Can you die from taking acid?

Yes. You can die from taking acid. But deaths occur most often from complications after LSD use due to suicide, accidents, and dangerous behavior. More on dangers of taking acid here.

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Taking acid rarely causes death.

Most often, death can occur as the result of getting high on acid. In fact, suicide, accidents, and dangerous behavior have been linked directly to taking acid. More here on the dangers of LSD. We invite your questions about taking acid at the end.

What’s in acid?

Acid is the street name for LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) which comes as a liquid, in tablets or capsules, or on small sheets of paper. Acid doesn’t have any smell or color but has a slightly bitter taste and is used to induce hallucinations. LSD is classified Schedule I under the Controlled Substances Act, meaning that it has a high potential for abuse, no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States, and a lack of accepted safety for use. Can you get addicted to acid? Possibly.  But LSD addiction is rare.

How does LSD work?

LSD’s effects are unpredictable, and often its biggest effect is on the mind. Acid works by disrupting the interaction of nerve cells and the neurotransmitter serotonin. Serotonin controls behavioral, perceptual, and regulatory systems, including mood, hunger, body temperature, sexual behavior, muscle control, and sensory perception. Physiological effects include elevated heart rate, increased blood pressure and dilated pupils. Sensory effects include perceptual distortions that vary with dose, setting, and mood. Psychic effects include distortions of thought associated with time and space.

How long does acid stay in your body?

Acid – how long does it stay in your system?  Effects last for about 12 hour after dosing, although LSD can be detected in urine 2-5 days after use.

The effects of taking acid

On some acid trips, time may appear to stand still, and forms and colors seem to change and take on new significance. Even if a person stops taking LSD, he or she can still have some of the mental effects for days, months, or even years. Weeks or even months after some hallucinogens have been taken, the user may experience flashbacks — fragmentary recurrences of certain aspects of the drug experience in the absence of actually taking the drug. The occurrence of a flashback is unpredictable, but is more likely to occur during times of stress and seems to occur more frequently in younger people. With time, these episodes diminish and become less intense.

Although LSD is not really associated with addiction, people who take the drug may be regular users of other psychoactive substances, or even have underlying mental health conditions that can be worsened or triggered by LDS use. So, if you feel that you have lost control over your drug use and drug seeking behavior, and want to get better…but you are worried about what happens when you finally seek help, you can learn more in this GUIDE on LSD addiction treatment programs and help.

You can get better!

Acid overdose

Cases of fatal overdose on acid are possible, but rare. Emergency room and EMS data supports the claims that, while not often, deaths can occur when a person takes LSD. This is particularly true when it is mixed with alcohol. Cases of acid trips have been reported where overstimulation of the nervous system triggered heart attack, stroke or respiratory failure. Again, these cases are rare.

Other causes of death on acid

A number of deaths can be indirectly linked to ingestion of acid. The actual causes of death however are not always from the actual drug itself. Some people who take LSD die because their minds trick them into doing dangerous things. And LSD-related deaths generally occur due to suicide, accidents, and dangerous behavior. Also, there is the possibility that poisonous additives may have been mixed with the drug, amplifying its danger and unpredictability.

Questions about dying on acid

Many frightening stories have circulated throughout the drug community for years of people on LSD thinking they can fly and dying from falls, or believing they are invincible and inadvertently committed suicide. Unfortunately, many young people believe these to only be scare tactics by the very people who are trying to protect them. The question you may need to ask yourself, is it really worth the risk?

If you still have questions about taking acid, please leave them here. We will be happy to respond to legitimate concerns with a personal and prompt response.

Reference Sources: DEA Drug Fact Sheet: Hallucinogens
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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Lsd changed my life. It cured my anxiety and fear of death. It allowed me to be the best version of myself. Anything in the wrong hands can be bad.

  2. When it comes to poisonous additives. Could you die after one acid hit with commonly known additives or is that something you also have to over due

    1. Definitely never take someone on lsd to the hospital unless you know for sure it was bad acid. Often people on psychedelics have trouble communicating, but this is normal, in the future I would suggest you don’t look on an addiction website for information about LSD and similar drugs as they aren’t addictive. I would suggest reading trip reports or looking at guides on how to trip sit, these will educate you much better in the effects of the drug and any warning signs.

  3. Nonono if it’s bitter it’s a spitter if you get pure LSD it shouldn’t taste of anything if it has a bitter taste it isn’t pure and it can do more damage to you!

  4. So basically I my first time taking blotter acid I took 6 hits digested because it wasn’t working little did I know it took time for the effect to take place also i smoked a hit with some weed . Like a dummy any way once the acid trip started I kept seeing helicopter lights over me but when I looked up they weren’t there finally I sat down on my couch to pass the high but the high for some reason took me and explained the meaning of life upon coming down I looked in the mirror and my skin was crawling. My question is did I die on the couch that day I seen my life flash before my eyes..

  5. My fiancé has taken two tabs of lsd and is super out of it. Can’t form a full sentence and I’m scared. Should I take him to the emergency room?

  6. I want to take acid in 2 days. I’ve taken 300ug of LSD on my first and only time and I smoked weed along with it. I usually experience a left arm pain and chest discomfort when I smoke weed. When I took acid that one time and smoked weed, I felt a very crucial pain on my left arm and chest up to the point where I wanted to take myself to the ER but I didn’t because my friends convinced me not to. However, I believe that no one can truly know how you are feeling besides yourself, and I felt that something was seriously wrong. But then again, I’ve never taken acid besides that one time and I’ve never been in a bad health situation, so I don’t know if something was/is wrong or not.

    I haven’t smoked weed in over a week and I am currently quitting for good as the arm pain I get when I smoke isn’t easy to deal with and ruins my high. I’ve taken myself to the ER 3 different times and visited my doctor twice in regards to marijuana causing chest discomfort and left arm pains. They’ve done EKGs and X-Rays on me, however, they found nothing wrong with me at all. I did do one blood test (unrelated to marijuana reasons) and I was told that my Cholesterol was high but I am not diagnosed with anything and with a good diet, I will be fine. Since then, I’ve lost approximately 50 pounds and I am in a much better shape. I haven’t taken another blood test yet, but I will soon to check my cholesterol levels.

    Now I want to trip one more time as I believe my first experience might have gone bad due me smoking marijuana while on LSD. However, this time, I will only take LSD without smoking or getting anywhere near weed. My question and concern is: Is it possible that I may be in some sort of health-related risk if I take LSD (and only LSD)? I am planning to take 100ug this time in order to take it slow. I really want to trip and experience what a psychedelic experience has to offer. My first and only time taking LSD, I got no major visuals besides seeing things move a little (such as grass). I always want to put my health first, but I am also 18 years old and I already feel like I will not be able to enjoy my fair share of marijuana anymore and that saddens me as I’ve been smoking weed for 2 – 3 years and in the past 6 months – 1 year, I’ve been feeling left arm pain and chest discomfort from weed. Any help or advice at all would be appreciated. Thank you!

    1. Hi Sam.There has been no reliable scientific evidence about LSD and it’s effects on the heart. But, LSD can elevate your heart rate and increase your blood pressure. If you have a heart condition and have a bad trip that may be risky. As you already said, put your health first, and don’t put yourself in danger.

  7. in addition to my previous comment; if you’re WORRIED(not curious) that something bad will happen, you’re already in too bad of a mindset to take such a drug, so dont.

