Can taking methadone cause excessive sweating?

Yes, methadone can cause excessive sweating. Dr. Burson explains how to treat excessive sweating caused by methadone here.

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Does Methadone Cause Sweating?

Yes. All opioids can cause flushing and hot sweats, but methadone is probably worse than the others. This is because when it’s used to treat opioid addiction, we want the patient to go up to a dose that blocks the opioid receptors, and the hot sweats from methadone seems to be at least partially dose-related.  Why does this happen? We don’t exactly know, but it has to do with the effects of opioids on the thermo-regulatory centers in the brain.

Excess sweating can also be caused by opioid withdrawal, so if there are other withdrawal signs or symptoms (body aches, runny nose, nausea, stomach cramps), the sweating may improve with a dose increase.  About half of all patients on methadone report unpleasant sweating, but some patients report dramatic, soaking sweats. The sweating for these patients is more than an inconvenience. These are bad enough to interfere with life.

Medications for sweating caused by methadone

There are a few prescription medications which can help this severe sweating.

  1. Clonidine, a blood pressure medication, blocks sweats to some degree in many patients.
  2. Anticholenergic medicines, so named because these drugs block the effect of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the involuntary nervous system, block sweating. Anticholinergics tend to dry all secretions, causing such common side effects as dry mouth and dry eyes. These medications can cause more serious side effects, so they must be prescribed by a doctor familiar with the patient’s medical history.   All of these medications have been used for excessive sweating with various degrees of success, in some patients.  Some examples of anticholinergics include:
    • oxybutynin (also used for urinary leakage)
    • bipereden (used in some Parkinson patients)
    • scopolamine (also used for sea sickness)
    • dicyclomine (used for irritable bowel syndrome)
  3. For unusually bad situations, Botox can be injected under the skin of the most affected areas, like armpits, palms and soles. Obviously, this is somewhat of a last-resort measure.

Other ways to treat methadone induced sweat

Many of the common sense things do help somewhat, like wearing loose clothing, keeping your house cool, and losing weight. Regular exercise helps some people. Talcum powder, sprinkled on the areas that sweat, can help absorb some of the moisture. Antiperspirants can be used in the underarm area, but also in any area that routinely becomes sweaty. The antiperspirant can be applied at bedtime so sweating won’t interrupt sleep. There are prescription antiperspirants, like Drysol or Xerac, but these sometimes can be irritating to the skin. Avoid spicy foods, which can also cause sweating.

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Make sure the sweating isn’t coming from any other source, like an overactive thyroid, and check your body temperature a few times, to make sure you don’t have a fever, indicating the sweating could be from a smoldering infection. A trip to the doctor should include some basic blood tests to rule out medical causes other than the dose of methadone.

About the author
Jana Burson M.D. is board-certified in Internal medicine, and certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine. After practicing primary care for many years, she became interested in the treatment of addiction. For the last six years, her practice has focused exclusively on Addiction Medicine. She has written a book about prescription pain pill addiction: "Pain Pill Addiction: Prescription for Hope." Also see Dr. Burson's blog here.


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  1. I’ve heard cinnamon for some reason can help with the sweats, they’re not the typical cold sweats you experience in opiate withdrawal, they’re just regular normal sweating everyone gets (just increased for some reason)….it’s weird and never experienced them on any other opioid until I started taking methadone (currently @85mg)

  2. Hi my name is Selina, currently taking methadone 85 mg.,I will also speak openly and candidly to know if there is such a thing that has been created and a vitamin form? I heard I have such a vitamin Specifically created for methadone patience is this a wrong or am I in the wrong for asking such an absurd question

    I most certainly did not have all the time to read this entire log/blog of information; however I heard there is such a vitamin that was developed To help methadone patients????If not that would sure be a great thing for someone to try and create all the vitamins and nutrients one is losing. I personally myself Only take a substantial amount of calcium and also I will be taking Milk thristleHowever I was under the impression that whatever I was looking up was only a vitamin created for methadone patients it’s not appearing so as I read further on… I sure wish I would be the one to invent that for those who are in great need thank you Selina.

  3. hi,
    does dicyclomine really stop excessive sweating caused by methadone? i am slowly detoxing and am down to 35 mg, but have extreme sweating ( dripping down my face into my ears ) and have had it for about a year.
    how long does it take for the sweating to stop on it’s own after stopping methadone?

