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How to withdraw from Spice

When do you withdraw from Spice?

“Spice” (a combination of synthetic cannabinoids sprayed onto dried plant products) is made in a laboratory. The cannabinoids found in and on Spice produce effects that resemble those of cannabis, but can be many times more potent. However, heightened mood, relaxation and altered perception can also be accompanied by heart problems and hallucinations.  And how Spice affects the brain isn’t fully understood yet.  But unlike cannabis, Spice contains chemicals that have no medical benefit but DO HAVE a high potential for abuse.

If you have used Spice and developed a physical or psychological dependence on Spice, withdrawing from Spice may be a good option. And if you need to increase the amount of Spice you smoke in order to achieve the desired effect,  this increased tolerance may be a sign that you should begin to withdraw from Spice. read on for more on getting off Spice and how to help Spice addiction. Then, leave us your questions at the end.  We do our best to respond to questions personally and promptly.

Withdraw from Spice symptoms

Withdrawing from Spice can cause physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. These include:

  • cravings
  • headaches
  • internal unrest
  • nausea
  • nightmares
  • profuse sweating
  • tremors

Spice withdrawal may also cause hypertension and agitation or irritability.

How long to withdraw from Spice?

Symptoms of Spice withdrawal can begin to be felt about 2-3 days after use is discontinued. Early symptoms are usually mild, and mostly you will just feel a level of internal unrest. However, Spice withdrawal symptoms can peak in severity after 4-7 days of abstinence. In most cases, symptoms dissipate 2-3 weeks after use has ended. However, psychological and emotional symptoms can last much longer if they go untreated.

How to ease withdrawal symptoms from Spice

Currently there are no medications that can help ease withdrawal symptoms from Spice. Doctors may recommend medication to safely lower blood pressure when hypertension becomes a problem; however there is no evidence this relieves any other symptoms. The best way to ease symptoms of Spice withdrawal is to seek support groups to help with psychological withdrawal symptoms. When cravings and nightmares occur, talk to a sober friend or someone that has a similar experience.

You may also seek to ease symptoms of Spice withdrawal with home remedies, like Tylenol and ibuprofen for headaches. It is important not to seek other self-medication methods for withdrawal symptoms, like alcohol or sedatives because of their addictive nature.

How to withdraw from Spice safely

Seek advice from doctors for information on safe withdrawal from Spice. Hypertension can be a serious symptom that your doctor may want to control with medication. It is safest to withdraw under the supervision of a drug counselor or doctor in order to keep complications from withdrawal symptoms at a minimum. Additionally, complications from smoking such as coughing and respiratory problems may require medical treatment. And always monitor your mental state, as hallucinogenic effects has been associated with even one-time Spice use.

Can I withdraw from Spice at home?

There is no evidence that withdrawing from Spice at home is not possible, however you should be prepared to deal with the symptoms of Spice withdrawal. The physical symptoms of withdrawal can be treated with home remedies, over-the-counter NSAIDs, or simple rest. But in order to deal with psychological symptoms when treating Spice withdrawal symptoms from home, speak with sober friends or family members, or seek drug support groups. It is important to talk with people who understand what you are feeling when you are facing cravings and other withdrawal symptoms.

The best way to withdraw from Spice

There are several ways to withdraw from Spice, including inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities. The best way to withdraw will vary according to your individual needs. But is recommended that you withdraw from Spice under the supervision of a drug counselor or a doctor. Both outpatient and inpatient facilities provide this option, which allows you to make the best decision for you. If you choose an outpatient facility, it is important to consider the environment in which you live and work. If your environment is safe, and you can surround yourself with supportive people, an outpatient facility is a good choice. However, if you aren’t sure you will be in a safe environment, an inpatient facility may be the best option for you. For continued support for Spice withdrawal symptoms, seek a 12-step or other support group in your community.

How to deal with withdrawal from Spice questions

Are you seeking help for Spice withdrawal and have more questions regarding treatment or symptoms? Have you been dependent on Spice and gone through withdrawal symptoms and want to share your experience? Comment below with your questions or concerns and we will respond quickly and personally.

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Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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29 Responses to “How to withdraw from Spice
3:10 am May 22nd, 2013

Natural cannabis can be used to detox off of spice as it will prevent the physical withdrawal but it is illegal in many localities which keeps it from being an option for most people.

