over ten years, after using meth among other strong mind altering drugs for over 8 years. I didn’t quit cold, but am dedicated to helping others by sharing my strength, hope and experience.
    Arabella, I have witnessed first hand some one with your described mental health condition, please take not it is utterly imperative that you find your way away from this stuff. I watched a man be involuntarily committed due to the side effects meth has with your mental health.
    Misty, the best thing you can do for both your self and your son is seek help and educated your self, it’s called alanon meetings/ or find your local NA meetings that are called “open” meetings, which are primarily for those like you, wanting to learn more about proper support for your addicted family member.
    Amy, your local NA meetings can be located via web search, and are entirely anonymous… no names, just support.
    Suzy, there’s a good chance your doctor already knows and you can benefit more from the honest cry for help.
    **I found my strength to stay clean when I became willing to loose my life before I ever used meth again.** In other words, I would rather die than use again, and in turn I found my life.
    God speed to all.

  72. No offense but you sound like an absolute fool when you say you’re doing meth and you’re going to see a doctor to find out why you can’t sleep at night. Are you fkn kidding me? Nobody is that stupid. Like it says in the book above, the best thing you can give a meth addict is a good nights sleep…You can’t do meth and sleep at night…meth is all about keeping you awake…you’re going to end up doing a John Bellushi and killing yourself with a speedball…The secret is Benadryl…the sleeping agent in all PM over the counter drugs…you can buy it at any store…buy the generic version as it costs less…and read the book so you will know how not to relapse…it’s easy…

  73. I have been using meth for well over 10 years. I have quit a couple of times in those years but always went back. I cannot continue on this road. I quit cold turkey about 6 weeks ago and all of a sudden I am REALLY craving it. I have the support of my husband and he can usually talk me through it but I am finding it to be less helpful as time goes by. I have a doctor’s appointment in the morning because I cannot sleep at night and was wondering should I inform my doctor of what my situation is as I am fearful that it may cancel my health insurance benefits. Do I tell or don’t I tell my doctor?

  74. I don’t know why they would erase my comments..when I say that the book How to Quit Meth Now is the best source for learning how to kick meth, I know it sounds like I’m pushing a book that is available on Amazon but thousands of people have already quit using these easy methods…Just trying to help, not pushing a book…Quit Meth now is the best solution…it’s also on…why would the amin erase such help? Don’t know…Some sort of power play?

  75. I recently discovered that my 22 year old son has been using meth…I mean people have tried telling me but of course I didnt believe them…My son has never been around this before he met this girl and her family…I personally havent seen the changes in him at all…My son already suffers from depression.And takes Adderral for ADHD….i am so scared for him…How do I handle this…I myself havr never seen or dealt with drug addiction…He doesnt know that I know hes using it..

  76. I tired Meth for the first time may of 2016 , honestly I don’t like anything about the drug effects ect .. I’ve been off and on till 3 days ago, I don’t know why I was using it I’m still trying to figure that out. I have severe PTSD BIPOLAR ONE AND AXANITY I take wellbutrion clonipin and suboxton. Basically I just want to never use again I haven’t seek any help . I smoked it and snort it please note harsh comments ty

  77. I just want to know ways to stop. It’s recreational which turns into social habit. No criminal history, no anything. Can’t go into program because don’t want it on record anywhere. How do u help yourself?

  78. Hello ive been a hardcore meth user for 20 years of my life im now 33 and am meth free for about 11 days now ive tried to quit meth countless times but never was able to completely stop for more then 3 days and most of the time it was only cause i couldnt get any. I recently was arrested and throw in jail just for a night. My girlfriend basically told me it i dont have a choice i either need to quit or she was leaving me and taking my 8month son with her. So i decided it was time for me to stop but i couldnt just stop cold turkey cause it was so hard to do in the past. Well that is until a friend of mine introduced me to kratom more specifically the white vein kratom. Ive been using that instead of meth and letme tell you it saved my relationship and my life i was able to quite cold turkey and not feel any of the side affects of detox i am full of energy and not depressed at all i feel like a new man and love being sober. I know if it wasnt for white vein i wouldnt be where im at now so if your trying to quite and cant do it alone give white vein kratom a try it saved my life

  79. These severe withdrawal symptoms are normal, except for the balls hurting, that’s not. Kicking meth is just like kicking heroin for the abuser who uses large quantities of the drug. The body is now chemically dependent on the drug to appear in a normal state. When you take the chemical away, there are withdrawal symptoms, which is the body operating without the chemical it needs, which is now vital to normalcy. You can learn to mimic some of the effects of meth with other over-the-counter remedies that can replace and therefore ease the pain of withdrawal to make quitting cold turkey easier then the people are experiencing here. I hate to sound like a broken record, but this is all covered in the book How to Quit Meth Now…available on Amazon…for $15 you will have all of the answers and a playbook that walks you through every day of recovery…cold turkey.

  80. Heyy annie i went through a really bad withdrawal wen i quit i had a high fever and diareah… I also couldnt keep any food in my stomach…it was like tht for a week.. My body didnt let me quit cold turkey i had to do it slowly… And it sounds like he does need medical attention nd he needs to hydrate

  81. My boyfriend is about 24 hours into detox. He has lost blatter
    Control and has severe pain in his testicles. Is this normal? He is in extreme pain and refuses medical help. What can I do?

    1. Hi Annie. This is an unusual withdrawal symptom. He need medical help. Also, call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help him find the best rehab program for him.

  82. I am going on my eight month sober. But I stopped cold turkey and I’m not doing so well. Went through some really bad depression, I’m still actually fighting it. I have my mood swings. Can’t seem to concentrate or stay focused on anything. I’ve also have gained so much weight it’s affecting my health. Do you think rehab would help? Or is it to late?

  83. A drug addict is betrayed by themselves, not other people. It’s called deflecting….a belief that one was strong but get bamboozled into the addiction, which is incorrect. The reasons for addiction are irrelevant, the deed is done, the curing process is a long road or regret, self-disciple and hard work. To Juan, you are not a shining example of an ex-addict yet. Thousands of meth addicts relapse after a few months clean for exactly the words you used here. When you say “its odd that the cravings weren’t as bad as other times”…that’s your mind setting you up for relapse…it’s fooling you into thinking that you have control now so that at some point, it can make you believe you’re strong enough to try it once and let it go…you’re not out of the doghouse yet…read the book How to Quit Meth Now…it’s on Amazon and don’t think it applies directly to you…it will teach you all you need to know to stay clean…you need this.

  84. What if the person continues to be annoyed by the “drug talk”, and wants to talk more about the person that did them wrong? Should we stay on asking about drugs or shift focus to person she feels betrayed them?

  85. I been addicted to Meth for 18 years. I prayed to god to make me hate and stop using. On August 29 2017 my prayers were finally answered. I went cold turkey on Meth. Today is my 65 day sober. I had a talk with my wife and dad. Told them the only way I was going to beat this addiction was to lock myself in my room. That’s what I did. For almost two months. I just slept, ate, and showered. It was very difficult especially the cravings. But for some odd reason the cravings weren’t as bad as other times. My mindset this time was that I was sick and tired of doing the same shit over and over. In 18 years of using the longest I have lasted not using was a week and half. I have faith in god. I really give him all the credit. 65 days is the longest I have been sober. I don’t plan on going back. To all addicts. This is living proof that whatever drug your addicted to is beatable.

  86. Of course it’s safe to quit…the problem is that you are in denial and think that you’re not an addict because of the low amounts you spend on the drug. This is how the drug interacts with the mind to cause addiction in the first place. Your mind convinces you in other terms that you really have a grip on the drug use. If you want to quit and stop using….but then you buy more because you’ve determined that you will quit right after that, you’re an addict!…That’s how addiction works…that’s how the mind controls you, by knowing every aspect of your life and how to fool you into believing that you are still in control. You are not…your brain is fooling you because it knows you so well it likes it’s candy and will do whatever it takes to convince you to get more…even if it has to wait by convincing you that you’re not addicted and using by choice…read the book quit meth now!

  87. I have only been doing it for about 5 or 6 months and cery little each month luke $50 to $120 a month weeks apart. I dont have to have it but it like it. I am guittibg now though and I need to know is it safe for me to quit now????

  88. The sleeping meds in Advil PM are the same in all of the PM meds. You can cut the corner by taking the pink pill Benadryl, which is the same medicine without the pain relieving cuts which you don’t need. They sell this cheaper in generic forms now and the best deal is at Costco, where you can get 600 tablets for around $10…way cheaper then the name brand Benadryl. Since you are becoming an ex-addict, feel free to take 3 at a time until you think you have it all figured out. You can cut back later. As taught in the book How to Quit Meth Now, the best thing for your body right now is a good nights sleep. BTW, you can still benefit from this cheap book on Amazon. You have a long way to go and only a few weeks off. That means you are still addicted and a prime candidate for relapse. To avoid relapse and to recognize the triggers that will convince you to relapse, get the book and read every word. Good luck. You’re not out of the doghouse yet….

  89. I stopped using by the cut back method ,and have been meth free since October 13th . Went thru the eating phase but I’m having trouble getting a good night’s rest. I’ve taken advil pm to try and help yet I find myself waking up periodically thru the night. What can I do to get a good night sleep?

  90. Anybody can kick meth…it’s easy and hundreds of thousands of former addicts are alive and well as proof. The best way to quit is to have guidance…a rule book to follow. Amazon sells a book called HOW TO QUIT METH NOW!….it is cheap and easy to understand and teaches you how to quit…QUIT METH NOW and HOW TO QUIT METH NOW is a step by step guide to quitting…by the time you finish the book…you are done with meth for life…the end.

  91. i cant seem to locate ,among these replies, any long term users. I am near 60 have used meth daily since i was 25,before that cocaine daily since i was ai17 pot daily sine i was 12 smoked cigarettes daily since age 11. indeed yes i am about to quit i think tapering off first im on lexapro and gabarpentin sadly my precious daughter died two yrs ago from heroin od. i want to live ive got a positive outlook and i coulkd use love and support i dint want to be a drag i just gitta sleep

  92. I was a meth addict for over 15 years. I have now been clean for 9. My boyfriend of 3 years also addict. But was clean the first 2 years together. The last year has been rough. Violence and drugs. We have been through a lot. I’m trying to be support and help but I know I can’t make him quit. I want advice is any or suggestions

  93. My nephew ws recently sent to jail for selling and using Meth. Do you know if they can receive counseling in jail for Meth addiction. He has been on Meth for approximately 15 years. I am very worried about what is going to happen to him in jail.

  94. My brother and I quit crack cold turkey as him and his gf are having a child that is due in 4 months, we didn’t want drugs around the new member to the family. Was my brothers decision and I back him with it. I want to be in my neice or neohews life. So my brother and I put the rest of our stuff in our pipes, melted it down, smoked abit and then put them in bags and took a hammer to them and threw them out. We haven’t touched it since but it has only been 2 weeks. The next day my brother went to a job interview, got the job and started work at the mines. I ask for more hours at work and go put to part-time.
    My experience on 1st week I was always tired and sleeping when ever I could. Was also extremely angry and constantly going off at family and friends.
    2nd week my sweet tooth kicked in and instead of spending all my money on crack, I spent it all on rebull, coca-cola, chocolates and lollies. Im just ending my 2nd week now, and I feel so much better, and I feel so relaxed and rested, better then I have in a long time. Only annoying thing is the sugar cravings cause it causes bad stomach aches.
    I’m glad I decided to quit.

  95. I have been a meth user on and off since I was 13 years old stopped at 16 used it again @ 23 heavy like 13 then stoped and gradually worked my way off of it I start doing it once or twice a month 24 then finally went cold turkey at 25 I be been drug free for almost 2 years but be having a lot of trouble functioning correctly. Its irritating cause I notice the change in reading and math I strongly think it has everything to do w quitting cold turkey and using heavy in the past

  96. My boyfriend is a alcoholic and meth user i know that his alcohol level is so high that i personaly go get meth for him to camhimdown he has try to choke me or sofacaiding me

  97. I’m 54 and only used meth once last Tuesday. However, I used 1/2 gram of ice. I will never again. My problem is I have slept only about 3 hours since then and now I am having hallucinations. Is it the meth or inability to sleep that caused them? I’ve never hallucinated in my life and have always been stable.
    PS- I also quit drinking last Tuesday. I was a every day drinker.

  98. I’ve been an everyday meth user for more than 10 years off and on. I was told I was unable to have a viable pregnancy for the last 7 or more years. Which has remained true until now. I am 6 weeks and have stopped cold turkey day 2. any advice or help would be greatly appreciated

  99. This drug aint me going threw a divorce picked meth up anx like that my boxdy got hooked trying to kick it im.better then this been.using now 2 months just threw the rest away this dxrug is awful

  100. How’s it going everyone, I first got addicted to pain pills because I injured my knee. I was taking around 180 oxys a month for 2 years, finally it got the the point where it wasn’t enough so I moved on to heroin. That first shot sucked me right in, and I didn’t even know it. By the time I realized it was a problem I had already been locked up 4 times with 12 felony charges and still the only thing that was on my mind was the day I get out I’m going to get high, and I got out and did just that. After 2 years on pills and 2-3 years on heroin. I was driving to pick up cause by this point I was using between 4-5 grams a day not counting the Crack I was buying and mixing with. The next day I woke up extremely sick, and I told my self I rather die lying in this bed then do this the rest of my life. So I quite cold turkey 17 months ago . I still talk and hangout with people that do it, he’ll sometimes they do it in front of me. But I made my mind up 17 months ago that I would never use heroin or Crack again ever. I know I shouldn’t be hanging out with them, but then I think back when I was using and I tell myself. I rather be there with them incase something happens I can get help or call 911. Because all the times I overdosed which hell it’s gotta be over 30 times I never had anybody with me that would help. They would just grab what I had and bounce. So Im gona help them anyway I can, even if it is just to call 911.

