Can you overdose on Spice?

Yes, you can OD on Spice. We review common symptoms and their treatment here.

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Yes! There is a possibility of severe overdose due to unpredictability of the actual Spice ingredients. This is because there are over 140 synthetic cannabinoids that could be found in any one product, some of which are extremely potent.

So, what actually happens when you overdose on Spice? How much Spice is too much? And what to do in case of overdose? We review here. Then, we invite your questions and comments about Spice overdose in the comment section at the end. We try to respond to all legitimate questions with a personal and prompt reply.

Can you overdose on Spice?

Yes, cases of Spice intoxication and related symptoms of overdose have been reported in emergency rooms across the country. Accidental overdosing mainly occurs because Spice products can vary a great deal from one batch to another. Although Spice is known as a herbal mixture akin to marijuana (and is commonly referred to as the safe and legal alternative to weed), in reality, you can never be certain what’s inside a Spice product. This is because the manufacturers are constantly changing the composition by including different cannabinoids in order to evade the law.

Not only is little known about the herbs contained, but the synthetic cannabinoids sprayed on organic content can be many more potent than the THC found in marijuana. Doses can also be unevenly appplied, leading to high toxicity in any one dose.

How many Spice is too much?

How much Spice does it take to overdose? It’s impossible to say how much Spice is too much, as each batch is a unique blend of herbs and cannabinoid(s)… even within the same Spice labeled product. In addition to type of cannabinoid, the amount of psychoactive material can vary which means that even a little dose of Spice can provoke serious side effects. The unpredictability of its manufacturing process and the very fact that the package reads ”not for human consumption” is a true warning that this drug is unfit for humans (and highly dangerous).

What happens when you overdose on Spice?

While mild intoxication from Spice is not dangerous and gradually resolves over a couple of hours, severe intoxication may be life-threatening and requires urgent medical assistance. Below are listed are some potential Spice side effects, ranging from mild to severe intoxication from Spice.

Mild symptoms of Spice intoxication

  • distorted perception
  • dry mouth
  • increased heart rate
  • mood changes
  • red eyes

Moderate symptoms of Spice intoxication

  • agitation
  • hypertension
  • hallucinations
  • paranoia

Severe and serious symptoms of Spice intoxication

  • acute kidney failure
  • hyperthermia
  • overdose
  • psychosis
  • severe agitation
  • seizures
  • tachycardia

Spice overdose help

Mild overdose may only require simple surveillance, but moderate to severe cases of Spice overdose necessitate medical assistance. This is because death by Spice overdose is related to actions based on hallucinations, which can be treated. There are a number of detox, emergency, and poison clinics throughout the U.S. that you can turn to in case of moderate or severe overdose. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 or dial 9-1-1 in cases of Spice overdose. Or, check the national database of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration website and choose one that is nearest to you where you can be immediately assisted.

Overdose on Spice questions

The accessibility of Spice is of great concern to public health. In this article we’ve reviewed what happens when you overdose on Spice and what to do should moderate or serious symptoms manifest. If you have any questions regarding overdose from Spice, please contact us in the comments section below. We will try to get back to you in a personal and prompt manner.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. This is not a “teenager” problem only! Many adults are partaking. Im 45 and full blown addicted! It’s more addictive than nicotine! I’ve been smoking k2 for 3yrs now and Im 5’5″ & under 95lbs. You simply cannot gain weight. You can’t taste anything either, my favorite meal tastes like cardboard now! I have yet to go more than 24hrs without it, withdrawl is entirely too painful! Its going to kill me. I know this, but it’s too hard to quit on my own.

  2. I was addicted to spice for 5 years. I was constantly battling nausea, confusion. It would impair my speech. One day, I took one hit of the same spice I smoked for years, I woke up in the hospital stayed there for 5 days. It is hard battling the cravings, but all I have to do is remind myself of all the things I almost lost, my family, my career and the freedom to live a free and normal life.

  3. I’m like really scared due to a issue that i have my best friend is addicted to this dangerous drug and she’s only 14 years old and today was the saddest thing I ever seen today no lie please I need advise to give to my home girl

    1. Hi Desteny. She will need medical help since quitting spice can produce some really harsh symptoms. She’s already a very lucky girl to have your love and support, which will help, but you need to tell her parents so they can get her the treatment she needs.

  4. I’ve stopped using the spice (along with meth) cause my body sucks. Its too weak I guess. I’ve used spice since the beginning of its creation. When I use it now I black out n do crazy things like jump out of car windows climb

  5. I smoked various forms of Spice for over a year. I was introduced to it by a friend, promoting it as a “safe, legal high.” I was told you couldn’t overdose, it was completely legal, and it was even funner than marijuana (which I had not done prior to spice). Our use started slow, smoking just once or twice a week. Within a few months, it was a daily activity, and we went from a fairly mild brand, to the strongest available in our area. And almost every time I smoked, I went into what is classified as moderate and/or severe overdose.

    I would usually begin to lose track of time first, just spacing out for as much as an hour at a time. Average tasks became impossible to do. Then came the paranoia. shortly thereafter came the hallucinations. They could range anywhere from just the warping of what i was seeing (like a piece of plywood becoming a masterful and creative art piece) to complete breaks from reality (laying on the floor, believing that i was being strangled by a gestapo officer during the last days of WWII).

    Last came the seizures. Often accompanying my hallucinations, for me at least, were seizures and panic attacks. I would curl up in the floor or bed, and just twitch and shake uncontrollably. They never seemed outright life threatening, but i was almost completely immobilized while this happened. A very dangerous side effect if driving!

    Needless to say, we were addicted, very strongly. It was nothing to go through a $110, 10 gram bag in a week, alone. And when we got together that much could go in a single night. And to make it even worse, the paranoia wouldn’t always entirely wear off with the high. Nor the mood changes. When morning came and we woke to an empty bag and a filthy pipe, someone was always accusing the other of stealing the last of it.

    And one more side note to my story: Spice is made to be much stronger than cannabis. I once read a statistic that it was 7-10 times as strong as the average weed. Now, why is that such a bad thing for anyone looking to get high? Tolerance! The tolerance built ridiculously fast, and lasted a long time. For any marijuana users out there reading, personal anecdote. While i was in the clutches of my spice addiction, I tried Marijuana for the first real time (I had once before, but took one small inhale, and gae it back, out of fear of drug testing). A friend and I smoked a full sized blunt in one sitting. My first hit, I coughed for nearly 10 minutes. Then continued to smoke, keeping right up with them. I was told it was pretty decent stuff, and they were absolutely wrecked. Me, I felt nothing from it. A very, very slight buzz after the whole thing was gone. From what I understand, both spice and cannabis effect the same receptors in the brain. So increasing the tolerance through one will effect the other. And Spice builds tolerance much faster!

    When we finally decided to quit (New Year’s 2013 resolution! Clear of that garbage over a year now!), the withdraw was hellacious. It caused severe heart palpitations, respiratory difficulty, mood changes, and even slight hallucinations for several weeks (example, at work the overhead light turned into the moon, and i couldn’t figure out how the hell the moon made its way indoors).

    So, whether you have a care about your health, or you don’t want to ruin any current smoking habits of your own… Avoid this drug! I’m not an anti-drug person, actually a libertarian, and I won’t tell anyone what to do. But from personal experience, I highly suggest to anyone, do not do this drug. It is not safe. It is not legal now. And it is not worth it.

  6. People are dying from this drug. Kids seem to think it is safe because it isn’t a ‘real drug’ but they are sadly mistaken. Something needs to be done to eradicate this mess from the planet!!

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