Cold turkey cocaine

It is possible to quit cocaine without the help of a detox or rehab, but the do-it-yourself method isn’t recommended, because it can be dangerous. More on safe ways to get off cocaine here.

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When cocaine use is stopped or when a binge ends, a crash follows almost immediately. This crash is accompanied by a strong craving for more cocaine. So, is it safe to go cold turkey on cocaine?  We review here, and invite your questions about detoxing from cocaine at the end.

Cold turkey off cocaine

Cocaine use can be extremely destructive to your body and mind. Most people realize at some point that if they don’t stop using, they will suffer grave physical and emotional consequences. Many users won’t make a change until they’ve hit “rock bottom,” where frankly their only choice is quitting or death.

So, what does it mean to go “cold turkey” off a drug? Basically, this type of withdrawal or detox requires complete drug cessation, without tapering of lowered doses.  When the drug is discontinued immediately, the user will experience what has come to be known as a “comedown” or “crash” along with a number of other cocaine withdrawal symptoms. However, most experts recommend a medically supervised treatment for cocaine detox, especially for long time or high dose users who are at risk of suicide or who display paranoia or hallucinations.

Going cold turkey cocaine?

While cocaine dependence can develop in users, most people experience the effects of a “crash” after cocaine use related to single episodes. In effect, the psychological symptoms of craving and obsession can be more intense than some of the physical symptoms.  Why is this?

Cocaine produces a sense of extreme joy by causing the brain to release higher than normal amounts of the biochemicals serotonin and dopamine (and prevent their reuptake in nerve synapses). Because cocaine is so related to euphoric effect, going cold turkey off cocaine can manifest as a strong desire to use cocaine, or can bring mood or mental health disorders to the surface? So, what kinds of symptoms manifest during cocaine withdrawal?

Cold turkey cocaine withdrawal

What does cocaine withdrawal feel like? The craving and depression related to cold turkey cocaine withdrawal can last for months following cessation of long-term heavy use (particularly daily). Withdrawal symptoms may also be associated with suicidal thoughts in some people.

Primary symptoms of cocaine withdrawal may include:

  • agitation and restless behavior
  • depressed mood
  • fatigue
  • generalized malaise
  • increased appetite
  • vivid and unpleasant dreams
  • slowing of activity

Cocaine withdrawal symptoms treatment usually involves supportive care and psychotherapy, when helpful.  During withdrawal, there can be powerful, intense cravings for cocaine. However, for those who keep using cocaine, the “high” associated with ongoing use becomes less and less pleasant, and can produce fear and extreme suspicion rather than joy (euphoria). Just the same, the cravings may remain powerful.

Quitting cold turkey cocaine

You should always consult a doctor before you try to quit cocaine. How can you withdraw from cocaine safely? It is possible to quit cocaine without the help of a detox or rehab, but the do-it-yourself method isn’t recommended, because it can be dangerous, and it is less likely to lead to long-term sobriety. Additionally, no matter how you quit cocaine, it’s a good idea to receive some type of counseling. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help you learn ways of modifying your thoughts and actions so that it’s possible for you to stay clean.

Stopping cocaine cold turkey risks

The main risks of quitting cocaine without medical supervision include relapse or acting on suicidal thoughts. Additionally, people who are experiencing cocaine cold turkey will often use alcohol, sedatives, hypnotics, or anti anxiety medications such as diazepam (Valium) to treat their symptoms, increasing risk of medical complications. Unless directed by a doctor, use of these drugs is not recommended because it simply shifts addiction from one substance to another. Further, All prescription drug use should be monitored carefully in patients who abuse substances.

Finally, at least half of all people addicted to cocaine also have been diagnosed with a mental disorder (particularly depression and attention-deficit disorder). These conditions should be diagnosed and treated. When correctly assessed and addresses, relapse rates are dramatically reduced.

Can I quit cocaine cold turkey?

It is possible but not advised that you quit cocaine cold turkey; this process assumes that you are trying to stop using cocaine on your own. Never quit cocaine cold turkey without consulting with a medical professional.  You’ll need medical supervision for any type of stimulant withdrawal, because patterns of suicidal thoughts and dysphoria are common.

If you wish to stop using cocaine, try to avoid the people, places, and things you associate with the drug. If you find yourself considering the euphoria produced by cocaine, force yourself to think of the negative consequences that follow its use. Group participation with peer support (such as 12 step groups, SMART Recovery, or Rational Recovery) is helpful for many people.

Get off cocaine cold turkey questions

If you still have questions about cold turkey cocaine, please leave your questions below. Additionally, we invite you to share your experiences regarding cocaine withdrawal in the comments section below. We try to respond to all legitimate concerns with a personal and prompt reply.

Reference Sources: Medline Plus: Cocaine Withdrawal
About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. My girlfriend has been on it for 4 years I’ve been with her for 1.5 years and 3 weeks ago she admitted to being on cocaine and she believe she addicted. She says that she’s not doing it anymore. I still see the signs in her. Do you think she’s completely done. She has constant drea

  2. I’m looking for some advice. .I’ve used cocain occasionally for years but was never dependent on it . I recently tapered off methadone after being on it for 5 years as I was severely addicted to oxy and hydromorph. Everything was good until my taper was all most over and I thought I was feeling good enough to stop before I was completely finished .. after three days I was sick and got some coke witch made me temporarily feel better . Then I started using it daily snorting and smoking .. I’m now over the methadone sickness but I’m having a really hard time stopping the cocain as soon as I wake up its the first thing in my mind . I can go a couple days without but by the third day with hardly no sleep my anxiety and moods swings are so bad I feel like I can’t go without it . How long well I feel this way after using daily for 3 months . When I used to use it occasionally it would make me feel good now that I’m using daily I just want to do it alone and lock myself in my room makes me feel paranoid and sketchy .. I really want to stop on my own but not sure if I can .. any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  3. I been using cocaine occasionally for over 7yrs my nose hurts and bleeds I began after a traumatic event or events happen and I want to quit but I am trying to do it without anyone knowing what are the steps I can take

    1. Hi Juanita. If you want to quit cocaine you’ll need emotional support and medical supervision. I suggest calling our number to talk to our operators about treatment options. Stay strong and keep in mind that your health comes first.

  4. I go through onn n off “quitting” cold turkey and it definetely causes relapses and ive been very very tired agittated and anxious recently from another attempt of stopping and i have not gone back so yea proud but thenest thing is gettingan increased appetote because u never have onewhen ur on it. It ispossible to stop cold turkey

  5. Here recently I’ve taken the steps to break my addiction, Ive used for 13 months every day. From the moment I wake up to the moment I fell asleep at least once every 30 minutes I would take a mcdonalds straw and use it to bump my hits. It took me up to the 11th month before I could admit my problem to anyone, I would blame my side affects on work related issues, money habits on random ideas, sleep problems on natural insomnia. My pride and ego wouldnt allow me to ask my friends and family for help nor even tell them the truth. Once I told my problem to my girlfriend she went to her mom where I was living at the time. Her mom being an alcoholic used my problem as ammunition then tarnished and belittled me for everything. I would constantly be accused of using even when I was quitting. This caused me to relapse and use twice as hard. Two months later I decided to leave the negative environment I was living with and went back to my dads house. One morning I had a cocaine headache after using 2.5 grams, my head literally felt like it was going to explode. I called my boss because my job will support you in any substance abuse issue only if you tell them you need help, if they catch you than you will be fired on the spot. I told her that I’m an addict and I truly need help, I feel miserable and I don’t know what else to do. Even though it was the hardest decision I’ve made in my life, it might be the one that saves my life. She called my father and told him my story, 15 minutes later I’m speaking to my dad and telling him that I am an addict and I’m ashamed of myself and what I’ve become. That the only reason I haven’t asked sooner is because I’m scared to be a disappointment to the people I love the most, that I truly need help. He supported me, he was upset but not in any way I’ve seen him before. The next day I started Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings and started seeking professional advice on why I’ve been turning to drugs my whole life to feel happiness when I’m not happy, why did I start down this path and what do I need to do. Now with an addictive personality I refused any type of barbiturate (Xanax, Valium) because I know that I would just drop one addiction for the next. My psychiatrist told me that I’ve taken the first few steps and that I was doing good but If there is any negative energy’s in my life that no matter how hard it hurts, or how bad I will feel about it, I need to let them out of my life. When she told me that I thought of my girlfriend, because she wants to see me change but doesn’t want to be supportive of me through out my change and would only accept me after I’ve changed. I had to let her go, the woman I wanted to marry, have children, a whole future. 3 years we’ve been together and I let that go. It hurt me, but I knew if I got clean and I was doing everything I needed too to get on the right path. That if I saw her with another man, I would relapse immediately. Any more that what I’m doing already could potentially kill me. The amount I used was already enough to kill me but my body has become so adjusted to it that it hasn’t. I’m 8 days clean tonight. I have no more headaches, I still think about it from sun up to sun down, but I have no more secrets to tell and that makes me feel okay about myself. I’m not happy, but I know that will come back. I’ll find someone who will love me for my flaws and perfections so I’ll be okay. My nose is in extreme pain from the excessive damage I’ve put it through, but It will stop eventually. I understand I might have a deviated septum, but surgery can fix that. If anyone is like me and just scrolled through the comments reading peoples stories I want you to know that your not alone, its hard and the scariest thing is hurting the ones you love. But that was the best thing I’ve ever done. You can only stop if you truly want to stop, if you know your addicted and you’ve watched everything you love fall apart in front of you. Don’t hit rock bottom, it’s never too late to ask your loved ones for help, and It’s extremely hard. Nothing about quitting cocaine is easy if you’ve been using for some time. But in 8 days, I’ve made it through the depression, constantly hating myself, the headaches, the misery, the pain and suffering. I became stronger, I’m finding purpose. I can finally sleep without blowing my nose every 15 minutes, I tasted food for the first time in 13 months. I haven’t made it through this, at any time I can fall back into it and be where I started again, but I’ll never stop trying. You have to swallow your pride and don’t let this substance destroy your life. There was something that made you happy before the cocaine, you might not know what, I still haven’t found out, but its more than enough motivation. If you have to let people go out of your life than do it, but know that their is many people like you who are begging for someone to notice. If you where like me and you’ve done it for so long that people think its your normal behavior, you’ll never be noticed. You can do this before its too late but it all starts with you.