    1. I’ve been taking Methadone for 8 years I have to take it for nerve damage in both legs it’s a good for pain relief but I dred the summer because of the sweats it’s terrible my Dr says there’s nothing to stop it.

  4. I take 80/mg in the morning and I never had a problem with sweating until I got on the methadone I sweat in the AC I sweat outside in front of a fat and even in the shower

  5. Hey Maria, I’ve been on methadone a little over 2 years and the swearing has ruined my life as well. I will say that the vitadone does help a little but u HAVE to take it at the same time everyday and if u miss a pill then it’s like ur body has to go thru building up in your system to work again. Its one of those things that u think it’s not working bc u don’t notice any change. UNTIL u miss a pill or stop taking it. THEN u realize that it was working.
    I’ve done A LOT of research and so has my methadone counselor and right now the big thing that ppl are talking ab and taking is OXYBUTYNIN. I just filled my script tonight and will start tomor. I have high hopes tho bc of all the good reviews I’ve seen from
    Methadone users taking it.
    Hope that helps some.

  6. Hi Maria
    In my experience there is nothing really that stops the sweating while on methadone especially a dose over 50 ml. Am on 13 ml at the mo and while working I still sweat not as bad but it is still uncomfortable at this low dose the only thing is to get that dose reduced you are on asap as the longer we put it of the longer we have to deal with the unpleasant side effects. I know it’s hard but it is the only thing to stop it is to get of the medication. I hope you can sooner rather than later.
    Peace Steven.

  7. I have been on 80 mg of methadone for about 3 years now and the sweating is unbearable. Does anyone have any advice or has anything worked for you? All I see are people complaining about how much they hate methadone. I am so grateful for it. It saved my life and while I don’t plan on being on it forever I really need help with the sweating. I’m going to Florida in August this year and I’m really worried about it. Last year we went in November and it was the typical sweating profusely but in August it’s going to be unbearable. Any suggestions? Any meds that have actually helped you?

  8. Hi everyone,
    My methadone doctor tries to debunk all my adverse side effects of methadone, obviously because he gets paid for the more patients he has, but I’m so sick of the liquid handcuffs- some days I absolutely hate it, but others I can’t imagine life without it! I was on 80 mg, but I started to gain weight after 6 months and quit cold turkey. I lasted 2 weeks,and let me say that withdrawal was way worse than heroin!! I am always sweaty, not bad, just damp- so that I never feel clean and freeze when I go out into the cold! I am always tired but not in the relaxing nodding off kind of way- just the kind where I have no energy! I don’t know what to do- I can’t live like this, but without it I start to get horrible anxiety and depression. Has anyone here tried suboxone or other alternatives to methadone??

  9. Hi guys … Just reading all these messages about sweating on methadone as am on 20mls and reducing fast as I am absolutely sick and tired of being like this swearing it’s so horrific especially at work … I have been a prolific user and had periods of sobriety and all I can say n suggest is get of methadone as quick as possible as methadone is an horrendous drug last time I came of methadone I did a reduction of 10 ml a week from 70 to 10 and even at a dose of ten mil it is still a strong medication am getting of it over the next couple of months am sick of the stuff … You guys who are taking over 50ml must feel like so incapacitated as I do on 20 ml … Don’t prolong a reduction plan because if you are not using you could drop 5ml a week or 10ml a week … So last comment if you want your life back and methadone is robbing you of your life at all costs go through methadone reduction n then withdrawal as hard as that is because having a dependent n sweat free life is worth the pain of methadone withdrawal because we will be here in 5/10 yes time saying the same thing as you know am right. Peace

  10. I don’t know why it says 6 million mg of Klonopin LOL I’m using the voice text on my phone it’s supposed to say just milligrams but yeah when you get down too low low dose like 25 mg a day I would just drop half a milligram a week to 1 milligram a week but if you’re at a high dose like me you can do two milligrams a week

