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How long does methadone stay in your system?

How long does methadone stay in your system?

Methadone can be detected in the blood, urine and saliva. In urine, methadone metabolites can test positive for 2-4 days after last dose.

Here, you will find a thorough review of methadone detection times, drug testing methods and addiction liability of methadone. Please leave your questions about methadone use, abuse or addiction at the end. We answer and respond to all legitimate comments with a prompt, researched reply.

How do you take methadone?

Methadone is available in oral solution, liquid concentrate, tablet, and powder. Methadone is most often ingested orally, and other routes of administration (snorting, injecting, etc.) are reliable indicators of methadone misuse or abuse.

What is methadone used for?

Methadone is a full mu opioid agonist which is used in opioid addiction treatment programs. Methadone specifically suppresses symptoms of opioid withdrawal methadone for 24 hours or longer or is used in combination with social and medical services in long term methadone maintenance programs. An opioid itself, at proper dosing, methadone usually reduces cravings for and the need to take stronger opioids. Methadone is also an effective analgesic and may provide pain relief when other pain relievers are ineffective.

Methadone has been recognized by the DEA as a Schedule II narcotic drug, which means that although it has a medical use, the risk for dependence, abuse and addiction are relatively serious.  These risks increase if you take methadone to get high.

Peak levels and half life of methadone

Methadone’s elimination half-life is between 8-59 hours. More specifically, the half-life of (R,S)-methadone is 15-60 hours, and 10-40 hours for (R)-methadone. The duration of analgesic action is between 4-8 hours. And although methadone reaches peak concentration in blood plasma at around 4 hours after dosing, it can be detected in the blood 30 minutes after intravenous or oral ingestion.

What is important to understand about methadone is that methadone’s full analgesic effect is usually not attained until after 3-5 days of dosing. And methadone can induce respiratory depression or cardiovascular problems as you start taking it. These risks need to be evaluated and assessed by you and your prescribing doctor before dosing begins.

Methadone drug testing

Most methadone drug tests are done via urine screen. Blood screens and saliva drug tests for methadone are also possible but are not used regularly in clinical settings. Although some doctors believe that concentrations of methadone in blood plasma tests are the “gold standard” to assess treatment compliance, blood testing is relatively impractical, costly, and difficult. Additionally, Methadone and other opioids can be screened via oral fluid, but this method is not currently used in practice very often.

Plus, you should know that proper samples for methadone contain at least two of its metabolites in order to be properly identified. Testing for metabolites prevents you from simply adding methadone to a sample.

So how long does methadone stay in the body? Methadone typically can be detected in urine for 2-4 days after use. Cutoff concentrations for a positive methadone drug test are at 300 ng/mL for both the intial and the confirmation drug screen.

Methadone and addiction

Methadone has an abuse liability similar to that of morphine. Like other opioids used for analgesia, methadone can abused for its euphoric effect. But methadone is also used clinically in long term clinical settings to offset withdrawal and cravings for harder drugs. So how do you know if you are becoming addicted to methadone or not?

Methadone addiction is characterized by compulsive use, use for non-medical purposes, and continued use despite harm or risk of harm. If you think that you have a problem with methadone, you probably do. Getting honest is the first step to getting help. In today’s world drug addiction is a treatable disease and not a stigmatized moral issue. Many treatment options are available, and we invite your questions or requests for help here.

Problems with methadone?

Please let us know. We will do our best to find you answers to your questions, or local resources that can help you find treatment.

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147 Responses to “How long does methadone stay in your system?
9:23 pm November 18th, 2011

I am currently down to 11ml/daily of methadone and am worried about the effects after I am ‘off’ it completely; I have successfully weaned off it before with no problems but am noticing the effects of withdrawing this time for some reason..and I have only been on it for two years this time (you’d think I would have stayed on it before I know until I had a decent recovery program..but you know us addicts..always the experts!) Anyway, I do have a good recovery going now and am ready to get off it but should I worry about weakness and lethargy, no energy, and general malaise for months when I do get completely weaned or is this all in my head?

7:24 pm November 19th, 2011

Hi Dollface. It sounds like you are worried about experiencing protracted withdrawal. Methadone is known to have a longer period of withdrawal than other opioids (14-21 days). Congratulations on your decision and we are rooting for you!!!

Check out this advisory from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration about protracted withdrawal from methadone. And let us know if it helps! http://kap.samhsa.gov/products/manuals/advisory/pdfs/SATA_Protracted_Withdrawal.pdf

Big D
1:14 am January 1st, 2012

Im just now finished with a methadone program. It took me two years to finally come off of it. Having a good support system helps a lot . The counselor at the clinic sucked . If it wasn’t for my own will power I believe I wouldn’t have made it this far. It was a real longp process . I believe that ifsomeone is serious about getting recovered and use methadone the right way it can do wonders. It all depends on the person. I thank god all the time for helping me through this recovery as well.

Big D
1:33 am January 1st, 2012

The way I did the program was found a good dose to start at and stuck at that mg. For quite sometime to get myself out of the mental addiction to the heroin and pain killers. I Probly stayed at this number for a year or so. Then eventually after time I would make small drops in my dose maybe 2 mg. At the most. Then I would go about a month or so and drop a little more. 2-3 mg now. Work that for another two weeks see how I feel then judging by how I’m sleeping ill make the decision to maybe drop a little more … And once I came down to about 16-19 mg. I would cut 3 mgs. Every two to three weeks. I took my last dose of three mg.Ten days ago and I feel just fine. Didnt really feel much withdraw after 6 mg. Methadone really turned my life around . I would also have to say saved my marrage. I would recommend methadone to someone who is serious about getting help battling an opiate addiction . Just need to build a strong plan in your own mind . And really want to be a drug free person. I guess what im saying is really be sick of the life you have been living and putting your family through . Now two years later things are great I have a great life now. I can say I finally have my life back . It feels good. I hope this post will help someone . Good luck to anyone who faced with this battle.!!!!

2:40 pm March 7th, 2012

i have been adicted to oxycodonde for 6 7 years due to cronic pain no bull from hep c treatments do not recomend unless your life depends on it. i take 12 30mg pills a day pluss 1 40mg opana er. can methadone truly help me replace these levels of pain killers and still help with my pain levels? i know if i ask my md. to try methadone and it does not work as well as oxycodone he will not let me go back. im told my pain will be life long due to nerve damage from the treatments i need help deciding what to do . im soo tired of living like this

7:36 pm March 7th, 2012

Hello kemo. From what I understand, methadone is less for pain and more to help manage cravings for stronger opiates. Have you asked your doctor for advice?

10:00 pm March 24th, 2012

hello, I have been on 180mg for 6-7YRS and im now on 40mg over the past 5 days. i will be off by tuesday but i have to go to the clinic and they make me take my dose so i have to take 110mg my last day. they would not detox me this quickly so im doing it on my own. can you tell me how long till i can safely take a drug test that does screen for methadone? very much appreciated thank you

12:29 pm March 26th, 2012

Hi Jason. Congratulations on getting off methadone. But why do you need such a rapid detox from methadone? Is there a pre-employment job screen coming up? How do you feel? Doctors do recommend supervised detox from any opiates. At the least, there are medications which can help ease symptoms.

Most opiate urine screens for opiates and opioids can detect metabolites for a few days after last dose. But, after you have taken methadone in chronic high doses, it might be wise to wait a week or more to be sure that a urine screen is clean.

What is your plan for staying off methadone and/or other opiates? Are you going to seek treatment?

11:24 pm July 28th, 2012

i am currently on 3mgs of methadone. i feel weak, getting goose bumps, sneezing, yawning, water eyes, and cold sweats. i have been on methadone for 5 and 1/2 yrs. i slowly tapered down to 3. however i hope to b off w/i a week. how long will i feel the symptoms of w/d? is there anything recomended like vitamins etc. that could help with the taper?

1:29 am July 31st, 2012

Hi Bethann. A multivitamin, B vitamins and C vitamin may be able to help. Vitamin C can help to detoxify the body and lessen drug cravings. Vitamins B1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 12 can help various function from digestion to blood cell production. And check out these medications for opioid withdrawal:


Does that help?

12:39 pm October 10th, 2012

I’m just kinda panicking n hoping to find an answer.I wasn’t addicted to heroin for Too long,about 1-2 years but it got bad enough for me to seek out my towns methclinic..anyway I only got about 2weeks into it n up to 65mg befor I decided I really just wanted to put ALL of this behind me n just start fresh.u kno free n clear n all that..so I began tapering off pretty quik 5mg every 2 days then I slowed down to 2mg a day.its been a 6weeks since I started n im now down to 11mg.I wake up hurting but its nothing I can’t handle.still I worry that maybe im reducing faster than I can metabolize this stuff.I just need to know,given the fact that I wasn’t on it for very long and well…how soon till im back to normal??is the pain only gonna get worse?some1 just tell me they’ve done this befor n come out ok….

