Can you get high snorting Suboxone?

Can you get high snorting Suboxone? Yes and no. Dr. Jana Burson tells us how Suboxone is absorbed in the body. And why snorting Suboxone cannot really get you high. More info on the placebo effect of getting high if you snort Suboxone here.

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Suboxone absorption in the body

Suboxone doesn’t get absorbed in an acidic environment. If it’s swallowed, very little is absorbed into the bloodstream, because the stomach is usually very acidic. But the mouth has a neutral pH, unless certain beverages or medications are consumed. Coffee, tea, Goody Powders and other substances make the mouth more acidic. Because of this, patients prescribed Suboxone are asked to avoid these substances for at least twenty minutes before they take their Suboxone dose. And this is why patients are asked to allow Suboxone to be dissolved under the tongue rather than swallowed or chewed.

Can I get high if I snort Suboxone

The answer is no. And yes.

This is because Suboxone is designed to be dissolved under the tongue. Snorting Suboxone may result in some systemic absorption of the medication, though the mucosa of the nasal mucosa tends to be slightly acidic in most people, and so more of the dose may be inactivated than when dissolved under the tongue.

Plus, patients on a stable dose of Suboxone will not get high if, for some reason, they decide to snort it. Their opioid receptors are occupied with medication from previous day, assuming they haven’t missed any doses.

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But if an addict who is “opioid naive” (not used to taking opioids) snorts a Suboxone pill, they may feel high. In fact, it’s even possible to overdose on Suboxone if the person isn’t used to taking opioids. But the same would be true if that same person used the pill sublingually, too. In fact, if anything, a person abusing opioids for the first time would feel more of a medication effect from using the pill sublingually than from snorting it.

So why do some addicts say they snort Suboxone to get high?

Many opioid addicts are accustomed to getting high from snorting opioid pain pills. Addicts commonly snort OxyContin, Dilaudid, Opana, and even heroin. These addicts have a conditioned response: snort pill, feel high. Their brains become programmed to associate snorting pills with getting high, much like Pavlov’s dogs became accustomed to getting food when Pavlov rang a bell, and began salivating at the ringing of the bell. In the addict’s case, the act of grinding and snorting a pill gives them a high, even if the pill doesn’t contain drugs.

Addicts using needles to inject drugs often describe getting high from the sight and feel of needles and syringes because of the intense association of paraphernalia with euphoria. PET scans show these addicts, brain do actually release dopamine, the pleasure chemical of the brain, when shown pictures of needles and syringes.

This demonstrates another reason why addictions are so difficult to change. Objects, people, and even places may strongly remind a newly recovering addict of drug use, and can be powerful triggers for a relapse.

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The danger of snorting Suboxone

Snorting drugs not meant to be snorted also damages fragile tissues of the nasal passages. Many addicts who regularly snort pills have recurrent and severe sinus infections, and can even have permanent tissue damage.

Anyone snorting Suboxone is not in recovery. He/she is in active addiction.

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About the author
Jana Burson M.D. is board-certified in Internal medicine, and certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine. After practicing primary care for many years, she became interested in the treatment of addiction. For the last six years, her practice has focused exclusively on Addiction Medicine. She has written a book about prescription pain pill addiction: "Pain Pill Addiction: Prescription for Hope." Also see Dr. Burson's blog here.


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  1. I have been terminated from my pain clinic and referred to psychiatrist for treatment. I was taking dilaudid and oxymorphone for pain control. I was only given 4 dilaudids 4mg and 1 oxymorphone 10mg per day. I tended to run out before the end of the month so they decided I am an addict and put me on suboxone 2/0.5 2 per day. Trouble is, I like the way the dilaudid and oxymorphone not only helped me with physical pain but helped with psychological pain such as depression and anxiety. I have absolutely No desire to recover and I resent being forced to stop something that has helped me tremendously. I never had any episodes of being over sedated, I did not buy or sell on the street, basically I was hurting no one. Now I don’t have that relief and feel openly rebellious to the suboxone treatment. I am very tempted to abuse this drug, i guess its a cut my nose off to spite my face syndrome. I am 58 years old and I believe I am old enough to make decisions for myself. It seems others are frequently imposing their values on the rest of us. I did better when I was given 6 dilaudids 4mg a day and 2 oxymorphones 15mg a day. The media hype has made the physicians cut back so I was down sized and now labeled non compliant. I just want people who don’t know what it is to walk in my shoes to stay out of my business.

    1. The bioavailability of insufflation of Buprenorphine is considerably higher than sublingually. This article is just flat out wrong. Another Dr. that got into addiction recovery for that sweet, sweet paycheck.

  2. What about taking suboxone in the rectum??????? If i take it up my ass will it be ok cause I’m sick with the flu can’t stsnd the taste and as soon as I put it In my mouth I vomit cause I am sick

  3. Snorting suboxone is no more dangerous than taking it orally. The bioavailability is very similar.

    And to say people snorting it arent in recovery is very disingenuous. I have to snort it. I have chronic dry mouth and it takes over an hour to dissolve a pill in my mouth. Plus i believe the oral route has led to more tooth damage.

  4. I been on subs 4 years total 2 illegally and 2 years prescribed. Those of you abusing this drug have fun detoxing from it. It takes about 10 times longer than any other drug trust me I’ve been there

  5. People don’t be dumb you guys are ruining your life especially the one who was 16 and thinking about snorting something that’s not meant to be snort I just heard about this snorting thing and Idk much about the substance but all I know is you shouldn’t put something up your nose it’s fun now but when your a anerexic midget with nothing but a cardboard box to live out of you’ll regret it then

  6. To the author in regards to “If you are snorting suboxone you are addicted” EVERYONE is addicted to suboxone if you take it long enough. It took me 8 years to finally endure the hell and weeks of it to come off. I’ve been through every opiate w/d there is, suboxone was by far the longest and by far worst……….. Not as intense as a H w/d (but close to it) but 10x longer when you hit PAWS and all the mental shit. I really thought I was going to die………… You’re better off tempting fate with dope, then to get hooked on big pharma suboxone and having a very small chance of being successful ever coming off of it.

  7. Hi everyone I’m Steve and Ive been on Suboxone for almost three years. I believe my perspective is needed here. IF YOU DISLIKE SUBOXONE please read this. I’ve never spoken out but have always had a very deep understanding from both ends of the spectrum and I believe it is important to inform people about Suboxone use.

    In 3 months, it will be three years i have been prescribed (SUB) and I am currently 5/8 done with treatment. Meaning i started at 16mg a day and now I take 10.

    This drug has saved my life. I most definitely am a recovering addict but I am honest with myself and my friends and family, and acknowledge that I want it. It is important to realize that if you were truly addicted to opiates you will always be addicted. It’s a neurological flaw that all living things a seceptible too. To this day, I want to get high probably almost every single day and there’s a good chance your son, daughter, sister, father feels that way too. The only thing that stops me from going to get dope besides knowing the hell it leads too is that I have the subs in my system so I know going out to buy it would be a waste and thus kick my addiction back into high gear. There are people who remain on this medication for decades and sometimes for the rest of their life. Obviously, the endgame is to kick it as it is very true you are trading one addiction for another HOWEVER this addiction has kept me away from the dangerous ones while Ive slowly made progress with all other areas of my life. I ween slowly and continue to be patient with my conquest for sobriety. YOU should be very proud of anyone you know who has traded heroin/oxys for Suboxone. Put it like this, if my Suboxone was taken away from me tommorow can you guess where I would end up? If you guessed in the city relapsing you’re absolutely correct. I have always wanted the drug and I always will (maybe) This is the sad reality of being an addict. 3 years deep and some days the cravings bare so strong and some weeks I go days without even thinking about. (Although tyipically have cravings daily) Despite these cravings I don’t consider relapse an option because I have my Suboxone which A. Won’t allow you to get high and B.Will get ripped from you the second you pee dirty. So instead of falling into that mess again, I take my little dose which does nothing but make me feel normal, like I can face the day, like a tall glass of water, and I try my hardest to move on up in the world. I’m not HIGH but the drug is there. It’s like when you eat and you feel full but it tastes so good you want seconds(Relapse) but you know better so you finish your greens and look forward to breakfast (taking subs) I used to get really angry when people would knock Suboxone because it saved my life. I eventually realized that most people are just ignorant which is ok. You may never understand it if you’ve never been in our shoes which trust me is the lady place you want to be. I understand it all to well and sometimes wish i could shout it from the rooftops. The only thing that matters is that you are working towards a deeper understanding. Prior to being prescribed, I was taking daily trips to random trap houses getting random bags sold as heroin and going back to my girlfriend’s father’s basement to get high. When I kicked the dope, (started Suboxone treatment) I immediately had money to save which led to a car which led to a place of my own where my family and I live. I think about getting high a few times a week but taking my meds 2 times a day and fighting off a craving every once in a while is a hell of a lot better than ending up dead. I be been at this for an hour feel free to contact me if you have questions. Good luck with your recovery.

    PS Scientifically the bioavailability of Suboxone is stronger through the nose so you may feel high if you snort it. I don’t care which roa you use if you’re taking the correct dose you’re doing it right. I take mine orally religiously but I experimented with all methods including plugging in my first month or two. Even plugged for a week or two. I learned in the long run it’s pretty much the same and it’s not worth the hassle so just take your subs and stay clean. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not because as someone who has succeeded as much as I have while in recovery I promise you if you’re doing it right and you have a good doctor one day you will look forward to taking that last strip and be ok with it. Good luck everyone!

  8. I do not get high on suboxone or subutex. I’ve snorted them both but stopped that all together. I only put a very small piece under my tongue and go about my day. Maybe having to take a little more in the evening. I was prescribed only 1 1/2 per day. I’m down to a half. They really aren’t meant foe you to get high so I haven’t ever tried. The only thing that has happened to me is I got very tired and had to go to bed. I think that was a mixture of taking them incorrectly and taking more than I was prescribed. When snorting the suboxone i ended up with terrible nose bleeds that would continue through the day even if weren’t snorting the meds. I think that I liked the thought of it getting in me quicker as well as the habit of snorting pills in general. I was also so tired all the time and I’d take more thinking it would help. Now that I’m on a small dose that I do not sway from I feel fine. I am almost at the point where i might be able to stop them. That is my goal. To be off of all the things that once crippled me. I do not want to be controlled by these things anymore. If I want to jump up and go somewhere I do not want to be held back by a habit/addiction. I don’t want to be stuck in the bed if I run out early. I am tired of all this stuff controlling me.

  9. FACTS: As a doctor with a 3 mo waiting list for new pts, BELIEVE ME. I DON’T need more pts, and frankly prefer non-substance dependent pts, because face it, they make me look better!! They’re not always lying to me, and they aren’t always relapsing!! That said, I DO DEEPLY CARE about people, so I ALSO treat substance abuse. Chronic opioid use in effect damages the opioid receptors, leading to withdrawal symptoms when you stop. Suboxone is NOT like other opiods!! It’s called a PARTIAL AGONIST, which means that it doesn’t activate the receptors completely. The thinking is that by driving the receptors at a lower level, it’s not as hard on the receptors, so it gives them a chance to HEAL over time, & will be easier to eventually stop. As for snorting v sublingual, your stomach acid COMPLETELY DESTROYS Suboxone, so you need to avoid swallowing your saliva for 15 min after the pill/film dissolves, or you don’t get the full effect, and it just goes to waste!

    1. You don’t care how you look all u care about is the $$$$. In the end tell me you’d turn down thousands to look good! Who’s looking? The DEA? And most doctors interested in addiction are either addicts or about the money! I’m from Walker County, Alabama. And this is one of the leading opiate addicted counties in the country, I’ve carried Girls to Doctors homes to “clean” I’ve been in doctors office and been given the ultimatum take this shot or you don’t get your prescriptions and this has been from more than one! I’ve been in treatment with Doctors all over the country and Doctors May have more knowledge than US ADDICTED, but when there money runs out they are just the same!! Sounds good though DOC!!!! Keep trying!!

  10. This article has numerous good incites and I agree with it all except the part about the possible overdose from snorting suboxone. You CANNOT overdose from suboxone. You may get sick, violently sick, but you will not overdose. Once your body reaches it’s threshold no more bupenorphine will be absorbed, thus circulating through your body until it is excreted through sweat and urine. Just be careful about spreading false info.

  11. The fact is, you need less of the medication when you snort it. And when you do it this way it enters The bloodstream almost immediately instead of in fifteen minutes. I do it this way when I miss a dose and am feeling bad. I also do it if I know I will need to save a few tablets for an emergency. Because you never know. Pharmacies run out and with my insurance I can only use Kaiser pharmacies.

