Can you die from taking Molly?

YES. You can die from Molly. In fact, accidental overdose is the most common cause of death on Molly. More on Molly risks and safety here.

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Yes. You can die from an accidental overdose on Molly.

But what is in Molly and what are some of the other risks of taking Molly? Can you take Molly safely? More on Molly risks and safety here. Plus, we invite you to ask your questions about using this club drug at the end.

What is Molly?

Molly is the street name for 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine (MDMA) or Ecstasy. Another drug, 3-Trifluromethylphenylpiperzine (TFMPP( became available in 2001 as a legal alternative to MDMA, or Ecstacy. Nicknamed “Legal X” and by some also called “Molly” , TFMPP is most often used in combination with benzylpiperazine (BZP) and sold as “A2”, “legal E”, or “legal x”, in order to enhance its spectrum of effects. This enhancement is often powerful and can be extremely dangerous. Fatalities have been reported, as a result of overdose or suicide.

How is Molly used?

Molly has no known medical use in the United States but is used alone primarily for its hallucinogenic effects. More often, Molly is used in combination with other “club drugs” and/or alcohol.

The effects of Molly

Self- reported information indicates that Molly causes hallucinations. Some people describe Molly as a mild hallucinogenic, and report feeling mild, pleasant and mellow. Others say that taking BZP enhances the effects. Pharmacological effects of taking Molly include:

  • anti-aggressive effects
  • anxiolytic
  • hyperthermia
  • hypophagia
  • interference with circadian system (distortions of time)
  • locomotor inhibition
  • respiratory depression

In sum, Molly interferes with heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature…and possibly worse.

Is Molly safe?

Recently, there has been an escalation in Molly abuse. But is Molly safe to use?

The short answer is: It depends on the user, dosage, and whether or not you take Molly with other drugs. Molly has properties similar to the stimulant effects of Ecstasy. But when taken in larger doses, Molly promotes hallucinogenic reactions. This poses an even greater risk to people who have taken Ecstasy before and accidentally overdose by trying to achieve similar hallucinogenic effects using Molly.

Still, the DEA is currently conducting “Operation X-Out”, a nationwide initiative to increase education and enforcement operations involving club and predatory drugs. Drug distributors claim that club and “date rape” drugs are safe. But the truth is that club drugs such as GHB, Ecstasy, Ketamine and TFMPP can be deadly. In 2002, Molly was given emergency controlled substance scheduling by the DEA. TFMPP was also given Schedule I status, meaning it has a high potential for abuse and no known medical use. However, this status was reduced in 2004 reverting TFMPP to non-control status. Still, the states of Georgia and Louisiana have enacted legislation to control TFMPP.

Death risk on Molly

Molly has effects similar to Ecstasy, but taken in larger doses it promotes hallucinogenic reactions. This poses an even greater risk to young people who have taken Ecstasy and accidentally overdose by trying to achieve the hallucinogenic effects. Perhaps the biggest danger lies in the uncertainty of what substances and in what quantities are being ingested. It is difficult for emergency room personnel to know what a person in respiratory arrest has actually taken when they report “Ecstasy”, which can be a combination of a illicit drugs.  How long does XTC last in your system?  About 2-3 hours, although the drug can be detected in urine up to 3-4 days after use.

Much like LSD, accidental overdose is often the cause of injury or death. Sensory and time distortions make driving impossible, particularly in combination with alcohol. However, and evidence links them, the current popular “club drug” is Molly and BZP. This is where the biggest threat lies, a deadly combination. The risks associated with BZP abuse are similar to those associated with amphetamine abuse. Stimulants, including BZP and amphetamine, decrease appetite, dilate pupils, and increase blood pressure and heart and respiration rates. Other effects include anxiety, blurred vision, dizziness, and insomnia. Chronic abuse of stimulants can cause irregular heartbeat and can lead to delusions, hallucinations, and paranoia.

Can you die from taking Molly?

Yes, it is possible to overdose while on Molly. However, since Molly as a drug is seldom isolated and taken alone, it is difficult to put a number on the fatalities and overdoses exclusively “hers”. However, it is well documented that while promoters may stress the innocence of such rave drugs, they can be deadly.

Questions about using Molly

Do you have more questions about using Molly? Do you want to stop? If you or someone you love is abusing these drugs, seek help, talk to someone. Get the facts. And ask questions here. We try to respond to all legitimate concerns with a personal and prompt response.

Reference Sources: Civil Air Patrol safety advisory for Molly
US Department of Justice drug information on TFMPP
About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. MDMA has never caused a death in history that I can find. The only one I know of that comes close is a girl (16-17) in Brisbane, Australia died after a night out with MDMA. Cause of death was water intoxication ( 14 litres ) . Which says it wasn’t the MDMA that caused the death it was the water she drank from being so dehydrated.

  2. Hello this was my first time taking Molly I have been up for almost 24 hours when will I be able to sleep?? I took 2g of Molly Rock’s

  3. I have a question. I went to an edm festival 2 days ago and I did MDMA for the first time. First j took one, waiting an hour while I felt nothing, then took another, waited an hour and still felt nothing. I ended up taking 3 point 1s and it kicked in. Throughout the night I took about 5 point 1s. 3 days later I still feel very very tired, my body is shaky. I feel very weak and have little to no appetite. I’ve been sleeping for hours and hours as that’s all I can really do to feel batter. What else can I do to make this recover better ?

  4. I take pill in the starr of morning at 5.oo clock
    Then it will react to me i dont feel good
    Hav vometings still 20 hours ago and im vomet like hel
    Im feeling sick not able to eat or drink even a single glas of water .. I become vomets atlest 40 vomets in a day pls suggest what i will do to feel ok

  5. Hello my girlfriend does molly and it seem she does it often she doesnt see it as a problem she also does other drugs but im worried about her she seems she knows the right amount but im just scared that something bad will happen to her

  6. My son died at the age of 24 from drinking and doing Molly. If you have family and friends that love you, please don’t use Molly. The pain of losing someone you love, is the most horrible experience you ever to have to deal with. The pain doesn’t ever leave, it gets different, but always remains deep inside. To lose your child is every parents nightmare. I’m always going to have the memories of finding my sons dead body. Please don’t take Molly or any other drug when you don’t know what your putting in your body, the consequence of getting high aren’t worth dying for. Stick to smoking weed- it’s much safer.

  7. Hi there! So I hardly ever take y but decided I would yesterday. I do tend to have a high tolerance for drugs but am afraid I over did it a little bit yesterday. I got crystal molly from a guy that I have gotten it from before, so I knew it was safe. I’m guessing I took around .8mg by dissolving it in a Powerade at about 12:30 in the afternoon. It is now 9am and I haven’t slept a wink. I’m assuming I would have OD’d by now but I’m freaking myself out because I’m shaking a little bit and my eyes are still huge. Any help and or reassurance that I will be ok would be great. Thank you!