1:17 pm October 15th, 2012

Hi Hilla. Good for you. We’re rooting for you!!! In general, opiate tapering follows these guidelines:

Take two (2) to three (3) weeks to taper
Reduce the each daily dose by 10%
Reduce the dose by 20% every 3-5 days
Reduce the dose by 25% per week
Avoid reducing the daily dose by > 50% at any given interval

Withdrawal can be very uncomfortable, but you can get through it with over the counter pain medications, hot baths or showers, gentle exercise, and support. The urge to use to control symptoms is why experts recommend that you detox medically, as well as the need to supervise symptoms and to administer medications like clonidine when appropriate. But the symptoms should resolve within 5-10 days, or so. Please let us know how you are doing and what has helped you!

dani d
2:34 am October 19th, 2012

does anyone know what could cause someones urine analysis to come back w/out methadone or metabolites when dosing daily at a clinic infront of nursing staff?This seems crazy!!!

7:45 am October 19th, 2012

Hello dani d. Thanks for your question. It’s possible that your drug screen was mistaken for another’s. Additionally, urinary concentrations of methadone depend not only on dose and metabolism but also on urine pH. Ask for a re-test. Laboratories are subject to human error, and it’s possible that your sample was mixed up!

4:14 pm October 20th, 2012

Does it really only take 2-4 days for methadone metabolites to be fully out of your system….I heard of people failing a test a mouth after their last dose, anyone else heard of this?

7:48 am October 22nd, 2012

Hi Pepsi. I wonder if those people who were tested one month after last methadone dose had taken other opioids, were still taking methadone, or were on other drugs? While chronic, high doses of methadone may stay a little while longer in the system…it seems unlikely that methadone is still in the system ONE MONTH after use.

3:17 am October 23rd, 2012

I just rapidly detoxed off methadone, I was on 80mg/daily, and I was brought down 5mg a day until zero. I wanted to know how long it takes to leave your system, I’m really hurting!!|!

8:33 am October 24th, 2012

Hello Kerrie. Symptoms of withdrawal from methadone usually peak about 72 hours after last dose and lessen in intensity after the first week. There are medications that can help withdrawal from methadone, though. Have your rapid detox doctors told you about clonidine? What about using over-the-counter NSAIDs for muscular pain?

4:19 am November 6th, 2012

Hi I have been on Methadone for 9 years to long. I am sick and tired, of being sick and tired of depending on a little white pill that has got a hold of my life and my dependency of it. I am so scared of the withdrawal symptoms that I will be facing. I have been told horror storys of individuals coming off methadone and some passing away from the side effects. I have been on opiates for 30 years but the last 9 have been methadone I started at 180mg a day and down to 40 to 60 mg a day. I was diagnoised with Hep.C about 14 years ago and that was the reason I started on Methadone due to a very high dose of Hydrocodone with high amounts of acedamentaphine. I was on pain meds most of my teen life until now. Due to mulitiple surgerys I am being tested for RA, Arthritis, Nerve damage to my spine. Knee surgery in the past. Nerve graphs back in the early 80s. due to a work accident. Anyway I am wanting to get off the methadone and not sure of the dose reduction. Please Help Me?? I can’t go to my Dr. for help. What do I do or where do turn too.Thank You, Eyeball

11:22 am November 6th, 2012

Hi Eyeball. You can always contact 1-800-662-HELP for information about how you can stop taking methadone. Tapering and stepping down is a good idea. But how will you manage pain? Also consider that once you have been stabilized on MMT, withdrawal from methadone carries substantial risks. Virtually all who abandon MMT and do not pursue further recovery treatment of some sort eventually relapse and potentially overdose. So you need a plan. Contact a social worker, addiction MD or another methadone clinic in your area to start to open the conversation about getting off methadone. You do not (and should not) need to be alone during this process!

1:53 am November 16th, 2012

Iwas on methadone for 4yrs..never got past 50mgs…tapered 2mg every 2 weeks until I hit 3mg. Stopped on my own after that!..I never went back!…I had a little trouble sleeping but nothing I couldn’t handle!….

Hierba Buena
10:23 pm November 19th, 2012

Am glad I found this site. Have a mate considering methadone program now. Thanks for the great info!

10:03 pm December 16th, 2012

Hi guys in one year my partner has come down off methadone he is now on half a mil and hasn’t had any in the past 2 days atall. Are his symptoms going to get much worse?? he only has lower back ache/pain and his symptoms are only mainly at night. Does anyone know how long it stays in your system if your comming down off half a mil ?? Thanks heaps :)

11:16 pm December 28th, 2012

Okay so I have a question… I detoxed off methadone cold turkey and was on 47 milligrams. It was horrible.. But I didn’t want to be dependent on anything.. I abused pain meds for a while before.. It’s now day 22 and I still have no energy… Anexity……stomach gets very sick… And can barley do anything.. I need to go back to work in a few days and move a whole apartment this weekend… I am not happy camper.. Not to mention that I was on xanex for 2 years and also am kicking that at the same time! Please anyone advice would help. Remember CLIFF (clean.life is freedom forever!

4:53 pm January 10th, 2013

Hello I just got kicked off my methadone clinic yesterday 1-9-2013 at 100 MG. I was on for 1 year and now have to be done cold turkey. Today 1-10-2013 is my first day without dosing. I am taking Adderall which I am already perscribed (to sell and abuse here and there) and that helps with the withdraw for me, but i was wondering about how long until the methadone is out of my system and is there any kind of things out there to help me detox until I can get on another clinic?

8:57 am January 14th, 2013

Hi SJB. If you go to a detox clinic, they can prescribe you with clonidine (for blood pressure, nausea, etc), buprenorphine or naloxone for blocking effects, or OTC medications which can address symptoms of withdrawal. Or, go to a local pharmacy and talk with a pharmacist about how you can manage symptoms of methadone withdrawal at home. Often, hot water bottles, baths, showers, massage, NSAIDs etc. can help as you go through withdrawal. This too, shall pass.

Jessica minish
11:29 pm January 17th, 2013

Ok, I just finished my detox off methadone, I stopped at 10mg. So how long can I expect to have withdrawal symptoms? And how bad can they get and how and should they get for what dosage I stopped at?

Jessica minish
3:01 am January 20th, 2013

Also at what date after stopping the methadone would it be safe to take anti anxiety meds for the withdrawal symptoms? I know any interaction with most, if not all of them can result in deAth, and that terrifies me…… Thank you.

9:42 am February 1st, 2013

Hi Jessica. This question would be best answered by a medical expert such as your prescribing doctor or a pharmacist.

9:51 am February 18th, 2013

have been taking methadone for 8 years, i started winging my self off methadone 10mg. the last time i took one was february13,2013, i have been off this drug now for 5 days. i have bad muscle pain in both thigs. and i can not sleep at all for the pain. what do i need to do to help with this pain. and how long will this drug stay in my system. please help me i do not want to every do any drugs again i am 51 years old i am tard of doing the drugs!!! i have had 2 heart attacks. thank you, Jerry

drug free easy way
8:58 pm March 18th, 2013

i have been on gear (smack) for over ten gears, i have not stole from shops o robbed ne1. thank god that i come from a good family and have a good rep in town, alot off my boyz sold it n still do so that makes it harder to get clean but worse of stay clean. lisn i been to get implants costing me 5 grand and wen i come off i was back at it. the best way to get of drugs is to ask your self that if u are realy ready to get clean and stay clean. u have to change who u chill with and u have to change your life stlye. i was on a meth script and went from 100ml down to 5ml. first i stayed on it for 4weeks and then reduced ten ml a weeek, my support worker dint wnt me to but then again they wud’nt wnt u to bcoz if they got every body clean they wud be out of work. NEWAY THE BEST WAY TO KICK THE GEAR PAIN FREE IS BY HAVIN A HABIT ON GEAR, GET SUM METH 100ML N START WITH 40ML TO 30ML, TO 20ML TO 10ML and the jus leave it, trust me it is well easy, after 2/3days u myt jus have a little gas in belly o if not myt not b able to go toilet THATS ALL ,U WILL SLEEP. U WUNT GET HOT N COLD CHILLS, no yawns, no being sik, no nothng. TRY TO EAT AS MUCH AS U CAN EVEN IF THTS 1 BIT.

8:51 pm April 25th, 2013

I took 10 mg of methadone on sat due to severe pain from ceserean I had to take an oral swab on tues will it shoe up?