  6. I am addicted to coke. I don’t want to be I need help but I cannot go to my wife or family about it because I already went thru a big ordeal about it and I told my wife I quit. I feel like I am emotionally empty and not there for my wife emotionally. We fight a lot and I have to wonder if this is the reason why. I love my wife and I don’t know what to do? I still crave it and I have tried to stop cold turkey. I feel it getting worse. I am using more and more. Help me please. I do not want to hit rock bottom.

    1. Hi Dee. I suggest you call our helpline to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant to speak about possible treatment options.

    1. Hi Evelyn. You are in a a very tough position. I suggest that you stage an intervention with a specialist. Here are useful links where you can search for a certified intervention specialist:
      Also, you can call all the helpline you see on the website to talk with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find a treatment program that fits your husband’s needs.

  7. I use cocaine 2 or 3 times a month, always during weekends when partying. I feel like I’m not addicted but it’s a bad habit and I want to get rid of it. Is this something I can fix myself or is it worth it to phone someone? At the moment I think it doesn’t ‘have a hold on me’ but I want to stop it while I can. I guess the question is, when is a user classified addicted?

  8. The girl that was just talking about being pregnant. My sister lost one baby cuz of drugs and almost lost a 2nd one plz be careful and try for the baby

  9. Out of curiosity, does weaning off a binge lessen the strength of the comedown or does it just postpone it? Say someone snorts 1g on a Friday night; should he/she bang it all back (within reason) as fast as possible or slowly ease off and drag it out, say keep a line or two for next day, in order to be ok for work on Monday?

  10. When I use cocain I use when I feel like I need a reward for doing more than what’s expected. But when coming down I don’t want anymore I just want to sleep it off and want things to fall right back to normal. I don’t crave it. I only seek a high when I feel like I’ve done good or have made extra money to have a little fun. I can see the path of addiction and why it’s so easy for this to consume you, Am I addicted because I’ve Sen and felt what addicts go threw or am I on the verge of being addicted? Well first off i I seek thrill of doing good and feel the urge to party and rewarde myself in that way, then yes I’m an addict and it’s teiggered Achievement. THIS SUCKS I DONT WANT TO BE THIS PERSON BIT I DO WANT TO STILL PERFORM WELL AT WHAT I DO. So I ask you… what is the cure for this?

  11. I have been hooked for over a year now. My friends, family and even my girlfriend don’t even know I am using. I have tried to quit on my own multiple times but keep relapsing. I know I need help but I don’t want them to know about this. What should I do.

    1. Hi James. Call the helpline displayed on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab for you.

  12. I quit crack cold-turkey 10 years ago…no doctors, no other drugs. It was quit or die.

    Doing fine now, no relapse or use of any other drugs.

    It can be done.

  13. I have been using cocaine for most of my adult life. I am 51 years old. It is no longer fun. It makes me sick to think of it the cheating and lying I’ve done to get the drug. I have been ready to stop for a couple of years now. I am closer than ever before. Closer to quitting. I do not have the luxury of a safe home life to come clean there and expect compassion and support. This is something I am going to need to do mostly on my own. I do have my father and stepmother as well as a new therapist (yes, I suffer from mood disorders, depression, anxiety, etc). I was molested as a teenager and raped as an adult. I offer this information just for data, not as excuses. Cocaine use was fun for me for a long time. I have always been insular, always enjoying time by myself most. But the last couple of years things have changed. I’m getting older. My body is crapping out on me. I’m tired all the time. I want to be healthy. Healthier, anyway. Today I told my father that I use all the time. I’ve asked for his help. He will help me. I hope I can finally stop excusing my behavior as a direct effect of my abuses. My abusers have controlled so much of my life. I’d like to be in control of the last third. Fingers crossed! My very best to all the sufferers like myself out there.

  14. yes hi my husband does coke and it really bothers me i dont do it .but he does 4 day bengies and then the come down is hurtful with the things he says and my child can see what is going on.

  15. I am wanting to quit really bad. I have hit rock bottom. I am so ashamed of myself. I’m such a failure. There is not a day that goes by that I dont wish that I was dead. I don’t want to feel this way anymore. I want to feel like the old me . I want control over my life again. Can you give me strong words of encouragement.

    1. Hi Lois. Call the helpline displayed on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab for you.

  16. My boyfriend as had about 6 relapses in the pass 3 yrs . He tells me he has something to do and don’t come back or a day or so and bank acct down $1000
    Feels sick an sad for doing so but us he can quit on his own.
    I’m in lorazepam got nerve damage and I have to hide them because he asks me for one from time to time

  17. I been clean for 4 days I moved out the neihborhood I’ve been spending time praying and reading I’ve used for 20 plus years and I’m rwady to quit cold turkey but I will be going to some 12 step programs because I cannot do it by myself but I am willing to do it with a sober addict. I’m tired of destroying my life that is so preciuos all our lives are precious we deserve to live and not die so I chose to live. I had to make a choice to stop and admit defeat.

  18. Fairly new user of coke, I had done it a couple times with an ex in the past and maybe a line at a party once, for the past two or three months now I’ve been using almost everyday, spending at least 300 a week on it. I tried to quit and lasted 3 days. I know I am addicted, I know I need help, I also don’t have insurance. I use at home, at work, secretly when I’m with my best friend who doesn’t know I use so far. I just want to get back on track with my life. I feel like I’m new enough to the drug that I won’t have to difficult of a time quitting. I just hope I succeed. I know I also have a problem with alcohol but cocaine is always on my mind.

  19. I’m doing research for my friend who I’m getting really worried about. He lives a few states over and he has a bad cocaine addiction that he won’t get help with because he is a minor and he doesn’t want it on his medical records. What advice can I give him? I have never had an addiction and I don’t know what to do.

  20. I love my life and my daughter way too much to keep doing this to myself. I need to find a place that takes HIP so I can check into a rehab. Do u know a place like that in Indianapolis?

  21. yes my husband is 45 yrs old is he uses a lot of cocaine if it is in the house he has to do it and when he does it he cant stop he just got off of it 2days ago and said the next time will be in 2 or 3 weeks i tell him he is addicted by he says he not what will help me get him off of this drug

  22. Hello everyone,ive read alot of heartfelt stories and some very painful ones as well. Ive been suffering from cocaine abuse on and off for the past 3 years. It has been getting exponentially lower since ive began attending CBT along with AA/CA and SAMSHA at this point ive only been smoking rock cocaine every other week mostly around the weekend due to that time frame being a trigger for myself. I’m learning Alot about my addiction that i never knew before. HALT is a very effective protocol to use during cravings. It simply stands for hungry Angry Lonely Tired.. I’ve tried to satisfy all of those attributes before acting on my impulsive craving and most of the time im either hungry tired or lonely..its very effective. But it’s still not enough. When i was in my worse period of my addiction i was shooting 1 8ball every 3 days and that continued for 6 months until i was clinically admitted into a psych ward for developing psychosis and auditory as well as visual hallucinations. Lack of sleep and a poor diet added to the awful drug cocaine will deteriorate anyone’s physical and mental state in a matter of weeks or months.This addiction is a beatable one..With the proper resources and a strong support system. And even better is developing a spiritual life because im truly a believer that this uncontrollable addiction of mine is a disease. Because i realised in my worst days that i was beyond the reach pf human aid..Look im not here trying to push God or religion on anyone.. To each his/her own. Just be willing enough and realize that this drug will eventually kill us if we continue on this path of self destruction.
    I pray that everyone. Here finds help and gets thier well deserved lives Back..its our human right to be happy joyous and free..its only a matter of when we decide to make that decision. God bless you all. I hope your roads connect to peace and happiness.and these dark and treacherous pass..take care

  23. I’ve done coke for 10yrs.. it’s sad but true and all I can say is that once you’ve done this drug it can be used for multiple things.. learning fast, drinking longer, saving you from driving drunk at times, partying late night, having sloppy sex, to staying up at night and staying in your head. But, I smoke a little green when I can and that saves my night usually after a strung out night of doing coke. It helps and I always have a small stash just in case of a paranoid high. All I can say is, I know why I do it.. cuz it feels awesome but now it’s come to a point in my life where it’s just a distraction and extra expense. Not good, but when I stop it’s usually when I don’t want to drink at all. I just have to relearn to be without it which is difficult. Does hypnosis work??

  24. I’m very athletic and do a gram of cocaine every other day. Usually after 2 days the cravings come. I don’t have Suicidal thoughts or anything in mind to hurt myself. I want to quit cold turkey on my own, do you think that would be OK? Also working out in the gym five days a week and good nutrition should also help right?

  25. I have a cousin that’s been doing it for a year. He came to me crying and begging for help. He wants to stop but idk where to start. He was getting it from a guy at work. So I made him quit and he moved in with me. I really don’t know where to start to help him. He wants to go to rehab but I don’t have money to send him there and he doesn’t have insurance. What can I do?

  26. Hi my name is Ann me and my husband have been using for at least 30 yrs, I want to quit and try going cold turkey, but every time I try my husband drags me back down that dark hole, I love my husband very much but I don’t know what to do

    1. Hi Ann. Your recovery is important for you, and you only. If you want to walk a drug-free life you need to put yourself on the first place. Call the Cocaine Helpline listed here on 1-888-497-6879 to get in touch with dependable hotline professionals available 24/7. You will be talking to someone knowledgeable about cocaine abuse, rehab and recovery centers who can help you find a cocaine recovery program.