  11. Hey John I was at 180 mg of methadone every morning I would go to the clinic and take the liquid methadone because the hospital was pumping me with the lauded 24 hours a day for over a month I was in the hospital it wasn’t a drip it was a pump so I knew I was going to be withdrawing really bad and it took me going up that high to 180 mg of methadone to not feel any withdrawals I was on that dose for 6 months and I finally got down to 140 and I’m going to stay at this dose probably for about 6 months and then go down more but that’s how I tapered down 40 mg I went down to milligrams a week and the day that they cut me the two milligrams I would just have a really bad headache that day and I’d have hot and cold flashes a few of them that day not continuously and then the next day I would be fine but you’re on a low dose you said you’re only on 25 mg so because you’re at a very low dose taking 2 milligrams away it’s going to be a big difference you can do it just stick with it because I’m going to be at that stage in about a year myself because I don’t want to stay on anything at all for the rest of my life I don’t want to have to rely on any pills what’s harder for me is I was dual addicted I was addicted to opiates and benzos so I’m coming down off of 6 million mg of Klonopin a day and tapering down off of methadone so I was at 180 mg of methadone and 6 million mg of Klonopin a day and now I’m at 4 mil mg of Klonopin a day and 140 mg of methadone a day so I’m tapering down slowly but I’m getting there try not to rush it especially when you’re that low just go cut it as slow as possible I would probably do a half a milligram to 1mg decrease a week if you’re only taking 25 mg a day

  12. man im trying to taper off methadone sadly no doctors in my state know how to help with this clinic doctors angry that im coming off at 25 mg a day started tapering from 220 t 5 mg a week now gonna taper 2 mg a week till i hit 10 then 1 mg every 2 weeks hopefully ill be ok im freezing atm but sweating too its bizarre

  13. I have been on 140 mg of methadone a day I take my dose at 5 a.m. every morning and just like Kiko said above I only sweat on my face my neck my back and my chest I don’t know why but it comes and goes throughout the whole day the only time it stops is when I’m not doing anything when I’m sitting on my bed under the fan not doing nothing my whole social life is gone and the only reason that I decided to go to the methadone clinic is because I had a really bad car accident in November of 2016 and I had three major surgeries because I broke and shattered a lot of Bones and I didn’t want to be on pain pills the rest of my life so I decided to go to the methadone clinic instead and I’ll tell you what this sweating is so bad I feel like I’m going through some withdrawals everyday I don’t know how to stop the sweating it makes me so irritated and it makes me just want to be alone it’s just a side effect I guess

  14. I am having all of the same sweating problems but how do I know if its sweating from withdrawal problems or just methadone symptoms? I have only been on methadone for about 2 months and am on 80 mgs. My meds feel very strong in the early afternoon(after my first major meal) but by the evening I am very cranky and snappy to everyone. The sweating will go on all day. Pouring out of my hair my neck down my chest….everywhere. How do I figure out what is the cause?

    1. Hi Carolann. If you still use methadone, then probably the sweating is side effect from your methadone use. If you are not using, then sweating may be withdrawal symptom.

  15. My common law sweats so much that it drips off her. She is on 10 mils of methodone. She only has the problem when she takes her dose. What is the best method for relieving this problem?

    1. Hi Gary. The most commonly used medications for managing excessive sweating are anticholinergics. These include medicines such as glycopyrrolate, oxybutynin, benztropine, propantheline, and others. Talk with a doctor about these medications.

  16. I’ve been on methadone for 4 years I was in one meth clinic for 3 n was on 110 mg .was transfered to another it’s been a year and Everytime I take my dose I’m sick door sick I’ve been raised 40 Mg’s since I started in this new clinic and it’s been a year ,the seating everyone notices becuz it’s so obvious n embarrassing.i don’t want to keep going up I eventually want to get off,im not your run of the mill drug addict I had a baby doctor Nicks an artery during cartoon leaving me with 5 surgery and 3 years of pain killers to take I had to heal from inside out 3 times a day nurse came n had to pack my abdominal wound..I eventually wound up sick not on medication and wound up being giving h did not shoot snorted for a short period .went on Suboxone but lost my insurance n methadone was cheaper is the sweating which soaks my clothes bed during winter snow it’s just so obvious people always ask why you sweating so much I tell people I’m on meth but the feelings I feel I feel sick all the time not like I was before starting but the 2 different clinics had different meths could this contribute.