  8. I used to be a user of many substances, cannabis, E, MDMA, base, cocaine etc. in all honesty, apart from the dirties, I’d take anything that would get me on a level. A couple years back, all I had was some lsd tabs that I was holding on to for a friend, I needed a fix, and decided to take some(I paid him). I was on my own, at home. I got 2 tabs, and used them sublingually one after the other. I was feeling many things, visual and auditory distortions, etc. The walls were wavy, colours intense, the texture of my ceiling seemed to be, in the best way to describe it; dripping. I remember going to the bathroom, and looking in the mirror, it was like it was a professional photoshop job, lol. Everything you look at is exactly how you would like it to look. I was in there about half hour just looking in the mirror. I walked back in to my room, where I started having a panic attack, I was pacing backwards and forwards debating whether to call an ambulance, after about 10 minutes of this I decided to put some relaxing music on, this chilled me out. I laid on my bed, at this point, time started to slow down, and I was uncontrollably stretching and twisting my whole body, but it felt literally orgasmic, no lie! So much so, that I was doing this for 4 hours, but it felt like 2 days, which was the worst part I think, the whole ordeal which probably lasted about 18 hours felt like it lasted a week, and I thought I’d be this way forever. When I was done with my stretching; this was the peak intensity of my high, it would SLOWLY start to fade. I went and got some food, which tasted like heaven, never has food taste so good. I remember switching my xbox on, to have a couple games, but the TV and everything about it was distorted. I tried going to sleep, but couldn’t, so I just laid with my eyes closed, but was having closed eye visuals, which I actually really enjoyed. When I was no longer high, I had what I call an ‘after glow’, which I’d get with other drugs such as MDMA and base once I’d come down. I’d best describe it as a sensitivity to light, and a feeling of ‘looking out of someone else’s eyes’/a different literal visual perspective, like your head is on someone elses body. This lasted 2 or 3 days, which is annoying because after the session you do just want to feel normal again. Personally, it was probably the best night of my life with regards to drugs, but there were times where it was a complete hell(panic attack, time distortion, and thinking I’d be tripping forever). Although I enjoyed it majorly, I felt more enlightened, more spiritual, and more calm in myself; I dont think I will ever do it again, because now I have anxiety(not drug induced) when it comes to health and not being in control. I wouldnt recommend LSD to anyone reading this, the risk’s aren’t worth it. But if you’re keen on doing so, against all recommendation, please, make sure you have someone with you who has taken it before, make sure you’re only with people you can trust with your life, make sure that at least one person is completely sober, make sure you’re indoors in a safe environment, only take it when you are ready to, dont feel pressured into doing so. Dont take it if you are in a bad mindset, stressed, sad, angry etc. nor if you suffer depression or anxiety or any other mental health illness. Dont take it with any other substance. Drink plenty of water as you’re coming out of it and continue to after it has ceased. After, consume Plantains, pineapple, bananas, kiwi fruit, plums, and tomatoes, which all increase serotonin in the brain, which will be depleted and can leave you feeling down. make sure someone you are with knows how to check vital signs, in case of emergency, and preferably they can drive if there’s a need to get you to an emergency room (ambulance times where I live are appauling). Anything can happen, you could’ve taken hard drugs before, and been fine, the next time could be a killer, you dont know until it’s too late, it’s really not worth it. I’m proud to say all I do now is cannabis. After 7 years of cocaine, 3 years of MDMA, 1 year of base(all in the same 7 years), I thought enough was enough. I also partly believe LSD had a role in doing so, it made me appreciate how precious life is, and the beauty that’s in it if you just look hard(you dont see anything that isnt there, you just see things differently), and how important life is, and how you can lose control with a click of the fingers. 1st timers, take it from someone who’s been there, your friend’s may say it’s cool, and you’ll have an amazing time, and truthfully, they may be right, but that doesn’t outweigh the risk’s of losing your sanity, your good health, or even your life. Nothing is more important than those things. Be safe people.

  9. I have posted on here a while ago and thought I would comment again as I’m nearing the end of my love affair with acid and drugs in general due to my gorgeous little boy I now have (and I’m now 40!) so life has all changed. I fully stand behind my beliefs that acid is beautiful, it’s by far the best drug I’ve ever tried…and I’ve tried a lot in my time none of which compared. I have done copious amounts of it and don’t feel it has negatively changed me at all, in fact I feel it’s made me more compassionate and understanding of others as it breaks through your own ego to see things from a different perspective.
    A message to all the people on here asking if they should try it…well it’s up to you but lsd is a STRONG substance and not to be messed with if u don’t have the right mindset for mind alternating drugs. I love the feeling of escapism, how it can make u see things in a different light and I personally enjoy and have no fear of losing control for a good few hours. If however u are someone that needs to stay mentally in control, would be scared if normal things don’t exactly make sense anymore and would panic if u weren’t sure of what was happening please leave it alone and go have a beer or two. And certainly if you’re already suffering from mental difficulties or are depressed don’t even think about it…lsd will exaggerate your emotions x100, if you’re happy then awesome but if you’ve got issues that pain will be very hard to control.
    If there are difficulties in your life that u don’t know how to handle it can be very useful though. I’ve had some horrible relationship issues that acid helped me to sort out in my head…it didn’t change anything physically but I cried like a baby, released some built up emotions and it helped me to accept what happened and how to move forward for the better. The only way I can describe it is like when u feel u can’t see the wood for the trees as there’s so many things going on but lsd allows you to escape the woods and see everything from a big open field and work through each tree one at a time from a distance…well for me anyway.
    A word of warning though there are many fakes and research chemicals about…best to test properly with a test kit but at the very least if it tastes bitter spit that shit out straight away, real lsd has virtually no taste whatsoever.
    Also don’t mix it with anything more than weed. The only ‘bad trip’ I ever had was after consuming large amounts of mdma, speed, weed and ketamine all in one evening. I basically k-holed whilst coming up on a big dose of acid (800ug) my mind and body was trapped in a flat prism like the black leather clad baddies in the old superman films, my body was spit into different waves of silver shardes with colours at the end, each colour was a different emotion that I could physically feel as I flowed over each one which felt like falling off the top of a roller coaster, I literally felt happy, sad, angry, love, hate, pain, fear, confidence, every emotion possible in a matter of seconds at a time as I flowed over the top of each colour…scary but also just awe inspiring. This went on seemingly forever in an never ending recurring cycle again…and again…and again…infinity….and I genuinely thought I had died and this was the afterlife that I was trapped in forever…eventually though I came around laying in the middle of my floor (by myself) staring at the ceiling feeling a bit relieved (and rather silly!) I then got up brushed myself off…and rolled a splif and enjoyed the rest of my evening. I was lucky though…it could have been so much worse as I had knocked all sorts of things over as I had slid off my sofa and was writhing around on the floor (the pain I felt was my limbs hitting various furniture) and thank god I didn’t have candles or such like about! If it had happened out in public I don’t know what would have happened as I was TOTALLY out of it. Every other time has been wonderful though and have never even had a hint of a flashback no matter how deep I’ve gone.
    The internet is a wonderful thing with loads of information so read up on it first, erowid is great for that, and if it’s your first time make sure someone u trust fully is with u to look after u. You will mostly have the time of your life or u may hate it…colours and lights will be brighter, static things will become wavy and seem electric and your thoughts will change but whatever happens it won’t last forever so remember or even write it down that ‘it’s just the acid and not real’, u won’t see things that aren’t there (apart from maybe images in clouds etc but then we see that anyway) and the devil’s not gonna sit down next to u drinking a cup of coffee or some stupid shit that people who’ve never even tried it like to make up. Oh and u will prob look awful in the mirror haha! It may well be amazing but it is still a drug, it can have its dangers and generally its illegal. I think it’s worth the risk but if u take that risk be prepared to accept the consequences if they happen. You pays your money and u take your chances like with anything in life.
    P.s. in response to L.G. I’m not surprised u had a bad time with morning glory seeds (or Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds) they contain LSA which is not anywhere near the same as LSD no matter what anyone says…believe me I’ve tried them and they were horrible, I did trip a bit but nothing like acid and also had terrible gut pains and muscle cramps. Eugh! Be safe, happy and sensible people!
    Again I obviously just made all of this up for entertainment purposes and have never taken illegal drugs just incase anyone official was wondering!

  10. From my experienc with morning glory seeds, as former 1st lady Nancy Regan advised, ‘just say no to drugs, or no thank you.’ However, having said that, it may also have something to do with the book I was reading at the time, called ‘Doors of perception’, heaven or hell, by Aldous Huxley; or possibly the political state of the world or the country at the time.I would encourage no one to try it.

  11. riley if it took 8 hours coming up it wasn’t acid, and doesn’t make you high for days, lsd typically lasts about 12 hours maybe a bit longer for a large dose.

    Only drug I’ve heard that takes that long to come up and last days is bromo-dragonFLY. Please use reagent tests (at least 2 pref 3) in order to confirm what you have is what you bought.

  12. Okay so i did acid amd are raw chicken becasue of the cat but i did it again the next day and now i see amd hear things i call 911 feeling like my brain was melting i could speak much or think. I jhst remembered some stuff but i feel like i oded cuz my heart hurt my brain it was hard to breath thats what reslly fucked with me then my body. Someone whats happening to me the doc did not test kicked me after my trip amd i felt like i died had a 3rd person thing. I think now about killing my felf alot. Everythings diffrent and i feel dumb. It lasted 8 hours going up. And i came down after that but was still high for 2 days. Amd withdrawd for weeks. Im also a drug user iv started in the last 1 and done it all i dont feel normal. Body and mind. Anyone know anything im going crazy.

  13. My son claims to have taken acid about a month ago and he said he just has never felt quite right since and he’s having a panic attack and it seems like almost like he’s tripping still. What can I do to help him?

  14. Ive done acid 3 times. Its now 2 years later from the last tab I took, I dont feel like myself. I dont have lile hallucinations or flashbacks. I just feel like I’m in a dream. Could this be linked to the acid usage? Il scared because on pregnant I never really thought about this before but I dont want to lose my state of mind , lose my baby or anythinf like that . I made a lotnof mistakes when I was younger and now its really taking a toll on me becaude I didnt look into what acid does to your brain and body till now. I wasnt educated on it.

  15. Is there a chance the lsd can be poisonous? Can you die on the first use of the drug? If taken with prescriptions like topiary, veneflaxin or Gabapaten …could you die?