2:41 am July 8th, 2013

I am having such a hard time quitting! I hate it. Nothing works and I have no money for clinics or any of that crap. When I stop smoking I feel sick , hot flashes, queezy and get diarrea badly. I want to quit but i get so sick and dehydrated. If anyone can help please leave a message.

11:13 am July 17th, 2013

Hello anon. Reach out and call 1-800-662-HELP. There may be a public or sliding scale detox clinic near you.

7:12 pm September 9th, 2013

This is the third time i’ve gone through spice withdrawals at home alone.

The first time I smoked 3 grams a day for 2 years straight until I had to make a big move to another state, I though it’d be a great time to quit so I left my pipe broken in a trash can. The move was extremely strenuous so I do believe it helped being super active while withdrawing (I’m not sure why my withdrawals weren’t REALLY bad this time?). Also at that time I didn’t even know there would be withdrawal symptoms! Wow I got lucky on that one!

A few months after moving I found a smoke shop and smoked for another year straight until they removed spice from their store. Okay let’s just quit again! Oh boy, the first 3 days in and out of the shower constantly, profuse sweating no-matter the temperature and clothes were always soaked, 0 appetite for 5 days, diarrhea constantly, throwing up constantly. I couldnt stand it so I put a towel in the shower for a pillow, put the plug in and could finally sleep! I would wake up every 10 – 20 minutes to let the water out and back up again to keep comfortable. Finally after 3 days living in the bathroom I was finally able to keep the sweating down to a minimum and could sleep in the bed, but still barely… Okay, never again will I touch this stuff, I have literally never been so uncomfortable in my life. I would rather have broken bones. I quit for 1 year.

2 months ago… What the heck, lets see if I can just order the stuff online and sure enough! Within these 2 months alone I brought my tolerance back up to about 6 grams per day (an entire bowl every 15-20 mins?). Non-stop smoking, I would even scrape the resin and search carpet for any I missed. Well this is getting way to expensive so 4 days ago I ran out and decided not to buy more. Scraped every pipe and had globs of resin and decided to binge smoke it. It’s 4am and It’s finally all gone. HERE WE GO AGAIN! Only 2 hours after smoking all that resin I began feeling the symptoms again. Could not sleep, sweating like crazy and began throwing up as well as diarrhea. So disappointed in myself at this point.
This time I only stayed in the shower for about 8 hours. I thought if I could make myself throw up MORE it’d help. So I filled up 32oz cups with HOT water and downed them, then making myself throw it up several times until only clear water came out. Then I would drink a cup of water to try and keep it down. I also took fish oils which helped alot, yogurt and milk were also my new best friends.

It’s day 4 and I’ve finally stopped throwing up and the diarrhea has gone away. I still have a cough and no appetite and am still sweating but bearable. Time seems to crawl when you’re in this state and my mind is very cloudy. I’m gonna get through this and this is it, never touching this stuff again. I have never been more excited to feel normal and have a new-found burning desire to live life to the fullest!

Good luck to all, hope there are a few tips here that can help and it is possible. Don’t bring yourself down you can do it.

9:07 pm September 27th, 2013

I smoked spice for 1 1/2 more than usual the past few weeks.. I decided enough was enough so I quit on Monday.. I’ve had severe anxiety attacks hot and cold sweats runny stool uneasiness .. I was hospitalized twice and they just gave me adavan for my anxiety to calm me down.. Don’t have much of an appetite.. What else can I do to help me with this withdrawl

2:02 am October 7th, 2013

Im to the point where everytime i dmoke i feel like im going to die but if i dont smoke i get really really sick . I mean i cant sleep or eat ..nothing . Im so tired of ghis shit i want to put it down but i cant , & im afraid its going to KILL me before i can stop . I NEED HELP OMG

10:10 am October 8th, 2013

Hi Amanda. Call 1-800-662-HELP to be put in touch with the National Drug Abuse Hotline. They can help refer you to treatment centers that can help.