  27. Hi I Malcolm I been so selfish to my family and my self I started using because I work everyday and I couldn’t keep up ,my wife wasnt touching me no more ,my family treated me with on and off of respect making me feel like i did sumthing thing wrong most of the time , at I first I thought I can handle it but it just got worse I not this person I see in the mirror I want to be my old self again please somebody idk what to do I feel bad and worthless just reading this I know I a better person I know this wasn’t God plan for me. My family don’t know and if they did I really be alone

    1. Hi Malcolm. Everything is possible if you really want to do it. To begin, download our free book ‘How To Quit Cocaine For Good’ to learn more about this addiction and its treatment options:
      And, if withdrawal becomes intense, you may need medical help. Also, you may call the Cocaine Helpline on 1-888-497-6879 to get in touch with dependable hotline professionals available 24/7. You will be talking to someone knowledgeable about cocaine abuse, rehab and recovery centers who can help you find a cocaine recovery program.

  28. So I have been smoking cocaine for 2 years it can be in crack form or I just make it myself with foil, the quick way, I want to stop and I need help. I’ve tried just quitting on my own but I can’t i just fall back and do it again. It’s affecting my relationship with my family n friend and over all it’s affecting me the most I want to stop I really only 19 and coke has been the worst mistake of my life I just want to stop

    1. Hi Oscar. For start, I suggest that you download our free book ‘How To Quit Cocaine For Good’ to learn more about this addiction and its treatment options:
      Also, call the Cocaine Helpline listed here on 1-888-497-6879 to get in touch with dependable hotline professionals available 24/7. You will be talking to someone knowledgeable about cocaine abuse, rehab and recovery centers who can help you find a cocaine recovery program.

  29. Hi, I have been clean for about 3 month coming from a year and half cocaine addiction. I was experiencing some anxiety feeling, as if my heart skipped beats, or a rapid speed, and lost of breath. I decided to stop before it was too late, I also stopped smoking cigarettes cold turkey as well. Now every night I force myself to sleep and off and on feel pressure in my forehead. I eat healthy and drink plenty water but it don’t seem to work. It seem really crazy to not stop and weird not to go cold turkey when it’s not good to do in to first place.

  30. I’ve been injecting coke for 15yrs now. I don’t think I fall into the typical stereotype. I’ve had a consistent job that’s unaffected by my using and family life is pretty typical from an outside point looking in. I have a great relationship with my kids and fiancee. She just recently learned of my addiction via finding me passed out on the bathroom floor on 2 occasions now. I know I need to stop and believe me, I’ve tried time and time again to stop. But it seems when life throws a curve ball, getting high is the only thing that helps me through the rough patch. I’m looking into rehabs and need some input on if a rehab facility will work. I’m not ready to die, but I know that is the enevadable if I don’t change my ways. Input please

    1. Hi Brian. First, I suggest that you download our free e-book ‘The Definitive Guide To Rehab’ that can answer all questions on choosing the right rehab:
      Then, you may call the Cocaine Helpline listed here on 1-888-497-6879 to get in touch with dependable hotline professionals available 24/7. You will be talking to someone knowledgeable about cocaine abuse, rehab and recovery centers who can help you find a cocaine recovery program.

  31. I have been using coke for about ten years now I only started doing after I had a bad car accident. I was in a lot of pain all of the time and pain killers were not working. I was curled up in the fetal position crying uncontrollably on my bed one night and my boyfriend at the time walked into the bedroom. Before this moment I was against doing coke and was mad at him when I found out he did it. He told me if I did a line it would make my pain better. I cursed him and told him where to go for about half an hour. Then I gave in, I did a line. And after that I just felt the pain desolving from my body. So ya now I can’t stop doing it (except for when I was pregnant with my daughter) while I was pregnant I quit coke, alcohol and cigarettes. It was easy to quit then cause I knew I wasn’t just hurting myself now. Now I had to think of my baby. While I was pregnant I frequently dreamed about just doing one line while I was pregnant. I am now spending $2000 a month at least on it. I don’t want To do it anymore but I can’t help it. My husband doesn’t know I’m doing it either and I don’t want him to know cause it might jeopardize our marriage. Is there anything I can take that will make me not want to do it anymore?

  32. I have entered the stage of hallucinations and hearing voices when I binge for days. I strangely accept it and am aware it isn’t real. I am currently at my worst usage amount ever. A while ago I sort of felt like my time was limited and I think I have used this as an excuse to to more than ever. I really don’t know what lies ahead but I do know that I am afraid of the hurt I could bring onto people who are close to me. I truly can’t see past the fog.

  33. Hi. Compared to some people uses, i consider myself is taking “not so much”,but it’s not a joke !
    I keep comming back, to the point i think about it when i’m going to sleep. Start to think about it soon when i wake up.
    No matter what I say in the night, the next day I crave for more. And I think about living a life without drugs a lots of my trips.
    This friday I’m going in an “ermitage”. It’s in the woods, I will have my own cabana, wood for fire, no electricity.
    No drugs !
    It’s an attempt to living a life without drugs.
    But now I think, I like it so much to be high.
    i need to like living my life a lot !
    I want to feel as high, sometimes. Without drugs.
    Doing saunas, taking walks(i want to invite my father)
    It’s all about having a schedule AND plannig on it a little while.
    Never did I did this before by myself.
    3 nights alone without cocaine could be the kick-start.
    Hopefully i will sleep max 1 day or 1,5.
    In the meantime i remember it is possible nothing happen.
    Can nothing happen ?

  34. A lady friend of mine aged36 is on a formal methodone treatment programme ( 70 units per day). She is also addicted to street crack cocaine. How dangerous is this combination to her heath? Her family has tried everything to get her to reduce/get off crack. Please advise.

    1. Hi Derek. It is dangerous to mix methadone with cocaine. It can cause OD. I suggest that you stage an intervention for this person, take alook into the CRAFT model for families and interventions. One NGO called Allies in Recovery has some online reading that can help:
      Also, call the Cocaine Helpline on 1-888-497-6879 to get in touch with dependable hotline professionals available 24/7.

  35. Greetings, I’m starting to relapse again. I didn’t do too much blow until I got popped selling acid. I got charged in april 2014, i was working & taking a chemistry class in the summer. That’s when I had the idea to get blow for work & school. I didn’t have much money & so what I did was take out a couple “Cash Advance” loans about $1660. A friend took a few of us to this house, the blow was cheap & pretty good, I said to myself, “I’m going to be here for awhile.” During this time I was everyone’s best friend, giving out fat ass lines all day. I was up for about 2 days at a point, I was sitting on a stool, I then passed out right there. Luckily someone caught me I didn’t fall which I am thankful for. I was doing around a gram a day for a month. I got kicked out because I didn’t go home (It’s humiliating) for that entire time. After that I went clean for about a year and just played World of Warcraft lol. That helped, I was super indulged into the game I once use to play daily. Then I chilled with a couple chicks I use to party with all the time, low & behold here comes the snow! I only did 2 lines but when back for a g the next day. Ever since then I’ve been going on benders here & there. I have a few drinks, I get a craving to get high, wait til my dad & brother are asleep, drive to go on a bender. I’ve spent over $2k in the last month in a half. It’s fucked up. Typing this is a really good release, just when you want to express the experiences, feelings, but don’t want someone to give you feedback that can interfere with your release. I’ve been crying a lot today. I was suppose to go hunting with my dad for a week yesterday. I promised & promised I would, then I had a 6 pack of Hoegaarden, got a craving to get high on coke and took off to fulfill it. My dad called me probaly 10 times in the morning. I ignored every single call b/c of the humility I would have experienced. This drug isn’t helping me become a better person. Today when I took in a deep breath, my heart hurt. Idk what it is but it happens when i drink caffeine sometimes too. Anyways; it’s starting to become an expensive, unhealthy, that is also creating saddness, disappointment, confusion, & tension at home. I’ll be participating in drug counseling so that I put this fire out before it gets too big & I lose family, trust, TRUST, that is a very difficult thing to earn back. I could say “I only do it a few times a month” but if I don’t get help to treat the problem it will only become worse & worse. I thought I could handle it, guess what? I can’t lol. It’s an endless hunger. I do hope this helps someone to understand that they have a coke problem, I could go on for another page or two but I’m about to go on that hunting trip with my dad, steering the wheel onto a better path. Take some deep breath’s (literally) & believe that you can jump over the hurdles as they come. Much love & if you read this whole thing, you’re a truely good person. I’ve read everyone single one before this post. <3 x infinite

  36. I’m a weekend guy, I get home from work Friday and say to myself, “hey was a great week, all bills and responsibilities are done … So why not”. Never ever during the week do I partake, I’m strong minded that way.. But I gotta break this cycle that it’s ok every weekend.. I’ve talked to people about it .. Some say ,” dude u don’t have a problem or at least it’s not every day.”. I think alcohol definitely doesn’t help either.. I just need to get away from the Neighborhood and take a vacation so it’s not available..I’ve done that before and it lasted 3 weeks.. But then the cycle started again.. Yeah it’s a problem .. It’s up to me to fix… Best of luck to u all..

  37. i used cocain for a year once a week. Once oregnant u quit. cold turkey. After i had baby i started back doing like 100 dollars worth a week. I have just wuit cold turkey a week ago. Dont want to do it anymore. No symptoms and i feel fine. Is it safe to say i have a high tolerance for drugs.