  12. Iv been on and off this drug for 4 years i dont got to the docter cad im scerad to have unlimited syply i fill if i buy here and there i controll it and it is easer to come off and if its hard for u to cotrol it somek some weed you will fill sick for a week but the weed will help the body with draws now dont for get this drug is ment for 6 munth but all docters care bought is money look out for your self suboxin is a sinthect herion

  13. This has been an interesting read, that’s for sure. I have had several back surgeries, been shot and multiple other surgeries. I was addicted to pain pills for over 10 years, at one point I was taking over 500 mgs of methadonone a day along with a few mgs of lorazepam. I got clean by taking Suboxone for a few months then was opiate free for 7 years.Unfortunately the pain that got me in that situation was still there and I could barely function for those 7 years. In bed for days at a time! I went to a pain specialist at my regular Dr’s office about a year ago. I was afraid to take Suboxone on a regular basis because of the addiction possibilities. Her response to me is why didn’t you come see me years ago, why did you suffer for so long! I am grateful I saw Her! I now take 12 mgs of Subutex a day with no plans of ever stopping. My back pain will never get better, only worse due to my injuries. I feel alive again and can get some things done everyday. I was terrified of becoming the lying, cheating, stealing, distrustful bad mother, daughter, wife and friend I was years ago. I can actually function and my quality of life is night and day. All opiates are addicting but the cravings for me are much less on the Subutex than anything else I have ever taken. I don’t want to go pop a pill every 5 minutes. I did try snorting them a few times but that is a slippery slope and not worth lossing everything again. I think if I went back to using like I did I would never stop. Snorting it did get me high, btw. It just isn’t worth the risk for me.

    Good luck Clint, you’ve got this! I’m married to a Somalia vet and he has severe PTSD still after all of this time. He too had to kill people to survive himself. I can’t even imagine the things he has seen.or done. He did multiple tours in war zones. Keep up the good work and reach out to the VA if you need counseling for you PTSD or anger management classes. They worked wonders for him! I didn’t understand if you’re trying to get off opiates but if you are Suboxone is a godsend. You don’t have to be one it long term, just explain to your doc you want a short 1 to 2 month taper. Good luck!!!

  14. I am a combat veteran Iraqi War era. I have been clean since December 2017. I have undergone 9 months of intensive PTSD therapy with two months of that being incarcerated. I have a wife and three children and I’m deeply pained by the people I’ve hurt, killed and betrayed. For the first time in my life I’m beginning to address the underlying issues of what caused me to deal with the pain and Brokenness inside. The recommendation from my counselors, doctors and those on my treatment team is that I pursue Suboxone therapy. I am terrified of what this could mean, but I do know that if I give into a craving what that can mean. I understand the reservations and pain people feel about Suboxone therapy. It’s reasonable to think those things. At the same time I understand all too intimately why people do support it and go after it. Everybody’s case is different. Everybody’s trauma is different. They all require a very unique approach. Mine couragement to all who suffer from this Insidious disease that can cripple your life and everybody else is around you is that you use this tool of pharmacology to help your case rather than exasperate your situation. I’ve yet to decide what I’m going to do. I am scared and don’t know what to do. I’m hopeful and prayerful that my creator will allow me to embark on this therapy without losing my sanity once again. I never intended to be the guy that had anything clever to say or wanted to be heard, but if this insight is helpful to anybody please let it fall on receiving ears.
    Your fellow struggler.

  15. This was very informative. I have been sober since only May, but thus article helped me win an argument! Lol! If you snorting it- you still trying to get high! Lol!
    Thank you!

  16. Hi! I was a opiate addict myself that means anything i could get my hands on such as roxy 30s, diluadid, opana, hydrocodone,codiene,methadone,fentanyl and worst of them all HEROIN. I would love to thank the FDA for approving this drug. I just started on my suboxone treatment the 4 days ago i am currently on the 1 month trial run, basically i get prescribed weekly prescriptions until they now what kind of dose i need daily. I started out on two 8mg tablets daily UNFORTUNATELY due to the amount of drugs i was taking. This drug is amazing I’ve never felt better i had a co-worker refer me because he was getting 2 a day and I’d buy a free of him through out the month when i was sick. One day last week he said why don’t you just go to my doctor and that i did. Your first time going takes 4-6 hours and don’t go on or the day after a holiday. I have got to say subutex is working great every since i started i don’t think i once thought about doing true opiates. I’m not sick i have allot of energy and i sleep great at night so to whoever brought subutex on the market i thank you allot and to you people on here that have never used please stop posting cause until you’ve been in the shoes of an opiate addict you have no say in the matter of taking this drug. SANDY! MAYBE YOU SHOULD PAY FOR YOUR KIDS TO GO TO A SUBOXONE DR. Not only do they get suboxone and or subutex they allot make you go to drug classes/group meetings once or twice a month. These meetings have helped me figure out that not only am i a addict but i have anxiety and ptsd from being in jail so just now theres more to it then just heres your script have a nice life. So for anyone reading this put down the opiates and start your road to recovery with suboxone and or subutex.
    Thank You…. Jesse

  17. All the questions about snorting Suboxone are sure sign that this person is still a practicing addict. …this drug was designed to get you off opiates. ..I’m so excited about my life now because of it. ..If you want to get clean, this drug really works. …give it a chance. Don’t waste the doctors time or holding a space up in the program for those wanting a chance at a good life. ….

  18. I have been on suboxone for 13 months now. For the people who say it is just trading one drug for another I call bull. After being on suboxone for a while you cannot get a buzz from it and it blocks all other opiates from working while taking away any cravings. If you crush a suboxone pill it activates the other drug in it that kicks opiates off of your receptors. Snorting it is almost like taking a hit of norcan.

  19. Suboxone saves lives. I’ve been an addict for ten years and I’m coming up on a year sober thanks to being prescribed suboxone. It’s basically meant for addicts who have had no other success at staying sober. When you use heroin for ten years and than get sober, it’s not 7-10 days of withdrawal and sickness. Try weeks or even months. I know from experience. Mostly all addicts after that long of withdrawal are going to make 1 of 2 choices. Relapse or get suboxone assisted treatment. And we all know that with the extremely potent heroin nowadays, there’s a really good chance dying from an overdose. So that’s what I would any mother out there who has a kid struggling with addiction. Do you want a dead kid or a kid who’s on suboxone. I’m not praising the drug I’m just saying that it works for millions of addicts. Can it be abused? Of course. Just like any other medication since the beginning of time. If there is a drug or medication on this planet that can alter the way you feel than there will always be someone to abuse it. Just sayin the whole cold turkey let the addict be sick so they won’t want to use drugs again doesn’t work. Maybe in some people’s minds they believe it but it don’t work like that. I have my life back because I’m in suboxone assisted treatment and take it responsibly as prescribed. Way too many people are dying from heroin these days who don’t have to. and the whole snorting it thing obviously anyone who is an addict is gonna try it. He might feel somethin from it, she might not. Everyone’s different. Best to take it as prescribed from my experience. Ain’t worth the time to crush it up

  20. Hey everyone. Im a 20 year old opiate addict. I’ve been smoking heroin for about 6 months now at about a half gram a day. before that i was taking anywhere from 15-60mg of oxy to either get high or just to feel normal once i was very addicted. i got into contact with an h dealer and havent looked back. i refuse to steal or hurt anyone for my addiction. ive paid anyone ive ever borrowed money from back and ive never thought to steal to get high. im in a situation now where i know i cant get through this weekend i need to smoke at least .2 to feel okay and thats just for the morning/afternoon. knowing that subs last 24 hrs i bought 6 8mg pills in order to hopefully be okay. im waiting on a lump some of money to buy 2 weeks worth but im not sure how im going to find someone with that much. im really nervous and from what i have seen from programs i am very turned off to the idea of trading in my descion making for sobriety. i understand that at this point its probably the only option but its terrifying knowing ill be essentially under watch forever. i hope this goes well and im able to achieve sobriety myself. i have a plan to get off heroin but im not sure ill be able to find someone with the amount of pills i need.

  21. I can’t get pain pills due to being a chronic overdoser but I have serious back issues and one of my friends told me to snort her suboxene and honey it works… I don’t get “high” but the pain goes away even for four hours and to me that’s freaking amazing

  22. Trisha EVERYONE throws up the first few days of using Suboxone ..fact just have to get past that point ..if you have been successful staying off the opiates without the suboxone and feel ok ..then wonderful ..stay there and if you feel yourself slipping ..try to take it again ..otherwise ..just get some counseling and maybe join a group of former pain patients trying to live without the medication , join a gym with a good pool and Jacuzzi ..swim for muscle and Jacuzzi for pain treatment and make some friends . Good Luck .

  23. I read many of these posts and was sent off the deep end by a few of them …namely ..Sandy ..the stepmother of two opiate addicts who believes that her stepchildren have “traded one addiction for another ” . Wrong Sandy ..your stepchildren have taken a medicine that will stop them from dying from opiate overdose ..that is the point of maintenance programs ..An opiate or Heroin addict risks ODing and dying with each and every dose ..Suboxone cuts that risk by over 80% because they cannot OD on suboxone ..despite what the supposed professional said lol ..Methadone is nowhere near as effective at reducing ODs ..THAT Madame is the goal of Suboxone keep people alive while they detox and go through rehab and therapy ..while on a maintenence drug that prevents their deaths . In my opinion ..the method of delivery of this miracle drug is unimportant as long as they are taking it ..Yes it has a street value because there are very few doctors being allowed to prescribe it .(all doctors who can prescribe opiates should be allowed in my opinion) ..and as a result very few addicts are being reached and treated for opiate and heroin addiction so they will look for the medicine when they can’t get the drug they are addicted to . It also treats pain for chronic pain patients without risk of addiction to the opiates so you will also see pain patients who are being kicked from pain clinics at a phenomenal rate across the country with no options looking for some pain relief ..the only difference is ..they will not kill themselves on this drug because its a near impossibility order to suffer an OD with suboxone have to take lots of other drugs WITH it ..which would mean it was a suicide ..not an accidental OD ..I hope this helps you to understand why your stepchildren are better off on this medication than off it .

  24. I don’t know the science behind this, but i can asure you that you’ll get high by snorting it. First time i ever tryed it i snorted 1 mg, and then another 0.5 mg half an hour later. I puked like crazy and got high as a kite. I had no tolerance, never tried opioids before and no refence about how i should feel. This was not placebo, that’s for sure. I got really sick.

    If science says you shouldn’t be able to get high by snorting it, then science need to have a second look. You do get high.

  25. People aren’t fully understanding of Suboxone treatment from what I have read on this blog. The point of Suboxone is not to trade one addiction for another. It is to give people the opportunity to see what life can be like not living the addict lifestyle. It’s a wonderful thing to have this drug available. Yeah people will get addicted but that’s not the point of Suboxone. Also just so everyone knows when snorting or swallowing Suboxone the acids in your nose and stomach eats away most of your medicine. So your not getting all of that medication. People feel high bc they are addicted to snorting and their brain releases dopamine that makes them feel high. Even if a person snorts a non narcotic they will get some type of high bc of the dopamine in the brain. I am so thankful for the Suboxone program bc without it I don’t know where I would be today. I have never been in rehab but I made a choice to try a Suboxone program along with counseling and proud to say I’ve been in recovery for a year and a half. It all boils down to what the addict is really trying to get from the Suboxone. If they want it to stay high then they obviously want to continue to be an addict. #sothankfulforsuboxone.

  26. I was recently put on suboxone to come off opiates. (lortab 7.5) which I had been on 15 years, daily as prescribed. I made an attempt a while back to cold turkey it but by day 3 went back to the lortabs. My experience with suboxone was not good. I waited 24 hrs as directed, after taking my last lortab, before I took half an 8mg tab. I was sick within 20 minutes (I will say I had zero pain) and took the next dose 8 hrs later. right after taking it I began to vomit and could not stop. Violent dry heaves ensued for 24 hours. I stopped taking them and when I was able I contacted my dr. who also said dont take any more. So here I am a week off opiates, can’t take subs, and I am doing ok. not 100% but moving forward and not sick. I was just wondering if anyone else has this happen to them?

  27. Brandon if you consider yourself to have a “huge” oxy tolerance at just 80mg you don’t know what an actual large tolerance is. I used to snort 3 80mg oxys at one time. Then when I switched to heroin I was shooting about a half a gram at once. If you are feeling high from snorting just 2mgs of suboxone your tolerance really isn’t that high. Also I’m not sure why any doctor in their right mind would put you on 24mgs a day if you told the truth and were only do 80mgs of oxy a day. Your body can’t even absorb the full 24mgs. The standard dose for someone who does about a gram of heroin a day is only 8-16mgs a day.