Keith Stanley
4:38 pm May 2nd, 2013

I hope this can be answered a few times i have taken my methadone … I switched from opana. So I do sometimes take a bit more but always have atleast 5mg the day of my drug test and they tell me I didn’t test positive if i saved 30 mg the morning of my test would it show positive. I don’t want my dr to think I am selling it < and I am not.. please give me adivce

Lizz Dowell
1:13 am May 17th, 2013

HILLA, when I got off methadone it actually took a year year and a half to feel “normal”. I had horrable anxity from detoxing. I see it’s been a while since you posted this question and I am wondering how your feeling at this point. Thanks

12:52 pm May 17th, 2013

i have 2 give a clean urine on wed i took 20mills of methadone this morning,, will it be clean or dirty ?

johnny smithers
12:01 pm July 18th, 2013

hi iam on metheadone a long time 22years 2 be exact i was on 130mls an ive came down to 60mls verry slow but i dont want to av to go 2my clinic every day so they took bloods 2 cheque my levels an d came back hi i didnt top up wat can i do in order to get my levels down. help me please

johnny smithers
12:07 pm July 18th, 2013

ps i dont tink the doctor likes me an if my partner wants take aways all she has 2 do is give 4 cleane urines an no blood test my last test was high beacuse i eas on pills to stop me from taking a fittz dr called eppanuton iam off dm now so please help me get my leavels down.

lizz dowell
3:44 am July 23rd, 2013

Johnny smithers, i want to be sure I understand what it is exactly that you want… you need your methadone levels to go down? you could lower your dose. I don’t want to go all in answering if this is not what you were asking. It wasn’t clear on your levels of what exactly that your trying to lower. I know you can’t take benzos and be on methadone, Now for take homes where I am, we have to drop clean for 90 days straight and been there at least 6 months before they will give 3 take homes a week. Then clean for another 6 months to get a total of 6 take homes at a time. So I’m not clear on what levels would go down unless you used something other than methadone. This site emails me when something is posted to this question, so if you want to explain a little more I’d be glad to try to help you figure it all out.

lizz dowell
4:12 am July 23rd, 2013

Just to clarify a couple things that were talked about in some of the comments that I can help with, methadone does help with pain. It is prescribed for pain from pain management doctors all the time to people without any history of addiction. It’s actually pretty strong too. Personally, I was on it in a drug replacement program. It was HELL getting off of it. OMG it did take 2 years till I felt good again. 1 1/2 years till it even got close to anything in the normal range. Now, I do have some major chronic pain issues and at that 2 year point I started pain management. I was told I had acute post withdrawal syndrome. All I know is I’d much rather of went through the detox off heroin than go through that crap anyday!! Now methadone does stay in your system longer that the average opiate since it has a huge half life and the steady state pharmacology thing going on. Simply meaning, I still have half of yesterday’s dose in me (when I take it on a regular basis) when I take it 24 hr. later so when you do that everyday, your dose is actually a bit more than your taking at the time because you still have yesterdays in you. (I only have experience with the liquid)It also works very quickly. The doctor told me if I hold it down for at least 20 minutes, it’s in me. But it takes about 2 hours to get into your urine. Now when you take a pain pill it takes from 2 to 4 hours to get into your urine. But if it is injected it’s there right away! BUT… if you’re trying to time for a drug test, time on the side of caution!! Next, I can only speak for myself, but the methadone program saved my life! I needed the whole having to drop clean thing. I needed to have to look at my counselor and explain why I dropped dirty for street drugs. It got me clean and I was able to stay clean till now, some 7 years next month. I stayed on methadone for about 3 years and been off for 4 more. I hope I helped someone out there. Good luck!

johnny smithers
1:29 pm August 1st, 2013

i am on other meds but im just woundering haveing had a meeting with my doctor and some of the stomack tabs im on ar putting my levels up i didnt top up so i think ill have to stop taking the stomack to see is it that ps how long does methadone stay in you body for (75mls)

lizz dowell
12:29 pm August 15th, 2013

Johnny, Are they saying your methadone levels are to high? Is that why they are trying to not give you your take homes?I don’t know if I’m understanding that part or not. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find a reason they would run higher than they should. It can be very dangerous if your levels are higher than you need. Even if you’ve been on that amount for years it can catch up with you and then all of a sudden you could overdose. (I guess thats to do with that whole steady state pharm.) Now they say methadone is in your system around 4 days. But I’m not sure, I’m thinking a bit longer if you’ve been taking it a long time. My reason for saying this is because when I was getting off I was at 275 mg. and I didn’t even start getting sick till the end of day 3. But then I was on enough to dose a horse.lol I don’t know enough about either of the meds to say if your stomach pills could be keeping your levels high to say, I can tell you that my dr. recently tried to put me on omeprazole to help kinda protect my stomach since I;m taking methadone again and so many other meds. I did allot of research about it and everyone everywhere that ever took it said it was poison. It works by killing good bacteria in your belly \and your food takes longer to digest so it may keep your methadone around longer, I’m just not sure enough about it to give a definite answer. So my only suggestion with the info I have about it would be lower your dose AS LOW AS YOU CAN HANDLE (and still be ok of course) so those levels come down and ask for your take homes then. They shouldn’t have a gripe about giving them to you as long as those levels are low. I hope I’m helping. If you can think of anything else ask away!! Now they so getting off the omeprazole is horrible so if thats the stomach med your on be careful and do some research!

lizz dowell
3:41 pm August 16th, 2013

Johnny, papaya enzyme is a digestive aid. It helps with indigestion and heartburn and other minor issues in your stomach. It’s over the counter and there are no known interactions with anything. It’s a fairly inexpensive supplement. I’m not sure why you’re on stomach meds, if it’s just like heartburn or indigestion type issues, it may do the trick where you don’t have to take anything else for your stomach. I often had stomach issues but I tried it, and I swear by it now. I was talking to a friend in the medical profession about how your levels are staying high even when you skip a dose and she agrees with me that it being your stomach meds makes a lot of sense. Please post the name of your stomach med so i can try to see if that could be slowing your metabolism down enough that it’s keeping your methadone levels high like that.

4:23 am September 26th, 2013

If anyone can help i took maybe 40 mgs of methodone almost a week again and i have a urine tom. Will i pass or fail? I have been drinking water n ive exercised alot but im so terrified im going to fail.

lizz dowell
12:55 pm September 26th, 2013

crystal, it’s said that if you take methadone once it usually stays in your system around 4 or 5 days. Now the more regular you are at taking it the longer it stays in your system. I have heard of it being in a persons system for as long as 8 days, but I’m trying to remember if that was more because the person had been taking it everyday and that was since it builds up in your system due to the incredibly long half life.

Johnny Smithers*** Could you let me know how it’s going for you? Have you been approved for your take homes yet? Are your levels still very high? I hope all is going well for you!!

12:34 am November 5th, 2013

A friend offered me a tiny bit of methodone to put on a ruptured wisdom tooth. Said it would ease the pain. It was a minisculle amount. I nvr felt any effects of it but tooth pain did subside. I have a drug screen collection tomorrow for a job and I think they send the sample to the lab. its been 2 days since ingesting. Am I at risk of testing positive? Please help

lizz dowell
4:05 pm November 5th, 2013

Shaunn- yep. I’m sorry. :( and it depends on alot of things if it would come up as methadone or opiates. like what lab. how many panels they run, if they test for methadone or just opiates. when I dropped for Walgreen’s it came up methadone. **what do you call a tiny bit? in as exact detail as possible. compare it to a couple things ok.

5:29 pm November 5th, 2013

@ lizz. I would say less than 4mg…I have 4 days from time I dropped to be clean. Thanks

lizz dowell
8:40 pm November 6th, 2013

grrr… i’m so unsure. it can take up to 7 days with the whole half life factor. considering the dose you took, i’d judge around 4 days. so at this point i’m afraid it’s kinda a guessing game. good luck! let me know how it turns out if you think about it.

9:16 pm November 16th, 2013

If I have a doctor’s apt. On Tuesday And it’s Saturday afternoon an I take a 10mg methadone will it show up? I weigh 110 n have high metabolism..

1:13 pm November 18th, 2013

I am on a methadone maintenance program but after taking my liquid dose I also took couple of 10 mg methadone tablets…. I was giving a urine the next day and came up for opioids could the methadone tablets cause that?

lizz dowell
1:48 pm November 18th, 2013

Jessica, Your post didn’t show up until monday morning (at 6:11am), I don’t know if it’s because of the weekend or what but yes, y. e. s. YES it will show. I really hope you did further research when you didn’t get an answer here so you didn’t take it. Yes, it will be in your system still two and a half days later. If you take it on Sat night-Sun. night 1 Sun. night-Monday night 2 Monday night-Tuesday morning 1/2. Sorry this didn’t get back to you right away.

sid musin
12:05 am November 21st, 2013

I have use methadone for over a year 30 mil a day how do I stop taking with out windrows please help

lizz dowell
8:23 pm November 23rd, 2013

Sid, i suggest u drop as slow as possible and take as much time doing it as you can. I was on 275 mg and it took 2 years from the last time i dosed to feel better. i had post acute withdrawal. Also if u are at a clinic, i would ask if u are allowed to do a blind detox. it will help your mind from tricking you. it helps alot. do alot of research! don’t listen to just 1 person about it. people say alot of things. also, there are vitamins and supplements that can help you feel better during the detox. take them!! melatonin is good to help you get some sleep. You may need help with sleep. I don’t know how you feel about recovery programs, you will learn some good tools that will help you there. and there are many many choice. Na, AA, are 12 step. Life Ring is not 12 step.also it is secular. which simply means not religious. (im partial to LifeRing, thats where I go now I began in NA and learned some great stuff there) LifeRing has alot of on line support too.good luck and keep us posted!! feel free to ask more questions.