6:43 am October 10th, 2013

I started smoking spice 4 years ago. When i stopped in january the only withdraw was the sweating.. So in aug i picked it back up again. I soon realized it wasnt the same stuff i was buying before. Sure the High was Great but when i didnt have it i was not sleeping Or eating. Aggitated and real hungry . I stopped smoking tues at 6:30am. At that time in the morning will be Day two for me. Omg let me tell u Day 1 will be tour test. Milk and soup will be every meal. Steamy showers really helped yesterday. For sleep over counter stuff may help. Ive tried solids today took a few bites with milk (k)ey…
so far so good. Keep active like pacing Or anything to keep your mind occupied. Its hard and i has a whole blunt when i decided to quit. I looked at it and said I will beat u and flushed it… First step, is to admit problem and want better for YOU. 2nd step get away from contact with it, and ways to smoke it. If u really want to quit, then if u have it flush it. Once its gone its time to except that this is gonna be hard but it wont beat u. Day to Day get up and fight. Everyday u fight, is a day closer to it being OVER… Like i said im going on day 2 and its misserable but all things are possible through prayer and support and most of all to me, dedication to the cause. If your smoking spice and think u have it under control and its not harming u, then Just wait till u feel what the hundreds of us are now. When u dont have it around and cant get it u all will ser the pain and

6:51 am October 10th, 2013

Cont..) you will feel and see the pain this

4:59 pm October 11th, 2013

Ok so im on Day there and things are alot better. Im rating sólida and holding everything Down. Sleeping better also. I found if i stayed on my feet all Day and wore myself out it helps tremendously.. Also before bed steamy steamy hot showers. I will never touch that

5:01 pm October 11th, 2013

This stuff is extremely hard to kick!!! I’ve seen some very bad withdrawls but it can be kicked it just takes going through a few days of hell

mom in austin
4:29 am October 31st, 2013

This is the second time I’ve quit spice. It has pretty much ruined my life. I even got to where I was smoking while I worked. I work from home, I was so addicted I’d smoke during conference calls, and one time I was so high I couldn’t utter a word. Needless to say, where I was once a very valuable worker, I was then being replaced by others. My boss was even telling me I didn’t seem myself. The first time I quit I was smoking 5 grams a day. I had developed pneumonia from smoking, yuck. Vomiting, hot and cold sweats, no appetite, diarrhea, sleepless, horrible. In bed for a week and missed the conference I was at. So then things are fine until I decide the stress is to much and I get back on it. Fortunately on 1.5 grams/day, but now i am sick to my stomach (I hate nausea, it’s the worst). Over-the-counter hasn’t worked, pepto does not work, nor alka seltzer. I’m going to push through it. I don’t care if this stuff is legal, it is awful. btw my husband was admitted to the hospital this summer with high blood pressure 220/120, and a psychotic break, now many things contributed, but the spice was definitely a culprit.

8:38 pm November 21st, 2013

I went to the walk in i dealt with everything but couldnt stand rolling around in bed all night, so the doc prescribed me ambien for 5 nights and that got me right through it. This drug is dangerous and can become addictive very fast. They thought i was on heroine bc my wd was so bad.

Drew Moyer
11:14 am December 2nd, 2013

Ive been selling ounces to pounds of spice over the past year. My old dealers stop selling to me cause I would smoke a half ounce to an ounce a day (not sell, smoke) they said I was gonna die If I kept it up. I tried stopping the past two days. No sleep, so I caved and got more. Im freakin out here. People have said theyve seen crack addicts worse. One of the people I sold to got anmonia from it he says. Please get back to me.

8:29 am December 27th, 2013

I was smoking spice sience 2007 when jwh 018 was in it and now someone really dear to me is going through withdraws and shes alredy sick as it is im scared for her i care about her so much i kicked it alone at my apartment contsant vomitting for three days straight i wasant Able to even hold water down i was smoking atleast 10 to 15 grams a day and iv had some friends of mine get hospitalized and had a seizure and died this shits a killer if you have a problem with spice do not.let it go unheard emotions are going to run very strong for the next few days but its worth it.completely im on day four now amd.finally im able to nibble on things amd.kinda keep

nikki fulcher
4:38 am January 4th, 2014

My husband is very addicted to spice. He has been on it for 4years now. He seriously needs help,or he will die. He has health problems and acts like a monster with out it. He has totally changed. Please give advice.

6:12 am January 25th, 2014

Hello guys, ive been using spice for over a year now, Every day like most of u guys. Im maried, i have 6 months old kid at home, im in the middle of the 2nd year in the uni. I can tell u one fact about spice, it makes u stupid forever. Even after u quit. I almost lost every thing cuz of this poison. My wife doesnt know about my addiction, no one knows, i manage to keep my life together but its so hard. Three days ago i desided to quit, since then i dont wanna smoke, not even thinking about it, but the withdrawal is so hard… I think ill overcome, im strong minded guy. What do u guys think, can stop spice and not tell anyone about it? I love my wife so much, i dont wanna hurt her, can i keep it secret and still quit? No one knows about my addiction, its the first time talking about it. Plz guys, dont smoke that poison.

