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Crystal meth detox treatment

During the crystal meth detoxification procedure, methamphetamine leaves the body and manifests a series of typical withdrawal symptoms. What can you expect and how is crystal meth detox treated? More on crystal meth detox here, with a section at the end about getting help for crystal meth addiction.

Crystal meth detox: What is it?

Methamphetamine (a.k.a. meth) is a very addictive synthetic stimulant drug that can be found in variety of solid forms including chunky crystals known as crystal meth. It affects the central nervous system, triggering episodes of increased energy and alertness for 8-12 hours, or more. But crystal meth also lessens the appetite, and when users become physically dependent on meth, withdrawal symptoms appear when doses are lowered or stopped. Symptoms that commonly occur as you treat crystal meth addiction or dependence include:

  • cardiac arrhythmia
  • depression
  • high body temperatures
  • paranoia

Crystal meth detox methods

The most successful method in treating crystal meth dependence involves abstinence from taking the drug completely, or a method known as “cold turkey”. This is because tapered use proves unhelpful, given the long duration of meth’s action on the central nervous system. Cold turkey meth detox involves an immediate and abrupt cessation of meth.

Additionally, crystal meth detox clinics can also employ different models of treatment like social and medical, and a huge variety of outpatient or residential programs. Still, crystal meth detox usually takes place in special detoxification clinics whose medical staff monitors crystal meth users’ state 24/7, administering tests, and helping them to withdrawal successfully. Normally, the crystal meth withdrawal phase lasts 7-10 days, and an abuser may experience excessive hunger, strong drug cravings and depression. But, all these symptoms decline 1-2 weeks after the last crystal meth dose (although intense cravings can last for months later).

Crystal meth detox treatment protocol

Because Crystal Meth detox is not medically dangerous, there are no formal medical complications, and crystal meth users can detox at home unless they are suffer from extreme depression and a danger to themselves and others. Additionally, if risk of relapse at home is high, it’s best to seek medical supervision during this time. As a broad process, detox consists of three essential components. The components include:

1. The evaluation process

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Help Available 24/7

Evaluation includes constant testing for the presence of crystal meth in the bloodstream, measuring its concentration, and monitoring patient’s medical and physical conditions. Further, evaluation engages a complete assessment of psychological and physical state of the patient to help make the appropriate addiction treatment. In fact, this component is the base for the treatments which follow after a person has withdrawn successfully from meth.

2. The stabilization process

Stabilization entails the medical and psychological procedures of helping the patient through acute intoxication and withdrawal phase to the accomplishment of a medically stable and crystal-meth-free state. Usually, this component is completed with medication, but to date, no medication has been developed for treating stimulant withdrawal. Nevertheless, some medications have proven as successful including amantadine, some antidepressants like desipramine, and others. In addition, stabilization provides a better understanding for the crystal meth addiction treatment.

3. Bridging patients into longer term care

The last component of detox is transitioning patients into addiction treatment. This component prepares the patient for entry into longer term care by stressing the importance of following through with the complete crystal meth abuse treatment continuum of care. Detox clinics will also liaise with treatment centers to secure admissions.

Crystal meth detox treatment considerations

You should have on mind that crystal meth is highly addictive drug, so qualitative medical supervision is usually required. This is why experts do not usually recommend that you detox from crystal meth at home or by yourself. Moreover, patients undergoing crystal meth detox need to know that someone cares for them, and respects them. Close family members and friends can also be included in the counseling therapy giving support to crystal meth abusers.

Finally, addiction treatment is a long-term process that includes detox followed by behavioral and psychological treatment. Crystal meth detox the beginning of this process which is designed to manage acute withdrawal and intoxication. However, PAWS (protracted withdrawal symptoms) can linger for weeks to months after acute detox and need to bes addressed as they occur.

Crystal meth detoxification questions

Did we answer most of your questions about detox? We hope so. If you have additional concerns about crystal meth or the detox process, please share them in the comments section below. We will do our best to respond to you as soon as possible.

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13 Responses to “Crystal meth detox treatment
11:41 am March 9th, 2016

I have gone to rehab cuz of was doing meth i got out and it feels like I’m never getting better it’s like I just keep , getting stuck back in to it . I feel like my life well never get better I hate it so much …please help with something.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
3:53 pm March 11th, 2016

Hi Nicole. Have you tried attending group sessions/meetings? Sometimes is helpful to share your story with someone who went through similar situation like yours.

10:21 am September 1st, 2016

I have been a meth addict for approximately 10 yrs now. I am only 27 yrs old, but first started doing it when I was 17. I was sober for 4 yrs before I relapsed the 1st time, I have 3 children ages 8, 5, & 2. I was using when I found out I was pregnant all 3 times although I immediately cold turkey quit each time I found out I was pregnant & stayed sober throughout my entire pregnancy. I have been an everyday strong user now for the past 2 yrs. I want to sober up, I want better for me & my kids, & I want a normal life…thing is I don’t want to go to rehab, I down right refuse, cuz I don’t want to miss out on my kids. My 5 yr old son is playing his first yr of flag football I don’t want to miss that. Each time I have sobered up I’ve done it on on my own but this time it’s different, it’s seems to be harder & I’m scared. Plz help me, but help me without me having to leave my kids & be committed into a facility.