10:41 pm December 2nd, 2013

Hi I am 30 years old I am about 160 lb. My question is if I take 20 mg of methadone for 3 days and have to do a ua 4 days after will I test positive?

Jeniffer Hall
4:59 pm December 30th, 2013

i was wondering how long a 10mg tablet of methadone stays in my system?

lizz dowell
3:24 pm December 31st, 2013

Jeniffer, that tablet could stay in your system for between 4 to 7 days. If you have the choice of when to test always error on the side of caution, around 7 days after you’ve taken it you would be safe. As myself and others have explained above, there are many factors in judging the length. Weight, body fat, metabolism, even diet ( I have found out recently that if you’ve eaten a high amount of fat in the days your waiting for it to leave your system and/or little water it could lengthen the amount of time it takes to leave the system. How long you’ve taken the drug plays a part as well. If it was just once or twice it’s not going to take as long as someone who took it for 2 years. And I’m sure that’s more likely when the fat content of your diet really comes into play vs. someone who’s taken it only once or twice.

12:50 am January 3rd, 2014

If I took a 10 mg methadone in October and a ten mg. November 10 and I have a u a on jan 6 will it show? I weigh 170 and slow metabusm.

Diana Washington Tapia
10:41 am January 30th, 2014

I took 25 mil of methadone one time only. I took it to get rid of herion withdraw. How long will it stay in my blood system? I really need to know. Thank you.

3:09 am February 20th, 2014

I have been on 50 mg of methadone,40mg oxycodone and 1mg of clonazepam for over two years.i am 5’5 and weigh 195. Roughly 15% bodyfat. I drink a gallon of water with braggs apple cider vinegar a day as a natural health drink.i had a unannounced ua from my dr. I take everything orally by the way.my lab report turned up negative. My dr. Terminated my pain mgnt. Contract. Have u a answer.i have to be able to explain myself to my next pain dr.signed, honesto god! Ps.i urined in a open dixie cup,and it appears they sent it to a hospital laboratory .it was a private clinic where i took the ua. So strange.please help,sincerly jason

lizz dowell
3:27 am February 25th, 2014

yes I have heard of things like this happening. Some peoples metabolisms just burn through the meds really fast, plus the drink prob is making it go out even faster. Suggesting more testing prob isn’t going to help any even if they did a hair sample that would only tell if there were other drugs in your system, explaining why something isn’t there is a bit harder unfortunately. I’m wondering if the drink made it not work as well for as long as it could of also. My suggestion is be honest. Stop drinking the vinegar drink! And maybe the new doctor could do some testing to see if you are metabolizing them too fast. There is a test called “peak and trough”(I believe that’s it) they can do to see when/how your meds work and metabolize. That will give you guys some kinda explanation and hopeful a clue towards how to handle you treatment from there on as far as treating your pain well enough since it’s not working as long as it should. I hope I helped. Feel free to ask us anything else you can think of….

8:36 pm March 6th, 2014

Wow methadone is the hardest drug ever to get off if u dont have to take it don’t iv been sick for a month with withdraw… It really sucks

4:48 pm March 29th, 2014

I was on 40 mgs of liquid methadone for 3 weeks..my last dose was 8 days ago when will I start to feel bettet

7:13 pm April 27th, 2014

I am in my initial phase (Phase 1) of finding my right dose level in MMT and I am taking 30mg liguid once a day at the moment. I am having problems with insomnia. I take my dose around 10:00 a.m. in the morning and by 10:00 p.m. I feel tired and ready for bed, but I can only sleep 2 hours before I am woke up and I wake up 3-5 times a night and am finally able to sleep steady around 5;00 a.m. in the morning. My pharmacist said I should try moving my dosing time to later in the day, as some people get sleepy when they take their dose, so maybe I should start taking my dose around 8:00 p.m. everyday? Any help or insight on this issue would be very helpful, oh and how long does the initial dose last (i.e., I feel sleepy, or feel like I have taken something for around 4 hours, then it goes away, doesn’t seem to last 24 hours even though I wish it would because if I can feel like that for 24 hours I definatly wouldn’t have a problem wanting more illegally dosed opioids.)

3:57 pm May 13th, 2014

My friend gave me.one ten mg on sat. Never ever had this before. But we were out and I was in so much pain I couldn’t stand it. It would be another two hoursbefore we got home so iI took it I had to do something. How long will it remain in my system?

6:47 am May 21st, 2014

I have taken 60mg of methadone in 3days. 2 tablets each day in place of my current medication oxycodone and oxymorphone. I have a urine test coming up in 7 days and another in 13 days. I would like to know how long does it take to get out of my system. I will not be taking it anymore. Im 5’6″ 245# and 42 years old. Not sure if that is needed but added anyway. Thank you for a response.

2:51 pm June 3rd, 2014

Hello I have a serious problem. I have been taking methadone for over a year via tablet, 10 mgs. I stopped cold turkey on Friday morning around 9am the May 30th, 2014. Then the withdraw came. It was bad. I got so sick that couldn’t take it. I had 3, 10 mg tablets on me so during the middle of the night on June 2nd, Sunday I took all three 10 mg tablets. I have a urine drug screen that needs to be completed by 6 pm tomw . Do you think ill pass? What do I do?

Ramon adorno
6:10 pm June 4th, 2014

I have been in a methadone clinic for six years and i decided to stop on my own i was on 15mg dayly its been 3 weeks and going through a rough time please what can i do help

1:51 am June 6th, 2014

I am taking tylenol 3 for chronic pain. I ran out and took 5 mg methodone between Saturday and Sunday. I go for a urine test tomorrow (Friday). I am “5’5 ft tall, 125 lbs and drink a lot of water, gatorade and coffee and have been walking a lot. It will be 110 hours after last dose when I go for test. Will I pass it?

dylan reese
2:20 pm June 27th, 2014

I go to a methadone clinic daily.recently my urine was tested for levels of methadone in urine and they said my levels are far below the normal level. I am a 40year old female weigh 130lb, and prior to the urine taken it was 24 hours since I was last doesed. The level came back at. Negative 204mg.help how can this be?

Mary T.
8:23 pm June 27th, 2014

My question covers a few different areas.

1. I was out of town recently caring for my grandmother when she came home from the hospital after a stroke and an episode of severe depression. I ended up running out of my pain medication, as i had to stay longer than planned and also caring for her was taxing, ad i am disabled and the single parent of a special needs child. I was feeling ill without my med and had to keep the last 2 doses to make the 4 hour drive home. My nephew had left some sunshine, when he visited the previous year. I took approx. 4 mg 4-5 days a week for 3 weeks, then none for 3 days and took 6mg @ 3pm on Monday and my regular mess for driving home on Tuesday. I kept my pain appt Wednesday and was urine tested @ 12:30 for med compliance (test for opiate and fastin / unsure of panel type).
**Is suboxone generally tested for and if so, will it possibly be out of urine.
**Also how long does sunshine stay in your system, and since i skipped some days trying to get it out of my system, is it possible to have passed a urine screen?

11:07 pm June 28th, 2014

Hi. I recently fell of the wagon, so to speak; eg. I’m on a methadone treatment program but slipped back to using heroin daily.
I want to stop the jerkin. Does this mean I have to up the methadone amount? At least for a couple of days?
I’m on 24ml daily but, as I have been using heroin on top I’m finding this isn’t enough or do you think my body will
adjust to this dose quite easily? I do hope so as I’m not keen to up my dose unless I really have to.
Any advice most appreciated

Victoria x

9:25 am July 9th, 2014

How long will it stay in my system and show up on drug screens? I’m a patient at a neurologist and am prescribed OxyContin with oxycofobrs for breakthroughs. I had a relative – my sister in law steal my prescription about a month and a half ago. I was given some methadone to take to help me through until my next prescription was able to be filled. My screening showed the methadone so I was given a first and final warning and the doctor made me pee again. It’s still showing. I haven’t taken it other than that period. When will it stop showing up.

12:12 pm July 9th, 2014

Hi Robert. Methadone typically can be detected in urine for 2-4 days after the last use. But there are many other patients reporting methadone showing up on their screenings for much longer, sometimes even after two months have passed. The higher the dose you took, and the longer you took it, the longer it will show up on drug tests. Complete elimination time is individual and depends on your metabolism, body mass, health condition, hydration etc.

7:18 pm July 13th, 2014

I have been on 90 mg. for about 3 months. I went off cold turkey Thursday. I am just trying to find out how long it stays in the body. I haven’t had really bad withdrawal symptoms and wondering how bad it will get before it is over.