  28. Suboxone is a great drug when used properly. But, the withdrawls are way worse than those associated with most other opiates, even heroin! In fact, I have used heroin to get off of suboxone. This is due to the drugs half-life, 48-72 hrs, as compared to hydro/oxy-codone 4 -8 hrs. If I go cold turkey with suboxone or methodone detox, I won’t feel first symptoms for about 72 hrs. The worst of it lasting about a week; fatigue, nausea, restlessness, cold sweats, etc…and mild symptoms can last for 3 mos or up to 1 yr!!! Eating (even if you can’tn keep it down) and staying hydrated are very important. And of course, valium and weed are a must! Tapering down slowly is the best method, however, and unfortunately, the almighty dollar seems to keep the Dr.’s wanting to drag out the process much longer than is needed. And at $300+ a pop for an office visit, 100 patients a day, it must be tempting for them!!! Not to mention the kickbacks from the pharmacuetical companies. Regardless the end will be painful. But it works. I am off at the moment. But sobriety is a daily struggle that will last your entire life. I get up every day and have to make a decision not to get high. It works most days. And your biggest enemy is alcohol!!!!!! That is the true gateway drug. And mixing methadone or suboxone with any benzo’s is a very bad idea. I have losty 4 close friends to this combination!

  29. Ive been reading e everyone s comments and as far as subs and methedon I wish I could hear someone tapering and being 100%sober. I thought these where taper off program s

  30. I’ve been seeing this guy for a couple months who is “clean” but he’s not he’s on something I can’t figure it out he took a drug test but I know it’s bullshit. He is constantly wiping his nose cause he’s got a “cold” but no tissues or congestion just a “runny nose” that doesn’t run. His hands also seem stiff like his pinkey is a little out and his hands don’t look doesn’t look relaxed. We have sex and he is hard a lot but cums fast. Wtf is going on I care about him but if he’s using I can not be a part of it. How the hell can I tell for sure I HUGE on proof and I need and answer. He says he has no heroine cravings and is t on anything I know that’s bullshit too I have a few friends in recovery who confirmed that’s almost impossible. Please help me. Idk what to do

  31. The people here saying “it’s a racket, you’re trading one addiction for another” either are not addicts themselves, or have no idea what they’re talking about.
    Being addicted to dope; losing jobs, friends, wives/husband/children, losing your home, possibly dying and if not beating the shit out of your body, teeth falling out, never having money, living in “crisis-stage” 24 hours a day/7 days a week/365 days a year.

    Getting off dope but having to take suboxone to maintain for possibly years; having to go to a doctor appointment a couple times a month, having to see a therapist to stay on the program, getting your life/self worth, friends/families/lovers staying with you and ACTUALLY ENJOY HAVING YOU AROUND, holding down a job, etc.

    It is NOT just trading one addiction for another. Yes you may be dependant on them for a while, but after going years of bit being high, when you’re ready to stop and taper you’ll no longer be yearning for that “high feeling,” it’s been years since you’ve felt it anyway.
    What you’re REALLY doing is c”trading one LIFESTYLE for anther Lifestyle! ” Those arguments I’ve mentioned are glib and betray an ignorance in those using it (notice I didn’t say “stupidity,” I said “ignorance”; you don’t know what you’re talking about.
    DO NOT LISTEN to people who say this to you. They’re NOT the people you want to listening to when you’re using to get better. People who say these things will always find some reason to make you feel like you’re not achieving anything.
    If they’re addicts themselves (I doubt most are, more than likely it’s someone they know, and are angry at, which may be warranted) theyv don’t really want to get clean to begin with. If it’s a family member that’s addicted; you may want to do some self assessment and ask if these ideas you have will really benefit the addict. They won’t, and if you have this attitude with them, you’ll just make it worse.

    If either case, if they (if their the addict) or the loved one (if there is one) go into the program or their friend/family member does, they’ll be singing a different time when in there period of a couple months, all of a sudden that person you ” used to know, but thought was gone forever ” suddenly comes back. When they either feel, or see the spark of light return to their eyes, when all of a sudden there IS the possibility of a future for that person when just a w months ago the only outcome you could see was prison or death, you see why those statements are you’ve made stress not true.
    The argument about “it’s just a money making scheme” is ridiculous. This argument can be made for anything. “Cancer treatment is just a money making scheme, think about it; how many people get it but die anyway?” Sounds like a stupid thing to say didn’t it? The statement about suboxone isn’t really any different, expert the person merging this treatment is an addict instead of cancer patient.


  33. Listen please those of you who aren’t an addict, and j say this with the upmost respect thank you for dealing with your loved ones whom are addicts but if they are trying to get help by taking suboxone don’t ever .. evvvvverrrrrrr be judgemental and say I don’t get it, it’s just one addiction replacing another addiction because it’s not. Albeit suboxone is not magic the effect in which it helps along with therapy in order for an addict to obtain peace of mind and become abstinent from opiates l.. as an addict we understand those of you who aren’t addicts and we understand that you truly can not relate.. that would be like a man telling you he knows exactly how you feel as a woman giving birth… so when and if a family member brother,sister, mom,dad,wife,husband comes to you and tells you they are addicted and want to get off you need to sit and listen and support addiction is literally pure hell and a lot of people say they have no remorse because an addict put themselves there while this is true in one sense at the same rate we hate ourselves for what we do how we are and it is literally almost uncontrollable… so just to reiterate please understand the addicted mind, don’t hate or judge if they want help, and for the love of all things good if they want help and have tried cold turkey and keep relapsing don’t make them go through it over and over allow them to be on maintenance because what you don’t understand going back and forth you feel like you need to push as much as possible and goin through the physical and mental dependant the cold sweats the aching bones the shits the headaches no sleso the hallucinations it’s literally hell it quite honestly feels like your dying every time you have to deal with this … thank you for reading

  34. I don’t usually comment on threads such as this but I really need to voice my opinion and experience with this issue. I have been on Suboxone for about ten years now and while I appreciate the medication being available to me, I almost wish it wasn’t. For me, Suboxone is not recovery. Regardless of ROA, theirs a high involved. I had a job not long ago at a call center were my performance and productivity was measured. There was a starteling decline being on Suboxone vs not. It’s hard to explain but it almost takes your mental edge away. Now the only reason I’m taking it it’s because I can’t go through withdrawal. And for me, withdrawal from suboxone is the same, if not worse, in comparison to Other Drugs. I have talked to my doctor about stopping, but there is little support for that. Reguardless of how one gets addicted to the point of dependence, I do not support the idea of suffering threw it alone. That kind of attitude is why we have this epidemic. The “you did it, now deal” kind of thinking is so wrong. We all have a very long way to go when it comes to understanding addiction and an even further way to go as far as finding a solution. Suboxone is defiantly a step in a better direction for someone, but we really have no solid solutions for this. Kuddos to all the solber folks!

  35. some “addicts” use a different ROA to avoid paying ridiculous amounts of money to corrupt pharma companies. insufflation is PROVEN to have higher bioavailability, therefore less is needed to maintain status quo. some people I know we’re able to significantly lower their dose when adjusting their ROA…. like from 8mg almost down to 4, and that’s with only insufflating 1.5mg of the total dose

  36. Typically rehab prescribes suboxone for 3 days, thats for opiate addicts, to get through the worst part of detox (the first 3days) and then you dont get anymore. Why doctors are prescribing it for longer than that, makes no sense to me. It is just as addictive as opiates. And I know from experience that the withdrawal from subs is even worse than withdrawal from heroin!!!!

  37. Im 29 years old. been taking pain pills for 7 or 8 years now subutex/suboxone is a great thing i was snorting 10/15 roxy 30s a day and barley got high my buddy started getting subutex gave me a few i started out snorting them and loved them i been going to the doctor getting suboxone taking it like im supposed to and i am at relief i dont feel like i should snort them it was very tempting at first but i am trying to get off the pills all together and i feel like if you are snorting them to get highthen maybe you need more help then suboxone maybe you need psychological help and should talk with someone its really a great drug if used as prescribed dont abuse it or you might as well buy oxytocin and so one and you dont get no higher i was snorting 3 to 4 subutex 8mg a day and now i take 3 a day by mouth now and feel the same way as if i snorted the subutex you are doing nothing more then being stupid by snorting them and if your really wanting off the opiates then why abuse the suboxone/subutex

  38. It is also important to note that snorting buprenorphine DOES change the bioavailability from about 30% up to about 50%, so more is absorbed into the bloodstream. While the acidic environment CAN have an effect, the bioavailability is also raised by an intranasal route of administration.

  39. Balls all day why – What are you talking about? Try putting a comma or a full stop here and there, that sentence is just a long string of words that make no sense. Besides who are you directing your rage at?

  40. My girl needs real help stop plying with fire just saying it for your family I don’t care about you did it stop the pain grow some and stop dumb asses

  41. I’m snorting my 1/8th of a 2 MG film – in a teaspoon with a couple of drops of water. Why? Because I want to get off SBX . I’m over 50 and know I will never abuse opiates again. Apparently if you snort it you wont get the bad half-life withdrawals which I will know about in a week when I’m finally down to 0. Also I don’t believe that snorting a tiny dose like this is hurting any tissues as I’m only doing it for the last week of my tapering. Taking SBX sublingually will most definitely cause it to remain in your system and cause horrible withdrawals.

  42. Hello Elizabeth. The symptoms that you describe seem to indicate opioid withdrawal. Suboxone is mainly used to treat opiate addiction, not pain.

  43. My boyfriend abuses soboxon by snorting a half to a whole 8mg (I think) a day! Can it cause him to be hateful? I noticed if he hasn’t had them in a few days he starts sweating, feeling sick, cramps! He is in a lot of pain due to torn maniscus disks (I spelled that wrong)… He takes them for energy at work so he doesn’t hurt so bad! Is this true? We didn’t start fighting til I noticed he takes them!

  44. My Personal experience as a consumer is that Snorting Suboxone provides a more rapid drug intoxication then under the tongue especially when a few drops of water are used to moisten the nasal passages after snorting the Suboxone. As far as street value there is a thriving Suboxone black market in Philadelphia PA. The main Market is along Kensington Ave on the prefrials of the larger Heroin and Cocaine Market. Suboxones or SUBS or Strip sell for $10.00 a pill and whole scripts are flipped for Wholesale at $5.00 a pill

  45. Hello everyone,

    I came across this article because I am always doing research on new medication I am taking. Anyways, My story began when I was 16 after a ski accident. I had a major concussion, with many broken ribs. So, I was prescribed to take vicodin after about a week so my brain could recover a bit from the concussion before I began any pain medication. Well, at 16 taking a few vicodin had me feeling very high but at that time I really didn’t consider it to be very pleasurable and I was under the watch of my parents. Soon after I recovered and went on with my normal life. A few years passed without ever thinking of pain medication. Then I went off to college and everything seemed to be going my way. Well, one evening I got a call from my mother and she told me the news that she was getting a divorce from father. What was painful were the details of what my father did to my mother that went under the rug for so many years. When I found out about everything I wanted my anger towards my father to go away, and the pain for my mother to just dissolve into an ocean of nothingness. So, I recollected my memory and remembered how I had felt on vicodin. I soon asked my mates if anyone knew where to find any pain medication and eventually I was given the number of a local dealer. I called him up and he gave me some oxymorphone, generic for Opana. If anyone here is familiar with opana then you will know how powerful of a drug this is. I soon became addicted, calling this dealer almost every day for a year. If I couldn’t come up with the money I would think of ways to ask my dad for money. In the back of my head I would think maybe if I took his money this would be a way for me to get back at him for what he did to my mother. This went on for many years. Through out these years I saw myself become a monster. things I loved become dull and boring as did people I was close with. I truly hated who I became and I didn’t know where to turn. I knew if I were to go on like this I would surely die. I finally got help from a psychiatrist who was able to treat my addiction. He prescribed me suboxone. I wanted to break away from the demons I had buried deep within me, so I told myself I would use this drug only as prescribed and not retreat to old habits. I can honestly say that this drug has saved my life. If I had gone on with my addiction with opiates, I would either be dead or living in the streets. People will do what they want, we are curious beings. I cannot tell anyone to not take drugs, but if my story can reach out to anyone, I want you to know you are not alone. Don’t let a little pill find you happiness. Of course you will get high, though this high is short lived and eventually you will find yourself gripped within the hand of addiction. I still struggle with my demons to this day, but knowing that I can find pleasure in this life without opiates, this is truly high within itself. I hope anyone struggling with opiate addiction can find it within themselves to get help. There is a life out there waiting for you.