  8. Hello, so I took my first Molly earlier today & everything was AMAZING! I took the Molly in a capsule form (Powder). I took 1 & a half & it was an 18 Hour High! I honestly loved the high but within 8 hours into it I decided to put eye drops because I thought it would help make my pupils smaller but then I started to notice my left eye shedding tears! Like if I was crying but only from my left eye! So I decided to forget about it because I wanted to enjoy the high. So then a few hours later I look at myself in the mirror & my eyelid got SUPER PUFFY & the bottom part of my eye got SUPER DROOPY & it keeps shedding tears every once in a while. I’m wondering if this is a common side effect of the drug or maybe I had an allergic reaction? So I was wondering if you can help me out to reduce the swelling or something? Please any advice would really help me out! Thanks.

  9. A friend of mine”Hooked me up” with some Molly in a powder form.He put it in a gelcap and told me I could take it like that or dip my finger in it.I took the gelcap.I got Really high for about two hours,than felt irritated and all around Crappy.
    a couple of days later I noticed my ear ringing.That hasn’t stopped yet and it’s been three years.
    Also I never came down from the high.I feel A lot better now than I did than.
    From what I can tell the “Valve” that controls my serotonin is stuck open.
    The first half of the day is pretty energetic than through out the day I get quiet,kinda irritated,I lose all motivation to do anything or go anywhere.
    Did I forget to tell you.I was a manic depressant to begin with.My brain would release too much serotonin and I’d be manic…Serotonin would run OUT and I’d be depressed for days….The key is to keep yourself from getting TOO happy. What’s this have to do with Molly.EVERYTHING!!! I do not get too happy anymore…I don’t get really depressed anymore either..I’m kinda stuck in neutral if not down a smidge.
    Molly…DON’T do this drug..It’s not manufactured under controlled conditions.Anyone can make it anywhere.mistakes can be made.
    If all drugs were legal they would all be made by pharmaceutical companies under strict controlled conditions…reducing the risk of harming yourself.

  10. So my friend took molly at a concert and he said that during the up and peek he blacked out , then after they got back to the hotel, that night, he didn’t sleep at all .He hallucinated figures in the pitch black of the Room, and heard voices as he tried to do anything at all. The entire time , he said he was paranoid about thinking he may be going to jail having everything made him paranoid, even thinking his friends were lying to him . The next night he got back to the hotel and inly slept for 4 hours . The whole ride home the next day he was still scared of going to jail , even after being at his home . Eventually he started feeling a little better , but only after his friend came over , He later smoked with his friends and eventually became paranoid about going to jail . Coming down and being tired in the evening he went home and slept for a little until around 11 , feeling as if something was wrong and he needed to go to the hospital because he needed to be monitored. After sleeping for a little a hour or so later he woke up again and still said he felt like he would pass away if he slept for real . Any suggestions ?

  11. Hello,
    My friends an I were planing taking MDMA next week, but from today I started taking antibiotic cause of Strep Throat I am having.
    My question is if it’s ok to take MDMA while taking augmentin 875 mg?
    Thanks a lot,

  12. Hi, I’m a female and earlier I took .2 of MDA not MDMA and I weigh 92 pounds. Should I be concerned? I know I should of done it but I just need reassurance at this point.

  13. Hi a few days ago my friend was found unresponsive outside his work truck. It was hot out and when the ambulance found him they said he had a temperature of 110. And ultimately passed away. He did have a history of taking molly could this been what killed him?

  14. A few days ago I had a very scary experience, I went to a gathering with my girlfriend and we both dropped a molly that were under 200mg. I was pretty confident going into it although beforehand I had some worries (mind you this was my 2nd time rolling) it was all going fine until the come up became really intense so we went up to a safe room we had agreed on if things became uncomfortable. I was still feeling fine but then I felt my heart start to beat really fast and my body got really warm. I started to talk a lot and very rapidly my vision got really bad to the point where I would look and it would blur and I was seeing double. I took my shirt off and just kept getting up and laying down every 30 secs it was hell. However the host of the gathering (pretty good with drug sitting) came up and assured me everything was fine and I went out the front and just swung on their hammock and after a little while I was rolling as usual and felt amazing. Any suggestions as to how this happened and if I should continue to take molly? Kind regards, anon.

  15. My friend who has been to treatment before for using all asortments of drugs, more often than not molly, is using again. She recently posted a video of her taking 12 points. I don’t really know anything about molly, but I am very concerned. She probably weighs about 130 lbs and she is 17 years old. Does anyone know if she is at risk for overdose?

  16. Me and my bf took Molly the other day. We just did one line each (snorted) I was fine we had been drinking beer too. 1 hour later he went to lye down and stopped breatbing me and his cousin had to restart his heart. He had to go get cocaine to get better. Why did this happen to just him?

  17. I took my tonight 3rd time in my life I’m a diabetic had great sex then started to feel funny not like before heart rate faster then before shakes more then before come and go to. Feeling light headed, early when I took it felt hungry tried to eat and couldn’t, but eat other two times I took it. But I really didn’t eat today. Drank little but not like I would of like to. Shakes still coming and going heart rate to and I had gotta the worst cramp in leg every what should I go. I feel hungry now to but feel little nausea

  18. I’m going to a concert tm and I wanna do Molly and I’m freaking out cause I don’t know what to expect and I don’t wanna dokie should I do it? Or noo!??

    1. Hi Brooke. Of course we are going to advise you against it. But, if you’d like to read more about the ecstasy effects we hope to help you be better prepared for what you may expect, and sincerely hope that what you read can change your mind.

  19. Look I took testosterone to get off molly and heron /oxy/ opiates was on 3to 7/grams day, molly , and. 100 $ of China white a day, plus my weed habit, to get of need to eat right fruit and veggie and lots o water and exercise, and Kratom works very well and so Does weed lots of weed, water weed and exercise,,, and for men try testosterone its the best detox drug ever yull feel like brand new

  20. I took Molly at a rave a couple months back and I remember how happy it got me. I’ve been really depressed lately and I want to feel that type of euphoria again. I want to take M again but I don’t want to rely on drugs to do get that feeling for me. what do I do?

  21. Just a little heads up, this site’s info is entirely off… From an ex avid user of ‘molly’ ‘XTC’ or whatever y’all want to call it, it can be any colour, can come in pills, crystalline form, powder and capsules (which are the open–able containers that generally pull apart and contain about 1/4 of the cap’s volume in powder). If you need more information from all kinds of different users/ex users on any drug information whatsoever I would sincerely recommend you to look at ‘drugs forum’ or ‘bluelight’ just type either of these things after your query in the browser bar and I am 100% sure someone else has had the same problem and it will pop up, right there, number one result. Try it, the queries and responses are from people just like you and me, lots and lots of detailed descriptions of withdrawals, experiences etc. Be safe out there, peace.

  22. I took molly with 3 other people a month ago and I don’t feel the need to take it agian if anything I’m not going to anymore
    I’m not worried but I just need confirmation that I’m going to be okay because it was only other friend took one and haf a few shots does he need to seek medical help? How much is an overdose?