1:26 am July 14th, 2014


3:28 pm July 17th, 2014

How long does it take to get liquid methadone in ure system I had a drug test today n I dosed n then with all the water I drank I threw up as soon as I dosed like 4 min after is it already in my system?? They said it metabolized already is this true

4:27 pm July 17th, 2014

I’m on 80mg of methadone for 9 years..I’m 31 years & start used heroin when I was 15..and I was on-off used that drug and its ruin my life..now I stop taking methadone for 3rd days with lowest w/d..I just sleep in my bed..but the next days, the worst cold Turkey hit me so badly..and honestly I gave up I start taking methadone again..so please just let me now, is that exist another medication to threat metadhone and not become addict after we took it?..In my country, the last med is only subutex and methadone..before I start taking methadone, I was on code in and I was sober for 3 years and things happen..I just slipped again..my doctor gave me subutex but my body doesn’t fit with that..I still w/d, sweat, nausea..so he gave me methadone..and thx for him I stuck with methadone..last year I was stop taking anything and its the long road to getting sober..than I met my old friends that’s why I slipp again.now to think I should getting back the long road which I had done before so hopeless..if I could met my 15years old I would kick her ass for doing drugs..she ruins my life..or I just killed her..don’t do drugs kids or you end up like me.lost job ,family, money , relationship (caused you just love ur self and drug, your partner just drug) thx my mom still beside me..still care, love and never gave up to reach my life back.the only one who fight to whole my family just for me..just for the record, I never combined heroin and methadone..when I was relapse, I only used heroin..now I start to kick off methadone step by step..I just taking 80mg for 3rd days .

9:07 pm July 24th, 2014

My spouse and I have been on methadone maintenance for 20+ yrs. We recently changed clinics and there seems to be a “personality clash” between my husband and his counselor. We attend every 2 weeks, and give urine for drug screens. My husband was having a hard time giving an “obseerved” urine drop and the counselor gave him a small tube to spit saliva in to get the test. The results came back negative for methadone!! While I know, as well as he does, that this is impossible since he DID his dose about 5am the day before, the counselor is saying this tells her he is selling his methadone. I am trying to find out how accurate these kinds of tests are, even if he had gone 2 wks without (IMPOSSIBLE!!) it seems after having all this in his system for over 20 yrs he is a methadone sponge!!l How could this test come back negative?? Any help is greatly appreciated!!

10:29 pm July 30th, 2014

I took one 10 mg methadone pill. Only time I have ever taken it. How long will it be detected in urine?

12:39 pm August 1st, 2014

zoe… i have been on a methadone program for 4 years now and i can have it in my system for a long time. You should be clean 2-4 days after taking that little amount only once. It only stays in a person longer when they have been on it longer, it sticks to you kind of like a sponge more you take it builds up inside you. You should be fine 2-4 days after you taken that dose. Im even trying to figure out how i was neg for methadone twice if its spose to last longer for me being on it so long. So really think you will be clean 2-4 days.

12:46 pm August 1st, 2014

Sorry Rebecca but i dont know anything about the saliva test we dont do that at our clinic to my knowledge, at least i havent heard anyone getting it done. So sorry im no help there, have a googled it? Maybe that can give u a general idea or hopefully someone else on here will have an answer for you.

4:20 am August 3rd, 2014

Hi I been taking the prescription pain medicine after an acident in 2010. I have always swallowed the medicine with a glass of water and still was feeling a large amount of pain from a facial reconstruction, four stomach surgeries and 4 compression fractures and 1 Buldging disc, Gallblader removal, 2 hernias in stomach from working out. My ankle was reconstructed using my absominal muscle do to MRSA infection that dissolved the right side of my ankle and foot and some of my lower leg. So, I’ve been through alot in my 40 years of living. I only take it for pain, not addiction, but it never seemed to work. In the beging of taking it, it did work, but i have been told I’ve been taking it the wrong way; that i needed too dilute them first, before ingesting because of i beleive it’s called the first pass of in the liver. Not sure of what that means but in the past two days i’ve been dissolving this medicine and i finally feel much less pain. I guess what im asking is how do you know how much of it you’re actually getting from taking your pill? Is there a test that i can take to find out how much of this med i am actually sustaining? Also i have had Rapdo twice my 1st cbk count was 80,000 and my 2nd was at 180,000 counts. Normal is like between 1 and 10 so, obviously my kidneys took a beating. The amount of red blood cells that were coming out of me were quite a bit. This happened from breaking down too much muscle at one time. From working out. So i have damage, it seems like, from head to toe. I only say this because noone should ever take this without a dr orders because it is dangerous if you’re not followed by a physician. Taking this med can and will result in respitory distress, and then death. So please only use by a licenced doctor.

4:23 am August 3rd, 2014

finally feel much less pain.i guess what im asking is how do you know how much of it your actually getting from tajen your pill?Is their a test that i can take to find out how much of this med that i am actually sustaining.Also i have had Rapdo twice my 1st cbk count was 80,000 and my 2nd was at 180,000 counts so normal is like bdtween 1 and 10 so obviously my kidneys took a beaten The amount of red blood cells that were coming out if me were quite a bit this happened from breaking down too much muscle at one time.From working out.So i have damage it seems like drom head to toe I only say thisbecsuse noone should ever tKe this without a dr orders because it is dangerous if your not followed by a physician. YOU taken this med can and will result in respitory distress than death. So please only use by a licenced doctor.So is their a test???

5:46 am August 3rd, 2014

I been readimg this sites posts and i am pretty good at knowing whats going on with someone after i read these articles.Like i heard i take a large amount of meth abd the next day i test negative well theirs nany reasons why and if u really were taken ur methadowne and that happen then something is wrong I would recommend you takking with talking with ur counselor and getting an appointment with their dr.Hopefully u metabolize quicjky meaning by the next day ur negative well now u and ur doc need to figure out whats wrong.Is it do to Hep C or HIV I dont know nuch abiut thise condutions but at least one is destroying ur liver and thats hepc so get tested.I kniw their first question is that u didnt take it and thst can be true or just plain crazy because u been on it for over a year and most of u r right it does build up in the tissues of ur body so the more ur running working and persperativing so do something about whats going on control the situTion beforeit controls you.Also please dont take ur babys meth if ugive birth because thats juzt plain out wrong and bekeive me thst baby will scream bloody murddr because u took it so be resposible please or detox something.Now for the rest of the questions I think we know the answers already and if your lieing too urself dont blame ur dictir or counselor because of ur slip so if u take it the right way and have had every blood test done on you and they still cant fugure out why u have no meth in ur system u must be the rule right because yiu never lied ir even beleived ur lies??!!Anyhow if u have a soecefic question post it or submit it here for now and I will find an answer for you.I been using this medicine for along time and i have had my screw ups too so i not special either I beleive addicts are some if the mist brilliant people their are and you know why..So sti k with ur recovery and get rid of any weight on u like drama anything that can csuse u to relapse i.e. dont visit an old war buddy just to show him how good ur doing because 9 Times out of ten u relapsed without using and its justa matter of timebefore u use.I getting rid of people who i used as cimpany because i was lonely and i not stupid i know their using but i tell myself its just to find some friends when i could of joined a support group to go to and thats what i up to now spring cleaning no more people who will and vcan derail me from my life so realky its no differance if u take it for pain or for addiction its all the same in the end I guess I had my wake up call saying to spring ckean,no lieing,get rid of those pretent friends and live life to its fullist.Take Care stay sober and clean.until next time … …..

8:41 pm August 4th, 2014

Im not a methadone abuser. I have only done it 2 times in my 31 years. My question is if I did 20mg a week and a half ago when will it be out of my system? I have heard it could take a month. thanks

8:38 am August 5th, 2014

Only 2-4 days Abbie. Just like the article says above. It doesnt stay in anyones body for months, not even mine being on methadone for many years now.

5:25 pm August 11th, 2014

How long does the methadone stay in your system and will it show up on a drug test

1:10 pm August 12th, 2014

Hi Vicky. For how long will methadone be detectable on drug tests is different for every individual and depends upon the metabolism, body mass, age, hydration level, physical activity, health conditions, the tests that are being conducted and other factors. Usually, the system gets rid of the methadone within about 72 hours. But, traces of it will still be detected in saliva 1-10 days after last use, in urine for up to 3 weeks, even longer than that on blood tests, and up to 90 days on a hair follicle drug test.