  46. also, to jessi: the half life of suboxone is really freaking long, so it’s more important to go longer and longer without it than it is to take less and less. apparently it depends on metabolism but if you have a really fast metabolism like i do, say the half life may be 24 hours, so if you take 2 mg one day, and another 2 mg 24 hours from that you will actually have 3 mg in your system, 2 mg the next day puts you at 3.5 mg in your system and so on… so if you keep taking the same amount every day you are actually building up. which is why it is important not only to taper down but also to wait as long as you can physically stand waiting for your next dose.

  47. yes suboxone comes in a film, and in a pill. also who prescribes anyone that much suboxone? i was shooting 3 grams of heroin a day and i started on 24 mg of buprenorphine my first day and 24 days later am down to 2 mg a day. where i’m going to stay for a while and then taper more so i have some time to rebuild my life before making the final drop off .my doctor just prescribed me the 2 mg strips so that i can cut them into like, .8, .6, .4, .2, .1 mg etc . much easier to taper with the strips than the pills it’s easier to cut them up, there is no way to snort them, and with the suboxone as opposed to the subutex you can’t melt them down to shoot them. the only thing the naloxone does in the suboxone is prevents you from shooting up your medication. it has no affect when ingested sublingually . woot suboxone is a life saver, and i’m so grateful to have a prescription even if it costs me a ridiculous amount of money. i probably won’t be too grateful for it when i make the jump off of it completely and am puking and kicking and crawling out of my skin for 11+ days, but hopefully with the strips i will be able to taper down to a small enough dose that it will be bearable with gods help . good luck everybody on their journey back to life, health, and sanity.

  48. There are a lot of stronge opinions about Suboxone. I am curious because my best friend is using it (not prescibed) but she has no insurance so I don’t blame her for that. However she has been snorting it. Now I myself am a person who has been though the shit. We were both addicted to oxy’s for at least three years. I however, tappered off, which was easy to do with my funds running dry and its availability running low as everyone needed much more to sustain their habits. I researhced my options: methadone is just another opiate, rehab was expensive and personally the thought of being surrounded by other former drug addicts and talking about drugs all day didn’t seem fun. So I sold my most prized posession, my computer, and bought a plane ticket, went to hawaii, worked on a farm. I didn’t tell anyone I was still goign through opiate withdrawls but sweating and working hard made my detox go so much better. I was able to sleep at night by week 1 and had a cabin all to myself and worked by myself. So if I had to take a break get water and vomit, it was all good lol. Point being, I am still skepitcal about suboxone. I asked her what it would do to me (I have been clean for 4 years) she said it would get me high and offered me some. I had to say no. I don’t think her taking suboxone so much after a year is okay, but I am still not sure as to how the chemical affects you. She doesn’t seem super high or irrational, yet it still doesn’t seem right seeing her take pills.

  49. can someone please tell me does suboxone only come in a pill form? my bf recently came off of drugs…so he told me he is taking suboxone to help him,,,,but i notice IT IS A PILL!!! the thing he is taking is a orange like film….please help me i love this man but my life has been on hold for 6yrs now and if he is still doing drugs and not being honest with me i will def be upset cuz i have been their for him and all i want is for him to be honest!!!! please email me with info…

  50. No, use it like directed. Go get high on some other drug and leave Suboxone to the people that want to get better.. When you are ready to stop getting high use this drug as directed and your life will change. I am sick of addicts trying to snort, or shoot up suboxone. It is because of you that this drug has a bad name. So get busy living or get busy dieing.

  51. ive been on suboxone for over two years. am i still addict? yes i am. am i much better off now than where i use to be? yes. is my life managable? yes. Suboxone is a big crutch for me. im happy with my life tho and isnt that whats important here. suboxone fills that big hole inside me and helps me get through everyday WITHOUT SHOOTING HEROIN! i would rather take a half of a sub pill everyday than risk be overrun with the urge to shoot dope. cause when im high on heroin….im ur worst nightmare!!!!

  52. It appears that there are two ways to successfully use Suboxone; long term maintenance program or very short term.

    Long term: It’s way better then regular opiates for you and those around you, but once you’re hooked on them you’re stuck on them. Doing a really good taper plan down to a 1/2mg a day will still leave you with a 2-3 week withdrawal when you quit, although it wont be as rough as regular w/d’s. It seems like most doctors aim for this one.

    Short term: This would be the way to go for most people aiming at not being addicted to anything. Start your suboxone after you are deep into opiate withdrawals* with a 2mg dose (cut your strip or pill up into even parts). Wait 25 minutes and if you dont feel better, take 2mg more. Repeat until you feel ok but no more then 8mg total. Seriously, no more then 8mg total. That will work for even very heavy, long term heroin users.

    Wait 24 hours, take half your original dose. Stay on that for the next 4-5 days. At day 6 (or sooner if you’re brave) start reducing your dose by 1/2mg a day until you’re down to 1/2mg. At any point if you go into w/d’s, take another 1/2mg and stay with that new dosage for 3 days before resuming going down by 1/2mg’s.

    Once you’re comfortable at 1/2mg doses a day, start skipping days. Suboxone lasts for three days in your system so you should feel ok. If you skipped a day and felt ok, then take your 1/2mg and skip two days. Then take a 1/2mg and skip three days. At that point, the suboxone has had time to go away so you’re free and clear. At any point during the skipping of days you start to feel unmanageable withdrawals, go back to the previous step and stay with that for 2-3 days before resuming the taper.

    Basically, the goal is to be totally off of them before 30 days and preferably before 3 weeks. That way you wont have had time to get addicted to them. Suboxone withdrawals are strong for WEEKS and mild w/d’s can last six months to a year. You dont want to be on them long term.

    Don’t snort them. It might work and/or get you “high”, but you don’t want that if you want to not be addicted to any “drugs”.

    * Note to people on Methedone: Methedone has a long life in the body so you have to be in withdrawals longer then pretty much anyone else before you can take Suboxone. If it wont mess up your life it might be worth switching to Oxys a week or two before you start your Suboxone. People on Oxys need to wait 24 hours from their last opiate; Methedone users have to wait 48 hours. It is the most exquisite pain imaginable so cutting off half of it will be nice. If there’s a remote chance doing that will destroy your life or make your habit worse, then don’t switch, just hang tough for that first 48.

    Last bit of help here: If you got here because of pain then you’ve seen the rabbit hole of hell that pharmaceuticals can give you in the long run. I suggest moving to a state that has legalized medical marijuana. I think a third of states have so far. It doesnt work for everyone (what does?), but if it does work it’ll be a game changer for you. Ever seen someone crying with relief the first time they smoked pot for pain and it worked? I have and it’s a glorious thing. 🙂

    I love you people out there and wish you all the best.

    – MB

  53. I have been on Suboxone for 5 years. I never got above 8mg. I am currently on 2mg a day. I have snorted it in the past and didn’t notice any difference.

    I briefly came off it in September and I relapsed on oxys for 2 months and it was living hell. I thought I could make it without the subs and thought well I am not sober.

    I am sooooo lucky to be back on it. In 5 years I got an apartment and I work part time and I socialize. The only thing is sometimes I feel it zaps my motivation but after this relapse I am motivated to stay on it and live life on life terms.
    The thing is I didn’t even get high. I got down to 1mg and jump off and waited a week before I used and I didn’t get high at all. I used a suffcient amount of oxys every day and just felt why am I doing this.

    Low dow suboxone therapy works for me and it kept the wolves at bay. Snorting it I feel for me would be just doing old behavior and those no need for that. I wake up at 6 and take my 2mg and coffee and I am ready to face the day.
    I don’t wake up sick or wondering where to get my fix and my life is managable again. Suboxone is a good medication and I do think its prescribed in too high of doses but to each their own. I was lucky and got back but I will tell you in those two months I almost lost everything I worked for in 5 years and thankfully I am back. Use the suboxone well and just remember how much work it was getting high and just using to not be sick.
    I was thinking of switching to methadone but I have friend on it and they tell me if suboxone works for you then go once a month and your free. Not liquid handcuffs and I don’t have to walk to the clinic in a snowstorm.
    I hope everyone the best and living a life taking one med is not a bad thing hell most people will be taking something at one point in their life whether its for high blood pressure, sugar or cholesteral.

  54. Hi J. Yes, I understand what you’re asking: Do lower doses of opiate or opioid medications decrease the severity of withdrawal symptoms?

    Well, first off: Suboxone withdrawal is not considered to be as severe as withdrawal from other narcotics. And generally, the severity of withdrawal symptoms is more severe the higher dosage of an opioid. However, the severity of self-reported withdrawal symptoms varies during detoxification of opioid-dependent people and depends on your own personal tolerance for them. Therefore, it is difficult to predict the intensity of buprenorphine withdrawal, an although you’ve done your best to taper, it may be time to stop dosing completely.

  55. Simply NOT TRUE. If you snort suboxine you need WAAAYY less to feel its effects. Dont know why.Ive been on it for 2 Years…. Snorting so i dont have to take more. been on a quarter (sometimes less sometimes more) ruffly the whole time. … concern is: It feels like im on a whole pill…. but if i just stop will i get sick as if i was on a whole pill (cause that what it feels like)?… or will i be less sick cause its only a quarter. Understand?

  56. Man Im still snorting the suboxone and only using it for a few months now and i get high everyday on them. Thats for real. Snort 4 mg of suboxone you will be lit.

  57. Some peoples opinion actually matters. Been on Suboxone for 3 yrs nown Thank God everyday for my life back. down to 4mgs a day n will skip days too without a prob. It’s mind over matter for the most part. I honestly wish everyone well in recovery n hope u realize what opiate dependence did to ur life and how easy it could be to go back! I personally, after 8 yrs of dependence ran from it never to look back. yes, I’m still on Suboxone but I’m alive and clear headed! My life does not revolve around “how can i get high from this” anymore. I’ve read so many blogs about diff ways to get a buzz on subs. please stop n think about what ur doing. what if it was ur family member recovering who had no clue of other ways to use suboxone? Please don’t encourage people who r struggling with new and improved ways to get high! It can be just as destructive if abused as opiates! U recover ur way n let the rest of us recover ours! Good luck to u all!

  58. I have been on oxy 30’s for the last 4 years. The last year they added a Fentyl 100mg patch as well. My oxy usage began almost 10 years ago with a herniated disk and degenerative disk disease. 3 weeks ago i finally came to the realization that my 30’s were no longer working when i could take up to 35 a day with little relief. I went to a suboxone Dr. who was amazing and gave me all the information. It has been good for “resetting” my system but I am very anxious to get back on a “real” pain killer for my back. that would be the only complaint i have about the suboxone is that it doesn’t control my existing pain as well as i was hoping.
    I wish you all the best out there as you move forward and get better. All i can tell you is ultimately it is worth it!

  59. These comments would serve people so much better if you stuck to facts and kept your opinions out of it. You are so mired in the past model of addiction. Quit judging.

  60. I was on 110 mgs of Methadone for 4 years, tapered down to 30mgs. the last year. after 5 days of Methadone Withdrawal, I took 4 mgs. of Sub first day. That was enough to make me feel quite a bit better, so didn’t take 2nd 4mgs. By Day two, I felt great, had my appetite back etc.
    Just as Adam said, when you go from full blown Opiod Withdrawal to Suboxone, it feels amazing.
    I tried a 7 day taper, going down 1/2 mg a day until zero. Went right back into Opiod Withdrawal, not quite as physically satanic as the Methadone, but perhaps a little more mentally and emotionally fucked.
    had to start taking Subs again. Started with .5 mgs. for first couple days, wasn’t stable so went to 1 mg.
    Woke up this morning feeling like shit. Don’t like/trust the sublingual dosing (doesn’t seem consistent). snorted it, felt better way sooner, not sure if i felt it any more(don’t really care, just need to not feel sick).
    Over the years, I have kicked H many times Cold Turkey, seemed way easier than Opiods, even when I was coming off stupidly high tolerance (8 ball a day).
    In my humble opinion, anyone who hasn’t got an Opiod wire yet, STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!
    Doctor assisted maintenance is another way for the “man” to keep tabs on you. I would only recommend Methadone or Suboxone maintenance as a last resort (life and death).

    But that’s just me…

    Best of Luck to Us All !!!!

  61. One other quick note… For all you guys that are saying ” I just found suboxone, this is a miracle drug! I haven’t had oxys in 2 days and feel wonderful, I’m done with them forever”!!!! Well that is how subs make u feel the first several times u take them or if your withdrawing badly when you take them.. AMAZING…Keep in mind you r not going to get a high like this off them after a while and basically will just feel normal and not crappy when u take em. That is when if your not truly ready to be done u will go seek out something to get u high again. And if you take long term and stop u will have same terrible withdrawals as from any other painkiller… I was not aware of this when I first took them or I would have only taken VERY sparingly for about 4-7 days to get through withdrawal, which is what I suggest to those who don’t want the long term maintainance approach..