  16. Lots of fear mongering here, I’m 34, live a normal healthy life. Ride Bike, Hike, have dogs, a wonderful girlfriend, a brand new VW a nice house etc. I’ve been doing dose (acid) since i was 14, the stuff will NOT mess you up. Period. After 20 years, with annual use of once to twice a year, there really are no negatives beyond the good time i experience with it.

    I used to do the church thing, when I was a child and believed in that manipulative crap.

  17. I took acid last night for the first time on a wimb. I’m usually a very organized, priority driven person and would never do something like this. For at least 2 hours towards the end of the trip I was trying to go to sleep but obviously couldn’t. I think at some point I must’ve fallen asleep because I felt a jolt like I was woken suddenly to my alarm to go to work I think 2 or 3 hours later which seems like a good sign. I am at work and my heart just feels like it has been overworked. I think I’m just being paranoid, but is their something natural I can take to make me go to sleep? to like slow my heart rate? Like benedryl or melatonin? How much should I take? My hallucinations were stopping by around 6 this morning when I had to come into work. So I haven’t had a chance to see if I’m really gonna have a hard time going to sleep I really think I’m just paranoid but I need some kind of reassurance

  18. At “Some girl”, simple solution. Don’t do it. You never needed it when you were a kid having fun running around feeling naturally good. Remember how good cookies are? Why turn your back on that innocent world you came from? People who disrespect their own roots are monsters. Don’t be one of em. Be a good little kid running around jump roping and eating cookies. This guy sounds like a complete dumbass if he’s getting a girl to do chemical drugs.

  19. Hi, me and my friend were thinking of trying acid and I kinda like this guy he wants to do it with me and the ppl he trusts but idk if I can do it. I had to do an essay on different drugs and after knowing alot about acid idk if I should do it I need advice. I know a lot of ppl that have done it and are fine but I haven’t been in high school long and Iv taken drugs all year but this one idk

  20. So this past Friday, I took 5 because i misinterpreted its effects and it felt like i disconnected from reality. Is it possible to die from too much of it or what’s the chance of dying with 5 tabs of it? It was my first time too and I just remember not having a sense of time and just staring at my hands constantly like what druggies do in movies/tv shows.

  21. There is a lot of unnecessary fear mongering on the part of the author and the responses posted here.

    You are by far more likely to die or be harmed in a car accident than you are from taking a dose of LSD. That doesn’t mean we should go out of our way to avoid riding in or driving a car.

    LSD experiences can be very beneficial and life-changing to some people. I recommend if you’re interested that you do your research beforehand and make sure you are in a safe, comfortable environment with people you trust (even better if you have someone sober to make sure you are okay). If you have access to them, benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanax, Ativan, Klonopin, etc) are valuable to have on hand: if you find yourself having a bad trip, they can prematurely terminate the trip or at least greatly reduce the intensity of it and remove your anxiety.

  22. I have a very mild form of Tourette Syndrome. I have no vocal tics, but very mild motor tics. I took LSD for the first time ever about a year ago. It was the worst experience I have ever had. It cranked all of my motor tics up so much that my wife thought I was having seizures (despite my trying to reassure her that I wasn’t) and she almost called 911. Anyway, I saw some funny stuff and some colored patterns, but it was definitely not worth dealing with the tics and how sore I was for the next few days from not being able to control my muscles. So, that first time was my last time.

  23. So I’m wondering how LSD will affect me? I’m only 18 and someone on the thread said I should wait until I’m 24 but this is probably gonna be the only chance I’ll have to take LSD. I have pretty mild depression and I get mood swings every now and then but will LSD affect my brain any further? Will it be permanent damages?

  24. I know 2 people who have died under the influence of LSD. One mixed it with other drugs/alcohol, the other was hit by a car as he stood on the freeway..

    There is another way to peace and abundant life….

    Several years ago i had a stillborn baby- I delivered her in the ER, and she was lifeless, but beautiful.. I had drank a lot during my pregnancy. I was so depressed, and I wished I had died instead of my baby.
    Long story short, one day I went to church and took communion. In that moment I knew that I was forgiven, I was loved and that Jesus died for my sins.
    I knew that I would see my baby again in heaven.

    Since that day my life has changed dramatically for the better. I turn to God for a high, not drugs or alcohol. It is amazing. I met a wonderful husband and now we travel around singing and sharing our testimony. We recently traveled to Australia, Israel and Maui!

    I encourage everyone who is considering LSD, or who is currently using it to try Jesus. It is the best High ever.
    “I came to give you life, and life in abundance.”
    Jesus Christ.

  25. Hey, im 17, i havent touched a lsd in a year because the last time i droped i had such a bad trip i was scared of my own mind and the abilities of the drug. A couple doctors have said to never take it again because i was also diagnosed with ptsd from lsd abuse. I am mainly woundering if i would be fine to drop lsd again after its been a full year? Anny replys are helpfull.

  26. Hi! My friend bought Acid Stamp of 1200mg. So we are deciding to pop it half that means 600mg each. So my question is that Can we Survive the acid trip and We are beginners (first time). and you know we both don’t want to die. So pls tell me. thanks ?

  27. Im 16 and i have a heart murmur, i use to smoke weed and be totally normal but one day i smoked some medical weed and i tripped hard asab & had a panic attack, it was funny asab but not to me at that moment, it messed me up and im always paranoid but i still smoke occasionally…… now, i want to try lsd but i think ill die or something bc of my past trip, anxiety, paranoia, and my heart murmur… what do you think? U think its worth it or no, just looking for an opinion

  28. I recently took two big hits of acid on friday june second and i feel like im still trippin two and a half days later is that normal?

  29. Ann, I’m sorry about your loss but I must say there is no way your son was on LSD. Due to the way LSD works it doesn’t matter how much you take, the trip will not ever last more than 12 hours. You stated he was tripping for 4 days, a sure sign that he had some research chemical masquerading as LSD.
    Ivana and everyone else saying “there’s no safe way to take LSD”. What a horrible misconception to spread! Do you realize by saying something like that those who are persistent on trying it may dismiss all safety advice and put themselves in harms way? There are absolutely 100% safe ways to take LSD. Here is my full proof plan for safely taking LSD:
    1. Always test your substance. There are LSD test kits you can buy online for as little as $25. I personally recommend testkitplus but any other reputable website will do.
    2. Always have a sitter, preferably one that has some experience with psychedelic substances. They don’t need to be in the same room as you the entire time but close by in case you need them. They can help you out of a bad trip should one begin to happen, stop you from physically doing anything stupid, and help make sure you are staying hydrated.
    3. SET and SETTING! Make sure you are in a safe environment where you feel comfortable and that you are in the correct head space. Never take LSD if you are depressed, upset, or in a negative mood. LSD enhances everything so if you are in a bad mood or in pain that will multiply.
    4. Do not take LSD if you are on any SSRI’s or if there are patterns of mental illness in your family. LSD cannot do any long term damage but if you are a candidate for mental illness LSD can trigger it earlier on in your life. Also, your brain should be fully developed before consuming LSD, so if you’re under 24 it’s worth it to wait until you’re older.
    5. Plan your trip! Set aside 8-12 hours of time when you won’t be interrupted. Eat light and healthy foods before you start your trip. Have 3 or more bottles of water handy and ask your sitter to make sure you get through those during your trip. Finally, talk with your sitter about any goals you have, que up some music to enjoy (I recommend Shpongle), have a movie or two on standby that you may want to watch, or plan a trip to a park where you can enjoy nature. Have your sitter remind you, if things start going south, that you took a drug and that it will be over soon.


  30. To the person who said all people who take LSD are idiots:

    I’m currently a PhD candidate at a highly respected university. I’ve taken LSD a handful of times, as have many of my colleagues. In general I find it to be less debilitating than alcohol (e.g. I still maintain cognitive function even on very high doses) — and by the way, it is not at all controversial that overdosing on alcohol can kill you, increase risk of suicide, and increase violent behavior. In the scheme of mind altering substances you can consume, if you are careful LSD is probably less risky and way more interesting than getting hammered, although it definitely is a longer commitment.

  31. My friend has just passed away from been spiked with LSD! And his friend died from taking it just once for the first time! Please be careful what you take and be careful with your drinks, this is a heartbreaking situation and has left a lot of people’s hearts shattered ! I am well and truly gutted please never anyone take anything off of anybody even if you think “oh I’ll be ok it’s just the once” DONT DO IT !

  32. I just came across this article and find it a bit humorous. Someone who has take LSD around 1000+ times in their life I feel I have a little more insight then most. I keep seeing the question “if I take LSD will I die?” The answer is no. Actually there has never been a death due to the consumption of LSD ever ever ever ever.. So, be careful out there kids and only take LSD if you are in a good place in you life and around good people. You will never overdose.

  33. ahh i am 15 years old and me and my best friends are pot heads and they do acid , they have done it about 8x maybe ? But I want to try it I’m just nervous if I die I know I shouldn’t do it but I want to explore . I just don’t want anything to happen

  34. So ive done shrooms before but never acid and my friend really wants me to do it with him when i go visit this summer. he has done it many times. is it better do take it with someone who is experienced?