  17. Amber, I’m experiencing the Exact same thing, I actually would love to discuss it further with you? I have some questions and maybe some answers? Methadone was good in the beginning but now I feel completely different. My biggest problem is working in the heat, it’s ridiculous

  18. I have pneumonia for 4yrs,it was cured then I have,dark green mucious , I used morphine 160mg/every 12hrs,when I do any type of work I sweat really bad,I use a towel around my neck for cold sweat. I’ve been on MORPHINE for at least 8-9 yrs, What can be done

  19. Omg I’m absolutely miserable from the sweats I mean it has caused me to withdrawal from everyone I was in the hospital for 6 wks from using iv drugs I developed endocarditis & mrsa in my blood stream plus double neumonua I almost had to have open heart surgery so I thought if I turned to methadone I would not go back to my way of living which I haven’t but I have more issues than just the sweats I am nervous & sleepy all I’d the time I mean literally since I’ve been back on the methadone I feel like a incompetent I struggle to do anything ? I also have bought vitadone & have been taking it no help @ all I just recently bought estrogen which is for menopause & I’m only 26 so I don’t think I’m going through menopause but my counselor suggested taking it since it helps with the sweats motivation & daily stress I’ve only been taking it for 3 days so hopefully the sweats will start going away once the estrogen gets in my system real good but my main question to u guys is can methadone cause depression & anxiety so bad that u can’t do anything but lay around bummed out all of the time & make u just want to hide from people it’s so bad I’m considering just quitting the methadone !!! So has anyone else had issues like these from methadone just feel hopeless so bad

  20. why do I have rill bad sweets it can be while sleeping or setting around don’t even have to be working or moveing aroud I am on methadone and it has allways made me sweet but the past 3 months has bin terabel and I have bin on it for bout 16 years best thing that has ev happened for me n my famley just trying to find help on sweets had blood work dun n everthing is good so help please tku freddie

  21. Hey, I too have been experiencing terrible excessive sweating since starting methadone treatment.
    I take 60mg daily and I’m comfortable on this dose apart from the sweats.
    All’s I have to do is walk to the shops 5 minutes away and I end up with sweat dripping from my face, chest and back, even if its not really hot weather, when it IS hot weather they’re even worse.
    Just like someone else said, its not smelly sweat its just like water pumping out of me!
    It’s so embarrassing and it makes my anxiety go through the roof as I feel people are looking at me. I’ve spoke to a Dr and he said he doubts its the methadone even though people say it can cause hot sweats but I never used to sweat like this before starting on the methadone. It’s debilitating.

  22. Hey, I take 100 mg of methadone daily for the past two years, I live in nebraska where its humid and its horrible with the sweating my methadone causes. I just was wondering if anyone found out anything that really helps with sweating. it seems to all of a sudden happen and last for awhile then go away but its unbearable when it happens. help!! also- anyone found anything that helps with weight loss? Ive noticed I have to work harder than i used to to keep weight off.

  23. Hello, I too have HORRIBLE sweating from methadone. I have been taking it for a little more then a year and a half now, I’m take 85 mgs once a day. I recently started having these brief episodes where I break out in a severe sweat like it just pours out, not dripping like my bad everyday sweats, but like draining and it doesn’t stop its only from my head, face, back, and chest areas not my arm pits and it’s not like a smelly sweat and I get all clamy and cold. I feel like I’m going thru withdrawal, it gets so bad I feel like I’m gonna go crazy and I want to cry, it brings me back to when I would get dope sick, it’s the worst feeling to have. And then about 10-15 mins later it passes and I feel normal again. I was hoping someone knows what this is caused from. I’m going to see the doctor at the methadone clinic next week hopefully he will know what’s going on with me. But until then if someone could help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much and it’s so nice to know that I’m not the only girl who sweats so bad, it’s so embarrassing but methadone has changed my life, for the better, so it’s worth the embarrassing sweats!

    1. Ann. Im sorry but every optiote user will tell you smoking weed, or solid makes you feel a hell of a lot sicker. So please everyone do not take this advice. It Dosent work. Just have to go through it I’m afraid. It’s unbearable I know. The quicker you come off the better. Tho just do not rush, keep tapering down at a steady rate. It takes a long time even after you come completely off. Just take it day by day and it WILL get better. Please try and talk about your feelings to a doctor, key worker, or service provider. Do not go through it alone. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck everyone. Prayers and thoughts are with you all. Stay strong 🙏🙏🙏

    2. I can say that weed definitely helps me drastically with sweats (and nausea!). I’m not saying it’s for everyone but it is an absolute lifesaver for me, and I know that it helps a lot of other people too because when I asked my methadone clinic about whether or not it would be a problem if I piss hot for thc they said it would be no problem as many many people rely on it to help with withdrawal symptoms, etc. I know this is an extremely old post but hey if it helps someone… Peace, Love, and good luck to everybody!