1:35 am August 14th, 2014

Hi I am on 70mls of methadone and missed two days in a row. Sat n Sun. I am back on my doses Mon Tues n Weds but still feel sick. How long til I feel better? Thanks

10:24 pm August 14th, 2014

Hi,I was prescribed methadone for 20years and got off it using subutex. Stupidly I have been buying some off someone but the methadone is years old has turned yellow. I have never been more than 3days without it and have been taking it for almost a year. Day 3 and I don’t feel as bad as I thought but am I kidding myself by thinking I haven’t got a habit? I cannot believe I have done this again and am trying so hard to stop. The amount I have been taking daily is between 100-200ml but like I’ve said,I can go 3days without and only feel a fraction of a withdrawal. Will it get any worse than what I feel after day 3 without any? I am so scared and don’t want to be scripted again but by day 3,I tell myself that I’m not feeling that bad so have some more. Please help me as I am so worried. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

7:56 pm August 15th, 2014

I too 30 mg if methadone for eleven years, when new drug guidelines went into effect I was taken off of it.Thirty days later I was given a urine drug test a d I tested positive,my doctor said it should have been out of my system in three to five days. Could you tell me if having taken it for so long would it stay in my system longer- he says it would not, but I know it did and how can I prove it to him.

11:59 pm August 16th, 2014

Hi.I am 39 years old and been on methadone for 16 years.I had been decreasing my dosage in the past 2 years.I came down from 210 mg to 25 slowly. Like 10 mg a month until I reached 50 and then I was going 5 until read 25.Never felt any withdrawal until got dropped from 25 to 20.And for the first time in 16 years I feel a liitle H sick.But not that bad.Its been 5 days since the last drop to 20 and I still feel uncomfortable. My Q is‚is my body will eventually get adjusted? Or I will always will feel sick on 20?! Please help me! I really need the answer. I can tolerate uncomfort. But will it less forever or I will adjust? Thank you and God Bless!

1:32 am August 18th, 2014

kemo51 i have back pain and may have to be on methadone for a very long time. I was taking 100mg fentyal patches and used. Chewed my patches. Methadone has helped my pain and gave me my life back and kept me clean. So im pretty sure if u find your right dose then you should be ok. :)

10:27 pm August 19th, 2014

I don’t know what’s going on.Still feel like crap after 8 days on 15mg.I don’t know if my body will bounce back and adjust so I can continue my taper after 16 long years being on M. It it normal to have WD after 8 days? I though my body would adjust quick like it was before ‚when I came down from 120 or so to 15.But it seems that I hit a wall. Or will it pass??? Thanks.

1:10 am August 20th, 2014

My pain mgmt dr switched me to 10 mg Methadone 3 times a day last Thursday. By my third pill the next day, I was short of breath, sweating and could barely breathe. Per the dr I stopped it that Friday. It’s day four and I am substantionaly better with just a bit of shortness of breath on exertion I have asthma, copd and HBP. I UNDERSTAND I should never have been given this medicine. How long will it take before I am back to no shortness of breath???

12:18 pm August 20th, 2014

Hi Alexander. Have you seen a doctor during this process?

8:51 pm August 20th, 2014

I took 40 mg of methadone for eleven years, when my doctor took me off the methadone I still tested positive thirty days later. Due to a positive urine test he discharged me as a patient

3:19 pm August 23rd, 2014

Taking 15 mg methadone usually twice a week, Usually 3-4 days between each 15 mg dose. Been doing this several months. How bad and how long would withdrawals be if I stopped altogether? I’m hoping not to bad. I have a good diet and take vitamins. thanks for any input.

3:28 pm August 23rd, 2014

Forgot to mention I take 600 mg St. John’s Wort before bedtime on the days I do dose. I do this in hopes of speeding up the metabolism of the 15 mg methadone. I’m thinking maybe by doing this I prevent buildup before I dose again several days later.

3:00 pm August 24th, 2014

I was on 60 mg of methodone for a year went down to 2mg and then back up to 20mg. I got down to 11mg and stopped. I used a small amount of herion and at this point I just want to stop. i wanted to take a small amount of suboxone to get me through…when will it be a good time to take it. in other words how many days do i have to wait?

2:04 pm August 27th, 2014

I am on a lower end of pain management ( my choice) I am always a week short of my meds. And finding myself taking one 10mg of methadone a day. Failed one test. Got warning from Dr. Could drop me has patient how can I talk to my Dr about better pain control? Please help. P.R.

5:21 pm August 27th, 2014

I took 30 mg of methadone on sat. And 30mg on sun. I just took a ua today (wed) 3 days after last dose. I only use occasionally 1-2 times a month. I know I have a pretty high metabolism and tolerance but was wanting to know what my odds are of this not showing up on the ua.

1:07 pm September 1st, 2014

Hi T-Man. Methadone isn’t detectable on a basic opiate test that is part of the standard pre-employment drug test. These tests can usually detect heroin, codeine and morphine, perhaps even oxycodone, hydrocodone, and dilaudid. But, in order to detect Methadone, a Methadone specific test must be performed.

1:45 am September 5th, 2014

My name is brandon and i took 50 miligrams of liquid methadone on aug.29 and i have a drug test tommorow on sept.5, my question is will it show up? My system was completly clean before that day. Please respond, thank you.

9:56 pm September 17th, 2014

hi I was on 115mg of methadone for a year then switched to heroin 6 months ago and 6 weeks ago I detoxed off of heroin. for the past 12 hours I felt very high. I have not taken anything at all. does methadone come out in your system months after I have stopped taking it? it’s kinda scary. thanks

2:47 pm October 22nd, 2014

I have been on methadone for years . I made a huge mistake and injected it. And now when i drink 100mg it doesnt work. I need help on feeling it again orally.

2:25 pm October 25th, 2014

I’m on a maintaince programme for 8yrs now but my usual dose only last me 24 hrs max or if i wake up early then within an hr I’m withdrawing and need methadone is this normal others on my clinic seem to last a lot longer than me some can miss a day plz explain i cant find answers ty

4:01 pm October 28th, 2014

Will methadone show up in a 5-6 panel drug test? Took 40mg sat 7 pm and have a test today at 530pm

martin malar
4:29 pm November 5th, 2014

hi i have been taking heroin for 1 year now n im 1 year off it since i m taking the methadone
i was on 50 ml but now im taking 2 ml down every to weeks now im on 22 ml n i just want to ask i fill my head difrente n some thing is in my stomach like make me to go on big toilet if i go then is stopping me to go to toilet n in my brain some pressure this i have it for 2 weeks i want to know what is it is it bad or what

nice girl
5:51 pm November 6th, 2014

Hi I’m on 60mg of meth I had my last dose on Tuesday its now Thursday I feel cold really cold I don’t know if this is a withdrawal if so its not too but but from what I hear if I stay off it go cold turkey the worst is to come I was on heroin only a few monthi couldn’t stop so I turned to the methadonebi didn’t want any of thus I had a real bad time turned to alcohol then heroin not meaning to. Do you think I will be able to do thusvitealy want to think I can what should I expect any comments welcome thanks

10:57 am November 14th, 2014

I been on methadone maintenance for almost 3 years I stayed at 140mg for a year for awhile stared to tapered when I felt strong enough to do so 4mg every two weeks I never felt any withdrawal symptoms I mean 0 all of a sudden I’m in full blow withdrawal when I hit 9mg it’s so bad I told the nurse to hold at 9mg I fill like a I let my wife down and my kids my wife never ever used any kind of drugs I tried explaining to her how I fill but she can’t understand it don’t blame her out of nowhere I fill all kind of emotions that I kind really fill I’m so scared i haven’t slept in 48 hours this wrist thing I ever felt in my life everyone I no that go to my clinic kept telling it’s going to have withdraws I kept saying no I fine everyone body’s aren’t the same-this is eazy My last dose was so post to 11-2014 my wife’s due date I I promised her I would be there for her this time so so disappointed I’m only 22 5,8 140 pounds need good advise have a Drs apt this Friday to fills taper or start going

3:58 pm November 23rd, 2014

I have been taking methadone for three weeks and got up to 100mgs. I stopped taking it but have fallen back into the use of heroin. It has been a week since the last time i dosed on methadone. Do you think the methadone is out of my system because i want to go back to the subs but i don’t want it to clash with the methadone.

6:56 pm November 26th, 2014

How can I tell when my child’s father is on methadone? What signs do I need to look for ? He is also on suboxone and would their be a difference in his behavior between the two. I don’t understand how he is passing drug tests unless he is timing his use just right also they are urine tests and not blood tests. Thank you for any info you can give me. I also would like to know if his rage attacks could be associated with these drugs.

12:08 pm November 28th, 2014

Hello Tuesday. You can read this article that explains all the signs and symptoms a methadone addict would display: http://drug.addictionblog.org/signs-and-symptoms-of-methadone-addiction/

8:20 pm December 3rd, 2014

I had some massive back pain could not sleep or do any thing for that matter a friend gave me one pain pill I cut it in half one night before last night and one last night now I just got told I have to take a drug test for the next job I’m going to. How bad am I screwed

12:36 am December 5th, 2014

I took methadone for about 2 weeks straight with average 20mg each day. I had to do urine drug test a week later after my last dose and it still showed up positive. So my question is that how long will it take for me to pass a urine test for just taking it for 2 weeks 20mg a day.