  62. First off sandy, Linda and several others said was “I have never been addicted to anything but” EXACTLY youv never been addicted so u have no clue.. As for suboxone being labeled as trading one addiction for another is complete nonsense.. MAJOR differences being that when u r hooked on other painkillers u will spend 95% of your waking life looking for more to keep from withdrawal,blow every dime u have, then even when u have them u have to slip off to bathroom every 30-45 minutes to take more, while your mood is up and down back up and back down,you r irritable as all hell and will take it out on people u love… But as for suboxone, you simply put one under your tongue in the morning and go on about your normal daily business. No constant up and down mood, no continuous search for fix, no pawning your grandmas wedding ring to make it through a day and 1/2 without withdrawal. You can actually live a normal life. VERY different. I do agree about docs/pharmacy making money off it and that it is just as hard to stop using as any opiate.

  63. Listen, to whoever doubts and those that say your just switching one drug for another. Suboxone is like any other drug, except after using it for 2 days or so at a given dose you will lose the high and only have a feeling of normalcy, that aside it can still be abused, it can be a wonder drug though. I was doing 3-6 Oxycontin 80’s a day, I literally could not keep up with it anymore, began stealing and lying to get my fix. I finally got to the point where noone trusted me and I could not support my habit, I was literally to the point of switching between thoughts of suicide and thoughts of high crime (like bank or pharmacy robbery) Then I saw something about suboxone, I found a wonderful doctor who started me out on 16MG a day (btw you have to be in withdrawls when you start or you will go into what they call precipated withdrawl- which is like super withdrawls) I have since been moved down to 8 MG, then 4, then 2. Soon I’ll be on 1MG a day and then I’ll be off of opiates forever. I will say this, you have to find the right doc cause some only care about money and will never move you down to a lower dose (or take way too long doing so) Thats the doctors fault though, not the drugs, this stuff is amazing and has saved my life, and my relationship with everyone I care about. I attend NA meetings now and live a normal regular life, I’ve tried to repay all I’ve done wrong but what I’m most concerned about is reearning their trust, thats a process and I’ll do what I got to. On the subject of snorting it, I can say without a doubt that it does have a stronger effect, but if your serious about coming off of it what I did (and it seemed to work well for me) is take your doses normally, then when you get dropped down to a lower dose maybe snort your medication for a week or two as you get used to the lower dose, then switch back to under the tongue. Made the tapering off much easier for me. I hope everyone else here with a problem finds a good doctor and follows the program correctly (I know I’m not following it 100% correctly, but my snorting is for a purpose and I stop once I start feeling normal again after a lowering) Just a viewpoint and advice from someone who has been there, and now can finally see the light at the end of the addiction tunnel.

  64. I have been abusing suboxone frequently for the past year. I started abusing 30mg percocet and 80mg Oxycontin (until they switched to that gel form so you cant snort it now) and once those got to expensive and unavailable, a friend told me about suboxone. They are much cheaper and easier to acquire since anyone can pretty much walk into a clinic say “I do pills and Heroin” and boom youre now on subs. I have gone through with actual opioid withdrawal from both pills and heroin and I must say that nothing, absolutely NOTHING feels worse than withdrawals from subs. HOW IS THIS PILL LEGAL???

  65. Thanks for the suggestions Lisa and I agree some doctors are only concerned with money and not the well being of their patients. And most suboxone doctors want to keep you on it as long as possible because it keeps themthem in business. It sucks because I dont want to take these anymore. Now I feel like I’m addicted in a way. Does anyone have suggestions of dosage I should take to ween off and once I’m down to a certain amount am I supposed to skip days? Please any experience would be helpful. I’m def ready I know I could if it weren’t for the awful withdrawal symptoms. I’ve tried just stopping and the symptoms took full affect not even 48hours after I took last dose I was told they have 3day half-life. But please anyone thats been where I am I could use the help I take 1mg 2xs/day.

  66. Jessi – From experience, I would STRONGLY suggest you just get off of all of it if possible. Withdrawl stinks but you just have to do it. Sometimes I think the “doctors” for helping quit are as bad as the devils who sell it to begin with – Def w/the suboxen, cut it into pieces until you gradually get them smaller or cut pills into pieces, etc. and taper off – you can do it!!

  67. I think suboxone and meetings for the first 2yrs helped me change my life. But now almost 3yrs later I’m still on suboxone and I have tried to stop on my own but withdrawal is rough I think it’s a bit milder than opiates but more intense. I have tried to go to docs to practice to me but it’s either so expensive visit+prescription or not accepting new patients. I take ab 2mg day from a friend but she barely takes em just to not be sick if dge doesn’t have drugs. I want to be tapered off n do u think a doctor would help me or just look at me like I’m abusing since not prescribed to me? Ppl suggested that I go use and than go to doc, but I’m happy being -somewhat free- atleast from oxys. I lost any and all desire to get high thank god bc I lost everything! Is it possible for drs to prescribe meds that help with suboxone withdrawl? Anyone I’m open to suggestions. Suboxone is a miracle without it who knows where I’d be maybe even dead, but I’m ready to move forward with my life to full recovery. Thanks

  68. Hi Derek. It sounds like you are snorting Suboxone to avoid withdrawal. But there are other more medically approved ways to avoid opiate withdrawals. I’d suggest that you seek help from a medical doctor and look into opiate replacement therapy. There is a solution for you and you don’t need to continue snorting Suboxone on your own!

  69. I don’t worry about getting high it’s about not being sick for me I have do doing pills for about 11 years now, I snort them I’m trying to quit so I have buy some Suboxone and I don’t know if it get me high or not but I know when I snort it I’m not sick

  70. I do all sorts of drugs. On a regular. I recently ran out of dilaudid (which is my fav) and started suboxone. I been on it for a week before I snorted it. Oh my goodness. So I cannot relate to this article, you get a good high snorting suboxone

  71. @heartbroken mom, truly sorry for your loss. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean any offence but your son did not die from the suboxone, he died from the benzos. When you get prescribed the suboxone the doctor clearly explains the dangers of taking benzos with suboxone. Hopefully this brings some closure to you. Once again sry for your loss.

  72. Thank you to everyone you shared there experience on snorting subs since thats what I typed in the search!!!! I’m concerned with someone doing it and needed to know honest results. Second, the withdrawls from opiates are physiclly painfull. Subs are meant to get you passed that… I felt no pain when stopping suboxin. So no your not substituting one drug for another!!!!!!

  73. I’m 48 and have been on 2 – 8mg subs for almost 3 years now. Recently i broke a bone in my foot and was prescribed percs in the ER. It used to take a lot to do anything so i wasn’t worried about getting too high with 15 – 5mg pills. But as soon as the percs were gone (12 hours) i found myself thinking about the ‘feeling’ of being high on opiates again.
    For twelve years i was high nearly 100% of the time from mostly morpine, oxys, percs, dilaudid, and whatever else i could get my hands on. I was not a drug user who eventually found painkillers. I chose painkillers because they were the only drug that made me feel ‘complete. It’s as if something is missing without opiates and i do not function properly without them. Of course the brainwashed docs will explain it as delusions from an addict but that’s where the problem lies.
    The language i see used in these articles and posts is much too judgmental. Not everyone can become addicted to opiates. For many people the ‘head’ is dopey and not desirable. Those of us who fought through opiate addiction do not feel complete without some element the opiates offer. Unfortunately, now we are in the medieval times when it comes to attitudes about drugs and drug use. The government, doctors and the education system are clueless. Drug use is treated the way depression and mental illness was treated until very recently. Now that pharmaceutical companies have concocted the anti-depressant, mental illness is no longer the dreaded – hide your crazy uncle in the attic – disease it once was. Until big pharma finds a way to make money on us, the opiate faithful, we will go on being treated like society’s refuse.

  74. wow….you sound like my ex’s mother….who forced her dauther to leave me over suboxone..which i get legally (8mg) a day..been on for a little over a year…get your facts striat…ppl have no idea what addicts go thru..yes we do it to ourselfs, but at some point dope and pills steal your soul!! suboxone saved me…good luck all and godbless!

  75. Suboxone is s miracle maintenance drug to help people with the cravings and when taken properly and tapered off of in the proper time frame honestly works wonders. Those who have never been addicted HAVE NO CLUE WHAT YOUR TALKING ABOUT!!

  76. Those who abuse it such as ur kids are the problem, not the drug. And for you to say all addicts should be forced to sit through withdrawls with nothing to ease the pain is cure, especially when many addicts are ppl with serious pain who are given this medicine by our gov for long periods of time witn our gov aware of the addictive roperties. Just like when heroin was administrered to soldiers as guinnea pigs.

  77. Wow.. First to sandy
    Your comment about this website being nothing more than a place van to swap techniques to get high is false and biased. Maybe some use this sight for this reason but I on the otherhand am here to find out more about suboxone and how I should handle my recovery. People who have found faith in suboxone don’t need you on this site dissing us for trying to help ourselves, like by lowering our doses, etc. Just bc your kids abuse this drug thus remaining active addicts doesn’t mean that everyone who uses it snorts it or abuses.

  78. Hi Thomas. Thank you for sharing your ideas and possible solutions to Suboxone use (alternative medication and help with withdrawal). I think that these merit some more research, and I can also write more on the topic.

    And Donny, I think that many people also share your position.

  79. what im saying is, suboxone is great, the mirical drug its made out to be. but in the hands of certain doctors it can be just as bad, or even worse, than heroin. if you are on suboxone you should always be thinking about when you are going to get off of it, before it is too late.

  80. Something has always bother me about suboxone, why is it that you can find millions of doctors that will give this stuff out, just don’t think this is a miracle drug, is there some type of kickback for every script written for Suboxone ? , here in the Southwest family practice-medical groups-pain management clinics are all on the list for Dr. that will prescribe Suboxone, I’m a Closet Junkie, no one has even know my drug use, I’m 61 year old male that has been abusing drugs for some time, Heroin & smoking Opium was an is my drug of choice, I don’t look are act 61, most people think i’m 38 to 45, I’ve been off street drugs since 1989, but have been on methadone since 1990, got on the way down to14 mg, and tried to cold turkey off, that didn’t last i was back to hard street drugs and dillaudid for a year, went back on methadone again for 4 years with 28 bottle of take home a month was able to have a good stash to kick the methadone, all the way down to 2 mg and ran out, now i’m on 6mg Suboxone i’m only in my 8 day of Suboxone, I guess what really get me is why can’t doctors see someone like me is really trying to get off drugs and write me a script for dilophine or methadose, I tried this with my Dr. but he gave me a script for 90 8mg Suboxone no problems at all, seems like the never ending story, business built on the pain and addiction of other, this Suboxone is really killing me, sick with cramps no appetite can’t sleep, any suggestion ? Back on methadone, any other drug ? thanks Thomas

  81. Thank you for sharing more about your experience with Suboxone, Donny. While some people believe that any kind of dependence on opiates is a kind of addiction, others find that the therapeutic dosing helps them live more participatory lives. But I do honor your position, and wish you the best in your recovery!

  82. Everyone of you should try to get off subs as soon as possible. believe me. I used to be a dopehead, i have been “clean” for six years. But I have been on subs for that whole time. I used to be perscribed 24 mg’s a day, that was 5 years ago. Now i take anywhere from one to two films a day.
    subs saved my life in one way and destroyed it in another. when i did dope i was happy sometimes, when i was high. now, after being on subs for the last six years i am never happy. Everyday is painful. it is hard to get myself to do anything. i have never been so depressed and hopelessly dependant.
    for the first 4 years of my sub treatment i never relapsed once, now i relapse every other day. and i never get high, i just wate mmy money on pillls and dope.
    then the next day i take subs.
    my doc left me on too long and of course i didnt argue. now i think i am doomed for the rest of my life.
    dont stay on them too long.

  83. yeah if you shoot suboxone and you have a heavy habit it may kill you if your not near a hospital, i called an ambulance cuz more or less as soon as i pushed down on the plunger i felt this Icy pressure of death descend on me and i wasn’t even able to breath! Only do this if you really want to die, I’m lucky i got to a phone in time.

  84. I was shooting oxy 30, heroin, up to ten times daily. Overdosing on xanax bars, shooting raw coke in speed-ball fashion, all 5 months ago! I was in the streets of nyc every night waiting to either kill or be killed…I went to a hospital after i injected suboxone in an effort to kill myself, I know what nalaxone is and i don’t know how i am still standing here. But i was inducted on sub and maintained at 16 mg within 2 days, and followed up with a private sub doctor where he continued my treatment. The doses are taken once daily and every month my dose is reduced by 1 mg. I use the strips. they are very easy to dose using an exact knife.