his worried girlfriend
6:10 pm February 18th, 2014

my boyfriend smokes this stupid shit and i fuckin hate it….
he will pawn his shit
he will ask everyone for money just to get the dummy drug
he will even ask me but i wont give him the money
im trying to help him stop i will hide the weed throw it away
but nothing is working
like last night he started his withdrawals and he was sweating and throwing up
and i sit there and tell him the more u depend on it the worst you are going to get
I Need HElp trying to get him to stop
he is breaking his mom’s heart
like this is gone way to far
he has no insurance
no job how am i suppose to help him

5:21 pm March 7th, 2014

I’m just curious how long the withdrawal process lasts my fiancé has been smoking it for 3 years and recently stopped 1 week ago, when he had it he needed it everyday and he couldn’t sleep unless he smoked before he went to bed, it’s been really tough for him his mood escalates so quickly and I’m worried about him I just need some answers, he refuses any help

6:35 pm March 26th, 2014

Day three without using. My body is starting to recognize how tired it has been from the lack of sleep from being addicted. Still get hot then cold within minutes of each other, but the sweating has stopped. I feel weak from lack of nutrition; eating half bowls of soup to try to get strength back up. Still jittery, still irritable, but I’m OK. I will get better and so will you all. Prepare to spend a lot of time in the shower or bathtub, and some really stinky poops.

5:25 am April 4th, 2014

No sleep in days. Freezing sweats. Shakey and on the edge. Entire body is so numb on day 5.. Fuk spice! So addictive. I’ve landed on tha moon and most likely mars. Until I was an entity in space with no memory of a life. Then blam. Up n sober n freaking out. Ya, any questions ask me

11:03 pm April 8th, 2014

I’m outta control. U guys r talkin about being addicted smoking 3 – 5 grams and losing your appetite? I smoke like 15grams and eat like a pig. If I don’t smoke, I guess I’m mean. I need HELP.

9:58 pm April 9th, 2014

I am trying to detox from synthetic marijuana its been 4days and the sweats and the loss of appetite it’s still goin on plus the tremors ands high blood pressure I’m doin it at home and its rough is there a detox bath that can pull the chemical from your body or any advice to help make it easier? Iwas smoking one called “happy” and i recommend that no one ever tries it i was passing out and my friend was seizing please help if you can

12:35 am April 10th, 2014

I have been detox week and two day i can not eat, sleepand have cold and hot sweasts. I’m haveing the same simtoms that kimberly has

11:52 am April 10th, 2014

I know I’m going to get a lot of discrimination for this but here is my story. I am a 16 year old from Cali. I had a high tolerance to weed and a horrible family and social life so I seeked something stronger. I first tried spice back in July of 2013. The intake grew more and more as I fell deeper into addiction. Since about November or December, I started using all the money I could be on spice. I began having a high tolerance to it and would even smoke the very dangerous res once I wouldn’t be able to go out and buy more. The last time I smoked I was smoking a black bowl of resin and it was literally frying and popping in the bowl while I was smoking it. However, it has been a week and a day since my last intake. It started with what everyone in my house thought was strep. I could not even drink water because my throat was dangerously swollen. Then began the hot and cold flashes. Then loss of appetite and a lot of weight. Now I stay up all night with intense lower back pain and migraines. I am so thankful I was able to stop but the emotional and physical toll it has taken on me is unforgivable. Hope full one day i can return and tell you guys that I’m doing just fine but for now it is a lot of painful suffering. I don’t even remember what its like to wake up and feel okay. Something somewhere always hurts. Im never not in pain. Someone please reply i need to know if the back pain and some painful bloating is a common withdrawal. Help me.