  23. So i took mandy on Halloween ad haven’t felt right since… my face has started to get puffy, and sometimes i feel like im dying, since taking the mandy, i have felt down in the dumps most days, and have been very anxious lately. Hope people can help. Thanks

  24. I have a little history with high blood pressure when I was a little over weight but now I’ve lost 50 pounds. and I’m thinking about trying Molly for my first time. Would you recommend it?

    1. Hello Jake. We only recommend sobriety. So, trying Molly is not on our list. I hope you’ll make the right decision.

  25. So I recently about 8 hours ago. First I took a about a .1/4 of a gram. Now mind you I’m an x heroine addict. I have not used heroine in almost a year now. Haven’t really done anything. Except for some beers here and there. Now my friend has a test kit and was like dude this is very close pure MDMA. In crystal chunk form. My question is. A.) are you supposed to sweat constantly? I’ve just been sitting around talking and listening to music. And I can’t stop sweating. Let alone fall asleep. B.) I do not get a Euphoric feeling from it. I felt sorta relaxed but really just found myself reading about literally almost pointless information in that I have no idea what I just read about ill EVER use! So is there a euphoric feeling. Or just kind of a sense of calmness and more relaxed than anything? Ohh and ps. When can I sleep?

  26. My friend took Molly a few days ago and she passed out twice, I was just wondering if she was close to overdosing or if its because she got too hot or something.

  27. I took it yesterday n it was one capsule with the crystals it was my first time n it was only one capsul but i felt like my heart was hurting a bit after i took it not rly bad just a mild heart pain i mean im not gonna die am i

  28. July 1st, 2015, my 53 yr old brother died from taking Molly. Before taking this drug, these low life rotten junkies were giving it it to my already sick brother. If I could save just one life from this horrific drug, I would. He spiked fevers of 106 degrees, and collapsed many times. He was pronounced brain dead after 6 months. I died along with him. May all drug dealers rot in hell!

    1. I’m very sorry Angela! Your story is heartbreaking and what happened to your brother is horrible. I hope that in his name many others will be warned and saved from getting in a similar situation. Thank you for sharing and god bless.

  29. I have done about 5-6 packs a week for the last 2 months. Is it dangerous? I don’t mix it with any other drugs or alcohol and stay super hydrated. Is this getting close to overdosing?

  30. Okay, so I am in NO way a new comer to Molly, or to extacy, MDMA, etc.! I started with extacy back when I was about 16-17 years old, so I know the common symptoms to “look forward to” Such sa sore jaw & etc. however I’m mostly new to Molly being that I i only took it maybe 4 times in total. Twice this week and twice last year. But I’ve NEVER EXPERIENCED rolling on ANYTHING for as long as I did tonight so I don’t know if it’s the fact that I was taking 600mg (3- .2 capsules) (which ppl have said 100-200mg is a normal amount n I nearly tripled it so I don’t know if these certain things I’m feeling is normal! today’s also the MOST of anything I’ve EVER taken in a whole day before! Over the period of the entire night, and I’ve NEVER had such a LONG roll before! I took it at 7:30pm and JUST finally started to come down around maybe 5-6am! Which means I rolled for an entire 10.5-11.5 hours ! Which beyond surpassed the 2-4 hour TOPS Mark I’m used to!
    But my big worry is, is this typical for Molly usage at about half a gram! Also how I been having this strange “burning/sore/pressure on my lower bladder/ovary area. I never experienced this before! It feels like I have to urinate, however I know I don’t! Mixed with a feeling that just makes me extremely uncomfortable and is beyond irritating as it has been a constant feeling since my come down started around 5:00AM! And now I am currently also experiencing an extremely weak and tingly feeling similar to restless leg syndrome in my legs as well as my lower back. So even though I took Xanax to try to become tired and to start mellowing out, I find myself to being extremely restless in the sense that I cant sit still anymore because the lower back aches are so uncomfortable it’s causing difficulty sleeping let alone being able to stay in one position without wanting to cry. So are all of these common symptoms?

  31. I been doin molly everyday for 2 and a half months nd for 2 days now my heart has been weird like it feels like it skippin beats nd its harder for me to breath nd i been brusing super easy likr i can bump the side of a table lightly nd bruise . i cant focus thoughts wen im sober nothing feels real any more i feel like a zombie

  32. Ive been taking vyvanse recently so i havent had an appetite, i havent eaten barely anything at all in 2 days, but i planned on taking molly today with my friends, if i just drink a lot of water will I be fine to take it?? Ive done molly on empty stomachs before, but it was just usually that day i hadnt eaten anything.. not 2 days, please let me know asap

  33. Hey, me and my friends are going to a psychedelic forest rave but when I take mdma I always get intensely cold when I’m outside. I’m just wondering is it safe to take and will this cold feeling be a risk, like could the coldness I feel kill me? And is there any ways I could reduce the coldness? Thanks!

  34. my friend is really obsessed with molly but has never tried it. we’re gunna take it this weekend. any reccomendations on how to keep safe? also, can you smoke weed while high on molly or is that a no-no?

  35. Hi Luis. Your girlfriend is lucky to have a loving and caring person like you by her side. If she has respiratory problems, then she shouldn’t be willing to experiment with drugs. Please try to talk her out of this idea, for her own safety.

  36. Hi, so my girlfriend wants to try molly but she has breathing problems and I’m scared to let her try it. I’ve done it before and due to my experiences I’m not sure if its safe for her to try it, any help? Also does it make you horny or what are other effects when trying this drug with another person that isn’t the same gender?

  37. ive rolled two times.
    first time i got 84% pure mdma crystal/rocks whatever you want to call them, kept it at around 200mgs all night and made sure everyone who was with me was hydrated etc, I felt like i was watching out for everyone since it was my house. All was great except my come down with lock jaw and ik take magnesium yadadadadada.
    Last night it was just me and my gf and i got pills that were printed with Rolls Royce on it.
    we did a alot, 400mgs in the whole night i threw up a shit ton after i snorted some right when i started and the next morning, after not sleeping i had one pill me and her split it and we were feeling nice. we took a bath and i told her that i didnt want to stay in hot water to long because mdma raises your body temp anyways so its not good. We got out and i wanted to cool down and just have cool water run over me in the shower so were standing in the shower and she says
    “Can you turn the light on?”
    ME: “what”?
    “Can we turn on the lights”?
    “yeah just let me finish showering”
    “can you just face me?”
    so i walk around her and i am now facing her all of a sudden she just has her eyes roll back and stumbles back hits the back shower wall starts to fall and i cath her she is just dead weight not responding im screaming her fucking name slapping her in the face i rip her out lay her down and she just comes to. she said it just got so dark and she doesnt remember anything except her saying “turn on the light” and then she remembers me just screaming her name and she just came to. WHAT THE FUCK i thought my girlfriend was dying in my arms it was so fucking scary what do you think could of caused that just to much in 24 hours for her body weight and size i dont know it didnt happen to me im worried that something happened to her i just want her to be ok.

  38. Hi My Name is chris. okay so i went to a rave and only took one molly the whole night. the feeling was great and i only had great things to say about. anywase i know it isnt safe but do you think its less likely for something to happen to you if you only take one molly for the night ( i am not an everday drug user as well) i go to raves at least once every 4 months so do you think i molly every 4 months is ok?