  101. I’ve been on meth for 14 yrs I’m 28 rn I’ve been trying to quit alot but I always relapse I was in denial to myself n to my family that u had a problem I’m currently 3 days sober trying to quit cold turkey with the help of the most wonderful woman in the world my GF who has stuck wit me thru my worst of times I smoke weed to help the withdrawal n I e gone cold turkey before I just keep finding myself Bak at it a few months later I need help but everywhere I call asks for insurance I work in construction n always busy I Wana know how to balance out my daily life n my recovery life

  102. I was an everyday meth user. But since I found myself pregnant @8th weeks I stop completely and gave birth to a healthy boy.
    I have to say meth fucked up my life while i was doing. And stupid things Ive done when on meth make me feel so embarrashed every time I look back.
    Even though I quit for a year now, with a kid in my arms It still haunting me. In my dreams i saw me doing it again and wake up fighting with the temptation.
    But finally I make it, you can too if you want.
    Just disappear change your phone number and never call the dealer.
    Come to see and stay with someone wth healthy lifestyle. Hang with clean ppl and give your brain time to heal and fill your dopamine level up with body work out.
    You will feel the true joy in your life again(not as exciting as on meth but they’re real)

  103. Ok I’ve been doing meth for about 8 years now I go back and forth from smoking to slamming. I’ve tried committing suicide A few times in the 8 years eve been using.I started a year maybe 2 years after my big brother had passed away. I tried getting clean a few time even left town. Everytime I try getting into a program my mom bitches about my dogs so I feel really unsafe to leave my dogs at her place thinking she’s gonna get rid of them and ill never see them again so I don’t go even the she’s the only one I trust to not hurt them. What can I do since I have my dogs one is a service dog.

  104. Ok i read a blog and they had looked up what things it affected and found nature things to help with it i have looked up a natural suplemnt called nocube its a brain inhanser that studiea have ahown reverses eldatimers and dimentia it help ur brain fire right has a positive part and an energy part and help ur brain reset ita self back to normal and beyond im going to try it and another suement call arthriD3 it helps with jiont pain and a muscle building suplemnt to help with enery i have read and read o. It amd on depression and all that and id say those are the best things u can do is know whaf ur up against and no matter what believe in ur self and know u can so anything if u dont atop trying thanks

  105. What are the chances of someone being able to get off meth completely, when they are being treated by family members in their house when they do not have training or experience on the drug instead of going into proper treatment?

    1. Hi Krysta. Crystal meth withdrawal is very intense and dangerous. Any attempt to withdrawal from crystal meth at home (without medical assistance) will likely fail. Instead of exposing yourself to health risks, it’s highly recommended that you seek medical help at 1-877-391-1534 and go through a professionally monitored detox.

  106. I used dope for the first time when iwas 15 years old (dope as in crystal meth). I started using daily when I was 18, id been raped, and my family wasnt of any support. I left my home to live with a bf and i was even staying in hotels and abandoned houses. I got pregnant i lost my son to dcfs. I fought for him yet i stayed on dope. I thought it was nothimg wrong it was my choice. Now i realize drugs had a major negative impact on my life. I had another daughter. Id stopped using on my sons pregnancy when i was 4 months. I got pregnant again at age 23 i stopped at 6 months pregnant. I stopped living with my bf. Moved to my parents again. I kept my daughter with my mom most of the time i would work and hang with friends, did dope… i got kicked out of my folks because of my conduct. I hit my brother with a mug on his forehead. He had to get stitched up. I fortunately had a friend that i could trust and she opened her doors to me, though i could only stay there once in a while over nights i didnt feel comfortable sleeping there due to her friends she would have over. Slept maybe a few times 3times maybe but wed smoke through the night. I had a guy friend whod i used as a sugar daddy and he would rent me rooms hes now my baby daddy i got pregnant at age 25 i just had another girl im 26 now she was born march of this year and i used every single day i was pregnant. Maybe 2 days i didnt due to have runned out of cash during those 2 days. But id always find a way to get dope. I went into labor early at 36 weeks and they drug tested me the doctor remembered me i had gone twice to try to get a ultra sound to see the gender i didnt go to obgyn she had told me to go and i didnt have any paper work. She was suspicious. I came out positive along with my daighter she was 8 pounds 6 ounces healthy i sobered up at the hospital and have been clean for 4 months now… I thank God he is my savior. He has helped me come clean. Dcfs was contacted. Good thing it wasnt Torrance Dcfs they are the ones who took my son and got him adopted. It was the Dcfs on Vermont and 83d who have been checking up on me. I love being clean feels great. Feels good im me now. I look back and i dont regret anything but i feel bad for my son i love him with all my heart i miss him. I am sorry for him not being with me. But i guess i messed up too. Drugs have no space in my life ive been saved.

  107. I have been I active meth user for over a year I shoot it I want off it so bad but when I’m coming off I get either so angry that I cuss and hit my ole man he doesn’t hit me bk but at time I wish he would so maybe I would stop the other hand I’ll get severely depressed I have tried to kill myself 10 times in the last 2 months I already suffer from manic depression and ptsd I can’t go away to rehab because of my dogs they almost grieved there selves to death when I had to do two weeks in jail I can’t leave them with anyone cause my big dog is very mean and I worrie to death he would attack another dog or human and my little one besides the two weeks has never been apart from me and he’s spoiled I’m scared I’m gonna end up hurting my ole man who works all the time he don’t deserve this or one of my suicide attimts are gonna work I just don’t know how to stop my doctor quit treating me for anything I have wrong with me when she found out I was useing is there something I can shoot to curve that craving because the needle craving on its own is bad enough please help I don’t know what to do anymore

  108. What can i do to help a person who is quitting meth cold turkey? I am being as supportive as possible but it is hard to watch thier suffering such intense symptoms. Any help you can give me as to successfully getting over these symptoms will be greatly appreciated.

  109. Well I’ve quit tillike I was forced around tweezers and then started up agen lost my job lost all hope would rather been jail from George w bush than high

  110. I have secretly used meth…and am surrounded by normal people that have never used or understand addiction including my husband…and today is #1 day without meth…

  111. I lost everything for this addiction, im exhausted and i can’t even ask for help to my family because they think i have been clean for a while. But my reality is different. I feel like if i continue smoking i will die literally. Im on my own righ now and i want to live. Can i have more info about this method to quit, maybe any kind of medication over the counter to help me in this battle?. Thanks in advance for any help

  112. My son is a meth addict and he has no insurance to go to rehab so I’m gonna help him go cold turkey, so can you please give me some advice on how and what to expect

  113. Today is my 6th day not using. I’m scared for tomorrow to come because I feel like I did good today. Earlier in my mind I was thinking since I was doing good I could handle just a little bit more. And I don’t want to do it but I’m worried that I might I know I should be able to just tell myself no. but I feel like my mind convinces itself sometimes.. I must be a crazy person. Who even says stuff like that

  114. I have been using meth for the better part of 28 years! I’ve always been a functioning addict. I would really like to stop but have no idea how I could possibly keep working & doing all the things I need to do daily with absolutely no energy! I quit once for a year & the anhedonia lasted the entire time! I fear I have rewired my brain. How do I quit if I never have any energy again?!

  115. I have a question actually. How long after being sober does it take for you not to have any effects of the drug? I quit in December got raped in feb/march and found out I was pregnant in April. This was 11 years ago and I’ve never touched anything since. I quit cold turkey but my daughter that I kept now has seizures and I almost blame myself. The dr said there isn’t any corilation between the two but doesn’t anyone know for sure how long it would have to be that you were clean before it doesn’t hurt your pregnancy?? It worries me so bad. Thank.

  116. I was a chronic user for 3yrs and quit cold turkey about 3 weeks ago. I have experienced none of the withdrawal symptoms and do not have the urge to ever use again. Unfortunately , I had to leave my husband of 13yrs who still uses. Just one day without it and he is threatens to kill himself and hurt my family if I don’t go back. Because of meth we lost everything and I want to get my life back. He is convinced that I am delusional and just need to come home and things can go back to normal. Normal includes meth use. My teenage daughter left to go live with her grandmother. I realized what I had done and I am now trying to repair relationships that I damaged and build trust with my daughter. My husband sees this as a betrayal and he is acting irrational and impulsive . I am worried he may hurt himself but I don’t think going back is a good idea. I told his parents he threatened to hurt himself but he convinced them that I am delusional and altered my brain chemistry so I am not thinking clearly without meth. He also convinced them that he is self medicating because he is happy on meth . I don’t know how to help him. He doesn’t understand that I don’t feel hopeless and I am happy. I am doing this for my daughter and myself. She is not his child so he doesn’t understand why I don’t just turn my back on her for leaving.

  117. Everything I’ve read has helped me form my personal solution to quitting….im a late 20’s early 30’s person who’s mid to upper class but I became successful for working hard/great work/promoting my work, I’ve tried it once or twice before I felt good and loved the energy but had no trouble not wanting to so it again because it made me feel dirty, but enough with the back story….i started for the energy n the confidence so I could get alot of work done and I was doing great and business was great plus I could get my gym workouts in aswell, but I would use 3 or 4 times a week, 1g in that time frame but after about 4-6 weeks of doing this i stopped but I had no energy or determination for about 10-14 days and I was losing work and definitely couldn’t workout so I got more but moved from 1g a week to 1g every 2 weeks and so forth, I know my story isn’t crazy but if anyone is close to wearing my size shoes post on here and I’ll give you my steps, I check this everyday, thanks and good luck to all!

  118. I have been using meth for 10 years nearly daily and used harm refuction practices. I would say for what ever reason meth doesnt seem to have quite as negative an affect as it seems to have on nearly every other user. That being said it has some. I would like to quit but i fear the weight gain may cause worse health issues than the meth use. I have barely been able to even maintain a still over weight physique my entire life and now it would seem even meth doesnt seem to help is there any thing that might help prevent this? I already feel low energy so suggesting physical activity seems like an overwhelming concept.

  119. Someone who can stop smoking meth has a strong mind . Someone who smokes meth but has there there shit together ex. Job car family roof over their heads now thats a even stronger mind. DO THE DRUG DONT LET THE DRUG DO YOU . Its all in your head

  120. Thank you for taking the time to write this article. I am an addict. I’m very addicted and I know it. I am not above anyone when I admit this truth. Though I love the rituals (preparations, i.e; making a foil run way, foil tooter, and lighter burner) before smoking, and it goes without saying, I love the after effect (the high) when I smoke meth (and the different trips that goes with it). At some point, we have to admit and surrender to reality. We need to “grow up”. I guess what I’m trying to say is, I accept the challenge. I will always bare in mind what I have read here, I will really, really, to the best of my abilities (some may be in doubt) quit and stay clean… “Grow up”. I will try to post a weekly update about it, and I will post it here. May the journey ahead of me, and the things that I will experience further help those people who are trying to “grow up”. I do not promise anything, I may lose the challenge. But I will be truthful. I know that we all crave a sense of purpose in life. And stopping this childish vice / act / want, will be a huge leap towards a worthy goal.

  121. if meth is stopped cold turkey are you at risk for having a miscarrige the last time i quit using coid turkey when i was pregnet i hada miscarrige so i’m not trying to loose this child. any thing i can do to help save my baby..please lmk asap has there been other babies that have died from quitting to use meth.

    1. Hi Joanne. Cold turkey may lead to miscarriage. I suggest that you consult with your gynecologist as well as an addiction professional about quitting meth.

  122. I tried meth for the first time about 1 1/2 ago because i had extreme fatigue and the drs had no idea of the reasons why and i was extremely ADHD so i tried meth which made me more able to concentrate & pay better attention to one thing at a time instead of 12 and also able to get up and play with & take care of my children which i have 4 daughters whom 3 of which at the time were teenagers and im sure i dont have to tell u as a mother how hard it is with teenagers let alone teenage daughters well anyway someone whom i thought was a friend decided that even though i was taking care of her daughter at the time because her, her husband, & their daughter whom was 7yrs old had been evicted in the middle of the night at 2:30 am in the middle of winter had nowhere to go so i took them in well the mom decided she was going out one night but didnt return till 4 days later her husband decided her wanted a divorce she got mad and wanted to be vindictive against me, my husband, my 4 daughters, her husband, & their daughter so she called CPS told a bunch of lies & reported that i was using so 4 months later they took my girls & im currently still fighting for them i had stopped using cold turkey for 6mos then fell back into my depression feeling worthless alone & feelings of nothingness started using again now ive tried quitting and its become almost impossible even though im not a heavy user so im currently trying to get myself into treatment i actually am going today to get my TB test then getting put on a waiting list for a bed however the restrictions at treatment are giving me feelings of conflictions of back n forthness in my own mind

  123. My 21 year old son has been using meth for 6 months. He has been detoxing for 6 days and is very irrational and hopeless. Says he misses meth and may end up using again. We are very frustrated with his behavior. He is very unappreciative for everything we have done for him and is acting mean. Could this be part of the withdrawal symtoms he is having?

  124. Hi I am wanting to get off methamphetamine when I was 30 I went through an intensive outpatient program and I ended up having 13 years clean and sober the reason I relapsed is not relevant right at this moment I’m in touch with you because I’ve been using again daily for seven years not a lot I don’t smoke it I don’t shoot it I put it in a little capsule Like A Pill and take it everyday probably half a quarter Maybe anyway I want to stop it completely and I’m new to the area I live in and I’m unable to go into detox I have no family whatsoever and I don’t know what to do

    1. Hi Theresa. If you’re ready to get help for yourself, you are on the right place. Contact a treatment support specialist at 1-877-288-1851 to learn more about rehabilitation center options.