  85. Thanks so much for sharing more about your life, Brant. Yours is a success story, and we wish you luck in recovery and in all that you do.

  86. I have snorted, shot and taken under my tongue. “I can not stand the taste” was my excuse. It lets face it that was nothing more than the addict in me and not letti h go of bad behaviors. To all the people who have demonized this drug I would like to ask you, would you rather have your loved one on a drug given by a doctor and used as directed or stealing your credit cards, robbing your wallet, and taking your television to the dope man? This drug ahead saved my life and the lives of many many other addicts that I know. I have been on suboxone for a year an a half now after 8 years of heroin abuse and not just abuse. I used anywhere from a bundle to a brick of dope per day. I have a girlfriend now an apt (I was homeless before too) a car an idea of what I want to do with the rest of my life. And btw the naloxone is put into suboxone so you “don’t shoot it”. If taken as prescribed naloxone is rendered ineffective by the time the bupornorphin is in place in your receptors.

  87. Sean- The only time suboxone will ever cause you to go into w/d is if you take sub while you still have another opiate in your system.. the suboxone will begin to take the place of whatever other opiate is occupying your brain’s receptors. when the sub knocks the other drug out of your brain’s receptors, they are left empty, and that’s what causes precipitated w/d. And because suboxone also contains naloxone, you will go into precipitated w/d if you crush and inject your suboxone… so i hope you’re not seriously considering this. It would be in your best interest to take the sub as prescribed, even though you are still obviously still having junkie minded cravings. I’m not judging. I was addicted to oxycodone and oxymorphone for two years, and I’ve been on subs for only 6 months now, and i deal with cravings almost everyday. Hope this was helpful.

  88. Hi Chris. This sentence can be confusing. I believe that an “opioid naive” addict refers to an opiate addict who has been totally clean or abstinent from opiates for some time and returns to Suboxone.

  89. “But if an addict who is “opioid naive” (not used to taking opioids) snorts a Suboxone pill, they may feel high.”

    How can you be both an addict and opioid naive, if we’re discussing suboxone and opioid addiction? I mean they could be a crack addict I guess…but I’m thinking that by the author’s logic if one is experimenting with drugs/suboxone/opioids/marijuana/coke/YouGetTheIdea they are automatically an addict? That is just wrong.

  90. Hi Valerie,

    Thanks for your message. Are you are ready to seek medical help and go through withdrawal or the detox process for Suboxone? If so, you can email us your zip code and we’ll send you a file of treatment centers near you. Or you can search the treatment locator database on SAMHSA.

    Hope this helps!

  91. Hello, I’m just stopping by because I’m looking for help getting OFF of Suboxone. I’ve been on since it first came out…back when they were saying “its not addictive”! Yea…..riiiiight. Any way, just looking for some help off of this stuff. Any suggestions?

  92. Hi ghost. Medical administrations charge people less for out of pocket payment for many reasons: they recover their money more quickly, there is no overhead cost of administration, etc. Maybe you can ask more about payment scales at the clinic. If you are paying $130 for any medication, while another person without insurance pays less, perhaps you could set up the billing without insurance, as well.

  93. SEAN: You can find just about every answer to probably EVERY question you have about SUBS at Bluelight dot com (a very informative forum, with whole threads dedicated to education about Sub use, and everything in between. I am a member, and it is an awesome site…check it out!

  94. Bella-Even though the answer above is NO (what do they know,they’re doctors) lol YES you can.I have only done it once,because I heard you can automatically go into horrible w/drwls.
    But the day I did it,I had already taken a 1/4 of an 8mg pill…..But I still felt like crap.So I crushed another 1/4 up,busted it into 2 lines and did them both.Within minutes I felt it kicking in.It reminded me of the first time I took one.I def caught a buzz off it.But the drain (when it seeps down the throat) is naaaaasty!Its bad enough lettin them sit under ur tongue.
    So yes,you can.And after all,that is why they came out w/ the new suboxone films.To prevent abuse.
    BTW,I was thinking of trying a 1/4 Intravaneously (injecting into bloodstream) but I am little too scared…..Anyone w/ any experience in that?

  95. This is for Sandy… i was put on pain medication for back problems at the age of 35; the medication he put me on was Methadone! I had NEVER heard of it, nor had ever been an addict. Unfortunately however, I didn’t realize, until after taking it for a few months, it’s main use was to deter heroine addicts from using. I called the dr.’s office and asked if this was true, and they told me that it is also used for pain. Well, I didn’t like the fact that I was taking something like that, and decided to stop taking it; cold turkey. I went through a MONTH of what I think Hell must be like. Even after I was physically done withdrawling after that month, I couldn’t function normally with every day tasks. It’s called PAWS. Post Acute Withdrawl Symptom. And let me say that I had a 4 year-old that depended on me, and I was no good to him. A friend told me about suboxone, so began the program and am now doing great. If you take it the right way it is a life saver; I can’t imagine what my child would have went through had suboxone not been available to me. He would have lost his mother because a Dr. put her on Methadone for pain. So please think about all aspects before judging everyone and suboxone. God Bless

  96. Yes, suboxone does give you a little bit of a high(I wouldn’t say high more of a comforting feeling) but it is nowhere close to the high that oxy’s give you. And the most suboxone a person can take is 30mg because anymore than that and your body’s receptors turn off and don’t take in anymore, you can’t overdose on suboxone. Do you guys know how many people are clean of opiates from a very bad dependacy thanks to suboxone? Even if someone were to take suboxone everyday for the rest of their life without trying to come off of it that wouldn’t be anywhere near as bad as being addicted to opiates for your whole life. People who are addicted to opiates have to keep taking more and more as their tolerance goes up and that leads to overdose and most likely death! They as well revolve their life around opiates having to take an oxy just to get out of bed. Their family life gets ruined, they have no ambition, and they nod off from taking too much which is very dangerous if driving. Suboxone on the other hand you take 1 tablet or even less and you’re good for the whole day, no overdosing and you feel like a normal person, maybe a little bit if a numbing feeling depending how much you’re taking. You should be happy your kid is on suboxone instead of real opiates. Suboxone has saved my life, I thought my life would never get better at one point but I am loving life now!

  97. Oh poor Sandy… you have NO CLUE what you are talking about. I was prescribed opiates after a car accident that nearly killed husband died in the crash. I was so empty inside from losing him, the doctors kept giving me more and more and more 30s..on top of oxy 80s! I went thru hell with w/ds…sweating, chilling, diaherra, night sweats, pain (the worst ever, my entire body HURT), some judgemental individual as yourself will never understand.

    Suboxone saved my life. I started low, one 8mg daily and tapered after only one week. This was significant in my recovery. Subs are amazing bc you can get off opiates fast! WARNING: THERE ARE DRS THAT START YOU OUT TOOOO HIGH MGS FOR MONEY… You do not have to take them long at all, not like they say.. Taper down quickly and you can be normal again. I keep some for mental cravings as well, as I am hoping they will go away someday. I do NOT want to relapse… I CANT. I am clean and thanks to subs. They are a miracle from GOD. I had no w/d from subs! NONE, I promise. Methadone is highly addictive, plz use the sub method, but be aware of money hungry drs that try to get ppl hooked and give too high mg from the start. All opiate addicts, you can stop. I HAVE FAITH IN ALL OF YOU! We can do this. I recommend subs.

    Question, only out of curiosity, can you snort them? If so, can you get hi?? For bad craving days when one needs a bzzz and does not want to relapse. Please give me some info on SNORTING SUBS. Which is better bilingual or snorting for the buzz factor. WE can do this!!! F*** opiates, they cant control us, we can control them/ourselves. Subs make me feel normal, the way I did b4 ever taking a pill,

    Please offer insight on snorting the subs and any info appreciated. GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES TO U ALL:) Praying for us all. Durn doctors…then the feeling is too good to stop, plz remember that. RIP my love. I am forever LOST without you. Plz help me stay off these for you in heaven so we may meet again. I LOVE AND MISS U DAILY. SANDY- I bet you claim to be a wonderful christian…if so, stop judging until you experience this life, none of us want this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. Oh Sandy, I can’t believe how ignorant you are, and reading your comments makes me absolutely disgusted. you have absolutely no idea what your talking about and i really hope that one day you will be forced to experience it so that you feel the pain us “addicts” have felt. i was addicted to oxycontin for aprox. 3 years and i can honestly say that yes it absolutely took everything in my life away and almost killed me. i went to rehab and it took me 3 times to finally stay clean but the difference in that 3 time was i was put on suboxone. i have been on it for a little over a year now and i can honestly say it has changed my life. the life i have now i never would have been able to even fathom i could have while i was addicted to OC. In active addiction we may do things that a non chemically dependent person would never think of doing but withdrawals are so intense and so painful that our brain forces us to do these things to keep from getting sick. its a vicious cycle but in most cases we can’t control it. my heart goes out to every addict out there and i wish all of you the best of luck with your recovery. we can all do this with a lot of support and motivation. i have 2 years clean now and if i can do it i have hope for many of us. as for snorting suboxone you people are idiots. take it as prescribed under your tongue otherwise don’t use it at all because you are going to cause researchers to question the effectiveness of this medication.

  99. Ugh, why snort suboxone, i can barely stand the taste of dissolving them. i take mine properly for my past addiction. instead of snorting them if you need them to be stronger/ more euphoric, just take multiple ones under tongue at a time, preferable together to get the full effect and not be wasting them. Suboxone builds a tolerance quick and you dont want to be addicted to them heavily afterwords it will just take longer to fix your problem.

  100. wow,so many mixed emotions from all your heartfelt stories.I do PARTLY agree w/ most of you.Sub’s can get you out of killing your self w/ other drugs.They are “miracle pills” if taken with precaution. I began taking Sub’s ILLEGALLY about a yr ago.taking a 1/4 of the 8mg pills.Tht got me high as heroin.I was as happy as could be.I was totally clean,not addicted to anything,when i first took that little piece.I took them again,and again,until i got addicted to them.i had no doctor to go to for help.hospitals wont do i have been taking them for over a year.and the couple times that i was w/out and began withdrawls,OH MY GOD!!! this was the worst experience of my life!!!I have been sick from heroin quite a few times,and it wasnt half as bad as this.I seriously do not know what i am gonna do.there is NO way i am gonna be ablw to go thru wthdrls and keep my job.or if I check into rehab,i will still lose my job.i really need advice…DO NOT TAKE SUBS UNLESS YOU HAVE A DOC TAPERING YOU OFF!!!! i cannot wait untilk the day i can wake up and not need to take pill just to get out of bed.i pray to God its an easy transition,bcoz the detox from subs is a slow painful death.

  101. first off suboxone is a lifesaver. im turning 22 in a month n been hooked on oxys and anyother opiate i could get my hands on heroin, diludid methodone just watever since i was prob 17-18. ive been to the point where i was popping and chewing 5 methodones first thing when i wake up and then using prob 150-210mg of oxycontin on top of that plus a few xanax bars n let me tell u if u try n quit cold turkey from that high of a daily dose the withdrawals are unbearible. i did it one time n i was sick for atleast a full month possibly longer. but even after that hellish experience i still jumped right back into it but this time i went to the suboxone clinic n been on those for about 3 months now started at 24mg a day 1 film every 8 hrs n i am tapering off and i am feeling great. it really is great just to feel normal and sober again not waking up everymorning throwing up just straight stomach acid. i have my natural energy back and my head just feels so clear its like coming out of a dense fog youve been stuck in. so all these ppl saying the drug is garbage and your just trading one addiction for another thats bs im sry but if youre taking the proper dose of suboxone you shouldnt b getting high at all you should b feeling like you are completely sober maybe just a hint of extra energy, more of a stimulant buzz. if you are getting high from this med you shouldnt even b taking it because obviously you arent very opiate tolerant. and to all the concerned parents that has a son or daughter on the med if taken correctly, there is nothing better out there for the detox process my best advice is to hold the med and administer the med to them yourself. but if your daily dose is under 100mg (which i still believe is too low) you shouldnt even b on this med chances are your just doing more damage because this med is very potent/long acting and you are probably making your tolerance even stronger. well thats my story hope it could help anyone who may b concerned or confused and as to snorting it just dont

  102. I also agree with Shannon I feel you girl and im work n on my recovery as well and things have not been better soboxone save my life as well

  103. I just saw this blog today and I had to post. I understand that most people who were never addicted to anything can say that they don’t agree and that doctors are just trying to make money off of us but even if that is true Suboxone changed my life I was on 6-7 percocet 30mgs. a day, 3-4 at a time. I was doing things I had never imagined to get money to get those pills. I was stealing money from my fiance’s savings and writing bad checks to buy things the dealers would want then trade them. I was killing myself and almost lost my family due to this addiction. I checked myself into rehab and got put on suboxone. I have been on it now for 4 months and it has changed my life I haven’t used anything but my perscribed suboxone and I have been living a happy, healthy, life and I am in recovery. Just the suboxone alone isn’t going to let you live a productive clean life it takes working the n/a program and going to meetings , using a support system and having a sponsor. Well, for those who don’t understand it please don’t judge those of us on the medicine because you have never been in our shoes and don’t know what that medicine has done for us. I bet you would want us to take that medicine than worry if yuor loved ones are going to make it through he day/night alive from using drugs.