7:45 pm December 11th, 2014

How long does a one time usage of methadone (20mg) take to leave the body? I’ve read up on it’s potential 15-60 hour half life, and being a very fit weightlifter who is a relatively young male (185 lbs, 14% body fat) – what do you guys think? I could even do a fast for a few days so that the body has no choice but to eat up the fat stores that are holding onto the methadone, letting it be released into the system so the body has to deal with it. This should put me on the shorter end of the 15-60 hour half life. Any thoughts? I will be working out heavily and eating sparingly.

4:31 am December 12th, 2014

my fiancé was on methadone for pain mangament for 8 years. 8 – 10 mg a day every day. 240 tabs a month. . he couldn’t take 8 tablets a day because it made him too drowsy. I’d had some minor surgery and what was given to me just didn’t work for my discomfort. he ask me if I’d like few tabs of his and I accepted. to make a long story short I’d was soon taking 4 or 5 of his meds each and every day.. he had developed cirrhosis of the liver due to alcohol but he did tell his Dr that he had ” a few beers” every night. of course he left out the pint of brandy that went with those ” few beers “. he just died very recently ( we were man & wife to one another for 21 years ) now , no more methadone.. I’d gotten so use to taking it. it was like breathing.. I’ve not had any in about15 days. I’m cold, shakey, but NO vomiting nor diarrhea. I know from taking dilaudid for a while that withdrawal involves those two horrible side affects. I miss him more than I could ever say and these days are almost unbearable. I’m just confused as to WHY I’ve not developed those strong withdrawal symptoms?? I don’t get it although I feel it will eventually catch up with me and I’ll nearly die, I should have already been “into it” but I’m not . what gives??

3:02 pm December 24th, 2014

I’m not a regular user of crystal it’s actually the first time but I’ve been smoking it for three days not often but I also havnt slept. I’d say about $100 buck over three days how long u think it will be in my system? I’m 110lbs

8:43 pm January 1st, 2015

How long will 20 mg of methadone day in the system of a 200 lb man. Will it show up in a lab tested urine screen

melissa marr
10:09 am January 13th, 2015

I’ve been off cold turkey off 80 yes I been taking pills. I work so for the first time I have insurance. What should I do go back or find a doctor because I do hurt hurt torn muscles in chest bad knees back. Methadone helped the pain.

9:54 pm January 15th, 2015

Hi, I am not sure if I am doing this correctly but here goes . . . I have been on Roxicodone (30 mg and 15 mg) prescribed by a pain management doctor. I had severely broke my back skydiving out in Hawaii about 8 years ago. I was given Vicodin and decided I was done and just stopped taking it cold turkey. I was naive and did not realize the symptoms were that of withdrawal. I was fine but moved to south Florida and someone turned me on to percocets for fun anf then blues (30 mg roxicodone) about 6 or 7 years ago. I had a good job making $135k a year and bought a cute hkuse, car paid off and no credit card debt. I started taking the meds more and eventually went to a pain clinic where they started me out with 194 (30 mgs) blues and 112 (15 mgs) greens every 28 days. Bottom line, I stopped being social, had been very OCD when it came to my job (total workoholic), my house, my yard, my clothes and my appearance and I gradually screwed up everything. I lost my job (I quit but it was just a matter of time before they cut me loose, then lost my house and was unemployed for two years. I mived in with my boyfriend and found a job at $72 k. I as with them for the last 5 plus years but as the drug became harded to get and they stopped taking insurance, the drug took over my life. My salary was coming back up and I was at $88 k – still not the $135 k I had been making but I did not have to pay rent and I had no mortgage payment. I started having to buy them and at $30 per. In short, I was spending all of my money buying them for me a a few for my boyfriend. It became stressful hunting them down, driving from pharmacy to pharmacy. There were months I could not get them filled so stopped going to the doctor – just bought them. Bottom line, I had NEVER not been stellar at my job and now I screwed up this one. Again, I quit but only because I know my ex boss and she just makes your life a living hell so she does not have to fire anyone. I know this because I ran our office and she worked from home and I saw over the 5 plus years what she did to people. She is pure evil which did not help matters. I went from golden girl to being the recepient of her abuse. I quit in October. I have been taking 10 mg of methadone since October and have been trying to cut it to 5 mg a day. I break the 10 mg in half and have lasted longer before taking the second half but just cant seem to get down to 5 mgs. Someone suggested I take a 100 mg morphine, break it into 4 pieces and take it throughout the day and cut it back every 3 days until I was down to nothing. That would allow my body to rid itself of the methadone. I started yesterday but desparately want off all of it. Being on the 10 mgs of methadone had left me lethargic, I can’t seem to get anything accomplished, I am severely depressed, am not taking care of myself, can’t sleep and just watch TV all day. When trying to push it out as long as I could to take t he second half of the 10 mg (started out taking 1/2 at 5:00 am and second 1/2 at 2:00 pm, then 4:00 pm, then 7:00 pm) left me almost paralyzed: I could not get anything accomplished. Again, I substituted the methadone yesterday and today with the 100 mg of the morphine and have been able to get some things done for a change. I will be drug tested as part of the pre-employment screeninh in my field for sure. I have to get a job so I have to be drug free AND I want so badly to get off this merry-go-round! It had ruined my life and everything I worked so hard for my whole life!! If anyone can offer some words of wisdom, advice as to how I can beat this and get my life back. I feel like such a failure and if I was not a Catholic, I even thought about “checking out”. Thoughts such as that are so completely foreign to the old me, the real me. PLEASE, can anyone offer some specific advise (not broad, general such as “hang in there, you can do it, etc.). Should I continue with the path I described with the 100 mg of Morphine while I get the methadone out of my body over the next 21 days (most of the medical charts say 1-6 weeks that it will show up on a drug test and about the same for one to get through the withdrawls. Thanks and sorry this was so long. This was actually therapeutic. I hope this does not post on facebook, twitter, etc and this is specific site for people having similar issues.

6:30 am January 18th, 2015

I have been on methadone about 18 months, stopped it about 2weeks ago, was on 50ml, need to know the side effects of this…about not being able to get or keep an erection.

4:36 pm January 20th, 2015

Hi Steven. Actually, many men recieving opioid replacement therapy develop erectile problems, see more in this research: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18093096 Withdrawal symptoms step in after you stop taking the methadone, and usually include flue like symptoms, fatigue, anxiousness, restlessness, sweating. Severe nausea, vomiting, cramps, and diarrhea may also occur. You can talk to your doctor or pharmacist about the treatment of these symptoms.

7:01 am January 23rd, 2015

I have been taking about 20 to 25 MG of methadone give or take for the last few weeks and have a drug test we’d nite its now Thursday night if I don’t do anymore will I pass?

5:47 pm January 26th, 2015


2:40 pm March 7th, 2012

(i have been adicted to oxycodonde for 6 7 years due to cronic pain no bull from hep c treatments do not recomend unless your life depends on it. i take 12 30mg pills a day pluss 1 40mg opana er. can methadone truly help me replace these levels of pain killers and still help with my pain levels? i know if i ask my md. to try methadone and it does not work as well as oxycodone he will not let me go back. im told my pain will be life long due to nerve damage from the treatments i need help deciding what to do . im soo tired of living like this.)

I just wanted to say as a firsthand hard core heroin addicting pure heroin winch is strong’er than opana 160mg mixed with shooting up like 15-30 blues, or as you knowthem 30mg’s of oxycodone HcL.(hydrochloride)Look at the bottle and it should have it or its a sulfite meaning its a sulpher med pill. Anyways I had close vtona. 14 a gram habit of heroin per day and yes the methadone helps with pain as well I’m just here to tell you it does work once you get UP to the right dose for you but it won’t get you very high unless you take like twice as much as as your dose but the heroin I was doing could be measured since I am a Master chemist from N.A.U. the best chemistry program in the state, anyways yesssss it can turn your life3around I went from 7000 MG’S of diaceytal-morphine or dwinch isDia-morphine for short than I got into making opiates that were even stronger 5 to 6 times stronger but it didn’t mess with qa persons breathing or heart rate so you bayou get as high as you can without Overdosing, that’s called desk-morphine but they don’t make it anymore you have to know a chemist to make it from codeine. I just wanted to show you how much it can turn your life around when your sick and tired off being sick and tiered good luck.

6:14 pm January 30th, 2015

Hi, I decided to try methadone to see how it would work for me, I took one dose if 15 mgs and then the next day I found out I have a urine test for a job. I’m 5’9, 140lbs.. How long will this take to get out of my system so I can pee clean. Test is in a few days. Help !!!!

2:18 am February 4th, 2015

Hi I’ve been taken methadone for 7 years and now want to be off of it because I’m pregnant . I’ve read it can take up to 10 weeks to come out of ur system . I want to be completely off before I have the baby and don’t want it in my system so what is the longest it will stay in my system I have a very bad back and the Dr doesn’t think it’s a good idea because of the pain I’ll be in but if I know how long it takes to get out of my system then I can quit and be good when the baby is born.