  35. I have tripped acid over 1000 times never had a bad trip. If your thinking about trying it be prepared for a good time. Everything is enhanced, it’s amazing. However, if you are a dumbass and weak minded I suggest you dont try it.

  36. Hi my son is 14 and had been smoking weed I’ve found out that it had been mixed with acid , my son will not attend school since will he ever be ok?

  37. My son made a total fool of himself on LSD. After wanting to rape me and busting down my doors, He ran around outside in the snow completly naked until the ambulance arrived. Then he jumped on an EMT’s vehicle and is now facing a summary offense. He was tackled to the ground and restrained. He took 4 LSD tab and the trip lasted about 16 hours and has no memory of what he did. After being told of everything he is now in a deep depression and possibly suicidal from the shame and embarassment. So if anyone thinks doing acid is a good idea, think about what being totally out of control of your actions will do to you and how many people you will hurt besides yourself.

  38. I’m considering taking NP acid, but I trip really bad when I’m high off of weed, I’m not sure why because I smoke very regularly but I do it everytime. I was wondering if since I trip out really bad off of weed, if I should try it? I already bought the tabs but I’m debating on weather or not to do it

  39. ive always wondered if lsd can transfer into breastmilk. I’m an exclusive pumper and was wondering how long would it stay in my breastmilk if I ever decided to take it. Also someone told me that if you’re on acid and you touch a baby it can transfer to a baby through your pores or sweat or something. Is this true?

  40. You can’t be addicted to lsd, the effects aren’t really euphoric like other drugs and if anything it’s so intense that you won’t wanna do it all the time. If you do it all the time the trip will just stop being so profound as it was when you first started taking it. Half the trip is spent wondering when tf it’s gonna stop.

    To prevent suicidal actions don’t take lsd during periods of depression, if you’ve had a traumatic childhood or recent expirience don’t take it either.

    I hobestly cant recommend fiest time users to try lsd. Lsd triggers subconscious thoughts. So even a happy person could have a terrible trip because of a unferlying subconscious fear. I took the faithful strong and I’ve learned how to handle my acid. Some people just can’t and I don’t want anybody trying it and getting trauma from acid. A bad trip goes deeper than any fear you can imagine. You literally face the demons of your subconcious. Although it is a great learning expirience about your self

  41. Josh, if it’s actually lsd, you can’t die from The effects unless you have a cardiovascular disfunction of some type. Even if you took hundreds of doses you’d still be alright by the end of the trip. I’ve found that heavy trips are so intense you just kinda lay there and barely move and even if I’m just blasted put in space I’d never so something crazy like jump out of a window. You can still know reality enough to not do something dumb like that and if your past that point you probly won’t move much anyways unless your experiencing depression or suicidal thoughts around the time you tripped. Never trio when your depressed or something bad has happened in your life

  42. Hi! I’m an avid acid user, and i just wanted to offer up some advice for people considering trying it. If you do play on trying LSD for the first time, make sure you’re with people who you trust & who have tripped before because you’ll probably need to be babysat your first time. Also, don’t take too much! Save the huge amounts for experienced trippers. A tab (or even half a tab, depending on your size) is plenty for a first time user. Most importantantly, only take LSD if you’re in a good state of mind or else you’ll likely have a bad trip, which you definitely don’t want to experience. Personally, the worst bad trip I’ve had… I thought I was being dissected. Enough said.

  43. Yeah I’m considering the benefit of the doubt that acid could be safe, but:

    You weirdos really need to cut it off at Marijuana and Alcohol. People who take it further than Marijuana are always messed up people with problems you’ll never notice through a computer screen. It takes advanced analysis to see how messed up they are, the naked eye won’t catch all the problems these LSD users have. You think because they make a convincing “post” or talk with certainty in their voice that what they say is right and that these drugs haven’t messed them up?

    Weed is where the road ends, you never take it past weed, it’s that simple. Your drugs to try are Alcohol and Cannabis. That’s it. Not even Salvia is acceptable. No shrooms, no nothing. And you only take Marijuana if you need it. If you’re an innocent kid, go home and stay safe & sound there far away from weed and other stuff. LSD is just for stupid people, not safe to take street crap like that.

  44. Yes the incredibly tiny risks are worth it. I can’t find information anywhere saying how many people actually die a year from hazardous behavior on acid. Acid is probably about as dangerous as caffeine, so basically, barely at all. What will happen if you take it is one of the most amazing experiences you’ve ever had in your life though.

  45. LSD is actually a really safe drug, safe as in depending on where you are and who you surround yourself with in the time being, just make sure you are comfortable! I have done acid around 5 times and each time I have felt spiritually connected with myself and happy, after the trip I felt perfectly normal, don’t take more than necessary, and have a clear schedule for the next day because you will not be getting much sleep, but most importantly have fun and don’t worry, keep a positive outlook and you will be fine!

  46. To all you “professional” trippers who think that LSD is safe, I’m here to prove you wrong. My 22 year old son died on Dec 12th from two self inflicted gun shots to the head after a 4 day trip. He had experience taking LSD and shrooms in the past with no ill effect. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case this last time. Toxicology tests were performed and nothing was found in his system except for the LSD and marijuana. My son and his best friend had taken a hit each on Thursday and Friday nights. As soon as he came home and started talking to me, I knew he was tripping. He was extremely happy and all he could talk about was how he discovered the meaning of life, love, light and seeing the signs everywhere. I wasn’t too worried because I knew it would wear off after awhile. It never did though. He couldn’t sleep much, regulate his body temp (he was always cold) nor eat or drink much. By Monday morning he seemed to be sleeping pretty good so I left him to sleep and took his car to the mechanic for him. When I got home that afternoon, he was gone in my truck. He came home about 20 minutes after me but he didn’t have my truck and he couldn’t tell me where it was without going through his “signs” diatribe. I got upset and left in his car to try to locate mine. I found his winter gear hanging on a post down the street and after 15 minutes I went back home. When I walked in the door I called his name but he didn’t answer. I thought he must have finally fell asleep again so I went to his room to check. I found him on his bedroom floor with a huge hole in the side of his head, blood all over and brain matter on the walls. That horrible image is the last I have of him and will remain with me till the day I die. I was comforted to think though that it happened quick and that it was an accident. Since having the ‘spiritual awaking” he had decided he was going to get rid of his rifles so we figured he was preparing to do that and didn’t know one of the guns was loaded etc. When all the blood was cleaned off him, another gaping wound was found from his chin to his nose. He had stuck the barrel to his chin but must have flinched, and blew part of his face away. I’m sure he was in horrible horrible agony and realized how screwed he was, then somehow was able to point the barrel at his head and pulled the trigger. We will never know what was going through his mind for him to do such a thing, specially since he was so happy and had plans set up for the near future. If you do decide to keep doing acid and such, just remember that if something bad happens to you, you are not the only one who will suffer. My son was my only child and I am suffering immensely. His entire extended family and all his friends, which he has many, are as well.

  47. And no John, dmt is not something you can just do you have to be ready for it or you will have an insanely bad trip and dmt while having a good trip is really intense I can only imagine on a bad trip for your first time

  48. After reading through all of these comments this article makes me sick, theyre trying to make us beleive something that isn’t true, plain and simple their trying to lie to us to keep us scared, no you won’t die from taking pure LSD no it won’t make you want to jump off a building, an LSD trip is whatever you make it, I beleive that everyone has their own opinion but it makes me sick when articles like this are posted to try an mislead us

  49. Hello my name is John and I had a dream about acid and it seemed to describe what happens when your tripping on acid and I liked it. I also know that people have died during trips on acid but I was wondering if DMT is a better alternative to LSD cause I heard that it puts you to sleep and makes you have extremely vivid dreams and allows you to have a change in perceptions. Please get back to me thanslk

  50. I’d only suggest taking acid if you are in a good or positive mood before taking it and before the trip begins or bad trips with thoughts of suicide or thoughts of you dying could happen. The way acid messes with your brain will only feel good if you’re taking acid to feel good and have a good time tripping, otherwise, acid is not what to take when depressed, which is what causes bad trips. I often smoke weed to get a light high so I’m happy and in a good mood then take a tablet, never have had bad trips and always have felt good this way. So if you’re planning on taking acid, I’d only suggest it while your high or just in a good mood and feel some excitement to trip.

  51. LSD is a wonderful drug if used responsibly in a safe setting. What disturbs me the most about the posts here is the lack of information regarding actually knowing you have LSD or some RC like 25-X-NBOMe (has been deaths, from overdose usually insuffilated, but are usually laid on blotters) or DOx (30+ hour trip, sometimes in a powder form or on blotters too and you can easily overdose on these too.).

    Do yourself a favour and get some reagent test kits.

    To test for idoles like LSD you should test a blotter using the Ehrlich reagent and really you should back these tests up with the Marquis and Froehde reagent tests too.

    Most complications from LSD come from not actually having LSD.