7:05 pm December 29th, 2016

My girlfriend has done meth for years now and is trying to cold turkey it but isn’t doing well she started doing it after we lost our y week old grandbaby to sids I’m worried she may try and take her own life should I fear this is it part of meth withdrawals she’s been using since 2010

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
12:57 pm December 30th, 2016

Hi Pam. Call the helpline you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

2:41 pm February 13th, 2017

Where is the nearest meth detox center near 86503? My son needs help

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
2:19 pm February 14th, 2017

Hi Molly. I suggest that you search on SAMHSA’s treatment locator here:
You may add specific categories such as age, insurance, type of treatment, etc. Also, call the helpline on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

8:03 am April 26th, 2017

Me an my 18yr old boyfriend are stuffing with meth but I started up again after 4moths cuz I was in jail….My boyfriend has bin non stop smoking for 3years an he does it to a point of no sleep just keeps smoking an I know when we are together I start to watch his behavior an actions ….I am 32 years old an I have bin a addict for 15 yrs or so but I do know when to slow down this last year I met him an things started to change for me an get worst for him😢😢😢😢he see an hears things an when that happens I hear it to even when I clean off drugs an when we are together he gets theses behavior act outs like someone else is with us he says things that hurt me or when we start smoking I start to watch him an he talks to something an listens to this voice in his head ..I’ve had to tell him a few times to ignore it even one time I held him tight to my chest an had to pray out loud cuz he was screaming an I felt his fear when he goes home from visiting me I feel lost an scars for him cuz of his thoughts an feelings an drug use I start to music change on me an then the my music sounds like he’s talking to me about his thoughts an feelings then I start to see weird things an hear serten noises an feel extremely cold a lot of times of the night now an it happens every night …I was going thru my pics of me an him an this video that I didn’t record or him cuz there was only us 2 in my room I was the only one seeing this video was typed on my phone an it shows me a lot of fucked up things I bin looking at it for like 5 day now from the last time we were together idk know what to do or think I got some books to look at the pictures he’s drawn an I don’t sleep anymore I smoke more meth but it doesn’t do anything for me

9:10 am June 4th, 2017

I’ve been smoking meth for about 3 years, gradually and intermittent at first, then increasing to virtually daily use over the course of the last year. I’ve also started pointing, but do so only in gay sexual situations. All of this has impacted my sleep patterns, and I now take a liquid sleep aid with benydryl as well as an Ambien. I use clonopen during the day.
Would like to scale down and eventually stop as my sexual practices when spun are destructive. Is clonopen an effective way to help transition off? When I’ve had very little T, the next day I am ornery, but I can’t tell if that’s due lack of T or smaller quantity of clonopen.

Miss m
1:04 pm June 28th, 2017

I get deathly ill every time I try to get clean of meth is there anything I can do to decrease these symptoms

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
5:38 pm June 28th, 2017

Hi Miss M. I suggest that you call the helpline you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

2:04 am December 7th, 2017

I’m on here looking for something that will help a friend who’s trying to go cold turkey! Not no where on the Internet have I seen ANYTHING besides medical help that she or anyone else can do to help those people who do it at home with support!! No where! You can find things you can do to help addiction for any kind of drug. .accept METH! Please people..the fact that they trying to get off of it..the least you guys can do is put something on here that we or they can do to make it easier! Not everyone can get medical help! We need answers on what we can do, give them, or what ever! This is one of the biggest addiction in our country right now! Yet we can’t find any info on how to help their withdrawal symptoms easier. This is crazy!

12:51 pm December 22nd, 2017

Hi Diane. I’m really sorry for the struggles your friend is going through. Currently, there are no medications specifically designed to address meth withdrawal symptoms. However, there are some studies which are exploring the efficacy of the following medications to see if they ease the symptoms.

Bupropion (antidepressant) used to help people quit nicotine. It may reduce meth cravings.
Modafinil, prescribed for the treatment of narcolepsy, might help with insomnia.
Fluoxetine could help with overcoming panic attacks.
Mirtazapine may also reverse symptoms of severe depression.

Know that any kind of medication can’t be purchased without a prescription. Furthermore, due to the complications that might arise if your friend is a chronic users, or have been drinking alcohol together with meth, the withdrawal may be dangerous. That is why it is most commonly advised NOT TO go cold turkey and look for professional help when deciding to quit meth.

Dehydration often accompanies the withdrawal process, therefore ensure your friend is fully hydrated. Breathing is known to be a natural technique for reaching peace and calmness. Diaphragmatic breathing is helpful in coping with anxiety. This technique actually involves taking a deep breath into your lungs and breathing it out slowly.

Hope this helps you.

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