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Can a recovery video stop drug relapse?

Second Chance: Break Free from Addiction

If you’re looking for a video to help complement your recovery, check this out: a video just for addicts and relapse prevention. Although it’s a relatively low budget production, you’ll meet more than a dozen addiction professionals that address relapse and recovery in seven parts. You’ll actually get to know their philosophies about addiction and best treatment by the end of the video. It’s almost like a sampling of addiction doctors, therapists, counselors, mentors and sponsors all in one.

Addiction therapists talk to YOU

The best thing about Second Chance is that the experts on the video talk to you…I mean YOU…in the first person. There is no script, only extemporaneous talking. And although you may like some of the therapists more than others (some do seem more genuine, others seems really “L.A”) you do get the sense that these are caring and compassionate people, and that your recovery matters. There are moments of intense truth that can truly enhance your recovery, if you take them to heart. And although it might not be the best cast, this recovery video certainly fills a gap in the industry for a video that addresses the addict where the addict is.

Elements of a good recovery video

Although this video is recorded with various types of quality audio and video, was shot at home and is basically made up of testimonials…I still like it. Some of the elements of a good recovery video that you are looking for.

  • personalized
  • sincere
  • new ideas about how to prevent relapse
  • practical suggestions
  • short, digestible pieces
  • follow up

Can a recovery video stop you from relapsing?

Well, who knows? This video does have an “Emergency Hotline” chapter to watch if you feel that you’re on the verge of relapse. And the idea to sit in front of a video and relax is a really good one. At the least, you’re delaying a knee-jerk reaction to relapse by sitting and thinking about it. At the most, the helpful suggestions may work for you. Each addict is different. But overall, it’s an excellent idea and I would recommend this video to someone in early recovery.

Photo credit: Jon Wiley

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2 Responses to “Can a recovery video stop drug relapse?
Margit Herrmann
1:20 pm February 11th, 2011

Hello. My name is Margit Herrmann and I am the creator of Second Chance.
Thanks much for your great review! Very well written and down to the point.
Do you have a website besides the addiction blog?
Love to stay in touch.
Blessings and light

2:38 pm February 12th, 2011

I made a short film, helping me deal with my addiction, describing the cruel cycle it cuts in my life.

Perhaps it will help you?

God bless,


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