  52. As far as I’m concerned lsd is the most beautiful drug in existence. I have tripped close to 60/70 times at high doses and have never had a single bad experience. It is a very powerful drug though and not for everyone. I have recriationally used ‘happy’ drugs (weed,mdma,shrooms etc) but not the nasty addictive ones ie heroin/meth for approx 15years so I guess my mind is used to getting high! I do have a very happy but grounded personality so can handle the effects easily, someone who is mentally unstable or over excitable may not do so well. For example even with alcohol some people do stupid things, become violent and aggressive…I just become chatty and happy. There are other nasty research chemicals pretending to be lsd so be careful (Al-lad is great however but very rare now) I’ve done up to 800ug in one go and although it was hard to see the other side of the room due to all the colours and tracers in front of my eyes I’ve never seen anything that wasn’t there and never for a split second did I ever think I could fly or attempt to jump out of the window…I have however done the washing up and cooked some food whilst tripping so yeah it’s really dangerous! Never ever had a flashback either. All in all I work full and part time, have a mortgage, nice car, lovely friends and family and the most wonderful girlfriend I could wish for so it hasn’t done me much harm has it? In fact I have become a much more understanding and tolerant person because of it. If you can get the real deal, enjoy it at home safely, have a trustworthy sitter if you’re new to it, turn the lights down and put you favourite tunes on your headphones and close your eyes, the most awe inspiring light show will follow! In a very hippy manner…peace and love to u all. Of course for legal reasons I made all of this up anyway 😉

  53. The comments made stating that LSD can not cause death are wrong. Joshua who made a comment in January 2015 about “research” showing non-harmful use of LSD is a complete joke. First, what are his credentials? I didn’t see MD or Phd behind his name and even if it were there I think all you need to do is talk to parents of dead children to decide if the drug causes death or long term consequences. Go to mental health institutions housing long term abusers who are now schiphrenic or unable to maintain employment because of their use. There is a cost to taxpayers from use of illicit drugs and I for one am not interested in my tax dollars going toward immature, stupid drug users who want to convince themselves that there is no harm in the drug so they can remain an unproductive non-contributor to society. Having known several people who had flashbacks after using the drug as well as one killing himself from jumping out a window 9 floors up. Why would you take the risk? Just because Joshua has used it and known others who have used it and so far are not dead or with what he perceives as complications isn’t a reason to say that LSD doesn’t cause harm. He does not know what he is talking about and the “articles” and books he references are not research studies or data that would show the number of deaths or long-term psychotic problems from the use of LSD. People who write their opinions are not authorities on a topic. Don’t believe them.

  54. I took LSD a day ago for the first time an I’m pretty sure I almost died. My heart was beating fast an my whole right arm an face swelled up I was turning purple an freaking out but the doctors didn’t seem to see a problem. Is this something that happens when taking lsd also??

  55. So I have a story and I need help. The other day I tried acid for the second time with a coworker of mine. We have been working together for the last 8 months he is the one that insisted on my trying acid. So I gave it a shot the first time I tried it it was cool and out of the ordinary And you know everything was cool and we went to work after that like nothing happen. I told him that I wanted to do it again and he said alright and set everything up for that night like he did last time but when I went this time the vibe felt so different I felt like nobody else was on it besides me. Another creepy thing is he was playing his video game looking the other way while his buddy’s where watching swearnet or some shit like that and mind you it was 3 white boy and me I’m Hispanic and I’ve only known them for about 7-8 month but they made me felt like I could trust them until that night the picture they put up for me to look at since my coworker was the one experience was a scary spiral tunnel picture with a pick sky and very vivid trees with particular branches that basically there was a path down that picture and I felt like they were trying to make me stay in a lsd trip forever they tried to replay scenes everytime I would look away from the tunnel to make it seem like I was tripping and they kept saying I was but I still had a glimpse on reality on my side and I figured out what they were trying to do so I ran out the back door and ran 3 towns back to my town to get home safe but he put something in my mind that night that wanted to keep me in that trip and for him to plan it all out to the first time we tripped to when he was going to catch me in a bad trip and God knows do what to my body. I need help to figure everything out and to talk to him because he thought I was to weak minded for that drug and that’s why he was trying to do that the whole night was fishy but for the last 3 weeks I’ve been playing the fool to try to fool the food who thought they were fooling me so I need your advice on what to do and how to handle the subject I talked to him and about that subject he won’t look me in my face and tell me he always looks to the side so that’s why I’m playing the fool right now but what he does is sick and I want him out of my town he can’t work here anymore and I want to make sure he doesn’t do that to anyone ever again so please help me figure this out cause he really fucked with me that night and that’s not cool at all

  56. So I have took LSD about 10 times and say if you haven’t took none in like a year, can it still kill you even tho you haven’t took it in a year

  57. Alright so ive had some serious expierence on lucy over 30x maybe even ovee 60x i use to take acid every other day cause shit i loved the trips but the last few 4 times i tripped i would panic so bad id walk around town with a friend or my gf to try and calm down if i tripped again would i have a bad trip? I mean ive had out of body expierences many times where i thought i was dead just gone and never coming back? Also i do asthma and generalized anxiety disorder. But usually when ive had bad enought trips i have colonapezams prescribed and ive seen that if you goto a hospital thats all theyll give you is a downer so id just take one of them was this smart or foolish?

  58. My friends have offered me acid for later this week and I was thinking about trying it. All of them have done it before and I trust all of my friends. I’m in good shape(I work out daily) I eat healthy and am an overall healthy individual. My concern is about the heart attack. My family does not have a history of heart attacks other than with smokers and overweight people. I’m just wondering if I would need to fully concern myself about that risk before I take it.( I don’t want to be thinking about it the entire time. I also smoke weed on almost a daily basis and have tried mushrooms numerous times.

  59. People who get sent to the hospital with bad reactions didnt take lsd. Its gonna be new resesech chemicals circulating around. Dont mess with chemicals thst have little known history and check your tabs for purity. Taste test them lsd has no taste where as nbomes ( a series of research chemicals) will numb your tongue.

  60. Acid is something you really either have to be completely prepared for or in the safest environment possible. I took it once randomly on a whim while heading to a club. We were on our way there at like 2 AM and some kid just had some and I tried it and was nowhere near ready for what happened next. We were at this club and the come up was incredible, the lights and strobes made me feel like some sort of mind control. It was weird that I got with some girl and the most primal of urges took over and I was being too handsy and whatnot but the drug seemed to drag out the most primal instincts.

    The comedown started and it was bad, I kept getting paranoid that my friends were gonna leave me and I would be stuck an hour away from home tripping. I would pull on my clothing to make sure I was still rooted in reality cuz I was afraid I was maybe in a hospitalbut just dreaming, I think the clothing was what they call a token. Then we left and I honestly thought the whole thing was some sort of setup so I saw cop lights and thought it was all fake, luckily my friends (also tripping) got me outta there. Then we drove home and I felt like the person driving was also driving my trip and I trusted him, even tho he was tripping too and I honestly felt OK if we died then and there, it was weird but also almost calming. Losing complete control was both ridiculously fun and scary.

    Then I got to bed at like 6 AM and the comedown really hit then. I was paranoid people in the room were fucking with me, then I was battling myself in my head for what would seem like 15 minutes and then I’d look at the clock and one minute passed. I got no sleep, and basically paranoia (I had to go home to my parents) and depression hit me and I was all in my head fighting myself until like 11 PM the next day and I got out of it. I learned a lot about myself though through the experiences, and I also learned how important it is to be around people you trust when you do these things cuz my friend kept telling me everything would be alright, everyone’s gone through it, and that helped me get through.

    So I suggest acid at least once to everyone cuz it changes your life and your way of viewing things, but make sure you’re maybe in just a room with friends and in a safe space where you know you’ll be ok and just know what you’re getting into before you start, so then you feel comfortable letting the drug take you on a ride and then the trip will be enjoyable. It’s a LONG experience, I even sometimes kinda get triggers, like, if a certain song hits or if I look back at a pic of the club, I kinda start thinking about it and some of the feeling comes back, hell, it’s why I’m writing about this now, because I just need somewhere to just write things down and rationalize everything. Idk if I’ll do it again, part of me is scared of another bad trip, part of me wants to feel that great high again, and part of me almost needs to conquer the bad experience.

  61. My son just did LSD the 1st time 2 weekends ago. I was woke up at 1:30am by the police because he was be sent to the hospital via ambulance. His body apparently didn’t react well with the Acid. He was in kidney failure and his sugar was extremely high. As well as his heart rate and his respiration a were low. He spent the night and next day in peds ICU. Not a good 13 hour trip I’m sure. He is ok but as a mother I am advising all you kids don’t do it or any drugs you don’t know what your bodies response will be. He could have died had his friends not called 911. I am thankful but it’s the worst feeling in the world to open the door up to a police officer in the middle of the night. Stay safe.