  38. Im currently on cocaine and ive been on and off for the past 2 years. Ive been to rehabs,outpatient treatment.CBT and AA meetings…I relapsed about 4 months ago and its beem an exponential spiral since,currently im at about 80 dollars a day habbit which as anyone with a brain would say is rediculous and extremely expensive. Ive gone as far as shredding my atm cards,giving my account information to my more than trustworthy mother..i wake up each day and say to myself this is the last one.infortunately my last one has turned into 2 solid months of daily usage and binging..sleep is at about 4 to 6 hours on s lucky day and ive watched painfully as my health,wealth,intelligence anf spirituality slowly deminish in front of my eyes.Ive come to the point of either carry on til the inevitably bitter end or cold turkey and honestly i wish i coild use.But i know my body csnt take anumore. It has become so toxix and worn down from Injections and my lungs and apperance have deteriorated from crack and iv cocaine use spread throughout the course of a day..i give up and have decided that if anything is to change ive got to trust God and stop cold turkey..and start going back to my sponsor admitting my relapse and get back into meetings so i have some outlet to cope with the mental torturous cravings…My question is are there any natural vitamins or supplements that will ease my physical condition back to normality as well as any herbal alternatives that will reduce the psychological cravings. ive tried Gabapentin in the past which was recommended by a doctor to lower my cravings. But sadly it only led to a Gabapentin addiction trailed by on and off agaim cocaine usage..So i want to go natural this time around.Ive been preping myself for what is to come in the future ny doing meditation and breathing excersizes which help but only so mucn..I currently am not working until i can gaurentee i can function as a normal individual again so ive got a few family members and hired some employees to run my business until im able to go back..i dont have insurance currently that will cover the cost of an inpatient rehab or detox so it looks like ill be admitting myself into my mothers watchful eye and care..I need all the advice ideas and resources i can ger to give myself a greater chance of sober survival..thank you for your time and God bless you all for your dedication and support.

  39. A few days ago I had a grand mal seizure due to IV cocaine overdose and next thing I know I am prepping another shot in the bathroom of the Emergency room. I am going to die and I’m scared. I am living a secret life and want help but can’t risk my family finding out. I wish I didn’t have a family to take care of and so many responsibilities, so I could leave to treatment but it’s not an option for me. Have you ever seen success for addicts like me without long term inpatient treatment? I feel like I’m at the end of a dead end road and there is no hope.

    1. Hi Suzanne. Call the Cocaine Helpline on 1-888-497-6879 to get in touch with dependable hotline professionals available 24/7. You will be talking to someone knowledgeable about cocaine abuse, rehab and recovery centers who can help you find a cocaine recovery program.

  40. Hi I used to use cocaine every day for around 6 months then have a long break for three months and back on for around 6 months but recently it’s been giving me adverse effects, as a result I quit cold turkey along with having personal issues effecting my mental health, now I’ve been clean for around 3 months and have no desire of starting again, my problem is with my mental health, I’m usually anxious and tend to overthink before cocaine abuse now abusing it only made it worse, do I need help from a doctor to address my anxiety and depression or will it subside over time?

  41. I just want to offer hope and love. I’ve had a 20 year love affair with cocaine. I have 5 years clean. I quit cold turkey!. My motivation was that I wanted my life back. And I aslo have a daughter. She would see me vomiting up blood. And snorting. She deserve a better mother than that. Find a hobby. Hang with positive people!!! Change your environment! !!! You deserve to be happy!!! And healthy!!! Never give up!!!

    1. Hi Julie. Call the Cocaine Helpline listed here on 1-888-497-6879 to get in touch with dependable hotline professionals available 24/7. You will be talking to someone knowledgeable about cocaine abuse, rehab and recovery centers who can help your son find a cocaine recovery program.

  42. I have been trying to stop cocaine for years I’m 21 and I started when j was 12 and it’s so hard I keep relapsing i just want to stop I own my own company but it won’t last that long if I keep going the way I do I try to stop but I just keep relapsing I went to rehab when I was 12 then 18 and didn’t work I’m just tired of disappointing my family it’s just hard and they tell me it’s easy just quit I work a stress full job running my company in just tired now what can I do I’m just begging for help now if lost my wife and my kids due to cocaine and I can’t stop even after that I know next I’ll company and everything in just tired of this already but something in my body takes over and I just go and get it and do it again and again

    1. Hi Jesus. Call the Cocaine Helpline listed here on 1-888-497-6879 to get in touch with dependable hotline professionals available 24/7. You will be talking to someone knowledgeable about cocaine abuse, rehab and recovery centers who can help you find a cocaine recovery program.

  43. I have only been doing Cocaine for a couple of months really just started… and then I stopped COLD Turkey.. can I still have withdrawal..are their still side effects??? Because I still do crave for it..but I think to myself like if I start doing it again it’s going to be do I still need help?.. because when I think of what it can do me in the future I don’t do it.. so please I need help!! Can you have headache!! Wb please..

  44. Im trying to help my bf kick this habit. What are some good tips what should i look for or beware of how he will act. Should i give him his space or keep close eye?

  45. When i did cocaine i found it extremely hard to stop because being diagnosed with depression and then getting the sense of euphoria youll do anything to get a hint of happiness even if it is an illusion the sudden joy and peace comforts you and you dread the comedown because you know reality is bout to smack the shit out of you more so hiding behind the cocaine as some shield to a shitty life.

  46. I know i have a problem. I know i need help but am truley scared. I have a 2 year old and can not be doing this anymore, i have been doing it for a year now almost everyday, my family has no clue i do it, and my dad just moved in about 3 months ago, he still has no clue but would be devastated if he found out. He just got out of heart surgery and is living with me so i can take care of him. I was a really heavy drinker in my past and use to use cocaine here and their at partys but i stopped as soon i knew i was ready to have a baby, i didn’t drink anything during my pregnancy. ( Quit smoking too, and ativan ). I have servere anxitey and have been getting anxitey since i was 16 when my mom passed, i am 26 now and get it everyday so i know i have been finding certain ways to cope with it. So i have been perscriebed ativan and I started back up drinking about 3 months after having my baby, no cocoaine, but i knew i had a problem my dad is a heavy drinker it runs in the family, i told him i need to go to detox, i just knew i couldnt do it on my own and that i needed a little help. I only went for a week and havent drank now for a year…….( I started ativan again too after my pregnacy ) Instaed i turned to doing cocaine, thinking i will just do it here and their every few months, nope turned into a everyday thing. I went to the doctors a couple months ago and she did a random urine test on me, i didn’t have a clue what it was for. Went back a couple weeks ago and she asked me if i was doing cocaine i lied and said no, but it was found in the urine and she asked then can you take another urine test then, i passed on it cause i had only did cocaine a couple days before the doctors. She told me i couldnt get any more ativan and that if i am using my case (that was opened because of drinking ) will be reopened and my daughter will be tooken away.I am scared shitless right now with so much anxitey and no ativan to help. I have been trying real hard to stop cocaine on my own but my husband does it too, and do the same things almost everyday so its hard getting out of the pattern and to not think about cocaine. I love my daughter with all my heart and want the best for her, but i’m scraed of losing the respect from my dad and him mvoing out and never speaking to me again, hes my only parent left and we are really close. And i’m scared that everyone i know wil shut me out of their lives and also i’m scraed to find out that maybe me and my husnabd of 7 years will have to be bronken up cause of the relationship being toxin, He tries to help me but he does it too and its my fault i know i always make some excuse up why its ok this time or something, and he loves me so much its hard for him to say no. I wish their was never a thing like cocaine out their, or any addictave thing. What i’m trying to ask though, sorry for the long story here, is how can i make things better without my life falling apart, i know if i keep doing it my life will get worse and i will lose my baby which really makes me want to stop, but it will ruine my life if my dad never speaks to me again and if i lose close people to me in my life. Also i want to move so i don’t come across the same things everyday that reminds me of it, but can’t. My husbands mom also lives with us too, ( Yeah its a house full ) Shes got MS so my husband is here to help her here and their shes 49, and now my dad is here and has COPD and just had heart surgery, hes 65. I don’t know what to do i wanna tell some one all this so bad and get it off my chest and get help, but what if it some how makes my life worse? I do my best to think about the postive stuff like i will be haelthy again and i won’t lose my baby, and i will save money and feel better, but then my anxitey gets in the way (and depression ) and i start thinking the worse. I’m trying real hard to do this with no help so my family doesnt find out and my doctor gets good results, but i think i’m just making myself sicker with all this worrie and stress. I have quit drinking cold turkey and smoking and ativan wen i found out i was pregenant, think i have the power in me to do it on my own? If i keep thinking hard about my baby i think i possibley could quit, but if theirs any ideas or thougts or suggestions you have i’d really appreicate it, anything really. Thank you so much, and again i’m sorry for how long this is.

  47. I need HELP. My wife has been using drugs for so time now.
    She was clean for close to 7 years. All of a sudden she is back going every other week. I have ask her to go get help, but she will not. She has been an addict for 15 years now. Do I ask her to NOT come home until she gets help? I do not understand that is why I am asking. I have always been the one to go find her and bring her home and help her to recover. She goes to a Doctor for meds. Nothing works

    1. Hi Tony. Call the Cocaine Helpline on 1-888-497-6879 to get in touch with dependable hotline professionals available 24/7. You will be talking to someone knowledgeable about cocaine abuse, rehab and recovery centers who can help you find a cocaine recovery program for your wife.

  48. Over the pass 2 months I have use cocaine about 10 times I want to stop what’s your best advice with out going into treatment

  49. Guy’s it’s difficult but not impossible. I used for 5 years str8. One day I hated who I’d become and I stopped cold turkey​, no rehab or support groups. U have to remember that however long you’ve been using u were probably not using for longer and u were happy and okay for ALLLLL THE YEARS U DDNT USE COKE. Also we use bc we can’t face our emotions, the pain, ourselves or what ever else so we get high to not feel those things but in the end we feel them anyway and a whole lot more bc of the cocaine. One day I decided to stop being a coward and face those feelings and all the terrible things I’ve done. Now I Just deal with it. I Cry and get angry and feel like shit about what I’ve done or about what’s been done to me and I move on without cocaine. We have to keep going. We tell our children to not be spoiled and give in to urges but as adults we indulge without restraint. We can do it! We are awesome and we are strong! You will not die if u stop you’ll only be very uncomfortable for a while. DEAL WITH IT!!! IT’S WORTH IT!!!!!!!!?

