Monday October 20th 2014


Beyond fear and addiction: 5 ways to deal with fear in recovery

Is fear holding you back in recovery? Here’s how you can get moving in the right direction. Five (5) steps to overcoming your fears here.

Signs and symptoms of heroin addiction

Signs of heroin addiction include drug seeking and compulsive behavior. Howe else can you identify a possible heroin addict? We review here.

Top 5 Al-Anon alternatives

Al-Anon just doesn’t work for everyone who is close to an addict or alcoholic. What are some alternatives? We explore here.


Physical addiction to marijuana

Physical dependence on marijuana manifests as withdrawal symptoms upon cessation of use. What else characterizes this condition? And how is it different than addiction? We explore here.


How to treat crystal meth addiction

How do you treat crystal meth addiction? Options treatment include acute detox followed by behavioral and pyschological treatment. More on protocols for treating crystal meth addiction here.


Honesty in addiction treatment

Self-sabotage is a frequent barrier to those seeking addiction treatment and comes in many forms. So what’s the role of honest in addiction treatment? We explore here.

How to withdraw from methadone

The best way to withdraw from methadone is using tapering protocol under medical supervision. More on what to expect as you withdraw from methadone here.

Addicts living at home: Are you hurting your kids?

If you are in a relationship with an addict (or are an addict yourself) and children are involved, you may need to deal with consequences into the next generation. Six (6) things you can do for a child living in an addicted home here.


What is morphine withdrawal?

Morphine withdrawal is a set of symptoms that manifests when you stop taking morphine and are physically dependent on it. More on what to expect during morphine withdrawal and what it feels like here.


How to treat Spice addiction

Spice addiction is a real medical condition. Here, we review methods of treatment for Spice addiction and invite your questions about how to find help.

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