  39. Ive done mollys,weed,bars,and co caine in my past. Its been a 2years i believe that i been clean of mollys.4Months clean of weed.4 or 5 years clean of caine like 2years.I completely. Stoped everything. Will this all affect me in my future .Im curious and very scared.

  40. Hi John. And, YES it can be fatal. So, if you weigh about 100 pounds, you would need to take 4.5g of pure MDMA to be in serious danger. This is at least 40 times the amount of a usual dose.

    But, here is one important info: even one roll can cause death by dehydration, or overheating, or water intoxication. So, you should be careful.

  41. Most drugs sold as “molly” isn’t TFMPP and BZP. It also isn’t often MDMA and is very rarely pure MDMA. Usually its a mix of several of dozens of different possible chemicals with varying legal status in the US and other countries. A few years ago, many of the chemicals in the molly of the time were also found in bath salts.

    So can you find a trusted source of pure MDMA for a safer roll? Well, unless you know a guy who knows a guy who gets the good stuff straight from a chemist (in Canada perhaps?) you are going to have to buy a test kit online, get it delivered, and test drugs every time BEFORE BUYING THEM. If you spend hard earned cash on drugs and then find out you don’t have MDMA, you will be tempted to “fuck it” and go all in.
    *Buy a kit to test drugs, not a drug test! I know a girl who accidently bought a urine test, lol. Be prepared to spend 50 bucks. Cheaper kits are available.
    *There are so many fucking possibilities of compounds in your drugs that no one kit tests for all of them. You need a gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy set-up for that, and an analytical chemist to read it. A good kit will tell you if its mostly MDMA, some MDMA, or no MDMA. A more expensive kit will also have other tests so you can eliminate the possibility of your roll containing some of the more common unwanted substances. There could still be other dangerous substances so nothing is foolproof.

  42. Would this be unsafe to take since i have ADHD? Could that affect my heart rate and in turn cause it to stop from irregular heart rate?

    1. Hi Carl. Molly can be dangerous drug especially for people who were diagnosed with other conditions.

  43. My friend tried Molly for the first time an a day in a half later she started having almost all signs of a Molly overdose an now she’s in the hospital an barely made it. She wouldn’t have lived if she hadn’t been admited. could it have took that long for the symptoms to start or was it really just an infection like the hospital said

  44. I have a random question, I overdosed on Molly, passed out, and started seizuring, was rushed to the ER, thankfully they were able to pull me out of it. Anyways my question is – what were the odds I died from this? I’m thankful to be alive because of how serious it was. But out of curiosity I want to know how close I was. Doesn’t have to be an exact math, but I want to know ball park. Anyone that is knowledgable on this I’d love some feedback. I haven’t done it in 6 months and plan on never again. To anyone that thinks its safe, be careful. I’m not a big drug user, I’m active in my community, a business owner, church goer, normal joe schmo like anyone else, I just made a stupid mistake with a few of my old college friends and could of killed myself because of it. Anyways any feedback about my question would be great. Thank you

  45. I haven’t done “molly” but a few weeks ago i went from never even smoking weed to doing MDMA in a couple days, Ive also done coke now and other things, but i was just wondering about my symptoms. I know its normal to get the chills/sweats and i definitely get the chills every time, but my legs and arms grow a tinge of blue/dark purple. It’s not like bruises but more vain like pattern. Just wondering if its my body just being cold, or if its something else.

  46. The likelihood of overdosing on molly is slim to none- you would have to take an obscene amount to actually physically OD. Many people die of dehydration which is a direct cause of the MDMA. Be smart. Make sure you’ve eaten, Drink water and make sure you are in a safe place. I am a mother, wife, student and counselor and I use molly a few times a year… RESPONSIBLY. You can be completely responsible with the use of this drug.

    The reason there are no statistics on how many people have died as a direct result of overdose from molly is because there are none… If you are going to use molly, do more research and make the decision yourself. Oh, one last important thing: not all molly is “dirty” as you commenters so delicately put it. Much of it is mdma cut with baby laxatives and other powders that are not other drugs! If your kids got dirty molly and didn’t test if, that’s their own fault. Know your source!


  48. Let’s be purely honest here. Getting people to be against and aware any drug of any kind is obviously the goal of this blog, and I am not condoning nor is Anon for that matter that you should DO this drug. Our points are that if you are going to do it, please be smart, it does not take a genius to know that you need to think about what you do when you are encountering drugs in the streets or at a party for a purely common example. It has been almost 8 months since i’ve tried this drug and made that blog post, and my serotonin levels are completely back to where they were before I began trying it, but the point I am making is YOU ARE NOT and I am dead serious when I make this statement, NOT going to make everyone NOT want to try it. Therefore you need to inform people that it is not only UNSAFE it is something they need to beware of in the event they do try it. I rather I had INFORMED people (Parents, Relatives, people who are not so quick to just want to try drug experiences.) when it comes to this drug than just trying to stop them. Please realize the ERA that we are unfortunately living in, where Marijuana is about to become the most easily accessible drug out there. I may be contradicting myself morally but i mean…. by telling someone it’s a bad drug morally, they are only going to go out there, hear the experience from someone else, and make a choice. Obviously you have done everything you can to get them to NOT do it. It is up to them. And if they do make that choice to do it, they better be damned informed, because if they are not, they will end up falling into the hands of the retard(s) giving it to them to ingest. Period.

  49. Yes..Yes…Yes you can die from molly….a little over two years ago on Thanksgiving morning 3 am we got a call from a local hospital that our son was in the hospital…not expected to live from an overdose of Molly he took at a club….we went to hospital and he was on life support….he had 8 hours to wake up…if he didn’t …that would be it…he would die… the grace of God he woke up…..and was saved….but it was HELL…..not only for him but the family….think people think……do not …do not …put that crap or any other crap in your body……your body is a gift from God and you do not have the right to abuse it with ANY drug ..let alone this piece of poison………drug dealers are just making money off you and laughing all the way to the bank….from your stupidity!!!!!!!!!!!…Be strong …learn to love yourself in your natural state of being…not altered…it will be amazing how you will like and love yourself much better…….do not be suckered into this crap and support other people in a lifestyle that you will never have…and doesn’t bring happiness anyway…….you will kill yourself and take your loved ones with you……wise up……there are NO SAFE DRUGS!!!!

  50. Again, we at Addiction Blog do not condone the use of Molly. There is no way to know what’s in the drug that you’re taking.

  51. I have taken Molly on several occasions. If done correctly and not abused it is a very wonderful drug to connect to people you are close to and to discover ones self spiritually. In other words you will bare your soul to anyone in the room who gives interest. My first time has never been as good as the pervious times but I remember saying this is what peace on earth feels like. Everyone loves everyone and you literally have no filter.