  50. Hi im 30 iv bin useing coke for 15years iv done the rehab and got of it for 18 month all was good then back onit and na im fcked i have 3 kids and they suffer my girlfriend never tuck drugs but stood by me but na rven her wants out we bin gether 16years and she my world but coke comes first and thats not what i want the only reason it comes first is its bin so long my mental helth threw the roof grands iv payed out and i mean grands i have it then hate my self i hate what it dose to me i hate the person i am iv tryed kill my srlf in the past its turnd me into a selfish person but yet agsin i use and use and use i blag the dealers just want out of it iv asked for help in the past and lost my kids and my girlfriend i have them back na but im scard to ask for help as i dont want them go threw it all again i love my kids and girl and many will say stop for them but it dont work i just get it in my head and away i go i have fck all in life i was a roofer but na lazy twat thst just thinks how get money for coke my life needs change and thr only way is rather end my life leve the kids behind my girl but at least thry have better of life i carnt just go and see her move on with someone else or try get help threw this and hope to god i can get threw this how long when u stop dose the craving go away

  51. My son has been doing cocaine heavily for about 6 months will he have the same withdrawals as a long-term user and what should I expect he has gone almost 48 hours without it but he seems too happy should I be worried or not

  52. I’ve been using cocaine about twice a month, but when circumstances appear (family out in countryhouse, holidays etc.) I slip into binge use. It’s followed by 3 days of recovery and depression, but after that period I do not carve for it. I’ve driven rather by pressure related to my work, when things must be done by particular deadline. Or when there is an onstage lecture in front of large public. When there is no business pressure I never use it for fun. Cutting from Xanax or alcohol had been much more harsh. Bad news is that those stress situations show up regularily. I just wonder if I have to change my job and company I established 22 years ago, switching to some unknown area as knitted socks, vegan cafe or travelling the globe, thus putting under financial risks my family.

  53. I have been hooked on cocaine for about 4 years now. I have never been able to go for more than a week without it. Are there any options for treatment for people without insurance or rich parents?

    1. Hi Kelly. Call the Cocaine Helpline listed here on 1-888-497-6879 to get in touch with dependable hotline professionals available 24/7. You will be talking to someone knowledgeable about cocaine abuse, rehab and recovery centers who can help you find a cocaine recovery program.

  54. Hi my boyfriend has done Coke since he was 21 he is now 38 he does it every night he wants to stop but after two days of trying he will start again we both work but we have no money as he owes dealers and we can’t get any help to get him into a rehab his tried meetings they don’t work

    1. Hi Jo. Call the Cocaine Helpline listed here on 1-888-497-6879 to get in touch with dependable hotline professionals available 24/7.

  55. My boyfriend has done many drugs for about 30yrs. His favorite is cocaine. He has quit cold turkey. He was using Molly and smoking weed for awhile but now he hasn’t done Molly or pot in about a month. He hasn’t had cocaine in about 3 months. He has been suffering from really bad headaches and body aches. He gets really hot and then cold. His stomach is bloated and he has been feeling dizzy and nauseous for about a week. I just found out I’m pregnant with his child. Is what he is experiencing from not using anymore? I’m worried he could die. His buddy said he’ll be dead in six months from quitting this drug. I’m very scared and concerned. Any advice would help.. Thank you.

    1. Hi Summer. Your boyfriend is experiencing cocaine withdrawal symptoms. I suggest that you call the Cocaine Helpline listed here on 1-888-497-6879 to get in touch with dependable hotline professionals available 24/7. You will be talking to someone knowledgeable about cocaine abuse, rehab and recovery centers who can help you find a cocaine recovery program.

  56. I was a cocaine adddict for 10 years everyday all day. I was dependendant on it. I made it religious by nature to do. One day 7 months ago. I wanted to stop and when I tried I couldnt because I didnt want anyone to know. I wanted to commit suicide and just be done with it. I asked God to save me or I couldnt live my life just living lime the way I was living. In my experience God did speak to me and asked me to throw it out all of it and I did ask if I would get sick and he said no and I would be ok. I listened to him and out of being a mean and aggravated person and hateful as well. It worked and from that day I have never touched nor got 1 single instance of sickness or crash from it. But by that means in the second week i stopped smoking weed and ciggarettes that i been a smoke for 15 years with no withdrawals. God can play the greatest role of saving a sinner as long as you ask him to. Did i know God before this incident? I did not but the day that I did call him he does save and all biblical truths about him are real. So by saying this I devote my life to the teaching Nd teach others the same way they can escape from their own idolatry and sin. Nothing is impossible for God not a drug that the devil gives you. God is almighty. He is gracious and mercierful. Cold turkey yes I have experienced it through him not on my own. With no sickness. But be honest in your heart that you want quit and he will extend his spirit to you. #TRUETESTIMONY#

  57. I just found out that my boyfriend of 1 year did cocaine. He came home so messed up i knew it was more than drinking….his eyes kept looking to the side, pupils dilated and he kept grinding his teeth really bad and rapid heart beat. He later told me he sniffed cocaine but he hasn’t done it on over 6 years. So im wondering if he will go back to do it again or is he in denial? He’s always broke, no money in the bank, no furniture or clothes so he shows all the signs he is still using but he says it was only one time he did it.

  58. next week i am lucky to be getting a 10 day residential alcahol detox i have got hep.c and my blood test was not good. i inject herion and coke {speed ball} most days i get realy bad anxiety and from reading your site i think its the coke,i get 70ml methadone a day.drinking helps with the anxiety abought 30 units.i dont want to lose my place at the detox its last chance there is no chance of a benzo srript after the 10 days i am scared of the anxiety when i leave.any advice please i am 43 and a long term user.i am shure i will stick to my script{no veins or urge to carry on using} thanks E

  59. I have been using cocain 30 years . Pretty much every day i snort about a half g .I have always worked out and been in excellent shape . The last few months my chest above my heart feels like I have a torn muscle . I went to doc ,they sent me for a stress test I run on treadmill for 20 min uphill it took that long to reach the 85 % they wanted . So i passed it and was told my heart is strong as oxe ,,,, its not ,,,any sort of mental stress sends me into intense pain. I’m thinking my heart is to big because of the years of real exercise and , cocain ,,,fake exercise. I am now quitting blow . Will my heart relax and shrink or am I doomed. .I turn 52 in 2 weeks ,

  60. I used cocaine every weekend for the last 15 years .
    Once my son was born it changed my life, 3 months ago he was diagnosed with spectrum autism and haven’t use since.
    I need to be alive and sober to take care of him for as long he needs me .
    It’s all in the mind People.
    Y’all can do it .

  61. Hello,

    I have quite Cocane cold turkey, and have been sober for 2 months. My first time quitting was 4. This time is way Harder! This time around I don’t have money to pay for a counselor, money is limited, how long will the detox take? I called the Province help line, they said 6 moths to a year for my brain chemestry to sort it self out.
    What can I do each day to improve the happy cells in my brain?
    are there certain foods? exercise? readings?
    I’m open to it all and have started too.

    I’m at a place where I know why I used and am sorting through that. I see there is a chemical imbalance now and I want to know more, How can I help my brain chemistry?

    Looking forwards to your reply

  62. My daughter stopped cold turkey from speed and cocaine. I think she may have been also using meth. Today is day 5 all she wants to do is sleep her eyes are glossy and she hasn’t showered since she’s been here. She is very agitated rude and swears alot when she is awake. Please help me to know what I should do to help her. She will not go to detox or rehab.

    Thank you

  63. lost it all woman, kids, home etc. 34 yrs of age doin coke since 20. I’m scared of dying. I dont even njoy the high anymore. I’ve lost even myself. Been getting high practically everyday but not today. I haven’t seen a physician since 01. I just want to be the real me again. I’m not ready 2 die. Wanna stop 4 good .Going to try it out. Even as I type this I’m unsure of myself.

  64. I’ve used cocaine for over 30 years. Just spent time in
    the hospital. Thought it was a heart attack, stroke.
    It was degradation, stress etc.
    How do I quite cocaine on my own. I don’t have insurance for rehab.
    Any suggestions are welcome!

  65. I am miserable with my fiancé addict who say he’s weaning himself from cocaine. Can an addict wean off cocaine? I’m losing patience.

  66. I’ve cut my arms to shreds after taking cocaine for 6 years . I try to stop on my own but it’s so difficult . I’ve been hospital like 30 times . What is wrong with me . I’ve destroyed my family . I just can’t seem to stop . Can’t afford rehab . So either I go cold turkey or die . I’m coming down as I type thinking I’m never going to do this again but by the end of next week I’ll know I’ll be at it again with a mental block barricading all the negative outcomes ! Even after the nights done I go home and continue on my own ! If there’s someone out there willing to help and become a friend. I’m here I need you man . Help please

  67. I don’t know what to do anymore I’m in a happy relationship he hates me doing it. Its around me all the time… I’m scared I’m going to lose my boyfriend its been years of habbit . I promise him with good intentions but after a couple of days that is more important I’m so stuck.

  68. I stopped using cocaine after about a 20 year run on September 21, 2012, with no relapse or desire to use again. After doing everything there is possible to do with and on cocaine, it was over, simultaneously being the day my Mother passed from Pancreatic cancer. I had been asking God to take the desire away from me everytime I used cocaine because I knew I couldn’t do it on my own. And finally, He did.

  69. Just wanted to do a quick update on my previous post called “heart patient”
    I’m here in complete gratitude to say I no longer have any heart problems the doctors where right it would resolve as long as I kept myself clean drug free.
    No going to lie it’s been 6 months and at first my commitment to quit was 100% still is but the power of cocaine is strong
    After awhile your mind continues to crave I went through severe withdrawals in the first 2 months
    It was unbearable physical effects and mental
    I continue to stay clean and I have a new outlook on life now
    Never will I return to that drug it almost cost my life !

  70. I no longer use coke…I had a 3gm/day habit for the last year of use. I have not used for 8 years and know that I will never use again. One morning like any other at that time I woke up looking forward to a coffee and a line. By lunchtime I had collapsed and was blue lighted to hospital. Tests found nothing to suggest cardiac or any other issue. I believe my body was simply saying it could not cope with any more abuse…and ultimately I had to listen. I loved cocaine and the feeling it gave me despite any come downs during use and even now my memories of it cleanly ignore the sinister aspects of using…the more I had to take over the passage of time…the loss of a home and a business…at least one long term relationship…what I was prepared to lose to use beggars belief…and often what I was prepared to do to obtain the drug was shameful…yet I know my words will resonate with everyone reading this at some point in their cocaine journey.