6:42 pm February 14th, 2015

Ive went to jail and had to cold turkey detox from 180mg of methadone few years ago. I relapsed on pain pills and now im at the methadone clinic agan at 120mg. My question is, is it as intense to wing a few mg at a time (20mg week) as it is cold turkey….will I feel the same as cold turkey as winging ??? Lol I think I asked it right ….im considering starting to wing detox off of methadone im ready to stop soon as possible.

4:03 am February 18th, 2015

i have been on daily dose of methadone 130 millagrams per day for 8 years for chronic pain in the past year my doctor takes a urine sample every 2 months and my urine comes back clean no sign of any methadone in my urine then he calls me in for a pill count and another urine test my pill are always correct amount and 2nd urine test comes up positive my question is could something I am eating or the other medications i take have something to do with the reading if you could find some answers that could help me my doctor is no help it’s starting to get to be a pain thank you

7:03 pm February 18th, 2015

I have recently found out I’m pregnant How do I keep my methadone down in my stomach for it to work to its full potential and how long does that take? Also any other information about the baby growing inside me!

3:21 pm February 20th, 2015

Hello Sandy. First of all, congratulations on becoming a momma! Now, although the use of medications is not recommended during pregnancy, the withdrawal symptoms from quitting can put you and your baby in danger. That’s why methadone is generally not discontinued during pregnancy and the situation is carefully monitored. My advise to you is to see your prescribing doctor or general physician, and a gynaecologist and discuss this matter with them. Please seek advise from medical professionals who specialize in both, methadone and pregnancy, so you can go through this period in a safe and comfortable way.

6:04 am February 24th, 2015

I was told that methadone withdrawal can last a few months… I think I believe that.. after 8 years of using 50 – 60 mgs every single day, I finally HAD to stop… Not my real choice but my hubby died & he had to take it for chronic pain issues.. I was taking it too.My personal reccomedation is NOT come off of ANY Opioid all at once.. its just so HARD on the body, mind , ..everything ! Taper down if possible.. I Still crave that euphoria , peace ness about it. Guess I may always.. Who knows better than I. I wish peace to anyone that may read this.

4:10 am March 4th, 2015

I haven’t took methadone over a week now and it’s still in my system and I have probation piss test I keep failing I’ve been completely clean I quit everything but yet I keep failing for it so what’s wrong with me or my body what do I need to do???? Please get back to me asap

8:32 pm March 5th, 2015

Sorry wrong email but I really really need someone to answer this question above please asap why is this methadone still in my system

12:46 am March 10th, 2015

I took half of a ten mg methadone early Saturday morning around 4 am.. I have a drug test Wednesday do you think I’ll year positive I’ve been drinking water and juice like crazy since then and have been urinating quite often do you think I’ll pass my test

8:27 pm March 11th, 2015

I have been on 195 mg of methadone for 18 months. Went down 12 mg for two weeks until I was done.withdraw is awful. I have been off for 3 weeks. Is t still in my system?

4:17 pm March 15th, 2015

i am currently in a methadone program and i agree that it can work wonders if done correctly and at the right time i myself went to detox over 13 times and went to multiple rehabs and couldnt get it together i was hesitant about a methadone program after seeing people kick it in detox and the counselors in detox made methadone out to be this horrible thing and ironically they detox with methadone mostly they just started also using subutex but anyway i ended up in the methadone program and it was the right time for me in my journey through addiction i strongly believe if i would have done it before i would have been like those other people at the clinic that dose (just to not get sick) and keep using like normal like i said it was the right time for me at first i used here and there then it was when i had money then it was once a month to finally not using at all once my dose was adjusted correctly is when i stopped using now i havent used in over a year i have a part time job and my dose is decreasing i just wanted to share my experience

Oklahoma gal
6:26 am March 19th, 2015

Hi everyone! I am on methadone daily for chronic pain management. A supposed friend stole some of mine. Well a true friend is going to give me some hydrocodone tomorrow to help me try and make it through til my pain management appt Tuesday . If I stop taking the hydrocodone 2 days before will that be long enough to be out my system in case I’m piss tested? Since I never take hydrocodone

Liz Dowell
3:34 pm March 19th, 2015

First, Oklahoma gal… NO!! 2 days is not long enough!! PLZ PLZ do not get yourself thrown off your pain management program! I dont know how how strong or often your planning on taking it, but I’m not sure it will even help actually. What was your dosage for the methadone? I know your sicker than a dog with nothing for these few days, but if you get kicked off pain management, you will learn a whole new definition for sick. So if you can give me more info ok. Also, if they do urine drug screen you when you go, the methadone wont be in your system, and that alone will get you kicked out. There’s no way you can borrow/find any methadone? Or even call your dr. and tell them what happened. If it’s never happened before, you will be ok. You will have to fill out a police report, but you wont be risking getting kicked out of pain management. They will replace the methadone. Your insurance wont cover it, but it’s just a couple days so you may be able to afford it. And even if you can’t get it, it will explain to them why it’s not in your system.That would be your best best.
SHON, you rock!! I know how it feels to detox off methadone. And you went fast as hell! I don’t wish that pain on anyone. And then years later I had to go back on it for chronic pain issues,because the dr.’s couldn’t control my pain at all. But I will NEVER forget that HELL. Yes, the methadone is out of your system of it’s been 3 weeks, but you probably have a while still before you feel better. I struggled with post acute withdraw for quite a while! But I know people who didn’t struggle as long as I did too, so I do hope your road will be an easier one for you than mine!!! But remember, Stay clean and you never have to go thru this again!!!!!
BLACKFIRE, DUDE! Congrats on your 1+ year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is AWESOME! I agree it has to be the right time for the program to work for you. I see so many people down at the clinic that have been there for years like me, but are still going everyday because they can’t get or stay clean. Now the 2x’s a month I have to go to pick up my take homes I just try to use as a reminder of where I can go back to in a heartbeat if I mess up. Because I find myself getting frustrated and mad at those people like my friends and family did at me when I was screwing up. But keep up the great work! Do you go to meetings at all? I used to go to NA, I found LifeRing and that’s where I go now. I’m a strong believer of whatever it takes to keep ya clean!

3:33 pm March 22nd, 2015

im currently pregnant and i took my methadone at like 8:15ish then puked balls at 9:00 do you think my body fully absorbed the methadone ? Am i in the clear? im really paranoid i don’t want my baby and I getting sick please answer and help! :)

9:42 pm March 22nd, 2015

@ liz dowell thanks i seriously thought it was hopless i was hopless and that it would never happen my old couselor at the detox had to check and make sure who she was talking to she couldnt believe it but she was thrilled anyway i go to NA but what is lifering do they have a website im interested in anything that will keep me from going backwards i like getting together with people that completely understand i guess everyone needs to be understood by someone

2:40 pm March 23rd, 2015

Hi Kt. Call your doctor immediately. It should have been absorbed by then, by you should get examined to eliminate any risks.

3:00 am March 24th, 2015

If I took a 5mg methadone pill at 130am sun n took a blood test monday at 145 will it show up

11:28 pm March 28th, 2015

I have bad back pain and the doctors would never give me anything for it due to my ex drug history. So I found this lady in my neighborhood who told me to try a 10mg methadone pill. I’ve now been on 10mg a day for a year and it’s been awesome for the pain, BUT SOO WISH I NEVER WENT TO SOMETHING SO SERIOUS!!! Now I’m on day two of being off the 10 mg of methadone, I’m doing it cold turkey. I was curious when I might start feeling better? I’m drained of all energy and in quite a bit of pain. I did however try some Tylenol but no releif. So hot baths it is!! I want to successfully come off the methadone and never go back. I also don’t want to go to the doctors to ask for anything to help me with the withdrawals because they will first add it to they’re chart that I was using drugs again and most likely not give me anything like normal.

5:49 pm March 29th, 2015

I have been on methadone for almost 8 yrs. All years since day one on it, iv been sober and very healthy. Just this week I was given a random urine, which I’m,tested weekly by oral swab usually. But they have randomly given urines lately. I took mine, no concern…I don’t use. Then they called requesting I bring in my take home doses,bc my urine showed only traces ofmethadone, not a full positive.
I’m shocked bc I take my dose every morning around 5 am. Never forget. Never miss. My dose has decreased significantly by about 50 mg the past 6 months…I’m hydrated, ikickbox, and metabolize everything rather fast.
Do you know why thiscouldbe? Have u seen this happen before?- I’m truly confused.

11:55 am March 30th, 2015

Hello Nicole. Methadone stays in your system for at least a few days after your last use. Withdrawal symptoms will often be most intense during the first few days of the withdrawal process and can last quite a while. Some over-the-counter medications may be used to relieve some symptoms of detox such as runny noses and nausea. Also, don’t forget to drink plenty of water, which can help ease the detoxification process. Try to stay busy and talk with a trusted friend, family member, or counselor. Talking may help you deal with drug cravings. If things get worse for you, please don’t hesitate to seek doctor’s help. Best of luck to you.

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