7:09 am April 13th, 2014

OK well here is my story of my battle with the devils weed also known as spice. I hope it helps because this shut is lethal and people in my area have died from it. I’ve been addicted to spice for 3 years, starting with a very cheap low grade with a mild high and it escalated from there moving to more expensive and potent brands. If you are addicted to it then as you already know it completely controls your life from eating habits, mood, sleeping habits, and not to mention how hard it hits your finances. I’ve lost a car, an apartment, everything material thing I’ve owned to pawn shops, and most of all myself. I was a walking zombie living to feed my habit. I was lucky enough to have a revelation in church that made me want to quit, but still I could not bring my self to do so on my own. When I ran out of spice I’ve smoked the tar, and even shook out my bathroom carpet for any that may have dropped. Needless to say it was ruining my life and my health. So I decided to quit once I ran out and scraped everything clean.once I was out this was the hardest 4days of my life but totally worth it and needed to save it. While going through withdrawals I experienced everything from the shakes, hot cold flashes, did not eat all 4 days, lost about 45 pounds, brain fog, coughing up black mucus, irreguler heartbeat and emotional destress. I would not suggest anyone doing it at home like I did because I’m sure I could’ve died. What saved me was on that 3rd day of withdrawal I told my parents about my problem. This was the hardest thing I ever had to confess but all they were concened about was getting me help. They took me to the ER and I was put on an IV. The doc prescribed me some anti anxiety and nausea, and sleep meds. After I was discharged I enrolled into a 12 step outpatient rehab program. This is the best thing I could have done, it helps fill my time when I get off and surrounds me withnpeoplenwho understand what I’m going trough. You would be surprised how being the a spice addict in a group of meth, crack, heroin addicts does help
And how being able to share your story is extremely therapeutic and keeps the cravings at bay. FOR ANYONE WHO HAS ALREADY QUIT, if u can’t eat make sure to take multivitamins and I found that fruits were a good start to regaining appetite and health. If u are having stomach and back pains this may be because of the fact that spice binds to opiate receptors in the brain, so quitting can cause pains like withdrawing from pain killer like oxycotin. If u have stomach pains see a doctor asap, they now have linked spice to kidney failure and liver damage. IF YOU ARE STILL SMOKING SPICE please quit asap especially if u are not physically addicted yet, it is a lot easier that way, I’ve done it before but relapsed because I was not in a support group and made bad decisions. I was only physically addicted for the last 2 months when a more potent strand came out. But I knew all strands were slowly killing me. If you are like me then u won’t have the will power to quit alone due to the addiction, GET HELP, REACH OUT. Its hard to do but it will save your life. Even if you don’t have the support of family get yourself to a place that will assist you. Look online and Make phone calls. I promise you are not in this alone. I can’t tell you how much better I feel now that my life doesn’t revolve around this stuff. I sleep a full night, I eat very well now, I’m thinking clearly and rationally. I have money in my pockets. And I’m rebuilding relationships with those I’ve shunned. IF YOU KNOW SOMEBODY THATS USING GET THEM HELP IMMEDIATLY. an addict will do everything in there power to keep there habit going like I did. I Convinced my girlfriend not to tell my parents after she got fed up. And eventually lied and said I quit and his my habit after she threatened to more. Don’t talk about getting a loved one help just do it, we are not ourselves in our active addictions.But be extremly cautous that things can get violent do not confront a spice addict alone. I was prepared to leave everything for this stuff, my girlfriend, my kids, my career. I thank God for saving me. Don’t wait until its to late. SWALLOW YOUR DAMN PRIDE AND GET HELP

4:55 am April 14th, 2014

I am an ex spice addict I havnt smoked it in 3 months. I smoked that stuff everday all day FAITHFULLY. It took over my mind and body. I seen myself changing. Looking for roaches on The floor stealing lieing just doing what I had to. If I didnt smoke I was mean , irritable, throwing up , sick and nausea. Couldnt sleep constant urges night sweats loss of appetite . I lived slept and dreamed about that. I smoked everywhere I went every minute of the day I also got paranoid off spice. I decided for 2014 to quit and get my health back. I quit alone with no meds . I just dealt with it and thought about new year new me its been 3 months almost 4 and I have not smoked . I do smoke eeed which is way better and helps with my urge to smoke spice . I do not have to have weed or smoke everyday . Im not addicted anymore but I still have body withdrawls of spice im having them now but there dull nd ignorabke now I di noteven think of smoking or buying spice be ause I know it is evil . Let me know if u need help quitting.

1:21 pm April 19th, 2014

Can’t afford treatment centers and no insurance to see a Dr. Are there any home remedies that I can use to ease my withdraw symptoms from spice?

9:55 am April 23rd, 2014

Hi David. Thanks for your question. So little is known about Spice withdrawal…it can help to seek a consult with a psychiatrist, doctor, or pharmacist because anti-depressants might be prescribed over the short term. Additionally, therapy or support can help during this time, as mood disorders such as anxiety or depression can manifest. In terms of physiological symptoms…I’ll leave it to some other readers to contribute here. Or check out the article here on synthetic cannabinoids side effects…

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