    The reason I came to read this discussion was to remind myself of how easy it was to start using yet how difficult it was to stop. Occasionally I do this because the addict within me needs reminding of how vulnerable I truly am…and also to bring to my sight the dark, dirty, and dangerous flipside of cocaine. I was always struck by the smart chic of white powder cleanly cut with a sharp blade or credit card…snorted through a crisp high value bank note … quick and easy, usually across a table from friends, warm and smiling in anticipation … such a consummately deceptive drug.
    My heart goes out to all of us who are seduced or fall into using any drug that ultimately takes control…and we know that they inevitably do take control in the worst possible way.
    I believe the key for quitting in my case was to distance myself from friends who used and from all familiar places and addresses where coke was available to me. Being in a relationship with someone who did no drugs helped greatly and although she knew of my undertaking to quit at that time we never discussed the issue or my progress but I know that her quiet understanding helped me considerably. In quitting I experienced a profound sense of loss and my world lost much of its colour…apart from any physical discomfort. If you decide to quit and reach that place then I would like to stress how temporary this unpleasant phase will be. It might last days or weeks or months but it passes and when it does you find one morning that you awake to find the world a bright and colourful experience once again, fulfilling without the transient beguiling kaleidoscope of any drug… and worth waking up for.
    Thank you everybody for posting.

  71. When I got money I always bye Coke powder don’t do nothing else I fine in the week but just lately doing it more I have spent 400 hundred pound on it this weekend it’s round me with the people I no to I have done it for 18 years all though I did stop it for 12 months started again this year

  72. I have a problem. I need to go to rehab but my wife thinks I should just be able to kick the habit. I find myself wondering how I can get more without her knowing so I can numb the cravings. My kids deserve much better. If I come clean to myboss, parents, friends its gonna be very awkward.

    1. Hi Patrick. First, try to explain to your wife that addiction is a disease, and that you need rehab program. Then, call the number you see on the site to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant to discuss your options.

  73. I am using not all the time but enough. My husband is aware and has told me to choose between my family or the coke. Going to try going cold turkey. Mainly because I am embarrassed and I do not want my family to know. Is there a place other than rehab to get help?

    1. Hi Jennifer. I suggest you call the number you find displayed on the site to get in touch with our trusted treatment consultants who can help you access the right treatment program for you.

  74. Hi I am a dad of 3 4th on its way I want to stop I feel like a let down to my family and not a real father I have tried to commit suicide as I feel my family am better off without me please help

  75. Hi I have a severely bad cocaine addiction it started about a year ago and I have gotten so bad to the points where I’ll do a q to my self almost every single day or a ball I have spent at least 20 000 dollars on it in about 6 months I have gotten so bad and it really scares me cause I have my moment s where I’m good but I get sucked back in .. And no one knows how bad I am so I can’t turn to anyone it’s really hard

  76. HI
    I have been on cocaine for over three years now a gram a day. I hiding it from my girlfriend and spending money I don’t have I can’t act normal when I wake up in the morning until I have a line. When I don’t have it I feel so agitated and angry. I have asked my local drug support workers if I can have a detox but they don’t have the funding for stimulants. I I’ve in the Tyneside area. I really need help. I just want to nowhatto do to get off this drug. Could you please give me some advise on how to come off it alone please please please.
    Thank you

    1. Hi, Michael. If you have questions about addiction treatment and your options, call our free hotline to speak with a trusted treatment provider.

  77. I was paralyzed At 19 I was a goof hockey player almost could have went pro if not for my accident but I became a junkie OxyContin Coke then in 07 herion then it’s over pills brown white I spend 200 a day I have a messed up problem I need massive help to stop i have kidney failure due to come pills herion dead friends ECT we all do but wtf am I doing wrong wear I can’t stop I did stop opiates 33days

  78. If I can recover anyone can. There are days much tougher than others. I had a $250,000 a year habbit. I truly wish I was kidding. When I quit my dealer robbed us. He took the most valuable thing in the world. A life. My husbands. Yes my x drug dealer murdered my husband. He and two accomplices they are charged with first degree murder. My husband didn’t do drugs he was so undeserving of his fate. I’m forever sorry. Please stop before you encounter a tragedy. I’ve learned the hard way.

  79. For all of those who mention palpitations and chest pains I to was having these symptoms ! Scared me to death after they didn’t dicapate.
    Hear me out it may be embarrassing to tell a dr your problem but trust me they only want to help.
    My family dr convinced me to do standard cardiologist work up so I did. The Drs all said I’d be perfect all test perfect that I was just having anxiety attacks. After a year of snorting I came to find that my heart muscles where weakened !
    Yes an actual heart condition I must take mediation for.
    Thankfully it’s not to the point where I need a device or transplant
    With time the Drs think my cardiac function will restore
    This coming from a social user
    Never touched the stuff again is been three months no cravings at all just stopped don’t want it don’t need it ever again
    I’m not saying you may have this but it’s safe to check !

  80. Hi, I don’t know were to start really. So I’m 28 and I’ve been taking cocaine for around 9 years. I’ve never spent a week off it during this time. I am really annoyed at myself that I have a actually let something like this take a hold on me so much. I have such will and determination to stay off coke but when the urge to have some or get some comes I can’t think of anything else and I’m agitated and moody until I manage to contact someone then I’m happy and chirpy again. I spend next to all my spare / and sometimes house money on coke. I averaged it at around 400 a month I spend on coke and alcohol. I’m a single parent and its affecting my relationship with my son and also my ability to be a good mum. I’m tired all the time, moody a lot and I am unreasonable and over react to things. I’m also incredibly paranoid and anxious a lot. I have major heart palpitations, which I never used to get before and now it seems every time I use, I’ve noticed that the next day my chest feels tight and I have weird heart beats when I try and sleep. Its horrible, it makes me dread going to bed. My solution to this was to self medicate with sleeping aids to try and put myself to sleep at night to avoid the palpitations but they were only making it worse. I don’t have any family around me or many friends to talk too and I just feel lost in the world , like its just passing me by- and I’m missing out on the good things like quality time with my son with out being tired or moody or upset and learning to drive. I’m at a loss. I’m embarresed to talk to anyone about it and typing this on here has really helped me to vent some things and make me realize that there is a problem.
    I do think that the cocaine consumption increased when I left my daughter to live with her father and not long after a friend of mine of the same age (19 at the time) killed himself under a freight train . It devastated me. Its been 10 years since that happened and I’m still not over it completely now.
    I just want to be me again and have money and spoil my son and have mummy cuddles with him. I don’t feel happy, I feel guilty paranoid upset and I feel like a rotten mother. I’m so upset with how terribly hard I’m finding it to stop taking it that I take it again because I’m sad. Its like a vile circle I’m stuck in and I don’t know how to break away from it. All I see on these sites is seek medical advice, talk to your gp, counciling. I can’t do any of these. I don’t want to go and see someone and actually sit with them and say hey I’m a single mum and doing a terrible job at it because of my uncontrollable cocaine addiction? It makes me feel dirty. I just want to be able to help myself be myself again , love me again , love life again and most importantly get back to being a brilliant mum again.

  81. even thogh it is dangerous to go cold turkey with the crack cocaine in the end you will find that the crack it self is killing you quick , your mind ,your soul and even your body so it is up to you to make that choice were i did i was smoking 70 grand in a whole year that is 20 doller peices 10 to 20 a day i quit it cold turkey oh boy it was very much of the withdraws , like lack of energy out of the blue i would pass out , i would feel textile like perinoia depression and brain thought loss but in the end I would say your gonna die anyhow if you keep using so what is the differents ??? it is what it is so quit simple as that i have been free from it for 7 months now since feb 12 2015 and been clean

  82. Hi All I said it before and I say it again.Go to an Aa/CA Big Book study meeting get a sponser change your life.Don’t wait around.The Book will give you all the answers you need.Mental obsession,physical Craving.It will give you HOPE and A SOLUTION

    1. Hi, Steven. If you have questions about addiction treatment and your options, immediate assistance is available. Call our free helpline to speak with a trusted treatment provider. Good luck!

  83. It’s like a huge silverback gorilla is in the room thumping his huge forearms toward me until I concede, the conscience which used to keep me grounded has wilted and the devil which has been pillow talking me for years has obliterated all hope – I just about hold down a full time job as a lifeguard at a swimming poi I question my ability to do this safely I wonder how I still have a job let alone be alive weed exctasy alcohol cocaine cigarettes being sober is a distant memory

  84. Started sniffing coke when I was 16, I’m turning 25 in 5 days my life has spiraled from having what most people would die for to reducing myself to the brink of no return – from losing my drivers license, girlfriend, mind I can’t go out without doing it considering ALL my friends do it, I’ve stopped before and felt like Eminem when he wasn’t afraid it’s relapse after relapse grands of debt and I need to change before dancing with the devil becomes consuming me whole

    Furthermore my nostrils are enlarging and my ability to stay sober other than being at work and sleeping seems an impossibility. I have a lovely family and great friends. I’m at a crossroads lost

    1. Hi Natalie. I suggest you call the helpline number we have displayed on our website. You can get in touch with our trusted treatment providers and ask all questions that interest you, and find adequate cocaine treatment and support. Hope this helps!