    I notice I am slightly more anxious but all you need to do is focus. Helpful hints: Drink plenty of water before, during, and after. But make sure you sip and not chug or you can make yourself sick. Drink some kind of juice with Molly when you take it to help you from clenching your jaw and biting your tongue and cheeks. OJ is suppose to work the best but I’ve taken it with Cranberry as well. If you start burping stomach acid try chewing a few tums after each dose. Be smart and listen to your body. Personally, I can’t handle as large of a dose as most can so I do less and still achieve the same effects. Once the initial “roll” has begun to wear off some try standing up and moving before you take more. Once you determine that you do indeed need more to continue your roll it won’t feel as strong. That to me is when its time to change your activity and calm down a little. Try black lights and anything florescent, different music will affect your roll. Mists, Sprays, and Lotions , florescent black light paints are all good in my book. Molly will make you not want to eat for a few days but try sipping soup and liquids to keep nutrients in your body the day after. You can randomly roll the day after as well. Molly effects each person differently, some people want to party all night long where others wish to meditate and relax. Find your nitch, and be smart when you do it. To be safe, take molly only once every 3 or 4 weeks. It will give your body plenty of time to rebuild your happy chemicals. Make sure you have a day after to relax, catch up on sleep and recuperate. DO NOT DRIVE OR DRINK WHILE ON MOLLY! Drugs are suppose to open a part of your mind that is asleep. So keep that in mind and have fun.

  52. Hi Angel. You’ll need help to get off ecstasy for good. First, you’ll need to rest and get through a period of detox. Then, you’ll need to address the cravings and psycho-emotional issues that cause you to use Molly. Can you call 1-800-662-HELP? Are you ready to get help?

  53. ive been on mollys for 3months without stopping everyday, its gotten to the point where without it i feel drained what do i do.

  54. A good friend of mine died from taking Molly. She was 25. She took a pill (not her first time) and had a bad reaction to it. She had several heart attacks and now she’s gone. Her family has been destroyed by this and her young life is over. You never know what’s in the batch “this” time. NOT WORTH IT.

  55. My brother died this way. He had two heart attacks and a bleed to the brain. I had to watch him die in hospital. It is a very dangerous drug. I wouldn’t advise anyone to take it. It kills people and wrecks lives.

  56. @ James. I am not sure what taking so often will do healwise, thought I would not reccoment any drug on a regular bassis. however i will tell you, you should wait at least a week to 2 weeks before doing a molly again. reason is the MDMA forces your brain to release massive amounts of Serotonin which is the chemical the produces pelasuer and the sense of euphoria. After a night of mdma, the brain will used up so much of it it needs time replenish. the decerased levels of serotonin is what casuse some people depression the next day. If you use molly to close together you will not get the same effect as you would when you wait at lease a week. if you are doing it every few days, you are not getting the full the effect, plus I can only assume its not the safest thing in the world to do since it can put a lot of strain on the heart. (though not as bad as cocaine)



    I did experiment and I want people to understand what this drug really is like and confirm what Anonymous stated in this blog. My first time with this drug was yes, a truly amazing experience. The hallucinations you see you can actually control (thinking/knowing in your head, knowing you are “rolling” or “high”) watching through looking at bright lights, or fast-glowing movements of lights that create what is called “trails” in street lingo, which is one of the main attractions in my opinion from this drug. But the problem with people overdosing or abusing is that they are not flushing their system out properly (not drinking enough water to sustain proper body temperature, or are IGNORANTLY INGESTING AND CAUSING IMMEDIATE DEATH) or on the hourly when you are under the drug. To those who are seeking In General knowledge, THIS IS NOT MARIJUANA NOR IS THIS ALCOHOL, THIS IS DEFINITELY SCHEDULE I AND IT IS A TREAD-ON-THIN-ICE DRUG. What I am about to state are MEANT TO BE FOLLOWED AS PRIORITY 1 at the time of doing this drug, EVEN as well AS BEFORE should you come to make that decision:

    1. DO NOT take this drug if you do not know self-control. When I first did this, I took 2 capsules (AT ONCE, I am heavy-set, and body sizes are important when it comes to intoxicating your body: The heavier you are, sometimes the more it takes to intoxicate like marijuana or alcohol, some prescription pills etc. With Molly that is not true though.) of purely crystallized TFMBB. This to me seemed like the most potent form of “Molly”, so in essence if you are going to experiment and come across this, do not go over the limit of at least 0.3 out of 1 gram of this drug. Normally 0.3 is about 3 half capsules either in powder or “candy”, the small crystals of TFMBB. IF the capsules are completely full of this “candy”, you should only be taking 1 to 2. IF THERE IS POWDER I WOULD HIGHLY ADVISE TO NOT INGEST UNLESS YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE GOING THROUGH. THIS IS THE WAY IT GETS WHAT IS CALLED IN STREET LINGO “CUT”, BECAUSE THERE IS ADDITIVE OF ANY KIND THAT LOOKS LIKE A POWDER (COCAINE IN EXAMPLE) THAT CAN BE “CUT” INTO IT.

    2. If you have ingested it, the next 3 to 4 hours are going to be a stun to your brain physically without you knowing it, but you are going to be fine so long as you control your thinking and breathing (IMPORTANT ISSUE AS WELL IS HYDRATION). 8/10 times when abusers are overdosing it is because of the emotional state they are sliding into and the body goes along with the THOSE emotions. WILL POWER IS A MUST. THE ONLY FUN YOU WILL BE HAVING IS BECAUSE OF IT. Control your body through your brain, you control yourself out of it. The other 2 out of 10 is they have physically OVERDOSED and taken too much of the drug at once, which would mean at least 2 to 3 or more grams at once. If I had to seriously CIVILIAN-ESTIMATE how much the body could handle of this drug, it’d be 0. The brain is a very POWERFUL muscle to withstand a attack of this drug, and still detoxify the body as well, DO NOT ABUSE what you only have once. In all personal honesty if I had to give a reality-estimate, THE MINIMUM LIMIT IF YOU ARE GOING TO INGEST IS NO MORE THAN 1/2 of a GRAM. OVER. A. NIGHT, The most i’ve seen someone do? 1.5 to 2 grams over 1 night. That is the most I’ve seen someone do over a period of 12 hours in a night-cycle starting between 8pm at night to 8am in the morning, and still the body detoxifies to where they are okay but with a euphoria hangover (this is also possible explanation for any physical side-effects IF ANY) and insomnia the next day. This drug can quickly connect with your serotonin receptors and make you feel suicidal WITH EASE!!!!!!! DO NOT ABUSE IF YOU’RE GOING TO DO IT!!!!!!

    3. HYDRATION: THERE HAVE BEEN NUMEROUS QUESTIONS ON DRINKING “PLENTY OF WATER” WHEN YOU ARE UNDER THIS DRUG, THAT IS NOT SO!!!!!!!!!! When you are hydrating you are controlling the temperature of your body that the drug is increasing inside of your brain and majorly your body. Decent gulps or over-sips of water every 20 to 30 minutes are needed so your body is cooling itself while detoxifying, and also you will be experiencing mass energy throughout yourself due to the euphoria it gives you. OVER-HYDRATION IS NOT THE ANSWER, DO NOT GO OVER AT LEAST 1 LITER OF WATER AND MAKE SURE IT IS ROOM TEMPERATURE OR AT LEAST SEMI-COLD.