  104. Most people do not wake up one morning and say to themselves ” Life is far to easy for me, so I think today I will become a junkie.” Very many of us took opiates for legitimate reasons and ended up hooked on it. They are the most addictive substance in the entire world. They also are the only really effective pain killer; so they are a necessity for various reasons. To just have no sympathy or understanding for people struggling with this problem other than to say and ” I think any addict should be forced to go through withdrawls without the help of any meds such as suboxone to “soften” the process of detoxing. If it makes you sick for days ,then so be it” is very small minded and cruel. “ANY ADDICT” is an awfully broad term. I don’t understand why anyone would think that “any addict”, regardless of his situation, should be punished and made to suffer because of hard feelings between you and your step children. This line of thinking is one of the difficulties with this problem. Many people who became addicted to opiates by taking them for medical reasons cannot get taken seriously and get the help that we need and deserve because of so many people having a “let them suffer, SO BE IT” attitude. I would be very curious to see the reaction to some of the people who judge so harshly if they were seriously injured put on this medicine to deal with pain, got addicted to it and then told “deal with it.” It isn’t that easy. And it isn’t just a matter of feeling a little under the weather for a few days!

  105. I would like to address the woman who thinks that addicts should be left to simply suffer it out. I am addicted to opiates. Like many, many people who are, I didn’t become addicted to them from “partying” with pain pills. I was in a horrible car accident, and had repeated surgeries, and physical therapy. I was on very large doses of opiate based pain pills. I weaned off of them, only to then be diagnosed with cancer. So, back on the pain pills I went. I was again on them for months and months. When you take opiates for an extended period of time, your body will become addicted to them. Not weak people, not immoral people, not losers, etc, but anyone who takes these medicines for extended periods of time will experience dependence. Like you said, it is very much easier to you to “say this” when you have never experienced opiate withdrawal. It is horrible. You have diarrhea (not normal diarrhea, but the worst you can possible imagine), cold/hot flashes, cramps, sweating, aches, anxiety, tremors, insomnia, these are only SOME of the symptoms. So, that is why people stay on them for so long. Trust me, after a while, it is not “fun” to use opiates, it is just necessary so that you don’t get so sick that you feel like (and in some cases wish for) you are going to die. Suboxone is almost a miracle. It does not give the intense “high” feeling like a traditional opiate. But, it does make the physical symptoms go away. It also helps with the mental part of the withdrawal. You don’t feel the panic and anxiety knowing that any minute the withdrawals are going to start. It is much easier to wean down from and come off of than the other medicines. There are many people who are off harder drugs because of Suboxone.

  106. I can see both sides of the coin on this one. As a recovering addict who is currently prescribed suboxone ( I am down to 1mg a day) suboxone has helped me significantly. I developed a heavy oxycodone (oxycontin mostly) addiction after sustaining an injury and undergoing surgery in Iraq. I was given copious amounts of percocets for months and then cut off suddenly by my doctor at the Veterans Administration Hospital.I then turned to the streets to supply me. I blew through $40,000 I saved up in Iraq in one year. After my family and girlfriend at the time confronted me about my addiction, I checked into detox and got clean for a few months. I then moved across country with my girlfiend (now wife) as an attempt to escape my addiction. This did not work and I ended up relapsing for six months. After almost loosing my wife over pills, I finally came to terms with my addiction. I went to a doctor in October 2010 initially wanting a short term suboxone plan (2-3 months). Since being prescribed suboxone I have returned to college. I am on Deans list with a 3.7 GPA. I will graduate in December with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Liberal Arts. I will be teaching high school English for a low income school under the Troops to Teachers Program after I graduate. I volunteer as an English tutor for a non-profit organization, work full time, bought a house, have a dog cat and a wonderful wife. Could I have done this without suboxone? Yes I believe I could have, but I think my addiction would have cost me lot more then it has. I think if I tried cold turkey again I would have been more prone to relapse and would have lost my wife. Suboxone is a miracle drug if you are truely committed to sobriety. Unfortunitely alot of addicts use it as a crutch and it ends up aiding their addiction instead of helping it. Personally I believe all drugs should be legalized and regulated by the government. Arresting an addict for possessing a drug which results in a felony charge and most likely a felony conviction only prolongs addiction, it does not prevent or stop the problem. God bless you all struggling with addiction and for the families of the addict.

  107. I am currently an addict. I lost my Pain Management Dr 6 months ago who I saw for a severe back injury from a car accident. in the past 6 months I’ve spent $10,000 buying percs off the street I just bought 3 suboxone off a friend 2 days ago Becuz I was in severe withdrawal I do feel like my old Self again taking 1 suboxone a day thank god the withdrawal has stopped but I love the energy level from the suboxone & feeling functional but Im still wanting that perc high will suboxone end this craving eventually

  108. Wow!
    Sandy why so mean!
    You’re right it is a trade off but you do not get high on Suboxone it simply alleviates the withdrawl symptoms from an opiate addiction.
    You feel like yourself again without the “high”.

  109. Whats up. Just wanted to throw my vote in on this since I believe a lot more research should be done in the mysteries of opiates and suboxone in general. I am a suboxone user, chronic opiate addict, and a research scientist. I’ve done the suboxone taper numerous times, just as a matter of periodically taking a break from opiates. I was originally surprised to find how much suboxone was being prescribed to addicts with only moderate sized habits, as I found that initially, with say an 80mg oxycodone or 40mg opana addiction or 1gram san francisco tar addiction, how strong 8mg of suboxone was both subjectively and quantitatively (relative opiate strength charts are available online, and bupe. is nearly 20-30x “stronger” than oxycodone). Needless to say, I felt extremely high on suboxone intially, and have come to recognize the signs of what I call the “energizing effects” of suboxone. Regardless of snorting or sublingual use, if I were to take say my normal or dose, or even my regular dose after skipping a day, I immediately have intense energy and drive to be active. I’d classify it as an upper in many regards.

  110. Dear Heartbroken Mom,

    I am so sorry for your loss. I hope that you may feel some comfort in this very, very difficult time. It sounds like addiction took the life of your son. May he rest in peace.

  111. I dont have any faith in suboxone, for my son has died from the use of suboxone. He was addicted to any opiate he could get his hands on. He was entering his 18 th month on suboxone, when he passed away in his sleep. He was taking benzodiazapines off and on but not daily. He always took his suboxone in the morning, this day he took it at night, right before he went to bed, it was reported that he had taken one 8 mg tablet. He died within afew hours of respiratoy depression, in my opinion the suboxone killed him, if he wasnst prescribed to them, he woulnt have died that night, because he wouldnt have had them. The month before he told thr dr he wanted off them, at 10.00 dollars a pill it was getting too expensive Also, very dangerous to mix subs with benzos, even though he has done this a hundred plus times. this is a fact being the only two substances in his tox screen, postmortum. He was a 24 year old hansome, healthy male with a good job and lots of love to offer, the family is heartbroken!

  112. I love people who think they know. Congragulations Sandy. If you think its so easy try it. Unless you’ve been there you’ll never understand. You see I am a DOPEHEAD. My drugs of choice are opiates. I always liked the little blue thirties. I’ve pretty much done all the different kind of opiates on the market including Suboxone. Right now I am taking Suboxone which I like more than anything. I snort it every day . I am still an addict. I likE it because it gives me a small buzz, JUst enough to calm the nerves plus IT DOES RELEIVE PAIN. and for everybodies info they’ve already started snorting the strips,seen it first hand. But anywho I have detoxed quite a few times and beleive me its something you don’t want to experience but I wish you would . I wish everybody had to experience just one day of being DOPE SICK. I gaurantee they wouldn’t be so fast to judge. I am a thirty year old man. I have laid in the floor crying like a baby. I have drank bottles and bottles of cough syrup . just anything to knock me out . Butt the best thing I have ever used is combing Suboxone and Nuerotin to detox , lower doseage, and use as pain killer.
    I forgot I’ve had my spine mangled , its been broke 5 times

  113. For Sandy who claims all addicts should detox without the aid of anything to “soften” the process I can only say your arrogance is only outweighed by your ignorance. Are all people addicted to opiates evil? I am a combat wounded Marine who lives in pain 24/7/365. I used to need a 7.5mg Duragesic patch and as much as 40mg’s of oxycodone to get out of bed in the morning because of pain. Eventually I was placed on 100mg’s of methadone as a last resort. Do you think anyone wakes up and thinks “today I am going to become a drug addict?” No, no one does. It just happens and a medication like Suboxone allows people to regain their lives, families, and dignity.

    Gina-I know what you are talking about. I also followed my doctor’s orders after being on 100mg’s of methadone for pain I was taken down to 50mg’s and told to wait 36 hours before taking my first 2mg dose of Suboxone. I did as directed and within 15 minutes of taking the Suboxone I had to leave work because of the WD’s. At about 1/2 hour I was covered in puke, sweat, tears, and crap. I must have took over 200mg’s of methadone, 100mg’s of oxycontin, and I covered myself in Duragesic patches. This is no exaggeration. It did nothing, I spent over a day in utter hell all for following the doctor’s orders. When I told the doctor what happened he discharged me for taking the opiates that he didn’t Rx. Now I have found a great doc and am on 1mg a day and reducing it every week. Stay strong and ignore people like Sandy as she has no idea what she is talking about.

  114. I suffered a herniated L5 and L4 disc on my lower spine last on july 3rd 2010, from then till lasst month at my pain management doctors office I was getting 120 tabs of 10mg oxycodone. I went off them for a few days to see what would happen and I was in a world of pain, hot flashes, onstant trips to the bathroom etc…all classic withdrawl symptoms. I told my friend about what was going on around day 3. He came over and gave me an 8mg sub. I broke it in half and put 4mg under my tongue and let it dissolve. About 20 mins later, I wasn’t getting a “high” feeling like people say they get, but I wasn’t having hot flashes with stomach pain and all the withdrawl symptoms were gone. Of course all the pain in my back was there non-stop. But if this drug is not abused and used right, NOBODY has any right to say anything negative to anyone using it properly. Until you know with a REAL detox feels like then taking a sub for it and being able to get off the poison which is oxycodone….NOBODY has the right to talk shit to other people for trying to get well the right way. I now have a legal script for 8mg subs for myself and i’m on my 3rd epidural injection in my spine for the pain. I an honestly say if it wasn’t for my friend giving me a sub I’d still be addicted to a hardcore painkiller each and every day. Now I can take a sub the right way and not get stoned and be unable to drive or go about my day. Simple fact is Don’t abuse the drug and you won’t have a problem, The people that abuse it are the people who ruin it and give it a bad name for us that actually use it the right way…

  115. IMO there is a BIG difference between an addict and someone that is dependent. I am in a pain management clinic and have been on pain meds for several years now. During times where I have to have a prior authorization for a new medication I go to a sub clinic and explain the situation and get one 8mg pill that I have to last me the max of 72 hours it can take to approve a prior authorization. So for my experience subs are a life saver!!!

  116. In response to the post by “The National Alliance” I’d like to know what daily vitamin contains a timed released opiate. You should be ashamed to even consider comparing the two at all. The addict is substituting one drug for another. Sugar coat it all you wish but keeping the addict now dependent on suboxone LEAVES THE INDIVIDUAL STILL AN ADDICT!

  117. 1 month and 3 days without oxy and feeling GREAT!!! going between 8-16mg of Subs and I dont even feel like I traded one drug for another..I feel like I lost a DEMON!!! I have my life back!!!!


  118. I would just like to add to this my own thoughts. I have been on suboxone for 10 years now!! I started on 32 mg went down to 8 and now im on 16mg. I had children while on sub and thats why I am back up on my does. I can honestly say I do not think its a miracle drug at all I feel like I traded one drug for another in some aspects. The withdrawals from subs are intense I had a seizure when I was coming down once. I never had seizures before but I also never had another. Suboxone definitely gave me my life back but I will also probably be on it forever. I was a heroin addict I shot up about a gram or 2 a day. I have never relapsed and have taken pain meds after 2 surgeries and was fine. I just wish my first dr. had taken me down like he was supposed to and not just left me on such a high dose because its so much harder now after all these years. Im in a great place in life because of it though to say the least i have a love hate relationship with subs!

