Saturday October 25th 2014


Ecstasy detox symptoms

Symptoms of ecstasy detox include craving, lethargy, and trouble concentrating. More here on how long ecstasy detox lasts and what you can expect during the detox process, with a section for your questions at the end.


How addiction really affects the family

I decided to interview my family and find out how addiction really affected them. Here’s what they had to say…


Is my son or daughter smoking weed?

There is no medical indication for use of marijuana in youth. So how can you tell if your kids is under the influence? We explore here.

How to stop taking heroin

The best way to stop taking heroin is with medical supervision. More on the side effects when you quit heroin here and a list of who you can ask for help.

Can you get high on marijuana?

Yes, you can get high on marijuana. More on how psychoactive ingredients work in the brain to create euphoria, and MJ’s addictive potential here.


I am in love with an addict: Why do I stay?

Are you in a relationship with an addict? Explore patterns with someone who’s been there – and learn how to ask the big questions so that you can start to get help.

Common symptoms of drug detox

Drug detox symptoms depend on the type of drugs abused, although common psymptoms can include anxiety, headache, sweating, racing heart, andor nausea. More on detox symptoms and what to expect here.


Why do addicts use drugs?

Addiction is often related to particular risk factors including environmental and genetic background. More on why addiction is unique to certain individuals here.

Help for cocaine withdrawal

No medications are currently used during cocaine withdrawal. So how can you ease symptoms? We explore here.


Can you overdose on marijuana?

Yes, you can overdose on marijuana (THC). Signs of overdose include nausea, vomiting, hallucinations, or acute paranoia. More here on how to address marijuana overdose and its complications.

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