  62. I have never taken LSD for it is extremely uncommon( basically impossible to get) in my town. But I have taken other psychedelics like NBOME, psychedelic mushrooms and psilocybin. I do not recommend taking any drugs of course, and would like to encourage those who are curious to stay away from all substances and to live a healthy sober and productive life. How ever people will do what they want, if one wants to experiment with psychedelics I will say BE VERY CARFUL. Keep in mind that psychedelics are not to be taken if you are in a bad mood or upset about something. Be prepared for your first trip. Make sure to have your best friend with you, some one you can trust ( It would be best if they were sober) I advise to turn your phone off and to not get on any kind social media or have any contact with any else who is not physically with you, you don’t want to get a call about you grandma in the hospital or anything for that will definitely make your experience unplesant. Only take a quarter of the recommended dose (just so you can have an idea of what your in for). Also be aware that any thing can happen. If you panic during your trip and are afraid that you might be like that for ever, just remember that your just on drugs and the effects will wear off. Yet again If you are curious about LSD just keep in mind that it is rarely made now days and no matter what the dealer tells you, your are very most likely not taking LSD and it is NBOME or some other designer drug. Do lots of research on drugs you plan on taking before you do so. I would like to say that I do not support drug use of any kind and I do not recommend taking any drugs for life is great with out them. But again people will do what they want, just because I am giving advise about taking drugs doesn’t mean that I’m for taking them, I just want people to be safe.

  63. well tbh i think lsd can kill you and make it look like you did it your self its lead me to rooms alone in the dark and told me i was going to hell.. i had to run away but other times iv smelt flames and felt heat and heard house majorly burning down …. then i tried to run out the room and my girlfriend turns into the devil saying you cant leave you need to see this threw… hahahaha lmao lsd is good just dont go in with a weak mind or it will break you its capable of making you see anything and everything thinking EVERYTHING realisticly enough to maybe think your in hell but it can control everything around u sounds of kids laughing an screaming come out of anywhere anytime of the night…. not just sounds you hear but peope around u hear it to

  64. Me and my fiance too acid last night and today I woke up with a terrible headache on the back of my head. My fiance has slept for over twelve hours only waking up for about an hour. I’m scared this may be something to do with the acid. I may be paranoid. Could it be deadly is it even a thing. (This is our third time, nothing like this happened before either )

  65. When I’m high on acid I sometimes think about Jesus dying on the cross. Sometimes I picture myself as pontious pilot killing him. Does this mean I might kill someone on acid? If so I will definitely stop using probably

  66. I did acid a few days ago for the first time with my boyfriend who has done it many times. I asked his mom what her thoughts were on it and she said she hates it. She had friend supposedly overdose on it and has been tripping for years and ended up in a mental hospital. Sounds scary. Is that actually possible to do? And if so how much would it actually take to get someone to that point?

  67. does lsd kill by the pill itself or the action you take while on it if so
    the safest place you could try lsd is inside your house correct?

  68. I would advice everyone to take LSD. it’s great. it lets you find your place in the Uinverse and become one with the world and let’s you have crazy visuals and perceptions. But if you’re a newbie and its your first time and are afraid, I’d recommend having someone with you preferably sober. I’ve never had a bad trip and I’ve tripped off of more than one tab 8+ times probably. It’s a wonderful drug. As long as you keep happy thoughts and don’t think about the trip coming after you drop, it’ll be a fun ride. Happy tripping, b safe.

  69. Ive taken plenty of lsd and i would say some negative things abut it are.. You lose sight on reality become very stubborn while on and after use of lsd. You become non caring and emotionless but also very scared of life it self. Your always looking around and if you dont have a strong sense of mentility youll go crazy. But lets say this , even after abut a month of my last tab which was my “perfect trip” im different and i on daily can feel the lsd on my shoulders and back of my next. Lastly while on lsd (this a question) i feel as in my heart/ chest gets tight n will mayb burst and feels like i cant breathe and cant swallow. Is this the same for other people that have used it or. Non heard of and ofcouse bad.

  70. if you take a low dose and in a good safe place acid can be a beautiful spiritual adventire and its non toxic to the body so you wont die eless you mix it with a other drug or take it somewhere unsage where you can jump off a building.

  71. As a sidenote – Bill W, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, LSD in therapy and found it extremely beneficial in both own life and in dealing with alcoholism.

  72. It is physiologically impossible to overdose and die from LSD. There is no such thing as LSD toxicity. It might be cut with other chemicals that could cause physiological problems; but LSD in itself is a non-toxic substance. Anybody who tells you there is such a thing as LSD toxicity is either Lying or uninformed. In addition, in the proper set and setting, LSD can be an extremely powerful and beneficial drug to assist personal and spiritual growth. Just be careful. Be around people you know, love and trust – and surround yourself with good music, food, water and a safe nurturing environment.

  73. LSD has almost zero toxicity and is a very powerful tool for discovering the world. Demonizing it is just going make those who do have issues with addiction (not to LSD of course) be more afraid to step forward. It does not make you crazy or believe that you may “fly”. If you are going to believe that, you were crazy before dosing. Saying that LSD has a bitter taste is simply untrue. NBOMEs have a bitter taste, and have some research indicating their safety isn’t great. Saying LSD is going is bitter is going to cause way more misguided people to incorrectly dose on incorrect drugs. It also doesn’t cause heart attacks. That’s like saying drinking coffee in the morning will give you a heart attack from the caffeine.

  74. Yes, acid can be beneficial if you’re open minded. Your environment, mood, appetite, etc. all play into your trip.
    The come up WILL give you some anxiety, either a little or in some cases EXTREME. Start off small. I’ve done it enough that I know what to expect now or what kind of environment to be in. I’ve dropped acid in clubs/festivals/raves and wghile it can be really awesome visually, I still would prefer just taking it in my bedroom any day. At least then you’re minimizing how much you can harm others, anxiety,
    I took six tabs once at a club, blacked out, and the next thing I remember I was wandering around my apartment complex trying to find mine, and once I did I couldn’t eat, shower.. Whatever. I was messed. I had to call my sister (my family is pretty normal where this was a last resort) and she came and picked me up and watched me at her house for TWO DAYS until I stopped tripping. Another time I went to a festival alone, and my phone died after I’d taken 4 doses (mind you the festival itself I had a crazy awakening into myself as a person) and I ended up in a random Seatte neighborhood by myself puking thinking I was done for and that I’d made a stupid ass mistake that was gonna cause me to die alone away from home with nobody to help me. So again, if you’re gonna take it..

    Storytime aside, acid can be alright if you’re prepared right. Have a smoothie and don’t take more than 2 doses in my opinion if you’ve never tried it. Have a real friend to keep you safe, not some shitty bud who is gonna get irritated when you might act funny or do nonsense things. My favorite part about it is actually the feeling post-trip. The next day or days I feel so refreshed and like I have a different outlook on life. I don’t even wanna smoke weed for days after. It’s pretty nice.
    I think LSD can assist you into discovering yourself or having some ‘spiritual awakening’ but I also think you already have to be somewhat open minded to who you are as a person and question life a little to begin with.

    Anyway, I’m gonna surf this one out. Been laughing a lot but the anxiety is always my worst enemy when dosing. Just thought I’d leave this here for anyone who could use the info.

    Also I can’t stress this enough
    Dancesafe, Bunk Police, etc many good groups out there who can provide.
    You don’t wanna end up eating some research experiment basement backwoods brew bullshit and hate your life. It’s almost 2016, you never know what’s in anything anymore.

    Also please excuse my grammar/typos in the aforementioned post I made. I don’t wanna further the stigma that only uneducated losers and druggies take LSD. Drugs don’t make losers. Losers allow themselves to become losers.

  75. Whoever wrote this has no clue what they are talking about because real lsd poses no threat to your life nor does it have a “slight bitter taste” real lsd is tasteless, usually on white paper not blotter. If the acid your taking has a bitter taste, your taking 25i or 2ci which does pose a seriously threat to your life

  76. my friend gave me a tab of acid i haven’t taen it yet but i want to my friend told me that he was able to reach a spiritual understanding while on acid, i am really excited to try but was wondering if acid can really kill you, you say like a rare chance of heart attack but i have never had a history of heart problems does that matter?

    1. Hello Gregory. Even though experts claim that taking acid rarely causes death,I wouldn’t recommend to try it, because it can have other long-lasting health effects.