    3. IF YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE SLOWLY FADING OR FEEL YOU HAVE OVERDOSED: FOOD KILLS THIS DRUG IMMEDIATELY!!! IT IS NOT GOING TO GIVE YOU APPETITE, SO IN THAT SENSE IF YOU FORCE A APPETITE THE CHEMICALS WILL HAVE TO ABSORB INTO WHATEVER SOLID FOOD YOU INGEST. Like any drug, its chemicals are liquid or at least some form of broken down material that food can help your body absorb like fatty or carb foods (bread, etc) can do for alcohol. I have not gotten confirmation from any source of medical insight on this but I have tried it, and what I ate immediately took away any and all effects that I had that night when I had gotten home.

    I would like feedback on what I have stated. If this is ignorant to anyones feelings towards this drug I apologize in advance, but if people aren’t going to listen, you mine as well make sure they have a safe ride along the way of their off-track endeavours.

  59. Hello, i’ve been an athletic person in my whole life. Well I have had a small amount of alcohol but once in a while.So, a month ago I did molly for my first time and I tried it again 4 days later from the first time and a week later again. I took 2 doses at each time because we had to stay awake for the whole night and I can’t say that I am addicted to it but I’m thinking about it though. Me and my friends are about to go to a concert for two days and take like 4-6 peels for both days. Do you think it will be safe for me taking that much and if not, how much you do you think i should take for both days? i know i have done it more than once in one month. i really don’t want to die, so I would like you to please answer me and let me know what to do or how many times i should do it?

  60. My younger brother passed away on March 13th, 2013 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He was 41 years old and a professional computer programmer. The police said alcohol, marijuana and Molly’s were found with him in the hotel room. We are still wIting toxicology but it appears that he was snorting this evil drug. Our family is devastated and as I try to understand what this drug was and why he was abusing it I have become even more sad seeing these posts asking how to take the drug safely. Please think of your family and those you will leave behind when they get call from the police some random Wednesday morning at 9:30 am as a stranger tells you they are sorry but your relative has passed away. Please, don’t use this terrible drug or any drug for that matter. The “high” you get is not worth the risk of the pain you will cause those who love you if you overdose.

  61. Does a Molly effect you more when your skinny? And is it true that once you take it and it kicks in,you could knock out and not wake up for a couple days because i just took it lik 5 mins ago and I’m very nervous plus I have ADHD.

  62. i am a smart person and i think for myself. i know peer pressure can be hell when you are a teen and also many of you adults are weak minded as well. some ppls minds are much weaker than others. . i love my life and i love my family. i will not do this drug. this will not be my cause of death. i just hate the fact that teens and children are doing this or thinking about doing this. i understand you want to have a good time and feel that feeling or high. but ask yourself is this feeling worth my last day on earth. the pain you would put your family through all because you want to feel that high. if you love yourself and your loved ones…. why do this?

  63. ok my husband was in another town he was already sick and feeling awfull he was already takeing over tha counter drugs for his sinus n advil migrain for his headaches so he went and i think someone gave him a molly with him not knowing what it was and everysince then he has been out of it this happened sat feb 23 2013 he been haveing memory loss sweating sleeping and just talking with no sence is this tha affects of molly’s and will this affect him long or short term due to him takeing over tha counter drugs please i need help i took him to tha er and they did a cat scan they said his brain was normal n his sinuses was swollen now he on augmentin and something for headaches will he come off the side effects of mollys.

    1. Hello my name is Mina I always done drugs to have fun with friends like drinking & smoking weed snorting coke & I have done etcasy plenty of times just last month June 2013 I tryed Molly’s for the first time I was also drinking & smoking & snorting coke I took the first Molly I wasn’t feeling it due to my high tolerance but also patete figure so I took the second Molly I wasn’t feeling it still so I snorted more coke as soon as I went outside it hit me all at once I felt really sick & immedatealy started vomiting bille my head was pounding so bad & I couldn’t control my breathing I went home think the sickness would pass hours went by & I was the same so finally I went to urgent care & they immedatealy rushed me to the ER I had an overdose & almost died I’m glad to be alive I suggest to never do this drug! Now I have heart complications for the rest of my life & I’m only 25 years young my heart is only working @20% and it beats weird I do regret ever taking this drug it is dangerous please don’t take drugs I almost lost my life & other people have lost their life over this drug be safe & say No!

  64. I just want to start by begging you people to stop this madness. I have children that are experimental age and I’m terrified that they will get ahold of some Molly. To the 15yr old boy that say’s he wants to try it, ask yourself if you want to live? Do you like your life? Molly is suposed to be a pure form drug but it is NOT!! This is why people are dying. People are putting “bath salts” into these capsules and selling them as molly. There are even things out so that you can check to see if the pills you are given are molly. There is a guy in our community right now in one of our local hospitals because he is having seizures that won’t stop. His family is on FB begging for prayers. It’s disgusting. People always think it will never happen to them. Yes it can and it will.

  65. I took molly for the first time last night with a little bit of alcohol. This morning I am breaking out in an itchy rash with small bumps on my body. Is this a sign of liver damage? Should I be concerned?

  66. can they just allow all drugs legal in controlled through M.D. doctors and private secure planting areas run by guards lasers and cameras day and night visions, because I’ve taken 20 dose of molly. before and I felt good and wanting to gain more knowlege and study more. I have ADD and OCD mental disorders.And going through depression so taking drugs ain’t a bad thing as longest theres a time set and figuring what side effects occurs

  67. ok i experienced something that just wasn’t right. a friend of mines had some dro high grade potent weed, but what was strange was i don’t know if he put some molly in it. after 3 puffs 10mins later i tried going to sleep, but i couldn’t i kept popping up like my body was under a spell. and my eyes were wide open. and my arm was sore really bad where it felt like someone kept punching me over and over again, let alone he just kept rubbing on me. i’m on high blood pressure pill hydrochlorothiazide does that have any type of affect with me smoking? just really want to know if he put molly in it? thanks

  68. So yeah Tonight I’m planning on getting drunk and I was thinking about taking a molly it would be my first time and tbh I am a little freaked out incase something bad does happen. I don’t know if it’s a good idea or not………

  69. Hi, I am a casual user of molly (i don’t take pills on use pure MDMA). My wife and I do it together about 3-4 times/ year and we love being on it together. We are both in our early 40;’s. I have borderline high BP and take a calcium blocker for it which bring my BP to normal levels. last month my wife and i were going to an “adult” party and we wanted to do molly. My heart was racing (from excitement) beforehand (about 110 bpm). i didn’t want to take molly whith HR that high so i took a 10 mg propanolol to slow it down about 2 -3 before hand. That night I did about 240mg-280mg over a 7 hour period. The next day i felt fine but a few days later I noticed an ectopic heartbeat (skipped or extra beats) i never had this before. Went to the Dr. confirmed the ecotpic beats on a ECG who said not worry, these are normal and everyone has them at some point. It has been 6.5 weeks since and I still have them. Did the molly cause this? And can I do molly again if these continue? I love the feeling of being on it I love to do it with my wife. Thanks!