  125. Hi I am a 55 year old male that has used meth my entire adult life….probably daily for the past 30 years if not longer,,,I had a scare lastnite and basically scared me rite out of touchin that drug again…but i’m kinda scared to quite cold turkey cause iv’e heard that it shocks your system and I could suffer a stroke or heart attack ect…would the winging down method be the safe way to go…stupid question to ask…for one that has abused my body so much….thank yo…

  126. True you sleep a lot when you stop . For me I quit again just 2 weeks ago , the reason for sleeping a lot is not all because of depression , its cause when your on meth the day goes by extremely fast like I would sit down to get high and what I thought would be an hour would be 2 days being stuck in my room and followed by an 18 hour Nap then usually wake up having to pee really bad or super hungry after that get high and it was and endless cycle . everyday was same shit different toilet . what I was saying about the sleep is wen sober the day feels really long I would go to sleep wake up hoping the weird feeling I have would go away and trying to sleep it off waking up so then trying to eat so what I’m feeling can go away and just feeling trapped and end up relapsing . But this time I’m staying strong and I’m not going to let myself fall and not letting bad influence s get in the way . I feels kinda good 14 days sober from being addicted 3 years straight since 16 I had been literally doing it every day . I’m gangmember no longer drug dealing I would buy a quarter pound sell half an oz and smoke the reast I’d literally would smoke 3.5 oz in a week the little I sold just to feed my addiction. It was so bad I literally be sucking on the pipe the whole day trying to get high , my lungs felt so dry and I could get high I most likely have heart problems now my anxiety is not that bad right now and I actually got diagnosed before being an addict and had started abusing drugs cus I didn’t know I had anxiety and what I was going thru and meth was wat helped me cope. Luckily my brain still function s and i don’t have that meth addict look but my heart and lungs are not so good. But thank God whether that god is thor or Zeus that I’m going to stay strong and I’m doing this for my homies from my gang , I’ve been separated from them and there the ones who always been there and actually tried to prevent me from falling with the bad crowd but I failed and been embarrassed of them finding me and seeing me like this but I’m almost better and ama reunite with them soon ama stay strong for my gang so I can return back to the block and help them out to the fullest and protect them from our enemies because since I been gone 1 died and other stabbed and shot and buted in jail am also gonna be their for the homies busted and put money and take care of them CU’s that’s wat homies are for …. Wow I’m staying strong for all my homies and my gang and it feels good .

  127. I have been shooting meth daily for 4 years. I stopped 2 days ago and think I may be having seizures. Is this because I’ve quit cold turkey and is it dangerous?

  128. Ive been sober 7 months from meth after being on it back forth 3 years… I moved to phoenix az and need help finding a group that can relate to going cold turckey. Also I have replaced food as my new addiction and have gained alot of weight witch is making my depression harder since some of the reason for smoking meth to begin with was to lose a little any help with maybe guide lines or idk articles to read would be greatly appreciated

  129. Would the hospital help me with this. I’m leaving Vancouver BC to the island and I haven’t had sleep for a few days. I got off it on my own for 9 months and I do not like doing it anymore. I’m done if I don’t stop now I will never stop. I need help with the Hospital help ?

  130. I was an everyday smoker for the past 11 yrs. I quit using April 8th 2016. I have had about 4-5 relapses since then. Each relapse lasted about a week. Im coming up on my 1yr anniversary. People say it doesn’t count because I haven’t been completely clean (relapses). To me I put my pipe down a year ago. It took me about 10 months before my brain and feelings and emotions started to return to normal. I was a highly functioning addict, home cars kids, never really lost anything while using. Now that I am not using I am able to see the financial affects of my use. the hard part for me is that I’m not using, where are the good things that are supposed to happen?? That’s a question I ask myself all the time. What I’m learning in my sobriety is that the good things are there, sometimes you just have to open your eyes. My relationships with family are better, I smile more, when I am happy I am genuinely happy. I’m not so isolated, or guarded, I trust others. I trust myself more, my confidence and pride are returning. I no longer feel worthless, I actually feel like I deserve to be loved, and not by shitty people. So even though I still struggle I remind myself of the good I HAVE seen by quitting. The thing that has helped me make it this far is changing my “normals” every normal I had before led me right back to dope. Car rides, people, activities, everyday to day activity led me to dope. Make new normals!

  131. My son is smoking meth for some time now. Has no job, looks terrible. He isn’t admitting abusing just using 2 times a month which is a lie. I have no money to put him into treatment. Is there any free treatment programs that work?

    1. Hi Amber. You may start your search on SAMHSA’s treatment locator:
      You can add more specific data such as sex, insurance, area, etc. in order to narrow your search. Also, I suggest that you call the helpline displayed on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best treatment program for your son. The helpline is free, trustful, and available any time of the day and the night. Moreover, download our FREE e-book ‘The Definitive Guide to Rehab’ that can help you define your son’s need when choosing the right rehab program:

  132. I am not the addict, I am trying to help one. We took her from her location and brought her to our house. But I don’t know how to help her. She needs medical help. She lost all 4 kids to foster care she feels nothing anymore and a waist of space. She’s my best friend. And so young. Please help me figure out how to help her.

    1. Hi April. I suggest that you call the helpline you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

  133. Hi. My fiancé is a meth addict. He is completely aware of this and wants to stop. He is even told me that he wanted to start going to meetings or rehab. However, his best friend is an even worse addict and everytime he gets some, my fiancé always ends up doing it too. My fiancé is fully aware of his problem and is aware that being around his best friend doesn’t help at all, but he refuses to put distance between them because they are best friends. I’m not sure what to do cuz whenever I try to help, I end up feeling like the bad guy because he gets mad when I try to tell him not to do it or when I express how hurt and scared I am. What should I do?

    1. Hi Katrina. Call the helpline on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you make the next step.

  134. I started using September 2016,and have been using everyday since then. I smoke it. I was really down & depressed from loosing my mom & my nieces & nephews.A friend got me high for the first time & instantly i felt great, it was an easy solution for me to feel good. My question is how can i speed the process up? Is there anything out there that helps flush it out faster & what kind of antidepressants help u thru withdra

  135. I did not use any illegal drugs for 39 years of my life, had a traumatic experience and used everyday from the day I started for almost 3 years. I have a master’s degree, WAS very successful but allowed this drug to destroy my life. I lost everything I worked my entire life for. I think I justified using because I had no hope of regaining my former life and did not want to quit nor did I want to outlive the addiction. Hopelessness in my opinion is the main driving force for most addicts. My degrees are in criminal justice and I helped people who were addicted for years but having never been an addict myself at that time, did not know the realities of the world of drugs. Like Seth I found myself doing things or accepting things I normally would never had done. Once the meth was in my system, I could not make decisions anymore the drug made all those for me. Then one day, after my car had been stolen, I was completely broke, my family had no idea if I was alive or dead, and I was in a seedy motel room alone wanting to just die, I looked at my full pipe and somehow knew that life had to end. I was lucky enough to have a supportive family I had never turned to for help out of pride and stupidity, idk I guess both, and called my sister and told her to come get me. Since I knew I had no self worth left I decided to go to her home, away from the drug world I knew, and focus on my family who loved and wanted me back. I couldn’t do it for myself the but I could do it for them I hoped. I brought almost an 8 ball with me, she didn’t know, and kept it in the closet just in case. i found it lessened my anxiety of leaving the world I could easily get it in behind. I slept as much as i could. Was honest about what my life had been for the past years so I couldn’t get anything past them, told them what to look for if I decided to relapse, and basically set myself up to be totally powerless to get to the drug for the next few weeks at least. But I still had that comfort of it hidden in my closet. I never used it. I began to find pride in each day I didn’t use. I downloaded a clean time calculator and would report my clean days to friends and family and that gave me that accomplished feeling that I had felt in my life before drugs. I was a heavy meth smoker, like pissed if I didn’t have a ball in my possession at all times so withdrawal was hard but the thing I lacked for those 3 years, hope, started to come back. I dangerously decided to rescue my boyfriend from the drug world and went back to places people were using and watched them roll a bowl and luckily didn’t use. I felt a sense of power being able to prove to myself I could do it. I was never giving myself back to that drug. It owned me far too long. I have been clean almost 8 months, never went to a meeting and don’t dwell on or refer to myself as an addict. To me atleast, that gives me an excuse to relapse. Although I was addicted, after it was out of my system and my brain started trying to work again I knew the only choice I have when it comes to meth is the first one. The choice to ever use again could and probably would spiral me into that mindless cycle of the darkness and since decision making on the drug is almost impossible, I may not be able to get back. It’s a hard evil to overcome and I am well aware that relapse can happen years after quitting but that all up to me. The disaster I made out of my life isn’t fixed and may not ever be. But I know there is no life on that drug and if nothing else my family no longer stays awake wondering when they will be called and told I am dead. So having accountability to my family, and a purpose to move forward, like being a grandmother and trying to find a way to decriminalize addiction because of my background in criminal justice are my goals for now. It is possible to overcome this drug find your purpose orsomething important to you and count everyday you can survive without the drug as a victory. Even after relapse there is no need to self loathe because like cancer or any physical illness every day you beat it gives new hope.

  136. One time I just quit for seven months this time I’m tapering off meth I hope I can get to a point of hate for the drug then I can stop until then I’m stuck on and off meth every time I use then start again I go one day longer without I’ll see if tapering off keeps me off this shit for good

  137. i am starting to wonder if i am addicted to meth. i have always just used it as a party source but lately it has been everyday 3-4 times a day. i dont even care if people say bad things about me anymore and i have been doing things i would not normally do. my twin brother is the one who kinda got me to taste and recently we both bot high with this guy and all 3 of us had sex. i woke up to realize me and my twin brother were recorded having sex by this guy and i am so ashamed. that for me was the moment i felt like things are not right. i am stealing from costco and taking the items to pawn shops just to get a quick fix and ive pretty much stopped going to school. everytime i say i am done, i get a call about a party and i just have to have it. or i try to go a few days and then end up doing double. everytime i try to talk to my brother about it he acts like i am overreacting and says just dont do it, then pulls out the pipe and lights up. i am not gay but i have let my brother put up adds for gay men and i have had sex for money just to score. i am so turned off i cant get hard and once i do the meth its easier to be a “bottom” and i sometimes have to choose between condoms or a lighter or a beer and i will just have unprotected sex with a random guy just for a night of please. it is just getting to a point where this is not fun and my brother just acts like its normal. but he isnt the one meeting up with strangers at wierd places doing all these ugly acts. its always me.

  138. What can I do to stop smoking meth , I just don’t want my family to find out and I can’t go to rehab because j have a daughter help please. What can I do to stop using it ?

    1. Hi Robcely. Call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find a solution for your problem.

  139. I need help and advice. I have been using for 6 years now, and at the present moment I’m on probation. I use because I have ADHD, and meth calms me down along with helps me keep focus on one thing at a time. Are there any alternative options available besides snorting meth? Let me know please and thank you.

  140. I am here reading all these posts and it’s hard to believe there are only a couple of addicts here that have been using as long as I have. I want to quit, I want to be healthy. I don’t want to die. I’ve been using off and on for over 20 years. Probably 1/4 a day. I’ve never smoked it or used needles and in a way it’s been an “Excuse”. My adult kids only found out a few years ago, believe it or not. They don’t support me in a positive way like saying they would be there if I need to go clean. They only give me shit about it every once and while when they are mad at me for something not related. I do not use with other people, I don’t have any friends that use any drugs at all. I’m a closet addict. I have a career, and all that, just with a big secret. My biggest fear with quitting is that I can’t do shit when I’m clean. I have no motivation. I am not a happy person sober. I’m miserable. I end up going back to it so I can get shit done and do what I’m supposed to be doing. That’s very sad. I really want this shit out of my life! I am not disciplined with anything that has to do with myself and wish there was a meth-angel to come babysit me while I get it out of my system.

  141. not a good speller bare with me….im a GAMBLEHOLICK/METH addick…I will start off bye saying i just woke up about a hour ago so i havnt used in about 7 hours and when i first wake up is when i fell that i fell the most if any emotions . bc for me meth is a numer it numbs my pain both fisicle and mentel.hi im going to try and quit cold turkey byemyself i have used (smokeing)meth every single day now for about 4 1/2 years been dealing it for the last 3. so everyone i know or hangout with dose it includeing my girlfreind who i meet about a year ago wile in addiction and deep in it herself. and i dont think she is ready to quit. but we both need to. my man reason for quitting is that for me meth takes the most important things in my life like my two bueatiful lil girls 5 and 7 who i havnt laid eyes on in over a year and makes them the most least important thing. I cant contenuie to not see bc im going to kill myself if i keep it up cuse i cant deal with the pain of letting them down i swore to never do what my dad/mom did to me and that was not be there. not care enough to be there. grew up as mom was a big time drug(meth) dealer and dad was a workahallick. Dad left when i was 10 and mom went to Prison when i was 11 i was to wild for grams so she sent me away to foster care wich had its ups and down ended up hafe the untied states away with a jahova witness nickarogren family wich i lived with intell i was 16 and old enough to get emanceapated. then wich i got a job then found my mom and hoped on bus and traviled across the unitied states to be with her agin. that was 11 years ago. and now im doing the samething i swore never to do to my kids. and i have to stop no matter what so i pray this works.back to topick i cant go a hour without thinking about gambleing/useing meth and cant go a day without doing it. i curently sleep in my car infront of my grams house. bc my addictions have taking everything from me and coteniue to.. for example we got 50,000 dollars about 6 mouths ago cuse my girl freind got her inheratice from her grams dieing. and i dont have a dollar in my pocket. gambled and smoked it away in a mater of 3 mouths. but im drawing nuthing but blanks now so i will end it there i am going to try my hardest to not use today for my girls I WANT MY LIFE BACK SO HERE WE GO WISH ME LUCK……………

  142. I want to get off of meth so bad, but when i do stop i am totally worthless, i will stay in bed for a week or more without even bathing, i am already on prozac 40 mg daily and ambilfy 5 mg daily what more can i do, im a parent of 3 teenagers and i need help to get my motivation back, someone please help me!!! Also i get perscribed xanax as well but nothing seems to help!! God help me!!