  85. Did the 12 steps AA programme and worked for me best decision I ever made over 12 mo Ths clean now.Don’t wait around just do it

  86. I’m 17 and I used to do about 8 lines a day for like two months but quit cold turkey by myself and haven’t touched it since (9-10 weeks). I’m depressed. I never had come downs before and never really felt addicted, I just did it because it was fun. My friends were the ones who encouraged me to quit but ever since I quit I’ve just felt like somethings wrong in my head. I know something is. I have headaches all the time and feel pressure in my skull. I get horrible social anxiety now, worse than its ever been and am haunted by suicidal thoughts. I’ve also been having really profound epiphanies about my true core values lately and haven’t been able to escape my day dream of leaving this unsustainable society for a simple, environmentally friendly, concrete free life. Everything about our culture is just to make our lives easier and comfortable but I don’t want to be a gear in the hive mind. I constantly feel like I have to escape. I feel like these dreams are somewhat drug induced but when I look around and truly think about how I feel they all make sense. I’ve even had long intellectual talks with several friends about this and they’ve all said that everything I said seemed like a rational well rounded argument. I’m so confused and feel so isolated by my current state of mind. I have no interest for anything. Everything I learn in school seems so superficial now. None of this system is necessary for our survival, we’ve over modified our environment to a point where we’re conditioned from childhood to sh*t on it. I can’t be a gear and be happy. I can’t even sit in the car with my family without feeling sheer rage at everything they say. I never act on it and maintain a pleasant persona but I feel that nothing they talk about really matters. I wish I’d been born in a less industrialized, materialistic, consumeristic world. I can feel myself being worn down everyday. Sorry for the word vomit

  87. Hello, I am a 23 year old cocaine / crack addict and also am on methadone due to my opioid dependency. I’ve always used cocaine as a way to be social and fun and at the beginning never seemed to be worried about it turning into a habit. But over the last few month later my use has become worse to the point where I’m using a needle because snorting it it smoking it wasn’t enough anymore. I’m finally realizing that yes indeed it has become a problem and dnt know how to stop. I’m so depressed because I thought that now that I’ve got my opioids addiction in control and have been off dope for a year that that was the only true addiction I had and couldn’t control. I have been more wrong then ever and am spending even more money on Coke then I was dope. I dnt have anyone to go to or trust so please someone give me some tips on what they did to end a binge which will end the active addiction thank u and God bless

  88. I was addicted to coke in my early 20’s . Was put in front of me for years before . I always turned it down. But I seen all my friends doing it, and it’s like they had a special bond. So eventually I tried it. Worst decision ever! Went from you know just showing up at party get offered a bump. To the point were I’d want more and have to pay. Went from just maybe once a week. To using at least 4 times a week . Spending half my pay. I did quit cold turkey . And it actually was quite easy. I just separated myself from it. Quit hanging out with friends that do it. Honestly it sucks, but I just started staying in on weekends and not going out. Quit for 6 years. Then all of a sudden I run into old friends and started right back up. Stupid!!!! But yes I’m gonna try same thing just quit hanging out with your buds and become a loner of you don’t have will power to say no. Delete numbers associated with it. It’s very hard to quit but I know I can do it. And so can anyone else. It’s up to the person

  89. Don’t even believe I’m writing this and would be even more shocked if I send it but I know I need help and I do not know where to start at. 10 or so years ago I was a dealer and when I was caught I was sentence to 3 years in prison and the whole time that I was in prison I did not use any cocaine and yes it was there and for the first year or so of my release I did not use I can’t say for sure how I fell back into the same trap and started using again but I did have the same friends that I had before I was locked up since my release I have been no longer dealing so now I’m the customer I have two jobs and work 7 days a week but I still seems to find time every weekend to get high I do not use during the week and usually I hate when the weekend comes because I know what it brings and for the life of me I can’t understand how I want use during the week but fine time to use on the weekend cocaine it’s not a social drug for me I used by myself most of the time and my every weekend getting high and getting drunk it’s damaging my relationship with my fiance and I have two daughters with her age 2 & 4 and I would hate for them to ever know that their father is/was addicted to cocaine over the 10 or 12 years of me using cocaine I have went with long periods without using ( 6 – 8 months here and there ) but this go around feels different and it seems to be getting out of control or should I say it’s been out of control I’m just now wanting to do something about it I always justify my addiction by saying I’m not hurting anyone but myself but I can see clearly when I’m sober that I’m lying to myself I am hurting people my fiance my kids my mom are just a few of the people that I’m hurting by my addiction I am 34 years old and I have no more years to waste on being addicted to cocaine and even more so I see me losing the ones I love the most my kids and my fiance I often tell myself if I can go 5 days during the week without using or drinking why can’t I get through the weekend that’s only two days and now its becoming A every weekend thing when it was just every other weekend so i see me using more in more than usual and I know that it’s be coming more than just a problem I am addicted no matter what lies I tell myself to make me believe that I’m not I do not have a doctor to talk to about quitting cold turkey I cannot afford Medicaid and do not have the money to go to rehab so cold turkey seems like the most likely way that I would be able to quit but quitting for five days and then become a addict on the weekend that’s not cool and if I don’t get control of this addiction it will destroy my relationship with my fiance my kids and my family which in turn destroy my life I am NOT suicidal or anything like that but I am depressed and ashamed if it’s any advice that someone can give me to help with my addiction it will be greatly appreciated sign the dealer

  90. My boyfriend has been on cocaine and has been trying cold turkey but relapsed. Can a doctor prescibe him medication to help him ?and being at the doctor will his managers find out via the doctor that’s his on drugs?

    1. Hey Concerned. Yes, a doctor can prescribe him medication for his cocaine addiction. But, they are effective only if used as a part of a structured addiction treatment that incorporates different therapies. Otherwise, the addiction problem is only masked, and not treated. I suggest you call the helpline number displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment provides.

  91. Wow..I dnt even kno where to start.I see everybody got there own problems.I’ve been usin cocaine for almost 3 yrs nd literally jus about on a daily basis.I dnt really have a answer to why.I tell myself I have a problem.nd completely wanna stop.but like a idiot I say one thing nd do another.I’m under weight nd when I think of how much I spnd is jus horrible. Idk wht to do wit myself anymore.I dnt have a problem being sober but for sum reason I keep doing it.I’m a heavy user.coming off of it jus sucks I get angry wit myself.bascially regret doin it but yet I like doin I even make sense?? Hard to explain everything. Everybody got problems nd only yu kno wht weighs on your mind at the end of the day but lng story short I’m not embarrassed or ashamed to say I have a problem or to consider myself a drug attic cuz iam in all honesty. But I really need nd wnt to stop completely but how cuz Im always going bk to it.sumbody respond nd give sum advice.

  92. I know coke isn’t exactly like amphetamine. I’m 18. I was basically abusing drugs for a year. Amphetamine withdrawal really sucks. Withdrawal includes Depression, less brain activity, feeling like a zombie, insomnia, lifeless, loss of interest in life. I haven’t done coke but I believe coke is less neurotoxic. So does cocaine withdrawal really mess up the brain/ cognition for many days. How long did it take you guys to fully recover and return to normal.

  93. I stopped cocaine cold turkey. I have thoughts that my Heart is gonna stop. I was not afraid of doing cocaine when i was on the drug i did it for about 7 years and know that i stopeed i am afraid that my heart is gonna stop. What are the odds that i get a heart attack

  94. That’s all a bunch of crap. I smoked crack for almost 20 years and stopped September 21,2012-no meetings, therapy,etc-just got sick of it. When you’ve done everything possible with it and get to yourself, and with every hit tell God,”Not my will, but Your Will be done in my life because I can’t do it on my own”, if it comes from your heart to Gods ears, He takes it away. Completely.

  95. I have been using cocaine now for 8 years I was able to stop for 2 years then I got caught back up with it, it started the odd occasions I would go out then it lead to every weekend and even down to me doing it on my own. I really scared at the min because I think I have damaged my body it started with me getting chestpains which lead to my heart racing and palpitations and me struggling to breathe this went on for about 9 days, I really thought I was going to die I’ve been to the hospital 3 times had ECGs done checked my lungs and blood pressure which all came back fine but I am still getting pain in my chest and also weird feeling running through my blood or vains and often feels like I am going to pass out, I need to be reassured that I’m not going to die as this has now been going on now for 4 weeks and I haven’t used any since these pains started. I’ve not actually told my doctor the pains are from drug use because I don’t think it will make much difference but how can I be sure I’m not going to die if I’m still getting pains all over my back and chest please if anyone has any symptoms like mine how long will it take for my body to get back to normal

  96. Hi Alexa. Cocaine cravings make it difficult to stop for any length of time. If you’re having trouble doing this alone, medical detox can help. I’m not sure if you can use a phone or computer while in detox… call and ask!

  97. I only want to quit cocaine when I’m coming down from a high of using all night. I tell myself that I will make an appointment with my therapist (who I was seeing for anxiety, but came clean to about my cocaine use) but when I wake up I get too scared to make an appointment (afraid I am going to have to go to rehab) or I tell myself I’ll just use more time and then stop. How can I convince myself to quit cocaine usage when I’m sober (as in not on cocaine)?

    If I were to do a medical detox, could I do it in two days and still have access to my phone and computer?

  98. I am doin around 3 grams every other night !! What can i do to stop ?? I cant go to rehab because i will lose my home but i need help!!!

  99. i believe people can quit on their own. there are probably more people that do and are not part of your stats. you people don’t want to cure anything. its all about keeping people coming back right. There are cures to many diseases and you so call medicine people will not share for fear of losing patients. thats sad.

    1. Hi Jade. Have you thought about staging an intervention? You can dial the helpline number displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers and get all the needed information about the intervention and course of treatment that will be tailored to the person’s unique needs. You can also check out clinics with similar services in your area, here:

  100. I left a reply a few months ago since then I am now heavy in debt and stopped socialising I can see it fucking me up but can’t stop its fucking evil

    1. Hello Ian. Why don’t you try and call the helpline number displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers to help you find the best and most suitable treatment approach for you. Addiction treatment seems pricey to many, but on the long run it’s much more cost-effective compared to feeding the addiction.