  119. I was on Methadone for 9yrs, when i decided it was time to stop my doc said it was best to taper down to 30mgs before switching to subs. Like a dummy I only waited 29hrs from my last dose of Meth before taking a Sub, WOW, just in case I forgot what it was like to be dope sick, that brought it all back to my frontal lobe! I was this way for 3 days, not knowing that while I was following my docs instructions (1/2 pill every 4hrs for the first day, for a total of 2 1/2 pills, 3 pills on day 2, 3 1/2 on day 3, then day 4 was down to 2 1/2, then 2, then 1, where I have been at for one week, tomorrow I start at 1/2 pill, then next week just 1/4 pill) I was making myself even sicker. The only thing i’m not liking about the Subs is I actually crave herion now, but the whole time I was on Meth, dope never crossed my mind. Now I know that I cannot (and will not) act on these, even though it’s been 9yrs I remember all too well what my life was like then and how drastically my life has changed, I own a home, have a car and a job, not too mention the trust of my family and my self respect. I was wondering if anyone else has had this same problem?

  120. Cody its not supposed to be an amazing opiate, why don’t u maybe ask your doc what they think about it, before u just pop one under ur tongue and throw ur opinion out there…

  121. i hate this crap it tastes nasty, the high is weak and it ruins taking other better opiates… Oh and if you stay on it for extended periods it will slow your roll, and by roll i mean BRAIN!!!

  122. Is buprenorphine treatment just switching one addiction for another? No. The medications trade a life threatening condition (addiction) for a daily inconvenience of needing to take a pill (physical dependence), as some would a vitamin. Yes the physical dependence to opioids still remains, but that is vast improvement over addiction, is not life threatening, and it can easily be managed medically.

  123. i personally approve of suboxane. me and my fiance have been addicted to percocet for almost 2 years. we started off on the small ones and then moved up to the 30s. of course naturally with pleasure comes pain. we both enjoyed the high but realized that they takink over our lifes. we tried to quite cold turkey and it was way to hard. so we started on suboxane. we loved them. it made us feel the way we use to before opiates came into our lives. now we can go outside and run around with our kids without the aid of a pill. nobody understands how hard it is to get off of them unless you have went through it or is still going through it. koodos to those of you who have got off them, and who are trying. dont worry it will get better!

  124. jessica is spot on. i lived thru that hell for a week and the pain, shits, vomit, piercing stomach pain, hot flashes, soaking anywhere i sat or layed in buckets of sweat would not let up. i went to the emergency room where they did nothing for me and finally by the grace of god went to an urgent care where the head doctor was also a suboxone doctor as well. He saved my life by prescribing me suboxone. i thought i was going to die, and if you havent gone thru it then you should have no say in the treatment. why should you? suboxone used correctly is a miracle medicine, and i am now able to function happily and get on with my life.

  125. True OPIATE detox:first few days are not so bad,sure you’ll have the shits and literally sweat buckets,but you wont have the suicidal thoughts yet.Unfortunately after the first few day you will ABSOLUTELY NEED someone who doesnt mind being constantly cursed at or possibly hit to babysit you and i say babysit because of the constant changing of the sweat soaked,shit and vomit stained cloths and sheets,also the very serious suicide watch because the pain of servere cold turkey OPIATE detox is like going through natural child birth type pain for a full month rather than a few hours or even days,not to mention the seizures so you cant leave them alone to even take a piss or shower.You practically have to forcibly feed and hydrate them only to have it tossed up.But even after the month of pain is over they are nowhere ready to be public or sociable,that could actually take them anywhere from another 4 to 6 months to truely be anything like normal again.Only this if it doesnt kill them.SO I SUPPORT SUBOXONE FULLY.

  126. I have been an oxy addict for roughly 12 months-11 of them in denial! I am 3 days w/o 1mg of oxy and so far I feel great!!! I started because I have severe lower back issues like, 3 compressed,2 bulging disks-degenerate disk disease,etc. As u can imgine, I had constant pain. I live in the Boston area,so most Drs won’t prescribe pain pills…which means black market for me 🙁 I get sick when I think of the money I wasted on pills! It did help control my back pain,but that quickly turned into a serious addiction,anywhere from 10-16 oxy 30’s per day!!! I can honestly say I would still be using oxy if I hadn’t had a friend give me a few of his Subs!!! Suboxone is a wonder drug for those with opiate addiction!!! I took my 1st two under the tongue but snorted my last one. So far I feel great and have no real cravings!! I now believe oxycodone starts as an angel and ENDS LIKE THE DEVIL!!!!!

  127. Suboxone treatment saved my life anyone who has the nerve to nay say about it has obviously never been thru heroin detox especially after jamming anywhere from 2 to 5 grams a day of super potent white dope and doing so for almost a decade….thank you fda for approving this miracle drug on combination with out patient drug counseling im well on my way down the road of recovery so to all nay sayers check yourself caz you are either retarded or severely misinformed

  128. Eric… I appreciate your reply and I couldnt agree more with you regarding making more money off the visits and prescription charges. When my step kids were in rehab both at seperate times and more than just once it was court ordered. Wasnt like they had hit rock bottom and realized they needed help. The rehab was paid for by the state, and my step kids prescriptions are paid for by medicade (also the state). And I truly believe the state likes to keep addicts using because it keeps them in the system . Addicts to the state of New York are looked at as a profit. I am left very bitter over the situation because when my step kids are using there isnt anything they wont steal from my house or anyone elses and I do understand it’s an addiction, a sickness.. but I think any addict should be forced to go through withdrawls without the help of any meds such as suboxone to “soften” the process of detoxing. If it makes you sick for days ,then so be it. May help the addict realize what they are doing to themselves. I have never been an addict and I understand it’s most likely easier for me to say that rather than ever experiencing it. Also Eric, I applaud your efforts to get clean and wish you all the best. 🙂

  129. Suboxene therapy is nothing more than a money racket taking advantage of peoples weakness. You are only trading one addiction for another. The only difference is it’s easy and legal to acquire. Not to mention the people getting it for it’s street value to resale. What was the FDA thinking when they approved this drug???

  130. Sandy, I just went to a Suboxone clinic today, she said she would taper me off within two-three months. I have been in quite a few detoxe centers and unless it is a methadone withdrawal, that sounds way too long to me. They keep you on this medication to make money from office visits and prescription charges. Long-term maintenance often makes the addict feel more comfortable and has substantial psychological benefits, but is unnecessary. In a detox center, they can wean you off opiates within 7-10 days. There may be a little discomfort, but that’s comes with the territory. Withdrawal is not going to be pain free unless you are on one of these long term plans. Suboxone takes away about %95 of the pain for me, but I want to be weaned quicker so I can get off opiates completely. I may feel an extra %10 of the pain going quicker, but %85 pain free aint too bad.

  131. I have two step children in their mid 20’s who have suffered on and off with the addiction to oxy contin for years. Each child has been through rehab which quickly issues suboxone, which I find disturbing. Apparently,the idea is to replace one addiction for another leaving the individual as an addict still. I know for a fact my step kids are snorting it and when they havent enough, they can readily find someone on the streets who will sell some to them. Suboxone in my eyes is no better than oxy contin or any other opiate. And i’ve yet to find how long this suboxone is to be used for? These doctors seem to issue scripts that are good for months which to me is complete nonsense. And for any individual snorting ANYTHING that has been prescribed to be taken orally, YOU ARE STILL AN ACTIVE ADDICT. I’m certain this site was meant to inform, not be a hot spot for addicts to swap different ways to abuse drugs.

  132. 8mg. suboxone 3 times per day under tongue = happy wife, productive dad of 2 boys, and saved family from a kidney stoned man who was not given proper urologist from day # 1. DR PATRISSO neglected a huge problem over 5 years of blood and pain. DHMC puts stint in removes stone in Hanover NH with BEST UROLOGIST DR PACE. From oxeyes to proper suboxone use under tongue. Eveyone says they just want to feel like a kid again. Take subuxone as prescribed and after 48 hours of opiate withdrawal put suboxone under tongue and 30 minutes to 2nd chance at life. Cant have both (high&Happy) just be happy (LEAP OF FAITH) take as prescribed and it will work!!!!! Don’t bother taking if you don’t really want your life back!!! You can wean off for a surgery just be honest and then resume suboxone therapy. If I can do it YOU CAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. I have been on Suboxone (legally) for about 5 days now. Before that I would take anywhere from 1-3 oxy 80’s a day orally. I tried opana every now and then, and liked it but oxy was my drug of choice. I just wanted to weigh in on the snorting aspect of suboxone and my own experiences. The first day I took suboxone I had waited 2 full days until I was into full blown withdrawl and took an 8 mg sub sublingualy. Low and behold 25 minutes later and I had a feeling that I had not had since before taking opiates. I was motivated, happy, somewhat high but not loaded, and all in all just relieved at the effect the pill had on me. The next day I took another 8 sublingualy and pretty much had the same response. Third day the same and so on until I hit today.

    This is day 5 and I just found out that it is possible to snort suboxone. Now let me just say that I have made the consious decision never to touch an opiate again (outside of suboxone) due to the crippling affect they had on my life. Having said that I figured that if suboxone is truly a maintenance drug and is absorbed through membranes then why not snort it, or at least try. My experience is as follows. I took one 8 mg pill and cut it in half. I then crushed it with an ashtray which was very easy to do. I formed to small lines of the stuff and without further ado, up the shoot they went. One nostril per line. Now, normally when I dosed it took anywhere from 25 to 35 minutes to really feel anything. This time (right now), I feel an intense, happy, loveable, awesome, anti-depressed, motivational, kick ass feeling that I dont want to go away. I basically got the same affects times 3 it seems like.

    NOW…being an addict I am fully aware of the “if it feels good, do it” syndrome that can overtake us no matter the consequence. I believe that if done in moderation, maybe every 5th or 6th day that snorting your sub is not that bad of an idea. My justification behind this is that, if you are disciplined enough to properly administer this miracle maintenance drug then why not give yourself something to look forwawrd to. I am a huge fan of psychology and the role it plays in addiction. I think that if one rewards him/herself at disciplined intervals, it can do wonders for the inevitable outcome. Sorry to rant on forever, but Im feeling the ability to write a presidential speech right now haha.


  134. If you are thinking about or are snorting Suboxone, you are taking the medication for non-medical reasons, which is ILLEGAL. And is a sign that you are addicted to Suboxone.

    Additional comments about the effects and dosage of snorting Suboxone will not be posted here.

  135. I have been on Suboxone for a year now, going from16mg down to 2mg then back up again. The doctor told me when I began to never snort Suboxone because it has nalaxone to prevent the high. From reading these I am very confused. I thought you could only snort Subutex, a cousin of Suboxone. Oh well. After a year, I still feel a buzz when i take my dose. Thanks

  136. im currently on 14 mg of suboxone , i am 16 years old i am wondering what will happen if i decide to snort some of mine?? , and also am wondering what can happen when your on too high of a dose?

  137. The bioavailability of buprenorphine is higher intranasally compared to sublingually. I think it’s something like 50% whereas sublingual is like 30%.

  138. Leeanne- I too take 4mg Suboxone a day, and typically snort it. I don’t think its in our head, but the fact that, we just like snorting things, makes it better than taking it under the toungue (not to mention that taste in your mouth?). I don’t personally believe you can use more suboxone and feel any effect until about 6 hours after the first use. I don’t ever do this, because when you take your next regularly scheduled dose, it won’t be as sweet. Adding any dose makes all doses less satisfying. Just my two sense. Stay on the subs!

  139. Yepp, I snort a half of 8mg suboxone a day and it seems to get me high but i’m wondering if that’s just in my head. but i’m pretty sure it gets me better than if i were to put it under my tongue. but i’m wondering if i snort some and a few hours later snort more.. will it be blocked?

  140. very untrue I have a huge oxy tolerance, i need atleast 80mg to get a decent high. Recently I started suboxone after a week being on it i decided to snort 1/4 of my normal dose. I normally take 3 8mg a day and 1/4 of an 8mg is 2mg. I got very high snorting 2mg even more so than taking 8mg sublingually.

  141. I am currently an undergraduate, as well as a current legal Suboxone user, who is writing a term-paper in my Substance Abuse class on Suboxone. It is so nice to see a truthful and matter-of-fact blog about Suboxone. Thank you for your insight and candor.


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