    1. Hi Carla. Call the helpline you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best treatment options for you.

  143. I am a functioning meth addict. I have used on and off with large periods of time in between. The only reason I relapsed was availability. Once I was back on it, I was usually on for a few weeks or months. It gave me courage and confidence. It also gave me unpredictable emotional reactions at times because my reactions came out faster than I could think about them. It has caused stress in relationships. Mostly though, it built a wall to keep my issues at bay. I am a diehard co-dependent that survived emotional abandonment as a kid and throughout my life. I am currently facing the co-dependency behaviors and the fact that I have conned myself as well. I am going cold turkey. I will sleep a few days but I will also take supplements to help me withdraw. I take a regimen of tyrosine and phenylalanine, milk thistle, CoQ10, B6 and B12, and L-Glutamine. In addition, I do a 7-day total body detox. I am already on anti-depressants – have been for many years. I am in my third year of therapy and my motivation to stop is the freedom I will get by addressing my co-dependency.

  144. 3 years I cold turkey off slamming it and smoking for years it’s possible to overcome even if some may read different without medical help. Think of someone you love with all your my help was the love of my children that got me to want to stop and second learning to hate people places and things that was apart of that life style, having a inner power to guide you … Pray pray and pray then after a month goes by you’ll then see years.. Have faith in yourself and just do it, you matter

    To those that have loved ones under addiction this is how you help lock them in house . Help them with love feed them make them sleep and if they are parents show them there children then tell them there the reason they need to be free from the sht, for those say there functional addicts there lying to themselves because there is no such thing it has affected some part of there lives in one way.. My suggestion is to break free

  145. Its crazy. It really is! I been smoking dope for 9 yrs and havnt smoked weed in 4yrs. Today I smoked some chronic and it made me realize and ACTUALLY SEE! how this dope has me living. I looked around and saw trash, trash on the floor, old food from last night, not one clean dish! I couldnt believe my **** mess. I disgusted myself and broke my fuckin pipe… and this was just 20 mins ago… PEOPLE ! SMOKE CHRONIC AND LET IT STIMULATE YOUR MIND!! the dope is the devils drug. Its like a witches curse . Be careful people and rest in peace to all who let it take there lives! God is blessing those who actually help out, convince, and treat people from addiction. Dont feel alone, dont give up, remember its all in the mind, listen to your heart!!!

  146. To functional addict I was the same way nd the withdrawal was so bad the first time i tried to quit cold turkey that I suggest u bring it down to half gram a day. It was really hard for me to just have so lil but it made quiting easier for me. But honestly quitting is the easy part, staying clean feels impossible to me since it feels I always run into someone that uses. But im taking it a baby step at a time.

  147. Iv been using meth since I was 15 and I never thought I had a problem with it until I tried to quit. I tried quitting wen i was 27 for my wife and kids and the day I stopped I was out for a week with fever and diareah. So I had to quit slowly but i did it after 3 weeks and now I hate waking up in the mornings to go to work , I hate working without drugs and my kids annoy me but my wife is happy. I even had to start working out since I started gaining weight fast. Also since it turned out I hated my job as a crew boss while sober I quit nd got my class a nd now do local truck driving. After a year of being clean I started to forget about meth but while driving I ran into an old friend who had meth on him nd I used again. Now it feels like every 3 to 4 month’s I run into somebody who has it nd I cant resist taking a hit. I never thought i had a problem because I looked normal, have all my teeth, have a good job, took care of my family, my wife didn’t find out I used utill we were a year married. But now tht iv stopped I see how addicted i am to it. Once I see it I cant stop myself so all I can do now is try and avoid people who use and corners its sold on. Idk how other people do it to stay clean so long but all I can do is try to avoid the drug..

  148. I have been using every day for the past 12 years, a quarter last me around two days. Within that time I was able to quit one time that lasted 8 months. I am in school (almost finished with paralegal degree) I have a home, a job, my teeth, no pick marks and am not terribly skinny, but am wasting my life away and want to stop using, but am so scared cause am aware of how hard it was the first and only time i did get clean since I started using. So from the first time I tried it I was a daily user for five years, stopped and have now been doing it daily for 8 years. I function to the best of my ability for being a meth addict. However time is flying and I am not progressing to all I know I could be. It is holding me back from so much in life. Makes me not very social and because of the people I surround myself with because of the addiction makes me not like or trust many if any people at all. I know it brings nothing but bad into your life and I can not think of one thing that WILL NOT be better if I just stopped. So why can’t I quit??? I was really hoping they could make a pill or something to help with the psychological part of it. Really want to quit, but can’t find the courage 🙁

  149. Hey Guys, just wanted to provide some hope. My name is Ky & I’m a 19 year old female who went on a massive daily meth binge for a good 8 months of my life. I’m a small bodied person sober, so you could only imagine how out of there I was after going weeks and weeks without sleeping or eating while living on the streets. I quit cold turkey, by myself 4 months ago and haven’t looked back since. There is always a way to overcome anything, you just have to want to! It’s tough and it will make you feel like you’re dying inside and out, but once I put my mind to it, I accomplished it. I can sit in a room full of dopeheads (don’t take offense to the term, I still happen to claim it every now ‘n’ then), smoking the “most fire shit” and still not have an urge to grab a pipe. You’ve lost your dope, but don’t lose hope. Better days are coming, I promise.

  150. I found out today I had a heart attack awhile back. I have a high count of red blood cells and high blood pressure. My blood oxygen level is low while sleeping due to apnea at the least. What health risks would going cold turkey create for me?

  151. My 26 year old daughter is addicted. She has no insurance but is ready to get help, I think. We don’t where to turn. We are near the Virginia/Tennessee border.

    1. Hi Cyntia. I suggest that you call the helpline displayed on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

  152. We suspect that our daughter is using meth..she is currently in jail..second time around..
    Our question is how can she be ok in jail not using..not smoking cigarettes.then comes out and the first thing she wants to do is buy a pack of cigarettes??? She steals and lies when we approach her…we have
    Asked several times “are you abusing drugs “it’s always the same answer NO!!!
    How do we get her help if she doesn’t admit she has a problem..??she is 37yrs old…
    She can’t keep job..does really well,gets paid good but……never has any money?and losing her jobs!!
    Any input would be really appreciated.thank you

  153. i lie to everyone i know, but the truth is, i havent been able to go more than two days off of meth since i started 9 months ago. my whole life i have felt like i was only brought here to play a part in someone elses life, then id be done with my duty and id die. honestly, how stupid is that? i decided that i was only fucking with people around me and wasting space and i was going to steal my coworkers car and drive outside the city and shoot myself up with a shit ton of heroin and kill myself. i dont know it seemed euphoric. i stayed up for 11 days, spent every last dollar i had on cocaine cut with meth (although i didnt know ) and just seeing how long i could go, before i wouldnt get another chance. i was almost seeing if id snap myself out of my depression, but on day 11 i was sitting outside the gas station that i worked at, delirious. this pretty girl came up to me and asked me for a lighter even though she had a lit cigarette in her hand. she sat down beside me and i started talking to her. i ended up leaving and getting in her boyfriends car with her and her other friend, who i thought resembled a homeless person. she asked if i had ever done meth and i was interested without a second thought. sorry novel. but i did a line and i was immediately made aware of why so many people are addicted to this shit. i forgot about killing myself and stayed up another day, then after i woke up shit was different. it almost made my life better. but since then ive lost literally everything but my cat. the shit i was smoking was laced with pcp and both the guys who fed it to me bowl after bowl are sober now. i dont think ive ever wanted anything more in my life, i have every tool i need. i just dont have willpower and im terribly self destructive. i dont have a car or a phone anymore and im back living with my parents. i want to want sobriety. and trust me ive had so many moments where ive said NO MORE. or this shit is not worth the high. but yet its not enough. and ive been addicted to heroin and over i od’d the 3rd time, i never looked back. why is meth so hard

  154. There’s one point you make that while I’m sure is probably common, I did not experience it. First, let me say, pot is the best medicine when quitting any drug. At least that has been my experience, but I’ve always been a pot smoker except during my coke and meth habits.

    My friend became extremely sick, hospitalized, due to the ravaging effects on him physically because of meth use, daily. He was a skeleton. He and his partner decided that was it. They picked up and moved to another county away from the city and the “friend” dealer. I continued but as they weren’t smoking any longer I decided it was time to clean up. I started buying pot again and within about a month or two I was down from being up 4 days straight, one, rarely two days of sleeping, and then up again to every once in a while to completely stopping. I thank you, Mother Nature.

    That’s my tale to tell and if you think I probably wasn’t much of a smoker to begin with, I don’t have the teeth to prove it.

  155. Hi I’ve been reading every one’s struggle and I am having the worse try at this after 9yrs. Of using. I’m only in one day, and the panic attacks are getting worse, all I do is cry and being alone is the worse. I know if I had someone to stay with me through this I’ll be able to do this. But being alone is tearing me up inside. My fiance is quitting also, but he had his work to escape to. He stay they’re 6 days a week and I know I’m in my own to deal with this. The sense of dread and loneliness is scaring me to death. I have three chihuahuas that I love so much I can’t bear to be apart from. Especially one, my baby girl I call juju, she has been the one that has been my rock and purpose to do this. But she is suffering to. Because I hold her endlessly, and I can tell she’s so scared as I am. I don’t want to be apart from her now at the moment because I truly need her. It would kill me. Also I have had to deal with losing a family member every 4 yrs since 2004. Every four yrs no joke. 2004 my step dad, 2008 my mother, 2012 my real dad, and now 2016 my brother. I haven’t had time to deal with any of that and now on top of trying to do this. Like I said I can’t deal with being confined, in so claustrophobic. I need someone to stay with me and help me through this. Someone please help. I’m so scared, just being alone all I think about is why my family left me behind and why my fiance keeps cheating on me with women at his work and dating sites, in art my white end. I can’t rest, can’t sleep. Have you have all the doors and windows open. I’m looking it.

    1. Hi Tony. I suggest that you call the number you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

  156. I have smoked meth for 4 solid years know everyday. And for say my person boom got locked up I almost died. Not mentally either but internally my abdomen. Stomach like I was poisoned. The only cure was one hit. Please help.

    1. Hi Christy. I suggest that you call the helpline on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

  157. Hi their , I have just found out my partner has been smoking the past year nearly every single day . Obviously over time I started to notice weird things happening and it triggered me to search for answers one day . It has been about 3 weeks now since he smoked but I keep thinking he has again as I don’t know normality anymore . This last week he has been extremely angry and just sleeping and not giving me much conversation to go off. I just want to be able to help but I know I can’t . Can anyone guide me in any direction how to get through this roller coaster as I’m left living in the dark as he shuts down and sleeps continuously . How long will this extreme last . Thanks heaps

  158. Question!
    I have been smoking meth since I was 15yrs old, I am now 24yrs old. For some reason (guessing the meth) I been getting a strange feeling like Im going to die. (Its hard to explain!) Anyways, I feel like Im annoyed by my thoughts , always thinking the same thing before I start my day, smoke smoke smoke. If I am getting theae feelins should I pay more attention to what my body wants ? Or should I take it as a sign? I want to stop is what my body is saying! But how do I follow threw? Pls help!

  159. One day at a time. plan on not working and not being able to do anything but eating and sleeping for the first 2 weeks. It will get better.

  160. For me, i started to just naturally taper becayse my highs were basically nonexistent and instead, i felt completely sober. No matter how high of a dose i used. Take lots of vitamins, eat, and sleep, but don’t overdue it. Keep yourself distracted. I was majorly hooked for a long time and even compared to heroin, it was very hard not to relapse. Just dont be too hard on yourself and decrease frequency and dose. Replace it with things to do and keep yourself busy. Also, take vitamins. Super important.

  161. I was addicted to banging meth at two different times in my life. There was about an 8 year time span between the two times I was in a relationship with that fake bitch “crystal”. When I was barely old enough to legally drink I was introduced to the needle, and we hit it off immediately. She pretended to be my best friend, always making me feel so much “better”. I was so addicted to the rush of it all that I would get shoot up just for the act of shooting up… (Anyone who knows an addiction to the needle use itself understands what it means when you shoot mainly just for the rush of the register while not even craving the dope..which only furthers the addiction for the dope addicted dope…the silly things we do…hhmm…) I was going to war with myself in no time. After about one year, the day came when I finally made the step of not thinking about it as if I needed it and started telling myself the opposite, that it was absolutely ridiculous to poison yourself, especially in such a slow drawn out sword fight. I went cold turkey and eventually was free for about 8 years. It is so much more difficult and so much of a deeper additction then the first time around, at least for me. But nontheless, we are such remarkable creatures with such intense power capable of doing anything we want. If you believe that you can, you can and you will stop killing yourself. You have to forgive yourself and start believing that you are stronger than anything getting in your way. You got yourself into your situation, and you will have to get yourself out and on to where you need to be. No one owes you anything and you owe no one. God is where love can be found, and love is the secret. There is going to come a time when you reach judgement day, what will you have to show with the gifts that you have been given… is what you should ask yourself. Let that bitch know that she does not have you fooled, you can see right through her and it is all clear now, clear as glass.
    (p.s. For anyone feeling offended or anything about the way I refer to this self sabotoging battle, don’t be, I am describing my own personal experience the way I choose. Always gotta keep the humor, what can i just happens.. plus it helps everything right? Right!) 🙂 You got this!

  162. hi there,

    i am ice smoker but i am not addicted and i only smoke in weekend like 0.5 or 1g. but last week i smoked on wednesday its been 6 day i havent smoke cuz last weekend i got sick and was on bed for 2 day i tried manage to go to work and i did but i am lot pain rite now i am at work and my hand bone and feet bones hurt and my back is also hurting. is it because of ice???? since i got sick i dont like to smoke cigarette or ice … plz can anyone guide me what happen to me ????