  101. This is for Mario. U r so in denial. Stop while u still can. This shit will make u a addict. Its a disease w no cure. Get some help!!! Please

  102. Hi ive been using cocaine and drinking a lot these past few years ive been sober from both for 6 weeks i did it cold turkey now ive been having trouble breathing and been to the er a few timed they do tests on me and say im ok that its anxiety attacks i got put on xanax and Zoloft it helps but it makes me sleep all day and when i am awake its when its hard for me to get full breaths could that be me crashing from quitti

  103. I have started using cocaine for the past 5 months.
    Needless to say that it has become habit forming and addicting, but i am not nor will i be a heavy user.
    Ever since I’ve started using cocaine, it has altered my thinking as i am also diagnosed with Major Depression Disorder. I can differentiate greatly if not most all prescription medicine, Illegal substances and alcohol. Doing this allows me to instinctively develope a equilibrium between drugs and how they affect a person mentally and physically. I have never used NDMAS, Crack cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, and other sorts of illegal street drugs. Further more, i take primarily precaution every time i use cocaine, like have a short acting benzodiazepine, ;Alprazolam is my choice of drug for it alleviates symptoms affiliated with cocaine use like Tachycardia. I also drink plenty of water throughout the day so that it can help keep my body at a substantively hydrated. I want to publicly say that cocaine is indeed addicting, but i have self control with the amount i purchase and how much of it i do throughout the day( although i can go days without using). My utensil of choice to use cocaine is a pen cap( top). I do not use lines whatsoever due to the fact that a line usually contains an inaccurate dosage. A pen cap(top)is enough for me. Now, the downside of cocaine is the fact that i do experience moment’s of craving cocaine, due to the fact that cocaine inhibits Dopamine and Serotonin levels in the brain, i would substitute the cravings with either OTC medicine such as Diphenhydramine, Doxylamine, or just setraline which i am prescribed along with quetiapine for insomnia. Setraline is an antidepressant, quetiapine is an atypical antipsychotic. I do believe that one can become sober with or without the use of medicine, but it is important to note that the use of one substance in order to substitute another is indeed debatable, but i am going to find that out myself as i am try to stop finding the disillusioned and chemically alternated states of mind that cocaine or any other street drugs can give to one. I wish all those whom are in a tough and persistent battles with these addicting drugs. -Dr. M.

  104. I stoped smoking crack 20 days ago. I went to the phoenix house in Exeter RI. That place was a nightmare. They did absolutely nothing to help me. Please dont consider the Phoenix house. I go to NA I have a sponsor. I have a home group and I am active in the program. 12 steps and one addict helping another is the Only way out!!!! Will my bad dreams ever stop though???

  105. I have struggled with this step for years now… I have so much trouble letting go of old friends who have been tried and tested and still come out loyal every time

  106. So I have been using cocaine for about a year this time and I’m ready to stop.. my daughter is olmost 3 and I need for her to never know that her dad was an addict. I used from the time I was 16 until I was olmost 20. I got a good job and stayed busy with work and trying to better my relationship with my wife.. that is how I stopped the first time.. but.. it’s not working like that this time.. I am 23 now and I know I have a problem.. if I have coke I don’t stop until it is gone.. don’t matter if I have a half g or half oz. I don’t go searching for it and I really don’t go associate with the people that do it.. it as always seems to fall into my lap and even when I say no I end up with it.. it is not a social drug for me.. I am always hiding when I am snorting it.. it is because I know it is looked down upon in my family.. I have talked to my wife and mother about it but can’t seem to talk to anyone else about it more so because I am ashamed of myself. What’s step one of doing this on my own.. and who else do I talk to that can understand my situation without going to councilors or rehab. My family has always come first and my bills are payed.. I go to work 6 days a week an I’m at work for at least 8 to 16 hours a day and don’t do it there. But as soon as I’m off its game on.. please give me feed back. Thank you for being there for so many ppl that need this help.

    1. Hello Cody. First step is admitting that there is a problem and reaching out for help, so congratulations! Withdrawal will start when you stop administering the usual doses at the usual time and it’s recommended that you do not go through the acute withdrawal stage alone. So, have someone you trust by your side to take care of you and your little girls needs while you detox. Then, don’t tell yourself that it’s all over and gone. Detox was only the beginning of the recovery process. I suggest you get informed about which counseling and support groups there are in your area and start going to therapy sessions. Good luck, Cody. I know you can make it and come off as a much wiser woman…because of your daughter.

  107. I am killing myself with this I have already lost my marriage and life is going downhill but I can’t stop it even though I know what it’s doing its evil I wish u could turn time back would never have taken first libe

  108. I have been doing crack, binging for about 21 months. Here’s my issue, people, places and things. I know for a fact when I move I won’t use again. My question, I need to get help but I too as many others have stated am afraid to put my drug use in my medical records. Any suggestions?

  109. I never thought i would do coke .im very honest with my self that i have a problem i just Don’t know how to stop,!

  110. Swim have had problem for nearly ten years startd hustleing then ended up on it doin qauter to oz day. Cuz it was free nt gd ideawhen my tolerance was at it peak now it taken tole on my mind and body i strugle do th a night with out pulpattations on the come down so nt worth stp while u can b honest with love ones they will help before u say shit stuf know it wasnt cuz other ppz only needed half g tolerance build quik like the hole tht. U will build in bank account listen to grand master flash white lines says it all

  111. I have been using for 11 years and I have tried to get off cocaine myself and would get these waves of horrible depression that last about ten or so seconds… I thought it was just what my life was like before I started using…. I use almost every day and spend about 1,000 dollars a month . I am so scared. My life is just a mess.every night when I watch tv the drug addiction hotline comes on the tv like nine or ten times … Like it is calling me

    1. Hi Penny. It depends on your needs and the addiction treatment plan. If you can only do 2 weeks of inpatient rehab, maybe you can continue with long-term outpatient rehab to stay in recovery. If you have picked out a treatment facility call them directly to discuss your possibilities.

  112. Hi I’ve stopped for about three days I keep stopping the coke and say after about a week or ten days I think it’s ok to start again have I got a problem it’s not an every day thing for me but it sometimes can be am I a heavy user? I think sometimes I’m in denial and think I’m not hurting anyone it’s my own money my own life so I can I think I could possibly do it on my own but I’d rather someone else tell me I have a problem and to stop my will power isn’t the greatest but if it had to be it would thanks

  113. Hello Michael. The most common symptoms related to crack withdrawal are extreme fatigue and depression. Crack causes extreme highs…and changes in the brain. Without it, you can feel next to nothing, and be really numb.

    Why not seek medical help now? Doctors and psychologists are trained in treating crack use…in fact, they have studied it and have developed therapies to address it. What holds you back?

  114. Hello there Ivana i am here because i am trying to understand the dangers in going cold turkey with crack i have used crack for over 1 year and a half but this year since febuary 12 2015 till now i have been off it i have not seeked any medical advice manly because i did not want to admit to a doctor i was using a hard drug well the first two months were ok but before i go to that i should let you know how much i was using as well as my drug use history i am 31 years old i have been on mary j from the majority of my life from age 9 till feb 2015 both drugs i quit cold turkey and for the most part i have been doing ok however on the crack i used daily every day 5 peices a day 20 pieces aday that is around 5 k a month in one year i used over 70 grand that is alot of money i was self employed so that was how i was able to get the money but mainly why i quit was i saw that i was hitting rock bottom i knew i would die if i kept using for i started blacking out after the hit i would fall to the ground and almost do the funky chicken but that was then as for now i am wanting to know if and how dangoures it would be for me that i have cut cold turkey for now i feel euphoric daily or my whole body feels a radiation or glow i feel a impeding death at forst was thinking it was the joint that i smoked a month after feb 12 but anyhow i also feel a bid of weird feelings almost like a out of body experience but i get this feeling then i pass out or black out and i do not feel suicidal or anything like that but can you elaborate more on the dangers i am to face for the cold turkey of crack and as well as any other all known withdraw symptoms of crack withdraw thank you

  115. I always told myself I would never snort or do coke ever in my life. At the age of 27 I started to dabble, then more and more until it spiraled out of control. I used to be really active with exercising, socializing, and living life without coke. Now im 29, a person that I don’t like and finding myself doing coke all by myself. Life to me now, is just a big distorted picture that I can’t seem to tune in. I’ve alienated myself from loved ones, family and friends. Please someone out there share some helpful advice and guidance to my road to recovery.!! Sincerely, Danny

  116. Been using daily for 15years have stopped for 5 days got bad belly and feel terrible is this normal as I am on holiday and feel odd

    1. Hi Chris. It’s withdrawal symptoms which happen when you suddenly quit or lower your regular dose. It’s be best to continue taking your medication as prescribed or slowly lower doses to avoid physical discomfort.

  117. Hi Bobby. Addiction and drug abuse are less and less stigmatized with each passing year. I’m not sure what your concern about legal issues is based in, but in order to get the mental health services that you need, you can either work within the system or seek private help. Where are you based (what country)? Have you consulted with a social services representative or lawyer yet?

  118. hi,been using it every night for the past year, bar 2 or 3 days.dont want to go to my local gp as I certainly don’t want it on my records,is there any legal alternative for coming off it and what would u suggest I do next thanks.

  119. Have a big problem because I’m pregnant. So many problems it seems like i have nothing to help me it helps me relax and forget my problems but its hurting me and now my baby.

    1. In need of help, you cannot be using cocaine during pregnancy for your own and your baby’s sake. Please seek help. Your first point of contact can be your doctor or gynaecologist, who can further refer you to a detox center that specializes in treating pregnant women.

  120. I’ve been using cocaine for 15 years it’s be a constant struggle,It’s affecting my marriage my relationship with my kids I so scared to go to rehab alone and I’m embarrassed to tell my husband that I wanna go..what should I do

    1. Hi Lucy. There is no shame in asking for help, understanding and support. I believe you’ve come a long way in realizing that it’s become a problem for you, and that you are reaching out. Another thing, in rehab you are never alone. I’d advise you to come clean and promise that you are willing to be dedicated to leaving the habit behind you. You will find out you have more support than you’d ever imagine!

  121. My ego has kept me from being honest with myself and not doing anything about my alcohol and cocaine addiction.I no I am one and have been most of my life, I know my problems, just afraid to face not suicidal, just pissed.ive had help before, apparently did not help.

  122. If it’s dangerous to quit cold turkey why in the world do these idiot judges put addicts in a cell? They can force them to go to rehab just as easily.

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