  70. Hey i took molly like 15 days ago , but before that i use to do it a lot i problably have take up to 60 pills in less than a year , since then i havent take it annymore cause i am suffering from anxiety , i am no gonna do it anymore at all!!!, i always feel that ima have somethng in my heart or in my brain , do you think that can still be inside me or if i would still have chance to something happen to me or you think already would had happen ???

  71. The molly, MDMA club drug, you are referring to in the first paragraph is not what you are describing.Molly is NOT known as a legal alternative to MDMA. In the United States, if you ask for Molly you will recieve pure exstacy. However if you ask for excstacy, you will indeed recieve an adultured “roll” The safest drug out there is pure MDMA.

  72. im thinking about trying molly for the first time before school dance with a few buddys. what should i be ready for and im going to take a small does btw

  73. Hi John. TFMPP chemically differs from MDMA. Do a search for these keywords to learn more about the possible relationship between MDMA and schizophrenia. MDMA schizophrenia

  74. I should also mention my family has a history of mental illness (schizofranic great grandmother) Is there any chance of onset schizofrania?

  75. Hi I’m 15 and am thinking about popping a molly with a close friend of mine. I would really like to know the affects of doing MDMA at such a young age. I really want to discover more about myself and i think mdma is a good way to do that. I’m not looking for someone to tell me yes or no i would just really like the truth. I was planning on just listening to some music chewing gum so i don’t chew up my mouth and having deep convorsation with my friends. Please respond soon. Thank you.(:

  76. For every action there is a reaction, and at times we as human are stupid and think we are invincible that taking a xanax an ambien will make things better at the end of the night. People everything in moderation doesn’t kill… But, when it gets out of control and becomes an addiction it does and it did for my friend Dec 25, 2012. We are all still in shock and can’t believe that my girl friends husband is DEAD! terrible to have to see a person to whom you just had fun with the night before is DEAD at a hospital bed just laying there and hearing my friend cry inconsolably. Now my girlfriend is dealing with a police investigation and family who blame her for his death. He was a big guy and took apx 6 had done it before and live this time it was to late. Please people if you are going to try it do it knowing there are consequences everybody’s body is different and will have a different reaction. We are all devasted by his death during this time of the year 32y/p Erick RIP.

  77. Just FYI…our son came very close to death last Thanksgiving from “molly”…..he took it and went clubbing…he dropped to the floor at one point and was rescued by ems workers and a miracle…by the time we were called and got to the hospital..they gave him 8 hours to wake up and live…or he would die…he was on life support but woke up in the 8th hour by a miracle…they did tell us he would die… as a parent who has lived through this hell…please think twice….your stupid actions are selfish not only for yourself but he pain you give to others by your life choices…….

  78. Hi Lisa. I’d suggest that you check out theantidrug[dot] com to learn more about coping with teen drug use in your home. You are not alone!

  79. Hello. Just found out our son (he’s 17) has been using this “molly” stuff. He’s been smoking weed and drinking for awhile, but now this–never heard of it. I’ve been doing some research….I don’t know what to do, I want to help him and/or get him help asap. It was about a week ago he came home–seemed dillusional(he was in the bathroom yelling for his dad was at work(he normally would’ve known that, but)….I went in there wanting to see what he needed–he had thrown up, the color was like a blue-purplish. I asked him what he’d been doing–he said he’d tell me later. I was trying to fugure out what could’ve caused that color in his vomit(whether it was energy drinks or what). I know he was doing something–drinking, smoking weed, or what, we weren’t real sure. But now that I have learned alittle about this “molly”, I was wondering if it was possible he was doing this along with something else. He woke up in the night with a really horrible, severe headache–he has a high pain tolerance and he was crying from the pain.
    I am so confused here….I feel like I have to do something to help him or whatever, but don’t know what to do. I’m pretty scared. I don’t know if I should turn in these kids or what would be the best thing to do. I don’t want something to happen to our son or to anyone else. And the other thing I think about is “other drugs’….if he’s doing this, then what would stop him from trying other very addicting and deadly drugs?? I know these drugs do cost quite abit of money…..our son has no job right now, so I don’t know how he’d be getting it, if his friends are just giving it out or what…… What should I do???? 🙁 🙁
    Thank you.

  80. Hi I’m going to take a molly for the first time in a few days and I was wondering what are some of the things I might be feeling once it starts hitting me? Will I be able to act straight if I have to? Is it safe to smoke weed while you’re rolling?

  81. hello my name is Alessandro,
    ive done molly a handfull of times all under different conditions:
    –1st time at a concert while drinking and i had the best time and no bad side effects the next morning
    –2nd time, again at a concert drank as well. nothing bad happened really just felt crappy the next day
    –3rd time i just did it while making music and it was fun and great but the next day i had the sweats, like i could not stop sweating, and it was very difficult to urinate.
    –4th time i did it i could not urinate to save my life for many hours and for about 2 weeks i had no libido whats so ever.
    *called my doctor and she said it is sometimes a common side effect and it will come back (which i did)
    –im going to the ultra music festival this year and i want to do it again but i dont want it to be like my 4th experience. What are the chances that will happen? was that just a freak incident or should i be worried that will happen again?

    please help and thank you!

    ** i do not abuse this drug, i have a strong respect for drugs and know the risks and their capabilities. all of these experiences where throughout a year spanned and i am no way sape or form addicted **

  82. My boyfriend is in jail and I have recently been doing a lot of Molly to keep myself happy…and now his mom is swearing I am cheating on him. Which I have never rolled so hard that I would do that. I really think I need to talk to someone about this. I am feeling so lost and I dont know what to do anymore. I just wish my man was here to stop me before I do too much or do it again.

  83. Hi Sergio. I’d suggest that you follow up with a medical doctor to ease your mind. You can disclose drug use in a medical setting in security, because the HIPPA act protects the rights of patients to privacy.

  84. about a month ago i bought some molly (powder not capsule) and i snorted about what would be 2 capsules. When i took the first bump it instantly hit me but i went outside and smoked a blunt of weed. i felt pretty messed up but it was cold out and i was getting the chills the chills were making my heart beat pretty fast and i thought i was going to have a heart attack or something. After i came dow a little i went to the club where i was planning to go and as i walked from the car to the club i got the chills again and my heart started beating pretty fast again. once i got inside i came down and took some more. by the end of the night i was pretty messed up and ive never been that messed up from molly cause i had never really snorted it. once i got home i decide not to sleep because i feared to die in my sleep or something because i didnt feel normal. the next day i felt as if i was rolling still but more like a hangover. the day after that i sill felt kind of weird and decided to smoke weed again but this time when i got high my heart rate went up again and i started freakin out and i had to all a friend to calm me down. ow every time i smoke weed i feel shortness of breat and a weird feeling in my heart i am concerned because im young and shouldnt be havng heart problems. whats wrong with me and what should i do.?