  163. Dear “Just a Friend” – you put it perfectly. Everything you said was on point in my mind. I quit using meth over four years ago, when I stopped cold turkey and almost instantly became a ragging alcoholic, drinking from sun up to sun down all while working in between. But now I am enrolled in College, getting great marks and hoping to one day become a Social Service Worker. In my program they teach us exactly what you said – theres always hope, as long as YOU want it – it’s all about self determination, and it’s all about baby steps. When I stopped drinking after three years of needing vodka just to get out of bed it was a whole year of doing nothing but sobriety before I got a job again. Six months after that I had saved enough money to go to school. Life does get better, if I can do it anyone can!

  164. I disagree! I experience extreme physical withdrawls! The dizziness and sweats are so bad and last weeks. Its why i havent been able to stop. Please help if you have any answers for this. Im doing this on my own. And no one knows about any if this. So not only am i dealing with the horrible withdrawls but i have to keep them hidden. Im desperate

  165. I have been sober for the past 12 years. I quit smoking crystal meth after one night where the realization came to me that it’s either “life or meth”. The last time I smoked, I had an extreme panic attack and legitimately thought I was about to die. I remember laying in bed thinking “This is it, they’re going to find you dead tomorrow morning of a drug overdose.” That was enough for me to say enough is enough.

    Fast forward to present day… I graduated my university with honors, have been lifting weights and living a healthy lifestyle for the past decade, have a beautiful daughter, and a job that pays six figures.

    I also still keep in mind to this day, no matter how sober I am, that I will always be an addict. For this reason, I will never risk trying a drug recreationally or even pain pills for that matter, because I know my tendencies and will never put myself in that position to be a slave again.

    Becoming clean and succeeding in life is never out of reach, but only you can help yourself.

  166. When you decide to stop using, please get all the knowledge available about preparing your body for this rough change. I used daily for approximately 5 months. I only used about 1.5 grams per week but it can still take a tremendous toll on your mind and body. I began taking detox baths about a week before stopping and the day after I quit using, I started mega dosing vitamin C. I spent 3 days being quite sleepy and a little despondent.(oh, and when you mega dose the C, expect the toilet to be your new best friend.) I only stopped using 8 days ago and feel fantastic. I know that the research and actions I took to clean my body up were what really helped me. I could have used this info years ago and I probably would have never used opiates. Opiates are pure evil!!!!!! Stay away!!!!!

  167. Hi
    I need advise I’m a user of meth and I live with the most wonderful girl in the world I don’t want to distroy her love for me .did I mention my father ,great man needs to see better from me
    so I want to stop but what and how do I do it
    I’m on my antidepressants while I’m using and NO ONE KNOWS and it has to stay that way . I’m tired but the sex is good lol I just want to stop

  168. I’m a single mother of two beautiful girls, I work everyday & I’ve been a meth addict for the past 16 years. I’ve quit several times but didn’t have a job to worry about. Now I do & I can’t just take off work for 2 weeks to get clean. My family helped me with my kids before but this time they have no clue that I’m using again. I pray hard I hate the way I feel I hate this drug


    How can I forget you if you arrived so profoundly
    In the odysseys of life, one imprints in those who put their trust in you, many brave have fallen prisoners of your chains, many have left defeated because of your poison.
    Truly, there is nothing that you can offer but a miserable life full of pain and unconformities.
    You penetrate even the most spiritual souls of those who for a little carelessness, their life and their dreams may be lost without measure and without compassion.
    There is no doubt that your origins are from the depths of hell.
    During the nights I can see your shadow wander through the room trying to intimidate me.
    I can hear your voice clearly telling me an awful lot of lies.
    I know that you seek my total destruction, I know that I’m on the spotlight and hell wants my soul.
    I stumbled in your tramp indeed and I have fallen prisoner of your lies!
    Time passes by quickly and only one truth approaches, your total annihilation for all the pain that you have caused, the lives that you destroy and the families that you separate.
    Your sentence is already written, forever you are the damned daughter of Satan.

    by Guillermo

  170. Usually I don’t like discussing the feelings I have associated with this drug but I do want you guys to know , “YOU GUYS CAN QUIT COLD TURKEY !” Today marks my 11th month meth free . I’ll tell you it’s not easy and it’s super shitty but believe me if your just as tough as the drug mentally you will do it . If no one can support you tell yourself and self motivate yourself. It helped for me. I’m 22 and I was addicted to meth for years . Pretty much an everyday user . I would do it at home , work , bars , anywhere I would go I would take it . I snorted it never once have I tried any other method . I went from 250 to 235 in a week and a half . I was turning into a fuckin monster . I fuckin loved that shit . Some of the best people I met are fuckin addicted to meth , people I consider friends/family and now I can’t even acknowledge them for my own fear of turning back on the drug that once made me who I was . It’s still been almost a year and I still get moments of withdrawals . I have a hard time dealing with life but slowly each day that goes by clean I feel a return of the self that I once knew and loved before the bullshit . If I can give any advice it would be to stay away, focus and maintain , try to keep out the bad while bringing in the best you can .

  171. Hi I am 25 years old and i first started using meth when i was 16 for fun up until I was 18. I got married and had a child. Then I started using again when I was 21 and eventually started iving… i was iving for 7 months then I went tk jail for 7 months for a possession charge. I got out and immediately started iving again for about 3 or 4 months. I quit cold turkey because I missed my daughter ao much and I didnt want to go back to jail again. I have had 2 more kids since then a 15 month old girl and a 4 month old boy. They are my angels they are literally the only things that keep me from using, because I could never bare to part with them if I ever got caught using again. However, the thought that I might not get caught again keeps slipping in my mind and I WANTBTO USE SO BADLY I cant even stand it. My heart just races my stomach turns because I need to get high sooo bad because its hard fo explain but when Im high it seems to make me normal instead of super tired and lazy and depressed. It makes me into a better happier more productive and even smarter person? What are your thoughts on this what can I do to prevent a relapse I dont want my kids to suffer from my addiction Im at war with myself mentally and I just want to break down and cry for hiurs

  172. I’ve been off Meth for 2 weeks today & I spent most of the crying. It’s only today and otherwise I’ve been feeling good. I just wanna know if this is a normal thing that happens to people who are getting clean

  173. Wow I’ve read every comment..thought about if I should share or not and said what the heck might as well…while some of these comments are inspiring and some make me feel like there’s no hope.. I think a lot of it is mind power and the will to want to change n it’s sad because to get that u have to hit rock bottom before you finally understand you fucked yourself n worse some won’t understand so they never change or don’t have it in em to want to. As for me I’m currently high and have smoked or snorted meth for the last 3 years. I understand I fucked myself but that’s not what hurts what really gets to me is how its affecting my daughter who probably most likely hates me by now I havent seen her in almost a year she’s 7 she’s my main reason I need to be the person I know I can be and have been before. She was my shadow went and did everything together she use to be a mommies girl..I did meth for the 1st time at age 14 for about 5 months almost everyday my mom was a dealer so wasn’t hard to get then one day I could take the come downs anymore so I moved to my dad’s and stayed sober for 7 years ..I left my daughter’s dad in 2012 he got drunk one night we argued he hit me I went to work the next day like really why am I’m still with this asshole I put up with his drinking, his jealousy I’m not gonna let him hit me too so when I got off I had my dad pick me up take me to apt got some stuff packed n told him I’m done he said I’m sorry I can’t remember what happened last night I told him that’s the problem. So anyways that led me to going to a friends and she just happened to be smoking meth so I said fuck it why not and ever since I’ve been doing it theres only a 3 months time period I was clean cus I went out of state I went from 146 pounds size 9 to 97 pounds size 0 in less than 6 months. It felt good to be clean but as soon I as got back i just started fucking up. My baby girl lives with her dad weve never been to court..I need to stop using I need my daughter in my life cus she’s my happy and it took me a while to figure out what the hell is wrong with me why am I so sad and just angry n depressed and it’s cus im failing as a mother and that hurts so much and its all my fault and I’m the only one who can change this.. I’m going thru just a lot right now n I don’t want write a book right now so…. I’m almost completely enrolled in a recovery program just have to do assessment test I plan on being clean for that which is on Friday..I have so much drive to get clean and have a good life and make it in this world…Hoping and praying I will overcome this addiction…

  174. My nightmare had started only 8 months ago jus after new years 2016. An since has ripped my life apart, family/ marriage, small business ever since, an leaves me with shame, remorse, guilt and has stripped from me my morals,values,a loving beautiful wife, home, and happiness. And knowing that’s facts an the turning of myself and the heedings and warnings from heaven above,i traded it in for numerous hookers and whores/ debauchery.. basically homelessness, self employment barely above water, physical and mental malnutrition, legal issues of the criminal nature, an most importantly a relationship with God as I turned my back on him and went my unruly path. It all started with one shot in the arm from who I trusted an thought was a friend who had tempted an enticed while I was half in the bag at a local bar jus after new year’s. I remember telling my wife ” honey I’m going to walk up shoot some pool and have couple beers, back in a couple”.. she hasn’t seen me since.. Before I end not all is lost. I have Hope… God has been faithful to me and has never turned his back on me,it was i who committed that act. But still loves you an me the same… So I’ll part with this, I have heard this quote in church I’ve never forgotten it since” our loving an living God alone, can, will and wants to take all of our human wreckage an turn it into heavenly treasures for his glory, if we will jus change direction an lay it down at the cross…. An found some comfort in this as well…hebrews 14:15 ” for we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses, but we do have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are ,yet he did not sin. Let us then approach God’s throne of grace in confidence, so that we may receive Mercy and find Grace to help us in our time of need” ESV…

  175. My boyfriend ran me over about a month and a half ago breaking my neck & rib. When I went to the er, I found out I was pregnant. I’m trying to stay with him & help him get off the methamphetamine so he can be a father to our baby. Right now he has been clean for almost 2 weeks. We moved away so we child get away from all the drugs & people he knows. We don’t fight nearly as much, but our situation is very difficult to say the least. I was recently put on disability due to PTSD with night terrors & flashbacks as well as other problems & he hasn’t worked in years (aside from dealing drugs now & then, before meeting me). Living off of only my disability causes a lot of our problems. It’s hard to have enough money to eat & keep a roof over our heads. Let alone keep him “happy” with cigarettes & something to do to try & keep his mind off of putting a needle in his arm. Because of my past (reasons for PTSD) it’s hard for me to deal with his mood swings. Especially because of his past actions with me aside from running me over. We’ve tried getting him medical help, but they turn him away, saying he’s not suicidal or a threat to others (even though they know he ran me over & tried to hang himself). My family & friends are not supportive, understandably & he has no family really & only addict friends. He is depressed all the time & gets worse & even angry when I talk with my friends because he has no one but me to talk with. I am not going to drop my friends that I continue to remain in contact with because they are important to me & sometimes all I have when I’m needing a break from his crying spells, mood swings & depression. Sometimes I really wonder if I am even doing the right thing at all, let alone for myself & the baby, but I know he would be homeless & have no one if he didn’t have me.

  176. I only smoked meth for 2-3 months, but for the last month, it was everyday and night for a month straight. I’d smoke about 3.5-4 grams within 2-3 days. How i didnt overdose, i do not know. I’m 23 years old. I quit cold turkey, without telling anyone that i had an addiction or was even using. The first few days were hell. Getting out of bed was hard, and my emotions were all over the place. I was around 170 lbs before i started smoking ( a bit overweight, ~18% bodyfat). By the time i decided to quit, i was 130lbs, 3% bodyfat, and sickly skinny. A month later, i am sober, have not used, am 145lbs at 5% bodyfat (gaining muscle mass). Quitting cold turkey is possible. I did it, and i did it on my own, by myself. One of the things that got me through the withdrawl, was telling myself constantly, “i dont need it”. Another was getting in the gym and working out. It is by far the hardest drug to quit, but you CAN do it. Be strong, and get clean. The best decision i ever made was quitting cold turkey

    1. Hey Ks. Thank you for sharing your experience with quitting meth with others here. I am sure someone will find your comment helpful. Best of luck in your sober life 🙂

  177. I am almost 15 months sober. I am a very rare case, i quit cold turkey with no relapses, no cravings or anything without treatment. It can be done. You just have to put your mind to it and stick to your plans. I hope anyone out there struggling with addiction to see this as the beginning light to a great recovery. God bless

  178. I’ve been using meth since I was. 17 used cocaine before that I’m 31 now and this past two years have been the worst I want to stop using but I can’t before I would stop using it for weeks months but now. I can say that I’ve smoke every single day this year and 95%of last year. I need help

  179. I’ve been using meth for one year now in the Fresno area of California, the meth capital of the state if not the whole west coast….right before meth I used large amounts of heroin which I smoked off foil. I did that for three years and it was by far one of the hardest drugs to ever kick with withdrawals symptoms so extreme you couldn’t believe as you all have heard I’d assume. I immediately resorted to straight meth when i moved from my home twn to fresno. Now I’ve been smoking for almost a year everyday. How bad will my withdrawals become ? Do I actually need rehab, will I ever be me again psychologically?

  180. I am on day 5 of cold turkey quitting. Loved to smoke it and snort it but never shot up. I am 27 yrs old and a closet smoker. I got caught up in it when I swore I wouldn’t. I am coming off of a 7 month binge. I feel like I am waking up from a dream. A dream where I thought I was super human. But instead I have no money and I’m stuck in a rut. It is time for a fresh start. I hope and pray everyone on here gets clean. If you are reading this I hope you know you are not alone.

  181. I used meth from the age of 13-17 then I relapsed at age 21 was using again till 22 and I I stopped. Couldn’t do it anymore. Was so sick of it I quit cold turkey and I was still around people using but didn’t care. I just had no interest in doing it. I also quit smoking cigarettes cold turkey. Watching all the bad it does, hit me I didn’t want to end up like that. It is possible to quit cold turkey, I’ve done it. Do I have regrets, no. I had fun while using but it isn’t a life. Their literally is no hope with dope. You will lose everything. If it hasn’t happened yet, good, get out while you can!