  77. I’ve had my fair share of acid trips. but be careful. once you start thinking that you are having sexual intercourse with a three-legged unicorn, things are probably gettin bad. But i mean hey, who knew that those majestic beasts swallowed? 😉

  78. Godamn, I had a similar trip as “A” except in my case I had taken a KLM pill a day before and that same day and well just so u know they’re pills that are complete body trips, obviously mind Cuz they mess with ur body tho lol, anyway I went to the mall and whatnot and met a old homie that I hadn’t seen in a long time and he said if I wanted to smoke I said u know me bro haha so we went through some doors that were for security only and went through some stairs and just sat down and began talking and whatnot, as he passed me the apple with “bud” I asked what is it bro, he just said hit it and find out , I then hit that and I kid u not …the second I hit it I started tripping balls and realized I hit some spice!! I instantly thought I was gonna die honestly Cuz I don’t fuck with spice and boom everything just started looping nonstop and time was going slow asf and I was just thinking too damn fast for my mind to keep up with the trip that I thought time was looping haha, I mean I’ll put it like this, the walk out the stairs was neverending even tho it was only like 10 steps, I blacked out and last remembered telling the guys I was with that I needed water Cuz I felt dehydrated, I remember then drinking water from the fountain and choking on it and almost vomiting Cuz my body wouldn’t take it, I blacked out again and was outside the mall and my brother with me was calling 911 in panic and I remember tripping trying to stop the call lol, he had told me that I was marching and then saying the same words over and over again and just looked really bad, even while I was outside the mall with him my feet were moving all on their own while we were sitting, I remember while that just parts of my trip which was all mental I mean I saw shit u see on cartoon network when they play those trippy commercials and me not being able to breath right and all this stuff, next thing you know the ambulance shows up and takes me on the quicks and check my heart rate and tell me holy shit ur hearts over 200 we have no idea how your alive right now just calm down and try not to use energy at which I simply blacked out again, I woke up in the hospital later and they told me I had mini heart attacks and that I had experienced ego death because I had died but the drugs somehow also baught me back , I swear I thought I was in hell and all it was was a never ending loop of how I fucked up and that was my torture, it was fkn crazy but I remember my friend driving me home and just having a bajillion dejavu’s nonstop and still have em every once In a while but explaining it all to my girlfriend that night was crazy and well I couldn’t sleep Cuz I was still tripping on that for a while, that my friends was a scare that I never ment to give myself and well its weird to think I was lucky to live past that honestly, acid ain’t shit to that trip tho haha just don’t over do it and you’ll be fine and like everyone sais, just try and enjoy it possitivly and enjoy it and learn from it, plus bud ain’t nothing compared to all this I blaze on a regular basis of mad kush and I just love it haha ?

  79. Hi there . I wanna know if i take NORMAL (1 blotter ) dose of ACID can it cause death ? i am not talking about to harm myself or jump out of the window . i repeat NORMAL dose (1 blotter ) . can you please answer me , thanks .

  80. Take it from someone who is on acid right now. In this case I mean me. It’s quite intense, but not necessarily in a bad way. I have relatively clear thoughts. Well, the seem clear in my head anyway. Different than usual though, I’m seeing the world From a different perspective. I’m enjoying myself, but only because I was happy before consuming. If I would have been upset, I could see myself feeling terrible. I am just randomly waffling away while I trip now. Not going to read back on what I am writing, as I want you to read what I am experiencing right now… Ran out of what to say at this point so reread what I wrote. Lol. Dunno, my thought process is fast, but without any proper direction. I’m gonna end here as I’m getting bored of thinking about what I am feeling and instead I just wanna feel. Talk to you later

  81. The people who wrote this have no better idea than a child what LSD is or what it really does. Neither do I and I doubt we will find out for a very long time due to the taboo nature of it and the fact that people post so much misguided nonsense about it.

  82. Hey yeah I took acid a while back keep having flashbacks and a recurring thoughts that I’m going to die or maybe kill myself but I really don’t want that too happen I also feel like have already died have you ever heard of someone taking acid and falling asleep until they eventually die from lack of food or water or something

  83. I am a 16 year old who is deep into depression and took 20 hits and have keep them in my pocket, they are finaly showing and i hove no idea what todo

    1. Hi Nick. Please seek help as soon as possible. If you don’t have anyone you trust near you who can drive you to the ER call 911.

  84. Well I have tooken “Acid” at least 20 times most of the trips are okay, I’m still alive which is good. But I have had a bad trip not to long ago and before bed I was wondered By a floating orange eye I thought I was still tripping because it’s hard to belive but it blank 3 times and after awhile reality changed every little thing in my house started spinning and I could hear this errie voice upstairs you probably don’t belive me but I gained the ability to see and hear ghost I haven’t really got up to the one ghost I saw when it happned because I was a little freaked out how I can hear her music playing it was like it was reality. Well the effect was lost the next day I was wondering if anyone has had this experience as well.

  85. Bad trips are a result of not being true to your self. Its caused because your not doing it with a positive reason. Your doing it for selfish reasons which then your mind will never be ready to take LSD until you want to trip for a positive reason. Bc you want to take a different path. I’m tired as shit rn and idk if this is making a lot of sense. I’m trying to put this in the simplest way possible. But overall you have to be true to yourself and know who you are before you decide to trip otherwise its gonna fuck you up. I suggest that you should smoke weed and sort of change your perspective then drop LSD. Use the weed to prep you. It helps.

  86. Ok, so I’ve done LSD 5x and I had an amazing time. But I was recently chillin with a work friend who told me that if you take LSD more than 8x, then your considered mentally insane by the government or some shit. She says this is true but idk my friend is VERY spiritualistic and her ideas and her perseption upon life is insane! Her mind set and creativity is on such an advanced level. From my perspective I think EVERYONE should take LSD. Not everyone but like a lot of people should do LSD, shrooms, and all other natural hallucinations. But when an individual takes LSD YOU HAVE TO LET GO AND ENJOY THE TRIP, YOU HAVE TO BE TRUE TO YOURSELF, AND YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHO YOU ARE. YOU SHOULD ONLY TAKE LSD NOT FOR FUN BUT TO LEARN AND ENLIGHTEN YOURSELF. Bc if you don’t, then you get flashbacks and all the other negative side effects. If anyone has talked to frequent hallucinogenic users they are the NICEST and sociable people ever! They are so happy and they don’t have a worry at all. Life isn’t about getting a job, having kids, getting married, then retiring and enjoys 20 years of being old. Life is about finding your path and doing what feels right. But to do this you must be true to yourself and be farely enlightened or getting there. You get the feeling of just whatever’s happening or you doing doesn’t feel right and it happens all the time. Your job is to connect the good feelings and create your path without any influence on others. If you make a decision such as going to the store and you really like a sweater and you want to buy it but you think you’ll get made fun of for it and you DOBT buy it bc of that then your wrong. And you should change the way you think. Your not creating the path that you want and that is true to you. Lmk what you think about what I said please.. And also about being declared insane after 8 its of LSD. Thanks!

  87. I took acid twice. Was amazing both times until the end of the second trip. I sketched out and thought I was going to die. My heart was beating so fast I thought I was going to have a heart attack and I told my friends to call an ambulance but they obviously didn’t. I was then convinced that they wouldn’t believe that I was going to die (I 100% thought I was) and so I layed there and prayed I would wake up in a hospital and not be dead. I was freaking THE FUCK out. I thought I was stuck on a continuous time loop throughout the night because I kept hearing my friend coughing and thought it was apart of dying. That I’d be stuck in this continuous time loop while everyone else lived their lives. It really fucked me up, you guys. Even as I woke and realized I was alive I didn’t feel at all like myself. I thought it was going to change me forever and in a way, it did. All I could think about was that I thought I was going to die the night before. I was afraid to shower home alone because I would get flashbacks. I had to sleep with my light on for two weeks straight I was so terrified of flash backs. I’ve gotten much better and don’t get the flashbacks anymore as I’ve recovered (it’s been maybe almost a year) but I can’t even smoke weed without having anxiety attacks because it reminds me of the heart racing that occurred while high on LSD and I freak out. It completely ruined smoking weed for me and I thought it was almost going to ruin my life. Not to mention while on it we wandered outside my friends apartment complex and walked BAREFOOT down a Main Street at 4 in the morning. We were 15 and 16 year olds. we could’ve gotten seriously hurt, raped, kidnapped, or even killed. as we were walking back I started to come down to the last stage of just the visual effects as the euphoria faded and that is what caused me to have a bad trip. I got extremely paranoid as I did not feel safe and I was convinced every car was a cop or a rapist. And IM the sketchy mom of the group normally but on acid I was the one that lead my friends out of the complex. I was also convinced we should do cocaine and if someone offered it to me I would’ve taken it ON ACID. It’s a miracle something much much worse didn’t happen to us. It makes you a completely different person with no sense of right and wrong. I would STRONGLY advise against it. I hope anyone who reads this decides against taking acid.

  88. Is there any way to tell that acid tabs have been laced with anything dangerous? And also about having heart attacks and stuff while you’re on it, do you have to take quite a bit for that to happen? If I’ve done it before and have been fine is it highly unlikely that it would be fatal?

  89. Seems I have heard this verbatim from you Joshua. Your write up about LSD does nothing but give the unknowing the idea that taking LSD is ok and they have nothing to fear. This is the farthest from the truth and I pray you will delete your post before someone takes LSD and ends up being another statistic. Unless you can guarantee every person that reads this that they will never get addicted from LSD, never have a bad trip or never get a bad batch of the illegal LSD drugs you should delete your post or take the responsibility of every life lost due to your post. I know you have done LSD beause it has really screwed up your life already and you don’t even realize it in your own life. If you are the Joshua who is my son then I now know what has messed with your life and has caused you to drop out of college and waste your life. You no longer sleep well, you don’t eat and you have no use for a normal life. That is what LSD does and has done to you. Please delete your pompous and totally misguided post.