  24. I have been on methadone for a little over a year now and am at 115mg a day of methadone which I take once every morning. Now since I have started this my sweating has only gotten worse with time. I am to the point I don’t know what to do. I can’t even leave my house because I sweat to much. If I do go anywhere I need to bring a full change of clothes including u derwent and a towel with me. It’s pretty embarrassing. Especially showing up to a new job with a change of clothes everyday. People do notice when halfway threw the day ur wearing a completely different outfit then the morning. It has gotten so bad that I have been accused and drug tested many times by my family and work because they thought I was on drugs. When really I’m taking methadone to stay off drugs like heroin. I have tried everything and nothing works. Vitadone did nothing for me, and nothing else even clonidin and antiperspirants nothing has helped. I sit at home all day with my house at 65 in shorts and a third shirt and have my fan always on medium at least and still I will break out in sweats. So I started trying other things to help and finally found something that work for me 100% of the time. I started smoking Marijuana again and o my god it cleared me up completely! I can go out and do things and go to work and play sports again and do anything I want as long as I’m high. I don’t mean stupid high buy high. I smoke chronic and usually will wake up take my methadone and then smoke a bowel maybe 2. Really only need like 2 or 3 good hits and I’m high enough to stop sweating. I’m good usually until about lunch time when I take another few hits and then again after dinner and before bed. I have found that if I do this I do not sweat at all. Just like a normal person would. But when I don’t have herb the sweating comes back and it’s hell. Especially the first 3 days without weed it’s the worst. So for me as long as I have about a gram of chronic to smoke a day I am 100% fine. I only post this because I know for myself the sweating has ruined my life almost as much as the heroin used to. So if u have tried everything and still have it as bad as me and are willing to try some weed go for it and I think u will be amazed to see u can take ur methadone and stay off opiates and use the weed to stay dry and happy. I am going to get my medical Marijuana card very soon here for this reason alone. I hope this helps some people because honestly it’s the 1 and only thing besides just stopping methadone use to get rid of the excessive sweating.

  25. I sweat pretty bad now that im on methadone, but mostly when im out and about walking or at work. I sometimes also take adderall to help do homework, etc. and i have noticed days i take this as well my sweating is 20 times worse! ive been trying to do some research on this but its hard to find anything, just wondering if anyone else has ran into this when using the two drugs together?

  26. Hi Anna. Thanks for your question. It is relatively common for methadone maintenance patients to continue using other drugs such as OxyContin after admission to treatment. This reflects the long history of use, the complexity of each person’s’ situation and reasons for using drugs, and the biological basis of addiction. Ideally, methadone is used to replace stronger opiates. But in some cases, it seems possible that methadone be used to control cravings while on medication for valid pain issues. To verify this, I’d suggest that you call a local methadone clinic and ask directly for more information.

  27. My friend is prescribed Oxycontin for a bulging disk in his back. He has just started Methadone treatment to stop the cravings for more then his prescribed dose. Can he stay on both together is this ok?

  28. Hi speedracer. What does your prescribing doctor say about this side effect to taking methadone? And have you considered any of the medications listed above to treat it?

  29. Wow, my face is dripping like a faucet. it stops periodically with initial dose increase but continues day after, its not right. I don’t understand, I was on methadone before without sweating

  30. Hi Gledwood. Thanks for your question. Although you may not personally feel the euphoric effect of morphine, the addiction liability of morphine has led to the standard for methadone dosing in the field of opiate addiction treatment.

  31. Methadone does make you sweat far too much, and far more than heroin. And heroin was bad enough for making me sweat. With all those side-effects it begs the question: why aren’t XR morphine tablets used far more widely. Somebody gave me a bottle of morphine some years ago, I took about 250mg orally, slept and woke feeling a hell of a lot better than I ever have on methadone. Not “high”, just completely OK. With all the alternatives available like Jurnista, which is an XR hydromorphone etc etc I wonder why they insist on continuing to give methadone, unless it’s purely on grounds of cost…

  32. Hi, i use 12mg/methadon for 11 years now, i sweat alot from first day, my methadon friends do not sweat at all, i guess it depend on the body.
    Before methadon, no sweat at all, in fact i was chilli all the time.
    Now, sweat appear on head and face, it drippin from the head, even if i walk slowly, or do something in my condo , or bo with the bus, metro, etc.
    I used clonidine+methadon( clonidine for sweat), not good at all.
    Tommorow i will try to buy RUBINUL or BIPERIDIN, maybe these one will help me.
    If you are adicted to heroin, and want to get of it, use methadon, but beware of big sweating all day long, even in winter.

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