  182. I have a friend from high school who recently contacted me through Facebook. I had cut off contact with her in 2009 because I could tell she was still using crank (meth?). At that time, I wrote her a letter calling her on the carpet for her behavior, and ended by saying that I was ready for friendship when she ended her fiend-ship. With this recent contact, she stated that “I used to have a drug problem, but so what? I don’t anymore.” She stated that she was now an RN, and named the agency she works for. I went to their website, and they don’t employ RN’s. I next looked up her license with the state of California, and there isn’t one in any of the three surnames she’s used. I then looked at her Facebook page, and it clearly states that she is a PCA! Years ago, she stated that she didn’t think she was an addict because she just snorts one line in the morning. I believe this may be a cry for help (?). She knows that I don’t do drugs, and keep myself healthy with natural methods. I texted her phone and LIED to her, telling her I knew someone who had found their way out of meth addiction after 30+ years of daily use. PLEASE HELP! There’s gotta be someone out there who has quit after 30+ years! It’s just got to be possible somehow. I do not have the financial means to assist her directly, and could assist someone who wanted to quit tobacco, coffee, soda, etc., but this is beyond my level of knowledge and expertise. If she thought I wouldn’t see through her lies, it could be proof that she’s burned out too many brain cells, but I’m thinking it’s a call for help. She would PERHAPS listen to someone who’s “been there and done that” and I think that she contacted me because she knows I love her, and won’t stop searching until I find some true helpfulness for her, that won’t berate her and speaks from their own experience. She’s been using regularly if not daily since she was 14, and is now 47. She’s gainfully employed now since she can’t collect welfare for having children anymore. The little bit of research I have done on meth scares me! I am a plant person who doesn’t tolerate synthetic substances very well, so I would really like to find some resources to direct towards. PLEASE HELP! Thank you.

  183. I started using cocain at 16 . Was bad for about 3 months then the one night there was no blow around but there was METH . Ever since then I have not been the same and I am nearing 21 years old . I have been trying to quit for almost 3 years now I was successful and stayed away for about 9 months . Then relapsed HARD . I’ve always believed I can do this on my own . As I am back to an everyday user and I hate it ! But something keeps putting it off even tho how desperately I want to quit . I always say “after this bag I’m done” then after I sleep for days I think my girlfriend is cheating on me or hates me so I snap and then don’t care . Then I just cry and cry . I was raised way to well for this idfk what to do anymore . Suicide or intentional overdose has been an option but I couldnt do that to my family as I have all the support in the world . Reaching out to those who have overcome the addiction double the 9 months sober I’ve done in the past

  184. Hello everyone, im 17 and I’ve beenusing every day for about a month and a half now. I live with my sister who is introducing me to the same path as herself as well as my mother. It’s very sad that both of my parents, and my sister have ruined their lives with the drug I never thought would’ve caught my eye to even use let alone snort and smoke for this 30-45 days now

  185. Our 35 year old daughter who started using Meth at the age of 14, stopped cold turkey at the age of 33. We later come to findout, she was instead snorting Oxyci pills for 2 years. In other words, she never stopped using but just changed the drug. Question, other then she relasped~~~ does this mean she has a severe problem with drugs (because she was snorting it instead of taking it by mouth)? We are having a hell of time trying to convience “the people” that live close to her and see her on a regular basis that she needs treatment, counseling, AA (all the above). Any input would be greatly appreaciated. Gracias!

  186. Hello All. I buy about $100 – $150 worth of meth every four days and normally smoke my whole purchase overnight. The crash comes the following morning and it leads to be normally being in bed for three days. I have decided to smoke it at the same frequency but with lower doses. In next week, I will get an $80 and a $120 bag. The following week I will reduce it to $60 and $100. In the third week, I will go down to $40 and $80 but will also introduce some Zoloft 100mg 1 m (this combination will not cause me to suffer serotonin syndrome but this combination is not best with everyone). As I reduce the meth intake more, I will increase the Zoloft up to 200mg and will continue Zoloft treatment for 6 months. Zoloft 100mg x 2 needs to be tapered slowly (ideally over about 4 weeks), so rebound depression does not set in.

  187. Hello everyone, my name is Cheyanne and I am an addict. I am new at being sober. My choice of drug was opiates first, then suboxone / subtext and last was methamphetamines. I have been a drug addict from. Age 13 and I just turned 23 so ten years. I never really thought I had a problem till the day the doctor came in and told me my new born baby girl is going through withdrawals of subtext. Not enough to go to childrens hospital, to be put on a morphine pump (thank God) she was healthy and so beautiful. Her weight was very low, she was only 4lbs 8 ounces. They say because of my drug use… True or not I felt like it was anyway. Knowing I did that to her because mommy couldn’t quit doing drugs while pregnant (which I thought I could and would quit cold turkey the moment I ever found out I was pregnant) but nope relapse 3 days in. So since then I been actually trying to live a sober life. And man it has been rough. Sometimes I got worse then I was before my daughter and sometimes I do it one day and I’m good for a couple weeks. The last big relapse was the worse by far. And the only reason I am even alive right now was because someone called DCS on me and almost completely took my child from me and put her in foster care. Luckily my child’s father only had thc in is system that he got temporary custody of our daughter. And they just removed me from ?our home and gave me supervised visitation with her. At first I ran away and got my using on because I was devastated that it had happened and played the guilt trip of I’m not a good enough mother. I have failed her and my family. I felt like straight trash, no good junkie. I finally looked at my phone from a three day splurge and there is all kinds of mean, scared, sarcastic messages from everyone because they don’t know whether I was dead or alive. And there was one message from the morning after DCS came in that was from my child’s father saying that she is passing the house lost and looking for me. That’s when I said to myself “what are you doing? This is not helping the situation at all. This is what got you in this situation” So I called my child’s father to come get me and let me shower and eat. (now my child’s father isn’t this amazing guy as he sounds) he is very controlling and abusive and is one of my biggest triggers. He holds our child over my head because he knows he can. Use to beat the hell out of me when I used. All kinds of things. The parenting classes and the a&d assessment and recommendations, plus being open minded and wanting to change is a big part of my success as I have been little over a month clean until today. And I need to build my support system stronger so I don’t let my child’s father control the rest of my life and keep me in the dreaded depression state. But I’m so locked down I can’t get it figured out. I don’t know if my experience so far can help anyone but if it helps one person. Then I am one happy camper:) as for me how do you deal with an abusive relationship while trying to deal with the emotional pary

  188. Many people here continue to describe the very challenges every drug addict has ever had to face, but to lighten the process, quitting any form of addiction can lead to surprisingly similar symptoms. That is because a large part of the quitting process is psychological/ mental process. Quitting coffee, cigarettes, even a daily exercise or a losing a long term job includes similar ‘withdrawal’ symptoms. With that being said, there are unlimited things a person, any addict can do to ease these symptoms & there are things others can do to ease this process for a loved one.
    If you do not make changes to your daily life routine, then no changes will happen. For example: I you don’t read books, time to start…. if you don’t take walks, time to start… if you don’t eat vegetables/ fruits, time to start… get the picture yet. Removing anything from your life means filling that new void with something else, that will have a positive impact. Sites such as this one (and there are many more) offer free advice on other concerns…. not used to asking for help, time to start!
    Reach out, get advice, make a plan and don’t give up on yourself or the person in your life. Learn new ways to live as thousands upon thousands do every day. There is hope, there is a way, but you have to make the move.

  189. What advice can I give to a friend that is injecting meth? Are there any substitutes to help him ? I’ve heard people get addicted to the injection itself, are there doctors that will administer some sort of placebo? Any and all advice is needed it’s an ongoing battle that’s lasted almost two years. How can I help him save himself before he kills himself or ends up in prison??

  190. I have a grandson smoking meth and has been for several years and we just found out for sure. We have been paying bills, helping with food,rent etc believing he had a chemical imbalance.He cannot hold a job and every word out of his mouth is a lie.He is gay and his face is all broke out and he is soooo skinny.We have tried to help him, not knowing he was on drugs but realize now we were being fooled.Cannot talk to him because his defenders are so high and anger happens What can we do to help him and ourselves ?I know death is emmanent Is there a way for us to have him committed

  191. I am 50 years old. I am headed toward the door. I want out and I want my life back. I’ve heard that quitting meth can potentially have health implications in that the olfer user can suffer from physical maladies, such as heart attack or stroke. Any truth to this? I really need to know. Ty for your help and caring.

  192. I quit meth a couple hours ago. I dont want to use it again, or any substance or alcohol. I can’t seem to make it even a few days lately, and I’m worried if I go to the local detox that I will have a weak moment and walk just a few blocks away and use again. I am in a whole i’ve never been in, and it is going to kill me very soon. I don’t know what to do.

  193. I have been doing snorted meth for 10 years pretty much every day. I live by myself and a full-time 9-6 job that requires me to be alert, make on the spot decisions and meet deadlines. This is a very stressful job. I want to quit but worry about crashing at work. I have gone to work on days when I i’ve been out and have basically been falling asleep at my desk. I cannot do this kind of thing at my current job and therefore have put off quitting because I can’t be coming down on the job. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can get off a month without struggling too much with it at work?

  194. Be doing Methadon now for 5 year in. When I can’t get that or have extra drug money I’ll pay harion. I’m sick of it all and want my life back. About two years ago I starting smoking speed (Methafedimine) and I can’t quit. I’ll go home from a day or two speed veng,and go home and be so happy I’m done with my drugs and promise myself I’ll never do it again. It could be days,but all of a sudden I’ll go to work were some of my co workers do the same thing(meth) and with in seconds I crave it and want to smoke. I hate it,know I shouldn’t touch it,but it never fails I jump head first on the pipe. How to I pass this part,over come my weakness once I get around friends. Please help if you can,thank you!

  195. I don’t have the option of rehab or going away to treatment for a week or a month. Last time I went to jail(because of good old dope) my girlfriend and dog ended up homeless for a week. It’s messed up. She don’t do it but yet is put through all my bullshit cause she loves me. I work 6 daysva week usually and 10+ hours a day. I also pay the rent at this motel where we live. I need to just quit. And tonight is my first night without it. It’s 1 am April 19, 2016. Not sober yet but I will be ….. And that’s it.

  196. I used for 4 yrs. Then I left the state and had to quit cold turkey. Nobody in my family knew about my secret life. I had no support system. I found myself flying back to my old stomping grounds twice a year for a visit. I would smoke as much as i could then start all over again. The biggest problem doing it by yurself is i no longer feel anything. Nothing. U could b shot right next to me and i wouldnt care. I think of suicide often and i also have thoughts of hurting people. Ive been out of the state for 4 yrs now. I still go back. Nobody knows anything and i will never tell them. Eventually it will take me. I know this. Ive almost accepted it. Ive even talked my husband into moving us back to my old stomping grounds. He agrreed. We move at the end of this year. I fear for what im gonna do to him. He has no idea what he iis in for. Good luck to u all who quit but honestly, i cant wait to blow that damn cloud once again.

  197. Hi there,

    My finace is now home with his parents, prior to getting him on a plan he was using meth for 2 weeks straight, with very little sleep, if any. This pattern was happening (what we know of) for 2 months with the longest break (that we know of) 5 days max then back out for 5 to 15 days.

    My question is, do they ALWAYS have withdrawals, we are finding it very strange he doesn’t want to go to detox and says he feels fine, his parents said he is acting completely normal and it has now been 3 week (sober).

    I have a thought that is substituting with something he may have access to there, he is taking reg Tylenol for his back and Robaxacet as well.

    We know he has smoked some week, but that wasn’t until he already had 2 weeks in. We are concerned someone is bringing him cocaine, as we know someone down the road uses tht drug.

    So, I guess my question is do ALL addicts of Meth go through withdrawls? When he was home it was bad about day 2 he was crawling out windows to leave, and stealing my car to get high. I find it very very strange he is “fine” this time. 🙁

    Thank you

  198. Man I tried that crap for the first time on 2-17-16 still SPEEDING balls finally starting to see the end of it. Man I NEVER want to mess it again. It was OK when I did it after 2 weeks after the line scareed me

  199. I need to stop. I’ve came down to my breaking point. My boyfriend was helping me. But recently hasn’t been around. I’m scared of what I have done to myself, and my son. I’m killing myself slowly and I feel like I’m unable to stop the enjoyment of it.

    1. Hi AC. If you are looking for addiction treatment, call our trusted treatment helpline, our consultants can help you make the best decision for you.

  200. I am trying to quit and not miss a day of work. Well it hasn’t worked yet. I’m in a program which doesn’t really help and my girlfriend says she will accept me on or off dope she loves me no matter what, but I am a better man sober and want to quit so dam bad. But like now I haven’t smoked for about 8 or 9 hours and I feel sick like I wanna puke. I am really trying my best to quit but am scared when I get home in 3 hours I’ll be hitting the pipe. Just to go to bed. Ya meth doesn’t keep me up all night it has a reverse affect on me it calms me down and makes me think . I feel fucked……. Like I have no choice but to keep smoking. I can’t do rehab cuz if I don’t work my family will be homeless and no money. I am the only bread winner in my household my girl, kids are all depending on me to bring home a check. But I don’t feel like I can go on doing dope. I wish I never started to begin with

    1. Hi Christopher. Why don’t you call the helpline on the site to discuss your options with a trusted treatment consultant.