  90. Hi my boyfriend wants me to do lsd with him (he does it all the time)and he told me that all I need to do is take 25% and I don’t have go take all of it. But I’m scared because I can’t even handle weed and I endured a huge freak out while being cross faded once. Am I overreacting ?

  91. Im really concerned, i feel amazing on lsd but i look in the mirrior and underneath my eyes is a dark black , i look like a walking dead man and i dont understand why. I do stay hydrated, i cannot find anything on the internet about beneath your eyes turning black off acid

  92. So I dropped 100ug tab though it was broken up and one was taken at like 10:00 and the other at 11:00pm. It is now 12 hours later and I can’t sleep and everything Is still a bright colour and I feel like I’m barely tripping.. Am I In a permanent trip and how can I get to sleep

  93. Hey can anyone tell me if seeing things move when I’m not high on acid is that bad ? Should I stop useing I inlet done it about 13 to 14 times and I’m only 15

  94. im an avid supporter of LSD and other hallucinogens I’ve tripped more than a few times and I’ve even shown my friends the wonders of it, while some of the things said here may be true they are extremely exaggerated acid doesn’t make you think you can fly and even if you did believe that, that’s why you have sober friends around who can help you on your journey LSD has little to no health effects the biggest thing is an elevated heart rate although it’s different for those with mental health problems as it may cause psychosis but for those of you wanting to know if it’s ok to try yes just be sure you have a support base around you and are really prepaired for what you’ll see

  95. My main worry is of dying by means of a heart attack. If I had done E before and been fine off this (more of a stimulant), am I relatively safe when it comes to taking acid?

    1. Hi J. You can never know what can happen when you take acid. You may have fun at the expense of damaging your health and hurt yourself unintentionally. I’m sorry that I don’t have a solid answer to your question, but I cannot tell if you can be hurt or not. Plus, I am not familiar with your general health state. If you have a heart condition, I wouldn’t advise you to do anything that might put your life in danger.

  96. Hey, I’m 19 years old about to turn 20 in 4 days and my friends have taken acid already and as I type this my friend has already taken acid in sheet form… I’ve really thought about taking acid… I know if I’d do it it’d be in a closed rooms with two of my most trusted friends so I feel like I’m not in any danger of trying to “fly” or anything that will cause me physical harm… I’m mostly Afraid of dying or not being able to handle it… Any advice?

    1. Hi Kitty. I’m sorry but there is no safe way of taking acid. Anything can happen and you can get hurt in various ways, not just from “flying”. You know the saying “better safe than sorry”…well this drug is not the substance to play with. Please don’t use it simply because of curiosity (or for any other reason)!

  97. You’ll be stupid for about 8 hours. It won’t fuck up your life.

    It may change your life in positive ways, to have the mind altering experience, to make you question perception and reality… if you take it, be with people you trust.

  98. i just turned 15 and I’ve thought about taking acid, I don’t know really much about it. I want to take the little square forms. how many of those do I need? Can I overdose? Will I be “stupid” after I take it? Will I be normal again or will I have mental brain issues or sum & act different & dumb. basically will taking acid fuck up my life? Please someone help me with this

  99. Hi there viewers! Here is a little information that should be known about LSD.

    First of all, the effects of the drug are limited to the amount of serotonin reserves in your brain. Say for instance you want to trip again after you’re done tripping. It wont work. While it may take a specific dose to release all that serotonin, going over it has absolutely no effect other than releasing it faster, which in turn can cause a “bad trip” due to not being able to handle the rush. LSD is not a narcotic so it is rather difficult to abuse. And due to the way it functions, it is impossible to form addictions or even dependencies to it.

    Nobody has ever overdosed from LSD. The reason being that a typical tab of LSD carries roughly 50 – 250 ug (micrograms). It is the single most powerful substance by volume on the planet and carries 1/100th the toxicity of alcohol. There are hundreds of research chemicals which are sometimes combined with LSD because they are cheaper to manufacture, not scheduled or illegal, but produce similar effects. Many of these chemicals can, however, cause death.

    The lethal dosage is ESTIMATED to be at 10,000 ug which is 100x the normal dose. You would literally need to eat almost an entire sheet for this to happen, so it’s basically common sense that nobody has ever done it. It is true, however, that people have died by accidents occuring during a trip, but not from the substance itself. Again, there are no proven records of death in the drug’s history.

    Regarding long term effects, it is very difficult to define these things. The commonly listed long term effects of LSD can also occur without LSD. However, because LSD’s primary function is to cause you to approach things and ideas as though you have never even seen or thought about them before, you begin to question very simple things. This is the same act that philosophers have done for thousands of years, this one simply pushes critical thinking.

    All this being said, as a promoter, and annual user of LSD, it is not something you do if you aren’t ready. LSD is a tool. It has been used to tackle extremely complex mathematical and engineering questions and has accomplished major breakthroughs. It has been used to treat addictions and mental disorders with great success but the people who choose assistance from psychedelics do not make this choice lightly. It is something you must very carefully think about. Many illusions of life may disappear, and many illusions may be created.

  100. There are so many issues with this article, I’ll start with sources and basically that only one of them actually links to a source. Which is “DEA Drug Fact Sheet: LSD”. Which is here

    LSD does not have a bitter taste, if it does it is most likely a type of NBOMe. NBOMes are similar to LSD but carry a lot more negative effects. NBOMes also cause a numbing sensation if taken orally. LSD generally does not taste of anything or at the very least a slight metallic taste.

    Can you get addicted to acid? No. Absolutely not, there is no evidence of any sort of direct correlation that would cause addictive behavior to LSD. If anything perhaps an extremely weak mental addiction, like people develope with computers. But that would be so incredibly rare as to become pointless to draw attention to.

    Death. Due to Acid, as in what? Chemically or behaviorally? Chemically there are no truly confirmed deaths due to LSD intake as the dose to overdose ratio is incredibly large. A single 100 microgram dose would have to be multiplied thousands of times for even the slightest risk of death, yet people have survived even that so we don’t really know what the LD:50 for LSD is.
    Behaviorally there are many cases of people killing themselves on purpose or accident while on LSD. This can be due to mistakes from hallucinations or that someone who is depressed cannot deal with their enhanced emotions and will kill themselves, these are also incredibly rare.

    Well, there’s the study by Sidney Cohen which was cited here recently, Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, 130, 1960. The following is from Jay Stevens’ Storming Heaven: “Cohen surveyed a sample of five thousand individuals who had taken LSD twenty-five thousand times. He found and average of 1.8 psychotic episodes per thousand ingestions, 1.2 attempted suicides, and 0.4 completed suicides. ‘Considering the enormous scope of the psychic responses it induces,’ he concluded, ‘LSD is an astonishingly safe drug.'”
    That’s from the 1960’s though. Then again I’m not finding anything modern that gives these kinds of values.

    LSD has potential uses, such as treatment of alcoholics or end of life anxiety.
    Flashbacks might be normal experiences that people can receive after extremely emotional events, people with PTSD or on weddings experience them as well.

    Yes, it is possible the poisonous additives have been mixed with LSD or simply replace the LSD, as with NBOMes, however this is not the fault of the drug itself and merely the society in which we have established ourselves. No there is not strychnine.

    In response to “Many frightening stories have circulated throughout the drug community for years of people on LSD thinking they can fly and dying from falls, or believing they are invincible and inadvertently committed suicide.” Yeah, many frightening stories indeed. Thanks for circulating them I guess. People who kill themselves on LSD are due to misjudgment of the environment or the willingness to kill themselves due to whatever emotional issues they have. Not because they believe themselves to be god or that they can fly. In some cases, people would blame their children’s suicide on LSD so they wouldn’t have to deal with their child had willingly decided to kill themselves in incidents completely unrelated to drugs.

  101. Emergency room and EMS data supports the claims that, while not often, deaths can occur when a person takes LSD. This is particularly true when it is mixed with alcohol.

  102. … on a vile?? you mean you took something w/o knowing what it was? listen buddy take LSD responsibly. If you’re not sure how much or what it is obviously you’re starting off on the wrong foot

  103. Hi John. LSD users can also experience flashbacks, or recurrences of certain aspects of the drug experience. Flashbacks occur suddenly, often without warning, and may occur a year or more after LSD use. In some people, flashbacks can persist and cause significant distress or impairment in social or occupational functioning, a condition known as hallucinogen-induced persisting perceptual disorder (HPPD). I’d suggest that you contact a psychiatrist for a full exam and possible diagnosis of what may be going on in the brain.

  104. hi i wanted to know i over dosed on a vile when i was young. I started to hear demons and see ghost, is this all normal? I also got suicidal once a year and go in to a depression and start hearing demons.

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