  85. For anyone’s future reference, I recommend you take a half dose. I still rolled for a long time and it was amazing; And, my heart rate was definitely not elevated above an unsafe level.
    Hubert: When I took it last Sunday it was in powder form. It was sold in an openable capsule.

  86. Hello, my wife and I are thinking about taking molly tonight in powder form with yellow crystals. I know it isnt recommended but my dealer told me that if i ingested .2 of it that its a pretty good euphoric feeling. Can u tell me if it does indeed come in powder form?

  87. If I have a heart arrhythmia and I take Molly, are my chances of being harmed increased? Would it be smarter to take a smaller dose. Or, is the risk of harm too high and entirely unintelligent.

  88. im a junior in hs, I’m 5’7 125 pounds and im going to a concert soon, my friends want to take molly but im scared something will happen… they said 1 pill swallowed an i will b fine

  89. Hello I am kind of scared with this Molly thing. I so nit know much about drugs I’ve never done any before. But my boyfriend who is almost considered and alcoholic started taking Molly but on top of that he was drunk to the max and smoked 2 blunts with the synthetic weed. Is he doing too much or am I over reacting. I love him and all but I will not be around for long if he is going to make this a weekly routine.

  90. This blog seens to be helpful. My boyfriend recently admitted to me that he has been abusing Mollys for quite sometime now and started to get addicted. He wants to quit, therefore came “clean” to me. He says he is truthfully over with it and explained that this has been causing this intense depression. How can I help him? He is a very introverted person, and knows How I feel about anything other than marijuana (it was never my gateway to anything; thank goodness), so I know it mustve been hard on him to say anything. I want to help him overcome this. What do you suggest?

  91. Hi Tyler. What medications are you currently taking? We don’t suggest taking Molly, at all. But you are correct in thinking that there may be dangerous interactions between 1-(3-Trifluoromethylphenyl) piperazine (TFMPP) and other drugs.

  92. Hi Paulo. The truth about Molly is that illicit drug use is not safe for anyone and should never be considered okay. The reason Molly is illegal is because of its dangers…not because governments want to restrict euphoria (although this may be a case for argument). More on why here:

  93. Hi, so I am under the impression that if you only take a single dose of molly, without any other drugs or alcohol involved, it is a “safe” way of taking it?

  94. Hi again, Marlene. The combination of tfmpp and bzp is used to induce ecstacy-like (MDMA) effects. Research indicates that BZP and TFMPP, when taken together, have a synergistic effect on certain neurotransmitters (dopamine and serotonin), which may lead to
    seizures. I’m not sure of the exact symptoms of an overdose and what they look like, but you can search here for more information:

  95. Yes, that was pretty much my question. I have the levels that were in his system from his toxicology report but I do not know “how much” it is. There are a lot of shady things surrounding his death so any insight or knowledge you can share would be helpful. For I plan on having someone else review all of the reports.and thank you for your response.

  96. Hi Brandon. Stimulants can be very exciting and pleasurable. Can you stop right now? If so, you have no need to worry about addiction. But if you see a pattern of becoming addicted, chances are, you know a lot about yourself and you can/will become a Molly addict over time.

    You’ll need to identify and address the underlying reasons you are using Molly to “escape” reality if you hope to achieve long term abstinence from it. What does Molly do for you? What effects do you like and why? Counseling can help. So can talking with other people with addictive personalities.

    Otherwise, if you continue to take it…like the experience…and take it again, you are on the road towards becoming addicted.

    Does that make sense?

  97. so i think im going to take molly with my friends at this concert and i want to have a good time but i really dont want to die. I want to make sure i take the right dosage. Does molly work like alcohol where like you would need to take more of it for it to affect you if you are a bigger person? Like i am 6’1″ and 250lbs will i need to take more then my friend who is say 5’8 170lbs?

  98. Hi. My names brandon. A couple days ago I was at a party and tried molly. But then yesterday I did it again. I’m a junior in high school and can’t afford to get addicted to anything. How do I stop? Or how do I do it with out getting addicted?

  99. Hi Jake. Alcohol and TFMPP work differently on the central nervous system. Alcohol is a CNS depressant, while TFMPP acts as a stimulant.

    TFMPP can cause increased heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature. It acts in the same way as an amphetamine. The danger of mixing Molly with alcohol is developing a false sense of alertness. And while low doses of amphetamine like drugs will cause a short-term improvement in mental and physical functioning, greater use impairs functioning.

    In the end, we each make choices about drug and alcohol use on our own. But I would suggest never combining drugs with alcohol, because it become more difficult to differentiate the effects, and to know when you are in need of medical help.

  100. Is it ok to drink a bit before taking molly? Example: My friends want to take it but also drink so at this festival would it ok to drink during the day, sober up as the day passes, and then take molly at night. Is that safe?

  101. Hi Marlene. I’m so sorry to hear of your brother’s passing. I hope that there is peace during this time of difficulty.

    To be sure I am understanding this correctly: Are you looking into possible reasons why his face, neck and lungs were swollen as a direct result of taking Molly?

  102. My brother died on April 29th of this year from using this drug (tfmpp) and (bzp). His face neck and lungs were swollen. He was 32. Any insight??? I do not use any drugs or drink…

  103. Hi Kelsey. It sounds like you’re going through a major hangover. Pretty normal. Many negative side effects occur after euphoria-induced drugs like Molly. So if you took a double dose of Molly for the first time, it seems pretty normal to be feeling the way that you do. You can probably start to feel better by drinking lots of water, eating healthy (green veggies, fruits, legumes and grains), and doing a little exercise. If you continue to feel awful after another day, or two…schedule an appointment with your doctor. There can always be underlying conditions that mask themselves as a hangover which can be causing these symptoms.

  104. So on Saturday, I took one Molly before going out to a club. Well after a little while dancing, I still wasn’t feeling it but everyone else was! This was my first time, and my friend convinced me to take another one. After that, about 30 minutes later I was DEFINITELY feeling it. It was amazing, and I had a really good time, but a few hours later some guy pissed me off and I started to come down. Well since that night, now it’s Tuesday and I’m feeling really.. sick. My throat hurts, my head is like a migraine from hell, my calves are super sore (probably from dancing) along with my back, neck, and arms. I just feel really awful. Is this from Molly? Or could there have been something else in the pill I took? I don’t know what to do to feel better! Please help!

  105. Hello Bill. Euphoria (an intense feeling of well-being) is what drives people to use drugs like Molly. And it’s what creates addiction. Knowing what you’re getting into helps, but also setting a limit for yourself will help, too. You are at a time in your life when experimentation is normal. But do you know when you will stop?

  106. i just took a molly yesterday been up for 30+ hours i feel like taking another one im not sure if i want it cause of a starting addiction or that i simply just want to experience it again for a little while .im just out of high school and thinking about joining the army

  107. Hi Dominick. Yes, you should seek medical attention anytime you suspect side effects after acute drug intoxication. It’s just better to be safe than sorry.

  108. My wife and me did molly last night and today im having head rushing and passed out once. Is normal or do I need med attention?

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