  201. I am a former meth user and relapsed once,first time I had quit was after off and on usage for 2 yrs and was clean for 3 yrs and relapsed used again for 3 months and that relapse was in 1999 and have been since,it is now 2016 and since my relapse I have had no desire to use again,now my own daughter I found last yr had been using for almost 3 yrs,her once beautiful home now looks like an episode from the series Hoarders,she lost her high paying job as a Bill Decoder for a Heart Specialist Center in Fresno,CA and my son inlaw lost his job working on highways for Fresno County,I flew out there from New York unannounced and my son inlaws parents and I were on the same page to do an intervention and it went well until the night before I was to leave to go back to NY,she had a cat that was ill and I contacted a cat hospice who was willing at no cost to her to get her cats illness managed and then get him back to her but she got pissed off at me on the phone and accused me of trying to get her taken from her and then proceeded to tell me I allowed my own cat to die,wrong,I tried to tell her the only thing that I was guilty of was keeping my cat because I was too selfish to let her go but I finally did and I have to live that,my daughter knows I’m involved in cat rescue and TNR (Trap/Neuter/release) so for her to say that to me angered me and I hung up on her,this all happened in August of last year 2015 and my daughter has yet to reach out to me,I worry I will never see her again due to my own health issues,3 days after I left Fresno she and my son inlaw moved in with his parents and I do know that if they do any kind of drug they will be kicked out,I have a 13 yr old grandson by them and back in October of last year the inlaws suddenly stopped answering my calls,texts and emails and my grandson deleted me from his facebook page,I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the fact that somehow I became the bad guy,will my daughter want to ever talk to me again? she and I had been so close,so tight,she was my world,I even walked her down the isle in July 2013 and to think I may have lost her over a cat hurts like ye cannot believe,anyway thats my story!

  202. Is there any vitamins or foods that can maybe ease the withdrawl….im very scared cause i know first hand it hurts horribly and your so tired and miserable in your own skin. Im planning cold turkey. Im gonna pray n have faith. I hope there is fruits or juices or something over the counter. Im blessed to have a great support system. Meth is the devil.

    1. Hi Richard. Call the number you see on the site to get in touch with our trusted treatment consultants who can help you access an appropriate treatment program.

  203. I was addicted to meth for 1 1/2 years. I was snorting and smoking up to a 8 ball a day. My life dramatically changed I lost all my friends, I went broke. I started thinking people were following me. I seen traccers. I would stay up for days at a time. I stayed up for over 2 weeks straight multiple time. My normal body weight is 220. After that 1 1/2 years I weight 160. I quit doing meth because I hite my rock bottom. I never did rehab I never had any medical attention. But I knew that I was about to die and I went from being handsome popular in physical shape to feeling like shit about myself. Don’t get me wrong everyone has there own way of handling shit. But I weened myself off it. I was doing it every day, then stopped for a couple days and then did a lil( stayed up for a night) then I waited a week and did a lil( stayed up a night) then waited 2 weeks, and did a lil ( stayed up a night) then waited a month and did a lil( stayed up a night) then waited 2 months and did a lil(stayed up a night) then waited 4 months and did a lil and after I did it. I didn’t even get high at all, I just came down the min I smoked it and after that I hated it. Now it’s been 5 years and It blows my mind wat I went thru an the way I acted wile I was on it!

  204. Two weeks ago, I discovered my adult son was using. He says it’s been about 5 months. It has changed him so much. He was a loving, social, and empathetic person. Now he thinks he’s being watched and that practically everyone he sees is involved in drug and/or human trafficking. He won’t hang with his old friends (who are clean), he hates me and says I’ve betrayed him and refuses to talk to me, he spends all his free time on the internet on filthy sheets he hasn’t changed in two months. He won’t even consider talking to a professional must less going into rehab. He says he wants to quit and that he is tapering and I should trust him. Should I trust him? It’s heartening to read of others who have kicked it on their own. I know in my heart that only he can decide to get clean. Is there anything I can do to help him?

  205. My son was a meth addict but was put in jail for 7 months. He has been home with us for 2 months now and does nothing but sleep, play video games and watch tv. I drug tested him after leaving for 3 days and he tested positive for aderall. He tells me has no desire to use meth again but we want him to still go for treatment and he’s refusing. We told him treatment or homeless and I know he doesn’t want to be homeless as he was almost for 3 years in another state. He’s 28 and I’m at a loss. Valerie

  206. Currently using Meth at this point of my life sadly, like I know it’s bad and harmful but I just can’t put the pipe down. I think a reason why is the area where I live theirs a lot of tweekers which makes its easy to get… Abyone have any tips of like cutting back of smoking. Also I’m age 16 I know all young.

    1. Hi, Daniel. You’re very young to have addiction like this. First, I’d suggest you speak with your parents or a close relative, and tell them that you have problems with meth. Then, detox your body. Understand meth withdrawal since its symptoms can be intense and harsh. Also, search a support group who can lead you through the process of quitting. Here’s suggested reading on the topic:

  207. I quit cold turkey 5 months ago I did gram plus a day for a year weeks with no sleep.I detoxed by myself no programs just my head doctors and therapy. Lots and lots of only this god awful drug is to train myself to not think about it good bad times nothing never a thought that’s how I stay sober never think about it and surround myself with non users and take one day at a time…

    1. Hi, Julian. If you are looking for addiction treatment, call our trusted treatment hotline, our consultants can help you make the best decision.

  208. Crystal G, your story inspires me. I too want to pursue an education in order to help others and have recently gotten an acceptance letter for a college program in social service work. I agreed with everything you said and.hope one day to be as sure as you seem to be in your knowledge and know how when it comes to helping addicts aswell as knowing when not to force help. Its tough knowing what to dowhen someone Iis in the midst of addiction and eveyones rock bottom looks different but its important to never forget the ones who seem lost and be there for them whenever they want to be found I suppose.

  209. Trust yourselves, you can do it. I went cold turkey, it’s been at least 4 years now, as I was finally able to figure it out. I smoked it. I don’t think about really, never crave it, never, and when I think about it because it’s in the news or on some TV show, I’m repelled by it. You can beat it. From 13 into my 50’s I’ve been on something. I ran the gamut. Okay, I’m not going to lie, I’ve always been a narcotic person and I’m not giving up my Norco, but it’s at least controlled and it doesn’t my life, especially monetarily.
    I’m not one of those people who believe everyone has to quit all drugs. Some do, some don’t. I am one of those people who believe anyone doing meth has to quit doing meth. I have not teeth. That has caused a lot of self esteem issues. I won’t smile, when I talk I try to keep my mouth as closed as possible. Just do anything to get away from it and quit convincing yourself that you can’t. I got off Junk in the 70’s and early 80’s, up the arm. You can quit. But I’ve always liked pot, and I still do at 59, and that’s my thing.

  210. I am a 49 year old mother of a 20 yr old. I had been smoking meth for the 7 years. not everyday but for sure every weekend and sometimes more. on Nov 23, 2015 I smoked my last bowl and today marks 81 days with out it. although at the time I t was go as long you a unit cold turkey I never thought I cound but surprised that I fid. however I am experiencing some issues that I wonder if they are side effects like some nights fatigue other nights insomua, some days eat everything, other days don’t eat anything… here recently very bad migraines where if I got them before smoking some meth always got rid of them.. depression gasping for air when I breathe sometimes. my doctor never knew of my addiction and I have an appointment with him today..

  211. Im going threw day 3 of quitting cold turkey after 6 month spell please tell me how to ease the withdrawal symptons? The aches and shakes

  212. I Came across an ample supply soon after thanksgiving. It will most likely last me a couple more weeks. I typically suffer from low energy, and lack of motivation. So the meth us huge for that. However it does get me rattled and somewhat paranoid and self conscious. It’s nice to have a bit of a boost. But I know it has to stop,. I have had problems with opiates in the past, and I believe every drug is dangerous, and impossible to depend on. So as nice as it is for me to have a chemical boost, I can’t help feeling the more I rely on mind altering substance to make creative breakthroughs, the les of a naturally gifted artist I feel.. It would be nice to have on Crain occossions, but when new has it on hand hand, it calls you everyday.
    I know my relationships suffer because of isolation, and not being honest with those closest to me. I need something to cope and get me through, but feel very intimidated by the long term commitment to get to a peaceful place with oneself. … With the exception of common fools who accept everything at face value. Some just need a Ford F150 and their life is complete.
    I know I can get off the meth, ,and it it will make me cranky and tired…. But hopefully after a short time, it won,t be haunting me..
    Anyhow… I want to move past this and live a more genuine life , in stead of being up or down from the most recent weeks of throwing caution to the
    Wind. I am nervous as always when coming of a period of opiates or speed… Anxiety always sets in heavy. And I suddenly feel like I have much less of a ritual to help structure my day to day.. So I constantly feel like an alien… But it usually doesn’t last too long.. But it happens every time. I also don’t feel very confident that Without my familiar mood and performance enhancers… I just can’t live up to all that is expected of me.. That I can’t be the best version of myself without the chemical help…. That is all for now, thanks for listening

  213. Today makes 3 weeks of my choosing to quit cold turkey. I started last year, December and promised myself I wouldn’t let it get passed a year. So here I am, and though I waited till the last minute, I’m walking proof that… It IS possible. I want to urge everyone who might be in denial, who may feel helpless or in my case, hopeless… That you must also see, and it’s noted, miracles DO happen. But also, as I always keep in mind, and as science proves that absent the miracle, it is possible. I am 20, I used everyday for just over a year… Minus my occasional crash 😉 and I can only speak for today… But I have no urge and no crave. I did not move, I did not attend 12 step (though I think the 12 step is great and can be applied to anyone in many ways) I did not do an out patient… Rather, I stocked my fridge, pantry, freezer and I bought comfy blankets. I paid my rent one month in advance and my wifi (so I can stream movies from Apple TV)… And there began a serious hibernation. I am only now beginning to get up and out. Don’t get me wrong, my ambitions are still low… I had some days where I craved so much I began the infamous “carpet crawl”… In fact, I tore up my carpet and shook it over a black sheet one evening – Clearly I was out of my mind – Greatfully, and thankfully, a friend vacuumed the life out of my carpets a week prior. It’s been a week now, and I no longer keep count of the days sober. I do not think much about it… I like to google and read about the different vitamins and other healthy choices that might help aid me back to a healthy self. I read that exercise is imperative… Only I hate exercise and I am still pretty lazy, but recently I have spent an hour trying to learn the Beyoncé single ladies dance…, that counts? 😉 Friends made a difference, I never had many that used as it was so i called upon everyone to come around and get me up and out. That helped sooo much. So I guess what I am trying to say is I AM doing it, and I believe YOU CAN too (:

  214. I am going to residential treatment this Thursday. Trying to stop cold turkey isn’t getting it. Can someone tell me if I should tapper off.

  215. Liz,
    This site is extremely limited on it ability to keep anyone clean. I strongly recommend finding a 12 step meeting in your area, particularly NA, and many church’s host these as well and do not require your attendance in church. These groups are anonymous and often have different hours (late evenings, after work for example) which should help in your desire to limit who knows about your process. Please do not think that you are just going to wake up and it will all be over with. There is much more to out addiction than just the drug. That is why the work involved in a 12 step program offers true, long term healing and recovery because in reality, there is ‘work’ to do for an addict to recover, similar to cleaning up a dirty house that has been neglected, except that dirty house is inside us, our minds and hearts.
    Best wishes to you and your husband.

  216. I have been an addict for 15 years with a short 3 month clean period 8 yrs ago. This sight is going to save me. Like so many other stories I dont have the option of getting help because of the fear of my family finding out. My husband is also quitting with me and has a very positive additude. We are on day 4 and this has been the hardest day so far. I am also praying that God will get me thru this and to never forget how shitty I feel so I will NEVER TURN BACK. My question how much longer before I can at least get out of bed?

  217. Hello all. Been reading some post, as I discovered this site earlier last year in 2015 and left a response.
    My mother still uses meth among other drugs and she has been using for at least 30 years now, as I am 32. My older sister has now been using for nearly 15 years that I have counted and has recently taken to the streets. Myself, I first used at 15yo and was a chronic Iv drug user before I was 20. My drug use continued until I after I turned 23. I have a brother who has spent over half his life in prison, serving a sentence currently. My childhood step mother was on drugs. Nearly every aspect of my life has been impacted and still is impacted by drugs, particularly meth. But, I have been drug free now for nine years in March 2016. I wen on to get a degree in hope of helping others.
    In so many of these post I hear “something clicked in my brain” or “I just had enough”. These are prominent thoughts I truly believe are necessary in recovery. You see, I agree that recovery from meth, among many other narcotics is highly affected by our cognition. The ‘thoughts’ a person has. Their beliefs, their truths, their definitions.
    While my sister is out on the streets, I will not try to convince her that she has had enough. She needs to come to that conclusion herself, to redefine what she thinks about her own meth use.
    I personally, tapered don in private after relocating and engulfed my self in “self-help”/ retrain your brain (i liked to call them) books such as Dr.Murray Banks and Norman Vincent Peal.
    Best wishes to all in your endeavors.
    Hate the drug, love the people.

  218. I was 17 when i first tried her out, for along time (years) id puff once or twice a year and Never thought in a million years id allow this drug to control I am puffin away and looking for a way out.its been along year of constant usage and I just pray for a better day for myself and everyone whos caught up in there ways. Thank you for the article of encouragement. May the Holy Spirit bless all yall

  219. I want to quit I’m on day 3 cold turkey and I feel so horrid. I feel like I’m being squished. I have been a chronic smoker for twenty years do u think I will be OK doing this on my own?

  220. I have been on meth for over 20 years and I’m a normal person I work eat and sleep everyday. I pretend to be normal but my hair is starting to fall out and my brain keeps getting a feeling like it’s popping so I think I better stop. I’m scared cause I still have to work to pay bills

  221. I have been using for 18 years now.It caused my mom 2 massive heart attacks. Poor woman is so worried about me and you would think i would quit after all that but no still using.Stil have my own biz and apt but barely making it and debt is getting higher each month. If i don’t do it ii just want to sleep and can’t work. If i don’t work I can’t survive financially. Recently got reunited with a guy i used to work with 14 years ago and we are dating. I don’t want him to know but most important I am turning 42 in a few months and its my last chance to have a baby cause i really would love to have one. Not sure if thats a good idea after using all these years but it would be a gift. I know i have to ge clean first. Please help!

  222. I been fighting meth addition, by holding on to a small amount in a bag for security blanket as figure of speech. I thought of using it but, I been solid on stopping cold turkey for 6 months today. Now, ran into a bit of a problem, my girlfriend found the small amount of stash that I hold as my security blanket. I feel like I can’t get thru the day mentally and psychologically without it in my pocket. Now; she”s thinking that maybe I’m back on it and I have been dishonest the whole time again in our relationship. But, mentally I cant apart from it, just holding it makes me feel like I can make it thru the day. If I don’t have it, I feel that I wont be able to function without it. Is this normal after stopping meth approximately 10 years? Also, Has this ever been heard of?

  223. I quit four years ago. I did it cold turkey. I’ll never forget that day I gave it up and I haven’t gone back in 4 years. Quitting came pretty easy for me, but I did start smoking a whole lot of weed as a substitute. I’ve recently cut that out too now, though. I found that simply not having meth available to me worked. Out of sight out of mind.

  224. hi I am in a place I was born and raise so let’s just say I no these streets been using for the last … or so years daily and I don’t run out I’m the biggest dope phene I no but my sac is just bigger so u don’t see that phene side often I hate the drug but it sadly brings me $$ all I am getting at is …. you have to HATE the drug hate it for everything it’s fukd upp in your life hate everything about it and for a while hate any and everyone who doesn’t. like the post a few up from this one said relocation is a must get away from the dope man’s house and away from all your meth heads homies if they ain’t down to pack upp and get killeen with you, leave the mofos behind and go far preferably where you don’t know anybody especially anyone who gets high on anything ….. out of site out of mind go to New town where dope cannot be found (easily at least) best luck to my junkies you know where I’ll be ….

  225. What I just read was amazing I was searching the wed to see if it was possible to stop but after reading what you wrote there is no doubt in my mind. ?

  226. I recognize that we are all different so I’m not saying that my method would work for everyone. First, you have to have been and even better, be a pot smoker. Second, I was under psychiatric care for other issues already so had been on anti-depressants along with other psychiatric drugs. Before and after I am still on Xanax, which was a great help, but nothing helped like pot. They call it the gateway drug. I call it the go to drug. I’ve escaped life since I was 13 and pot was always the drug I went to when I went too far with the hard drugs and totally screwed up my life.

    Well, there is my .02 worth. I should add, however. I was a coke head all together over 2 decades, and meth head for about 2 years or so. But the truth is I was always a downer person. If you put the same heroin that I was doing in the 1970’s, I can’t promise I would say no. If you offered me a gram of cocaine or meth, I know I could say no.

  227. I had been using meth for 11 years, daily. I have now been clean for 8 days, my expectations of everything are far too high.
    How can I help myself to see the little things to make me feel accomplished, or happy with myself? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  228. To nite is the first time I really ever thought that’s it I’m 58 I’m a granny I have been using meth since I was 28 I got rid of everything so what should I expect I’m scared
    But cold turkey is the only way for me I will check back in tomorrow let you know how I’m feeling I’m a pretty strong person well not that strong CUZ I would have done this sooner

  229. I’m on day 9 (or is it 12) of stopping meth cold turkey. I used intravenously since 2011 after divorce. I avoided meth my whole life only to fall into it when I was almost 40. I have sold my body to the most fat disgusting creatures on the planet to afford my habit. I don’t have a choice in the matter the last shot I did almost killed me. I don’t know if it was an almost brain abscess or almost aneurysm but something in it floored me and I’m only today able to walk again. I am 41 years old and homeless and unemployed and with two felonies on my record now. I can’t stop crying and I hate everyone who crosses my line of vision. I am a domestic violence survivor…. my ex husband was a mean bastard….. ex meth user with serious mental illness…. I hear words coming out of my mouth like he would say…. words that are horrible and solely meant to cause pain to the intended victim… how do I control the rage that makes my chest so tight and on fire?

    1. Hello Shannon. Your life story is truly hard. Please, call the helpline number displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers who can help you access adequate treatment program.

  230. The four year anniversary of quitting for me will be August 17th. My triggers are easy really, when I look in the mirror I feel ashamed at all the weight i’ve gained, I was never big before – not until after I stopped using did I gain the weight back that I lost and then about another 50 lbs. I feel like meth really screwed up my metabolism, now I barely eat and seem to gain when it was never like that before. Another trigger is working in a kitchen, I just can’t keep up like I used to, don’t have the overwhelming confidence and expendable energy/ desire to go above and beyond with cleaning (the one place meth actually helps make you look like a star employee). Ultimately however, I love remembering, even if I fucked up I’m glad I can atleast recall what I did wrong. I love being able to listen to other people speak as opposed to just ramble on never ending sentences that go nowhere and everywhere. I’m happy that now when i make a list I complete the tasks on it, and that I don’t just make hundreds more and then a list to identify other lists. More than anything though, I’m glad I have control and that I dont scream at my loved ones like a child when I can’t get what I want out of them. Admittedly though the first six months I was on meth were the best of my life, all of a sudden I lost that last ten lbs every girl never gets rid of – without even trying, i could cook circles around everyone in the kitchen, I wasn’t shy or nervous, spoke my mind… but I was cheating at life. Nothing was challenging and I was a shining star for ya, about six months before it all went to hell. Nothing like that will last forever and I guess it all comes down to having to suck it up and take the bad with the good that life throws at you. It’s really refreshing when you only have yourself to blame for things you’ve done, but more importantly when you achieve something great – yourself to be proud of.

    1. Thanks for sharing your success story, Lisa. I’m sure it can motivate others who are currently trying to stop meth.

  231. I used heavy all day every day for 4 months and in that time I lost over 30 lbs and my job etc. I have used and quit before, don’t know why I started again, it obviously has zero benefits and I could see how obvious it was I was fucked up and slowly fucking up my life. I took the last gram or so I had left and put tiny amounts into 6 empty pill capsules. Honestly this method won’t work for most because the drug is too addicting but it can help keep you awake for the day if you really need to be awake. Once I took the last dose I slept for a solid couple of days just waking up to eat and use the restroom. For the next few days after that I would sleep pretty much all day, but feeling a lot better. It’s now been about a week, and I finally went back to the gym today! You can quit, it sucks, but it won’t kill you, just man up, make sure you have at least a week where you don’t have any responsibility and do it. Good luck

  232. I went cold turkey from a 9 year addiction. My motivation was falling pregnant after being told many times I couldn’t have children. I’m 12 weeks clean. My willpower has really surprised me as having it around while going cold turkey I still never looked twice. Now I’m in the clear my partner is somewhat unwillingly forced to stop. He is a 13 year addict going through the day 5 withdrawals due to a baby girl on the way and tight finances. Once he gets paid from work though that’s when the dry spells stop. How do I convince him to continue quitting even when money isn’t tight?

    1. Hi Mikky. I believe counseling for both of you would be a great thing now. He needs to not use when the paycheck arrives, and you should be able to resist temptations once the baby is born. Take this pregnancy as your recovery time. Now you both have the biggest reason to stay motivated and sober.

  233. I’ve been using Meth on and off for 30 years. Every time I relapse it causes problems due to my changes in behavior.I recently relapsed after bei g clean a year. I decided again I need to detox and get clean again. My daughter called me yesterday and informed me of a new job offer . She has to go out of state for 3 days and needs me to watch my grand kids. There is no one else to watch them . I’m goi g to her house tuesdsy. The kids are 2 , 5 and 6 I’m worried because. All I’m goi g to want to do Is sleep. I don’t know how I’m going to pull this off

    1. Hi Christina. Please make sure that you can watch and take care of them properly. If you need help ask someone to assist, like a babysitter or a close friend that can come with you. If you feel you aren’t fit for the job it’s better to tell that to your daughter rather than take the responsibility and god forbid something happens.

  234. I was addicted to meth for about 2.5 yrs. I snorted capsules at first and then just ground up real crystals. I was buying 2-3 grams a week and was doing it every day. When I did quit I had no intensions of it – I refer to the day as ‘the day I broke my brain’ because I was so paranoid, nearly everything I believed to be true were lies of the most awful sort. I became extremely paranoid (like every person I saw was watching me) delusional and frantic. I confessed to my mom I was on meth after being up for atleast four days and after that I never did it again though im still very paranoid. Im wondering why I didnt suffer extreme withdrawls from cold turkey? Is it because of a psychological thing? Like because I.chose right hen and there enough was enough thats why I didnt feel physical pain? Was it because I only snorted it?

    1. Hi Lisa. Well, I guess the power of our thoughts should never be underestimated! How long ago did you stop using it completely? Be careful to recognize the cravings and thoughts that tend to sneak up and compel you to use again. Otherwise, I wish you all the best on your road through recovery. For any other questions, feel free to write us again.

  235. It’s been a week since I quit, cold turkey. Something snapped in my brain and said “NO MORE”. I started repeating the phrase over and over for hours under my breath while I broke and got rid of anything that reminded me of using….I deleted and blocked any numbers of “sources” of co-depending friends…..I figured if it hurts their feelings, you know what? Oh f-Ing well! Every time the thought crossed my mind to go back to it, I repeat the phrase no-more and think about my organs and teeth etc. I’m lucky they are still in tact. My run was about 6 months. I’m sure it would have been harder if the stretch was longer….I read somewhere that every moment you delay quitting the harder it becomes….reading that statement actually helps. Good luck. God willing I’m done for good.

    1. Hello Valerie. There are currently no medications used during meth withdrawal. Researchers are looking into prescription medications that can counteract the specific effects of methamphetamine or that prolong abstinence from and reduce the abuse of methamphetamine by an individual addicted to the drug…but nothing is on the market yet. The most effective treatments for methamphetamine withdrawal at this point are behavioral therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral and contingency-management interventions.

  236. I just recently quit Meth “Cold Turkey” I was shooting about 3.5 grams a day. I woke up, realized my life was complete shit and decided I didnt want to be high anymore. Today is day 10 amd I am 24 years old. I am a rare case but I am a living example that it is possible. It is not easy, nor is it fun. But it is worth it. I I can honestly say i have not had one craving. I have like, no energy but at least i am able to be lazy in my own house instead of in an unfamiliar and very uncomfortable jail cell. Anyone can do whatever they set thier mind to. I have always been my worst enemy. Now I am my biggest support system.

  237. Thanks for this post. I’ve been using for 12 years. I’ve managed to keep a job that I love, my own apartment and a car that gets me around a city that I also love. But I’m 53, in debt up to my eyes with very little retirement put aside. I’ve been in and out of 12 step mtgs with many sponsors. There have also been therapists and day treatment programs. But I’m feeling like I’m at the end of the line… just hopeless. I can’t fix this no matter what I try. Hopeless indeed.

    1. Hi Steve. The fact that you wrote here proves that not all hope is gone from within you. And, meth is not easy to quit. Maybe there are some things in your life, which you need to identify, that trigger and compel you to use again and again.

  238. after 20 years being totally abstinent with NA and raising two beautiful kids with my partner ……. was a heroin addict and knew addiction was never cured. At 23 my son took his life. He took mdma on weekends but got clean and was getting married and in a job that he loved. Anyway, since Gus died I am so ashamed to tell anyone that I have used ice monthly since. I have only used a small amount each time but have injected. My excuse was to stop my feelings. It does that for a short while and then my shame and disgust become my comedown. I don’t like the stuff except for the initial rush and I don’t touch anything until the next 3-4 weeks. Psychologically it never leaves and since my son’s death I have lost all faith in NA. I feel it made my kids feel like they failed us because we didn’t use or drink. I sound pathetic and I feel my head is messing with me. I don’t trust health services as we saw the lack of help Gus got. I don’t want this excuse to use anymore and I know it’s my addiction in action again. I got some hope from this site and thanks for letting me comment. Mz.

  239. Crystal,
    First, pardon me while I notice the humor (?) from your name to the drug. Your method was what I found to be my method. Get yourself out of the physical environment. The hassle of a move is well worth it. As much distance as possible. Myself and two friends, real friends but we all did meth, were successful. They moved 60 miles away, I stayed out there as often as I could. Not being a physical addiction I found that it took about 3 months for me to completely overcome it. But I succeeded to the point where I can’t even remember when I stopped, and I don’t dwell on it so I don’t care how many years it’s been, as long as I succeeded. People, I’ve been a Heroin junkie. Meth was the hardest drug for me to quit.

  240. Meth is the ONE drug that I truly wish I never would have laid my eyes on, and I didn’t try it until I was almost 50. Fortunately it only lasted for about 4 years but your reccomendations for cutting would never have worked for me and I strongly think the same is true of a lot of other methheads. The problem with Meth, aside from the obvious, is a 1/4 of meth will last me 2 days, a 1/2 of cocaine will last about an hour, so one can stay high for hours just a couple hits of meth. Similar to cocaine, whatever you put in front of me, I was going to do. I’d buy an 8 ball and stay up doing it until it was gone. Maybe it’s me and my form of addictive personality, but there is no way I could have gone from daily use to twice or even 3 times a week.

    In ending, seriously, just stay away from it. Use the crap to clean out the kitchen sinks pipes and toilet bowls since that’s basically what you’re smoking (my choice) or snorting or shooting.

  241. Please continue to encourage others who desire to break free of such an addiction. I got off meth addiction through tappering and relocation. I think that the relocation from my primary ‘play grounds’ played a significant role but have seen how difficult it is for others who do not have the same motivations. The one other difference I have noticed in my old meth buddies not being able to overcome their addiction as I did was my way of thinking and how I opened my self to outside sources that helped me to change the way I think.

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